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My Secretary, My Mistress

My Secretary, My Mistress


    When it comes to pleasure, she's making all the decisions
    Isabelle and her boss Grant had a one night stand that rocked, but since then he's been avoiding her.
    Miffed at his behavior, she's determined to bring him to his knees. Drawing upon her dominant and kinky side, she first makes him regret his actions, and then makes him come crawling back for more.
    But Isabelle is after more than just revenge and sexual satisfaction. The question is, can her boss let go of his inhibitions and let Isabelle take charge?

Eve Langlais My Secretary, My Mistress

    My Secretary series 1, 2010

Chapter One

    Grant sneaked out of her bed like a thief-tip toeing and barely breathing, desperate to evade capture. She watched him with one eye partly open, wondering if he could truly be so callous after the night of frantic lovemaking in which they’d indulged. Surely he felt some remnants of the passion they’d shared. Her body ached pleasantly.
    Once he was dressed, he approached the bed and gave her a soft kiss. She pretended to be sleeping, but couldn’t stop the half smile that curved her lips.
    He’s mine now.

* * * * *

    Monday morning at the office, Grant acted like nothing had happened.
    “Isabelle, get me a cup of coffee and then dig out the files for the Peterman case,” he demanded without even looking up.
    Isabelle, who’d worn a brand new pantsuit that showed off her curvy figure, bit her tongue. We’re at work, and I know how dedicated he is. You watch. He’ll probably take me to lunch or dinner.
    That didn’t happen. Instead, her boss left the office on supposed business and didn’t return for the rest of the day, even though she lingered until well after five in case he came rushing back.
    Annoyed, she went home and made herself a nice martini with an extra olive. I could have sworn he liked me. After all, he couldn’t get enough of me on Saturday…
    Just thinking about that evening made her squirm in her seat. She’d had such grand plans for the two of them. But today, Grant had acted as if she barely existed. Surely he hadn’t been that drunk. And even if he’d over imbibed before they started, he sure as hell had been sober by the time they were done.
    Maybe he didn’t want to be caught socializing with romantic intent at work. That had to be it. The big boss, the one everybody in the company had to obey, frowned upon office affairs.
    Fine, I can respect that. I'll approach him after work. She refused to admit that he had her phone number and could have called her anytime.

* * * * *

    The next day, Isabelle dressed to the nines and arrived at the office with an expectant smile, only to again be disappointed. Tuesday was a repeat of Monday. Grant barely acknowledged her existence and never once met her eyes. He couldn’t run away two days in a row, so instead he closeted himself in his office, feigning phone calls whenever she popped in to bring him files.
    The more aloof he acted, the more Isabelle's ire grew. How dare he ignore me after playing with my body so intimately?
    Her attempts at engaging him in conversation were met with polite evasions, and somehow she couldn’t manage to speak to him alone after work.
    She tried to corner him again on Wednesday. “Grant," she said, "about Saturday night-”
    "Sorry, I’m needed down in accounting," he said, cutting her off abruptly. “Can this wait until later?”
    Of course, later never came.
    By the end of the day on Thursday, Isabelle had reached her boiling point. Like a trained military operative, Grant evaded her using skills and techniques that defied belief. She even attempted the oops-I-dropped-my-pencil routine while wearing a stupidly short skirt. For a moment, when she’d straightened, she thought she saw a flicker of interest in his eyes, but just as quickly the polite mask she’d come to hate came over his face again.
    Screw him. She needed to go at this differently. Instead of waiting for him to act or say something to acknowledge what had transpired between them and continue from there, she plotted an operation of her own, called Operation: Get The Boss. It was simple, really.
    On Friday, she brought what she needed to accomplish her first objective in a large carry all. When he told her at five o’clock he would be working late, she was ready. He also ordered her to run across the street to fetch him some dinner before she left-with no mention of dinner for her, of course. No matter. It gave her the perfect excuse to implement her plan and bring him to heel.

* * * * *

    Awareness returned to Grant slowly, discomfort immediately, and overall, confusion reigned supreme. What the hell?
    He opened his heavy eyelids to see that he still sat in his office. I must have fallen asleep. That's odd, because the last thing I remember is eating dinner.
    Grant tried to shift his stiff body into a more comfortable position, but discovered he couldn’t. His forearms were bound to the armrests of his chair, and his torso was lashed to the back.
    “What the fuck?” He pulled at the ties holding him, straining and cursing. After a few minutes, he realized he couldn’t break free. His many hours on the squash court were no match for the superman strength required to liberate him from the silver duct tape wound around his forearms.
    Still unsure how he’d gotten into this position, he debated calling for help. What if whoever did this to me is still here, though? They might come back and do something worse. And wait a second-where’s Isabelle? I remember her bringing me my dinner. Did they do something to her, too?
    At the thought of his secretary, burning shame crept through him. He’d noticed the way she’d expectantly watched him all week. Confusion had filled her eyes each time he’d met her gaze and pretended not to see her silent plea. Yes, he’d taken the cowardly route and ignored her, even if he couldn’t forget what had happened on Saturday night. The most glorious, passion filled night of his life.
    But one night of bliss was not enough to make him throw away years of dedication. Why the hell am I even thinking about that now? Who cares if I want to touch and taste her again? I need to find a way to free myself.
    Being a victim went against every grain of Grant's being. He liked to be in charge and make people dance to his tune. The fact that he’d been so easily subdued stuck in his craw. I am going to be a laughingstock.
    Grant eyed the touchtone phone on his desk. His hands might not work, but perhaps if he maneuvered himself, he could use his face to make a call like he’d seen in the movies. Dragging his chair, using his feet-and thanking himself for ordering one with wheels-he rolled to the left side of his desk where his phone sat. After several panting moments, he finally drew close enough to push the handset aside with his jaw. Then he was faced with a daunting dilemma.
    How do I push the buttons?
    Glad nobody was there to see him use his nose-a facial trait that had been described as aristocratic by more than one lady-he attempted to push the numbers for the guard in the lobby. He’d debated against nine-one-one, as the humiliation and emasculation at having been trussed like a turkey would have been more than he could bear. It’s bad enough that I’m going to have to ask that goof of a night watchman to free me.
    The phone double beeped, signaling that the call had been transferred. He waited impatiently for the guard to answer, sweating and thinking about what to say. A click sounded when the line was picked up.
    “Hello, Grant,” his secretary said in dulcet tones. “I see you’re awake.”
    “Isabelle?” Grant said, not at all happy to hear her voice. He didn’t want her to see him so ignobly captured. “Listen, can you get the guard up to my office? I kind of have a problem.”
    “Oh, my,” she said, with a hint of mockery. At least he now knew his dilemma hadn’t extended to her. “I’ll be there in a moment.”
    And with another click, she hung up.
    Grant cursed, his need to be rescued warring with his not wanting to look weak in front of Isabelle. Not that it mattered, for his door swung open only seconds later and she walked in wearing a long trench coat.
    “Isabelle, thank god you’re all right. I don’t know what happened, but I must have been knocked out-and when I came to, I was tied to my chair. Can you get me loose?”
    Isabelle closed and locked Grant’s office door, the click of the tumbler sending a frisson of fear down Grant’s spine. What the hell is going on?
    “Isabelle, why are you locking the door? Are my assailants still out there?”
    Isabelle turned to face him, and for the first time since the previous Saturday, Grant looked at her. His breath whooshed out as if he’d been punched in the gut. God, she is so beautiful.
    She perused him with those clear blue eyes, her mahogany hair upswept in a chignon that showed off her long neck. By all that was holy, he wanted to pull the pins out of her hair and see it spread wildly across a pillow as she gazed upon him with heavy lidded, passion glazed eyes. Her mouth glistened pink and tempting, her lips coated with a sheen of lip-gloss in the sweet flavor he remembered from their encounter a week ago. He still got aroused every time he remembered those luscious lips wrapped around his cock, sucking him expertly.
    His attraction to Isabelle still surprised him, for she was in her thirties with a figure more rounded than that of his usual conquests. She hadn’t drawn him in with her youth, however, but instead with her voluptuous beauty and confident manner. A confidence she’d drawn upon even in the bedroom as she told him what she wanted him to do to her full figured body. Glorious orders he’d obeyed eagerly. Desire rose like a beast and roared through his body.
    But therein lay the path to madness and sure unemployment. Isabelle might be his secretary and a delectable piece of ass, but she was also the owner’s daughter. Grant knew all too well how this would end. The last man to get involved with her had learned, to his misfortune, that to lust after Isabelle was to sign your own pink slip. His dismissal had led to Isabelle’s transfer to Grant’s office and the beginning of his obsession with her, which had culminated in one stupid-although sexually magnificent-night.
    “Grant, why have you ignored me all week?”
    "What?" Her blatant question took him aback. “Isabelle, I don’t think it’s the right time for this discussion. You need to untie me.”
    “When will be a good time?” she asked, coming closer, her eyes flashing in annoyance.
    Women always had such inappropriate timing. “Listen, I promise that when this is all over, we’ll sit down and talk about it. But right now, you need to set me free before those guys come back.”
    “Guys?” Isabelle sat on the edge of his desk with her legs crossed. One stocking clad leg peeked out from the opening in her coat, and for one insane moment, he wondered if she had on garters like she had worn last Saturday. Garters and stockings he’d gripped as he’d pounded into her tight, wet sheath. His cock swelled in remembrance, and he held back a snort of self-disgust. She smiled. “How many men do you think did this to you?”
    "I don’t know." Grant’s ego demanded he lie and tell her it had taken at least a half dozen thugs to subdue him, but the truth was he had no idea how he’d ended up in this situation. “I’m having a hard time remembering. They didn’t hurt you, did they?”
    “Why would you care?”
    "Please, Isabelle," Grant snarled. The idea of anyone laying an uncouth hand on her roused a jealous beast inside him, one he’d never met before. The protective, possessive instinct shocked him. He was a man who lived for one night stands. “I know I’ve acted like a jerk this week, but that doesn’t mean I want you to come to harm.”
    “So you admit being an asshole, do you?” she asked, her eyes glittering triumphantly.
    Taken aback by her foul language, Grant tried to defend himself. “You need to understand it from my perspective. I could lose my job.”
    Isabelle laughed, a throaty sound that, even given the situation, made his balls tighten and his shaft swell. “Oh, that’s good. So it’s okay to fuck the boss’s daughter, but not okay to treat her like a human being afterward? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.”
    "Well…" Said that like, he did sound like a grade ‘A’ asshole, not that he’d ever admit it. His reasons were sound-to him, at least. And this is why one shouldn't sleep with co-workers. One night stands and sexual flings worked best when one didn’t see the other person every day. Grant’s biggest dilemma, though, was that he wanted to see Isabelle again. Memories of being with her consumed him, and if not for the fact that he loved his work more, he’d have already caved. He swallowed. “Listen, I like you Isabelle.”
    She snorted.
    In spite of her derision, he continued on, “I really like you. But no matter how good Saturday was, it was a mistake. I’ve worked hard to get where I am. I don’t want to lose it all because I forgot who you were for a moment. Can’t we just pretend it never happened and continue on in a professional manner?”
    “No,” she said, hopping off his desk. She propped a foot on the chair between his thighs and turned him to face her. Then she untied the sash to her coat. “Guess what, Grant?”
    “What?” he asked, mesmerized by the movements of her small, pale hands. Hands he remembered wrapping around his shaft, stroking him and guiding him into her moist center. "I don't-"
    “There are no intruders. I’m the one who tied you to the chair. Consider this your punishment for being a jerk.” With a wicked smile, she let her coat fall to the floor.
    Grant’s eyes almost popped out of his head, while his cock tried to drill a hole through his pants. I’m in trouble.Glorious trouble.
    Delighted that her plan had worked, Isabelle stood in front of a slack jawed Grant wearing her finest leather dominatrix outfit, which consisted of a black corset that laced up the front and pushed her tits together to give her shadowy cleavage. Barely covering her crotch was a black leather skirt that didn’t hide her garters and sheer stockings. To top off the outfit, she wore bitching, supple leather knee high boots with three inch stiletto heels. And beneath it all, she wore no panties-which he couldn’t tell just by looking, of course-but she knew about it, and it made her feel deliciously wicked.
    His eyes stayed riveted on her body.
    Isabelle reached up and pulled out the pins that held her hair up, letting its silky mass tumble around her bare shoulders. She knew he liked her hair loose. She knew a lot of things about Grant, even things he thought were secret.
    Licking her lips in a sensuous motion that made him swallow, she laughed. “You’ve been a bad boy, Grant. And you know what? I’ve got a special punishment for bad boys like you.” Just saying the words sent a delicious shiver throughout her body, one that made her wet.
    A tremble wracked his body, and the bulge in his pants twitched. Isabelle strutted around his chair prison to stand behind him. Grabbing his thick, dark hair, she forced his head back, lowered her lips to his ear, and whispered, “I'm going to make you sorry, Grant. Sorry you didn’t try and keep me when you had a chance.”
    She bit his earlobe and chuckled throatily at his cry and jerk of pain. This is going to be fun.
    Grant heartily regretted his decision to pretend he’d never touched Isabelle, especially when he saw her decked out in his greatest leather fantasy. He found this naughty, dominant Isabelle even sexier than the one he already knew. It was almost as if she’d seen the images he’d saved in the hidden folder on his computer at home. The ones where women took charge of men and punished them in delicious ways. A secret desire in which he’d never indulged.
    Even as she bit his ear lobe and threatened him, his cock strained inside his pants. He fervently wished he wasn’t tied to the chair so he could bend her over his desk, lift that itty bitty excuse for a skirt, and fuck her hard. Hard enough to make her red manicured nails claw the glossy surface of his desk until she screamed his name.
    He wanted to gag her with his cock as he pulled on her hair to punish her for tying him up. Speaking of which, how had she managed to subdue him with him being none the wiser?
    “How did I manage to tie you up? It's simple, really. Who bought your dinner and served it to you?”
    You sneaky little bitch. He wanted to be angry with her, but who could be pissed at a leather goddess who stood just inches away? Especially one whose arousal he could smell.
    “Fine," he said. "You’ve made your point. Untie me, and we’ll go to dinner. Talk things over.” Then fuck like bunnies again, since you apparently didn't get enough of me the first time. He’d like another taste of her, too. And as for his job, it was beginning to look like pleasuring the boss’s daughter might be the only way to keep it.
    “What do you mean, no? What do you expect to accomplish with me tied to this chair?” Grant creased his forehead into a frown. He’d need his hands free to pleasure her and make her forgive him. "Isabelle-"
    “I plan to do lots of things to you,” she said with promise before moving to stand in front of him again. “But now-no more talking.”
    Isabelle placed one booted heel on his desk. Angled as she was, Grant couldn’t miss the fact that not only was she panty-less, she was also clean shaven and moist. Her pink folds glistened and beckoned for his mouth. Grant almost came in his pants. Fuck, she's hot!
    In front of his disbelieving eyes, Isabelle spread her nether lips, inserted two fingers, and withdrew a mini dildo. Its plastic length was coated in her slick juices. He held his breath as she stroked it across her clit, a move that made her lower lips quiver.
    “Come closer,” he beckoned hoarsely. “Let me lick you.”
    “You want a taste?” she teased, the length of the small dildo appearing and disappearing into her tight sheath.
    “Yes,” he begged, thirstier than he’d ever been for a woman’s nectar.
    She pulled the dildo out of her sex, flashed him a wicked smile, and shoved the sex toy into his mouth.
    Grant’s first impulse was to gag, but Isabelle straddled his legs and watched him expectantly, two fingers still holding the bottom edge of her toy.
    He could not only taste her in his mouth, he could also smell her intoxicating, musky aroma. It turned him on. With his eyes locked on hers, he sucked on the dildo as she slid it in and out of his mouth. He licked and savored her sweet juices off the warm plastic, more aroused by this kinky act than he’d thought possible. Her eyes lit up in pleasure.
    Grant began to think the evening might turn out all right after all, until Isabelle let go of the dildo and moved away but didn't take it out of his mouth. She rifled through the pockets of her coat and pulled out something he didn’t recognize-and then an object that made him sweat.
    Grant spat out the toy. “What are you going to do with that?”
    He hated the tiny thread of fear that emerged when he spoke, but he couldn’t help it. Especially when she turned with the switchblade cradled in her hand and stared at him.
    Then, with a wicked light in her eyes, Isabelle asked, “Are you ready?”
    The look of fear on Grant's face pleased Isabelle, as did the bulge in his pants. Poor Grant, warring between so many needs-the two predominant ones being his need to take control and the need to fuck her.
    Knowing he would be noisy, she grabbed the leather strap and bit she’d brought along and walked toward him. When he opened his mouth to protest, it was a simple matter to put the wooden bit between his teeth and secure the strap around his head. With his voice muffled, he was capable of only grunts.
    She picked up the switchblade again and methodically popped the buttons off his shirt. For what she had planned, she needed him naked, and she had no intention of untying him to get him into that state. Besides, slicing off his clothes was so much fun.
    When she’d taken care of all the buttons except for the one under the band of tape that bound him to the chair, she opened his shirt and bared his muscular chest. His heavy, erratic breathing made his pectorals rise and fall. Holding the knife between her teeth, she placed the palms of her hands over his nipples. They went taut at her touch. Pleased, she rolled the nubs between her fingers and pinched them. A pity he doesn’t have nipple rings. She quite enjoyed making a man gasp as she twisted the rings and brought him to his knees.
    Enough daydreaming. She had more work to do. She slid her hands across Grant’s muscled abdomen until she reached the waistband of his trousers, slipped the top button out of its loop, and then drew down his zipper.
    His erection poked out of the top of his briefs, its swollen head jerking as she looked at it. Taking the knife from her mouth, she went after his underpants, which had him grunting and thrashing beneath her.
    “Now, now, Grant,” she said, pausing to look him in the eye. She couldn’t help the mischievous smile that curved her lips. “I'm just going to slice this impediment out of the way, but if you keep bucking like a bronco-well, I won’t be responsible for any damage.”
    Grant immediately quieted, although his erection, if possible, grew even larger. Looks like my instincts were right. Grant might like plain vanilla sex, but the kinky stuff makes him rock hard.
    Isabelle applied her knife to the cottony fabric of his briefs. Alternately slicing and ripping, she pulled the tatters apart, exposing his rigid cock, which strained toward her like a homing beacon.
    Inspired, she hopped off his knees and bent over in front of him.
    His gasp was audible even through his gag.
    She grinned. God, I love being in control.
    Sweat broke out across Grant's brow, and he trembled. When his shaft had sprung forth from the remains of his briefs like a jack in the box-surprise!-he'd known fear. Yet even in the midst of it, he couldn’t help being aroused. She tortured him and, like a sadist, he lapped it up and yearned for more.
    He’d hoped that once she'd bared his flesh, the teasing would stop and the fun would truly begin. He’d seen the way she eyed his penis like it was the sweetest treat in the bakery. But instead, she’d bent over and continued the torment. He’d reached the point where he couldn’t decide which would feel better-more slow erotic torture that threatened to make him come, or finally plunging his cock deep inside her. Either way, his body screamed for release.
    The gag in his mouth prevented speech but couldn’t stop the moan he uttered. With her legs spread and her rounded bottom in the air, he had a perfect view of her sex. And not just that wet heaven, but what her fingers were now doing to it.
    She spread her slick folds beneath his avid gaze before sliding first one, then two, and later three fingers inside herself. Not only that, but she’d backed up close enough to him that his cock head brushed her fingers as they pumped in and out, each gentle stroke over his sensitized skin making him tremble.
    Grant groaned behind the gag and, to his secret surprise, found the feel of it in his mouth titillating. As if this sound were a signal, Isabelle slid her fingers out of her body's wet recess and ran the damp digits up and down the length of his cock. Then she grasped him firmly at the base and used him like an erotic toy, rubbing his swollen tip against her clit.
    They both panted as she rubbed his mushroom head against her swollen nub faster and faster. If his hands were free, he would grab her around the waist and slam his cock into her pussy. Ram his hard length into her, and then bounce her up and down on his lap until she clenched around him.
    But Isabelle was the queen of tease, a fact he discovered when she abruptly let him go, hopped onto his desk, and spread her legs wide, exposing herself to him. Putting her heeled feet on either side of his thighs, she rolled his chair forward until he sat between her legs, inches away from her molten core. The smell of her arousal made his mouth water.
    “Do you want to make me happy?” she asked, sliding a finger into her dampness as he watched, his eyes riveted on her moist flesh.
    Grant could only nod. He’d reached the point he would do almost anything.
    Leaning forward, she took off the gag that muffled him and held him by the hair. Then she drew him closer, tilting his chair backward so that his lower body slid under the desk and his face rested between her thighs.
    “Lick me, Grant,” she whispered. “Make me come in your mouth."
    He obliged, lapping his hot tongue over her sex, spreading her plump lips, and finally tasting her. She clamped her thighs around him tightly, dug her fingers into his scalp, and pulled his hair. His erection strained under the desk as he licked and sucked at her, her body going taut until she came with a whimpering cry and her sweet juices gushed into his mouth.
    Grant slipped his tongue inside of her, wanting to feel the quiver of her muscles as she orgasmed. The eroticism of the moment made his cock spurt, and he gasped against her swollen flesh. Fuck me. I can’t believe I just came like that.
    Isabelle pushed Grant away, rolling his chair backward until it hit the wall behind him. He looked dazed and she noticed his cock was now only semi rigid, the signs of his release all over his pants.
    Smiling like the cat who’d gotten into the cream, she stood slowly and grabbed her coat and toys without speaking.
    It was only when she unlocked the door and opened it that he finally spoke. “Where are you going?”
    She smiled inwardly at the edge of panic that colored his question. No longer did he sound like her commanding boss. She turned to him and lifted a brow in mock surprise. “Why, home, of course.”
    “Aren’t you forgetting something?”
    Isabelle tapped her lips in pretended thought. “Ooh, thank you. I quite enjoyed that. Goodnight.”
    And, blowing him a kiss, she walked out of his office.
    He bellowed behind her, ordering her to come back and release him, but with a secret smile of satisfaction, she kept walking. Part one of her plan had been an unmitigated success. She couldn’t wait until part two.

Chapter Two

    On Monday, Grant arrived at the office early and paced its length waiting for Isabelle to arrive. That is if, she had the guts to face him after what she’d done. He’d tried calling her over the weekend, but she must have been screening her calls, because he’d ended up reaching her voicemail each time. He’d thought about confronting her at home, but he’d only seen where she lived once in the dark while drunk. In the light of day when he’d driven by, the daunting row of townhouses had all looked the same and he’d refused to drive to the office like a desperate lovesick swain to look up her address.
    He had mixed feelings about what she’d done to him on Friday. He’d finally managed to release himself from her duct tape bondage after much straining and rubbing against his desk. The marks of his struggle to escape were now hidden by his dress shirt’s long sleeves. He hadn’t been able to hide all the evidence of his torture when he’d finally fled that night, however. His suit jacket hadn’t quite been able to conceal the stains of his cum, an embarrassing fact the security guard downstairs had noticed with a smirk.
    I still can’t believe she tied me up and used me as if I were some kind of sex toy-one that gives great tongue. Never mind that he’d enjoyed himself as well. Isabelle had called the shots and he knew that had he not come on his own, she would have left him tied up and suffering with a massive erection.
    But the worst part of it all was that he wanted to do it again.
    All weekend long, he’d fantasized about her. He wanted her to take charge of him again, for the experience had been nothing short of amazing. And now having had a taste of her kinky, dominant side, his Internet porn pictures and videos now paled in comparison. He needed Isabelle.
    Fuck, I’m rock hard again. Unlike at home this weekend, he couldn’t just whack off, although for a second he debated locking his office door and doing so. Or maybe leaving the door unlocked and having her walk in as he did it. Grant almost came in his pants at the thought.
    Where in hell is she? Grant went to his office door and peered out for what had to be the hundredth time.
    As if his thoughts had called her, in she walked, looking demure and unbelievably sexy in a simple flower print dress that emphasized her generous bosom and hourglass shape.
    Grant’s mouth went dry as his overactive brain imagined what she wore-or rather, what she didn’t-underneath her prim outfit.
    “Isabelle, could you come in here for a minute?” he asked quietly, standing to the side of his door lest she see the tent in his pants.
    Her baby blue eyes met his, and she curved her lips in a little smile. “I’m sorry, Grant, but I’ve got a pile of work to do. Can this wait until later?”
    He wanted to argue with her, to force her to come into his office, but both of their phones rang before he could and, to his frustration, he found himself busy the rest of the morning.
    When the noon hour arrived, he decided to ask Isabelle out to lunch-for sustenance, not sex-unless she had other ideas.
    However, she wasn’t at her desk when he emerged from his office.
    Damn it. She’s avoiding me. Kind of like he’d avoided her after they’d first had sex. Grant hated payback, especially when he was on the receiving end.
    But he wouldn’t go down without a fight.

* * * * *

    Isabelle listened absently to the handsome fellow she’d snagged as a lunch date. She had no interest in him at all. He was just another tool in her plan. And seeing Grant walk into the bistro across the street from the office, she implemented step two.
    Leaning forward and catching Derek-or was it Darren?-by surprise, she whispered in his ear, something so naughty his eyes widened. Then Isabelle flicked a glance at Grant, who watched them with a thunderous look on his face.
    She curved her lips in a naughty smile and kept up the intimate talk and touches with her temporary pawn until Grant left the bistro tight lipped and stiff legged. With her audience gone, she abruptly stood, leaving Darren-or was it Derek?-confused.
    “Hey, where are you going?” he called after her.
    Isabelle paid him no mind as she walked out of the bistro and headed for her nail salon. She wanted to be gone from the office long enough to give Grant the wrong idea.
    With her tummy tingling, she had to hold in the urge to giggle. She couldn’t wait to see the sparks fly when she got back.

* * * * *

    The longer Isabelle stayed out for lunch, the more Grant simmered. He’d already sneaked back to the bistro and seen that she and the other man-a man he longed to punch out-were no longer there. Had they gone off somewhere together? Was she even now letting that stranger touch her?
    No. She’s mine! Grant cursed and punched the wall in his office. The pain of impact had him sucking his knuckles and bringing his anger and insane jealousy back under control. He didn’t understand his sudden possessiveness. All he knew was that he wanted to be the only one she touched and aroused.
    He didn’t want to share her, but she obviously didn’t feel the same way. And when she sauntered in almost forty-five minutes later with a smile on her face and freshly coiffed hair, Grant glowered. He hated not being in control, even if the situation excited him.
    “Whatever is wrong?” she asked when she finally came into his office. Her face was all smiles and sunshine.
    “How was your lunch?” he snapped, unable to stop the insane jealousy that consumed him.
    Isabelle’s lips curved in a sensual smile that made him, even in his anger, go rock hard.
    “Delicious,” she said with a purr.
    Grant growled in response. He had no right to feel jealous, because he’d been the one to ignore her the week before. But damn it, he regretted that now.
    “Listen, Isabelle,” he said, “about what happened…”
    “Don’t worry, Grant. I understand perfectly. You don’t want to be with me, and I’m sorry about what I did to you on Friday. It was terribly naughty of me. I promise it won’t ever happen again.”
    Then, with a wiggle of her heart shaped ass, she left, closing his door behind her and leaving Grant despondent.
    How could he make her understand that he wanted things to change? That he yearned for her to take charge of him again?

* * * * *

    Isabelle sat at her desk and smiled. She’d seen the confusion on Grant’s face-and the desire, as well. But he hadn’t quite reached the point of needing her more than he needed air to breathe. But he’s close.
    Her plan was moving along perfectly. Actually, she’d almost completed the first phase-the conquering of her boss. Soon Grant, a commanding male in public, would be groveling at her feet. She couldn’t wait to hear him beg. Just the thought of him being on his knees, ready to indulge her every whim, made the crotch of her panties go wet.
    With a quick peek to see that no one was coming, she slipped off her damp panties and stuffed them into the top drawer of her desk on top of her Rolodex.
    One quick phone call later, she’d set the next part of her operation in motion. Fighting hard not to giggle in excitement-although the crux of her thighs was damp-she gathered her coat and purse and ducked out of the office early. Her next destination? Home, where she needed to get ready for the night’s upcoming adventure.

* * * * *

    A firm knock at his door made Grant frown. That didn’t sound like Isabelle. “Come in.”
    The door opened, and a freckled faced intern peeked in. “Excuse me, sir, but I’ve got an urgent package for Ms. Isabelle Garret. She doesn’t seem to be at her desk.”
    Grant glanced at the clock. Still a few minutes shy of quitting time. He got up and walked into the vestibule “Is her coat gone?”
    The boy shrugged.
    Grant looked around and noticed that the coat tree now held only his jacket, and that Isabelle’s computer had been shut down. She left early without saying a word to me?
    “Just leave the package on her desk. She’ll see it in the morning.”
    “Oh no, sir.” The intern shook his head. “I was told to give this to Ms. Garret today personally,”
    “I see.” A thought popped into Grant’s head and refused to leave. “Why don’t you give it to me? I have to go out her way anyhow, and I’ll make sure she gets it tonight.” The lie slipped smoothly from his lips.
    The freckled faced young man didn’t catch the lie or care. With another shrug and a brief thank you, he handed over the package and left.
    Now to find Isabelle’s address. Grant pulled open the top drawer of her desk where he’d seen her hide the Rolodex. He paused and with a hooked finger, pulled out a skimpy scrap of lace. Isabelle’s underwear.
    Unable to resist, he brought the panties to his face and inhaled. Her sweet scent surrounded him, and the dampness of her juices wet his lips.
    Suddenly more randy than a teenager watching his first porn video, Grant walked back into his office and locked the door. If he didn’t want to embarrass himself with Isabelle, he should take care of his turgid problem before he reached her place.
    Unzipping his slacks, he pushed them down, sat in his chair, and pulled out his hard cock. Wrapping the soft, scented panties around his shaft, he stroked himself. He closed his eyes and put his head back, breathing deeply of her scent, which seemed to permeate the air. He thought of the tiny piece of fabric being so close to her body, intimately so. He stroked himself visualizing her perfect pink pussy, remembering how she’d tasted when she’d come on his tongue.
    Stifling a shout, Grant shot his load into her panties, his rigid cock pulsing.
    Damn. Even absent, she packed a potent sexual punch.
    After redressing, he scribbled her address on a sheet of paper and exited the office, the soiled panties tucked into his pocket and the package under his arm.
    Tonight, he’d make Isabelle see they were meant for each other. But first, he needed a quick shower and a shave.
    He wanted to be at his best when he tried to convince her.

* * * * *

    Isabelle answered the door in a short silky robe that gaped to reveal the curved swell of her breasts. Grant bit back a groan and restrained an urge to sweep her up into his arms and devour her. Or how about dropping to my knees and sliding my face between the folds of her robe to nuzzle that sweet pussy?
    She seemed surprised to see him, but let him into her front hallway.
    “What are you doing here?” she asked, crossing her arms under her tits, which only pushed them together more temptingly instead of hiding them.
    “Delivering a package.” He handed it over. And I’ve got a bigger package for you between my legs. Grant couldn’t seem to stop the dirty thoughts from running mental images in his head. He had to make her see how much he needed her. How much he wanted her.
    “Thanks for bringing it. Bye.” She turned and walked away, heading off into the recesses of her townhome.
    “Isabelle, wait,” he cried, following her.
    She whirled, her eyes flashing. “What do you want from me?”
    “You,” he said. “Only you.”
    “I find that hard to believe,” she said coldly.
    He hesitated, wondering if he should leave. The thought of never touching her again held him in place, however, and gave him the courage to try again. “Listen, can’t we start over? I made a mistake. I see that now. I want to be with you. What can I do to prove that?”
    “Would you do anything?” With a crooked smile, she walked back toward him, the edges of her robe flapping open, displaying the fact that she wore nothing underneath. She looked at him expectantly with one arched brow.
    His mouth went dry, and he whispered, “Anything,”
    “Be careful what you promise.”
    “Tell me what I have to do to prove myself to you.” He would do anything just to touch her again-or, even better, to have her touch him. “Please, Isabelle.”
    “Will you let me do whatever I want? Will you let me punish you again and use you in whatever way I see fit?”
    “Yes.” Grant shuddered at her words. Quick flashes of the images he’d saved on the hard drive inside his mind ran through his head. Could he be so lucky? “I will do anything you command…“
    She smiled.
    Grant paused, and then remembered the one word he’d longed to say since he’d first seen her dressed in dominatrix gear. “Mistress.”
    “Come with me then, my pet.” She turned again and strode away, her round ass swinging beneath her satiny robe.
    Already hard and shaking from the promise he’d seen in her smile, Grant followed eagerly behind her as she led him into her bedroom. A room he vaguely recalled from the Saturday he’d drunkenly seduced her. Or had it been the other way around? Perhaps she’d seduced him instead.
    “Strip and wait for me,” she ordered. Then she left the room.
    Grant quickly complied, shucking his clothes and piling them on her dresser until he stood naked and erect. Anticipation thrummed through him.
    Her voice drifted to him from the next room. “Lie on the bed on your stomach, with your arms and legs spread.”
    They were easy instructions to understand, but hard ones to follow with a cock that didn’t want to be crushed. Tucking it under his stomach, Grant lay on the bed and spread his limbs as she had commanded. His shaft beat against his lower belly like a separate being.
    Lying there unable to see anything with the crux of his thighs open, he felt exposed and strangely vulnerable. His dominant side, which emerged mostly at work, wanted him to get up and stand in a position of equal footing when she finally returned. But his kinky, submissive side tingled as he waited breathlessly for what she had planned.
    He had a feeling it would be worth it.

* * * * *

    Isabelle flushed with excitement over Grant’s quick capitulation. As she slid into her one piece latex cat suit, thoughts of what the night might bring ran like a kinky movie inside her head, and her fingers grew clumsy. Oh, the things I’m going to do to him.
    Slipping on her high heels, she grabbed the red lipstick off her vanity and traced the line of her full lips. Finally ready, she strutted out to her bedroom, her tummy tingling with excitement to see Grant's powerful nude body lying spread eagle on her bed.
    She could tell he was aware of her presence by the way his body stiffened. Wanting to stretch out the moment and knowing just how vulnerable he must feel, she looked him over slowly, from his finely shaped calves, to the heavy balls between his thighs. With a smile, she walked over to her bed and with one manicured nail, traced a line that started at his ankle and travelled up one of his firm, muscled legs, rounded one of his tense buttocks, and finally crawled up the broad expanse of his back. She had so much of him with which to play.
    “You’ve been a bad boy, Grant.”
    He shuddered at her words. Not the response she wanted. She tweaked one of his ass cheeks, and he yelped.
    “The correct answer is yes, mistress.”
    “Yes, mistress,” he repeated, a smile filling his voice.
    He didn’t seem to be taking the situation quite seriously enough. He thought they were just having fun and playing a game. By the end of the night, however, he’d know differently.
    She knelt on the bed between his spread legs and dug her fingers into his thighs. His body shook. Then she traced a line down the crevice of his ass with one finger. Immediately, he clenched his cheeks tight. She frowned at his back. She didn’t like being denied. She tickled his balls in hopes that he’d relax, but his cheeks remained tightly clenched.
    “Relax,” she commanded.
    He shook his head. “I don’t like to be touched there.”
    That wasn’t the right answer. Getting off the bed, Isabelle pulled a chair out from the wall and sat in it. “Come drape yourself over my knees.”
    “Why?” He turned to look her, his eyes confused. "I don't understand. What are you going to do?"
    “Either do as I say, or you can leave now.” She narrowed her eyes at him and crossed her arms under her breasts, pushing them out of her costume. "Do you understand?"
    “Yes, mistress.” He swallowed hard and got off the bed, his towering figure casting a shadow over her.
    She looked up at him with a stern face. His curious urge to comply was obviously warring with his masterful side, but his curiosity won out. Without questioning her any further, he folded his long frame over her knees. His knees touched the floor on one side, while his head hung down on the other. He braced his hands on the floor so as to not crush her with his weight.
    Isabelle smiled when his rigid cock brushed her thigh. The sight of his pale, tightly clenched buttocks proved irresistible. She ran her hand across them, over and over, gently stroking him until he relaxed.
    Crack! The slap of her hand against his bare flesh echoed loudly in the room-as did Grant’s curse when he jumped up and rubbed his offended posterior.
    “What the hell?” he exclaimed.
    “Get back over my knee right now,” she commanded, pointing to her lap. The first moment of truth had arrived. Would Grant let her take control? Would he let her punish him?
    Grant’s ass stung but truth be told, the pain made his cock harder even as the action shocked him.
    She’d spanked him without either warning or remorse, and now she sat there looking like a fucking goddess, waiting expectantly in a one piece suit made to tempt a man to sin. Pointing at her lap again, she just looked at him, her expression daring him to forget the rules he’d been taught all his life about normal sex games.
    How would she like it if I turned the tables right now and flipped her over my knee and spanked her?
    If Grant weren’t so aroused and scared of being told to leave, he just might try it, even though he knew he would never intentionally hurt her. He wanted to worship her. I want her to hit me again. I’ve read about men being spanked and while I never thought I’d try it, I have to admit I’m curious. I need to step out of my safe zone and try this. If I don’t and leave now, I’ll always wonder what it would have been like.
    He draped himself over her lap again, rubbing his knees against her carpeted floor while his hands curled in the carpet fibers on the other side of her legs, ready to tense at the next smack. Her latex suit felt rubbery and odd against his throbbing cock as it pushed against her thigh. He held himself rigid, knowing he should relax, but anticipation made him unable to do so.
    A soft, feathery touch tickled over the skin of his buttocks. A touch that became firmer as Isabelle kneaded his muscles and skin. Almost unwillingly, he loosened up, her soothing caress proving to be irresistible. When the slap finally came, because he’d been expecting it this time, he didn’t rear up and actually managed to bite off the exclamation that came to his lips.
    “Good boy,” she murmured.
    A surge of pleasure rushed through him. “Thank you, mistress.”
    She resumed the caresses, interspersed with smacks. Some soft, some hard. To his amazement, he soon forgot the pain and began looking forward to the slaps, the skin of his ass warming feverishly and his breathing coming faster.
    Every so often she asked him short queries, such as, “Do you like that?”
    And he replied fervently, “Yes, mistress.”
    The spanking continued, and he now looked forward to each stroke, arching his back to offer his buttocks to her temptingly. And this time, when her hand slipped between his cheeks, he didn’t clench his legs together and thus enjoyed the scrape of her nails along the underside of his balls. That simple touch made him buck against her leg, and she laughed before she slapped him.
    Forgoing the caresses on his ass, she now alternated between slapping his cheeks and stroking his balls and the skin inside his crevice. He tensed slightly when her finger probed at his manhole, then quickly moved away from the taboo spot back to his balls. But as her slaps quickened, he noticed that her fingers returned to his anus more often and that the probes became more insistent.
    A sudden flurry of slaps alternating between his cheeks had him moaning helplessly. Then the next probe of his butthole became an outright plunge of her finger that hit a sensitive spot he’d never known existed. With a yell, he shot his load against her thigh and collapsed weakly across her lap.
    Isabelle stroked him lightly, the bright red skin of his ass shining prettily at her. And while her hand might be sore from spanking him, it had been well worth it to see him lose control. Not to mention that she’d accomplished her first minor assault against an orifice he’d labeled as off limits. Already she had him crossing lines he’d never imagined. But now it was her turn to be pleasured.
    With one last slap to his abused posterior, she said, “Get up.”
    “Yes, mistress,” Grant croaked, raising his head and turning his passion lidded eyes on her. He unbent himself from her legs and stood unsteadily in front of her.
    Seeing this man, who had thought himself so powerful, humbled by her was a heady feeling-not to mention, an erotic one.
    She spread her legs wide and showed him the special slit in the crotch of her suit. His eyes widened, and she laughed at his moan when she spread her pink folds that peeked out.
    He avidly tracked the movement of her finger as it glided back and forth against her sex. Then she held out her finger, which was damp with her juices. He immediately grasped what she wanted and fell to his knees in front of her, his mouth eagerly suckling the finger drenched in her essence. Isabelle withdrew the digit from his mouth and arched her pelvis forward. With a moan of excitement, he slid his big hands under her buttocks and pulled her forward, drawing the most intimate part of her up to his mouth like a feast.
    And feed on her he did. His moist tongue delved between her plump lips and lapped at her. She looked down to find his eyes closed in rapture, the lower half of his face hidden between her thighs as he gorged himself on her flesh.
    Isabelle sighed in pleasure.
    His mouth found her sensitive clit, and he flicked his tongue against it with lightening quick touches that had her closing her eyes and throwing her head back at the erotic sensations. But she wanted more than just his tongue.
    Reaching blindly beside her, her hands touched the cold wood of her bedside table. Fumbling only slightly, she opened the top drawer and grabbed the first toy she could wrap her hand around.
    A large rubber dildo.
    Grant noticed her distraction and opened his eyes. Isabelle waved her toy in front of him. He let go of her pussy for a second and with a wide smile, took the fake penis from her. He cocked a brow at her, and Isabelle giggled.
    Her play phallus was rather dauntingly thick, but she wanted that girth along with his tongue.
    “It will fit, just be sure to slide it in slowly,” she murmured.
    She watched with slitted eyes as he probed her sex with the object's wide head and gasped as he slowly inched it into her, stretching her until she thought she might split. But damn, it feels good.
    “Now lick me,” she urged, grabbing his hair.
    He needed no prompting. Diving forward, he renewed his energetic licking and sucking. Isabelle thrashed as he pumped her flesh with the large phallus, its bulbous tip hitting her womb and sending electric jolts throughout her.
    The rushing roller coaster that was her desire roared to a peak as his tongue flicked her clit and his hand worked the large dildo inside of her faster and faster. The sensations overwhelmed her, and she reached her peak. With a scream, she bucked as her orgasm tore through her.
    Isabelle cried out, only vaguely surprised when Grant joined her. Her body quivered with many pleasurable ripples of release and the tremors in her body didn't ease for several moments. She opened her eyes to see Grant slumped in front of her, one of his hands still wrapped around his cock. His spent cock.
    A pleasurable end to the first round of his training. She wondered if the next escalation would be as easy.

Chapter Three

    Grant wanted to spend the night with Isabelle, to hold the wondrous woman in his arms. But she sent him home, saying it was too soon for that kind of intimacy. Yet what could be more intimate than what they’d shared?
    Grant floated on a cloud well above that of number nine. She had introduced him to new experiences, some with lingering effects like the twinge that shot through him whenever he sat, but it had all been worth it. She excited him like no other woman ever had. She’d taken charge of him-a man known for his ironclad control-and made him lose it completely like the most inexperienced of boys.
    The new world she’d shown him both baffled and intrigued him. To his immense surprise, he had quite enjoyed the spanking. Its stinging pain had quickly evolved into pleasure. But he experienced even greater shock when he realized just how hard he’d become when she’d fingered his taboo hole. As a man who’d always enjoyed women, he’d never entertained anal play before, even though he’d heard that many straight men enjoyed it. He admitted to a certain homophobia where that was concerned. And yet tonight, when she’d plunged her finger into him… Grant’s cock somehow found the will to get hard again at the memory even though he was ashamed at being touched that way.
    For her, he had discovered, he would do almost anything.
    He wondered what new delights she’d have for him on the morrow. A thought that had him stroking his cock one more time before he went to sleep.

* * * * *

    The next day, Isabelle sauntered into his office with a bright smile on her face. When he would have stood to embrace her, she held up a hand and stopped him.
    “Good morning, my pet. Sit down. I didn’t give you permission to touch me.” Grant almost went cross-eyed at her commanding tone, and his cock became rock hard in joy at her presence.
    Isabelle hopped onto his desk and with a naughty smile, pulled up her loose skirt and spread her legs. Today she wore a lacy pink thong, the flimsy material of its crotch narrow enough to reveal the edges of her nether lips. Suddenly hungry, Grant dove forward to partake of the unexpected breakfast treat.
    The palm of her hand on his forehead stopped him.
    “Not right now, my pet. That’s for later. And to make sure you’re ready for me, I’ve got a surprise. Here, take this.” Isabelle reached into the depths of her cleavage and pulled out the small dildo she'd used before.
    Grant took it and looked at her. "What do you want me to do?"
    “Lick it for me, and when you’ve got it nice and wet, put it inside me.”
    "Yes, mistress." Grant slid the hard plastic between his lips and locked eyes with her. Then, with clumsy fingers, he pulled the crotch of her panties aside and inserted the toy's now wet tip between her folds. He slid it in slowly, while the urge to do other things-naughty things-was overwhelming. By the time the dildo's length had disappeared inside her, he shook with desire.
    Isabelle spoke huskily, “Every time you look at me today, I want you to think of the toy inside my pussy. Think of my sweet hole squeezing it tight, my panties drenched with my juices.”
    Grant almost came at her words. I can’t do this. She’s going to drive me mad.
    She wasn’t through speaking, though. “You will not touch yourself today, even though you will want to. Periodically, I will come into your office and lift my skirt for you, and you will put your hand on my crotch and insert one finger so you can see I’m still being penetrated. You will do no more than that until I command you to do otherwise. Do you understand, my pet?”
    Yes, mistress,” he whispered. Oh, the sweet torture.
    A knock at his office door had Isabelle hopping off his desk and smoothing her skirt just in time for the firm's boss-her father-to enter.
    “Grant, my boy. Have you got those specs I asked for?”
    "Huh?" Still befuddled by what had just happened with Isabelle, Grant hesitated. The blood from his brain still circulated inside his lower parts rather than his head. Isabelle thankfully came to his rescue.
    “They're right here, daddy,” she said, reaching over to a pile of papers on his desk and pulling out the right one.
    He smiled. “Thanks, Issy. Are you having lunch with me today? How's my boy here treating you?”
    Grant almost choked wondering if her father knew about them.
    “Oh, daddy. Grant’s a great boss. And he’s smart, too. He knows when he should listen to his secretary. Don’t you, Grant?” she said, turning her baby blue eyes on him and smiling impishly.
    “Yes, um… she’s very efficient,” Grant managed to reply.
    “Excellent. All right, I’ll leave you two to work. One o’clock for lunch, then Issy?”
    "Okay, daddy." Isabelle turned back to her father. “See you then.”
    As her father-his boss-left, he shouted over his shoulder, “Bring Grant along too, if you want.”
    "Maybe I will." Isabelle went to follow her father out, but turned back to Grant at the last moment. “I’ll be back for my panty check. You be good, now.”
    It took Grant a few moments to recover from that statement. Good thing he was competent enough at his job that he could do it without thinking.

* * * * *

    Isabelle squirmed in her chair often during the morning, enjoying the feeling of the dildo inside her, even as her panties grew damper and damper. If he father hadn’t invited her to lunch, she would have probably closeted herself in the office with Grant and enjoyed a different kind of meal.
    Perhaps she still would.
    Quickly catching up on overnight emails and other items, she kept an eye on the clock. A half hour before lunch, she entered Grant’s office and caught him talking on the phone.
    He quickly hung up and watched her expectantly.
    Locking his door so they wouldn’t be accidentally interrupted, she sauntered over to him and hiked one leg, resting her foot on his desk.
    “Time for my panty check,” she told him, enjoying the way his cheeks flushed and his eyes grew bright. Eagerly he lifted her skirt and palmed the crotch of her panties, curling one finger under their edge and inserting it into her to check that the dildo was still in place.
    “It’s intact,” he choked out. And remembering her instructions from earlier, he withdrew his hand with a pained look.
    She brought her leg back down. “Have you been a good boy?”
    Grant nodded.
    Isabelle looked at him sharply.
    “Yes, mistress,” he said.
    “Good. Now, we’re going to lunch with my father,” she said, casually dropping to her knees and unzipping his pants. “I’m going to need you to control yourself and try not to think of the dildo in my pussy. Oh, and one last thing-no coming in your pants.”
    Freeing his cock, she dipped her head and took its swollen head into her mouth. He released a strangled moan. She slid her lips up and down the length of his shaft, pleased at its rigid thickness, and sucked him expertly. Her cheeks hollowed as she worked him faster and faster.
    He panted and said, “Oh, God. Stop. Please.”
    She knew, however, that it was already too late. With a strangled yell, he came in her mouth, his cock pulsing as he found his release and shot a creamy load down her throat.
    Swallowing, she let go of his cock and looked up into his horrified face.
    “I didn’t mean to,” he stammered. The powerful man had been reduced to putty in her hands. "I'm sorry."
    “You’ll be punished for that later,” she promised. “Now, clean yourself up. We have a luncheon, and we don’t want to be late.”
    Leaving him, she went to the ladies room to freshen up.
    The moment had gone exactly as she had planned, giving her the perfect excuse for punishing him later. Isabelle almost came herself at the thought, her body shuddering and her pussy clenching around the hidden dildo.
    This evening, she would brand Grant as hers forever.

* * * * *

    Grant couldn’t believe that he’d lost control again. Shooting his load like some inexperienced boy. He deserved any punishment Isabelle meted out. A good solid spanking. His breathing came faster. Maybe she’d tie him up again and sexually torture him before forcing him to please her.
    His cock swelled in his pants at the mental image.
    Lunch was almost unbearable. Isabelle’s father asked him questions about business deals while Isabelle distracted him. Then her father left the table to take a call, and she dragged his hand under the table to rub her swollen clit, an act that made him harder than a rock. He wondered what she would have done to torment him had they not been seated in a booth with a draping tablecloth.
    Back at the office, she came in sporadically and had him check the dildo in her cunt. The last time, she made him bring his face right up to the soaking cloth of her panties and smell her intoxicating, musky scent, which aroused him more than any aphrodisiac.
    Grant couldn’t wait for the workday to end. She had him in such a state, he was tempted to risk her heavenly wrath, bend her over his desk, and fuck her until she came around his cock. But would an act like that get him punished or banished?
    He couldn’t take the chance, so he put up with the erotic torture, eagerly watching the time. By five o’clock, he was more than ready to go.
    Isabelle laughed at him. “Are you so eager to be punished?”
    “Anything that pleases you, mistress.”
    She let him drive her home instead of taking a cab, and he thanked God he drove an automatic when she pressed his hand to her damp crotch the whole way to her place.
    As soon as they walked through the door, Isabelle turned to him. “Strip and go lie on the bed on your back. Do not touch yourself.”
    "Yes, mistress." Grant had to control himself so he wouldn’t run, so eager was he for whatever new delight she had in store.
    And he only had a moment of fear when, dressed in nothing but a smile, she tied his arms and legs to the four corner of her bed.
    Grant was completely at Isabelle's mercy. It was a heady feeling for her. After attaching the last restraint, she straightened and raked her gaze over him.
    His muscled body looked anything but tame, yet he’d let her tie him up without protest or a struggle. His cock jutted from his hips like a mast-tall and straight, without a hint of a curve-while his heavy balls rested on the bed ready for play.
    Excitement gripped her. She knew what would happen tonight. And poor Grant wouldn’t like it one bit-at least, not at first. But if he let her indulge in her most erotic desire, then he would belong to her forever. He wouldn’t be able to resist. But first she had to make him come, so he would last for what she had planned. He was already close to the edge.
    Kneeling between his legs, she pushed her tits together and massaged them, tweaking her nipples into points, then lifted her breasts high so she could flick her own tongue against them. Riveted, Grant watched her. Isabelle leaned forward and slid his swollen shaft between her plump tits, flicking her tongue against the head of his cock when it peeked through.
    He liked that a lot, judging by the way he trembled and his breathing grew faster. But Isabelle had already given him a treat today when she’d sucked him off, so this time she needed to make him come via a bit of pain.
    “Time for your punishment for losing control today, my pet,” she announced. Pulling away from his shaft, she grasped its tip with two fingers, pinching it, then pulled a small latex flog from the folds of her comforter at the side of the bed.
    Grant’s eyes widened, but to his credit he didn't say a word-although his cock did blush a becoming mauve. With a wicked smile, Isabelle applied the flog lightly to his manhood, the smooth snick of it hitting his flesh interspersed with his grunts and moans of pleasure. Faster and faster she whipped him, alternating with strikes on his balls, which grew heavy and tight under her onslaught. Releasing the tip of his rod, she grasped him by the root and applied the flog to its mushroomed head. When it bloomed a becoming dark red, she wrapped her lips around it and gave it a wet suck.
    With a bellow and a buck of his hips, he came, his hot semen scalding the inside of her mouth. Swallowing, Isabelle licked him clean.
    “Thank you, mistress,” Grant whispered in a faint voice.
    Isabelle left the bed and sat in her low slung chair, angled so Grant could watch every motion. She drew her knees apart, exposing herself to him. Then, reaching down, she grasped the edge of the dildo still buried deep inside her and slid it partly out, then jabbed it back in. She gasped as she unerringly hit her g-spot with its tip. Isabelle knew her body well. Slowly and methodically, she pumped and primed herself in front of Grant until his cock rose from his body again, ready for another round.
    My pet has wicked stamina. Something she appreciated, given her own sexual insatiability.
    Crawling up onto the bed, her heavy breasts dangling enticingly, she straddled his chest with her back toward his face. Bending forward, she blew on his turgid cock while shifting her bottom until her pussy hovered above his mouth. His shaft jerked in response, and she smiled as she wiggled her ass over his face and squeezed her pelvic muscles to make her nether lips quiver.
    “Listen, my pet,” she said with a purr. “I am going to lower my pussy onto your face. You will withdraw my toy using your lips and teeth. Do not drop it.”
    “Yes, mistress.”
    Isabelle crouched lower, until his warm breath was upon her. Then she edged down a bit more, sighing in pleasure when his tongue found her damp hole and delved inside. Using her lower muscles to expel the dildo rather than hold it in, she aided him in easing it out, mourning the loss of its titillating presence.
    She raised herself back up, then reached back to take the dildo. Placing the bottom edge of it between her teeth, she smelled her own musky arousal. To Grant's moan of protest, she slid her pussy away from his face.
    His moan cut off when she poised her wetness over his cock and slowly sank down onto his jutting staff, his hard thick length filling her nicely.
    She resumed playing with balls while gently rocking on his cock, not enough to get him too riled up, but enough to distract him from her fingers, which slipped past his sack to his anus. When she slipped one damp finger inside him, he tensed. But she tilted her pelvis hard on his cock, and with a gasp he loosened up again. Breathing faster now as she got closer to her goal, she worked a second finger into his tight orifice. He only gave a quick flex this time. He was too far gone to protest, meaning he was as ready as he’d ever be.
    Isabelle took the slick dildo from her mouth, where she’d been holding it like a cigar, and rocked faster on his cock. Then she slid her fingers out of his anus and probed it instead with the small phallus, pushing part of it into him before he tensed up.
    “What the hell are you doing?” he asked, shock in his voice. "I don't-"
    “Fucking you,” she said her voice thick with passion. She was so close to claiming him.
    He jerked. “Take it out. I’m not into that.”
    “Are you sure?” She craned back to look at him.
    He peered at her with a furrowed brow. “My ass if off limits.”
    “Pity,” she said, removing the dildo from his butthole and herself from his cock and the bed.
    Grant’s indignation lasted only as long as Isabelle was on his cock. As soon as she hopped off, he knew he'd fucked up. “Where are you going?”
    “You said you didn’t want to play anymore." She shrugged. "So I’m going to untie you so you can go home.”
    What? He didn’t want to stop. He just didn’t like the idea of her fucking him, as she’d so crudely put it. He didn't let anyone play with his ass. Well, that finger thing she’d done was okay, but inserting objects went over the line. Didn’t it? He frowned. “Please, mistress. Come back.”
    Isabelle ignored him and sat on her low slung chair with one foot propped up, exposing herself and rubbing the dildo she’d tried to insert in him against her moist lower lips.
    “Will you let me play my way?” she asked, sliding the plastic toy inside her moist cunt. "Will you surrender your body to me and allow me to do with it as I please? "
    “Can’t we skip the ass part?” He wasn’t above begging, not when he knew the delights that could be had. "I’ll let you spank me again."
    “Either you let me fuck you, or go home and don’t bother coming back. If you want to be with me, you will play by my rules. And my rules state that I can do with you whatever I wish. Just count yourself lucky I’m willing to start small. I could have used a much bigger toy.”
    Grant swallowed hard, and his sphincter muscles tightened. Only it wasn’t entirely because of fear. Could he let go enough to let her do what she asked? He’d enjoyed everything else she’d introduced him to, so perhaps what she proposed would be just as pleasurable. He needed to let go of the belief that this was somehow taboo. He was still a man-and powerful in the business world, to boot. He’d already abased himself for her pleasure, and his. So the question remained, could he unwind enough to let her do it? Or did he prefer going home blue balled, without tasting her immeasurable delights?
    His rigid cock, which hadn’t caved to the fear as his mind had, made the decision for him. “I will do as you wish, mistress.”
    "Good." Isabelle beamed at him in triumph, pulled out the dildo, and rose from her seat, her voluptuous body swaying temptingly as she crawled back onto the bed and hovered over his body.
    Instead of seating herself on his cock, however, she dangled herself over his mouth. Straining his head up, he tongued her. With a sigh of pleasure, she lowered herself and sat herself on his face, smothering him delightfully.
    Intent on his prize, he barely noticed her toying with balls, her sharp nails grazing them as she worked them in her hand.
    A quick wet dart of her tongue followed, then a sensuous lick from the base of his cock, over his heavy sac, and then under them to the tender skin between his buttocks. He gasped against her sex when her wet tongue probed him. It felt strange, yet nice. Actually, more than nice as she laved him.
    Grant found himself moaning against her, his body trembling with need.
    He didn’t even flinch this time when the head of her dildo pushed at his anus. Keeping just the tip inserted, she took away his decadent feast and poised herself over his cock again. Throwing a glazed look of passion over her shoulder, she sat down hard on him and pushed the slick toy into him all the way.
    Grant shouted in surprise-and pleasure.
    Isabelle squirmed on top of him. His long, thick cock penetrated deep inside her as she slid the length of the dildo into him. If only it were bigger.
    Bouncing up and down on his shaft, she worked the phallus in and out of his anus. What a power rush and an erotic thrill. Her breathing grew fast and ragged as she rammed her bottom against his cock in time with the slide of the dildo into his ass.
    Grant moaned harshly behind her, until he came with a bellow and another tremendous shudder. Isabelle soon followed suit, her vaginal muscles clamping tightly around him and then convulsing as her orgasm rolled over her, leaving her weak, but sated.
    A smile of triumph hovered on her lips. Grant now belonged to her, body and soul. My new pet pleases me. Such delights I have to show him still.
    Isabelle quivered, that movement making Grant mewl. He was spent for the moment, but not for long. She had ways of getting him aroused again.
    She thought longingly of her closet, filled with gadgets and toys, all of an erotic nature depending on how one wielded them. He’d need to be eased into some activities, but she’d overcome his initial prejudices and open up a world of pleasure to him-and to herself.
    The possibilities were endless.


    Isabelle bent over, flashing Grant to prove she wore no panties and that her pussy was freshly shaven as well as glistening wet. The edge of the dildo, of which he was well acquainted, peeked out from between her nether lips.
    He stuttered on the phone, and she smiled triumphantly. While they always maintained a professional attitude at work, it never hurt to remind him periodically who was truly the boss in their relationship.
    Grant’s training had been enjoyable, and now that she had him right where she wanted him, it was time to up the ante-not to mention, the erotic fun. Her plan of seducing and claiming Grant had been successful, and she now had her very first pet. The training she’d gone through herself not too long ago had paid off, and she wanted to share that success.
    Exiting Grant’s office, she grabbed a thick file folder from her desk and headed to the elevators and the third floor. She touched up her lip gloss on the short ride and when the doors opened, stepped out and headed right for the closed door at the back of the accounting department.
    Knocking lightly, she adopted a subservient mien that would have shocked her slave before opening the door and entering. The powerfully built man behind the desk didn’t speak to her until she quietly locked the door and dropped to her knees with her head bowed.
    “I take it things went well while I was gone?” The deep timbre of his voice made her tummy flip and her nipples harden beneath her silk blouse. She’d missed his masterful presence while he’d been away on business.
    She nodded. “He didn’t react as planned initially, but in the end, he came around. He’s now mine to do with as I please, master.
    Isabelle always experienced a thrill saying that word. To know someone had claimed her and now could do with her as he pleased.
    “You did well, my perfect angel. Are you ready to take things to the next level?” Andrew asked. He had initiated her to the pleasure to be found in many BDSM and fetish activities.
    Isabelle knew what he wanted. Was Grant ready for a threesome? At the thought of being with her master and her slave at the same time, Isabelle shivered deliciously, a rush of moisture pooling in her crotch.
    “I look forward to it, master.” And she did, with every ounce of her sexual being.
    With a broad smile, Andrew beckoned her to him. Ready for his touch, Isabelle crawled to him eagerly and draped herself over his lap.
    As he warmed her bottom with his heavy hand, she cried out in pleasure and giddily pictured what his words meant. Isabelle and her master had been waiting patiently for a third person to come along to complete their ménage.
    And now that he’d been found, she couldn’t wait to get between Andrew and Grant-literally.

Author Bio

    Eve Langlais, a Canadian in her mid thirties who’s married with three children, resides in small town in Ontario. She works from home as a web mistress and customer service rep, and in her spare time, likes to spend time with her family, read tawdry romance novels, and write even naughtier ones.
    She claims her stories come from the voices clamoring inside her head and invites you to find out what her naughty mind has prompted her to write by visiting her website at http://www.evelanglais.com.