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Helena Robertson Mousse


    Monique threw her cigarette in the crystal ash tray. She got up and displayed her shapely voluptuous body in the fragrant breeze of that June evening. She listened for a while to the rumor of the nearby sea and of the moving pine trees in the starlit night; then, leaving the terrace, she entered the living room where her aunt and some friends of hers were seriously playing bridge. By the table, Max Darcourt was quietly smoking. He looked at Monique, a splendid girl of nineteen, fair-haired, whose body, dressed in shiny black silk, represented a perfect materialization of desires and lust. At each step she took, her splendid buttocks were undulating, supported by her perfectly shaped legs. She had a very narrow waist that accentuated the size of her rear. Her two breasts were like succulent and juicy pineapples. The face was very sweet, with wide eyes that looked at you as in perpetual surprise.
    Monique, an orphan, spent her youth in a convent in Brittany, and later, she herself became a teacher in a boarding school. She was spending her vacations in the south of France with her aunt who was also her legal tutor.
    She looked at Max, an old friend of her aunt. He was handsome, forty-nine, a gray-templed character, and one of her aunt's best friends. He had a little smile and winked at Monique. She replied by another smile and he came by her side. She poured him a glass of champagne and he asked her in a low voice:
    “Will I see you like last year? Our little club is still in full swing and awaiting your visit.”
    Monique looked around to be sure that no one could hear them and breathed:
    “I know. The delightful lingerie that you sent me this morning brought back all kinds of memories from my last vacations; I will go to the club tomorrow to receive the deepest 'attentions' from the members…”
    Max smiled to her, kissed her hand, and went back to the bridge table.
    Monique then went to a sofa where her little nephew, Jacques, was reading comics. She caressed the head of the child. He had a very sweet face with delicate features. He smiled at her and hugged her close.
    “You are not sleeping?”
    “No, not yet, I just do not want to. What about you?”
    “Me neither. Will you come with me on the terrace?”
    Monique smiled, got up, and followed the young boy. The night swallowed them immediately as they walked side by side on the sand covered with dried pine needles. They stopped on a kind of terrace above the sea and Monique leaned against it, Jacques remained behind her, admiring her behind revealed by the pose. The dress lifted up, and the white flesh of the thighs, contrasted against the black silk stockings, was showing daringly. Her garters were of the same color. He knelt behind the young girl and put his hands on her hips. His head brushed the silky material of her dress. Monique shivered from head to toes at that contact that she had been awaiting since the day before. Did she want it? Maybe.
    All the allusions that the kid had made from the day he arrived, about her shape, her figure, all the looks that she caught on her legs, often displayed generously by languid poses, were so many symptoms of the desire of her young cousin. What would be the limit to his ardor?
    A terrible excitation was knotting her in-sides, she was deprived for five days of the caresses of her pupils; besides that, the fragrance and voluptuous climate of that country were giving a new energy to the blood that ran in her lascivious body.
    She did not say anything, closed her eyes, expectingly. The child caressed the hips, the thighs over the dress. He guessed, by Monique's passivity, that she was consenting. His hands moved along the silky stockings, up and up till they met with the warm and soft flesh. They caressed it and, moving higher, arrived on the buttocks. He lifted the dress up and dug his face in the slit that separates the firm globes, in an ardent embrace, while his hands encircling the thighs were reaching, caressing, teasing her velvety intimacy.
    Monique was abandoning her flesh under the caress while a warm sensation came from between her legs, where her flesh was softly brushed by Jacques' breath. She felt the mouth under her buttocks, on the sensitive place at the end of her sex. The hands were harder on her legs, trying to separate them. She had a reflex of modesty, but it was already too late- the tongue was greedily insinuating toward the sex. She sighed deeply, half shame and half pleasure. Obediently, she opened her legs, offered her bottom, and the mouth was on her sex, edging its way between the burning lips, and sucking at the little bud that was pointing. Then began a deep suction while the hands were still caressing the front of the girl's legs.
    Monique was no longer listening to the murmur of the sea, or the sound of the breeze in the pine trees, but her own humming as it finally came like a song in the fragrant night. Her bottom was slowly dancing, with sucking of the child, and the spasm was getting closer. Monique was finding again the pleasure that she had missed so much for a long time. As in a movie, the face of her little pupils, also enjoying their vacations, passed in front of her eyes. Then lustier pictures came to her mind; she could see flagellated bodies moving lasciviously. Monique sighed under the violence of the sensation that she could feel, she shivered and swiveled on her trembling legs, her fingers pressed on the marble of the balcony till the nails rasped on the hard stone. From her throat came a continuous rattle, then a deep cry and a trembling of her whole body, pushing her bottom violently against the young face that was glued to her sex. Monique exhaled her satisfaction in a long cry…
    The child remained a long moment with his face still dug between the buttocks his eyes closed he kept kissing the lips dripping with her juices. Withdrawing, he contemplated in the pale blue moonlight the propped bottom and the shiny extremities bulging under the fair hair. His shivering fingers were caressing the full mass of the globes. He caressed the milky flesh of the young girl's thighs and she let him do as he pleased, trying to recover from the violent pleasure.
    She turned around to face and caress the young fair-haired head of the child still kneeling in front of her who was caressing the palpitating belly, kissing the velvety crotch, drawing with the tip of his tongue the contours of the delicate shaped navel.
    Monique bent down, kissed the child on the lips; he was already grabbing the breast by the deep opening of the blouse.
    She guessed the desire that was coming in the child:
    “Not here, later… Not everything on the same day… Stop now…”
    He insisted, and she resisted, so he finally gave up. Lowering her dress, she returned with him to the house.
    The bridge game was coming to an end, she served a couple of cold drinks; and while she was doing so, Max, by her side murmured:
    “Does he caress well, little Monique?”
    Monique blushed. Max guessed at the lines under the eyes, and the extraordinary light in her eyes, the result of the little walk on the terrace. He also knew by another woman who told him that it was not the boy's first experience in the pleasures of Sappho.
    Little by little, all the guests departed. Monique caught the look between her Aunt Sonia and Pierre Bernier; she also saw their lips whisper some words.
    Sonia looked anxious and impatient to see everyone go away. She hardly answered Monique's chat before going away and retiring in her room. Monique looked at her while she walked out of the living room. She was a very elegant and appealing woman, well shaped in the clinging material of her white dress that made her thirty-three year old body look very sensuous. Her brown hair was a crown to her sensuous face.
    Monique turned all the lights out and went in her room; she undressed and caressed her languid body. Throwing a silk kimono over her shoulders she went by the window and, leaning against the balustrade, listened to the sounds of the night. She could breathe the soothing air coming from the sea. Silence was complete and all the lights were turned off. Suddenly Monique saw a shadow moving in the garden. She recognized Pierre Bernier when he reached the terrace. He came in the house, and, a little bit later, the light filtrated through Sonia's Venetian blinds.
    Monique, her throat tense with desire, walked along the balcony that was encircling the house, the wood of the balcony was still warm with the sun of the passed day. She came by Sonia's room and through the blades of the Venetian blinds she peeped into the room.
    Sonia was naked in Pierre's arms, and he was caressing her with his delicate hands.
    Already the man was undressing and he let Monique admire his tool, of a reasonable size, over the round testicles, and darting from the pubic hair like a pole.
    Glued to each other, caressing each other, the couple's pleasure was growing. He turned her on her back, on the bed. She lifted her widely open legs and kneeling in front of her, he glued his mouth to her sex. Soon the love song came in the room while he was caressing her breasts with his nervous hands. The spasm was quick to come and she uttered a hoarse cry, her fingers dug deep in the man's hair. He got up and lay down upon her. His prick was in her immediately. Monique could see it go in and out between their opened thighs. It was pumping in the pink mouth, swallowed by the lips contracted with desire that were absorbing it completely, the testicles were touching, flapping against the woman's buttocks, while their mouths uttered inarticulated words of passion and love.
    The gaudy images of Monique's school life came to her mind. It was the first time that she saw a woman penetrated by a man's tool. Of course she herself manipulated a rubber dildo in the cunt of her school director; she knew the terrible pleasure that it provoked, but it had not reached the strength of the embrace of the couple under her eyes. The male penetrated her flesh, but never in the sex… she was still a virgin. She had to, first by force and then by pleasure, let men go deep in her guts, between the opened buttocks. It was through her horribly distended asshole that came the first pleasure under the male embrace.
    Her finger on her cunt, Monique was vigorously masturbating and when the couple, in an ultimate rattle let loose to pleasure, she came with them, her moistened finger trembling frantically, sweat dripping at her temples, and she uttered a deep sigh in the night. The couple separated and as Pierre was walking to the window Monique ran back to her room. Between the cool sheets she recovered a little tranquility, but could not find her sleep.
    Later, much later in the night she heard the steps of the man fade away in the garden under the moon.


    Monique was awakened by the sun, late in the morning. She put on a bathing suit and called for Jacques who was playing in the garden. With him she ran to the sea to bathe. They let the sun dry them, then crossed the lane to return to the villa but he stopped her by a bush, and pointing at her breasts under the brassiere of her bathing costume, he said:
    “You promised me…”
    She smiled and refused. He insisted, getting closer to her, she could feel his virility getting bigger under the material of his trunks. A strange feeling came in her mind, and in her body. She moved a little bit away from him, looked around and undid her brassiere. He contemplated her, stunned, as if he could not believe what his eyes saw. The two huge globes were pointing upwards, milky, round, perfectly horizontal, with their nipples a nice dark pink, a little bit elongated by the repeated deep suctions and other treatments that she suffered for years. They were like two of the hardest exotic fruits pointing on her palpitating body. Monique knew how beautiful her breasts were, how many times had she seen the desire in the wondering looks of the little girls, women, and also the few men who contemplated the naked torso. Even under the blouse they did not pass unnoticed. But also, what tortures did she have to endure because of those…

    Jacques, his mouth dry with emotion, caressed with trembling fingers the hardened teats, then sucked greedily at the sensitive nipples. Sweet and soft sucking came first of all, then he got more demanding and voracious, as his hands were caressing the waist, the flat stomach, and the firm buttocks. Monique let the young boy use and abuse her flesh, but when she felt the excitation come in her too, she remembered the afternoon at the club…

    “Be patient darling,” she said freeing herself with difficulties from the embrace of the child. “Let me go, let me… another time, I promise you, I will let you do anything… another time…”
    She covered him with passionate kisses while the young fingers were caressing the huge globes and the lips posing everywhere on the salted skin.
    She succeeded in freeing herself, but while she was putting her brassiere, he, always kneeling, was kissing the inside of her thighs, then her pubis. At last she got up and running with him to appease their senses, they went back to the villa.
    She listened to the day's program from Sonia, whose tired eyes proved how delightfully hard the combat with Pierre must have been. She was annoyed to hear that people were expected at the villa in the afternoon, but, on the other hand, Sonia was going out the same night.
    In the afternoon she took her nap, while waiting for the visitors. Naked on her bed, her eyes half closed, a cigarette between her lips, she reviewed the main events of her life.
    It had been a very ordinary life. Her parents were not rich. She studied till she was twelve and that was all. Then her father died. The mother, a very young, good musician, suffered from the loneliness of her condition, but because of her beauty, she was surrounded by a court of admirers. Certain of those admirers, Monique understood later, financially helped her, and received in exchange the mother's embrace. But it was all very discreet and tactful.
    Monique was a big girl, physically quite advanced for her age. Her shape was full of promise and very often she was the subject of the attention of her mother's friends. In the beginning, Monique did not react, did not understand-then a vicious friend of hers educated her, and revealed to her Sapphic pleasures which developed very rapidly in her a taste for voluptuousness.
    Through that bias, she understood the attraction of one body for another body, particularly by means of her breasts and buttocks. She understood the meaning of men's caresses in spite of a certain innocence as to what use could be made of her sex out of the caresses of an expert tongue. She thought that that was the highest peak that one could reach in pleasure through sex, and that nothing else was to be expected from it. As she was logical, she gave the caress back, in spite of the fact that she did not like to do it as much as to receive it. She learned how to make her body look better with the little lingerie that she had. Another girl friend, a schoolmate with richer parents, gave her a grand taste for delicate underclothes and in spite of her very young age, she often admired her own modest lingerie in the mirror.
    This was not unnoticed by the house's familiars. One of the men, more audacious, taking less care of the mother, reported his diligent attention. One night she went with her mother and another friend, to this man's house for dinner. After the dinner, as everyone was gay and happy from the meal and the fine wines, she went out with the old friend, while her mother and the other guest went into the garden, apparently to chit chat. As soon as Monique and the man were alone together, he drew her close to him. He put his hand into her blouse and touched the already round and firm breasts under the brassiere. She let him do it half out of curiosity and half out of vice, and it excited her. He was talking slowly, gently, tenderly, and when he slid his hand under the short skirt, she let him crumple the little pants. She felt the air on her naked buttocks, on her belly, on her naked thighs. With her thighs closed together at first, she let him caress her propped bottom. She resisted a long moment, scared by the finger that was trying to insinuate itself between her thighs, and gave up under its lascivious caress. He was gentle, not brutal at all. He was expert in the art of caressing Monique's little rose, pointed, hardened, and damp. She let pleasure engulf her, half troubled by the wines and by the perverse caresses. Everything was turning around her, as in a merry-go-round.
    He took off the little leather belt, and before she could protest, lifted up skirt and slip, up to the neck. He rapidly admired in the moonlight the body precociously formed; and he sucked at the breasts and gave a few crazy caresses…
    Then he let her dress herself again, silent, ashamed. Then he took her in his arms and quieted her, as she nervously had started crying. He dried her tears and promised her all kind of things. They walked together back to the house and met the guests. Someone was very busy behind some bushes with Monique's mother. When she saw the couple, she readjusted her blouse and skirt very quickly, but not quickly enough for her daughter not to notice it… the little girl dwelt a long time on what she had seen. She then compared herself to her mother and in her mind came a new conception of existence. Then she came back and hugged her mother without resenting in the least what she had just discovered.
    More than once she had to bear the caresses of the old friend; either a furtive touch on her naked buttocks under the dress, or, when more at ease, he could open her blouse and suck at the already huge bosom. But it took long months before he could bring her to his place and turn her over on a sofa. Then only he was able to suck at the young sex that nothing but the tongues and fingers of her little friends had polluted before.
    She loved that moment of passivity of abandon, when the nakedness of her belly and of her most intimate spots was unveiled and offered to the looks of the man. She hardly sighed when he dug his forefinger between her buttocks, dilating the curled mouth that had never been penetrated by anything other than the nozzles of the enemas she had received when ill. He had to restrain himself in order not to scare her by too many strong advances the first day; he had to wait until she lost the last remnants of modesty remaining to her. One day, a Thursday, she found him naked in a bathrobe. Her will subdued by long caresses, her body aching from desire after the repeated suckings that drew constant cries from her dry throat and distorted her body in the most provocative postures, she did not refuse to caress the erected phallus, to take it between her virgin lips, to put her tongue on the hard end while the man with his finger was dampening his hand and preparing her little asshole for a monstrous assault.
    When he felt that the hole was softened enough, he moved his tool out of the little girl's mouth, bent over her without touching her, put his prick on the opulent globes of her buttocks and slowly insinuated it in the slit that separated them. He moved slowly trying to find the hole, and suddenly he felt it at the tip of his tool. He held his breath, hardly moving while Monique, her heart beating at full speed, was waiting. She did not know, not yet. He slowly pushed in, and the supple yet powerful pole penetrated a few millimeters. He pushed harder, dilating the little ring of flesh that slowly encircled his member. As he pushed pain flashed through Monique's flesh. She sighed and looked at the man with anxiety in her eyes. He read in her eyes that she was scared, but the male's desire was horrible. He felt that she wanted to move away, thought that after that test it all would be over, that she would never accept to do it again. He wanted rape. He took her by the shoulders, whispering love words and pushing, always pushing his member ahead in the contracted and resistant flesh. The member seemed to be bending. Monique was half crying. No, no, not there. You are hurting me! I want to go. Let me go.
    Then he got scared-he grabbed her by the buttocks and with one violent thrust he pushed with all his strength. A horrible shout came out of the girl's mouth, soon covered by the mouth of the man. The man's belly was glued to the little girl's pubis, his testicles squeezed against her buttocks. His member was in her ass up to the hilt.
    There was an instant of silence. The man could feel the child's heart beat under her chest, then tears, hollering. He could not master his nerves; he grabbed the girl's wrists to stop her hands from lacerating his back. He choked her with his sucking mouth and with long and powerful moves, he sodomized the young girl. It was a rape that she remembered long after it was committed. When he finally let her go, after letting his greasy sap splurt in her asshole, she got up. Her face was hostile. Without a word she dressed herself as he smoked a cigarette. Then she looked at the room where she had spent some unforgettable moments, and that now horrified her. She looked him straight in the eyes and despisingly just said one word: “Imbecile!” The word seemed to contain as many regrets for the brutally lost dream, as distaste for the stupid and too voracious male.
    Ever after that day she avoided his company; in spite of his gifts and promises she never went back to his house. But at the same time she attracted the attention of her mother's lover. Sometimes, and more often every week, he used to come a little bit before the time when he thought that he would meet his mistress, just to talk with Monique who always stayed at home. Half vice, half jealousy, she accepted the game, and soon enough Jef (that was the man's name) had the right to caress the pulpy buttocks and the well developed bosom under the thin material of the blouse. Then one day he could put his lips on the clitoris, hardened and pointing under the exciting caress… Fast and unquiet embrace because of the possibility of her mother's return. It was the only time, because her mother soon realized which body was most attractive in Jef's mind, and after the vacations Monique was sent to a boarding school away from Paris…
    Monique stretched on her bed, got up, looked by the window at the silent garden under the sun of that hot afternoon… Her fingers caressed her hardened bosom. She lit another cigarette, went back to her bed, and let the souvenirs come back to her memory.
    Thirteen, fourteen… fifteen, three birthdays that she spent in a convent. Intelligent she passed over one year, and was admitted with the “seniors”. That was a moment in her sexual life. With the age the passions were stronger and the perversions were displayed with more courage. First of all it was nothing but little jealousies that found her one day, lying on her bed, with four pupils holding her crucified members lying on her belly, while a “senior” was spanking her buttocks. Solange was there finding a revenge for some petty mistake of Monique… Her buttocks reddened by the correction, burning hot, and after that she had to support five times the sucking of her breasts and her sex, each time up to the spasm.
    Then sixteen, the year of the Baccalaureat (French graduation) work, and also mourning — her mother died one night from a heart attack. Monique arrived home too late to see her. Deep sorrow. Her Aunt Sonia was named her legal tutor. There was no fortune, happily enough, to pay for the second part of her graduation.
    And work started again. Monique, understanding quite well her situation, worked with all her strength. Nothing happened but the caresses and embraces of her little friends, in love with her breasts and sex.
    Then the vacations by the Mediterranean seaside, alone, with only little Jacques as companion. She was more a tutor than a playmate.
    Then again the convent, with the same rite, the same embraces, the same work, and the success at the end of the road for her exams. Once again other vacations-more agitation this time-with the desire of the male around her silent at first, then more insinuating and precise every day. The least caress, the least suggestion was awakening powerful sensations in her body. And at last the embrace of a little girl friend-her partner in swimming and sports games that soon also became her partner in other games. Brutal and greedy was the embrace that found them every night on the dunes where their tempers allowed them to repeated caresses, embraces during which, little by little, Monique indulged in letting her body be flagellated by supple and long seaweeds. Peggy (that was the girl's name) had that vice, that passion, to hurt and whip the buttocks of her little friends. She also did it with her hands, seeming to find a special pleasure in hearing the noise of her dry hands on the fleshy buttocks. In Monique Peggy found a very gifted disciple. One day, because her hands were burning after a solid spanking, Peggy had to stop. Monique suggested her to take a branch of Tamaris, and Peggy manipulated that whip with dexterity; soon, Monique's bottom was looking like a red sphere, and when the branch had lost all its leaves, she ordered Monique to turn over, and opening the compass of her round thighs, she sucked avidly the offered and damp sex.


    Days ran away; already October was getting closer. A solution to the difficulties of life had to be found. What to do? One day, Max Darcourt proposed to write to the headmistress of a boarding school in Bretagne — he knew her personally. Maybe she could take Monique as schoolmistress under good conditions. The young girl agreed to the idea. Letters being exchanged, the propositions revealed interesting potentials for the young girl and she finally accepted. As soon as it was confirmed that she could have the job, she went to see Max Dar-court one evening after dinner. The weather was hot in spite of the late hour. They walked together in the garden amidst the cacti and bushy pine trees, Max admiring under the flimsy material of her dress the beautiful figure of the girl. He discreetly courted her and, as she was asking him, standing by his side, what she could do to thank him for finding such an interesting position for her, he came closer to her and with a few phrases whispered in low tones, he expressed his desire.
    In the dark, Monique felt herself blushing. A strange sensation swept over her. As in a dream, she put her hands on her breasts that he had asked to caress. In the silence one could hear the beat of Monique's heart. She stood there motionless, hesitating, shocked in her reserve. But her taste for showing her own beauty was stronger… With trembling fingers she unbuttoned the white blouse, under which she was naked. Max was looking at Monique's eyes, not at the breasts that were slowly being uncovered. A kind of fascination came from his eyes. He guessed the gestures of the consenting young girl, and awaited the sign that would allow him, without any disappointment, to seize the adorable breasts between his lips. Suddenly came a sigh, and the eyes closed. Then-and only then-did Max look at her body; he was taken aback, the blouse had slid completely off and was hanging from Monique's arms.
    The torso is naked, and in front of Max's eyes are her breasts. His hand starts a long caress on her cunt. A more precise caress confirms her virginity, and she shivers…
    Then he masturbates her passionately, and soon, moaning and panting, Monique abandons herself to the pleasure that engulfs her. But Max also wants his share of pleasure. He props her, without stopping his caress, against a young pine; his hand unbuttons his pants, and the erected and hard phallus flashes out. He comes closer. She lets him turn her over, and now she faces the stem of the tree, moaning and rattling with pleasure. She has her arms folded, her head to one side; Max is behind her, glued to her. She feels against her buttocks the member that palpitates, and also the warm belly that shivers, covered with coarse and curly hair. She is a little bit anxious, but he masturbates her with skill and she does not stop being excited. Then with one hand he takes in his palm one of her voluminous breasts, caressing the pink extremity as he kisses her neck, his tool insinuates between her buttocks, and brushes the hair of her sex. While masturbating her excited clitoris, he caresses with the tip of his member-reddened by the effort-the wet lips of her cunt. He rubs the lips slowly, moistened by her own juices, and Monique, completely subdued, let him do what he wants. She now sighs and moans all the time. Her bottom is quivering in an exciting dance that attracts the male and excites him. He digs his prick higher between the buttocks, trying to find the asshole.
    Monique protests; she would like to move away. She could easily do so, but a monstrous desire, the wish of an intense pleasure, maintains her on the spot. She now desires but one thing-to forget the pain of the first rape. She feels the head of the member, lubricated by her own juices, sliding into her secret mouth. Then she offers her bottom, set for the new rape, and he, with a hoarse cry, his legs trembling with desire, draws the bottom close. He clutches the two breasts, hard as calabashes with dark pink teats and — pointing in the middle like little cherries, the erected nipples.
    Max did not think that she could have such a perfectly shaped and firm pair of breasts. He could not move, so great was the surprise; then, softly, he put his lips on one of the teats and sucked the whole nipple. He let the warm flesh fill his mouth completely, as his hands went caressing all over her torso.
    In the silence of the night, disturbed only by the sudden whistle of a bird, begins a slow and elaborate sucking of the bosom that, little by little, brings Monique into a state of deep excitation. The expert tongue caresses, titillates, sucks, licks, and wanders all around the whole globe of the breast, bringing at each second a deeper and more violent excitation. He sucks first at the nipple, then the whole breast till the globe is shiny with saliva. He feels the trouble of the girl. He is so sure that she will consent that he puts his hands under the dress and slowly comes up along the inside of the thighs. Wonderful rotundities! His hand lazily wanders on the marvelous dunes, presses the perfect, round globes, feels the consenting flesh, while Monique sighs softly, purrs, still leaning against a pine tree. The dress is unhooked at the belt; it slides off under the pressure of expert fingers. Monique thinks that she cannot take anything else, she is going to faint. She does not resist when the hands force her knees apart. In the blue light of the night, she is nothing else than a white figure contrasted against the black background, a body distorted by pleasure, undulating under his caresses. She feels it as he goes along the inside of her thighs; she knows-she knows what he is going to do. Then he finally reaches the burning sex. He takes the mouth that cannot refuse his kiss. His tongue struggles in the damp darkness slowly, inch by inch, he lets his huge pole penetrate the distorted little opening.
    Soft contraction of the burning muscles on that fleshy pole-was Monique hurt? She did not realize it. She remembered a dim pain mixed with pleasure… Her contracted position, the approach of the spasm made her open the velvety sheath more, like the mouth of some voracious ghoul. That, and the compressibility of Max's phallus were the causes of an easy penetration. Once again, Monique could feel the hard belly glued to her body, but this time the voluptuous pole was in her. She was not thinking about her shameful position. She gave herself completely to Max's ardent and passionate sodomizing, enjoying for the first time with a rare pleasure the feel of a male's flesh in her own secret place.
    Max, glued against her back, was biting the nape of her neck, pressing her large breasts that moved at each thrust of his powerful tool up her ass. Everything was dimming in front of Monique's eyes as she felt the unknown and marvelous spasm come, come, come. She uttered a continuous moan, full of naked desire, and propped her bottom so that the penetration would be more intense and would go deeper. Impaled on the prick, she rotated, accentuating the pleasure that she was giving to the male, and the spasms came-terrible for both of them; She felt in her the beat of the canal, suddenly inflated by the coming of his sperm. And then the hot splurt came in her and they both uttered meaningless words and sounds of ecstasy.
    Still caressing the beautiful and exhausted body, Max restored a little bit of order to his attire, then he caressed her and caressed her breasts. Then she dressed herself, and recovered her composure. Max succeeded in avoiding words or allusions that would shock her. Then he took her away from the place of the rape (he thought that he was the first). When they arrived at his place, whose windows opened on the sea, he offered her some Port wine.
    Then he took her in his arms, and spoke to her. He let her understand that, at the boarding school, the headmistress had a knack for pretty girls. She would have to be obedient because the director had a propensity for corporal chastisement. He would impatiently wait for the vacations and weekend leaves. He would ask to be her correspondent so that she would not be alone when she came to Paris.
    Tranquilized, she let him caress her, and pour her some more Port. She could feel his hands run across her large protruding buttocks and when he bent down to cover the two spheres with ardent kisses, she did not protest. Soon she fell back onto a pillow placed by a window, and he knelt by her, and glued his mouth to the palpitating sex. He sucked at her intently and pressed the erected clitoris between his tightened lips. The spasm soon came and contracted her splendid body, racking her with a long, deep moans.
    She got up fast the last embrace, and he took her back to her aunt.
    Later she left there, and arrived at the convent.
    Monique, while remembering those delightful memories, had caressed her sex with soft and rapid motions of her finger. She came violently and sank into oblivion. Later she got up, drank some fresh water, and returned to her cooled bed. She closed her eyes, and again remembered.


    Monique arrived at the boarding school one sad evening. It was an ancient abbey, rebuilt by some gentleman and given to Mrs. Merval, who had installed in it a boarding school for rich young girls. The school had only two classes, one for the children of twelve years of age, and the other for the children of fifteen and over, preparing for examinations. The boarding school was located in a deserted area in the moors of Bretagne, and was surrounded by a huge park. The center of the building was essentially for the school; one of the wings was for the headmistress' apartments, and the other for the commons. The whole building had been equipped with all of the latest comforts.
    The car, sent specially for her at the station, brought Monique to the front porch of the school, where a young shy looking supervisor welcomed her and showed her to her room. In the meantime she helped Monique to arrange her things in her room, and told her that she would see the headmistress the next day. The supervisor's name was Maud. She was petite, fair-haired and pretty, with a figure full of dimples and rotundities wherever it had to be dimpled or round. She was wearing a black silk dress under which the eye could catch the shape of the brassiere and panties. She also had on black silk stockings, and varnished, high heel shoes. A zipper held the dress closed at the front from the collar to the knees. The dress was conceived to show and emphasize the contours of the body, but it was still stern looking and serious. A little white lace collar encircled the delicate neck, and she wore a little black velvet cap slightly inclined on one side of the face, its edges concealed by the fair curls of her hair.
    Monique admired the costume.
    “It will be the same for you tomorrow, if the seamstress has enough time to finish it,” replied the supervisor.
    Then she left Monique, after giving her a last, greedy look, contemplating with astonishment and wonder the perfection of the young girl's figure.
    Monique was awakened by the shoutings of the children in the park. It was late, and she was feeling self-conscious. The sun was shining and gave the whole house a charming aspect. She washed herself and made up cautiously, and soon somebody came to take her to the headmistress through the long, empty dormitories.
    She found herself facing a young woman, hardly thirty-five, more than pretty, with her brown hair pulled back and done in a chignon on the nape of her neck, with a fringe to soften the contour of her forehead. She had delicate and handsome features. Her slightly gray eyes had a cruel look that did not go with the shapely mouth, or its sensuous lips. The slim yet muscled body, was dressed in a kind of long-sleeved bodice, made of black silk, that molded in a provocative way the shape of the torso clinging to each curve, and Monique had to admit that the breasts were exceptionally firm and high. The V decollete went curiously down to the belt, passing between the two round breasts. The skirt, very short, stopped far higher than the knees and covered the lower part of the body and the upper part of the thighs. The legs were propped out of the silky material of the dress and were of perfect shape. Black silk stockings and high heel shoes completed the headmistress' attire.
    Sylvie Merval welcomed Monique very kindly, asked her about her first night in the house, and her trip. While speaking to Monique, the headmistress let her eyes wander over the young girl's charms. She noted appreciatively the curve of her legs, and letting her eyes look between the legs where the knees were unveiled by the short skirt, she tried to see the mysterious corners of her femininity. Since Sylvie had just received a letter from her friend, Max, regarding Monique, she knew what a hot voluptuous temper the girl had.
    She told Monique about the schedules and the kind of studies that the institution offered the pupils. She also talked about the discipline that she expected from everyone-the children as well as the masters. Monique, in the beginning, would have to be in charge of the science classes for the youngest girls.
    “In here,” the headmistress added, “when a fault has been committed, the pupils are not deprived of this or that. Nature gave those children certain advantages and it is your duty to use and abuse those charms to inflict the chastisement that you will judge adequate. As far as you are concerned, the same treatment will be applied to you every time that I judge it necessary to help you to become the exceptional being that you must become. You all have equal status between teachers, supervisors, and all the members of my staff.”
    Then she took Monique into a narrow corridor and up to a room where a pleasant young woman was expecting them.
    “Nine, you will give Miss Monique a uniform for the first visit with her colleagues. You will also take her measurements for the other uniforms.”
    The headmistress then disappeared and soon Monique found herself as naked as the day of her birth in front of the thoughtful woman, whose luscious eyes told of her desire as clearly as words. Half caressing her, she put on black silk stockings, high heel shoes, and a very short velvet dress that stopped high above the knees. It had a little leather belt, very tight around the thin waist. At the least movement the legs showed nearly completely, and when she was walking one could see the black garters and a little bit of white flesh above the black stockings. She posed the little black velvet cap on Monique's head, enjoying the alluring charm that it gave to the young face, and drawing Monique close to her, sat her on her knees. She seized her by her wrists and said, “May 1? It is a tradition here…” and between her lips she caught one of the erected nipples.
    She stopped when she heard Monique's excited moans. She took the young girl in her arms and gave her a long kiss on the mouth while her fingers tested the young girl's virginity. When she heard the little cry of pain and surprise she whispered:
    “Too bad. Look what you could have received, absorbed in you…”
    From a chest of drawers she pulled a hard phallus, covered with dark blue velvet. Suddenly anxious, Monique moved away, and that movement surprised the girl, who shrugged her shoulders as if she could not care less, and tightened a black silk bodice around Monique's torso. It covered the breasts and the back, but was very deeply opened in front, and the round contour of the breasts were visible. Then the seamstress rang a bell and a servant brought Monique back to the headmistress's office.
    Then she visited the house, and she was introduced to all the teachers in their different classes. The teachers were all young girls. The pupils were not too many. The “Juniors” were wearing black shorts and a white shirt with short sleeves. The “Seniors,” aged between 15 and 16, wore a flared and very short skirt that stopped at the middle of their thighs, black silk stockings, varnished shoes, and a little black cardigan. The cardigan was made of a very thin material-some kind of jersey-that let you see, and even emphasized the already round curves of the young girls. A little white leather belt accentuated the slimness of the waist and a little white collar accented the young faces. On their heads they all had the same type of little hat with the hair puffing around it. They were all wearing a certain type of panties that only covered the pubis and left the buttocks naked. The sight of those girls, in natural poses, displaying under their short skirts their naked thighs between the black stockings and the little panties, was very exciting.
    The teachers were dressed like Monique, but no pants were veiling their most intimate parts. They were sitting on a little platform where was also a blackboard, a leather armchair, and in one corner, a little table. During the lectures the children could admire the underclothes of their teachers. Any punishments were given privately in front or by the headmistress and always in front of the teachers who wanted to be present.
    During the pauses, the pupils moved about in little groups, or two by two, and it was easy to see the lesbian affinities existing between them. The mistress had her own court of worshippers, but during the day, all caresses were strictly forbidden and any disobedience was severely punished the very same evening. But at night, on the contrary, everything was allowed.
    In the class that was going to be hers, Monique was listening to the lecture made by a supplement teacher. She could see the excitement grow in the eyes of her pupils while the children were watching her legs and her intimate parts, and getting more excited each time she opened her legs a little bit wider. After their evening meal, the children were left under the control of the supervisors and the teachers gathered in a separate lounge. Monique then got more acquainted with her colleagues — all pleasant looking. The dresses were covering or unveiling the most exquisite treasures, the biggest variety of types and shapes. Among these with the most beautiful breasts, Monique was really the goddess. And by the end of the meal she had to expose her bosom and undergo-while her colleagues were holding her wrists-the quadruple sucking of her nipples.
    When retiring to her bedroom she found a girl named Gisele in her bed. According to the tradition, the young supple body was to be her bed partner for the night. Each night a different pupil was at the disposal of the mistress, and soon between the white, linen covered walls of the little room came the voluptuous sighs of Monique being sucked with a rare mastery by the young and expert mouth.
    As days passed by, Monique found herself one night the “guest” of the headmistress. That happened to all the teachers. A little dinner, just the two of them. Alone with that delightfully undressed woman, then together on the vast couch, where both bodies, completely naked, soon indulged in the most fascinating caresses. In those moments there was no superior or employee, the headmistress was equal in vice to her inferior as she tried to test the physical capabilities of her partner. In her voluptuous ecstasy, Monique felt the bite of the lash of a little whip, and her buttocks shivered under the slapping, spanking, and pinching of an alert and expert hand. A sweet drowsiness came over her, and she thought that she loved that kind of pleasure. She only turned over when the headmistress, taking a leather whip, slashed it across the sensitive bottom and hurt her flesh. But also, what a reward; that delightful sucking-and the curious finger trying to force its way in her asshole in a sweet and intense caress. The second time, the headmistress changed her method, and before any pleasure, Monique had to support the consequences of the mistress's passion for flagellation. It was only when her ass was nothing but a painful and reddened sphere that Monique could receive on her sex, in her sex, the sucking that quieted all sufferings and gave meaning to the pains that she just endured. The headmistress taught her the most provocative poses and taught her also to present her bottom in such a way that her intimacy was visible daringly from any side. What was her purpose? Monique only knew it later, but when the headmistress introduced in her ass various kind of nozzles, she revived the deep sensations of her rape, and of her sodomization by Max. Perceiving in Monique exceptional qualities, the headmistress had her by her side more often than was her turn, and one night she told her:
    “Tonight, a certain number of friends of mine will come. You will join us.”
    On the same night, Monique, dressed like the pupils-her legs molded in flimsy black silk stockings, her torso revealed by an outrageously clinging bodice of the same black silk, with a little black mask on her face, just underlining the slanted almonds of her eyes- walked in a lounge with the headmistress. She stopped, taken aback; in the room were a middle-aged man, and a rather plump woman, all dressed in black. The man also wore a mask.
    Monique, with an uncertain discomfort growing in her, had to serve the coffee on a low table that obliged her to show her rotundities under the high-lifted dress.
    The room was silent, and a touch of luxury was everywhere in the air. A few drinks were enough to break Monique's resistance, and when the headmistress took her in her arms, lifting her dress and caressing and fondling her in front of the guests, she did not resist. She loved the cold breeze on her naked buttocks and the silent caress of the eyes on her flesh.
    She was turned over and her flat stomach and velvety pubis appeared in front of the greedy eyes of the couple. The skirt fell back, and from the unbuttoned bodice the two breasts surged, erect and hard, shivering under the headmistress' fingers. The skirt, also unhooked, fell to the ground. Monique, naked, was offered to the contemplation of the guests, pushed against them, thrown over the couch, where two greedy mouths sucked immediately at her breasts. Passion arose violently in Monique's body, as she felt her legs being separated, opened, and the headmistress' mouth sucking at her cunt. She did not see that the man and his partner were undressing, but she felt their naked bodies against hers. But already the headmistress was reassuring her, and leaving her in the man's arms, took the woman to a narrow couch where she beat on her back with leather straps. Riding on the woman's belly she started a slow and strong caress, cruel and painful, so strong was the grip of her fingers on the soft flesh. The breasts were enormous, a little too soft perhaps, with long, thick nipples. The headmistress was feeling them with her hands, pinching the nipples with all her force, pulling, distorting, flapping the heavy teats one against the other. With a soft flapping sound the globes were thrust against each other. And in the room came the hoarse and continuous song of love.
    Monique, whose nipples were being delicately titillated by the man's agile tongue, wondered how the woman could endure such a torture. Her torso was undulating in all directions as if trying to escape the pitiless hands of her sweet tormentor, and from her distorted mouth came an atrocious rattle that did not stop the fury of the headmistress.
    Sylvie Merval, her eyes shining diabolically, was passionately torturing the offered breasts, strange and meaningless words escaping from her mouth. At last she stopped, leaving the woman motionless. She took two whips, gave the man the longest, and bending over Monique told her in a whisper:
    “Darling, give your buttocks to his caresses so that I can whip her in exchange.”
    She passionately kissed Monique's lips, and affectionately spanked her. Her hand was soon replaced by the man's hand. Monique shivered from her hair to her toes under the voluptuous blows. His hands were harder, drier, and hurt more. Her flesh was awakened by the soft fever that came under the skin, by the obscene posture, by the complete submission into which she felt herself failing, abandoning all restraint. Suddenly terrible cries came in the room where the lashes of Sylvie's whip were torturing the breasts of the woman.
    Monique, more and more excited, could see the lashes falling on the delicate flesh of the breasts. They were rolling from one side to another, the tips stretched under the lashes that pulled the nipples, uplifting the whole huge mass of the globes. Monique could hardly feel the ardent flogging of the man who was cleverly handling his whip. She was opening her thighs according to his desire, unconscious of how lasciviously she was offering herself to him. She was just listening to the moans of the tortured woman. A savage beat was hammering at her temples, her ears were full of sounds that she had never heard before. She could hardly feel the man's finger insinuating between her buttocks, forcing the little opening of her anus, while his mouth gave her bottom little bites. She found herself kneeling by the side of the sofa, under the lash again, her bottom jutting, offered to the cool contact of a vase-lined nozzle too soon withdrawn. Then she felt other flesh against her most secret parts. By an instinctive movement of protection she put her hand to her sex, but already the hardened head of the man's prick was forcing itself into the puckered little mouth, thrusting itself deep in it, and the flesh was sliding into her own flesh, palpitating flesh shivering and trembling in her desire-contracted belly. The sound of the man's belly slapping against her buttocks resounded, while his hands caressed her flanks.
    And the woman's voice, hollering: “Fuck her, Jacques! Impale her! Be my vengeance, my love! Aah! Ooooh…”
    And the whiz of the whip that caresses, embraces the burning breasts, covering them with dark blue streaks.
    The man rattled his pleasure into Monique's ear. She gave herself up to his savage sodomization. Enjoying the pleasure, moaning with luxury, contracting herself on the pole, as if she wanted to hold it in her, she squeezed it in her muscled and slimy sheath up to the hilt until the spasm finally came. The man spurted his burning sap in her and fell upon her, while, with a last blow, Sylvie brought a few drops of blood to the nipples of the tortured woman.
    Naked, Monique ran to her room where she fell prostrate with shame, but the cool caress of a childish mouth soon erased all remorse and slowly put her to sleep.
    As days went by, Monique watched the punishments of certain pupils in front of the headmistress. The erotic spankings always brought a child more excitement than pain, and they seldom feared the lightly handled whip.
    Then one night, with her colleagues, she was ordered to Sylvie, and witnessed the punishment of Maria, the Latin teacher. A strong creature, without great beauty, she had heavy breasts that hung slightly low on her torso, and a plump bottom with a deep slit. She was naked except for her stockings and high heel shoes. The room, discreetly lit by one lamp, was perfectly silent; from the ceiling hung two ropes with leather bracelets near the wall at the opposite side of the room. Maria's hands were tightened into the contraption and then suddenly pulled up as the ropes lifted her arms. She was like a flesh Y hanging from the ceiling. Then her legs were also separated and widely opened with two other leather bracelets that were fixed to the ground, so that her body looked more like an X. Maria was thus offered to the scrutiny of her colleagues, standing up, her belly slightly protruding with its deep and long navel in the center, and the nearly hairless pubis.
    In front of her, Sylvie sat on a chair, and at a signal, three young girls placed themselves by Maria's side. Two of them began sucking at her breasts while the other one slowly caressed her flanks, her thighs, her buttocks, slowly provoking a terrible excitation in the girl's body.
    “Then,” whispered Sylvie, “little Maria, you refuse to let your colleagues caress you?”
    Maria, softly moaning with the voluptuousness of the moment, was bending in her ties, and at a signal the girls stopped their caresses and Sylvie, taking a whip with thin lashes, placed herself by Maria's side and started flogging the young girl's heavy teats.
    Like a puppet, Maria, held by the ropes, was unable to escape the whip's cruel biting. She trembled and quivered under the blows that were falling on her skin, harder and harder each time. Soft hissing of the whip against the painful skin. The three girls, hugged into each other's arms, were caressing their buttocks softly.
    Louder and louder cries came in the room, and one could guess the pain of the convulsed girl. The erect nipples were sucked, licked, stretched by the lash, and became bigger and bigger. After two particularly hard blows Sylvie stopped, but it was only to take another stick and start hitting the bouncy buttocks. The leather seemed to disappear in the soft flesh, and the hissing of the whip ended in a mushy noise that was very exciting. Immediately after the shock the girl uttered a louder cry and distorted her body in the ropes of the contraption. The pain became unbearable and her moaning grew hoarser.
    “Enough! Oooh! Enough! Not there… enough… enough!”
    But Sylvie did not seem to get tired. Finally she let the girl rest and caressed her softly. Then she took another whip that was made of a multitude of thin, round, hard leather lashes. Behind the girl, stretched on her opened legs, she threw the whip from the ground to the ceiling, and the lashes went crashing on the half-opened cunt, their ends hurting the velvety pubis. A shout, a desperate try to draw back and the anguished woman felt the hard biting of the lashes insinuating between the curled lips of her sex.
    Pitiless, Sylvie kept flogging with hard strokes the fragile and sweet flesh of those in-sides which only received soft caresses before. At each blow, the girl recoiled into the ropes, and undulated in the most voluptuous way in front of her colleagues. Each time the lashes fell on her pubis and it became a dark pink color; the erected clitoris, burning with pain, was emerging from the hot, yawning lips of her cunt.
    At last Sylvie stopped the abominable flogging, sat down to contemplate the heavy breathing, nearly unconscious girl.
    At a signal she was released from the ropes that held her legs, so she could stand on her feet; she was already more at ease now that her thighs were closed again. But already Sylvie was asking for the piano stool. At the mere sight of the instrument, Maria's eyes filled with fear.
    It was a wooden stool with a long screw that could regulate its height. The saddle was very narrow, merely a circle of wood of about eight inches in diameter, and from its middle a huge screw protruded. Margaret brought Sylvie a case in which were a certain number of hardened rubber nozzles of various shapes. She took one, about ten inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide, the extremity of which was large and olive shaped. She gave it to Margaret who fixed it to the screw on the stool, and put vaseline on the erect shaft. She put the stool behind the girl whose arms were still tied. The ropes that held Maria's wrists were unknotted, and immediately she put her hands to her breasts and caressed their red, painful extremities.
    Sylvie raised up, took a whip, and coming to Maria, told her:
    “Now darling, are you going to be good and play us a little tune on that piano?”
    The girl stared at Sylvie who menacingly held the whip over her head:
    “Sit down immediately on that pretty stool!”
    A crack of the whip landed on the girl's belly, she bent down and hollered:
    “Yes… yes, I'll sit down. Enough, enough!”
    Silence fell on the room, the girl opened her knees, bent her legs, held the sides of the stool with both hands.
    “Hands off!” And another blow fell on the reddened buttocks. Maria took her hands away and placed them on her trembling knees. She squatted slowly, while all the girls came behind her, closer, looking avidly at the shaft pointed toward the ass. Already the anus was touching the immense looking pole. Sobbing, Maria leaned against that pole that slowly slid in her, distending the contracted asshole.
    “No, no, not thaT! Oooh, I… OOOH!”
    The lashes cracked again on the naked shoulders and the body slid down, little by little. One could hear the soft hissing of the flesh sliding swiftly on the greased pole as the dildo was absorbed slowly. The girls were gasping as if being fucked; they were caressing their own buttocks and their fingers were working into their assholes. They remembered sitting on that same stool.
    And the pole slid, absorbed, disappeared; in a sigh of shame, but also of relief from Maria, the buttocks glued themselves to the wooden basis of the stool.
    Then after a little while, Sylvie obliged her to move on the stool, to have the pole slide into her guts. She disimpaled her with one hard move and Maria had to sit down again on the prick. But as the anus was used to the size of the tool, it accepted with more facility that new intrusion.
    Then they freed the girl, and throwing her on the couch, Sylvie abandoned her to the caresses of the young girls. She was caught in an orgy of pleasure under expert tongues, her head tightly held between one of her colleague's legs. Monique, naked, offered herself to the sapphic caresses of Sylvie, while she was pressing her opulent buttocks.
    Little by little all the girls went away, leaving Monique alone with Sylvie. She lifted Monique up, and bringing her to the stool, told her, without stopping her caresses on her:
    “Try it too, for my pleasure. For me!”
    And Monique, though she was oversatisfied with caresses, opened her legs widely, bent over the slimy pole, put her anus dampened by the many caresses that had taken place before, on the stake, and pushed with all her desire. She felt the velvety flesh of her insides distend softly, separate till it became painful, and with a last hoarse moan, she sat, her buttocks crashing against the wood of the seat, completely penetrated by the hardened stem.
    She had to bear Sylvie's caress while impaled on the dildo, against which she was voluptuously rubbing herself. Her wonderful breasts, sucked by the ardent mouth, were shivering smoothly, and finally she came with all her being, in a terrible spasm that left her panting, breathless, and still impaled.
    And the days went by, each one brought its share of caresses, either from the lips of the pupils or the lips of Sylvie under her supple embrace, but also under the more and more habit forming domination of the lash. She now offered herself to Sylvie who got her used to harder contacts with the leather or the stick. But Monique, however, lacked something; she remembered the soft and yet painful contact of the male's flesh in the deepest of her body, and once again she wanted the male. Sylvie felt that she was at the adequate point of desire, and promised herself to enjoy that body as much as she loved to enjoy the bodies of those that she held under her present domination.


    Monique stretched on her bed and got up. Her whole body was covered by a film of sweat. She poured herself some water-lukewarm, she thought. She swallowed it with small gulps. She gave a look at the still silent park, but through the blades of the Venetian blinds no cool breeze was coming. She sat in a deep armchair, thighs wide apart, propped up against the arms of the chair. In the mirror facing her, she contemplated herself, the damp pink mouth deep in the fair hair, the thick lips, with the vagina slightly opened in their middle.
    She inclined her head and yawned, and, with her eyes closed, went back in her memories while her fingers lingered fondly on her belly and the satin-like skin of the inside of her thighs.
    Life went as usual at Mrs. Merval's, pleasantly, with its equal share of lectures, of voluptuous nights, of perverse contacts. There was not one of the childish faces of her class (and often of the others) that had not given her the best caresses between her widely opened thighs. Sylvie once called for her, and after a passionate night made her scream her pleasure by introducing into her ass bigger and bigger nozzles, after vigorously whipping the consenting buttocks with the sticks and the leather whip.
    At the break of dawn, Monique returned to her room completely exhausted. The next day the pension's seamstress took her measurements and made some dresses for her. Sometime after, she received from Sylvie a box containing some lingerie, stockings and shoes, with a little note attached to it: “Meet me at my place tonight, nine p.m.”
    Anxious and impatient at the same time, Monique thought that the day would never end.
    The same evening she put on the clothes that were in the box. The mirror showed her the image of a sultry Monique, her shapely legs emphasized by the black silk stockings with very high heel shoes that accentuated the curve of her legs. Her thighs emerged from a pleated velvet skirt that opened right under the buttocks and looked like a lampshade. Her belly and her bottom were naked under it. A velvet bodice with long, puffed sleeves of the same color as the skirt, was covering her torso. It was slit from the neck to the belt where a string of stones (faked of course) was accentuating the slim waist and round hips. The opening in the bodice allowed a good view of the young girl's charms. One could see the deep valley that separated her breasts and their round and firm base. On her head a little black velvet cap lined with white swan feathers was posed over her fair and silky curls.
    Monique put a little velvet mask over her eyes, and, anticipating what was to come, took the corridor that led to Mrs. Merval's apartments.
    She welcomed Monique silently and introduced her in the lounge, dimly lit by one lamp in a corner. Monique was astounded. In front of her, three men were sitting on the sofa, and one of them was wearing a monk's frock. They all wore masks. Gallantly, they rose and bowed in front of her. Sylvie pushed her toward them. Monique gave Sylvie a long, inquiring look. Sylvie was dressed in a black, transparent negligee that daringly revealed her naked and muscled body, and her black, silk-dressed legs. Sylvie showed Monique the little table where the liquors were stored. She poured a glass for each of the guests and presented it on a gold tray. She sat in front of them, on a little stool, her thighs closed tight together. Because of the low level where she was sitting she had her knees at the same level as her breasts and her thighs, and a little bit of the flesh of her sex was displayed. She lowered her eyes, a little bit ashamed, but she could feel desire coming in her veins.
    Sylvie came to her in a purr of her lace and a cloud of scent. She opened a little case and handed it to Monique.
    “Look darling, what our friends were nice enough to bring for you.”
    Monique looked into the little box and stood motionless; her eyes could not leave the things in the box. On a velvet tray were exposed a little whip with thin lashes, a stick, and three nozzles with different heads, made out of pink, hard rubber.
    A voluptuous emotion crept into Monique's body. She blushed intently as Sylvie, already by her side, began unbuttoning the bodice and took one of Monique's breasts in her hand. When the voluminous globe appeared, a murmur of admiration from the guests saluted it. Soon after, the other breast was unveiled with its erected nipple. Monique was pushed towards the men and had to place herself in front of them. Immediately they kissed her teats and lifted the little skirt.
    She hardly reacted when she felt the fingers between her thighs, brushing past her cunt already damp from her own juices, and stopped at the little puckered and curled asshole. She was drinking Sylvie's perverted kiss, sucking on her lascivious tongue. She felt that Sylvie was trying to unhook her bodice, and resisted. Sylvie did not insist, but she bent her lower, and that movement accentuated the large curves of her splendid bottom. The three men were admiring the sight offered by that display of white flesh encircled by black velvet-those thighs whose white flesh was emerging from the black silk stockings held by little garters made of black leather.
    Out of the little triangle at the crossroad of the buttocks, a little bit of the flesh of the sex appeared surrounded by a few pale curls.
    Sylvie whispered in the ear of the young girl:
    “Open your legs…”
    Monique shook her head and refused.
    “Open your legs,” repeated Sylvie in another tone of voice. “Open, or I will have to spank you!”
    A deep emotion ran through Monique's body when she heard that word “spanking”; there was a great desire in her negation, for she was already feeling the contact of the lashes on her flesh. Sylvie bending over her, in front of her, was holding her bent, her wrists maintained on the stool. With a light wheezzz the lashes were crashing on her bottom, and Monique could not withhold a cry of surprise. She turned over and saw the monk standing up behind her. He was holding a whip in his hand. She lowered her head, ashamed, but another blow landed across her buttocks harder, drier… and another while her bottom was slowly undulating, then another blow came and made her feel warm all over. Then solidly standing, his legs opened to assure a steadier posture, the monk started a long flogging against the young girl. His frock was open, and sometimes his prick passed out of the opening. He had made flogging an art; each stroke covered the whole surface of the bottom after only a few blows. The buttocks were burning and turning a deep pink. An intense heat was insinuating between the tightly closed legs, and began to burn in Monique's sex. “Open…” ordered the monk at each blow, but Monique was resisting, half by shame and half by pleasure, because she enjoyed the humiliating posture. But the man was whipping harder and an intense pain came in Monique's body. Dim at first, it became more precise and unbearable. Her body wriggled more and more violently. Her bottom was dancing in front of the men's eyes and they started undressing. Rape was in their eyes. They displayed in front of Sylvie the sight of their aroused virilities.
    The blows were falling at a more rapid pace. The monk was aiming at the point where the thighs and the buttocks join. The tip of the lashes crashed in the middle of the triangle of flesh and delicate hair.
    Just a few more blows and the pain in Monique's body became unbearable. She could feel the lash tips, like needles, going in her skin. Sometimes a lash would insinuate between the curled lips of her cunt and would stroke the damp flesh where it was the most sensitive. Monique was turning her bottom in all directions, trying to escape the torture. She was writhing voluptuously in the air. The coming pleasure made blood run faster in her veins, and beat wildly at her temples. She gnashed her teeth. Her fingers rasped on the velvet of the stool. Sylvie guessed that her orgasm was coming closer. She gave the monk a signal and he accelerated the rhythm. He aimed particularly at the joint between the thighs and the buttocks. It was like a fast, rough beat on the sex, but how exciting a caress it was. Monique opened and closed her thighs rapidly, thrusting first her bottom, then her cunt upward. But every time that the sex appeared the lashes caressed it deeply and sent an even more intense pain through her whole body.
    Bending over that bottom, the men were watching this strange masturbation, waiting for the imminent spasm. It soon came, while Monique, her head dug between Sylvie's breasts, was sobbing, hiccuping, gasping, half suffering, half sunk in pleasure. Then her whole body was racked with a spasm. She bent on her knees, her legs shivered; four times the bottom came to meet the lashes that four times crashed vigorously on her sex from behind. Then her whole body tumbled down, kneeling at Sylvie's feet while from Monique's throat came a long, inarticulated moan.
    They let the young girl recover consciousness while Sylvie was slowly undressing her. They offered her a glass of liquor and she drank it, feeling better.
    Monique, naked except for her stockings, her shoes, and her little cap, was standing in front of the men, letting them admire her perfect body.
    Caresses of the hands, suckings at her breasts-everything happened as in a dream. Her hands felt huge and warm phalluses pressing against her thighs. She grabbed between her fingers the hardened flesh. She caressed the long and shivering tools whose size was beginning to scare her.
    But Sylvie was reassuring her, while softly biting at her little ears, and at the nape of her neck:
    “All that is for you darling. In a little while, all that will be in your guts, for you alone… for you to be happy…”
    And Monique, excited by the suction on her breasts, indulged in masturbating the erect rods.
    Soon they turned her over on the couch. The monk, kneeling between her thighs put his mouth on her sex and a slow and delicate sucking soon had her sighing deeply. Two other mouths were on her large breasts, the hands running up and down her flat belly, over her hips, on her waist. Sylvie squatted above her. She felt the damp sex over her face and put her lips on that gaping mouth, sucked at the erected clitoris and abandoned herself, unconscious of what was happening around her. She sucked, licked, worshipped her friend's cunt with an increasing fervor. Her hands were slowly caressing the shivering rods that trembled under her fingers, and suddenly the orgasm came-as violent for Monique as for Sylvie. The two bodies, intoxicated with voluptuousness, tumbled over each other. And then came the rattle, and Monique's burning breath that plunged Sylvie into an abyss of pleasure.
    Monique, quite exhausted, soon recovered all her spirits under the men's caresses. She found herself kneeling by the side of the sofa her bottoms up, offering the sight of her sex and of her anus to the perverted looks of the males. Resting on her elbows she was looking at the little box that Sylvie was holding in front of her, and stared at the three dildoes, shining with vaseline.
    “Which one first, my darling?”
    Still dizzy from all the pleasures she had just experienced, Monique chose the smallest. However it was approximately the size of a normal phallus, but the head was not as big as in real life, and more olive shaped. Monique guessed that the monk was kneeling behind her and that the others were staring at the displayed flesh. She felt the contact of the olive on her puckered little mouth, and the anus contracting, in spite of her desire for penetration. And immediately the rod was absorbed and disappeared completely in her, up to where the man's fingers were holding it. She felt it in her and a strangely sweet sensation filled her most intimate parts. She was excited by that forging tool being in her, and she could not help imagining her opened flesh with the extremity pointing out of it.
    Sylvie's hand was already grabbing the second instrument. This one was bigger, and its head was rounder. It disappeared from Monique's sight and she did not even realize that the other one was removed from her slimy insides.
    “No, no… I cannot, it is too big…”
    It seemed to her as if her anus was endlessly distending, and that the flesh of her belly was getting tighter and tighter. “No… no…” she succeeded in articulating that little word but it was already too late and she could feel the man's finger against her skin. Then the whole tool was in her. She felt the warm breeze exhaled by the mouths close to her buttocks, and imagined the men contemplating her monstrous and voluptuous impalement. She hid her face in her hands and tried to conceal her shame. She was moaning and undulating under the thrusting of the instrument as the man held it.
    They were all admiring the narrow mouth swallowing the hard pole, sticking to its contours.
    Monique did not see Sylvie taking the other one in hand. It was at least seventeen inches long, and three inches wide. The only slightly compressible part was the end, made of some chemically treated rubber. It was four inches long, and offered a protuberance in its middle. It ended in a round bubble. A blue velvet handle was on the other extremity of the monstrous tool.
    Monique realized that her arms and knees were held by two pairs of arms. The monk stood up, and holding the tool with both hands put its head on her orifice, already prepared by the former insertions. Then he looked at the two men, and at Sylvie, silently and slowly he pushed-
    Monique opened her mouth, but the cry remained in her throat. Her eyes, widened with pain, were reflecting the fear that was holding her. It seemed to Monique that something incredibly big was edging its way in her, that her thighs were being monstrously taken apart, that she was ripping in two. A horrible suffering came in her. Her jaws trembled, then a hoarse cry came out of her throat, while with a sudden move, she tried desperately to free herself from the brutal possession. Her body, oscillating from one side to another tried to escape to the monstrous rod.
    In seeming vain, the monk was pushing the instrument in her with all his strength. The head was slowly entering her, forcing the muscled mouth to open.
    He stopped his efforts and dropped the engine. They could all admire the sight of that stake, planted in her, and its end, propped out of the distended bottom.
    Shaken with nervous spasms, Monique was sighing softly, feeling that enormous ball between her buttocks that seemed anchored in her.
    But the monk took the handle again, and softly, inexorably, slowly, pushed the dildo, helping its penetration. Another effort, and the distended asshole seemed to suck the phallus, to swallow it, and suddenly the gigantic thing slid in up to the velvet handle.
    The monk dropped the handle, and they all stared at the monstrous dilation of her asshole. Her bottom was shaken by nervous spasms, and the whole body shivering. No longer could one see the puckered lips of her little hole. What was left out was vibrating under the pressure running and beating through Monique's veins.
    The room was very silent, centered on that tortured bottom. The men caressed the exhausted woman, calming her nerves, appeasing her trembling body. They were trying to evaluate where in her body the end of the instrument was lying.
    Little by little the pain eased away. And after a little while, Monique had only the impression of her asshole, distended by a gigantic lollipop.
    When the monk grabbed the handle and started to pull the tool out of her, she hardly reacted. The man stopped when the protuberance reached the edge of her hole, and again he thrust the thing in her without her indicating any pain. They were all looking at the monstrous sodomization, and from the narrow mouth came a sucking noise that further aroused the men's virility.
    Little by little-and being very careful to stay in the axis of her belly-the monk accelerated the pace and ass-fucked the girl faster and faster. The supple muscles offered no resistance now, but the man avoided pulling the tool completely out. When he withdrew the tool partially, the lips were showed and surrounded the contours of the dildo-it gave the illusion of some supernatural mastication. The monk was getting excited and he accelerated his pace. The sight of that huge pole being swallowed by that intimate mouth was unforgettable.
    But within Monique's body, an unknown sensation was reaching deeper and deeper. That caress near her sex, that beating in her flesh, that involuntary sucking of her asshole on the pole-all that contributed to a new and voluptuously intense excitation in the young girl's body. Erotic images were flashing through her mind; she thought that she was a wild mare being raped by some monstrous organ. She was exciting herself, and little by little was offering her bottom to the phallus penetrating her so vigorously. She was not hurt-she wanted that embrace, and she did not reproach them for the rape.
    She gave herself completely, closing her eyes, savoring the pleasure that was coming deep in her, and soon, she moaned as she had under the caress of Sylvie's lips. Her thighs, now free from the men's hands, were opening wider and wider. She thus offered herself to Sodom, and her sighs became rattles. Sometimes she uttered sweet words, strange love calls, but she could not see-her eyes were blurred by a voluptuous haze.
    She was possessed by a strange frenzy. She agitated herself so that the rubbing and sucking of her flesh against the dildo became more intense. Her asshole was eating the dildo; it disappeared completely and reappeared with an increased sucking noise. The monk accelerated the movements of the phallus in her body. He could feel the repercussions of the intense contractions of her insides on that hard material. Then came long cries of pleasure, the last convulsions of the orgasm, and with a long cry, the broken body crumpled over the sofa, the phallus still up to the handle in her ass.
    They removed the stake so that she would not hurt herself, and left her alone a little while to allow her to rest. But soon after she again had to kneel down. She could feel flesh beating between her buttocks. A prick touched her ass. Another sigh and the monk's tool penetrated completely into her. She felt the burning belly on her buttocks, the testicles glued to her cunt. She could not do anything under that new assault, but abandon herself completely to the man who was abusing her with rage. She felt the burning sperm in her guts and the weight of the man, lying on her back. But already another was taking his place, and a thinner but harder rod was beating in her belly. She was trying to find satisfaction, concentrating her whole being on the hard flesh that was ramming in her insides, but once again he let loose before she could come.
    “Enough… oooh… enough, no more… not that…”
    In vain. The third was plunging a short but thick prick in her hurting asshole, and with rapid strokes was sodomizing the exhausted young girl. But he was stronger, and by a long embrace succeeded in bringing the young girl to the final and delightful spasm. She gave herself to him by the ass, following his pace. And when he spat in her his burning sperm, she contracted, avidly pumping the delightful sap, and fell over the sofa.
    Caressing her, they brought her back, but Sylvie made a sign, and they dressed and left. Shortly afterwards, Monique being alone with Sylvie, was caressed and soon forgot all the pain of the monstrous rapes she had just gone through.


    No matter how excited she was by the vocations of all those voluptuous memories, Monique stopped masturbating, because she wanted to keep her strength for the same night. Once again she lit a cigarette, but in the clouds of blue smoke the main events of her amorous life soon appeared.
    Life went on as usual at the boarding school, up to Easter vacation. She shared her time between the greedy suckings of her little girl friends, and Sylvie's exhausting sadism and flagellation sessions. Monique was more and more enslaved to the whip and the penetration of nozzles and dildoes in her ass, and developed a taste for exhibitionism. She loved to parade in exciting attire in front of Sylvie, but her excitation was increased when men were present. What emotions did she endure every time she came in Sylvie's apartment, but also what deception when no men were there to see her. But Sylvie, who by then knew all the possibilities of Monique's body and also her inclination to the pleasures of Sodom, did not hesitate any more to invite her friends, amateurs of fleshly games. As a rule, they were “benefactors” or people financially helping the boarding school, and Monique was flagellated, and received in her body a dozen pricks of various sizes, belonging to the most influential men of the County. But the huge dildo, so energetically handled by the monk, had enlarged her asshole enough to allow her to enjoy the hardest and deepest penetrations. Now she could give herself without any restraint and she let her moaning express freely her satisfaction.
    Twice again the monk came back with his little box; he flagellated the beautiful body and forced, with the same pitiless determination, the little hole before digging his hardened tool in her ass.
    Monique also answered Sylvie's ardent caresses by no less ardent suckings, but she also made use of a special dildo. Made out of a very soft and nice wood, it had the size and perfect shape of the ideal sex. Very often in her delirium the young woman tried to penetrate the young girl's sex with the wooden fake sex. But the girl had always managed to avoid losing her virginity under the efforts of the other woman. Monique knew that one day she would have to lose that last rampart between her and the complete satisfaction of her desires. But she wanted to be able to choose her initiator. However, sometimes she ardently desired to be raped by a real member, either consenting, or submitted by a savage flagellation. But she always resisted that wish.
    For Easter vacations she came back by her Aunt Sonia. She had met Max Darcourt again, and with a few words he let her know that he was acquainted with all the details of her amorous life at Merval's boarding school. Monique, the next day, went to his place and abandoned her body to his desires. She let him force her buttocks, tightened for a certain time. But he wanted better sensations, now that he knew what Monique appreciated. He persuaded her to accept a meeting at his place, with a group of safe and carefully chosen friends. They created a kind of club, limited to six members, all lovers of beauty, voluptuousness and flagellation. Monique was more their queen than their slave. They always kept a high sense of tact and dignity in their meetings. As they loved feminine disguise they asked in the beginning of their association that Monique come dressed as a peasant girl. And the same night, wrapped in a long black cape, Monique came to Max's villa. Six men were waiting for her in a cozy little room-there was only a dim light given by bulbs hidden in seashells on the ground. The whole room was furnished with low furniture, a little bit in the Japanese style. And everywhere, pillows, poufs, and other commodities were strewn. Monique moved amidst the group. They were all sitting on cushions, on the thick wool rug. She could feel the looks of the men trying to see under her too short peasant frock-she of course had no underclothes. Darcourt pointed her toward the refreshments posed on a nearby table, and told her to serve the drinks. She took the glasses one by one and according to Darcourt's instructions, she put them on the low table, turning her back to the guests sitting on the carpet. Thus she was displaying her naked bottom and her silk-covered thighs and legs. Her tightened legs did not allow more than the end of her cunt to show, and only a few silky fair hairs. Then she had to pose across each champagne glass a piece of dry biscuit and each time she bent she could feel on her flesh the warm breeze of the man's breath, panting with desire.
    She was ashamed, but also pervertedly excited to see those dimly lit faces looking avidly at her naked bottom, just lit by the light coming from the shells on the ground.
    When she finished serving them, she waited in silence. Darcourt brought her some kind of thick transparent glass chair. It was a V shaped glass panel, with the hands of the V separated horizontally. It was resting on three chrome feet and had the size and height of a normal chair. Between the feet was posed a very clear triangular mirror, inclined to 45°; in both front feet, were concealed two electric bulbs that were illuminating the superior part of the contraption and the two branches of the transparent V.
    Darcourt asked Monique to sit down. She obeyed, her bottom resting on the point of the V while her legs were spread on the two separate branches of the transparent V. Her frock, covering her thighs did not allow her to see under her legs, but she understood the exhibition that she was performing for those men who were bending toward her and staring at the ground.
    The light was directed on her buttocks, her offered sex, and everyone could see in the mirror, without leaving her any possibility of defense, all of her most intimate secrets. They could see between her legs the rosy sex nested in the middle of the thick, slightly open and perpetually damp lips.
    A very exciting apparition indeed. In the men's eyes it was easy to discover the reactions to that immodest performance.
    They had all turned their little lamps out, and the only light left was the source hidden in the chair's feet, and its reflection in the mirror. It was the triumph and exultation of her sex- it seemed to offer itself like a pink mouth, and call for a kiss. It was outrageously provocative. Monique felt a strange voluptuousness come in her; mixed shame, desire, restrained lust, impatience. Her temples were painful with the heavy beat of her blood. Her hands were nervously pressing her knees under the dress. She wanted to get up, but at the same time it was as if some invisible power was nailing her to her transparent chair.
    She realized that Darcourt was behind her. With an unusually harsh tone of voice he spoke:
    “Little Monique, I am sure that you must be thirsty too. Let me 'serve' you a drink like a good little girl.”
    She was listening, waiting. She felt him kneeling behind her; she saw his hand by her side, holding an ebony nozzle, middle-sized, surrounded by an ivory shaft. An unspeakable emotion came violently in her and she remembered all the poles and various stakes that had been forced into her painful but consenting flesh. She closed her eyes. She felt the nozzle when its extremity brushed past her cunt. The shiny, well-polished end lazily rubbed the little puckered mouth, as if it was trying by that contact the smooth, hard contour of her anus. Opening her eyes, Monique saw the men's eyes looking, staring at the mirror between her legs, and lost in the voluptuous contemplation of the slow penetration of the long nozzle in her body. Monique contracted herself-in vain… The stake was sliding without any difficulty into her and the flat little ivory circle soon touched the lips of her asshole.
    Darcourt dropped the nozzle, and the vision of that behind, with the tube and little rubber pipe coming out of it, was really a masterpiece of eroticism. Monique started to feel relieved, and she stopped contracting her muscles, but at the same time, the nozzle, pulled out by the pipe's weight, started sliding out of her ass.
    “But it is not big enough for that greedy mouth,” said Darcourt. “For a bigger mouth, it takes a bigger glass.”
    He pulled the nozzle completely out. Monique-not too anxious but really ashamed- sighed a little.
    “Hush, hush, little girl, this is a nice class. Are you really that impatient to drink? In that case, that is exactly what you need.”
    Monique saw him adjust a bigger nozzle with a thicker bubble. He showed it to her, and she blushed-it was about the size of a normal man's prick. She contemplated that shiny instrument, oiled with vaseline, and when she realized how big the end was, said: “No, no!”
    But Darcourt was already posing the little head on the side of her asshole, and pushing, he forced the sensitive mouth to absorb the nozzle with a soft and mushy sound. Monique hid her face between her hands so that she would not see the devilish look on the men's faces. One contortion of her belly made clear for her that the thing was coming in her softly, but irresistibly. She felt it slide, fill her ass and her belly, and then stop, when the last bump reached the lips of her asshole.
    Darcourt got up and came in front of her to watch the voluptuous scene in the mirror under her. It was a symphony of black, pink, red, and other fleshy tones. And also an erotic vision of a voluptuous enema…
    Darcourt put a crystal vase in Monique's hands. From its bottom ran a pipe that was adjusted to the nozzle, and it dug into Monique's ass.
    “My friends,” he said, “we are going to drink to the return among us of our favorite child. Therefore, we shall pour a little bit of liquid out of our glasses into hers. Cheers, little girl…” And Darcourt poured half of the content of his glass into the transparent vase.
    One by one they all did the same thing, and soon Monique felt the cold liquid come weakly in her burning belly.
    “And now, let us raise our glasses for a toast in her honor, and let delightful child drink with us.”
    Monique saw the men raising their glasses towards her, and she hesitated a little bit. Then, at her turn, she raised slowly the limpid vase, containing the sparkling and cold liquid. They emptied their glasses, but at the same time they were all looking attentively at the level of the liquid in the vases that Monique was holding in her hands. They were fascinated by the slow progression of the liquid into her burning inside, as if sucked by some mysterious force. They could all imagine the liquid flowing into her most intimate flesh, softly sparkling in her guts. Monique, her eyes closed, was enjoying that new pleasure and a fresh sensation was coming in her.
    Soon enough the vase was empty, but Darcourt lifted it up so that no drop would be lost then he removed the tube from the extremity of the nozzle. The nozzle alone was emerging from her insides like a thick licorice lollipop out of a pink and greedy mouth.
    They took all their time to admire that pornographic vision, and Monique felt a delightful warmth grow in her, but she was getting tipsy. She looked imploringly at Darcourt; he understood, and came to her, and slowly removed the nozzle, then he showed her to the bathroom where he left her alone.
    When she came back soon after, she found all the guests dressed only in black bathrobes under which it was apparent that they wore nothing. On the ground a large mirror was laying flat, surrounded by little lamps. Dar-court brought Monique there standing up, and while he was embracing her, they could all see behind them, her intimate parts reflected by the mirror.
    Darcourt was caressing her breast over the bodice, and little by little he removed the material and allowed the teats to point freely in the air. They were enormous, the nipples hardened by excitation. Soon her torso was naked, and she only had her hat left. They all admired that wonderful young bust and then gave it their best caresses. All that sucking and petting succeeded in exciting the young girl.
    Then they slowly removed her frock. It went sliding to the ground, and she was naked, a splendid symbol of youth and maturity at the same time, but also of lust and voluptuousness. She kept her legs tight so that her sex would not show in the mirror. She refused to take them apart, but Darcourt, opening his bathrobe appeared completely naked, his gigantic tool slowly balancing over the bouncy testicles. Getting closer to her, a whip in his hands, he placed himself sideways of an anxious Monique.
    “Open your thighs!”
    A short command that she had already heard so often, that order that always revolted her a little was also the command that excited her the most. It found no echo in the silent room.
    Monique was not moving; her hands crossed over her breasts, she was looking at the others who were contemplating the mirror, and the inverted reflection of her nakedness. She was a delightful pink and black statue, with the little black curls covering her mount of Venus.
    The whip swished through the air, and the supple lashes tightened their grip around the firm buttocks. The young girl's body shivered and she tightened her lips. Another blow hit her, harder this time, but her only reaction was a slow tensing of her opulent bottom under the contact of the leather. Then with a regular pace, Darcourt flagellated her bouncy flesh. The lashes were falling on the skin, encircling the globes with their burning hands, making the naked skin look pinker and redder at each blow. Darcourt was not hitting very hard, and Monique, used to Sylvie's passion, was bearing very easily that more humiliating than painful beating. She closed her eyes, and let herself get dizzy under the warmth that crept through her body.
    Pitiless, the whip was continuing its infernal movement against the soft flesh, but now Darcourt, getting nervous, hit harder, and the lashes began to hurt the already burning skin. Monique felt a burning on her bottom, and she started twisting and undulating her body, gyrating her body faster and faster.
    The men were not looking at the young girl, their eyes were not leaving the mirror. They could see the lower part of the buttocks, and of the heavy breasts, undulating and shivering at each blow from the whip against that juvenile body. They were expecting the movement that would oblige her to open her legs and display fully the flesh of her cunt to their impatient looks. They knew that cunt already, but this time it was a new pleasure for them because this time the young girl was refusing herself, and the idea that she would be forced to display completely and without any possibility of defense her most secret parts renewed completely the charm of the experience.
    Darcourt was hitting harder, and each blow was punctuated by a deeper moan. The body throbbed, twisted, shaken with spasms; sometimes the girl was bending, and then the men could see between the propped-up buttocks a little piece of her sex, the end of the slit, and a few fair hairs. But they wanted more, and Darcourt, with an increasing strength, was lashing and whipping the pulpy globes. The buttocks were now covered with purple welts. Monique was hiding her face between her folded arms, freeing her breasts that were slowly bouncing on her chest. But she moaned and cried when the lashes started hurting her deeply and reaching the side of her pubis.
    “Open,” Darcourt repeated. He lashed harder. “Open!” And the whip landed on the bent belly. OPEN, the word was sounding louder and louder in Monique's ears, while she was struggling against desire, excitation, and dizziness… Open… Open… Open…
    Then, in front of the guests, whose shining eyes were the witnesses of their desires, Monique, her arms wide open, moaning and panting under the more violent whipping, suddenly opened her legs, and in the compass of her black silk covered legs her cunt appeared.
    A pink slit, whose lips were overdeveloped by the other girls' suckings, by Sylvie's and by her own frequent masturbation, surrounding the love bud, of a whiter complexion hidden by the fair hair, and finally the pucked and narrow mouth, hurt by the rough contact of the whip's lashes, hidden between the round buttocks, swollen by the flagellation.
    “More… “
    And the whip danced again, and the legs opened wider. Darcourt stopped. In the silent but anticipatory atmosphere of the room, they were all contemplating the show and they were all shivering and trembling with emotion when they realized that it was a virgin who was displaying her virginity in the most lubric and obscene pose.
    They took all their time to fill their eyes with the lusty sight. Then they disrobed behind Monique; Darcourt forced her to remove her hands from her face and whispered to her:
    “Little darling, let me, rely on me…”
    He blindfolded her with a scarf. She could feel his nakedness glued to hers. She implored:
    “No, I am scared. What do you intend to do?”
    “Hush, little girl, keep the blindfold just for a little while, and once again, rely on me.”
    She uttered a faint cry, and then gave up and let them do whatever they wanted to do with her. She could not see the guests who, one by one, were kneeling in front of her and kissing her mass of fair pubic hair. She felt their warm breath and the passion of their kisses. She realized that she was turned over on a leather pouf, lying in Darcourt's arms, her legs folded. Hands were holding her ankles widely separated. She guessed easily the shameful picture that she was offering to the other's eyes. They freed her ankles and Dar-court whispered by her ear:
    “Feel, my little darling. Feel the sight that their eyes are eating up now. Feel their looks on your gaping cunt. You cannot see anything, you do not know who is kneeling in front of your belly. Ah! All those eyes lost in the contemplation of your open mouths. Can you imagine all that?”
    And Monique, intoxicated with lust, did not close her legs, did not even want to conceal her cunt. She let the looks of the men pollute her virginity, while kneeling in front of her open legs. They had wanted that rare show so much. What man, outside of a doctor, can pretend to have seen that close, a virginity offered with such a complete lack of modesty? And she let the looks penetrate her, finding in that mental rape an intense satisfaction.
    “Now,” whispered Darcourt, “for each of us a very long kiss…”
    Already a mouth was glued to her sex, aspiring the hardened clitoris, sucking it greedily. Oh! Sweetness of the warm breath on the sensitive flesh. Monique was struggling against a wild desire to enclose the man's face between her thighs.
    But Darcourt was the master, and the man, regretfully, moved away and gave his place to the next one. The other man's tongue insinuated between the lips, caressed the curled flesh around the virginal entrance. The young girl was shivering. And one by one, the six of them, Darcourt being the last, gave her sex the deepest caresses. When she felt between her thighs the naked torso of Darcourt, she could not resist any longer and closed her legs on his cheeks, while she pressed his head with her hands, deeper and deeper on her sex.
    He aspired the hardened love button between his tightened lips while he was titillating the extremity with the tip of his tongue. Monique's body twisted under the spasms of a pleasure withheld for too long a period. Her nervous fingers were dug in the man's hair. He pushed the hands away and two of the guests took them in their hands. Kneeling by her side, they were sucking at her heaving breasts under the triple action of their tongues, and Monique could not hold a cry of joy. She gave herself completely to the voluptuousness that engulfed her, and came, felt under her fingers the rod that she had already chosen long ago: beautiful smooth cylinder, with nice veins, with its head like a nice mushroom, and hardly smaller than the biggest pricks, and a little bit more compressible. The pole, however, was remarkable by its size, and it was quite difficult to imagine its slow penetration in the narrow and puckered mouth.
    She only kept that prick in her hand.
    The others were jealously looking at the winner; already Darcourt, coming by her side, wanted to take her blindfold away.
    “No… no, leave it. I am too ashamed. I do not want to see you.”
    He backed away and pulled the young girl with him to the sofa. He had her open her legs widely and bend forward, leaning on her hands, then he placed the mirror between her feet. The little lamps were lighting under the belly and between the legs, and they could all appreciate the beauty of her cunt and her ass. But the looks were concentrated on the little red mouth, half hidden between the two heavy globes that still wore the marks of the former whipping.
    Under her reclining chest, the two breasts were hanging smoothly, revealing the fullness of their curves.
    Then the man approached, his prick in full erection, shining with vaseline; Monique moaned when she felt the head of the phallus touch her asshole. She contracted and held to the sides of the sofa, waiting for the terrible blow. The man was sweet; he took her buttocks firmly in hand, and thrust the phallus into the narrow passage. Monique uttered a long moan, while her buttocks undulated with the pole impaled between them. But the man did not weaken his efforts, and trembling with desire, he fucked her vigorously. A hoarse cry — and the whole shaft penetrated in her guts; he got closer to the buttocks, and in a last vigorous thrust he dug his prick in her asshole up to the hilt. It disappeared in the greedy mouth and was swallowed with a wet sound.
    Monique felt the belly glued to her flesh, and her heart beating fast; she waited for the pain in her ass to disappear. The man rested a little because the effort had been exhausting for him too. He could feel the pulse on her compressed veins, and she could feel the weak trembling of the erected tool in her entrails.
    The others, bending over the mirror between her legs, were contemplating the copulation. They saw the fleshy cylinder forcing the narrow gate of that adorable body. The testicles were hanging, hardened by the approach of pleasure, glued to the sex. The man moved a bit to allow himself to see the member sucked by the little distended mouth, and slowly, he started sodomizing the young girl.
    He started very slowly, enjoying the smallest contraction of the flesh against his prick, and then he accelerated his pace, and soon his belly was flapping against her. She had a last convulsion of the belly. Then the body arched, the teased body stopped breathing, silence fell, heavy with lust. Then came the cry. One unique cry, inhumane moaning, outburst of pleasure. Her hands were scratching the men's necks, while they were ardently sucking at her magnificent breasts. Then her twisted mouth closed-and convulsively opened again, to let out another cry, nearly a sob… and after that last effort the body crumpled down on the sofa, suddenly inert. She pushed with her hands the heads still glued at her teats, while her legs suddenly opened and fell heavily along Dar-court's powerful torso.
    Admiringly shaking their heads, the men let the young girl recover her senses, and when she got up again, still blindfolded, Darcourt drew her close to him and she realized that once again she was standing over the mirror. Her slightly separated legs allowed a complete vision of her damp cunt, dripping with her come juices and the men's saliva.
    Then Darcourt spoke:
    “Dear little girl, in order to celebrate your return among us, and your admission into our little club, you will select yourself the nice lollipop that you want to put in your mouth, and that will later fill your greedy belly. We are going to stand in a circle around you, and, without pulling your blindfold away, you will have to select the one that you like the most. He will be the only one to penetrate you today, unless our little girl is really greedy. Now let's let the game begin, and the best of luck for that new kind of a blind date.”
    He moved away and joined the rest of the men in the circle around Monique. She moved toward them, still blindfolded, her arms ahead of her, like two round antennas. She met a naked torso, her hands moved down, and met the hips, the belly and finally the erected prick. Sweet caress for the man, whose hardened virility palpitated at the voluptuous contact. She estimated the weight and capacity of the full testicles, caressed the hard and curly hair, and moved to another belly, immediately caressing the phallus. One by one she felt between her fingers the hardened members, all full of desire, some big, some slim, some soft and some rough, some flat and some full of bumps.
    She was not saying anything, and they were all expecting her decision. They all wished to be the winner. She did one complete turn, then another one. An idea was forming in her mind. She was still obsessed by the memories of the rapes at Merval's boarding school. She wanted to be possessed, that very night, but only by the biggest prick. A pitiless desire was haunting her. In her hands she took two rods, and evaluated their sizes; her hand pushed one of the men away-the other one thought he had won. In vain did Daniel stand in front of her, his belly propped ahead of him with the voluminous prick, a small head indeed, but with a soft protuberance in its middle. Darcourt who was next, was not more successful…
    Monique was softly moaning now with pleasure, under her, her breasts were hanging like oval balls, swinging with more or less violence according to the violence of the male's assault. They were all following on the mirror the evolution of the newest fornication. The movements of the member going in and out of the narrow sheath, like a piston, with a lubricated noise, was very exciting, as was its repeated disappearance into the depths of her belly.
    Soon she moaned on a different tone of voice; so did the man. He was breathing hard, and each thrust was punctuated by hoarse gasping. Her buttocks were offered to the perforating tool, as Monique gave herself passionately. And pleasure was coming in her, flooding her whole body and soul. Her twisted mouth soon uttered the impatiently awaited sighs, the body shivered, quivered, the muscles of the legs tensed, and the buttocks seemed to open like a flower. The man, now brutally digging into her, was plunging his tool in her and glued his belly to the burning rotundities.
    Soon it was his turn to sigh, and while the girl, convulsively twisting her bottom, exhaled her joy in a last cry, he spat his burning sperm into her ass, and glued to her, silent, motionless, tried to recover his balance.
    He moved away from Monique's exhausted body, and she fell on the couch she could not care less about the humiliating posture she was in. In silence, they were all caressing her, and kissing her flesh, sucking at the burning buttocks. She only reacted when she felt an erected and burning phallus, pointing at her asshole. She wanted to resist and move away, but already Darcourt was taming her, like a wild mare, bending her forward, offering her bottom to the newcomer's prick.
    “No no, not that. I do not want it. No! No! NO MORE.”
    “Hush,” repeated Darcourt, “hush little girl, please realize that you are here only for a few and that you must receive the attentions from all the members of the Club.”
    “Ooooh…” sighed the young girl, still struggling, trying by the movement of her ass to avoid the penetration of the prick. But she soon got tired, and also, once again a dim kind of desire came in her. Another weak protestation, and the man's belly was glued to her ass. His tool deeply impaled into her burning guts.
    Once again, Sodom was the king. Once again she gave herself passionately, and once again in her burning belly, spurted the burning but appeasing gushes of hot sperm.
    Darcourt saw that this time she was really dead. He gave his friends a sign, and they all started dressing. While he was caressing her, still blindfolded, in front of the mirror, or rather, on top of the mirror, she felt once again the cold contact of a nozzle in her burning and slimy anus.
    “Drink, little girl, drink… That should ease your pains and relax you…”
    And once again she felt the sparkling beverage spurt and babble in her, but it was soothing the fire that was burning in her.
    Her belly inflated by the liquid, she left those men, still excited by that sight, and got dressed again. Led by Darcourt, she took the blindfold off her eyes only in the bathroom…
    During the same week of her vacation, Monique went to three club meetings, receiving at each meeting, in her belly, the “attentions” of two “members”. Then once alone with Darcourt she gave herself to him. At the end of her vacation they all had the pleasure of coming in her. On the last evening she reserved herself for Darcourt, and they passed together some unforgettable hours of intense voluptuousness.
    She came out of that evening with her whole flesh hurt by his flagellation. He had flagellated her breasts, her buttocks, and her cunt, and three times he had penetrated her anus.
    She came back to the boarding school with a few little gifts and also some silky lingerie. She met again with the impatient Sylvie, and the evenings went by, with the usual share of greedy suckings by the juvenile mouths, and the caressing or painful evenings spent with Sylvie.
    And Monique could not help thinking that during the eighty days that came before the vacations, she had received the more or less ardent attentions of erected pricks that had forced sixty-five times their way through the little puckered mouth hidden in the voluptuous slit.
    Monique got up. She removed her sticky fingers from her sex, glued by the juices that resulted from her ardent masturbation. She took a lukewarm shower, and it appeased her hungry body. She looked at the time and decided that it was time for her to get dressed. She put on her a black silk slip, with lace embroideries, a little pleated skirt that came to her knees, a very tightened bodice that underlined the contours of her breasts, and she went to the living room.
    Her young cousin Jacques soon met her there, and she had to defend herself against the energy of his precocious mind. Soon enough Sonia also arrived, and the guests followed. They were a middle aged couple, and out of fun, Monique tried to excite the man's desire and showed him large parts of her thighs by crossing her legs higher than necessary. She took a vicious pleasure in seeing him blush. She did not take much interest in the conversation, and was quite relieved when they finally decided to leave.
    The evening finally came, and as Sonia was going out on her own, it was very easy for Monique to change, leave unnoticed and run to Darcourt's villa. She was dressed in the black velvet uniform of Mrs. Merval's boarding school. All wrapped in her black cape, she arrived without incident at her friend's house. She had carefully covered her face with a little black mask. She did not regret it, because as soon as she entered the room she could see that at least a dozen people were there. On the ground, the mirror was surrounded by a few electric bulbs, and that was the only light of the room.
    Darcourt welcomed her in a whisper, and she guessed the man's passion for her. He brought her into the center of the circle of men, and she found herself placed on the mirror. Under her, everybody could see the reflection of her pulpy buttocks, and the whiteness of her thighs above the black silk-covered legs. The fair, felt-like pubis offered its voluptuous triangle beneath the flat stomach. Again, Monique was the prey of her desires like during the last Easter vacations. She closed her eyes while listening to Darcourt's voice whispering ardent and passionate words in her ear.
    And they could all see, their eyes nearly popping out of their sockets, the beautiful compass of her legs slowly open and reveal completely the pink cunt with its slightly parted lips. Monique was listening to the men's excitement, heavy with desire. She could see through the openings in her mask the necks of all the men, bent over the mirror, encircling her displayed body. She let them contemplate her intimacy for a long while in its reflection, and then she closed her legs tightly. The heads raised up again…
    And the rite of the champagne toast went along as usual. She offered to the men sitting on the cushions the usual biscuits on the glass, with the usual glance on her bottom. She sat on the transparent chair, and her belly drank the sparkling beverage. The liquid came in her. They were twelve, and more liquid was poured in the crystal vase. Her belly had to endure a bigger libation.
    She found familiar emotions when she was again naked amongst them. When they were all naked together, her body twisted once more under the delicious torture of the cat o'nine tails. But this time she refused to be blindfolded to endure the penetration of Sodom. She wanted to see the phallus that would penetrate her for the first time that night. She asked to be sodomized only one time, and it took a severe correction to persuade her to accept the “attentions” of two members.
    They imposed the bigger on her, and she was ready for the male's penetration. Then under the caresses of their tongues on the lips and love bud of her sex, looking through the tiny opening as if they could feel her virginity, she was satisfied, lying on her back, her legs thrust wide open…
    Her legs still apart, she offered herself according to the ancient European tradition, to the man who pushed, slowly but with all his strength, his virility into her belly. Sodom was king again, and its pleasure left her panting on the sofa. But soon another prick came in her, and the man's subtle movements awakened in her unsuspected passions. After the last voluptuous enema, Monique found herself on the way back home, with large swellings under her eyes, completely dizzy.
    She knew that one day out of two she would be taken and used in this way, and that it would satisfy her quest for pleasure, but, in herself she also knew that she wanted something completely different. She decided to try by all means to find what it was and she trusted her female instinct for the choice of the ways to that new pleasure. And the next day she offered her completely naked body to her little cousin Jacques.
    How sweet were the caresses that he willingly gave her. It reminded her Merval's school and her greedy and lusty pupils. What a joy it was to contemplate the child's adoration for her well-shaped thighs and what an exciting impression to close her legs on his cool and soft cheeks, while his mouth was sucking her cunt with voracity and his hands pressed her buttocks, still slightly painful from the last spanking.
    She took a great pleasure in assuming the most, and four times she came under the already expert action of his lips and tongue.
    When she went to the beach she was fully satisfied and had no more desires for voluptuousness. At least so she thought-but it did not take along to prove the contrary.


    Monique left Jacques playing alone on the beach and on her way back home she met a little girl, thirteen years old, named Janine B., who resided for her vacation with her uncle, an old bachelor, in a nearby villa. She was far advanced and well-formed for her age; the clothes, light cotton cardigan, and very short shorts, underlined the pretty curves of her nimble body. The face was of no particular beauty, but was reflecting a lot of tenderness mixed with a certain naivete. She seemed shy; Monique said hello to her, and they started wandering together in the woods.
    Shortly after that meeting, they were sitting hidden by a thick bush, and were chattering away when the little girl, whose eyes seemed fascinated by Monique's bosom, complimented her on the beauty of her breasts. She was amazed at the perfection of the two conic fruits, like Chinese hats, pointing under the cardigan. One word bringing another, and one compliment its like, the soon were both bare-breasted, and Monique lay on her back, letting the young girl avidly kiss her teats.
    When she thought that the kid had had enough kisses for the moment, she pushed her away from her breasts and caresses the child's small but already provocative bosom. The child, lost in her amorous dream, soon gave her hesitations away and started unveiling her queer life.
    She had been placed in a boarding school because she was bothering her mother. Her uncle was taking care of her for her vacations. He was a man in his fifties, quite demanding, but he seemed to like Janine. The only thing he did very often was to chastise her physically, especially on the buttocks, in order to change her soon into a perfect woman. Janine could do about anything she wanted but any single action that displeased her uncle was immediately punished by a spanking on her naked bottom. The same treatment was given to the maid that was serving them.
    Monique immediately was excited and wanted to know more about that strange family. She guessed that some unbelievable lust was reigning at Uncle Barral's house, and she kept interrogating the child as tactfully as she could.


    Barral employed a young maid, Solange, about eighteen years old, who came from some charity orphanage. Janine and Solange got along quite well, probably because of their young age. Besides that, they were both living under the same conditions at Barral's house.
    “Has your uncle been correcting his chambermaid for a long time?”
    “O, I think he started the day she entered his service.”
    “She has been with him since?”
    “Since Nadine left, around Easter.”
    “And, Nadine? Was she also…”
    “Oh yes, but she left because of that, and at that time my uncle was really quite close to getting in serious troubles.”
    “Well. But first you have to promise that you will never tell anybody, especially not my uncle, that I have told you all this.”
    “Me?” Monique protested indignation. “Me? When I let you touch and caress my breasts that very few people even contemplate?”
    “I am sorry darling, I trust you,” and still sucking avidly at Monique's breasts, she went on with her strange story.
    “At the last Easter vacations, my uncle Laurent had a very young maid, aged sixteen, very pretty, not too tall, but with very big teats. The day after my arrival, she messed the table by overturning the coffee pot. In front of me, Uncle lifted her dress up; she was not wearing any pants. He bent her over and spanked the hell out of her. I got scared because she was crying. I could only see her face and the lowest part of her back, but when he was through with her he turned her over and showed me her red buttocks, saying: 'Look carefully Janine, because that is the way I punish women when they do something stupid, and that will be the same for you, everytime I decide that you deserve it.' Then he sent Nadine back to the kitchen. I was quite troubled and during the same afternoon I went to the kitchen to see Nadine. She was singing. I asked her if she was all right, and if it hurt. She answered: 'Right on the spot it sure hurts, but it also depends on how hard he spanks me. But it really does not last too long…'
    “'And now it is gone?'
    “'Let me see…'
    “She hesitated a little and then replied:
    “'Why don't you see for yourself.'
    “I lifted her frock, and looked at her buttocks, wide and round, then kissed the two globes; she turned around and looked at me a good long time. Then she bent down and kissed me on the lips. Ever since, we have been great friends. She also told me that when Uncle would spank me I should holler, then he would not hurt me.
    “At the table that night, when she was passing some asparagus, she inadvertently slid a finger in the sauce. My uncle got mad and asked her:
    “'You want to taste the sauce before I do or what? OK, but then five minutes of Finger-in-the-mouth.'
    “I saw Nadine blush. She looked at my uncle, and then in my direction. He said: 'It has no importance, anyway. She will have to get used to it too. Come here,' and the little maid came closer to my uncle. She closed her eyes. 'Open your legs.' Nadine was facing me across the table and I could not see much under the belt, but behind them was a mirror and that effected their backs in my direction.
    “My uncle dug his finger in the oil pot, and I saw him slide his hand under the girl's dress, under her buttocks whose flesh I was clearly seeing in the mirror. She tightened her jaws, without a word, then sighed, and leaning against the table she twisted her belly, holding to the sides of the dinner table. Uncle lifted the dress all the way up, and then I saw all the flesh, and the bottom, and Uncle's hand dug in the slit between the buttocks. He moved it slowly, and I saw that he was pushing his finger in and out of Nadine's bottom.
    “She was not saying anything now. I could hear the noise of the sliding finger; it was a soggy noise, slush, slush. Uncle looked at his hand from time to time.
    “Uncle stopped and gave the maid's bottom a couple of slaps; she blushed once again and ran back to the kitchen, red with shame.
    “After the meal, as my uncle was out, I went up in her room on the second floor because I could not sleep. She had just finished her night toilet and was completely naked. I admired her heavy and slightly hanging breasts. She let me kiss them… and the teenager blushed. I kissed her on the belly, in the hair-as I used to do with my schoolmistress.”
    Monique shivered at that reminder of the Merval boarding school. She took the girl in her arms, and let her suck her breasts greedily.
    “And after?”
    “After that, the next day, I received my first spanking…”-
    “I do not even remember. He lifted my dress, took off my panties, and he spanked me not too hard. It felt funny and warm on my buttocks, and on my belly. Then he kissed my fanny and sent me free. He was all red. 'I will not tell your mother about it, that is none of her business, do you hear me? That is our deal…'
    “I ran to my room. Since then, he often spanked me but it is funny, it does not really hurt. It gives a funny sensation there, in my belly. It is quite good, and you?”
    Monique looked at her, surprised, then answered, her eyes half closed:
    “Yes quite often, I was not always good…”
    “And you will tell me about it?”
    “Yes, if you will tell me about your adventures. But go on…”
    “One night when I could not sleep, I went up to see Nadine in her room, but through the material of her curtains I could see that she was not alone. Uncle was there. I could hear slappings and also heard Nadine's cries. I could not see anything because the bed was in a corner.
    “'No, no more. I do not want it. Please, it hurts too much, no… stop…'
    “'Then open your fat ass…'
    “'No… no…'
    “Then, tough…'
    “'And the correction started again. I did not know what to do. I wanted to see so badly, but it was impossible, and all of a sudden, I saw… Nadine was trying to hide in a corner of the room-she was completely naked and her buttocks were red. Then I also saw uncle. He was naked too and something big like a stick was pointing out of the hair on his belly.
    “He came by Nadine, spanked her again, and pulled her to the bed. Some more slaps and sobs, and then I heard: “Now, may I stop? Will you or will you not take that enema like a good girl? Saint Laurence is expecting…'
    “In a sob, Nadine said: 'Yes… yes… but go slowly, I am so afraid…'
    “'Shut up! Open your buttocks better than that. Now kneel down…'
    “Then the silence again, than Nadine's voice:
    “'No… Oh, NO… Ooooh… it is too big, too BUG. No, I cannot take it, it is too big. I…' and then silence again with just a long moaning.
    “I waited, and soon I heard the bed squeaking rhythmically. And then sighs, sometimes mixed with sobs.
    “'Oh, not that deep, it hurts. OOOH…'
    Then silence again.
    “I could hear Uncle's gasping breath, and his voice:
    “"Now, feel how good, how deep, how well it fucks you. How well you swallow it. Now, now, do you feel it? Does that please you? Feel how well it slides in, bites me with your ass. And your buttocks… do you feel my belly against your ass?'
    “Nadine was sighing and not answering. The bed was squeaking faster.
    “'I am coming… it is good! Feel it, feel it little Nadine, be happy, and thank Saint Laurence. There, there, that's the girl, Aaah, in you. Feel how I am coming in your belly…'
    “Then I heard Nadine sigh the same way as she'd done when I sucked her between her thighs, and after, the silence. The smack of some kisses and a couple of light slaps, and again I saw my uncle coming back to the toilet table with his thing wet and softer than before, not as hard, and hanging a little…
    “The next day, Nadine explained to me that she had received Saint Laurence's enema. I asked her if it had hurt, but she avoided answering directly. Then she said 'It does hurt the first time, but after…' and she left me suddenly.
    “Before the end of the vacation I was the blind witness to that same performance. Uncle was also spanking me quite often, and a couple of time he dug his finger-but not too deeply- in my asshole. He said: 'You will soon be a little woman, and some day I will have to introduce you to Saint Laurence and Saint Jeronimo.'
    “I waited, but nothing happened… at least nothing noticeable before the last day of my vacation. By then he had dug his finger completely in my ass. It is funny that I did not find it unpleasant.”
    Janine was insidiously caressing Monique's thighs. She let her do it, loving the soft contact of the fingers on her flesh, under the shorts. Soon the hand was on her pubis, on the light hair, and fumbling between the pulpy lips.
    “And what about Nadine?” asked Monique, with a voice that desire made hoarse.
    “Three days before I left, a terrible scene occurred. That night, a white monk had been invited for dinner. They all had had plenty to eat, and their faces were all red. I had witnessed in the mirror Nadine being spanked. But they sent me to bed very early. I could not sleep, especially when hearing Nadine's cries. I got up and-barefoot-I tiptoed to the living room door. There was a curtain between the corridor and the living room; I lifted up a corner, and then…”
    “And then what?” asked Monique, ready to come under the brushing of the little finger against her live bud between her cunt's lips.
    “Nadine was completely naked, straddling on a narrow bench. My uncle, naked too, had Nadine lying on his belly, her head quite close to the funny tool that pointed out of the hair of his belly. She was crying and twisting under the spanking that the monk was giving her. His frock was open and I could see another tube of flesh, bigger than my Uncle's, and with a very red head.
    “'Enough… stop, enough! I will do anything you want. Ooooh… oooh… enough…'”
    “The monk stopped his action. Her buttocks were crimson red.
    “'Suck Saint Laurence,' ordered my uncle. She hesitated. My uncle started slapping her again. 'Enough… enough. I accept. There, there, enough.' Her last cry was lost in a hiccup, and she had Uncle's flesh tube in her mouth.
    “The monk stopped beating her. He caressed her back, opened her buttocks, put his flesh pipe close to Nadine's, and pushed. Nadine hollered. She let Uncle's tool slip out of her mouth and remained motionless, gaping, her eyes widened with pain. And I saw that the monk's belly was glued to Nadine's buttocks. My uncle put his hands on Nadine's head, and forced her to suck his tool again.”
    “And after?” asked Monique, who had begun coming under Janine's caress. “After?”
    “After a little while, Uncle moved away from her. And then he let the monk go in and out of Nadine's buttocks, till he uttered a short cry. He removed his softened thing from the maid's behind and came in front of her, like Uncle was; Uncle went behind her, where the monk was, and he placed his pipe where the monk had just been-a little bit lower on the slit. He gave the monk a signal, and he held Nadine very tightly by the waist. He was looking between her thighs at Uncle's thing posed between her buttocks, and then Uncle said:
    “'Now little Nadine, I marry you to Saint Laurence. There!'
    “Nadine hollered. Uncle's belly was glued to her buttocks. I saw her fanny move as if she was trying to go away, and I saw Uncle withdraw his tube, all red, from Nadine's belly. He showed it to the monk, saying: 'Raped. She is no more a virgin. Lost. And now the pleasure is all ours. Raped!'
    “And once again he drew his tool on her belly, hollering like a madman: 'Now darling, now, let be break all of your virginity. Let me open the way for all the pricks that are going to come in you. There, there… feel how deeply in you I am going.'
    “And he was moving his belly, and I could see his fleshy pole agitate and dive in her rubbing around the edges, and then go deep in her again. She was hollering all the time. It lasted till he told her:
    “'Ah. Oh! I am coming… I am coming in you… in your virgin's cunt. Aaah… fuck!'
    “After a while he withdrew his prick, and then the monk approached. Nadine was still lying motionless, her buttocks propped up. The monk pointed his tool and did just as Uncle had done. He dug his thing in Nadine's slit, still bleeding. He agitated it for a long time. My uncle was holding the hollering girl. 'Beasts, you have raped me, you have taken my virginity… you raped me… aaaah…'
    “Then the monk became motionless and removed his pipe, all covered with blood. I had to hide behind the curtains because they were all coming in the bathroom, bringing the girl with them. I went back to my room, but I could not sleep for a very long time. And for a very long time I could hear little Nadine cry.
    “The next day, there was a long talk with Uncle. She threatened to reveal everything. He was scared. I heard him offer her money, and the possibility of working in another house. She only accepted the day after, then he left her alone, and I received my spanking just any time, for no reason at all.
    “I could caress Nadine twice before she left. She showed me her hole in her slit and said that it was still hurting her. She left the same day as I did.”
    But Monique was not listening any more, and was coming furiously under Janine's finger caress. She was holding the little girl close to her beautiful breasts.
    A little later, she pushed Janine away, and told her:
    “Tomorrow we will see each other again; you will tell me the rest of your memories and I will be yours just as you want me to be.”
    And she pushed Janine away, while the young girl was already placing her head between the two wonderful thighs, and her hands were trying to undo the white leather belt.
    After a couple of long, loving kisses on the breasts, they separated and Monique swore to herself that the next afternoon would be a delightful one.
    But what a night she had, haunted with rapes and other voluptuous dreams.


    The next day, at about the same time, Monique found Janine expecting her anxiously at the same spot in the woods. It did not take long for the young kid to find the way to open the blouse and caress the two wonderful teats, and slide her hand under the dress. Monique voluntarily had omitted to put on any panties that day.
    Monique let her little friend suck at her statuesque bosom as long as she wanted while her finger was caressing the already dampened love button. But she pushed away the tanned little head that was already going down to her belly. She promised anything under the condition that Janine would keep on telling her memories. The child easily accepted Monique's questioning.
    Janine had arrived at her Uncle's house three weeks before. She found a new maid, named Solange, a stout country girl and an orphan, who had been educated at a convent of Spanish sisters where, as it seemed, Barral was allowed, after payment of an important amount of money, to choose a maid.
    Solange was tall, her auburn hair surrounding a very sweet face with big, always surprised, innocent eyes. She had a very heavy pair of breasts, slightly sagging. “Not as pretty or as strong as yours,” said the kid to Monique. And most of all, big buttocks that undulated when she was walking. She was wearing a dark blue skirt and a white blouse. It did not take the child a very long time to realize that she was completely naked under those clothes. She was not speaking much and even less about herself.
    She was obeying Uncle quite well. On the first night, for a slight mistake at the dinner table, Janine saw her uncle point his thumb to Solange; she blushed and came closer to him. And without taking further notice of her presence, he slid his finger under her frock. Janine easily guessed at the girl's sighs and at her gaping mouth that he was introducing his fingers in her asshole. When she went to bed, Janine tried to question Solange, but in vain- the girl did not even answer her questions.
    But the next day, after receiving a very strong spanking in front of Solange, she witnessed a more formidable correction on the maid. She could see the heavy buttocks undulate under the hard strokes of Uncle's hand, then under the cat o'nine tails. She was surprised to see how well Solange was resisting that energetic correction that was leaving large red marks on her buttocks. Uncle was hitting across the big shivering cheeks, and the globes were encircled by the supple lashes. But little by little Solange got hurt, and she began to twist and ask-beg for mercy.
    Uncle regretfully stopped hurting the girl, and Janine thought that it could have been because of her presence.
    Once alone with Solange, she had consoled her, and the young maid had weakened in front of the child's kindness. She induced her into her confidence by telling her about what she saw between Nadine and her Uncle, though she did not insist too much about the rape. During the same afternoon, in the little cabin that the two girls were sharing as they put on their bathing costumes, Janine kissed the girl's breasts, and caressed her buttocks while her hand brushed lightly over the girl's sex. But that was all.
    On the same night, Uncle went out. Janine went, by surprise, into the maid's room, and, lying by her side, completely naked, while finding less and less defense to her caresses, she learned a few details about Solange's life.
    She was used to being whipped at the convent and found Barral's authority quite natural and also the fact that he had used it with her. But she was reticent about what had happened to her while living at the convent. She listened to what Janine told her about the boarding school, and said that she had to undergo the same caresses and the same embraces as Janine had to. That night, Janine succeeded in placing her head between the girl's legs and gave her sex a caress that Solange seemed to appreciate particularly. That was to be the first step in their friendly relationship. Janine had been able to see that Solange's slit was broad and seemed well opened, and that let her think that her uncle's tube had already penetrated that mouth.
    Once again Monique had to let the child's avid mouth suck at her breast. She took advantage of that interlude to give the child a lecture in male anatomy and little by little the child's head went down on her belly, and then… Monique exhaled her voluptuous pleasure in a number of sighs that went away in the breeze, among the pine trees. She took the child in her arms again, and resumed her questioning.
    Janine had witnessed every day harder and more severe corrections on Solange's behind, and the more the girl was resisting, she said, the more Janine wanted to receive a spanking herself. She was not scared any more when her Uncle lifted her dress to spank her. Sometimes her uncle forced Solange to remain in humiliating poses, her legs taken apart, bending forwards, displaying her heavy buttocks and the two mouths in her slit, or laying on the sofa, on her back, with her legs wide open and folded on her belly. Sometimes he had her serve the dinner bare-breasted, and Janine loved it because she found the maid's teats attractive. But Janine was also receiving more and more severe punishments from her uncle and the sound of slaps on her bare flesh was to be heard quite often in the house. Uncle had never used the cat o'nine tails with her, and Janine was proud to say that she was more and more resistant and kept her legs closed tight together for a longer period every day under the torture.
    Monique smiled at such innocence, and at what it made her remember.
    Sometimes, Uncle would go into Solange's room, and then Janine could hear the cries of the girl, the noise of the blows, and then the voluptuous sighs after the cries of pain. It did not take long for Janine to realize that Solange was really her uncle's slave, and that she loved to be corrected and chastised. That cooled the atmosphere between the two girls. Jealousy? Who can say what happens in a young girl's mind?
    The child violently blushed and stopped talking. Monique let her think for awhile and then put on her dress again, and started buttoning her blouse. The child stopped her:
    “No, no… not yet. I beg your pardon, I will tell you everything.”
    Monique then caressed the child and let her replace her hands in her blouse and under her dress.
    “Well, the other day, he spanked me very hard, and obliged me to get completely naked, I was crying a lot, but the more I cried, the more he spanked me. He even took his whip, and he was menacing me. Then I had to…”
    “You had to do what?”
    “I had to do as a crab…”
    “As a crab?”
    “Yes, on all fours. He looked at me and touched my slit.”
    “Ah! And after?”
    “He sat on the edge of the sofa and got all naked, then he ordered me to caress this… thing…”
    “His rod?”
    “That is how you name it…”
    “With your hands?”
    “At first… (then the girl blushed) then I had to… kiss it.”
    “Is that all? He did not ask you to taste it?”
    “Yes… yes, like a lollipop, he used to say.”
    “And you sucked it for a long time?”
    “Oh yes, it was big, hard. He was holding my head, or pinching my nipples when I wanted to stop, and, all of a sudden he said: There. Swallow, Janine darling, swallow all that…' and I felt in my throat something slimy, sour, warm. I was nauseous and I wanted to go away from him, but he held my head. I had his tool in my throat, and I had to swallow everything. I did it, and then he let me go and said, 'Now you are really a young girl little Janine, tomorrow I will give you an enema with that special nozzle and you will see how good it is.'”
    Monique let the child suck at her hardened breasts for a good while, then said:
    “And the next day?”
    “Well it all started again. He spanked me all naked, and I had to do the crab, then he ordered me to kneel by the side of the bed, my thighs opened… and he placed his… rod on my behind.”
    “On the hole?”
    “Yes, and then on the slit. It was good- he caressed me with it. It was feeling good just as it does when I caress myself with my finger… even better; it was softer, and my head was feeling all warm…”
    “And then?”
    “Then he ordered me to take a horizontal position, leaning on my hands… Then he put something greasy in my behind, it felt funny. He moved his finger completely in my belly. Then he took hold of my bottom, posed his big tool on my puckered mouth, and told me to do as if I wanted to do something, and little by little I felt that he was putting his tool in my belly. It hurt terribly, it hurt so much that at first I could not even cry I wanted to move away from him, but he was holding me firmly. And it was still going in me, it was big, and long… and long… then I felt his belly against my buttocks, and he stopped. As I was crying he caressed me.”
    “Was it hurting you?”
    “Not when he stopped. I just felt that my hole was widened. It hurt a little, but most of all, I was scared.”
    “And after?”
    “He waited a moment, and remained motionless, while caressing my breasts and under my belly, my slit with his fingers; then little by little, he moved his thing in my belly slowly at first then faster and faster. I was hurt at first but then as he caressed me at the same time, I felt better. I was not contracted anymore and I was less scared. Then it stopped hurting, and he moved in me as I had seen him do in Nadine's belly. I heard him sighing, gasping on my back, and suddenly, deeply in me, he stopped…”
    “After he stopped, he put me on my back and caressed my slit and sucked at my little button till I had pleasure. When it was all over, he sent me away and told me to grow fast so that he could take my virginity and make me become a real woman.”
    “And since?”
    “And since yesterday, nothing happened with me. I hear Solange crying this morning in her room and Uncle came down with his cat o'nine tails, but Solange refused to tell me anything. Tonight as we are expecting guests, I was told to go to bed early. This afternoon Uncle is working in the attic; I do not know at what, he has ropes with him.”
    “Try to know,” said Monique, guessing that soon something new would happen.
    “I will try. But I am scared of mice!”
    Monique burst out laughing and soon fell in voluptuousness under young Janine's tongue. The child's head was deeply dug between the two magnificent tanned and widely open thighs. Soon after that, they left the place, and separated, deciding to meet the next day.


    Monique, with one sudden move of her rear, separated from the man, feeling the wet and slippery rod slide out of her guts. She had been taken four times, and was mad because not only had she received no pleasure from that embrace, but she was hurt, as he had been brutal. She silently dressed and went out, draped in her black cape, in front of an annoyed Max.
    The fresh air calmed and eased her mood. She was angry at Max for not being able to moderate his appetite and his guests' appetites. And besides that she felt no pleasure at the same old mirror game that was only a forward to the complete sodomization of her being.
    She went back to Sonia and slept miserably. The day went slowly. She did not go swimming, and refused to let little Jacques caress her belly. She met Janine at the same place in the woods and a long embrace had them rolling under the pine trees in the dunes. Monique gave herself completely under the child's caress. When the haze of pleasure that dimmed her vision and blurred the trees and the landscape around her had faded, she stretched and, while she was caressing her breasts, asked Janine to tell her about the past evening at her Uncle's.
    When coming home, Janine took advantage of her uncle being in the garden, to go in the attic. It was a huge room under the roof that covered the house's whole surface. It had huge timbers, and ropes were hanging from the ceiling-she could not at once understand why. The only light was given by some candles here and there, and also a couple of oil lamps. In one corner of the room there was a kind of closet, the door of which was made of disjointed panels. She looked inside, and decided that that would be the ideal spot to go at the proper time.
    She also noticed a few chairs, a chest of drawers, and on an old table, whips of different types and shapes, and also leather belts, and tweezers, needles and many other torture instruments.
    Janine went down for dinner. It was a quiet evening. Janine learned that Solange was going to spend the evening and then the night at some friends of Barral, under the pretense of helping them. She left around eight or nine o'clock and Barral sent Janine to bed. Time passed, the night was really a dark one; the young kid did not want to sleep and the whole house was silent.
    Then the noise of a car. Janine heard Barral locking her in. Quickly she put on her nightdress and went by the balcony into Barral's room and from there into the attic.
    The lit oil lamps were giving a strange glow to the room and to the things in it. Janine shivered, but she struggled against her fears and went and hid herself in the little closet. She put on her slippers, waiting for the mice. Her heart was beating like a drum.
    She heard the car stop, then hoarse voices; some sighs, and cries, then footsteps in the corridor. Then through the opened door came Barral, dressed in a dark brown frock, then two peasants in Sunday clothes, with a white carnation at each of their buttonholes. They were holding a young bride, all in white, who was struggling against them. But Janine soon saw that she was tipsy and that she could not really defend herself.
    “No, No, I do not want it. NO… are you out of your mind? NO…”
    Behind them came a fat and red-faced monk. Barral locked the door.
    The men pulled the girl along one of the pillars. Barral took a supple stick and came before her: She looked at him, frightened; the monk came closer and told her:
    “Now, now, my child, you will have to become more obedient. Your husband, completely loaded, proved himself quite unable to fulfill the duties that he had to fulfill, and also showed that he did not deserve you, as he is now completely asleep. You had, yourself, by your-let us say-original behavior, some attitudes that are not to be taken or accepted by he who admits you among the pure and holy young brides. Thus you will have to repent and confess completely. My friend here, agreed to replace your absent husband, and transform you into a real woman. You must now accept that he does what he has to do with all the experience and refinement that is required.”
    “But, first of all, come here, and confess all your sins.”
    He moved his stool closer to her and sat down.
    The young bride was looking at him in complete amazement. “No, not here. No, I do not want to, not in front of them.” He drew her close to him, but she struggled against him.
    The monk got up, took a supple stick, and told her: “If within thirty seconds, you are not here, kneeling prostrate, I will be sorry to have to chastise you as you deserve on your bare buttocks.”
    The bride looked at all the men, one by one, around her. She remained silent and put her hands on her white dress. She shook her head in refusal. At a given signal, two men got hold of her hands and lifted her dress from behind higher than the belt. She had a relatively plump behind, that was molded in a pair of white silk panties. Barral hurried to roll the pants down her thighs. She was wearing white silk stockings.
    The monk raised his hand, and with a cutting noise, the stick landed on the rotund globes, five times in a row, leaving big red marks on the soft flesh. At each blow the bride's body twisted under the pain, and she hollered like an injured animal. After the fifth stroke, the monk stopped and said: “Now Suzanne, are you consenting, or must I go on with the punishment?”
    “Ah, no, please do not hurt me anymore, I hurt too much, leave me alone…”
    “I ask you to answer my question-are you ready to confess your sins?”
    From the tip of the stick he caressed the bare flesh, she shivered.
    “Yes, yes, enough, do not hurt me any more!”
    The monk gave Barral a sign. He put the material of her dress in the belt of the skirt, revealing the strong behind with its twin pulpy globes, separated by a deep slit. The fleshy thighs were emerging from the lily white dress, their pink shades contrasted against the immaculate material of the bridal attire. They placed the bride in front of a stool, bending her forwards, and tied her hands with lashes.
    Barral stood by her side, his stick in hand, and the monk sat behind the young woman facing the bare round buttocks.
    Then, while he was touching with his hands the bare flesh, he confessed her, making her admit little by little all her menial sins, and insisting on the sexual caresses that she had either received or given.
    Then the monk said:
    “For your penitence, my child, you will offer the sacrifice of your modesty, and then later, you will receive on your colossal ass, the punishment that it amply deserves. After, and only after, will you be authorized to be purified by us all.”
    He got up and they freed the girl. She got up, blushing under the shame, and took a look at her captors. They were all holding whips.
    The monk ordered: Take your dress off.”
    She looked at him, and remained motionless. A cry. Barral had just stroked the bare behind. She moved away, and backed against a pillar. They raised their whips: “No… No… Not that, I will do whatever you want me to do…”
    And, breathing heavily, she unhooked the front of her dress, let it slide, revealing the round shoulders, the muscled arms, the rather thick legs. She remained with only a short white linen blouse, all embroidered, and so transparent that one could see the brown flowers of her teats.
    “Lift your shirt and show your belly.”
    She looked at the monk, hopeless; two more blows reached her between her thighs, then crying, she took the material between her fingers, and lifted it up. The men could see the velvety pubis, the thick fur of ebony black hair.
    Facing the raised sticks, the girl lifted her shirt higher, and they could all contemplate the round belly, the deep navel. They left her in that posture for a long time, and then the monk ordered:
    “Take it off…”
    A stick whistled in the air. The bride shivered, and her shirt fell around her ankles. She was then completely naked except her white stockings, her white gloves, up to the forearm, and her white veil. A rare vision. Voluptuously, they contemplated her. She was expecting the end of her torture, her eyes closed.
    The monk looked at Barral who showed him the rope hanging from the ceiling. They came to the girl, and before she could only react, they fastened her wrists in two leather bracelets. She was then like a pink Y hanging from the ceiling. Her breasts, propped up by this pose, were even more suggestive.
    They came to her.
    “No, no, please let me go. I refuse. No. Aaah.”
    She could not help crying under the odious caress of the hands on her breasts, on her buttocks, on her cunt. They were sucking at her nipples and caressing her between her legs. She was shivering and trembling, trying to free herself from the ropes that were holding her prisoner. But in vain. She kicked the monk with one foot; he came by her and gave her a couple of severe blows, then he put her ankles in two other leather bracelets that were tied to the ground. Now she was like a capital X, completely open, offered to the desires of her tormentors.
    “Ah, you are like a wild horse, eh? Your breasts are sensitive? I am going to harden that flesh then…”
    They both came, Barral and the monk, and took a breast in hand. A continuous lament filled the room, that had Janine shivering in her closet. The woman was twisting in the ropes that were maintaining her and the men were pressing her teats in their hard and nervous hands. They shook them, pulled at the ends, pressed the globes, lifted-the whole globe by the nipple. The pain must have been insufferable to judge from her cries. The tortured flesh was lapped, whipped, pinched, squeezed. Then they stopped and looked at her shivering body.
    “Now little girl, is one getting wiser? Now you are ready to receive the caress that will transform your horrible teats into real breasts.”
    Barral takes a cat o'nine tails in hand. The monk sits by the two country men, completely loaded and not realizing what is happening. Barral then raises his arm, and methodically starts an intense beating of her breasts. The young bride tries to escape, but in vain. One can see the muscles shiver under the contraction at each blow.
    The lashes are encircling the globes either from the bottom to the top or vice versa; the flesh shivers and undulates under the blows. Barral feels that he is reaching the limit that he cannot pass without it being dangerous for the girl. He stops. He takes one of the brown, erected nipples between his lips, but then turns to his friends:
    Those ain't big enough yet.”
    “We will have to elongate the things,” replies the monk.
    “Very well,” says Barral and he takes a pair of tweezers-the old type used for laundry- and he attaches them to the nipples. The woman screams under the squeezing of her delicate flesh. In vain; they are all admiring the show of that woman with her breasts stretched by the action of the tweezers.
    Barral feels a sadistic pleasure in pulling at the wooden things, and stretching the solidly maintained nipples to make the treatment more painful. The woman is moaning, her temples are painful under the blood pressure suddenly increased by the pain in her breasts. Barral takes the tweezers away and watches the color come back to the painful extremities.
    “Those aren't really long enough,” says the monk who knows Barral's passion.
    “I know a way,” replies Barral. He takes two thin ropes ending with a loop. Quickly he encircles the nipples, and then, squeezing the flesh by pulling at the rope, he tightens his grip on the teats. Holding the ropes, he pulls slowly. The breasts are stretched monstrously; the girl looks in complete horror, at her distended bosom that elongates more and more. Now the breasts are nearly completely horizontal, held by the tips. As Barral pulls harder, the pain gets more violent, and she cries, twisting her tortured torso. But Barral now turns the ropes and the breasts are undulating under the action of his hands, like two puppets.
    But now the girl is hollering, and after two more violent shakes Barral leaves the breasts and unhooks the two ropes, deeply pressed into the teats. He sucks at the breasts for a long time, while his hands are caressing the girl's sex, and deeper, between her legs. She quivers. His finger had just touched her virginity. He does not insist, but keeps sucking at the teats, and looks at them.
    “But those ain't got no holes in them. I will have to do that right now, or you could not feed your coming sons.”
    Horrified she sees him take the needles…
    Then one by one, Barral takes the needles, each tipped with an artificial pearl, and he sticks them in the woman's nipples, not deeper than a couple of millimeters. The pain is not too violent for the woman after all the other tortures that her breasts have undergone. But she keeps her eyes closed and sighs slowly. There are already twelve needles in the right nipple. Barral now comes to the other one. There is hardly a drop of blood. He is, doubtless, an expert.
    Moving backwards, Barral contemplates his work, and says to the monk, “Now it is your turn to inflict on that young child the last chastisement that she deserves.” And he gives him the cat o'nine tails. Then raising his arm high over his head, the monk gives the bottom a hard beating and soon enough the result comes. She undulates in the most suggestive way. But Barral gets up, and gets a mirror that he places, slightly sideways, under the bridged legs. They can all then contemplate her most intimate parts, offered and distended by the pose that she is obliged to endure, a pretty virgin's slit with the pink lips shaded by the pubic hair, slightly parting in the middle of her buttocks.
    And while the whip caresses the bottom, reddening under the correction, the little mouth seems to open and implore in the language of virgin cunts, some mercy from her tormentors.
    Little by little, the girl moans and cries, and at last screams. But she resists quite well because it is not the first time that her buttocks are being chastised that way.
    The monk strikes across her buttocks, bringing the blood right under the skin. The flesh is squeezed with a flat sound. The lashes whizz, and the strikes strangely enhance the massive and rotund bottom undulating under the whip.
    In the mirror, the sex keeps its mute conversation, its twisted mouth opening and closing convulsively.
    The girl sighs, and the whip cracks on her tense skin. The ropes are squeaking, or maybe it's the wood of the timber supporting the girl's tormented body.
    But the monk realizes that the blood is going to come out of the hurt flesh. He stops tormenting the bottom, and in the sudden silence of the room are heard only the heavy breathing of the men, and the continuous moan of the hanging girl.
    Barral, one by one, removes the needles from her breasts. He could not tell whether she expressed pleasure or merely gratitude when she looked at him. He caresses the palpitating breasts, and kisses the consenting mouth.
    The monk separates them.
    “Not yet, my son. First, she, the sinner, must confess all her sins, and repent.” And Barral sees him take a long supple rod, and place himself behind the girl. He speaks to her:
    “How many times did you touch your slit with your fingers?”
    The young bride, taken aback, does not answer, but already the rod cracks on her flesh, between her legs, on the exacerbated pubis. The rest of the stick insinuates between the lips of the cunt. Another cry, another convulsion, and the flesh puppet moves in its ties.
    “Then?” repeats the monk.
    The girl is still hesitating, but the rod lands again between her legs.
    “Enough… enough! I… well often.”
    “Well, and this week?”
    She hesitates, and then feels the stick insinuating between her legs…
    “The day before yesterday…”
    “Who else touched your sex?”
    “No… nobody…”
    “Liar…” and once again the stick whistles in the air before crashing between the girl's legs, on the dampened pussy.”
    “Yes, yes… other people…”
    The stick caresses the cunt, softly. She capitulates.
    “You, and then the schoolteacher.”
    “And a guy from the town, from last year… and my fiance…”
    “And some girls…”
    “On Sunday… and?”
    “That is all…”
    Once again the rod…
    “Enough, Ooooh… enough, I will tell you everything…”
    The monk stopped hurting her.
    “My future father-in-law…”
    “Ah, now you admit it, little vicious… And in your ass? What nozzles did penetrate?”
    He slaps the cunt, and in the mirror, Barral can see the rod that goes between the lips of her intimate mouth.
    “Yes. I took some enema…”
    “And big fat pricks too?”
    She hesitates and the monk hurts her more violently.
    “Aouch! Yes… yes… my father-in-law…”
    “More than once… and…”
    “And the schoolmaster. Twice.”
    “And? is that really all?”
    “Yes, I swear it. I swear.”
    The young bride let her head drop on her chest, all her muscles aching under her weight.
    “You bitch,” hollered the monk, “and you dared to refuse me.”
    He takes the cat o'nine tails, and with all his force hits her between her legs. They are watching the horrible flagellation of her intimate parts. The lashes are covering the fleshy and pulpy surface freeing the flesh that reddens, covering it again the next minute. Like a puppet, the body twists in the ropes, and the girl hollers her pain, her eyes wide open. The tip of the lash crashes on her cunt, on her belly, and the monk hits with all his strength, furious to have been deprived of that pleasure, to the benefit of a mere peasant…
    At last, after a couple more violent blows that left the girl motionless, he stops.
    The bride is unfastened, put on her back on a bench; her thighs lifted up and apart, her knees touching her belly, and they all come to see that tortured flesh, check her virginity, and put a couple of ardent kisses on the burning cunt. Barral sucks at her more deeply, faster, and it gives her such a strange sensation that she cannot restrain a sigh of pleasure. Then he goes on, and little by little the spasm comes in the bride's belly. She gives herself up to him, abandons all resistance. Her belly moves, undulates; she contracts between the hands of the men that are holding her and finally she comes violently.
    The men strip, and Janine, through the disjointed panels, can see the erected members of different sizes. One by one the bride must take in her mouth the flesh of the men, and suck at the palpitating pricks, while the others are caressing either her burning ass or the love button of her cunt.
    The monk is the only one to let his sperm splurt in her throat, while he presses her breasts, sagging heavily under her chest.
    Finally, they pull her to one of the pillars where she is tied, her hands held to the ground by two leather bracelets, her legs similarly attached by two leather bracelets. The mirror is placed under her; she is 20 inches from the floor, and she is revealing under the light of two oil lamps, her large distended bottom and the slit of the sex.
    Barral, his prick in full erection, stands behind her. His hands separate more completely the two globes of her buttocks; the head of his tool, reddened by the effort, is posed against the pucked mouth of her ass, opening the narrow passage. Barral breathes heavily; the muscles of his thighs are bulging, contracting. Then he pushes violently with a hoarse cry-another savage cry! The girl, her anus distended, feels the man's balls against her cunt, and the hairy belly glued to her ass. The tool has penetrated her with one single thrust.
    Nothing is heard but the gaping breath of the young bride, trying to recover her mind after that odious rape. Barral caresses her sides, then he slowly moves his damp and hard flesh in her warm belly. The others, bending forward, are looking at the movement of the fleshy pole going in and out of her ass. Barral feels the contraction of the muscled little mouth around his tool, and once again Sodom is the master of pleasure. Barral frantically moves his prick. He feels pleasure come while bruising the warm intimacy of the girl. She is gasping, and Barral feels his pleasure rising. He moderates his pace, and moves out of her, then he digs into her again in a brutal rape that has the girl panting and crying with pain. She is crying, and tears are oozing from her closed eyes. The prick, like a piston, goes in and out of the tender sheath, deeper at each move. Once again, the sperm comes to the prick, and this time Barral does not try to prevent its coming-he lets his burning sap spurt in her, while his fingers dig into the flesh of her buttocks.
    He finally moves out of her warm and slimy entrails. One of the countrymen is already there, his short and erect prick in his hand. He aims at the sperm soiled asshole and with one move of his powerful loins he sodomizes the young girl pitilessly, not even hearing her cries.
    Barral goes to the monk and together they discuss the fornication of the couple in front of them.
    “Congratulations father, this is really quite a girl. How did things go at the wedding?”
    “Well, everything went O.K. I was sitting right next to the newlyweds, and after giving them too much wine, I succeeded in adding some sleeping powder to the husband's meal. When he fell asleep, they were both carried to their place, and then I told her that one of my benefactors had participated in buying her trousseau, and that she had to come to thank him. She came, quite unconsciously, and in the car she ate an aphrodisiac contained in some candy. It does not seem to have been too efficient, but… too bad.”
    “I hope that you like it all the same?”
    “When those bastards will have taken their pleasure out of her, I will take her virginity.”
    The monk laughed.
    “Later, we will try to bring her here again under some other pretense.”
    “Are you sure of the silence of the guys?”
    “Oh yes, quite sure, they often come to the rectory to play with my maid without their wives knowing it. I have them at my disposal.”
    “And what about the husband.” If he wakes up?”
    “No danger. It was a good dose. Tomorrow, when he wakes up, he will think that he fucked his sweet wife all night long.”
    “But her… what if she complains?”
    “She would not dare, it would be too shameful for her to say that she agreed to leave him on such an evening.”
    Their conversation was interrupted by the continuous lament of the young bride, being assfucked by yet another peasant. “Come, let's watch that,” said the monk.
    He walked to the mirror with Barral, and they contemplated the heavy thick prick that the bride's belly was swallowing. The hole was completely distended under the size of the dart. Under the vacillating light of the oil lamps, the tableau had a strange, deeply lubric allure. The girl was moaning, sustained by the plougher's powerful hands, but it was nearly an inert flesh that he was dominating. The belly was slapping against her ass, and one could hear the damp noise of the piston sliding in and out of the painfully distended sheath.
    Soon the man sighed and stopped. The silence impressed the men, excited by that savage possession. The man disimpaled the girl, and she had to be held. Then she was placed on her back on the bench.
    The monk came by.
    “Let me go. Leave me alone, I hurt too much. No more.”
    “Hush little girl. Now you will be rewarded, you will become a complete woman.”
    Two men held her arms as if she was crucified, and her breasts, reddened by the cat o'nine tails, point arrogantly from her chest. Barral takes the girl's knees, folds the legs till the knees touch the belly, and then he takes the legs apart. He contemplates that pink virgin cunt, around which the blows left some tiny red marks.
    He bends down, his erected prick posed against the slit; the head slides between the thick lips, and stops against the closed hymen. Without pushing, Barral caresses the flesh softly and for a long time. The girl, exhausted does not react; she stays there, her eyes closed, mouth agape. She sighs deeply, and little by little the sighs change tone. Barral guesses that the intense excitation given by the flagellation of her sensitive flesh is bringing the girl off. Barral feels his prick, while turning in direction in the cunt. The hymen is tensed, distended and suddenly opens. The raped girl utters a pitiful cry and tries to escape from the male's embrace, in vain. The other men are nailing her to the bench, and inexorably the prick goes deeper and deeper in her cunt and only stops when it reaches the bottom of the vagina.
    Barral rests a little, slowly caressing the bride's breasts. She looks like a wounded bird in her white veil. Then slowly he fucks her, his teeth clenched, his eyes closed.
    They are all looking at the love act. The prick is going in and out of the cunt, covered with blood, but also with the girl's come juices.
    Barral is now glued to her, bites at her half-opened lips, slides his tongue in her mouth and inhales her warm breath. And with powerful movements of his loins he digs his prick in the burning cunt.
    The wide open eyes of the woman are now reflecting a strange impression. They widen and Barral thinks that it is desire. He sucks the tongue that does not refuse his kiss. He feels the white silk stockings against his sides; he guesses that after all that display of intense voluptuousness, he will be the first to really create pleasure in that body, her first womanly pleasure. He wants her all and completely. After the brutal possession comes the most refined caresses. He does not move completely out of her, so that her bruised flesh would not suffer more from the contact. His prick is now deeply in her cunt, and he fucks with all his strength. He is completely in her, and what could not be avoided happens. She gives herself completely. He orders the men to free her arms, and she grabs him by the neck, encircles his shoulders, her body arched, her belly tensed, glued to the man's belly, and the orgasm comes. Half conscious, she bites Barral's lips. Then, mad with pleasure, she hollers her joy and lets her arms fall from each side of the bench while the man lets the sperm go in her, in hot long splurts…
    Barral takes a look at his guests, gets up and removes his softened and soggy prick out of the vagina. Already another man covers the girl with his body. She tries to scratch his face but she is maintained by the others, and the peasant stops her cries with his thick lips. He fucks her with the power of his short but thick phallus, tearing a little bit more the painful passage. He breathes heavily, he rattles, and the girl, unable to defend herself, must let the sperm overflow her cunt.
    Another cry-her eyes wide open and contemplating the huge tool coming between her thighs, and the third peasant is fucking her too. He is in her, and moves slowly; in spite of her disgust he feels pleasure coming and she gives herself to that male. But he is selfish, and he comes before she could be satisfied, and once again the hot and greasy substance is in her. He moves out, leaving her disappointed.
    She remains there, thighs open, from her sex sperm is drooling, mixed with blood.
    But he gets excited again. The others, exhausted by their libations, are yawning on their chairs, their big hands resting on their knees. Barral takes the girl to the bench, lies on his back, and obliges her to straddle him. He forces her to impale herself on his prick. One little cry, and the girl is glued to him. He gives the monk a signal; the latter, understanding what he is expected to do, straddles Barral's thighs, and also the bench, and aims at the offered asshole. One more sigh, and the girl feels the monk's belly glued to her ass.
    Under the double penetration she sighs softly. But this time it is from pleasure. The flesh shivers, the hands caress either the breasts or the belly. The moans of the girl are almost immediately stopped by Barral's mouth. And under the yellow light of the oil lamps, comes the love song of the over-satisfied woman.
    The three remained motionless, crumpled over each other. Then the monk moves out of the ass. The girl gets up, and the flattened prick falls softly on Barral's balls. Barral gets up and caresses the warm and still hurting breasts.
    The girl smiles and her marked eyes are a testimony of the violence of the assaults that she has just endured. She wants to go and wash, but Barral holds her.
    “No, not now, not yet. You are my wife, and you are going to keep my seed in you.” And he kisses her.
    He obliges her to dress again. And again she becomes the young bride that she was a few hours earlier. Before she puts her panties on, they asked her to make some provocative poses, displaying her cunt and her ass, her legs propped up. Then at last, all of them being dressed again, they go down.
    Janine, behind them, goes back to her room, her finger slippery with her own come juice from the many masturbations that she enjoyed in front of all those exciting postures.
    Monique was listening passionately to this account. She abandons her body to Janine's lips, and three times in a row she comes furiously under the child's caress.
    They were late for dinner. They took a date for the next day, in their little love nest after the bath…


    Monique, quite exhausted, went to bed early, but could not sleep well. She dreamed all night about whipped brides, raped and sodomized women, white veils symbolically covering half naked bodies…
    The next morning Monique realized that she needed the contact of the male, and she decided that she would soon remedy that lack in her needs.
    In the morning she got her kicks with little Jacques and let him contemplate her belly and her intimacies, and she also let him suck for a long time at her breasts.
    Around noon, she called Darcourt on the phone. He was very happy over it, and asked her whether she would like to come to his place for a glass of port after the bath. He said that he was receiving two monks.
    “Then in plain clothes?” asked Monique disappointed.
    Max hesitated, then:
    “Well, half and half, unless my instinct is completely wrong.
    “I think you will have to play quite a part after the usual glass of port. They are interested in art, and whoever says art, means amateur of beauty. I do not think that you will have to put on any underclothes, after all, I have such good mirrors at home.”
    Monique smiled and accepted.
    On the beach she told Janine that she could not stay with her; the poor child was very upset over it all. Then Monique returned home to get dressed. She put on transparent black silk stockings, high heels, and then hesitated a little in front of her drawers, trying to find out the most suitable attire. She finally selected a black silk skirt, that went slightly above the knee, and a long sleeved, black cotton cardigan. She added a little white lace collar; no powder, no rouge, but a little beret on her simply combed hair, that added to her childish looks. She thought that her breasts were showing outrageously, and put on a little black bolero. A book in one hand, she crossed the little wood that separated her villa from Max's home. He was in the sitting room, in full conversation with two monks in their forties, looking smart and rather handsome. Her bolero open, her legs crossed higher than usual, Monique was taking part in the conversation, trying to follow the men's eyes under her skirt.
    She was hot, having too many clothes on her. Max realized it and suggested:
    “Why don't you take off your bolero, you must be boiling?”
    “Well, as I have nothing under my cardigan, I am afraid that I would not be too decent.”
    “Now, now,” said one of the monks, “I hope that this will not stop you. We do not want to be the cause of your discomfort, and your cardigan, that fits you quite well, could not be more decent. Besides, this is just a friendly reunion, is it not Darcourt?”
    He agreed, Monique stood up and took off her bolero, her voluminous bosom immediately showing under the too thin material, like a pair of gorgeous cantaloupes. She was watching their excitement grow in their eyes, and was getting her kicks from it. She looked like a little schoolgirl as to her face, but a fully formed woman as to the figure.
    Max asked her to be the maid of the house, and she accepted, her natural taste for exhibitionism finding a perfect way to express itself in that occupation.
    She brought a little table, made of glass, to the window. It was a very nice old-fashioned iron-mongered thing, that hardly came level to her knee. She placed four glasses on it. On a nearby tray she placed the bottle filled with cool and sparkling wine.
    The three men came close. Her back to the window, Monique faced them across the table, her knees touching it. She started pouring the liquid in the glasses. It took her one single glimpse to see that her trick was a complete success. The three men, while speaking more slowly, were staring at the table, on which the skirt, open like a lamp shade, was reflecting the thighs and the velvety triangle of her pubis. Max glanced approvingly at Monique's showing how much he appreciated her delightful idea.
    She gave him a glass, then turning around she offered them, while preparing the cake, the exciting sight of her tightly closed buttocks and rotund bottom.
    The collation went on like that: the white wine, but also the pointing breasts under the cardigan, the thighs outrageously displayed by the mirror of the table, were as many reasons to the men's excitement. While cutting the cake she opened her thighs, and when she turned around she guessed, by the way they looked, that the men had completely discovered the secrets of her femininity.
    But she soon got another idea. As they thought that the weather was delightful, she proposed to carry some cushions to the window, and they all sat on the ground, facing the sea. She then cleared the glass table, feeling if it was solid, and then sat on it, to avoid catching her skirt under buttocks. Her flesh was in contact with the cold mirror. She crossed her legs, and the skirt was lifted over the knees. Monique was slightly reclining, her hands on the table, smoking an oriental cigarette. Under the skirt, the closed thighs, half leaning on the table, were reflected in a symphony of blacks and whites.
    The men, facing her now, were looking at the silk clothed flesh, and the little bar of the garters, on each side of her thighs. Little by little Monique opened her legs, slowly displaying for them the inside of her thighs and its reflection. Through the screen of her eyelashes she was following the eyes of the men, impatiently waiting for the moment when the compass of her legs would be open largely enough to allow a complete vision of her sex. Out of fun, she moved her knees very slowly, then suddenly she bent on one side, to put the ashes of her cigarette in an ashtray on the table by her side. She opened her legs completely, uplifting one for more security. She remained like that for a good moment, excited by the sudden density of the silence, and also by the caress of all the looks that she knew were on her legs, on her sex. The men's throats were hard and dry, their eyes shining. They were contemplating, under the relative shelter of the black skirt, higher than the black silk stockings and the garters, between the plump and pulpy thighs, the fair hair of her pubis, as a crown on her cunt between the lips of her mount of Venus. The mirror was reflecting it too, and the men were facing a twin image. Monique innocently resumed a more natural position. Then tactfully started again answering the questions in the discussion trying to avoid the looks of the men on her anatomy, including Max's. Then once again she opened her legs and played with the men's desires for several times. Max himself did not know what to think about the Monk's attitude; they were excited but nothing was happening.
    Monique got up, and once again served some alcoholic beverages, and each time she was revealing her charms in the mirror of the table. A lusty ambiance was beginning to come in the darkening room. The sunset was giving off strange red lights that accentuated the voluptuous character of the place, and of what was happening, or going to happen in it.
    One of the monks clumsily spoiled his white dress with liquor.
    “Monique, would you please show our friend to the bathroom and with your fairy fingers repair that little damage?”
    “Of course. Please, father, follow me.”
    The stairs are dark, and Monique does not turn the light on. She climbs the steps slowly, side by side with the monk. He takes her by the arm, his hand shaking with desire:
    “What a charming guide you are for such an escalade.”
    She laughs softly, and through the dark and narrow passage, brings him in the bathroom. She turns the lights on, and easily with some water, fixes everything alright. He is blushing, his desire is evident, but he does not know what to say. Everything is silent; they go out. She turns the lights off, and they are together again in the dark corridor.
    “Damn it,” says Monique, “I do not know where the button to the light is hidden.”
    “I know it,” says the man by her side.
    And his hands are on the blouse. He takes the young girl in his arms, and, through the thin material he caresses the nipples, already erected.
    “Oh,” says Monique, “no, you should not. It is wrong, you must not-leave me alone.”
    But she does not really resist when the two nervous hands lift her cardigan up, and free the two breasts. A warm breathing on her skin, a mouth that seizes her nipple. An intense sucking. Monique protests a little bit, just for decency's sake, and lets the hands that have already lifted the skirt high above the waist, caress the buttocks and then the belly, the crotch.
    She pushes away from him.
    “No, not that! You are exciting me, and what would Darcourt say?”
    She takes him back to the sitting room, and leaves enough disorder in her attire so that everyone will understand… her breasts are sharply pointed under the cardigan. She serves some more liquor while the two monks are speaking confidentially together.
    Shortly afterwards, the other monk, taking advantage of the fact that Max is showing some drawings to his colleague, asks Monique to show him to the bathroom. They have hardly reached the stairs, when she feels two hands caressing her bottom, uplifting her skirt. A mouth glues itself to her flesh, in long warm kisses. She lets the man take her in his arms, the cardigan is rolled around her neck, and two hands caress the opulent teats. Soon after a mouth sucks at her nipples.
    Once again, her buttocks are receiving the caresses from nervous hands. An inquiring finger is titillating her asshole while a penetrating forefinger seeks at her sex. She feels suddenly under her hand, along her body, that the monk is placing his erected prick. She takes the shivering rod between her fingers and caresses the tool while the man masturbates her passionately.
    The monk suddenly glues his belly to hers, and tries to insinuate his prick between her legs.
    “No, no, not that. I am a virgin.”
    He stops, surprised, and his fingers checks that revealed particularity. She twists, surprised by that unexpected contact, and she turns around. He leans her against the wall and suddenly she feels, to her surprise, the prick sliding between the globes of her buttocks like a plough. She feels the hard texture of that muscular flesh. He whispers ardent words by her ear, one of his hands caressing her breasts, and the other one alternating between her ass and her sex.
    “Let me slide in you. Just a little, nothing. Yes, just a little…”
    She shakes her head…
    “No, leave me alone. Are you insane? No!”
    But she desires to be ass fucked by that man who does not seem to be really master of his senses. She tries to move away, and only succeeds in presenting her teats to him.
    He immediately sucks greedily at the nipples. While he caresses her, he places his prick between her fingers. She enjoys caressing that hard and soft flesh. She presses the cylinder and caresses the round head; she feels the pulse in it. The balls are round and full, the hair hard and curly. She feels desire in her veins. If he could only guess it. He becomes demanding, bends to suck some more at the tense flesh of her bosom. The prick slides away from the finger's embrace and that breaks the enchantment. All of a sudden she is ashamed, and she fixes her dress. He follows her downstairs, in silence.
    In the sitting room, nobody is paying attention to them, but at a glance at Max, she realizes that he was not expecting them that soon. She is disappointed, and nervous, she does not serve properly; soon she breaks a glass and answer Max's reproach very roughly.
    Then everything moves fast, like in a dream. She sees the room turn upside down, feels Darcourt's arm around her waist, and then she felt Max's powerful thighs paralyzing her, and her skirt lifted up. Her bottom was revealed in the sunset light. The two monks were staring at the offered bottom, the closed thighs, and the propped buttocks. Already she was slapped on her fanny. She moaned and cried-was it pain? shame? pleasure? or merely surprise? She never knew it.
    “No, no-not that, Darcourt. Are you out of your head?”
    But he would not listen to the young girl's supplication, and would go on with his spanking of her rotundities. Oh, it was not a hard one. He did not want to hurt her, but simply to bring her to that state of excitement that he knew so well, so that she would become his thing, and also his guests' thing. He did not know whether she would let foreign pricks penetrate that perfect bottom, but he wanted his guests to take pleasure, at least intellectually, in contemplating her delicate charms. And the slapping went on, only punctuated by her cries and the sighs of desire of the men, contemplating that beauty maintained between Max's knees.
    Soon enough the bottom was red. An intense warmth irradiated her body bringing a new excitement to it. Her pulse was beating hard at her temples. She resisted for a long moment the order that he gave her to open her thighs. And she only gave up when her flesh could not take the pain any more. Then, like a dismantled puppet, she opened and revealed to the men her splendid little pink slit, with her puckered asshole, like some mysterious fruit laying between the two globes of her buttocks.
    Silence came again, and Monique enjoyed the sensation of being admired like a caress on her unveiled femininity.
    Max said: “I hope that you will forgive her little misfortune… And I also hope that you think that she was punished severely enough?”
    “Yes, my friend, that little girl paid enough for that menial sin, her flesh is burning enough (she felt hands on her buttocks) but, to my humble opinion, she deserves little mortification that will persuade her of the importance of the mistake that she committed. What would you think if we asked her to serve us another glass of that delightful liquor in the attire of our good mother Eve?”
    “That is what I call a good idea. Did you hear my child?”
    “Oh, not that, I do not accept. Now Dar-court hear me. I refuse. Oooh, Oooh, enough, enough, no, I hurt too much… enough… Aaah, yes, I will…”
    The blows were falling on her buttocks, fast, hard and dry… And the bottom was twisting in all directions, without great care of the suggestive visions that it allowed when the legs were accidentally opening.
    Max stopped spanking, his hand burning.
    “I will,” she repeated weakly, completely subdued. But I would like for you to turn all the lights out.”
    “Did you hear?” asked Max to his friends with a queer smile.
    “Yes for this time we accept that the penitence shall be effected in such a way.”
    Max moved away from her. Her pulse was beating hard at her temples. She pulled her skirt down, but she was already feeling the pleasure to show herself naked to those men.
    “Come now little girl, pour us some drinks, and do not force me to remind you of your promise.”
    Max took his friend to one corner of the room, still lit by the sunset. They sat on low chairs. Monique went to the shade at the other end of the sitting room. They heard the whisper of the silk against her skin, and guessed the pallor of the naked body in the semi-darkness. The tinkle of glasses, and soon the magnificent body, with its arrogant breasts hardly moving when she was walking came to them. She served them one by one, experiencing a wonderful pleasure in showing her body to those excited men whose eyes were examining each detail… each contour.
    She showed them everything, she drank with them, her belly level with their face so they could see her flesh palpitate. Even Max was under the charm. No one dared to try to caress her, or even to move toward her. She went back in the shade and got dressed again. She came back with them and took her glass; she sipped it, and said:
    “I am sorry but I will have to leave now or I will be late for dinner.”
    “Already?” said Max, “why not stay for dinner with us?”
    “Thank you, but I really cannot, I promised that I would be home for dinner, but I will come back another evening.”
    “No, that would not be easy…”
    “Yes, tomorrow, around nine o'clock. Where?”
    “Here, my friends will certainly come here and join us?”
    “Yes, we will, we will do the impossible and free ourselves to come and chit chat with that charming young girl. I hope that she is not angry at us for the slight correction that she received?”
    “Hush, bad boys,” said Monique shaking hands with them.” I will see you tomorrow, and then I hope that I will not deserve any punishment.
    “That we will have to decide,” said Dar-court. “And it is quite possible that that beautiful body will have to dance tomorrow too.”
    “I love dancing, my dear Darcourt, but it is not always the same kind of dance that has my preference. Remember it.”
    Monique went back to her home, quite mixed up. She was at the same time, disappointed and happy. Happy because she had really loved to be examined by those greedy eyes, but disappointed at Darcourt, because- she had to admit it-he had really hurt her in that spanking, and her bottom was hurting her just to think about it.
    Fortunately, Sonia was late and not in a talkative mood. She went in her room, then Monique heard her go out soon after. The young Jacques clung to her, and she took him to her room, craving for his caresses. She went by the window, enjoying the cool evening breeze, and then she felt the child's warm breath against the still painful flesh of her buttocks. She widened the angle of her legs under the pressure of the two hands and bent forward, offering her protruding naked buttocks to the caress of the young face. His tongue insinuated between the two heavy globes and soon reached the tip of her sex. He was licking the whole slit, drilling at her asshole, and then sucking at her cunt, in a persistent and deep sucking that made her come in a violent spasm. Hiding her head between her folded arms, Monique let the evening air carry her moans away, twice.
    On the next day, she found little Janine right after the bath, and she had immediately to undergo the deep and savage embrace of that juvenile body. What passion in that worship of her breasts and sex, what ardent caresses!
    Monique was left motionless after that tender assault.
    When the child was calmed, Monique started asking questions again.
    On the day after the bride's rape, Barral had been out most of the day. Janine had been alone with Solange all day, quite bored, and at night she went to the maid's room. One thing bringing another, and one caress another too, they soon were naked, and the maid gave up in front of such a sweet insistence. Soon it was a concert of sighs and voluptuous moans in the maid's room.
    At night, Barral, under some false pretense, had had Janine whipped in a most humiliating and indecent attitude, but he did not ass fuck her. A few cries in the night, and later on the noise of Barral going back to his room, told Janine that Solange had taken care and profit of the excitation that she had aroused in him. Solange confirmed it the very next day.
    Monique pushed Janine's head away before she could reach the sensitive and damp spot between her legs. She got up and put some order in her clothing while saying good bye to the young girl.
    She went back to the deserted house, and took a cold shower. Soon after that, Jacques was sent to bed because he proved himself unbearable. She went to her room and remained on her bed, naked, just thinking about what she would do the same night. Some friends came in and took Sonia out. Monique hesitated for a very long time before choosing the dress that she would wear on that promising evening. Then she decided to take the pleated skirt of her folklore dress and the bodice, only closed by some tiny buttons that seemed ready to come undone at the first move from the generous breasts. She placed her little black velvet cap on her head, and then realized that she was the perfect picture of a high school student, with a precocious figure. She put on very little makeup, and black silk stockings. Black high heel shoes completed her alluring attire. When she felt ready, she went to Max's villa.
    Everything was dark. She went to the sitting room, and immediately understood what was expected of her. The mirror was posed on the ground with the little lamps that only lit the surface. Max and the two silent monks got up, and kissed her hand. They were silent. She was amongst them, standing on the mirror, and she was looking at their tense faces, looking at the revealing mirror under her closed thighs. She did not move for a moment, letting them enjoy the vision of the white flesh the black silk stockings. Then Max pinched at one of her nipples, through the flimsy material of her blouse.
    Monique sighed, understanding what they were expecting from her. At first she resisted, and then she twisted her belly and her bottom, and slowly opened the voluptuous compass of her perfectly shaped legs. The sex appeared, a deep pink slit between the fair-haired lips. The thighs came more and more apart, and then nothing of her intimacy was left to the imagination of the three contemplating men.
    Max stopped pinching Monique's breasts. All the men were watching the beautiful display in the mirror. Then Monique was authorized by Max to walk off the mirror and to go and put her gloves and purse in a nearby closet.
    Max came by her and opened her blouse. The two magnificent breasts popped out like two succulent fruits, with their erected and hard nipples. Max kissed each nipple, and then took the rest of her clothes away. She felt hands on her and she realized that she was being put on a kind of bed, lying on her back. Her arms and legs were like the branches of a capital X.
    Then suddenly she shivered and trembled at the same time. Three greedy mouths were glued to her nipples and to her cunt. She was not touched by one hand. She had no contact whatsoever except for those three sucking mouths on her hungry body. Monique understood the kind of pleasure that was on store for her, and she opened her arms and legs even more widely. She could not care less who was titillating her cunt or sucking at her teats, the only thing that really mattered was that humming love song coming through her half parted lips. The pleasure. The spasms surprised her, violent, and unexpected. She had to take upon herself not to dig her fingers in the hair of the men that were glued at her nipples and at her sex. She wanted to press harder on the head that was eating her clitoris, erected between her round thighs. She tried to resist, but she could not, and leaning on those unknown heads, she came passionately and fell convulsed on the velvet covering of the bed.
    They were already going away from her, and letting her recover her mind. They were still not touching her… But, little by little, the three mouths resumed their former position, and Monique, whose youth allowed such exercise, came another time under the triple anonymous sucking. But this time, nervous hands were caressing her nervous belly and her hardened breasts. She recognized Max's particular way of sucking between her legs, and she drew her thighs close together, feeling his cheeks between them. Another titillated clitoris let go between the lips of her beloved friend, another dose of come juices. She begged for mercy, and they silently let her go quiet again, but they did not stop caressing her body lightly all the time. She heard them discuss together and Max asked her to kneel down, her legs wide open. She was worried when she felt the monk behind her.
    Suddenly she let out a sharp cry of surprise. A face was glued to her propped buttocks a tongue was insinuating between the separated globes. The mouth was closing on the puckered lips of her asshole as it would have kissed another mouth, and the tongue titillated the edges, and then penetrated her ass. Giving her an unknown feeling of joy. The young girl gave herself completely to the new caress. The tongue was drilling in her hole, and infiltrating deeper. It was most exciting. What sighs she let out under that unequaled pleasure.
    And the monk kept going on with his wonderful caress. Monique was uttering deep and throaty moans, letting her joy come, and reach the climax. Finally she came, her fingers rasped the velvet bedcloth, and she let out a last loud cry. The monk felt the shuddering body on his face still dug between the undulating buttocks. The bottom seemed to want to absorb the sucking mouth-and then came another cry, similar to the first. She fell on the bed completely motionless, her resistance-if she had had any-broken by the violence of the newly experienced pleasure.
    After a little while, she got up again. She could not see anything, all lights were turned off. In the night, a voice (she recognized Max's) whispered by her side:
    “As the little girl has been really good, she can now choose a nice lollipop, as a matter of fact she will have three big lollipops, but she will have to go and get them, one by one. Come on little girl, try to find in the dark the reward for your good behavior.
    And he pushed her to the middle of the room.
    Monique was deeply excited to be naked in the dark amidst the three men, mad with desire. What were they going to demand of her? She knew of course that she was going to support their assaults, and the penetration of their erected tools. But how?
    One by one, were Max's words.
    She moved, completely blind, her arms in front of her. She met a body with clerical dress. Her fingers seized the motionless shoulders, went down to the belly that was naked, and grabbed the erected prick. The man was sitting down, legs apart. The rod was thin, rather long. He posed his hand on her head; she bent, and found the burning flesh against her cheeks. She opened her mouth and immediately had the pole in her mouth down to her throat. She hiccuped when it met the lowest part of her palate. Then, in the silent room, was heard the noise of the sucking. Monique was not really an expert, and she preferred to suck at women than men, but maybe that was going to prove a supplementary charm. She knew by the hard pressing of the man's hands on her hair that he found the suction agreeable. She was suddenly frightened by the idea of the shameful position in which she was kneeling in front of that naked belly and sucking at the man's virility. She raised her head, but he pushed her down and obliged her to resume her position and take him. Then, at the contact of the hand, she knew that she had found her master, and she abandoned all modesty and gave herself completely to the task of sucking at his prick. Her lips coated the phallus, and her tongue softly titillated the smallest contours of the protruding head.
    But the monk pushed the young girl away, helped her up, and made her bend forward. Monique leaned upon the seat where the monk was sitting. She instinctively opened her legs and offered her bottom, keeping one hand on her pussy, to prevent any attempt to break her virginity. But she only felt the caress of the prick between the separated globes, and then the resistance of her asshole, to the penetration. She closed her eyes, waiting for the hard pain when he would rush in her, but he was very sweet and progressive. He moved in, thrusting his tool slowly and with little pushes. She hardly sighed when he finally touched the flesh of her ass with his belly. And then came the delightful act of sodomy. She purred like a kitten, enjoying it with all her body. The more the man was enjoying her, the more violent was the slap when their bodies met. The man uttered a couple of hoarse moans and the girl a few happy cries. Then came the spasm, and the satisfied sighs of the couple, tumbling over each other on the bed.
    The man removed his tool from the impaled girl, and reanimated her by some very soft suckings at her breasts. When he left that she was completely awakened, he pushed her again to the center of the room.
    Once again, Monique faced her former sensation, naked in the dark room. She reached the place where the other monk was waiting. He did the same thing, giving the breasts long and encircling kisses, while placing his tool on her hand. She felt its size, and was frightened by it, like the day before, in the corridor. But he was impatient and he bent her forwards. His bulging phallus bumped against the slimy and narrow mouth. She offered herself to that erected snake. He bent and aimed till he was sure that his huge tool was perfectly in the axis of her hole. Monique felt the nervous and trembling fingers on her own flesh, trembling with desire. A long loud cry came, as though she was expecting it. She realized the size of the tool by the force of the penetration in her. He had penetrated her with one thrust. Her puckered mouth, inflamed, distended, forced, was hurting her, but she could feel the burning phallus deep in her, vibrating and quivering with joy.
    Fortunately enough, the man had only forced a sheath that had been already prepared by his ass fucking. He was gasping a little, his mouth on Monique's neck, and suddenly he agitated his member in her soiled belly and the pleasure came, unavoidably. She forgot the pain, and gave herself completely to the pleasure of the so beloved act.
    He made her come her best, and when she fell in a last cry of satisfaction, he had just spat in her his slimy and burning sap. He brought her back to consciousness, remaining in her, his belly glued to her ass. Then when he felt that she was available again, he pushed her to the center of the room. She hesitated, but felt the presence of Max by her, bending her and her ass, filled to the brim by the other's sperm, she received his sperm in her, full of unsatisfied desires.
    He moved out of her, and took her to the corner where she had abandoned her clothes:
    “Now little girl, go and get ready after your little toilet, but do not be too long or you will be late for the reception.”
    In the dark she climbed the stairs, and uttered a little cry of surprise when she bumped against a body. She was embraced, and could hardly feel the hard material of the monastic dress, the naked belly, and the erected prick. She was already turned around. She leaned against the stones of the wall and she felt the head of a prick stop against her asshole, dripping with the juices of former intercourses. She did not refuse herself to the male who was taking her for the second time, and she recognized the thin and long prick that she had sucked earlier during the evening. She clenched her teeth and tried not to react too violently, but she could not withhold two loud cries when the spasms seized her. Gasping, she ran to the bathroom while the monk went silently to the sitting room.
    When she came back, a little lamp was giving the whole room an intimate and cozy atmosphere. They all got up, and came to her:
    “Good evening little girl, how late you are. Did you enjoy your afternoon,” and other banalities of the same kind. She entered the game immediately, and they talked on in the most mundane way. The only clues tending to prove that something had happened were the subtle smell of the orgy, and a dim pain in her four-times-penetrated asshole.
    She served the drinks and they all admired the opulent curves and the graceful allure of the girl, her splendid legs under the too short skirt, and her childish looks.
    But it was getting late. She said good-bye, standing on the mirror, her open legs displaying charms of her femininity. She refused to be taken home, and walked through the woods at a good pace, delightfully tired.
    When she reached the villa, she had to hide. Sonia was arriving in a car, by the headlight she could see that she was naked under her long cape, and that she was carrying her dress over her arm. Two people got out of the car, and came to kiss her good night, another woman kissed her teats, and then got back in the car. Sonia went in the villa.
    Monique, quite amused, waited for a little while before going to her room.
    She slept like a log till nine the next morning. At noon she received a little parcel from Max and his friends-it was a little mirror for her toilet table.
    In the afternoon she went to the beach alone, abandoning her body to the foamy waves and the joys of sport. She wanted to remain calm, so she did not try to meet Janine. She spent her evening alone with a rather silent Sonia, and once again the bed received her for a whole trip around the clock.


    The next morning Monique went to the beach. She found the young child, and she sat by her, in a secluded corner, letting Janine slide her hand under her blouse. She had an idea.
    “Please stop. You are exciting me!”
    “Come in the woods.”
    “Because today,” said Monique, “I want to lie on velvet in a dark room.”
    “With me?”
    “Yes with you. I dreamt, last night, that we were naked, that you were caressing me, and during the whole thing, one of my boyfriends was caressing you too.”
    “Ah? And I was not saying anything?”
    “No. You loved it. Just to please me.”
    “What was he doing to you?”
    “Wonderful caresses. And also he dug his finger in your bottom, and also… like your uncle… and you loved it… you enjoyed it?”
    “You have a friend like that? I mean that you can be naked in front of, and that does not take you? You are still a virgin?”
    “But yes, my little darling. Aren't we giving them what is best in us?”
    “Yes, of course, but you are a grown-up.”
    “And then what?”
    “Well, I thought that older girls were making love in a different way.”
    “Lots of them do, yes. But the ones that want to remain virgins do not have any other means to find some happiness, and without realizing it, they are giving what is best in them too.”
    They both remained silent, looking at the flight of seagulls over the sea.
    “Would that please you if we went to your friend?”
    “Yes darling, so much. I think that it would be so good, and so exciting. No?”
    “Then, if you really want to… I like it so much, and if you like it…”
    “Oh, darling, I am so impatient.”
    Monique gave the child a few caresses, and then instructed her for a date in the woods near Max's place. She also called Max, and his joyous voice was the proof that he highly approved of her idea.
    In due time, Monique met Janine. She had on a white skirt, a trifle too short for her age, and a white blouse. She was naked under it. A cute bonnet made of white and pink wool covered her blue-black hair. She was not wearing stockings, and had on white shoes. Monique was dressed in a similar way, all in white.
    Max was waiting for them in the dimly lit sitting room. The big mirror was on the ground by a leather cushion. He greeted them, and sat on the cushion, letting them stand on the mirror.
    Monique caressed Janine, and Max was admiring the two reflections of those delightful creatures. While Monique had her legs well apart, Janine, full of modesty kept hers closed tight together. But she was giving up under Monique's caresses. Her buttocks were round and firm, and her belly hardly covered with a very velvety down, was promisingly bulging.
    Monique allowed the child to undo her blouse, and let her suck at her splendid breasts. Janine was bent forward, her back to Max, and he was seeing in the mirror a large slice of her most intimate parts. He had not touched her yet. Little by little, Janine, giving up under Monique's insistent caresses, opened her legs, and in the compass of her legs, displayed the young, pink, virginal cunt.
    Max took all his time to contemplate and enjoy that rare show, comparing the two cunts — the one of the already completely formed woman, in full bloom, and the child's little bud promising already of many enchantments. Shame came to the young girl, and she blushed violently. She wanted to close her legs but Monique convinced her not to do so. Monique took of her blouse, and did the same thing to Janine whose young, sharp breasts jutted, already excited.
    Max admired them, and his hands compared the volume of the two pair of teats, then one by one he sucked at them caressing the nipples with his greedy tongue. Monique got completely naked, and slowly slid the child's dress down till it fell crumpled at their feet. Then Janine glued her body to Monique's. Max caressed the child's slit and the sex, protruding on top of the two slim thighs. She uttered a faint cry, half-shame, half-surprise. Then Monique pulled the child toward the sofa, lay down on it, and let her give her body the most passionate caresses. The child was sucking alternately at her prominent bosom and between her thighs. Max, kneeling behind them, was kissing the child's ass, digging his face between the closed globes.
    Then he was naked. He displayed his strong and harmonious body, with his erected penis thin and long over the hard black pubic hair. Monique turned Janine around and showed her the magnificent tool, telling her in low tones-without stopping her caresses- what she wanted to see her do.
    Janine consented, and bowed over Max's belly. With a deep sigh of contentment he felt the young mouth open, and his prick slide between the lips, on the tongue and down to the throat. Then Janine gave his flesh the suction that he wanted so badly. In the silence came the wet noise of her conscientious work. Monique came by Max and offered him her breasts so that he would at the same time caress her. But his desire was violent. Monique felt it and caressed Janine's head and Max's chest. The child accentuated the ardent suction. Max gave Monique an interrogative look. She saw his trouble and nodded affirmatively. Then he did not try to restrain from his envy. Deep sighs, quivering body, and a hiccup from Janine when she felt in her throat the long warm gushes of sperm fill it.
    The child got up, and-ashamed-hid her face between her folded arms. Monique came by her side, and slowly, opened her legs. Max, kneeling between the young thighs, glued his mouth to her sex for an intense sucking of the virgin and juvenile flesh.
    Monique was slowly licking the young girl's nipples, and when she felt the young body contract at the approach of the spasm, she glued her mouth to Janine's. With a voluptuous sigh, the child expressed her contentment that was lost in Monique's mouth.
    They let the child recover her spirits, and then Monique, on her back, offered her body to the youth's ardent kisses. Like a leech, Janine took the tensed and sensitive clitoris between her lips. Max was bending over Monique, sucking at her breasts. When he felt that she was getting into the frenzy of the orgasm, he got up, and in the darkness he anointed his prick-already erected-with transparent vaseline. He took Janine by the arms, and she understood what he was expecting. She offered her bottom, opening her legs, without stopping her suction at her friend's slit. She felt the man's phallus do as her uncle's, and penetrate between her buttocks, hesitating when it reached the contracted hole. Monique tightened her thighs on her friends, cheeks and held her hands. She could see, as in an erotic dream, Max's lubric face behind Janine's offered young body. She shivered at the idea of that colossal prick edging its way in the tender flesh of her young friend, and that added a new pleasure to the one already coming from her titillated sex. Max, his hands on the girl's waist, pushed with all his strength, and the head, slightly softened by the former orgasm, molded itself in the contour of the puckered mouth. The hole-softly, inexorably-was distended, and absorbed the fleshy pole that was entering like a piston in a narrow but well-lubricated sheath. Janine's mouth uttered a dim moan, lost in the flesh of Monique's sex. That sigh excited Monique who was watching the movements of the man's belly behind the young girl's body. Janine stopped sucking at her. Her mouth opened under the pain when she felt the huge priapus slide in her narrow passage. Max was thrusting slowly but vigorously and little by little the whole mass of his prick disappeared in her asshole. Max stopped his action, letting the girl get used to the presence of that big phallus in her. He caressed her waist and her belly. Monique pushed Janine's head back on her yawning cunt, and she resumed her suction. But soon Monique felt a warm breath on her cunt and was excited at the idea of the sensations that Max was creating in that young body. The man's belly was coming closer to the pulpy bottom.
    “How good it is,” whispered Monique, enjoying with a sadistic pleasure the idea of the pain that the colossal phallus was probably creating in her friend's belly. “I am happy. Suck my love, suck your beloved, give yourself completely. Aaaah.”
    And the child, propping her bottom, glued her mouth to the aspired and aspiring cunt, sucked avidly, and felt the thighs convulsively tighten against her face. An intense warmth overflowed her while she felt the man's belly come in contact with her shivering ass, and she was the prisoner of Monique's legs. Max's hands were on her belly, in feverish caresses.
    Max stopped, his whole energy centered on the vibrating pole, dug deep in the maiden's flesh. He took a long look at Monique, entranced under Janine's caress… And then he began sodomizing the young girl, taking great care in not hurting her sensitive flesh. His huge prick was going in and but of the elastic sheath that was, little by little, getting used to its abnormal dilation. Janine was not feeling any pain now. It seemed to her as if a monstrous nozzle was churning in her asshole, rubbing from the inside, the walls of her virgin sex. She was getting terribly excited by the voluptuous aroma that was coming from Monique's cunt, her freed hands gripped on Monique's thighs and she suddenly accelerated her pace in the sucking of her friend's cunt. Monique, surprised, could not hold her pleasure.
    Max witnessed the sight of the girl, throbbing with pleasure, her body arched, her mouth twisted in the terrible grin of satisfaction at its peak, and he heard that inimitable cry of happiness that only satisfied women can produce. Held as by gigantic pink pliers, Janine's head between Monique's thighs followed all the spasms of the girl. Then everything crumpled over the sofa. The thighs opened wider and the young girl filled her mouth with the juicy flesh of Monique's sex.
    Max had stopped his fornication on the young girl. He was just maintaining her in a state of excitement by a slow subtle move in her ass. He was waiting for Monique to recover her consciousness, but already Janine was sucking voraciously at the still erected clitoris. Then Max, holding the child by the hips, accelerated the pace of his sodomization, and the room was filled with the sound of the shocks of his belly against her buttocks.
    Janine, transfigured, felt an irresistible pleasure come in her body with that deep and strong penetration. She offered herself completely and the rubbing was transmitted to her cunt. She was sighing, while eating her friend up. Her tongue was titillating the clitoris, and her mouth was sucking the lips of Monique's cunt.
    Max felt the sperm rush in his prick. His legs trembled. He accelerated his coitus in the offered bottom. On Janine's face was painted the thin smile of pleasure, and Monique, re-entranced by the frenzy of pleasure, was listening to the pistoning of Max's virility in her friend's ass. The rhythm was accelerating. Monique was shivering under the spasms that Max was creating in Janine's body, and that reverberated in her own sex. The child was again prisoner of the thighs enclosing her burning cheeks. Then with a last moan, she opened her legs completely and the child opened her mouth on the flesh that she could not even suck anymore, taken as she was in the turmoil of her own orgasm. She was throbbing, panting, gasping, and she felt in her belly the violent and warm gushes of Max's sap, inundating her in-sides while he fell on her, deeply impaled in her flesh.
    After a while, Max moved out of the child; he helped Monique to caress the half-unconscious little girl, and caressed her for a short time. They were all silent, satisfied and happy. He left the women alone, and only came back when they were both dressed again. He offered them a glass of champagne and some sweets, and then, after admiring in the mirror their long legs and the mysterious sex lost in the pubic hair, he took them to the beach across the woods.
    One last embrace, a farewell, a fervent thank you to an over-satisfied Monique, and the promise that he would see them again, and the two girls went to the beach together happy, all desires fulfilled.
    “Happy?” asked Monique.
    “Yes, you are a real love…”
    “Will you come back?”
    Janine smiled and whispered:
    “Of course, everytime that you will want me to.”
    They separated after a relaxing bath. Monique went back to Soma's villa, already thinking about more pleasures and new voluptuousness.


    A few days of compulsory relaxation meant for Monique the occasion to do all the annoying visiting around Sonia's house, and also a general checkup of her garderobe. But as soon as nature allowed her to satisfy it, her desire came back, just as violent as before. Janine was the first to take advantage of that state of things. While Max was traveling and was absent for a few days, Jacques consoled her, and once again, one night, while she was leaning against the stone balcony of her room, he gave her propped-up bottom the caress that had already satisfied her more than once in similar cases. She had the delightful joy of feeling the delicate and sharp tongue drilling in her narrow asshole.
    One day, at last, Max telephoned her, and she immediately went to his place. He was expecting her. It was a festival of debauchery. Long suckings at her breasts, whippings of her offered bottom, and then the slow penetration of her narrow sheath by the erected dart.
    A little bit later, when they had recuperated from all their efforts, they chit-chatted about them and their friends. Max told her that a couple of friends of his, Anamits by birth, were back to their nearby villa. It was a little bungalow, colored and ornamented with oriental emblems. They were a nice couple of lovers and worshipped of love, voluptuousness, and strange sex customs. They were passionate flagellants, but they knew the tortures that would bring the submitted woman to the limits of bearable pleasure. Max was to see them the next day. He asked Monique whether she would like to come with him and taste new and unbelievable pleasures. Her curiosity was awakened, and she accepted, reassured by the idea that Max could always be present.
    On the next day, she received, through Max, an invitation card. It was like a Christmas card-on one side were those words, in semi-oriental characters:

    “Chang and Tai” would be most pleased to have the honor of your presence to sacrifice to the great Lambda, when the full moon will reach the top of the trees. Then the Lotus flower will open, and the fruits will glow under the soft caress of the bamboos, and the love song will go to the stars.”

    The other page represented-delicately drawn and painted-a naked woman standing, her legs apart, tied to the ground by her feet. The arms were joined, tied to a rope, hanging presumably from the ceiling. She was facing a green bronze buddha, fat-bellied and sardonic, in front of which were burning little perfume censers.
    Monique remembered that the Lambda is a Greek letter, shaped as an upside down Y, and she understood the meaning of that celebration.
    Max had added a little note telling her to be in the wood, at a certain point, at nine o'clock, and giving her some instructions as to the way she should be dressed.
    The afternoon seemed endless to the young girl, and so was the evening. Immediately after the dinner, she went to her room to get ready. Fortunately the night was quite dark at this early hour. Over the dresses that he had asked her to put on she threw a long black cape, and met Max in the woods. He was waiting for her, dressed in dark blue flannel. They walked silently together to Chang's villa.
    A little Anamit, naked, her loins encircled by a large black scarf covering her pubis, opened the door without saying one word. She had small and hard breasts and seemed hardly thirteen. They went into a room where one lamp, dimmed with a violet filter, was giving a strange light.
    Monique took her cape off, and put a white silk mask over her face. Max looked at her; she was wearing a very short white flannel skirt that displayed generously the wonderfully shaped legs, and was rather a tennis skirt than a real dress. It stopped mid-thigh. The legs were naked. She had white linen shoes with high heels. Her blouse was of raw silk that clung to the smallest contours of her perfect bust. The provocative breasts were visible through two cavities tailored for that reason. The brown nipples were pointing out of two holes, star shaped. The contrast between the tanned flesh, the dark nipples, and the pale amber color of the blouse, were most delicate. She had also a little beret of white cotton posed, slightly sideways, on her hair.
    Monique and Max followed the little Anamit girl, and they all entered a large room with green silk covering on the walls. In one side a big Buddha made of green bronze in a sitting position, was displaying its monstrous stature, lit by little lamps encircling its colossal base. From the ceiling colored streamers were hanging with delicately painted dragons and flowers. And everywhere, in an artistically created disorder, were silk cushions also decorated with flowers and dragons.
    Monique, getting used to the very dim light, saw the two Anamits, kneeling in front of the Buddha, and they got up and came to them.
    He was dressed traditionally with the long frock of dark silk, and the little sharp pointed shoes. She was wearing only the black silk pants, and on her chest two sharp and erected breasts were pointing their hard nipples toward the ceiling.
    They bowed in front of the visitors, and Chang kissed Monique's hand. Then they took them to the Buddha. It was only at that moment that Monique saw the Buddha's colossal phallus. In full erection, and shining under the multicolored lamps. A strange smile was forever ornating the bronze colossal face.
    Chang showed Max to a silk cushion in one corner of the room and gave him cigarettes. He added with a strange smile: “You can smoke it, it is only tobacco.” Then he came back to his place behind Monique on a big cushion, also decorated with dragons.
    Tai came to Monique and sitting in front of her, contemplated the offered breasts enhanced by the strange cut of her blouse. She gave the pink nipples two soft kisses that had Monique shivering. Chang was admiring the long legs under the dress, and also the magnificent back. His eyes were already shining with desire.
    Slowly, and so delicately that she hardly realized it, he unhooked the blouse, and Tai took it off. The young girl blushed a little while the familiar warmth filled her veins. Her eyes were looking over Tai's shoulders at the sardonical Buddha, but she did not see Chang remove one corner of the carpet, and thus unveil a mirror on the ground with two cavities on each side in the shape of a foot. Then Chang took some incense and ceremoniously put it in the burners. A strange and powerful smell filled the room.
    Tai took Monique over the mirror that nothing was lighting. Then she fixed her hands at two variegated streamers, stopped. Then a dim pink light came from under her on the mirror. The shape of her perfect legs was enhanced by her very high heels.
    Her thighs closed, Monique was waiting, breathing the penetrating smell of the subtle perfumes. She felt Chang coming close behind her with his pillow.
    Tai was admiring the superb breasts. She covered the soft globes with her small hands and gave the teats very soft and slow caresses. Monique closed her eyes, letting joy come in her, feeling Chang's eyes on her intimates displayed by the mirror. Then Tai took a little gray feather, very light and silky, and with its tip she started caressing the nipple of one breast. It communicated a delightful sensation to the whole body of the young girl. The nipples suddenly hardened and got erected, and her whole body was soon overcome by that intoxicating sensation of pleasure.
    Monique could not hold back a deep sigh and she offered the other breast. But Tai was lingering on one breast, looking intensely at the erection of those breasts, spying the smallest shiver on that abandoned flesh. Under the increasing excitation, Monique was twisting her belly, and Chang was following in the mirror the undulations of the bottom.
    But the excitation became unbearable; in vain was she trying to offer the other breast. Tai was touching only one globe, drawing large circles, and then pinching the nipple, tickling at the hyper-sensitive flesh, and then again… and up, and down… in a light and unbearable touch…
    Now Monique was convulsively dancing like the oriental dancers over the revealing mirror for Chang's pleasure.
    The feather once again resumed its tickling of the nipple that was getting painful, so hard was the excitation. And then it went to the other breast. Monique was sighing more and more deeply and the Buddha, facing her, seemed to laugh at her delightful torment. She had the feeling that her breasts had doubled their volume under the titillation of the feather. And she understood the sense of the sentence: ”… the fruits will glow under the soft caress of the bamboos,” that she had read on the invitation card.
    Then Tai spoke with mellifluous tones:
    “Little occidental girl, open your legs, and place your feet where the Master wants you to place them.”
    Monique, sighing, the pulse beating hard at her temples, looked at Tai, but she had an absolutely impassive face, and was still caressing the globes with her feather. Then Monique slowly opened her legs and placed her feet in the two inclined holes on both sides of the mirror. The legs opened like the two branches of a compass. Monique was holding firmly the multicolored streamers, and the inclined position of the holes for her feet preventing her from sliding, keeping her from getting tired too easily. Monique, palpitating under the caress of the feather, did not care to let Chang see her sex between her legs; it had no importance. Nothing was important but her pleasure. And anyway, how many eyes had already contemplated, in a mirror, her intimacy. Tai was also sometimes looking at the yawning pink slit, but her hand was carefully caressing the exacerbated teats. Chang was taking a very great pleasure in that voluptuous sight, and could feel his member erect under his black silk pants.
    Then, under the excitation, Monique could not control herself, and once again she offered the sight of her dancing legs in the mirror, displaying and hiding her sex according to the positions that she was assuming under the caress. She was panting with pleasure, and a little bit of juice was dripping from her cunt. In one throb, she closed her legs, but Chang feared all at once. She leaned her head forward and immediately grabbed her feet, and replaced herself in the posture that she had before. Then she stopped resisting and gave herself to the spasm that was in her. She came with huge bumps of her belly, and the legs seemed to give up under her.
    Chang held the exhausted Monique and allowed her to close her legs. Tai put some more incense in the burners, and then Chang came in front of Monique, Tai from behind, unhooked the short skirt, and the completely naked body was offered to the contemplation of everyone. Even Tai was admiring and her eyes were shining with pleasure.
    Chang bent forward and started caressing the nipples with his lips; he sucked deeply at their contracted little buds, proving how he loved the contact of that hard and soft flesh. His thin fingers were caressing Monique's belly. Tai was standing behind Monique, her hands crossed over her chest.
    But then Chang stopped sucking at the breasts, and the reddened and damp nipples were out of his mouth. Chang gave Tai a sign, and then the streamers were lifted some more till the young girl's arms were nearly parallel above her head. The ankles were tied to a pair of bracelets to the ground, and the legs taken more apart. Then like a fleshy Lambda, Monique was offered to the motionless eyes of the Buddha and to the shining eyes of the other assistants.
    The only contrasting white spots on that tanned flesh were the white mask on her eyes and the little white beret. The body, lit by the mirror, was offering its pink flesh shaded by the pubic hair and the hole of her navel.
    Monique, slightly anxious, was waiting. Between her opened legs the lips of her cunt were slightly protruding, and the immodestly displayed cunt was revealed in the mirror. Sweet sight. In the silence came Tai's voice:
    “Little occidental girl, now that your breasts have given you pleasure you must offer their torture to the Buddha so that He will allow you to receive more penetrating and exciting caresses.”
    Monique took a look at Tai, she was standing sideways by the tied girl. In her hand was a cat o'nine tails, whose lashes were made of silk, tressed as little ropes, and cut quite short.
    She raised her hand and the breasts shivered, round and firm. Monique closed her eyes, more surprised than hurt by the blow that had just hit her right breast. The lashes slid on the globe, hesitating regretfully on the nipple, and again Tai raised her hand and a methodical flagellation began. The blows were calculated so that she only felt a dim warmth fill her veins. Her breasts were shaken by the harder and harder blows of the silk lashes. It did not really hurt; it was more like a kiss of fire that was irradiating through her whole body. The breasts were little by little becoming pinker and pinker. Suddenly Tai struck from the base of the breasts to the top of the globe, and sometimes the two globes would shiver and swing against each other; then Tai stroked without any precise direction and it gave the expected result. Under the diffuse flagellation the breasts became more sensitive and Monique twisted her bust. She started the most magnificent, the most lubric oriental dance. She uttered hoarse cries at each blow. Her eyes closed, her lips closed tight together, Monique was sinking in an abyss of pleasure. She felt as if her two breasts were burning coals…
    Tai was only aiming at the globes and they had now taken a deep purple coloration. From time to time the lashes hurt the nipples, and then Monique was twisting her whole body more violently. Like a puppet she was trying to free herself from her ties. Her belly was tensed, sometimes offered and sometimes refusing to be touched. Her twisted sex was opening and closing and the men were following its movements in the mirror. Then Tai started hurting her, hitting stronger and harder, but so deep was the pleasure of Monique that she did not even realize that Tai had changed to another whip, made of bigger, harder, and more dense lashes. An intense warmth covered her chest and she felt something that was either insufferable pain, or pleasure. The breasts being hit more violently, were slapping against each other. The lashes were dancing around the globes, squeezing the nipples that sometimes disappeared completely in the softer flesh of the breast, to immediately reappear, redder and harder. Her body was arching in the most lubric attitudes. Her mouth twisted, she was crying, hollering under the flagellation, and Tai knew that Monique was deeply suffering. She was openly surprised that the girl did not swoon under the violence of the whipping. But she could also see the pleasure that Chang was taking in her torture and she kept on whipping the tormented flesh harder and harder.
    The lashes were crashing on the soft flesh, squeezing, burning, biting. Then, after a last row of blows that had Monique hollering her pain like a tortured beast, she stopped tormenting the reddened flesh.
    Silence came. The only rumor was the sigh of the tortured girl, hanging from the ceiling, her head leaning on one side. Max and Chang came by, and Chang started sucking at one nipple, his caress bringing some appeasement to the burning pain that was drilling its way through Monique's body.
    Then Chang said a few words in Anamit dialect to his wife. She disappeared and came by pushing a little table on rubber wheels. It was covered by a piece of blue material and slightly inclined. The streamers were lowered from the ceiling. The table was used as a bench. The girl was now sitting on it and then she lay on it. Then, her arched body propped, her chest and its voluminous teats were delightfully offered. The ankles were tied by Chang and Tai, to a couple of bracelets also hanging from streamers that were lowered from the ceiling. When those were lifted up, the legs were propped up like a V, in a 90° angle to the belly.
    In the light of the little lamps the pulpy buttocks appeared, and then the yawning mouth of the sex, and the puckered asshole. The light of the mirror was turned out, and then another pink light came on and the ray was directed right on the girl's cunt. It was a delicate sight, that long slit, with the pulpy and slightly damp lips of the cunt protecting the love bud and her virginity. And also the sight of her anus, narrow door to her warm insides.
    Monique was slowly recuperating. Her breasts were still hurting, and she remembered the account of what had happened to the young bride, as told by Janine. She was a little scared.
    She felt a long caress on her sex. Tai, kneeling in front of her gaping and opened thighs, had posed a very soft and supple feather on her clitoris, and softly she was teasing the erected bump. The result was immediate, the little piece of flesh soon dilated, and pointed out, building out of the protective lips. Then, with the tip of the feather, Tai started caressing the tip of the clitoris, being very careful not to touch the nipples without touching the globes of the breast. Monique felt a violent excitation come in her. Her body, already exacerbated by the flagellation, got more tense, and they could all see the belly undulate, the thighs open more widely, and the sex offer its pink mouth.
    Tai, as a conscientious pupil was still brushing the end of the clitoris with the tip of the feather.
    Then came the sighs of pleasure from Monique, who, forgetting the cruel flagellation that her breasts had just endured, was now giving up under the exciting masturbation of that little feather on her most sensitive part. She came fast, in spite of the lightness of the caress. She was violent, and the contraction of the belly and the pubis surprised Tai, though she was expecting it. Monique uttered loud moans and her muscles tightened, then the cunt seemed to open, to twist a couple of convulsions, and while the cries of voluptuousness were bursting under the ornated ceiling, the cunt yawned more openly and the come juices came dripping at its edge. Tai received the juices on the feather and on her fingers. And then it was silence again, while the voluptuous belly was still convulsively agitated.
    Tai, still kneeling, was expecting, contemplating Monique's cunt, and giving her some time to recuperate. Then, pulling an ivory dildo from a little box posed at the feet of the Buddha, she posed it against the offered, puckered anus, and pushed it. It was approximately the size of a man's prick. Slowly, while Monique was moaning, half surprised and half pleased, Tai dug the dildo in her up to the hilt till her fingers met the skin of Monique's ass.
    The two men were bending on each side of Tai, and she was pushing and pulling the ivory dildo in and out of Monique's ass. But the dildo was sliding too easily in that mouth that had been taken so many times. Tai was agitating it in all directions so as to widen the passage. Max understood why when he saw the girl prepare another dildo, bigger and fatter, with a bump in its middle and whose head was olive shaped. Tai removed the other from the entrails, and posing the bigger one against the hole, she pushed violently at the pole. In went the dildo with a wet noise. The mouth seemed to open under the effort of the penetration, but the whole tool penetrated and was swallowed by the entrails and their mysteries. The whole dildo was in Monique.
    She guessed, at the sudden dilation of her asshole, the trick that had been played on her, but she did not say anything and let the voluptuousness of the penetration bring another pleasure to her.
    Tai was looking at Chang, but he said: “No, not tonight, another time.” Max saw that Tai, while agitating the dildo in Monique's ass, was closing the box that she had taken it from, and he guessed that it probably contained another dildo, even bigger. He could not imagine that she could support a bigger tool in her, so big was the one that she was already swallowing.
    Tai was slowly agitating the tool in her palpitating belly, and Max, with Chang, was watching the contractions of the asshole on the phallus that penetrated its flesh. It was a fascinating sight to see that mouth suck up the ivory. It was as two parted lips, pulled out when the dildo was pulled out, glued to the material, and then pushed in with a moist noise. Come juice was slowly dripping from the satisfied cunt and was lubricating the ivory pole, making it slide more easily in the ass.
    Excited by that shuttle movement, Monique realized that her pleasure was coming once again. She forgot all about the shameful posture she was assuming. She thought only of herself, her joy and satisfaction. Once again, her belly contracted by the voluptuous spasm, quivered, and tensed. The buttocks were propped up, offered, gaping under the sodomization. Her thighs contracted and she tried to free herself from her ties… in vain. Tai was manipulating the dildo with an expert hand, and she was slowly and inexorably bringing Monique to a climax. It happened at last, and she could not master any longer the frantic moves of her body. Tai could hardly control the movements of the dildo between her fingers. Then, contracted in her ties, Monique uttered her pleasure and fell motionless, exhausted, on the couch. Tai dropped the pole that remained implanted in Monique's ass. She watched the last nervous contractions of that body, tortured with pleasure, and then she took the shiny instrument out of her victim's flesh.
    Then Tai undid the ties that were holding Monique prisoner, and helped the girl stand up. Once again, Monique was on the mirror, her arms lifted up. And once again the dim light surrounded and enhanced the soft contour of her juvenile body.
    “Now you must dance a little, in order to charm the Master.”
    Monique listened to Tai's demand, but too exhausted to move, remained gazing and breathing heavily. Then Tai murmured:
    “You refuse? You do not know how to dance perhaps? Now, look how easy…”
    Monique cried, there was a swish in the room. Encircling the globe of one of her buttocks, the leather lash of a cat o'nine tails drew another welt on her rear. Before she could utter the faintest protestation, Monique felt a hard blow on her already oversensitive skin. Her whole body was flooded by an intense pain. Tai was an expert whipper. Monique, her teeth clenched, could not help moaning under the biting of the lashes. And, while she tried to avoid the cruel contact, she executed in front of Chang and Max the most obscene and lubric of belly dances.
    Her belly was undulating, twisting, gyrating all kinds of ways, under the stimulant action of the whip. Her navel was opening and closing, like another little mouth in the middle of her belly. The pubis was sometimes protruding, and sometimes nearly completely disappearing between her closed legs. The buttocks were already red, but Tai was not stopping. She was flogging violently the plump bottom and one could already see big blue streaks on the globes. She was flogging so violently that the lashes seemed to disappear completely in the flesh, and then suddenly reappear leaving a red mark on the tortured flesh. Monique was crying, hollering, hiccuping, her eyes bulging, her mouth twisted. That was the most serious correction that she had received for a very, very long time.
    But Chang saw the young girl was slowly reaching the extreme limits of her resistance. He gave Tai a sign, and after two more strokes, she stopped flogging the reddened bottom.
    Then Chang came by the young girl and contemplated the ruby-red buttocks. He palpitated the painfully exacerbated flesh, and then said:
    “Now you have to come and beg for mercy to the grand Master, and ask for his forgiveness for what you have done.”
    Monique's arms were untied, she rubbed her wrists and was helped on her feet by Tai and Chang. She was really tired.
    They dragged her to the dragon, and then opened a little door concealed by the bulk of the idol. They entered a dark room, But as soon as they went in a little light was set and Monique saw another buddha, made of some sort of green glass, lit from the inside by a very dim lamp, so dim that it looked nearly phosphorescent. It was a replica from the one in the other room, and Monique, for a short moment thought that there was nothing different from the other Buddha. Then Chang let her contemplate the idol. She saw that it represented a sitting buddha, his legs wide apart, the pubis protruding, and from the bump of the pubis was jutting a prick so big that it could definitely satisfy the widest cunt, and the deepest belly. Monique, dragged by Chang, could not keep her eyes away from that luminous phallus. The buddha's seemed to be waiting for her body and demanding some strange embrace.
    Monique's burning body shivered at that fabulous sight. Chang turned her around and thrust her into the Buddha's arms. She felt the glass rod against her buttocks and quivered. The glass was warm, at body temperature. Monique tried to meet Max's eyes. She saw that he was waiting for her first reaction.
    Tai and Chang were both kneeling on each side of the statue, and their eyes could not leave the Buddha's sex.
    Monique felt an intense emotion fill her burning body. It was as if she suddenly had gone crazy, as if some mysterious force was drawing her into the arms of the smiling statue. Her nipples were hard and erected under the excitement. A violent and voluptuous scent was intoxicating her; in the nearly completely dark room she could see the faces of Max and Chang only with the dim light coming from the Buddha's glass body. She looked at Tai's beautiful torso. Her breasts were jutting and seemed made out of a wonderful marble with a warm amber coloration. They all appeared as real creatures, and they were all awaiting her decision. Then she squatted, opened her legs and felt the tip of that monstrous sex between her buttocks, sliding softly in the valley between the two plump globes. She shivered, as excited as if it had been a man taking her. She rubbed herself against the hard tool, and felt it touch the puckered mouth of her ass. She sighed helplessly and once again she tried to meet Max's eyes. But Max was hypnotized, looking between her legs where he could see the slow progression of the Buddha's sex between the buttocks of the young girl. Then she leaned on the Buddha's arms, the only part of the idol that she could see. She pushed her buttocks against the prick that was dilating her asshole.
    She felt a dim pain, but also the smooth penetration of the slimy glass in her belly. But now she wanted to do it all the way, to feel deep in her body the hard feelings of that incongruous rape. Millimeter by millimeter, the huge prick's head was edging its way in the narrow sheath, sliding in her, forcing her asshole, and dilating the passage. And Monique felt the lips of her narrow mouth close on the brim of the protruding head. Then she pushed regularly and slowly felt her insides take the exact shape of the huge cylinder, mold its rotundity, and soon she felt the Buddha's glass pubis against her bottom. She gave herself completely and remain impaled in a monstrous union with the idol. Once again she looked for Max and saw him by Chang.
    Then she heard Tai's hoarse voice whispering by her ear:
    “Darling, it is so beautiful. Give yourself pleasure, you will see how exciting…”
    And she received a long kiss on her lips from Tai's lips. She was troubled by that delightful contact. Then she posed her hands on the Buddha's knees and lifted her whole body up. When she felt that the tool was going to slide completely out of her, she sat down again. She was surprised at the extraordinary voluptuousness that suddenly came in her at the renewed penetration.
    From the base of the statue another beam of dim pink light was lit, and came right between the young girl's legs. She closed her eyes and enjoyed herself like a wild animal, completely uninhibited. She was even more excited at the mere idea of the three other persons in the same room looking at her monstrous embrace with that motionless and yet lifelike image of lust personified by the glass Buddha. She was now doing all the action, rubbing her insides on the Buddha's prick, lifting her body up, and then letting it fall, impaled once again, to lift it once more. She was like a vertical pendulum sliding on that shining glass rail. The pole was going in and out of her flesh with a soft silky wet noise; it sounded a little like the suction of a syrupy kiss. Her breasts were slightly sagging under her oscillating body, and she accelerated the shuttle movement of her ass on the glass sex. Everyone was silent, and the murmur of the flesh against the glass was the only noise to be heard in that strange temple of the Ancestors.
    Monique could feel her pleasure come to a peak, but she was quite exhausted and her movements were accentuating that fatigue. Tai understood it quite well and came by her. She took her under the arms and helped her to sodomize herself. The spasms were not long coming, and Monique, biting at one of Tai's breasts, uttered her satisfaction and let herself fall between the statue's arms, while three gushes of warm liquid were flooding her insides.
    She had hardly recovered her mind when she was disimpaled and propped upon a leather couch, her bottom up and her legs apart. She felt the man's virility on her ass, and hid her face between her arms, consenting, without any shame. She hardly felt the penetration of the thin prick in her ass after the huge tool that had sodomized her for such a long time.
    But in the dark room, close to them, another woman was crying, crying with pain…
    “Tai said Chang in commanding tones.”
    “Yes Chang, but…no… not as the statue… aaah…”
    Then silence. Monique, excited by the idea of Max ass fucking the narrow and petite woman tightened her muscles on Chang's prick. She thought that she was too tired to react once more to pleasure but was amazed to find out that she was feeling her joy come back with renewed violence. If her sighs were merely from pleasure and satisfaction, Tai was now exhaling her pain in long moans. But after all she now paying for Monique's coming. They all came together in a concert of gasping noises and moans, inarticulate, fantastic, out of this world.
    With the typical oriental delicateness, Chang and Tai left Monique to dress alone in the now completely silent room. And she asked Monique to come back another time, for a big festivity that was to take place at their home. Monique, whose healthy nature was not rebuked by the idea of the whip, promised to come and kissed Tai back. She left her with the word that Tai was expecting: “I will be back!”
    She did not meet Chang before leaving the villa, and met Max waiting for her outside. They walked back to Sonia's house, silently, but when he kissed her good night, Max could easily see that Monique had been perfectly satisfied with her evening.


    Monique had a very agitated night. She dreamt of dragons, of sardonically smiling Buddhas, and she woke more than once.
    The cool air of the morning appeased her nerves. She came to the conclusion that she had lost the habit of being whipped and chastised, and some painful spot on her bottom confirmed that impression.
    Lying naked on her bed she remembered all the events of the past evening, and then only she realized the shame of the pictures that she had taken in front of perfect strangers. The horror of the situation appeared clearly to her as she remembered the lubricity of the poses, the monstrosity of her union with the glass idol. But, little by little, other memories came to her mind, delightful memories. The jutting, petite breasts of Tai, the pleasure coming in her at the contact of the warm sex of the glass buddha, the statue's arms, opened, as for some love call. And suddenly she thought that life was a wonderful, bright pink thing.
    Max called her on the phone that very morning to ask how she felt. He seemed reassured to know that she still was happy, young and gay.
    In the afternoon she and Janine went to Max's house. Both dressed in the same way, all in white, they were like two sisters, and the mirror soon reflected their intimacies to the delighted eyes of the man. Then the two young bodies rolled on the sofa where, in an exhausting embrace, Monique let loose all her thirst for passion.
    Max took a cat o'nine tails with very thin lashes and artistically began flogging the round and smooth buttocks. He started slowly, aiming at the upper part of the soft twin globes. Soon the perfect flesh started getting a network of little pink lines. Janine was not suffering, she could only feel a strange warmth irradiate her young body, starting from the bottom and reaching little by little the low part of her belly and her cunt. She was dancing the most voluptuous twist you ever saw.
    She uttered sighs and moans. Then Max, exciting himself, started flogging her more vigorously. She sighed more deeply and she accentuated the movements of her bottom. She dug her fingers in the thick wool of the carpet, and both her head and her buttocks were delightfully blushing. Monique squatted by Janine's head gave her soft kisses on the nape of her neck, whispering sweet love words that intoxicated the young girl. Max lashed harder and the thin lashes were cracking on the muscled globes. Janine now was panting, quivering and moaning while Monique caressed her breasts and promised her all the carnal joys that she would like to take on her own body, but she begged her to resist some more. At times Monique would look at the naked Max, who, completely naked, was now whipping with all his might the crying child.
    Sometimes the thin lashes would lick at the cunt and the child would let out a hard cry of pain. She tried to close her thighs but the more violent flogging reaching her sideways, soon obliging her to reopen the compass of her legs. And each time she would do so, she offered the sight of her most intimate parts, in the dim light coming from the curtained windows.
    But the pain became too violent. The child let a couple of tears roll on Monique's hand and Monique gave Max a sign. He gave another two or three violent blows to the shuddering body, and then stopped flogging the crying child. Then he knelt by her side and passionately kissed her flesh.
    Monique then stretched her voluptuous body on the carpet, her thighs wide open, her legs propped up; Janine, bending over the offered and already damp sex softly touched the open lips with her own lips, sending Monique flying high in the paradise of sexual joys. But, at the same time she felt the most exciting caress, Max was kissing her ass, and she felt the most perfect pleasure creep deep in her when his tongue reached her asshole and slowly started penetrating the narrow passage. Then while Monique was uttering little gasps of pleasure, the same song came out of her own sex where Janine's mouth was glued and sucking with all her juvenile strength.
    Max had to use both hands to keep some control over the youngster's bottom when the spasm came, so violent were the contractions and twists of the enthralled body. Monique came at the same time, and she could not tell whether it was under the expert caress of Janine's tongue or merely under the excitement of the situation, the cries of Janine and her moans of pleasure bringing on her own sex a warm breeze that was the most powerful of aphrodisiacs with the constant titillation of the young tongue on her dripping cunt.
    When the child had recovered her mind, they all returned to the sofa. Max asked Janine to assume the most revealing and daring poses that enhanced all the contours of her juvenile and appetizing body, then he motioned to her and propped his erected penis to her. The child knelt by the sofa, slightly sideways, and started sucking at the swollen and shivering dart.
    Monique posed her forefinger on Janine's sticky asshole and slowly forced it in completely; her eyes closed, she tried to imagine, referring to the contractions that she felt on her own finger, the joy that a man could feel when his prick was embedded in that warm flesh. Monique was moving her finger softly in the narrow sheath, and the child, extremely contented by that action, was purring softly while sucking at the penis, now erected at its maximum. But Max, who did not want to come in the young girl's mouth, moved back, and turned the child around. Monique regretfully let go the asshole, Max posed his penis all slimy with Janine's narrow asshole.
    Then slowly, but with all his force, he dug his powerful penis, dampened and lubricated by the former sucking of the child, into her hole. The child uttered a long cry while accepting that huge blade that was distending her narrow slit. Her complaint stopped only when the hairy belly of the man reached the round and protruding firm little buttocks.
    Max moderately sodomized the young body, watching his own penis slide in and out of the intimate sheath, and the contractions of the brown lips around his cylinder. Soon, the pleasure became too powerful and Max increased his pace, shaking the young body, impaled on him up to the swollen balls. The child herself, driven out of her mind by the simultaneous actions being fucked in her ass with such violence, shaken by that huge pole, masturbated from the inside by the shuttle movement of that pole of flesh in her entrails, her breasts shivering under her torso, gave herself completely. When she felt the three warm gushes of hot sperm splurt in her, she came in a complete frenzy and with never before attained violence.
    Max thanked Monique when she said that that was enough for the day. They were all quite tired and self-satisfied.
    The night was calmer and the sunny morning that followed brought to Monique a renewed thirst for adventures and new pleasures. Nothing was happening and Monique thought that it was a bad omen for the rest. Jacques was nothing but annoying, and Monique, taking advantage of the nap time, took a book and headed to the woods for a little walk.
    It was a very hot afternoon. She reached the beach by a short cut through the dunes and sat in a deserted corner. She looked around her; the sea was getting a little rough. This was probably due to the winds that had been blowing for the major part of the night.
    Children were playing on the beach and their hollerings annoyed Monique. She walked for a little time, and she arrived at a point where there was an old Bunker from World War II-many lovers knew the place because its thick walls provided them with a shelter for their embraces. The walls were covered with little drawings, from the heart and arrow with letters coupled in it, to more obscene and precise drawings.
    Monique saw that another girl was visiting the abandoned fortress, a young girl in her twenties, whose swollen short and bouncing brassiere enhanced more than concealed her voluptuous shapes. Fair haired, her skin a nice amber tone, long and slender legs, she was looking absent mindedly at the litter on the ground in the bunker.
    Monique waited for a moment, and when she was certain that the girl was alone, she came to her and started talking with her. When seen at close range, she was a girl without any extraordinary features, just nice and healthy, soft eyes, and rather happy to meet somebody. They walked out of the bunker together and moved toward the nearby woods.
    Her name was Denise. She was employed by a factory that specialized in the fabrication of spare parts for aviation plants. She was spending her annual vacation here with her parents. Monique offered her a cigarette and was amused at the trouble she could feel in the other girl at the sight of her firm and arrogant breasts under the thin and revealing blouse. Then, pretending to be sunbathing, Monique simply took off her blouse. Her splendid torso was then displayed to the wondering eyes of the admiring young girl. She remained breathless in mute contemplation of the two perfect fruits, with their erected nipples, hard as a warm stone in the sun. She could not keep her eyes away from the breasts that Monique was now far from concealing.
    “It does not bother you if I take off my blouse? After all we are only women together…”
    “Oh no,” replied Denise, with a weak and trembling voice. “But I have never seen such perfection.”
    “Mine are a little too big; yours seem to be more proportioned.”
    “Oh no. Mine are quite big, but the flesh is somewhat too soft, while yours…”
    Monique caressed her teats and their erected nipples, testing their hard texture, and leaving her hands on the globes.
    “It may be cute like that, when you are naked, but sometimes in life it is really annoying when you are fully dressed.”
    “Oh yes,” agreed Denise, with a sad look on her face.
    “You seem to have rather bad memories about that?”
    Denise was easy to get acquainted with; she spoke without restraint. Monique realized that the other girl was on the brink of more intimate confidence. She leaned over a still timid Denise and, unhooking the brassiere, she freed the two heavy breasts of the girl; they were large teats indeed, with long nipples, swollen on the round globes.
    Monique contemplated the girl for a little while, then she placed her hands on the shivering flesh. Denise, still blushing, made more adventurous after Monique's overture, started caressing Monique's breasts. They soon came to exchange ardent kisses on each other's chest. Their hands were sliding in the shorts, or under the skirt and brushing the hair of the already dampened sexes.
    Then, holding the girl close to her, letting her kiss her from time to time, Monique listened to the sad account of the misfortunes of Denise, while she was delicately titillating the erected love bud between the young girl's soft lips.
    Denise had been hired at the factory and was holding a position as clerk; she was also in charge of spare parts and had to spend quite a long time each day in the storage department of the factory, in long walls between the endless rows of cases and shelves containing the various bolts and screws that the factory was producing. One hot day, she was not wearing anything but a rather thick blue blouse, and was completely naked under it. She was directly under the orders of a rather old man, who had been in the job all his life. In that rather deserted place of the factory she felt quite relaxed. After the deliveries in the morning nobody came to disturb her while she was working. She was really quiet. She had noticed however the obscene allusions of two workers who always whispered words when passing near her corner. But she had settled the matter once and for all and sent them to hell. A third man, looking harder than the others did not seem to have understood and he still insisted. Denise was kind of scared of this one.
    That precise day her direct supervisor was not here. Denise was alone, slowly checking a catalogue in a dark Corner of the storage room. She was checking each part and presently was occupied at checking the ones placed in the upper shelves. To reach the shelves she had to put one foot on each side of the little alley between the two rows of shelves, and she had thus her legs wide apart. Suddenly, lowering her head, she saw under her, the two men she had so violently rebuked in the past. They were staring at her revealed flesh. She immediately wanted to close her legs, but before she could make one move they took hold of her ankles and maintained her firmly in her position between the shelves. At the same moment she felt, as in a nightmare, the other man, behind her, climbing on the shelves and pulling her arms back to tie her hands. Then in two seconds he unhooked the blouse and she was naked, her sex and breasts exposed to the men. Her wide open legs were revealing her sex in the most obscene way, and she had absolutely no way of concealing an inch of her body from them. She could feel the warm breathing of the men between her legs; the other one was pressing her teats vigorously, as if he was trying to milk her. She wanted to cry, holler, do something, but was paralyzed with fear and could not move.
    But she started moaning, and immediately they brought her down, and gagged her with some oily rags that they found on the ground. Then they stretched her body between the rows of shelves, on the ground, and tied her ankles and wrists to each side of the alley. She could not even kick, or move, and was completely at their mercy. Their hands, their hard rough, calloused hands, wandered on her naked body. With revulsed eyes she saw, she felt their mouths suck the nipples of her breasts, and she felt the saliva drip on her torso. Fingers insinuated between her buttocks, found her asshole, and forced their way in it, remaining in her warm entrails, while other fingers checked the girl's virginity. They laughed at the movements she did to try to escape their brutal touch when they started penetrating her with their hard fingers. She was offering the most exciting display of flesh, with her hands and legs taken apart. They started discussing about who would be the first to take her.
    She was wishing somebody would come and that he nightmare would come to an end, but nothing was happening, and she thought that they had probably closed the door and locked themselves in, knowing perfectly well that at such a late hour nobody would come and disturb them in the fulfillment of their crime. She overflowed with horror-the man that she hated more than others wanted to be the first to take her.
    “But, we all want to see how it works, why should you be the first?”
    “Ah, you want to see how it goes? There is nothing easier. Look.”
    Denise heard their laughs. And then she heard the noise of a metal piece in one of the shelves. Then she tried once again to free herself from her ties, understanding what they were up to.
    “NO, NOT THAT!”
    They were certainly not going to rape her with that chromed tube, with its rounded head of shining metal. NO… that could not be true. She was struggling as much as she could in complete bondage. A couple of hard slaps crashed on her buttocks. Then she saw them, under her legs, kneeling to see, and she felt fingers open the lips of her cunt. They contemplated her virginity, commenting the beauty of the untamed flesh with atrocious words.
    She felt the cold metal slide its way between the soft walls of their sex. It was not a very big tube, hardly more than 2 inches in diameter. That allowed them to see the flesh around the little metal cylinder. The man pushed slowly, and the distended flesh resisted a little. The others were holding the lips wide open so that they could watch more conveniently the progression of the metal in the tormented sex. The pressure became higher and Denise, horrified, overwhelmed with an intense disgust, felt the most horrible sensation of something breaking in her, tearing her own flesh apart. They saw the tender skin burst open and blood started coming, while a dim cry came from under the gag over the girl's mouth. The little cylinder penetrated a couple of inches more. They removed it, and after feeling the newly opened way in the sex, they said: “To the oldest…”
    And the elder man, a stout fellow, with gray temples, undid his pants exhibiting a bulky rod, put it in position, and in one hard move sent it completely up to the hilt in the bleeding cunt. Another cry was lost in the rags on her mouth, and Denise had to undergo that repellant coitus, that churning in her tortured flesh. She tried to escape, but in vain. The man was strong and was holding her, motioning her in an opposite movement from his, thus accentuating the violence of his penetration. The flabby balls were slapping the lips of the young cunt. Horror grew in her when she felt the pace increase, and then he spat his senile sperm in her vagina.
    He had hardly removed his tool from her belly than another one penetrated her. Hard and long, the prick was fornicating the young girl. Tears were rolling on her cheeks. He was not long, and soon her cunt was filled with his thick sperm. Then the other one turned her over, and, in spite of the gag, they could all hear the cry that she let out…
    “What have you done?”
    “I raped her, you fools.”
    And he showed his belly glued to the ass of the young girl. Moving a little he showed his tool impaled in the propped up bottom.
    They laughed.
    “Clever boy. Come on, now, let us hurry; we do not have much time left.”
    And, while caressing the body, shaken by the violent churning of the worker's dick in her ass, they all commented on the beauty of the show, and appreciated its rarity.
    Soon, the man slowed his pace, sighed, and removed his prick, after taking his pleasure in that virgin ass now slimy with gunk.
    Then they untied the girl, allowing her to stand while her legs were still held to the shelves without removing her gag. One of them took one of the nipples between his hard fingers, and twisted it viciously; when he saw terror in her eyes he said:
    “If you speak, first of all we will have you sacked because nobody will believe you, and then we will give you such a wallop that you would not and could not forget it for the rest of your life. And for your nipples, what would you think if we treated them with a pair of pliers?”
    Denise, panicked under the intolerable pain at her breasts, hiccupping, crying, promised, swore whatever they wanted her to swear to. She had to lean against the walls while they were going away, and had hardly the strength to drag herself to the toilets. She hesitated and did not complain. At night she saw them following her at a distance-the next day she resigned without giving a reason for her decision.

    During the whole confession, Monique caressed the young girl between her legs, alternating kisses on her lips and on her breasts. Lost in a wonderful dream, the girl stopped speaking and remained silent for a couple of minutes before the orgasm seized her and left her panting after a couple of contractions; her belly was twisting delightfully under the action of the finger that was slowly penetrating her.
    Monique let her recuperate for a moment and then resumed her questioning about her life, and also about the reason why her nipples had taken such a shape and size.
    Denise came closer to Monique and caressed her breasts. She let her fingers linger on the young girl's body, and her hand went under Monique's skirt, between the closed legs, on the sex, and insinuating between the moistened lips. For a little moment Denise stared at Monique, surprised, but she did not say anything and resumed her caress, she also continued her account of her loves and misfortunes.

    Denise remained one whole month unemployed. Her personal savings were running out and she spent her last pennies at the gynecologist, because the horrible event that had occurred in the storage room had consequences that she preferred to stop immediately. She found another job in the same specialization, and was working in another, smaller factory under the orders of an elderly man. It did not take her a very long time to realize that the man was quite attracted by her youth. After a couple of mistakes the man made it clear to her that if she wanted to stay she would have to do some “efforts.”
    “A girl with teats like yours always has a way to be forgiven when she does something wrong…”
    She needed the money badly, and one night she agreed to stay in the factory after closing hours. They went together in the darkest corner of the office and once again she felt all the fears and disgust from the first time come back to her. She felt without any reaction the hands of the man on her chest. In the silent building she heard his accelerated breathing. He opened her blouse and unhooked the brassiere. He pushed the blouse backwards and the material fell on her slightly folded arms. Then she felt the man's lips on her nipples, in a deep sucking. Her eyes closed; she felt the tongue lick at the reddened nipples, the teeth biting without too much strength on the exacerbated buds. No matter how disgusted she was, she felt the titillation of excitement in her most intimate flesh. She closed her legs more firmly and the man went on sucking at her breasts. He was playing with the twin globes and feeling their volume, consistency, and weight, the way a sculptor would prepare a block of clay before modeling it.
    Denise tried once to move away from the head, glued as a leech to her bosom, but he slapped her hands, and she gave up all resistance. His thick lips remained on the hypersensitive teats, and his hands started wandering on her body. He found the blouse nearly unbuttoned and soon reached the small pink crotch, and insinuated himself between her legs. She closed her legs more tightly, but then he bit her cruelly. She had to give up, and soon the finger insinuated more deeply in her warm vagina. She let the finger penetrate her, and slowly rub at the exacerbated love bud. Tightening his grip around her with his left arm, and his mouth still glued at her breast, he masturbated her furiously.
    Denise let pleasure come in her, and the spasm reached her with clenched teeth. She did not resist, and with a series of bumps she let the warm sap ooze out of her cunt and moisten the man's fingers.
    He let her recover her spirits, and she found herself naked in front of him. He was contemplating her; then he helped her to get dressed. With surprisingly sweet gestures he walked her in silence to the gate of the factory. She did not refuse his hand when he said good bye.
    From that day on, commenced a sweet kind of blackmail. It was very seldom that Denise could go home without a little stop with the man in the back of the storage room. Sometimes he found his satisfaction just by licking and sucking her teats, but sometimes he let his hands go between her thighs, and he did not let her go without receiving the warm liquid on his fingers, proving that she had come and met her pleasure.
    But he was also nice to her. He bought pastries, and some sweets, and now she was no longer afraid of him, and felt only shame, but no fears when she followed him to the shelves.
    She let him caress her in any way he wanted to and, it is maybe under the ardent sucking that the nipples took on their unusual proportions. One day he asked her to climb on the shelves, as if she had to reach something in the upper ones, so that she had to let him see her nakedness from below, between her legs, the way the others had done with her on that famous first night. (She shivered every-time she thought about the terrible evening.) and she did not close her legs, so nice and gentle was the man. Then Denise entered another era of sweet and sour tortures. This man, who could not satisfy any woman, tried to take his revenge in excitations that he gave to that sex that his own flesh could not and would never penetrate. He gave her cunt the attentions and care that he had, up to then, reserved to her teats, and her cunt was sucked, her clitoris titillated, masturbated, excited constantly.
    To appease her shame he had her salary increased in a reasonable way, and she accepted, and nearly every night her teats or her cunt were the victims of that transaction. He become more and more demanding; he would sometimes bit her intimate flesh cruelly and sometime she cried out her pain. That is how one night the boss found them in the storage room. He fired the man, but kept Denise. But he gave her his conditions the next day and kept her one hour in his office. She got out of it, panting, gasping, her breasts painful globes, and a strange sour taste in her mouth. For a long hour the walls of the directorial office had echoed her cries and moans.
    From that day on, Denise entered the commercial service of the factory, she was at the boss's orders and no one else's. She was taking care of the bookkeeping. She had to enter his office every night when everyone else was leaving, and then bear the consequences of the deal that she had made by fear of a miserable life.
    She had to unbutton her blouse. She was wearing a brassiere of a certain type, made of black silk, with large holes so that the nipples and a little piece of white flesh was free. Then the man, getting up, tied Denise's hands to the handles of the drawers in his office. And then he would start sucking at her teats, biting and hurting the delicate flesh. He would pinch the nipples till she could not bear it. Sometimes he would hit her breasts with a supple stick, and would only stop when her cries were too loud and could be heard from outside.
    The session generally ended when a kneeling Denise, sucking at the man's dick, received in her mouth the thick and warm sperm that gushed out of him.
    Little by little he tortured her more and more; he finally came to dig thin needles in her breasts, her teats, getting hard and longer under the treatments, were now nearly completely insensitive. They were about the size of a regular bottle nipple and Monique was caressing their hard bulks, rolling under her fingers.
    Monique once again caressed and let Denise caress her in return. Then she tactfully asked her to come with her one night at Max's, just in order to have a pleasant evening. She made it clear to Denise that Max was a very nice and pleasant man, that he was also generous and probably could help her have a pleasant vacation. Denise refused and would not let Monique try to convince her; then little by little, and considering the profit and possibly the pleasure that she would get out of that, she accepted. Monique knew that Denise wanted badly a little necklace made of scarlet coral, and a country shawl. Then Monique inquired about Denise's dress. They agree that she should put on a white blouse and a plain gray skirt. Of course nothing under it.
    In due time Monique, who had first been at Max's to bring the gifts for Denise that she had purchased herself (Max had tried to do it, but Monique would not let him) and Denise came to Max's villa. Soon they were together in the dark room, embraced on the famous mirror. Denise was quite intimidated. Then the blouses opened, but Max gave all his attention to Denise. He admired the long and thick nipples and paid them the regards they were supposed to receive. Monique got the leather bracelets and while Max was caressing the girl, she tied her wrists. Soon, Denise was exactly as Monique had been at Chang's, arms lifted up, and breasts provocatively propped.
    Then, while a naked Monique started caressing herself softly, Max tortured Denise's breasts as Monique had told him to do. Soon the girl was crying her voluptuous pain proving that Max was at least as good as her former employer. Monique, excited by the show, was frantically masturbating, watching the tortured body twist in front of her, hanging by the cables where the bracelets were attached.
    Then Max took a whole box of thin gilded needles. The girl, horrified, closed her eyes and prepared for the pain, clenching her teeth. One by one, Max put the needles in her nipples; at each penetration the girl was twisting and moaning a little bit louder, and more violently. Then all the needles were in the globes, covering the nipples with a golden network. Monique was masturbating faster and faster, standing up in front of the martyred girl.
    Finally the last needle was stabbing the poor girl and she uttered a last moan. Max lovingly contemplated his masterpiece. Then he undid the ties that were holding his victim in bondage, and brought the girl to a mirror. She looked at her own torso and its strange decoration. Then Max took her skirt away.
    He took a long look at the naked girl, letting his eyes wander between her legs, an din the abundant fleece of blonde hair over her cunt, then he took the needles out of her teats. There was hardly a drop of blood when he was through with that operation.
    Max then undressed too. The girl kneeling in front of him gave him the same caresses she gave her boss; she knew all the different ways to suck and lick, the erected penis. Max did not resist and let loose heavy gushes of thick sperm.
    The girl, used as she was to her employer's prick, did what she was expected to do; she mixed the sperm with her saliva, tasted it, and then slowly swallowed it. It was the first time Max had come under such a sucking and he could not recuperate as easily as usual.
    Denise came up and went to Monique; she dug her face between the thighs of the girl and gave her all the delights that the caresses of Lesbos can provide. When he heard his friend moan and sigh, Max felt his virility pop back in action; he got up and admired the two women embraced in front of him. He propped Denise's bottom up, opened her thighs a little, and then put his damp and erected tool against the opening of her cunt. He thrust himself in with one violent blow, and Denise could not restrain a cry of pain. It was the first time after her rape that another penis was penetrating her, and she was still quite narrow. To Max it was like breaking her in. He fucked the young girl violently and the two woman were moaning and crying their pleasure at the same time.
    Monique had to press Denise's head between her muscled thighs. The other girl was coming so violently under the violence of Max's assault that she forgot completely to caress her friend. Both girls came together and only then Max stopped. He gave Denise a couple of minutes break. Then, removing his hard penis from her slimy vagina, he put the head of his tool against the puckered and narrow mouth of her ass. He pushed himself in slowly but firmly. At first Denise was scared, even hurt, but oh, what a sweet feeling for Max to be penetrating in that nearly completely virgin ass. Max's forces were renewed at the mere thought of what he was doing, and he accelerated his pace. The girl was not feeling any pleasure-it was all pain for her-but Max was enjoying himself thoroughly and he did not release her before coming another time, and spitting his hot sap in her insides.
    After a little trip to the bathroom, the three of them, naked, took some Champagne and that liquor somewhat revived the temper of Denise. Once again Monique came under the expert sucking of her girl friend's tongue and Max enjoyed the pleasures of her warm cunt. But he did not come before Monique had been satisfied and then when Denise could concentrate fully on what was being done to her, he slowly but powerfully fucked her once again, bringing her to the edge of madness in pleasure, giving her all the joys she could expect from love. Once again then they met around a bottle of Champagne, then they dressed and got up to go. Max took out of his wallet two twenty dollar bills, and stuck in their middle part two long gilded needles. He slowly came to Denise…
    She looked at him, then at the banknotes, and at the thin needles, and suddenly she understood. She lowered her head, still hesitating, then Max murmured:
    “Up to the head… in the nipples.”
    The girl gave the needles another close look. Very thin, about 2/3 inch long, the metal was shining in the light of the room.


    Monique behind Denise, opened the blouse, and pulling the girl's arms behind her back, propped the arrogant breasts. Denise put her head on Monique's shoulder, and nodded affirmatively to Max. Then she closed her eyes and waited.
    “There?” inquired Max.
    “Yes,” was the whispered answer from the girl.”
    She uttered a short moan, the kind of cry a hurt kitten would utter, and then as if it were glued to the firm breast, the banknote was concealing the whole mass of the globe. The girl was shivering; she looked at her torso, then at Max, intensely, straight in the eyes. She panted again when he pinned the other bill on her other teat. Monique then took her friend by the hand and brought her in front of a wall mirror. Then Max took the needles out of the tortured breasts and he buttoned the blouse.
    Denise burst out in tears. Monique tied the coral beads around the neck of Denise and gave her the shawl. Half forgetting the pain, the girl tried to smile.
    Max took both girls, one to her hotel, the other to her villa. He did not know what to do to thank Monique for what she had just been doing for him, but she was as happy as he was from the whole story. They parted, each of them perfectly satisfied over an exciting evening.
    Monique dreamed all night about the girl, her rape, and her fabulous teats.
    The next day she received from Chang, through Max, an invitation card:
    “In order to celebrate the sublime feast of the sacred Hevea, at the time when the bountiful sap runs from the trees, Tai and Chang will receive their friends, and are inviting the pearl of the Occident to come in front of them to open her deep flower and receive the tribute of the supple lashes, according to the rites of Annam.”
    The second page of the invitation showed in an exquisite manner, a woman knelt at the feet of the impassive Buddha, her thighs wide apart, displaying her most intimate charm to the eyes of a row of Asiatics kneeling behind her…
    Already shivering with anticipated pleasures, Monique admired the little painting, and immediately telephoned Max to tell him that she was accepting. They agreed that she had to be completely dressed in black. And later in the evening Monique went and met Max, who, in his best tuxedo, was waiting for her in the nearby woods.
    After the ritual welcome they entered the main living room, following the little bare-breasted Asiatic girl. On the threshold, Monique, a little shy, looked inside. They had replaced the sardonical smiling Buddha by the luminous glass one; he was assuming the same attitude, and his stretched arms seemed to call for Monique's embrace. He was propped on the huge mirror, and was reflected in its clearness as in some deep lake.
    On each side of the Buddha, were Tai and Chang, in their best ceremonial attire. In half a circle, were six Asiatics, squatting on cushions. In front of each of them a cup, and in front of the cup a little bulb, dark purple…
    Tai got up to greet the visitors, and holding their hands, brought them in front of the Buddha. They halted in front of the idol, and Tai seemed to pray. Then they went by Chang, who asked Max to sit by his side.
    Tai took Monique with her on the other side of the Buddha, then showing her a china teapot, she said:
    “At the solemn celebration of the feast of the Hevea, it is customary, when a European woman is invited to our rites, to give her the honor of serving the tea to other guests. However to do so she has to assume the same position that the women in our countries do, when they take care of their homes. That is, squat on the ground, your knees must not touch, and it is also part of the rite that the lamp of the ancestors must be between your feet.
    Tai gave Monique the teapot and bowed in front of her, then she sat down. Monique quite upset came to the first Asian and stood her feet on each side of the luminous purple bulb. The man, without any expression on his face was looking at the elegant curves of the legs and thighs. Monique understood then what Tai was expecting from her, and in the silence of the room she opened her legs and placed her feet on each side of the little lamp.
    Then slowly she squatted on the ground, her knees wide apart. Her dress, in a half circle, concealed to the other guests the little lamp, but in front of her nothing was concealed. The material of her dress was rolled up on her legs, and the man could see under the skirt, the thighs, white over the black silk stockings and the crotch, with its golden fleece, and under it the pubis, and even far deeper, the puckered mouth of her asshole.
    Monique was hesitating; she felt at the same time, rebellion, shame, and desire. She did not know to which feeling she had to surrender. She was so absorbed in her meditation that she nearly missed the man's cup, and thought that she had poured the tea out of the cup. She looked at the man, but he was not paying any attention to his cup-he was watching Monique between her legs as if hypnotized. Otherwise his face did not betray any emotion, and his hands were concealed by the long and wide sleeves of his ceremonial dress. Little by little the cup was filled up to the brim, and Monique finally got up. The man did not even so much as look at her when she did so. Monique however noticed that he had closed his eyes, perhaps in order to keep more clearly in mind the vision of that treasure that he had been contemplating while she was pouring the hot drink in his cup.
    Slowly Monique walked in front of the next guest and then again she knelt and squatted on the ground, revealing to the eyes of the oriental the secret of her intimacies while the hot tea was filling his cup.
    One by one, each cup was filled, and at each time Monique felt a strange voluptuousness in exposing to the eyes of those perfectly unknown men, her most secret parts. Then suddenly, when she had just finished pouring the tea in the last cup, a strange melody was piped in the room. And the young Asiatic girl that had introduced them in the living room mimed in front of the guests a ritual dance.
    But had that dance been created to be danced in such a way? The young girl was completely naked. On her a sort of turban was posed on her hair, as a crown, and a long necklace of black pearls, with a huge stone encrusted at the end of the loop. She wore bracelets with the same motif. She was barefooted. Monique could not understand all three symbols of the so-called sacred dance but she could see the looks that the men were giving the girl.
    Their eyes attached to her cunt, watching any movement that could open that sweet and pink mouth. The Annamite was quite supple and it really was a pleasure to see her body twirl around the men; she did not reveal her most secret part in that dance.
    Monique leaned over Tai's shoulder and asked:
    “How old is she?”
    “Fourteen. Supple isn't she? Her breasts are a little too small as far as the Master's taste is concerned, but she has other qualities.”
    And Monique saw Tai smile for the first time.
    The dance ended with the record, and the girl gracefully bounced away. They all finished their tea, and Chang gave a signal. All the lights were dimmed and the Buddha's phallus was soon the only light left in the room. The men also turned their lamps out.
    Tai got up, and taking Monique by the hand, took her to the middle of the room. She undid the blouse, and caressed the marvelous globes for a couple of minutes.


    “It is part of our rite, when women are present at that festivity, that they should offer their suppleness and other qualities to our God. For us, the feast of the Sacred Hevea is a very important one. As you know, economically speaking, the Hevea is our bread and butter, and we have to be grateful to our God for giving us such a marvelous tree. Now it is your turn to pay the God His tribute-in your own way, but it is also a tradition that you do your dance, or at least a little part of your dance in front of each of the guests before you perform it completely in front of the Buddha. Now show us if you are as slender and supple as the little Congai.”
    Tai unzipped the little silk skirt that Monique was wearing, and the girl was naked except for her hat, her veil, and her black stockings and high heels. Tai moved away from her, and Monique was left alone in the middle of the room, shivering with apprehension, but also with impatience for the coming pleasure.
    Then the little purple lamp was lit in front of the first man. The young girl who had just finished dancing now was sitting in a corner of the room, playing some sort of harp, and a strange beat, more animal than melodious, filled the room.
    Monique had no special knowledge of dancing, but all females instinctively know how to react when they are supposed to be seducing the male. She found the exact poses, and movements. And more like an Arab belly-dancer than a priestess of Dali, she started dancing. She revolved on herself, twisting slowly, and offering each side of her body to the men's hungry eyes. Her breasts were moving gently and the light of the little lamp seeming to enhance-if possible-their volume. Her eyes half closed, Monique was dancing, her arms above her head, her torso provocatively offered, when she saw that another lamp was lit. She understood the invitation and moved in front of the other guest. And then another, and then another, and another. In front of Chang and Tai she danced for a longer time, and they seemed to appreciate it. Then Tai showed her the Buddha, and his luminous dick gleaming in the dark.
    In front of the glass statue, Monique had to do her act again. And then her flesh was reflected in the mirror upon which lay the glass god. Monique was entranced, she did not know that she was doing any more. She was frankly obscene and her ass was rubbing against the warm glass dick of the Buddha, she was dancing between the stretched arms, and miming the most obscene possession. She really wanted the statue. They were all strangely silent, watching the dance.
    When it was all over, Monique, exhausted came back to her corner, with Tai and Chang. The young girl held her arm, and gave her a little wooden box.
    “At the occasion of the Hevea Rite, your oriental friends beg you to accept that present.”
    Monique, a little surprised, opened the box while the child-woman moved away. First of all she could not guess what it was; she could not see anything but a pack of rubber bands with long fringes. It was more like a net.
    She looked at Tai who had come closer, and Tai took one of the “things” out of the box; Monique then saw, in the dim light coming from the Buddha, a brassiere made of rubber bands. The nipples were only protected by a crisscross of rubber bands. From the center of the cross, a long rubber band was hanging, about six inches. The same thing was repeated in other parts of the strange outfit. The whole thing was white and looked quite pretty.
    When the bra had been attached, Tai took the other piece, and, after asking Monique to open her thighs, put it on her. It was a pair of the strangest panties you could think of, made with rubber bands too, with the same long ones hanging in front and on the back of it. One was precisely to the asshole; the other one was exactly over her cunt, at the precise point where the clitoris is a little bit swollen, and most sensitive. When Monique was “dressed” in the whole suit, Tai turned herself toward Chang, and said:
    “Master, it is now the time when the song that charms the spirits of the Hevea must come in its full amplitude, and this is the instrument on which you will play it. Chang bowed ceremoniously. Tai pushed Monique toward him. He pushed her against the statue, her back to the Buddha, and tied her arms at the Buddha's arms. Monique, standing up, was offering the sight of her white body, and the dim light coming from the Buddha's dick under her gave her a supernatural appearance. Two spotlights went on and their beams were centered on Monique's breasts, enhancing their size and roundness…”
    Then all the guests got up and formed a circle around Monique. Tai took one of the long rubber strings hanging from her teats, pulled it, and then let it go suddenly.
    Then and only then did Monique understand what subtle torment was going to be hers. Tai was already pulling another rubber string and again the material bit into her soft flesh.
    Then started a voluptuous pain for the young girl, every band was stretched and then released, and it cracked on her skin with a snap, and the pain stabbed her and a strange warmth came all over her body. The globe was getting harder, excited; from time to time she uttered a cry and looked as if surprised at the piece of rubber which had bitten more cruelly into her soft and tender skin.
    Tai was playing with her body as if it had been some music instrument. The pain was in Monique's body, but she could not really hate it. It was more like some dizziness coming all over her, intoxicating her. Sometimes she twisted her body in her ties, and then she would feel the Buddha's glass phallus between her legs. That would cause such a shock that she would forget the rubber contraption till the first band stroked her again. She was now nearly completely insensitized and her body was undulating between the arms of the God.
    After two harder blows on her nipples, Tai stopped torturing her and untied Monique. Then she pushed her in front of the God, and before she could make a move, she was tied to another contraption, two wooden benches, X shaped, on which she was tied again, as on a St. Andrew's cross, legs, and arms, apart. She was displaying her secret flesh to everybody's eyes, and her buttocks were propped up appetizingly.
    Another light came from the Buddha and lit her from behind. Then Tai took the little fringes hanging from her pants and started pulling the rubber bands. But Monique was not too sensitive on the fanny after all the flogging and whipping that she had endured. The hardest blows that Tai could give her, pulling the strings as hard as they could go, were hardly enough to bring a sigh on the girl's lips.
    Monique was dreaming about something harder, and that little intermezzo was only exciting her, not satisfying her, bringing to her cunt the moisture of her come juices.
    Then Tai pulled the little band hanging from her clitoris. Monique throbbed and cried under the pain that suddenly came over the center of her pleasures, and again and again Tai was pulling and slashing the little rubber across the soft and moist bud. Monique tried to escape from her ties, begged, cried, in vain. Methodically, her eyes shining with pleasure, Tai was sanding the little rubber string across her friend's cunt. She remembered receiving the same treatment and she knew exactly how it felt.
    When she saw that Monique could not bear it any longer, she stopped at that point but then grabbed the string hanging from her asshole, and let go. Monique thought for a split second that she had been ass fucked by a monstrous dick, but again the rubber was biting at her soft mouth. She was trying to get out of her bondage, but in vain, and Fffft, the rubber string hit her again, and again…
    Then Tai spoke:
    “Now, little girl, to thank you for your song and dance, my friends here will pay the tribute due to your quality, and be happy.” So saying she let Chang come to her place. He pulled the string at her asshole and let go when it was stretched as far as it could without breaking. Monique hollered. Another man came, but he pulled the one on her sex, and once again she hollered. As each man pulled she felt another pain, and another different cry came from Monique's panting body. The sixth man leaned over Monique and pulled simultaneously the two rubber strings hanging from her breasts. And then came Max. He hesitated for awhile, and then pulled and let go the string at her anus.
    Tai removed the bra and panties, while the statue became a darker green. Then Tai helped Monique to a long cushion on the ground at the other end of the room. Tai asked her to lie on her back, and then Monique felt between her opened thighs the cool flesh of a very young girl. The light was too dim for her to be able to see who it was, but she felt the mouth glued to her sex, and the tongue that started caressing her in such an expert way that she soon forgot all about the tortures that she had undergone.
    Monique felt another head on her breasts and felt the hair and the collar of Tai's dress. Then… who was between her thighs? Tai guessed her thoughts, and held Monique's hands so that she could not go to her sex and find out. Monique gave up and let pleasure come all the way. She came with a long cry, in the terrible spasms of pleasure too long restrained.
    She had hardly recuperated, when she felt very small hands on her breasts, then a young mouth kissing at the nipples. She tried to look, then Tai told her:
    “Please, never mention it; you have not been caressed by the Congaie, but by my daughter. She wanted it so much…”
    “But how old is she?”
    Monique quivered at the thought that she had been sucked by a six year old child. She drew the child closer to her and passionately kissed her on the lips. But at the same time her thighs were opened by someone older, and she recognized the style of the Congaie.
    The light came back in the Buddha, and the Congaie got up without finishing the caress that she had just started.
    Tai helped Monique up.
    “Do not fear anything, little goddess. Tonight you have paid what you had to pay, whatever will happen now will only bring pleasure to you.”
    She kissed her, and then resumed her position by the statue. She put a cushion at the foot of the statue. “Now,” she said, “now, open your legs. Kneel down.” Monique did as she was instructed. Her ass was displayed in such a way that everyone could see it. Between her legs a little lap was set, and one by one the guests came in and gave the girl passionate kisses on her ass.
    Suddenly Monique felt something cool penetrate her asshole. Tai was putting some transparent vaseline into her orifice, and Monique knew immediately what was in store for her.
    But Tai helped her up, and dressed her again. When Monique was ready, Tai gave her a tray, covered by a silk scarf.
    “Now go and offer what is on that tray to your friends.”
    Surprised and curious, Monique moved to the center of the room, already more brightly lit by the Buddha. An Asiatic put his hand under the silk scarf, and showed to Monique a wonderful rubber dildo, round and beautifully finished, with a round head, well shaped. It was of medium size. Monique blushed, and then offered the tray to a second man who took another dildo, longer but thinner.
    Then, one by one, all the guests received a phallus of various dimensions. Then the men set their little lamps again, and sat in a circle, in a certain order. The one with the smallest dildo was to come first, and then the bigger ones. Max was the third one, Tai the sixth…
    The first lamp was on, and Tai told Monique:
    “Now is the time, little occidental goddess to receive in your virgin body the nicest and most precious jewels that have been given to us by the Hevea. Each of your worshippers is going to introduce in the narrow sheath that you will offer him, the tool that fate gave him. He will slide it in and out as many times as the Buddha gave him years, and it is also the tradition that you should add to his number of years your own number of years. Now go, and offer the superb sheath hidden in your most secret parts to the joy of your worshipers. Your widely opened legs will show your oriental friends that you are most willing to receive their attentions and your mouth will be the echo of your pleasure and the master of its rhythm. Now go,” and she added in lowered tones, “and be happy.”
    Monique was terribly troubled but dominated by her search for lust she came to the first guest who was waiting. The incense was burning in the room and it added to the strangeness of the whole act. Monique turned her back to the man, and opened her legs over the little lamp. It revealed all of her anatomy and did not leave any detail to the imagination. She leaned on a bench in front of her, and waited, her skirt folded up around her waist.
    The man did not meet any resistance when he pushed his tool in her ass, and soon his fingers were on the edge of the little hole, which had swallowed the thin dildo.
    Silence was thick in the room.
    The man completely removed the dildo from her entrails, and waited, then he pushed it back in completely. He did it once more, and then Monique felt two hard slaps on her buttocks that surprised her.
    Tai's voice came in the room:
    “Does the little occidental girl need to be whipped to remember how to count?”
    Monique blushed.
    Then the man repeated the artificial sodomy.
    “One,” whispered a trembling Monique, “two… three… four… aaah…” The fantastic pleasure, rose in her doubled by the fact that she could imagine that man, perfectly unknown to her, looking, watching any move, and the penetration of that hard piece of rubber in her insides. And he kept agitating the tool in her: Twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two- if only he could be a hundred years old.
    Thirty-five… thirty-six… the man stopped and slapped both buttocks. Monique understood that it was over but also remembered that she had to add her own age to the man's age. So she started counting again. One… two… she was counting as slowly as she could, propping her bottom up, and the man was in her. Monique was really giving herself to that fake sex. Nineteen came, and the caress ended.
    The man kissed her ass and removed the slimy priapus. Monique got up, the lamp went off, and another one lit by her side, a discreet call for pleasure. Monique offered her ass to that other unknown man, and felt the already bigger dildo undulate in her body. The shuttle movement started, punctuated by the numbers. The thing was going in and out of her with a slimy wet noise, and it sounded like a well-oiled piston operating smoothly. Forty-seven… Two light slaps on her fanny marked the age of the fucked. He kept agitating the tool while Monique was counting her own age. But now she was excited, and sometimes cheated, and twisted her body so that the dildo would go in and out before she could spell another number.
    Monique was in a terrible state of excitement when he removed the tool from her ass. She rushed to the next man, and with a sigh of pleasure she felt the rubber tube enter her ass. She uttered a small cry of pain too, for this one was really bigger than the others. It was masterfully handled by Max. She could have cried with joy while receiving the forty-eight blows that penetrated her insides, and with what pleasure did she count her nineteen years with so many bumps that it certainly could have passed for thirty.
    Max regretfully let her go, feeling her pleasure so close. But what kisses he gave her beloved ass. But Monique quickly went to the next guest. Once again she gasped when she felt the bigger tool penetrate her asshole. And in a religious silence she received thirty-seven more penetrations from that one, followed by her own number of nineteen. But she had counted too fast and once again she came to the verge of her pleasure when the final number was said.
    Staggering, her temples painful under the heavy beating of her blood pressure, all her body tense-the dildo was really big this time — after the usual painful feeling at the moment of the first penetration, Monique felt the whole thing in her and she could not resist pleasure any longer. The man realized that the young girl was going to come under his hand and then he accelerated the rhythm of his “possession.” Monique was not counting any more; now she was being penetrated five times before she could even say one number. And soon pleasure burst in her. She was standing like a devil, undulating on her trembling legs, and she could hardly keep her balance, and when she came to the number “six,” of her age, she fell down in the most fantastic convulsion she had ever dreamed of, the dildo still deeply impaled in her. They let her recuperate for a couple of minutes, then she got up herself, and slowly, enjoying every bit of it, she counted the twelve remaining years.
    And then she was in front of another one, and again it was a bigger tool, and again she felt pleasure come in her, as a whirlpool. She could not think… she was just lust and animal desire.
    And another one, bringing her close to the second peak of her frantic search for joy, and then it was Tai behind her, with a monstrous thing in her hand. But this one was too big, and the pain was violent when it penetrated in her, but the unbelievable happened and then and there as she thought she was going to die, the puckered mouth slowly allowed the dildo to slide in her. But Tai was really too young and Monique could not reach her peak in such a little number of years.
    She could hardly walk to the next man, Chang, and she had to lean on the bench in front of her in order not to fall. Suddenly she felt something so big that it covered her asshole completely, lips and all. In a flash she saw again the fabulous dildo and she shivered with fear. It was a violent but progressive thrust.
    The young girl thought that her muscles were torn apart, that her whole body was cut in two, and she hollered and moaned. She felt the muscles of her hole struggle against that penetration, but the well-vaselined cylinder slid in her little by little, and the pain eased down. After a little while the cylinder was completely in her and the puckered mouth seemed to suck on it. Then Chang's fingers were against her buttocks.
    Then he dropped the tool, and he moved back to be able to contemplate that fabulous ass fucking. He motioned to them, and the guests all got up and came close to get a better view of what was happening in front of them. They all admired the beauty of the sight of that huge pole emerging from that tender flesh. The lips seemed to suck the round object, and the little lamp was focused exactly on the asshole. The pole penetrated her, and the lips of the hole seemed to disappear in with it. Then Chang started moving the thing in her slowly, slowly, but powerfully. They were all fascinated by the beauty of what they were witnessing…
    Monique was not saying anything new, and nobody would have asked her to count the number of years. She was just being made in the most fantastic manner, and she loved it. Pleasure came in her, violently, and she trembled on her legs. Her knees bent, and they let her kneel down, bottom up, and the shuttle accelerated in the lubricated entrails. She was purring now, and could feel the beat of her pulse on her clitoris. She stuttered some inarticulate words, and then quivered. She accentuated the shuttle movement by doing the same thing with her whole body. The anus seemed to want to swallow more of the thing and even Chang's fingers if possible.
    Suddenly Monique stopped being human, and started acting like a wild animal. She hollered like a beast in the jungle, and no one could remember having seen a woman come so passionately under such a sodomization. Chang had just time to remove the dildo before the fall of the body on one side of the couch, and then she remained there motionless and still gasping…
    They left her quiet for a little while, then Tai took her by the arm:
    “Now little white goddess, now that the Hevea has charmed you and that we have all enjoyed the songs that you have been singing, you must come to the Buddha and thank him for what he has done for you. He has his arms toward you, and also his virility. Put your secret mouth on it and let it be good to your soft belly and to your ivory buttocks…
    Monique moaned and protested her exhaustion, but they carried her to the Buddha and did not give her the choice of what she had to do.
    The warm glass phallus was against her asshole, and it penetrated easily, its luminous head buried in the most secret parts of that virgin's body. She leaned against the Buddha's round belly, and started a dance like no dancer ever before performed, giving herself completely to the grimacing idol.
    She was so tired doing it all by herself, and like the first time, Tai had to help her to with the symbolic action of being penetrated by the motionless god. She came, held in Tai's arms, impaled on the God.
    When Tai helped her up, the other guests had disappeared. Tai and Chang walked her and Max across the flower garden, and then only did Tai kiss Monique on the mouth. A thoughtful Max and a dead tired Monique disappeared in the night.
    After the short trip through the woods, Monique reached her room, and immediately fell asleep. She was still dreaming about new adventures.