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Linda's strange vacation

Linda's strange vacation

Marcus Huttning Linda's Strange Vacation


    Linda arrived at her uncle's villa. A splendid sun paved a golden pathway to the white stucco mansion gleaming like a clean sheet under a soft blue sky. The young girl's eyes sparkled in the yellow day that poured its transparent veil of gold over the rocks, the joyful pines and the dappled sea. One week of vacation, one long relaxful week, had just begun.
    “Here we are,” Lola waved. She met the youngster at the station in her small sports car.
    Linda had not yet met the blond woman, and she was not at all surprised. Her uncle Arthur changed his mistresses often, and this did not go without notice in the family. Despite their attempt at hiding their shock at his behavior, it managed to blurt out at the most unexpected moments. The family was composed of uncles and aunts. Their parents were dead, but an inheritance saw them through the more troubling aspects of their material existence. Even Linda was fortunate in being protected by a email annuity which gave her not only a college education, which she was now undergoing in a girl's school near London, but it also offered
    independence and a certain ease of mind. She had been receiving the consoling sum of some? 125 since the age of ten. It was enough to permit her to expand her wings and yawn without a true worry in the world. If she needed more, there was always uncle Arthur and the others.
    “Oh, I like this auto.” These were her first words opening the conversation which had to begin at one time or another. She smiled at Lola in an effort to win the woman's friendship.
    Lola was the first to climb out of the late model two-seater. She moved with alacrity and pride. She was only wearing a pair of shorts, cut extremely short and showing a lovely pair of bronzed legs, long and shapely. A mere blouse which had been negligently buttoned could not hide her luscious solid breasts almost popping out of her opened sporty blouse.
    Instinctively Linda compared her own 'quality' with that of her companion whom she estimated to be about twenty?five years old. She had been complimented on her beauty many times, although there were those horrible low whistles she loathed in the streets of London. After all, they were compliments in a way. Feeling appreciated by all, the significant and the insignificant, was a source of well?being and assurance for the young girl. Naively and a little fearful, she wondered whether she would not appear too thin in contrast to her uncle's favorite, especially when she put on a bathing suit. The idea was quickly dropped as Lola signaled her to follow. Valise in hand, she stumbled after Lola toward the house.
    “You'll like it here. You'll see.” The young woman opened the door and continued to praise the merits of the locale. “There isn't a house around for miles. The beach on rocks are so deserted that you can go in bathing completely nude.”
    Linda's eyes slipped to the floor on the last hanging words of the sentence. She felt that Lola had brought them out as a dig, but then she pinched herself for groping with her hypersensitive imagination.
    She smiled back timidly. Her eyes caught the steel glance of the handsome woman. Linda was able to visualize Lola's superb body perfectly modeling the deserted beach with its bronze?golden tint.
    Her mental picture was diluted when a boy rushed out of the house without a word or gest. He was clothed in scanty bathing trunks and a towel thrown over his left shoulder. His aspect was young, perhaps he was fifteen or so, and his body had a feline grace that was exhibited in his slightest movement.
    Suddenly someone knocked on the door, and opened it without waiting for a response. It was Lola.
    “Are you ready?” she asked. The bronzed?skin women was wearing a green beach robe which was slightly wrapped at the waist by a simply cord. Linda saw Lola's splendid muscular legs and noticed that she was wearing a tiny bikini that barely hid her pubic hair. The upper part resembled a thin mask and failed to conceal the round ample breasts. The points of her nipples brazenly stood firm in the small pockets of the meager bra.
    “I'll be ready in a jiffy.” Linda reassured Lola.
    “Good. Don't rush, we have time.” As she smoked, Lola stretched out on the bed and brought out a pack of cigarettes from her robe pocket as well as a gold?plated lighter. She lit her cigarette and inhaled deeply.
    “Oh, excuse me. You don't smoke, do you?” Lola had forgotten that she was with an adolescent?adult.
    “No, I don't smoke. Well, that is, I smoke in college once in a blue moon. You know how it is?”
    Linda began to get undressed slowly. She was rather shy and not used to having another person in the same room when she stripped down. Even at school, where she had a private room, she locked the doors when she undressed.
    It was true, however, that recently at school a sense of intimacy grew between her and her mates and she took more liberties than she had ever done before. Linda didn't want to give the impression of being a recluse. She decided to undress as though she had been doing it all her life in front of friends. Lola was a friend, or at least, she hoped she was going to be one.
    All in all, Linda was intimated. She might not have been, but the continual look that. Lola gave her troubled her. The eyes of the lounging woman scrutinized her and they were filled with a glint of curiosity and mystery.
    Just when Linda got down to her panties and bra, Lola leaned on her elbow and whispered.
    “You're remarkably well?built for your age. You're seventeen, aren't you?”
    Linda, without answering back, turned her head away timidly. It was a gest in the vague hope of not seeing would mean not being seen. A stupid illusion of course. But those eyes haunted her and she didn't know quite what to make of them.
    She deliberately turned her back to hide her sex as she slid off her undies. Little did she guess that Lola had a perfect view of her tufty triangle, that mass of curly hair that shielded her sex. Lola took advantage of the mirror over the dressing cabinet. Linda feeling quite protected slipped off her bra and revealed two remarkable young breasts. They were vibrant and alive with their two rose buttons standing cutely up in the warm summer air. The young girl reached for her bathing suit still avoiding the glance of the intruder who she was sure telescoped her constantly.
    She had just placed her hand on her bathing suit when a hand touched her shoulder. It rolled down her back trembling and the touch electrified her.
    “What's wrong, Lola?” She asked in a troubled shrill voice with her heart beating quickly.
    “Nothing. Nothing at all.” Lola's voice was low and hoarse.
    She placed her arm around Linda's thin waist and brought her to the bed. The young girl was forced to give into the strange cajoling. Suddenly she found herself stretched on the bed besides the perfumed Lola.
    The suddenness of this outrageous action, if that was what she could call it (it may have been a playful act and she would be sorry to be so prudish), caught Linda by surprise and knocked the wind out of her.
    She was flat on her lovely back gazing into the large warm eyes of the brown?skinned hostess. Lola's hand wandered over the quivering torso and her fingers played with the belly button and skimmed down to the fuzzy bush that Linda had deemed as sacred territory.
    Seeing that the young lass was paralyzed with apprehension and fear, Lola placed the same hand, that roving tinkling hand, on the girl's burning cheek. Linda was momentarily released from her sudden scare.
    But Lola had not finished fumbling with the intricate and substantial sectors of the young torso.
    Her hand cupped a breast and her long painted finger nails tickled a nipple.
    “We ought to be good friends, don't you think so?” She said softly in the same low voice that had begun the interlude.
    She lowered her face toward Linda's. The girl remained petrified, but managed to close her eyes in escape. A pair of mature lips brushed the side of her mouth and then found the ample dry trembling heart?shaped mouth. A warm tongue, sleek and humid, tried to invade the adolescent's oral interior. But Linda clinched her teeth, and Lola's impetuous tongue had to meet the obstacle of white lovely teeth.
    Linda could no longer resist the strange sensation that afflicted her all at once. Her mouth opened and her warm breath was met by a seeking tongue which explored the interior of her fresh?rose mouth. The hapless girl felt a hand crawl down her back and grip one of her buttocks. Long fingers encircled her vagina and frictioned the entrance. Linda sighed and the sound astonished her. It had been a long time since she had witnessed his odd sensual flame rise in her body. She was troubled, afraid, but happy. It would be impossible for her to resist this voracious woman who was taking possession of her as one captivates and tames a young animal.
    It took her a couple of seconds to realize that she wag alone on the bed. Lola had sprung up bruskly interrupting her caresses. Linda felt neglected. Perhaps another time… but she was being silly and loathsome.
    Lola extended her arms and it was obvious that she had forgotten everything. She handed Linda her bikini.
    “Come. Let's go. The sea is awaiting us.”
    Walking side by side, Linda couldn't help thinking of what had just transpired a few seconds ago in her bedroom. The young girl had never had any sexual rapport. She was a virgin for man and woman. It was true that one night at college, a friend of hers playfully scrambled into her bed, and after some brief words interjected by guffaws and smiles and raw jokes, the friend began a series of caresses that went a little bit further than those of Lola's, but Linda forgot about it. Besides her friend had not made any real impression on her and she tired easily of the slobbering kisses and inept handling of her lower body. Of course, she never was really sure whether that was just a tickling game in fun or the beginning of a rude adventure. Anyway, it had nothing to do with Lola. Lola was different, and horribly dominating, and terribly attractive.
    A swift shiver stimulated Linda's slender backbone.
    “It's over there where we usually bathe,” Lola pointed to an obscure hidden cove. Linda felt her long handsome fingers once more on her shoulders, only this time they were not insisting, unfortunately.
    The sea licked the red rocks with her white frothy tongue. The cove appeared deserted just as Lola described it. Linda was unable to resist the temptation of cooling her toes in the ocean. She threw down her large beach towel and ran to the brim of the water. Lola disrobed herself of her cumbersome appareil and followed the lithe graceful girl.
    Linda watched the well?rounded muscular body plunge into the surf. She admired Lola whose marvelous body dripped with foam and cool sea. The woman came back to the water's edge and Linda saw how little she was covered by the scanty bikini. She appeared as a goddess coming from the sea with her long hair dripping and her svelte body outlined against the horizon. Oh, how she loved those buttocks, round and harmonious.
    Instinctively Linda took Lola's hand.
    “Let's take a dip together.” Lola proposed.
    Lola looked at her with the same fire that she had in the bedroom. A bizarre laughter crept over her lips and resounded in her superb chest as she brushed her long hair aside.
    “You're still a virgin, isn't that so?” She didn't give Linda a chance to respond, but with one scope of her hand she sprinkled the youngster with salt spray.
    Linda was bewildered by the audacious question and she turned away to get a breath of air for another blast of sea water got her on the face and neck.
    Finally she plunged and the two swam together for a few yards. They gurgled and plopped around like to playful dolphins. They tickled each other and laughed and shouted like two happy children.
    Lola had a powerful crawl stroke and she practically swam circles around little Linda. It was quite natural for Lola to be a good swimmer, Linda thought, hadn't she the privilege of living by the sea eight months of the year. Linda showed her sportive best and managed to do fairly well alongside the husky tanned sirene.
    They swam softly and evenly for about fifteen minutes. Lola noticed that Linda was tiring and she headed for shore. They reached another small inlet bordered by shrubs and deep?green pines. Lola waded ashore.
    Linda staggered after her, completely out of breath, puffing happily.
    “Say, you swim quickly.”
    “Not so badly.” Lola responded modestly stretching her body from side to side to attain some warmth from the slightly cool air. The sun peeked out from a white passing cloud and appeared in the azure blue.
    “How about some sun for awhile?”
    Linda was already face down in the warm white sand. She watched her companion take off her bikini. Then shedding off the two briefs revealed a torso completely browned with health giving color.
    The adolescent couldn't take her eyes off the dark tanned nipples that extended at the end of the ample breasts.
    Once her eyes did leave that fine massive proportion of bodily splendor it roamed down to the mass of hair that covered Lola's lower body. It was light?brown and frizzled due to the sharp rays of the sun.
    The tuft of hair gave her a marvelous animal quality. It demonstrated her vigor. Yes, the superb nest was her animal fur and it dripped with the last drops of the sea that melted on her warm delicious torso.
    The two woman remained in the sun quietly. Not a word was spoken and they listened to the lapping sound of the surf.
    Linda lay on her belly scanning the marvels of sun?worshipping Lola who was stretched on her back in all her nude glory.
    The young girl was surprised to see her own hand, as though guided by an unknown sorcerer, rubbed leisurely up against Lola's thigh.
    Linda held her breath, but Lola didn't move. She wasn't sure if she was suffering from sunstroke or a rash impulse, but her hand kept moving along the thigh until it reached the border line of Lola's pubic hair. She felt as though a wonderful current were passing through her fingers into the very veins of her body.
    Boldly Linda moved in on her friend who received her in her arms with a wide sensual smile. Suddenly the two women were startled by some voices coming from the brush.
    Linda sprung to her feet her face red with shame. Had someone seen them together? She still was festered with her bourgeois education. Lola merely looked around tranquilly while seated on her famous rear and two elbows.
    “That's probably Bert and Alice. They are really like two overheated dogs the way they go at it.” She seemed to visualize the young couple as an engaging smile formed around her mouth.
    “What are they doing back there?” Linda suspected what they may be doing, but she wanted to hear it from Lola's own lips.
    “But, my dear, it's quite simple. Bert is only fornicating with our adorable maid. I must say that for a boy of his age he isn't lacking in certain qualities. As for that matter, Alice isn't either.”
    She giggled and smiled as she listened to the muffled voices with their effortless moans behind the bush.
    Linda was dumbstruck and she couldn't find the courage to return to the outstretched position she had taken on the warm, form?fitting sand. Lola jerked her head up at once and concluded.
    “Come along, we'll surprise them. The naughty children. For shame.” She sprung to her legs with a teasing expression on her face.
    She took Linda by the hand and practically dragged her by force to the wooded area. Linda followed like some one in a lethargic state, who vaguely has the sensation that something strange is going to happen.
    At the brink of the pines, Lola pointed to a spot that was encircled by brush. She put her finger to her lips in signification that she wished the utmost silence. They two tip?toed cautiously, moving in on their objective.
    All at once Lola threw herself to the ground as though she were performing a military manoeuver. Linda imitated her even though she was startled and fed up with the total aurora of secrecy.
    Then through a clump of thinned?out bushes, she managed to see Bert and a winsome young girl in an odd position for two youngsters such as they. Lola was right. They were behaving in a most obscene fashion. Bert was straddling the girl as though she were a dog or something. Linda was surprised to see her on all fours.
    Bert was merciless in his push?pull, cork?snapping movements. The young maid emitted several cries. It was difficult for Linda to distinguish whether those cries were of pain or of pleasure.
    Linda was transfixed to the spot. She was positively excited by these new erotic scenes. She said to herself that they were devastating to say die least. With her right hand she brushed some drool away from her lips.
    Lola noticed her gest and almost began to laugh.
    “But he's putting it…”
    Lola covered her mouth to keep her voice under control.
    “No, my pet. He isn't buggering her, as your boy friends in London probably use the term, he's making love to her roman fashion. Of course, you don't know what that is?”
    Lola gingerly stripped Linda of her bikini. Linda was perplexed. It was impossible for her to cry out for fear of disturbing the others. Oh, what a ridiculous situation she was. in. But the adept hands of the undulating Lola brought about a new perspective to her limited horizons. When Linda turned to reproach her friend, she remarked that Lola's eyes were almost blood?shot. It had come about all of sudden as though she were stricken by some unknown condition or… passion.
    Her hand went straight to Linda's pussy and the tips of her long supple fingers worked miracles in that region of love. Soon she had Linda panting and straining to keep from being found out by Bert and Alice. Anyway they were humming their own tune and it is a hundred to one that they would have heard.
    Linda let herself be masturbated while looking on to the magnificent show in front of her. Good?naturedly she thought of Lola. Poor Lola was being left out. So Linda, thoughtful and courteous, placed her trembling hand down on the curly blossom that thinned out at the tummy. The two women began to masturbate each other while regarding a pair of minors screw with the rhythm of perfect professionals.
    It was not long before Linda felt a wave of pleasure descend upon her. She sensed a multitude of warm prickly thrills invade her sex which was carefully being explored by diligent Lola.
    She started to groan, but held back as best she good. Her teeth were sealed together. (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.) The proverb took life and Linda fingered her impetuous companion.
    Lola's thighs were divine. They were the thighs of a woman who was voluptuous and mighty. Linda did not feel disgusted by the act which surprised her no end. Abstractly, if she had thought it over when alone, she would have berated herself a thousand times for being so low and uncouth, but this very real performance delighted her. She clutched at the thighs.
    Lola licked the adolescent's tummy and then a big mouth hovered in the region of the breasts. The lips nipped at the left?teat and then opened wide and engulfed the defenseless breast.
    The husky woman sucked on one and fingered the other. Then she switched and this excited Linda to the point where she thought, she thought… Well she didn't think, she just drifted into the vague emulsion of sensations.
    She could not say where she was or why, or what she was doing. The young girl's eyes rolled in her head like two agates would in a pin?ball machine. The teats were being licked, sucked and massaged frenetically, while on the other side of the bush Bert and his little waif ignored the nearby presence of the passionate intruders.
    The two teenagers were well on their way to reaching a paroxysm stemming from their rife and energetic gestures. They were coupled together like two little puppies who have just learned to screw and are highly delighted with their find.
    To and fro they looked and Alice got wetter and wetter and Bert, the active one, got hotter and bigger. It was just a matter of seconds now. The cataclysm broke forth. Bert felt the veins in his stiff cock shake with panic.
    His loins swelled and the head of his penis dribbled its first throbs of white liquid. Alice felt heat in the region of her vagina. A heat that stirred a melting pot of vigorous sensations. She was building up to the explosion.
    Bert inundated the caves and the great cavern pressed back and forth, throbbing like an underground earthquake. Curly?headed Alice flubbed to the ground, her head crushing to the sand, under the weight of the fatigued lad. A thin thread of saliva poured from her mouth and trickled down her chin.
    Linda puffed and clinched her teeth and let out an ohhhh… ahhhhh… that would have been heard by the others if they had not been so tired and ohhing and ahhing themselves in the last throes of love. A viscous fluid flowed from Linda's very wet puss. It tumbled down her thigh unerringly to the sand which absorbed her first real sexual completion.
    Lola, the silent one, had come twice. Elegant, discrete and seeking pleasure at every turn, she held her joy for herself. Perhaps she longed for a third orgasm as her head buried itself between Linda's thighs. A tongue lapped out and drank in the delicious nectar of the young girl who was barely recovering her wits.
    Linda watched Bert and Alice through her dream?weary eyes.
    “Oh, Bert, my lovely boy.” Alice's voice was shaky and she had difficulty getting her wind back.
    And the little maid wasn't even looking at her handsome knight with his pink pecker growing soft. He was flat on his back exhausted and she was lying face down. But this awkward position didn't prevent her from toying with his limp dick.
    “Now, what's the matter? Haven't you had enough? I'm going in the water.”
    “Oh, you're awful,” Alice chided. “When you've had it and no longer want it, everyone else has to cede to his highness. It isn't fair.”
    “But that's not true, my little cabbage. You can always get it somewhere in our household. Isn't there Lola or uncle to do you justice?” He struggled to a sitting position.
    Linda turned toward Lola and her face showed a questioning perplexity. Lola simply smiled and stroked her hair.
    “Your uncle? I had him on top of me all night…”
    “And you didn't like it?”
    “I'm not talking about that. But I prefer you, and I know whom you prefer. It's Lola. Just because she is more experienced and knows too much for her own good… And now your consul has arrived. You'll probably be after her, won't you?”
    Linda listened attentively. She fidgeted behind the brush type plants, earnestly waiting for Bert's answer.
    “Who, Linda? Come to think of it I'd like to get to her before my uncle does. It would be funny that.” He laughed aloud. “Just think, and she's a virgin too.”
    “She's not bad,” esteemed Alice.
    “Very nicely built, to tell the truth.” Bert contemplated his future victim. That is, he saw her in a passing cloud and hadn't the slightest idea that she was hearing every word flat on her belly not so far away.
    Linda turned red. Only she knew how to take it. Was it a pleasant compliment or did she feel annoyed? Time was to judge and witness an impending scene.
    Lola and Linda snuck away as silently as they had come. Both were feeling the wear and tear of their little peek?a?boo seance. Neither regretted it by the happy smile that flushed on their faces.
    An hour later in her room, Linda began to think. She sat on the edge of her bed and bit her nails.
    Lola knocked on the door and informed Linda that lunch was not a very common thing at the villa. When one got hungry, he or she might take the lunch where ever he or she desired. She told Linda that uncle Arthur usually ate lunch in the library where he worked on his novel until midnight.
    “Arthur is a real recluse. He hates to see people during the day.” Lola confided to Linda. “He takes a morning swim very early and then he loses himself off from the rest of the world in his sanctuary. If he wants something,” she added with a bewitching smile… “he just rings. I'll bring you your lunch right here in your room, if you wish?”
    Linda nodded that it would be very nice of her to take such pains. Lola assured her that it would make her happy to be of service to such a pretty newcomer to the 'establishment'. She was out of the room in a jiffy.
    The adolescent once more alone tried to gather the remnants of thought regarding the hallucinating morning.
    What troubled her the most was what Bert had said, a propos, to see who would get her first, he or his uncle.
    He was perhaps only kidding.
    Linda hadn't seen her uncle yet, but Lola told her he kept to himself during the daytime. She was sure her uncle who hadn't seen her for years would cut a more interesting figure than the whelping conceited pup, Bert.
    But then again, uncle Arthur had Lola. At least that's what Alice said… And yet Lola didn't care about these strange amorous deviations.
    Linda was lost, utterly lost in her thoughts which seemed to get more entangled as she strained her pretty head when someone knocked on the door.
    'Come in.” She said cheerily thinking it would be Lola. The young girl wore only a pyjama top and had nothing to fear since the intimate barriers with Lola had broken down.
    The door opened and Bert entered. Linda jumped off her bed and instinctually grabbed her pyjama top and clutched it to her chest and stomach to conceal her demi?nudity.
    “Well here you are miss… cold cuts, salad, fruit, milk, bread and butter and banana cream pie. Doesn't that look good?”
    “I thought Lola was going to bring me my lunch.”
    “Oh, I'm sorry. Lola is busy for the moment. Uncle Arthur wanted to see her. I thought, well, maybe we could lunch together. That way, we could get to know each other better.”
    Linda was suspicious of her cousin. Something ironic and insinuating sparkled in his young face.
    “You mean we should eat here?” Linda questioned Bert.
    “Why not?” Bert affirmed the decision by shutting the door behind him.
    He put the tray on the floor and sat besides Linda. The young girl didn't move. She knew too well what might follow. No, dear sweet cousin Bert didn't come up to just have lunch with her. She had no time to really reflect if the idea pleased her not. She was quivering with emotion and that was on thing she was aware of, just that and no more.
    “You know it's a shame that we haven't gotten together before. Our family is really just about as scattered as leaves in the wind.” Bert tried to make conversation.
    Even with his cynical attitude and his budding knowledge of certain amorous pursuits, precociously developed, Bert had little imagination when it came to seducing a girl. He was too classic in his approach.
    This is what Linda felt as she waited for the attack.
    Linda was amused in a way. An idea flashed through her head. There was no sense in sitting there numb and blustered by this whole nonsense. She might as well play a part and really have fun. After all, she knew what the score was. She got up from the bed and paraded toward the window. Her pyjama top just barely covered her dainty buttocks. Linda made sure that she wiggled 'a la B.B.'
    “Sometimes it isn't wise to meet so early. Young people are rarely interesting.” Linda teased as she pulled the curtain to one side.
    “You mean you prefer older men. Well, it's my opinion…”
    She didn't give him a chance to finish.
    “I only mean what I said.” Linda retorted haughtily as she leaned her head close to the window pain as though interested in something not too far away. “What do you say we have some lunch. I'm starved.”
    “Starved for what?” Bert said sardonically.
    Linda turned around and was startled to see Bert lounging on her bed. The horrid fellow had taken off his bathing trunks and his cock was protruding in the air. His eyes never left the lower part of Linda's fine torso.
    “I couldn't help it. It's your rear that did it, honestly.” The boy confessed.
    “Well you've got your nerve.” She looked at him, half?angrily and half?amusedly. Linda noticed the size of his penis that stuck rigidly up between his legs.
    “You're not going to tell me that this is the first time you've ever seen a man nude?” He was cocky and extremely sure of himself. “Come here and have a closer look. No one is going to bite you.”
    She didn't feel like being intimidated by a mere boy who was two years younger than she. She strode over to the bed trying to lend grown?up years to her young age.
    Bert grabbed her by the hand and drew her to the bed.
    “Take a good look at it. Not bad. Don't you like it?”
    She did, but she wasn't going to say so. The whole procedure was wicked and entirely out of order.
    “You think you're smart, don't you? Well, you're not a man even if you think you are. And with that thing, that small pencil you're so proud of…”
    Suddenly he gripped her by the waist and she found her head two inches away from his glaring gland.
    “That's the way I like to see you. Fresh and cocky like me. I can't take little girls that cry and to kick and fuss.
    She tried to struggle loose but the boy held a firm grip. Bert was strong for his age. He lifted weights and swam all summer, thus his strength was much greater than hers.
    “You are a real brat.” She pounded on his chest and scratched his thighs. They wrestled on the bed like two young kittens. Linda had no idea that her pyjama fell open and her body was exposed to her youthful assailant.
    He exhausted her to the point where she was feeling the struggle dissipate in her limbs. A new sensation crept through her. A new sensual feeling took possession of the young girl and slowly she submitted to the know?how and ardent desire of the youth.
    There was no use shaming. She let herself go and abandoned herself to the zealous young Bert.
    He hastened to put his lips to her multiple splendors. He kissed her pussy, her armpits, and her straight?forward breasts. Suddenly she threw her arms around her cousin half in submission and half in desire. She looked at him curiously as his mouth moved toward hers.
    “Oh, Bert. What am I supposed to do?”
    “Don't be a shrew. Kiss me, first of all.”
    They arched over the bed quilt in a long embrace. Their tongues entwined like two scraping serpents while four hands moved quickly, impetuously over the locked bodies.
    Linda felt the hardened sex of her cousin and a burst of feverish enthusiasm went to her head. Bert moved away from her and she thought perhaps she had insulted him somehow in her ecstatic state of mind and body.
    “And now, you're going to kiss it. Aren't you?” He wasn't asking. He was commanding.
    “Yes. I want to kiss it. And I want to have it in my mouth. It's so handsome…”
    The young girl lowered her head toward the object of her admiration and took the member between her lips.
    She sipped on the head of Bert's fearful upstartish penis. An unescapable odor went to her head and she was drunk with delight for many minutes after.
    “With your tongue.” Bert breathed heavily.
    Linda began to lick his sex gently. 'It tastes like salt' she thought, and then she placed a good part of it in her mouth. Bert moaned and put one of his hands on her head. Linda was sucking him with vigor and her tongue was active and heightened his pleasure.
    Instinctively the young girl pivoted in such a way as to place her thighs near her cousin's head. She awaited Bert's initiative. It wasn't long before the lad had stabbed his tongue in Linda's quivering vagina. His tonguing was more diverse and stronger than Lola's. The combination of his sexual response and her appetite worked wonders and the two slobbered with violent caresses.
    Linda thought she was going to go mad with excitation. She nibbled at Bert's testicles which hung down like two ripe fruit. She felt a certain charge shoot through the boy's body. He jumped violently and stiffened a bit.
    “Stop, stop or I'll come,” he cried.
    Linda remained disconcerted with her mouth opened and not daring to recommence her voluptuous act. She was embarrassed and annoyed by this brusk interruption. But already Bert was leaning down and caressing her hair.
    “I want this to be on you. Or more precisely inside you. Now we are going to make love together. Haven't you ever done it before?”
    “N…N…No, never,” stammered Linda.
    But Bert wasn't listening. With one hand he spread her legs apart and slipped inside her. He didn't go far when Linda's eyes bulged widely. Bert pressed forward brutally. He had every intention of ripping home.
    The young girl cried shrilly. She felt as though she were being knifed in two. A tear rolled down her cheek.
    “Don't cry,” murmured Bert… now you're no longer a virgin. Look, see. You're a grown?up now.”
    Linda felt a trickle run down her thighs. She feebly looked down at her shapely leg and saw a streak of blood flow irregularly along her soft skin.
    “It hurts. Oh, what pain I feel.” She was in tears out of suffering, out of shame and out of the sight of blood.
    The boy withdrew his penis almost completely.
    But it was only to dig it in farther. Linda let out a suffocating cry, but strangely enough the pain had dissolved and a sudden pleasure was enthralling her very being. A soft wave of sweet delight spread through her entrails and warmed her sex. Bert, meanwhile moved like a piston well?greased by the mixture of liquids that were pouring out of the transformed ex?virgin.
    With each movement, Linda sighed her acquiescence to the handsome Bert. Welcoming every stroke, Linda felt her pleasure augmenting and she gripped Bert with all her strength as if she were afraid that the mounting joy would cease.
    “Faster, faster Bert.” She asked him to please fulfill her with his energy.
    Stars burst in front of her wobbly, dizzy head. A nebula of a thousand flames ignited her repose and she was at that most glorious point of culmination in which the body plunges into the warm pool of a trillion delights.
    Her movements were quick and dry as though she were trying to prolong her thrilled sensation. Her lover dug into her deeply and ejaculated his hot sperm. Linda felt the influx of the liquid and she contracted her muscles in order to well?in 'the spasm.
    They had matched one orgasm against the other. They had come together as though they had been doing this sort of thing far years.
    Linda let her legs fall apart and she was totally free from shame. Later on this attitude so deliberate in its manifestation surprised her and yet gave her a peculiar and new sense of pride. Bert lay on top of her quite fatigued. He had emptied himself like a trouper and he tumbled disjointedly on the limp corpse of his naked cousin.
    A few minutes passed by, long and slumbersome. Linda slowly returned to reality as she disengaged herself from the stupifiant of the aftermath torpor. She opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was Bert's lips crawling toward her cheek.
    “How was it?” He smiled and wriggled into a better position with his head on her shoulder. “The act of love isn't too bad, is it?”
    “It's marvelous,” related Linda who had tasted its pangs and happiness for the first time. “I never thought it could be like this. It is so sweet and sensual.”
    She stretched like a young kitten and her arms locked at the elbows. Her hands joined at the back of Bert's neck where her fingers spread through his curly hair.
    “You know it's funny,” Bert grinned and pecked her on the forehead… “It's the first time you've made love, and it's the first time that I've ever made love… with a virgin. That's funny isn't it?
    Linda wanted to know what it was like. Perhaps he wasn't satisfied. She had not really thought of what it was like for him; she had just experienced a thrilling ordeal capped with the cream of pleasure.
    “Was it any different?” She tried to catch his eyes.
    “I'm not complaining. But listen, my dear cousin, you'll have to watch yourself here and be cautious.” Bert looked seriously at her.
    She put her hand down toward her snatch and tried to keep the liquid mixture of blood and sperm from staining the bed spread.
    “Be cautious? Of what?” She seemed puzzled and really wanted to know what on earth he meant by all this.
    “Come closer and I'll explain…”
    At that precise moment the door opened and the two moved apart as Lola tip?toed into the room. The dark?skinned woman looked half?amused and half?serious. Linda didn't know how to take her, let alone how to act or find words to mutter.
    She had forgotten that Lola would come back and she was taken aback by the unawaited apparition. She tried to crawl into bed as though she were trying to hide some evidence. Of course, it was of no avail for the evidence was undisputedly in front of Lola. Bert didn't budge and Linda was astonished to see how casually he treated the whole affair.
    He simply turned his head nonchalantly and said to the tigress (for Linda imagined her to be one)…
    “You're right in time to accompany her to the bathroom. That's a woman's duty you know?”
    Lola helped Linda out of bed as though she were ready to spank a naughty child. As Linda scrambled to her feet, Lola teased her ironically.
    “Come along. We have to clean up. Now, aren't you a bad girl, so terribly pressed for it… Tsk, tsk, tsk… Ah, what a family.” They reached the bathroom and Linda was downcast and felt certain recriminations. Lola was less talkative and scolding, but managed to add a few words.
    “We'll have to hurry. After I soak you you'll have to get dressed quickly. Your uncle wants to see you and say… hello.”


    A half an hour later Linda was seated in the salon waiting for her uncle. Lola had left her there for she was busy in the kitchen preparing the night's dinner. Bert seemed to have disappeared all of a sudden. And as for all that, Alice, the maid, was no where to he seen.
    The young girl felt tired, her head swimming in the clouds. She didn't realize it but she was suffering from the fatigue of love. However, a smile mounted to her lips while thinking of what she had just accomplished with Bert. Oh well, her virginity was something in the past. She wouldn't be able to use that as a defense for many valuable reasons. But Linda truly didn't have any regrets since she made a discovery that was altogether agreeable.
    She was a woman now, well almost. It would be better to say that she was on the road to becoming one. Her imagination got the better of her. She wondered when her cousin would make love to her again. Maybe he would come into her room that night? In that case, she would remember not to lock the door. Perhaps it will be Lola who will start up again? Oh well, she would just have to wait and see what would happen… Her revery was interrupted by footsteps coming from the library. The door opened and a man entered the salon. He approached with a smiling, delightful air.
    “Ah, Linda. How good it is to see you. How are you? I'm glad to see you among us.”
    It was uncle Arthur alright. Linda noticed quickly, as he strutted across the room, his elegant walk and perfect masculine bearing. He was tall, sun?burnt, athletic with steel?grey eyes and greying temples. Uncle Arthur was exactly the type of man Linda thought of as being the perfect seductor. She even remembered him from her younger days. This splendid hunk of manhood had not changed. And maybe he even improved. She found him very attractive. She greeted him with a timid strained voice as she put out her hand to be grasped warmly by the distinctive Arthur.
    But Arthur paid no attention to the outstretched hand and he took the girl by her shoulders and kissed her lightly on the corner of the mouth. Linda turned beet?red as she inhaled the lavender perfume emanating from the tall man, who despite her blushing, was only her uncle.
    Arthur looked her over, his hands never leaving her shoulders. He smiled.
    “Well then. It is really wonderful to see you. You've gotten quite attractive, you know? Well well, well… How do you like our house?”
    “Oh, it's fine.” Linda exclaimed. “I met Lola and Bert and we… and we…” She didn't know how to end her sentence. Was it possible that uncle Arthur knew how they had spent the morn?in and early afternoon?
    “Let's just say that you got along fine together.” Arthur helped her entangle the sentence and straighten her thoughts out. Little did he know she was thinking quite well. It was only manipulating properly that bothered her.
    “Tell me Linda? I know this is unusual to ask, especially the day of your arrival, but could you help me? Lola is busy and Bert, well the rascal can never be found when someone wants him. You won't mind will you?” He smiled graciously.
    “Not at all. But I don't know whether I shall be capable of doing what you wish. What is it, may I ask?”
    “Oh, there's no mystery to it. I'll explain. Just follow me into the library.”
    Uncle Arthur led the way into the library taking long sure strides. Linda followed obediently. The library was paneled by dark mahogany. There were many books in the bookcases which ran across the room. She knew Arthur was highly literate and intellectual and she felt that she should watch every word. The windows were large and bordered by red?velvet curtains with a strip of white mousseline running down the edges.
    The curtains filtered the bright sun and the room bathed its few pieces of furniture, a great table covered with papers, a large ample armchair, a divan in a melody of soft brooding colors.
    Linda noticed a ladder which led to the stacks of books on the upper shelves.
    “Well here it is. My hide?away where I work. All you will have to do is bring the books I name so that I shall be able to take notes. That's easy enough isn't?”
    “I think I'll be able to manage that alright.” Linda laughed apparently at ease for the first time. She was beginning to find her uncle warm and pleasing.
    “How will I go about finding the book you want?” She asked glancing at the many many shelves of literature.
    “I have a method so don't worry about it. All the cases are marked alphabetically.”
    They began to work and Linda found that the job was easy and not bone?breaking at all, The only thing that presented a problem was climbing up and down the ladder. She wished that she had worn some slacks. It was embarrassing for her to climb that ladder with her legs pinched together.
    “I can't find it.” She declared leaning far to the right and then to the left.
    “Wait I'll help you.” Arthur said courteously, rising from his armchair and moving to where she was.
    Linda continued to look for the misplaced book while below, her uncle gazed up her skirt which was large enough to give the spectator a langorous view. The girl turned around and pretended to still he searching for the book, but she felt the penetrating glance of uncle Arthur and this unsettled her nerves. She was forced to keep her legs slightly apart to keep from losing her balance.
    “You're right. I think I left that book in my apartment in the city. You can come down now.” Arthur helped her to the ground as his strong fingers gripped her waist. She felt a chill run up her spine as his hands slid up to her bosom. When she turned around, she felt guilty for having such a horrid imagination.
    Uncle Arthur thumbed his chin and murmured a few words.
    “You are very pretty, my lovely cousin, and you were particularly attractive on that ladder. I must admit that you have splendid legs that make me realize that you have really grown?up. It is silly of me not to have thought of it before.”
    She was flattered, turned red and spun in a half?turn. Linda knew these gestures were unbecoming of a
    'grown?up'. The presence of her uncle so close and his constant attention instilled a new sensation far different from the one she felt with Uncle Arthur moved toward his desk. With his right hand outstretched he indicated a chair.
    “Sit down Linda.”
    He scratched his head and it was evident that another idea was brewing in his intellectual mind.
    “Better yet. Come and sit on the arm of my chair.”
    Linda's head bobbed up at this strange request. She flushed crimson with timidity.
    “Come along and be friendly.”
    “Do you want me so close?”
    “Of course.” Arthur's smile had won her over. She had no choice but to have confidence in this handsome man who was her uncle.
    Once seated, Arthur put his arm around her waist. And before she had a chance to jerk away, he had another hand half up her skirt where he was patting her thighs. Linda was troubled and she stiffened partly out of surprise and partly out of fright.
    “I think it would be better if I left now,” she murmured entirely without conviction. The poor youngster didn't want to disobey and yet…
    As though he had not heard her reflection, her uncle exclaimed in a vigorous tone.
    “You're not comfortable kicking around like that.”
    He was peculiar. Linda noticed it for the first time. His lips screwed up and his eyes grew feverish and even to a young girl as youthful as Linda, she knew it was the outward signs of lust. He became eager and restless and his tongue rolled over the corner of his mouth.
    She had found that he had greatly changed in the span of just a few minutes. He was a veritable Jekyll and Hyde case, but there was something amazingly attractive about him. His golden tan flushed and gave him added color. His grey temples marked him as very masculine and resolved. Arthur's sinuous and strong arms were commanding and sure despite their unleashed nervous energy to grasp and capture the delicious morsel who had come to live in his house.
    Linda felt his warm breath behind her neck, between her hair and running lightly down her back. His hand roamed under her slip and toy?fully tickled her pubic hair. Linda sensed a great plumbing thing throbbing near her ass. He seemed to be juggling her on his lap as though he wanted to rip through her clothes. His sex was violently searching and she pictured a madman with a hammer for some reason.
    Uncle Arthur almost wrenched the breath out her with his forceful grasp. When she turned to express her disapproval, she met a pair of eyes that glittered with fierce heat. She was spellbound and strangely enough attracted by this new face she saw. Her uncle almost foamed at the mouth as his right hand busied itself with the task of unbuttoning his trousers.
    Linda almost bounded up but she was held fast. When she looked down at his lap, a huge gland rigidly erect thumped in the air. She had never seen anything like it. It was twice as big as Bert's both in length and diameter. She watched the purple head of his cock with the slight opening. It pushed itself toward her face as though it were a canon ready to fire. Of course, she instinctively moved backward, but her uncle held her prisoner in his armchair. A lustful smile, triumphal and wicked, crinkled his face.
    “Well, what do you have to say now, my little one? It's big and handsome. Isn't it nicer than the one that you put between your legs a little while ago with that untamed rascal Bert? But, by heck, I think your afraid. Why?
    It isn't going to hurt you, little dear. You'll have it anyway, and you'll be so happy about it when we're finish and I even think you'll ask for more of it. What do you think of that?”
    While he was speaking, he was already caressing the open mouth of the young girl. It appeared as though she had already abandoned any idea of resisting she might have had. Linda nibbled on the head of Arthur's penis which had a strong odor which excited her and inspired the uncle to grow harder.
    She had some experience… just the bit from the morning. Linda planned on using it all. She remembered that Bert told her to use her tongue first of all which she did. She spiraled around the massive prick in barber?pole fashion. Her uncle plunged his torpedo in her mouth as though it were made of rubber. Poor Linda almost suffocated.
    “You like it, don't you?” He asked with affirmity. His temper and excitation were so great that his powerful thrust had Linda's face all red and her eyes closed to keep tears from flowing. Never had she endured such a ruthless attack.
    “Suck well, lassie mine. Go on, do it well.”
    Defenceless Linda could hardly breathe let alone answer back to the rampaging adult who, horror of horrors, was her uncle. Try as she would she could not get all of that phallus in her mouth, but she found energy enough to take as much in as she could all with an active tongue. With a tremendous effort she was able to go about half?way down the thick stock. One of her hands was led to the spot where bristling pubic hairs, black as night, hid a pair of balls as large as lemons. Her hand cupped the heavy testicles and her trembling fingers began to massage them avidly.
    With various movements of her head, up and down and from side to side, she began to masturbate her uncle.
    Linda felt the veins in his cock thumb and expand. The sudden expansion of sensual magnitude excited the girl and she became more and more audacious. Her hand grasped Arthur's penis as though she had been acquainted with it for a long time and her head bowed over the purple mushroom that was oozing a white liquid ever?so?slowly. Linda began to bite on it as though it were really a fruit or vegetable.
    Then his cock began to pulsate with a sudden spasm and before Linda could think of what she might do under such circumstances, her mouth was full of salty burning fluid. She looked up bewildered and flushed. Uncle Arthur placed his hand over her mouth preventing her from spitting it out. So it went down swallowed, mouthful after mouthful. It was strange to see the girl brimming over with his hot soup, there must have been a bowl of it. Arthur had mentioned this in a letter he wrote to a friend not many years ago.
    Linda did not seem unpleased with the taste of Arthur's come. She even went back to sucking the phallus trying to get the last drop out of it. It was though she were a baby calf trying to gel at the dripping remainder of milk.
    When her gourmandise came to a halt, she drew back and took a good look at the man who was dropping in his armchair, his arms akimbo and his eyes half?closed.
    “Little wench. You had me in the stars for awhile. I had no idea you were so handy with that lovely mouth of yours. And did you enjoy it?”
    What could she say? She blushed, her eyes could not meet his enflamed eyes and so they remained downcast.
    The act had been accomplished and words, she thought, were useless. However, she managed to utter a few wise ones.
    “If it pleased you uncle, it had the same effect on me?”
    They sat quietly for a few minutes and then Arthur's hand began to wander up Linda's thighs in the same direction. This time he pinched at her bottom and his finger came to rest on the orbit of her ass?hole.
    “No, don't touch tonton.” She jumped up and ran to the window. “Please don't touch it.”
    Arthur wandered about his niece. What was this 'tonton' business? Did she have an anal complex? He planned on finding out. He strode over to the door and locked it. When he came back to the center of the room, Linda was sitting on the table her legs offering an attractive sight.
    “And now my darling you're going to see something that will perhaps shock you and rob you of that snippy and carefree attitude you have.” His voice grew hard and his lips turned cruel with its mocking air.
    When Linda saw him close the door and lock it, she had already suspected that something unpleasant was in store for her. She thought of screaming out, but there was no one who would come to her rescue. But on a second thought, what more could he do to her? She was too nervous to appreciate the situation for what it was worth.
    Her uncle did not even take the trouble of placing his drooping cock back in his trousers. He walked to the window and closed the curtains and then came back to her.
    “I was told that you were “devirginized ” this morning. It was just what I wanted to do myself. I counted on it, but one can't have everything. At any rate there are parts of you that are still in tact, and healthy, and virgin.
    Just the same, Bert wouldn't have operated in two directions. There is a limit to the young lad's experience.”
    He noticed that Linda didn't catch on to what he was saying. He quickly put his hands on her legs and uncovered her skirt. Uncle Arthur was in complete control of himself this time.
    “I am speaking, my dear cousin, in terms that you will understand better… I am speaking of your “virginal anus”.
    Linda put her hand over her mouth in an effort to hold back a stifling cry.
    “My what?”
    “Yes, exactly, my cabbage. And I promise you that you will not get out of this room before you have given me your little flower of a pink asshole. I want some sort of pleasure today. Quick, get undressed.”
    He had already unbuttoned his shirt. Arthur rapidly took off his pants and shorts as though he had been used to it all his life. It is true that this was almost a daily practice with him in his adult life.
    Her uncle revealed two strong legs and a muscular torso. His chest was covered with dark crinkly hair the same color that outlined his huge sex. As he eyed Linda who was undressing slowly with a contorted expression on her face, his cock went up like a flag?pole. In a few seconds his prick had taken on the respectable proportions of the last half?hour.
    Linda seemed drained of all thoughts and pluck to fight back. She was incapable of making a gest.
    Arthur's fierce eyes burnt right through her while the same cruel mouth twisted in delight and terrible passion.
    “Ah, you don't want to behave, is that it? Well, we shall see about that. I'll have you just the same.”
    She had not as yet taken off her blouse and Arthur with one fell swoop of his large hand ripped it from her body. Her eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he did the same with her bra. Linda's breasts vibrated in the air. Ravaged and hungry, uncle Arthur pounced on her and merciless bit into those two ripe fruit with the raspberry trimming.
    Linda felt the teeth marks and she cried out in pain. The sudden burst brought him back to his senses and he let up for an instant looking strangely at the girl who dared to defy him.
    With a thrust of his hand he ripped off her skirt and then put his fingers around the elastic waist?band of her panty and snapped the cord ripping the nylon under garment.
    Linda was now completely nude. Her uncle leaned heavily on her as she was forced to arch over the table.
    His weight and extreme passion crushed her and she felt the jabs of many items that loitered on the table.
    Bites and kisses were bestowed upon her mouth neck and breasts.
    Uncle Arthur backed off for awhile and contemplated his victim.
    “She's well?made, my little niece.” He laughed and spoke to himself. “Is she really a woman now? Do you know what one does to delicious little girls like you?”
    With one hand he pushed her legs apart and stabbed a finger brutally in her anus. Linda squeeled, but her uncle pushed harder with his finger.
    “Now, don't scream.” He rubbed his cook against her belly. It was as hard as a policeman's club. “What are you going to do when you have this up there?” He indicated his words by applying pressure with his buried finger.
    Linda screeched an 'ouch'. She was horrified by the thought that his big instrument would pulverize her rose?bud behind. Even a finger hurt as it went back and forth. What would an enormous piston like his do to her? The idea made her faint. She spread her legs wider apart to relieve the pressure of the thick finger.
    Pleasure mixed with pain ebbed in the cellar of her lower body. The tickling sensation close to her vaginal hollow was undeniable agreeable in some ways although it plugged up her very tiny aperture. “You're beginning to like it, aren't you? Very well.”
    He withdrew his finger and inhaled with satisfaction. He played the part of an aging tarzan.
    “Come here. We're going to do 'it' on the divan.” He led her by her rump which she found embarrassing to say the least.
    Delicately he lay her on the soft divan. Linda felt the rigid sex against her body and awaited the tormenting moment to unveil itself, the moment when he would penetrate. She was sure he would be brutal about it and it would all come about when she would be unprepared for it. She was not had by her uncle's 'scotch showers', sweet and then brutal. No, he was too jealous of what Bert had accomplished with her and he wanted to be one up on his loathsome nephew.
    She sensed his preparation, his heat and his terrifying, throbbing sex.
    He leaned over his niece and bade her open her thighs. She obeyed and watched his face sink like the sun as it buried itself in her sex. His tongue healed her vagina which had been wounded by the assaults of cousin Bert.
    It was the first time she realized that this area still hurt.
    Then he put his mouth at her anus and penetrated with the tip of his tongue. Uncle Arthur was full of improvisations. She hoped that he meant his tongue and not his thing. Linda prayed that he would reconsider his terrible plan.
    What he was doing to her now proved to be entirely to her liking. He licked around the orifice and then tongued slightly in the interior like a timid bee. It sent chills of warm delight up and down her spine. She even enjoyed his chiding bites on her rump that caused her to squirm. Linda wiggled her buttocks in order to please her uncle whom she hoped would spare her.
    Arthur was drunk with the intoxication of love. He began to lick her furiously. Both the vagina and anus were neatly combed by the unfailing tongue, but the anus was particularly favorized.
    Linda started to moan with pleasure. It felt good, but really good. Squeels of animal delight issued from her wet lips.
    “Do you like that?” cried Arthur with his face buried in the croupe.
    “Oh, that's fine,” murmured the transported youngster. “It's delicious. I love it so.”
    The uncle remained spellbound as though he were contemplating two gorgeous hunks of fruit. He squeezed the buttocks as though he wanted to rip them off.
    “And now comes the fun. We are going to see whether you'll like what I am going to do?”
    Linda's mind reeled in a mad attempt to ward off what might be a true disaster. A sudden thought occurred to her. Perhaps he would be less brutal if she pretended that she wanted it as much as he. He might lose interest.
    It was worth taking the chance for she had nothing more to risk.
    “Do what you like? You can do whatever you choose, uncle dear.” Somehow her voice sounded unassured and weak.
    He waited for nothing more. He had the permission and even if he hadn't it would have amounted to the same thing. Arthur turned her over and her head was quickly buried in between the two silky pillowy. Through her spread out legs she was able to see the enormous cock wend its way toward her rump. It rolled around as though it were getting its bearing and then it stiffened in aim and finality of purpose. At that moment Linda knew she was doomed. She closed her eyes and breathed heavily.
    Instinctively she recoiled and tried to dodge his thrust, but it was too late. He had already lodged the head of his member in the tiny opening. A tear fell from the cheek of the unlucky adolescent. Arthur noticed the whimpering of his child?like niece, but it made no difference or alternation in his operations. He attacked for a second time, lubricating the anus with saliva and a adept finger.
    “You see, little doll, you'll never be a real woman until you're deflowered right her in this region. It may just as well be me…”
    And he proved what he meant. With one heave he burst through that tight band of flesh into the entrails of his beloved niece. Linda let out a savage howl. She had never felt such a painful sensation before. It was a profound suffering that caught in her throat. A staff of masculine flesh had protruded her anal sector with all the animal force needed to rupture a tiny, undefended aperture.
    Thoughts spun in her broken head. 'That's not the way one makes love. He's trying to kill me..' Her body remained pinned to the divan with her hopeless thighs spread apart and her face tormented and crisped on the pillow. Linda was in a stupor. The only reaction and return to life she could muster up was the repulsion toward her uncle's biting embraces on the neck and his teeth marks against her mouth. He was horrid to her, she mused. Who could have such a wicked, monstrous uncle.
    Uncle Arthur was only half in the small opening. He still had his work to cut out, so to speak, and he was never one who shirked a task, whether it was literature or love. For this man both of them entertwined and drained his very senses.
    He plunged once more, only more brutally, more indecently. He managed to strike bottom of the stricken girl who seemed to bob and remain paralyzed with her neck stretching taut and her eyelids tightly closed.
    The grey?templed man accelerated his movements while he played with the red?lipped vagina of his lovely niece. Linda was unaware, due to the violent pain, that she had two rectal orgasms. Only during the second one did the element of pleasures enter into play. A strange smile crept over her like a light veil of soft silk.
    Her uncle rolled on her like a rough sea captain. His pleasure was immense as the sea and as hopeful as a sky of deep blue.
    “Tell me, Linda, does it hurt? I think you are beginning to enjoy it. You're as wet as a little puppy… Come now own up with it.”
    “I… I… like it. Yes… It's good.” Her voice was oozing with a certain sensual hovering shrill.
    “My little pup, pup, pup.” Her uncle whispered in her ear and then pushed up and laughed heartily as though a victory had been won.
    Linda moaned with the new onslaught of pleasure that filled her body. This time she felt that she was on the verge of having an orgasm. Stimulated and prepared she wished to carry the position to its ultimate glory. So she took the man's testicles and adeptly toyed with them. She even pulled on them indicated that he should not spare the rod to spoil the child. Linda wanted him deep, very deep within her.
    Arthur was getting his just due now. He reeled with the throbbing sensation of pre?orgasm pleasure. The man roared with joy and impulsively bit into Linda's back as he hammered away with his huge instrument.
    Linda felt, her orgasm ooze bit by bit, and then to strengthen! her own charge, Arthur unleashed his wild winds and inundated the excavated cavern. The young girl seethed and hissed with a vaporous pleasure as white drips of joy dripped down over her vaginal construction falling on the expensive divan. Her guts were wounded, but her body descended to an unknown paradise.
    Despite the ejaculation, the cock stood rigid as though it refused to acknowledge its diminishing powers. It remained in the anus as though it wanted to boil in that new hot?pot of love.
    Arthur was proud of his act. He had far surpassed his brazen nephew. He placed his upright sex dripping with sperm and wet shit under the nose of his still?trembling niece. It was covered with a mixture of white, yellow and brown matter.
    “Look at it Linda. Isn't it magnificent covered with the shit of your asshole?”
    Linda didn't answer, but she took a chance and fondled the stiff member.
    “Now, chicken dumpling, you're going to suck on it properly and clean if off. You're quite capable of doing such a thing with that pretty mouth of yours, aren't you?”
    Linda was in such a feverish sensual state that would not permit her to refuse such a request. She took the phallus by the stock and put it between her lips. She lapped and licked and sucked and uncle Arthur was enraptured by the marvelous first?rate job rendered. After a certain time, she felt it become hard once more.
    Of course, this excited her all the more. She even felt disposed to take up the love session any way uncle Arthur wished to suggest. Arthur pushed her away. It wasn't a vicious push it was a gentle and smiled at the young expert.
    “Take it easy. You're going to swallow me alive. I see that down deep you're a real gourmand of this type of sausage. You're even more famished than your sister Brigette.”
    Linda looked at her uncle in great astonishment. She knew Brigette had spent a good part of her summer vacation at the villa. She had hardly seen her sister who was a year older than she and was enrolled in another college. Linda didn't have a chance to talk to her and find out what happens at the villa. It would have been helpful if she was warned in advance.
    “You mean that with Brigette… it happened as well?”
    Arthur stretched out on the divan by her side and chuckled as he rubbed his forehead.
    “And how. I remember the first time I saw her in her adult years. I went to fetch her at the station. It was easy to see that she dying for sexual activity of the most ardent sort. Even in the car she began her parade of tricks.
    You know, she would cross her legs, show her pretty knees and thighs and then rub her breasts against my arm. Do you know what I did?”
    “What?” Linda was fascinate to hear this unexpected news about her sister. She played with her uncle's balls and listened attentively.
    “When we arrived in the wooded area some four miles from the house, I stopped the car. I asked her to accompany me for a little stroll. Besides she had already understood. She wouldn't even let me take the initiative. She hid behind the first large tree she saw and pulled up her skirt to her hips. Brigette didn't even have on any under clothes. Ah, what a wild, stimulating wench. Can you imagine that?”
    In truth, Linda was rather stupified by her sister's wanton behavior.
    “Now why didn't she wear any panties?”
    Arthur just laughed.
    “She had prepared ahead of time. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she hadn't taken it off in the station toilet.
    When I saw her that way, I naturally didn't wait for any more provocation. I understood so very well the timber she hungered for. I had to fuck her three times before she was satisfied. Then I took her home in a state of exhaustion. That night, obviously, we made love… both ways. She adored being sodomized, your little sister did, but she wasn't a virgin on either side. She told me how she had been raped by the director of her college. The macabre event took place in the school library.
    “By the director of the college?” Linda perked up. “Why that isn't possible.”
    “But that's the story alright. The poor fellow… a serious qualified individual hadn't planned it at all. It was your scheming Brigette that had an ace up her sleeve. One night she went down to the library when she knew all her room?mates were asleep. She sauntered into the library where she knew the director would be.
    Naturally she took care to dress herself in a simple half?piece nighty. She said she looking for a book.”
    Linda was all ears, enthralled by the tale.
    “And then what happened?”
    “Well, the good chap was taken aback. He turned red and beads of sweat poured down his forehead. He didn't have the force to tell Brigette that this kind of informality was against the rules of the almamater. When Brigette came up to where he was sitting and without the slightest ado sat on his knee, the unloosened his trousers and displayed his nimble sex. He took her in his arms, stretched her out on the floor and raped her on the spot. That's what she was after. She wanted a man and he was the only one to be had at that hour.”
    Linda lay still breathing deeply. Arthur put his hand on her breast.
    “Just telling that story” makes me excited. I think that I'm ready to make love again.”
    Arthur fell into the saddle without any trouble. Linda was lying spread?eagled on the divan waiting.
    Apparently the story had made its effects on her as well.
    “You're sure you don't want me to take you by the anus, first of all?”
    Linda looked up at him and then lowered her eyes showing him that she was his humble servant.
    “Later on.” She murmured softly her eyes still glancing at the floor. “It still hurts… I would like to try… the other way first.”
    “Alright then. Open up your legs.” Arthur's hands rubbed up and down the young body molding its form.
    The young lass opened her legs as far as they could go and Arthur aimed his great dick at the vaginal opening.
    “Now be careful, because this time your going to feel it. I mean business. Prepare yourself.”
    And in one slip of his magic wand he was in her snug and warm. Linda had the odd sensation that she was being devirginized a second time. She felt she was being invaded for the good now and with a gland worthy of mention. The neophyte was performing a real task this time. She tasted the hardened cock as it pressed to the bottom of her cunt. She thought, she cried, she moved to and fro and caught the rhythm of the staunch piston that powered with all its might.
    She even took Arthur by his hips and made him abide to a movement that was closer to what she liked.
    Finally they synchronized their gestures and were soon in perfect bliss, building and building to the supreme moment.
    Linda reflected on how good it was. She pinched Arthur's rump and with another hand she squeezed the base of his sex and it throbbed like a huge muscle, which it most certainly was, raw and energetic with force.

    Her uncle mounted her brutally. His weight crushed her and he beat her with his feverish body. Arthur's stomach pushed against her young lower belly with all the force of tidal wave. But Linda, pushed backward on the divan to the point where her head dropped off the edge, didn't mind the attack one bit. The girl ate it up.
    She had wild thoughts about a bull, a sturdy bull raping her.
    “My strong, wonderful bull.” These words issued from her lips and she couldn't prevent herself from muttering them several times.
    “That's right. I'm a bull and you're a young calf. Why not?” Uncle Arthur huffed like one and refurbished his movements to a punishing degree of intensity.
    Linda moaned and groaned without stopping. She no longer had to concentrate on her pleasure. A pleasure had consumed her and it was igniting the holy fires within. She came without realizing it and her juice fell between her shapely thighs.
    “Oh. how good it is… It's so good…” She cried for the third time as a stronger orgasm gripped her sexual region forcing her to tremble like a tree in a windstorm.
    She felt the sperm of her ravaging uncle flood within her and the two brought their respective orgasms to a fulfilled climax of joy and well?being. Uncle and niece had harmonized quite well in their act of love, a brutal ardent love that was only to be a beginning.
    They moved around a bit. It was the aftermath and the nervosity of the immense feeling had stirred them.
    Then tired and limp, the two buckled in silence. Linda could no longer move her arm. The calf had lost its footing.
    “I'm dead.” She uttered briefly.
    Uncle Arthur didn't say a thing.
    Uncle Arthur lay there thinking of future treatment to administer on his lovely young niece.
    Until then, they had just made love. How boring it was for him. He was a real connoisseur and, above all, he was gifted with a superb imagination. It was his duty to take care of the girl and initiate her into the realms of love in the best tradition of the family.
    He moved away from the girl and went to his desk. As the light darkened in his library, he brightened his table lamp and began to write a few words.
    … I find that the younger they are the more susceptible they are to ruthless attacks. Since their imaginations are wildly alive, they combine the little experience they have had thus in their lives and apply it to the act. The act is briskly approved when it suggests the erotic and the implausible for them. Strange creatures, everyone.
    For Brigette, it was a horse, for she never forgot the huge equestrian animal's cock, hard and ready to function on the female who was grazing in the next pasture. For Linda, the bull. She was looking for the barrel?chested fellow who could snort and prove his valor against the odds of the sword… and then there was blood in her mind, signifying the 'deflorization'…
    Everything was clear in his writer's head. He pulled out a cigarette and casually lit it as he slumped back into his leather armchair.
    Linda's Strange Vacation
    A few circles of misty smoke helped him to stultify the air around him and clear his thoughts. He hunched over his documents and read.
    …”The young” 12?18 are essentially romantic. (Essentially was later crossed out.) Reality eludes them and they have no intention coming to grips with this unpleasant monster. Reality is a spanking, a chiding, harsh words. Reality, for them, is morality, adult society, and the humdrum of social this and social that…
    Later on he read a passage that made him take notice and a smile curled his lips.
    …”Teach your child, father, teach him a good dose of it. There's the hairbrush, your belt. Don't use a newspaper it's too weak. Mix the blood in that child of yours and give him some hope for the future. Let his romanticism win over all in the final run, but first let him taste the sweet brutality of pain. Break his britches, or more delightfully, concentrate on your daughter, daddy dear. And if you don't have one, go adopt one quickly or you'll yo mad. You're getting on and so is your mistress, perfumed and dry, trying so hard to be the flower she was and never will be again.
    Punishment to evoke pleasure. Look into it. It's worth a try. (Consult list of punishing devices in Vol. 13, pages 164?246.) Punishment, pugilism, power, precision, perseverance, plunder, positivism, pleasure, pulsations, probing, pleasure and pure pleasure. Is there any doubt that “P…” yes standing for prick, pornography, and pimp is my favorite letter…
    Arthur closed his book and crushed his cigarette. He went over to the cabinet at the end of the room and unlocked it. He appeared to be checking its contenance. After a swift glance, he closed.
    He tip?toed over to the girl, who was laying there crumpled and worn, and with his forefinger he designed a “P” ever so lightly on her bare back.


    When Linda opened her eyes, she discovered the pitch darkness of night. She caught eight of her uncle standing not too far away. Arthur had taken two glass and a bottle from his private cabinet. He held out one of the receptacles half?filled with whiskey.
    “Here drink this. It will do you good.”
    “But, but I don't drink.” Linda protested.
    Her uncle seemed irritated and the two thin lines on his forehead showed his vexation.
    “Now don't be silly. Drink it.”
    The young girl used her better judgement and did as she was told. Although she made horrible faces and the liquid truly burned her throat, she managed to swallow it all the same. In all her young virginal life it was the first time she had tasted hard liquour.
    “Now it's my turn to drink.”
    He took his glass and approached Linda's cunt with a very serious expression on his face. Then he poured the liquid on her belly?button. With hungry lips he followed the alcohol down to her fent. Once more he poured the liquor and this time it rolled down her thighs. Rapaciously he drank from the boiling fountain. Linda hurled her painful cries. The alcohol was burning her rosey sex. Arthur buried his thin, elegant head between the immaculate thighs. Above, he let drip the last drops of whiskey on her curly bush and then slobbered away like a thirsty madman.
    Linda felt lees pain due to the expert licking manoeuvres of her highly professional uncle. She offered her pussy without any precaution happy to be attacked by the ardent flow of affection. His tongue searched and searched as though it were looking for a maraschino cherry. While his face plunged deep within the entrails, his other hand found the whiskey bottle and Arthur without the slightest hesitation aimed the head of Haig and Haig at the girl's anus. It plugged in with a slurping noise that embarrassed Linda. With a brusk effort he flipped the helpless lass in the air and began to pour the whiskey down her entrails. Linda squeeled her pain and fright which were equally intimidated. The sudden flood of liquid, a powerful burning liquid at that, caused an irruption of suffering in the vicinity of the girl's over?heated sex. An uncorking sound came from the adolescent's rear indicating that the bottle had made its exit as violently as it had made its entrance.
    Arthur's head was there to replace the transparent cock. He loved alcohol and he adored nooky and he was a man who loved to have his cake and eat it at the same time. Arthur spared himself of the misuse of pleasures.
    He was proud of his delicate gourmet tendencies and he gave a royal proof of his aristocracy and a rough account of his virility.
    The little rose cage turned brown as Linda scratched her blistered anus. She whimpered and moaned as she prepared to voyage on the very rough road of erotic indecencies.
    “The best of scotch mixed with the excrement of my fair niece Linda,” Arthur howled with personal triumph and his laughter was shrill and piercing. “What could be better than this wholesome aperitif? Haven't you ever been ass?fucked by a bottle of whiskey, my dear? Think what you have missed.”
    Totally mortified, Linda could not and would not respond to such an impossible question. Her uncle appeared to be completely drunk with his sense of power and amusement.
    She thought of getting up and going to the toilet, but the eager excavation of her probing uncle forbade her to move. Suddenly she let go with a stream of urine that splashed unmercilessly on Arthur's handsome face.
    Linda tried in vain to hold back, but the pressure on her bladder was too strong. Thus she squirted a yellow flow of steaming piss flush on her uncle's puss.
    But Arthur did not quit his post. He was inextinguishable. Ready to receive the last discharge and already covered with urine, Arthur created such an imponderable impression on the sensitive harp of Linda's temperament that the poor girl turned half?way around and vomited.
    Almost in a faint from the repulsive sight she had been witness to, Linda did not see her uncle scamper to the chair in which he placed his clothes.
    Arthur slipped a leather belt from his trousers as he clinched his teeth. Briskly he hovered over Linda and unloosened a wicked blow which slithered off the girl's lovely back. She was so surprised that she held back the cry that hung quivering on her lips.
    Once again Arthur's hand circled in the air and a second stroke came crashing down with such tremendous force that a red mark was tatooed immediately on the girl's pale shoulders.
    This time Linda howled with pain and her body trembled with fear. She had expected the worse and it might have been terrible, but it all came whistling down with the third thundering slap of the leather strap.
    Linda rolled on the carpet, partly to ward off the pain and partly to escape the furious blows. But her uncle, who had not the slightest intention of letting up, reigned supreme dictator of his young captive. He aimed at the buttocks and many marks were implanted there in the space of a few minutes. From there he worked upward to her breasts.
    The young kitten jumped in the air, groveled on the floor and desperately tried to hide under the table. Her twists and turns had one singular effect on Arthur. They excited him all the more. He redoubled his punishment under the stupified glance of writing, zebra?marked Linda.
    “You little bitch. You'll have enough to be thirsty with. I'll skin you, my pet.” He puffed and huffed his threats.
    “Please, no more… Enough, enough.” Linda felt that she had already been skinned.
    From her anus a dark substance flowed. It wasn't her fault. The sudden emotion and fright gave her what is commonly known as the 'shits'. The brown fecund matter soiled the carpet. The room was quickly filled with a nauseating odor of urine and excrement mixed with sweat and traces of come.
    “I should saw you in half, my little animal beauty. What would you say if I made you eat all that? Aren't you ashamed-dirtying the carpet that way?” Arthur didn't quit his lashing as he lectured the beaten captive.
    Linda hung her head. At that exact moment and in that woeful condition she would have accepted anything.
    She no longer had any will and her sensations were mass of confusion. She could not endure the punishment and yet she was realizing violent orgasms provoked by the rapid hands of her sadistic uncle. What was she to believe in her puzzled state.
    Her uncle ceased his whipping. He glowered at the humbled torso spattered with red, blue and black marks.
    Arthur watched the broken body creep toward him on all fours. He stood motionless as a tombstone gazing upon the crushed creature who was hugging and kissing his legs.
    The greying man felt his sex grow hard and the lively head of his niece ventured to the spot of his voluptuous misgivings. She mouthed the new erection like child with an all?day lollipop.
    Uncle Arthur let the girl have her fun for awhile, but he had other intentions. He pushed the drunken youngster away and spoke to her in an a voice full of authority.
    “Come we are going to take a bath together.”
    He made her get up and after crossing the large study, he opened a door, almost hidden from view. Arthur led his niece into a bathroom which was large and tiled in rose squares. The bathroom not only contained a large bathtub but an equally large divan which was covered by a white drapery. There were other accessories in the bathroom and Linda gazed with horror at the medicine chest.
    She closed her eyes and her mind drifted into the realms of wild imagination. Was she entering the domain of paradise or hell? She wondered why it took so long to find out.
    “I'll prepare the bath.” Arthur took little time to turn on the bathtub faucets.
    Linda took a look around and found the object of her sudden desire. She reeled over to the toilet and straddled it without the least consideration of Arthur's presence. She farted and turned red. Arthur smiled and his lips curved in contentment.
    “Why you look very lovely in that position,” he affirmed.
    He tiptoed over to the sitting waif and presented her his stiff prick. Linda, still straddling the toilet seat, took the cock between her teeth. She felt two pleasures at once. At the same time she was defecating, she had a full?blown masculine sex in her mouth.
    In her wildest imagination she would never have dreamed all this was possible. It was only that morning that she had arrived pure and innocent just to spend a vacation by the sea. Never in her most daring dreams would she have gathered these images and perverted sensations. And yet, reality had soared beyond the most troubling hallucination.
    Arthur, who was admiring the situation with his eye of a true connoisseur, licked his lips at each plop of shit that issued from the dainty ass?hole.
    “Stop. I don't want to come right now, since I have other pleasures in view.”
    Linda, who had finished her needs, leaned over to grab the toilet paper, but Arthur's hand stopped her from exercising any further action. Neatly he unraveled the roll of hygenic paper and wiped her clean himself. Then he bent over and licked out the rosebrown hole.
    “Come here, the bath is ready.” Arthur led naked Linda by the hand.
    The stepped into the oversized bath at the same time. The water came up to their hips. Linda felt a prickly sensation caused by the tepid water which soothed and burned her skin at the same time. She had recently been beaten and she was highly sensitive from head to toe. Little by little she became used to the warming effect of the water as she watched her uncle soap himself vigorously.
    Then charitable Arthur soaped his niece as though he were washing a puppy?dog. Linda made faces and it was obvious that her wounds gave her much distress.
    “Now, now…” Her uncle's voice grew paternal and debonnaire. “You're as dirty as a pigling and you squeel at a piece of soap. If you don't behave, I shall have to punish you and you can just guess how I'll go about it.” He meant business and Linda had no doubts about it.
    She didn't have to strain her imagination any more. Linda had been initiated and she knew anything could happen. The seance in the bathroom was a far cry from being dispensed with. Surprises were undoubtedly in store for her. And, what was most surprising of all, she was welcoming the unexpected, the unknown with an almost voracious pleasure.
    Her uncle stood up in the bathtub and spread the soap all over her fine body. She was soon covered with soap suds, particularly her fuzzy bush. Linda thought of the many times she had accomplished this same act with a hint of the pleasure it might give if treated by some worthy hands. Reality passes up fiction, and her uncle's hand spread her thighs in an effort to soap her ass, belly and inner thighs. A delicate finger wiggled in her anus. Linda was careful to conceal her pleasure. She wriggled with satisfaction.
    “Now we're going to ass?fuck in a bathtub, my dear. Hang on to the railing and spread apart, darling mermaid.”
    Linda didn't have to be coaxed twice. She felt a small wave encircle her pussy and the rippling sensation meant that a torpedo was being well?aimed at her foaming sex.
    A direct hit. The penis slipped into the crack like oiled hand into a waiting glove. Linda's cunt was lubricated by the soapy suds.
    This time the young girl squirmed and squeeled with pleasure. Never before had she felt the true value of her uncle's prick. It went in and out with all the vivacity of Mack truck piston. When she turned her head, she saw foam floating on the water's surface. As the two sexes collided in battle, a choppy sea indicated heated action.
    She could not help gazing at Arthur's face. He appeared transfigured as he took on the aspects of a demon and an angel all at once.
    “It's magnificent. You're wonderful.” Linda was sincere in her praise.
    She suffered a bit due to the width of Arthur's cock. It was difficult to withstand the erection in her small ass?hole. It was with pain and pleasure that she took the erotic stimulant of the novel bath of pleasure.


    The time had come for Linda and her uncle to withdraw from their soap?bud game. But they splashed with pleasure like two fiery animals and a white heavy substance floated gelatonously on the surface of the water.
    Arthur was the first to scamper out of the tub. He took a large beach towel and rubbed himself dry as his niece bounced out of the bath dripping 'from head to foot. Playfully Arthur lashed out with a flick of the towel. The sting caught Linda right between her buttocks. The girl howled and tried to dodge a second whack that slithered off her thighs.
    The helpless lass ducked behind the toilet stool for protection. And this is where she had made her mistake.
    Arthur smiled cruelly and it was too apparent that he had found a new method of entertaining himself. A wicked strike of the towel cradling around the toilet lever, flushed the bowl and gave the girl a start.
    Linda ran from her hiding place and found herself cornered along the tiled walls. Arthur tracked her down like a favorite hunt. The towel, partially wet, hummed in the air and caught the adolescent across the breasts.
    “Please, dear uncle, no more.” Linda had uttered the words that only stimulated her enraged relative.
    “Here is some 'no more' for you, my sweet.” His teeth glittered under the whitish cleansed hair.
    Several blows buckled Linda to her knees as she cringed in horror. What made matters worse was the wet skin greeted by the heavy soaking towel. This caused red irruptions about the abdomen and breasts.
    Arthur's penis grew large and it vibrated in the steamy pungent mist. The haze, combined of heat, sweat and humidity, hampered the ardent uncle in his task of taming a young shrew.
    Furiously he threw the towel aside and dragged the limp girl to the shower. There under the rain of the sprinkler uncle Arthur fucked his lovely niece while standing. Catching her in the ass he washed the tips of her nipples with his dexterous hands.
    The immense flood of changing thrills mixed with the delights of love labored in Linda's body and her heart beat like a trip hammer. It was strange how pain, a pain which she felt she could never endure, turned into a magnificent treat when Arthur's staff plunged deep within her. The man loved to piston in and out of her twat and now that her ass?hole had been gouged, a new voluptuous sensation invaded her being.
    Their movements were even more frenetic than the down?pour of water. Linda's bottom moved rhythmically while Arthur cupped her breasts and tickled her rosebuds. Both of them inflamed by the wonderful temperature of the water performed marvelously well in their moistened haven of love.
    Their gurgling sounds were drowned out by the flooding basin. Once they attained their ultimate pleasures, an harmonious echo burst in the cell of the bathroom crackling against the tiles.
    The capricious uncle was the first to leave the shower stall. Evidently he was a master of his acts and was decisive in all his movements. He closed the glass door on Linda who naturally hollered to be let out. When she turned off the shower, she shivered and when she kept it running, the water mounted at an alarming rate.
    Arthur had a strange way of amusing himself. Luckily for Linda, Alice had knocked on the door and asked for her uncle.
    “What do you want? Go away.” Arthur was indignant.
    “You wanted me to wear that special outfit with the black tights and red bra.” Her voice cooed with honey.
    Arthur returned to the very pleasant reality of his present situation. It was true that he had summoned Alice for a seance at six. She was as malleable as a child. For quite awhile, he enjoyed a rare amusement with Alice and he was not going to be denied of his pleasure because of a wet hen niece.
    He bundled himself up in his bath?robe and scurried out of the bathroom. Linda was free and relieved although she felt betrayed and alone. It was the first time she had ever sensed the pangs of jealousy. Curiosity mixed with lust guided her to the room in which Arthur and Alice were ready to entangle in a voluptuous haven.
    Naturally it would take place in the library. Arthur negligently, and perhaps it was on purpose, left the door open. Linda had a perfect spot from where to take in the performance of the two professionals.
    Alice was standing semi?naked in a pair of very high?heeled shoes. They were bright orange and gave her legs, which were sheathed in black lace stockings, a superb silhouette. The maid, who had seemed so insignificant before, was bewitching in her extravagant dress.
    One of the odd accoutrements of the outlandish outfit was her red bra. She appeared uncomfortable with it and she squirmed painfully when she had to make the slightest effort with her upper body.
    The maid's face was painted up like that of a low?grade prostitute. Her lips and eye make?up were terribly exaggerated and her face was an invitation to new wares of licentiousness.
    Arthur registered his approval. A snide smile crept across his handsome face as he squeezed Alice's two charming breasts. The curvy maid let out a yell that pierced Linda's ear?drums. For a moment Linda imagined that Alice was having her period, but then she reasoned that it was something else, something that was on the inside lining of the bra. Later on, she found that she was perfectly right in her reasoning. Sharp little needle points caused the torture and humiliation of the unwholesome garment.
    “Don't cry like that. You'll draw everyone's attention.” Arthur was displeased with Alice and his hand pressed the girl's cheeks in a sign of admonishment.
    The elegant man pulled down the young lady's panties and plunged his face into the grove of hair. The perfume of that pussy caught the nostrils of peeking Linda. The smell was nauseating. It reeked of so much
    scum and cheap perfume that Linda held her nose for a few minutes. She was astonished at how her uncle was able to bear such a repulsive stench.
    Linda was a baby in the many charms of love and she ignored some of the more refined nuances. Uncle Arthur one day many months later gave her a lesson on the fine art of sexology.
    Alice's legs drifted wider apart as she gripped Arthur's wet hair. Her knees began to shake as her aggressor gave his all. Linda remembered how superb Arthur was as a lover and she knew that Alice was having a riotous good time of it. Her legs and buttocks looked divine and these new attitudes and poses were perfected by the encouragement of Arthur's skillful tongue.
    A whimsical moan trickled from Alice's throat and Linda felt her cunt becoming wetter and wetter as her youthful eyes drank in the delicious scene. Her uncle's hands wandered up to the tormenting bra and the two large palms wrenched at the fruit. Alice turned faint and she bit her lower lip.
    The maid didn't complain. If she did, she knew she would receive nothing but painful abuse. She was shaken by pleasure and at the same time she was forced to abide some suffering administered by her noble lover's hands.
    Alice's fingernails, crisped in Arthur's hair as she tried to relieve the massaging rubs of her breast. The uncle, steady at his post, lapped away and continued to abuse the two pears, fruits of prickling hurt rather than loveable caressing.
    The bitter and the sweet were combined as Alice grinded away. She did not know whether to seek a haven of rest by pushing the man away or run the risk of finding paradisical pleasures by sticking it put.
    Thus Arthur controlled his victim or loved one, depending on the point of view one wishes to take. Linda later found out that Arthur had theories on sex that were declared 'revelational and astounding' by experts in the field. Arthur's books were not known publicly but they had a secret audience that cherished the books far above the classics.
    The great sexoligist was performing his deeds on a paltry maid. He could have had the pick of metropolitan!
    women, but he had his reasons. Arthur knew how to discriminate and above all he knew what he wanted.
    Alice filled the menu and he was satisfied with his choice.
    As the young maid reeled in a pathetic scene of torture and delight, Arthur slipped away and plucked a rubber dick from his drawers. Swiftly he flew back to his purring cat, placed his kisser in her bush and lapped away as before. Then, deftly, he plugged the god?like prick in the small opening of Alice's panties. Linda was amazed to see how everything was regulated and planned.
    The devastating uncle pumped away with the instrument while his tongue ripped in and out of the wet vagina.
    Alice's eyes turned in her head like a slot machine. Slowly they came out cherry red and Linda knew Arthur was closing in on the jackpot.
    With one great cry Alice unburdened her healthy orgasm in the gentleman's mouth. He sucked her dry as he controlled his sex in order to keep from ejaculating.
    The thunder of her speechless moans excited Arthur and he ripped away the undergarment. Bruskly he slipped his swollen sex in the maid's cunt, while he manipulated the false dick which penetrated the ass?hole with amazing dexterity.
    The two grinded away in a deep vacant frenzy.
    They were like two violent dancers who were given to shaking voluptuously in the center of the ballroom.
    Only this was Arthur's library and the scene was intimate and warm.
    Linda was crazed by the expert movements of the two superb figures who were foaming with joy. She began to masturbate with ardor.? Her finger went all the way up her hole as her tongue fell out of her mouth. Saliva dripped from her oral cavity while a sticky substance trickled on the floor. She had made up her mind to live vicariously with the two lovers. A secret desire gripped her and she intensely felt the need to bite into Alice's rump.
    But she didn't dare fearing the punishment which would be perhaps…
    Her thought was broken like a twig at the sound of Arthur's muffled voice.
    “Linda come here and join us.”
    Dear Arthur could not have given her a more pleasing present.
    She was Johnny on the spot in no time. Linda perform her functions like a trouper. With her teeth she pulled out the rubber plunger and put her head into the ass crevice without demanding permission from her notorious uncle.
    While Arthur labored in and out of the sticky bush, Linda penetrated the arse with her thin youthful tongue.
    Occasionally she licked at Arthur's staff and balls as they passed in and out of the enflamed vaginal sector.
    Arthur, who was no novice in the commerce of pleasure, gave up Alice's honest hole for a dip into the rosey behind of the sensual Linda.
    The man was dripping with come although he had not as yet reached the supreme moment. He hammered his cock the half?finch opening and gave Linda such a thrill that she redoubled her licking and lapping much to the delight of Alice who was in seventh heaven:
    “Is everyone happy?” Arthur asked partly in pride and partly with self?imposed joy.
    There was no response. The two young ladies were too busy reaping the harvest of their vast pleasure ride.
    Alice suddenly had a moment of gratitude which she felt she should deliver to her master who was pushing the gals into the wall. Alice abandoned her position to kneel at Arthur's rear and chew at his rump.
    The trio thus changed two or three times without any unfavorable change or let?down in sheer pleasure and ecstasy.
    After twenty minutes of heavy sensual manipulations, the threesome unloaded their charge into the bowels of their respective partners.
    They chimed away like the bells of a country church. Their throats warbled a happy melodious gurgle as they tumbled to the ground in a heap.
    Arthur was the first to regain his footing after wiping the wetness from his brow. He smiled ironically as he gazed at the two limp torsos enwrapped together on the floor.
    “Enough is enough ladies.” He laughed jovially. “We'll be at it another time. Don't you realize it's after eight and dinner isn't even prepared? What kind of a household do you think I am running anyway? Alice get to the kitchen before you receive treatment 3X.”
    That was all the maid had to hear. She scurried out of the room pale with fright. Linda was rocked out of her slumber by the sudden detachment and break?away of the luscious maid.
    Arthur helped his niece to her feet. The first thing Linda did was to throw her arms around her uncle's neck, but he quickly pushed her aside showing that he hated the idea of an overly- aroused sentimentality.
    “Go and see what Bert and that tigress are up to. I have my ideas on the subject. Tell them to come down for dinner immediately after they have showered. I'm sure they'll need to be refreshed after their work?out.”
    He walked over to his niece and affectionately placed his hand under her chin. His handsome eyes met her large wet orbits and he looked within as through trying to read the thoughts of her adolescent soul.
    “Are you happy here, Linda?” He wanted the truth and he was not going to settle for anything else.
    “Oh, uncle… I don't know. I think so. You see, I never never,,”
    He walked to his desk and picked up her words as though he had known them for a long while.
    …”Never expected to see the likes of it.”
    He tapped a cigarette on the back of his hand and his eyes suddenly changed. Linda detected a shade of grey darken in the somber sockets.
    “You'll find, Linda dear, that we have only just began to know each other. I promise you that a full?dressed adventure is in front of you. So far we have engaged in penny ante affairs. Just wait and you'll be astonished the more.”
    On these words, Arthur opened the door and Linda knew that she was to go and call his mistress and Bert. A flood of broken ideas crept through her mind like the quick fall of a spring.
    She was lucid and careful to select the true value of the sudden inspiration that throbbed in her veins and heart.
    All at once she turned beet?red. She felt ashamed, haunted by her acts. Linda knew that they would live with her a long while. She had been robbed of her innocence. But what of it, she thought. Her puritanism had always been a bother. It was better to be done with it once and for all.
    Then on the other hand? No… There was no doubt about it, she came from a sensual, ribald family. There was no sense refuting hereditary. She was a member of Arthur's clan and she decided to be proud of it. However, she was unlike Arthur. So much different than her uncle, that a sudden terrifying fear gripped her heart.
    She climbed the stairs feverishly. Linda had an errand to perform and she made a noble effort to erase her morbid thoughts. At the end of the hall she tapped lightly on Bert's door.
    There was no answer. She heard a blend Of strained voices combating physically. Linda opened the door and was no at all surprised to see Bert and Lola enlaced like two serpents.
    “Fuck me in the rear, Bert honey. Do it good you young whipper?snapper or I'll bite off your cock.”
    Lola playfully nibbled on the boy's ear?lobe. Their bodies oozed sweat and an odor that was purely sensual and pungent. Linda didn't have the courage to intrude, and yet she had a mission to perform.
    “Dinner will be ready soon. Uncle Arthur sent me to tell you to wash up.”
    She looked guiltily at the couple as though she were a real kill?joy destined to spoil their fun. It was apparent that they dismissed her words disdainfully. Linda found that her throat was dry and she could not utter the same words for a second time.
    Although she felt like running from the room, she was glued to the spot. Suddenly she became enthralled by the bouncing breasts the seductive Lola. Bert had her from behind and was jarring her with rapid plunges in the rear. Lola bucked forward with her hair wildly covering her handsome face.
    Linda watched the bosoms flap heavily in the air. A burning urge to devour them insensed the girl and in little time she was already kneeling on the bed sucking tenderly on the grand mammals. Lola caressed Linda's head and she whispered in her ear stimulating words of love.
    “Love them, my buttercup. Suck them well and nip on them as though they were ripe cherries. I'll make you queen, my dear. Take bigger mouth?full, Linda darling. Come now, you've grown?up little one.”
    Bert buried his husky rod in the voluptuous ass of the ribald lady. Through sheer intensity he kept back his orgasm as he bit into the neck of the lovely brown?skinned beauty.
    Linda no longer knew why she had come into their secret abode, but she relinquished all questions as she sank into the lulls of lust. Lola's breasts were so good that the girl felt she could suck permanently on them.
    Lola fingered Linda's pussy and she knew every fold of a young lass's twat. Her long fingers caused a hot saliva to run from Linda's mouth. The trio pitched in excitation and the bed springs squeeked with the burden of the terrible lovers.
    None of them had eaten for hours. They were all healthy and gifted with enormous appetites, but they had forgotten dinner time. In their games of love, their concentration was on the fruit of amour and nothing else.
    A sheet of moistened wetness covered the windows as the bodies smoldered away in ardent caresses. Bert became purple with his tremendous effort to sustain his drive.
    Linda and Lola certainly wanted the seance to continue until doomsday. For the first time they had found out the real capacities of one another Delighted to find that they were in perfect harmony, the two females
    'bestowed their respective affections and art.
    With a gust of wind the door flew open and uncle Arthur stormed in as angry as a lion. Linda looked askance at the enraged man without letting a teat slip out of her mouth. Arthur's eyes turned volcanically red.
    “So this is what you're all up to. Linda disobeys me first of all, and then of course Bert and my fair lady persuaded her to join them. Well it needs a lesson, this perverted act does.”
    Arthur brandished a whip that shook between his legs. Words flew hot and heavy.
    “Lola you are a no?good bitch. I hold you responsible for the deviations of these children. Bert, if you continue to be as presumptuous and aggressive in your manner, there will be no more use of the car and I promise you that I'll put that great cock of yours in a sling. Linda, disobedience costs dearly in my household and I will not allow it for a minute. You'll learn your lesson very shortly, my dear niece.”
    With quick sharp strides he came to the bed and hovered over the trio paralyzed like a sudden?turned statue.
    His lanky frame went into action as his arm furiously wielded the lash.
    A first punishing stroke whammed across Bert's back driving his cock more securely in the buxom torso of mistress Lola. A second blow encircled the threesome who were literally molded together out of physical adherence and protection. It caught Linda on the buttocks and thighs and she winced biting into Lola's poor breasts. The tigress howled as she felt the sudden teeth stab into her treasures.
    Blow after blow reigned down on the naughty three. Arthur was truly mad and he intended to have everyone pay for her and his misdeeds.
    Bert pleaded for him to let up, but Lola had a strange contorted look on her face. She was a victim of mixed emotions and Linda was disturbed and astonished to see a noble range of facial expressions emanate from the lovely head of her sensual friend.
    The whipping had achieved an opposite effect on Lola. She was writhing with a sickly sensual pleasure that would not diminish.
    Her excitation became unbearable and it produced an odd effect on Linda and Bert. The two youngsters weathered the storm of the whip and took refuge in a newly arisen pleasure. They scrambled together like hungry startled animals. Their sexes were wet and their mouths were bubbling with saliva.
    “Have it out, you three. Get it all out of your system. Tomorrow is another day and we will see what comes out of your misbehavior. But you'll bear the marks of today's misgiving. Take that… and that… for your pleasure.”
    Arthur was livid with rage. He refused to believe that his law and order backfired in such a way. Lola had known the exceptional man too long and she had stayed with him for very personal reasons. She knew how to come out on top even with an intelligent fox as Arthur.
    Bert was the first to let loose and have a rousing spasm. His prick bloated in the rear?hole of majestic Lola. A small trickle of whitish gizz clung to the crack of her ass mixing with a brownish color that emitted a stench.
    The odor filled the room and not one of the four complained about it. It was rather enjoyed and an agreeable stench found a residence in Linda's nostrils.
    Linda was the second to burst wide open. She captured Lola in her arms and her mouth slipped from the breasts down to the belly button and then still lower to the cavernous cunt. She buried her face in the rosy folds. Tonguing with the fire of her princess lips and oral majesties.
    Arthur gave his whip up for lost. He was curiously taken by the mass of feverish flesh. The elegant master plunged his stout sex into the asshole of his nephew who seemed thunderstruck at the unprecedented onslaught.
    “There my dear Bert is a sudden surprise for your manhood. No one ever told you that a rear?end is a haven not to be denied whether it is that of a young lady or a young gentleman. Don't look so pained my dear fellow.
    You'll come out of it alright. You're a wee bit tight but that will be straightened out in due time.”
    Bert was crushed by the humiliating experience. At dinner that night he was unable to raise his head and respond to the gibes of his uncle.
    Lola admitted she had come several times. And when asked how many, she timidly lowered her eyes and calculated…
    Linda knew that they were big encouraging ones. She had witnessed at least two monstrous tornadoes that Lola blew out of her womb.
    When Arthur turned toward Linda with his usual calm grace, he didn't have to wait long for the answer.
    “Three” Linda turned red and she attempted to cover her blush with the whiteness of the napkin which served as a definite contrast.
    “Then everybody is content. Well, let's dig into the chicken and eat heartily. Alice has also prepared a steak for each of us. We've got to regain the needed energy we lost in our foolhardy endeavors today.”
    It was difficult to say whether Arthur had a smile on his lips or whether they were contorted by the rebuff of the whip that was purely unintentional.
    “Alice, you may sit with us tonight. After all, you had a workout as well. Come in when you're ready my dear.
    I want us all to behave as one big happy family.”
    They all ate with gusto.


    At dinner, Arthur became pensive and his mind was working at double time. He tapped his fingers together and stroked his chin. Although he seemed to have no appetite, his table mates were eating rapaciously.
    “I hope everyone finds the dinner as it should be? I made sure that it was carefully seasoned. Pepper and pimentos help in restoring amourous exploits.”
    Arthur watched Linda snap the leg of the chicken and pick it up with her dainty fingers. She blushed as she noticed his prolonged stare. Little did she guess her uncle's thoughts. How he would have liked to pluck this young chicken apart for good.
    Lola looked ravishing in her new blue gown, while Bert ate like a college football player. He kept filling his plate with potatoes and disgusted the refined Arthur who looked at him with disdain.
    Alice entered with a second plate of vegetables. She was dressed in a scanty outfit that was daring and extremely sexy. Her bosom stood out presumptuously and her little bottom wiggled tightly under a strange looking pair of panties.
    Suddenly Arthur snapped his fingers. The unusual gray?haired quatrenarian seemed to have an idea that he rather relished.
    “I would like to see you after dinner Linda. It's for a matter… let's say a certain dessert that I have for you.”
    Linda looked surprised and as she slowly lost her appetite due to a vague perplexity. Arthur renewed his hunger and ate almost as rapidly as Bert.
    Lola rubbed her hand along Linda's knee and the young adolescent felt a warm sensation creep between her thighs. Lola's hands were remarkable. The mere touch of the exceptional beauty had a stimulating effect on the collegiate.
    The slight display of emotions fell when Arthur clapped his hands signifying that he was up to the antics of the two.
    When dinner was finally over, Arthur requested Linda to follow him into his library. She obeyed, docile and fine in her gracious steps.
    Once in the library, Arthur gazed longingly at his niece. He fingered a book and turned a few pages just to practice his touch. Arthur was a nervous man and he had the habit of agitating his hands in particular.
    “Linda, I'm writing a story about a girl such as you. She's an unusual girl who represents adventure to the fullest extent. Her name is Ancella. I named her after an Egyptian princess who died a strange death at the early age of 22. As the story goes, the young princess was walking in the nearby forest some few hundred yards from her castle, when she spied a bush sparsely covered with orange fruit. Her protectoress, a woman of some seventy years of age forbade her to taste the fruit. The princess became inquisitive and she tried some anyway against the pleading of the elderly woman.
    Three days later the princess was taken by a series of convulsions and she suddenly became terrifyingly lusty.
    Heretofore, she had been a virgin of the purest order, but suddenly this strange transformation fell upon her.
    At first many of the court thought she had inherited the whorish instincts of her mother, but later they found she was truly a victim of a sexual passion and hunger that knew no bounds.
    The girl literally raped every young and old servitor of the king and queen. It is said that she was soft?skinned and extremely beautiful and her response to the male population was met with applause and pleasure.
    Disorder broke out in the kingdom and a veritable City of Sodom ensued.”
    Linda watched Arthur as he minutely described the many details of the fascinating story. The man's eyes glowed and he appeared to see the many sensual events before him as he told the tale. “The princess died of sexual and sadistic abuse brought on mostly by her own hands. I have often wondered if the myth of the fruit is true or whether it was her own nature that destroyed her. At any rate you can see that the story enthralls me.
    And what about you, doesn't it have its effect?”
    Linda had no idea of what her uncle wanted to have her answer with, but she decided to adhere to his enthusiasm.
    “It is an astounding story, if it is true?”
    “What do you mean if it is true? I am convinced that it is. Why there is even some documentation attesting to its validity. I am really surprised Linda that you think that it is a mere figment of someone's imagination.”
    Linda was quick to ward off a possible angry spell that she felt she might have to endure. Words were her best protection, although Arthur was rarely fooled by rhetoric or perfumed and flattering words.
    “Oh, I'm sure it has some basis of truth in it. I was just wondering whether all of it can be substantiated.”
    Arthur smiled and his hands tightly grasped the book he was holding.
    “Linda, you're a wonderful little liar in your way. But I must admit, I am fond of you.”
    They exchanged smiles. It was difficult to say whether it was an exchange between enemies or friends. Their expressions were extremely marked by a marked ambiguity.
    “I only told you that story to let you know that you have become the princess Ancella for me. There is no fruit here to offer you but everyday henceforth you will taste an exotic dish of fruit which I have ordered. They are all different, but I am sure one of them will have an effect on you.”
    He laughed crazily and at first Linda laughed with him feeling that Arthur was giving vent to his peculiar sense of humor. Then it dawned on the youngster that he was quite serious in his endeavor.
    A shiver caused Linda to grow pale and contemplate on her sort, on the defence she would have to present.
    Words failed the girl and the only reaction she presented to her merciless uncle were a few drops of bitter tears.
    “Enough of that. It is not going to help matters. I've made up my mind.”
    Linda appeared crushed, broken in two. Her uncle placed his sinewy arms around her shoulders. He kissed her hair and her temple and patted her on her rump.
    “What do you think of Alice, my dear?”
    Linda was shaken from her depression. It was a surprising question to hear after such a tense quarter of an hour.
    “Why she seems perfectly alright to me.”
    “Well, my little one, I've prepared a treat for you. You've had everyone amongst us with the exception of our delicious maid. It is only normal that you see for yourself what delicate sensual delights she may have in store for you and I hope the act will be a mutual affair.”
    Suddenly Linda's thoughts brought Alice quickly to mind. The maid was a luscious little thing. She was much more peppery and juicy than Lola. But there was something common in her that made Linda pucker up despite her will not to give her reactions away. And, however, if Alice was good enough for Bert, and even Arthur, then she must have some saving grace.
    “You two young ladies are going to perform in front of me in just a few minutes. You know we have no cinema here or ballroom and we have to make up our own entertainment.”
    Linda was led over to a sumptuous divan cover with a purple fabric that was warm and soft. Arthur told her that this was to be the decor of their love act.
    He went over to his bureau and pressed a buzzer. It was obviously for Alice. Linda noticed that there were a series of buttons and that all Arthur had to do was press one or any given number and his 'victims' were requested to answer.
    In no time flat, Alice entered the room. The maid was dressed in lace that was as scanty as the attire of a newly?wed. Her sexual commonness was exaggerated but not unpleasant. She looked bike a tart with her high heels and her peek?a boo panties and bra.
    On a closer glance Linda was able to detect that oddity of the outfit that gave the girl a peculiar allure, although Alice could never have looked more sexual.
    The girl wore frilly purple garters attached to old?fashioned black?brown stockings. Her extremely tight panties was chewed away by what seemed to be moths. A clutch of pubic hair stuck out at one end and a part of the curve of the left buttock made its appearance as well.
    Alice had full breasts and they stood at attention in a jet black and white bra that scarcely covered the vitals.
    Extra height was gained through the use of very high Italian shoes that blended with the ensemble.
    For the first time in her sexual life, Linda desired to be a male. She had a strange feeling for Alice and she couldn't decide whether it was the clothing, or rather the lack of it, or whether it was Alice herself.
    Uncle Arthur was quick to see that everything pointed toward success. He went over to his private cabinet and extracted an instrument Linda had never noticed before. The girl was awestruck when she saw a perfect replica of a man's penis made out of plastic or rubber (as far as she could make out) and attached to a belt. It didn't take long for Linda to catch on to its use.
    Arthur burst out in a winsome smile when Linda took the stiff rubber dick out of his hand and stepped into the strange fixture as though she had had made use of one all her life.
    “You learn quickly, my princess. You'll soon see what it is like to be a male. I want you tell me your exact reactions. Please don't hide anything from me.”
    Cradling the false staff as though it were made of china, Linda aimed it at the frightened maid. The collegiate backed Alice to the couch and then stretched her out in a technique that made Arthur stroke his chin inquiringly.
    With one knee Linda forced Alice's legs apart. With her long fingers she stripped the girl of her panty by merely ripping on the elastic. The material burst under her savage pull.
    Alice was perplexed to see Linda delight in the role of masculine prowess. She even noticed the change in her eyes. The young adolescent gave positive proof of a male side of her nature.
    Linda grabbed her cock just the same as a proud lover would encircle the instrument he treasures. The girl tickled Alice's love lips with the head of the prick before stabbing into the wet mass of hair.
    One of Linda's hands cradled the ass of the voluptuous maid demonstrating that she was aware of the fine art bestowed by expert male lovers.
    “Excellent, princess, excellent. I couldn't have done better myself.” Arthur cheered her on, although his niece needed absolutely no encouragement whatsoever.
    Very soon the penis slid rigidly inside Alice's cunt. The young maid let out a peep of enjoyment. She hugged tightly to Linda's neck and even bit her lover on the ear lobe.
    Arthur went behind his deck and began to take notes. His eyes wondered from the love scene back to the written page. He noticed the manoeuvres and dexterity of his lovely niece as she brought Alice to the heights of pulsating love.
    The maid began to froth at the mouth and her eyes seemed to go dead all at once. Linda was biting one of the youngster's teats with voracity while a hand wondered up and down the vertebrae of the feverish servant.
    “I love that… Oh, oh… it's good, so good… I love, love, love it-”
    Alice began a magnificent chant to her strange lover. She murmured little nothings in Linda's ear. Although the words were incoherent, they spurred Linda on.
    The rose dick gained a milky shine as it slipped in and out of the throbbing crack. Alice was completely stretched open and she gave her entire being to the passion of the female?changed?to?male.
    Linda was panting away and she showed signs of wear and tear, but most of all it was apparent that the whole seance excited her terribly.
    The two girls, svelte and superb in their act of lesbianis, juggled their wares before the lecherous onlooker.
    Linda could no longer control herself. She ripped off the garter belt and had the diminutive maid practically naked and devoid of her recent parure. She infiltered the synthetic cock into the beckoning hole with vigorous strokes.
    “Take her from behind.” Coached frenetic Arthur who was watching the scene while taking a flood of notes.
    Linda did not have to be urged on. She pivoted the maid around and placed her dog?fashion on the divan.
    With one lusty plunge she managed to stick the enormous head into the slight orifice. Alice groaned in pain, but she didn't protest to the sudden sodomization by her female partner.
    A glossy sheen crept over Linda's forehead and it was evident that the girl was giving Alice her best. Linda's left hand was tickling the twat while her right was pinching the breasts of the girl on all fours.
    Suddenly the two rumbled and vibrated like a Tin Lizzy and they exploded at the same time all their love juice trickling from their sexual rosebuds. A slow dribble of brown made its appearance at the anus of the suffocating maid. Alice was crushed by the weight of Linda's instrument. She had been taken it from the front normally and then she succumbed to the terrible assault behind. But it felt so wonderful that the sensuous employee did not complain, but, in fact, she pleaded for more pain as only Linda was able to administer.
    “Do it again. Please don't let up. I want it so badly. Again and again, darling.”
    The two young whelps went at it with all their might. Linda did not spare her partner for one moment. After three frightfully strong orgasms, the two youngsters crumbled in a heap and gave their best oaths in the arms of Orpheus.
    Arthur kept writing and he failed to watch Linda's head creep slowly down to the splendid bushy country and then into the foamy rose cavern.


    Due to an excessive fatigue, Arthur retired to his room early and left the others to their charming company.
    Bert dozed off on the corner couch and when he awoke, he was not too surprised to see Linda and Lola enterlaced in each other's arms. The young fellow threw his shoulders back and advanced toward the two women. An ironic smile dominated his features.
    “Well, well, well. Aren't you going to invite me to your little get?together?”
    Linda didn't know what to say, but Lola burst out in nervous laughter and exclaimed.
    “This young man is need of something? Just look at him. He's holding us at gun point.”
    Fruitless to add that she was referring to Bert's phallus which stood at full attention slightly vibrating. He looked down at his proud tool like a hungry wolf and then his eyes wandered over the two nudes piled in a lewd coupling.
    “What do you say, Linda?” Shall we try his wares and see what he is worth?”
    Bert didn't wait for an approbation from either side. He approached the two and fairly gave his left hand to Lola's full thigh and his right to Linda's marvelous breast.
    “You'll see my 'bellee femmes',” he boasted. “Now to begin there…”
    He jumped behind Lola and placed his handsome young face right between the two rosy grapefruits. Bert began to lick her anus avidly. Lola did not utter a word, but instead she backed into his mouth to facilitate the operation.
    Linda felt abandoned. Something which she never liked. She crept under Bert's legs and began to lap at his throbbing cock. Her lithe tongue forced the erection to its highest pitch.
    “Go to it cousin.” The young man's body contorted in pleasure. “Take it in your mouth.”
    Linda carried out the command and when she practically swallowed the hardened bar of flesh, she sucked on it with her best suction of love. Her tongue actively encircled the member which drips pearly drops of come in its preliminary stages. The youngster caressed the nuts of her youthful cousin and instinctively scratched his back with her wonderfully painted hand. The hand roamed down his backbone and her forefinger slipped in his ass?hole.
    She heard the wails of her two partners and from the corner of her eye she saw that Bert was not only licking the rump?hole of big Lola but the vaginal region as well.
    Linda had an novel idea. By stretching out on her back she could reach Lola and gain her appetizing mouth.
    The tanned woman caught on immediately to the wishes of her younger companion. She complied appreciatively and soon the happy groans of the threesome waded in the warm air.
    In a few minutes they were swaying, tonguing and loving in rhythm and their moans formed one large sound that seemed to emanate from one person.
    “Wait a second.” Bert interrupted the session turning toward Linda.
    He unfastened his phallus from the slippery mouth of the pungent Linda and directed the heavy tool toward the rear of squirming Lola who did not like the abrupt change.
    “Just watch and learn, kiddo.” Bert informed Linda.
    The bright college girl watched with profound curiosity. She was looking at the scene in a topsy?turvy position which added to the sensual aspects and gave the picture an entirely revelating luster.
    Lola backed into the prick of Bert like a hot filly and she wiggled freely as she attempted to retain it firmly.
    However, Lola didn't forget Linda and her tongue was as active as ever. Her tongue felt like a soft silk sponge as it gobbled up the scum lubricant of the voluptuous lass.
    “Now I'm going to fuck the great Lola in the ass. Just watch me, Linda honey.”
    “Yes… I see… Go ahead, cornhole her. I want to look on. Bert, screw her good.” Linda was-.happy at her perspective view.
    She had no idea what she was saying because she was extremely excited by her role. She even felt that she was the protagonist of this erotic operation. Bert aimed his instrument right at the anal orifice of curvaceous Lola and spread her ass apart with his big hand a bit anxious to begin the stimulating act.
    Linda didn't lose sight of his preparations and she was almost as excited as Bert. She even got in her last tongue strokes on the magic wand of her impetuous cousin, then she helped Lola enjoy herself to the fullest by offering her hot oral lapper to the rose opening.
    In this unique position she was able to watch the masterful workings of Bert's cock penetrating slowly into the rear?hole of the magnificent brunette.
    Bert was half?way inside when Lola began to let out a bleary cry of joy. Linda's mouth was full of juice, the love juice emitted by the healthy wench who was delivering her passion by the gallons.
    Still working with her tongue, Linda was able to watch Bert's testicles knock up against the well?formed ass.
    She was an eyewitness to the affair and she was able to tell when Bert had entered all the way.
    “How nice that is,” she murmured ecstatically. Lola moved her behind against Bertrand's belly and uttered unintelligible phrases.
    Bert was insensed by the muttering and babbling of the lovely female. He went in and out of her small anus like a mad?man. Linda was inspired by the furious lad and her oral practice became a precious means of pleasure for Lola who was pushing fast into seventh heaven.
    “Faster, faster, my pet. Go to it Bert. I want to feel it all the way in me.” Her head bobbed up and down as though she were riding a wild poney.
    Bert responded with two or three vigorous strokes.
    “She's a real bitch. She's never satisfied. Good old Lola never gets enough of it. We ought to get a donkey for her…”
    Linda heard the infamous words and tried to imagine Lola getting screwed by a mule. She even seemed to see the enormous sex of the animal and she couldn't help thinking that such a wicked instrument would certainly give true satisfaction. Linda did not want to forget to ask her friend if diversions of a such nature were prohibited by uncle Arthur. Since he was a demon of the senses, why not that harmless erotic pastime?
    Linda's head spun with curious and fantastic obsessions. She felt that she would never back out of the most foreign type of erotic pleasure. (Perhaps the seeds of the princess that Arthur mentioned were taking fruit.) Just thinking gave her the sudden urge to be penetrated by a male prop. She wanted something warm and stiff between her legs and she wanted it quickly.
    Desire heightened her intelligence. She attempted to draw Bert away from Lola. Lola would certainly forgive the ruse of her friend, and anyway she would be able to compensate her in another manner.
    Linda disengaged herself from the couple and spread herself out on the bed alongside Lola. Flat on her back with her legs slightly apart, the girl played with the soft hairs of her sex looking at Bert bewitchingly.
    Bert suddenly stopped his movements and he was like a mouse who happened to spot a luscious hunk of cheese.
    “You little whore of a cousin. You want it too, eh?”
    “Yes.” Linda responded coyly and simply.
    “I haven't two cocks, you know? I can't take on two at a time, that's simple isn't it?” Bert said teasingly.
    Linda turned toward Lola and took her face and violently kissed her. Lola reacted to the flame of passion that was a mixture of tenderness, forceful love, and a game.
    “Oh, Lola dear. Let me have him for a minute. I want it so badly. Honestly I need it. It's itching so much.
    Lola, I love you something awful, let me have it.”
    Lola gave back a passionate tonguing and then looked at the young waif with irony and a storm of passion.
    She signaled to Bert.
    “Alright Bert, take the little piggy. Can't you see she is dying for it?”
    Bert laughed. He huffed and bellowed and bruskly shoved his cock into the ass?hole of the good?natured bronze beauty.
    “What do you think I am, your servant? Do you think I have to obey you without having the right to chose for myself?”
    Lola wasn't fooled by the play Bert put on. She saw that he was attracted by his cousin who was spread?eagled on the bed panting away with lust. The boy just wanted to tease the girl and make her long for him all the more.
    Linda was taking in by the game. In fact, she grabbed the boy's arm and pleaded with him hysterically.
    “Please Bert, please… I want to be… I desire to be mounted by you…”
    Bert pulled out his prick from the two cheeks of Lola's carcass. Linda watched it as though she were spellbound by its flutterings. Hypnotized by the rigid cobra spouting milky substance, she thought she would go mad with the need to have it inside her.
    Suddenly she seized it with her hand and forced Bert to take the necessary step. Lola who was on her side pushed the boy toward the beckoning girl. Bert didn't wait any longer and in a jiffy he managed to stab his cousin with his swollen phallus. Lola with her enflamed eyes was pleased to watch the two scuffle in heated pleasure. Bert pumped away with force and regal passion.


    A half?an hour later, the three were stretched out on the bed. Bert was in between his two mistresses. Lola's and Linda's hands met while they tickled and stroked the balls and penis of the happy young man who was peacefully installed with his hands in back of his head. He let the girls do what they wished while he closed his eyes and beamed contentment all over his boyish face.
    “I really must say that this young scamp is certainly talented for his gangly age. Don't you think I'm right, Linda dear?”
    Linda merely smiled and continued to caress her cousin's gentles.
    “Tell me Bert when did you first make love? When was the very first time you possessed a woman for the
    Lola asked the boy questions because she was truly inquisitive. She had an admiration for the younger generation and their precocity and wanted to know their moeurs.
    “I guess I was fourteen. That's right, I remember. I wasn't more than fourteen. I did it with Edith, my sister.
    Do you know her Linda?”
    “Yes. I saw her once at aunt Martha's in London about three years ago.”
    “Tell us what happened.” Lola coaxed the lad.
    “Well, we were by the sea near Atlantic City, Edith, Rita, my youngest sister and my mother. Edith at the time was nineteen and Rita was fourteen, or nearly fourteen. Edith was, and still is for that matter, very attractive with her brown flowing tresses and her panther?like body. Her ass is perfectly formed and her teats are just as they should be. When she walks down the street she has everyone's head turning, men and women alike.
    “One day I decided to take a long walk along the water?front. I think that I was seeking to be alone for I walked a good deal. I headed for the little cabin we had near the north shore. For miles around you couldn't hear a living soul. Nearing the cabin I heard some noise.
    “Being by nature quite curious, I decided to sneek up and see what it was all about. Through a small crack in the wood I was able to spy Edith, my svelte long sister, stretched out on the floor completely nude. There was a man on top of her and I recognized him to be the young architect that had been flirting with her since we had come to the beach. He was looming over her in a very insinuating position, and Edith seemed to be enjoying the taste of his 'thing'. I watched for a few seconds and then drew away as softly as I had come. I hid in the nearby bushes.
    “Ten minutes later the architect had left the cabin, apparently afraid of being caught by Edith's mother. But I knew no one was going to come before noon and it was hardly ten o'clock.”
    “And what did you do then?” Linda asked following the conversation with interest and awaiting a denouement to the intriguing story.
    “Once he had left, I went back to the cabin. I opened the door and I saw Edith still lying on the floor obviously tired from her violent efforts. When she regained her senses, she tried to hide her nudity on seeing me. She asked with surprise what I was doing there at such an early hour. “You made love quite well, sis,” I said tossing it off as if it were the most natural thing to say. She looked at me with hate in her eyes. “Get the hell out of here. I want to dress.” This was her vulgar response. I tried my luck and said, You don't have to get dressed for what you're going to do. If not I'm going to tell mother the truth and she is not going to like that, is she?” She was thunderstruck. “You're out of your head.” Then with a little more conviction she called me a dirty little pig and pushed me away.
    “I held my stand and told her she was nothing but a slut, and that if she would make love with me, I wouldn't breathe a word.”
    Edith didn't say a word. She just stared at me ironically. I undressed nervously and then threw myself on her like a young lion. “Take it easy, my little brother. This is where you have to get in.” She took my prick with her hand she felt its hardness and vigor. Adeptly she slipped it into her vagina. Then she budged around and made it all the harder. Her movements were so well?accomplished that inside a few seconds I came with all my might. My first thought was that it was much, much better than masturbating at the cinema. Several of my friends would hold a masturbating seance when we saw a love film. You know, we used to change off and masturbate each other.
    “It seemed that Edith had a penchant toward incest, because that same evening she asked me to come up to her room and recommence the same business we had taken up that morning. She taught me the sweet pleasure of sucking and being sucked. We spent the whole night making love.”
    “And then what happened?” Lola wanted to know everything as she stroked the massive cock.
    “Afterwards, everything came naturally. I can even remember the first experience of this type that I had with Rita. One night she was sleeping and I tip?toed into her room like a thief of Bagdad. She. had pushed her covers aside and she was sleeping naked because it was a hot summer's day. I woke her by placing my hand on her sex. She has that silken type of hair that curls lovingly, a bit like yours Linda. Naturally she cried out in alarm, but was less frightened to see her brother. She said she had been dreaming and thought it might be a robber. I reassured her and bade her not to be afraid. I told her a fib about losing my key and that I would have to sleep with her that night. I pretended to be annoyed at my misfortune. At first she didn't like the idea, but seeing that her brother was hard put (in fact, I was growing hard by the minute), she ceded. Until then, we had the normal rapport between brother and sister and she wasn't in the least suspicious about anything out of the norm. She rolled over and covered herself, while I lay down by her side.”
    “Gee, you're slowly getting to the point.” Linda pressed the boy squeezing the head of his cock. “A few minutes later, I began to caress her softly. She moved away and told me not too be so intimate with her. She was sure I was just teasing her and she played the part of someone annoyed. She told me she wanted to sleep and to keep my roving hands to myself. Suddenly I jumped on top of her and pushed her legs apart. My cock was ready and with dexterity I managed to penetrate her. In spite of her young age she wasn't a virgin. When she understood that I was serious in my endeavor, she submitted willingly. The little darling of sister loved to be fucked, and the following nights she didn't fail to come to my room to get screwed in the many fashions that Edith had taught me. Even now when we see each other, we never hesitate in taking advantage of our feverish desires. Rita told me that she lost,her virginity at thirteen. She was alone in the house one day when a man knocked on the door. He was a lowly butcher and she was ready to close the door on him after taking his package, when the beefy man jumped her and forced her to the couch in the living room. Rita told me that in spite of the pain she found the whole act extremely successful. She adored the manner he employed in violating her. I had always thought that Rita was a little piggy and bitch, and this story confirmed my opinion.
    “She told me that no one but myself knows about it. Since that time, and before I tried it with her, she had been screwed twice by two unknown brief encounters. All the boys of her own age irritated her and she found no joy in being with them.”
    Linda couldn't help thinking of how Bert and his sisters were advanced for their ages and how they made good use of their very young lives to taste the pleasures of erotic love.
    “So that's the way it is? You made love with your sisters in such a disgusting incestuous way. What a family, what shame.” Lola laughed teasing the young man.
    “And why not? If you had a brother with a prick that you liked, would you say no?” Bert got back at Lola with this slight chiding.
    “I haven't got a brother, no… I don't know how to respond.” Lola tickled his balls.
    “I think we ought to hurry up, if we want to take a bath before lunch.” Linda took the initiative. An improvised after midnight feast was called 'lunch' in this strange household where every hour was a living sensual hour of pleasure. “You're right, Linda. We had better hurry.” Lola chimed in.
    “Wait a minute. You're not going to leave me in this state after playing around with my nuts for a half?hour.”
    Bert showed the two young ladies his powerful phallus which had sprung up like a flag?pole while he was telling the stories of his sisters antics. He waggled the instrument under the eyes of Lola and Linda.
    “We're in a rush. We don't have time to busy ourselves with your cause.” Lola laughed uproariously on seeing Bert's dick go purple with envy.
    “Hey, I know what you can do. Both of you will suck on it and that way it will be over in a hurry.”
    The two friends agreed reluctantly, just to tease the lad, and then bent their heads to the outstanding object.
    Lola was the first to take in a mouthful. Linda had to be content with the rounded nuts that were quite swollen.
    Then they changed off and Linda covered her mouth over the hot staff while Lola nibbled at the nuts. Bert let out a groan of delight and his two hands sunk into the hairy heads and patted them on their excellent work.
    He was obsessed with the marvelous idea of the two girls who were applying their art for his benefit. In his mind's eye he saw his two sisters working him over and this intensified his pleasure as though he were violated by four lovely women.
    “Quicker, my dears, faster… I'm co… I'm goingggg to come.” He eked out his joy.
    It was Linda who still had the grand prick in her mouth and she sucked on it with force and affection. She passed her tongue along the head of Bert's pride and joy. Her cousin's discourse put her in an ecstasy that she had never known before. The scene reached erotic heights and Bert moaned as he threw his head backwards as he ejaculated. She felt the sperm enter her mouth, the warm discharge flooded her oral cavern.
    Lola wanted to get some of the juice and she took over Linda's pleasant chore in the waning moments of Bert's pleasure ride. The two women took an equal share of liquid and the both swallowed it at the same time, as Bert's eyes popped with a vague sensation of floating delight.
    Then to show how much they appreciated the young lad, they cleaned him out entirely, Linda taking the behind and Lola continuing on the limp, but trying dick.


    Early in the morning Linda finally went to bed, tired but satisfied. She spent the morning at the beach with Lola and Bert, and then later on with uncle Arthur and Alice at the villa. They all ate together and then everyone went his or her separate way only Linda wound up with Lola and Bert.
    The next day was spent in resting up. Lola drove Linda to the strand, a thin layer of beach, which offered a splendid view. Linda was able to admire the setting sun under the soft caresses of the tiger lady, Lola. When the two friends came back to the house, they were laughing jovially and appeared to be in an exceptional frame of mind.
    “Good night, Lola.” Linda gave the sentence an added twist in the hope of having Lola with her that night.
    “Nighty night” Lola responded with an odd exuberant smile. She even added a mean phrase that was not at all warranted, but it was just Lola's way of taunting the girl.
    “Have fun, dear.”
    Linda felt sure that Lola was just being ironic thinking that the young girl was going to master?bate before catching her beauty sleep. But little did Lola guess that the lass wanted something else and it wasn't the simple, banal process of jacking off in her bed.
    However, Linda was not discontent to find her room warm and snug. She undressed herself and walked over to the window for some fresh air and to admire the full moon that sprayed in her room.
    She heard the noise of several automobiles arriving at the villa and she wandered who could be calling at such an hour when everyone was almost asleep.
    With the curiosity of a cat she went to the door and heard her uncle greet the new arrivals.
    “Gosh, he's awake.” Linda said to herself almost out loud.
    She opened the door a little to bear the conversation between her uncle and his friends.
    “You're late.” Arthur reproached the newcomers.
    “We had trouble with the car.” It was a woman who spoke.
    The others, men and women, laughed at the seemingly inoffensive words. Linda put on a night dress and silently went to the foot of the stairs; She wanted to see what they looked like.
    Luckily she was able to glance into the living room, where she saw four men, one the age of her uncle and the others a bit younger. She counted three women, two who were approximately twenty?five and a third who was no more than sixteen. The youngest was the one with the heartiest laughter. She had a vibrant, attractive body which was highlighted by her pullover clinging to her upper body and a yellow skirt that accented her torso.
    Linda noticed that they spoke informally and she was sure that they were good friends of her uncle.
    Compelled to see better, Linda courageously descended a few steps. She watched her uncle who was pouring liquor in their glasses. Then he sat next to the gamine in the yellow skirt and put his arm around her waist which was snug and winsome.
    “And you, Annie? In good form tonight?”
    “Tip?top. And you, grandpop?” She was brazen and Linda didn't see how the girl dared to respond in this manner.
    Linda was astonished to see the young girl put her hand between Arthur's legs. Arthur merely laughed and placed his mouth right on the nipple of the girl's left breast and bit into it sharply.
    “Ouch. Edgar you friend is a brute.”
    The man named Edgar drank his whiskey calmly and then put down his glass.
    “Where's Lola, Arthur? Isn't she going to come down?”
    “In a little while. Don't be impatient. By the way, we have another guest. My niece.”
    Linda instinctively perked up her ears and listened intently.
    “What is she like?” One of the men asked.
    “You'll see her presently.” Arthur said unaware that his curious niece was quite present.
    They all began to drink one glass of whiskey after another. One of the two older women, a brunette who was rather tall and well?stacked was reclining. Right by her was one of the four men who caressed her legs pulling her skirt high up on her thighs. The other woman, blond?haired and nervous, was seated in a large armchair between two men. The fourth man, named Edgar, remained alone in a leather armchair by the window.
    At that moment Alice arrived with a tray of sandwiches. She came in barefooted with a short apron that barely reached her knees and one could guess that she had little on underneath.
    She put the tray on the table and came up to Edgar, who grabbed her by the waist and made her seat on his lap.
    “Come, my little one. I want to make an exploration. Don't worry it will be very personal and precise.”
    And he began to put his hands under Alice's apron. Alice pretended to run away and she broke out in a peel of laughter. But the man discovered her nude thighs and then unveiled her breasts which jumped out as though they were expecting the treatment all along.
    “Just look at these marvels everybody.” He held the maid up for all to see.
    He leaned down and sucked on one and then the other just to capture their warmth and flavor.
    “I defy any of you women to show a better pair. Is there any who wants to complete?”
    Annie perked up anxiously. She sprang to her feet and immediately exclaimed.
    “Well how about these, for example?”
    She bruskly pealed off her pullover and two splendid teats popped out in all their majestic allure. They were firm as two cocanut halves. The men applauded.
    “Bravo” Arthur shouted.
    And he took Annie by force and brought her close to his sinewy body. He placed his mouth on the nipple of the rosebud tit and tongued the child.
    “And what about you others? Helen, Chris? We're waiting and it isn't fair to keep us waiting, you know.”
    Edgar wanted to see some action.
    Helen, the large brunette, responded with a chuckle. The fellow who was sitting at her side put his hand underneath her blouse, while the other was already busy masturbating the red?faced lady. She abandoned herself with half?closed eyes. The blond, Chris, tock up the challenge. She stripped down with an indifferent air and turned to everyone with a blase expression.
    “Don't yon think we are all prudes? We are definitely wearing too much. Let's not be so ridiculous.”
    She let her dress fall to the ground. She didn't have a stitch of underclothing on. Linda, from her advantageous hiding place, thought and justly so that the women had prepared for the evening. It was bound to wind up in a real spectacle. Linda was feverish with excitement.
    “It's our turn men. The evening has begun rather quickly tonight so let's make the best of it.”
    “Alright fellows,” another added. “Edgar, Nick, Stephen and Arthur everything off.”
    And they all answered the call. The women were anxious to see the sex of the four gentlemen, who were just as immodest as the females present.
    Linda had her eyes bulging out as she watched the men undress themselves hastily. When they were all nude, she saw that the friends of her uncle all had a sex of gigantic proportions. She especially noticed Edgar's. Hie powerful brown cock was menacing Alice. Linda tried to imagine the enormous weapon in her vagina. She almost cried aloud when she thought of the phallus attempting to enter her anus.
    The festival, or whatever one wished to call it, was decidedly on the way. Linda observed the emotions of the participants of the orgy. Edgar had already Alice on the carpet after having ripped off her flimsy apron. The little maid squirmed sexually on the plush covering like a little mink in all splendor.
    The petite servant girl showed her long thin thighs in all their nervous might. Her two titties stood up and aimed accusations at her handsome violater. Her small tummy undulated like the ripple of splashing water.
    Her handy bush of curly pubic hair seemed to crisp as Edgar advanced upon her. The man's face fell upon the sex like a hungry fox and he plunged his enflamed tongue deep within the fiery box of pleasure.
    Annie didn't hesitate to duplicate matters and even improve upon them. She knelt before Arthur and took his sturdy prick in her small oval mouth. The youngster emitted unhealthy noises as she slobbered away with the big club plugged in her mouth.
    The teenager had not as yet taken off her tight skirt and it was Nick who took the initiative on unzipping the garment and pushing it to the floor. It was evident that he wished to have part of the girl for himself. Annie did not increase nor decrease her oral speed. She just was concerned with her job and apparently she enjoyed it from the look on Arthur's face.
    The man who was called Stephan was still occupied with Helen who was debutantly layed out on the divan.
    The girl had a body that was meant to be sculpted. She resembled a statue with her fine muscular torso.
    Stephan had the large woman on her belly and she arched up enabling him to lick her ass. (Linda covered her mouth to keep from laughing when she saw how the young lady was grimacing uncomfortably in the awkward position.)
    Nick brought Chris out of her lonely lethargy and mounted her as soon as she was available. His banana was fat and thundering and the blond girl was moaning with pleasure in short order.
    Linda watched the extraordinary coupling of partners when she heard footsteps behind her. Turning around, she saw Lola who stopped a few feet away from her. Undoubtedly she had been looking in on Arthur's guests for there was a sardonic smile on her lips.
    Lola had put on her yellow pyjamas and she put her finger to her lips in a signal of silence. Then she tip?toed over to Linda.
    “It's amusing, isn't it? Have you been here for a long time?”
    “Since they came. Why have they come here?” Linda asked.
    Lola laughed silently. She whispered in Linda's pretty ear.
    “It's just a little party that your. uncle has organized. But what we are seeing is only the aperitif.”
    “The aperitif?”
    “I mean it is only the beginning. They're just warming up rubbing against one another and lightly making love. But the best is yet to come. Naturally you're invited.”
    “Me?” Linda was surprised to hear this.
    She glanced at the humans in the salon and her eyes immediately fell on Edgar's phallus. The young man was busy tickling Alice's ear. Linda was surprised a at the sudden feeling that possessed her. She was envious of Alice and she would have changed places with her at the drop of a hat. Lucky Alice had that wonderful instrument at her beck and call.
    Lola was delighted to see that Linda took such a delight in the party. The older woman was able to read the young girl's thoughts and she proposed a stimulus.
    “Yes, of course, you can participate in the party, because you are the attraction that Arthur promised his guests. In one way, that's why they're here. You will be possessed and corn?holed by all the men. They will do what they wish with you and you'll be happy to give in. Doesn't that give you goose pimples to think of the many vibrating penises you'll feel?”
    Linda trembled on hearing these words, but her eyes remained glued to the seance below. She secretly awaited the delicious treats that were in store for her.
    “I didn't tell you about the women. What a bunch of hot bitches in heat they are. They wouldn't hesitate to put their hands in their father's pants. They'll throw themselves on you like a pack of wolves. One month ago, Annie, the youngest brought her thirteen year?old sister to one of these shindigs. She did it on purpose in order to pervert her sister who she always loved and hated at the same time. The poor kid, although she was good?looking, was violated by your uncle and cornholed by Edgar. Then they all got in their licks. The girl must have been sodomized at least twelve or thirteen times. The morning; after she could hardly walk. She had to remain here after giving a weak excuse to her parents. But I suspect her of being a regular nymphomaniac just like her sister. She doesn't let a day go by without flirting and going very far with any man she picks up. Once in a while she stalks them down in the street like a spunky whore.”
    Lola spoke well and her words excited Linda who was visibly moved by what the brunette had to say. Her eyes were filled with the bright gaze of fascination.
    In the living room, the scene had changed slightly. Arthur had put Annie on his knees and he was just starting to stick his stock into the girl's tiny asshole. At once, Linda saw the big dick disappear in one gulp into the red anus. Annie jumped in the air as though she had been stung by a bee. And Edgar was doing the same to Alice, but in a different fashion. He had the maid lie on the floor and point her feet to the ceiling. Edgar dug underneath and met her anus with his beautiful rod. It seemed to Linda that Alice, who normally was used to such an operation, was not taking the huge cock as well as she usually did. Suddenly Linda realized that while she was watching Edgar and Alice go through the routine of sodomic love, she herself was masturbating like a school kid. Nevertheless she continued in spite of Lola's lascivious and amused look.
    Stephan made Chris submit by employing a treatment that usually has a good deal of success with young girls.
    He had her lying on her side and he slipped his slender cock into her vagina. Stephan had slyly unhooked a candle and it was wiggling in Chris's asshole. The girl was fortunately supplied with too rigid instruments.
    Although she let out a piercing cry, it was apparent that she was enjoying herself by the silly smile on her face. She was even on the verge of coming by the way she was lubricating. Chris emitted a long groan and she managed to be the first to come in the parade of events. Teenager Annie followed her to the domain of grandiose pleasure.
    Linda noticed that she was extremely wet between the thighs. She had come herself, but she had fixed her attention on the others that she was not occupied with her own being. In fact she was astonished at seeing the white?yellow liquid fall to the floor.
    “Well, that isn't nice, is it? I think it is time for us to play in the game, don't you think?” Lola took Linda by the arm and led her downstairs.
    The young girl was beet red.
    Lola went down the steps so rapidly that Linda almost lost her breath.
    “Hey everyone. Here she is. The guest of honor.”
    Everybody looked her over from head to foot. Edgar was the first to break the silence while he held on firmly to Alice who was snugly underneath him. He said he approved of the guest and he boomed with delight.
    “Well if it isn't our Lola, Lolalita. And the other should be the famous niece we have heard so much about.
    And I might add, not unjustly so.
    “Come along… princess. Don't be timid. Nobody here will bite you… yet.” Uncle Arthur proudly took the girl's hand.
    Linda pulled down her nightie which just barely reached her knees. Lola pushed her toward the group and soon Linda found herself surrounded by the many guests.
    “Well what's the verdict, ladies and gentlemen? Shall we adopt her or not?” Uncle Arthur felt his words were just as safe as they were wise.
    “She looks like the kind who would go for our antics.” Nick said with a scrupulous air.
    He continued to masturbate Helen while the blond sucked him off ogling her eyes at the newcomer. Normally she was busy with Arthur's wang which she thoroughly enjoyed.
    Lola and Linda had arrived at the right time and they gave a certain enthusiasm to the group who puckered up and showed their frivolous gratitude.
    Nick unfastened his dick long enough to demonstrate its proportions to Linda who could not take her eyes off it. It was covered with saliva and it has attained a length that was quite imposing. He brandished his member like a conquering hero.
    “Let's see what she can do.” Stephan hollered out.
    Nick unbuttoned Linda's pale blouse that passed for a miserable nightie. Soon she was nude and her breasts grew hard at once. Her little bush of hair glittered in the low light of the living room. The young girl looked at Lola helplessly.
    Lola was already seated between Arthur and Helen. They sat like three majesties on the divan deciding the fate of the blushing youngster.
    “She's kind of young.” Nick offered his opinion as he brought the girl close to his nude hairy body. “But I think she has promise. As for me, I'm ready to take her apart now. Are there any objections?”
    “Go ahead, my boy. But remember I'm the one that is going to take her from behind.” Edgar boasted thumping his chest like a tarzan.
    Alice was somewhat jealous and she dragged her tarzan back to the position he had neglected while contemplating future projects.
    Annie, the little nympho, approached Linda and fixed her on the spot with a cruel smile.
    “I have a proposition to make all of you. While you two take her from the front and the back, she is going to lick me off.”
    Linda listened to all of this without trying to get a word in edgewise. She was intimidated and she was too emotionally disturbed to offer any resistance.
    “Let's have a little order in our meeting, ladies and gentlemen, if I may call you that.” Arthur proved that he was the organizer and chairman of the whole affair. In his usual, amiable way he dominated the situation with his fatherly smile.
    “Now, my niece is all yours, just as I had promised. And you can do as you like with her. But I am going to offer you a proposition. First of all, the men are going to treat her with their pleasure rods. She'll be normally had by Nick, and Edgar can have her the way he suggested. Stephan and myself will receive her best kisses.
    Don't worry about her youngish air. She can take all you fellows have to offer.” He bade them on and wished them all good luck.
    Linda, still in the clutches of Nick who was feeling her up more and more, had her anus plugged by one of his fingers. She understood that it would be impossible to escape her destiny. She had to face up to it. Her mission was to satisfy all the men and, probably, all the women in the group.
    “And what about us?” Helen spoke out. Linda prepared for the, worse.
    Lola stripped down and she was lying on the couch next to Arthur like the queen of Sheba. A cigarette hung from her full lips.
    “Don't be in such a rush, dear.” Arthur laughed ironically.
    “I'll take care of her.” Annie said with lust flaming in her eyes.
    “Oh, no, Annie we'll take care of you ourselves. You had your night a few weeks back. You must learn to give way to others. Egoism is a terrible sin, you know.”
    Arthur managed to hold the hungry women in check, but he was wondering just how long he could hold out with such a pack of female wolves.
    He laughed heartily and it was quite clear that he was the master of his own household. He had to be diplomatic about it all and he decided to use tact.
    “Let's all be calm. I'm going to find someone who will be able to help us out.”
    Arthur had already spotted Bert coming down the stairs. The lad was nude and he had the same ironic and luxurious smile that he had the disgusting habit of wearing at all intervals.
    He saluted everyone being familiar with the clan for many months now.
    “I see that my cousin is up for the slaughter. Well that's the way the big ball bounces. Good luck Linda, honey.”
    “Bert, sugar,” Annie snuggled up to the young fellow and cooed in his ear with her best capricious infantile voice… “you'll take care of me won't you. Your uncle seems to forget all about me.”
    “Why you little liar. Just a minute ago I had my penis in your anus and you've got the nerve o to complain.
    Well, that's a woman for you…”
    “Let's stop beating around the bush. Do what ever you want all of you, but I'm going to start off with a healthy chunk. The delicious arse?hole is all mine, gentlemen.” Edgar was the first to start the ball rolling.
    He disengaged his instrument from Alice's rump. The young maid received such a shock that she remained non?plused on the floor waiting for someone to replace her lover.
    Edgar approached Linda who almost crossed her eyes gazing at his enormous prick. This was the man who had excited her imagination. With the gigantic proportions and the purple head sticking high above two testicles as large as tennis balls, the dick showed brown matter all along the stock. It was the fecal remains of little Alice.
    “He'll kill me with that bugger if he puts it in my rear,” thought Linda who was turning green with worry.
    Nick folded her legs back and made her sit on the floor.
    “Wait a minute Eddie. She should be comfortable to get the best out of it.” Nick carefully put the girl in the prescribed position.
    Then the hearty fellow took a pillow from the divan and placed it under the bottom of the winsome girl.
    “Isn't that better now, my angel?”
    Edgar tipped his huge cock along the rim of the girl's mouth and then stroked her on both cheeks with the heavy bar. Linda inhaled the pungent odor of the used phallus. The horrible scent gave the girl an added thrill and she slowly prepared herself morally for the double violation.
    Exquisitely her tongue nipped out and darted at the rigid sex. She closed her eyes and a smile brightened on her youthful face.
    Stephan and Arthur come over and Linda was encircled by four members oozing purplish flesh throbbing over streams of hot blood.
    Chris and Annie came over to join in the fun. They watched the luxurious setting unfold and their lovely eyes rolled with a purge of curiosity.
    “Everyone ready?” Nick set the starting signal.
    “Just a second, Edgar. I'd like to lubricate her hole so that it will be all prepared for the feast.”
    Stephan bent down and licked the asshole of the teenager who rolled over in a wave of sensual agitation. Chris turned red with envy.
    “Get away from her. I'll do it.”
    “As you wish, mademoiselle, but do hurry.”
    “Say what about me?” Helen's voice boomed out from the dark corner in the back of the room.
    She came running over to the spot where the infamous procedures were taking place. Helen and Chris gave curvaceous Linda the once over and they didn't miss a point on her splendid body. The two women stuck to her like leeches. Chris rotated her tongue in the tight crack in the derriere while Helen expertised the vaginal region with her most noble licks. Every once in a while she would look up wide?eyed at the others to let them know that she was heartily enjoying herself. The others were vexed, envious and obviously in a hurry.
    Chris began to cough because she had stuck her tongue so far in stringing her vocal cords. The anal hole was covered with warm frothy saliva. Helen was meticulously working on the front with the half happy and half?indifferent air she usually presented. She made noises with her tongue in her blase efforts to excite the sweltering lass.
    Linda flexed her muscles and her head bobbed up and down like a cork floating on blue waters. The whites of her eyes showed to such an extent that all were wondering when her blue eyes would come back into her lovely head.
    The men were impatient and when their cries went unheeded they were forced to drag the girls away. But the females refused to give up their terrain and they fought the men tooth and nail. Arthur and Bert were obliged to haul them away by the roots of their hair. They took them into the parlor and satisfied them with various techniques.
    Alice and Annie joined them, while imperious Lola sat comfortably in an armchair her arms folded and not the slightest expression gave forth in the beautiful bronze face.
    The four men had managed to place Linda in the desired position and Nick once more led the festivities. He swung one of her free legs in the air and lowered his head to the slippery cunt. Nick decided that he would be more at home with his cock, so he placed his sex at the opening. He groaned with satisfaction as the scarlet tip engaged the fiery bush, and then ahhhed his contentment when he infiltered the rose flesh.
    “Are you ready at your end, Edgar old kid?”
    Nick was a good fellow always thinking of others.
    “Go on lad. Let's get down to work. You know the saying, talk is cheap.” Edgar philosophized.
    He slipped behind the happy girl who was prone on the floor but who managed an acrobatic half?turn and showed her darling little rear which stiffened Edgar's cock a couple of more inches.
    Nick held her on her side while Edgar dipped down and fingered the anus. His large hands cupped the two halves of the gorgeous rump and he aimed his heavy weapon at the shining bottom. The sixfooter was ready to fire.
    Linda joggled for a second and then remained perfectly still anticipating the penetration of her lover. Then all of a sudden she felt a human crow?bar enter her tinsy?winsy buttercup. Instead of riding the blow she backed into it all the more and took the member in full stride.
    Linda almost fainted on the spot. Edgar crashed into her with his horse?like cock and Nick held fast never giving more than a half centimeter of ground.
    A trickle of blood flowed down the thigh of the limp?rag child and it was apparent that her arse?hole had widened by a good inch. She was half unconscious in her struggle between pain and pleasure.
    Edgar got all the more excited and annoyed. He really liked the tightness but the young lady wasn't giving back any bumps and grinds. To liven her up a bit, he dug his shaft in to the hilt. Linda screeched in pain and then threw her cunt over to Nick who received it with handsome pleasure.
    The two men felt each other as they wandered deep within the confines of true virgin territory. Due to the tightness and the compact structure of the girl's lower body, the two men practically rubbed their sexes together. Poor Linda felt blasted by the massive pricks that were gaining ground by the minute. She had a vague thought of how and where was it all going to end, but slowly she lost consciousness and the muscles of her thighs went dead as she sank into an unprecedented lethargy.
    “What good is she? She can't take on two for a damn. Quick Arthur get some smelling salts for your niece.
    The lassie is croaking, old chap.”
    Arthur was too busy smothering Helen with his dip?stick to be bothered by trivial incidents. The oblivious uncle hollered back his disgruntled feelings.
    “Whack her a few times. She'll come around in no time.”
    Lola saw the distress of the two husky men and decided to take matters in her own hands.
    From a drawer in Arthur's desk she brought out a thin flexible whip. She tapped Edgar on the shoulder with it, and the adonis?shaped bruiser got the hint. Nick also was prepared to duck away from the slashes that would be whistling close to his treasured prick.
    Lola unhooked some terrifying blows that brought Linda back to life in no time flat. The girl thought she would go out of her mind from the sting of the brutalizing instrument. After a dozen well-aimed strokes, she gathered all her strength and tossed her body backward and forward trying to ward off the gnawing anguish of the whip.
    But she was pinned by the two lovers who were tightly bound within. Suddenly she received a shock of pleasure which ran up her spinal cord.
    Linda bucked and spun along the tickling carpet as she grinded away with her two amants. For the first time she gave way to a growing enjoyment that burned her insides. Nick pistoned in and out and then Edgar got the rhythm and all three fused into the makings of love while the coffee grinder boiled away. Lola kept up her punishment and even wielded her strokes on the luckless men. The didn't seem to mind though, and it even appeared as though the flogging had pushed them on to new heights.
    “Now you'll have me, my darling pigeon, just like you were supposed to. Come on honey, grind and do it properly. How are things on your end, Nickie, old boy?”
    “.lust fine, Edgar.”
    Linda relaxed and more than enjoyed herself. Her full lips puffed out wonderful happy tunes of delight as she sucked away at Nick's earlobe. She winced with crazed sensual ecstasy as Edgar tongued her back and bit into her shoulder blade.
    “Oh darling, gouge me out. You're big, my lover and I love it. Oh» how I love it. You'll never know.”
    Her little fanny rolled around in synchronized rhythm as the two he?men applied their energy to the luscious flesh bound them.
    It was an unusual sight to see the young girl with her innocent rectum stuffed with a full?sized cock and at the same time on the other side of the track, she was taking in a full?load that made her belly swell like an awaiting mother in her fifth month.
    Stephan and Arthur had come back and they were insisting that the two fellows who were doing such an excellent job admittedly should give up their turns. Nick and Edgar were reluctant to do so.
    They were possessing her furiously, and besides, they were right in the swing of things. There was no good reason why they should relinquish their rights.
    “Shall we pull out, Linda? Others are waiting and they don't seem to like the idea that we are getting all the honey.”
    “Tell them to go to hell.” Linda responded vulgarly but justly so, for right at that moment she felt her bowels swell with the sudden pangs of a forthcoming orgasm of sizeable dimensions.
    “Stick with us baby, and we'll ride you to the stare.” Nick was full of love?talk as he prepared to explode.
    Suddenly Linda thought she was going to suffocate. The two men crackered her between them and she felt their muscular bodies stiffen in an effort to retain their atomic explosions.
    “I think I've had it, Edgar. I'mm commingggg in. There it is-Ahhhhhhhhh!” Nick unburdened his hot juice in the far outskirts of Linda's cunt.
    Linda joggled up and down and noticed Lola watching the skirmish with those panther like eyes of hers. She wandered what the woman was thinking of as she felt the warm blast of come invade her lower belly.
    In the meantime, Bert had come over and like the spoiled lad who was, stuck his cock in Linda's open mouth.
    She only hand it opened to breath better. But Linda didn't complain. She felt that it was only an added gift of manly flesh and should be consumed with a great deal of ardor.
    The ominous details of the two men thundering their powerful loads into the entrails of the lovely collegiate can not be left out of this recital.
    Linda refused to let Nick out of her hole and she grabbed his cock almost causing him to become hard once more. She felt Edgar slither in and out of the wet territory as he crushed against the floor of her anus.
    Her mad tongue rolled around Bert's cock which had grown to amazing proportions and the youngster was on the verge of a premature orgasm much to his shame.
    All at once, Bert blew out his sperm and it forced Linda's mouth to swell like a balloon. The girl valiantly kept the dick in her mouth as she gulped down the liquid.
    Bert shook like a young lamb at a slaughter. His head flung hack, he bellowed his approval while digging his fingers into Linda's wild silky hair.
    Edgar was next. He didn't come all at once, but instead he throbbed out his white liquid like a machine gun issues bullets.
    Every time he let loose, Linda's rump expanded. The girl was profiting from her third orgasm, and the deliberately slow manner in which Edgar was holding back afforced the happy lass the ascent to her fourth.
    “You look like a perfect little angel.” Lola said and then howled with laughter. She had to hold her hand over her mouth to keep from startling everyone.
    Suddenly Linda began to hiccup. Perhaps it was out of guilt and perhaps it was due to Lola's mockerie. Bert was inclined to believe that she swallowed too much of his sperm. Half of it had already glided down her throat. Some of it was overflowing from her soft lips.
    Nick finally disengaged his thoroughly tired prick from her bulging vagina. Bert followed suit when he saw that Edgar was reaching back on the small table to get at a cigarette. His limp cock fell from Linda's crevice.
    Linda, completely fatigued, crawled over to where Lola was sitting.
    “How was it, lovie? You seemed to be having a whale of a time.”
    “You'll never know. Oh, Lola… I lost count. Was it four or five?… It was unbelievable… just like a dream. I'd have never thought that it could be like that.”
    Lola patted her head and glanced at her peacefully.
    “There are no complaints, then. But we have just started. Much is yet too come.”
    Lola took Linda by the hand and led her back to the group. Bert was trying to bugger Alice, while Arthur was getting in his best licks on the belabored Helen.
    Uncle Arthur was pinching Helen's teats while he plunged his big prick into the highly professional asshole.
    They were both on their way to having silent, happy ejaculations.
    “They haven't finished yet. I don't think we should disturb them, do you? Besides it doesn't look as though they will be detained for long.” Lola laughed playfully.
    “Let's get started with the second half of the show.” Edgar rubbed his hands.
    “What second half?” Linda asked looking somewhat puzzled.
    Lola laughed and tapped her on the shoulders.
    “Don't be impatient. You will see, and you'll 'feel' much better about it.”
    Lola seemed to have her private joke.
    Linda watched the woman's face in its multiple contortions. She wandered what surprise Lola had in store for her and why she was chuckling like a sorceress.


    Linda gazed at the abdomen of the bewitching Lola. She watched the curly hair wind up from the crotch, and then she caught Lola's glance.
    “May I?” Linda asked humbly.
    After the terrible assault by the male members of the party, Linda was happy to return to the sanctified domain of womanhood.
    Lola spread open her thighs and Linda's head lowered to greet the pulsating pussy. The young girl began to lick at the bush and its orifice like a puppy.
    “You're a love, you know?” Lola whispered to the lost head.
    All the men present stood around and watched the two lascivious ladies. They were tired and rightfully felt that Lola's patience merited some consideration. Then they sank in the chairs on the sofas, each one showing signs of his recent fatigue.
    Annie was the first to perk up and make suggestions.
    “Let's dance. I feel like moving around a little. Come on, don't be a bunch of rummies.”
    “Come here and move around on this.” Stephen tapped his sex and squeeked with a hoarse laughter.
    “A little later darling. First of all, I want some music. Something that will give the place atmosphere and mood.”
    She went over to the phonograph and chose a waltz. This gave Edgar the opportunity to dance with Linda. He graciously took the fresh and healthy girl in his husky arms and they stepped elegantly to the bursting pleasure of music.
    Linda felt his sex hard and ready for action. She clung to him like a ship?wrecked victim. Soon they were not the only ones who were dancing. Arthur held Annie in his arms, while Stephan tripped the light fantastic with Lola. Nick picked up Helen and Bert had his hands wrapped around the bottom of buxom Chris.
    All the men appeared ludicrous with their dicks sticking up almost challenging their partners. Several of the women danced with their hands gripping the sex of their companions.
    After a few spins, Arthur took Annie by her rump and raised her in the air. He continued to dance and at the same time, he slipped his massive cock into her vagina. Without losing a step they continued to waltz.
    “There's a good?looking couple for you.” Lola indicated Arthur and Annie in their feverish embrace.
    She didn't have a chance to elaborate on her opinion for Stephan wheeled her to the floor (she was a bit too heavy to hoist in the air) and began to sodomize her on the spot. The others playfully called them obscene names.
    Lola retained her excellent humour and chuckled with delight while she slid her long fingers along the back of Stephan's neck.
    “No, Stevey darling, I want to finish this waltz. We are making a spectacle of ourselves in front of everyone.”
    However, the man would hear one of her useless pleading. He was right at the point of infiltering his phallus in her gorgeous arsehole when the door bell rang.
    Everyone stopped dancing. They all looked astonished and perhaps more than one entertained the thought of the police.
    “At this hour? What in the world do people think? That they can break a party at any time?” Arthur appeared angry.
    “Don't open the door, Arthur. It may be… and, oh, if my mother ever found out.”
    Linda fidgeted in her new fear. Lola took advantage of the occasion and freed herself from Stephan's clutches.
    “I know who it is.” She confessed to everyone. They all seemed to be greatly relieved.
    “You're not going to open the door completely nude, Lola. You're out of your head.” Nick warned.
    The others waited without saying a word. They were all expecting a scene of some sort and showed their pale expectation by shuffling about nonsensically.
    Lola opened the door and called to the somebody who was outside.
    “Oh, there you are. Finally. You know, you haven't come too soon. It is terribly late.”
    A young lad who couldn't have been more than twelve years of age entered timidly. He was dressed in country attire and he gazed at the naked women with hungry eyes bulging.
    He gathered up enough courage to move a few steps toward the center of the room. Then he became aware of the unusual setting and stepped back.
    “Oh… I… I…”
    “Don't be afraid, little one. We aren't going to eat you alive. Now have you brought your friends?”
    “Yes they're outside…”
    “We'll call them in. What are you waiting for? You can see that everyone has been impatiently staying up late for you.” Lola winked at the group who as yet had not caught on.
    “Come on in…” The boy shouted.
    “That's it. Tell them to hurry… Quickly… By the way. What is your name little fellow?”
    “Gus, miss.” He turned red all over.
    The boy jumped out of the door and a few seconds later he came back dragging a cord.
    “Whoo, there. Come on, Ben, come on Jos.”
    Everyone let out a nice round 'Oh' when they saw the surprise. Two small donkeys appeared on the end of the cord that Gus held in his tiny hand.
    Lola followed the young lad and his two 'friends' into the living room.
    “Well, my friends. Here it is. The surprise I had in store for you.”
    “But what in the world?… What does it mean, Lola? It's some kind of a joke, isn't it?” Arthur tried to clarify matters.
    “Here they are. Two little donkeys, Ben and Jos. Just as talented as they can be.”
    Lola took control of the evening with her imposing posture and laughing air.
    “Where did you find them, Gus?” She stroked the boy's hair and he turned crimson once more.
    “My boss runs a small circus outside the city. He said I could have them for the night if I would feed them properly.” Gus expounded timidly.
    Lola patted Ben on his hairy mane and then spun around to tell her listeners the story.
    “I've known Gus for a few days now. He told me the secret about these two stubborn donkeys. You'll see that they just aren't ordinary donkeys, but that they come from the best society.”
    “And what may I ask is so extraordinary about those two measely beasts?” Stephan let his curiosity get the better of him.
    “Ben, it is true, is the one I prefer. He knows how to mount a lady with all the delicacy of his art. You should see the way he gets on top of Jos, who is incidentally a lady, and we should all call her Josette.”
    Lola gave Ben a big kiss.
    “Josette knows how to interest men as well. Isn't that so, Gus dear?”
    The lad looked down at his feet and couldn't respond from a streak of deep?rooted timidity.
    Helen wrapped her arms around the youngster and her nude warmth did not help matters any. The boy apparently loved it, but he kept his head bobbing from side to side.
    “He's a real cutey. I wander how big he is? In the raw naturally.”
    Helen found Gus to her taste. Annie detached herself from Arthur and skipped over to the two small animals.
    “But what about that famous dick everyone talks so much about? How is supposed to appear?”
    “Some patience, sweety.” Lola wagged her finger at the impetuous miss.
    Lola took Ben and Josette by the cord and led them to the very center of the room.
    “Annie, you are going to suck Ben here. But will you remember that he is a donkey and not a man?”…
    “You'll see how I can make anyone sit up and take notice. Just let me at him.”
    Lola lifted her hand and pushed the girl back for a second.
    “No. We will have our pleasure, make no mistake about that. But first of all, we should have some consideration for our guest of honor. Ben is prepared to blow off at least a dozen times. I think we should start the fun off by giving him to…”
    Everyone turned around and practically shouted in unison.
    “Who me?” cried the girl.
    “Bravo. A better choice could not have been proposed. You have my blessing, my lucky niece.” Arthur led her over to Benny as though she were princess charming who was being bestowed to her dashing prince.
    “Just think of it, my niece shall be fucked in the ass by a donkey in front of my very eyes. Now this is what I should like to see when we get together. Thank you Lola for your pleasant surprise. I hope all of you will come up with something before summer is over. Just a little imagination that's all it takes.”
    Arthur was extremely happy. In fact he went back to his desk and started to take notes.
    During the little episode, Helen took Gus over to the divan. The big brunette was noted for her love of initiating newcomers to the clan. The lad let himself be had with his mouth wide open.
    “Come on, sonny. Take off your clothes.”
    “Take off my clothes?”
    “Of course. Do you wish me to help you?…”
    And before Gus had a chance to propose or dispose, Helen was helping him off with his blouse. Soon he appeared nude in his birthday suit. He was slightly made but sort of sturdy for his age. Between his thighs, which lacked the first signs of hair, stood his little stick. The sex was not all that small and Helen was surprised to see the proportions of such a young and innocent?looking lad.
    Helen began to tickle the sex of the hot youngster with an air of concentration.
    “Tell me, honey. Haven't you ever licked off a woman before?”
    Gus looked up at her completely abashed. He swallowed and failed to respond.
    Finally a few words squeeked out of his heart?shaped mouth.
    “No. Honestly I never have.”
    Helen was delighted to see her young lover squirm as though he were at the dentist waiting to get his tooth pulled.
    “Well I imagine that you haven't. If you had, you would have been unfaithful to me. And you would not want to be unfaithful to this pretty thing.”
    She led the boy's right hand down to her pussy and he fingered the wet bush.
    “No, mam.”
    Suddenly with one brisk movement, Helen took the lad by the scrimp of his neck and buried his face in her twat.
    “Go on, Gussy. Pretend it's ice cream. You like ice cream, don't you?”
    Perhaps the suggestion registered because Helen had her tongue out licking her chops in no time.
    “Oh, the little pig.”
    By judging from Helen's reactions, Gus must have learned his lessons in no time flat. It is quite possible that Helen got some of her kicks from thinking of the fresh virgin she had between her legs.
    But the grand spectacle was in the center of the room around the two donkeys. Linda who had refused after much coaxing conceded her turn to Annie.
    The little glutton wasted, little time in getting under the animal. She licked his belly and then pressed her hungry mouth at the animal's sex. In a few seconds the animal's sex appeared, red and powerful.
    Annie continued to lick it while she took it in her two hands because of its enormous size.
    “It's enormous.” Chris confirmed.
    “It's beautiful.” Alice seconded the notion.
    Linda was speechless. She just thought of the moment that it would bludgeon in her like a flagpole. It was going to be bad enough just accepting it's size in her pussy, but how in the world would she take it in her behind. He would certainly rip her open.
    “We better prepare Linda. He looks as though she is ready to pass out.” Nick told the fellows close at hand.
    “Afraid? Cut it out. Why I'll bet the little bitch is as wet as a hen just thinking of that engine pounding in her.
    Am I not right, Linda sweet? I'll bet you want that beast all over you. Confess honey, we're all with you?”
    “No, no. I don't want him. He's too big.” Lola came to her side and comforted the shaking lass by placing a friendly arm around her shoulder. “Now, now, my lovie. It will be marvelous.”
    “By the way, Lola, have you had the pleasure of tasting this lovely animal and getting it in the you know where?” It was Stephan who had become curiously questioner.
    Lola smiled with her famous superior air. “Of course. Do you think I would subject my friend to such a thing if I had not attempted it myself? Ben is just great and I advise that some of the men present take notice of his efforts. They will learn a good deal, believe me.”
    “Don't tell us that it was Gus that helped you in your… efforts, my dear.” Helen was ogling under the caresses of little Gussy'.
    “No, my darling, it was his boss. The man is Italian and well you know the rest.”
    “All right girls, don't fight. It is not worth the trouble. If you want to have it out over Benjamin later then we can get the whips out and fight it out tooth and nail.”
    Arthur had a way of settling all arguments luckily. The two women had become catty with their prized possessions.
    Nick was curious and continued to pommel Lola with questions.
    “And the boss participated, eh?”
    “Alright, wise guy. I'll tell you what you want to know. We started off by having Ben do it natural and his owner, Emmanuel, doing it from the rear. Then he got the dreadful, but wonderful idea of having Benny stick it in my derriere. I cooly accepted the proposition while Emmanuel permitted himself to be licked off. I might add that an agreeable time was had by all.”
    “I'll bet,” Edgar snickered.
    “That Italian is six?four and is as strong as Hercules. I'm not sure who is the bigger, Benny or Emmy. And you can judge from the size of our tail?wagging friend that Emmanuel most have been somebody.” I still can remember when he tossed me on the floor and said, “Now both of us will slip in our bananas, my tresoree.”
    Those were his exact words.
    Lola was deep in a revery and she finally blinked her eyes and came out of it.
    “Come, on Linda don't worry about a thing.”
    Linda stumbled over to Lola. The poor girl was shaking like a leaf. She still wasn't convinced. It was obvious she needed more than words to get her calm back.
    “I… I… Just… can't.”
    Lola winked and once more calmed her down by telling her she would soon know what paradise was like.
    The bronzed mistress of uncle Arthur showed the girl how to pass underneath the animal. She had her head right against that of the donkey with her arms around Ben's torso.
    “Put your legs on the floor and keep your knees wide apart. Don't worry about a think, we'll take care of the rest.
    Linda obeyed and remained in the indicated position. She could feel the strength of the little mule and its odor crept into her head by small whiffs.
    Suddenly she felt a snake stiffen against her body. It was more than a cock. It was a baseball bat.
    “My gosh. It really is huge.” Nick remarked. “Do you think she will be able to take it?”
    “She'll take it alright and what's more she is going to love. Just wait and see if I'm not right.”
    Lola took Benny's great gland and put it a Linda's orifice. The young girl jumped back at the contact.
    “Ah, then you feel it?”
    “And how.” Linda let it be known.
    The animal, which seemed to be indifferent to the whole thing, gave a leap forward as though he were impetuous and wished to enter the human beauty. He made Linda cry out with a frightened howl.
    “I think we need some vaseline.” Lola singled Bert to go up to the bathroom for some of the oozing liquid.
    Bert scampered back in no time and Lola applied an abundant amount in the rosey package that Linda called her pocketbook.
    “Now that should do it. Ready Linda honey?”
    “I'm all set.” The girl retorted really not at all sure of herself.
    Everyone was down on his and her hands and knees to watch the penetration. Annie was getting the biggest thrill out of it and she masturbated without letting up.
    “Go to it, Benjamin old fellow.” Arthur cried chewing on his stale pipe. “Let her have it.”
    Lola put the prick in position and the donkey, used to this sort of predicament, pushed forward. This time his cock disappeared in the swollen pussy of the flabbergasted girl. Her eyes opened wide and she wanted to ask if she had not been ripped apart.
    Instinctively she spread her legs apart to ride the blow. She wasn't thinking of avoiding the outrageous sex, instead she took every precaution to facilitate matters.
    Everyone watched Linda as though they were hypnotised to the floor. The young teenager had been a virgin just a few days ago and now she was being raped by a donkey. It was like a dream. And for Linda it was a dream come true.
    Uncle Arthur began to take notes. He carefully steadied himself on his knees as he wrote furiously on his ink pad.
    Annie came to Benny with her tongue outstretched. She was dying to lick the animal's balls.
    Lola aided Linda by pushing her ass in a more favorable position.
    “He's a doll, isn't he Linda sweets? Let him get all the way in and you'll see what he is capable of.”
    “It wants to ride on top. It's no fun unless we can really help Linda to the heights of pleasure.” Alice put in her two cents worth, although nobody asked for it.
    “I don't think I can stand anymore of it.” Linda turned white all at once. “He's going to kill me.”
    Annie began to lick the balls of the frustrated animal. This caused Benjamin to wiggle in farther. A few drops of blood fell to the floor and it was evident that the young donkey had penetrated deeply.
    Soon Linda's thighs were covered with streaks of blood. Ben started to let out a thunderous animal cry and everyone guessed that he had had it. Lola insisted that the donkey was just getting to like the sport. Then the animal began to snort and buck as though he were on the verge of a great orgasm. And lo and behold he was.
    His sperm flooded the aperature of the drowsy girl.
    It was Lola who came to her rescue. The bronzed beauty dragged her away as the sperm left its thick trace on the carpet. Linda's stomach was bouncing back and forth as she was getting the last drips of spasms out of her entrails.
    “Not that was something. Lola you're a genius. How did you ever think of it?” Stephan scratched his head.
    Someone interrupted with a shout. It was Helen who was right in the middle of a gigantic rousing orgasm brought on by the twinkling head of little Gus.
    It was easy to see that Gus was excited about his possession because his delicious tiny wang stuck up proudly while his face was buried in the tightly locked thighs.
    “Just look at that, will you. That bitch Helen couldn't wait to get hold of the little tyke. It's just like her to be greedy for newcomers.” Arthur let his comments be heard by all and in particular by Helen who tossed it off lightly.
    Chris threw an ironic smile over toward Gus and Helen who were going through the final strains of love making.
    “And I thought he was a virgin,” she conjectured.
    Once Helen had attained her pleasure, she raised the boy and hugged him to her breasts. She permitted him to taste her divine fruits. It was the kind of cake the youngster richly enjoyed. He no longer remained timid. Gus bit into the teats as though they were made of cream cake.
    Helen then cradled his dick in her fist and the little fellow gluttonly slobbered over her nipples.
    “Of course he is still a virgin. He's much too young to be otherwise. But I'm the one that is going to take it away from him and give him something else in exchange. After all you have amused yourselves with the donkey?”
    She fondled Gus's head as though he were the most skillful of lovers.
    “Don't be so possessive Helen. Wouldn't you like to feel Benjamin in you. I guess you prefer children's pickles to the crow bars of us beasts.”
    Everyone laughed and that included Helen. But she didn't let go of her child lover.
    “Go on have your fun. While waiting my turn, I choose to remain with Gussy and teach him some things.
    None of you are against my plans, are you?”
    Helen looked pleased with herself.
    “I'll start with the pickles and wind up with the crow bar in due time.”
    The all nodded their approval. Another candidate was needed for the donkey's prick. Annie and Chris were very impatient and it was finally the youngest who got into the act.
    Annie had much more experience than Linda and she rapidly got into the desired position. Instead of the vaseline, Annie was licked off properly by Alice while Chris gave Ben his just due. She had quite a time with the sperm that trickled around the beat's nuts.
    “It's delicious. I've never tasted anything like it. Look how hard he is getting already.”
    Hurry up and get him inside me. I'm awfully hot and I want him badly.” Annie whistled.
    Linda watched attentively. She lay on the carpet leaning on an elbow, observing the scene. She realized that the pain she had endured was only secondary to the pleasure. When she felt her crotch, she gathered her own sperm mixed with Benny's ejaculation plus drops of blood. The act had been savage but she appreciated the marvelous after?effects. She scolded herself for not having behaved better.
    Now Annie was possessing that wonderful instrument than only a few minutes ago had stuffed her with its true animal heat and sensual pressure. She was proud that Benjamin had come in her with all his donkey fury.'
    Alice and Chris continued to lick the beasts testicles. They managed to get the phallus in perfect working order for feverish Annie. The teenager was spread apart impatiently wiggling and begging for the enormous dong.
    “Come on now, damn it. Let me have it. I know how to manage him. I'll do it by myself.”
    She flew into the bar of flesh like an acrobat. An outsider would have said that she had done it many times before with Benjamin. At the first contact, Annie crisped with pain and let out a sharp raspy cry.
    Benny had entered with a kick and was quickly stuck in the fore?front of the youngster's vagina.
    “Oh, it's great. I've never had anything like it between my legs. It hurts but what the hell. It's terrific… but sensational… Go it, Benny, babe.”
    Annie moved around like a fish out of water. She had Benjamin almost leaping in the air. Inch by inch the donkey penetrated her. Then, Annie vibrated with a thunderous clamor.
    “Oh, oh… I feel it… coming… I want to come with him…”
    It was almost as though he had known what she desired. Benjamin began to bray and kick up his hind legs as though he wanted to dig in deeper. He started to shake and vibrate as if struck on the head. All at once he let loose. A stream of liquid shot forward and flooded Ann's puss. She rolled into him trying to get every pearl of the sacred juice.
    Then the little girl crumbled to the ground completely exhausted. She had a happy smile on her face.
    “Hey, I'm next.” Chris made her presence known to all.
    “Let Benny have a rest.” Stephan pleaded on behalf of the humane society. “After all, Benjamin isn't a machine. He's a genuine screwer like us and he needs a rest once in awhile.”
    “He'll be able to rest up after I get through with him. I have a way with animals you know.” Chris bragged of her warmth.
    Chris bent down to suck the dripping half?hard aspergus. Although it was slightly soft it retained its sizeable proportions. Chris took the dick in her mouth and rolled her tongue around the weighty instrument.
    She sucked avidly on the sperm and cleaned the animal out with a certain tendency to make him hard once more.
    During the success of Benjamin, the men in the room found that their activity had dropped off suddenly.
    Arthur approached Josette and tapped her on the rear. The little donkey looked at him leeringly.
    “I've tried everything. This little bitch of a donkey has love in her eyes. I think I'll rip into her behind. It will do me good and I can chalk up another pleasure in my carnet.”
    Edgar, Stephan and Nick gathered around to watch the fabulous exploit.
    “Why not? The girls are going wild over Benjamin. We should have our share of fun with Josey here.”
    “And I'm new at this type of game. I've got to admit it fellows I've never ass?fucked an ass before.” Nick winked at Edgar as he proudly offered his quip.
    “I did it to a goat once.” Arthur revealed his intimate secrets. “It was a few years back, while I lived in the mountains. I was with three friends. During a walk we met a splendid little creature, a white goat. It was tied to a tree. All three of us screwed her. It was an amusing experience.” Edgar approached Josette and leaned his phallus which had grown remarkable rigid up to her flank. The beast did not budge. She was evidently used to such intrusions.
    “In order to penetrate with some ease, I think it would be better to stick on a little vaseline. Josette's anus appears awfully small.”
    “I think you're right, old chap. She seems as tight as a virgin. Better try some.”
    Arthur helped Edgar lubricate his sex. Once again Edgar aimed his weapon at Josey's asshole. This time the man entered without any difficulty.
    “How is it?” Alice asked as she approached the group.
    “It's hot as a furnace.” Edgar replied from first hand information.
    He moved about trying to land in some better blows. He then began a to and from movement.
    “Is she better than mine?” Alice asked in a sweet cozy tone, obviously trying to gain a comparison.
    Edgar didn't answer her. He was too busy giving Josette his best strokes. The man sighed away as though he had never tasted a similar adventure. And in fact, Edgar, with all his earthly experience, had not.
    Alice wanted to watch the achievement close?by. She decided to lap her tongue along the rim of Edgar's anus.
    Good?naturedly she went to work. From the other side of the room, Chris had Benjamin in a fine state. The animal was foaming at the mouth and it was apparent that he preferred Chris to the others. Chris was right when she told everybody she knew how to handle the animal. She kept talking to Benny as though she had made love to him all her life. Chris played with his balls while she hypnotised his with her feverish eyes.
    “Maybe he just likes blondes.” Stephan tried to find a solution for the wonderful success.
    Chris kept telling her friends of the marvelous effects. Arthur ran back to his desk and started taking notes.
    The girl tried to open Ben's mouth and neck with him but the ass wouldn't have anything to do with her.
    “He'll only French kiss with Josette, Chris. After all the two are quite attached you know.” Nick teased.
    “He'll forget all about her when I get through. Look at the emotions I've stirred in him will ya.”
    “You're going to look rather silly walking down the street with a donkey as you lover, kiddo.” Nick picked at her once again.
    “The dirty pig. He wants to gouge my stomach out. I can feel his cock hammer in me like a pick. What a monstrous prick this one has… Oh how it burns… It's like a bar of fire… When he trembles inside I have the impression that there isn't a man living who can thrill me like that. This little donkey is… a real satyr, believe me.”
    Chris pressed herself up to the miniature ass as though she were clinging to him for life. She rubbed her lovely breasts against the skin of the beast. And all present could have sworn that Ben got hotter by the treatment.
    Chris must have come more than once, because she was panting like an old woman who had missed a bus.
    Her thighs were covered with sticky substance attesting to her pleasure and certainly an indication of Benny's.
    “Since I've had someone like Benjamin, I can't settle for anything less. I'll go to any lengths to have something like this. Oh, it's good… but real good.”
    The others looked on and heard, surprised and admirative at the same time. Chris didn't put on any brakes in her exhibition. She let the real self come out and take charge.
    Helen was avidly teaching young Gus the techniques of expert love?making. The little fellow had his cock in her anus and was pumping away with mad frenzy.
    In the meantime his mistress turned to talk to him as he wedged in and out of her rose bottom.
    “Do you like that, Gus, honey? Are you about to come, kiddo?”
    Gus couldn't answer back. His emotions had gotten the better part of him and he was swallowing all the wind he could muster in order to hold on. There was no doubt that he was feeling something that he had never known before.
    The atmosphere of the surprise reunion was getting into full swing. Chris had hardly time to be released from the fidgeting animal when Lola started to suck Ben's red dick. Lola wanted the beast now and she took an aggressive action in showing just how much she desired him.
    The men in the room were overwhelmed by the sudden sensation of desire and abandon. They were partly mad at the women for their over?attention of a mere ass. They decided to get even by taking some healthy whacks at Josette.
    When Josette proved her capacities, the. men forgot all about the opposite sex and concentrated on the delightful animal.
    Nick had come three times and was trying to fight off the others in an attempt to stick it out for a fourth.
    Once the girls became aware that they had been abandoned, in true feminine fashion they hovered over the males to try to lure them away from the wonderous beast. It was just too evident that they were jealous of Josette.
    The donkey glared at them hautily. When Ben saw that things weren't going the way they should and his Josette was bored with a mere secondary sex, he four?legged it over to his winning companion.
    Nick stepped aside and permitted Benjamin to show the men just how Josey liked her sex.
    The two animals went at it hammer and thong. It inspired everyone and Lola soon found that she was being buggered by a stiff prick that belonged to Stephan.
    Nick dropped Linda on her back and pressed a swollen cock deep within her anus.
    “You liked what you got from that crazy donkey. Well here is something you won't forget.” Nick pushed in right up to his balls. Linda didn't utter a solitary cry. She liked it and wasn't in the least bit afraid of anything now.
    Ben's phallus had opened new vistas for the girl.
    Uncle Arthur was seducing Helen at the same time she was preoccupying herself with Gus. Arthur was somewhat jealous because he finally was forced to give the youngster a swift kick in the ass to get him away from Helen. Arthur then jumped on the beautiful brunette and scolded her.
    “Aren't you getting tired of dicks the size of little fingers? Here try a thumb for a change.”
    Helen began to laugh uproariously.
    “You're talking about Benjamin I suppose. You aren't going to compare yourself to him, are you?”
    Everyone was in a gay and playful mood by now. Annie had Edgar on her shoulders and Stephan was busy with Alice, and the maid, at the same time, was sucking off Bert.
    Little Gus remained in the corner sheepishly while Arthur fucked the hell out of Helen.
    Lola was the happiest of all. She was underneath Benjamin and taking the huge phallus in her behind like a trouper. Nearby Linda was sodomized by Nick.
    There was a profound silence in the living room. The couples were on their last lap, slowly sighing into a limp drowsiness. The first to speak was Lola.
    “The festival isn't over yet, folks. Let's refresh ourselves with some sandwiches and beer.
    Annie and Alice hastened to the kitchen and prepared a snack for the group who had put forth some violent and meritorious efforts.
    “Good idea Lola. I was beginning to get hungry.” Edgar yawned.
    “Why don't we play a game in the meantime?” Chris suggested. Everyone chimed in with his or her proposition.
    Finally Lola piped up with something that appeared to fit the program.
    “I know a game that is rather amusing. You have to guess what I am thinking…”
    “What do we have to guess?” Helen quized.
    Lola smiled and then continued.
    “It's not complicated. One of us will lay on the floor with her legs apart and her eyes covered with a scarf.
    Then she'll have to guess who is the man on top. If she's wrong, she'll have to suffer an atrocious whipping. I know some of you girls are dying for it though. If she's right, she get a bonus.”
    “Not a bad idea.” Edgar agreed.
    “First of all let's eat. Then we'll begin.” Uncle Arthur was very considerate of his guests.
    Alice and Annie came in with a platter of food and drink. They even had something for Benjamin and Josette.
    Lola hoisted her glass of beer and offered a toast.
    “To everyone's sexual health.”
    They all gathered around Benjamin and poured beer down his throat, while the scandalous little Annie tried to suck him off once more.
    Lola clapped her hands.
    “Let's begin our game.”
    “Who is going to be first?”
    “How about Linda?”
    “I was sure of it.” Chris verified.
    Linda didn't hesitate. She took the position her elders desired and she permitted her eyes to be covered by a perfumed handkerchief which belonged to voluptuous Lola.
    Lola called over Stephan. He kneeled down and stuck his penis in the rear?hole of the blind?folded girl.
    “Who is it?”
    “I'm not sure…” Linda responded.
    “She's just doing that on purpose. Maybe she can't feel anymore.”
    “Be quiet Annie and give her a chance.” Lola scolded.
    Stephan plunged his instrument into the anus as though it were a bean shooter. He pistoned in and out.
    “Who is it?” Lola questioned.
    “Undoubtedly she is just putting on an act to get more, the little rascal.”
    Stephan dug his prick deeper into the luscious anus. He tried to keep from moaning his pleasure so as not to give himself away.
    “Do you know who it is, Linda?” Lola questioned.
    “No. Not yet… Let me feel him a little more…”
    “But of course.” Annie chimed in. She certainly was dying to be in Linda's place.
    “She's just putting on the dog. The little whore couldn't ask for anything better.”
    Stephan now had his cock deeply embedded in Linda's rear and then he started to fidget brutally. The girl, mistaken as to the width of the instrument, shouted out in a raspy half?happy, half?painful voice.
    “It's Edgar, isn't it?… Edgar.” The others were gleeful to see that was wrong. Linda would have to pay the price of sucking each and every one of them.
    “No, take a look. It isn't Edgar. It's Stephan. You'll have to pay the penitence, deary.”
    Arthur was wondering whether his niece did this on purpose. He questioned whether she was that vicious.
    Perhaps she was really gifted with the family traits.
    Stephan was forced to give up his masterful performance. He wanted to finish what he had started but he was out?numbered and had to abide to the rules of the game.
    “Let me be the first.” Nick piped up. “No first of all she is going to lick off all the women. And then their behinds… And then after…”
    “And then after?” Annie's eyes were as big as stars.
    “Then she will have the unique pleasure of being sodomized by Benjamin.”
    Everyone applauded Lola's brilliant proposition. They all imagined the immense delight that was awaiting them. The women lined up. Ann and Chris naturally were the first to solicit their best halves.
    “She better give her all, or she'll see what I'm capable of.”
    The warning came from Chris.
    Linda knelt down before the excitable Chris. The sturdy Chris dug her fingernails into Linda's scalp and forced her into her bush.
    “Get in there and suck, sweetey. Do a good job or it will be the whip.”
    Chris had a reputation for not playing around. Crisp and cool, she needled Linda into a frenzy. Soon Linda was slobbering like a frothy pup in the land of Chris's pussy.
    Annie jumped into the game as soon as she saw that Chris was on the verge of shooting her wad.
    “Damn you, get back before I slug ya. I haven't come yeeeeeettt.” Due to the sudden wisping tongue of the sipping girl, Chris barely managed to finish her sentence. And at that, it wag on a very high note.
    After Annie, who tried to come twice while pretending to cover up the first time, Helen almost suffocated the poor little dear.
    Alice made Linda work very hard. The skimpy maid was terribly blase over the whole thing, acting like a royal duchess. The tiny pixey just didn't want to give.
    Real love was demonstrated with Lola however. Linda stuck her finger up Lola's behind and then put the finger in her mouth to mix the two, the come and the shit, for the benefit of extracting a real sensational pleasure.
    Once the women were content, everyone flocked around Benjamin. He and Linda were the stars for that night.
    Arthur promised everyone a repeat performance some other time.
    Nick took one of Ben's front legs and Bert the other. They lifted the beast in the air, while Linda sat on her knees. Lola informed her things would go better if she would put her rear high in the air. The girl listened attentively and had enough confidence in Lola to heed her warning.
    Once the behind wagged in front of Benjamin's slow?growing prick, Helen took the staff and aimed it at Linda's anus.
    Benjamin didn't have to catch on to what was happening. He rammed his rod home and Linda yelled like a martyr. Once the pain was established the ecstatical point was reached. The mere thought of having such a tremendous weapon in her cunt made Linda proud and she was in form to give everyone what they came for.
    The girl bucked and grinded like the best of professional belly dancers, only she was presenting her rear.
    Benjamin was delighted. He let out a few 'hee?haws' that gave all a few laughs. The ass kept driving home in Linda's boiling arse?hole.
    “This is one of the better shows you've put on Arthur, my lad. Continue the good work.” Edgar commented.
    It wasn't long before Benjamin rammed his cock in so far that Linda froze half way in the air.
    “Ahhhhhhhh.” The girl cried as a golden smile crept over her lips.
    Linda had arrived on schedule but she was still being pommeled by Benny. Chris came to the aid of the hapless, luckless girl by mouthing the donkey's testicles.
    The animal's voice grew harsh and hoarse. Then with a bellowing rough cry he let out his explosion. Linda almost was shot forward as though she were being ejected from a shot gun. Chris was pinned underneath the hind legs that had given away.
    Everyone applauded.
    “Bravo” Nick and Helen shouted in unison.
    The party had reached its denouement successfully. The guests as well as the hosts were content.
    When the bunch left that evening after having another round of excellent fornification, Arthur felt proud and placed his arm over Linda's shoulder. The girl was dog?tired. She smiled bravely and excused herself for being such a slouch at the beginning of the evening.
    The gang hailed her as an excellent newcomer, and Nick invited her to his home for the get?together the following weekend.
    Arthur heartily shook Edgar's hand and the friends patted each other on the back.
    “You're a real champ, Art, believe me. Give the girls some more for me.” Edgar waved goodbye as he parted with the appeased highly?happy guests.


    That evening late at night, uncle Arthur came into Linda's room. His strange eyes grew grave and insisting.
    Linda was happy to submit to her relation. She felt the hour was perfect, three in the morning, and that her uncle in excellent taste had wakened her in the middle of a most sensual dream.
    The man violated the girl. He bit into her ear lobe, her calf, her behind. Arthur, completely thrown into a peculiar state of lust sucked at the girl's pussy as though it were the remains of a dried lemon.
    Linda was driven to passionate heights as she chewed Arthur's majestic rod. The two ransacked each other for the delights of the flesh, and it was evident that they had discovered each other.
    Suddenly Arthur leaped up and put his thin fingers on Linda's splendid shoulders.
    “Linda. I believe I'm in love with you.”
    “But uncle, what about Lola? You have been with her for a good number of years. It wouldn't be fair to her.
    She is so fond of you.”
    Arthur tumbled out of bed quite naked. He began to rubbed his hips. The man was bothered by the thought of Lola.
    “Lola doesn't mean a thing to me now that you've come into my life. She will just have to resign herself to it.
    Besides Lola doesn't care about anyone but herself. She is mad with lust and has not the slightest notion of what love might be.
    Linda stretched her mutilated side, still sore from the powerful grasps of her uncle.
    “Uncle Arthur, isn't our relationship incestuous?”
    “My dear little nymph. It has been from the beginning. The only thing I hadn't counted on was my love for you. Linda, that princess I wanted to create. Well you're the creation. And I have become a luckless pygmalion.”
    Uncle Arthur came back to the bed and took Linda's hand and placed it on his cock which was half limp.
    Uncle and niece gazed into each other's eyes and read the bright symbols of love. For Linda, it came as a shock. She could not really say whether she was truly in love with her uncle or not.
    She was very, very fond of him. Her love for him was much more in the vein of respect for an elder, although she had a craving for him sexually.
    In her confusion, Linda placed her arms around Arthur's neck and squeezed tightly.
    “Oh, uncle Arthur. I don't know how I feel really.”
    Uncle Arthur, still sitting close to the girl, placed his stiff prick at the love lips of his sentimental niece.
    “This time, my dear, we are going to make love slowly and with… feeling.” He enunciated 'feeling'.
    The thin, greying man slipped his cock into the warm bush of the young fresh collegiate. She arched back and accepted the full weight of the handsome man.
    Arthur's hand crawled up and down her spinal cord and finally came to rest on her buttocks. He squeezed and then sighed.
    “How I love your fanny, darling.” He stuck his finger in the crevice.
    Linda put her long tongue deep within the somber mouth of the ardent uncle. Their tongues entertwined in serpentine delight. Their salivas joined and mixed with a tepid flow of juice.
    They embraced for several minutes, unaware that the door to Linda's room was slightly ajar.
    Arthur crushed the girl to him and his rod drilled within the warm flesh.
    “Can't you feel me, dear. I'm as hard as a rock. I want to last a lifetime with you. Buck a little, Linda and show me your grace.”
    The girl obeyed and demonstrated her talent as a qualified lover. The two rode the high waves of glorious love. Their rippling movements would have pleased an esthetician of love.
    Suddenly the door burst open and Lola, red?eyed with her hair mussed and agitated, strode into the room.
    In her hand she brandished a horse'?whip. Lola had fire in her eyes. Her hand nervously gripped the ugly weapon.
    “So Arthur. This is what you plan on doing to me. No more shall we pass the wee hours of the morning making love. You've found someone else. A girl who passed as a friend at first and now look at her. A tramp.
    Well, I'll get my vengeance.
    She let the whip crack at the bed?post. It made such a loud smack that Linda had to blink from the noise it made.
    “The donkey wasn't enough for you was it Linda? Well maybe we can give the evening some variety yet.
    A wicked blow caught the girl around the neck and almost strangled her. When Arthur got up to protest, he was met with a vicious whip?lash that got him around the mid?section. The man doubled up in pain.
    “Lola, you… you've gone out of your mind. What are you trying to prove?” The man spoke in pain.
    Another sting of the lash caught him directly on the back and took the wind out of him for several seconds.
    “Go ahead Arthur. Suffer a bit. It will do you good. You've been the great lord here. Everything you wanted was placed at your feet. How does it feel to get a genuine hot?foot?”
    Lola crushed the whip down on the man's left foot. He yelped like a dog writhing in pain.
    Linda came to the protection of her uncle. But she was met with a reign of blows that weathered off her breasts and behind.
    “Lola, put down that whip or I'll never forgive you. You've lost your head.” Arthur just managed to puff these words out. He fought to regain his breath.
    For a moment Lola hesitated. She knew Arthur's wrath, but this time she was definitely going to face it all the way. The tigress was determined to fight the man to the last straw.
    By a glance of daggers the two former lovers declared war. Linda began to whimper. For the first time since her visit to the villa, she became afraid, truly afraid.
    With back?alpas and overhand blows Lola let fly that horrible lash. Instead of seeking cover, Arthur crawled toward her. He had the disadvantage of having the frightened Linda to him like a leech.
    “Wiggle on the carpet with your princess, you worm. I'll have you both as stripped as bloody zebras.”
    Linda bit her lip and when she cried the pain caused by an excess of breathing made her dig her nails into her uncle's torso. Arthur struggled to get to his feet and stumble forth in search of the “whip. He tried to ward off the blows with his elbow, but to no avail.
    Within a few minutes, Lola had them both bleeding. Arthur bled from the mouth as though he had suffered internally. His back was streaked with red bruises. Linda matched him with her stripped bleeding body.
    “Now, you know what it is like to cheat your mistress.”
    Lola's eyes were like two red flames. Linda had never seen the bewitching woman in such a state of emotion like this before.
    “You'll remember me Linda won't you? Especially when you make true love to that bruised, beaten body.”
    Lola, who had her back up against the door, was suddenly thrown forward when the door was pushed open by Bert.
    “Grab her, Bert boy.”
    Bert, realizing that a scandalous fight was taking place, obeyed his uncle and locked the woman's arms to her side. This gave Arthur a sufficient amount of time to stagger over to the bronze fury.
    With his remaining strength he slapped her on her proud and brazen face. His next move was to take the whip from her hands. Arthur threw the weapon to the far corner of the room.
    He met the defiant eyes with a backslap that caused Lola's head to bob up and down. Her eyes returned to meet his. Linda was surprised to see how brazen her friend was. Linda still felt that the rude intrusion was just a bad dream. But when she rubber her bottom, she was quickly restored to reality.
    “Now Lola, it's my turn to get even. And you know when I get angry, it isn't very much fun.”
    Uncle Arthur meant business. He signaled to Bert to come close for instructions.
    “They've all gone home by now, I suppose. We let Gus sleep with his donkeys in the garage. Bert I want you to go down and get Benjamin. We haven't finished with the little ass yet. Our dear Lola is going to find out what Benny's really like.”
    Arthur let out a cruel laugh that slightly set Lola aback. Even Linda tried to plead with her vengeful uncle.
    “Don't you think she has suffered enough for the evening. I'm sure she'll apologize and then everything will be alright. Please, uncle Arthur.”
    “No, Linda. I have no intention of letting her get off so easily. She must learn a lesson, here and now.”
    Arthur ripped off Lola's pyjamas and twisted her left nipple. Lola just gritted her teeth without uttering a cry.
    Arthur slapped her across the mouth.
    “You are a proud bitch aren't you? Well I've got a new mistress now and you will serve me in the most docile way. I'll tame you my ex?darling.”
    Arthur put his hand to his chin trying to think of a minion and one tortures to bestow upon the hapless brunette.
    All at once Lola ran over to Linda and clutched her arm. She spoke to the girl in a terribly intense voice.
    “Can't you see how he is? He will treat you like dirt one day and cast you aside. Think what you are doing, Linda. You will only be a princess for a short while and then he will give you up as he is doing with me.”
    Linda felt that Lola was right, but she could do nothing about it for the moment. She was surprised to see that Arthur was paying little attention to them. He was apparently lost in his own thoughts of cruel vengeance.
    “Linda go to my room and in my blue dress on the bed you'll find the key to the car. Put on any clothes you can find and leave this terrible place.”
    Linda was pushed to the door. Without any hesitation she ran to Lola's room. Uneven in her thoughts, she questioned herself as to whether she was doing the right thing.
    Once in Lola's room she searched for the key and found it in the blue dress. Then she went over to the wardrobe and grabbed a rose dress and a heavy fall coat.
    As she was hurriedly putting on the dress, she heard some foot?steps behind her. She turned around startled and frightened. Arthur and Lola barred the doorway.
    Linda was taken aback at the sight of the two together. They had evidently patched up their quarrel.
    “So you want to leave me just like that, Linda? What, you prefer the cold night to your warm tender uncle.”
    Linda was speechless. She gazed at Lola for help, but the tiger woman was indifferent and languidly smoked a cigarette.
    “You fell into our trap, Linda. Arthur wanted to see how faithful you would be. We planned that sham together. You didn't suppose for a minute that Arthur and I would leave each other for a mere child, did you?”
    Linda's mouth dropped wide open. Their ruse fell on her head. She would be the one who would have to pay the terrible price. It was difficult to imagine the games those two adults were capable of playing.
    Once again the door flew open and Bert entered dragging the obstinate Benjamin. The donkey seemed thoroughly wide?awake for such a late hour.
    “If you have eyes to see with, Linda honey, you will notice that Benjamin has just gone to eliminate. Like all men animals he has a rear?end too. You will kindly step up and lick Ben there properly. If not, I assure you that the consequence will be tenfold.”
    Linda felt so helpless that she unthinkingly walked over to the animal and her head bumped its flanks.
    Arthur pushed her by the neck and her nose almost stuck in the animal's hind end. The odor was horrible and sickly. Linda swallowed to keep from throwing up.
    “Alright Linda, wipe the shit out of Benny's asshole. It may be quite tasteful. You never know.”
    Linda with tears streaming down her eyes tongued delicately at the ass's behind. Benjamin had recently done hi «duty and animals usually don't get a chance to wipe out their rears.
    Soon Linda's mouth was encrusted with a brown sticky substance. Lola kicked the poor girl on the rump and goaded her on.
    “Come on. You can do better than that. Benny has a disgustful look on his face.”
    Linda steeled herself and burrowed into the slippery rear?end. The odor was nauseating but somehow it crept into the girl's brain and she wound up by enjoying the horrifying, but sensual act.
    “Well, well. I think she is winding up by liking Benjamin more and more. What do you say we adopt Benny for our household, Lola? We could always make good use of him. Needless to say Linda would adore him.”
    The young girl turned crimson and with the fecal bits on her face she looked a sight.
    “I can't go on, uncle dear. Please, I'm feeling terrible.”
    “Just get dome of the matter that dripped down along his legs. Then tongue him deeply and sincerely and we will let you go. Have no fears about it, dovey.”
    Linda did has she was told. She leaned down to the sturdy little and lapped up some of the brown matter that had trickled there. Then she came back to the anus and kissed?tongued' for a few minutes.
    Toward the end of the second or third minute, Linda was so dazed with joy that Lola had a hard time dragging her away.
    “Why the little bitch enjoys it. Look she is coming. Just look at her thighs. They're covered with sperm.”
    “What do you expect. After all when I said she was my princess, I didn't mean to exaggerate. This girl is open to all callings. Why Lola, in no time we shall have her doing the most splendid sexual feats imaginable.”
    Linda was doing such a good job of cleaning out Benny's behind the young ass worked up a boner. He was helped along in his sexual urges by the skillful manipulation of his balls. Linda's fine fingers worked from one testicle to the other.
    “Go ahead Lola. I see what you're after. You can get it all in your mouth, but open wide dear.”
    With great dexterity Lola slid down under the animal and wielded the baseball bat prick toward her hungry mouth. She slobbered it up. The force of the cock almost completely distorted her face. Lola inhaled deeply and sucked longingly on the offensive phallus.
    “Uncle Bert, can't I take Linda from the rear. She's just dying for it. Look at the way she is wagging around.
    Come on, uncle be real nice.”
    It was true that Linda was giving someone the come on signal her youthful buttocks were swinging from left to right and then slowly grinding in the humid air.
    “Go to it, Bert. But you better knock it home. This girl is very, very special and we want to handle her with care.”
    Bert leaped on Linda's back and drove his charging lance deep within her puffed?out anus. This only caused the girl to bury her head deeper in Benny's behind.
    Arthur wanted to take a picture for his archives. The setting was delightful and the scene was elegant. He mused and thought that if he did take a snapshot, nobody would ever believe it. They would think it was a posed shot. And yet it was happening, right there before him.
    The good uncle felt his sex brimming and burning with vigor. His rod was almost purple with fever. Arthur rushed over to Lola and dragged her from the donkey's penis by the roots of her hair.
    “Lola work on this for a while.”
    While the donkey brayed its discontent, Lola gluttonly poured her saliva over Arthur's heated sex.
    Bert plunged away into Linda's precious derriere, while the 'princess' gouged out Ben's rump with the most professional of oral gymnastics.
    Arthur hurled insidious oaths in regards to his domain. As Lola crutched in front of the sleek fortyish demon, sucking him with all her fervor, uncle Arthur gave orders to Bert to step up his speed.
    “You little devil. Let her have it with your best punches, Bert. Why the devil can't you have any esthetic appreciation for feminine bodies. All you every think of his blowing your stack. I'll have to teach you a thing or three.”
    He bounded away from Lola, who spit out a few drops of burning liquid. She was flabbergasted to see the man rampage about without considering her ultimate pleasure.
    Arthur pushed Bert away and straddled the behind of the fair Linda. His enormous dick ripped into the derriere of his niece who was lapping clean the sensational donkey.
    “This is the way it is done, Bert fellow. Roll around a little. Then go in and out. And then… all the way in.
    Make it… real good and deep.”
    Linda attested to this brand of action. She groaned her pleasure like a female coyote beckoning to the moon to restore her love.
    “Get it Bert. In… all… the… 'way… and then out slowly. Then tickle her love lips with the head of it. Don't you see how she backs into it for the love of it.”
    And, in fact, Linda was backing into Arthur's fat prick. She wiggled her behind into a perfect position and at the same time she never lost a stroke with her tongue. Benjamin was dripping his liquid on the expensive carpet.
    Lola came to his rescue and placed her ghoulish mouth around the animal cock. She exhumed the hot white liquid and her eyes rolled with a mad joy-In the meantime Bert was so hot and excited that he had to masturbate-much to his regret. At the last moment he bounded upon Lola and exploded his rigid cock within the beauty's behind.
    All four were having a ball, but the one who appeared to be enjoying it the most was Benjamin, the astounding ass. His eyes closed and he must certainly have entered a real paradise for donkeys. He drooled at the mouth and brayed his delight.
    The heat that the four created could be verified by the steam on the window pane. Besides the odor of Ben in particular caused the foursome to devote their best efforts to the amazing act.
    Inside of a quarter of an hour, the bedroom stank of shit and ejaculations. But this did not stop the couples from going into their third or fourth orgasm.
    “I swear that I love you, Linda my darling princess.”
    Linda didn't care whether her uncle was sincere or not. She just kept up her movements which aided her mount the summit of exquisite pleasure.
    She turned from the donkey's rear?end and responded to her uncle's caresses.
    “I love you too, Arthur.”
    “Then you'll be my princess for life. You'll wait on me hand and foot, and I'll lead you to the finest sexual thrills that can be had.”
    “Yes uncle lover.” Linda squinted with the joy of his fat phallus invading her deeper and deeper. From the floor Lola agitated around the donkey's belly. She seemed annoyed with Bert.
    “You're no damned good, you little stinker. You've come twice already and everytime it goes flat. I guess it's your age that makes you so impetuous. I prefer Benjamin to you, my dear boy. I regret telling you this.”
    Bert didn't give a damn. His appetite was grand and he decided to make the best of a very festive occasion.
    “Just think of what Annie, Nick and the others are missing. And Alice is fast asleep in her little nook. This is tremendous. I could go at it all night.”
    “Just don't try to do it. It will probably kill you, son. Let me alone with Benjamin. He is my true lover, since Arthur has left me limp and flat.”
    Linda heard these famous words and this time she wasn't got by the comedy. She really didn't give one drop of
    'donkey shit' whether the woman was serious or not.
    “Linda promise me that you won't go back to school without my approval. After all you've learned much more here with me and just think what is in store for you.”
    Linda was set back by this unfamiliar proposal. She still had two years to go. And it was true, however, that in the course of a few days she had learned more about 'a life' that she could never have picked up in school.
    However, she wanted to go back and put her knowledge into practice. It was difficult to make a decision at such a crucial time. Arthur spread her legs wide apart and he penetrated deeper than ever.
    “I'll do whatever you think best, uncle dear. But don't you think my education will be neglected.”
    “I'll get a tutor. I have just the one for you. He is known to be the finest lover in all of Europe. His name is Paul and he has a penis that is a foot long, no longer. And it creates the strangest sensation inside the women tell me.”
    At that moment Linda was consumed with a burning sensual feeling that ran through her veins.
    The girl came and came. It was hard to decipher whether it was due to her uncle or the mention of the name of a lover, Paul with the fabulous phallus.
    Arthur pistoned into the girl with his most sublime movements. He grew warmer and hotter as he felt the gizz of the girl burn his swollen prick.
    “Now you've really excited me, Linda. I think that I too… am… comminnmmg.”
    Arthur clenched his teeth. He turned suddenly white and his head dropped on Linda's left shoulder. The man had just released a bowl full of fluid.
    Benjamin brayed for the fifth time. And Lola received a flood of liquid in her gorgeous mouth.
    It poured out of the corners and dripped down her neck.
    Bert renewed himself by masturbating frenetically. He made another attempt to leap upon Lola who would have none of it.
    Arthur limp as a rag tried to compose a few words. But due to his fatigued state, he failed to find the right words. Suddenly he regained his senses. He fondled Linda's bright hair and bit her back.
    “My princess…” He uttered weakly.
    Linda had rolled away from Benjamin and fell lifeless on the carpet.
    When she opened her eyes she saw Arthur leaning over her. He had a strange humble look in his eyes. Linda almost thought it was the look of love.
    Then of all things she witnessed a tear that rolled down her uncle's cheek. His eyes blurred and his mouth sucked her teats. Once he returned to the surface he met her stupified glance.
    With a flood of tender words he shouted a hymn in her honor, then he slid down to her feet and kissed then passionately. First the right, and then the left.
    Arthur stretched his tired body over his niece's abdomen. Once more he had grown stiff and was searching the pussy that he cherished.
    “Oh Linda. Allow me to be your… your prince.”