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Kroger's Revelation

Kroger's Revelation

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    (c) Copyright EeQeee £eeaiia (radona@bk.ru), iaQaaia Date: 25 iae 2004
    Complete set of documentation
    Absolutely secret Urgent
    To Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler From Reconstructor of "Annenerbe"
    T. Kroger, Standartgemeindevorsteher AS, AN, junior imperial magician.
    R E P O R T
    I realize what responsibilities there are by addressing You directly. However the vision I encountered is of such significance, that as a patriot of the Reich and a true German, I feel obligated to relay a description of it, done with the utmost precision, personally for your examination, and may my words speak for me.
    10.1.1935, at 14.00 Berlin time, residing in the meditative bunker of "Annenerbe", I went into the astral for a usual patrol raid. As always, I was accompanied by the astral body of the dog Theodorich and two fifth category demons, "Hans" and "Poppel". Arriving in the astral, I noticed that the fluctuations of Jupiter are strangely stressed and emit an unusual for them violet radiance. In such cases the instructions recommend to erect a shielding pentahedron and to stay inside its boundaries. However I - for which I am ready to be held responsible for - considered it possible to limit myself to singing "Horst Vessel", since I was located not far from the line of prospective emission of the will of the German fuhrer Adolf Hitler, which that night was illuminating the left lower Zodiac quadrant. Suddenly, a crescent red elemental was isolated itself from Jupiter's fluctuations. After a few second it intersected with the fuhrer's will-emitting line. A powerful ether flash followed, and I lost consciousness.
    After regaining my senses, I found myself in flattened black space, moreover the dog Theodorich and the demon "Hans" died, and the demon "Poppel" passed into a state, defined in the internal language of "Annenerbe" as "flipped cup".
    Suddenly a rarefaction arose in the back, and an obscure silhouette appeared from it. When it approached, I distinguished an old man of very old age, with a large beard and a thin belt around a white peasant shirt. In one hand he carried a burning candle, and in the other one - several brown books with his own image, extruded on the cover. A medical mirror with an opening in the middle was fastened on the old man's head, like those that are used by otolaryngologists, and following him was a white horse, harnessed into a spring carriage in the form of a decorative plow.
    When approaching me, the old man threatened me with a finger, then put down his books on the lower plane of the surrounding space, fastened the candle on them, jumped on the horse and did a few laps around the candle, carrying out complex gymnastic moves on the horse's back. During this, the mirror on his head sparkled so unbearably, that I was forced to turn away, and the demon "Poppel" passed into the state "empty pipe". Then the candle faded, and at the same time the accordion quieted down. (The whole time, an accordion was playing somewhere far away - a Russian kind of a manual organ.)
    Following that I found myself in the astral tunnel N 11, through which I returned to the meditative bunker of the academy.
    Leaving the meditation, I immediately got started with the current report.
    Heil Hitler!
    Junior imperial magician Kroger.
    "Annenerbe", to Wolf
    1. Who put Kroger in jail for the report? Immediately release him. This man is a patriot of the fuhrer and Germany.
    2. I didn't understand what Jupiter had to do with this. Maybe it was Saturn after all? Have the astrology department check this out.
    3. Conduct a reconstruction of the revelation, and present a protocol and recommendations.
    4. That's it.
    Heil Hitler!
    (I don't know about you, Wolf, but I'm always amused by this pun.)
    To Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler Work note. ("About Kroger's revelation") Reichsfuhrer!
    The significance of T. Kroger's revelation for the Reich is immeasurable.
    It's possible to say that it crowns the prolonged activity of "Annenerbe" in the study of tactics and strategies of the communist plot, and draws a line under one of its most ominous chapters.
    As is known, after the destruction of the majority of the literate population of Russia, many encoded texts of major von Lennen's reports to the Main Control, covered up as senseless Russian texts, there received propagation as so called "works". Among them - a report "About the mobilization of the third Past-Amur division to the western border" (Encoded - "Leo Tolstoy as a mirror of the Russian revolution".)
    In the mystic system of Molotov and Kaganovich, on which the control of the country is based, the Russian text of this encoding and especially its title are given a gigantic importance. Initially Stalin (At present supposedly -Serop Nalbandyan) and the people around him took Kaganovich's thesis, that claimed that you had to understand this phrase literally. Such a setup entails the following conclusion: by manipulating the mirror reflecting the Russian revolution, it is possible to attain the displacement of its
    reflection on any other state, which leads, according to the laws of sympathetic connection, to an analogous revolution in the chosen country.
    This conclusion was made by Kaganovich, according to the Abver data, over 2 years ago. However difficulties arose with the practical realization of this idea. The construction of a giant reflector in the area of the Yasnaya clearing, that was supposed to send a ray to the moon, and from the moon -back to earth, was stopped due to insufficient accuracy of the calculations.
    At this point, the reflector construction is stalled (see Img.1).
    Continuing. About half a year ago Molotov came to the conclusion, that the specularity of Leo Tolstoy is spiritually-mystical, and the reflecting function can be realized with the aid of the publication of a new collection of the writers works, the coefficient of reflection of which will be increased through the exclusion of ideologically unacceptable works such as the translation of the Gospels. In this case the targeting and focusing can be achieved by variation of the print run of each separate volume. Below is a table of the print runs of the eight-volume collection of Tolstoy's works in 1934 (RCHA data).
    1st volume -- 250 000 2nd volume -- 82 000 3rd volume -- 450 000 4th volume -- 41 000 5th volume -- 22 721 6th volume -- 22 720 7th volume -- 75 241 8th volume -- 24
    It is easy to see, that the rough focusing is accomplished through the first four volumes, and the precise - through volumes five through eight.
    The significance of Kroger's revelation in this connection is that it made it possible to introduce a new method of determining the target of the next red assault. This time it was possible to obtain completely precise results. The protocols of the reconstruction and recommendations are attached.
    Heil Hitler!
    Main reconstructor I. Wolf
    Absolutely Secret Urgent
    Protocol of reconstruction Nr. 320/125
    On 12.1.1935 a reconstruction on the Tolstoy-Kaganovich case was carried out at "Annenerbe". The method of the reconstruction was "Kroger's Revelation".
    At 14:35, a gypsum state of Leo Tolstoy was established in the first reconstruction hall, 1.5 meters high and including a mirror with the area of
    11 sq. cm. and with an opening in the middle. A globe with the diameter of 1 m. on a support 0.75 m. high was established there as well. To model the Russian revolution, a mock-up of Ivan Turgenev's estate "Lipki", scale 1:40, was set on fire, located in the far right corner of the hall. The distances between the objects and their precise geometric position were calculated based on the RSHA data on the print runs of the last Tolstoy publication in Russia. After this, the light was extinguished by the imperial medium Knecht, and the reconstructor Marta Eichenblum entered the hall dressed up as Stalin. The globe was spun by her in the left direction. After its halt the spot of light from the mirror on Tolstoy's head turned out to be in the region of Abyssinia.
    Afterwards reconstructor Brokmann entered the hall, dressed up as the fuhrer, and carried out a right spinning of the globe. After its stop the dark spot in the center of the specular circle ended up on the Apennine peninsula. The reconstruction ended on that.
    Imperial medium I. Knecht Reconstructors M. Eichenblum
    P. Brokmann
    Conclusions of reconstruction 320/125
    1. According to the reconstruction data, at present there is no eminent danger threatening the Reich.
    2. In the nearest time a communistic revolution in Abyssinia should be expected, however this can be avoided by the involvement of Italian troops in that area.
    Main reconstructor I. Wolf
    For the astral heroism shown, the "Annenerbe" management requests to present T. Kroger with the reward of a knight cross of the first degree with oak leaves.
    Secret information
    Decoding of the tape recording N 462-11 from the archive of the party court, from NSDAP.
    Recording done 14.1.1935 with the spy listening device WS-M/13, located in Ernst Kaltenbrunner's bedroom.
    Emma Kaltenbrunner:
    -- What a ridiculous brush you have on your cap, Ernst...
    Ernst Kaltenbrunner:
    -- Leave me alone...
    Emma Kaltenbrunner:
    -- What's with you today?
    Ernst Kaltenbrunner:
    -- People are saying strange things, Emma. My man in "Annenerbe" reported that a certain Kroger from their department got drunk and presented Himmler an entirely insane report. And Wolf - the Wolf that we trusted, instead of putting the scoundrel under tribunal, made up a whole theory, according to which Italy is going to attack Abyssinia...
    Emma Kaltenbrunner:
    -- So what?
    Ernst Kaltenbrunner:
    -- So everything came in motion. Yesterday Ribbentrop talked to Rome for two hours on a high frequency connection, and in two days there will be an extended conference with the fuhrer.
    Emma Kaltenbrunner:
    -- Ernst!
    Ernst Kaltenbrunner:
    -- What?
    Emma Kaltenbrunner:
    -- I know what you have to do. You have to go to Himmler and tell him everything you know.
    Ernst Kaltenbrunner:
    -- Where do you think I was today? I stood straight in front of him for a whole hour and talked, and he... He played with a puzzle the whole time - you know, this glass cube with three balls on the inside... When I finished, he took off his pince-nez, wiped it with a handkerchief - he has a scull even on his handkerchief - and said: "Listen, Ernst! Have you by any chance, ever had a dream, where you're riding in the back of a ragged truck who knows where, and some monsters are sitting around you?" I didn't say anything. Then he smiled and said: "Ernst, you know, I know as well as you that no astral exists. But what do you think, if you, and even Kanaris, have your own people in "Annenerbe", shouldn't I have my own people there are as well?" I did not understand what he meant. "Think Ernst, think!" - he said. I kept silent.
    Then he smiled and asked: "Whose man do you think is Kroger?"
    Emma Kaltenbrunner:
    -- Oh God!
    Ernst Kaltenbrunner:
    -- Yes, Emma... It seems I'm too simple for all these intrigues... But I know that while the fuhrer needs me, my heart will keep beating... You will be by my side, right? Come here, Emma...
    Emma Kaltenbrunner:
    -- Oh Ernst... Be good... Be good...
    Ernst Kaltenbrunner:
    -- Emma...
    Emma Kaltenbrunner:
    -- Ernst...
    Ernst Kaltenbrunner:
    -- You know, Emma... Sometimes it seems to me, that it's not me who is alive, but the fuhrer living inside me...
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