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Virgin lessons

Virgin lessons

Nick Eastwood Virgin lessons


    Shari Stevens was totally absorbed in the movie when she felt her boyfriend's hand creeping up her leg.
    "Mike, you stop that!" she hissed.
    "Aw, can't I just touch you, Shari?" the young man sighed.
    "Ssshhh!" Shari replied. "Don't talk during the movie!"
    Mike took his hand off her leg and gave another loud sigh. Shari didn't feel a bit sorry for him. Some of their friends at school said Mike was pussy-whipped, but in Shari's opinion it was his own damned fault.
    She'd told him right at the beginning, when they first started dating, that she was saving her virginity for marriage.
    Mike knew the score, but he kept trying to get to her. The other kids teased him about that. It must have seemed pretty funny to them. Petite brunette Shari couldn't have fought off a big blond hunk like Mike, yet he never got to first base with her.
    Well, let them laugh. Shari had her principles, and she meant to stick to them. She turned her attention back to the movie. It wasn't long before Mike started leaning against her, rubbing legs and shoulders. Shari seethed with annoyance.
    "Mike," she whispered, "you're gonna have to stop that, or I'm walking out!"
    He moved away. Shari snuck a glance at him and wondered, not for the first time, if she was crazy. He was such a cute guy, and he had a fantastic body. Mike was captain of the football team, and there were plenty of girls who'd have done anything to go out with him.
    No, she decided, she wasn't nuts. Mike just wasn't the guy she wanted to give her cherry to. She ignored him for the rest of the movie. If he wasn't happy with the situation, he could always find another girlfriend.
    "Want something to eat?" Mike asked as they left the theater.
    "Sure," Shari said, "that'd be great."
    They went for hamburgers, and then it was time for Mike to drive Shari home. After a few blocks, however, she realized that he wasn't heading for her house. The next thing she knew, they were out of town, heading for the lake, a very popular parking spot for the teenage crowd.
    "Mike," she said, "what are you doing?"
    "It's early yet," he said. "I'd like to sit and talk with you for awhile."
    Shari didn't see any harm in that, but she was pretty sure he had more on his mind than talking. In the four months they'd been dating, Mike had tried every trick in the book to get into her pants. Well, let him try again. The results wouldn't be any different.
    There were already plenty of cars parked around the lake, and it took Mike awhile to find a secluded place. Shari knew what all those other kids were doing. Her girlfriends always told her about their dates. She couldn't help feeling a little envious.
    Her friends were kissing, petting, even fucking. They weren't holding back like she was. Sometimes Shari found it hard to be so different, but she was determined that when she fucked for the first time, it would be with the perfect guy. And Mike wasn't it.
    Just as she'd feared, he made a grab for her the moment he parked the car. Shari turned her head, and he planted a big hot kiss on her ear. Here we go again, she thought wearily.
    "Mike," she sighed, "you know I'm not gonna make out with you, so why don't we just quit seeing each other? I know you can find a girl who'll do whatever you want."
    "But I want you, Shari!" he groaned. "Please, can't we just kiss a little? That wouldn't hurt anything."
    Shari thought it over. It was almost June, graduation time, and then she was going off to college. She and Mike would never see each other again. Maybe it was time to reward him a little for his patience. She really did like him, and a few kisses wouldn't violate her beliefs.
    "Okay," she said, "but I'm not going any farther than that."
    "Terrific!" Mike said hoarsely.
    He pulled her into his arms and kissed her on the mouth. He'd given her a few quick pecks before, and had gotten his face slapped for it, but this was their first real kiss. Shari couldn't help feeling curious. Would she like it?
    She soon found out that she did. She liked it a lot. Mike's mouth was hot against hers, and she liked pressing against his hard male body. Then he started doing something really exciting. He darted his tongue stiffly against her lips.
    In spite of her stern principles, Shari was a perfectly normal girl, and she couldn't help responding. Her lips opened automatically, and Mike slid his tongue into her mouth. He probed around, and she felt her virgin pussy getting hot and wet.
    Mike was breathing very hard, and pretty soon Shari was, too. She was really surprised at her reaction. She'd thought she had perfect control of herself, but it was fading fast as Mike gave her that long steamy tongue-kiss.
    Her pussy was swelling. It felt hot as fire.
    Thick molten cream was leaking from her virgin cunt and soaking her panties. This had never happened to her with Mike before. Suddenly she wondered if she'd made a mistake in agreeing to kiss him.
    She wrenched her face away from his and said breathlessly, "Mike, that's enough!"
    "Oh, no, it isn't!" he groaned.
    He kissed her again, and this time his big hot mouth seemed to fill her mouth. She found it both scary and exciting. If this was love-making, she could hardly wait to try more of it. But not with Mike. As much as she liked him, he wasn't the man of her dreams.
    Still, she was curious, so she let him go on kissing her. She'd never had a real kiss before. She'd dated a few guys before Mike, but they were all nerds, good students but too bashful to come on to her. She never even held hands before she started dating Mike.
    Mike, she knew, was no virgin. He'd been around. She was enjoying his experience now, because he was a really exciting kisser. Too bad he didn't let it go at that. But now his big hot hand closed over her tits, squeezing and molding the small high-riding tit-globes through her t-shirt.
    "Mike, no!" Shari gasped.
    "I'm just feeling," Mike panted. "That can't hurt anything."
    Shari wondered about that. She was getting more turned on by the second. She wondered how long she could control herself. She found that she really loved having her tits squeezed.
    Her tits were swelling in Mike's molding hands, and her small nipples went stiff with desire, poking into his palms. He must have noticed, because he gave a horny shudder and breathed harder than ever. Things were getting out of hand.
    "Mike, that's enough!" Shari cried.
    "Aw, come on, baby," he said. "After graduation we won't see each other again. Give me something, at least. You keep saying you don't wanta go all the way, and I respect that. But this isn't fucking.
    It's just playing around."
    He might be right. As long as they didn't go all the way, what harm would be done? Besides, Shari was very curious. She really wanted to know what love-making was like-up to a point. She decided to let him go a little farther.
    "Well, all right," she said, "but you have to stop when I tell you to."
    "Sure, sure," Mike panted.
    He pushed her t-shirt up, exposing her lacy little bra. He reached around her and unhooked the bra without fumbling. He'd been around, all right. As he pushed up her bra, exposing her naked tits, Shari reddened.
    Then she shivered and gasped as his hot hands closed over her sensitive naked tits. He started squeezing the silky globes, and that felt really nice. Shari slumped back against the seat and panted. Her tits felt like they were on fire, and they were throbbing hard as Mike massaged them.
    "You like that?" he asked hoarsely. "Yes," Shari admitted, "but we're not going any farther. I mean it."
    "Oh, right, sure," he said.
    Now Shari was creaming through her jeans. She hadn't realized that sex would be so hard to resist. She'd always assumed that the only guy she'd want to fuck would be the man she wanted to marry, but it wasn't happening that way.
    She struggled to control herself, but it wasn't easy. That hot sticky cream kept leaking from her virgin twat and soaking her panties and jeans. She found herself rubbing her thighs together, trying to ease the hot ache between her legs.
    For the first time she understood the word horny. She was horny, all right. She wanted Mike to go on touching her forever. Then she happened to glance down at his fly, and there was a huge hard lump there.
    "Mike," she gasped, "what's that?"
    "What's what?" he said.
    "This thing," Shari said, quickly and gingerly touching the enormous swelling in his pants.
    Mike began to chuckle.
    "That's my cock, silly," he said. "I've got a hard-on."
    Shari blushed hotly. She knew enough about sex to understand what he was saying. He was so horny for her, his cock had gotten stiff. That meant he wanted to fuck her. She panicked, pushing against his chest.
    "That's enough, Mike," she said frantically. "Take me home right now."
    Mike was grinning broadly. Did he realize that he was finally getting to her?
    "Hey," he said, "don't you wanta look at it?"
    Shari almost moaned. Her curiosity was intense. She'd never seen a cock before, and she really was dying to know what it looked like.
    How had Mike guessed?
    "I–I just wanta look," she said. "That's all I'm gonna do, just look."
    "Sure," he said, "no problem."
    He unzipped his jeans and tugged them down a little. He wasn't wearing shorts. His stiff young cock snapped free, standing straight up. Shari's eyes got huge as she studied it. She hadn't dreamed that cocks were so big.
    "Gosh, it's huge!" she exclaimed.
    "You think so?" Mike said proudly. "Go ahead and touch it if you want."
    Her curiosity burned again. She didn't see any harm in just touching his prick, and she really wanted to. She reached out carefully and ran her fingertips up and down the thick hard column of meat. It was hot and throbbing, exciting to touch.
    "Don't be scared," Mike groaned. "It won't bite."
    He took her hand and wrapped her fingers around his smooth hard dick. He moved her little fist up and down the rigid column of flesh, then let go. Shari continued on her own, pumping his cock. Mike sank back and sighed happily.
    "That feels great," he said. "Don't stop."
    "I'm not gonna fuck you, Mike," she reminded him nervously.
    "Fine," he said, starting to pant, "this'll do the job."
    Shari didn't know what he was talking about, but she went on pumping his cock because she liked doing it. It sure made Mike excited. He got all red in the face and was breathing harshly. His cock throbbed and bucked in her fist.
    "Do it faster now!" he panted. "Yeah, that's great!"
    Shari didn't see any harm in it. Besides, it was time she did something nice for Mike. He'd been pretty patient with her all these months. She pumped his cock faster and faster, and his handsome face twisted into a lusty grimace.
    "Jesus, yes!" he groaned. "Just a little more! Keep doing it fast, don't stop!"
    It seemed pretty important to him, so Shari did it, zipping her hot little fist up and down his wildly throbbing boner. Mike closed his eyes and bared his teeth in a lusty snarl. He started shivering and groaning. Then all of a sudden his cock seemed to explode.
    "Unnnngggghhhh, shit-awwwwwww!" he yelled.
    Shari was so surprised, she dropped his cock. It shot thick wads of cream all over the roof of the car. Then Mike sank back with a happy groan and caught his breath.
    "Thanks a lot, baby," he sighed. "That was great. "
    "What'd I do?" Shari asked.
    Mike laughed. "You got me off. Made me come. Want me to get you off?"
    She scooted away from him.
    "Oh, no, Mike!" she snarled. "I'm not fucking you!"
    "I know," he said, "but I can get you off another way. You'll still be a virgin."
    Shari was really curious. She'd heard that an orgasm was the greatest thing in the world, and she was dying to have one. Timidly she nodded at Mike to go ahead.
    He unzipped her jeans, and she stiffened. If he tried anything, she was going to be out of that car like a shot. He slid his hand down inside her panties and found the moist little nub of her clit. He started rubbing it, and it felt great.
    "Ooooooh! Ooooooh!" Shari squealed.
    She couldn't help it. Mike was rubbing her clit faster and faster, and it felt fantastically good. She was creaming all over his hand, unable to stop the thick hot gushing. Pleasure ripped through her virgin pussy.
    "Like it?" Mike asked.
    "Shit, yes!" Shari moaned.
    She closed her eyes and gave herself up to the incredible pleasure. It was the best thing she'd ever felt in her young life. She still wasn't going to fuck Mike. She'd fight to the death to prevent that. But she didn't see any harm in what he was doing-and she couldn't bear to make him stop.
    "Unnnnhhhh, God! Ooooooh!" she wailed.
    Mike grasped her throbbing joy button between his thumb and forefinger and started kneading it fast and firmly. Shari almost flew off the seat. She hadn't thought it could feel any better, but it did. She bared her teeth in a snarl of pleasure.
    "Unnnnhhhh, shit! Ohhhhhh!" she sobbed.
    The pleasure kept building till she thought she couldn't stand it a second longer. Then all of a sudden her petite body was wracked by delicious spasms. It was the most intense sensation she'd ever known. It took her a moment to realize that she was having her very first orgasm.
    "Unnnnhhhh, ohhhhh! God! Whaahhhhh!" she screamed.
    The wonderful convulsions went on and on. Shari lost track of time. She couldn't believe how great it felt to come. But at last she lumped back against the seat and opened her eyes. Mike was looking at her and grinning.
    "See, sex isn't so terrible after all, is it?" he asked.
    "No," Shari said softly, "it isn't. But that's enough for tonight, Mike. I really want to go home."
    "Well, at least I finally got to first base," he laughed as he started up the car. "Maybe I'll do even better next time."
    "Don't count on it," Shari said primly. But she sounded a lot more confident than she felt.


    For the rest of the weekend, Shari thought and thought about her experience with Mike. Some things became clear to her. She was a very horny girl, and she wanted a lot more sex. She couldn't wait much longer to lose her virginity.
    So she decided to give it away-but not to Mike.
    All along Shari had been telling Mike a little lie. She'd said she was saving her cherry for marriage, but that wasn't true. She was just saving it for exactly the right man, whether she was married to him or not.
    Shari was determined that her first fuck was going to be perfect. That meant it had to be with a guy she was wild about, not just a good pal like Mike. She wanted to lose her virginity with the man of her dreams-and she'd already found him.
    For months Shari had had a heavy crush on her math teacher, Mr. David Stone. A lot of the kids thought Stone was a nerd, but not Shari. She couldn't take her eyes off him in class. She creamed her jeans when she thought about him.
    She never had the nerve to talk to him, except about class work, but she decided it was time to take action. She could hardly wait to fuck, and Mr. Stone was the man she wanted to do it with. Now all she had to do was let him know.
    She could hardly wait for Monday, when she'd see Mr. Stone again. Mike called and wanted her to go out Saturday night, but she turned him down. All she could think about now was her math teacher and the big surprise she had for him.
    Monday came at last, but Shari still had to wait, because math was her last class of the day.
    Finally she was there, in her usual front row seat, and Mr. Stone walked into the room. Shari almost squealed with excitement.
    Most girls wouldn't have found Mr. Stone very attractive. He was in his late twenties, tall and lanky and even awkward. He had light blond hair and wore wire-rimmed glasses and a boring navy blue suit. In fact he looked like a very boring guy.
    He acted like one, too. He was always mumbling to himself, tripping over the waste basket, breaking the chalk, and losing his notes. He blushed a lot, especially when girls talked to him. He'd never had a date as far as anyone knew. He was really bashful.
    But Shari didn't see all that. She saw a man who could be really cute without his glasses and without that dumb suit. He was a nice guy, too, and he'd been a big help to her with math. Now he could be a big help to her in another way.
    As he began talking, Shari kept meeting his eyes and smiling. That made him blush and stammer more than ever. Shari had worn very tight jeans and a low-cut shirt, so he could look right down the front and see the ripe curve of her high-riding tits. He could see every curve of her nice little body in those tight clothes.
    But he didn't seem to notice. He just went droning on about math, although he did turn red every time Shari smiled at him. She could see that she wasn't getting through to him. After class, she lingered till the other kids had gone.
    "Mr. Stone," she purred, "may I talk to you?"
    He turned even redder than usual. "W-Why, of course, Shari," he stuttered. "Having problems?"
    "You could say that," Shari smiled. "I was wondering if you could give me a few private lessons after school."
    "Certainly," he said, "but not today. I have to go to a faculty meeting in just a few minutes. Could we start tomorrow?"
    "That'd be great, Mr. Stone," Shari beamed. "See you then."
    She went home grinning to herself. She'd created a chance to be alone with the man of her dreams, and she'd be able to let him know exactly how she felt about him and what she wanted. She wasn't going to be a virgin much longer.
    But it was hard to wait even for twenty-four hours. Shari felt restless and horny that evening, and finally she told her folks that she was going for a walk. She wasn't sure where she was going till she got out of the house, and then she realized that she was headed for Mr. Stone's place.
    The sun was just setting, and it would be dark by the time she got to Stone's house, which was across town. She'd passed it before, fantasizing about him, so she knew right where it was. When she arrived, she sneaked into the back yard and saw a lighted window with no curtains drawn.
    Shari crept up to the window and peeked inside. It was Mr. Stone's bedroom. That made her feel really hot and excited. She looked at the double bed and imagined herself in it with Stone. They'd be naked, kissing, caressing, then fucking.
    She creamed through her panties. Her virgin slit swelled and got fever-hot. She wanted to knock at the back door and make some excuse to go inside, but while she was still getting up her nerve, Mr. Stone walked into the bedroom.
    Shari held her breath. He'd obviously just gotten out of the shower, because all he was wearing was a bath towel wrapped around his lower body. He had a nice body, nicer than she'd dreamed. He must have worked out every day.
    She gazed hungrily at his muscular arms and legs, at the thick blond hair mat on his chest. He sure didn't look like a nerd now. But to her disappointment, he picked up his glasses off the bedside table and put them on. He'd be so cute if he didn't wear those dumb glasses.
    Stone plumped up the pillows and sat down on the bed. He opened a drawer of the table and took out a magazine. So he was going to spend the evening reading? Shari had much more exciting plans for him, but she was too timid to go to the door and knock.
    No, tonight she'd just spy on him. She moved closer to the window, till she was fogging it with her breath. Stone wasn't looking her way. His whole attention was on that magazine. Now Shari could see the magazine more clearly.
    "Oh, my gosh!" she gasped.
    She could tell right away that it was a naughty magazine. There was hardly any print. Stone was flipping through it, and there was page after page of color photos, pictures of naked women,, The pictures weren't exactly artistic.
    Stone stopped and studied one of the photos.
    It showed a petite brunette, a girl who looked a lot like Shari. She was stark naked, sitting in a chair with her legs thrown up over the arms.
    Her whole pussy was exposed.
    Shari reddened and felt a little shocked, but at the same time she was very curious. She stared at the girl's cute triangular bush and pretty furfringed gash. The flesh was light pink and glistening, beaded with cream.
    The girl had a very naughty expression on her face. She was running her wet pink tongue around her lips and staring right at Stone. Shari got the message. The girl was telling the reader that she was very horny and that she wanted him to fuck her. Stone stared and stared at the picture.
    The girl was cupping her tits, squeezing them lightly, and her small red nipples were stiff. Shari couldn't understand it, but that picture was making her really lusty. More molten cream dripped from her virgin twat and seeped into her panties.
    Mr. Stone's handsome face was flushed, his eyes hot, as he studied that naughty photo. The girl looked so much like Shari, it was uncanny.
    She even had the same short curly brown hair, the same big blue eyes. Had Mr. Stone noticed the resemblance?
    And what was he thinking? Was he thinking about how Shari had smiled at him in class, and was he imagining her sitting naked and coming on to him? The idea made Shari really excited. Maybe she'd gotten through to him after all.
    The window was open just a crack, because it was a hot night, and Shari could hear her teacher breathing louder and louder as he ogled the sexy photo. She just wished she could read his thoughts. She was really beginning to think they were about her.
    Then Mr. Stone removed his towel. It was all Shari could do to keep from squealing with excitement. He was totally naked now as he tossed the towel aside. The lusty girl stared at his cock. It was enormous, even bigger than Mike's, and it was stiff and hard and drooling.
    Thick globs of cream were oozing from the dark cleft of his cock and running down the blue-veined shaft. Shari recalled how Mike's cock had drooled that way when she pumped it. Mr. Stone's prick was rigid and creaming. He was horny out of his mind.
    Shari smothered a giggle. It was funny to think of her shy, awkward math teacher as horny. But it was very exciting to see. She just wished she was right beside him, playing with his cock. She wanted to jack him off like she'd done with Mike.
    Then she realized that Mr. Stone was going to do the job himself.
    Staring intently at the picture, at the naked girl who looked so much like Shari, Stone wrapped his fingers around his mammoth dick and started pumping it. He gave a low hoarse groan as he began masturbating.
    Shari groaned, too, then clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle the sound. She mustn't be caught now. Mr. Stone would be furious with her, and that would ruin all her plans. With wild arousal she watched him pumping his drooling prick.
    Oh, Mr. Stone, honey, she thought, I'd love to do that for you.
    Well, maybe tomorrow she would. Meanwhile she was having a very exciting time spying on her teacher. Stone began pumping his meat slowly, sensuously, never taking his eyes off that photo. What was he thinking?
    Shari was positive now that he was thinking about her. Today in class he'd noticed her tight clothes and her flirtatious smiles, and he couldn't get her out of his mind. Maybe he was even fantasizing them fucking.
    That really turned Shari on. She creamed more heavily than ever. %4r. Stone just might be as hot for her as she was for him. She caught herself rubbing her thighs together, just like she'd done when Mike got her aroused.
    Mr. Stone was pumping his cock faster now, and he was panting loudly. He never took his eyes off that naughty photo. Thick streams of juice were running from his piss hole, and he rubbed the hot cream all over his big hard cock.
    "Ohhhh, Jesus! Yes!" he groaned.
    Shari almost moaned right along with him. Maybe he was fantasizing that he had his cock in her hot little box. She felt molten cream seeping through her jeans. She wished she could jump in the window and make his horny daydream come true.
    But she knew that would be a wrong move. Mr. Stone was so shy with women, he'd probably panic. She'd have to approach him a lot more carefully than that. Tomorrow, after school, she'd get her chance.
    Tomorrow seemed a long time off, though. She was going crazy with lust right now. Without realizing it, she slid her hand down and cupped her soaked crotch. She started squeezing the swollen flesh through her clothes, and she felt hot rushes of pleasure. She went on rubbing herself like that as she spied on her handsome math teacher.
    "Yes, yes, take my cock!" Stone panted.
    His fist was really flying now. Obviously he was fantasizing about fucking somebody, but was it Shari? She was dying to know. Her fingers kept pace with his, massaging her hot wet pussy through her jeans.
    She wondered why she was doing that. She'd never played with herself before. But it felt so damned good, she just couldn't bear to stop. The pleasure grew as he squeezed and stimulated her engorged gash and watched Mr. Stone.
    His eyes were rolling, and his nostrils were flared. Finally he got so carried away, he dropped the magazine. He fell back on the bed and jerked his prick like mad. He was groaning steadily and hoarsely.
    "Unnnnhhhh, Jesus! Aaaagggghhhh!" he roared.
    Thick wads of cream shot from his cock. They went high into the air, then splattered down on him and the bed. Shari knew what that meant, because she'd seen Mike come, too. Mr. Stone groaned in ecstasy as he shot his thick load all over the place. Then he lay there still and panting.
    He was blushing hard now, as if ashamed of himself. He caught his breath, grabbed the magazine, and stuffed it back in the drawer. Then he reached for a math book and started reading it, looking like his usual prim self.
    Shari realized the show was over, and she crept from the back yard and started home. She'd learned a lot. Mr. Stone was interested in sex, all right. He was as horny as the next guy. That was something Shari could work with.
    As soon as she got home, she said goodnight to her folks and went to her room. She'd discovered something else while spying on her teacher, and she wanted to find out more about it. She undressed and slipped under the covers, then slid her hand between her legs.
    It sure had felt good when she played with herself. It still did. She cupped and squeezed the hot wet flesh of her gash, just like she'd done while spying on Mr. Stone. She wondered why she hadn't discovered this interesting trick before.
    Experimenting, she touched her whole pussy, finding out where it was most sensitive. The small hooded lump of her clit was definitely the most responsive and tender. That was where Mike had touched her when he got her off. She even remembered how he'd done it.
    She rubbed her index finger stiffly over the throbbing nub, and it felt fantastically good. She started moaning with pleasure, then reminded herself to be quiet. She didn't want her folks to hear her. She sensed they wouldn't approve of this.
    She did her best to stifle her whimpers and moans of delight as she sawed her stiff finger over her clit. That pulsating button was so sensitive, she could hardly believe it. It made her feel so horny to rub herself there.
    "Mmmmmm, shit! Ooooooh!" she gurgled.
    She felt sizzling cream spurting from her virgin cunt and soaking her sawing finger. The more horny she got, the more heavily she juiced. Her pussy felt like it was on fire. She had a frantic urge to come.
    Well, if Mike could get her off, she could copy him and do the job alone. She was sure of it. Closing her eyes, shutting out all other sensations, the lusty teenage girl grasped her clit between her thumb and forefinger and started kneading it.
    "Ooooooh, shit! Yesssss!" she moaned.
    This was what Mike had done to her, and it worked just as well when she did it herself. Hot stabs of pleasure ripped through her pussy, and she creamed furiously. She felt herself climbing steadily toward the orgasm she craved.
    How had she gotten to be a high-school senior without masturbating? Shari didn't know, but she was sure going to make up for lost time. Gurgling with delight, she rolled her wildly throbbing clit between her fingers. The pleasure built till she couldn't contain it a second longer.
    At the last second she realized she was going to come and that she was going to scream with ecstasy. She buried her face in the pillow and beat off. Hot jolts of pleasure rocked her petite body, and she yelled into the pillow.
    "Unnnnhhhh, God! Yesssss! Whaaahhhhh!" she howled.
    It felt so incredibly good to come. She kept kneading her clit, milking it for every drop of pleasure she could get. The wonderful sensations went on and on. She was hooked on coming, that was for sure.
    Her lust temporarily satisfied, she fell asleep fast, and her last thoughts were of her teacher. Tomorrow would be her big chance with Mr. Stone.


    Shari dressed very carefully the next morning, choosing the tightest jeans and t-shirt she had. The day seemed to drag on forever, but finally the last bell rang and she was left alone in the classroom with Mr. Stone.
    He'd been acting funny the whole hour. He wouldn't look at her, and every time he passed her chair, he blushed hard. Now Shari was positive that he was having naughty thoughts about her. That should make her work easier.
    As the other kids left the room, Mr. Stone rushed to sit behind his desk. He finally looked at Shari, and he turned redder than ever. The poor guy was really nervous. Smiling calmly, Shari approached his desk.
    "I really appreciate this, Mr. Stone," she said. "It's nice of you to give me private lessons."
    He smiled weakly and said, "Really, Shari, I don't see the point in this. You're a good student. I can't see that you're having any problems with math."
    "Oh, I'm having problems," Shari assured him. "I'd like to talk to you about them."
    "Okay," he sighed, "sit there."
    He pointed to the chair in front of his desk. He wanted the desk between them, but who was he afraid of-Shari or himself? Shari knew her plan wasn't going to work if she couldn't touch him, so she ignored his directions.
    "I'd better sit next to you, Mr. Stone," she said. "We can work better that way."
    She dragged the chair around behind the desk and sat down beside him, so close that she could feel the heat of his body. He was really nervous now, blushing and avoiding her eyes. Shari felt very excited at being so close to him.
    "Uh, let's get on with it, then," he said, opening their textbook.
    "Which lesson is giving you trouble?"
    "It's not in the book, Mr. Stone," Shari said.
    She closed the book and managed to touch his hand when she did it.
    She scooted even closer to him, till their thighs touched. His mouth dropped open, and he gawked at her. Shari looked him right in the eye as she went on talking.
    "I'm not having a problem with math," she said. "I'm having a problem with you. I'm crazy about you, Mr. Stone. I can't think about anything else. I thought maybe you could help me out."
    She'd never seen a human being blush so hard. Stone tried to say something, but he only made a croaking noise. Shari slid her hand on top of his, and he gave a shiver and a low moan.
    "You're such a sexy guy, Mr. Stone," Shari went on. "You'd be a real hunk without those glasses. "
    With her free hand she removed his wire-rim glasses and set them on the desk. He really did look great now. She couldn't resist leaning forward and kissing him. She planted her mouth hotly on his and wriggled her tongue between his lips.
    "Mmmmmmmm!" she moaned.
    Stone shivered hard, and he seemed to be in shock. Shari sank her hot little tongue fully into his mouth and probed around. She started creaming, and her pussy grew hot and wet and swollen. Her handsome teacher made her feel so wild and horny.
    After a minute or so of deep steamy tonguekissing, Stone collected his wits and gently pushed Shari back. He was still blushing hard, but his eyes had a strange glazed look to them, just like when he jacked off the night before.
    "Shari," he said hoarsely, "I'm very flattered that you like me, but I think you'd better leave. We could both get into big trouble like this."
    "Not if nobody catches us," Shari grinned.
    She kissed him again, plunging her tongue into his mouth, and he groaned deeply. She leaned against him, and her lust-stiffened nipples poked his chest. He must have felt them, because he groaned even louder.
    Then he pushed her away again.
    "Shari, you don't understand," he said. "I could lose my job for making out with a student. You could get expelled. Your chances for college would be ruined."
    Shari got up, strode to the door, and locked it.
    "There," she said, "now nobody can surprise us. Let's have some fun!"
    She pulled off her t-shirt. She unhooked her bra and dropped it on the floor. Stone's eyes got huge as he stared at her luscious apple-size tits and stiff pink nipples. Shari stood there and let him get an eyeful.
    She'd never been bashful about her body. She knew she had a terrific figure, and she loved turning on Mr. Stone. Slowly she approached him again, her firm breasts wobbling slightly. He couldn't take his eyes off them.
    Shari slipped into her chair, grabbed his hands, and placed them on her hot satiny tits. He shuddered and gave a low groan. She squeezed his hands around her tits a couple of times, then let go, hoping he'd take the hint.
    "Play with my tits, Mr. Stone," she said breathlessly. "I just love that. It really turns me on!"
    He acted like he was hypnotized. He began molding her soft sensitive tits, and Shari gurgled with delight. She was finally breaking him down. Her stiff nipples throbbed against his palms, letting him know how excited she was.
    "Mmmmm, yes, that feels so exciting!" she gurgled.
    "Shari, this is wrong!" he croaked. "I shouldn't be doing this! It's crazy!"
    As inexperienced as she was, Shari was starting to understand that Mr. Stone was saying one thing and wanting another. So she didn't reply to his warning. She leaned forward, forcing her hot throbbing tits harder against his hands.
    "You don't have a girlfriend, do you, Mr. Stone?" she asked.
    "No," he said, blushing again, "I've never had a steady girl. Women don't come on to me. I guess I'm too much of a klutz or something."
    "I'm coming on to you," Shari reminded him. "I don't think you're a klutz. I think you're a very attractive guy."
    He gave a big sigh and said, "Well, that's nice, but I wish you were ten years older. You're just a child."
    Shari glared at him. "I am not!" she snapped. "And I can prove it! Just feel this!"
    She quickly unzipped her jeans, grabbed one of his hands, and pushed it down inside her panties. She slid his hand onto the wet swollen flesh of her pussy. He could feel how hot and creamy and engorged her gash was.
    "Feel that, Mr. Stone," she said. "Children don't get hot like that. Women do. I'm hot for you, Mr. Stone, and I bet you're hot for me, too."
    He pulled his hand out of her pants, blushing hard. "Shari, you'd better leave right away," he said. "This is getting out of hand."
    "Yeah," she grinned, "that's the whole idea. Come on, admit it-you're hot for me."
    He just blushed harder. But Shari knew a way to prove her point. She glanced down at his fly and, sure enough, there was a big hard bulge there. Her shy teacher had a hard-on for her. She grinned in triumph.
    "Ha, just as I thought!" she cried. "Your cock's hard! You want me, all right!"
    "Oh, Christ!" he groaned.
    Shari grabbed for the zipper of his pants. She got it open and pulled his pants down to his knees. The crotch of his jockey shorts was bulging obscenely. She grasped his shorts and pulled them down, too, and-his massive boner snapped free.
    "Oh, wow," she breathed, "it's gorgeous! It's huge!"
    Mr. Stone was into one of his super blushes, and he couldn't say a word. He just made hoarse croaking noises as the excited girl reached out and wrapped her fingers around his dick. Shari was glad Mike had shown her how to jack him off. Now she could do the same thing for Mr. Stone.
    "You're gonna love this," she promised.
    Firming her grip on his meat, she began pumping it. She couldn't take her eyes off it. His cock was bigger than Mike's, full grown, and it looked as thick as her wrist. It was a good eight inches long, and it was rock-hard and throbbing.
    "Mmmmm, this is fun!" she gurgled.
    Stone slumped in his chair, panting. His cock throbbed harder in her pumping fingers, and then thick globs of cream began to ooze from his piss hole. They formed a river and ran down to wet Shari's fingers. She rubbed the hot sticky cream into his cock.
    Finally he found his voice again.
    "Shari, I'm telling you for the last time, get out of here!" he rasped. "I'm not interested in making it with students!"
    "Oh, bull," she laughed. "You've got a hardon for me, teacher. You're interested, all right."
    "I'm only human," he groaned. "But I know right from wrong, and I'm telling you, young lady-"
    Shari was getting tired of his silly puritanical attitude and his dumb lectures. She decided to shut him up. She started pumping his dick very fast. He gasped and groaned, and he seemed to forget what he'd been saying. Her trick had worked.
    "Now, you just relax and let me make you feel good, honey," she purred. "The door's locked, and nobody's gonna know what we're doing."
    She pumped his cock faster and faster, and he slumped back and groaned. That thick river of cream kept flowing from his piss hole and soaking her fingers. His cock bucked lustily in her fist. Shari was sure she had him where she wanted him.
    She glanced up and saw that his handsome face was twisted into a lusty grimace. His eyes rolled crazily, then closed tight. Mike had done the same thing just before he shot his load. Shari shivered with excitement as she thought of jacking off her teacher.
    "Unnnnhhhh, God!" Stone gasped.
    His prick was throbbing violently in her fist. Then he seemed to lose control of himself totally. He started jerking his prick between her cream-drenched fingers. His cock swelled up bigger and bigger.
    "Awwwwwwww, damn-you gotta stop!" he groaned.
    "No way, honey," Shari leered.
    She just pumped harder, and a second. later he groaned and stiffened. She felt his cock give a powerful hot surge, and then he was moving again, fucking her fist like crazy. She saw the first huge wad of cream shoot from his piss hole.
    "Unnnngggghhhh, Jesus-aaaagggghhhh!" he roared.
    Hot jizz was shooting into the air. Shari pumped his cock as fast as she could, watching in hot arousal as she jacked him off. She was so proud that she'd made her teacher come. Now maybe he'd realize that she was a woman, not a little kid. But as he came down from his climax, he looked at her and blushed furiously.
    "My God," he groaned, "I don't know what got into me. I was crazy to let you do that. You'd better leave right now, Shari, and we'll just pretend this didn't happen."
    Shari jumped to her feet, glaring at him.
    "No way, teacher," she snapped. "I didn't stay after class just to jack you off. I wanta get off, too. I'm not leaving till you do something for me."
    She meant it. Her pussy was so hot and horny, it ached. She had to come or go crazy with frustration. She stood there, hands on hips, glaring at her red-faced teacher. Stone stared at her, then gave a big sigh.
    "All right," he said, "but you have to promise never to tell anybody that we did this." "I promise," Shari said, dropping her jeans. She kicked the jeans away and wriggled out of her little bikini panties. Stone stared at her tiny cute bush. Lust flamed in his eyes, but of course he wasn't about to admit he was turned on. That was something Shari would have to work on, getting him to admit his real feelings. But not now, not today. All she wanted now was to get off. As Stone pulled her into his lap, she went willingly. She was sitting on his cock, and that made her even more insanely aroused. He reached around her and found the moist throbbing nub of her clit. He slid his index finger onto the sensitive bud and began rubbing it.
    "Oooooo, shit, yeah!" Shari squealed.
    "Shari, don't swear!" Stone lectured.
    She couldn't help giggling. It was a pretty funny time for him to correct her language. But she soon stopped giggling and started panting and moaning. Mr. Stone knew just how to rub her clit, giving her a steady hot buzz of pleasure.
    "Wow, honey, where'd you learn to do this?" she gurgled.
    "Well, I have had a few women," he said primly.
    It must have been more than a few, Shari thought. The guy really knew how to get her off. He pistoned his finger stiffly over her clit, and she creamed furiously and helplessly, soaking his whole hand. Hot pleasure built in her pussy till she was shaking with it.
    "Unnnnhhhh, yeah, that's great, honey!" she moaned. "Please keep doing it, don't stop!"
    He rubbed her clit faster, harder, and she leaned back against him and closed her eyes. She didn't care about anything just then except coming. She felt like she'd go crazy if she didn't get off. Molten cream gushed from her virgin pussy and soaked her inner thighs.
    "Unnnnhhhh, yeah, I'm almost there!" she moaned.
    But just as she was on the verge of coming, Stone changed his technique. His finger slid away from her clit and searched lower, till he found the tiny virgin opening of her cunt. He started sliding his finger into her hot and creamy pussy hole.
    "Ooooooh, shit! Ooooooh!" Shari squealed.
    This time he didn't scold her for swearing. His loud hard breathing told her how excited he was as he eased his stiff finger deep into her steaming pussy. She loved that hard presence in her cunt. She wondered if fucking was anything like this.
    "Oh, yeah, I love that!" she moaned.
    But Mr. Stone gave a shocked gasp. "Shari!" he exclaimed. "You're a virgin! Why didn't you tell me?"
    "Never mind that," she moaned, "just get me off! Please, please, Mr.
    Stone, I just have to come!"
    He hesitated a second, then started pumping his stiff finger up and down in her fiery hot little cunt. Shari closed her eyes tight and enjoyed this brand-new pleasure. She adored having her horny little cunt reamed. She felt herself flying towards orgasm.
    "Unnnnhhhh, yesssss!" she hissed. "I'm gonna come! Don't stop!"
    He didn't stop. He pistoned his forger faster and faster in her sizzling pussy hole, and again the hot pleasure built till she couldn't contain it. She felt a massive explosion in the depths of her twat, and then she was howling in ecstasy as a violent orgasm ripped through her body.
    "Unnnnhhhh, yessss, you did it to meeeee!" she wailed. "I'm coming, whaaahhhhhhh!"
    She felt herself soaking Stone's deeply buried finger with blast after blast of molten come cream. The delicious climax went on for almost a minute. But the moment she finished coming, Stone slid her off his lap and stood up, pulling up his pants.
    "All right, young lady," he said sternly, "you got what you wanted, but it isn't going to happen again. And if you tell anybody what we did, I'll deny it. Now get dressed and get your ass out of here."
    "Yes, teacher," Shari purred. "Thanks for the private lesson."


    Shari wasn't upset about Mr. Stone's harsh words. She knew he really didn't mean them. Sure, he was concerned about his reputation, but he was also hot for Shari, and she was sure she could get to him again.
    Next time she wanted to be better prepared. She wanted to learn more ways to turn on her teacher. And there was only one person she knew who could show her how to make outgood old Mike.
    It was kind of unfair to Mike, but Shari was desperate. She had to prove to Mr. Stone that she wasn't a little kid, that she could make love like a grown woman. Maybe then he'd start to take her seriously.
    So when Mike asked her out for Friday night, she accepted eagerly.
    They went to a school dance. As on all their dates, Mike kept trying to feel her up and kiss her, and Shari pretended to resist. But she had a big surprise for him later.
    "It's early yet," Mike said as they left the dance. "You wanta go for a ride?"
    "Okay," Shari said, "but you have to promise to behave."
    "Oh, sure, of course," Mike said.
    He was lying, and she knew it. He drove out to the lake and parked in the same spot as last week. He was probably hoping for a repeat performance. Soon he'd slipped his arm around Shari's shoulders and was leaning down for a kiss.
    "Mike," she said, "you promised to behave."
    "Aw, come on, baby," Mike sighed, "a kiss won't hurt anything. You let me kiss you last week."
    Shari enjoyed stringing him along. She put on a stubborn look and turned her face away. Mike's hand started creeping lower, till he was touching her right tit. He gave it a squeeze, and Shari let out a squeal.
    "Mike, stop that!" she cried.
    Mike groaned. Shari glanced down at his fly and wasn't surprised to see a big bulge there. Poor Mike, he never gave up hoping and trying. She was starting to feel really sorry for him, and she decided to quit acting.
    "Come on, Shari! Just one kiss!" he begged.
    "Oh, all right," she said.
    Mike sure was a good kisser. Shari felt hot juice leaking from her cunt as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. In seconds her pussy was on fire. She leaned back and let him kiss her as long as he wanted.
    She knew that if she'd felt about Mike the way she did about Mr. Stone, she'd go all the way with him. But Mike was just a friend to her, and Stone was the guy she had a crush on. Still, she really got off on kissing Mike. She wriggled her tongue against his and felt him shiver with lust.
    Still probing her mouth with his hot tongue, he slipped his hands up under her shirt and cupped her small firm tits. As he squeezed them through her bra, they swelled up taut, and her nipples went rigid.
    "Mmmmmmm!" she sighed.
    Finally Mike came up for air, his face flushed, his eyes hot and glassy. He reached around her and unhooked her bra. Then his big hot hands slid over her naked tits, molding and exploring, and Shari gave a lusty little gurgle.
    "You really like this, don't you, Shari?" Mike asked hoarsely.
    "Mmmmm-hmmmm," she sighed.
    "I know something you'd like even more," he said.
    "Like what?" Shari asked.
    "The best thing of all," he said. "We could go all the way. You'd love it, Shari, I know you would."
    Shari was pretty sure she'd love it, too. But that was where she drew the line. As much as she wanted to lose her virginity, as much as she wanted to find out about fucking, Mike wasn't the man for her. Her cherry was reserved for Mr. Stone.
    "No, Mike," she said, "I won't do it! You know that. But maybe you can suggest something else."
    "Sure," he said eagerly, "I know lots of ways to have fun. We could go down on each other."
    "Oh, yeah?" Shari said. "What's that?"
    "It's easier to show you than try to explain," Mike said. "But I know you'd really get off on it."
    "Okay, show me," she grinned.
    This was what she'd been leading up to all the time, a new way to have fun with a guy, something she could use on Mr. Stone. She didn't know much about sex, and she had no idea what "going down" meant, but she was eager to learn.
    "Now don't panic," Mike said, "but I have to take your clothes off."
    "You what?" Shari gasped.
    But he was already unzipping her jeans. He got them open, then grasped her jeans and panties and pulled them off. He stared hungrily at her cute little bush. It was the first time he'd seen her totally naked.
    Then he eased her down on the seat, on her back. He arranged her with her knees bent and her legs wide open. In the strong moonlight he could see her moist pink slit. He started breathing hard, and Shari wondered if he could control himself.
    "Wait a minute, Mike," she said. "I don't think this is such a hot idea."
    "I'll behave," he croaked, "I promise."
    Then he did the weirdest thing. He knelt between her legs and shoved his face right into her pussy. Shari gave a squeal of surprise. She was going to push him away, but then she felt the most delicate sensation in her slit.
    "Oooooooh!" she moaned. "Oooooooh!"
    Something hot and wet was lashing up and down her swollen pussy, making her feel fantastically excited. It had been fun playing with herself down there, but this was a thousand times better. She went limp and submissive, gurgling with delight.
    "Unnnnnhhhhh, Mike, I love that!" she moaned.
    She peered at him, trying to figure out what he was doing to make her feel so great. She saw that he was licking her gash, running his tongue swiftly up and down over the puffed creamy flesh. That seemed pretty kinky, but she didn't want him to stop.
    "Mike," she panted, "where'd you learn to do this?"
    "Older girl," he muttered.
    Whoever that older girl was, Shari silently thanked her for teaching Mike such a wonderful trick. Then she closed her eyes and surrendered to the incredible pleasure. Mike's tongue was hot and juicy on her pussy, stimulating every inch of the supersensitive flesh.
    "Unnnnhhhh, God-yesssss!" she moaned.
    He lathered her whole cunt with his hot spit. Shari moaned and whimpered and clawed the seat. She'd loved it last week when he got her off with his fingers, but this was even better. She never wanted the fantastic sensations to end.
    She imagined Mr. Stone doing this to her, and that got her even more excited. Tangy cream gushed from her little cunt mouth, all over Mike's lapping tongue. He gobbled the stuff and went for more. He seemed really hungry for her juice.
    Then he changed his tactics. He made the tip of his tongue stiff and started raking it over the most sensitive spot of all, the throbbing nub of her clit. Shari felt such intense pleasure, she sobbed.
    "Ohhhhhh, Mike, yesssss!" she cried. "That feels so damned good-don't stop!"
    "I won't!" he panted. "I'll get you off this way!"
    That sounded great to Shari. The sex-hungry teenager creamed furiously, and Mike lapped up her musky juice and swallowed it. He kept raking his stiff tongue tip over her clit, taking her higher and higher towards the orgasm she needed so badly.
    Shari bared her teeth in a lusty snarl. Her whole body felt ready to burst with pleasure. She was creaming uncontrollably now, and the molten cream was rushing down her ass crack and puddling on the seat of the car. Just a few more flicks of Mike's tongue and she was coming.
    "Unnnnhhhh, shit! Unnnnhhhh-ahhhhh!" she screamed.
    She began to convulse so hard that Mike couldn't keep his tongue on target. He rose to his knees and watched the petite girl as she writhed and bucked and whimpered. When Shari finally opened her eyes again, the first thing she saw was the grotesque bulge in his pants.
    "Shari," he said hoarsely.
    "Forget it," she moaned.
    "Just thought I'd ask," he sighed. "Want me to go down on you again?"
    "God, I'd love it!" she panted.
    He burrowed into her pussy again, whipping his stiff tongue over the swollen come-soaked flesh. Shari couldn't imagine anything feeling better than that. She felt a little sorry for Mike, knowing how desperately he wanted to stick his cock in her, but she figured she'd make it up to him some other way.
    "Unnnnhhhh, yeah, lick me all over!" she moaned. "That's so fuckin' good, Mike!"
    Mike seemed to be a real pussy freak. He couldn't get enough of her hot tangy juice. He gobbled it up as fast as it leaked from her aroused little cunt. Again he lathered every inch of her cunt with his hot spit, leaving her gurgling with pleasure. She just couldn't stop creaming.
    Now she felt the stiff tip of his tongue exploring around in the middle of her slit. He found the tiny virgin mouth of her cunt and poked the end of his tongue inside. Shari loved the sensation, and she wanted more of it.
    "Yeah, Mike, go for it!" she panted. "Stick it in all the way!"
    Maybe that wasn't the best choice of words. She heard Mike give an anguished groan. He was wishing she meant his cock, not his tongue. But he kept his promise and didn't pull any tricks. He started sliding his thick stiff tongue into her box.
    "Ooooooh! Fuck-yessssss!" Shari wailed.
    She just loved feeling something long and stiff in her cunt. She'd loved it when Mr. Stone finger-fucked her, but she loved Mike's tonguefucking even more. He pushed his tongue into her, clear to the root, then started jerking it in and out of her squirting little twat.
    "Unnnnhhhh, God, I love it!" she wailed. "I just love it, Mike, don't stop!"
    Mike couldn't respond in words, not with his tongue up her box, but he let her know that he wouldn't stop. He kept working his long wet tongue faster and faster in her smoking pussy hole, driving her wild with excitement.
    Shari had never experienced anything like this before. She'd never heard of giving head. But her body seemed to know just what to do. She raised her ass right off the seat, taking Mike's plowing tongue as deep as she could get it.
    She jerked her hips to his rhythm, meeting each hard thrust of his tongue with an upward movement. She steadily tightened her hot little box around the wet meat, getting all the delicious friction she could. She felt herself rocketing toward climax.
    "Unnnnhhhh, fuck, you're gonna make me come!" she moaned.
    Mike responded by tongue-fucking her even harder. She wondered if this was how it felt to take a cock. If it was, she could hardly wait to do it. But not with Mike, of course. Her first fuck would be with Mr. Stone.
    "Harder," she wailed, "give it to me as hard as you can!"
    Mike went into high gear, slamming his big tongue into her, and Shari closed her eyes and drifted to the verge of climax. The car seat was creaking, and she could hear Mike's tongue making an obscene sucking noise as it reamed out her molten juice. Then she exploded into climax.
    "Unnnhhh, yeah, you did it. I'm cominggg!" she screamed. "Ohhhhh, shit-whaaahhhhh!"
    Mike managed to stay on target this time. He cupped her churning ass and held her in place, hammering his tongue into her while she came. It was an even longer and harder orgasm than the first one. Shari sobbed with ecstasy, and it was almost a minute before she went limp.
    "Oh, wow, Mike, that was fantastic!" she sighed.
    She looked up and saw that he was on his knees again, unzipping his jeans. He tugged them off, and his stiff cock sprang free, hard as steel and drooling hot cream. He looked longingly at her pussy, but she shook her head.
    "Okay," he sighed, "I know, you won't fuck me. But how about sucking me off?"
    "Sure," Shari said eagerly.
    She didn't know how, but she wanted to learn. This might be something that would drive Mr. Stone wild. Mike stretched out on the seat, his prick standing up stiffly, and he had Shari kneel on the floor beside him.
    "Okay, go for it," he panted.
    "What do I do?" she asked.
    "Just take my cock in your mouth and suck it," he groaned.
    That sounded simple enough, and the idea really turned her on. She grasped the thick base of his dick, opened her lips wide, and started sliding them down around his throbbing boner. Mike groaned in ecstasy as she sheathed his meat in the hot juicy flesh of her mouth.
    "Jesus, yes," he panted, "now suck it!"
    Shari drew in her cheeks and started sucking. She enjoyed it right away. It was a kinky thrill to have his big pulsating prick in her mouth, and she loved the salty taste of his come. She sucked greedily and fast, and Mike shuddered with pleasure.
    "Oh, yeah, great!" he groaned.
    Shari was glad she could do something for him. The guy was obsessed with fucking her, and that was something she'd never allow, but at least she could give him this. She suctioned the hot tasty cream from his piss hole and gobbled it.
    "Mmmmmm, mmmmmm!" she gurgled.
    Mike was beyond words now. He just lay there panting and groaning, his flushed face twisted into a horny grimace. More thick cream boiled from his cock, and Shari sucked it up like it was candy. She decided she was a natural-born cock freak. She'd never get tired of doing this.
    "Faster now, baby!" Mike moaned. "Get me off!"
    Shari gave him what he wanted, sucking his prick greedily and loudly. His cock throbbed violently on her tongue, and he dug his fingers into the car seat. A few seconds later he totally lost control. He started hammering his cock over her slippery tongue.
    "Unnnnhhhh, shit, eat it-aaaagggghhhh!" he bellowed, flooding her mouth with boiling jism.
    Shari wasn't prepared for that. The next thing she knew, sizzling juice was spurting from the corners of her lips, and her mouth was so full of his come, she had to swallow. She gulped the stuff down hungrily, wanting every drop.
    "Oh, Christ, terrific!" Mike sighed at last.
    His cock slipped from her mouth, and she licked her lips to get the last drops of his delicious jizz. She could hardly wait to go down on a guy again, only next time it was going to be her handsome math teacher.
    Mr. Stone would just have to like this. She'd prove to him that she was a woman and that she could make him feel great. In fact the poor guy didn't stand a chance, now that Shari knew how to please him.


    The next day was Saturday, and that was a big break for Shari. She knew better than to approach Mr. Stone at school. He'd just tell her he was busy. But he'd be home today, and he'd have no excuse not to see her.
    She told her parents she was going bike riding, then pedalled across town to her teacher's house. She knew Mr. Stone wouldn't want his neighbors to know about her visit, so she rode down the alley and hid her bike in his back yard.
    She knocked on the back door, and Mr. Stone answered right away. He was wearing an apron, and he had flour all over his face. He even had flour in his hair. Shari tried not to giggle. He stared at her and, of course, he turned brick red.
    "Shari!" he exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"
    "I just dropped by to visit, Mr. Stone," she said calmly. "What happened to you? You look like you fell into a flour sack."
    Stone threw up his hands.
    "I was trying to bake bread," he said, "but it's more complicated than I thought."
    "I'll help you," Shari said, barging into the kitchen.
    She might not know a lot about sex, but she was a good cook. She soon had Mr. Stone's mess cleaned up and the dough set to rise. Then she grabbed Stone by the hand and marched him to the bathroom. She was wild about the guy, but she couldn't get very turned on when he was covered with flour.
    "Into the shower," she ordered. "You're a mess."
    Stone nodded sheepishly, and she left him to bathe. It was only a few minutes later that she realized she was passing up a golden opportunity. Mr. Stone was naked in that shower, which was just the way she wanted him.
    Grinning wickedly, Shari took off all her clothes and slipped silently into the bathroom. Mr. Stone was still in the shower, singing to himself. He had a nice voice, but of course he was too shy to sing in front of anybody. Shari slipped into the shower beside him.
    He ended his song with a croak. He stared at the cute naked teenage girl, and his mouth hung open. Shari smiled at him and grabbed the soap. She started washing him, getting wildly turned on as she caressed his hard male body.
    He finally found his voice.
    "Shari," he said hoarsely, "what in hell do you think you're doing!"
    "What does it look like?" Shari grinned. "I'm helping you take a shower."
    He started to protest, but at that instant she grabbed his cock. He gasped and looked down as she ran her soap-slick fingers around the thick pole of meat. She pumped his prick fast and firmly, and he gave a hard shudder.
    "Shari," he said, "stop that. I told you, we're not going to get it on again, and that's final."
    "Uh-huh," Shari purred.
    He could talk all he wanted, but he wasn't going anywhere. She had a good grip on his cock. She pumped it faster, smearing it with warm soapy lather, and Stone slumped back against the stall, breathing hard and getting flushed all over.
    "Shari, please, stop!" he groaned.
    She paid no attention to him. Her attention was focused on his handsome big prick, and now she could feel it starting to swell. She pumped it even faster and, sure enough, it mushroomed into a hard wrist-thick column of throbbing meat.
    "Oh, hell," he groaned, "now look what you did."
    "Mmmmmmm, yeah, it's gorgeous!" she gurgled.
    With her free hand she turned off the water. Keeping a good firm grip on his cock, she led him out of the bathroom and down the hall, where she figured the bedroom had to be. He wasn't getting away this time.
    "Shari, dammit, you've got to stop this," he complained. "I can't make out with a student. I could be fired. It could ruin my career."
    He yammered on, but Shari just kept leading him down the hall. She found his bedroom and drew him over to the bed. She gave him a little shove, and he sat down on the edge of the bed. Then she knelt in front of him and wriggled between his legs. Her mouth was watering as she eyed his swollen drooling prick.
    "Mr. Stone," she said, "I'm going to do something you'll just love."
    He tried one last desperate protest.
    "Shari, if you don't leave me alone, I'll report you to the principal," he threatened.
    Shari thought that was pretty funny. "And what will you tell him?" she laughed. "That I raped you?"
    Before he could answer, she dipped her head down, stuck out her tongue, and started licking his cock. He gasped and shivered, and his cock bucked against her tongue. He was feeling excitement and pleasure, even if he wouldn't admit it.
    Shari was feeling pretty excited herself. She could hardly believe she was going down on the man of her dreams. She whisked her hot juicy little tongue up and down the fat blue-veined column of meat, lapping up his dripping juice and gobbling it.
    "Mmmmmm, mmmmmm!" she gurgled.
    Stone was almost shaking with lust, and his eyes were hot and glazed. Shari wondered if he'd ever fantasized her doing this to him. She bet he had. He'd probably looked at that naughty magazine of his and imagined Shari giving him head. He'd jacked off thinking about it.
    Well, now he was getting the real thing, and it was blowing him away. He stopped protesting and just sat there breathing hard and shivering with pleasure as she ran her slippery hot tongue up and down his rock-hard prick.
    She lathered his cock with her hot saliva. Working her way upward, she reached the engorged purple head and swished her tongue around and around the hard bulb of meat. She soon discovered that he was especially sensitive there.
    "Oh, Jesus!" he gasped. "Unnnnhhhh!"
    She was on to something. She raced her steamy little tongue faster and faster around the massive head of his cock, licking up every drop of tasty cream that oozed from his piss hole. She rolled the salty juice around in her mouth and swallowed it with a greedy sigh.
    "I just love going down on you, Mr. Stone," she panted. "I hope you like it."
    "Of course I like it," he said hoarsely. "I'm only human. But it's wrong of you to do this, Shari. You have to think about your future. If anybody finds out about this, you'd be in terrible trouble."
    It was time to shut him up again, and Shari knew just how to do that. Opening her lips wide and licking them to make them slick, she started easing them down around the rigid rock-hard pole of his cock.
    It was a very tight fit, but she loved cramming her mouth with his meat. Stone groaned and shuddered as she fed his swollen dick into her mouth.
    She couldn't get all of it. It was just too big. But she managed half of it, and then she drew in her cheeks and started sucking on it. She suctioned the delicious cream right out of his piss hole and gobbled it greedily.
    "Mmmmm, uuummmmm!" she moaned.
    "Oh, Christ!" Stone groaned. "Don't ever tell anybody about this! But don't stop!"
    She had him now. He couldn't resist the hot pleasure of her hungry cock-sucking. She sucked harder, drawing the tasty hot cream from his cock, driving him wild. She hoped he'd come in her mouth the way Mike did. She wanted a whole boiling mouth of his jizz.
    It looked like she was going to get her wish. The faster and harder she sucked on his meat, the more insanely aroused he got. Just like Mike, he lost control and started fucking her mouth. The fat head of his prick butted into the back of her throat, choking her.
    "Unnnnhhhh!" she gasped.
    She fisted the thick base of his cock so he couldn't get into her throat. She sucked furiously on his throbbing boner, and he jerked his meat frantically back and forth over her hot slippery tongue. A second later he gave a violent shudder, and she felt a hot rush of come spurting into her mouth.
    "Awwwwwww, shit, eat it-awwwwwww!" he bellowed.
    "Mmmmmm, unnnnhhhh!" Shari moaned. She didn't lose a drop of his come. She started gulping it as he jetted it into her mouth, savor ing every bit of his delicious cream. He fucked wildly into her mouth, then groaned and dropped back on the bed, flushed and panting. Shari gave a happy sigh and licked her lips to get the last of his come. She'd sucked off the man she was crazy about. He hadn't been able to resist. Maybe now he'd start treating her like a woman instead of a kid.
    "I shouldn't have let you do that, Shari," he said. "I'm not much of a teacher if I can't control myself."
    "Oh, bullshit," Shari laughed. She crawled up on the bed beside him. "This isn't the classroom, honey. I'm not here as a student, and you aren't teaching today."
    "Still, you'd better be going," he sighed. "We can't risk getting caught."
    "Nobody knows I'm here," Shari replied. "I'm staying. You didn't get me off yet, and I'm so horny."
    She rolled onto her back, bent her knees, and opened her legs wide. Stone gawked at her luscious-looking pink pussy and its fine fringe of brown curls. She could tell she was getting him excited all over again.
    "Please, Mr. Stone," she cooed, "get me off. That's only fair, isn't it?"
    "Yes, Shari," he sighed, "you're right. You got me off, and I should do the same for you."
    He started to crawl between her legs, and Shari could hardly control her excitement. This was the big moment-she was going to lose her cherry.
    "Oh, yes, Mr. Stone, honey!" she moaned.
    But things didn't quite turn out that way. Stone lifted her legs up and draped them over his shoulders, completely exposing her moist pink slit. He stuck out his tongue and began licking her pussy.
    "Ooooooh!" Shari gasped.
    She was disappointed that he hadn't tried to fuck her, but her disappointment didn't last long. She felt hot pleasure as his big tongue whipped her gash. He was an even better pussy eater than Mike.
    Whimpering and writhing, Shari forgot about losing her virginity.
    That could come later. All she cared about now was getting her pussy tongued. She really couldn't imagine anything that would feel better than this.
    "Unnnnhhhh, honey, that's so good!" she moaned. "Don't stop, please! I just love it!"
    She started creaming and couldn't stop. The hot tangy juice squirted from her cunt and, soaked her pussy. Stone lapped up the molten., juice and gobbled it. The guy was a real pussy! freak. It was a big surprise to Shari.
    Mr. Stone was so prim and shy in class, she couldn't believe he knew all about kinky sex. But he did, and he was driving her crazy with his lashing tongue. He whipped the hot meat up and down her throbbing gash, and she sobbed in ecstasy.
    "Ohhhhhh, shit, I love that!" she wailed. "Keep doing it! Make me come!"
    Her pussy was boiling with horniness, and each touch of his tongue made her squeal and cream. She wondered where he'd learned all this stuff. Nobody in town had ever seen him with a woman. But he was a fantastic pussy-eater, no question about that.
    Shari closed her eyes and let the hot pleasure carry her away. It built and built in her gash till she felt ready to explode. Stone lashed his big tongue faster and faster over her burning cunt slit, and he gobbled up every drop of her sizzling cream.
    She felt like she could come at any second, yet she held off. She never wanted the incredible pleasure to end. Baring her teeth in a lusty snarl, she shivered with each strong lash of his tongue. She clawed the bed and creamed uncontrollably, till finally something had to give. "Unnnnnhhhhh, shit, aaaahhhhhhh!" Shari wailed.
    She was coming violently, the sizzling cream gushing from her spasming cunt. Stone held her in place, her legs draped over his shoulders, and he licked up her tangy juice, getting every drop of it. After long delicious seconds, she went limp.
    "Mmmmmmm, God, that was so good," she panted. "Could you do it one more time, please, Mr. Stone?"
    She thought she heard him chuckle, but she wasn't sure. She still had her eyes closed, shutting out everything but the terrific pleasure he was giving her. Now he licked higher up her pussy, till the stiff tip of his tongue was tickling her clit.
    "Ooooooh! Yeah, lick me right there!" she shrieked.
    He knew what he was doing, all right. He flicked the pointed tip of his tongue rapidly over her sensitive joy button, giving her hot stabs of pleasure and making her cream like crazy. In seconds she was on her way to another powerful orgasm.
    His whipping tongue tip drove her wild. Her clit swelled and got even more sensitive than usual. Then he jammed his lips around the pulsating button and started sucking it, and Shari almost flew off the bed. The pleasure was just fantastic.
    "Unnnnnhhhhh, yesssss! Suck meeeee!" she wailed.
    Stone sucked loudly and greedily on her throbbing joy button, and she felt herself spinning helplessly into another body-rocking climax. It exploded from the base of her clit and rattled every bone in her body.
    "Ohhhhhhhhh, fuck, unnnngggghhhh!" she gasped.
    Stone sucked her through the climax, making it long and powerful. Shari drenched his face with her spurting come cream. She'd hardly finished coming before he moved his tongue lower and jammed it into her tiny virgin twat.
    "Ohhhhhh, God, yesssss!" she wailed. "Do it to me again, honey! Get me off!"
    She was beginning to wonder if she could ever get enough orgasms. She was starting on number three, and she was still horny out of her mind. Stone plowed his thick slippery tongue to her fiery depths, then began sawing it stiffly in her cunt. Shari loved it.
    "Yes, yes, do it to me!" she panted. "Stick it in me!"
    Her hips pumped with a life of their own, matching the deep thrusts of his tongue. She dug her nails into the bed and wailed in ecstasy. Again she wondered if fucking felt anything like this. She promised herself that she'd find out before she left this house. This was going to be her last day as a virgin.
    "Harder," she moaned, "faster! I'm almost there!"
    Stone gave it to her, lowering his big wet tongue deep and hard in her seething cunt. She felt an enormous explosion of pleasure deep down in her twat, and her petite body began to shake and rock. It was the hardest climax she'd had yet, thanks to her teacher's expert tonguefucking.
    "Oooooooo, I'm cominggggg!" she wailed. "Yes, yesssss, honey, unnnnhhhhhhh!"
    Stone's long hot tongue reamed out her molten come juice and deliciously crammed her cunt as she came. Shari whimpered and sobbed with pleasure for long wonderful seconds. Then Stone lowered her to the bed.
    She opened her eyes and looked at his flushed lust-contorted face. Her gaze drifted down to his cock. He had another hard-on, and it was a beauty. She broke into a mischievous grin.
    "Gosh, teacher," she said, "it looks like I'm gonna have to help you out again!"


    "Oh, no!" Stone said, shaking his head. "I draw the line there, Shari. You're a virgin. You're my student. We've gone too far already."
    Shari gave an impatient sigh. She wondered if she'd ever understand grownups. They were always telling you that something wasn't right, and then they'd go ahead and do it anyway. Mr. Stone had this incredible hard-on, yet he was willing to tell her that he wasn't interested in more sex.
    She reached out and petted his stiff hot prick, and he grabbed her hand and moved it away. But he was breathing hard, and his eyes were hot and glassy with lust. Why was he fighting it? Why didn't he just let himself go?
    "Mr. Stone," Shari began. "Oh, hell, I'm gonna call you Dave. We know each other well enough now for that."
    "We know each other too well, Shari," he sighed. "It's got to stop now, before we go any farther. I want you to get dressed and go home. We'll just forget this ever happened."
    "No way," Shari cried. "Listen, Dave, I'm tired of being a virgin, and I want you to be the first guy I go all the way with. I've wanted that for a long time. Please, do it for me! I don't want anybody but you!"
    "Well, I'm flattered, Shari," he said, "but the answer is still no. I won't get it on with a student."
    "Then I'll be a virgin the rest of my life," Shari pouted, "because I won't do it with anybody else."
    Stone couldn't help laughing. "Shari, I honestly can't imagine you as an old maid," he said. "Just give it some time. You'll fall for somebody else soon."
    Shari saw that she wasn't getting anywhere with him, so she decided to try another tactic.
    "Okay," she sighed, "but will you tell me something? I just wanta know how you learned to give head like that. It just doesn't seem like you."
    "I know," he chuckled. "Most of the kids think I'm a nerd. Maybe I am. But I have had a few girlfriends. And when I was in high school I had a very interesting experience."
    "Go on," Shari said eagerly, "tell me."
    "I'm not sure I should," he said. "Oh, well, I guess it'll be all right, as long as you don't know her name. You see, Shari, when I was in high school I was seduced by one of my teachers."
    "No shit?" Shari cried. "Please, tell me what happened!"
    "She was my English teacher," Stone said, "a beautiful woman, maybe ten years older than me. She'd just been widowed, and I guess she couldn't find another man she liked. It was a small town, so there weren't many chances for her. Anyway, she was still young and sexy, and she needed somebody. I was her favorite student. I used to stay after class and help her with things. One day she asked me to come to her house instead. I didn't expect anything unusual, but she had a big surprise for me."
    "Go on," Shari said breathlessly. "What happened?"
    "Well, it's a long story," Dave said, "but she taught me everything. About sex, not English. I lost my virginity with her, and we were lovers till I graduated. I'll never forget her."
    "How could you?" Shari sighed. "What a neat lady!"
    Dave seemed lost in thought for a moment, and that gave Shari a chance to think, too. His teacher had seduced him. Now a student was trying to seduce him. He hadn't held back the first time, so why was he holding back now?
    "Dave," she said gently, "that teacher was a big help to you, wasn't she?"
    "Yes," he smiled, "she was. She made me feel good about myself."
    "Well, then couldn't you do the same thing for me?" Shari asked.
    As she spoke, she reached for his cock again, and this time he didn't move her hand away.
    Shivering with excitement, she ran her fingers up and down the steel-hard throbbing shaft. She was horny all over again, and this time she wanted more than Dave's tongue.
    "I need somebody to teach me about sex, Dave," she said. "I need somebody who knows what he's doing. Please, it'd be such a big help to me. That's why I want you to be my first guy. I wanta get started right."
    Dave shivered as she caressed his cock.
    "Maybe you're right," he said. "Better me than some kid who doesn't know how to make it good for you."
    He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. He wasn't shy or hesitant about it this time. He slid his hot tongue into her mouth, and she melted against him, her pussy burning and creaming. She was so crazy about the man, she'd do anything he wanted her to.
    "Mmmmmm!" she sighed.
    He kissed her for a long time, till she was squirming and whimpering with need. Then he laid her down on her back and cupped her firm little tits. As he expertly molded and squeezed the tender globes, Shari seethed with excitement. "You'll do it, won't you, Dave?" she panted.
    "You'll teach me all about sex?"
    "Yes," he said, "but I won't rush it. This is too important to rush. I want to make sure you're ready first."
    "Ready? Shari had never felt more ready for anything in her life. She reached for his cock again, wrapping her fingers around the hard hot pole of meat and pumping it. She ached to feel it cramming her horny little cunt.
    "I'm ready now," she moaned.
    "I'll be the judge of that," Dave chuckled. "I'm the one with the experience, remember? So you either do it my way, or we'll just forget it."
    "Yes, Dave," Shari said meekly.
    He was right. She didn't know the first thing about fucking. She'd just follow his lead. She hated the slow pace, but she'd be patient. She lay there shivering and writhing with desire as he fondled her swollen tits.
    He leaned down, stuck out his tongue, and started lashing her engorged tender nipples. That drove her wild. She was so horny, she could have screamed. Each wet flick of his tongue made her cream furiously.
    She felt the sizzling liquid squirting from her box and gushing down her ass crack. Dave slid his lips around her left nipple and started sucking on it, and she groaned and clawed the bed. He sucked that nipple, then the other, leaving them rigid and gleaming.
    The' he slid his hand between her thighs and touched the searing hot flesh of her pussy. He felt the thick cream oozing from her box, and he felt her engorged slit throbbing against his fingers. He had to know how frantically horny she was.
    "See, Dave?" she whimpered. "I'm ready." "Almost," he grinned. "I just want to warm you up a little bit more."
    Shari groaned. If she got any warmer, she'd burst into flames. But she'd decided to let Dave call the shots, and all she could do was lie there and tremble with need as he explored her hot and swollen teenage gash.
    He touched her everywhere, playing with her clit, exploring the tight little mouth of her cunt. She soaked his hand with burst after burst of molten pussy juice. She was sure her pussy was burning his fingers.
    When was he going to make his move? Maddeningly, he just took his time, caressing and stimulating every inch of her horny hot gash, making her whimper with desire. She pumped his cock faster, trying to get him hot.
    "That won't do you any good," he laughed.
    "Oh, damn," Shari moaned.
    He went on playing with her pussy, thrusting the tip of his middle finger into her untried twat, exploring the incredible tightness. Shari loved that probing feeling, but she was sure his cock would feel even more arousing than his finger.
    Finally he said in a lust-hoarsened voice, "Yes, young lady, I think you're ready now."
    No shit? Shari thought.
    He slid on top of her and sank down between her thighs. She greed" Y jerked her hips, trying to impale herself on his prick, but it didn't work. She forced herself to lie still and let him do what had to be done. She felt the massive hard head of his cock pressing against her moist cuntal opening.
    "Yes, yes, stick it in me!" she moaned.
    "Easy," he said. "It hurts a girl the first time, honey, and I want to be as gentle as possible. Don't move till I tell you to."
    "Okay," Shari panted.
    She'd never heard about it hurting a girl to lose her cherry, but she didn't mind that. She was ready. She just had to find out what fucking was like, and she had the perfect man to do it with. She went limp and submissive beneath his hard male body.
    Dave pressed his fat cock head harder against the tiny moist opening of her virgin cunt. It felt like her pussy lips were being stretched to the bursting point. He began moving into her very slowly and carefully.
    "Unnnhhhh!" Shari gasped.
    "Too big?" he asked. "Does it hurt?" "N-No!" she lied.
    It hurt, and it was scary, but she wasn't going to back out now. She'd be kicking herself later if she did. Besides, she wanted to prove to Dave that she was a grown woman, not a silly kid. She gritted her teeth and waited, wondering if his slowly advancing cock was going to split her in half.
    "Ahhhhh, Jesus!" he groaned. "You're so tight, I can't believe it!"
    Shari believed it. It felt like she was taking a baseball bat up her virgin twat. She was sure she'd break in two. But she wasn't going to be a chicken, no matter what happened. Dave pushed into her till about half his massive cock throbbed against her narrow cuntal walls.
    "You okay?" he asked.
    "Yes!" Shari squealed.
    "All right," he said. "I'm going to have to push hard now, to get all the way in, and it's going to hurt. I'll stop now if you don't think you can take it."
    "No, please, don't stop!" Shari moaned.
    She wasn't sure she could take it, but she had to know what it was like. She'd never forgive herself if she blew this chance. She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth, while Dave caught his breath and drew back for a long hard lunge.
    "Unnnhhhh-owwwww!" she wailed.
    Dave had thrust forward hard, and suddenly her cunt was totally crammed with his steel-stiff cock. Her cherry was gone. He pushed into her till his big hairy balls rubbed her slit, then paused, letting her get used to the sensation.
    "You all right, honey?" he rasped.
    "Yes," Shari whimpered.
    He laughed gently.
    "I know," he said, "you're wondering when it gets fun. Everybody told you it was fun, right?"
    "Right," Shari said. "Were they just putting me on?"
    "No, baby," he chuckled, "it's the most fun thing in the world. I'm going to prove that to you now."
    He slid his hands under her firm little ass and cupped it. He started fucking her very slowly, moving his cock gently in and out of her bruised and sore little cunt. His stiff shaft rubbed up and down over her clit, and Shari felt the first faint throb of pleasure.
    "Hey," she gasped, "yes!"
    Dave didn't say anything. He was breathing hard now, savoring the exquisite tightness of her freshly deflowered twat. He was very patient with her, moving so slowly and sensuously. Shari began to like it more and more.
    "Oh, yeah, Dave, that's good!" she gurgled.
    "It's going to get a lot better," he promised.
    Very gradually he fucked her faster, taking his time, letting her adjust to the brand-new sensations. Shari was so glad she'd gone through with it. She'd made the right choice. Dave knew just how to turn her on to fucking. His hard. shaft sawed deliciously over her horny little clit., How had she guessed he'd be just right for her? Looking at him in class, she'd never have dreamed he'd be such a terrific lover. The bashful, clumsy math teacher was a tiger in bed.
    He was getting her more hotly aroused by the second.
    "Do it faster now, honey!" she moaned. "I can take it!"
    "Let's find out," he said.
    He speeded up some more, his thick hard cock reaming deep into her juicy little cunt and forcing out her cream. His shaft stimulated her clit in a fantastic way, giving her hot stabs of pleasure.
    "Ohhhhh, yeah!" Shari moaned. "That's great, baby! Don't slow down!"
    Dave gave a lusty snarl and kept fucking her faster. She clung to him, clawing his shoulders and nuzzling his neck. Then her hips got into the act, pumping to his rhythm. She was fucking back at him, and she was starting to cream heavily.
    That made it even better. The more she creamed, the slicker her cunt became, and Dave could fuck her even faster. His big cock made a lewd sucking noise as it reamed out her steaming juices, and that sound turned her on in a kinky way.
    "Yeah, do it to me, meeeee!" she wailed.
    Her hoarse horny cries excited him to even harder action. Now their bodies were slapping together, and the bed was starting to creak.
    Shari jerked her hips in perfect time to his, and her pleasure mounted by the second. At last she understood why everybody was so crazy about fucking.
    Nothing was better than this. She adored having her pussy licked and sucked, but it was even more exciting to feel a big hard cock reaming deep in her cunt and raking over her clit. Her face twisted into a horny grimace as her teacher fucked her faster and faster.
    "Unnnhhh, shit, I love it!" she wailed. "I love to fuck, Dave! Don't stop!"
    "No way am I gonna stop now," he panted.
    He hammered his massive boner into her tiny twat like she never wanted to stop fucking. She couldn't get enough of it even if she lived to be a hundred.
    "Faster," she groaned, "harder!"
    He growled lustily and pounded it to her, shaking her petite body with the impact. Shari loved it. She screwed her eyes shut and forgot everything else but the great pleasure he was giving her. She soaked his jackhammering cock with huge blasts of molten cream.
    "Unnnnhhh, honey! I'm gonna come!" she wailed.
    "You and me both!" he panted.
    A second later it happened. Shari felt her cunt being flooded with his thick boiling jizz, and that triggered her orgasm. Her cunt went into violent spasms around his meat, tugging and sucking and squeezing.
    "Awwww, Jesus, awwwww!" he yelled.
    "Ohhhhh, fuck, shit, I'm cominggg!" Shari yelled. "Unnhhh, baby, whaahhhhh!"
    It was the hardest, longest climax yet. She'd come in a lot of different ways, but this was the best. She rode her teacher's pistoning cock till she'd gotten every last jolt of sensation from her orgasm. Dave collapsed on her, panting.
    "Dave," she said, "I'm hooked. I want you to fuck me forever. I'm afraid you're not gonna get rid of me."


    Shari wanted to stay with her teacher forever, but she had to get home before her parents started worrying about her. Very reluctantly she got dressed, and Dave kissed her goodbye at the back door.
    "Can I come and see you again tomorrow, Dave?" she asked.
    "I should say no," he grinned, "but I can't." Shari rode her bike home, humming to herself. She had it made now. The man of her dreams had become her lover. She just wished she could skip the remaining weeks of school and spend the whole time in his bed. But somehow she didn't think people would approve.
    "Where have you been?" her mother asked when she walked in. "Mike's been calling you all day."
    "Oh, poor Mike," Shari sighed.
    She'd forgotten all about him. They'd been going steady for months, but now all she could think about was getting it on with Dave Stone. She wished Mike would find another girlfriend, but she knew that wasn't going to happen.
    Mike was obsessed with fucking her. He wouldn't give up till he'd done it. But Shari had no intention of fucking him. The only guy who turned her on was Dave. She wondered how she was going to get out of that dilemma.
    The phone rang again, and it was Mike.
    "Change your mind about seeing me tonight?" he asked eagerly.
    "No, Mike, I haven't," Shari said. "I'm just too tired to go out. Next week maybe."
    It was a dumb excuse, but it was the best she could come up with. Then she started counting the minutes till she could see Dave again. The more she thought about him and the exciting things they'd done, the hornier she got.
    That night she lay tossing and turning in her bed, unable to sleep because her pussy was on fire with need. She had the wild urge to sneak over to Dave's house and crawl in bed with him. She had to do something to relieve her nagging lust.
    Of course she could play with herself. It seemed like kid stuff now that she'd been fucked, but it was better than no relief at all. She slipped her hand up under her nightgown and touched the fever-hot cream-soaked flesh of her gash. She started rubbing the engorged flesh, and it felt great.
    "Mmmmm, yessss!" she sighed.
    She rubbed her slit all over, using a stiff forger to probe each steamy fold. She'd soon drenched her hand with her sticky hot pussy juice. She started concentrating on her clit, the place she liked to touch the most. Even her lightest strokes gave her a hot rush of pleasure.
    She caught her throbbing clit between her thumb and forefinger and began kneading it. That really felt great. She rolled the slick bud faster and faster between her fingers and felt the molten cream spurting from her cunt.
    "Ahhhh, yeah!" she moaned.
    She closed her eyes and pretended Dave was beating her off. That was a lot more exciting than being alone. She imagined his big strong fingers rolling her clit, squeezing and stimulating it, and she panted and creamed like crazy.
    It was so easy to get herself off that way. It didn't take more than a few minutes. Her hips were jerking, just as if she was fucking, and she felt the hot pleasure building in her clit till it just had to boil over. A few more strokes and she'd be coming like mad.
    "Unnhhhh, yes, honey!" she wailed. "Do it to meeee!"
    Then her mother started knocking loudly on the door.
    "Shari," she called, "is something wrong? I thought I heard you yelling."
    Shari snatched her hand away from her cream-drenched pussy and called back, "I'm okay, Mom. I was just having a dream."
    She waited impatiently till she heard her mother walk away. There was just no privacy in this house, and they treated her like a little kid. Mom sure would have been surprised to learn that Shari had lost her virginity that very afternoon.
    Well, soon she'd graduate, and then she could get a place of her own. She could masturbate right in the living room and yell her head off when she came. That would be lots of fun. But for now she'd better put a lid on it and keep quiet.
    Panting softly, she began kneading her clit again. She heard her parents' bedroom door close, then her mom and dad talking to each other. Their room was right next to hers, and the rooms were even connected by a closet. That was another reason to be quiet.
    "Mark, you nut!" Shari's mother cried.
    Shari sat up in bed. It sounded like her folks were horsing around in there. All of a sudden she wondered if they ever got it on any more. They were in their late thirties, and that seemed awfully old to her. She was really curious.
    Forgetting her own lust for the moment, she slipped out of bed and went quietly into the connecting closet. She felt her way through the racks of clothes and was careful not to trip over the shoes. The door to her parents' room was open just a crack.
    "Aw, come on, honey," her father was saying.
    Shari peered into their room. Dad was holding Mom, trying to kiss her, but she had a frown on her face. Shari thought how attractive her folks were, even though they were, well, almost elderly. They made a really handsome couple. Again she wondered if they ever fucked.
    "Carol," Dad went on, "you're so serious tonight. Is something on your mind?"
    "I'm worried about Shari," Mom said. "She's so young, Mark, and soon she'll be going away. I'm just afraid she'll get into trouble."
    "You mean get laid?" Dad laughed.
    "Mark!" Mom cried, turning red.
    "Admit it, honey, that's what you're worried about," Dad said. "But there's nothing you can do about it. It's human nature. If we weren't human, we wouldn't have had Shari."
    "Oh, Mark, we shouldn't have done that," Mom sighed. "We should have waited till we were married before we went all the way."
    "Oh, I don't think so," Dad leered. "Sure, we had to get married early, because Shari was on the way, but it sure was fun."
    He kissed her, holding her tight so she couldn't get away. He slid his tongue into her mouth, and she gave a little low moan. Then she snaked her arms around his neck and started rubbing her body against his. They kissed for a long time, and Shari watched with great excitement.
    She'd just learned something important. Her folks hadn't been married when Mom got pregnant. Shari couldn't help grinning. Here Mom was always preaching to her about keeping her virginity for marriage and being a good girl, but now it turned out that Mom herself had been very naughty.
    Now she was getting naughty again. As she and Dad kissed, she was shamelessly rubbing her mound against his cock. They finally came up for air, and they were both flushed and breathing hard. They turned away from each other without a word and started taking off their clothes.
    Shari shivered with excitement. She'd never seen her parents naked before. They were such proper, modest people. They didn't even let Shari come out of her room unless she was fully dressed. It was hard to believe that people like that even had a sex life.
    Mom still had a gorgeous figure. She was tall, blond and stacked. Her big ripe tits wobbled enticingly as she walked naked to the bed. Dad watched her with hot hungry eyes and got the rest of his clothes off as fast as he could.
    Shari ogled her father's powerful muscular body. He wasn't built as nicely as Dave, but he was older, and he sure was in good shape. She stopped breathing as he skimmed out of his shorts and exposed his cock. It was stiff as steel.
    "Look what I've got for you, honey," he leered.
    Carol eyed his prick and blushed. But she kept staring at his massive prick as he came over and joined her on the bed. She couldn't take her eyes off it. He stretched out beside her, grabbed her hand, and placed it on his stiffstanding prick.
    "Play with it, honey!" he said, his voice husky with lust. "I love it when you do that!"
    Carol started running her fist up and down his wrist-thick boner, but she still wasn't totally relaxed.
    "We'll have to be very quiet," she said. "I don't want Shari to hear us."
    "Oh, don't worry about it. She's sound asleep by now, and you know she sleeps like a log."
    Surprise, Daddy, Shari thought wickedly.
    Maybe it wasn't very nice of her to spy on her parents like this, but she couldn't resist. No way was she going to stop now. She wanted to see everything they did. Her pussy was steaming hot, and she remembered how horny she was. It was making her so excited to watch her folks in bed.
    "Ahhh, yeah!" Mark sighed. "That's great!"
    Carol had her fingers wrapped tightly around his big thick cock, and she was pumping it eagerly. Soon glistening globs of cream began oozing from his piss hole. Carol leaned down and lapped them up with the pointed tip of her tongue.
    "Jesus, yes!" Mark groaned.
    Carol giggled. "Remember the first time I did that to you?" she asked.
    Mark gave a short of laughter. "I sure do! We were parked in my dad's car, and when you licked my cock, I shot my load all over the car. What a mess."
    "Yes," Carol laughed, "It seemed like it took us hours to clean it up."
    "I'm glad that didn't stop you from doing it again," Mark chuckled.
    Carol ran her glistening pink tongue around and around the swollen fat head of his cock, lapping up his cream. Mark watched her with lust-glazed eyes. Shari watched, too, and felt molten cream dripping from her aroused box.
    She really needed to come, but she couldn't play with herself here, just a few feet away from her folks. She could have gone back to her own bed and beat off, but then she would have missed this fantastic show. She'd just have to wait.
    "Hold on a second," Mark said. "Let me go down on you, too."
    Carol seemed to back up on him. She crouched over him, but in the opposite direction, her hot pink slit almost in his face, her head poised right over his rigid drooling prick. Shari almost applauded. This was really a neat trick. She could hardly wait to try it with Dave.
    Carol dipped her head down and continued tongue-lashing her husband's drooling boner. Mark shivered with arousal. Then he stuck his tongue out and began whipping it up and down her slick hot pussy. Carol whimpered with pleasure.
    "Oh, yes, baby!" she moaned. "Eat me! I love it!"
    Shari could hardly believe her ears. These were her patents, who were so stuffy and uptight, and they were making the most kinky love she'd ever seen. But she was happy for them. She figured that old people need fun, too. She studied them carefully, memorizing everything they did so she could show it to Dave.
    "Mmmm, yesss, mmmmm!" Carol moaned.
    "Oh, yeah, faster now!" Mark panted.
    They went at each other like horny animals, lashing each other with their wet hot tongues. Carol gobbled every drop of cream that bubbled from Mark's pisshole, and he licked up all her squirting cunt juice. They were making obscene slurping noises that turned Shari on like crazy.
    Then Mark started sliding his long stiff tongue into Carol's box, and she whimpered in ecstasy. She pushed it all the way into her, clear to the root, then started fucking her with it. He slammed his tongue in and out of her twat, and she wailed in pleasure.
    "Oh, God, honey, yessss!" she cried.
    She returned the favor. Licking her lips to make them slick, she plunged her mouth down around his rigid throbbing boner, taking it all the way inside. Her head bobbed up and down as she began sucking his dick, and he gave a muffled moan.
    Shari felt her molten cream running down her thighs. She ached to play with herself, to get off, but she was even more interested in spying on her folks. Her own relief could wait. She was learning so much from her parents.
    Mark pistoned his long stiff tongue in Carol's squirting cunt, and she sucked fast on his throbbing prick. Shari wondered if they were going to get each other off that way, but after a few minutes Carol raised her head and let Mark's spit-soaked cock escape.
    "Honey, I'm so hot!" she moaned. "I can't wait any longer!"
    Mark drew his tongue from her soaking box and eased out from under her. She remained on her hands and knees, and he knelt behind her. Grasping her slim hips, he socked the enormous hard head of his cock into her juicy cuntal opening.
    "Unnnhhh, yesss!" she sobbed. "Get into me, baby! Fuck me!"
    As Mark plunged his stiff rod to the hilt in her eager pussy hole, Shari watched wide-eyed. She hadn't realized there was more than one way to fuck. This way looked really exciting, too, and she could hardly wait till tomorrow when she could try it with Dave.
    "Yes, yes, fuck meeee!" Carol howled.
    Mark snorted with lust and hammered his big hard boner in her juice-slick twat. His cock made a lewd sucking noise as it reamed out her thick cream. She dug her nails into the bed and moaned in ecstasy as she took the deep hard thrusts.
    "Ohhhh, God, it's so good!" she moaned. "So fuckin' good!"
    Shari grinned. So Mom used naughty words after all? She was always scolding Shari for swearing, but now she was doing it herself. Not that Shari could blame her. Carol was too excited just then to watch her language.
    Mark fucked into her faster and faster, making her tall body shudder and shake with the impact. Carol's eyes rolled and then closed tightly. She bared her teeth in a horny snarl. Her luscious big tits swung heavily back and forth.
    "Yes, dammit, fuck hard!" She groaned.
    "Fuck me crazy!"
    Shari could hardly stand her lust by then, but she couldn't bear to quit spying, either. She slipped a hand up her nightgown and rubbed her fever-hot pussy, trying for a little relief. But she never took her eyes off her folks.
    "Unnnhhh, honey, I'm gonna come!" Carol whimpered.
    "Jesus, so am I!" Mark groaned.
    He went into high gear, almost knocking her over with his merciless fucking. She threw back her head and wailed in ecstasy. Shari was panting right along with her folks as she watched them from the shadows of the closet.
    "Unnnhhh, yessss, I'm comingggg!" Carol howled. "Ohhhh, fuck-unnnhhhh!"
    "Take my load, baby-aaaggghhhh!" Mark yelled.
    Shari chose that moment to sneak back to her own room. She knew the show was over, and now it was time to take care of her own needs. Jumping into bed, she shoved her nightgown out of the way and plunged her middle finger stiffly into her juicy little cunt. She finger-fucked herself furiously.
    It was the quickest come she'd ever had yet.
    It only took her a few seconds to finger herself into a violent orgasm, she was so achingly horny from thinking about Dave and spying on her parents. She pressed her face into the pillow to muffle her ecstatic cries.
    "Unnnhhhhk shit, fuck-whaaahhhh!" she howled.
    She kept working her finger fast and deep in her cunt, milking the orgasm for every delicious drop of sensation. Then, her lust satisfied for now, she began falling asleep. Her last thoughts were of her teacher and the fun they were going to have tomorrow.


    "Shari," her mother said at breakfast the next morning, "your room looks like a cyclone hit it. I want you to clean it up before you go anywhere today."
    "Oh, Mom," Shari moaned, "couldn't it wait till I get back?"
    "Absolutely not," Carol said. "And where are you going that's so important?"
    Shari realized she'd better play it cool. She didn't want to arouse her parents suspicions.
    The shit would really hit the fan if they found out she was having an affair with her teacher.
    "Oh, I was just gonna hang out with some friends," Shari said. "But okay, I'll clean my room first."
    "How long are you going to be gone, honey?" her father asked. "I mean, when you see your friends."
    "Oh, all day, if that's okay with you guys," Shari said.
    "Yes, baby, that's fine," Mark smiled. "I just wanted to know."
    He and Carol looked at each other, and Shari knew just what they were thinking. With her out of the house all day, they could make love as long and as loudly as they wanted. So she'd be doing everybody a favor by spending the day at Dave's house.
    The best part about it was that if they were making love, they wouldn't be thinking about Shari and watching the clock. She went off to her room, grinning. It was easy to clean the place. All she had to do was make her bed and shove everything else underneath it. Then she said goodbye to her parents and rode her bike over to Dave's place.
    He was waiting for her in the kitchen, and he grabbed her as soon as she got inside.
    "I may be crazy," he said, squeezing her, "but I can't get you out of my mind."
    "Great," Shari grinned. "Let's go to the bedroom."
    "You sure get right to the point," he laughed.
    "Why not?" Shari grinned. "Why waste time?"
    "I like your attitude," he said.
    They hurried to the bedroom and stripped as fast as they could. Shari was delighted to see that her teacher's cock was hugely swollen and stiff as steel. She creamed furiously at the sight of it. They hopped onto the bed and grabbed for each other.
    "You make me feel like a teenager again," Dave grinned. "You know, I got to thinking about you last night, and I had to jack off."
    "Funny thing," Shari laughed, "I had to beat off, too."
    He kissed her and plunged his big hot tongue into her mouth. She slid her tongue over his. She found herself rubbing her body against his, just the way her mother had rubbed against her father. It must come naturally, she thought, or else she'd inherited it. But it sure felt great.
    She rubbed the soft fur of her bush against Dave's stiff and throbbing cock. She felt his prick give a lusty buck against her belly, and then it left a trail of hot sticky cream. Her teacher wasn't holding out on her any more. He was just as horny as she was.
    She grabbed his cock and started pumping it. She shivered with excitement as he slid his hand between her thighs and began playing with her boiling slit. Soon she was creaming all over his hand, and his prick was drooling on her fingers.
    "Dammit," he moaned, "I can't wait. Do you mind if we fuck right away?"
    "Mind?" Shari laughed. "I'd love it!"
    He started to roll on top of her, but Shari held him back.
    "Wait a second, honey," she panted. "I'd like to fuck another way this time. Let me show you."
    She rolled onto her hands and knees, imitating the position she'd seen her mom in last night. She stuck out her cute little ass and showed Dave the moist pink flesh of her pussy. He looked puzzled.
    "Come on, honey, stick it in me!" she moaned.
    "Wait a second," he said. "How you know about the doggy position? I mean, I could swear you were a virgin yesterday."
    Shari realized she'd backed herself into a corner. Dave was right, an innocent girl wouldn't know about things like this. She wouldn't know anything. But she had to come up with an explanation, and she couldn't think of anything better than the truth. She just hoped Dave wouldn't be shocked.
    "I spied on my folks," she confessed.
    "You what?" Dave gasped. Then he started laughing. "Shari, you devil! I never met anybody like you!"
    "That's nice," Shari said. "Now will you please fuck me?"
    He grinned at her, then moved around behind her and grasped her hips. he felt him pressing the huge hard head of his cock against her tiny cunt mouth. Once again it felt like her tender pussy lips were going to be stretched to bursting.
    She wasn't afraid, though. She knew now that she could take his enormous stiff prick and love it. She clawed the bed in hot excitement as he began sliding his throbbing boner into her juicy velvet-lined cunt.
    "Unnnhhh, yeah, baby! Get into me!" she moaned.
    Dave was breathing hard and shivering with excitement as — he sheathed his cock in her deliciously tight cunt. He was careful not to hurt her, though, since it was only her second fuck. He went into her slowly and gently.
    "Yes, yes, I want it all!" she whimpered.
    "You got it," he said a few seconds later. "Oh, Christ, you're tight! You've got the tightest box I ever fucked!"
    Shari wondered how many other women he'd made it with. She guessed there hadn't been many. The teacher who'd seduced him in high school had taught him everything, but he was too shy to do any seducing himself. It had been a lot of work getting him into bed. It was worth it, though.
    He started fucking her in long, slow, sensuous thrusts, and she gurgled with pleasure. She couldn't stop creaming. She never could with Dave. Her molten cream soaked his prick and overflowed her crammed cunt, running down her thighs.
    "Mmmmm, yeah, that's so good, honey!" she moaned.
    "I'm not hurting you?" he asked.
    "God, no," she panted. "I love fucking you, Dave! I wish we never had to stop!"
    Gradually he speeded up, and the faster he did it to her, the more she loved it. Each time his thick hard boner plowed to her fiery depths, she felt a long delicious rush of pleasure. She began moving her hips to his rhythm, fucking back at him.
    "Unnnhhh, God, fuck me forever!" she moaned.
    Her naughty words of encouragement spurred him to fuck her even harder. Now his flat belly was slapping noisily against her little ass, and her petite body shook with the impact. She had to brace her hands against the headboard, or he would have knocked her over. But she loved fucking in the doggy position.
    "Yes, yes, harder!" she wailed.
    "Honey, I don't know if you can take it," Dave panted.
    "Oh, yes, I can!" Shari gurgled. "Just do it and see!"
    He firmed his grasp on her jerking hips and fucked into her even harder. The bed began to shake and creak. Shari howled with pleasure and soaked his hammering cock with blast after blast of sizzling cunt juice.
    "Yeah, that's it, baby!" she wailed. "Fuck me crazy!"
    She was even copying her mother's words, though she didn't realize it. She wasn't thinking now, just letting her body take over. She worked her juicy cunt greedily around her teacher's deep-plowing cock and felt herself rocketing towards orgasm.
    "Shit, yes, fuck meeee!" she moaned.
    Dave's hard excited breathing told her that he wasn't far from coming himself. She began tightening her tiny cunt around his meat, loving the red-hot friction. Then Dave reached around her and caught her clit between his fingers.
    "Ooooh, shit! Oooooh!" Shari wailed.
    Even her dad hadn't used this neat trick. Dave kneaded her clit while he fucked her, doubling her pleasure. She couldn't have held back her orgasm even if she'd wanted to Just a few more squeezes from his fingers, a few more thrusts of his cock, and she was coming like a bomb.
    "Unnnnhhh, yesss! Whaaahhhhh!" she cried.
    "Awwwww, Jesus, aaaggghhh!" Dave yelled.
    Shari sobbed with bliss as he emptied his huge boiling load into her sucking cunt. She loved feeling her cunt flooded with the searing juice.
    They fucked hard at each other for almost a minute, then rolled apart panting.
    "Feel better now?" she teased.
    "A lot better," Dave grinned. "I must have shot a gallon of come. But tell me something. Did you really spy on your folks?"
    "Yes," Shari giggled, "last night. I heard some funny noises coming from their room, so I took a look. They were getting it on. I sure learned a lot."
    "I just found that out," he laughed. "What else did you learn?"
    "Something really wild," she said eagerly. "I'd like to try it with you, Dave."
    "Great," he said. "Just let me rest a little and I'll be ready."
    "Oh, I don't think you need to rest for this," Shari said with a mysterious grin. "You can just lie on your back and take it easy."
    She crawled on top of him, facing the other way and positioning her head right above his cock. She could feel his hot breath tickling her pussy, and that got her hotly excited. But then he started to laugh.
    "You actually saw your folks do this?" he asked.
    "I sure did," Shari said.
    "So now you want to try it yourself," he chuckled. "Well, it's been a long time since I've done it, but I think I remember how."
    "You already know about this?" Shari exclaimed.
    "Yes," Dave laughed, "from my teacher. She called it sixty-nine."
    Shari laughed, too, and said, "She was some lady."
    Dave soon proved that his teacher had taught him well. He began lashing his big hot tongue up and down Shari's slick tasty gash, and she moaned with delight. She loved the idea that they could both go down on each other at the same time.
    So she didn't waste any time. She plunged her head down, snaked out her glistening pink tongue, and began licking Dave's cock from top to bottom. While she whipped her tongue all over his meat, he licked every inch of her hot little pussy.
    "Mmmmm, wow, this is fun!" she gurgled.
    "It sure the hell is!" Dave panted.
    He must have been excited, because he hardly ever used bad language. His tongue was all over the place, snaking into every steamy wet fold of her gash. Shari loved it, and she loved lathering his big cock with her hot spit.
    She worked her way slowly and deliciously from the thick base of his prick up to the purple head. Dave was shivering and panting, and she knew she was getting to him. Of course he was getting to her, too.
    She felt his pointed tongue tip tickling her clit, and she moaned eagerly. That was the place she loved to be licked best, the most sexy-feeling spot of all. He ran his tongue tip around and around her throbbing clit, working it into its own tiny hard-on.
    Shari returned the favor, lashing her tongue hungrily over the head of his cock. All of a sudden she felt his prick swelling and hardening. It gave a lusty buck and mushroomed into a long thick column of meat.
    "Mmmmm, yeah!" Shari moaned.
    Now his cock was standing straight up, nudging her lips. She lathered the gleaming head and watched the first thick globs of cream oozing from his piss hole. Her mouth watering, she licked up the salty juice and gobbled it.
    Meanwhile Dave was eating every drop of the hot tangy juice that spurted from her aroused little cunt. They went at each other ravenously, getting more aroused by the second. Shari found herself drooling all over the massive head of his rock-hard boner.
    She opened her mouth as wide as she could and slid it down around the wrist-thick column of meat. Dave gave a lusty shudder and a low hoarse groan as she took more than half his cock into her steaming mouth. She drew in her cheeks and began to suck like crazy on his tasty prick.
    Dave lay there enjoying it for a few seconds, but he was soon back in action. Shari whimpered with excitement when she felt him easing his long stiff tongue into her boiling little cunt. He shoved it into her all the way, cramming her with it.
    Then he started fucking her with his tongue, hammering the slippery meat in and out of her squirting cunt. It was the sensation she loved best. She groaned and soaked his tongue with thick hot blasts of cream. She sucked on his huge throbbing cock like she was starved for it.
    "Mmmmm, unnnggghhhh!" she moaned.
    Dave was moaning, too, as he reamed out her tight little box and gobbled her juice. Each time she sucked on his cock, he shuddered and groaned. It wouldn't be long before they were exploding in each other's faces.
    Shari felt the hot pleasure building in her cunt, and she sucked as hard and fast as she could on Dave's huge pulsating prick. He worked his tongue with lightning speed in her greedily gripping cunt. A few seconds later a gigantic orgasm ripped through her body, and she convulsed and groaned.
    "Unnnnhhh, unnnggghhhh!" she cried.
    As the delicious spasms shook her, she realized that Dave wasn't coming along with her. That was a surprise. When she started coming down from her long hard climax, she released his cock, then whirled to stare at him.
    "You didn't get off," she said, puzzled.
    "Right," he leered, "there's one more thing I want to try."
    The next thing Shari knew, he was lifting her and turning her, so she crouched over his stiff dick, facing him. He plunged his steel-hard boner into her juicy box, impaling her fully in one lusty thrust. She rode his cock, bouncing, as he began to fuck her hard.
    "Like doing it this way?" he grinned.
    "Oooooo, shit, yessss!" Shari wailed.
    She realized there must be dozens of ways to fuck, and that she'd just begun exploring them. She loved riding Dave's pistoning prick and looking down at his handsome lust-contorted face. He liked the view, too. She could tell.
    He watched her face, then her wobbling tits, and then his cock in action, plunging in and out between her widely spread cunt lips. She'd never seen him so uninhibited and naughty-and she loved it. With this man she could try anything, because he was as eager as she was.
    "Unnnnhhh, yeah, baby! Fuck me hard! Fuck my brains out!" she wailed.
    Dave leered up at her, then went into high gear, slamming his cock into her so hard that she bounced up and down. She let her head fall back, and she closed her eyes tight as he hammered her into another delicious body-wracking orgasm. This time he came with her, yelling as he exploded his load into her sucking cunt.
    "Unnnhhhh, baby, you did it! I'm cominggg!" Shari wailed "Ohhhh, fuck, unnhhh.!"
    "Awwww, Jesus, aagghhh! " Dave bellowed.
    They fucked hard at each other as they came, then fell apart, panting and gasping. Dave pulled Shari into his arms, and she cuddled happily against him, wishing she never had to leave his bed. School was going to be such a bore now. All she wanted to do was fuck this man.
    "I wish I never had to go home," she sighed.
    "Well, maybe pretty soon you won't, honey," Dave said. "I have a suggestion."


    "What do you mean, Dave?" Shari cried, propping herself up on one elbow and staring at him. "You mean there's some way I could stay with you?"
    "Sure," he smiled. "But it depends on how badly you want to go to college."
    Shari didn't know what in hell he was driving at.
    "I'm not real excited about college," she admitted. "I'm just going because my folks want me to."
    "Do you think they'd be upset if you got married instead?" Dave asked.
    "Married?" Shari said, frowning. "Hell, they'd love that. But who am I going to marry? Nobody's asked me."
    "I'm asking," Dave said.
    Shari's mouth dropped open, and it took her a moment to find her voice.
    "You want me to marry you?" she cried. "Oh, Dave, I'd like that more than anything in the world. But how come you want me? You said I'm just a kid."
    "Well, you proved me wrong," Dave said. "You're a woman, all right, and you're everything I want. I've been wanting to get married and have a family, but I never met the right girl till now. So what do you say, Shari?"
    "Yes!" Shari cried, jumping on him and kissing him.
    He laughed and said, "Okay, we'll get married the day after school ends, if that's not too soon. Maybe you've got some unfinished business to take care of first. "
    "Oh, no, nothing!" Shari cried. But then she stopped and thought about it. There was one thing on her conscience, one thing that maybe she should take care of.
    "What is it?" Dave asked. "You're worried about something."
    "Yes, I am," Shari sighed. "There's this guy named Mike."
    She told him all about Mike, how they'd been going steady for six months and how she'd always held out on him, driving the poor kid to distraction. She confessed that she'd even used Mike to learn ways to please Dave.
    "Somehow I don't feel right about it," she said.
    "Okay," Dave replied, "here's what you do. Go out with Mike one last time and give him everything he wants. That should make things even."
    Shari gawked at him. "You wouldn't feel jealous?" she asked.
    "How could I?" Dave smiled. "I've fucked other people. It isn't fair to ask you not to do it. So go ahead and do it with Mike. But before you do, I want to give you something to think about."
    He rolled her onto her back and eased her legs open. He thrust his face smack against her steaming slit, and then she felt his expert tongue doing its work. It lashed all over her greedy pussy, giving her delicious hot sensations, and she clawed the bed and gurgled with delight.
    "Ohhhh, yeah, honey!" she moaned. "Lick me all over! God, I love the way that feels!"
    She knew she'd never want or need another man as long as she had Dave. The things the guy could do with his tongue, lips and cock were just fantastic. She opened her legs even wider, giving him plenty of room to work, and she wailed in ecstasy as his hot tongue lashed her slit.
    He coated every inch of her pussy with his hot spit, then zeroed in on her clit. He tickled it with the stiff tip of his tongue, coaxing it into stiffness. That way it was even more sensitive than usual. Shari was creaming all over his face and writhing with need.
    "God, honey, make me come!" she moaned.
    Dave knew just how to do that. He caught her clit between his lips and started sucking it. Shari almost flew off the bed. The pleasure was intense, almost unbearable. He sucked faster and faster, and she felt herself rocketing towards orgasm.
    "Unnnhhh, shit! Yessss! Gonna come!" she whined.
    Dave firmed his lips around her wildly throbbing joy button and sucked furiously. Shari closed her eyes tight and saw lights. Her clit seemed to explode into a thousand blasts of pleasure that ripped through her whole body. She was coming violently, drenching Dave's face with her squirting cream.
    "Oooooo, yesss! Unnnhhhh!" she wailed.
    He waited, panting, till she'd finished coming, and then he went right back to work. His tongue lashed up and down her swollen comesoaked pussy, bringing back her lust in full force. Shari responded with wails and moans of pleasure.
    She'd lost track of how many times she'd come today. One thing was certain, thoughone orgasm wasn't enough to satisfy her. It never would be. She needed a man like Dave who could get her off again and again. She was pretty sure she couldn't survive without him.
    He was zeroing in on one spot again, and this time it was her ever-thirsty little cunt. He crammed his big slick tongue into the tight steaming hole and began fucking her with it.
    She'd hardly finished coming, but her lust boiled back in a hurry, and she arched her body to take his tongue deep.
    "Yes, yes, do it to meee!" she wailed.
    Dave shoved his tongue into her as far as it would go, then drew back for another hard shove. Shari loved his roughness. She kept her ass raised off the bed, taking his tongue to her swollen depths, and she steadily tightened her cunt to get more and more hot friction.
    She wondered how many times she could come before she was exhausted.
    Maybe Dave was trying to find out.
    "Unnnhhhh, God, harder!" she howled.
    Dave's head bobbed furiously as he hammered his big long tongue into her fiery-hot pussy. Shari screwed her eyes shut and felt another climax building in her twat. It was so easy to come with Dave's expert tongue-fucking.
    "Ooooo, shit, here it comes!" she gasped. "Oooooh, fuck! Yessss, whaaahhhh!"
    She rocked and writhed to the violent spasms of pleasure, coming as hard as ever. Dave tongue-fucked her steadily through her climax, making sure she got off as intensely as possible. Then he started tonguing her pussy again.
    "Oh, God, honey, I can't take much more!" she moaned.
    She was surprised to hear herself say it, but it was true. The horny teenaged girl had finally met her match, a man who could totally satisfy her, even exhaust her. Her shy clumsy math teacher was a tiger in disguise.
    If there was anybody on earth more horny than Shari, it had to be Dave. He was proving it now. He couldn't get enough of her tangy little slit. She moaned with pleasure as he lashed every inch of the puffed creamy flesh. Then she felt his stiff tongue tip tickling the tiny puckered mouth of her shitter.
    "Dave, you nut, what are you doing?" she cried.
    He answered by snaking his tongue up her ass. Shari couldn't believe how exciting that felt. Her tiny shitter was crammed full of his wet throbbing tongue. He ass-fucked her with it, and she seethed with arousal.
    "Unnnhhh, shit, yesss!" she groaned. "Keep doing it to me! I love it!"
    Again she closed her eyes and let him tongue her to orgasm. She'd never dreamed she could get off in such a kinky way, but it was working. It was working so well that she couldn't have prevented her climax even if she'd wanted to.
    His tongue hammered deep and hard in her sensitive little asshole, giving her hot blasts of pleasure. She wondered what his cock would feel like in there, and she had a hunch she'd find out one day. Then she was exploding in another body-wracking climax, her petite body bucking and convulsing.
    "Unnnhhhh, you did it! I'm cominggg!" she screamed.
    This time Dave couldn't keep his tongue on target, she was writing so hard. He rose to his knees and watched her, and when she finally opened her eyes again, she saw that his dick was swollen and drooling.
    "Suck it for me, Shari!" he said hoarsely. "Suck me off!"
    "Oh, yes!" she panted.
    Dave straddled her, his ass lightly grazing her tits, and pressed the drooling head of his cock against her lips. She opened her mouth and let him slide his cock over her slippery tongue, taking all the meat she could without choking.
    Then she firmed her lips around his prick and started sucking greedily. Dave shivered and groaned. He fucked her mouth, pistoning his throbbing cock over her wet tongue. Shari drooled, knowing it wouldn't be long before she got a whole mouthful of his jizz.
    "Awwwww, yeah, suck!" Dave groaned. "Suck hard!"
    Shari gave it to him, sucking noisily and greedily on his meat. She hardly recognized her bashful math teacher now. This was another Dave Stone, the private one, the one who belonged just to her. She wanted to give him a climax he'd never forget.
    What special thing could she do for the man she loved? Shari suddenly got a wicked idea. Still sucking hard and loud on his violently throbbing prick, she reached around him and slid her little finger into his asshole.
    "Jesus," he gasped, "oh, yeah!"
    Shari pumped her little finger stiffly in his hot shitter while she sucked hard on his cock. The results weren't long in coming. Dave went wild, groaning with excitement, and a few seconds later he yelped and filled her mouth with blast after blast of sizzling come.
    "Unnnhhh, Jesus-aaahhhh! Aaaggghhh!" he roared.
    Shari gulped his delicious jizz and finger fucked his clamping asshole, giving him a long intense orgasm. She was proud of her naughty little trick. She'd surprised Dave and given him the climax of his life. He finally dropped down beside her, panting for breath.
    "You little devil," he chuckled. "Even my teacher didn't do that to me."
    "Can I come back and see you tomorrow?" Shari asked.
    "No," he said. "I don't want to see you till you've taken care of of Mike. But I hope you'll be thinking about me."
    "You better believe I will," Shari sighed.
    For once she was totally fucked and sucked out. She could hardly pedal her bike home. She got a good night's sleep, and the next day at school she went looking for Mike. She had to settle things with him before she could get on with her life.
    Shari was delighted with her future. She wanted to marry Dave and have kids and be a housewife. She knew she wasn't college material. So everything was working out perfectly, except that she owed Mike something.
    She and Dave agreed on that.
    She found Mike between classes and hurried up to him.
    "Hi," she cooed, "got a date for the graduation dance yet?"
    "Nope," Mike sighed. "I was hoping you'd be my date, Shari, but you haven't been very interested in me lately."
    "Oh, I was just busy studying for final exams," she lied. "I'd love to go with you, Mike."
    So on graduation night Shari went to the dance with Mike, and as soon as she could, she suggested they take a ride. Mike was pleasantly surprised, and he drove quickly to the spot by the lake where they'd parked before.
    Shari practically threw herself at him, kissing him hard and shoving her tongue into his mouth. Mike gasped with surprise, but he soon responded, fondling her tits through her dance gown. She reached down and felt a big hard lump at his fly.
    When they finally paused for breath, she purred, "Mike, we're gonna wrinkle our good clothes. Why don't we take them off?"
    "Huh?" Mike exclaimed, not believing what he'd heard.
    "Come on, silly," Shari laughed, "let's strip."
    "Oh, yeah, sure," Mike said dazedly.
    Shari couldn't blame him for being surprised. She'd been holding out on him for six months now, and he'd probably given up hope. He looked like he was dreaming as he watched her take off all her clothes. He fumbled out of his things, never taking his eyes off her.
    "Let's get in the back seat," Shari suggested. "There's more room back there."
    "Right," Mike said hoarsely.
    In the back seat Shari gave Mike another surprise. She pushed him onto his back and got into the sixty-nine position above him. She figured this would really blow him away.
    "Ever do this before?" she asked.
    "No," he croaked. "What is it?"
    "I think you'll get the idea," she laughed.
    She grasped the rock-hard base of his cock, stuck out her tongue, and began licking his meat. Mike gasped with surprise and pleasure. She swirled her hot little tongue around and around the engorged head of his cock, and thick globs of cream began leaking from his piss hole.
    "Mmmmm!" Shari moaned, licking up his tasty juice.
    Mike finally recovered from his surprise and realized what he was supposed to do. Shari wailed with delight when she felt his scorching wet tongue licking her pussy. She gobbled his cream while he lashed her slit.
    "Mmmmm, yeah, isn't this fun?" she panted.
    "It sure the fuck is!" Mike groaned. "Only I don't understand. How come you're so hot for me all of a sudden?"
    "Don't talk!" Shari moaned. "Just lick me!"
    Mike got the message. He whipped his tongue faster and harder over her burning wet gash, and she lapped up every drop of cream that oozed from his piss hole. His cock bucked and throbbed in her fingers, and she knew he was very close to shooting his load. The guy was excited out of his mind, and no wonder.
    "Mike!" she moaned. "Let's suck each other off!"
    "Oh, shit, yeah!" he cried.
    Shari opened her lips wide and sank them down around his thick hard boner. At the same moment he caught her clit between his lips. They started sucking each other loudly and greedily. Shari realized she was having a terrific time. Was that fair to Dave?
    She thought about what Dave would say, and she knew it was okay to have fun. He'd had fun with other women before he met her, and he wanted her to sow her wild oats, too. He didn't think it was right for her to fuck only one guy for the rest of her life.
    So she let herself go and enjoyed hell out of it. She sucked ravenously on Mike's fat throbbing boner, gulping down his salty hot cream. She moaned with pleasure as he sucked harder and harder on her swollen tender clit.
    She knew Dave would approve. He loved her and wanted her to feel right about everything. After tonight she'd be faithful to him, but this was her last shot at being single, and she meant to enjoy every second of it.
    "Ummmm, mmmmm!" she moaned.
    She gave a long powerful suck on Mike's cock, and that took him over the edge. He groaned and began shooting her mouth full of boiling jizz. He gave one last greedy suck to her clit, and she started coming, too, splattering his face with her squirting cream.
    "Eat it, baby, aaagghhhh!" Shari moaned.
    They sucked each other dry. Then Mike lay there panting and wondering if he'd been dreaming. He'd been after this girl for so long, with almost no success, and all of a sudden she'd turned into a sex fiend.
    She wasn't finished with him yet, either. "Mike," she grinned. "I've got an idea. It's a hot night. You wanta go skinny-dipping?"


    "Anything you want, Shari," Mike said. He still seemed in a daze.
    "Great, let's go!" Shari cried.
    The two young people tumbled naked out of the back seat and dashed for the lake. As they hit the water, they discovered that they weren't alone. All over the lake kids were splashing, yelling and laughing.
    "Wow," Shari giggled, "half the senior class must be here."
    "Yeah," Mike laughed. "It's a great night."
    Shari agreed. It was an especially great night for her. She was free of school forever, and very soon she'd be marrying the man she loved.
    All she had to do now was settle her obligation to Mike, and she didn't mind that one bit.
    "I guess you'll be leaving tomorrow, huh, Mike?" she asked.
    "Yeah, I'm off to the Army," he said. "I've got a really great program lined up."
    "Good," Shari said. "I hope it turns out fine. I guess we won't be seeing each other again."
    "I guess not," Mike sighed. "I really like you, Shari, even if I'm not the guy you want. But it's just as well. I'm not ready to settle down."
    "I know," Shari said. "But since it's our last night together, let's do something special."
    "Sure," Mike said, "but what?"
    "Come back to the car and I'll show you," she grinned.
    They climbed back into the back seat and held on to each other till they were warm and dry. Shari started kissing Mike, and he responded hotly. Even though he'd graduated, he was still a teenager, always horny.
    She felt his cock stiffening against her belly, and she shivered with lust. Mike didn't know it, but she had a wonderful surprise for him. She grabbed his swelling prick and pumped it, and he started panting.
    "I guess you're disappointed that we never went all the way," she said.
    "Yeah, I sure am," he said. "Still saving it for marriage?"
    "Most of it," Shari said, "but I've decided to give some of it to you."
    "What?" he gasped. "What do you mean?"
    Shari gave his rock-hard cock a squeeze and said, "I think I owe you a goodby fuck, Mike."
    He gawked at her, and his prick gave a lusty jump in her fist.
    "You're not just putting me on, are you?" he asked.
    "I don't kid around about something like that," Shari said.
    She rolled onto her back and pulled Mike on top of her. She opened her legs wide and let him sink down between them. He groaned with excitement and started jabbing his stiff cock against the tender swollen flesh of her pussy.
    "Oh, shit, yeah!" he panted.
    Mike had seemed so sophisticated and experienced to her just a week ago, but now she realized that he'd been exaggerating his conquests. He couldn't even find her cunt. His prick kept skidding all over her slick gash.
    "Here, honey," she said, "let me help."
    She grasped his cock and guided it to her cream-slick twat. She plugged the fat head into the moist pit, wedging it firmly. Then she let go, and Mike gave another hoarse groan and started pushing into her.
    "Unnnhhh, yeah!" she moaned. "Get into me, baby! Give me every inch of that big thing!"
    "Oh, Christ, I can't believe this!" Mike croaked.
    He kept pushing till his cock was lodged to the balls in her tight but slippery pussy hole. With his meat sheathed in that silky wet flesh, he finally realized he wasn't dreaming. He gave a lusty snort and started fucking her in quick hard jabs.
    "Oh, shit, yeah, this is great!" he panted.
    "Mmmmm, it sure is," Shari gurgled.
    Maybe she wasn't in love with him, but she sure liked fucking him. She was so grateful to Dave for his generous suggestion. She might have gone the rest of her life wondering what it would be like to fuck another man besides her husband. But now she'd know.
    Mike's stiff cock reamed deep in her sizzling cunt, giving her hot blasts of pleasure. She soaked his pistoning prick with molten floods of cream. Her hips jerked to his movements, and she clawed his shoulders.
    "Mmmmm, yesss!" she moaned. "Fuck it to me, baby! Fuck me good and hard!"
    Her hoarse cries got Mike even more excited. He snorted with bliss and hammered his stiff young cock into her faster and faster. Their bodies slapped together, and Shari's wriggling hips kept pace with his pounding cock.
    Mike was like a fucking machine, hard and steady. He drilled his hard rod to her smoking depths, and his stiff shaft rubbed deliciously over her engorged clit: Shari closed her eyes and let the hot pleasure carry her away.
    It was going to be so easy to come, yet she didn't want to rush it. This would be her one extramarital fuck, the only time she'd make it with somebody besides Dave. She loved Dave and didn't really want any other guy, but she wanted to remember every minute of this experience.
    So she held back her climax and enjoyed the steady deep thrusting of Mike's steel-hard cock as it reamed her cunt and rubbed her clit. She soaked his meat with her steady thick creaming. But finally Mike's ragged breathing told her that he was very close to shooting his load.
    "Awwwww, Jesus, unnggghhh!" he groaned.
    "Yes, baby, give it to me! " Shari cried. "Give it to me as hard as you can!"
    He went into high gear, his throbbing cock almost exploding. Shari was ready for him, shivering on the verge of climax. That furious pounding took her over the edge. She felt the first hot blast of his jism deep in her twat, and then she was coming.
    "Unnnhhh, God, yesss, whaahhhh!" she wailed.
    "Awwwww, fuck, awwwww!" Mike bawled.
    The two horny teens fucked at each other like animals as they came.
    The car started rocking, and Shari moaned in ecstasy. Mike bellowed lustily, shooting the last of his sizzling come into her greedily sucking cunt. Then he collapsed on her, panting.
    "Jesus, Shari, that was great!" he sighed. "Thanks a lot!"
    "Oh, don't thank me yet," she grinned. "I'm not finished with you."
    "Huh?" Mike gasped.
    "It's early yet," she said. "It'd be a shame to waste our last night together. Besides, I told my folks I'd be out all night. So stay right where you are."
    "I can't believe this," Mike groaned.
    It must have been pretty unreal for him, all right. He'd been trying to get into Shari's pants for six months now, without success, and then suddenly she'd turned into a nymphomaniac. She couldn't get enough. But she didn't hear him complaining.
    She started squeezing his deeply lodged cock with her strong young cuntal walls. He sighed with pleasure. To add to his arousal, she cupped his trim ass and massaged it, rubbing one thumb over the sensitive puckered opening of his shitter.
    "Jesus, Shari, where'd you learn to do that?" he asked.
    "I talked to some older girls," she lied.
    He bought it. She went on squeezing his cock and playing with his ass, and it didn't take long to get results. She shivered with excitement when she felt his prick swelling in her cunt. It grew long and thick and hard.
    "Mmmmm, nice," she gurgled. "I think you're ready for action again."
    "I know I am," Mike leered. He started moving his cock in her juicy little box.
    "Wait," she said breathlessly. "Let's do it another way this time."
    "Another way?" he said.
    Shari tried not to laugh. Her jock boyfriend had been boasting of his conquests over the months, trying to convince her that he was a real lady-killer, but she saw now that he wasn't so experienced. He didn't even know there was more than one way to fuck.
    "I'll show you," she said. "You probably just forgot."
    She moved him aside and rolled onto her hands and knees.
    "Oh, yeah," Mike said uncertainly, "I forgot."
    "Get behind me," Shari coached. "Fuck me that way."
    "Right!" Mike said, finally getting the picture.
    Shari figured she was not only settling her debt to him, she was giving him a great education for the Army. He could boast to his new buddies about this fantastic girl he'd dated in high school, the one who knew a hundred ways to fuck. And he could tell them that she just couldn't get enough of his cock.
    Shari didn't mind that. Mike had been pretty patient with her, and she owed him this much. Besides, she was having a hell of a good time. He grasped her hips and sank the fat hard head of his cock into her slick cuntal opening, and she moaned eagerly.
    "That's it, baby!" she cried. "Stick it in me!"
    Mike gave a horny growl and started easing his thick hard boner into her hungry pussy hole. He had his second wind now, and he wasn't so frantic to come. He took his time, enjoying every inch of penetration. Shari enjoyed it, too, soaking his prick with thick molten cream.
    "Awwww, yeah, you got it all now!" he moaned at last.
    "Mmmmm, it feels great!" Shari gurgled.
    "I still can't believe this," he said.
    "Mike," Shari laughed, "just fuck me."
    He seemed happy to oblige. He started fucking her in slow deep thrusts, and she wriggled around the thick skewer of his cock and gurgled with delight. It felt so great to have her cunt crammed with that hot throbbing meat.
    "Mmmmm, yessss!" she hissed.
    She couldn't stop creaming. The searing liquid overflowed her box, reamed out by Mike's deep-thrusting prick. It soaked her pussy and ran down her legs. She clawed the car seat and moaned in ecstasy. She didn't think she could ever get enough fucking, at least not in one lifetime.
    Gradually Mike fucked her faster. His cock began making an obscene sucking noise as it forced out her boiling cream. Shari panted and moaned as she took the deep lunges of his pulsating cock. She wondered how she'd survived so long without fucking.
    "Dammit, honey, it's so good!" she moaned. "Jesus, yes," Mike moaned. "I could go till my cock wears out."
    "Oh, don't do that," Shari giggled. "You're gonna need it when you get in the Army."
    That idea seemed to turn him on even more. Maybe he was thinking of all the girls he'd fuck when he got away from his small home town. He snorted lustily and fucked into her even harder, making her petite body shudder with the impact.
    Mike wasn't going to miss her, and that was good. He was looking forward to being a swinging bachelor, and she was looking forward to being Dave's wife. This was just a terrific way to say goodbye to each other.
    "Harder, baby," Shari whimpered, "really give it to me!"
    Mike growled and pounded his cock into her so hard that she almost toppled forward. She braced her hands against the door and howled with pleasure. That steady hard hammering was going to make her come like a bomb.
    "Unnnhhh, yeah, that's it!" she wailed. "Fuck the living shit out of me, Mike!"
    Mike proceeded to do just what she asked. He pistoned his cock into her hard and fast, and she squeezed her eyes shut and rocketed toward orgasm. She steadily tightened her cunt around his pile-driving prick, getting all the hot friction she could. A few seconds later she was coming.
    "Oooooh! Fuck, aaahhhhh!" she screamed.
    Her cunt went into violent spasms around his prick, but he didn't come. Shari was delighted. She wasn't finished yet, either. One orgasm, even two, wouldn't satisfy her incredible lust. She came hard for about a minute, then went still, gasping for breath.
    "Let's do it another way now," she panted.
    "Uh, yeah, sure," Mike said.
    Again Shari tried not to laugh. Mike didn't know any other ways to fuck, but he wasn't letting on. She climbed off his stiff prick and eased him onto his back, then climbed board, straddling him with her dripping pussy right over his rigid boner.
    "Mind if I sit on it?" she leered.
    "Be my guest," he leered back.
    Shari slid down the thick skewer of his cock till his balls touched her slit. Then Mike took over, grasping her waist and pistoning his eager fuck tool deep in her burning cunt. He watched her cute little tits bounce and watched his cock spreading her cunt lips wide.
    "Hey, this is fantastic!" he cried.
    "I thought you'd like it," she grinned.
    She was sure this was Dave's favorite way to fuck. He loved the view, and so did Mike. Shari had no inhibitions about her body. It turned her on to be ogled while she was fucked. She liked looking at her partner, too, watching his lustcontorted face as he worked his meat in her.
    "Harder now, baby," she moaned, "fuck my brains out!"
    Mike bared his teeth in a horny snarl and gave it everything he had, pounding his cock into her so hard that she bounced up and down. The car started rocking again, and the seat groaned. Shari threw back her head and wailed in ecstasy.
    "Unnnhhh, yeah, fuck hard!" she cried. "Fuck meeeee!"
    Mike's face was a blur before her lust-glazed eyes. All she cared about now was his steel-hard cock hammering in her greedy little cunt, taking her steadily towards orgasm. Again she tightened her box around his meat, loving the hot friction.
    "Unnnhhhh, shit!" Mike groaned. "Gonna come!"
    "Yeah, baby, cream me good!" Shari babbled.
    She clamped her fiery-hot cunt around his deep-thrusting prick and felt her cunt explode with pleasure. A second later Mike yelped and began jetting his load into her sucking, squeezing fuck hole. The two kids groaned and writhed their way through a long mutual orgasm.
    At last Mike flopped back exhausted.
    "Jesus!" he moaned. "I'm totally fucked out! That never happened to me before!"
    "It's just as well," Shari said. "I have to get going."
    "But you told your folks you were staying out all night," Mike said.
    "Right," Shari nodded. "I'm not going home. I have to go someplace else."
    She gave Mike directions, and when he pulled up in front of the house, he exclaimed_, "Hey, Mr. Stone lives here!"
    "Right," Shari said. "I have a few lessons to make up, and he's going to help me."
    "That's a pretty weird way to spend graduation night," Mike said. "But good luck, Shari. It's been great knowing you."
    "Good luck to you, too, Mike," Shari said.
    She kissed him goodbye, then hurried up the walk. She could hardly wait to see Dave. She had so much to tell him. The door was unlocked, and when she stepped inside, she saw Dave stretched out on the couch naked. He grinned at her.
    "Hi, baby," he said. "Come and tell me all about your evening."