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Yes, My Darling Daughter!

Yes, My Darling Daughter!

Pierre le Valle Yes, My Darling Daughter!


    “Look. Phil, someone has to take Jane in hand soon or she'll be coming home one night pregnant!”
    “Well, you're her mother-you do something.”
    “What can I do-apart from telling her the facts of life? She knows about the birds and the bees-I saw to that. But this is different; she hangs around coffee bars with those leather-jacketed little spivs who are only after one thing when it comes to girls. How can I start telling her about how to prevent babies coming along? That would be almost sanctioning her going to bed with them.”
    “They don't bother looking for a bed nowadays- straddle 'em across their bikes with their drawers off! Maybe that's why they have so many crack-ups-lose control when they shoot their loads!”
    “Phil! Don't be horrible! You're taking this far too lightly-and you may be joking, but that's the worst thing that could happen.”
    “Now you surely can't expect me to go into detail with her about what they expect her to let them do between her legs!”
    “Oh, you're impossible! You don't help at all, do you? You should forbid her…”
    “Forbid her to do what? Go out? She's going on sixteen, you know. What can I say to her? I don't know how girls of her age think. Tell you what-why don't you ask your lesbian friend?”
    Suddenly, my heart was hammering wildly and I was immediately thrown on to the defensive. What had he meant by that?
    “My-my lesbian friend? I haven't any…”
    “Come off it, Rita! Don't try to kid me you're such a sweet innocent that you haven't noticed. If Stella Chambers isn't a lesbian, then I'll eat my own cock- with chips!” My husband cocked an eyebrow at me.
    “It wouldn't surprise me if she had hot pants for you! You're still quite a tasty dish, even if you are getting on, now!”
    I let my breath out slowly and tried hard not to look relieved. He was joking.
    “I'm only thirty-five,” I pouted. “And you have a perfectly filthy mind! Just because Stella isn't married, doesn't mean she's that way inclined. I think she's very feminine.”
    “Oh, she's got a very fair figure-lovely pair of tits on her, at that. But there are certain signs you can't miss: the way she looks at other women-even at you, sometimes. Then she had that irritating expression of hers.” He pulled a face. “'Oh, men,'“ he mimicked, “'they're all the same!' ”
    “Maybe she's right! Anyway — I'm sure she's not like that.”
    “I'm sure she is! Look at the way she's always diving in here-it's for sure it's not to see me! If I were you, I'd wear tin drawers when I went over to her place. What can you possibly find to talk about with a woman like that?”
    “I thought you liked her.”
    “Oh, she's all right, I suppose-I'd like her a lot better if she was normal, though.”
    “I'll bet you would!”
    “Now who has a filthy mind? So you admit she isn't normal, then?”
    “I'm admitting nothing and, anyway, we're getting off the subject. If we don't do something about it soon, we're going to have Jane coming home here either pregnant or worse!”
    “I suppose you're right; I must say I didn't particularly like the idea of her going around with that type of creep. I'll try and think of something.”
    “And I might take you up on your suggestion of asking Stella's advice; she'd be on the outside looking in and sometimes that…”
    “Sh-can it! Here's Jane.” He looked at his watch. “She's not so late tonight, either-only just after ten.” Phil struck his pipe back in his mouth, picked up the paper and relaxed back in his favourite chair.
    Our daughter came into the living-room, complete with jeans, “stylish” unkempt hair-do and long-strapped bag slung over her shoulder.
    “Hi, mom, hi, pop.”
    “Jane, this isn't America and we're not Americans- is English considered old-hat in your set?”
    “No-you're just more with it when you have an American vocabulary.”
    “There, you see, Rita? She can still pronounce words like 'vocabulary!' She can't be too far gone!”
    “Have you been talking about me? Well you can carry on, because I'm off to bed-I'm bushed!”
    “So long as she's not something else,” murmured Phil, for my ears only.
    I watched our tall, blonde daughter as she went towards the door. She was going to be a lovely woman; Even at fifteen, she showed evidence that she was going to be full in the breasts, like me-already, she boasted a 35-22-34 figure. Another three inches on that bosom of hers and she'd have caught me up. Her bottom and legs were filling out and losing that “little girl” fatness around her hips. If only she would do something with her hair and stop plastering that horrible black muck around her eyes, which reminded one of the earlier horror films of Dracula and Frankenstein. She paused at the door and looked back at us.
    “G'night.” And she went out.
    “You hungry, Phil?” I got out of my chair.
    “Yes-but not for food!” He ogled my breasts as I leaned over his chair.
    “You're incorrigible!” I ruffled his hair affectionately. “And I'm tired.”
    “Always some excuse! I'm rationed to about four pokes a year, now-if you're not careful, it'll dose up altogether on you!”
    “You're exaggerating! Why we did it…let me see…”
    “There you are- you can't remember! I'll tell you- it was damn near a. math ago!”
    “Surely not as long as that!”
    “Longer-it was a couple of days after your period when we did it, and you've just finished another one, haven't you?”
    I blushed. For some reason I couldn't account for, I always felt embarrassed when he mentioned my periods-even after being married to him for nearly seventeen years! I nodded.
    “Men! That's all they think about!”
    “That sounds just like Stella. You'd better be careful-she might have you round to her way of thinking. While I might be able to understand your not feeling like sex much-though I can remember a time, not so very long ago, when you used to almost beg for it-I'd be very annoyed if you started using up all your energy on satisfying the sexual needs of a lesbian, while I was on worse than iron rations!”
    I turned away from him, unable to meet his eyes.
    “Do you want anything to eat?”
    “No, thanks-hot milk will do.”
    I mixed two beakers, gave him his and picked up the book I'd been reading.
    “Well, I'm off to bed.”
    “OK. I won't be long. And remember what I said about Stella-it wouldn't surprise me if she tried to get your pants off you one of these days, so watch it!”
    I went upstairs with my face burning and a chill feeling in the pit of my stomach. She might try to get my pants off me, he had said. That was the trouble-she already had! My mind had been in a turmoil for the past few months over it. Phil was quite right-I was satisfying her sexual needs; my own, too, while I was at it. I hadn't realised I'd cut Phil down so drastically on his “ration.” The funny part was, Phil had just about hit the nail on the head with his expression “get my pants off me.” She had literally done just that.
    We had known Stella for a few years, since she had taken a house at the end of our road. She had picked Jane up in her car several times either going or coming from school and Jane had asked her in to meet us eventually; we had been friends ever since.
    I liked her as a person, although I knew there had to be something the matter with her sex life, living on her own like that. She was a year younger than I and very attractive, with that fascinating combination of almost blue-Mack hair and very fair skin, and, as Phil had observed, she had a lovely pair of breasts — we measured our busts together once, and she topped my 38 by an inch.
    Our friendship had run on ordinary lines until a short time ago. We had made a habit of once a week driving out to a lovely old pub for a meal and a quiet drink, as Phil always put in one late night at his office.
    On the night of my “seduction,” I think Stella must have had quite a few drinks before we started out; she was in a talkative and confiding mood and feeling rather sorry for herself. She suggested we leave early and go back to her place-I had an idea she wanted to unburden herself. She did!
    I learned why she had never married-she had tried having a man and, although she had not found it unpleasant-even achieving orgasm-she had wondered if it was worth attaching herself to a husband for the rest of her life. Then she had tried having sex with another woman and had liked it even more, so-she had single. Since then, she had found her satisfaction with various other females with her own inclinations.
    Since living near us, she had found it less frequently and used to make regular trips into town to spent a night with a lesbian friend of some years' standing; apparently this one had now formed another attachment and Stella was out in the cold.
    We both had quite a lot more to drink, then, and it hadn't seemed so terribly wrong when she started playfully kissing me and telling me what a lovely figure I had. Then we had talked about our measurements and that was when she had got out a tape. Having learned what her sexual preferences were, I know I should have called a halt when she suggested we strip to the waist and compare the size of our bosoms, but what with the drinks and feeling sorry for her. I agreed. Besides, I must confess to feeling a sort of excited fascination about the whole scene.
    We stripped. She was wearing a blouse, so all she had to do was take it off and follow it with her bra and she was naked to the waist; I had a rather tight dress on, so the only way to bare my own breasts was to take it right off. After I had removed my bra, I stood only in my panties, shoes and stockings, with a single waist-strap suspender-belt.
    We both took stock of each other, then. She had those lovely big white breasts, with large pale nipples that look so sensitive-I found they were, too, later-and a surprisingly tapering waist compared to the size of her bosom. Her eyes were on me, too-hotly. Not only my bare breasts, but the rest of my scantily-clad body. I began to realise I hadn't made a very wise move in agreeing to the measuring. I picked the tape up wishing to get the whole thing over with.
    I measured her, touching her flesh as little as possible, then submitting to being measured by her. She took about twice as long as I did and I had my bosoms touched, stroked, pressed and practically squeezed before she arrived at the figure of 38 against her 39.
    I bent quickly to pick up my bra and then she was behind me, arms round me, hands cupping my breasts. I tried to wriggle away, but she held on, a good grip on both my breasts, squeezing them until they almost hurt. I felt hers, firm and warm, nipples poking stiffly into my back; she was kissing the back of my neck, murmuring into my ear, telling me how lovely I was begging me to let her make love to me.
    I struggled at first, then gave it up and finally stood quietly in her clasp, allowing the kisses and breast squeezing, hoping she would come to her senses if she found she was getting no reaction.
    But, God help me, my own body let me down-my nipples began to rise under her stroking palm; she felt it immediately and stroked the harder.
    “Let me, darling.” she was whispering. “Please let me love you. See-your titties want me to! I need it so badly, it's been so long-just a little loving. There's no harm in it and no one will know. You'll be quite safe with me-no babies! Say you will-please?”
    On and on she went, while I stood there, those caressing hands on my breasts. I could have pulled away, then. I know; put my things on and left. Then I considered the results-a long friendship broken and one lonely girl with very hurt feelings. I was reluctant to have that happen-besides. I liked the girl and our little evenings out. I had one other reason, though I wouldn't admit it even to myself at the time-she had built up an intense erotic excitement in me. I looked down at myself in my tight, flimsy panties; at the two hands fondling my breasts, then looked up quickly, as shame flooded through me. I was roused, in spite of myself. Me, a married woman with a fifteen year-old daughter! Had anyone told me an hour or two earlier that this could happen, I would have laughed at such a fantastic impossibility.
    Yet, there I stood, half naked, docilely allowing another half naked woman fondle me in a way which should have been the sole prerogative of my husband. What was worse-it was doing things to me that only Phil had ever aroused. I was even finding pleasure in the warm, stiff-nippled breasts pressing into my back.
    The fondling hands at my breasts were concentrating on my nipples now, which had become huge as they always did when I was thoroughly roused. I stood there with my arms at my sides, bra dangling by the strap from one hand, looking down at the long caressing fingers pulling at my suffused nipples.
    I knew it wasn't in me to stop her now-I no longer wanted to-and when she pressed me back hard against her breasts and whispered to me, asking if I wanted her, I nodded, beaten.
    She almost squealed her delighted triumph, driving the breath from my body with her exuberant hug. For a moment, her excitement had got the better of her. She threw herself on her knees in front of me and hugged my thighs. She looked up at me, then, her fingers going to the waist of my panties.
    “May I, darling?” she breathed.
    Face hot with shame and passion mixed, I nodded again, not daring to look at her. My panties were dragged half-way down my legs then and her hot mouth was nuzzling at the tops of my thighs, her arms round my hips. I stood shaking as she knelt at my feet, mouth foraging amongst the hairs at the base of my stomach.
    She got a grip on herself then-I think this was as unexpected to her as it was to me-and rose to her feet. She kissed me lingeringly on the lips and her arm went about my waist.
    “Let's go into my bedroom, Rita-more comfy there.” Her voice sounded as shaky as I felt.
    I allowed her to lead me into the bedroom hobbling, on account of the panties still hanging about my thighs. There, I was gently pushed back on to the bed, suspenders unfastened shoes taken off, stockings carefully rolled down my legs and suspender-belt removed. I lay then with my hands covering my face as she looked down at me.
    I heard the whisper of garments and opened my eyes to see her swiftly stripping off the rest of her own clothing. She soon stood naked; she had a gorgeous body-full, ripe and startlingly white against the blackness of her hair.
    Then she was lying beside me, lulling my fears with the soft warmth of her body and soothing murmurs. I began to lose my identity as Mrs. Rita Young, consciously pushing it from my mind, now, as desire overcame all scruples.
    Hands sought me intimately; I lay back with closed eyes as one of my nipples was drawn into the moist softness of her mouth, whimpered-as her fingers insinuated themselves between my thighs.
    Sensation flared in my loins as a finger-tip slowly stroked along the folded lips of my sex and then slipped inside. My legs splayed open of themselves as she fondled me.
    She began to kiss her way down my body, over my quivering stomach and lower; her breath blew warmly between my thighs, I opened them wider to her, bottom rising off the bed, lifting my pelvis towards her face, wanting to give myself to her. She took me!
    I looked down as she slid from the bed, going on to her knees between my legs, gazing upwards at my open sex, almost in worship. I stifled the temporary stab of embarrassment at having another woman-or anyone, for that matter, except Phil — look at me there, especially with such hot eyes.
    Her arms went under my thighs, hands clasping my bottom. Then I felt the wonder of her mouth, pressed open, against my abandoned vulva. If I hadn't been lost before I was then.
    She began to suck on me, her tongue licking up and down the slit all the time, lingering at my clitoris. I had never known anything like it, the sensation was fantastic!
    Moaning, I found myself rubbing my cunny against her mouth. Phil pokes fun, sometimes, at the size of my clitoris-he says it's like a miniature penis. Stella found it and licked at it until she had it erect and stiff and was actually able to suck it between her lips.
    I nearly went mad, then; locking my legs over her back, I reached down and clasped her head, forcing her face hard against me. My head swam as the electric shocks of orgasm began to shoot up from my loins. She sensed it and lowered her mouth to the entrance of my vagina, forcing sobs of ecstasy from me as she sucked hard, drawing the spend from my body.
    Afterwards, she left me alone for a while, giving me time to sort out my confused thoughts. By that time, however. I was past caring; I had slipped over the edge, as it were, having erased from my mind, temporarily, at least, the fact that I was, till then, a happily married woman with a teenage daughter. I had given myself to a lesbian and found the erotic sensations she had roused in me quite shattering.
    Guilt and self-recrimination would come later in the outside world; just then, I was completely shut off, in a separate world occupied by only two people — Stella and myself.
    And so I blocked off the disgust I knew I ought to feel and remembered only the ecstasy, ecstasy I wanted to feel again and again, until I was utterly exhausted and sleep would bring the merciful oblivion of non-thought. That might make the shame of my perverted misconduct worth while.
    Stella came back, still quite naked, with a bottle and two glasses; she poured and handed me one.
    “Drink this, darling.” she whispered. “Not mad at me, are you?”
    I took a big swallow, gasped as the fiery brandy burned its way down. I shook my head.
    “I'm not mad at you, Stella,” I whispered back. “I'm not quite sure how I feel, yet-you see-I…I've never done it before.”
    “But it was nice, wasn't it? You liked what I did to you?”
    I shivered as her hand was laid caressingly on my tummy, taking another pull at the brandy before nodding my answer.
    “And I loved doing it.” She smiled knowingly. “Don't feel guilty about it, Rita-anything as wonderful as that can't be too wrong. Besides. I seduced you!”
    Her caresses became bold again; we got rid of our brandy glasses and suddenly, I was no longer just a passive recipient. Eagerly, my arms went round her, my mouth seeing hers; soon, my hands and fingers were exploring her body, which she willingly abandoned to me. I sucked the heated stiffness of her erect nipples into my mouth, my own passion flaring again as I heard her moan. Copying her, I kissed my way down that lovely white body, delighting in the quiver of her belly under my mouth. I stroked her well-fleshed thighs, which at once opened to me.
    And there I was on my knees between her thighs, fascinated eyes on the pink, open gash of her sex, at that moment, looking the most beautiful thing in the world.
    As I approached between her thighs, I caught the female, animal odour of her. It was like a potent aphrodisiac. Moaning with lust myself now, I clasped my arms round her smooth thighs and jammed my mouth tight against the warm, pulpy flesh and sucked- hard. It was inexpert, but very enthusiastic — like a baby blindly finding its mother's nipple.
    I soon had her jiggling her hips up and down, her legs resting on my shoulders. I found her furrow with my tongue and used it as a guide to her clitoris. This drove her wild for a short time, men she went into a spasm, her open quim jerking against my mouth. I got my lips to her vagina and sucked as she had done to me; the warm, salty tang of her discharge tingled pleasantly on my tongue. I sucked on her until she was still and her legs slipped laxly from my shoulders.
    We had lain together for some time after that, until she realised, from the way I was snuggling against her, I was silently begging for similar treatment.
    She held me close and her hand went between my legs, fingers gently frigging; our mouths met and held until, almost unnoticed, another orgasm had crept up on me and I was clutching her tightly as the waves of it washed over me.
    A little later I looked at the only thing I had left on was my watch.
    “Darling, it's going on for eleven; I must go,” I whispered. “Phil will be home.”
    I got off the bed and started to gather my things from the floor. She followed me and got down on her knees, her hands going to my thighs to hold them open.
    “Wait, dear-you can't dress with my cunny in that that-let me…” and she lifted her face to my sex while I stood over her with parted legs. She licked away the fruits of my last orgasm and then reached for her own panties to pat me dry. “There-now let me help you dress.”
    I let her help me get my things on, going back into the other room for my dress. Before I left we had kissed passionately like two lovers and I had waved to her from the gate, feeling full of the joys of a spring love. Then, with every step of the couple of hundred yards home my spirits dropped until the zero mark was reached, coinciding with my closing the front door behind me and Phil's voice called down from our bedroom.
    “Been out on the tiles, darling?”
    I forget what I answered as I stumbled up the stairs and into the bedroom, forcing a bright smile and at the same time hoping desperately he wouldn't have the urge that night. Fortunately, he didn't, but it was a long time before I could sleep and for days afterwards I was troubled and jumpy.
    I avoided seeing Stella for nearly a week, until she came round to see what was wrong. It was morning, about elevenses time and I gave her coffee and told her how I had been feeling ever since that night. She was very understanding, but pointed out that there was no danger-not like going with a man; who, she asked, would suspect two women, near neighbours, being friendly? Neither of us looked remotely like lesbians. We had been friends a long time without anything happening; nobody had suspected us then, so why should they now? We didn't look any different. The discussion had ended on the bed!
    Since that time, we had made love on an average of about twice a week, the dread of being found out growing less and less, the guilt still there, but shoved into the background. Now and again, I would have a bout of self-loathing when I was on my own, but it was forgotten as soon as I lay in Stella's arms. I suppose it's something like an habitual drunkard must feel the morning after a night on the bottle and finding the quickest way to get rid of the feeling was to pull another cork.
    I must be quite honest about one thing, though — Stella's a gorgeous creature and after that first time, I have found no difficulty whatever in forgetting the wrongness of what I was doing in the delights of her lovely body.
    I have had recent doubts about what I am-lesbian or normal woman; I'm fairly certain now that I am bisexual, although I have never before been roused by another woman, and, even though poor Phil has been on “rations,” I can still enjoy having normal intercourse with him.


    Now, as I went into our bedroom, all the shame and guilt came flooding back. Phil's remarks had been far too astute to be ignored; it had never occurred to me that he might have noticed the sort of person Stella was, let alone think of the possibility of her “getting my pants off me.”
    I thought back to the last time we had had sex together; he was right-it was over a month-and that wasn't like me at all. As he said-there were times when I had practically begged for it, stripping slowly in front of him downstairs after Jane had gone to bed, throwing myself on to his lap and wriggling about until he was mad for me, too.
    I had been very thoughtless-from both our points of view; I'd have to do something about it as soon as possible. What would I do if he found out about Stella and I? Could he divorce me and cite her as the corespondent? Whatever he did, I shuddered at the thought of the shame attached. I must give myself to him that night. The trouble was, Stella had had me twice that afternoon and I didn't feel at all like sex right then. Well, I'd just have to force myself.
    Leaving the door ajar and keeping my ears open for his footsteps on the stairs, I undressed quickly, stripping right down to my nothings.
    Rummaging amongst my underthings in the bottom drawer of the dressing-table, I found the little packet of erotic photographs Phil brought home from time to time, which we sometimes used for inspiration when we had one of our “long sessions.”
    Laying them out on top of my things so that I could push the drawer shut if I heard him coming up, I knelt and studied them, picking out what used to be my favourite positions. With my eyes on the lascivious contortions of the men and women in the pictures, I knelt there, with my knees apart and masturbated, goading myself into an erotic fervour to accept my husband.
    I rubbed my clitoris and thrust a finger in and out of myself until I was rewarded with the first trickle of slippery wetness; even so, it was hard work, after the session Stella and I had had that afternoon.
    There was one picture, which had always been one of my favourites (now I knew why) of two girls and a man. One girl knelt astride the man's face, with his mouth to her sex, while the other straddled his loins, impaled on his penis; as their obviously happy quims were being attended to, they were kissing, hands cupping each others breasts.
    I kept my eyes on this one as I frigged myself, trying to get my clitoris to stand up and really take notice. I got a slight reaction and having got things moving down there, briefly rubbed at my nipples to bring them up. However much I might simulate passion with Phil, he would know there was something wrong if my nipples remained soft. I rubbed them, but saw that it would take too long to get them up that way, so I resorted to a little trick I had amused Phil with.
    By getting both hands under each breast in turn, lifting it as far as it would go and bending my head well down, I was just able to get my mouth to the nipple. I did this with both of them, sucking hard and running my tongue over my reluctant teats.
    They were beginning to respond to the treatment, when I heard a door close downstairs and Phil's step on the stairs. I gave each nipple one last, hard suck, wrapped the photos up and shut the drawer.
    I was just picking up my shortie nightie as he came into the bedroom. I could see by the way he looked at my naked body that he wanted me. I couldn't deny him.
    “Think you'll really need that nightie on?”
    I looked at his hot eyes, then dropped my hand, letting the nightie slide from my fingers to the floor.
    “Not unless I want it ripped off me.” I walked slowly towards him, letting my hips and breasts sway sexily. I halted in front of him and smiled up into his eyes. He made a grab for me, but I jumped back out of reach. “You won't need those clothes, either.”
    He began to rip his clothes off like a maniac. I felt sorry as I watched him: it really wasn't fair. In no time at all, he was naked as I and coming for me again. I was about to slip into his arms, when I saw the door out of the corner of my eye.
    “Better close the door and turn the key before we get down to business darling, in case Jane comes along — we don't want to give her any more ideas than she's probably picking up already.”
    He locked the door and I went over to the bed and lay back on it, hands under my head. This was the way he liked it-me lying back passive, with everything exposed for him to do what he wanted. As he came to join me I opened my legs.
    Already, his penis was erect and ready for the fray- I hoped I was. I breathed a sigh of relief when he showed he was in an exploratory mood and started the proceedings by fondling and kissing me. I squirmed and wriggled against him, giving him my mouth and rubbing my breasts hard against his chest, making it nice for him, but chiefly to try and bring myself on.
    He started to suck my nipples, then, and I knew I was saved. With the few sucks I had given them myself and the rough treatment of rubbing them against the hair on his chest, they were already reddening and beginning to swell-even if it was only soreness! He sucked on them until they were the big, hot lumps of dark pink flesh that he loved, then he got between my legs, the hard knob of his penis thumping at my sex.
    I had enough juices flowing to accommodate him. And then I had the oddly unfamiliar sensation of his warm, stiffened flesh gliding up inside me; odd, as I had, in the last few months become more used to the soft mouth and tongue of Stella.
    I gripped him, locking my legs over his thighs, bucking and jerking under him as enthusiastically as I knew how. I began to feel my body really responding at last as he rode me. He stopped once, lifting his upper body away from me and closing his eyes, as he fought to control himself and stave off an orgasm.
    I remembered something else, then, as he began ramming himself into me again. Moaning, I raked my nails down his back and bucked like an unbroken horse under him, jamming my mouth to his. Then I relaxed back for a while, as though temporarily exhausted from an orgasm. In normal bouts, I generally spent three or four times before he unloaded his semen into me, so I felt I had to pretend at least one and hoped I should be able to muster one genuine orgasm.
    On he rode and I came back into the game. He was getting close, now, and I lifted my bottom high off the bed as he gave me each thrust, to let him get well up me. I felt his cock swell inside me, then came the throbs as he pumped sperm into my womb.
    Suddenly I was moaning and juddering under him as my own orgasm hit me-genuine, this time!
    When I lay back the second time, panting, it really was the lassitude of post-orgasm. I had made it, and he seemed thoroughly satisfied when he roiled from me, leaving me to douche and flush away the fruits of our union, in the bathroom.
    I was going to have to be careful in future — he definitely would think the worst, if, after a heavy bout with Stella, he insisted on making love and found me unable to produce even a couple of stiffened nipples. I had always been a good, sexy wife in that respect, and always responsive to the slightest indication of wanting on his part.
    As I got back into bed, his arms went round me, pulling me in close as he murmured drowsily. I snuggled against him as his hand wandered down my back and stroked over my bottom, pressing my pelvis to his.
    I held myself quite still, then, as I felt his cock twitch against my thighs, praying he would drop off to sleep. Sometimes, when he was in the mood, he could take me twice in fairly quick succession, or make it last for half the night. I didn't feel I could cope with either right then. The trouble was, he had always been very fond of my bottom-calls it my sexy bum-and with his hand on it and holding me so close, a twitch of my little finger could start him off.
    I lay there in his arms in the darkness, hardly daring to breathe, until at last, I must have dropped off to sleep, without being called upon to do further battle.


    The following morning I still felt rather weary, rousing only to drink the cup of tea Phil brought up before he went out. I heard his car start up and then dozed off again.
    “Mummy! Mummy!”
    “Huh? What's the matter?”
    “It's nearly ten o'clock. Mrs. Matthews has arrived- she's cleaning up downstairs.”
    I opened my eyes and there was my daughter standing beside the bed, looking down at me, wearing only a pair of pyjama trousers, her young, apple-firm little breasts tilted pertly upwards, the spreading nipples looking very tender and sensitive.
    “Jane-you shouldn't go about the house like that; go and get something on.”
    “What's wrong? There's nobody here to see me-I had the jacket on when I let Mrs. Matthews in.”
    “We'll go and get dressed now.”
    Her face dropped.
    “I was hoping for a little snuggle in bed with you, first. I go back to school next week, don't forget, mummy.” She put on her most pathetic look.
    “Oh, all…” then I almost squeaked as I realised I had nothing on under the bedclothes. “No, wait-fetch me a cup of tea first…”
    It was too late. She had already pulled back the covers and I saw her eyes widen as she looked at my naked body. I pulled my knees up and crossed my hands over my breasts. She giggled.
    “Mummy-you're all bare! What have you been up to?” She dived in beside me.
    I flushed hotly at her words.
    “I–I took my nightie off when you father went out- it was very warm.”
    “If it was that shortie nightie I saw lying on the floor at the foot of the bed, I shouldn't have thought it would make any difference!”
    She was a discerning little minx! But I was quite sure she meant it innocently, although that still didn't save my blushes.
    “Mmm, lovely!” She wriggled up close until my bent knees pressed into her tummy. She put one arm under my shoulder and pulled the covers over us with her free hand. “Do you have to lie all doubled up like that, with those hard knees poking into my tummy?” I straightened my legs just a little.
    “And why are you holding your titties? I let you see mine! Oh, come on, mummy-let's snuggle up all nice and cosy, like we used to.”
    What could I say to her? I straightened my legs right out and dropped my hands from my breasts.
    “Aah-that's much better.” Both arms went round me, then, and she pressed real close until those firm, sprouting breasts of hers poked into my large, mature globes. “Mmm! Those lovely titties!” She wriggled her own against them. “So big and warm and sort of elasticity!” She hugged me tightly and kissed the side of my neck. “I am lucky to have such a gorgeous mother!”
    She squirmed some more and threw one leg over my thigh. I held my arms around her slim waist, lightly.
    “It's nice of you to say so, Jane, but you shouldn't keep talking about titties the way you do.”
    “Why-what's wrong with titties?”
    “Oh, nothing, I suppose, but you're a big girl now…”
    “What should I call them, then? Breasts? Should I say 'I think your breasts are very beautiful, mother'? Or 'What lovely big tits you ha…' ouch!”
    I lowered one hand and gave her a sharp smack on the upper cheek of her jutting bottom.
    “And the next time I shall take your pants down to do it!
    “Oooh, fab!” she breathed and the next moment she had thrown back the bedclothes and pulled her pyjama trousers right down and off, throwing them to the end of the bed. Then she rolled on to her tummy and lifted her bottom. “Go on, then, mummy-smack it bare, like you used to when I was small!”
    I looked down at her white, upthrust bottom and was sorely tempted.
    “You're being silly, now. But I don't want to hear you talk like that again, remember?”
    “I might if you spanked me.” She wriggled her behind at me. “Go on-smack my bare arse…ouch!”
    She yelped again as I gave her another, even harder, slap on her bare cheeks. Then I pulled the clothes back over us again.
    “And I don't want to hear that sort of language, either. Where do you pick it up-in those horrible coffee bars-From the Mocks and Rodders, or whatever they call themselves?”
    “You mean Mods and Rockers. No, mummy, of course not — I'm not interested in those filthy little beasts; I like to go with Susan and Lucy (neighbours' daughters)-the music sends us, that's all.”
    I was relieved to hear her say so and was pretty certain she was speaking the truth.
    “All right. Well, come on then, if you want a snuggle — I must get up soon.”
    She came into my arms, pressing close again; I felt sparse, silky hairs brush my thighs as she threw a leg over mine. We cuddled and I stroked her back and gently patted her bottom. She kissed me.
    “Mmm, love you, mummy,” she murmured, her lips nuzzling first my neck, then my face, my forehead, eyes, nose, chin, and finally, mouth.
    She held her mouth on mine for a considerable length of time, until I pulled my head back, gasping.
    “Hey-you'll smother me!” I pushed the clothes back. “Come on, now, my pet-we must get up. You've had your little cuddle.”
    “All right, mummy, if you say so,” she said reluctantly. “One more hug, then I'll let you get up.”
    “Oh, very well, then.”
    She raised herself and rested a hand on either side of my shoulders as I turned on to my back, preparatory to sitting up. Then she lowered herself on top of me, pressing me down, her hands sliding under my back. I received a hefty bear-hug, taking the full weight of her body, my breasts flattening under hers. She looked up into my face.
    “And a kiss?”
    I nodded. Her mouth clamped down hard, almost bruising my astonished lips. She squirmed on top of me and I actually felt her nipples harden against my breasts. Without conscious thought, my arms went round her, pressing her closer to me; my mouth opened under her ardent pressure and I heard her murmur of delight as her tongue nicked across my lips. My mouth opened wider as I felt my own nipples stirring into awareness.
    Then I came to my senses. I was this girl's own mother! I pushed her off and sat up, covering my breasts with my hands.
    “Jane! What did you think you were doing?” I whispered.
    “Loving you! And, mummy-it was wonderful!”
    “You mustn't ever do that again; it's wrong-it… it's…”
    “Why is it wrong, mummy?” She looked at me all wide-eyed and innocent and I guessed she hadn't realised what she was doing. “How can anything as wonderful as that be wrong?”
    “The-the way you did it! It-it seemed as though you had done it before…” I stopped, trying to find the right words. “As though you'd had experience in — in…” I couldn't find of an adequate way to phrase what I had in mind.”
    “In what, mummy? How could I have experience-I only have one mother! I have cuddled you before, of course.”
    “Not in that way, you haven't!”
    “I must admit it did have something special about it this time, although I did it the same way as I always have-well, to start with, anyway.”
    “I think you must have got lost en route!”
    “'Well, tell me what was wrong?” I realised I was saying too much; these were probably the first stirring of her sex instincts and when she had become excited during our cuddle, she had pursued it, wishing to prolong the pleasurable sensations, without knowing the basic cause of them.
    “Nothing wrong, darling-you nearly squashed me, that's all; I hadn't expected such a colossal bear-hug! I keep forgetting I have such a big daughter, now-forget it.”
    I got up and started to dress; nothing more was said on the subject, but she looked rather thoughtful as she went into her own room.
    I had a pretty tight schedule that day. Stella and I were going into town and she was to pick me up at seven. I wanted to buy a coat and she had some odds and ends to pick up, then we were going to have lunch. I was hoping she wouldn't lead me into doing anything too extravagant; while Phil gave me a more than adequate allowance, Stella could be described as of “independent means”-with a prefix “considerable”! My idea of a moderately-priced coat would not necessarily be hers.
    Stella arrived as Mrs. Matthews was making coffee, which gave me a chance to put the finishing touches to my make-up while she drank a cup. Jane was still hanging about as we were about to leave.
    “What are you up to today, Jane-didn't you say you were going swimming, or something?”
    “I was going with Lucy, but she's-well, you know-the usual curse. So instead, Sue and I are going to her place for lunch. We'll probably play records all afternoon-I'll be home about seven, I should think.”
    “Well, that'll make a change!”
    “We could drop her off if she's ready,” offered Stella.
    “I'm ready-I was ready ages ago, to go swimming, until Lucy phoned. It's annoying-I've only been for a swim twice since I've been home and there's only about ten days left of the holidays.”
    “Sorry, darling; your father's been too busy these past few months, or we would have taken you away for a couple of weeks. Still-we'll make it up.”
    We dropped Jane off and then drove on into town.
    “You know, you could have taken her somewhere yourself, Rita — a girl of her age needs a complete change of atmosphere during holiday time, apart from her home, especially when she'll be swotting for exams pretty soon.”
    “I know-I feel rather guilty about it, too. I had intended taking her somewhere, but one thing led to another and I kept putting it off. I really will make it up to her, though.”
    We went into town and I got my coat-only a few pounds more than I had intended spending on one! Stella bought shoes and some underthings and then we went to lunch at Wheelers.
    We sat back and lit cigarettes. Stella waited until the waiter had topped up our glasses with the Louis St. George, then leaned forward.
    “You know-I have a friend…”
    “An old friend, who…”
    “Intimate friend, Stella?” I gave her a sideways glance.
    She coloured slightly, then smiled.
    “Well-er-as a matter of fact-yes. That's all in the past, now, of course. I still see her occasionally, but it must be a couple of years since we went to bed together.”
    “Was she as nice as me in bed?”
    “Sshh!” Stella looked round at the other tables. “Someone will hear you-the women who come in here together at lunch-time are all ears, trying to find something to gossip about at dinner-time! As I was about to say-this friend rang me the other day to let me know she was going abroad, probably for a year. Now she has a bungalow at Bridlington-it actually overlooks the beach. She has told me I can use it whenever I want to. Now, apropos of Jane-how about you and I taking her there this week-end? The weather has been so marvellous for the past couple of days, it must hold up for another few-the weather man says it will!”
    “That's a very kind thought, Stella. She has to be back at school for the following week-end, though.”
    “Well that's no problem. Today's Wednesday-we could start out on Friday and come back on Monday afternoon. That would give us a clear week-end-will Phil be all right, do you think?”
    “Oh, yes-he's so immersed in work, he'd hardly notice we were gone! They're working on plans for the entrance of the Chunnel project; he'll be stuck quite happily in his den with his drawing-board over the week-end and have a prowl round the 'fridge whenever he feels hungry.” I had one small misgiving, which I didn't mention to Stella-what his reaction would be when I told him I was going to spend a week-end with “the lesbian”! But that would be solved when I told Jane was coming and that it was for her benefit.
    “Then all it needs is for me to give Rose a ring-she has a flat in town. I don't have to, really, but I will, just the same-just to let her know I'm taking her up on her offer and to wish her 'bon voyage.' Let's have coffee and whatever else you want with it, and I'll take you to a club I'm a member of for a quiet drink-I'll phone Rose from there.”
    “If we're going to have more to drink-a cup of coffee will be fine-I don't want to roll home stoned!”
    “We've only got through one bottle of wine! Still-I'm more used to drinking than you are, so we'll settle for a coffee. I've got to drive, anyway.”
    We had our coffee and left the restaurant.
    “I'll leave the car in the car-park-goodness knows where we'd find a space nowadays. Anyway-it's less than ten minutes' walk from here.”
    We crossed Piccadilly and walked down the Hay-market, which I knew; then Stella took a right turn and a left turn, which I didn't know, and we eventually arrived at a well-kept, nineteenth century building on which one automatically expected to find a plaque, informing all who cared to look, that so-and-so lived here in 18?? We went inside and I found myself in an extremely plush hallway-flock wallpaper and thick pile carpet; paintings on the walls that looked as though they should cost the earth and what looked like a genuine Addams staircase.
    I followed Stella across the hall and down narrow wooden stairs to what, in days gone by, were obviously the servants' quarters. We stopped at a door with a covered grill and she turned to me.
    “Listen, darling-don't be surprised at what you see in here,” she whispered. “Above all-don't tell anyone about the place, or where it is-OK?”
    “OK. Why-isn't it licensed, or something?”
    “Oh, it's licensed, all right-but not for all that goes on! No one ever seems to be quite sure about the law on female homosexuality, and one has to play safe. You will see quite a few things that will open your eyes, my sweet. They have a strip-show-very much like they have for men, only it goes somewhat more into detail. You'll find it interesting, anyway.”
    She pressed a bell at the side of the door and the cover slid away from the grill. I was aware of eyes glinting at me from the dimness.
    “Stella Chambers-I've brought a friend-she's all right-I can vouch for her.” The door opened and I tagged along behind Stella.
    “Hi, Stella-long time no see! Good to see you. Who's your friend?”
    “This is Rita-a very close friend; we are practically next-door neighbours.”
    “Of course-you live way out in the sticks, now, don't you! Hi, Rita-welcome to the clan.”
    I had my hand clasped in a strong grip and pumped up and down. It was the woman who had opened the door to us. She sat on a high stool, and I saw that the bar came right up to the door, so that she only had to swivel on her seat to open it or to look through the grill, as the stool was right at the end of the bar.
    For a moment, I wasn't quite sure whether I was having my hand shaken by an extremely effeminate man, or a woman in a man's suit. When I took a closer look I saw she had, incongruously, pencilled eyebrows and a light face make-up; as my eyes traveled down her body, I took in the loose, open jacket, partially disguising the enormous pair of breasts she had.
    “Take that table just over there,” she pointed. “The show's starting in a couple of minutes. Watch out for the third act-it's a corker! The last one, of course, is still fabulous-yes-we still have Jean and Penny! They've worked out a completely new routine, though, and it's the berries! Tell me what you want and I'll have it sent over.”
    “Oh, send over a bottle of-let's see, what wine do you have here? We don't want to mix our drinks too much. I know-Chatteau neuf du Pape; still keep it?”
    “One Chatteau neuf coming up!”
    We sat at the table she had indicated; it was right on the edge of the small dance floor, where several couples were swaying round to the accompaniment of a hidden juke-box.
    Two or three obvious women were “dancing” with each other-smooching to music, I would have called it; two other couples were less obvious, though; I had to look very closely to find out that they were all women. One girl looked very attractive in a light print dress reaching to just above her knees; fairly low-cut, showing a lot of cleavage and the tops of fair-skinned well-developed breasts and straight shoulders.
    Her partner wore a sports jacket and flannels, with an open-necked shirt; this one had a hard, mannish face and short-cropped hair. Although I had now faced up to the fact that sex relations with another woman-Stella, at any rate-had passed from the stage of merely a pleasant diversion to a near must, I was quite sure I would have been sickened by that type. I couldn't repress a shiver of revulsion at the thought of having her hands mauling me, or her mouth slobbering at me. I took a quick swig of the wine that was brought, to wash down the retch that threatened to choke me at the thought of my head between those near-masculine thighs.
    “They have a pretty good show here-I don't know about the third act, but if George says it's good, then it's good. But the Jean and Penny act has been going on for ages and it's always quite fabulous. Don't be shocked, now!”
    “I don't think I'll be shocked, but those two 'male women' on the floor make me feel slightly sick.”
    “Jean and Penny aren't anything like them. They're two gorgeous girls. You wait and see-they'll be on in a minute. Let's have a dance while we're waiting — you won't have to watch those two butches, then.”
    I looked at her for a moment, that feeling of unreality sweeping over me, then I stood up and glided into her arms, taking naturally the female role. It seemed quite the same as dancing with a man, except that Stella's bosom bounced and rubbed against mine as no male's had ever done!
    “You dance very well, Rita.”
    “Thanks, so do you-come here often?”
    “Only in the mating season!”
    “Ouch! I rather left myself open to that one, didn't I?”
    “You did! I haven't been here for quite a while, but I used to come here a lot with Rose-she lives close by. Which reminds me-I'd better phone her.”
    The music stopped and we went back to our table. As we sat down, the dim lighting dimmed even more and a voice came over a loudspeaker announcing the first act.
    “I'll wait until after the show before phoning Rose,” Stella whispered. “How long does it last?”
    “Not very long-they have about five or six acts and each one except the main item only lasts about three or four minutes; the last one takes about ten.”
    “… introducing Lolita!”
    The lights around the room went out altogether and a spotlight bit its way through the darkness to the centre of the floor. Into the brilliance stepped a pretty girl of about twenty, with dark hair reaching to her shoulders. She had on a full-length evening dress, with the skirt split on the left right up to her hip.
    Music came from the loudspeaker and she moved around in step, followed by the spotlight, taking every opportunity to display the length of her leg and thigh through the split of the skirt. There was no attempt at dancing as such, merely movement designed to accentuate her curves. The dress was, of course, low cut and showed off her straight shoulders and the swell of her bosom. I suppose it was quite pleasant to watch, but nothing spectacular.
    Then she showed us she had a zip under her left armpit, raising her arm, she pulled the zip right down to her hip and suddenly, the dress was a pool of blue at her feet. She posed, hands on hips, body swaying, now clad in bra, panties, suspender-belt, stockings and black, shiny leather shoes with heels that must have been at least six inches.
    She moved around for a while, swaying all the time. Then slowly, the suspenders were unfastened; a chair was pushed into the spotlight and she sat down to roll the stockings off, giving us brief flashing of pantie crotch as she lifted each leg. Shoes were thrown aside, the stockings were taken right off. Then she got up and moved around some more, arms behind her, feeling for the catch of her bra; unfastened, her hands left the strap and went to cup the brassieres breasts, as she turned, smiling provocatively, to face the audience. She paused, then, with a flourish, took her hands away and let the bra drop to the floor. Her breasts were not terribly large, but the nipples looked big-probably painted-seeming to take up almost half the breast area. She strutted about, then, wriggling her upper body, jerking her titties from side to side.
    “Shake 'em, Lolly-that's the girl!” came a voice from a nearby table.
    Obligingly, the girl shook herself more vigorously, swinging her breasts from side to side as she backed towards the centre of the floor.
    The spotlight lowered. then, covering her from the hips downwards, leaving the rest of her body in shadow. Her hands went to the waist of her panties, paused; her thumbs hooked into the elastic, paused again. Then slowly, she peeled them down over hips and bottom. A gasp went up as the flimsy nylon slipped half-way down her thighs, showing a triangle of dark pubic hair. When me panties reached her knees, she let go, allowing them to drop to her feet. She stepped back out of them, picked them up and put them on the chair.
    She faced the audience once more, drawing herself up, running her hands slowly upwards from her thighs, over her stomach to her breasts, holding them up, pushing them out, as though offering them to the onlookers. She turned her back, thrust her behind out at us; turned again and stood with wide open legs, hips jutting forward, showing us the shadowy slit of her sex. Her hands smoothed up the inside of her thighs, met at her crotch; legs widened, slim fingers probed, opened up the lips of her vulva, glistening in the spotlight. Her upper body swayed back, pelvis still thrust forward; she posed like that for perhaps half a minute. The music had stopped and her only accompaniment was the murmur of gasps and comments from the tables. Then came a single chord of music and the spotlight went out.
    “Well, what did you think?”
    “She certainly showed us everything she had!”
    “Not quite everything.”
    “What do you want-blood?”
    “We've had that, too!”
    “They had a couple of lesbian flagellants here-they had quite an act. They'd start off by miming an argument, then a fight; one would pretend to be knocked out while the other stripped her naked. Then a pretty solid-looking wooden triangle would be pushed on to the floor and a couple of the audience would be invited to help strap the naked girl to it-you can guess there were quite a few very willing volunteers! A whip would be produced and then the 'victim' would pretend to wake up just as her flogging was about to start.”
    “And you mean to say the other woman whipped her until she drew blood?” I could hardly believe anyone would go to such lengths to earn money.
    “Well, not- not exactly. I saw the act three or four times and the woman wielding the whip was quite clever. She made a great show of drawing it back and making the whip hum as she brought it over, but then she had the knack of making it crack viciously only an inch or so away from the bare back or bottom of the girl, so that to the casual onlooker, she was really flogging her. I do know, though, that the girl used to take two or three light blows to show some stripesGeorge tells me the whip had some sort of red colouring on it. The girl used to gasp and cry out and jerk about as though she was really being flogged.
    “Then, one evening, they must have had a proper row before the show. They went on with the act, but as soon as the girl was strapped, naked, to the triangle, the other one must have seized her opportunity of settling whatever score she had. She began to flog her in earnest; the girl cried out, jerked, and even screamed for someone to stop the woman. Of course, we all thought it was a whale of a show they were putting on that night, until we realised that each time that whip cracked, another stripe was laid across the girl's back or behind. Then someone at one of the tables yelled that it was the real thing as a trickle of blood ran down the girl's back.
    “George came trundling on, then, and shoved the woman away. I helped her unstrap the girl-she really had been whipped-poor thing was in an awful state. They didn't have that act any more!”
    “Golly!” I shivered. “Some people go in for that, don't they-whipping each other, I mean.”
    “Quite a lot — in a very modified form, it has its points as a sort of hors deurvre to the main course!” Stella topped up the glasses and smiled. “Don't worry — I'm not going to start beating you! Ah-here's the next act.”
    The second turn was almost a repetition of the first, except that the girl had bigger breasts and stripped down from ordinary street clothes. The third act really was, as George had said, “a corker”!
    The woman, I would say, was in her late twenties, a brunette, with ripe, mature curves. She was dressed in summery street clothes — light raincoat, belted, very high heeled shoes; an inch or two of a print dress showed beneath the raincoat and she carried a handbag.
    At first, I thought it was going to be a copy of the first two acts, as she strutted around to music, gradually stripping until she was down to her bra and panties. She put her high heeled shoes back on after peeling off the stockings, then slowly swayed around the edge of the floor, close to the tables, followed by the spotlight. She began to sing in a low, throaty voice, pausing at odd tables; it was a pop number, but the words were laden with suggestion.
    She stopped at our table, leaned, giving Stella and I a good view of her scantily-covered breasts. She walked round the table, paused again behind us, reached down and chucked Stella under the chin; her stomach pressed hard against my elbow as she bent forward. Stella grinned up at her, then the woman turned to me; her face was very close to mine as she sang words that went something like 'You do things to me-let me do things to you!' The strong perfume she was wearing tickled my nostrils as she came even closer; I looked at her heavily made-up face and decided she was quite pretty underneath it. She stopped singing and the music stopped with her; there was a tense silence in the club as her face came closer to mine. My heart-beat quickened as her lips came within an inch of mine; I didn't know whether to draw back or stay where I was; I thought she was going to kiss me as her scented breath blew on my mouth. Then she smiled, winked, ran the tip of her forefinger lightly down my nose and she was away, moving on to the next table, taking up the song where she had left off.
    “Whew!” I let my breath out as I sat back.
    “What's the matter-think she was going to rape you? Perhaps hoping she was?” Stella chuckled.
    The singer went back to the centre of the floor again, body swaying in the tight pants and bra. Then came the final stripping. Off came the bra and knickers, slowly, in what seemed to be a conventional pattern.
    Naked, now, except for the high heels, she posed for us, giving views of herself from the side, to show the firm, upward jut of her large breasts; the back, to let everyone see what a well-fleshed bottom she had and finally, she faced us, legs well apart, holding open the lips of her vulva.
    She went over to the chair then, kneeling in front of it, giving us a side view of her. Opening her handbag, she put both hands inside, paused, then slowly drew them out again. Another gasp went up from the tables as a huge rubber affair came into view; shaped like a male penis, it had a big bulb at the base of it, just where a man's testicles would be.
    The woman went through all sorts of suggestive movements with her hands; stroking the rubber penis, squeezing the bulb very gently, putting her face close to the tip, her mouth opening as though she were about to suck it, then pushing it away from her.
    “I don't know if you've ever seen one before, but that's a dildo,” whispered Stella.
    “I've heard of them, but this is the first time I have seen one-pretty life-like, aren't they!”
    “And that one's a little larger than life!”
    Georgina was now crouching on the floor, the dildo held at arm's length as though it were a snake. Gradually, she swayed back, until her bottom was on the floor; further still, slowly, and then she was flat on her back, the dildo held above her.
    Leisurely, her long legs began to open; wider and wider until they were stretched to their maximum, showing us the whole length of her slit. The lips hung well open and shone wetly in the brilliant light; even so, I had doubts whether she would get that great dildo up her, because that was the obvious next move.
    The music stopped again and she slowly brought the rubber cock down, holding it between her outstretched thighs, the knob poised above her opening. There came a roll of drums, her arms jerked sharply downwards, pulling inward and ramming the whole length of the huge dildo up her in one savage thrust. There were squeals of exclamations from the women at the tables and her own face contorted as it went in. She lay back, and we could see the rapid rise and fall of her breasts.
    Then, very softly, tom-toms began. Holding the dildo quite still in her hands, she began to lift her bottom off the floor, jerking her sex up at the dildo, in time to the beat of the drums. That was the only part of her body that moved the whole time. That slow working of her sex on to the dildo, hips and bottom moving sinuously.
    Gradually, the tom-toms became louder, their tempo faster, Georgina matching them with her movements, until the whole thing became frenzied. Sweat filmed her body, and the steady thump, thump of her buttocks on the floor provided a syncopation for the drums. Her rasping breath and jerky moans came to us above the sound of the toms-toms. Suddenly, her buttocks high off the floor, dildo in her to the hilt, she stopped then, with a deep groan, her bottom lowered once more, to jerk up hard; at the same time, she gave herself one brutal thrust, plunging the rubber shaft deeply madly squeezing the bulb at the end. The drums stopped.
    Then her hands fell away and she jerked about on the floor, whimpering, the dildo half hanging out of her. She was either having a frantic orgasm or she was a first class actress!
    The switching off of the spotlight ended the act amid tumultuous applause. I jerked involuntarily as Stella reached over in the semi-darkness and patted my lap — high up at the tops of my thighs.
    “Bet it's pretty sticky just about there,” she whispered. “My drawers must be soaked! Wow! What an act!”
    “Is it strictly legal?”
    “Search me! We're all one sex-well-near enough! The show's private and for members only-and, incidentally, no one under twenty-one is admitted. I don't know of any law against consenting lesbians in private and over twenty-one. You figure it out!”
    The next act was a repetition of the first two and I suppose came under the heading of “straight stripper.”
    Finally, Jean and Penny were announced. Jean was a full-breasted, attractive brunette and Penny a tall, slim blonde, both in their mid-twenties.
    Jean wore a gold lame cocktail dress, off-the-shoulder, with a simple chain necklace, wrist-watch, seamed nylons and gold high-heeled shoes.
    Penny escorted her as her boy-friend; wearing a man's dinner jacket and accessories. A bottle and two half-filled glasses were on the table, with two chairs to one side.
    They sat down, Jean giving us a flash of her lacy underthings as she crossed her shapely legs. They mimed talking and drinking for a while until the music started. Then Penny stood up, bowed elaborately and Jean nodded, ostentatiously un-crossing her legs and getting to her feet.
    They danced a sort of acrobatic tango, and could they dance! Jeans' skirt, of course, kept swirling up round her hips, showing us a well-rounded and snugly-pantied bottom topping two plump, but well-shaped thighs.
    The dance finished and they sat down again; they “talked and drank” some more, then began the seduction scene.
    First, Penny's arm went around Jean's shoulders, then she was persuaded to a kiss. A hand went to her bosom, to be slapped away. It tried again, stayed. Jean acting all coy and keeping her head averted. The hand began to fondle and Jean to soften; Jenny's hand finally slipped down inside her dress and we could see the exaggerated movement of the hand squeezing the breast it was cupping. Jean gave free access to her lips, then.
    There was a murmur of laughter as George came on, pointing towards the door and their faces registered embarrassed dismay. They stood up and slunk from the floor with bowed heads, while George picked up bottle and glasses and dusted the table. The spotlight went out; one or two people started to applaud, but that was only the beginning!
    When the light came on again, it showed a park bench, with Jean and Penny taking up where they left off. Penny's hand kept sliding down the front of Jean's body to the hem of her skirt and getting slapped away every time it tried to slip under it. Kissing went on for a while, then the hand would try its luck again.
    At last, we saw the hand slide up under the skirt, move up and down, stroking Jean's thighs; move higher — pause. A loud gasp came from Jean as she slapped Penny's face. Then Penny started all over again.
    There were occasional gasps from some of the nearby tables as couples emulated the pair en the floor.
    So the act went on, Penny whispering and Jean shaking her head. Then came the time when the hand was allowed to remain high under the skirt; there was plenty of movement there, now, and Jean's legs splayed open, to let us see the hand busily stroking at her crotch. Some more whispers, more shaking of Jean's head, but slower. Finally, shyly, she turned her head away from Penny and nodded. Penny whispered again and Jean looked at her with wide eyes, peered up and down as if to see if there was anyone coming, then slowly got to her feet.
    First looking at Penny doubtfully, her hands then went behind her. She turned her back to us and pulled down a zip, wriggling to get the tight dress down her body, drawing loudly whispered offers from the audience as she deliciously waggled her plump bottom from side to side once the dress was past her hips.
    Suspenders were slowly unfastened, shoes and stockings removed. She released her lovely large breasts, moving enough where she stood to make them sway from side to side, holding the bra out from her body before letting it fall to the floor with the rest of her things.
    She made a real production number of getting out of her panties, starting to take them off as she faced us, turning as they got lower until her back was to us again and we saw the panties pulled down to the tops of her thighs, bringing more appreciative gasps from the onlookers as her full, white buttocks were revealed. When she turned back to face us, the front of her pants still covered her pubic hair; she looked coyly at us, then at Penny, and, with a swift movement, pushed the filmy panties right down, let them slide down her legs to her feet, then stepped out of them. She undipped the suspender-belt, dropped it, then looked challengingly at Penny, tapping her foot, as though to say, “well, I'm naked-what are you going to do about it?”
    Penny, who had stood motionless while Jean stripped, off her jacket, followed it with her bow tie, unlaced her shoes and kicked them off. She unbuttoned her shirt and slipped it off, disclosing a tight man's vest underneath. Beneath the vest, we saw the two small, but firm-looking bulges of her breasts.
    I was quite startled when her trousers were removed — there was a long, hard lump pushing out the underpants! Off came the vest, revealing very round, very firm little breasts. Jean eyed the lump under the pants, her hand going to her mouth nervously as. Penny hooked her thumbs into the waist.
    Penny turned her back to the audience and Jean alike, then skinned the pants down her legs, showing us a pair of round, tight buttocks and long, slim legs. With an abrupt movement, she swung round to face us, murmured comments came from the tables and someone just behind us called out:
    “Bloody hell-give us a bit!” drawing “shushes” from the rest.
    Strapped about Penny's loins was a truly huge dildo-even bigger than the one Georgina had used. It stuck out, swaying threateningly. Unlike the black, gleaming rubber of Georgina's, this one was flesh-coloured, with a purplish knob and a very like-like ball-bag dangling between Penny's thighs.
    As her partner moved towards her, dildo swinging from the base of her belly, Jean gave a loud, frightened “No-I couldn't possibly!” and backed away, as Penny came on, she turned and ran. Then the chase was on.
    Round the park bench went Jean, with Penny in hot pursuit, Jean's plump breasts bouncing up and down and Penny so close, her “penis” several times brushed the well-fleshed bottom.
    At last, Jean appeared to trip-conveniently sprawling length-wise along the park bench. Immediately. Penny was on her, straddling her buttocks, hands pressing down on her back. She held her until Jean stopped her struggles. She got off the bench, then, one hand still on Jean's back, holding her down.
    “Kneel up and open your legs-I want to do it from the back!” said Penny, in a stage whisper.
    Jean looked round at the great dildo, shuddered and shook her head. Penny began to smack her, then, making the plump cheeks of her bottom jerk and quiver with the impact, as the slaps cracked loudly through the room. Jean gasped and groaned and finally nodded her head vigorously.
    “All right,” she panted, “don't smack me any more, please!”
    Her bottom showed pink under the light as Penny stood away from her and she rose to her knees, backing to the end of the bench. There, she spread her legs to the full width of the bench and stuck her bottom out, looking back fearfully as Penny stepped up behind her and the tip of the false penis rested on her behind.
    Penny spread open the lower part of Jean's buttocks, exposing a wet, open vulva below them. There was hushed silence as the big, purple knob approached and touched the female slit, which looked far too small to accommodate the huge shaft.
    Holding the buttocks apart all the time, Penny began to press inwards; we could see the lips stretching round the knob. Suddenly, Penny gave a little jerk forward and Jean squealed as the knob went into her, followed by several inches of the dildo. She wriggled on the end of it and Penny waited until she was still, then gave her another thrust, sinking several more inches into her.
    Jean jerked and squealed again as more of that brutal looking shaft drove up her. I heard a frantic wriggling at the next table and saw a girl sprawl, moaning, across it, her hand up under her skirt.
    “She might have waited and done it at the same time, so as not to distract one's attention.” whispered Stella. “No finesse!”
    Back on the floor, poor Jean still knelt on the bench, about three-quarters of the dildo up her, now. Penny was now holding her round the hips, her hands moving between the spread legs. One more thrust and the dildo was in all the way, Penny's stomach tight against Jean's bottom. Then Penny began to give her long, hard, penetrating thrusts, each one bringing a moan from the recipient.
    “She's giving her a jolly good old fucking,” murmured Stella, always fond of the vernacular. “They're 'husband and wife' in private life, you know.”
    “Must be nice to get paid for doing what you enjoy anyway.”
    Penny's hips were jerking backwards and forwards at speed now, and Jean was thrusting back strongly to meet her.
    Then came an explosive gasp from Jean, she jerked wildly for a few moments.
    “I–I'm c-coming!” she panted, “now!” The last word was almost a scream.
    Penny reached behind her, grabbed the “balls,” squeezing them rapidly. There was a squelching sound as fluid was pumped into the madly jerking girl, running down her thighs and on to the floor. Penny herself jerked hard, moaning, as she pretended to have an orgasm. Jean collapsed forward on the bench and Penny drooped on top of her, both of them shaking and panting.
    We watched them gradually recovering from their “intercourse” and saw Penny just withdrawing from Jean, when on to the floor, wearing a policeman's jacket and helmet, came George, waving a truncheon. The two girls took one look at her and ran, with George after them, calling on them to stop in the name of the law. Blackout!
    “How about that?” said Stella, when she could make herself heard above the applause.
    “Fantastic!” was the only word I could think of at the time.
    “I'll phone Rose now-shan't be long. And don't get yourself picked up while I'm away-they'll all be madly sexy after that last scene, and they're not all that fussy about taking someone else's girl-friend, given half a chance. You'd be whipped into the toilet and have your panties down before you could say 'knife'!”
    “I'll watch out. I'll say my boy-friend's just outside making a phone-call-or should I say 'girl-friend.' I'm not quite sure which category we come under.”
    “I'd say it was a mutual arrangement, darling-I don't feel at all mannish and I'm sure you don't. Let's say we're girl-friends-intimate girl-friend!”
    “What would they want to do to me if they got me in the toilet?” I asked.
    “Oh, all sorts of things: have a feel round you, masturbate you, or get you to masturbate them. Or, after a preliminary feel round, try and date you for a bed tonight! So you sit tight and the only way they'll be able to get at your 'business end' will be by boring a hole from under the chair!”
    The lights had gone up and the music started again: couples drifted on to the floor. It gave me a very odd feeling as I watched two pretty women in their thirties, gazing adoringly into each others eyes as they danced, exchanging kisses; they looked so absolutely feminine. I smiled at the thought-Stella and I looked just as feminine, felt just as feminine. I thought of Phil and Jane at home and took a long pull at my glass to wash it away.
    “Care to dance?”
    I looked up, startled, as the voice broke into my reverie. It was one of the real “male” types, in a dinner jacket; I looked into the mannish face and felt a little nervous as her eyes devoured me.
    “Er-no, thanks-I'm just waiting for my-my friend to come back.” I looked over my shoulder a little apprehensively, hoping I'd see Stella coming back.
    “Don't worry, you're quite safe,” she chuckled. “I don't cheat!”
    She turned away and I gave a sigh of relief as Stella came back to the table.
    “Made a date with you?” she grinned.
    “Not likely! I said I was waiting for you and she said not to worry, as she didn't cheat.”
    “No-some of them play square. Well, I spoke to Rose-she's asked us over for tea.” Stella lifted the bottle. “Let's finish this up and get a taxi-it's not far.”
    “No more for me-I'll be pie-eyed! I'll finish what I have in my glass.”
    As we left, George looked me up and down and cocked an eyebrow at Stella.
    “Lovely girl, your Rita, Stella-I take it she's booked?”
    Stella looked at me and nodded.
    “She's booked, I'm afraid, George. I agree with you, though-she is a lovely girl.”
    “Ah, well, that's life! Enjoy the show, Rita?”
    I said I had thought it fabulous, blushing at the comments about my person.
    “Bring her again, Stella; let her see more of life- she seems to be a little inexperienced!”
    “Pure is a much better word. George,” laughed Stella. “'Bye for now.”
    “What is Rose like?” We sat in the taxi. “Will she mind your bringing me along? After all, you were her…”
    “Good lord, no! She invited you, anyway. I've told you that was over a couple of years ago. Besides, she has another woman waiting for her to join her in Paris tomorrow. By the way-it's OK for the bungalow, any time we want to use it.”
    “She sounds nice.”
    “She is nice.”
    “Mmm-hardly pretty: handsome, certainly. No — she isn't the mannish type, either. Dresses well, makes up well. A little older than us; let's see-she'll be just about forty now. Bigger, too-she has a forty-one bust, but she's fairly tall and carries it well. Auburn hair- very like yours.”
    “Do you go for auburn-haired women, Stella?”
    “Don't know — I haven't really thought about it. You jealous?”
    “Don't know-1 haven't really thought about it!” I mimicked.
    “Now you've had a taste of it, who knows- you may start running round trying to make all the women you can lay your hands on!”
    “I should think that most unlikely.”
    “Did that show do anything to you? Here-let's have a little feel!”
    “Stella!” I frantically tried to hold my skirt down as Stella's hand went to my knees.
    “Well what about the titties, then — those nipples should be as big as…” the hand went up to my bosom.
    My hands immediately shot up to protect them. Too late, I. realised it had only been a feint to get at me down below. Her hand at once came down and was under my skirt and between my thighs before I could close my legs. I jerked with sensation as soon as her fingers touched my crotch.
    “Stella! No! Please-what will the taxi-driver think.”
    I fought to pull her hand out, blushing furiously.
    “They're used to this. Besides, he's concentrating on driving-he won't even notice. Golly-your panties are pretty sticky!”
    “What did you expect? Taking me to a place like that?”
    “Would you have liked Penny to have done that to you?”
    “In front of all those people?” I gasped. “In private, then?”
    “I don't think so.” Then I smiled at her. “She hasn't got such nice titties as you have!”
    “Thank you! You'd let me do it to you, then?”
    “Mmm-I didn't say that!”
    “You think you'd like it, though.”
    “I didn't say that, either! Now will you please take your hand from under my clothes. The taxi's slowing down-quickly, Stella-he'll see us!”
    “We're here, anyway.” Stella at last took her hand out from under my skirt, letting me push it down to a respectable level as she opened the door.
    She paid off the cab and we went in to a small block of recently built flats. We got into the lift and she pressed for the second floor. Stepping out of the lift, we found ourselves in a short corridor with two doors on either side.
    “It's number five,” said Stella, going over and thumbing an illuminated button below the figure five.


    The door opened and I realised Stella's description of the woman who stood there smiling at us was very accurate. She was tall, handsome, auburn haired and full-breasted, dressed in a snugly-fitting up-to-the-minute maroon dress that hugged her wide hips and breasts. She was beautifully made up and not a hair of her head was out of place. We went in as she stood back.
    “Great to see you again, Stella,” she said as she closed the door. She took her into her arms and gave her a great hug, kissing her full on the mouth. Then she turned and looked at me. “And this is Rita. How are you, my dear?” She bent and kissed me on the cheek. “She's a lovely girl, Stella.”
    “So George was saying-think she had a few ideas about her?'
    “I'll bet she had! What did you think of the show, Rita?”
    “I think her panties suffered considerably!” put in Stella, before I could answer. “Stella!” Once again, I was furiously blushing.
    “Don't mind her, Rita. Stella-you're embarrassing the poor girl. Give us a chance to become acquainted before you start bringing out intimate secrets like that.” She was laughing. “I must admit, though, George does put on some fabulous shows-I went the other night with Dorothy; it did something to us, too!”
    “Which had to be worked off afterwards, I have no doubt!”
    “You're deliberately trying to embarrass Rita, aren't you?” Rose smiled, shaking her head. “Naturally, it had to be worked off afterwards!”
    “I take is Dorothy is the one…?”
    “She's waiting for me in Paris; we're going to spend at least six months travelling around, then perhaps we'll come back to England-I'll get in touch when we do. Now, let's have tea.”
    She had a honey of a flat, which she showed us round after tea. Compact, with everything to hand, the flat consisted of two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom, with a separate toilet; it must have cost the earth, especially with the furniture she had in it. On the bedside table in her bedroom there was a photograph of a lovely woman with ash-blonde hair. She saw me looking at it.
    “Yes, that's Dorothy-quite lovely, isn't she?”
    “Beautiful,” said Stella. “How old is she, Rose?”
    “Thirty. She likes men, too; says that at the moment the bias is in favour of women-me in particular-and she wants to see the world and really gorge herself on lesbianism, before deciding whether or not to marry and settle down.”
    “You'll have to keep an eye on her-she may take a fancy to a man while you're on holiday…”
    “Oh, I can handle her-smack her bottom now and again as I used to smack yours-remember?”
    “I remember.” said Stella, ruefully, colouring and trying to avoid my eyes.
    “Remember that time you stayed out till all hours and came in half-cut? I had your skirt up and your knickers down and across my lap before you knew what had hit you; then I whaled the tar out of your behind with your own shoe!”
    “Rose! Must you-in front of Rita?”
    Rose laughed delightedly.
    “Now whose embarrassed? I can tell you. Rita- there were lots of times when she felt my hand or slipper on her bare bottom!” She reached out and lifted Stella's chin, kissing her quickly on the lips. “I liked her, though. In fact-I could still go for her, if the circumstances were different. Don't worry, though, Rita-I'm not going to take her away from you. Are you two living together?”
    “I've told you she has a daughter…”
    “But she spends most of the time at school…”
    “And a husband!”
    “Gosh! I assumed you were separated or divorced when Stella said you were lovers. That must be rather awkward for you. He doesn't know about it, does he?”
    “No, he doesn't know, but it has had its awkward moments.”
    “Do you still have sex with him?”
    “Now you're embarrassing her,” said Stella.
    “Oh, I think we've got to know each other well enough by now, eh, Rita?”
    “I–I think so. Yes, I have had some sex relations with him-very little since-since…”
    “Since you and Stella started going to bed together. Yes, I can understand it being awkward, all right.”
    “I feel a bit guilty about it.” said Stella, “seeing it was I who forced her into it.”
    “Forced her?”
    “Persuaded against my will, rather than forced,” I qualified. “I had never done that sort of thing before, but after I had been persuaded, I must admit I not only liked it-I wanted more!”
    “Honest girl! Got any plans for the future?”
    “None at all, I'm afraid-we go on from day to day hoping it will last.”
    “If your husband finds out-what then?”
    “Goodness knows!” I felt hot all over at the thought of it.
    “You might find him understanding-some are, you know. I know of someone that actually happened to. She had been having a little sex with another woman on the side. Her husband was a traveller and while he was away, she used to either stay with her girl-friend, or have her stay with her. Then one night, her husband came home unexpectedly and walked into the living-room to find his wife and this woman stark naked on the floor. His wife was on her back with the woman on top of her, a dildo strapped on her, giving the wife a good old rogering with it.”
    “What happened?” I gasped, heart fluttering at the thought of Phil catching me with Stella in similar circumstances.
    “Well, after the initial embarrassment, they all talked it out and came to an agreement. The woman moved in with them and now they share the wife.”
    Somehow I couldn't visualise that happening in our household!
    “Well. I suppose we'd better be going,” Stella looked at her watch.
    “I'll get you the keys of the bungalow.” Rose produced the keys, telling us what each one opened. “And here's a spare key to this flat-just in case you both happen to be in town and want to get something out of your systems!”
    “Rose-you're a pet! Here-let's have a nice big kiss at you before we go!” Stella's arms went round her and Rose looked at me a little doubtfully.
    “You have no objections, Rita?”
    “I don't think so,” I smiled.
    “When Stella said a 'nice big kiss' in the past, it meant a meal!”
    “I think Rita will agree that you deserve it, eh, Rita?”
    “Go ahead,” I murmured. “I certainly do.”
    I watched as their arms went about each other and their faces met, mouth wide open. Cheeks hollowed and there was a faint suctioning sound; they pressed closer, hands stroking up and down one another's back. I saw what Rose had meant by a “meal”! When they drew apart, they were both breathing heavily and Rose's face was flushed. Stella stepped back and boldly placed her hands on the ample breasts, giving them a squeeze.
    “Titties still nice and firm, darling-or do you wear reinforced bras nowadays?”
    “Cheek! If you'd said that a couple of years ago, you would have had your bottom smacked soundly!”
    “Well-do you?” Stella challenged.
    “I certainly do not!” said Rose emphatically. “Here — I'll show you!”
    Stella winked at me and I realised she had taunted her purposely. Rose reached behind her and pulled down a zip; the dress went slack at the front and she drew it from her shoulders, letting it slip to her waist. She wore only a flimsy-looking bra and her skin was smooth and creamy. With a flourish, she removed the bra and held it out from her body, drawing herself up proudly. I was impressed. Her breasts were very big and looked heavy, yet stood out from her chest as firm as melons. They were a beautiful shape, with large dark nipples standing out from the paler aureoles. “Well-how about that?”
    “Beautiful!” breathed Stella. “Aren't they. Rita? And still as firm as ever.” Stella reached out and touched them, lifted them, ran her fingers lightly over the nipples, then pulled back quickly. “Uh-uh-naughty girl! I'll tell Dorothy!”
    “You shouldn't have touched me there, then; I can't held a natural reaction!” Rose started to put her bra back on.
    “Wait a minute; now you have them out-how about a kiss at them-just for old time's sake?”
    “Now you're going a bit too far in front of Rita. Don't forget, she's not used to all this.”
    “Well, we'll get her used to it. Tell you what-I'll kiss one and Rita can kiss the other; she's never touched another woman's breasts, except mine.”
    “What about Rita herself?” Rose looked at me doubtfully. “You wouldn't want to…”
    “I think I should like to,” I found myself already whispering, my throat dry, as I eyed those magnificent breasts.
    “You just lie back nice and comfy on the bed, darling and we'll do the rest.” Stella pushed Rose back. Her knees caught on the edge and she sat down, breasts bouncing. Stella pressed her right back and sat on one side of her while I sat on the other.
    Rose lay with her arms above her head, abandoning her breasts to us. I waited until Stella bent her head and her mouth closed over Rose's left nipple; watched Rose's body react, then pressed my mouth to her right breast. I sucked gently and instantly felt the warm nipple stiffen and lengthen between my lips.
    Out of the corner of my eye I saw Stella's cheeks hollowing as she sucked strongly, felt Rose jerk as I, too, put on a stronger suction. One of my hands rested on Rose's shoulder, the other on her bare stomach. I found the faint odour of her body, mixed with her perfume strangely exciting; I suddenly realised my palm was stroking the smooth tummy as my mouth nuzzled at her breast. Stella concentrated solely on the breast, holding it with both hands as she sucked.
    Rose started panting, her arms going about our shoulders, pressing our faces more tightly to her breasts. Her nipple felt big and hot between my lips.
    “Oh, darlings-it feels wonderful,” she moaned, “but you shouldn't be doing this to me. Oooh! Gorgeous! I've never had two women do this to me at the same time. It-it could almost g-give me an orgasm. Youyou'd better stop now…”
    “You just relax, sweetheart,” Stella whispered.
    I felt Stella's hand glide over mine where it rested on Rose's now quivering tummy. I looked down quickly and saw Stella's hand disappear beneath Rose's skirt. A second later, Rose jerked sharply with a gasp.
    “Will you mind if I help her out. Rita?”
    I shook my head, taking the elongated nipple into my mouth again.
    “Well you keep kissing and I'll get her pants off. Got any more zips on this dress, Rose?”
    “One-at the hip.” Rose turned a little to let her get to it.
    I moved round a little so that I could see what was going on at Rose's nether regions. Stella had the zip unfastened and was tugging the dress down. Rose wriggling her hips to help. She got it down and we saw a terribly strained pair of panties stretched across broad hips. Stella undid the suspenders and then began the task of getting the panties down. She finally made it. Rose lifting her bottom off the bed. As soon as Stella had the panties off, I saw the strong thighs spread wide, the thick bush of auburn hairs lifting as Stella's head sank between her legs.
    Rose gave a loud groan and clutched me to her as Stella's mouth closed over her sex. Stella looked up just once before getting down to business.
    “This poor cunt of yours is as randy as hell, darling!”
    Then, as Stella began to suck her below, I sucked one breast, taking the other nipple in my fingers to make up for Stella's mouth. Rose moaned again, her head tossing as we worked on her. Her hand felt at my chest as I bent above her; squeezed one of my breasts, fondled it. My heart was thundering with excitement as I tremblingly undid a couple of buttons at the top of my dress and took hold of her hand, to guide it inside.
    Her fingers slipped inside my bra and I felt my own nipple begin a stiffen rapidly as she played with it. I saw the thighs close about Stella's head, the hips begin to move jerkily; the fingers playing with my nipple pinched until it was almost a pain. I slipped my free arm under her back and held her tightly, sucking like mad on her breast, ignoring the pain as she pinched cruelly on my nipple, her body jerking and shaking in the grip of an orgasm.
    “Oooh, you darlings-that was wonderful!” Rose got shakily to her feet, still bare except for her suspender-belt and drooping stockings, her big breasts swaying, nipples red and swollen.
    Stella licked her sticky lips and grinned.
    “'Glad to help out. Hope we don't have your Dorothy after our blood, though.”
    “That is one little secret I shall keep to myself. I- er-I couldn't do anything for either or both of you in return, could I?”
    “You could very easily and wonderfully. Rose, but we'll be getting along now. It's an hour and a half's drive and Rita must keep in Phil's good books if she wants to get away for the week-end.”
    “Maybe another time, then.”
    “That is very likely, darling.” Stella hugged her, kissed her mouth. “Aren't you going to dress?”
    “No-I want to make an early start in the morning. I shall have a bath and get to bed early.” She walked towards the door with us. “For obvious reasons, I shan't see you out. Let me kiss you both here.”
    Stella kissed her lingeringly, then bent and planted a quick kiss on each jutting breast. Rose turned to me, then, and I clasped the firm naked body in my arms. Her mouth was soft and warm and open; I opened my own mouth to meet her, felt her tongue probe gently, touched it briefly with my own; our mouths sucked, then parted.
    “Don't forget her titties!” prompted Stella.
    Rose thrust out her breasts invitingly and I bent and kissed each nipple. We went to the door, then I had to wait while Stella darted back; I heard them whispering for a while, then Stella joined me again and we let ourselves out.
    On the way home in the car, I tried to find out what she had gone back for, but she shook her head.
    “Sorry, can't say-nothing for you to get jealous about, though. I promise.”
    So I had to be content with that.
    “Gosh, I'm as randy as blazes!” gasped Stella.
    “Me, too,” I answered. “It's hardly surprising, is it? After the show we saw this afternoon and what we did for Rose. Incidentally-she's nice, isn't she?”
    “Rose? She's a dish!”
    “How did you come to split up?”
    “Oh, just one of those things-we drifted. We shall always be the best of friends, though-even to helping each other out, as we did today.”
    As we got very near to home, Stella slowed the car right down.
    “Are you feeling as sexy as I am?” she asked quietly. “I want you so badly it hurts!”
    “Me, too, darling. What can we do?”
    “It's nine o'clock-what time do you think you should be home?”
    “Well, Phil knows that buying a coat and having lunch in town shouldn't take all day-even if it is an hour and a half's journey each way. I really ought to go in.”
    “Well, here we are.” Stella turned the car into our road and we rolled to a stop outside her house. She turned and looked at me, squeezed my thigh.
    “Oh, hell, darling-I can't even kiss you goodnight in the car; somebody would be bound to come along at the crucial moment. How about a quick drink-just one, huh?”
    “I suppose ten minutes or so won't make all that much difference; can't be much longer, though.”
    “Go and open the gate for me and I'll drive straight in, then.”
    I was pleased about that-if Phil happened to look out, he wouldn't see the car and have any more food for thought than he had already.
    Stella opened the front door and stood back.
    “In you go, my sweet.”
    I walked in in front of her and switched on the hall light, then heard a peal of laughter behind me. I looked back at her.
    “What is it?”
    “You, darling! Your dress!” She was pointing at my bottom. “Right where you little fanny must have been resting on the seat of the car.”
    I twisted and pulled my skirt round. There was a dark damp patch on the white material just where she said.
    “You poor old thing-we really must do something about it!”
    “Yes-sponge it and dry it in case Phil sees it and suspects the worst! How about you?”
    Stella turned her back to me; the material of her dress was a little thicker than mine and a dark blue in colour, so didn't show anything. When I touched her just below the bulge of her buttocks, however, there was the telltale sticky dampness of desire soaking through the cloth.
    “At least as bad as mine, Stella.”
    “Well, you get that dress off while I pour a couple of drinks. Switch on the electric fire.”
    I stripped off my dress and switched on the fire. Stella gave me my drink and picked up the dress.
    “I'll sponge it in the kitchen — what about your knickers?”
    “Oh, that's all right-I don't suppose he'll go nosing into them!”
    “Why should he go for the wrapping when he can have the goods? I'll sponge them, anyway-let's have them.”
    “Stella — you don't want to fiddle about with my messy drawers…”
    “Lovely! Next to the woman who goes in them! Think what they've been rubbing against all day! Let's have them.” She held her hand out.
    I drew down my panties, stepped out of them and handed them over. She looked down at my belly, touched the hair below it.
    “Yours has more gold in it that Rose's,” she grinned and went out.
    I stood sipping my drink, warming my bare bottom in front of the fire; not that it was cold, but it has always given me a sensuous pleasure to feel the heat wafting up between my thighs and over my buttocks.
    “Here we are-I've only sponged mine as I don't have to put it on again.” Stella came back with my dress and panties, stripped, now, to bra and suspender-belt, shoes and stockings, as I was. “Darling-you look very, very sexy!”
    “So do you!”
    She put my things down in front of the fire.
    “I feel very, very sexy! It'll be at least ten minutes before you can put them on-let's have a little cuddle, huh? Come on-on the couch.”
    I joined her on the couch and we went into a tight clinch; her mouth was warm and hungry on mine. Still kissing me, she undid the catch of my bra and pulled it off, then I was lying back, with Stella's mouth at my bared breasts, every inch of her tongue on my throbbing nipples sending tingling shocks through them. I found the catch of her bra and released her breasts, getting my hand underneath her to hold them as she nuzzled at mine. Our nipples were erect and hot as we struggled in passionate combat; it could only end in one way-it did!
    Stella unfastened my suspenders, then took hold of my legs and pulled until I was lying at full length; she spread them and let down one end of the couch, so that my knees were bent over the edge. She knelt between them, her head bending towards my sex. I put out my hands to stop her.
    “Stella — wait! Let me at least wipe myself there first, darling-it's terribly messy!”
    “Lovely! I'll make it even more so!”
    “But, Stella — it must have been oozing all the afternoon!”
    “I don't care if it's been oozing all the week! I kissed the crotch of your panties before I sponged them, so how about that? Would you object to kissing my cunt?”
    “No, dear.”
    “Well mine is in me same state as yours.” Without further ado, her mouth was at me, nearly driving me mad with lips and tongue. I lifted my legs, holding my knees apart so that she could get at me better, opening myself right up to her.
    I felt her cool hands under my bottom, lifting, that maddening tongue pushing into my vagina. I sobbed as my orgasm began to pulse out of me, the pleasure almost unbearable as Stella sucked hard on me.
    As the immediate lethargy began to wear off, I reached for her; I wanted to hold her close and love her for giving me such ecstasy. She found room beside me and we lay cuddling, our breasts flattened to each others; my nipples had gone to temporary softness, but hers still throbbed hotly. I felt between the soft thighs and she gave a little moan as I touched her sex, warm and slippery with want.
    “Your turn now, dear,” I whispered, climbing over her to get off the couch as she turned expectantly on to her back, stretching out her legs.
    I knelt at the end of the sofa and spread her legs, lifting them on to my shoulders, then sank my mouth into the pulpy slime of her. Her thighs pressed the sides of my face, her hands holding my head and I held my open mouth, tongue protruding, against her, as she jiggled her sex up and down. The strong, tangy odour of her roused me again and I licked and sucked passionately, my arms reaching up to stroke the sides of my body. I sucked her clitoris between my lips and flicked my tongue across its tip. She jerked hard.
    “Darling- you- you've hit it! I–I'm…”
    Then I was sucking the bitter-sweet mucous from her almost as it was distilled within the depths of her body.
    By the time I had cleaned her up with my mouth, I wanted her again, but decided I dared not-anyway, we would be sure to get some chance of being alone together when we took Jane to Bridlington.
    I hitched my stockings to the suspenders and slipped my bra on again.
    “Your things are dry, Rita.”
    I pulled on my panties and got into the dress.
    “Wish you could stay the night, darling,” she said, wistfully.
    “We ought to have the chance at Bridlington. I was just wondering about that. What is the sleeping accommodation like at the bungalow?”
    “Well, there's a large bedroom with a double bed and a smaller one with a single bed. The small one will be just right for Jane, which leaves us together in the large one. Oh, darling-a double bed all to ourselves! We've not yet had the chance of sleeping together- all our love-making has been done more or less in a hurry.”
    “I can hardly wait!”
    “There's a little strip of private beach, too.”
    “What sort of bathing gear do you wear?”
    “Bikini, of course!”
    “Wow-with that gorgeous body! It's just as well the beach is private!”
    “May I go and get my new coat from the car?”
    “Of course-I'd forgotten all about what the original intention of going into town was for.” She went to her handbag and handed me the car keys. “Here-get mine as well. I can't very well go out like this-I'll be seeing you off in the same state as Rose saw us off.”
    I fetched our things from the car and prepared to leave.
    “I've been thinking about Rose,” Stella said hesitantly.
    “Did you mind my suggesting what we did for her? I realise I was a bit blatant about it.”
    “Of course I didn't mind — I like her. Made her happy, anyway!”
    “If we go into town together any time, we'll be able to use her flat-we're bound to have the urge, especially if I take you to that club again!”
    “That will be nice. Well. I suppose I'd better go and face the music!”
    “It's not as bad as all that, surely?”
    I smiled a little regretfully as I thought of poor Phil sitting at home while I went round enjoying myself sexually with another woman, going to lesbian clubs and planning to sleep with the said woman, so that we should be able to indulge our craving for one another's body. I looked at the half-naked Stella, and I'm afraid desire outweighed the feeling of guilt.
    “No, not really. It's been such a wonderful day, I'm hoping I don't look guilty and jeopardise the week-end.”
    “Well, I'll say the same as Rose did-better let yourself out. Supposing one of the neighbours walked past just as I was waving you good-bye at the gate in my near-nothings!”
    “Or, worse still-my Phillip!”
    I gathered her nakedness into my arms and we kissed. She came as far as the hall with me, a faint tinkle coming from her dangling suspenders as she walked. I turned and she blew me a kiss as I let myself out. I remembered something and stopped in her porch to patch my make-up before going home.
    Jane was in the living-room preparing to go to bed when I got in.
    “Where's dad?”
    “In the next room-up to his neck in drawings!”
    “Had any supper?”
    “Had some cocoa-not very hungry.”
    “Jane-how would you like to come up to Bridlington with Stella and I for the week-end?”
    “Fab! This week-end — before I have to go back to school?”
    “Of course. I take it you approve?”
    “And how! What about dad?”
    “Well, he's too busy — otherwise, we should have taken you somewhere for a couple of weeks. You like Stella, don't you?”
    “Mmm-she's dishy!”
    “Well, all I have to do is get dad's permission and we start out on Friday in Stella's car. A friend of hers is going abroad for a few months and is letting her use a bungalow she has there whenever she wants-it has a private beach, too.”
    “Golly! If the weather holds up. I'll be able to show a South of France tan at school!”
    “Off to bed with you, then-only one day to wait.”
    “Oh, you're a darling, mummy!” She hugged me tightly, and once again I had that queer little tug as she kissed me, her lips a little too lingering. I shrugged it off, making a mental note to watch her closely in the next holidays; she was beginning to feel sex stirring in her body, without knowing what the sensations meant, and I didn't want it led into the wrong channels, or, as Phil put it-“straddled across a motor-bike with her drawers off!”
    I took a cup of cocoa in to Phil and decided to broach the Bridlington excursion right away. I told him.
    “I was telling Stella that Jane hadn't had a holiday this year and she suggested we give her a treat. I told Jane and, of course, she's all for it.”
    “The 'we' being yourself and Stella, eh?”
    “Well, as a matter of fact, you were invited as well,” I lied, “but I said you would be too busy. Of course, the invitation is still open.” I crossed my fingers behind my back.
    “That so? Well, of course, I am too busy-far too busy, unfortunately. Take Jane by all means.”
    I breathed out and went to the door. I heard him clear his throat and turned.
    “But-uh-watch yourself with that Stella — something tells me she'd just love to get you into bed with her!”
    I felt my face flame hotly, and prayed he didn't notice the guilty look I must have shown. Even so, I had to get to the bottom of it.
    “Why do you keep saying things like that about her? I haven't noticed any mannishness in her-I think she is extremely feminine.”
    “Well, why hasn't she got herself a man, then?”
    “Maybe she has-how do you know?”
    “You're her friend-she would have told you by now. That's just the point, Rita; she hasn't. She is an attractive, feminine woman and very well off into the bargain-she could take her pick. She has a car, money, her own house and what does she do? Lives by herself and has just one friend-you. Sure-I like her well enough-she's good-looking and intelligent, but there's something peculiar somewhere and you might, you just might, be weak enough to let her have what she wanted — even if only to avoid hurting her feelings. Then, who knows — you might like it, which leaves me with a lesbian wife on my hands!”
    I stood looking at him, trying to think of something to say. He was getting far too close to the truth: I mustn't underrate his intelligence. Panic flared briefly as the possibility occurred to me of his knowing already — or at least guessing-and this was by way of warning me off tactfully, without bringing things out into the open. But no-that wasn't Phil's way; he would have said so right out. I pretended anger.
    “I'm sorry you feel that way about her; sorry you have such a horribly twisted outlook on life. So, according to you, any woman who isn't married is a lesbian — that right?”
    “When they get to her age-what is she, thirty-three, thirty-four? — with her looks and possessions, I say there must be something funny somewhere; not even a man-friend in tow.”
    “She may have had a disappointment in her life-something she wouldn't even tell me about. Thought of that?”
    “I have and I'm allowing it as an outside possibility.” He grinned, then. “So I'm okaying the Bridlington trip.”
    I smiled back, content to drop the matter.
    “Well, I'm off to bed now-coming up?”
    “No-I'll be a while yet. You go ahead.”
    As I undressed for bed, I wondered how it was all going to end. Phil already suspected Stella of being what she was; I knew he didn't suspect me, but that was the logical progression. Would I be able to go on like this, giving myself to Stella without Phil eventually finding out? I thought over my actions since intimacy had begun between Stella and I. Had I acted in the same way as I had when we were just ordinarily friendly? I thought so. Had Stella? I wasn't sure-it was only since we had started our lesbian affaire that Phil had mentioned his suspicions. Had she started looking at me in a different way when she was here? Maybe I ought to tell her. But how could I, without telling her what Phil thought? No, that would only upset her.
    I would have to be very careful if I wanted our relationship to continue-and I had to be honest with myself and admit that I did. I must guard against becoming careless with familiarity.
    Firstly-where did Stella and I make love? Up to now, at her place; no real problem that in itself, as Phil was unlikely to break the door down. Must remember to be careful of windows, especially downstairs. Where else? Rose's flat. No problem, either. That would only be on the odd occasion and again it would be behind a locked door, with the added protection of my husband not knowing even of its existence.
    The bungalow at Bridlington. Jane would be the only danger there-we would have to be extremely careful while we were there; I hoped the doors had keys to the locks. What else? It would certainly be awkward if I came home me night after being with Stella — especially if we'd let ourselves go-and found that Phil wanted me that night; I remembered the frantic business of working myself up the previous night. No-I should definitely have to work something out from that angle.
    I was getting so crazily mixed-up. I knew I still loved Phil-even enjoyed sexual intercourse with him. I also loved Stella-perhaps in a different way-and I certainly enjoyed sexual intercourse with her-or whatever they called it between two women!
    I slipped off my panties and examined them; as I thought they were damp. Bringing Stella on to her climax had roused me again. It was a warm night, so I crawled nude between the sheets-if Phil came up and decided he wanted me again, he could have me!
    I must have fallen asleep fairly quickly; I don't remember Phil coming to bed.


    I awoke with cool air fanning my naked body. Drowsily, I opened my eyes, taking a time to focus on what was going on.
    “Phil! What on earth are you up to? Oh-I see! Like that, is it?”' I squirmed on to my back to look up at him-also to give him a better view of me!
    He had pulled the covers right back and was kneeling beside me, gazing at me, his cock as big and hard as I had seen it.
    “What time is it?”
    “Eight o'clock-I must be away, soon.”
    I smiled and reached out to touch his enormous erection, all hot and stiff. I closed my hand around it, feeling it throb.
    “Poor old thing-in a bad way, aren't we?” I twisted bent and kissed the tip, felt it warm against my lips; wanted more. I opened my mouth and accepted the bared glans, heard his breath hiss. I gave it a quick suck and looked up at him.
    “You like that, don't you, darling?”
    “It's marvellous! Do some more!”
    I bent my head again and got my lips round it: bent lower, letting the warm shaft glide in until it filled my mouth. Then I moved my head up and down on him, giving him little sucks and running my tongue over the knob, the way he liked it.
    I gammed him until his hips started to lift and I felt his cock begin to jerk dangerously in my mouth, then I pulled away. I looked up again.
    “Do you want to finish in my mouth, darling?” I whispered. “Or-or down here?” I dropped a hand to my pelvis.
    “Down where?” he panted. “Go on-say where?”
    That was another little trick he employed at times. He knew I never used the vernacular unless I was really in heat.
    “In my cunt!” I replied, without hesitation. I was in heat! “I like sucking you, dearest, but right now I want you up my cunt-as far as you can get it!”
    I started to roll on to my back, but he stopped me.
    “Not that way, sweetheart-you know the best position if you want it as far as it'll go.”
    I nodded and turned over to my stomach, then lifted on to my hands and knees, opening my thighs as wide as I could. He knelt up behind me and I arched my back and stuck my bottom out, throwing my sex into prominence and making it as accessible as possible. I locked down at my breasts, swaying from my chest; the nipples were big and red-and that without even being touched! I shivered as his knob touched my slit, gasped with delighted sensation as it slipped inside me.
    My hips were squeezed in his powerful grasp, pulling me on to him, as he began to fuck me. I knew my randiness was left over from last night and was glad I was ready for him. I braced myself against the powerful thrusts he always gave me when he took me in that position, pushing my behind back to meet the incoming shove. I felt the ecstasy building up rapidly, as he reamed me with that lovely hard cock of his, his belly slapping against my buttocks.
    We fucked in silence, as we always did when it was a desperate need, rather than a pleasurable interlude, when we exchanged the usual loving endearments. Only our panting breath and the faint creak of the springs broke the silence; then came the slight squishy sound as my vagina produced more and more fluid.
    He leaned right cross my back after a time, hands going under me to grasp my breasts, palms rubbing across the hard nipples. My knees splayed wider, wanting more of him in me. I was getting close-very close.
    Suddenly, he grunted and belted right up me. I felt the throb of his penis and then the strong jets of his semen squirting into my belly. I moaned as my legs went weak and wracking ecstasy mushroomed up from my spending sex through my belly, flaring through my breasts, turning my whole body to watery weakness. I slumped forward, jerking, dragging him on top of me.
    “Whew! You were bloody marvellous, Rita,” he gasped as he rolled from my back.
    “I was more than ready for it! You're pretty good yourself when you put mind to it!”
    “Don't I always?” He grinned.
    “Most times.” I kissed him as he got out of bed. “Think I deserve a cup of tea after that?”
    “Coming up.” He slipped on his dressing-gown and went downstairs.
    “Darling,” I said wheedlingly, when he brought me my tea. “You wouldn't really want me to have to go through having another baby, would you?”
    “Well, no-we only planned on having one, anyway. Why?”
    “Because that's what may happen.”
    “Oh, no! You mean you're pregnant?”
    “Not exactly. It's such a chore having to go into the bathroom and prepare a douche every time we do this; squatting and pumping the stuff in.”
    “You have to shove a sort of rubber tube up there, don't you? Doesn't it give you a thrill?”
    “It might if I hadn't just had one whenever I use it!”
    “Well, what's all this leading up to, then?”
    “I was wondering if you'd get me some of those preventive tablets for a change.”
    “The ones you put up there beforehand? Aren't they poisonous?”
    “Don't worry, darling,” I laughed, reading his mind. “I wouldn't put it in until afterwards if you wanted to kiss me there!”
    “Right-ho, then-I'll get you some today.”
    I had my usual doze after he left for the office, gathering energy to go into the bathroom to give myself the douche. Again, laziness proved my undoing.
    I suddenly became aware of a patter of bare feet across the floor, the bedclothes were flung back and I was half smothered by a warm, wriggling bundle of near-naked daughter. She was wearing a shortie-nightie which was rucked up to her breasts and as she threw herself on top, she rubbed herself against me.
    “You're all bare again, mummy!”
    “Is that such a peculiar state to be in when one is in bed? Now off with you, darling-you're squashing me!” I pushed her off to lie beside me.
    “Ouch! Ugh! What on earth's that?”
    I felt my whole body go hot when she pushed back the covers again and wriggled away, looking down to where her bottom had rested.
    There, glistening obscenely, was a large patch still quite wet and milky-looking (and most likely still warm)-the result of mine and Phil's orgasm still leaking from me.
    “Oh, mummy-what is it? It-it's all on my bottom — all slippery and warmish. Ugh!” She shuddered.
    To save facing her and to give me time to think, I got out of bed.
    “Wait, dear-I'll go and get a flannel.”
    Feeling my face must be the colour of beetroot, I went into the bathroom and fetched a flannel.
    “Turn over on to your tummy!” She turned over and I wiped the stuff from her bottom and then rubbed the stained sheet. “There-that's all right, now.”
    “But what was it, mummy? It was just like the inside of an egg.”
    “As a matter of fact-that's just what it was.”
    “Then what happened to the yolk?”
    Teenage daughters! I began to get a little annoyed.
    “Why the inquisition? I wanted something to settle my tummy and daddy suggested the yolk of an egg: he brought a glass and the egg separately and it was as I separated the yolk that the white spilled on to the bed. I was just getting up to clean it when you came in. Now-are you satisfied?”
    I see,” she said-rather evasively, I thought. “I came for my cuddle,” she announced then.
    “Come on, then, darling; mummy'll give her baby a cuddle.” Anything to distract her from the other subject!
    She snuggled into me and I cuddled her close. This time I lay on my side, facing her, to avoid her climbing on top of me. I couldn't win, though!
    She pushed herself away and pulled her nightie off over her head before coming in close again, her arms hugging me tightly.
    “There, — that's better! All nice and bare!” She rubbed herself against me again and I felt her hard young breasts push into mine. “You do feel lovely, mummy-all soft and warm and cuddly.”
    Her hands stroked down my back to my bottom, gently squeezed the cheeks. I jerked as she ran a fingertip along the crease.
    “Jane! That's not nice.”
    “I think it's lovely-it feels lovely!” She patted it and then stroked down the side of my body, over my hip and down the thigh. “I want a figure just like yours. How old were you before your-er-whatever-you-want-me-to-call-them were as big as this?”
    I gasped as she pulled away a little and one of her hands closed over my left breast. Involuntarily I made to pull her hand away, a sharp rebuke coming to my lips. Then I thought better of it and let her hold the breast for a while. If I kept on telling her she “mustn't” too much, she'd grow up with distorted ideas.
    “Oh, about eighteen or twenty, I think.”
    “Do they feel heavy to carry around all the time? They must weigh something!”
    “I've never thought about it-I suppose one gets used to the weight; I don't know. No.” I laughed, “I've never weighed them — and, anyway, they're not that heavy! Or big!”
    “They're gorgeous, though. Let me feel the other one, too.”
    I allowed her to push me over on to my back where I submitted to a thorough inspection of my breasts. I watched her face as sue ran her fingers over each globe, her eyes intent. I held my breath as she touched the nipples, ran her palms over them; I tried thinking of something entirely divorced from my body to prevent the natural reaction.
    Then she straddled me, planting a knee on either side of my waist; the newly-sprouting hairs of her sex brushed my stomach. She giggled and threw a glance over her shoulder as my own pubic hair tickled her bottom. She looked down at me again, then delivered the coupe de gras! She took each nipple between thumb and forefinger and gently squeezed. Sensation flared in my breasts and the nipples immediately began to stiffen to erection in her fingers.
    “Mummy-they-they're getting all stiff! Did I do that?”
    I pulled her hands quickly away and held them to prevent further damage!
    “Yes, darling-you rubbed them. It wasn't your fault-I wore a rather tight bra yesterday and they're a little sore.” was the best I could think of on the spur of the moment.
    She bent to look more closely.
    “They're getting even bigger!” She bent lower. “I am sorry, mummy-let me kiss them better.”
    “NO!” I yelped, trying to get my hands there first. But I was too late. She pressed her lips to one and gently kissed it, then turned her head towards the other. Just one kiss like that, I thought, won't do any harm; let her get on with it. I never learn! She kissed it, lingered, then I groaned as her mouth opened and closed over the entire nipple. I felt it pulse between the soft warmth of her lips. She gave it a gentle suck and I felt her warm tongue touch it briefly. For a moment, I lost my head.
    “Oh, baby!” I moaned brokenly, clasping her to me and kissing the top of her blonde head.
    She sank down, stretching her legs, to lie at full length on me. Her pelvis touched mine as she stretched out, her mouth never once leaving my nipple, which now must have felt huge between her lips. As our thighs touched, I allowed mine to spread open and she sank between them. Our loins met, hairs mingling, then her arms went round me. I felt the rapid rise and fall of her sweet little breasts; I was breathing as though I had been running as I pressed her close.
    “My sweet little Jane,” I murmured rapturously, and heard a hot, answering moan, the suction on my nipple becoming stronger.
    Her tongue glided over my nipple again and licked around the perimeter; she removed a hand from under my back to fondle the other breast. Her hips began to slowly move up and down, rubbing her sex against mine. My body responded and I lifted my loins to meet her. Then my brain took over; it was like waking from a dream.
    “No, Jane-no more, darling.” I just couldn't be cross with her, or even speak sharply and pretend to be. “Come, my love-we must get up, now.”
    Gently, I lifted her head, forcing her mouth away from my breast. I squeezed one of her buttocks and softly patted it.
    “Lift up, sweetheart.”
    She looked up at me, her eyes all swimmy, her mouth moist and open. I looked away quickly to hide the sudden tears that misted my own eyes. I glanced down at my breast; the nipple was huge, red and very wet from her ardent mouth. I pulled myself together, then, and became brisk.
    “You get bathed and dressed and I'll cook you a nice breakfast. Go on, now.”
    “Mummy-I started to feel all sort of funny just then; I felt something wonderful was about to happen to me.” She pouted, then. “And you spoilt it by making me get up.”
    “Sorry, darling,” I smiled at her. “Go and get dressed, now-remember you've got all your packing to do for the week-end.”
    “Very well, mummy.” She went to the door and looked back. “Mummy.” She looked thoughtful.
    “Hm-hm? What now, Jane?”
    “We've had lots of cuddles before, but that's the first time I've felt like that.”
    “Well, Jane, darling,” I searched for the right words. “We haven't really cuddled like that; you've never sucked on…”
    “Your beautiful titty! That was wonderful, mummy, why?”
    “Well, I think that's something a psychiatrist could explain better than I could. You see, the feelings you had go right back to when you were a baby and I used to feed you at my breast.” I paused, then finished, “And that's about as near as I can get…I think!” She stood looking at me with a puzzled expression.
    “Go on.”
    I grinned, “Scat!” I slid out of bed, still naked, picked up a towel and headed for the bathroom as she went out. She followed me across the landing to her own room, opposite the bathroom. As we went through our respective doors, she called me again. I looked round; her head was sticking out of her door and she was pointing at my legs.
    “What is it this time?” I looked down, puzzled.
    “Better wash your thighs well, mummy-you must have spilled egg on them, too!” She stuck one bare hip out and I saw where the light caught a smear of wetness. “I got some as well!” She went in and closed her door.
    I looked at my legs again; the insides of my thighs were slimy with the combined spendings of Phil and myself, still oozing from my slit.
    I douched and bathed quickly, dressed and went downstairs to cook breakfast. I made it an elaborate one; anything, so that I didn't have time to dwell on what had nearly happened between Jane and I. I felt terribly ashamed and shuddered when I thought about what I had nearly done-what I had wanted to do! Even as I remembered the feel of her fresh young body on mine, desire started to well up in me again.
    I was glad when Mrs. Matthews arrived and for once listened raptly to her rambling account of the previous day's misdeeds of her husband.


    Friday dawned, with the weather still holding good. We woke early and Phil started to fondle me before he had to get up. I had my mind on the journey and I'm afraid I was not very responsive; I allowed the fondling without reciprocating, going over the things I hid to remember before Stella called to pick us up.
    “What's gotten into you, Phil? One would think you hadn't had me for months, instead of yesterday morning!”
    “Well, you're going up North today.”
    “Gosh-I'm only going for the week-end! We'll be back on Monday.”
    “Aw, come on, Rita-this'll only take ten minutes.”
    “We've both got to get up, Phil.”
    He tried to force my thighs apart, pushing against me to get me on my back. I kept my legs tightly closed, a hand covering my sex, putting the other behind me to brace myself. He pulled my nightie right up to my neck and began playing with my breasts. He must have felt a quiver of response, for he concentrated on the nipples, pinching and squeezing.
    “Come on, Rita-open up! The old mazoomas are beginning to sit up and take notice! We can make it a quick one.” He pulled at my defending hand.
    “Did you get what I asked you yesterday?” I whispered, letting him pull my hand away, as though I'd decided to let him have what he wanted.
    “Huh? What was that?”
    “There you are!” I wriggled away from him, pulling my nightie down again. “You only think about yourself and your own pleasures; you forget all about the bother I have to go to afterwards if I don't want to have a baby! Messing about preparing a douche…”
    “Oh, hell! I forgot all about it! I'll get you some tablets today.”
    “Good-I'll wait! Now we'd better get up-Jane will be in any minute, probably all ready to go! I wouldn't have time to…”
    “Let me put it in-just for a minute; I'll pull out before anything happens-promise!” I could feel his hard penis hot against my thighs.
    “Oh, men! You're all the same!”
    “Now we're back to Stella again! You wouldn't be saving yourself for her by any chance?”
    He was getting too near the bone!
    “Oh, damn!” I hissed, doing my best to sound annoyed instead of scared and anxious as he mentioned Stella. “What a mind you must have! Look-I really haven't the time; you know Jane will be rearing to go. Here-turn over on to your back; quickly-we don't want Jane walking in in the middle of this!”
    I felt for his cock as he turned over, then wriggled under the covers. I had to make this quick-I knew it was highly likely that Jane would come wandering in and I didn't want to be caught at this-especially after yesterday's close call. As I found his penis with my lips, he pushed the bedclothes right down. I looked up.
    “I wanted the covers over me in case Jane came in.”
    “Oh, I'll be able to pull them up before she sees anything. I like to watch you when you do this.”
    I bent again resignedly to the task of gamming him. This was going to be the fastest gam he had ever had!
    His penis was big and warm in my mouth; I compressed my lips about it, getting it all in until it made me gag as the knob touched the back of my throat. Then I rapidly moved my head up and down, getting a hand between his legs and gently squeezing his balls.
    I felt his hand feeling round my behind as I knelt over him and moved round so that he could get at my bottom; this was something he enjoyed whenever I did this for him-to see and play with my rear-end.
    I sucked hard, keeping my tongue constantly licking over his knob and round the edge. His fingers were groping at the cleft of my buttocks and I stuck them out to spread the cheeks for him, steeling myself for what I knew would come next.
    Aah! There it was! A finger-tip poked into my anus, pushed in a little way, withdrew, then went back in again; wiggled about. I always thought it a queer sensation, but I pushed my bottom back still more, feeling the reaction it was producing in my mouth. In and out went the finger through my bottom as I sucked on his throbbing penis. The only trouble was-it was beginning to get me really roused, too! I had to finish it quickly.
    I came up for air and filled my mouth with saliva, then bent and lowered my head slowly down on to his flesh again, sucking hard, tongue-tip tickling his G-string. I suddenly shoved my bottom back, forcing the length of his forefinger up into my rectum.
    He groaned and jerked up at me, nearly choking me as his knob blocked my throat. I held my breath and kept my head where it was. His penis gave a great throb and then the warm semen was squirting directly down my throat. I gulped and swallowed as it came, squeezing his balls to get it all out of his system. Even when it stopped coming I gave him several long, hard sucks to get every last drop. That should hold him for the week-end!
    I knelt up, licked my lips, swallowed and looked down at him, wincing as his finger pulled out of my behind.
    “Satisfied now?”
    “Bloody hell! Whew! I'll need crutches to get to the office after that!”
    “Are you complaining?”
    “No, sir! Rita-you're a marvellous woman!”
    Though I knew it was rather dangerous ground, I couldn't resist it.
    “Still think I might be a lesbian?”
    “Not after that performance! I never thought you were, anyway; I still think Stella is, though.”
    I let it go at that. I got up with Phil and pulled on a negligee, so that by the time Jane came bounding in, I was, for once, respectable!
    We all had a sketchy breakfast together and when Phil left for work I went up to the bedroom to pack a bag-Jane's was already just inside the front door in the hall! As I finished, she came in.
    “All ready, mummy?”
    “I think so.” I took a last look round.
    “Well let's go, then-Aunty Stella will be here in a few minutes.” She went towards the door then turned back to the bed with a quick look at me. Pulling the covers back, she inspected the sheet.
    “What on earth are you up to?” I demanded.
    “Just wondered if you'd had an upset tummy again this morning,” she shrugged.
    “An upset tummy?” Then the penny dropped! I looked hard at her, but her face gave nothing away. “No, Jane, I hadn't.”
    “I thought you might have; the white of that one you had yesterday seemed a bit off-it smelt very strong as I wiped it off my hip!”
    I made no comment as I went down the stairs, face flaming and wondering if my daughter just might be having me on a piece of string! I decided if might be a good idea to have a talk with Stella about her while we were away-leaving out nothing, even my own feelings the previous morning. I was even toying with the idea of getting Stella to have a quiet chat with her to enlighten her a little more than I had felt able to on the facts of life and what was considered “done” and “not done.”

    The journey up to Bridlington had been pleasant, if uneventful. Jane was in raptures about the bungalow and the strip of private beach. After inspecting her little room, she had her swimming costume on and was tearing down to the beach.
    “Whew! How about a drink?” She looked in the sideboard and brought out a bottle of scotch. “There's another one in there, too-Rose was always fond of scotch.”
    She poured two and we relaxed in easy chairs. She looked good enough to eat in her light summer dress, which snowed up the ridges of her bra and panties.
    “No stockings, Stella?”
    “Not driving all that way-the suspender-belt would kill me in this weather! You look rather gorgeous today, darling, though you must have felt a bit stuffy in that roll-on!”
    “How did you know I was wearing one?”
    “It shows through that thin dress. How about us stripping and joining Jane down on the beach?”
    “Great!” We finished our drinks and went into the bedroom to change.
    “Our bedroom — for three whole nights, darling,” breathed Stella, standing in the doorway and looking round the room, with its olde-worlde style furnishing- even to a replica four-poster bed. Stella went over and sat on it, patted it with her hands.
    “We'll have to put a plaque on it before we go-'Rita and Stella slept here'!”
    We undressed and I did feel relieved to get my roll-on rolled off! Naturally, as soon as I had my clothes off, Stella, who had only dress, bra and panties to get rid of, was waiting to dive on me.
    We rolled, laughing, on the large bed, having plenty of room to wrestle. Finally, she pinned me on my back, holding my wrists above my head.
    “Pay a forfeit?” she panted.
    “Why? We didn't make any bets — besides, you jumped on me when I wasn't looking.”
    “All right-we'll stay here until Jane comes back and finds us like this!” She pressed down on me.
    “Oh, all right, then-how much?”
    “Let me see-I know! A kiss!”
    “Done! Pucker up!” I lifted my face towards hers, but she pulled back.
    “Not there, silly-that would be too easy! You must kiss my bottom!”
    “All right, then,” I agreed at once.
    “You don't object, then?” She looked a little surprised.
    “Of course not, darling. Why should I? I think you have a gorgeous bottom. Now get off me and bend over while I pay my forfeit.”
    She got off me and knelt at my side, sticking her bottom out expectantly. I ran my hands caressingly over the full, smooth cheeks, kissed each one, then decided to give her a surprise. Swiftly, I pulled her buttocks apart and planted a kiss right on her warm, puckered little anus; I heard her gasp as I touched it with the tip of my tongue.
    “There-I've paid my forfeit-OK?”
    “Let's wrestle some more!”
    “I might win, this time!”
    “I'd arrange for you to win every other bout! I didn't expect the last part of what you just did-'but it was wonderful. Actually, I like having my bottom kissed-especially where you did it-makes me all sexy!” She wriggled her behind as she straightened up. “I've wanted you to kiss me there for a long time, but didn't like to ask — some women don't like doing it. I used the forfeit idea as an excuse.”
    “You didn't need one, darling-here's one woman who won't object! I must remember that that's a favourite of yours.”
    “Do you like it?”
    “Mmm! It's a marvellous feeling!”
    “Come on, then-bend over!”
    “Later-Jane will be back before we get down to the water.”
    “Oh, come on-it'll only take a second. I want to.”
    “All right-here it is, then!” I turned and cocked my bottom at her.
    “Mmmm!” She went down on her knees, arms going round my thighs, as she planted two succulent kisses on each buttocks; she pulled them open, then, and I felt her mouth and wet tongue at my anus. She went a step farther and pushed her tongue in a little way.
    “Lovely, Stella-we must try that again some time.” I straightened and reach for my swim-suit.
    “I have some good variations, too.” Her eyes were still on my behind.
    “I'll bet you have! Now let's go and have a swim. What time is it?” I hunted round for my watch.
    “Here you are-four-thirty. Why?”
    “Oh, I was just wondering if there was anywhere to go around here-I want some shops, too; I thought I'd better take something back for Phil. Still, it'll do tomorrow.”
    “There's a nice old village not far from here-about ten minutes in the car. It has a nice old pub, too.”
    “Fine-we can pay that a visit, then.”
    “Will Jane be all right?”
    “Of course-she likes to read a lot and I'm sure she's brought more than enough books to keep her amused.”
    “What time does she go to bed nowadays?”
    “When it suits her!”
    “Do I hear 'problem child' in that tone?”
    “Sort of-though not quite in the way you think.”
    “I'm afraid it could be. Maybe I'll tell you about it when we go for a drink later on, eh?”
    “Please do-if I can help in any way…”
    “Thanks, Stella-you might be able to, I don't know, yet. Shall we go?”
    She was just putting on the top part of her bikini- and it was eye stopping, to say the least!
    “Golly, Stella — a private beach is about the only place you could wear that thing; anywhere else, you'd be had up for indecent exposure! I must say, you look very fetching, though!”
    The entire ensemble only consisted of a thin strip of material stretched tight across her hips-even showing a few straggling dark hairs over the top-and another, just as thin and just as tightly stretched across her breasts, which bulged out both above and below. The colour was red, which made it even more pulchritudinous! When we left the bungalow and she raced ahead of me towards the few steps that lead down to the beach, I found myself looking at a pair of bouncing buttocks, naked except for the pants of the bikini, which had wrinkled up into something no thicker than a piece of string. If she had shown that in public she would have been raped on the spot; this, in law, would have undoubtedly created a precedent, causing the word “rape” to have another word inserted before it-“justifiable”!
    Jane was drying herself as we got down, costume polled down to hex hips.
    “The water's marvellous!” she called as we went on past.
    I saw Stella look at Jane's swelling breasts; she turned to me, then.
    “Would I be right in saying that that's the sort of problem you meant?” she asked shrewdly, touching her own breasts.
    “You would, indeed. That, and several allied things. I'll tell you later.”
    We were both fair swimmers and waded out until four feet no longer touched bottom. Then Stella began her capers, diving under the water and coming up between my legs. She pulled me under a couple of times and I came up spluttering. I waited until she came in close, then dived, grabbing her pants as I went, dragging them half way down her legs. She came under with me, reaching for them, but I had the advantage and as she came down, I was waiting. Pushing her on to her back, I dragged the pants the rest of the way and swam off to the surface.
    “Hey. Rita!”
    I looked back, laughing at her, waving her pants in the air.
    “Come and get 'em!” Then I made for the beach.
    “Rita!” she yelled after me. “That's not fair!”
    “Well, this time you'll have to pay a forfeit!”
    “All right-what is it?”
    “What do you think?”
    “You want your bottom kissed?”
    “As soon as we get back-I promise. May I have my pants back now?”
    “No fear-you have to kiss me first!”
    I trod water and let her catch me up, holding her pants well out of reach.
    “Over the costume?” she panted.
    “No-there's a zip.” I turned my back to her, looking towards the beach to make sure we weren't too close for Jane to become suspicious.
    My costume was backless to the waist, then there was a zipper that reached to the end of my spine. Stella got it down, then swam round me.
    “What now-I can't get it low enough to kiss you there without taking the costume down.”
    “I know!” Then I let myself sink in the water up to my neck. “You can get it down now-no one can see us from the beach.”
    She pulled the straps down off my shoulders and peeled me like a banana, stripping the costume right below my buttocks. She dived between my legs and came up behind me, hands under my armpits cupping my breasts.
    “Lovely!” she said, as she squeezed the bare globes. Then her hands began to wander.
    “You're supposed to be kissing my bottom!”
    She dived again; I felt her hands glide down my thighs, then her mouth was at my behind, kissing. She came up for air.
    “Take a deep breath and let yourself go forward- so you're floating just under the water.”
    I breathed in and sank front first; Stella took hold of my legs and opened them, floated between them. Her hands opened my rear and once again I felt her mouth and tongue between my buttocks. We came up, then, gasping for air. I handed her her bikini pants back and pulled my costume up again.
    “Shall we go in, now?”
    I nodded and we swam back to the beach. Jane had her towel round her.
    “It's beginning to get a bit chilly-I'm going up to get dressed.”

    Later that evening, we left Jane curled up with a book and chocolates and drove into the village.
    I saw Rose's idea of the olde-worlde style of furniture-the village was olde-worlde and so was the pub.
    We drew a few curious glances from the locals when we first went in, but found a table tucked away in a corner and they soon forgot about us. We drank sherry and after a few plans for the following day, Stella brought up the subject of Jane.
    “Now what has our Jane been up to? Hasn't got herself involved with a boy, has she?”
    “No-that was what we were afraid of at first; I'm pretty certain she doesn't have much to do with them, now, though, since I had a talk with her-she's quite a truthful girl and I don't think she was lying when she said she wasn't interested-called them filthy little beasts, if I remember rightly. This all started a few mornings ago. You see, she likes to dive into my bed when she's home, for a cuddle, after her father has left for the office. I think it was the day we went up to town that I first noticed something different about our usual cuddles.”
    I told her about the first long kiss and how she had been more interested in my titties.
    “Then, yesterday morning, Phil woke up with a colossal erection, which I had to cope with in the usual way. It was one of those desperate 'needy' ones, which I always have to take kneeling; it was, of course, rather messy, and I was oozing all over the place afterwards.
    “Phil went to work and I dozed off again-until Jane came running in for her cuddle! I didn't have time to do anything about covering up evidence; she was in bed with me before I even had time to think.
    “It was all very embarrassing; she climbed over me and plonked her bottom down-slap on top of a great patch of our slippery goo! The only thing I could think of by way of explanation on the spur of the moment was that Phil had given me a raw egg to settle my stomach, and that I'd separated the white and spilt it in the bed.”
    “Not bad for the spur of the moment,” commented Stella. “What did she say about that? Did she know what it was, do you think?”
    “That's what I'm not sure of; when we eventually got up, she showed me another smear of it on her hip and then pointed between my thighs, where it was still running down and said I should wash well. Then, this morning, she went over to the bed, pulled back the clothes and inspected the sheet; when I asked her what she was up to, she said she wondered if I'd had another upset stomach and spilt any more egg, because she thought the other egg had been off-she said it had smelt very strong when she cleaned it from her hip. And she seemed to make such a point of the whole thing-I wondered if she was having me on a piece of string.”
    “What did you say to that?”
    “Nothing-I went downstairs with a very red face, though!”
    “I shouldn't worry too much about it, Rita; if she knows what it is-so what? She'll know some time soon, anyway-and I'm quite sure she must know she wasn't born under a gooseberry bush! All you need to do is clean up the evidence when she's at home to avoid any more embarrassing situations.
    “I'm afraid that isn't the worst of it, Stella.”
    “Don't tell me she's been watching you do it!”
    “No-at least, I don't think so. In fact, to my mind, it could be even worse than that-much worse.”
    “She hasn't got designs of her father, or something like that, has she?”
    “You're getting very near the mark.”
    Stella looked down at her glass, swirled the contents round.
    “Oh dear,” she said quietly, still looking into her glass. “I know what you're talking about now-we're going back to the long kiss and the interest in your titties-the designs are on you, eh? And this has all started happening in the last few days?”
    “Yes-but that isn't all, I'm afraid.”
    “Oh? OK-give me all the sordid details!”
    “Well, the first time I told you about, except that I began to feel a slight reaction myself.
    “That's only a natural one-I shouldn't worry about that.”
    “I stopped it right there, anyway, and made her get up. But the second time-when she found 'egg' on the sheet-it went much farther. I made the mistake of letting her touch my nipples-she took them in her fingers; of course, they started to wake up and she noticed it. I told her I'd worn a tight bra the previous day, making them a little sore-that, too, was a mistake. Before I could stop her, she was kissing them better-making them worse! Finally, she began sucking on one of them, with the inevitable result; her tongue kept touching it and she squeezed the other one in her fingers. I was lost, Stella, completely and utterly lost. I held her so tightly as she lay on top of me, that nipple of mine getting bigger and bigger in her mouth. She had her arms round me, pressing herself so close, and I actually felt her nipples stiffening!
    “Then, just for a moment, things got really out of hand; she straightened herself and lay at full length on me, never once letting go of that nipple; I felt her little patch of hair on my thighs. I forgot she was my daughter, then; I opened my legs and let her sink between them.” I stopped and put my hands to my face.
    “Go on, darling,” said Stella softly. “Talk it out of your system.”
    “Her little fanny touched mine and then we both went a little way out of this world; she began to lift herself up and down on me, rubbing our two sexes together and I, her own mother, responded.”
    “Oh, Rita! Did you-er-have…?”
    “An orgasm? No-I suddenly came to my senses and stopped the proceedings.”
    “I hope you didn't get all harsh with her.”
    “Gosh, no-I couldn't! We were both nearly in tears-with emotion, I mean. I was as nice to her as I knew how.”
    “What did she say afterwards?”
    “Oh, she said how wonderful it had fell and wanted to know why it was so different from our usual cuddles and why she had enjoyed sucking on my nipple so much — I told her it went back to when she was a baby and I fed her there. She said she had felt that something wonderful was about to happen to her until I had made her get up. She had seemed very innocent about it all — I wondered, though, if she noticed her own breasts; the nipples were quite erect. I don't know what condition her poor little slit was in; I'm ashamed to say that mine had added considerably to what was already there from my bout with Phil.”
    “Well, all her sex instincts are working, anyway.”
    “Yes-but roused by her mother?”
    “It sounds quite innocent on her part-and you did call a halt. I don't think she actually realises they are sex instincts as such.”
    “I'd be inclined to agree, but for the fact that her remarks about the 'egg' seemed to be so pointed-even going out of her way to examine the sheet this morning.”
    “You might be only imagining — don't forget it's been preying on your mind. I would have suggested that I have a talk with her, but I think that might only serve to focus it more in her mind. She's growing into womanhood, Rita, with all the feelings and desires women are blessed with-or cursed with, according to the way you look at it. Has she started her periods, yet?”
    “Oh, yes-last year.”
    “No boy-friend?”
    “I'm pretty sure not.”
    “I don't think you need to worry about her.”
    “Well what about me? Stella, don't you understand- I desired her! Yesterday morning in bed, I actually wanted her sexually-my own daughter!”
    “You didn't go through with it, though.”
    “I don't know where I found the strength of character not to! Where is it going to end?”
    “Well, as I see it, she did and felt certain things she found pleasurable, without knowing why, and your woman's body responded; you knew why and called a halt.”
    “You're probably right, Stella. Let's have another drink.” I fetched two more sherries back to the table. “What do you think I should do?”
    “Nothing. She goes back to school next week and by the time the next holidays come round, the problem will have solved itself. With the awakening of sex, she will either have started looking at boys with more interest, or she will at least have realised that what she did with you in bed is taboo. I shouldn't worry any more about it.”
    “I'll try not to. At least you're right about one thing- I won't have the problem actually in my lap while she's at school.”
    “So forget it for the moment and see what she's like when she comes home the next time-just be careful with the 'cuddles' between now and when she goes back!”
    We had another drink and then drove back to the bungalow. Jane had gone to her room and when I looked in on her, found she had gone to sleep with the light on and a book beside her head on the pillow. I switched off the light and tip-toed out.
    “She's asleep.”
    “Great-we ought to be in bed, too.”
    “You surely don't mean asleep, darling,” I said coquettishly.
    “I do-after a few formalities! I've always wanted to sleep with you and find you there when I woke in the morning.”
    “Well, let's go, then!”
    We went into “our” bedroom and first of all took the precaution of drawing the curtains and turning the key in the lock. We turned to each other, then kissed, and suddenly she was all over me.
    “Oh, darling,” she was moaning, kissing my face and neck. “I want you so badly.”
    “Darling,” I murmured, pressing close.
    With a visible effort, she drew back.
    “Come on, my sweet — we've got far too many clothes on for what we want to do.”
    Slowly and deliberately, we stripped in front of each other; each article of clothing discarded was an offering. Bras came off and our breasts reared, already stiff-nippled, into view, so close, they were almost touching. Panties dropped to the floor, then I was in her arms again; mine went round her neck while her hands slid down my back to clasp my buttocks, pulling me in to her.
    “I want you, darling,” she breathed on my mouth.
    “Take me, then,” I whispered back, rotating my pelvis against hers.
    She led me over to the bed, gently pushed me face downward on it, my hips on the edge, feet on the floor.
    “So you like having your bottom kissed, too!”
    She knelt behind me, pulled my legs apart and shuffled in between them. Her hands opened up my buttocks; there was a silence and I knew she was gazing at my anus. I felt her warm breath on it as she whispered: “This time we'll do it properly.”
    Then her face was pressed between the cheeks, her mouth actually sucking, tongue occasionally flicking across the hole. Abandoning the anus for a while, she covered every square inch of my bottom with kisses, open-mouth, passionate caresses that became more and more abandoned.
    My buttocks were pressed apart again and my sphincter muscles automatically contracted against the stiffened tongue-tip that poked at it. The tongue persisted, withdrew, came back again, wet, this time; muscles relaxed just a little and the tongue pressed on, harder, as she got as much as she could into me. It wiggled about, pushed in and out; I found the sensation wholly pleasant and much kinder than the hard, thrusting finger of Phil. I relaxed my bottom and opened my legs wider, resting my head on my arms as she lapped at my anus.
    Then, her face still pressed between my bottom-cheeks, I felt her fingers searching below. My vulva was stroked, a finger-tip pressed up into my vagina and began to finger-fuck me. I lifted my hips off the bed, letting her get a finger to my clitoris. She began to stroke it and I knew that if she kept that up for a couple of minutes while still licking and kissing my behind, I should be in the middle of one hell of an orgasm. I didn't want to spend just yet; I wanted to make love for a while before entering the actual stage of orgasm. I knew I could spend several times before we called it a day-or, rather, night-but I liked to prolong the pleasure as long as possible-it always made the eventual orgasm that much more intense.
    I twisted and pushed her face away, bringing my legs up on to the bed and kneeling to face her. She looked up at me, surprised.
    “What's the matter, darling-didn't you like it?”
    “Far too much, dear! I'll want some more later. You nearly made me come, just then and I want to make love to you before.”
    “But surely you can have more than one orgasm in a night?”
    “Oh, lots! If I hold it off and make love to you, though, I'll feel even more erotic and that makes it much more intense when it finally happens. That's just for the first one-after that, you can make me spend as often as you want to. Now come up here and lie on your tummy-I want to love your bottom for a while.”
    She needed no coaxing! She climbed on to the bed and lay at full length, face down, legs thrown wide.
    I straddled her, letting my cunny press against her back, knowing it would add to her excitement. I bent and went to work on her behind, then.
    I found the cheeks wonderfully soft and relaxed as I spread them to expose her small, pleated anus. It felt velvety and warm against my lips; I wet my tongue and pushed it into her, feeling a damp, more intense heat in her rectum. I had my arms round her hips, hands beneath her, feeling for and finding a turgid clitoris. I stroked it, my face still close-pressed between the cheeks of her bottom, breathing in the erotic odour of her body. I stretched myself out on her back, a leg on either side of her shoulders. She turned her head to kiss one of my thighs and I could hear her little murmurs of passion as I stroked and licked at her.
    “Darling.” I lifted my head at her whisper. “If you want to make me spend now, go ahead; otherwise, you'd better stop, because it'll happen any second if you keep doing that.” Her voice was shaky and thick.
    I wanted her at her full powers and feeling as erotic as I did for a while, so I stopped at once and got off her back.
    “Gosh! That was marvellous, Rita-I can tell you like kissing there as well as being kissed. What would you like now, eh, darling?”
    I rolled on to my back and let her climb on top of me, opening my legs to let her sink her hips between them, as I had with Jane. I thought of my daughter as our sexes touched and felt a pang of shame as the thought seemed to add to my passion. Stella lifted herself, taking her weight on hands and knees.
    “Darling-if you reach down between us to our sexy little cunts and expose our clitties, they'll be able to touch — they're both large enough. It's a fabulous sensation.”
    I did as she said, pressing her sex-lips apart until I could see the red, wet tip of her clitoris peeping down below the hair. I did the same with my own and then she lowered herself carefully on to me again until the two hypersensitive pieces of flesh touched. She was right-it was a fabulous sensation! We both had to suppress loud squeals as they slipped and slid wetly together; the feeling was almost indescribable as I felt that warm, wet, rubbery clitoris on mine; little thrills shot through me like a minor orgasm.
    Her arms went right round me and I reached up to twine my arms about her neck as our mouths met. She began to rotate her hips in a small, tight circle and I imitated the movement, locking my legs over her thighs.
    That clitoris of hers was sheer murder as it worked on mine and mine must have felt the same for her. Our juices flower and mingled and we were both so far gone, we would have kept on even if the roof had fallen in on us.
    “Oh, darling; oh, darling,” she kept moaning against my lips. I think I just kept moaning. Suddenly, she stopped with a gasp. “Darling,” she panted, looking into my eyes. “I–I'm almost there-do you want to come this way?”
    “'Oh, please, sweetheart,” I pleaded, hugging her to me. “Don't stop now-go on. We'll spend together. Ooh, darling, I love you!”
    Her hips jabbed down hard, this time and I sucked in my breath with the almost unbearably keen sensation. We jerked our loins at each other, not breaking contact for a second.
    “Open your mouth, darling,” she breathed.
    I opened it wide; her tongue did in and I felt her saliva drip from it to the back of my tongue. That finished me!
    Ecstasy flared in my cunt and gripped my body in wracking spasms. I moaned, twitching uncontrollably, sucking on her tongue. Then she was moaning and wriggling on top of me; I felt warm wetness dribble from her cunt on to mine and run down the furrow to my spending vagina, giving a sort of extra kick to my orgasm.
    Then she slumped on my exhausted body and we lay panting like a couple of long-distance runners at the end of the course.
    “Well-what did you think of that?”
    “Stella! It was out of this world! And then, still in the middle of spending, I felt your come run down on to my…”I hesitated at the word.
    “Cunt? You are funny, Rita,” she laughed. “You love doing what we did and you're as sexy as I am: we're lying here naked together and we're going to make love again in a minute. Our cunts are the centre of the whole operation and yet you always shy from saying the actual word-except once or twice, when you were really gone!”
    “I know-I always have been funny like that. Phil always knows when I'm in 'prime condition'-it's the only time I use the word.”
    “But why? I don't mean one should make a habit of using bad language, but in situations like this, it seems natural to me that one uses the appropriate terms. A prick is a prick, a cunt is a cunt and fucking is, after all, fucking. In our case, it's two cunts, of course. Now, while we're together, alone like this-why don't you want to use the word?”
    “I don't know-some sort of deep-rooted inhibition, I suppose. All right, from now on, when the two of us are like we are now, I'll call a…a cunt a cunt! There- how's that?”
    “Great! Let's have a drink on it before we get down to business again!”
    Stella put on a filmy negligee and crept out into the other room for a bottle and glasses. I just lay back, still naked, waiting for her.
    We had a drink and the fiery scotch roused us from the temporary lethargy. As a lay bare, she sat on the side of the bed and began to fondle me. I looked up at her; she looked very sexy in that negligee, which barely reached her knees and showed the outlines of her body, the nipples of her breasts and her pubic hair showing up dark beneath the pastel pink material.
    I reached out and slid a hand under the hem, stroked up along one smooth thigh to her hip; dipped down across her groin and ran my fingers through the rich pelt below her stomach. She let her thighs splay open and then I was dipping a probing finger into her slit, finding her clitoris and teasing it into wakefulness. She stood up and slipped off the negligee, knelt beside me and I looked up along the shapely body, the up-curving roundness of her jutting breasts, nipples again poking out redly. The bulge of her mount was only a few inches above my face and I raised myself to kiss it. She smiled down at me and stroked my hair, un-coifed and nearly reaching to my shoulders.
    “You have lovely hair, Rita.”
    “So have you, darling,” and I stuck my nose into the crisp triangle.
    She stretched out beside me, hands under her head. I moved close, stroked her, planted a kiss in her armpit. She let me fondle her, but continued to lie on her back, looking at the ceiling.
    “You know, Rita, I sometimes feel terribly guilty about you.”
    “About me? Why?”
    “I seduced you and it was very wrong of me. I'm single and have no ties, but you're a married woman with a daughter.”
    “Am I complaining?”
    “No- but you didn't want to to start with; I could feel it the way you stood when I got you from behind and held on to your titties. I should have stopped then, but I didn't; I wanted you and didn't stop to think about the trouble it could cause you. You realise you probably wouldn't have had this worry about Jane, either? You would have scotched anything like that before I ever got started. I'm afraid I have a lot to answer for.”
    “What is this? A self-recrimination hour? Stella, if the inclination hadn't been in me all the time, I shouldn't have gone through with it.”
    “And if I had stopped to think and not been so selfish, you would never have discovered you'd had the inclination in the first place.”
    “And think what I would have been missing! Now don't start spoiling things…” I allowed my voice to trail off as I leaned over her, seeking her lips.
    “Or is this another form of brush-off?”
    “Brush-off? Oh, darling-I love you!” She gave me one of her special bear-hugs, squashing our breasts together and once more we were locked in our amorous combat.
    We rolled, fondled and wrestled about until the bed creaked; she finally pinned me down on my tummy and straddled my bottom, rubbing her wet sex on one of the cheeks.
    “Oh, darling, that's lovely!” she panted, rubbing harder. “All soft and warm and bouncy!”
    “Could you spend like that?”
    “I think so-if I got my clitty poking well out.”
    “Go on, then. Lift up a minute first.” I pulled a pillow under my hips, raising my behind. “There-enjoy yourself!” I knew she loved my bottom.
    “Thank you, darling-I'll take care of you afterwards.”
    She lowered herself on to my bottom again and this time I could actually feel her stiff little clitoris, all slithery on my bottom-cheek.
    Her hands lightly holding my hips, she rode me, her warm cunt sliding smoothly to and fro on my up-thrust bottom. I lifted it a little more, tightening the muscles to give her a more resistant surface to work on as she began to move faster.
    I heard a little gasp as she pressed her sex hard down on my rear, pulling up on my hips; I felt the extra warmth on my flesh as she came. A little later, she was lying on my back and I could feel her breasts, the nipples soft, now, with the release of her erotic tension. I let her rest for a while, then looked over my shoulder.
    “Heaven!” She slid from my back and laid beside me. “Give me a minute's rest and I'll reward you, darling.”
    “Well, while you're resting, I'll pay a visit to the toilet — I want to pee rather badly!”
    Grabbing my negligee, I went out to the toilet and had my pee. On the way back, I looked in on Jane. I switched on the bedside lamp and saw the covers had slipped down to her waist. I gazed fondly at her, he-heavy blonde hair a halo under her head, small, sweet breasts all bare. I just couldn't resist pressing a gentle kiss to each one before pulling the covers up and switching off the light.
    “Feel better?”
    “Much!” I threw off the negligee and climbed on to the bed. She sat up.
    “How would you like it this time, my love-hectic or gentle?”
    “Mmmm-gentle, nice and gentle; I feel all loving at the moment. I don't mind how you do it, so long as I can hold you at the same time.”
    We lay facing each other and I slipped my arms round her.
    “Ooh, darling,” she whispered. “Those nipples of yours-they're almost burning holes in my titties!”
    I lifted up one leg to let her get a hand in between my thighs, then pressed my mouth to hers, finding it open and waiting to receive my questing tongue.
    Those long, slim fingers began to stroke me, one constantly in contact with my clitoris, slowly and very gently, coaxing me to a climax. I cuddled her close as she masturbated me, stroking her back and bottom, kissing and licking at her mouth, which she held open for me the whole time.
    I felt between her buttocks, finding her anus with a finger-tip; she pushed herself back against my hand.
    “Push your finger in if you want to,” she whispered.
    As gently as I could, I pressed inwards until my finger slipped into her and was clasped tightly in the warm, narrow passage. Her tongue slid into my mouth and I sucked the sweet saliva from it.
    By now, the familiar butterflies had begun to dance in my belly and all the time that finger kept up the gentle frigging of my clitoris.
    “You like my saliva, don't you, sweetheart?”
    I nodded without speaking, my mouth hungering for hers. I felt her tongue slide between my lips again, hollowed this time, and bearing her gathered spittle; it was like nectar to me and I emptied it from the shallow channel.
    My climax took me, then, the weakening pleasure tingling through my body. I held her close with one arm and heard her groan as I thrust my finger deeply into her bottom.
    “Sorry about your poor bottom, darling,” I said later. “I got carried away.”
    “I know! Not to worry, though-all's fair in love and war; I always think sex is half of both.”
    “You know you said you wanted to fulfil an ambition?”
    “Did I? What was it?”
    “You said you've always wanted to sleep with me.”
    “I still do-why?”
    “Well how about now?!”
    “Right! Under the covers, then.”
    “I think we'd better slip our nighties on- my daughter has an awkward habit of diving in in the mornings.”


    Saturday morning dawned clear and sunny; a shaft of sunlight shone into the room through the window — and Jane came through the door from the opposite direction, both of them meeting at our bed!
    “Isn't it about time you two were out enjoying all that lovely sun? I've been up for ages.”
    I opened my eyes and saw her standing over me in her swim-suit.
    “What time is it?”
    “Must be nearly seven o'clock!”
    “Oh, Jane! Wouldn't you like to go for a swim and then come back-we'll get breakfast, then.”
    “I've been for a swim!. The water's fab-maybe a little on the chilly side at first, but the sun's getting hotter all the time.”
    “But your swim-suit isn't wet.”
    “No, I changed it-this one's for sunbathing.” She sat on the edge of the bed and looked over at Stella, still sound asleep; she looked back at me.
    “Could we have just a teensy-weensy cuddle-Aunty Stella's still asleep.”
    “I don't think so, dear-we're not at home now, you know. Stella might think we were silly.”
    “But this is a holiday and one is supposed to do the things one likes doing on holidays. I like cuddling you! Just five minutes, hm?”
    “Oh, come on in, then,” I said reluctantly, pulling back the clothes on my side and moving in nearer to the sleeping Stella.
    She slid in beside me and snuggled up at once, her body feeling all slinky in the satiny swim-suit.
    “Well, hold me, then, mummy-don't just lie there with your arms at your sides.”
    She wormed closer and I put my arms round her, folding her very lightly. Her bare thighs were rubbing against mine and again I felt that tender ache as her young breasts pressed into me. She seemed to sense it, and pressed into me the harder.
    Her hand slid under my nightie at the back and stroked up over my bottom to my waist. She kissed me on the neck, quite a daughterly peck.
    “You're a lovely mummy. You looked gorgeous in your swim-suit yesterday.”
    She kissed my cheek, my nose, then my mouth; but the one on the mouth was not the sort of kiss a daughter should bestow on her mother. It was a woman's kiss, lips slightly parted; she lingered there and my heart started to thud. Did she know what she was doing? I pulled my head back.
    “Did-didn't you like Stella in her costume, too?” I gasped, trying to take her mind off kissing.
    “Oh, rather! But shouldn't you have said: 'almost in her costume'? She's got a lovely big bottom and fab titties!”
    “Jane! You mustn't talk like that about Stella — indeed, you shouldn't talk like that at all!”
    “But she has got-er-what I said! I think you are both gorgeous and I can hardly wait until I'm about eighteen!”
    “That's over two years from now. Why eighteen, anyway?”
    “That's when you said your figure became like it is now, so I suppose Stella's did, too.” Her hand was stroking up and down my back. “You don't sleep bare with Stella, then?”
    “What? Of course not-I don't sleep bare with any- er-at home, either. Why that remark?”
    “Oh, no, I forgot-you'd only taken off your nightie the other morning because it was hot.”
    I made no reply to that one, thinking the whole subject best left alone. She was kissing the side of my neck again, a little more ardently, this time. I lay there with my arms lightly about her slim waist, wanting and yet not wanting her to stop. She drew away from me after a while, but her hand moved up my back, taking the nightie with it. I reached behind me and pulled it down.
    “No, Jane, you mustn't.”
    “Go on, mummy-just for a minute. Pull your nightie up and I'll pull my costume down-just for one quick cuddle in our nothings.”
    “Ssh Jane-you mustn't let Stella hear you say things like that-she'll think you're a baby!” said I, knowing she'd think just the opposite!
    “Only for a second-she won't know.” Jane dropped her voice to a whisper. “You know how nice it feels when we're bare for our cuddle.” She pulled away and was slipping the shoulder straps of her swim-suit down her arms.
    I tried to stop her, but one small breast came into view, the nipple looking all pink and tender, then the other one. She pulled the costume down to her waist and was continuing on down, before I could bring myself to stop her.
    “No farther, darling-and just one quick cuddle, mind, no more, understood?”
    “A cuddle without a kiss is like bacon without egg,” she pouted.
    “Just one kiss, then, as well,” I said quickly, to keep the subject from eggs!
    She lay there looking at me, waiting for me to pull my nightie up, those budding breasts of hers almost looking impatient for the coming thrill. With a sigh, I stripped the nightie up above my breasts, saw her face light up and heard her admiring gasp as they were exposed.
    She pulled the clothes down on our side of the bed, to my hips, and I shivered as she gazed at me, turning my head away as I felt a blush rise to my cheeks.
    It was my turn to gasp, then, as she threw her arms round me and gave me her favourite bear-hug. She pulled her head back and smiled into my face for a moment.
    “There's no need for you to blush, mummy-I've seen you lots of times before in your birthday suit!”
    Then she slowly laid her mouth on mine, making the most of the allotted one kiss and one hug.
    Her breasts pressed into me, our tummies met, one of her thighs insinuated itself between mine before I had a chance to close them tightly. That soft, velvety mouth of hers opened, her tongue seared my lips. I felt our nipples responding to each other as one of her hands slid down my back to my bottom, pulling me in very close. She rubbed her body slowly against mine, nearly driving me crazy with shameful, reluctant want.
    “Oh, mummy; darling mummy,” she was breathing against my lips. “You're so beautiful — I love you mummy. Let me love you.”
    Her thigh moved higher, pressed hard against my sex; my body betrayed me once again, as my hips began to move, slowly rubbing my sex on her thigh. My nipples were huge and hot and I felt hers, hard and warm, poking into them. The next second, her tongue was right in my mouth; for a moment, I allowed it to stay, caressing it with my own. Then I felt Stella stir behind me and that gave me the needed impetus to push Jane from me and pull away from her thigh between my legs.
    I looked once at Jane before turning on to my back. We were both breathing heavily and I saw her little nipples poking out and very red. Our eyes met, hers with a look of disappointment in them.
    “Pull you swim-suit up, darling,” my voice was all shaky. “I think Stella is waking up,” I added in a whisper, as I started to pull my nightie down.
    I got the nightie about half way down, when Stella turned over. throwing her arm across my tummy. She was obviously still not quite awake, yet, as she murmured something in a sleepy voice and her hand went up under my nightie to cup one of my breasts. Blushing furiously under Jane's wide-eyed gaze, I pushed Stella's arm down.
    That made things a lot worse! Her hands slid down over my stomach and straight between my thighs, closing over my sex She murmured something else that had my name in it and squeezed my already excited slit.
    “Stella!” I sat up with a yelp.
    “Huh? Wassamatter? Rita, darling!” She stretched and moved closer, an arm going across my hips. “Mmmm-you feel gor…”
    Her hand fumbled at my thighs again and I grabbed it and held it.
    “Wake up, Stella-you've been dreaming!”
    My daughter lay watching the performance with eyes that seemed too thoughtful and I began to wish we hadn't come on this trip.
    At last, Stella was awake, though, and she lifted her head and looked across at Jane, her costume still down to her waist.
    “Jane! I didn't hear you come in.”
    “You were asleep, Aunty Stella.”
    “You're very pretty, Jane-but why the bare bod?”
    “She-er-came into the bed to try and pull me out and we had a little wrestle. She slipped her swim-suit down because it's on the tight side.” I answered for her.
    Stella looked at me and I raised an eyebrow out of Jane's line of sight.
    “Oh, I see,” said Stella. “Well, I must go to the toilet.” She got out of bed and pushed her feet into her slippers — I was very glad we had taken the precaution of wearing our nighties.
    I was not so pleased with her leaving me alone with Jane, though, for as she left the room, my precocious daughter threw herself on me again, wriggling her bare body against my thin nightie. Her mouth was at mine again and once more I felt myself slipping, as her hands came up between us to squeeze my breasts. Where was this all going to end! As her tongue nicked over my lips. I grasped her hands and resolutely pushed her off. I rolled away from her and got out the other side of the bed.
    “That's enough, Jane-you're acting like a baby.” She was acting like a woman! Whether she realised what she was doing or not, I wasn't sure.
    “Mummy! Look at this!!'
    I looked down as she stood beside the bed, one leg upon it, pointing at her thigh. I looked closer and saw a tiny smear of wetness half way down the thigh. I knew it was from me-where she had pressed against that over-sexed fanny of mine!
    “It reminds me of that egg you spilt in your bed at home, mummy-not so thick, though.” She touched it with a finger-tip. “Slippery, too.” I felt the blood rushing to my face as she brought the finger up to her nose and sniffed. “That's funny-it has that same kind of smell: not so strong though.”
    I was saved from further embarrassment by Stella coming back. Jane pulled her costume up and Stella playfully ruffled her hair.
    “You start things going in the kitchen, Jane-your mother and I will be out in a few minutes to help.”
    Jane left the room and Stella and I pulled off our nighties to start getting dressed. Stella picked up a towel and went over to the wash-basin, turned on the tap and bent to soap her face. I looked at the full moons of her behind and started feeling sexy all over again. What was getting into me-was I becoming a nymphomaniac, or something?
    I went over and stood beside her, waiting my turn at the basin. I stroked her bent back.
    “What's happening to me, Stella? You walk naked over here and bend over the basin to wash; I take one look at your bare bottom and start feeling as sexy as hell. What can I do?”
    “You might try giving me a small kiss. Ouch!” I delivered a sharp slap that made the cheeks wobble, then, contrite, bent and planted a swift kiss on each buttock.
    “Sorry, darling, but you know I didn't mean just looking at you. It's everything and almost all the time- I only have to think of you when I'm home and I go all sexy. I always have enjoyed sex, but now it's rarely out of my mind. Why, I'm even getting that way about my own daughter-I have to take a very tight grip on myself not to do something I'd be sorry for afterwards.”
    “Jane, hm! Well, that's rather different. You love me in a special sort of way.” She straightened up and looked at me. “I think?”
    “You know I do, darling.” I touched her shoulder and ran my hand caressingly down her arm.
    “The same as I love you-I get all sexy when I think about you, and even more sexy when I see you — especially in what you're wearing just now!”
    She picked up the towel and began to dry herself, standing away from the basin to let me get there.
    “Jane, as I said, is rather different. She forces herself on you-in a place you naturally associate with love-making; where you have little or no clothes on: she has no clothes on, either and with all that kissing and cuddling, I think it's only natural you'd feel sexy. I take it that was what was happening this morning?”
    “I'm afraid so. I tried to stop her, but what can I do, short of being rude and maybe planting more ideas in her mind. She's always come in to me for a cuddle and now she's found she likes the feel of my bare body against hers-what do I give her as a reason why she shouldn't?”
    “Are you sure she doesn't know already? Those little nipples of hers looked pretty hot and sexy to me! Those girls colleges sometimes teach a lot more than is shown on the curriculum — not from the teachers, but the pupils themselves, exchanging the little bits of information they pick up!”
    “You may well be right. On the other hand,” and I told her about Jane pointing out the smear on her thigh, “do you think she would have mentioned it at all if she knew what it actually was?”
    “Perhaps-for a reason.”
    “That reason being?”
    “The reason being-and you'd better face up to this possibility, Rita-if she wanted you!”
    “Y-you mean sexually?”
    “I do. Have you ever stopped to consider that she might take after you-having the same desires you have? And I mean for another woman!”
    “What am I going to do about it?”
    “As I said before-let it ride this time and do nothing; wait until her next holidays and see what she's like. If she doesn't know then, maybe she'll have realised what it's all about by then.”
    I finished washing and Stella handed me her towel. Before dressing, neither of us could resist a passionate clinch. We drew apart, we both of us eyed the bed wistfully. She patted my behind.
    “Come on, my sweet, let's get dressed-Jane will probably have the breakfast ready all on her own by now. Besides, we have so many things to do, it will be bed-time again before you know it, and I might-only might, mind-have a little surprise for you.”
    “A surprise, eh? Now what could that be?”
    “Just what I said it would be a surprise!”

    Later that morning, we drove right up to Bridlington itself, where Jane and I bought one or two little holiday souvenirs for Phil. We drank coffee at Jane's instigation — at a coffee bar where she was able to listen to some of her beloved pop records, played on a jukebox.
    When we were able to drag her out, we started to have a look round the shops.
    “Tell you what,” I suggested, “I'll stand lunch if we have it fairly soon, it will give us time to have a better browse round the shops and still be able to get back for a swim and catch the sun before it goes in.”
    “Lovely idea, mummy, and perhaps we'd have time to have another coffee in that bar, too, before we go back.”
    “Oh dear!” Stella looked at her watch. “Look-I'm terribly sorry, you two, but I've just remembered something. I'm expecting some mail this week-end and I gave the address as care of the village post office: now the village post office is also a sort of general store, and, if my memory serves me correctly, their early-closing day is Saturday. I'm afraid if we don't start back now, they'll be closed.” Then she looked at Jane's crestfallen expression and smiled.
    “No-it wouldn't be fair; it's Jane's holiday and I know she was looking forward to hearing some more pops. You stay with her, Rita, and I'll drive back home, then come and pick you up later this afternoon.”
    “No, that wouldn't be fair, either, Stella.” I objected. “It's quite a long, drive to make you do an extra two trips. We'll come back with you.”
    “If I might make a suggestion-couldn't you both go back and leave me to wander round on my own?” I could tell by Jane's face she had made up her mind to stay one way or the other. “There must be a bus, surely.”
    “As a matter of fact, there is; I think they run every hour-they stop within a few hundred yards of the bungalow. If you think she'll be all right on her own, Rita.”
    “Of course I will-I go back to school on my own and that's over a hundred miles from home.”
    “I think she'll be all right, Stella. How much money have you, Jane?”
    “Oh, about ten bob.”
    “Well,” I fished in my bag. “Here's another pound- have a good lunch if you're going to wander round for a while.”
    “Gosh! — thanks, mummy!”
    “And here's another one-in case something catches your eye in one of the shops.” Stella handed over another pound note.
    “Wow! Nearly three pounds-thank you both,” an arm was thrown about our necks and a kiss planted exuberantly on both our mouths.
    After Stella had recommended a restaurant and shown her. he way to the bus station and I had given the usual motherly admonitions, we drove back to the village.
    This time, I sat in front, having, up till then, allowed Jane the privilege. Stella was a good, and fairly fast, driver, concentrating the whole time on what she was doing. I watched the countryside roll by for a while, getting occasional glimpses of the sea, then sat back and studied the woman who had turned me upside down sexwise-in the last couple of months.
    She was lovely-almost beautiful-with nothing whatever masculine about her; in fact, she was one of the most feminine women I knew. I watched the movements of her ripe body as she drove, knowing intimately the contours suggested under the summer dress, how those two bulges at her chest looked and felt when uncovered.
    Her hand dropped to shift the gear lever and I followed it with my eyes, then remained to watch the slight movements of the full-calved legs, the rounded, nyloned knees and plump, shapely thighs, her skirt rucked halfway up them. I followed the line of her thighs up along the broad swell of her hips back to her breasts again.
    “Gorgeous!” I murmured. “Jane was quite right.”
    “Hm-did you say something, darling?”
    “Talking to myself-about you.”
    “You said something about Jane, though.”
    “I asked her how she liked you in your bikini. She said we both looked gorgeous and that you had a lovely big bottom and 'fab' titties. I was agreeing with her.”
    “Thank you! I take it you've been sitting there studying me-thought you were quiet. I say-you don't think she might have designs on me as well, do you?”
    “I really don't know what to think with Jane this summer.”
    “Here we are.” Stella drove through the village and pulled up at the post office. “Won't be a minute.”
    I watched her round, swaying bottom and long, shapely legs as she disappeared into the shop. It was very little longer than the stated minute, before she emerged, carrying a small parcel and a yellow telegram envelope.
    “She made it-I was hoping she would this side of Sunday,” said Stella, as she got back behind the wheel and put the parcel on the back seat, the envelope in her bag.
    “Who made what?”
    “Rose made it.”
    “Oh, I see — that's a wire from Paris to say she arrived OK, is it?”
    “Er-something like that.” She started the car and we drove back to the bungalow.
    We went inside and she took the parcel into the bedroom.
    “Well, as we're back so early, we can have some lunch and do a spot of sun-bathing while it digests; we'll still have plenty of time for a swim afterwards. By the way, I enquired about the buses from Bridlington at the post office-they pass through the village first-and they're ten minutes after every hour. I should think we could allow Jane, say, three hours in Bridlington?”
    “Quite that, I should say-with a coffee bar around!”
    “With travelling time-say, about four hours.” She glanced at her watch. “Half-past one, so she should be back around five-thirty. Right-let's eat!”
    We ate, undressed and made coffee-in that order. I was feeling pretty sexed up by that time, after watching those curves of hers in a tight summer dress, low in the neck and high in the hem. Then there were those tantalising glimpses of her thighs beneath the rucked skirt as she drove. Apparently, she had been eyeing me in the same way.
    The coffee took some time to make and even longer to drink, with the pair of us playing a kind of un-draped tag game round the kitchen and the main room.
    We wound up wrestling on the big, over-stuffed couch; with our naked bodies in direct and intimate contact, things began to get serious. Stella rolled off the couch on to the floor and I rolled on top of her… we stopped wrestling!
    I kissed her and she rubbed herself against me; I looked down at the lovely creature under me and wanted her badly.
    “Darling, I'm terribly sexy!”
    “You're telling me!”
    “I mean now-let's go into the bedroom and…”
    “Do you realise it's almost four o'clock?”
    “It wouldn't take long-don't you want to?”
    “You only have to feel between my legs to get the answer to that! NO! Not now! I might weaken. Let's have our swim and talk about that afterwards.”
    “But Jane will be back by then!”
    “I know — when I say afterwards, I mean tonight. Leave it till then, eh-to please me?”
    “Darling-you're not getting your…”
    “Curse? No-that's not due for another week, as you should know my now. I'd just prefer to wait for tonight; we can take our time, then-it'll be much nicer after we've stored it up for a while. Imagine how it will be with Jane around, seeing each other and wanting each other, and all the time getting more and more sexy. By the time we do get to bed, well be ready for almost anything.” She pushed me off and stood up. “Come on — let's go for that swim-I want to get some tan.”
    I had to be content with that, although seeing her in that bikini made things worse. We took towels and a bottle of tan lotion and went down to the beach.
    As we swam around, I made several attempts to get her pants off her, but she wouldn't have it, treading water and hanging on to them for dear life.
    “Shall we get out now, darling?” she called. “The tide's going out and we don't want to go out with it.”
    We swam to the shallows and raced up the beach to where we had left our towels. Stella removed her halter and began to dry herself.
    “Is it all right, do you think-to strip, I mean.”
    “Of course-Rose owns a couple of acres round the bungalow; no one ever comes round here.”
    I skinned my costume down to my hips and towelled myself down.
    “Now lie on your tummy and I'll put some lotion on your back.”
    I lay flat as Stella rubbed the lotion in from my shoulders down to my hips, then the backs of my thighs. “Turn over now.”
    I stretched out on my back, arms above my head, as she bent over me. hands caressing as she massaged the tan lotion into my skin. She left my breasts until the last and I smiled up at her, seeing the expression in her eyes.
    The lotion was greasy and her hands slithered over my breasts, bringing the nipples to full erection and ready for action. The hands went on caressing long after there was a need and she finished by bending and pressing a lingering kiss to each hotly-pointed tip.
    “Now it's your turn.”
    She handed over the bottle and lay on her stomach while I anointed her back and thighs. She sat up, then, and I sat behind her, my legs stretched out on either side of her hips, reaching round to grease her front from that position. I worked slowly up along her thighs, massaged the soft tummy until at last I had those two lovely big breasts, all slippery with the greasy lotion. I massaged and stroked them, feeling her nipples rise big and hot against my palms.
    I heard her little murmurs of pleasure and I began kissing the back of her neck. I changed from stroking to squeezing and she leaned forward to break my hold. As my hands slid from her breasts, she turned over on to her stomach again, looking up at me and laughing.
    “We said we'd wait until bed-time.”
    “You said we'd wait until bed-time!”
    “You hold your horses and come and lie down beside me. We must show some sort of a tan when we get home-Phil might start wondering what you were up to.”
    We lay side by side and offered our backs to the sun for a while, then turned over for a slow grill to our fronts. About a quarter of an hour of that and Stella knelt over me and patted my belly.
    “I think we ought to go in, now-we don't want to get sun-burnt. Besides, it must be going on for five o'clock-Jane should be back soon.”
    I smiled up at her sleepily; the distant roll of the outgoing tide had made me drowsy.
    “I suppose so.” I held my arms up. “One kiss?”
    “That's the sort of thing Jane says, isn't it?” Nevertheless, she bent right over me until our slippery breasts slithered like firm blanc mange together.
    I opened my mouth to meet her and we lay for a long minute, our parted lips pressed close, sharing each others breath. Another kiss was pressed to each of my breasts and I gently lifted each of hers to my mouth before we got up and climbed the steps up to the bungalow.
    There were only about eight steps up from the beach, but they were quite steep and I nearly lost my footing as I looked up to see Stella's maddening bottom swaying and all but naked just a few inches from my nose. I took another quick step up and craned my neck to plant a quick kiss on one mobile cheek. She looked down, wagged her behind.
    “Thank you, ma'am-I'll repay in kind later!”
    We went on up to the bungalow, hardly looking where we were going, our eyes on each others bouncing, swaying breasts. Her hand came up and patted the undersides of mine and I stopped, trying to grab her, but she moved nimbly on.
    “Uh-uh-later.” She skipped up the two steps to the door.
    “I think if I have to wait until tonight, HI eat you!” I was mad for her.
    As we went through the door, I bent and gave her another quick kiss on the side of one breast, slipping an arm about her waist.
    “Stella, darling, can't we…”
    “Have fun, you two? I might have joined you, but the tide's almost out.” Jane stood up from the window seat behind the door.


    “Jane! You're back early!” was all I could find to say.
    “Not all that much-it's just on five.”
    “How-how long have you been in?” asked Stella faintly, stretching the halter across her breasts and tying it at the back.
    “Oh, about half an hour, I suppose.”
    I remembered my swim-suit and pulled it up to a more decent position. I desperately wanted to look at Jane's face to see what sort of expression she had-her voice gave nothing away-but I couldn't risk meeting her eyes just then. Had she watched us coming up the path? And, much worse-had she seen us down on the beach? She would only have had to look down from the top of the steps. I wanted time to think; I brushed past her, heading for the bedroom.
    “Start getting tea, darling,” I tried to infuse lightness into my voice, but it sounded flat and hoarse. “I'll come and help as soon as I'm dressed.”
    I went into the bedroom and stripped off my costume, numbly towelled off the surplus lotion. As I stepped into a pair of panties, Stella came in.
    “Oh. Stella-what am I going to do now? Did she say anything after I came in here?”
    “Nothing much. I asked her if she'd enjoyed her trip round Bridlington and if she had had a good lunch and she said she had, that's all. I must say, though-she sounded just a little bit peculiar: sort of preoccupied. But did she ogle me! Wow! — those hot little eyes of hers or, rather, big eyes! Did you notice the hot looks she was throwing at our bare titties before we covered up?”
    “I was too shocked to notice anything.”
    “Rita- you have one very sexy little girl on your hands!”
    “She's got a very sexy mother on hers!” I said ruefully. “Did she say anything else?”
    “Only that she was going to start getting tea, then she went into the kitchen. Come on-let's get dressed and have tea. Don't brood on it, darling; try and act as though nothing had happened-if she sees you looking all worried, she definitely will suspect something. She may not have noticed anything — we don't really know for sure.”
    “She must have seen our antics as we came up the path-and she couldn't have missed my kissing you where I did.”
    “That could have been in fun.”
    “But supposing she looked down at us when we were on the beach-nobody could mistake that for fun!”
    “We could go on supposing all night, Rita. Look- if she saw us, there's nothing we can do about it now. My advice is not to say anything or do anything that looks like you might be worried. Anyway, even if she did see us on the beach, she'll probably have forgotten all about it after she's gone back to school. Be thankful we didn't go any further than kissing and squeezing each others tits down there. We just might get away with that, but it would have spelt real disaster if we'd been groping for what we've got between our legs!”
    We dressed, not bothering with stockings or suspender-belts, and I took a deep breath, as we went to the door.
    “Now remember,” Stella cautioned. “Try and act as normally as possible-that little action coming up the path could be explained away as fun; so, but at it pinch, I'll admit, could the beach episode-if she saw it.”
    We went out and joined Jane in getting tea. I did my best during the meal, to make light conversation, but kept stealing glances at my daughter, trying to read what lay behind her expression. Stella came frequently to the rescue when I flagged or when the silence began to drag on too long. Jane's conversation was monosyllabic, but that wasn't an unusual occurrence especially towards the end of a holiday.
    We got through the meal somehow and cleared a way. Stella stood at the window, looking out to sea, watching the golden clouds take on a reddish hue as evening drew near.
    “I know!” She turned from the window as Jane switched on the radio. “How about a nice little drive blow away the cobwebs? There's still plenty of time before it gets dark. There's a nice public house about five miles from here; it has a garden at the back-the three of us could sit out there and have a drink. What do you like, Jane — lemonade! With perhaps a little dash of port for kicks?”
    Jane didn't get wildly enthusiastic, but I saw her eyes open with interest, which was the most encouraging thing that had happened since we'd come back from our swim.
    “If you'd like to,” she murmured.
    “No-if you'd like to! This is your week-end, darling.” Stella smiled, flickering an eye-lid at me. “Would you?” she pressed.
    “Yes-I think I'd like that.” She smiled, then. “And if I could have a lump of ice with it.”
    “Whatever you want, my pet,” laughed Stella, both of us exchanging looks of relief.
    I sat in the back, and, remembering the peeking I had done earlier, watched my daughter sitting beside Stella. I'm afraid she reminded me of me-if anything. Perhaps a little more blatant about it! It seemed that every other minute that blonde head was turning and ogling Stella's thighs; I wasn't sure whether I was annoyed, jealous-or both! Stella was wearing an even more clinging and shorter dress than she had before we went for our swim, and I knew she only had panties and bra underneath, so Jane was getting her money's worth!
    I found I was looking at the scantily-clad female holiday-makers with new eyes. There were two or three dozen of them in the big garden at the back of the pub. Waiters flitted from table to table collecting and delivering orders and the inside bars were crowded.
    The tables were spaced out on a close-cropped lawn the size of a tennis-court and surrounded by well-pruned trees, strung with lights ready for darkness.
    Stella leaned towards me as Jane's attention was distracted.
    “Look at that thing at my elbow-or have you seen it already?”
    “What thing?”
    “Here behind me.” She moved her eyes to indicate the direction. “She moved round behind you, now.”
    I looked round quickly, not quite sure what I was looking for and nearly stuck my nose into one of the largest female bottoms I'd ever seen! I drew back and took stock as she turned to talk to a male companion. She must have been about six feet tall and had everything outsize to match. All she more were a pair of shorts and a silk scarf across her breasts, which stuck outwards and upwards like massive footballs. She couldn't have been more than about twenty-five or so.
    “I actually had my elbow up her arse.”
    “True-she came too close and I turned and it went right between the cheeks; she apologised, too.”
    “I hadn't noticed.”
    “I know — you were too busy watching the other talent that abounds! How would you like to have her in bed, eh?”
    “I don't think I'd know much about it-she could lay you out with one swipe of those great breasts!”
    “I was nearly raped by a woman of her size once; she caught me in a toilet with my pants down. It was my own fault, really I was silly enough to have a drink in a pub frequented by lesbians, on the more sleazy side of London. You know-one of those moods when one takes a fancy to see how 'the other half live'. I suppose she noticed me eyeing one or two of the better looking locals and thought I was trying to get a pick-up for a few kicks.
    “Well, I went to have a pee, and, of course, it had to be one of the places that don't have any locks on the doors. I was just squeezing out the last drops, when in walks this character. I got up and made a grab at my pants but I wasn't nearly quick enough; I hadn't got them half way up my legs when she had a great hamlike hand over my poor little cunny-. her hand covered the whole lot, including half my bottom! I don't know if you've ever had someone grab you there-I mean when you don't want it-but it's a revolting sensation-humiliating, too. Then she was trying to kiss me. Ugh! I'll never forget that horrible, beery breath!
    “Things went from bad to worse; she started trying to push a finger up me. I screamed, then, and several people came in-including the publican! I got out feeling unclean, but lucky. I went straight home and soaked for hours in the bath, blushing every time I thought of all those people-a man included-seeing me with my knickers down and another woman's hand pawing me between my…”
    “What are you two whispering about?” Jane's attention had come back to us. I began to feel uncomfortable again, when she added: “Something that I shouldn't know about?”
    “I was just telling your mother about something that happened to me a long time ago.”
    “Definitely not! Shall we have another drink before we go?” Stella was already catching the eye of a waiter. By the time she had given the order, Jane's mind had wandered off the subject.
    However, the subject having been brought back rather spoilt the rest of the trip for me. I started to notice something else, then-Jane kept eyeing me when she thought I wasn't noticing, and she had the most peculiar expression on her face. I began to wish I was sitting behind her in the car. When we got back, I wished it were bed-time, so that I could shut myself in with Stella and not have to face those eyes.
    I had convinced myself by now that she had seen everything that afternoon-even when we were down on the beach. I had also convinced myself that she had enough knowledge about the sexes to know what was going on between her mother and Stella.
    By the time Jane went off to her room, I was feeling like a criminal.
    “Come on, darling-I know what will pull you right.” She poured two stiff whiskies and handed me one; lit two cigarettes and stuck one in my mouth. Taking me by the arm, she led me into the bedroom, locking the door after us. “Now sit down there and talk it out of your system-by the time we've finished our cigarettes talk ceases, action starts. By the way-I have a surprise, for you and I don't want you all broody!”
    “I won't be, Stella,” I smiled. “Even though this whole business about Jane has me worried sick I know I shall still enjoy our love-making-is that strange?”
    “Of course it isn't; sex is as important as eating and drinking. One only ceases to want them when one is approaching the suicide stage-and it isn't nearly as serious as that.”
    She sat on the bed beside me. “Is there anything you think I could do-any advice you want to ask? I'll do anything-after all, it was really me who got you into this in the first place; I practically raped you.”
    “Oh, shut up! It became mutual before it got to the rape stage-how can you rape a willing woman? You gave me something I hadn't known I'd wanted before. That's all.” I finished the whisky and reached over to stub out my cigarette in the ash tray by the bed.
    “And that's your talking time run out!” grinned Stella.
    “Oh, all right, then.” I stood up, hands on hips and struck a sexy pose for her, pushing one hip out, “Now I suppose we strip for action?”
    “Talk, if you want to-if it helps.”
    “There's nothing to talk about and it certainly won't help. I'd rather forget it for tonight-and this is about the only way I can.”
    “All right-strip!” Stella bounded up from the bed and began to struggle out of her dress while I did likewise. Once stripped to the buff and seeing Stella in all her naked glory, erotic excitement rapidly pushed all other worries from my mind. I pulled Stella to me for a long kiss, running my hands up and down her back, squeezing her plump bottom-cheeks, pressing myself to her to get as close as possible to that soft warmth.
    “I must go to the toilet before we go any further, darling-won't be a minute.” She slipped on her negligee and went out.
    To make myself as desirable as I could for her, combed my hair and quickly repaired my make-up being purposely a little heavy-handed with the lip-stick. I gave myself a spray, in the most important places, of my favourite perfume and drew an admiring “wow” when she came back. She looked closely at my car-mined lips, had a peck at them and sniffed deeply.
    “Darling-you're taking a hell of a chance! I was randy to start with, now I'm nearly boiling over- you could get scalded! By the way-do you want to pee before we lock the door for the night? You should-sex is better with an empty bladder and you don't want to have to get up in the middle of the night. Off you go!”
    “I suppose I could manage a few drops.” I covered my nakedness and went to the toilet. As I passed Jane's door on the way back, I hesitated, then decided I ought to look in on her. I opened her door and poked my head inside. She was sitting up in bed reading.
    “Came to tuck you up, darling,” I said, going over to her. “Not sleepy yet?”
    “I was just going to lie down,” she answered, putting her book on the bed-side table.
    “I can tuck you up, then?”
    “If you want to.”
    “Of course I want to, darling whatever made you think I didn't?” And whatever made me choose those words? I mentally kicked myself.
    “Oh, I–I just thought you didn't have time for me.” She kept her face averted as she slid down under the covers.
    “I've got all the time in the world for my own little Jane. I love you.” I pulled the clothes up to her chin, but she pushed them down again to her waist.
    “Do you-really?”
    “You know I do.” I sat on the bed and leaned over her. “I love you very much, and don't you ever think otherwise.”
    I looked down at the pool of blonde hair surrounding her pretty face, her swan-like neck and the young buds of her breasts, glowing palely through her thin nylon nightie.
    “All of you, my darling.”
    “Kiss me good-night, then.”
    I bent and kissed her; her arms went round my neck and she pulled her head hack to look up at me.
    “Hold me as well-tight!” I slipped my arms under her back and pressed her to me as our lips met. Then my heart was suddenly thundering as she started to suck on my mouth, tongue flicking across my lips, trying to get between them. I started to pull away, but she clung to me. I managed to pull my head back.
    “No, darling-no,” I panted. “We mustn't…”
    “Darling,” she whispered, in a tone I had never heard from her before. It had the depth of passion in it that only a woman's should have. “Darling,” she whispered again, as she stifled my protests with her mouth.
    She knows, I thought. She knows all about Stella and I She saw everything that went on down on the beach this afternoon. If I try to be firm with her, it will all come out. What will I say to her? What can I say? Whatever it was, it could only make things worse. My own daughter would be accusing me of being a lesbian!
    No, I couldn't face that. Let me get over this week and it will give me time to think while she's away at school. I let her go on kissing; even when her tongue forced its way between my lips and licked around inside.
    I didn't move as her arms slipped from my neck and her hands fumbled at the front of my waist, undoing the sash of my negligee and pulling it open. Her hands went inside to cup my breasts and I stifled a moan of shame as she gently pinched the nipples. The whole time her mouth never left mine for a second, constantly sucking.
    Then she was reaching down between us, pulling her nightie up to her neck. Finally, her hands went inside my negligee, her arms this time going right round my back and pulling me hard down so that my bared breasts were flattened against hers.
    We lay there like that for what seemed ages: I felt our nipples in full erection, hot and pulsing on our heaving breasts. And all the time her mouth kept sucking on my lips. Her hands wandered down to my bottom, stroked over the cheeks, taut with the position of half sitting and half laying over her. She squeezed hard, stroked down one hip and along my thigh. I tensed as her fingers traced tingling lines back up the thigh and stopped near the top, moved inwards across the lower part of my stomach, paused at the pubic hair.
    Surely I couldn't allow this, I thought, no matter what the cost. I steeled myself for her next move, then almost went limp with relief as her hand moved away from the danger area. She made me gasp with a hug and then she had pulled her head back and released me.
    I stood up shakily; both of us were breathing heavily and I saw her little nipples erect and dark pink with her emotion. She pulled her nightie down and I re-tied the sash at my waist.
    “Good-night, now,” she said huskily, sliding between the sheets. “Good-night, darling.” I waited for her to add “mummy,” but she didn't.
    “Good-night, Jane.” I almost choked, as I switched off her light and left the room. I had almost closed the door when she called “Mummy.”
    “Yes, dear?”
    “We don't want to disturb Stella-will you come to my room to give me my cuddle in the morning, please?”
    Now I was getting my orders! I heaved a sigh of resignation.
    “Yes. Jane.”
    “And mummy! You won't dress until afterwards, will you? Just your nightie will do.”
    “Yes Jane!”
    I closed the door and leaned against the jamb with my head spinning. Where was this all going to end? How was it all going to end? Yes, Jane; no Jane-three bags full, Jane!


    “Where the heck have you been?”
    Stella was lying curled up in bed with a book, but I noticed she had done her hair and made her face up, as I had.
    “I'll give you three guesses!”
    “Jane? I thought so. Don't tell me you've had it out?” Stella put down her book.
    “No-it might have been better if we had, at that.” I told her what had happened in Jane's room and my orders for the morning. “She must have seen everything we did on the beach; even though we didn't dive between each other's legs, I think she has sufficient knowledge to know what we're up to.”
    “And that she wants some, too, and now has the means to cash in on it?”
    “I think so-I'm afraid so. But I can't, Stella-my own daughter! Do you think she'll want to-to…” I couldn't finish the sentence.
    “Go the whole hog? I don't know, Rita-it depends on the extent of her knowledge in those matters. I'm afraid she'll probably want to touch-even if it's just natural instinct.”
    “I've explained how babies are made-roughly; I was very careful to point out that the man and woman were married first. She knows nothing about what two women might do together, as far as I know.”
    “Well, there you are-as far as you know! I think you ought to be prepared for the worst and decide beforehand what you're going to do if it comes to it. What would you do? You wouldn't go through with it, would you?”
    “You mean let her…?” I shivered. “No-that's out! If only we could get over this week, it may have faded in her mind by the time she comes home for the next holidays-or I could at least have thought up something fairly plausible in the meantime.”
    “What about the morning-I take it you'll let her have her cuddle?”
    “Yes-I promised. If she tries to go any further than she did tonight, though, I shall have to stop it.”
    “Tell you what-I'll give you, say, ten minutes.” She thought for a moment. “Yes-I'll get up with you and make some tea and that'll give me an excuse to break it up. Now, forget all about it for tonight and come over here.”
    I went over and stood beside the bed, stripped off the negligee and drew a whistle from Stella as she looked at my breasts.
    “Those sexy nipples of yours give you away every time! Open your legs.” I obeyed and she reached out to feel between them. “There, too-all lovely and wet!” She leaned up on one elbow and the clothes slipped down to her waist.
    “Talk about my nipples being sexy-have you looked at your own lately?” They were as erect as mine.
    “'Well, as a matter of fact, I've been rubbing them while I was waiting for you. It's just as well you're all nice and sexy, because tonight, you're in for it!”
    “Oh? What are you going to do to me this time? Whip me?”
    “No-but I'll keep it in mind!”
    “You wouldn't beat me, would you?”
    “Oh, I don't know.” Stella gave me a long, calculating look. “I wonder how you'd take it?”
    “You used to have your bottom smacked by Rose how did you take it?”
    “Sometimes with the stiff upper lip, sometimes noisily — like when I went back to her flat half-cut! I smacked her a few times, too-so I know how to do it!”
    “How did she take it?”
    “Always stoically, our Rose; always stoically! But then, when she was smacked, it was always by mutual agreement-and for love! But we're getting away from the subject.”
    “Oh, yes-I'm 'in for it'! I'm not going to be whipped — so what is it?”
    “This!!!” And without any further preliminaries, she threw back the bedclothes.
    “Stella!” I almost screamed.
    She reclined back on her elbows and there, jutting straight up from the base of her belly, was a huge, flesh-coloured dildo!
    “Was-was that what was in the parcel?”
    “That's right. Rose sent it before she left for Paris.”
    “So that's why you were so secretive about it-and the telegram!”
    “Yes-and now you can guess what I went back and whispered to her about before we left her flat. The only thing I was afraid of was that it wouldn't arrive before the week-end. I'll show you her wire, now.”
    Stella got off the bed and went for her handbag. I watched with more than a little trepidation, the ponderous sway of the dildo as she walked; it looked a formidable weapon!
    “Here we are.” She came back and handed me the yellow envelope.
    I took out the message form:

    I put the wire down and knelt to inspect “Fred.” Stella had it strapped tightly to her-one strap going round her hips and across her buttocks, meeting in the middle to hold another one which dipped into the cleft of her behind and passed down between her thighs. Two more straps went round the top of each thigh, all of them connected to a thick rubber base that fitted snugly over her mount. The actual shaft itself thrust out from this base and just below where it joined, dangling between Stella's thighs was a rubber bulb about the size and thickness of the bulb on my douche.
    The “penis” was an exact replica of the real thing, even to the blue veins that bulge on a man's when in full erection. Gingerly, I felt at it; closed my hand round it; rubbed it up and down and found that it was of very hard rubber, but with a “skin” of softer rubber covering it. This stretched from the base to the edge of the knob, giving the impression of the skin having been peeled back from the big, purplish head. The whole thing was very life-like, in fact — slightly larger and somewhat harder than life!
    “Well?” What do you think?” Stella stood obligingly while I inspected her “super-structure.”
    “Gosh! I don't quite know. It's beautifully made but it's so big!”
    “Think you'll be able to take it?”
    “I–I've only ever had Phil's, and it's much larger than his.”
    “You've had a baby, though — that stretches the channel quite a bit, doesn't it?”
    “Yes, but it mostly goes back to normal afterwards; even Phil's isn't loose in me.” I looked down at “Fred” again and took him in my hand; Stella moved her hips back and forth.
    “How do you like wanking me, darling?”
    “How does it feel?” I laughed.
    “Great! I'll come in a minute if you're not careful!”
    “Does he go all slack and shrivel up, then?”
    “That's one thing he has over a man-he's always ready for more!”
    “I presume the warm milk is for this?” I pointed to the bulb.
    Stella put a hand between her thighs and gave the empty bulb a squeeze.
    “They're my balls, darling, and, like a man, they have spunk! You like the feel of your husband's going in, don't you?”
    “Hm, yes, I suppose I do-especially when I'm having an orgasm myself at the same time, it seems to prolong it.”
    Stella strutted about the room, the dildo swaying heavily from her loins. I watched her for a while, imagining what it might feel like to have it up me. The thought was exciting, if a little frightening.
    “You'd better go and warm some milk, Rita-I'd hate to bump into Jane wearing this thing and I don't want to have to take the whole thing off again.”
    “You're determined to do me with it, then?”
    “Don't you want me to, darling?”
    I looked at the incongruity of the big dildo jutting out from her pelvis, then up at the glorious breasts above. Suddenly, I had a lust for her to take me with it, whether she hurt me or not.
    “How much milk should I heat?” I said quietly and saw her smile as I put on the negligee again.
    “About a half-cupful will do. Don't boil it, of course, but make it fairly hot to allow for coolage.”
    I went out to the kitchen and prepared the milk, finding a small jug with a spout on it.
    When I got back to the bedroom, Stella had undone one of the straps about her thigh. She tested the temperature of the milk with a finger-tip and then pulled the rubber base out from her pube. There was the rounded head of a stopper at the back of the pad. She pulled this out and I carefully poured most of the milk into the hole. She put the stopper back and fastened the strap.
    “There-that's my balls charged!” She gave the bulb a gentle squeeze and I jumped back out of range as a small jet of milk squirted out of the “eye” of the knob. “All ready for action! Here-feel.”
    I felt at the bulb between her legs, it was warm, now, a little above body heat. Looking at it still with misgivings, I once more stripped off my negligee and went over to the bed.
    “How do you want to do it?”
    “Like a man would, of course! Try it on your back first-we can go in for variations when you're more used to it.” She came over to me. “Ooh!” She grabbed the “penis” and pulled it out a little way.
    “What's the matter?”
    “Well, this was made by a master; it's so designed to enable both parties to achieve orgasm. That little stopper which holds the milk in also has an even more interesting function. You may have noticed how it bulged and that the top was slightly roughened; this is because that stopper fits right over the clitoris, and, as one woman receives, the other is having her clitty constantly rubbed by the movement and if she's clever and times it properly, the two spend together. Actually, it almost obviates the double one.”
    “Yes-two cocks attached to straps. The 'doer' inserts one in her own cunt first. then straps it on and shoves the other one up the 'doee.' You can get them made as one big prick with two heads: both women strap them on and work themselves on them. Rose and I preferred this model, though.”
    “You've had this one before, then?”
    “Oh, rather-Fred and I are old friends!”
    I climbed on the bed and lay on my back, spreading my legs well and opening myself as much as possible to accommodate the big dildo.
    “If you manage to spend at the same time as me will you have the strength to press the bulb?”
    “Anxious?” she laughed. “No, darling-one doesn't want to have to mess about feeling between her legs for a bulb when she is having an orgasm. But as I said this was made by a master. This bulb has a certain rigidity and won't flop about like the old ones; all I have to do is press my thighs together-see?” She pressed her thighs together and opened them again quickly, as another little jet of milk shot out of the knob-head.
    “Ouch!” I didn't move fast enough that time and the milk splashed on my stomach. “I hope it'll be cool enough by the time I get it inside me-that was a little too hot for comfort!”
    “Don't worry — it'll be splashing about inside the balls while I'm fucking you; it'll soon be cool enough for your tender little vagina!” She got on to the bed and felt between my legs. “Hm. Your juices have stopped flowing, my sweet.”
    “Am I dry there already?”
    “Not completely, but you'll need a lot to help this thing up you.” She knelt over my thighs and bent double. “We'll soon put that right.”
    Then her mouth was pressed to my slit, sucking and tonguing me until I had to push her away.
    “Hey-you don't want me spending before you even get that great thing in me, do you? I must be almost flooded out down there!”
    “You are — but I got carried away! How are the titties?”
    She felt at them. “Oooh, nice! Now I'm going to do my very best to give you a baby!”
    She was stretching herself out between my leg, and I watched that heavy “prick” getting closer and closer to my sex. I saw the big head dip from my view below my public hair, then it was touching me. Stella got one hand down to guide it and it began to press hard at the lips of my vulva. She manoeuvred to get it into the furrow; it slipped downwards until I could feel the smooth, rounded head waiting for entry into my vagina. A slight pressure, and the muscles started to give. She stepped and looked up at me.
    “It's there, darling-do you want me to…?”
    “Yes-go on,” I whispered tensely, nodding.
    She pushed a little harder and the knob slipped in about half way; a harder push and I sucked my breath in sharply as the whole head went in. It felt even bigger than I thought it would. Stella waited to see how I took it, then pushed another inch or so into me-and another. Lord, how it stretched me that first time!
    She let me have two or three inches with a little more vigour, this time I couldn't stifle a groan as the hard rubber tool sank still further into my belly.
    “Pull your knees right back, darling,” she advised. “Hold them there.”
    I pulled my legs right back until my thighs rested on stomach, my knees touching my breasts.
    “That's better-now spread them as wide as you can.” I did so. “You'll find it easier that way-it opens you right up.”
    I lay back, holding my legs as Stella forced a little more of the dildo into me.
    “How-how long is it, Stella,” I panted.
    “Oh, about nine or ten inches, I suppose-why?”
    “I must have more than half of it up me by now- give me the rest all in one go!”
    “Are you sure, Rita? It'll hurt!”
    “Go ahead-this is only prolonging the agony. Let's get the agony over with and get on with the pleasure!” I gritted my teeth and held my legs tightly, shutting my eyes, as Stella drew back a little way and prepared to lunge into me.
    “Now, darling.” She whispered, then her hips plunged down at my pelvis, thrusting the whole thing up me with one vicious thrust. I started to squeal and she clapped a hand over my mouth.
    “Oh, oh. Stella,” I gasped when she took her hand away. “That was sheer torture! It feels as though it's filling the whole of my belly!” Indeed, it felt as though my vagina had been split from the entrance on up to the womb!”
    “It'll be all right in a moment, darling,” she whispered. “I didn't realise you would be so tight, or I would have waited and got hold of a smaller size to start you off with.”
    She lay at full length on top of me, her arms under my back. Our breasts were flattened together and I could feel her stiffened nipples pulsing on mine.
    “Put your legs over the backs of my thighs now- don't press in too tightly on them, though, or you'll have hot milk squirting up you before you're ready for it! Tell me when you feel like going on.”
    I locked my legs over her thighs and slipped my arms round her neck.
    “The pain's beginning to disappear already — kiss me!” I drew her face down and our mouths opened as they met; we gently sucked and licked around inside each other's mouths and she rolled her breasts on mine. I began to move my hips a little, still feeling that hard shaft huge inside me, stretching the channel to the limit.
    “Let me try-you should be well lubricated by now.” Stella carefully lifted her hips a few inches and then lowered them slowly. “There-how does that feel?”
    I had felt the ponderous movement as “Fred” moved the few inches back and in again, but it could no longer be called a pain, although I was still tender from that self-invoked thrust.
    “It's improving-I skill feel very distended, though. Try some more.”
    This time, she drew back until only the knob was left inside, then it was driving in again, but very slowly and I raised my hips to meet it. Its journey was much more smooth and gliding. She did it again, a little faster and I lifted my bottom clear of the bed, to meet her half way, feeling the bulb bounce against the cheeks as it jerked forward.
    “Getting all nice and slippery, now, dear,” I breathed, excitement mounting as pain vanished. “Do it a little faster.”
    Gradually, the speed of our jerking hips increased; I locked arms and legs tightly about her, bringing another warning not to squeeze her thighs too much, as I went all passionate.
    Now she was thrusting strongly into me and I was jerking up enthusiastically to meet her. In and out she pushed that great dildo until I was whimpering and whispering all sort of erotic endearments against her lips. She began doing the same, obviously very close to an orgasm. I paused in puzzlement for a moment, wondering how she managed it, until I remembered that the stopper was constantly rubbing against her clitoris as she fucked me-yes, I was that far gone!
    She did it just like Phil, holding me very tight and moving back and forth in seemingly tireless thrusts. Through habit, I took it just as I did when Phil had me, arms and legs wrapped round her, my mouth and were the long, dark hair that fell forward to tickle my tongue ever in attendance on hers. The only differences were the smooth face and her lovely big titties all squashy on mine-and Phil didn't have big sexy nipples like we did!
    “Oh, darling; oh, darling,” she was moaning, as she gave me each thrust, her voice all thick and trembly. “Love you; love you, darling!”
    I realised she was going to spend any second and I had been taking it easy and enjoying the new thrill- having earned it!
    I jammed my mouth to hers and bucked hard beneath her, gasping as “Fred” tore into me-Stella squealed at the same time as the stopper was jabbed harder against her clitoris. I jerked frantically up at her, as her movements started to become ragged and lost their rhythm. She looked deep into my eyes; her own misting.
    “Darling…darling; I'm… I'm…going to…oohhh…”
    “Now, Stella — now, darling! I'm sp-spending with you…the milk! Argh!.. DARLING!”
    As I melted into ecstasy, warm milk jetted up me in powerful spurts, seeming to touch the centre of my orgasm and prolong it, helped by the panting, spending Stella jerking about on top of me. I was filled to overflowing and felt the milk running out and trickling down my bottom-cheeks, through the cleft between them, to flow cool over my anus, stretched with the lifted position of my thighs over Stella's.
    As pleasure receded, our movements flagged, Stella drooping heavily on my relaxed body, the dildo still in me to the hilt. I stirred after a while.
    “You know-these things don't do the decent thing and go soft afterwards! At the moment, 'Fred' feels like a giant rolling-pin up there! Besides which, that milk is all cold and wet under my bottom.”
    “Sorry, darling-that was quite a ride we had.” She lifted herself and gently withdrew the dildo. “Think you'll want him again?”
    I looked at “Fred” as she knelt up; he was all wet and slimy-looking now, but still jutting proudly from Stella's loins.
    “I think he's a 'must' for any hen party! He hurt me at first, the rascal, but I must admit he more than made up for it. Oh, yes-I shall want him again, all right- and again!”
    I watched her unstrap it from about her hips; she held it out, dangling from the straps, for a moment, then put the tip to her lips, kissed it, licked my spend off with her tongue. Her mouth opened wide, then, and the knob disappeared inside.
    “You must like me a lot, Stella, to do that.”
    She pulled the head from her mouth and smiled at me with glistening lips.
    “Like you? I love you darling!” Her pink tongue came out and licked along the length of the dildo. “Besides-you taste so nice! You're my favourite flavour!” And she didn't stop until she had licked every inch that had been inside me. “Think you could stand another bout shortly? Giving, this time?”
    “Whenever you're ready.”
    “You have to be ready, too — it's murder on the clitoris, you know!”
    “It's murder in the vagina! Don't worry-I'll be ready when you are.”
    She put the dildo on the bedside table and lay down beside me.
    “I suppose it won't hurt you like it hurt me?”
    “No — I've been 'broken in'! It still stretches me, though. As a matter of fact, I have been broken the other way, as well.”
    “The other way?”
    “My bottom-that was murder!”
    “You've actually taken that thing up your back passage?” I shuddered at the mere thought.
    “Up to the hilt in my backside, darling! I must be honest, though-it wasn't 'Fred.' It was smaller-not so thick and an inch or two shorter. But that's still huge when you take it up your rectum, I can tell you! I nearly passed out the first time Rose did it to me.”
    “But why did she do it-you can't spend that way, can you?”
    She turned and hugged me close to her, smiling into my face.
    “For a married woman with a daughter, you are a sweet little innocent, aren't you, darling! Hasn't Phil ever used your bottom?”
    “No. He's played around there-kissing and so forth and maybe pushing a finger-tip in there, but that's all.”
    “You liked having me kiss your little hole and pushing my finger in, didn't you?”
    “Of course-but that a lot different to having a big thing like a penis up there. I can imagine what it would be like just to have Phil's there, never mind a hard rubber dildo.”
    “But it's what goes with it as well. We start off by kissing and fingering and pushing our tongues in as well as playing with the legitimate entrance-that gets you all nice and sexy and ready for anything. We use grease, of course-vaseline is the best, I think. It hurts a bit to start with and one always feels very distended, but when you have another woman doing it and all sorts of other things besides- holding you, rubbing herself against you, squeezing your tits and frigging your clitty, you forget all about the pain and the discomfort becomes a thrill.”
    “Did she do it to you often?”
    “I don't know about often-quite a few times.”
    “Did you do it to her?”
    “Sometimes-when she was really randy; I think I have a more sexy bottom than Rose, though.”
    She reached behind her and felt at it. I sat up and leaned over her to see what she was up to. She had a finger stuck well up er lovely rear, slowly pushing it in and out. “Ooh-lovely!” she breathed. “It's about time I had something done to me there — it must be about two years since Rose last did it.”
    “Has any other woman ever had your bottom?”
    “No-only Rose. She kept that smaller size specially for the job. I suppose she's using it on her new girlfriend's behind now!”
    “Any regrets about the break-up?”
    “Oh, no-as I said, we just drifted. I don't think we were ever really in love with each other; we had some great times together and got a lot of satisfaction sexually-we're still very fond of one another, as you probably noticed!”
    “I take it Rose was slightly the more dominant partner?”
    “She was. It was she who first suggested I try taking it up my rear-I think she got kicks out of hearing my groans when it first went in, so it's an odds-on certainty that she's broken Dorothy in that way.”
    “What about the woman you told me you used to visit in town now and again before she took up with someone else?”
    “Margaret? What do you want to know about her?”
    “Well, what was she like; how did you make love, etc?”
    “Now, what sort of tone is that, I wonder?”
    “I can't make up my mind whether it's a natural curiosity to know more about my sex life; wistful, because you may have missed something, or a masochistic urge to fan the fires of jealousy!”
    I snuggled into her and she held me very close, smiling.
    “Which is it, darling?”
    “I don't know — it may be a little of each!” I murmured.
    “Really want to know?”
    “Well, she had a flat just outside of town-I met her in the Lesbian Club. I hadn't any associations at the time and neither had she. She was a tall girl, not very big in the breasts, but an excellent figure. Let me see-she was twenty-six when we first met about eighteen months ago; brown hair and eyes, pretty face. We both had something between our legs that needed attention, so we came to an agreement. There was no love in it- friendliness and sex and that was all. I would ring her or she would give me a ring and I'd go into town and spend the night with her; she came down to me for a couple of week-ends, but you wouldn't have seen her — we kept very much to the house on those occasions!”
    “Was she nice-making love, I mean?”
    “She was quite sexy!”
    “Did you use a dildo on one another?”
    “Quite a lot. Funny girl, in some ways.
    “How, funny?”
    “She had two different moods-both very much in opposition to one another; I never knew which one it was going to be until I arrived.”
    “Sex-wise, you mean?”
    “Yes-I was able to cope with both, though. Whichever mood it was, lasted the whole of that particular night.”
    “Tell me about it.”
    Stella rolled me on to my back and leaned on me, kissed my lips and smiled.
    “You're determined to get all the details, aren't you- you looking for new ideas?”
    “I'd just like to know, that's all.”
    “Very well, darling-you shall.” She got up and produced her cigarettes. “Let's have a smoke while I give you all the sordid details. Drink?”
    “No, thanks-I've had enough for one night; you have one if you want to.”
    “No, I won't bother, either.” She lit two cigarettes and gave me one. “Now, these moods of Margaret's: One of them was similar to Rose's-she liked to be the dominant partner, only a bit more so! She didn't want to use my bottom as Rose did, but she used to love to smack it-and hard, too!”
    “You allowed this?”
    “Why not? I said we came to an arrangement to help each other out. She would have let me do whatever I wanted to her in return-within reason, of course. A typical evening-when she was in that frame of mind- was for me to have to strip as soon as I arrived and drape myself across her lap for a spanking. I always knew when she wanted that sort of thing when I got there because she used to wear pants and a shirt.
    “And, the spanking…” I began. “Didn't it hurt?”
    “It certainly did! As I was saying-after the spanking she'd take her pants off and there would be the dildo already strapped to her loins. I used to have to kneel and suck it as though it were a real prick. After doing that for a while, she'd pretend to come, and I'd have warm milk squirted into my mouth. She'd put the pants on again and I'd have to go and warm more milk-all the time I was there on those occasions, I had to go around completely naked, receiving slaps on my behind every now and again, whenever she felt like it.”
    “And you took all this?”
    “I did. Oddly enough-I used to start getting very sexy myself. She'd give me a good, stiff fucking, then, with the dildo until I came. She'd fuck me four or five times in one evening and liked me to tell her how virile she was. Another thing she liked was for me to pretend to have done something very wicked and ask her to punish me, with the inevitable result-across her lap or stretched out on the bed to have my bottom walloped again.”
    “'My darling,” I hugged her with a sudden rush of sympathetic affection. “Did she smack you a lot-in one night, I mean?”
    “Generally three or four times-my behind was always a bit tender the following day, but she made sure my needs were well taken care of.”
    “That was one mood what was the other like?”
    “Just about the reverse-in fact, the exact reverse-a sort of sexual schizophrenia. She had a pair of tight pants and a bolero jacket for me. I had to strap the dildo on first, so that it bulged under the pants-she used to feel at it and fondle it and beg me to fuck her with it. The game was for me to make her wait and smack her when she became too forward-she remained completely naked the whole time. When she gave me my relief, she liked to do it kneeling between my legs, sucking me.”
    “Did you smack her as much as she smacked you in her other mood?”
    “More, I think-she wanted me to.”
    “And all the time we have been friends, I didn't know about your 'other life.' Any love affairs — apart from Margaret-since you've known me?”
    “No, and not even with Margaret; they were merely business arrangements-I think I must have been in love with you all the time, darling!”
    “Did you ever think about me in that way before doing something about it?”
    “Sometimes-I used to wonder what you might be like in bed; I always thought you had a wonderful body, too, and when I saw those lovely titties of yours all bare that night, I knew I just had to have you.”
    “Any others during this time?”
    “One — Peggy. She was plump and pretty — and married! Only about twenty-four; had one of those soft cuddlesome bodies. We only slept together four times in all-I think she was out for kicks. I met her in a restaurant in town; it was crowded and we shared a table. Naturally, we got into conversation and I shared my wine with her and invited her for a drink afterwards. She told me about herself-she had been married two years and her husband was abroad for his firm for a few weeks. We both had quite a lot to drink that night and she put off one train after another; I decided it might not be a good idea to drive after what I'd had, so suggested we book into an hotel for the night. She was all for it and we booked a double room.
    “There were two single beds, but when we undressed and I saw her naked, I tried a little horse-play with her, just to see how far I could go. She was all for that, too, and we rolled on her bed for a while. Then I got her underneath me and was carried away; I kissed her. She looked surprised, but didn't make any protest, so I kissed her again and kept on kissing her until her arms went around me. I made love to her, then; she must have been starved for sex with her husband away — she spent like a maniac when I frigged her; then cried her eyes out afterwards! She did lie still, though, and let me rub myself off on her thigh.
    “The next morning I gave her my phone number and told her to give me a ring if she felt like it. About a week went by and then she rang to say she was going into town and would I like to have lunch with her. We made another day of it; nothing was mentioned about the previous encounter and the conversation was kept carefully away from sex, but at the end of the evening we went back to the same hotel and she stood beside me at the desk while I booked a double room.
    “She let me use my mouth on her that night; again, she had a terrific orgasm, but didn't cry, this time, and repaid me by giving me a nice, gentle frigging. We did it again the next morning and a few days later we met for another session; she sucked my cunt, this time-and obviously enjoyed it, too.
    “About another week passed and then she rang to say her husband was due home in a few days and could we have just one more night together, as a sort of farewell performance. We did, and it was quite an orgy! I didn't see her again after that. I hope her husband appreciates what a sexy little wife he has!”
    “Have — have you been with anybody else since I came into your sex life?”
    “Goodness, no! I don't want anybody else-what I did-what we did! — for Rose was rather different. I should not have done it if you hadn't been there. So you needn't have visions of my lying in the arms of another woman, my pet.”
    “That's another thought I've had — you remember Rose offering to 'help us out' if we wanted it? That situation could arise again at her flat when she comes home, couldn't it?”
    “More than possible.”
    “Should we let her?”
    “Entirely up to you, Rita-would you like her to? She does it very well!”
    “She is rather a poppet-we couldn't very well refuse her, could we? I wouldn't mind-so long as you were there, too.”
    “I shall make a point of asking her, then,” laughed Stella. “Now I'm feeling all sexy again, so how about giving me a good, hefty poking with 'Fred'?”
    “Just one more question — how do you feel about Phil and I? I mean, knowing I have to give myself to him fairly regularly? It doesn't upset you, does it?”
    “Of course it doesn't — I should have felt terribly guilty if I thought I was depriving Phil of his marital rights! Maybe a little pang or two when I'm lying in bed at night, wondering if you're being fucked by him, wishing you were with me instead. Please will you poke me now?” she finished in the same breath.
    We stubbed out our cigarettes and I picked up the dildo.
    “Here-let me help you.”
    She helped me strap on “Fred” and I walked round the room, feeling the heavy sway of it with each step. I felt something else, too-that little button of a stopper worked on my clitoris the whole time as I moved my thighs in the act of walking; what with that and the feel of the rubber bulb dangling between my legs, I began to feel more than a little erotic.
    Stella went to warm the milk this time, and I knelt up on the bed, moving my hips back and forth experimentally in the action of sexual intercourse as taken by the male. I soon had to stop it, or I should have had an orgasm before Stella got back with the milk.
    “Here we are-nice hot spunk for your balls, darling!”
    She undid one strap, pulled the base away from my pubic hair and pulled out the stopper, poured in the milk and replaced it.
    “I don't know about stopper-more like a starter!” I commented, as she strapped me up again.
    “Murderous. isn't it?” she grinned. “There-nice warm spunk, all ready for you to pump into your sexy Stella!”
    “Right, madam-get on the bed and prepare yourself!”
    She climbed on the bed and knelt up, smiling at me, as I climbed up after her, the great dildo swaying in front of my stomach.
    “I have a fancy to take it kneeling-that all right with you?”
    “Any way you like, sweetheart!”
    She turned her back to me and knelt on all fours, spreading her legs wide and sinking on to her forearms, cocking her gorgeous bottom up to show the sexy condition of her slit below it. I bent quickly and pressed my mouth to it, licked wetly and then moved in between her legs. I filled my mouth with spittle and deposited it in my palm, transferring it to the big purple head of the rubber penis and smearing it all round the shaft.
    “Here we come, darling,” I whispered and she tensed and pushed her behind out. I took the prick in my hand and guided it to the entrance, slid the knob up and down her furrow a few times, then pressed it to the entry again.
    “Don't try to make it easy for me, darling,” she said her voice breathy. “I like to get the first part over as quickly as possible-start pushing and keep going.”
    I steadied the dildo, made sure it was pressed tightly against the right spot, then held her round the hips. I pushed forward, steadily increasing the pressure; as I pushed I pulled back on her hips. A momentary easing of tension came simultaneously with a gasp from Stella as the knob slipped into her. I kept up the steady thrust — slowly moving into her, feeling the resistance as the dildo was gripped by the walls of her vagina. I got a good half of it up her, then gave her a little rest.
    “All right, dear?”
    “All-all right, darling,” she panted. “Keep going.” She moved her knees farther apart and tensed herself ready to receive the rest of “Fred” up her.
    I pressed on, more forcefully, this time, feeling the compression of the stopper button on my clitoris increasing. I looked down and saw that only about two inches remained, sticking out below her buttocks.
    Grabbing handsful of flesh at her hips, I hauled back on her, at the same time jabbing lustily forward, burying the whole shaft in her body.
    “Ooooh, Rita!” she moaned. “I wasn't expecting quite such a hefty shove as that!”
    “Sorry, darling!” I gasped, my arms going right round her, pulling her round, taut bottom into my stomach. “That was cruel of me-I'm afraid I got carried away.”
    “Don't be sorry-carry on and finish the job!” She moved her rear against me, getting the feel of the thing inside her. “Be careful to keep your thighs open until I'm ready for the milk.”
    I fucked her then, constantly increasing the length and force of the strokes, my own excitement mounting rapidly. She was right-that stopper was murderous! The hard, purposely roughened rubber chafed and pummelled my clitoris with the slightest movement, let alone the hefty thrusts I was giving Stella. The feel of her thighs and bottom, warm and moving against my front, her gasps and moans of passion, drove me wild.
    “Oh, darling,” she was groaning, “what a fucking you — you're giving me! Ooh, ooh, ooooh, wonderful.”
    Spurred, I belted even harder into her, the stopper mashing my clitoris. I leaned over her, hands closing on her big, stiff-nippled breasts, squeezing them until she groaned with pleasure-pain. I kissed and licked at her back, covered with a thin film of sweat. In and out I rammed that rubber dick, the bulb warm with the milk swinging between my thighs, adding to all the other erotic sensations.
    “Darling — darling,” Stella was jerking madly now. “Get ready to-to pump the-the milk into me.”
    I was almost ready to spend myself by then. I brought my thighs closer together and fucked even harder at her. She suddenly gave a mighty thrust back at me, her head came up sharply and her back arched. “Now!” she hissed.
    I rammed my hips forward savagely, sinking the entire length in her cunt as she fell forward, spending. I let myself fall forward with her, jerkily squeezing my thighs together and hearing the squishy sound of the milk pumping into her. I felt my body go weak, then, as ecstasy blossomed out from my clitoris. I held her tightly, still squeezing my thighs together as long as I was able. The two of us shook and jerked together in the throes of our climax, Stella bearing all my weight on her back, my hands beneath her, still clutching her breasts.
    We were both weak with the power of that orgasm and it was some time before I was able to summon enough energy to lift my weight from her. She spread her legs and lay still while I gently withdrew the dildo. She turned on to her back and smiled up at me as I knelt beside her, unstrapping it. I looked at the stopper that had caused so much havoc, wet now, from my clitoris-in fact the inside of the base was all slimy with my come. I pointed at the stopper.
    “There's no doubt about it-that stopper is absolute murder!” I held up the dildo, the shaft covered with the mucous of Stella's ecstasy. To show her what I thought about her, I pressed my lips to its wetness, kissed, sucked on the head and finally licked all the bitter-sweet liqueur from the rod. She lay silently watching the demonstration of my affection for her and still without a word took it from me when I had finished. She turned it and looked at the wet inside of the pad that had rubbed and pressed so close against my sex. Then her mouth opened as she pressed it to her lips and licked it clean. Gravely, she handed it back and I put it on the bed-side table. She grinned at me, then.
    “There-we think quite a lot of each other, don't me, sweetheart?” She sat up. “Oooh! Gosh, Rita- you're quite brutal when you get going, aren't you! Look at me!”
    She shifted her body from side to side, showing me the red marks of my fingernails where I had dug them into her hips. She lifted her breasts in her hands and held them out mutely; more red nail-marks marred the soft creaminess of the lovely globes.
    “Oh, Stella, darling-I am sorry. I just didn't realise what I was doing. “I kissed the marks at her hips and gently trailed my open mouth over the tender breasts.
    “It's all right, darling-I loved it, in fact, I wanted it at the time.” She got off the bed, milk running down her legs.
    “Here-wait,” I said, making her lie back and opening her legs wide. I sucked and licked the rest of the milk from her soft quim, not letting her up until I had licked down the insides of her thighs and legs and thoroughly cleaned her up with my mouth and tongue.
    “Thank you, darling.” She stood up, went over to a chest of drawers. “Think we'd better change the sheet. You go and wash out “Fred” or we'll be pumping cheese into each other the next time we use him!”
    I washed “Fred” in the basin while Stella changed the sheet. I felt thoroughly satisfied just then and knew Stella was the same, as I watched her leisurely movements, the look on her face that of a contented kitten. I joined her at the bed and she pulled back the covers.
    “How about some shut-eye, now, eh? We've had quite a strenuous night; don't forget you have to report to your daughter first thing in the morning!”
    I felt a little deflated at the reminder, the worry and uncertainty coming back.
    “Oh, yes,” I murmured, “my darling daughter.”


    I did not greet the morning sunlight that streamed into the room with as much enthusiasm as I had the previous morning. I got out of bed and went over to the wash-basin to sluice the sleep from my eyes.
    “Poor Rita,” Stella sat up, rubbing her eyes sleepily. She smiled sympathetically as I came back to the bed and slipped on a nylon nightie. “Dressing to order, I see.” She climbed from the bed and pulled on a negligee.”
    “Oh. Stella,” I groaned, “what am I going to do? How far should I go with her before crying stop?”
    “More to the point-how far are you going to let her go with you?”
    “I don't know,” I sighed as I went to the door. “I keep stretching out the liberties I allow her to stave off being openly accused.”
    “Never mind-I'll come in and break it up with tea in about ten minutes. That's obviously why she wants you to go to her room, to avoid being interrupted by me. You should be able to hang on to your little cherry for ten minutes, though!”
    I left the room and went across to Jane's wondering if she was already awake and waiting for me.
    I opened her door and peeped in; she was awake, all right. As I went over to her bed, she stretched, yawned, smiled up at me and threw back the bedclothes. She was quite naked.
    She must have been awake for some time, as she seemed to have everything prepared. When I got to the side of the bed, I saw she had brushed her hair until it shone; she had a light make-up on and the smell of perfume was strong. Her nightie was draped over the end of the bed. She moved over and patted the space she had created.
    “Get in beside me, mummy.”
    Resignedly, I began to slide into the bed, but she stopped me.
    “Take your nightie off, first, though.”
    I hesitated, wondering if I ought to rebel and face the music. Then I weakened, shrugged and pulled the nightie off over my head, going hot all over as I stretched out, naked, beside her, as her eyes flashed first at my breasts and then down at my pubic hair. I steeled myself as she turned and pressed her own warm nakedness against mine, knowing that in normal circumstances I should have smacked her bottom soundly; she had obviously been playing, at least with her breasts; the nipples were hot and erect as they touched mine.
    Her arms went round me as she pressed close, her open mouth making straight for mine. She drew her head back after the first kiss.
    “Hold me, darling,” she whispered. “Hold me all nice and tight. I want to feel you lovely and bare against me.
    I put my arms round her and our lips met again. I almost cursed my erotic nipples as I felt them stirring on hers. She felt it too, and rubbed her buds against them, her tongue active on my lips.
    I tried but failed to analyse my feelings as I held that squirming bundle of slim nakedness in my arms. My heart and brain cried out for it to stop, but my body demanded that it continue. My mouth opened of itself, to be invaded immediately by Jane's tongue.
    Hands stroked up and down my back, stopped at my buttocks, squeezed; fingers ran up and down the cleft, paused a fraction of an inch from my anus, as though she were deciding just how far she could go. She compromised by gripping my buttocks again and pulling me into her, so that our loins and the fronts of our thighs were in close contact, public hairs meshing.
    Then she was pushing me on to my back, her mouth going for my breasts; I let her, feeling the nipples become huge between her sucking lips. I began to wonder how long I had been with her and hoping for Stella to come in any minute, as I felt the urge to clasp Jane's head and press her mouth even more tightly to my bosom. I shivered as her sprouting young pelt chafed against the tops of my thighs.
    Then she was rolling from me, turning on to her back, trying to pull me on top of her.
    “Come, mummy,” she panted, “do the same to me, darling. Oh, please do the same to me!” She got one arm round my neck and pulled my head down to her breast. I resisted, stopping with my face only an inch or two from one small, but very excited nipple. I couldn't, I thought. I told myself I had the slimmest of excuses, almost no excuse at all, for allowing the sucking of my own breasts-indulging an innocent, childish desire to re-experience the sensations of her infant days when I breast-fed her. But for me to suck on hers!
    Then the decision was taken out of my hands as she suddenly thrust her breast upwards against my mouth, pulling down on my head at the same time. She was wriggling her shoulders, rubbing the breast across my lips, moaning for me to kiss it. I kissed it and tried to pull back, but I couldn't; the tender thing throbbed hot and stiff at my lips. Moaning with love and shame, I gently sucked it between them and laid my tongue against it, hearing an answering moan from Jane.
    “Darling,” she whispered, “that's beautiful. Oh, it feels so good. No wonder your nipples get all big and hot when I do it to you. Did they get like that when I sucked milk from them as a baby?”
    I took the chance of pulling my mouth away.
    “Yes, dear,” I answered, keeping my face averted and trying to sit up.
    “No, mummy-kiss the other one, too.”
    I bent over her again and took the other nipple into my mouth, guilt and shame rising in me as I felt it react and become stiffer.
    Her hands were under me as I leaned over her, stroking my breasts and stomach; her fingers actually combed through my pubic hair, downwards to the junction with my thighs. They pressed-she was trying to get at my sex! I pulled back from her with a gasp of shock. She scrambled after me, throwing her arms round my thighs, kissing my stomach and sticking her tongue into my navel. Her hand stroked up the backs of my thighs to my buttocks, tried to slip in from the back between the thighs. She was mad for me. I looked down with humiliation at my naked daughter, trying to make love to her equally naked mother. A finger slipped between my bottom-cheeks, touched my anus!
    “No, Jane!” my voice was a hoarse cry as I grabbed her wrists behind me and pulled her arms from me. “That's enough — you should know that that's quite wrong!”
    She didn't give up. Her arms went round my waist and she pressed close to me, mouth nuzzling at my breasts again.
    “I want you, mummy — I want to love you,” she panted huskily. “Let me!”
    I struggled with her as I knelt there, trying to unlock her arms so tightly wrapped round my waist.
    “Stop it, Jane-I'm your mother,” I gasped.
    “I love you, mummy, I love you,” her mouth was wet and soft on my breasts. “I want to love you all over- you're so beautiful; I want to kiss…”
    There was a tap on the door; Jane looked up at me, startled. I pulled her arms away and got off the bed, picking up my nightie.
    “Come in, Stella,” I called, pulling on the nightie quickly and pushing Jane back on the bed. I managed to pull the covers up to conceal the fact that Jane was naked-not that Stella wouldn't know, but so that Jane wouldn't realise that she knew.
    “Tea,” announced Stella, coming in with a tray. “I woke up and found you weren't there, Rita; I guessed you'd probably come in to say good-morning to Jane, so I got up and made some tea for the three of us.”
    She sat on the bed and handed round the cups, throwing me an old-fashioned look as she handed me mine.
    “Well, it's another lovely day-we should have a good tan to take back with us.”
    “We can swim and sun-bathe most of the day,” said Jane.
    “We need only wear pants-nobody ever comes round this way, do they, Aunt Stella?”
    Stella and I exchanged glances, but made no comment. Stella finished her tea and stood up.
    “Well, let's you and I get dressed and start breakfast, Rita-we're missing the sun hanging about indoors.”
    And so she got me out of my daughter's amorous clutches for a while.
    Back in our bedroom she eyed me, then pulled my nightie right up to my neck and inspected my nipples; felt briefly between my legs and shook her head.
    “Ts-tse-it was bad, wasn't it, darling.” She phrased it as a statement of fact. “Want to tell me about it?”
    I told her all that had happened, almost in tears as I tried to explain my own feelings. I had stripped off my nightie and she her negligee; we sat on the bed as I told her the story and she put her arms round me and cradled my head on her breasts.
    “She was really hot for you this time, then, and no mistake!”
    “She wanted the lot! Even touched my bottom-between the cheeks, I mean.”
    “Oh. Lord!”
    “Tried to get her hand in between my thighs, too. I stopped her, then, but she was trying to make it with me again when you knocked. Notice her face make-up? She was all prepared for me when I went in — hair brushed, nightie off-she even wore perfume!”
    “She's got it bad!”
    “Then she made me kiss her breasts and suck on her nipples, as she had done to me. And the whole thing was working towards my nether end-her hands kept wandering down there.”
    “If you let things go much further, she'll be asking you to touch her there, too! If I were you, I should have it out if she tries that again before she goes back to school. If she has seen us and brings it up, then you'll just have to face it; you'll have to stand the humiliation and embarrassment of having your daughter tell you she knows about your lesbian relations with me. All you can do is say you're sorry, but that's the way it is and that's an end to it; that you will not have any more liberties taken with your person, or indulge her in any more of her 'cuddling' sessions. I don't suppose your regard and affection for each other will be quite the same again, but at least you won't have to go through all this worry about what she's going to demand next.”
    “No, you're right, Stella. I shall see how far she tries to go the next time and if it's anywhere near as far as it was this morning I'll put a stop to it. I was hoping things could have been held off until she went back to school, but she's becoming altogether too demanding.”
    We dressed in light summer dresses over our swim-suits, completing the ensemble with sandals. When we went out to get breakfast, we found Jane already in the kitchen; she had her swim-suit and sandals, with just a blouse coming to her waist.
    As soon as breakfast was over, Jane was off down to the beach, leaving Stella and I to clear up. When we arrived, she had been in for a swim and was now lying back, sunning herself, costume peeled right down to her hips. Stella and I stripped off our dresses, Stella making two pairs of eyes come out like organ stops as she displayed herself in her bikini. We kicked off our sandals and headed for the water.
    “Maybe I shouldn't have brought the bikini,” muttered Stella as we waded out. “The way she looks at us makes me feel naked.”
    “You might as well, be, my love,” I laughed. “That thing merely serves to accentuate the little it conceals! You're rather gorgeous, though!”
    “We'd better not swim too close together — Jane's bound to have her eyes all over the place.” Stella breasted an oncoming wave and struck out; I followed taking a slightly deviating course.
    Back on the beach we suffered Jane's surreptitious glances as we bared our breasts to towel ourselves down. Afterwards, we lay face down on our towels, keeping our rears covered with the lower parts of our swimming costumes. Jane continued to lie with her breasts bared to the sun and gave us rather frustrated looks when we turned over and hid our breasts from her view with the towels.
    “Don't you want to get a nice all-over tan?” she enquired. “I like to feel the sun on my titties.”
    “It won't feel so good if you get them sun-burnt,” Stella warned. “Your mother and I aren't risking it.”
    We went in for lunch and then Stella found a beach ball, which she inflated and took back with us. We spent most of the day on the beach; Jane prudently wore her blouse for the rest of the afternoon, except when swimming and Stella and I continued to spoil her day for her by keeping all our vital parts covered!
    To round off the evening, we drove out to the pub we had visited the night before, Stella and I wearing panties and bra beneath our dresses. Jane had her port and lemonade and we drank lager.
    “Back home tomorrow,” Jane sighed regretfully. “The week-end went like lightning.”
    “Time always does when one is having a good time. You enjoyed it, Jane?”
    “Ooh, yes, Aunt Stella, it was wonderful-especially my little trip to Bridlington.”
    “Never mind-we'll be able to come here again for more week-ends; we might even manager longer next time-this was at rather short notice.”
    After a light supper that night, Jane went off to her room. On her way, she bent and kissed Stella and I lightly on the cheek.
    “Coming to tuck me in later, mummy?” she murmured as she kissed me.
    “I'll look in before we go to bed, dear.”
    “Think you'll have to take a stand tonight?”
    “If she starts trying what she did this morning, I shall have to.”
    Stella got up from her chair and leaned over me, kissing the tip of my nose. “Feel like turning in yet?”
    “Any old time with you, darling,” I whispered, drawing her face down to kiss her lips. She let me kiss them and then pulled back quickly.
    “Steady-Jane might come out and see us. If that's the way you feel-let's get into the bedroom as soon maybe and do it properly!”
    I stood up and we went into the bedroom. Stella at once began to undress.
    “Well, I've no strict orders on the dress I have to present myself in, so I'm not going to ask for trouble and go in my nightie. I'll tuck her in and undress afterwards. Shan't be long.”
    “Scream if you need me!”
    As I went into Jane's room, she was in the act of picking up her nightie. At least, that's the way it looked! She had obviously stripped and sat waiting in the nude for me to arrive. As I went over to her, she dropped the nightie and turned towards me, her face registering disappointment when she saw I was still fully dressed. She hid it and smiled, lifting her arms to me.
    “Well, put your nightie on and get into bed if you want me to tuck you in.”
    “Thai's all right, mummy-I didn't think you'd be in so soon. Kiss me goodnight here-I have to brush my teeth, yet.”
    Maybe I was going to get off lightly tonight, I thought. I took a deep breath as her arms slipped lightly round my waist and I held her bare shoulders as she kissed me. Her mouth lingered, her tongue flicking out and I felt her breath quicken as she pressed closer.
    “Darling,” she breathed on my lips.
    I wasn't prepared for what happened next. Her arms suddenly slid from my waist and whipped downwards to come up under my skirt, slide swiftly up my thighs, and then her hands were clasping my pantied bottom, pulling me into her. I struggled to pull away as her hands went to the waist of the panties and tugged them down my thighs.
    I pushed her away and turned to make for the door, only to sprawl across the bed, as the panties fell down past my knees and tripped me.
    Then she was on me before I had gathered my senses from the unexpected attack and subsequent fall. My skirt was whipped up over my back and my panties dragged down my legs. She was kneeling behind me, as I sprawled with my hips on the edge of the bed, her arms clasping my legs, mouth raining kisses on my bottom and the backs of my thighs.
    I pushed myself up on to my hands and twisted in her grasp, sitting up. She was ready; her mouth was on the hair at my loins and as I pushed her head away from me her lips trailed wetly down my thighs.
    I gave her a hard shove and she fell back on to her behind as I got to my feet and reached down to pull my panties up. Even then, she was looking unashamedly straight up between my legs. I got my knickers on and smoothed down my skirt, then, without a word, I took her hand and hauled her roughly to her feet, pulling her towards me as I sat on the bed. This was something that had to be done.
    I gasped her round the waist and pulled her across my lap. She looked up at me once, her eyes moist; she saw my hand raised above her buttocks and realised what I was going to do. I thought for a moment there was going to be a struggle, but she made no comment as she turned her head away and lay still.
    I slapped her naked bottom until my hand stung and her cheeks were a fiery red; I went on spanking her, wanting to make her cry and wondering why she wasn't even trying to get away.
    At last, I let her go and she stood looking at me for a long moment, biting her lips, tears running down her face, her chest heaving with silent sobs. I was sorry then, but hardened my heart and stood up.
    “Now get into bed at once. We'll discuss your behaviour in the morning.”
    “Yes, mummy,” she faltered docilely and climbed stiffly into her bed, giving me another view of her hot-looking rear. I switched off her light and went to the door. “And thank you, mummy-I still love you,” came her tearful voice as I went out.
    “Well?” Stella reclined naked on top of the bed. “You weren't stripped and raped, I see!”
    “Half stripped and almost raped!” I replied grimly.
    “No! What happen this time?”
    I went over and sat on the bed, holding out my reddened palm for inspection.
    “I gave her a darn good spanking on the backside. You should see her bottom!”
    “So she really went too far. Well, I'm glad you got it over with. Did she say anything about us?”
    “Not a word-I may have that to come in the morning, though. I told her we'd talk about what she'd tried to do in the morning, after I'd smacked her. It was all rather strange, really, the way she took it; she knew I was going to beat her when I took her over my lap, but she didn't make any attempt to stop me or to get away. And when it was over, she actually thanked me for doing it.”
    “She probably took it as a girl might from her lover,” said Stella thoughtfully. “Tell me what led up to it.”
    “Oh, she was naked and waiting when I went in; pretended she was in the act of putting on her nightie. She dropped the nightie and asked me to kiss her then, as she still had to clean her teeth. Well, we went into a clinch and before I knew what she was about, she had her hands under my skirt, dragging my pants down.”
    “Sexy little bitch!”
    “I thought the best thing I could do was get out fast and think about what to say to her in the morning. I turned after pushing her away, but the pants had fallen down my legs and I tripped and sprawled across the bed. Then came the worst part of it. My skirt was pulled up and she was kissing my behind and thighs; I managed to twist round, but only to have her mouth planted on my pube-even as I pushed her away, she was slobbering at my thighs. I pushed her and she fell on her behind, and, do you know, Stella-she actually had the brazenness to look straight up between my legs as I stood over her, pulling my pants up!”
    “And then, of course, you did what you had to- took it out on her backside!”
    “Exactly. So where do we go from there?”
    “Sleep on it and let the morning take care of itself- worrying won't help. I'll tell you what you can do right now-get those clothes off and come here to me! I'll take your mind off Jane for a while!”
    “I'll bet you will, too!” I stripped quickly, wanting to lose myself in the delights of her lovely body.
    I found absolutely no difficulty either, as we lay close, fondling and kissing, swiftly bringing each other to a peak of desire that could only be assuaged by the relief of orgasm. We found, too, using a method Phil and I had tried on occasion-soixant-neuf.
    Stella had been kneeling beside me, bending over and kissing my belly; inevitably she had moved lower until her warm breath on my thighs demanded I open them. I lay back, enjoying the intimate caresses for a while, until she shuffled round to a better position so that she could get her head right between my legs.
    Her full bottom jutted on my left, only a few inches above my face. As I got more and more heated, I became less passive. I could just see the lips of her vulva peeking out from between the backs of her thighs. I wanted it! I stroked it, watching the lips open and begin to glisten with moisture. Then I wanted to taste it as well.
    I lifted myself on to one elbow and craned my neck; I could just get my mouth to the warm, mushy haven and licked adoringly. She did her best to help by opening her thighs wider and pushing her bottom out, but the position was still cramped. She looked round at me.
    “Soixant-neuf, darling?”
    I lay back again and she straddled me, moving herself back a little until her creamy buttocks hovered above my face. I looked up at them and at the long gash of her sex between the spread thighs; it was completely opened up, now, the hanging labia wet and heavy with her sexual lust.
    I reached up between her thighs and round to clasp her hips, urging her down to my waiting mouth. Her thighs splayed wider as she lowered her hind lovely quarters, bringing her cunt to rest on my mouth.
    We went madly at each other, then, our mouths sucking and even nibbling at the other's drooling quim. As I sucked on her, so she gave me a harder suck in return, tongue thrusting; even the tickling of her hair on the insides of my thighs added fuel to my passion.
    I came first, spending at her mouth in a burst of flaming ecstasy, feeling her suck the fluid almost painfully from me. As sensation receded, I relaxed back exhausted, my mouth leaving her sex, still unsated, mutely begging for surcease.
    When she felt me relaxing, she lifted her head and made to move away.
    “No, darling, wait — just let me have a little rest first and then I'll see to you.”
    I lay back, recovering my breath, looking up at my unfinished task from between her thighs. She lifted herself higher and looked back at me from between her legs.
    “It felt and tasted as though you rather enjoyed yourself!”
    “Mmmm-it was fabulous!”
    “Want to rest a while longer before you see to my needs?”
    “No-I'll take care of you right now! Just lower that sexy-looking thing a bit more and I'll do my best to suck you dry!”
    Down it came with alacrity, covering my mouth with heated wetness. She knelt quite still, her head between my thighs, mouth just resting on my sex, as I gammed her. I reached down between her legs, feeling for her breasts, flattened against my stomach; she raised herself enough for me to get hold of them and I began to pull on the teats as though milking her.
    This drove her wild as the nipples became hot and elongated under this treatment. She began giving my cunt great, passionate licks, frantically rubbing her own against my mouth.
    Suddenly, she made me jerk hard as she sucked the lips of my vulva forcefully into her mouth, teeth nibbling; her cunt jabbed down on to my mouth and then her familiar and beloved nectar was seeping between my lips.
    “Oh, darling, that was wonderful,” she sighed, as she relaxed beside me.
    “We'll have to do that again-I'm afraid I didn't time it very well.”
    “Well, you did have a start on me.”
    We pulled a sheet up over us and switched off the light.
    “Enjoy the week-end. Rita?”
    Rather-except for one thing, of course.”
    “Jane? Yes, that is all rather unfortunate.
    “Funnily enough-I'm sorry from her point of view, as well; we bring her to the seaside to make a break for her and end up by smacking her bottom on the last night!”
    “You had to do it, though, Rita, or goodness knows where it would end.” She snuggled up to me, kissed the lobe of my ear. “Poor darling, you have got some problems, haven't you? And all because of me.”
    “Don't go blaming yourself again, dear-I wouldn't have it otherwise, now.”
    “Darling.” A small whisper.
    “It excites you, doesn't it?”
    “What does?”
    “Jane cuddling you.”
    “It does, I'm afraid-and I hate myself for letting it.”
    “It's not your fault — that's a natural reaction. It would do the same to me, and I'm no cradle-snatcher-especially the daughter of the woman I love! I must admit I found it pleasant seeing her all bare right down to her slim hips on the beach; those young tits of hers look very promising!”
    “Stella-you are one lascivious woman!”
    “I don't mean I have designs on the girl…”
    “It wouldn't surprise me if she had designs on you, though! Didn't you notice the hot looks you got in your bikini?”
    “Did I not! And how disappointed she looked when we kept our own titties covered. Mean, weren't we! She was just dying to have a peek, poor thing. Seriously- what will you say to her in the morning? Thought of anything yet?”
    “How could I, with what we were doing? No-I'll just play it my ear when the time comes.”
    “And you're prepared for the worst? About her seeing us, I mean?”
    “I suppose so.”
    “Actually, when you come to think of it, it wasn't all that dreadful. What did we do? We smeared some tan lotion on each other…”
    “And kissed and played with each other's titties- and don't forget that long, long kiss just before we came up from the beach. Let's face it, Stella-we were like a pair of lovers. Even coming up the path we were playing around that way-and as We came through the door, I kissed one of those sexy breasts of yours; that must have been in full view of Jane, too.”
    “Well, it could have been worse — if she'd seen us going for each others cunnies, then that would have been disastrous!”
    “Hm-it probably seems a lot worse to me than it really is. We'll see.”
    “Well, I hope you don't have to smack her bottom again — seems a shame when all she's doing it for is love.”
    “Yes, but what sort of love?”
    “Incestuous, I know, but it's still love — and she probably doesn't even know the meaning of the word incest, anyway.”
    “I wouldn't care to bet on that!”


    “Well, we go back today, darling.”
    I opened my eyes to see Stella sitting on the edge of the bed, leaning over me. “I'm afraid,” she added regretfully.
    I reached for her nakedness, drawing her down and seeking her mouth; it opened on mine as we kissed. All soft it was and fresh, tasting of tooth-paste; I sniffed at her; smelling of toilet soap.
    “What time is it?”
    “Quite late; I let you sleep on while I washed and made tea. It's getting on for ten o'clock.”
    “Oh, gosh!” I sat up and threw back the sheet.
    “I've already knocked Jane up and given her a cup of tea-she's getting dressed. I thought it might be a better idea for you both to be dressed and out in the open when you talk to her.”
    “Thanks-it is. You didn't go in like that, did you?”
    “Not likely! I think I should have had a little more on than my negligee, though; you know how nearly transparent those things are. Our Jane was all eyes and kept me there while she told me what an enjoyable time she'd had; insisted on kissing me for being such a nice Aunt Stella!”
    “You let her?”
    “What else could I do? I'm not supposed to know what's going on between the two of you.”
    “She- she didn't try to take any liberties with you, did she?”
    “If you mean did she try to get at what I had under the negligee, she didn't-but the kiss she gave me wasn't exactly the way a teenage girl would normally thank her aunt for a week-end at the sea-side! Arms round the neck, pressed close, mouth open-the lot! I pulled away as soon as she started to try rubbing her titties against mine and pretended not to notice.”
    “Best thing, I suppose-although I could hardly pretend not to notice what she did with me!”
    I washed and had a brief, but passionate, clinch with Stella before we dressed. The sky was slightly overcast, but it was still very warm and slightly clammy, so we dressed in the scantiest of undies and thin silk dresses, dispensing with suspender-belts and stockings.
    We breakfasted and I found Jane subdued but not unfriendly. Afterwards, we all chipped in to straighten things around the bungalow. Stella took the opportunity when we had finished tidying up and Jane went to pack her bag, of giving some advice.
    “We have no need to rush-we can have a last swim before we go. I'll stay in a bit longer and you can talk to her on the beach. It'll be better to get it over with before you get home.”
    We had our swim. undressing in our bedrooms and going down in our costumes, not bothering with towels. Stella hung back until we were just about ready to come out of the water before going in. Jane and I waded out on to the beach, myself hanging back this time, frantically trying to think of the best way to broach the subject and seeing myself to face what Jane would almost certainly have to say about Stella and I–I did cherish one forlorn hope, though, that she might not dare accuse her own mother of such a thing, if she really knew what lesbianism was.
    As we stopped and turned to look out at Stella, I decided the best thing to do would be to come right out with k.
    “Let's wait here for Stella, Jane. Sit down-I want to talk to you.” I kept my voice as impersonal as I could and dropped down on the sand beside her.
    “Yes, mummy?” she said with a confidence which made things even more difficult.
    “You realise that what you did last night was very wrong, don't you?” Now where did I go from there? “I am your mother and…”
    “All the more reason why I should want to love you and why you should let me,” she replied, her voice respectful but quite firm. Her eyes were wide as she looked at me, as though surprised that I should see things any differently.
    “You call what you did love? Why do you think I smacked your bottom?”
    “Well, perhaps I was a little too forward to begin with; I'm not very well up on these things, yet-I'll learn as I go along.”
    “What on earth are you talking about? I don't want any repetition of last night, you understand? I should not only smack your bottom the next time-I'd also speak to your father and perhaps even your head teacher.”
    She deliberately pulled the shoulder-straps of her costume down her arms and peeled it down to her waist, then relaxed on the sand, looking up at me.
    “I seem to be getting all mixed up, mummy,” she said archly. “Do you mean I'm not old enough to be allowed to love you like that? Will I be able to when I'm a little older?”
    “You certainly will not!”
    “Not even when I'm say, about twenty-or maybe over twenty-one?”
    “Not ever! Now enough of this nonsense-you know perfectly well it-it's not natural. And another thing- these morning cuddles must stop; you're getting a big girl now and not a baby any more.”
    “Does that mean that you have stopped loving me? And that I mustn't love you, either?”
    “Of course I still love you-you're my own daughter and I hope you will continue to love me, but without the demonstrations we've had lately. Understood?” I decided to terminate the conversation right there, breathing a sigh of intense relief as I stood up; I had got through without Stella being brought into it. I waved to her and she started to swim ashore; I began to walk towards the water to meet her.
    “Mummy,” came Jane's quiet voice behind me. “Mummy-why it is that your very own daughter isn't allowed to touch you bare and yet a stranger can? Well, not a stranger-a friend!”
    I swung round, heart pounding. She was getting to her feet, not looking at me.
    “What? What was that you said?” My voice sounded choked, as though it didn't belong to me.
    She took her time getting up and strolling across to me, finally coming to a halt only a couple of feet away, facing me, her young, naked breasts thrust forward pertly.
    “I said why do I get my behind spanked for doing something that you like Stella to do?”
    “That-that was in fun.”
    “But I like that sort of fun, too. Is it because I'm your daughter that I can't do it? In that case,” she went on without waiting for a reply. “I could do it to Stella, couldn't I?” And she walked towards the water to meet Stella.
    “Jane!” I shouted, running after her. “Don't you dare…”
    “What mustn't she dare?” Stella came trotting up, splashing water all over us. She pulled off her rubber cap and shook out her hair. “I suppose we'd better be starting back pretty soon.” She looked at me and I raised hopeless eyebrows. “Tell me later,” she whispered. She turned to Jane. “Were you coming to meet me for anything special, Jane?” She asked, knowing she was forcing an issue.
    “No-nothing special.” Jane backed down, but as we went up to the bungalow, she came close to breathe in my ear. “We'll have to have a longer chat later, won't we, mummy! Much longer!”
    I looked at her, meeting her knowing eyes, then turned away quickly, nodding.
    As soon as Stella and I got into our bedroom, I told her what had passed.
    “Well, she did see us on the beach, then, or she wouldn't have been so confident. There's one thing, though-it's all out in the open now, and not hanging over your head. The next talk you have must be brief and your line must be that you've done nothing to be ashamed of; say it was just a bit of horse-play. Then get very bold and say that if you ever hear it mentioned again, you'll tan her rear for her and tell Phil and her head mistress. End of discussion-walk away. OK?”
    “I suppose so.”
    “You've got to play tough, darling, or she'll walk all over you. Now you do that-you realise she'd have you reporting to her room night and morning if she had the chance!”
    So there we left it and started sponging each other down to gel the sand the salt water off before dressing.
    All three of us cast a sorrowful look back at the bungalow as we climbed into the car.
    “Don't look so down-hearted,” smiled Stella, “we'll be coming back again before very long.”
    Jane insisted on sitting in the back, this time, leaning her arms on the back of our seats for most of the journey, chin resting on her hands, looking through the windscreen at the oncoming road from between our shoulders. I felt no surprise when I caught her glance dropping to our thighs or peeping down the tops of our dresses, knowing quite well that that was why she had been so “unselfish” in letting me sit in front with Stella.
    The journey back was also uneventful, high-lighted by lunch and a cool lager later. Jane was polite but a little distant and thoughtful, as though gathering her mental ammunition for our coming talk. I felt a lot better about things since she had got around to bringing out what was on her mind, and, now I came to think about it, the little petting Stella and I had done back there on the beach wouldn't have looked much more than horseplay to someone standing a couple of hundred feet away, would it? Would it?!! In any event, I felt a lot more confident in approaching the next discussion.
    It was about six o'clock when we pulled in to Stella's drive-way. As we got out, Jane spoke up boldly.
    “Aunt Stella-would you mind if I had a word with mummy in your house?” She put on a little-girl tone. “It's a little secret between us that we don't want daddy to know about.”
    Stella threw me a questioning look and I nodded, welcoming the idea-I didn't want Phil hanging about while this talk was on, knowing his opinion of Stella!
    “Of course not. Come on in and I'll fix something to drink in the kitchen while and mummy discuss your little secret.”
    She left us alone in the living-room and I turned to face my daughter. My intention was to let her have her say, whatever it might be, then come down on her like a ton of bricks, as Stella had suggested. It worked — up to a point!
    “Well, Jane?” I kept my voice brisk. “Say whatever you have in your mind, but make it brief-we can't keep Stella waiting out in the kitchen.”
    “Oh, this won't take long, mummy.” She took her time strolling over to the couch, sitting down and crossing her legs deliberately in front of me, giving me a generous view of her thighs, like a ham actress playing a vamp. “I liked what I saw Stella and you doing and I want a share,” she stated baldly.
    “Have you finished?” I demanded, ignoring, for the moment, the enormity of the request.
    “And if you're thinking of smacking my bottom again and threatening me with dad and the school, I shouldn't do that, mummy.”
    “That is exactly what I am going to do!”
    “That's funny was going to say the same thing.”
    “How do you mean?”
    “Telling daddy about the fun you and Auntie Stella have together. There would be no point in yelling it round the school,” she went on musingly, then smiled brightly. “Might be fun to smack your bottom, though!”
    “Jane! You little…” I took a step towards her, face flaming, intending to haul her across my lap and relieve my feelings on her backside.
    “Now don't do anything silly, mummy,” she cried hastily, getting up and darting round to face me from behind the couch. “If dad got to know about it, he might want to smack your bottom!”
    “Get to know about what?” I asked desperately. “I told you that was just a little horse-play Stella and I had on the beach.”
    “The sort of horse-play some of the older girls indulge in in the dorm, at school after lights out! Playing with each others titties and pee-holes…”
    “Jane-I won't tolerate such language! And Stella and I didn't do anything like that. Now I'm going to…”
    “Hear what I have to say,” she finished for me cheekily. I know you didn't go for each other's pee-hole on the beach-you only kissed and rubbed titties. But what about at night when you both went to bed? You didn't stop at kissing!”
    The world was going round; I found it hard to believe I was talking to my own daughter. I must be having a nightmare and would wake up soon.
    “We went to bed to sleep, what else?” I tried to infuse as much outraged modesty as I could into my voice.
    “Do you really want me to tell you what else?” she said quietly, continuing without waiting for a reply even if I'd had one. “Well, I don't know very much about Friday night at the bungalow-you remembered to draw the curtains. But Saturday night and Sunday night, you must have forgotten all about them.”
    Oh, Lord! My hands flew to my face and I turned my back to her. I had never felt so ashamed in all my life as when I stood, knowing my daughter's eyes were burning into my back. almost feeling her triumph. She had seen everything. No wonder she had been so confident.
    “It was terribly exciting, mummy; the two of you all naked like that, cuddling and kissing. And then that great big rubber thing. Gosh! It's a wonder it didn't split you right up your middle! Didn't it hurt, mummy?” She was carried away, now, and rushed on, “How you squealed when it went in, mummy! Then having all that milk squirted into your poor little pee-hole afterwards. It looked more like a punishment she was giving you, but you both seemed to be enjoying yourselves.
    “It must feel lovely when you're kissing each other between the thighs, though-I think I should like that very much.”
    On and on she went, relating all the intimate things Stella and I had done together over the week-end, while I stood with my back to her, taking each word as almost a physical blow. Finally, I could stand it no longer. I swung round on her.
    “All right, Jane! All right!” I burst out. “You saw everything we did. It was terribly wrong of me, of us, but it's something we can't help; we try to make it as beautiful as possible, because that is the way we see it. But it is something that you must not do-ever. Between Stella and I it is something beautiful, but to the rest of society it is wrong.”
    “But I'm not the rest of society-I'm just Jane; and I think it's something beautiful.”
    I had to get a grip on things and make a show of authority.
    “Never mind what you think it is-you're not going to indulge in it. I shall write to your head mistress and tell her to keep a close watch on your activities-especially in the dormitory. Now that's the end of the conversation-don't you ever let me hear you talk like that again.”
    “Oh, no, mummy-that isn't the end of it. You should know your own daughter well enough to know that if she sets her heart on something she gets it. I've set my heart on this! I love you not only as a mummy, but also the way Stella loves you. I'll be sixteen in a few months and I think I've learnt about most things. I know that's what I want. I want it so much that if I don't get it, I shall go and tell dad the whole story-tonight!”
    “He wouldn't even listen to you!”
    “Not after what he's said about Stella? I've heard him talking to you about her; what did he call her — a lesbian?” So she knew about that, too! “I even heard him pulling your leg about her being after you. He'd listen all right!”
    “You-you wouldn't tell on your own mother, Jane, would you? You realise it would make everyone very unhappy-daddy included; it could. break your home up.”
    “I don't care! I want you and if I can't have you, I'd rather everything was broken up. I could stay at school all the time, then and I wouldn't have to be looking you and wanting you and knowing you and Stella were doing things I wanted to do. I knew about this before we went to Bridlington, by the way; I looked into the kitchen one morning when Stella came over and saw her feeling at you under your skirt. I guessed what you did together when you were over here with her.”
    “What you're asking of me is out of the question. I won't do it.”
    “Very well,” she replied without any hesitation, “I shall go across to the house now and tell dad everything.” She looked straight at me, then, and I saw her eyes were filled with tears. “I shall always love you, darling mummy; I hated doing this and I prayed you might have seen it my way. I'll go and see dad, now.”
    “How about having a nice cup of coffee first?” Stella stood just inside the doorway, holding a tray with three steaming cups. “Whatever it is you want to see your dad about will keep for a couple of minutes, won't it?”
    She came into the room and put the tray on a coffee table near the couch.
    “I-oh, all right.” Jane came back to the couch and accepted the cup Stella handed her.
    “Did you-er-hear any of the conversation Stella?” I asked quietly.
    “Oh, something Jane said she hated doing and that she'll always love you.” she replied lightly. She smiled at Jane. “Noting desperate, I hope?”
    “I think it's something you ought to know, Stella- about the two of us, I'm afraid.”
    “Oh?” Stella turned and walked over to the sideboard, fiddling about looking for cigarettes. When she turned back towards us, her face was pink, her mouth tight. I knew she at least guessed it was far more serious that either of us had thought.
    “Cigarette?” I took one gratefully. Stella tossed back her dark hair, took a deep drag on her cigarette and turned to face Jane. Even in that awful situation, I found myself thinking how beautiful she was, as she drew herself up austerely to face whatever was coming from my daughter. “And what is it about the two of us that I ought to know. Jane?” she asked quietly.
    Jane backed down somewhat when faced with the blunt question. She got up and walked over to the fireplace, stood looking down into the empty grate.
    “I–I don't think it's for me to say-it should be between you and mummy.”
    “I want to hear it from you, Jane.” Stella insisted. “I presume you brought the subject up.”
    “It's about what you and mummy do with each other,” muttered Jane, still looking into the fireplace.
    “Oh, we might as well get it over with.” I broke in. “We've had it all out, anyway. She saw us through the window as well as on the beach-she knows everything.”
    “Snooping?” muttered Stella, her lip curling. “And having snooped, what else has she stooped to-blackmail, I suppose?”
    “That's about the size of it.”
    “Let's hear the worst-what demands is she making?”
    “She wants me!” I murmured.
    “You! Jane-do you know what you're doing?”
    “I know what I want.” Jane turned towards us, her lips quivering. “I've hated myself for it-but I want it so much I'll do anything to get it.”
    “She says she's going to tell Phil everything unless I let her have what se wants.”
    “Would he believe her?”
    “I'm afraid he would. I didn't want you to know this, but in all fairness, I must tell you. You see-he likes you quite a lot-even says you're a 'smasher,' but he also thinks your might be a…”
    I nodded.
    “On what grounds?”
    “Oh, quite slim ones, actually-the fact that you live alone and have no husband or boy-friends. But with what Jane would have to tell him, it would all begin to add up.”
    “I see. It makes no difference to her that she will be breaking up her own home?”
    “None-her mind is made up. It's either me, or she tells Phil.”
    We talked for nearly an hour; Stella tried all sorts of arguments; threats, promises, even compromises, without the slightest effect. We even begged her to take the coming term at school to think it over, but it was useless. She wanted what she wanted and she wanted it now. Finally. Stella drew a deep breath and walked over to her; she placed her hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes.
    “You realise what an awful thing you're asking of your mother, Jane?” she asked quietly.
    Jane nodded, dropping her eyes.
    “And nothing will dissuade you?”
    A stubborn shake of the head.
    “Very well. Look at me, Jane.” Jane looked up at her. “If that is what you want — will you take me instead.”
    I gasped and Jane's eyes went wide.
    “You-you mean you'd let me…?” She stopped.
    “Do whatever you wanted with me-if you will promise not to tell your father about your mother and also that you'll leave your mother out of the arrangement.”
    I could see that Jane was torn between the two of us. She looked at Stella's loveliness and was quite obviously sorely tempted. Then she shook her head and practically floored us with her next words.
    “No, I can't. You see-I–I had that in mind, too. I love mummy so very much,” and she looked over at me with longing eyes. “I couldn't make a promise like that. I think I love you, too, Aunt Stella, and…and I wanted to have you as well-eventually.”
    Stella and I looked at each other speechlessly.
    “Well, can you beat that!” gasped Stella. “She wants the pair of us!”
    “And I want to know tonight,” Jane pursued her advantage of surprise.
    It was now up to me to make the final and irrevocable decision. Negotiations had broken down, as the unions say, and there was no time to table any new proposals.
    “No, Stella-it's not your problem. It's all mine and up to me to try and solve it. I don't want the home broken up.” I looked at Jane; she was watching me, holding her breath as she waited for what I was going to say next. “All right, Jane-I'll do what you want,” I said simply.
    “Oh, mummy!” Then she burst into tears.
    Stella and I looked at each other silently. I gave a resigned shrug.
    “Didn't have any choice, did I? Come on, Jane- let's go home.”
    As we left, Stella squeezed my hand hard.
    “Want me to pop over in the morning, darling?” she whispered.
    “Please-about ten; I should have paid part of the blackmail by then and I'll need someone.”
    Before we went in, I made Jane pull herself together and dry her eyes; I felt nothing, just then-only slightly numbed.
    “Have a good time?” Phil greeted us.
    “Smashing!” Jane had brightened up and handed over the things she had brought him from her shopping trip to Bridlington.
    “Well, you've both acquired quite a tan.”
    The three of us were soon chattering away and the previous couple of hours had faded, for the time being, to an unreal shadow.
    After Jane had gone off to bed, Phil looked at me again and I recognised the old glint in his eye.
    “That white dress goes well with your tan; sort of sets it off-very sexy!”
    Although I didn't feel at all sexy just then, I smiled and let him take me into his arms, trying to appear willing. We kissed and he stroked my bare arms.
    “Shall we go to bed?” he whispered.
    “Mmm-let's!” I murmured, sounding enthusiastic. If he wanted sex, I thought, I'd have to let him have it; after being away for three days with Stella, I couldn't — I daren't-show unwilling.
    We undressed and I could see by the way he kept looking at me he was going to want it. I didn't bother with a nightie, but slipped into my dressing gown to go to the toilet first. There, I went through the task of rousing myself as best I could with my fingers, using my old trick of lifting my breasts to my mouth to raise the nipples. I looked at them and felt at my sex to see how I was doing. I'd pass muster, I thought, to start with- he would probably be able to do the rest.
    As I took the dressing gown off and climbed naked into bed beside him, slipping naturally into his arms, it occurred to me how completely divorced this part of my life was to my association with Stella. The word “divorce” brought my mind back to what I had consented to do with Jane to avoid one.
    To take my thoughts away from the morrow, I forced myself into an erotic frame of mind. I grasped my husband's stiff prick, lifted one leg and rubbed the knob up and down along my slit. I rubbed my breasts against his chest, kissing him and wriggling against him, rousing us both.
    “Say — we are sexy tonight, aren't we!” he gasped, nevertheless taking full advantage of the situation.
    “Any complaints?” I grinned in the darkness.
    “No complaints!”
    “Come — come on, darling, take me!” I panted, squirming on to my back and opening my legs.
    He needed no second invitation; he was on me, between my thighs and his hot penis shoved up me to the hilt almost before I had the words out.
    I lay back, lifting my pelvis up for his deep thrusts, legs locked over his. His mouth crushed down on mine and I felt him come, gouts of semen squirting into me from his throbbing prick. I jerked my buttocks high off the bed to keep him right inside me, as I came myself. When it was over, I got out of bed again.
    “You still didn't remember to get those tablets, did you?”
    “Hell — yes! I did-forgot all about them; they're in my coat pocket.”
    “Fat lot of good they'll do there! One of them should have been in me! Oh, well-at least we have got some. I'll remember them next time.”
    “Like-tomorrow morning?”
    “Sex maniac!”
    I gave myself a douche and came back to bed. He was lying back, relaxed, with the light on. He turned towards me as I climbed in.
    “Behave yourself over the week-end?” he grinned.
    “I always behave myself!”
    “More to the point-did Stella?”
    On that old tack again! I felt more annoyed than guilty then; annoyed because he had brought into focus what I was to face in the morning.
    “You know Stella will get to know about what you call her one day and bring a libel suit, or something! You keep harping on the subject-what do you think she did at Bridlington-raped me?”
    “That would have been interesting!”
    “I do believe that if anything like that happened, you'd want to watch!”
    “I'll bet that would be quite an exhibition!”
    Stung, I turned to look at him.
    “Would you like me to arrange it? I'll say 'Stella, my husband says you are a lesbian and wants to watch you make love to me-naked, of course!' Would that suit you?”
    “Oh, come off it, Rita-I'm only pulling your leg.”
    And there it ended. Needless to say-I slept worse than badly that night, dreading the morning and the time Phil would leave for the office, leaving me to the tender mercies of my darling daughter!


    Phil brought me my cup of tea and rushed off, late for work. I got out of bed, started to put on a nightie, thought better of it and got back into bed again. What was the use of a nightie-it would only add to embarrassment when I had to take it off again. I assumed Jane would want me in bed, unless she had any new ideas!
    Again, I got out of the bed, paced up and down naked. No, better get into bed again-she'd be here any minute. I wetted a sponge at the wash-basin, sponged between my legs to have as little odour as possible, in case she wanted to use her mouth on me. I shuddered at the thought of the fantastic situation. Jane using her mouth on me, her mother! I got back into bed and pulled the sheets up to my chin, waiting.
    I must have dozed off; as I opened my eyes, there was Jane pulling the sheet back and climbing into bed with me. I moved over to give her room, keeping my face averted. Eagerly, she snuggled into me, running her hands over my body.
    “All lovely and bare.” She sat up and pulled off her nightie, then lay down again, stroking me.
    I laud still, on my back, my legs slightly parted, as she caressed me, not looking at her. She forced me to, eventually, turning my face and pressing her lips to mine.
    “Love me, mummy,” she whispered, getting on top of me and holding me tightly.
    “I thought that was what you wanted to do to me,” I whispered back.
    “I want what you and Stella do-love each other.”
    She rolled from me, then, and her hands were wandering over my body again, finally lifting one of my breasts and taking the nipple into her mouth. Then began the sucking and licking that caused such havoc with my body, no matter what my frame of mind. Both nipples received the treatment and I had to lie still while she examined her handiwork afterwards, the two buttons of flesh rampant and red with erotic desire.
    “Now I want you to make mine like that.”
    Without a word, I turned as she lay on her back and took one of her nipples between my lips, feeling it warm and beginning to stir. “Suck it, mummy,” she murmured. “Suck it hard”!
    Doing my best to keep from thinking anything at all, I sucked, bringing the young teat to its full size.
    “Now the other one,” she breathed ecstatically.
    I worked on the other until it was in the same condition. She pressed close to me again, then, her hands fondling; my breasts were stroked and the nipples squeezed. Then her hands wandered down to my hips — smoothed over them, down along my thighs and back up. She made me turn on to my stomach, then, while she stroked my buttocks and the backs of my thighs, kissing my back and shoulders. I felt one finger just below my bottom, gently pressing between my thighs. I knew she was eventually going to go for my “vital spot.” It would have been more embarrassing having her force my legs open than doing it voluntarily.
    Resting my head on my arms, I allowed my thighs to splay open wide enough for her hand. I couldn't suppress a gasp as her slim fingers touched my vulva; my face was hot with shame as a finger slipped between the lips and moved down to my clitoris.
    I lay still while she carried out her exploration; I forced my body to relax as her fingers left my sex and pulled open my buttocks. I jerked as a finger-tip touched my anus, pressed, slipped inside; groaned with shame and pain as she pushed in further and wiggled the finger in my rectum. The finger was withdrawn, but my bottom-cheeks were still held open. Feasting her eyes on her mother's backside, I thought; Lord-what is she going to want next?
    The next second I jerked hard and almost rebelled, as I felt the soft warmth of her mouth at my bottom-hole.
    “Jane-do you have to go that far?” I muttered.
    “Oh, yes, mummy-you're so beautiful there!”
    Then her tongue was pushing into me. I suffered that for a while, then I was having my whole behind covered with passionate kisses. She was getting bolder as she went along, finding no resistance. My thighs were pulled wide while she had a close look at my sex from the back. Her hands pushed and pulled at my hips, then, and I allowed myself to be turned on to my back, lying with my legs apart while she gazed down at me.
    “You're so lovely, mummy,” she murmured, then she was cohering my front with kisses in an excess of passion. I looked at my nipples as she kissed, seeing them huge and almost raw with desire. I looked, then, at the slim body of my naked daughter, kneeling over me, kissing and fondling, her long blonde hair trailing over my own body.
    Inevitably, she stopped with her face only a scant inch from the hair below my tummy. Almost without realising what I was doing, I spread my legs wider, knowing what she wanted.
    She moved down the bed and I watched, fascinated, as her blonde head sank deep between my thighs. Then my breath hissed through my teeth and I gripped hard on the bedclothes as her soft, tender mouth closed over my slit. Tears came instantly to my eyes, a mixture of shame, embarrassment and sharp, erotic sensation. Her tongue began to lick at me and I squirmed on the bed, trying not to reach down to clasp her head and press her face closer to me. The smooth, silky hair was a caress on the insides of my thighs as she gammed me.
    Eventually, she found my clitoris and I heard her murmur of delight as her lips drew on the excited morsel of flesh. My body began to give way I moaned and reached down to stroke her hair, whispering her name. A few more seconds and she'd have had me spending. She knew it, too, for she pulled her face away quickly and looked up at me, smiling, her lips glistening with the moisture she had induced in me.
    “Not yet, darling mummy,” she murmured, coming up to lie alongside me and stretching out on her back. “I'd like to have that done to me-you seem to love it, so it must be wonderful.”
    Hopelessly, I crawled to her feet and bent between her outstretched legs. I brought my face-close to the slim line of her sex and hesitated.
    “Go on, mummy-kiss it. You want to, I know.”
    Then I pressed my mouth to it, once again, feeling that all this wasn't really happening. I kissed it gently feeling its warmth and softness, the odour of her ii my nostrils.
    “Put your tongue in it, mummy.” she breathed excitedly. “Ooh, that's lovely.”
    I pushed my tongue between the tight little lips, finding wetness.
    “Lick my button, mummy, the same as I licked yours,” she lifted herself to press her little quim against my lips.
    I found her “button” and rubbed it with the tip of my tongue, surprised to find a definite reaction. Carried away, I got my hands under her bottom and held her with her sex close to my face, licking the length of her furrow and titillating her clitoris.
    Suddenly, she grabbed my head, panting, her hips jerking up. I realised I had no idea how forward she was in that respect; was she yet capable of achieving orgasm? I pulled my mouth from her and looked up at her flushed, excited face.
    “Jane-do…do you know what may happen if I go on doing that?”
    “Oh, oh, yes, mummy. I'll have a sp-spend!”
    “You know about that, then?”
    “Yes-I…I've done it to myself lots of times! But it'll be nothing like what you're going to make me do. Ooooh, this is heaven!”
    “Do you want to have your spend now?”
    “Yes. Please!”
    I applied my mouth to her quim once more and had my head grasped tightly. She was emotionally young and fresh and it required only a few licks to have her jerking about, rubbing her little spending slit against my mouth. Automatically. I sucked on her, receiving the thin, meagre juices of her orgasm.
    When she had finished I started to get out of bed, thinking my unwanted chores were over for that morning and wanting to busy myself getting washed and dressed to help fight down my own awakened desires. But Jane had other ideas. She pulled me back, her hand going familiarly between my thighs to feel at my sex.
    “Oh, no, mummy-that wouldn't be fair at all! Not after the lovely feeling you gave me-I've never known anything like it! Now I must do the same for you!”
    “No, Jane, that isn't necessary.” Oddly, I thought it would be even more humiliating to have my daughter give me an orgasm than my giving her one. “No-you get dressed, now.” I wanted to cover my nakedness; I wanted her to get out of the bedroom, so that I could start forgetting what had happened between us until the next time.
    “I insist, mummy,” she said firmly. “Your poor little pee-hole is all longing.” She pushed me on to my back, smiling into my red face for a moment, before sliding down my body to crouch between my legs.
    Then her mouth was searing my cunt once more; lips and tongue becoming ever more knowing. Finally, she had my clitoris between her sucking lips, her tongue flicking constantly over the tip. I was lost.
    Moaning with shame and passion. I clasped her head, pushing my sex hard against her mouth. I spent, then, feeling her mouth leave my slit as she moved up the bed to watch me as I jerked about in the throes of my orgasm.
    She allowed me to get up, then, and she went to her room to dress.
    Later I was about to leave the bedroom, when she came back.
    “Thank you, darling,” she whispered, slipping into my arms and holding on tight. “Did I do it nicely for you?”
    I stood letting her hold me, without answering.
    “Did I?” she insisted. “Tell me.”
    “Yes, Jane, you did,” I sighed, then had to force myself to stand still while her hand foraged under my skirt, fingers inserting themselves inside the crotch of my panties. The little minx was actually frigging me!
    I was saved by the bell! The door-bell. We heard Stella's voice as Mrs. Matthews opened the door and I almost flew down to greet her.
    She looked at my face when she came in and smiled sympathetically when I nodded mutely. Jane came down then and I took Stella's arm to steer her into the drawing-room.
    “Get some coffee ready, Jane,” I said over my shoulder, ensuring Stella and I at least a few minutes alone together.
    As soon as I shut the door after us, she gathered me in her arms and let me have a little weep on her shoulder.
    I told what had taken place, including the mild frigging after I had dressed, then Jane came in with the coffee and put an end to the conversation.
    “Well, I have some shopping to do-like to come over later?”
    “I'd like that very much.”
    “OK-how about lunch?” Then she added very quietly, turning to Jane, “I'm sure Jane can spare you for an hour, now that she's had what she wanted?”
    “Oh, yes-go ahead, mummy.”
    After Stella had gone, she turned to me, a speculative look in her eyes.
    “Aunt Stella is very beautiful, too, isn't she?”
    “She is,” I answered, in full agreement.
    “She must be nice to make love to.”
    “Jane, you've got what you wanted from me-must you keep harping on the subject?”
    “I'm sorry, mother,” she said seriously, “I'm afraid I can't help it. It was so wonderful with you-and I want to make love to you lots and lots more-but I feel I want to love Stella as well, now!”
    “Well, you'd better forget about it.”
    “Why? She did offer.”
    “That was in place of me.”
    “But I don't see why I couldn't have both of you, now. After all. I know she wouldn't want daddy to know about what you do together any more than you would.”
    “Jane-you promised that if I let you do it with me you wouldn't tell.”
    “Well, I did have Stella in the back of my mind when I said that-I told you at the time.”
    Now what did I do? Where was this all going to end?
    When I was about to go across to Stella for lunch, Jane called me back.
    “Er — mummy. I've been thinking about Stella; I would like to have her as I did you this morning.”
    “Jane you can't be serious!”
    “Oh, but I am. I'm quite sure I could give her pleasure, too-I made you have a nice spend this morning, didn't I?” She went on after a slight pause. “You'll arrange it at lunch, won't you, mummy?”
    “Jane, I can't possibly…”
    “It would be a shame if I had to tell dad all about it-and what will he say when I tell him what you did to me this morning?”
    “I–I'll ask her, then, but…”
    “And you'll ask her to come over here tomorrow morning, when we have our little love session?” I looked into her eyes, seeing the calculating woman I had for a daughter.
    “You're really determined about it, aren't you.” I said quietly.
    “It's only a little love I want. Tell Stella that, won't you?”
    “You force me to ask her and that is what I shall do.”
    “You must do more than that, mummy-you must persuade her. I want you both. You will persuade her, won't you, mummy?”
    I heaved a deep sigh, as I whispered.
    “Yes, Jane.”


    The following morning, Phil was hardly out of the house before Jane came in for her pound of flesh and I had to go through the whole scene again.
    She made me bring her on with my mouth, after the usual breast-sucking, then I had to lie with my legs apart while she frigged me to my climax, taking a delight in watching my face as I came.
    Afterwards, I had to follow the routine she had mapped out for the morning. I sponged away the spend from between her legs and gave her my make-up to use.
    When she was ready, she settled herself on the bed again and smiled up at me. “You can call her now, mummy.” Slowly, I left the bedroom and went downstairs to where Stella sat with a glass of scotch in one hand and a cigarette in the other, trying to bolster her courage. I hadn't needed to persuade her when I told her of Jane's threats again. She looked up as I came in.
    “Now?” When I nodded, she swallowed the scotch in one gulp and stood up. “This way-I'm to take you up.”
    We went into the bedroom and poor Stella stood hesitating as she looked at my daughter lying naked on the bed, her legs open and waiting, smiling at us.
    “Help her undress, mummy.”
    Stella and I looked at each other helplessly then Stella started to unbutton her dress. I helped her get it over her head; I removed her bra as she bent to unfasten her suspenders, all the time feeling Jane's eyes on us.
    “Help her get her knickers off, too.”
    Stella silently allowed me to help get her panties off, then she stood naked.
    “Over here, now,” called Jane, her eyes glued to Stella's lovely bared body.
    Slowly Stella walked over to the bed and lay down beside my daughter.
    “All right, mummy-you may go now. I'll let you watch the next time; I want to have her alone first.”
    I looked back once as I went out and saw Stella moving down to crouch between Jane's spread legs.

    It was my turn to sit downstairs and drink scotch while I waited. Half an hour went by and then Stella came in, her hair slightly dishevelled, doing up the buttons of her dress.
    “She's a hot little bitch, isn't she!”
    “I'm sorry, Stella,” I said fervently.
    “Can't be helped now, darling,” she said. “As you saw before you went out, she made me use my mouth on her; she's getting ideas, though-wouldn't let me make her spend like that and get it over with. I had to kneel on all fours while she frigged me from behind — I couldn't hold back from having an orgasm. That wasn't the end of it, though. She sucked this nipple.” Stella put a hand tenderly to her left breast. “Sucked it until it nearly came off! Then I had to lie back while she straddled me and rubbed herself off on it. Of course, her hands were everywhere-and her mouth! Even my bottom was investigated thoroughly, hole included!”
    “What are we going to do with her?”
    “What can we do-except as she demands!”
    The door opened and Jane came in, looking all slinky and satisfied-she should be, I thought, having had the two of us in one morning!
    “That was gorgeous,” she purred. “I really do love you both. I want to see you kiss each other-properly, I mean. Go on-a nice, passionate kiss!”
    Stella and I looked at her and then at each other; Stella took me into her arms without fuss and I slid my arms round her neck. Our lips met and clung and for a moment we forgot all about Jane.
    “Great!” She brought us back to earth. “Now I have a plan for the three of us. Tomorrow morning we will all three make love together-how about that?”
    “Jane-is there no depth to your depravity?” Stella asked, releasing me.
    “I call it love!”
    “Well, whatever you say, we have to comply with, I suppose.” Stella looked at me. “Come and have lunch with me again, Rita — help take your mind off this business,” she said pointedly.
    “All right.”
    “But we will all make love together tomorrow, won't we?” Jane insisted. “If you say so, Jane.”
    “All nice and bare in bed,” she said, half to herself, eyes shining. “All right-you go and have lunch, then.”
    “Come out now, Rita,” said Stella, “and I'll drive you over to 'The Grapes' for a drink first.”
    I tidied up and we went out-as far as the gate; Jane came running after us.
    “I've just thought of something. If you're going for a drink first, what time will you be having lunch.”
    Stella looked at her watch.
    “Oh, about two, or thereabouts. Why?”
    “Well, I suppose you'll want to make love afterwards.”
    “Look, Jane-you've got what you wanted; you don't have to pry into what we do alone together, if you're getting your whack.” Stella said in exasperation.
    “Oh, I wouldn't interfere-what you did for me this morning was wonderful, and, after all, I shall have both of you to do it tomorrow.”
    “Well, why the questioning?”
    “I'd like to watch you doing it!”
    “You don't want to come in on that, too, surely?”
    “Oh, no,” she said airily, strolling away. “I just want to watch. I have a lot to learn yet, you know. It'll be nice being able to sit back and see the two of you naked and all loving; much more comfortable that way, than having to stand outside at night, looking in through a window-couldn't hear what was said half the time!”
    “All right, Jane, you needn't go on-come over about two-thirty,” sighed Stella.
    Jane strolled back up the path, then turned and came back, obviously having another diabolical idea, judging by the look on her face.
    “And I should like to see you use that lovely big rubber thing on each other this afternoon-what was it you called it-'Fred'? You'll be all ready now, won't you?”
    Stella and I gave her one long stare and then looked at each other again, shaking our heads as we felt utter defeat.
    “Yes, Jane,” said Stella.
    “Yes,” I sighed. “Yes-my darling daughter!!!”