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Venus in the Country

Venus in the Country

Anonymous Venus in the Country

Chapter one

    “The girl will have to go, Horace,” Mrs. Rumple declared soundly to her husband. “She's getting ever a healthier appetite and a new dress needed every year. It's all become too much. We can get a cheaper skivvy who will do twice as much housework as she and have her room into the bargain.”
    “Yes, my dear,” Horace Rumple agreed sadly. He had no wish to see Pamela go. Now approaching eighteen, she was as lovely a lass as he had ever seen and many a time had given him a fine tingle in his breeches.
    At the age of fifteen, Pamela had come into the care of the Rumples, who were considered by one and all in the district to be the most charitable of people. Her parents, it was said, had been lost at sea, her father having been the captain of a fine merchant vessel en route to India. Mrs. Rumple had looked the girl up and down and considered she would make a nice servant to open the door to their guests and to do the housework and all manner of things.
    But little by little the good lady had begun to find Pamela a bit highborn in her ways. Not that the sweet girl intended to be. She was quiet by nature and well spoken. Perhaps her accent was a trifle superior to that of her guardians, which upset Mrs. Rumple considerably.
    “You must tell her today, Horace, and have done with it.”
    “Yes, my dear, but we can scarce put the poor thing out on the street.”
    Mrs. Rumple was only waiting to produce her trump card.
    “There is no need, Horace. I have made due arrangements. An advertisement in The Times called for a companion. I answered it. I gave them the highest credentials. They are pleased to say that they accept. She may leave tomorrow.”
    Horace Rumple gazed across the breakfast table in awe at his good lady. She was ever resourceful and he lived in some fear of her. Had he not, he would have hopped into bed with Pamela ere this. Now he saw his chance. If the girl were to depart tomorrow, she would have little enough time to say anything to Mrs. Rumple about it. As luck would have it, his wife was to attend a social occasion that very afternoon. Beyond the windows of the house the sun shone bright in the garden. In every way it seemed a very fine day, he thought.
    “I will attend to all, my dear,” he murmured.
    Mrs. Rumple nodded. A clatter came from the hallway where Pamela was dusting. Finishing her tea, the good wife entered the hall and addressed the girl.
    “I am to have my hair dressed this morning, Pamela, and I shall not be here for most of the day. Mr. Rumple has some news to impart to you. Attend him now.”
    “Yes, Mrs. Rumple.”
    Pamela never curtsied, which annoyed her guardian. She would teach the next servant to do so as she believed they all did in the grand houses. Glaring slightly at the lissome suppleness of the girl's figure as Pamela dutifully, made her way to the dining room, Mrs. Rumple attended to her own affairs.
    Horace received Pamela graciously. By his reckoning she had grown prettier by the month. Her chestnut locks fell thickly to her shoulders, which-such as he could see of them-were dazzling white. Her nose was neither too long nor too short and perfectly straight, being enhanced by two large, liquid eyes that ever seemed to hold an expression of wonderment. Of moderate height, the incurving of her waist and a certain fullness to her bottom-added to which was some impressive thrusting in her corsage-Pamela presented a picture of considerable allure.
    “We-er-have something to discuss, Pamela. I think perhaps if we take a turn in the garden? I rather wanted to look at the summerhouse.”
    A trifle surprised, Pamela followed him out. The grass was green and lush on the lawn, and many pretty thoughts came to her as she gazed at the flowers and shrubs. The summerhouse lay at the end of the garden and it was thence that Horace led her, to be well out of sight of his wife. Within all was cosy, for this was in part his private den. The floor was carpeted and a pleasant divan stood in one corner. Next to the divan was a cabinet which-although Mrs. Rumple knew it not-contained a number of saucy photographs of naked and half-naked maidens which her husband secretly collected.
    Horace cleared his throat and commenced to impart his news without delay. A look of astonishment and disbelief came over Pamela's lovely features, for she had never expected to leave the house and indeed had given no thought to such a thing despite all the work she had to do there.
    “As I understand it from the gentry concerned, Pamela, the house is a fine one, well situated in a most pleasant part of Wiltshire, and your tasks will not be onerous. Indeed, I believe you will not have any housework to do.”
    “Oh! And I must leave tomorrow?”
    “A conveyance will call for you early, my dear. However, there is one proviso. I needs must examine you before you leave. It was the express wish of Sir Richard Bromley, your new employer.”
    “Examine me? Oh, Mr. Rumple, you mean I must t… take my dress off?”
    Her guardian's expression assumed a sly but pleased look.
    “I do fear so. It will take but a moment. Wait, I will lock the door so that you may not be embarrassed by any disturbance. You wear not too much beneath, I trust?”
    “Only my petticoat and stockings, but…”
    Pamela's cheeks were rose-pink at the thought of unveiling herself in such a manner, yet at the same time her initial disappointment at the unexpected news was already diminishing. She loved all Nature, and the thought of actually living in the countryside instead of in this stuffy suburb quite enchanted her. Hesitating only a moment, therefore, while turning her back shyly on Mr. Rumple, she unbuttoned the back of her dress and began to raise it.
    Horace Rumple held his breath. At first he could see her calves, then the dip of her knees at the back, and then, at last, rising above the tops of her rather coarse stockings, the ivory columns of her thighs. For a moment, he thought that Pamela would not raise the hem of her skirt farther to disclose that which he most longed to see. Valiantly aware that he was waiting, however, Pamela took a deep breath and with a sudden single swoop of her brown dress, cast it off her head and shoulders together with her petticoat.
    Except for her stockings and shoes, now, she stood naked-a vision of such wondrous, subtle curves that the buttons of Horace's breeches almost burst thereupon. Her bottom was a perfect peach-its cheeks chubby and full, posed alluringly above the Venus-curves of her legs. Deeply tingling as it already was, his cock swelled up to many times its normal proportions and stood rock-hard.
    “And now if you will turn, Pamela.”
    Biting her lip, the maiden obeyed, bringing her firm, ripe breasts to his view. Her brown nipples were like small berries and looked particularly succulent, but as much as he wished to dwell on them, Horace's glance fell promptly to her bush. Thickly curled, it presented on its slight mound a delicious triangle, so neatly formed that it almost appeared that Pamela had trimmed it.
    The faint blush on Pamela's cheeks added to the allure of her appearance and a quiver of astonishment ran through her as Horace promptly approached her and fell to his knees. Never had he seen such a sinuous, curvaceous creature, her navel a veritable whorl of cream on her silksmooth belly.
    “Part your legs, Pamela, I must look properly,” he husked.
    Pamela closed her eyes, quite unable to believe that this was really happening. But, never having been out in the world before save when she had first come to the Rumples two and a half years ago, she could only think it was necessary. Shifting her feet apart little by little, she permitted Horace to gaze entranced at the moist lips which parted stickily in their nest of curls.
    Horace trembled violently. Slowly his hands rose and slid up the backs of her thighs. The sensation of first feeling her stockings above her knees and then tasting with his fingers the creamy, swelling flesh above almost made him faint. His nostrils twitched at the delicious aroma she exuded. Feeling her quiver at his touch, he tightened his grasp and with an avid hunger pressed his lips up to encounter the juiciness of Pamela's nether mouth.
    “AH!” Pamela gasped. Horace's mouth was ravaging her. Indeed, she even felt his tongue glide up within her. It gave her a feeling the like of which she had never known. The jellied cheeks of her bottom trembled as his palms sought upwards to cup them. Her knees bent and she found herself surrendering to the feeling.
    Horace licked. It was perfect bliss. The curls massed about her plump mount tickled his nose exquisitely. Delving his tongue upwards, he found by chance rather than skill the sensitive button which immediately erected itself like a tiny penis under his labial caresses. Half-swooning, Pamela jerked and gasped. Her bottom gyrated.
    “Oh! Mr. R… R… Rumple!”
    “My dear, oh my dear, let me examine you further on the couch. Move back.”
    Quite dizzy with delight, Pamela obeyed. The edge of the seat caught the backs of her knees, and she fell back with a small cry that was quickly silenced by a gesture from Horace, who had risen and stood over her.
    “We must be quiet, Pamela, and disturb no one. Raise your left leg and let it he along the back of the couch. Let your other leg dangle down to the carpet. I can then examine you better. I have the very instrument with which to do it.”
    Pamela thereupon hid her face in her hands, for Horace was doing no less than unfastening his breeches which slid immediately to his ankles. His legs were brawny and muscular, but the biggest muscle presented itself to Pamela in the very moment that she incautiously spread her fingers to peep and Horace raised his shirt.
    His penis stood proud as a flagpole, the head rubicund and gleaming. Thick veins knotted themselves along its rigid length. Beneath she could see two hairy balls.
    “Oh! Mr. Rumple! Indeed, you mustn't. Oh!”
    “It is most necessary, Pamela,” Horace breathed heavily. Lowering himself rapidly, he gave Pamela no time to adjust the position of her legs which her posture had brought wide open. With a little shriek, she received him on her belly and felt his thick drumstick beating a rhythm against her silky skin.
    “Wh… wh… what are you doing?”
    “Injecting you, my sweet. 'Us very necessary for your long journey. Let me cup your bottom and raise it a little. Ah! what plumpness-what divine cheeks! Can you feel it, Pamela?”
    Crushed beneath him, Pamela knew not whether to wrestle or submit. The crest of his charger had slipped backward as he drew her hips up slightly and now it nestled menacingly at the soft entrance to her dell.
    “Yes!” Pamela gasped. “I can feel it-but you can't… no, you mustn't… oh, it's going in… Ah!”
    Pent up as he was, Horace almost spilled his manly juices in his excitement. Even Mrs. Rumple in her distant youth had never been so sinuous and curved as this, nor so infinitely enticing. As the lips of Pamela's quim yielded, he groaned. She was going to be damned tight, but the journey within would make all worth it. Feeling her fingers clutch protectively at his shoulders, Horace urged his cock as slowly as he could.
    Pamela held her breath. It seemed such a monster, but its head was lovely and smooth and the manly grip of his fingers beneath her bottom excited her. Her breath puffed out-too long withheld-as the stiff rod inserted itself three inches and then stayed for a moment. The velvety walls of her slit clung to it. She could feel it throbbing madly.
    “Oh! No more, I beg you! What will you inject me with?”
    “Sperm, my love-the life-giver. You will feel its vibrant jets, its splashings. You will quiver with desire for more. Lift your right leg and raise it over my buttocks. Twill ease the passage. Ah! another inch! And another! Oh! It is going right in!”
    “Ah! No! No! It's too big-take it out! Oooh!”
    Pamela's back arched. The meaty shaft was conquering her. Amazed that she could receive so much, she clung more tightly to her rider and bent her knee over him as he instructed. Somehow she found her mouth under Horace's. Timidly at first, but in her rising excitement she parted her lips and felt them crushed passionately beneath his own. Sensing that her tongue had something to do with the matter, she protruded it a little, moaning fretfully as at last his entire cock sheathed itself within her.
    Fearful to move again, lest he come, Horace contented himself with pecking on her cherry lips and taking full advantage to feel her bottom and breasts all over. Her little sobs of pleasure and surprise were lovely to hear. His balls pressed to the tight cleft of her bottom. Swimming in wonder, he lowered his head and began to suck upon her nipples which erected themselves like thorns.
    How passionate Pamela could prove she was about to discover. Her slit had received all of his cock and clenched as tightly upon it as a baby's mouth. Feeling infinitely wicked, but knowing she must do as she was told, Pamela obeyed his every husked command and began to move her hips sinuously, finding that she could work the mouth of her cunny up and down his prick as she pleased.
    The thrill was such that both partners were quickly overtaken by lust. Sucking upon her pointed pink tongue, Horace began to heave his buttocks. He had suspected her often of being a juicy little thing, and now he had full proof of it. Her nipples burned beseechingly beneath his chest, her stocking tops rubbing against his thighs.
    “Ah, Pamela! I am fucking you! How delicious!”… t… t… Pamela stuttered as if about to repeat the word. She didn't want him to stop- it was so lovely. Her bottom answered his thrusts with little jerks. The couch creaked. Easing her left leg from beside his own, Pamela joined and crossed it over the other so that they were wound about his waist.
    “I shall c… come in a moment!” Horace panted.
    “Yes,” Pamela mumbled dizzily. It meant she was going to have her injection, she knew. He had promised that it would come jetting out of his big thing.
    Horace groaned and grunted. He marvelled that he had lasted so long in her tight grip, but being ever a generous man, he had wanted her to have her pleasure of the bout. His eyes bulged, his complexion becoming ever ruddier. His balls smacked a fine dance against her bottom with every thrust. Pamela whimpered and clung. The loveliest, most delicious thing had now happened to her twice. It was as if her tummy had melted in liquid fire which had sparkled in her and then erupted in tiny thrilling spurts all over his cock.
    “Give it to me-oh, do!”
    “P… P… P…!” Horace stuttered, trying to say her name. But already the tingling flood was rising.
    “F… f… f…!” Pamela spluttered, trying to say the word he had said. She was melting all over again and, just as she was, a giant shudder took Horace and he impelled the first thick jet of come within her.
    “Oh! I can feel it! Do more, more, more! Oh, it's so thick and creamy!”
    Clawing at his back and crisscrossing her stockinged legs fiercely, with whirling senses Pamela received her due-the big spouts filling her in such abundance as to soak her completely. Then they began to die away and she clamped more demandingly upon his cock, feeling the last fine spurts until all was done.
    Limp, he sank upon her, his mouth buried in her neck. The dreaminess that follows upon such a bout took them in its net and they lay quiet. Pamela continued to signal her pleasure with fond little squeezes around his prick which slowly grew smaller again and finally slipped without. Dreamily she allowed his kisses to smother her face before they finally arose.
    “What thighs, what breasts, what a bottom!” Horace murmured and clasped her to him as they stood upright. “I must inject you again, Pamela, before you leave.”
    Pamela cast her eyes down. She was more and more convinced that what they had done was very naughty, but it must be true-as Mr. Rumple had said-that she needed it. Softly acquiescing, therefore, she put on her dress again and smoothed it out sedately before they emerged as master and maid into the sunlit garden.
    “Mrs. Rumple will not return until five this afternoon, Pamela.”
    “No, sir, I know.”
    “I will give you a further injection after lunch.”
    “Yes, if you will. Shall I have to take my dress off again?”
    “It may not be necessary. A very pleasant way of absorbing it is simply to raise your skirt and bend over some convenient piece of furniture such as a table or the arm of a sofa.”
    “Oh, but then my bottom would be upward toward you, Mr. Rumple,” Pamela replied. Her eyes were quite warm at the thought of receiving his big syringe again.
    “A most convenient posture, my pet,” he answered. He was wondering if he dare tell her that it would also offer alternative routes for his manly piston to take, but just then Mrs. Rumple descended.
    “Mr. Rumple has told you the news, Pamela? Good. It will all be much better for you, I am sure. Horace, see to it that she does what she has to.”
    “Yes, my dear.”
    With Mrs. Rumple's departure, Pamela gazed after her wonderingly. From what she had said, it appeared that she approved of her receiving her injections. It was something all young ladies must have to have, though it surprised her that she had never heard of it before. Venturing to tell Mr. Rumple this while he was fondling her after lunch, she received his comforting smile.
    “So it must always be, my dear. 'Tis a strange convention of Society that wishes it done but does not always wish it to be known that it is done.”
    “Oh, what a funny idea! However, I shall remember that always! Shall I bend over now? Will you do it in me?”
    “Not yet, Pamela, for I have several things to teach you. See how it throbs to release its essence. But first you must take the knob between your pretty lips and let it ease within. Ah! how luscious your mouth! How divinely you suck! There is but one other route for it to take after this, and then you will be truly prepared for your future.”

Chapter two

    Preparing to leave the next morning, Pamela was a much-changed girl, though no one would have thought it from the demureness of her expression.
    Her greatest ordeal had come the previous night, when Mr. Rumple had dared to venture into her room. Mrs. Rumple had already been accommodated with a sleeping draught which her thoughtful husband had slipped into her sherry after dinner.
    The events of the day had been too much for her, Horace declared, and helped her solicitously up to bed. Beseeching him not to leave her since she felt quite queer, Mrs. Rumple undressed and bid her husband do the same. Horace obeyed with alacrity, knowing full well that in but a few more moments even the greatest thunderclap would not awaken her.
    Whilst Mrs. Rumple undressed, he attired himself in his nightshirt and held her lovingly in his arms until her first faint snores sounded. Still ever cautious, Horace laid down the bedclothes, parted her plump thighs and gently tickled her quim. At first Mrs. Rumple gave an answering twitch or two of her large bottom, but even such sensations as he was affording her by twirling a finger around her button could not allay the onslaught of sleep.
    Finally her body grew inert and her snores louder. Wishing devoutly that he had thought to use this device before, Horace left the marital bed and went to the far more exciting one in the attic where Pamela lay. Herself a little drowsy, she received first his kisses hazily.
    “Oh, sir, Mrs. Rumple may venture in!” she protested when her nightgown was raised.
    “Nothing to fear, my love, all is well. Now I shall teach you to raise your bottom and to waggle it prettily. Come-no nonsense, or I shall bring the birch to it first. You would not like that?”
    “No, Mr. Rumple-Oh! but what are you doing!”
    “Presenting my cock to your bottom, Pamela. The first salute may prove a trifle harder than in your cunny, but we shall manage it. Lift well up, now-let me part the cheeks. Ah, what a rosy treasure!”
    Fearful lest her shrieks might bring forth Mrs. Rumple, Pamela acquiesced to the lewd act, though it was necessary for her to muffle her mouth in her pillow while the sturdy rod urged its path slowly between her bottom cheeks. Being gripped tightly by Horace, she could move but little.
    “No, I hate it! Please don't! Must I have an injection there?”
    “In all your orifices, my sweet. Have patience. In no time at all you will begin to enjoy it. You will feel the rush of my sperm more sensitively within your bottom, I vow. It is a favourite sport among the gentry, I am told. I am breaking you in.”
    “Oh! but do not break it completely! I swear you are splitting me! Go more slowly, I beg! I cannot take it all!”
    Long was the time that Horace laboured, for he was an understanding soul and was by now well aware that Pamela could become a pleasure-maiden beyond compare. Holding his well-gripped prick but four inches within her rosette, he allowed it to throb mightily, the more to lure her into taking it.
    Finally his lubricious persuasions overcame her. Little by little Pamela found the sensations more attractive than they had at first appeared. With many a little puff and pant she received another inch and another, until with a delirious groan Horace was sheathed full within the wondrous globe of her bottom.
    Thereupon, leaning over her and fondling her melons, he began to whisper many lewd words that Pamela had never heard before. But that she was being taught things she ought to know, she had no doubt. The feeling of having a big warm pole of stiff pounder in her bottom began to attract her more and more. Extending her tongue and turning her face to him, she indulged in exciting kisses whilst endeavouring to reply to Mr. Rumple in kind.
    He appeared delighted that she was learning the words and began pumping her in earnest, entreating her nevertheless to be discreet at all times and to remember the attitudes of Society. Not meaning to ever forget these lessons, Pamela absorbed all as eagerly as she was then entertaining his cock.
    “Oh Mr. Rumple, you are f… f… fucking me!” she bubbled, only to be corrected.
    “No, my dear, I am buggering you-or sodomising, as it is also called-and what a rare delight it is, especially with a bottom as round and tight and smooth as yours. Push a little now-work your bottom back and forth. 'Tis the most secret of pleasures and gives the girl a rich injection!”
    “B… b… I will remember that!” Pamela answered hotly. Everyone knew but no one must know, she told herself again and again. But then her sweet, innocent mind quite clouded over as she felt her tummy and slit melting again even though Mr. Rumple was engaged elsewhere. Her passage had eased considerably and now the piston was tight and smooth within her, working back and forth with a joyous lustiness until at last his donation was made. With infinite trembling and a great revelation of pleasure, Pamela felt it jetting and spilling and frothing into her in exactly the way Mr. Rumple had said.
    Remembering it hours later, Pamela wriggled agreeably as she took her seat in the carriage that had been sent for her. She wore her grey dress that was only three months old, white silk stockings that Mr. Rumple had filched from his wife's chest of drawers, and a pink bonnet. Her travelling companion was a housemaid who had been sent to chaperone her. Her name was Lucy and she appeared about twenty.
    “You must be awful clever, Pamela-are you going to teach the girls?”
    “Oh yes, I'm sure I shall teach nicely. I know a little French, for I learned it at school. Are the girls my age?”
    “Miranda is sixteen and Helen eighteen. You'll get on famous with them, I'm sure. Was you a companion where you lived?”
    Pamela nodded. It was partly true. She had been a very close companion to Mr. Rumple these past hours. Rather than talk about herself, she wanted to hear about Sir Richard and his family. He was a military man, Lucy said-a fine, upstanding gent. She didn't take to his wife so much. A bit hoity-toity she was, and got up to all sorts of things.
    “What things?” Pamela asked curiously. She felt suddenly more grown up now that she was out in the world.
    “That I can't tell you. There's rumours galore, but it all goes on behind closed doors when they hold these balls and things. On top of that there's the riding and hunting,” Lucy added with a sniff.
    “Oh, I wouldn't want to hunt poor foxes!” Pamela exclaimed.
    “I ain't sure it's the foxes wot get hunted as much as the young girls and the newly married ladies. You want to watch out, Miss.”
    “That I shall,” Pamela said.
    Her mind was all a-spin again now that she had heard this. However, it occurred to her that Lucy was probably exaggerating in order to make an effect. Pamela's visions of very well-to-do people-the “toffs” as they were rudely called-were exactly what Mrs. Rumple had instilled into her. Well-born people, Mrs. Rumple had often said, set the tone for Society. Their manners were always to be followed.
    Pamela wondered if Lucy meant that the girls and young married women received injections during the hunting and at other times. After all, it was such a pleasure to receive them. She wondered if she dare ask Lucy, but decided not to. Toffs would not descend to telling their servants such things.
    After her journey, Pamela felt quite tired, but she revived when she saw the manor house. It lay in beautiful rolling countryside and quite nestled in its own little valley. Tall elms appeared to guard it, and rooks and crows rose with a great fluttering of black wings when the carriage rolled down the long drive.
    Pamela almost clapped her hands at the sight of the well-laid-out gardens which surrounded the old house and seemed to stretch forever behind it. There were rose bushes with blooms of many shades and colours, and she felt quite breathless with happiness at the thought that she would be able to smell them all.
    Awaiting her arrival was a grave-looking footman dressed in black with gold braid. He helped her down and looked about for her luggage. Pamela blushed at the thought of how little she had. Mrs. Rumple had always impressed upon her to tell the truth, but after her adventures Pamela knew a little better.
    “My other luggage will come later,” she said. Then she was led as gravely as ever within a hallway that was almost as large as the Rumples' drawing room. A maid appeared, neatly attired in a starched white apron and cap over a black dress.
    “I will show you straight upstairs, Miss. Miss Miranda and Miss Helen are waiting to see you.”
    Up the broad, curving staircase with its heavy polished rail they went. Pamela expected to find the bedrooms on the first floor, but another flight had to be climbed before they reached them. Arriving at one of the doors, the maid knocked. Almost immediately it opened.
    “Oh, Miss Rumple (for all believed her to be the daughter of those who had commissioned her coming), how pleased we are to see you!” Helen exclaimed. Expecting to find an old maid, she was pleased and delighted to cast her eyes upon such a young and attractive girl.
    “Oh! isn't she pretty! How glad I am you are not an old frump!” Miranda declared, bouncing forward.
    Pamela found the two sisters very much as she had expected them. Miranda was a perfect cherub and possessed an exquisite figure for her age which was overshadowed only by that of her sister. Both had the same dark locks as Pamela herself. Smooth of skin and with large, liquid eyes they looked enchanting. They shared a large, cosy bedroom, and each girl had a small four-poster bed prettily draped with lace curtains. In the winter velvet drapes let down to keep them lovely and snug, they said.
    As soon as Pamela had cast off her cloak, they all began to chat. Aided by a bottle of wine which Helen kept hidden at all times, they were soon as merry as three young ladies closeted alone can be. Fairly soon, though, there came an interruption. A very handsome young man entered.
    “Ronald is our favourite cousin!” Miranda said proudly. She promptly threw herself into his arms and kissed him. During this sweet interval, Pamela was excited to see that Ronald's hands were straying. One found its path upward to Miranda's bubbies, which were already the size of small melons. With the other he boldly caressed her bottom.
    Helen laughed and looked at Pamela.
    “You see, he is very forward! He must greet you next.”
    “No, it is not my turn. Two sisters must be kissed one after the other,” Pamela replied, though secretly she was agog to feel the young man's arms around her.
    Then Helen jumped up and took her turn. Coiling her slender white arms about her cousin's neck, she announced the intention of giving him “the longest kiss in the world.”
    “Oh, come, we shall time you, then! Let us count Miranda. One, two, three, four…”
    It was the most breathless kiss Helen had ever given, but she had been dying to do it and to feel Ronald's tongue all around her own. Besides, Ronald always handled her very naughtily-much more so than he did Miranda. When their lips met, his hands immediately cupped her bottom and felt the lovely resilience of its cheeks.
    Quite forgetting herself, Pamela clapped and said, “Oh, yes, hold her thus!”
    “Quickly-let us pull her skirt up,” Miranda whispered. Both were sitting on one bed while the enlaced couple stood quite near them.
    “No, it is too bold!”
    But no sooner had Miranda jumped up than Pamela followed. Quite absorbed in her long kiss, Helen did not hear them or sense their movements until, with a shriek, she felt her skirt pulled quite up to her waist.
    Ronald was delighted. He had long cherished a desire to feel properly one or other-or both-of his pretty cousins' bottoms and now the chance was his. Instantly the plump young cheeks were in his clasp, veiled only by a modest pair of drawers.
    “Her drawers! Take her drawers down! Oh, Ronald, dear, be daring!”
    Helen shrieked. She fought to escape from her cousin's doughty grasp, for already she could feel his stiff prick thrumming away under his trousers. It was a very naughty thing, she knew, but she had often wanted to clasp it and feel how long and thick it was. Now, however, her good upbringing came to the fore and she kicked and cried as the excited trio bore her back to the nearest bed.
    Pamela could scarce contain herself. As much as she had enjoyed the rude entries of Mr. Rumple's prick in her two orifices and in her mouth, she wanted to see another girl receiving the like. Therefore, while Ronald fell to his knees and began lavishing lustful lasses upon Helen's bared thighs, Pamela sprang on to the bed and leaned over her.
    “What an adorable mouth you have! Let me kiss it! Don't you want to have your injection?”
    “What? Oh, stop him-he is taking my drawers down! What is an injection? Oh!”
    Pamela realised her great mistake. It must be a secret, as she had been told, and it could not be if three were present. Or so she reasoned. Jumping up, she seized hold of Ronald's shoulders, although he was already in the process of loosening the ties of Helen's drawers.
    “No, you bad boy, stop immediately. The game has gone far enough. Out quickly, or I shall tell Sir Richard!”
    Poor Ronald leapt up, his cock standing proud in full view of all three, for he had loosened his trousers in anticipation of the event. Miranda shrieked and covered her eyes. Helen fell back, as if she had fainted.
    “Out, sir, out! What is this wicked thing you show us? Put it away this instant and go!”
    Quickly and rather painfully, since his cock was wound up fully like a spring, Ronald obeyed. The thought that he might be uncovered in a different way made him blanch, for he knew how stern Sir Richard could be. Mumbling such apologies as he could contrive, he fled, leaving Pamela to lock the door.
    “Oh, my poor Helen, what a shock it must have given you. 'Twas but a girlish game. Forgive me!”
    Throwing herself down beside the panting girl, Pamela found Helen's lips and kissed them sweetly. Rather to her surprise, the tips of their tongues touched in a way she had not imagined those of girls might do. The sensation was quite enervating. In another moment, they were locked in each other's arms. Helen's natural appetite had been aroused, and despite her cries of alarm, she needed the exciting comfort that Pamela was giving her. Her lips parted slightly, inducing Pamela to prolong the kiss.
    “What is an injection?” Helen asked breathlessly when their sweet mouths parted at last.
    “Yes, I want to know, too. Is it nice?” Miranda asked.
    “It is very nice, but the first time it happens, you have to be examined,” Pamela replied solemnly. She explained that that meant taking all one's clothes off, except perhaps for stockings and shoes. The two sisters listened agog.
    “Oh, tell us more, Pamela!”
    “No, I cannot, for I believe that is a gentleman's prerogative. However, I will show you a little what it is like. Loosen your drawers properly, Helen, and take them off.”
    When Helen did so, wonderingly, Miranda decided to follow suit. It was going to be the most exciting secret they had ever learned. Surprised by her own boldness, Pamela knelt down and gazed up-at the lovely vistas between their thighs. Both the girls' cunnies were plump and well nested with curls, and when they allowed their thighs to be drawn apart, the lips of their lovemouths parted prettily.
    “Now I shall apply my tongue where the gentleman first applies his cock,” Pamela declared. Her heart beating fast, she pushed her face up between Helen's thighs and with her mouth sought the delicious slit. Its lips were warm and moist and the curls tickled Pamela's nose. Without hesitation-being quite sure that in Helen's excited state it was the proper thing to do-she drove the point of her tongue between the luscious lips and wriggled it.
    “Oh, how lovely! Do it more!”
    Helen's face was full of wonder. Her bottom jerked and her fingers clenched and unclenched as Pamela's tongue began to work back and forth. Lifting her legs by instinct, she placed them on Pamela's shoulders and so hid nothing of her charms. Her lovelips became moist and oily as Pamela licked her and she could not resist twisting the upper part of her body and kissing Miranda.
    This, in turn, gave Pamela yet another idea. With her finger, she reached up and began to play with Miranda's slit at the same time.
    “Oh, it's nice! I like it, too!”
    Both the sisters' bottoms bounced now as each had the most thrilling of sensations. Their bellies tightened and they felt as if they had fireworks exploding in them. Lifting their stockinged legs even higher, they implored Pamela to go on and on. By this time both Pamela's mouth and her finger were soaked in their juices, and she herself would have loved nothing better than to be receiving an injection at the same time. The thought even crossed her mind that such a thing might be possible, but then she chided herself for being even more wicked than she was.
    The girls were each coming for a third time now- she could feel it. Their eyes rolled, they hugged one another, they kissed passionately, each seeking the other's tongue, so enraptured were they that all else was cast aside.
    Alas, their merry party was soon to end. Even as Pamela decided they had both had enough for the moment, there came a knock on the door. Springing up, she put her fingers to her lips and quickly threw the sisters' drawers under the bed. Bidding them quietly to cover themselves and sit demurely, Pamela then answered the door.
    “Miss, I'm sorry to disturb you, but the Mistress wishes to see you.”

Chapter three

    Lady Belinda Bromley was, as she often nowadays told herself, in full bloom. At the age of forty-one, she possessed the full curves that drew so many men's eyes to her. Her ankles were slender and nicely turned, her bosom bold and firm. Her bottom and thighs were as well-fashioned as any in the neighbourhood, and if she thought that herself, then so did a dozen or more of her admirers.
    Belinda came of good stock and knew it. Her husband, Sir Richard, was of a quieter nature, though given to the occasional discreet frolic. His wife never interfered with him in that respect, nor he with her. It was understood that the county aristocracy were of a sporting nature, and Belinda was considered a leader in many things that had to do with boudoirs and convenient sofas.
    Her great rage of late was fancy-dress balls, and she was already planning another. Seated with her at this moment-or rather seated under her since Belinda's proud bottom was resting indiscreetly upon his cock-was Captain Henry Dancer, who looked as sprightly as his name. Fondling Belinda's breasts he sighed and endeavoured to move his stiff tool back and forth under her bottom, but her weight was too much for him.
    “Such a bore, Henry, but I must see the girls' new companion. No, do not go, dear boy. I understand she is quite enchanting.”
    So saying, Belinda rose and looked down with a pleased smile at the horny condition she had aroused in the Captain who was ten years her junior. Belinda adored younger men, but equally she adored some younger women and had entertained a number in her bed when her husband was absent. Sometimes these little affairs had taken place in the company of discreet gentlemen-a matter which called for much quiet movement between bedrooms when the servants were abed.
    Hearing approaching footsteps, Belinda seated herself opposite her new paramour. A pleased smile broke across her beautiful features at Pamela's timid appearance.
    “My dear, how enchanting to meet you! May I introduce Captain Dancer?”
    The said gentleman had of course already arisen, though in doing so his trousers showed considerable signs of strain. Not being unaware of what was going on in the world, Pamela could not help but glance down once she had noted the swelling there. Seeing this, though saying nothing of it, Lady Bromley smiled anew. Being in a particularly sportive mood this day, she wanted some rather special enjoyment. So, begging Pamela to be seated and plying her much with sherry, Lady Bromley engaged her in apparently earnest conversation about her plans to give occasional lessons to the girls.
    Pamela had dreaded this moment. She was little aware that rudimentary education among the rich was often little better than among the poor. The well-to-do had often better ways of disposing of their time than in learning drab additions, multiplications and divisions. In fact, though Belinda could count her bank balance, she was frequently to be found a dunce in other matters. She did not care. Bank balances and pleasure were the most important things of all.
    So as much as she asked, Pamela was able to answer to her satisfaction. Whereupon Belinda put her slyest question.
    “And the birch, my dear Pamela-you are schooled in the use of that?”
    “Oh, no! I mean-not very much.”
    Pamela was downcast. She wished that she had pretended she did know a lot. After all, it was surely easy enough to apply a birch to a young girl's bottom. Her expression appeared to say so, but her Mistress- though smiling for reasons of her own-was shaking her head.
    “No, Pamela, 'tis not so simple. There is an art in it-is there not, Henry?”
    Henry, very concerned in carrying out a private survey of Pamela's lissome figure, had listened to little that was said. Nevertheless he deemed it vital to agree and nodded.
    “Oh, yes, m'dear, yes-lessons must be learned. And indeed the teacher must be taught.”
    It was so exactly what Belinda had wanted him to say that she all but applauded. Thereupon, to Pamela's astonishment, she found herself rising as her companions suddenly did. They were to repair to the summer-house for a very important piece of education. Having rather fond memories of summerhouses, Pamela rather wondered what her fate was to be.
    Captain Dancer walked ahead of them, looking very military and manly. Not only had his condition not abated, but to Pamela's eyes it seemed to have become even more stiff. Walking elegantly beside her, Lady Bromley explained that Pamela need only receive a small lesson, but one sufficient to brighten her up, as she put it. Pamela coloured at the thought of this, little knowing how even more attractive it made her look.
    To her further surprise, Lady Bromley held her comfortingly by the waist as they entered the summerhouse. It was a much larger and more comfortably furnished one than Mr. Rumple had. There was a carpet, a divan, a sideboard, cabinets-and a bed in one corner. Bed, it was explained to Pamela, was the best place to birch a young lady. It added a touch of comfort to the experience.
    “Naturally, my dear Pamela, you will have to bare your bottom, as all young females must. Occasional struggling is to be ignored and-if necessary-put down. The twigs of the birch must be well soaked beforehand to prepare them for the swishing across the offered cheeks. Now, Pamela, you must kneel on the bed and prepare yourself. The Captain will do the honours. Have no fear; it will only be what we called a taster, but it will warm your bottom well. You may wriggle all you wish if you do not otherwise move.”
    “Oh! but I may not be able to help it!”
    Pamela would have dwelt longer on her protest, but nothing availed and she wished not to offend her Mistress or jeopardise her post by refusing. Somewhat reluctantly and fearing the kissing of the twigs, she placed herself at last on all fours and had her skirt thrown to her hips.
    “By Jove, what a bottom, what legs!” the Captain exclaimed.
    It was a perfect posture, for the high bed allowed both him and Belinda to see almost all the curves and secret crevices of Pamela's form, even to her slit.
    “A perfect treasure, as I knew she would be. Permit me to kneel in front of her so that I may hold her shoulders for the first stroke.”
    Arranging herself thus on the bed in turn, Belinda bore lightly down with her fingers, so causing Pamela's head and shoulders to sink down and her bottom to rise more. Enjoying the resulting vista more than Belinda, who could not see as well, Henry picked up the birch, swished it vigourously once and then brought it smartly across both cheeks of Pamela's bottom.
    Pamela immediately cried out, as both knew she would. In fact, as she was told afterward, she hooted rather like a baby owl at the first cutting stroke.
    “Oh! It burns!”
    “Of course it burns, Pamela! What do you think it is for? Up with your bottom higher now-no nonsense, Miss!”
    “Oooh! I cannot! Oh! Ow!”
    Thus were the many exclamations and cries that Pamela repeated in the next few moments, though little by little, as the good Captain applied the twigs with more regular rhythm, a completely different sensation entered Pamela's being. Despite her sobs and the fiery heat in her bottom, her hips jerked impetuously, as if seeking more.
    Knowing not whether the dear girl was virgin or not, Henry at least knew the signs. A few more strokes would settle her perfectly, for somehow during her squirmings Pamela's mouth had settled upon her Mistress's thighs which, by similar magic, had managed to bare themselves.
    Pamela's tears fell wet upon the selfsame voluptuous columns of flesh against which her hips increasingly pressed. She was quite sure that she was melting now beneath the heat which the birch had induced and longed for nothing so much as what the Captain was about to present her with.
    Henry had mounted many a young filly on heat and saw a chance now to add to his laurels. A nod from Belinda was all he needed, and now he received it. It would not be the first such trio of lust in which either had participated. Preparing for the event as Henry cast down the birch Belinda forced Pamela's head not only down but farther up toward her. Having secretly drawn her skirt up higher, she brought Pamela's mouth to nuzzle against the front of her drawers which were so split back and front as to present her always to the best advantage.
    With a quick cry, Pamela thus found her lips tasting the excited juices of her Mistress while in the same heady moment her birching-master knelt with his penis exposed behind her.
    “Ah! No! Oooh! Oh!
    Pamela wriggled and cried, conscious that she must not reveal that she had entertained the staff of life before. In doing so, her lips moved in unison with her hips, causing Belinda delirious sensations. Quite confident of quelling any rebellion, the Captain thereupon gripped Pamela's bottom at both sides and with one long, manful thrust buried his lance exactly where he intended it, between the petulant lips of her slit.
    Alas, so excited were all three combatants that the course was run more quickly than any wished. Henry's cock, closely but eagerly accommodated, flashed back and forth. Being well juiced by the caressing of the birch, Pamela spilled her liquid treasures immediately, causing Belinda to loose a salty spray in turn over her tongue.
    “Oh, my dear, what a naughty man!” Lady Bromley cried, as if to excuse all. “He has me in such a froth that I can do naught. Oh, pray, lick me faster!”
    Pamela puffed and licked. It was more wonderful than she had thought to have three going at it at once. She knew that Captain Dancer was going to inject her at any minute and the thought increased her labial attentions, difficult as it was to reach the crevice that she sought.
    Henry groaned and thrust. The girl was as fine a mount as he had ever had, and better than many. The sperm literally churned in his balls and then spewed out. It was a veritable cannonade, sucked in by Pamela's velvety purse. Not a drop escaped her in fact, even to the last pearls that dribbled out, for she held Henry's prick very firmly and possessively as he had rarely known any such young filly do.
    Quite exhausted he drew his limp member out at last and sank down, bereft even of speech.
    “Now, my dear, you must rest, for you have had as pretty a birching as I ever saw,” Belinda exclaimed. “Henry, assist me. The poor girl is overheated. Help me in removing her dress. Then, I fear, I shall have to take off my own for you have completely flummoxed me with your naughty ways. Such behaviour was most unexpected, sir!”
    Thus the merry comedy ensued until all three lay naked with Pamela between the two. Receiving Belinda's long tongue, she began to stroke her bottom and found it deliciously large and round.
    “Ma'am-am I to birch the girls in such wise also?” she asked. _
    Belinda scarce heard the question for she had already guided Pamela's hand around to nestle under her cunny. Or, if she did hear it, she pretended rather not to fully understand it. The girls were best kept out of the way while she had her little frolics, and how just such a thing was effected she did not mind.
    “Of course you must-exactly.”
    Pamela was delighted with the reply, for she thought that Lady Bromley had fully understood what she meant, especially as the voluptuous dame then rolled upon her and began frotting her slit hotly against her own.
    “Put your cock in her mouth now, Henry-it will help bring it up!”
    Turning her head, Pamela eagerly received the morsel. Or at least it seemed such until her tongue and lips began to work on it. She knew that her Mistress must have her injection next, so she made the Captain's cock as long and thick as she could until it stood proud and gleaming.
    “My goodness, will you do the same to me now? Oh, Pamela, stop him! I dare not be so wicked!”
    “Permit me, ma'am, I will hold you even as you held me,” the damsel's reply came. Then, winding her legs tightly about the good lady's waist, she gripped her firmly while the Captain clambered aboard.
    Quite squashed beneath the pair, Pamela panted for breath. Lady Bromley shrieked for good effect. Couched on the majestic cheeks of her bottom, Henry began his second poke. Mindful of poor Pamela beneath the pile, he rose, being half-sheathed, drawing Belinda's hips with him. A moan from both and he was sunk within. Lady Bromley's maw was slightly more capacious than Pamela's, yet it gripped him as firmly.
    Bouncing her bottom cheeks to his belly, her ladyship cast all cares aside. Taking Pamela's oval face in her hands, she inserted her tongue once more in the girl's mouth and began to work it as vigourously as the Captain was pounding her.
    Meanwhile, to further her education, Pamela felt down between them and tickled the conjunction of their parts, which made them heave all the more. Quite delighted at having such a willing pupil, Belinda took the searching fingers and guided them to her button. Having achieved this the wanton then saluted Pamela in like manner, whereat the proud girl spread her lovely legs wider and jerked up and down beneath them.
    The bed shook beneath them. Cries of joy came from all. The most delicious quiverings seized them. Henry groaned and came. He had been caressing Pamela's spread legs meanwhile, and it was all too much. Dammit, he must get the girl on her own and teach her a few more tricks. A few guineas in her purse would do wonders. Panting, he expelled the last jets as hotly as Belinda received them. Collapsing in the final ecstasies, they all but squashed Pamela beneath them.
    Wriggling her way from beneath, Pamela wore an air of great confusion.
    “Oh, ma'am, what must you think of me! How wanton I must have appeared!”
    “Tut, girl, we all have our pleasures. They shall not be our last today. Say nothing of this, however, or you shall truly be birched.”
    “Yes, ma'am, I do understand. It all has to be a secret.”
    “I am pleased, Pamela. You had best go see to the girls now.”
    Belinda stretched herself indolently. The girl appeared useful at present. If she attempted to rise above her station, she could quickly be dismissed.
    “Shall I take the birch ma'am? For the girls, I mean.”
    “Take it, yes, but do not use it unless it is needful. Their Papa will expect to find them in good trim- quiet and obedient at all times.”
    “Oh, yes, ma'am, that he will.”
    Pamela smiled and went out. Whether she and Lady Bromley meant the same thing, she wasn't sure. If Lady Bromley did, then she would pretend that she didn't, for Mr. Rumple had taught her that that was the way of the world. They all knew, but they pretended they didn't. It surely was a fine game.

Chapter four

    Quite content with her new charge, as she liked to call her, Belinda laid no special duties on Pamela. Nor did she intend to spoil her by indulging with her again with the Captain, for she had seen how his eyes had glowed and felt not a little jealous at the beauty of the girl.
    Pamela therefore found herself comparatively free. Neither Helen nor Miranda had attended previously to lessons much, for it was felt that young ladies needed to know nothing more than how to dress nicely and behave with winsome charm. Being basically a serious girl, Pamela set to teaching them arithmetic in the morning and spelling in the afternoons. She also taught them a smattering of such French as she knew and determined to improve her own.
    Upon asking for a French dictionary, she was told vaguely that there were French books in Sir Richard's study. It was a very grand room with a huge polished desk, bookcases, a red plush divan and pot plants that were tended daily. Pamela liked the study immediately and was only partly surprised to find another birch standing in one corner behind a large rubber plant. It seemed a good one, but she decided to leave it there.
    As for the books she had to take a little ladder-a funny one that went along on wheels-and try to reach the highest shelves where the French books were. She could just see a little of their tides and was trying to reach one with her fingertips when Sir Richard entered.
    He had just arrived home from London and, not having seen Pamela before, was rather astonished to see such a lissome young beauty foraging among his shelves. As for Pamela, she turned with such a start that she would have fallen had not his manly arms received her.
    “Oh, sir!”
    Pamela knew it was he immediately for she had seen a portrait of him in the drawing room. His finely cut features, crinkled eyes and trim moustache quite enchanted her.
    “Are you a visitor?” Sir Richard asked. He could feel her breasts rising against him and the contact stirred him.
    “No, sir, I am your daughters' new companion. You did say I was to come, and Lady Bromley…”
    “Yes, yes, I understand, m'dear, and exceeding pretty you are, too. Come, close the door and let me hear what you have been at.”
    Amused at her blushes and most taken with her form, Sir Richard poured some liqueur-to settle her after her fright, as he said-and bid her sit close to him on the divan. Haltingly Pamela told him of what she had done in the past three days since her arrival. Sir Richard listened solemnly. He had chosen her quite at whim upon receiving a letter from Mrs. Rumple in answer to his advertisement. Mrs. Rumple had said she was a “lovely girl,” and by Jove she had been “right.
    “Very well, my dear,” he said in the middle of their discourse, “you may learn a little more French from my books as you wish. Allow me.”
    A smile crossed his features as he went to the bookcase and drew down the very volume that Pamela had tried to reach. Whether she was an innocent or not he could not tell. There was a promising twinkle in her eyes occasionally. Handing her the book, he advised her not to open it then but to study it in bed.
    “Very well, sir, I will study it diligently,” Pamela said, little knowing what awaited her.
    “Tell me tomorrow what you have learned. I shall expect you to know at least a dozen words, Pamela. Do you know the French for lips as pretty as yours?”
    “Levres means lips, sir.”
    “Ah yes, but levres de velours means velvet lips.”
    Saying this, the gallant knight slid his arm about Pamela's waist and kissed her full upon them, murmuring “Velours-velours” all the while his mouth hotly assailed her own.
    Pamela could not but let a sigh escape her. Her face grew flushed, her eyes bright.
    The Master's lips were firm and much nicer than Mr. Rumple's had been. Borne back upon the divan, she felt her head resting on a cushion while Sir Richard commenced to fondle first her breasts and then her thighs. Meanwhile, Pamela seemed to be receiving her first French lesson from him, for while his hand fumbled up her skirt, he explained to her the terms for thighs, bubbies, and other intimate parts of her adorable form.
    Rather breathlessly, Pamela received his embrace and lay as quiet as a dove while he drew her skirt up to her hips and assailed the warm smooth skin of her thighs with his mouth. She felt quite sure that she was to receive another injection and was pleased that it was Sir Richard and not the rather rough Captain, who had made her bottom bounce so much.
    “What riches!” murmured her Master as he parted her thighs. With some modesty Pamela had attired herself in white drawers. Murmuring fervently herself she received his lips exactly where her mount nestled beneath. Meanwhile she commenced to unbutton her dress at the front in case he wished to examine her more. As she did so, Sir Richard gently lifted the heavenly sphere of her bottom and began to ease her drawers down. Her muff was exquisite. Two pink lips peeped at him shyly from their nest and then he cupped her warm bottom on his palms, sliding to his knees as he did so and commenced to titillate her with his tongue.
    Her breasts uncovered, Pamela began to buck and moan. She loved this just as she had liked doing it to Helen. Last night she had tongued Miranda and made her jiggle madly. Making the most delicious noises, she placed both legs upon Sir Richard's shoulders, the better that he could burrow into her cunny. His tongue licked within, making her feel quite heavenly.
    An expert at this particular sport, Sir Richard had many times prepared a maiden for the fray by exciting her in this manner. Parting the lovelips, he swept his tongue upwards until he found her button which was excited now to the same degree as his cock.
    Pamela's bottom bucked and bounced. Her heels drummed on his back. He was taking longer about it than Mr. Rumple had and she had come once already. Her salty effusion sprayed again upon his tongue, and both partners were ready for the bout.
    Quite flushed of face and liking all he had tasted, Sir Richard got up and loosed his trousers. By instinct rather than design, Pamela threw her arm over her eyes, as if in confusion, though not so quickly that she did not see the fine sturdy tool he was exhibiting. His appendages beneath were heavy and hairy and would contain a lot to inject her with, she knew.
    When therefore her lordly Master came down upon her, Pamela received him with a shy little cry of pleasure and made sure that her legs were wide open.
    “Oh, sir! You are going to inject me, are you not?”
    “What a delightful term!” chuckled Sir Richard, who had never heard it used in that way before. “Yes, my dear, I am going to give you the full syringe.”
    So saying, and having positioned his swollen crest at the ready, he eased his loins and urged the flaming charger full within. Thus mounted, he commenced nibbling at the pretty nipples which had long erected themselves on Pamela's snowy hillocks.
    The maiden writhed and clung to him. There were many ways of being injected, she had come to realise, — and for the moment Sir Richard simply kept her fully plugged and let his cock throb away its message to her.
    “Oh! Keep it still like that-it's lovely!”
    “I shall try-but how delicious you are! What perfect breasts, what a marvellous bottom. Clamp your legs about my waist and wriggle it!”
    Pamela needed no second bidding. Winding her stockinged legs about him, she commenced jogging her bottom just enough to ease his proud cock an inch or two in and out of her. It was a lovely exercise, and she wanted it quite to go on forever, but Sir Richard- having been celibate for the past four days-was eager to spill his sperm. The girl could scarce be any tighter. She gripped him within her. Her eagerness to receive his all was passionately displayed.
    Cossetting her bottom on his palms, Sir Richard began to move his prick in and out of the delightful tunnel into which it had ventured. In a moment, casting all restraint aside, their bellies began to smack lustily together.
    “Oh! How lovely!” Pamela gasped again and again. Mr. Rumple had taught her in that single night to say many naughty words, but she was not sure whether she should say them now. She contented herself therefore at the peak of her pleasure by a gently whispered “fuck” into Sir Richard's ear.
    The pleasure to Sir Richard of hearing such a pretty and apparently well-behaved young lady utter such a term in that velvet tone drove him quite berserk with lust. His loins threshed, his balls swung heartily against her lifted bottom.
    Pamela closed her eyes. The word seemed to have had a magical effect upon him, though perhaps it was coincidence. Though she knew it not, young ladies of her age were most often silent when being mounted, having learned little enough how to satisfy a man save by opening their thighs. Perhaps such thoughts went through Pamela's mind, but being somewhat overwrought by the sensation of his prick pistoning so powerfully back and forth, she tried it again. Mr. Rumple had said she could say it.
    “F… f…. f… fuck me!” she moaned.
    “Ah, my dear, frequently! What a luscious little witch you are!” Sir Richard attained his climactic moment even as he spoke. Inundating her delicious pussy with his sperm, he quivered in delight and quite filled Pamela to overflowing so that her thighs were as sticky as Miranda's had been the night before.
    Obediently still, Pamela waited until he had withdrawn and felt herself lovely and swimmy.
    “Oh, sir, if only it could last longer!”
    Sir Richard, like many men who pursue quick pleasures, had never entertained such a thought before. A frown crossed his fine features lest he had disappointed her, but then he smiled at the roguishly sly look which Pamela had done her best to conceal.
    “Would you make it so? Last longer?”
    “Well, sir, I imagine it could be done if one was slow enough about it. The girl would enjoy it more, I am sure, and besides it is more seductive.”
    Quite taken aback by her impetuous speech, Pamela hid her eyes, fearful that he would upbraid her. Had another wench spoken to him like this, Sir Richard might have done so, but he sensed that this was no common girl. The idea of giving a woman pleasure had rarely come to him. Females, dammit, were made to give men pleasure, and those he had bedded often avowed that no one made them come so much. Now, however, a doubt seized him. Besides, he had never discussed such matters with a girl before.
    Drawing her to him as they lay upon the divan, he renewed his caresses about her snowy tits while Pamela shyly held his cock.
    “Tell me more of your theories.”
    “Well, sir, I fear to offend you, but if a girl's button is played with longer, she comes more and is ready for it more. Then, if the gentleman lies with her and kisses her quite all over in every crevice and everywhere while she plays with his cock, she would be in a rare lather for it. But then I think he must control his movements when he is in her and take longer about it. Indeed, when you held it in me, it was most delicious!”
    “I say, good heavens, you are a philosopher of love proper, Pamela! Have you had so much experience, then?”
    Pamela's expression showed her shock.
    “Oh, no, sir, truly, but I have thought of it. Supposing you were to try and tame a girl. How would you go about it?”
    As she spoke, Pamela felt his cock thicken and begin to rise again. This time she gripped it more tightly.
    Sir Richard chuckled.
    “A good birching perhaps on her bare bottom and then ram it in her quick.”
    “Oh, no, sir. Truly you would have the pleasure of her, but would she come back for more? Better to give her a long, light switching and then tease her up a bit. Oh! but what am I saying!”
    Pamela was truly astonished at all the ideas she had expressed.
    “Naught but the truth, m'dear, as I see it. By Jove, you have cast a new light on things. Many's the girl I have birched and rodded who has run a mile at the sight of me again.”
    “There! Do you see! I was truly right, and now this naughty thing of yours is throbbing again and wants to inject me, I do believe!”
    “Or fuck you!”
    Pamela's smile was one of pure innocence as she lay again on her back.
    “Yes, fuck me, but go softly and slowly about it. I shall count to a hundred and you must not be done even then.”
    “What a treasure you are! Is this how you were taught?”
    Sir Richard's cock had slid within. Pamela sighed and gripped it. To her distinct pleasure, he did not begin to move it at all.
    “No, sir, far from it, but I have let my mind move about it.”
    Whereupon she conveyed to him with little whispers all that Mr. Rumple had done, imploringly him the while to slide his cock in and out of her very slowly. Being on his second course, Sir Richard found it not too difficult to obey and listened entranced to Pamela's account of her “conversion.”
    “Good heavens, the fellow certainly settled you quickly-done on both sides, as it were!” Pamela's rider chuckled. “And then you let your thoughts move about it, as you say?”
    “Truly, sir, just as you may move about on me! Oh! Not so fast!”
    But all was lost. Her head swirling, Pamela received both the thrusts of his tongue and his cock with abandon. Not a word had passed her lips about Lady Bromley or the Captain, nor ever would. Indeed, in that moment, Pamela thought of nothing else but the lusty joys of fucking to which she vowed to devote herself.
    Quite exhausted, Sir Richard lay prone upon her at last and received the comforting of her arms the while he nibbled anew at her nipples. Finally, when they rose and tidied themselves, he confessed to her that she was verily the loveliest mount he had ever had.
    “Well, sir, I shall try to please. All such things are a secret, are they not, even though Society knows of them?”
    “Yes, that is true, though I had not thought of it before. It is not spoken of among the gentry here, but is well indulged for all that.”
    “Yes, I was taught that by Mr. Rumple and I am sure it is true. Oh, sir, may I take the birch, or do you wish to wield it yourself upon their bottoms?”
    Sir Richard cleared his throat and blushed. A certain confusion seemed to come over him. Both the girls' bottoms looked at their prettiest in their white drawers when they were bouncing under the twigs. His desk had always been the perfect place for it, but he had not given it to them of late.
    “I-er-I am sure you will make their bottoms bounce yourself if the occasion is required.”
    “Yes, sir, I will, for they are frisky sometimes and need a little taming. I shall do it slowly, of course, so as not to hurt the poor dears too much. Perhaps if they, too, do not learn their words from this dictionary, I shall accord them each a round dozen-on their bare bottoms, of course.”
    “Herrumph! Ah, yes, naturally, but-er-I think it best they do not peruse the dictionary, Miss Rumple. You see-er…”
    Pamela opened the dictionary quickly. Her eyes fell at random on a page. A slight blush stole over her features. “Pine-prick,” she read.
    “I believe I understand what you mean, sir. I shall be most selective.”
    With a little smile, Pamela made her exit. She clutched the dictionary tightly. If she left it lying around, the girls would be sure to peep within out of curiosity, and, if they did, she would not be there to know.
    After all, secrets were of all sorts.

Chapter five

    The Reverend Edmund Hart, the Vicar of the Parish, had never married. He dwelt mostly among books, but had lately suffered so many pangs of the flesh that he feared temptation and stayed much within the vicarage, attended by his housekeeper, Carrie, and his sister Agnes.
    Agnes was a pleasing-looking woman, slightly plump of figure, who would have entertained a more social life had it not been for the brooding presence of Edmund, who seemed to have drawn too much within himself. It was a great pity and Agnes did not know the cause of it. He was frequently testy with her, which she did not put down to age since at forty he was in the prime of life, four years her senior. As for Carrie, she was a quiet woman whose presence was rarely felt.
    Thus encumbered by overmuch quietness in the rather gloomy vicarage, Agnes responded with joy when she received a letter from Lady Bromley.
    “See, my dear Edmund, we are invited to her next fancy-dress party. Would it not be fun? How shall we dress?”
    Clearing his throat, her brother grumbled to himself for a moment. Such occasions presented numerous temptations. He knew several of the ladies among his parishioners who attended such events at the manor, and it was said that they were not always as seemly in their behaviour as they showed in the pews on Sundays.
    “What nonsense, my dear, it would be foolish- indeed, flighty-of us to go.”
    “You are forgetting, Edmund, that Lady Bromley has bestowed several gifts upon the church and is likely to contribute a considerable sum to assist in its restoration. It would not be proper for us to refuse.”
    “Very well, if you will have it so, but I intend us not to stay overlong at such carousals. Besides, how ridiculous if we have to dress up. I cannot imagine our costumes!”
    “I have already thought of it, Edmund. For one evening, let us cast off our cares and make a little merry. 'Twill do no harm. I shall go as Maid Marian and you as Robin Hood.”
    “What? Parade ourselves thus? What nonsense! I forbid it!”
    Agnes, however, ignored his forbidding and, being a good seamstress, set to work quietly to make their costumes in woodland green and brown. They were traditional, she comforted herself, though she got rather mixed up and made tights for both of them instead of a modest smock for herself. Thus, when she first showed her brother his intended attire and paraded before him one evening in her green tights, Edmund's reaction was one of great disturbance.
    Not having made such close acquaintance with the curves of Agnes's bottom before, he was rather moved by their weighty but firm plumpness. Even so, his shock was the greater for the disturbance he felt was not only in his mind but in his breeches. The rotund orb whose deep cleft was displayed by the close sheathing of the material made Edmund feel quite dizzy.
    “Edmund, dear, are you not well? Do you not like it?”
    Finding himself confronted by the prospect of having to say both yes and no simultaneously, Edmund endeavoured to avert his eyes. However, he did not want to hurt Agnes, who was clearly proud of her handiwork.
    “Excellent, my dear, yes-most becoming.”
    “Very well, then, I am so glad. Now you must try yours on,” said Agnes, rather to the horror of her brother who knew that donning the tights would display his arisen manhood much more than his hand was successful in shielding it from her glance.
    Indeed, rather to her confusion, Agnes had not entirely failed to notice the sudden protruberance in Edmund's trousers for, being at his leisure, he had cast off his jacket Her blush rising exceedingly, she could not keep her eyes off it. Yet, being a woman, and a rather frustrated one, at that, she could not but help being pleased that the plumpish, Venus-like curves of her figure should have produced such an arousal.
    Edmund's cheeks had gone alternately pale and red, she noticed.
    “Oh, Edmund! Have I put you out? I will change my clothes immediately. Perhaps the costume is not so becoming as I thought Oh, dear, and I have put so much cutting and stitching into it!”
    Whereupon, to conceal her blushes, Agnes cast herself into her brother's arms in such wise that her figure quivered quite like jelly against his. For, truth to tell, Agnes had found the costume so tight that she had been forced to discard all apparel beneath it. Hence, what Edmund found himself clasping was an alluring bundle of warm flesh protected only by a thin layer of material.
    “I think perhaps, yes-ah-you had best remove it, my dear,” he choked, for the large knob of his cock beneath his trousers was making itself distinctly felt against her belly.
    “Yes, Edmund, I will do so immediately.”
    Fleeing from the drawing room, Agnes found her heart palpitating. Lusty in body, she had remained almost virginal for too many years and now unwilled desires rose to the surface of her mind. Entering her bedroom, she gazed upon her image and wondered at the sudden devilment that was dancing in her mind. Edmund's rude staff had distinctly pressed against her, and it was bigger than she had ever thought it might be. With trembling fingers, she began to remove her tights-a process followed minutes later by a resounding shriek which caused Edmund to go bounding up the stairway.
    “Oh, Edmund-they will not come off!”
    Edmund could not believe his eyes. Agnes had removed her top and her jerkin. The latter small garment she clutched in front of her, but it was insufficient to conceal except in small part the wondrous balloons of her pale breasts. A brown nipple distinctly winked at him.
    “C… C… Carrie,” he stuttered, only to be met by a wail.
    “Edmund, she is long departed! Come, you must help me-but pray do not look!”
    Edmund could only close his eyes and grope forward. The first object his seeking hands encountered was the firm gourd of her breast. Agnes uttered a cautiously small shriek at finding her near-naked breasts fondled and turned quickly.
    “Here, Edmund-farther down!”
    Edmund groped again. This time his hands encountered the warm breadth of her bottom, which wriggled to his touch.
    “Oh, you tickle me! Try to pull them down!”
    “I must open my eyes, my pet-I cannot find the loop.”
    “Yes, Edmund-then I will close mine,” declared his sister with a remarkable lack of logic.
    Edmund was breathing very heavily. In order to assist him, Agnes thought, she bent forward over the stool of her dressing table and protruded her ardent globe more into his palms. Quite dazed by the feel of the luscious half-moons, Edmund began to tug somewhat ferociously at the waistband. As so often when one expects a motion to be resisted, the material gave suddenly. Ripping clean apart, the two sides fluttered down to the backs of Agnes's knees leaving her womanly glory totally exposed. Richly fleshed and pale, it glowed as if with lambent light, leaving only a shadow where the cheeks inrolled to form their secret groove.
    Thus unveiled, Agnes could only pretend to faint and did so-though in most curious wise. For, instead of falling forward, as Nature would have had her do-she jerked upright and then slumped, leaving Edmund to grab at her as best he could. And Edmund found himself cupping her naked breasts, from which the jerkin had fallen away.
    A soft murmur came from Agnes's lips, which he took to be a sign of momentary delirium-as in fact it was, though of a different nature from what Edmund suspected. Again Agnes had felt the stemming of his doughty prick, though this time in even more intimate fashion against her bottom. A moan and a sigh escaped her as Edmund dragged her backward to the bed.
    “Oh, Edmund, you are looking at me! Put the lamp out!”
    “My dear, yes!”
    Flustered and excited by the glorious form revealed to him as Agnes flopped down, Edmund almost knocked the lamp over in his attempt to extinguish it. Having succeeded, he made his way blindly back to the bed and felt a feeble hand touch his.
    “Edmund, I am not well. Fetch me a brandy-and pray, one for yourself.”
    Edmund hastened down again. The whole world was a-fluster and quite topsy-turvy, for not only had he seen and felt Agnes's bottom, but had also now viewed, the dark thick muff of curls that nestled between her thighs. The stem of his cock throbbed agonisingly. He must settle her and go to bed quickly, before she became aware of it. Fetching a bottle and two glasses and remembering to put out the lights downstairs, he hastened to the fallen one who had by then adjusted herself more comfortably on the bed and appeared to him as a pale, indistinct form. As indeed she was. In the interim, Agnes had quickly discarded her torn tights and lay naked.
    “Drink with me Edmund-oh, do not leave me. How foolish I have been! Come, sit on the bed. It is quite dark-you cannot see me. Oh, my poor handiwork all spoilt!”
    Having quaffed her brandy, Agnes began to sob. And in part her sobs were real, for she felt quite overexcited. Solicitously, Edmund urged himself closer and bent over her.
    “Do not cry, dearest. We shall have other ideas, I am sure. Let me kiss your tears away.”
    “Yes, Edmund-and the other cheek-and my nose, if you please-and oh, the horrid silly tears have run over my mouth! Yes, that is better-a little more. Oh! Your buttons, they quite rub me-can you not remove them?”
    Finding his sister's kisses quite luscious and with her breasts impressing the appeal against his chest, Edmund could not but assent. The need to free his rigid prick from captivity in his trousers had become paramount. Besides, the excitement and the rather large measure of brandy he had drunk impelled a certain carefreeness in him. Doffing shirt, trousers, socks and boots, he rejoined Agnes, who immediately turned to face him so that her silken belly rubbed against his tool.
    “Shall you stay with me tonight, Edmund and comfort me? I have still got tears on my lips.”
    “Of course, my pet. What delicious lips you have-I never thought of them before.”
    “Nor I of this naughty big thing you have, Edmund. Did I bring it up?”
    “I fear so, my love. Does it offend you?”
    “Silly, no. Let me hold it while you kiss my foolish tears away and then you will know I do not object to it. Cuddle me closer, for I have not been cuddled for years.”
    Heart bursting, Edmund obeyed. Not only now did he lavish his kisses upon her lips, but dared to let them stray down to her breasts, where they were received with passion. Finding that her nipples became ever stiffer while her hand moved more and more excitingly up and down his cock, Edmund sucked the delicious points between his lips. Becoming more and more possessed with one whom he now considered to be a veritable love goddess, he groped down between her thighs, which parted themselves accommodatingly to let him feel her slit.
    Bending one knee the better to enjoy herself, Agnes could contain herself no more than he. The moist lips of her quim parted to his fingers. Her bottom began a merry dance. The breath exploded from her lips. Words she had never thought to speak surfaced at her lips.
    “Oh, Edmund, let us be truly naughty. There is no one to see. Let me suck your cock before you put it in my cunt.”
    Edmund groaned, for no sooner had she uttered the astonishing words than Agnes slid down a little, while still keeping herself sufficiently curled up for her brother to tease her slit. Feeling the warm grasp of her lips about his tool, his back arched in ecstasy.
    “Suck! Suck my cock, Agnes!”
    Pushing her head down, he felt his weapon slide farther in. Agnes absorbed it and let it glide over her tongue, where it throbbed so alarmingly that she feared he would come too soon. Relinquishing the alluring caress, she cast herself on her back, legs wide apart.
    “Come, Edmund, satisfy me-put it in!”
    Cock waggling, Edmund clambered upon her rich curves immediately. A moan from both signalled that he had met his target on the instant. Parting softly to his first push, the velvet lips appeared to draw him in. Their lips met in the sweetest of kisses. Ever the bolder now, Agnes protruded her tongue into his mouth, jerking her bottom petulantly, the quicker to absorb him. In a trice and with many a choking cry of bliss, his balls hung at her bottom.
    And there the couple lay enlaced and still for a moment as if in wonder at their daring. But there were no such thoughts of daring in Agnes's mind. Instead she helped by her words and caresses to absorb them in the aura of lust which now hung over the bed in the dark room.
    “Fill me to the brim, Edmund-you must promise.”
    “Yes, my darling. Ah! how luscious and tight your slit is, how glorious your bottom, your thighs and your tits!”
    “Did you not want to before, you naughty boy?”
    “Oh, my love, unendurably! How often I have wanted to take your drawers down! I realise now that it was the cause of all my gloom.”
    “Silly Edmund, why did you not poke me years before-I would have loved it. Poke me now, for I need it. I shall not let you sleep until you have done it in me thrice! Oh, what a cock you have! Faster, faster, I swear you have lots in your balls for me, darling.”
    “Ah, I have! Work your hips, make me come, let me feel your bottom-I shall have it next!”
    Quite berserk, the couple thrust and moaned, causing the bed to shake considerably as Edmund's penis slewed joyously in and out of its blessed haven. Their moans sounded ever anew amidst the most lewd of exchanges, for both felt their minds entirely freed by their exchanges and the raptures they were experiencing.
    “My b… b… bottom! Oh, you bad thing! Have you thought of that, too? Has it tempted you?”
    “Such big cheeks… ah, so firm… ah, so… aaaaah!”
    “You are coming, Edmund! Oh, what a lot! What heavenly jets-do it more! Flood me! Fill my cunny!”
    So the lewd pair rode on and on through the night until totally exhausted they surrendered to the arms of Morpheus as the first light of dawn flashed its pale wings across the surrounding hills and dales. Ever waking early by habit, this time their amourous combats sent them deeper into sleep, whereby a catastrophe might have occurred. For at seven-thirty, entering the vicarage as was her wont at that hour and finding the place unusually still, their housekeeper, Carrie ventured enquiringly upstairs.
    The Vicar's study was empty, as was his bedroom. But Agnes's was not. Sprawled across the bed beneath her very eyes, the guilty pair lay still enlaced, while Agnes, with a smile on her sleeping features cradled her brother's cock in her hand.

Chapter six

    Making not a sound, Carrie descended the stairs and made herself a cup of tea to get over the shock. She had always looked upon the pair as the most respectable of people, but now her eyes were opened to a new light. Indeed to make sure that she had seen what she believed she had seen and that she was not bewitched, Carrie ventured up the stairs anew and once more gazed upon the orgiastic scene. Both combatants being naked, she could see all that she wished to see, including most of all the doughty plug of Edmund's prick.
    Retiring again to the kitchen, which she ever considered to be her own domain, Carrie renewed her refreshments, this time with a liberal dose of whisky which she added to her tea. What to do about the whole matter she did not know. She was fond of Agnes, and while the Vicar was a gloomy man, he was not ungenerous.
    Carrie liked having discussions with herself, so she debated whether she should make a scandal of it and so upset the entire parish, or keep the matter hushed. Such things happened in the big houses-all the servants knew it-but now it was on her own doorstep.
    Being partial to a drop, Carrie had some more tea and whisky until she became rather merrier than she meant to and began to make a great to-do clattering pots and pans about. Naturally, the resulting noise rang through the vicarage and made Edmund and his sister start up. Indiscreetly having left the bedroom door open, both feared the worst and clung to each other like babes in the woods. Edmund found the morning embrace of his naked Venus so exciting that he would have had her under him again.
    “Oh, Edmund, no! Good heavens, suppose she had seen us.”
    “That I doubt, my love, for she never ventures upstairs at this hour. We are safe, I do believe. Let us close the door and make merry for a moment.”
    “No, Edmund, you are very naughty to suggest it. Go, sir, to your own room and repair yourself. What a condition you are in!”
    Indeed, Edmund had as fine a cock-rise as he had ever achieved and would have wrestled with her for his bounty had not some semblance of sanity returned to him. Gathering up his tousled garments, he made quickly to his bedroom, where he was forced to conceal his considerable penis as best he could in its stiff state. Agnes, meanwhile, being much concerned at the dire possibility that their sins had been unveiled, threw on her nightgown and made for the kitchen.
    This she found in as great a disarray as she had left her bed. Pans were tossed in the sink. Pots lay upon the floor.
    “Oh, Carrie, what are you at?”
    Carrie was not herself. A woman of forty, whose husband poked her insufficiently for her needs, she had sat for the last five minutes entertaining wicked thoughts of what must have passed between Agnes and Edmund during the night. Like many who wrestle between conscience and imagination, the latter had won. Her mind was a ferment of erotic ideas which spread the more she tried to resist them.
    “I, indeed, Miss Agnes!” she sneered. “I have been playing games, it is true, but none so nice as you. Oh, what will your dear sister say, for you know how proper she is, inspecting everything each time she comes.”
    Thoroughly aghast that Carrie knew their secret, Agnes resorted to woman's best defence by bursting into tears.
    “Oh, Carrie, we were misled by the devil. I fear we imbibed too much. Poor Edmund was not at fault. I acted as his temptress. Will you not forgive me and swear you will say nothing? The scandal would be such that we would be hunted from the parish and poor Edmund would lose his living!”
    “Well, Miss Agnes, if you had such a nice time of it, then perhaps I should say nothing. I knows well enough my old man don't give it to me as much as he should, and those that falls only occasionally by the wayside is as bad off as I.”
    “Oh, Carrie, you mean you will say nothing?”
    Being somewhat loose of mind as of tongue in that moment, Carrie rose and embraced her mistress. A whisky-laden kiss bestowed itself upon Agnes's cheek.
    “I won't say nothing, Miss. I thought you looked as fair a pair as I ever saw lying there in the Garden of Eden as it were and in a state of Nature. Did he give it to you nice?”
    Quite overcome by such words, Agnes knew not what to say, though she was so overwhelmed with relief that her mind all but deserted her. That she must appease Carrie in every way she had no doubt. Blushing exceedingly, she hid her face.
    “Yes, Carrie, he did.”
    “Did he do it once like my old man does and then turn over and snore?”
    “Oh, Carrie, why are we talking like this-it is quite improper. I know that I fell into sin, but shall not do it again, I swear.”
    Carrie giggled. It did not seem to matter what they said or did now, for they were all as bad as one another, servants and masters. Clutching Agnes as she was she took a good feel of her bottom which felt nice and warm and round under her nightgown.
    “Come, Miss Agnes, what hypo… hypo… hypopopcrisy,” said Carrie, who knew not how to say the word. “I vow he had it in you more than once by the manner in which you were holding his cock while you were asleep. If you refuse to say, then I shall have to change my mind.”
    “No, Carrie, I beg you. Oh, you naughty woman, what are you lifting my nightgown for? Pray stop-you make me wriggle. Yes, I confess, Edmund did it more than once to me-thrice, in fact.”
    “What a cock he must have, then, I always thought it. You means to keep it to yourself now, I suppose?”
    “What, Carrie? Oh! Stop feeling me there-you make me feel quite strange. Take your finger out!”
    Edmund was emerging from his bedroom and betaking himself to his study to arrange his papers for the day when he heard the strange sounds coming from below. At first he could not believe his ears, for Carrie was ever a quiet woman and he had prayed fearfully that Agnes had allayed any suspicions their housekeeper might have had.
    Quite a wrestling match was afoot in the kitchen now, for Carrie-besieged by lewd thoughts and ideas which her own frustrations did much to encourage- had completely upped her mistress's nightgown and was caressing Agnes in all parts, particularly her plump and hairy dell.
    Agnes's legs quivered. She had tried to repel the attack, but now a delicious feeling was creeping over her. Her quim became ever moister, and her hips responded to the salutations of Carrie's fingers. Bumping her bottom against the dresser, she found their tongues suddenly entwined.
    “Oh, Carrie, what are we at?”
    “About to have a fair time of it, I think. I knows you're excitable, I can feel it. I love to feel where he put it in. Oh, what wouldn't I give to have it, too!”
    Agnes had become quite dizzy with all the caresses she was receiving. No part of her ample bottom, thighs, or slit was left untouched.
    “Ah, Carrie, will you say nothing, then? Will you swear?”
    Carrie did not answer at first. In fact, she did not know what she was saying. Her words had raced on far past her original intentions. The oily lips of Agnes's cunny on her fingers excited her as much as the thought of Edmund's cock. Unable to contain herself, she fell to her knees and, with Agnes leaning back against the dresser, commenced tonguing her slit while feeling beneath her dress for her own.
    This was the astonishing sight upon which Edmund came. Agnes's nightgown, drawn down from her shoulders, displayed her large breasts to perfection. The nipples were wet and pointed where Carrie had tongued them. With her legs straddled and her eyes rolling, his sister was all but naked. Her belly rippled with pleasure as Carrie's long pink tongue worked beneath her bush. The housekeeper's skirt was so far cast up that he could see a second luxuriant growth of curls in which Carrie's fingers were working as industriously as her lips and tongue.
    “Oh, Edmund!”
    “Agnes! Carrie!”
    “Edmund, you must save us!”
    Believing that Agnes meant it was she who was to be saved, her gallant brother bent and wrestled Carrie from her amourous task. The excited woman, thereupon casting her arms tightly about his neck, dragged him down with her to the floor, where they fell with a bump.
    “Edmund! do not delay!” Agnes cried.
    She saw every advantage now in having Carrie satisfied upon the spot. In any event, her lubricious excitement was at its peak. Casting herself down in turn upon the floor beside the pair, Agnes made such haste as she could to uncover his cock-a gesture which the bewildered Edmund at first failed to understand. Nevertheless, once the doughty weapon was exposed and found its knob nestling in perfect readiness against the lips of Carrie's quim, the excited man could do naught else but driven in.
    Carrie received the rude assault with a cry of pleasure. Raising her uncovered legs, she wound them strongly about Edmund's waist in such measure that but a second or two followed before the fleshly rod was fully ensconced in her.
    “Kiss me, Edmund! Oh, dearest, give it to her well!”
    A long moan of delight escaped all three in their triple embrace.
    “Oh, what a big cock-move it fast!” Carrie cried.
    Edmund, quite berserk with lust, passed his tongue back and forth into both their mouths, fondling Agnes's breasts and bottom while threshing his manly weapon back and forth in a slit which he found almost as luscious as his sister's. For her part, wanting to view the lubricious proceedings more closely and never having dreamed to view such a delicious spectacle, Agnes rose to her knees and drew Edmund's trousers down.
    Thereby, with Carrie's legs raised, Agnes was able to see all. Excited beyond recall, she began to tickle their conjoined parts while couching her brother's wobbling testicles in her palm.
    “Is she nice, Edmund? How tightly her lovelips ring about your cock!”
    “Delicious, my pet-come, he beside us again that I may feel your own!”
    “Ah, sir, I am coming! Oh, what pleasure! How you ram me!”
    “My God, what pleasures! Open your legs wider, Agnes! Ah, I have you both now! What magnificent bottoms you both have!”
    Thus, amid many wild and lewd cries, wherein all modesties were totally abandoned, the three ran their course until Edmund had ejected the throbbing leaps of his sperm and received their liquid tributes both upon his cock and his fingers.
    A long silence and many kisses ensued until they finally disentangled themselves, first casting glances of shame and embarrassment about them and not daring to meet one another's eyes until Agnes broke the silence with a laugh.
    “Dear Edmund, be not dismayed. Carrie was in as much need of your cock as I. I'm sure it need not be your last bout together, but next time we must all make ourselves more comfortable. Come, let us all kiss again and declare ourselves given to our pleasures, for the world will know naught about it.”
    “That is true, Miss, I have not had the like of such a one for many a year,” Carrie said and cast herself into both their arms in turn.
    “Well, then, all shall proceed as usual,” Agnes declared, though in truth she meant the reverse. Her naturally lustful nature had now broken fully to the surface, as had Edmund's, who insisted upon fondling their thighs, slits and bottoms anew before they deemed it proper to go about their daily affairs.
    Agnes's eyes thoroughly sparkled. There were many young ladies and girls who came to the vicarage from time to time upon different affairs, and she was minded now to let Edmund enjoy himself with as many as possible. Determined that he should henceforth share her bed, she saw no cause for jealousy there. Rather did she look forward with pleasure to seeing her brother's weapon pleasuring such as might succumb to it, for she had found almost as much pleasure in viewing as in receiving.
    This she communicated to Edmund that very night when, stripped for their pleasure, they lay abed. Playing fervently with his cock, which she had already sucked, she thus spoke to him.
    “There are banns to be raised shortly for a marriage. I believe the young lady's name is Pamela, though I have seen her not. She will be ignorant, no doubt, as many country girls are, and they say she is quite pretty.”
    Such a message did not fail to communicate itself to her brother, whose years of celibacy had come to such an unexpected end.
    “Are you minded that I should fuck her, my love?”
    “Why not, dearest, for are you not about to do that very thing to me? We must explain to her that it is the proper course for a girl to run so that she may be proven fit for the marriage bed.”
    “What ingenuity!” Edmund exclaimed, for he too could now see the old vicarage becoming a veritable harem. “Turn over, my dear, and kneel, for I have a different pleasure for you tonight.”
    Not doubting that he intended to breach her bottom, Agnes made no demur. Indeed, she had prepared for it, fully intending to enjoy it that way as much as any other.
    “See the little saucer of oil, Edmund, on the cabinet? Dip your fingers in it and apply it first to my bottom and then to your cock, for then we shall both enjoy an easier passage.”
    Edmund acceded to the suggestion with enthusiasm, marveling at his sister's thoroughness. In a moment his oiled and gleaming knob was presented to her rosy hole. Bending over her and cupping her breasts, he began most blissfully to ease it in, causing Agnes to wriggle exceedingly. Tight as her passage was, she could feel every vein on his prick and the sensation made her quite delirious.
    Turning her face, She passed her tongue cowlike into his mouth and began pressing her haunches back inch by inch, until with many a pleasurable moan from both, he was lodged full within and her warm bottom cheeks bulged against his belly.
    “Oh! Edmund, oh! What divine pleasure! You have cleft your Maid Marian with your arrow!”
    And so, with the vicarage doors safely locked and bolted from all intrusion, the lubricious pair commenced their new exercise with all fond pantings of pleasure.

Chapter seven

    “Really, Pamela, surely you do not mean to birch us?”
    “Of course I do, Helen. It is solely for your good, as all know in the nurturing of young ladies. Did I not find you reading my French dictionary last night?”
    Helen blushed and hung her head.
    “I did not intend. 'Twas left about by accident. Mere curiosity made me pick it up. Oh, but I did not really read it properly, though I have never seen the like of such a book.”
    “It is for adults and teachers only, Helen. Even so, I am sure you must have learned a little from it. Can you tell me what pine is?”
    “Oh, I dare not!”
    “Come, Helen, or you shall receive an extra six strokes.”
    “Please, no, for it burns terribly! Very well, I must whisper it. It means prick.”
    “Excellent, Helen, and now you have learned that, I suppose you might as well learn more. Amourous conversations, I believe, are best conducted in the tongue of the French. No one who overhears knows then what is being said and judges only innocent matters afoot. But now, Miss, I must attend to you. Let us have your skirt up and your drawers off.”
    “Oh, but Papa never makes me take them off!”
    “A grave mistake that we must rectify, my sweet. Come-quickly about it. No doubt you are used to bending over your Papa's desk, but I intend you in future to have a different posture. As Miranda is out with your Mama, we may proceed without interruption. Let me see your bottom now!”
    Rather fearfully, Helen obeyed. Her figure and form were in many respects much the same as Pamela's and so in presenting herself as instructed she was able to display a perfectly rounded and polished pair of bottom cheeks beneath which, by moving her legs apart, Pamela could glimpse the very dell of love itself. Advising Helen that this was at all future times to be her birching position, with her knees kept at least twelve inches apart, Pamela then picked up the birch whose twigs she had soaked overnight. She intended not to hurt the dear girl, but merely to bring her to such a state as would make her look forward to her trouncings under the twigs rather than fear them. For after her own experience with the Captain, Pamela had well understood that a frisky girl might well be best injected in such wise, her hot bottom making her more receptive to the manly tool.
    Fond of Helen as she had already become, Pamela was minded to see that she received her first injection as soon as possible, for others would then follow more rapidly. Her agile mind was working quickly on the matter. Her inventive mind flowed.
    “This, Helen, is known as the ceremonial position, which all young ladies of seventeen and above must maintain. You must lower your head and shoulders well and push your bottom up. Good, now dip your face into your hands and cover your eyes, for you must also be modest and not allow your expression to show.”
    So saying, Pamela ran her free hand lightly over the delicious hemispheres and felt an answering quiver while Helen closed her eyes tightly in her cupped palms. The first swish of the birch made her jump and squeal, for her drawers had always previously protected her. But Pamela fully expected such a reaction, and first let the impact of the twigs sink in before applying another.
    The faint rosy hue which appeared on the otherwise spotless pale globe so pleased and excited Pamela that, quite forgetting herself, she brought the third one down much harder and received an answering jerk and a cry. Recovering herself, she applied the next and the next so lightly that they were but veritable caresses and tickled Helen rather than scorched her. Relieved that she was not to be put to so hard a test as her fond Papa had often put her in the study for some transgression or another, Helen yielded herself more eagerly. Indeed, she pushed her bottom out to the next strokes even as Pamela herself had done.
    Swish! Swish! Swish! the birch sounded, and with each a ruddier glow announced itself on Helen's nether cheeks until she became quite dazed and not a little excited, for a tip or two of the twigs occasionally brushed her slit which was already moistening sweetly. So delicious was the entire vista, in fact, that Pamela cast the birch down of a sudden and, flinging herself upon the bed before Helen knew what she was at, so positioned herself on her back that her mouth came exactly beneath the cleft that so patently sought attention. Without delay Pamela dipped her tongue upward between the moist lips of Helen's quim, which caused the young maiden to cry out with delight. Gasping and raising her head, she wriggled her hips anew as the lively snake made itself felt in her.
    “Oh, yes, how lovely! Do it more! Oh, my bottom burns, but it feels delightful! Oh! I am coming!”
    And indeed she was. No sooner had the urgent little cry left her pretty lips than a fine spattering of juices covered Pamela's mouth and tongue. This, exciting both all the more, brought Pamela to turn about and lay the panting girl beneath her so that with their skirts upraised their pussies, bellies, and thighs rubbed together and quite swam in delight.
    Such little cries of pleasure as they uttered were lost in their kisses. Being on the brink of such excitement, Pamela herself was also about to reach the delirious climax. Gorging herself on Helen's tongue, she was about to shimmer out her liquid pearls when a knock sounded causing both girls to leap out of their ecstasy and cling all a-quiver.
    Pamela, being more used to such circumstances by now, recovered quickly. Jumping off her delightful charge, she bid her quickly cover her charms and sped to the door. Flushed of countenance and with her skirt somewhat ruffled, she found herself facing Sir Richard, who had hopefully sought her first in her own room.
    “Ah, Pamela-Miss Rumple-my wife had a message for you. That is to say…”
    His voice broke off, for while Pamela had attempted as best she could to block the doorway, her stature permitted no such concealment and Sir Richard found himself gazing past her shoulder at a much-rumpled bed, his elder daughter in the process of pulling down her skirt, the birch upon the floor, and Helen's drawers therewith.
    “My goodness, yes,” choked the knight uncertainly. A flashing of white thighs and a glimpse of a sweet mystery between them had quite absorbed his vision.
    “A message, sir?”
    Pamela recovered herself and-believing Helen to be much quicker than she had-stepped aside politely so that he might enter. Helen's cheeks became as rosy as her bottom, for she, too, could see her drawers lying in full view.
    “Eh, what?” asked Sir Richard, who had experienced a quite tremulous excitement at the sudden vision. “You have birched the young miss, I see, or are about to?”
    “Sir, I have but a little. She took to her discipline kindly, did you not, Helen?”
    A slight gurgling sound announced Helen's apparent agreement as she slid off the bed, standing on and hiding her fallen drawers as she did so.
    “Yes, Miss-yes, Papa. Oh, my bottom stings exceedingly!” she added for good measure. Her hips wriggled slightly, causing Sir Richard's eyes to dwell fondly in that area. Helen had a quite rumbustious bottom, and he had thoroughly enjoyed birching it and seeing how tightly her drawers encased her globe. Now that they were lying on the floor, his thoughts took many errant turns.
    Silence enfolded the three as if all were thinking different things; in fact, their minds were much closer than they imagined. Sir Richard recovered himself, for he could not stand forever gazing at Helen's hips, legs, and ankles.
    “Ah, yes, a message, yes. Lady Bromley saw fit to invite the Vicar to her next ball, and his sister as well- I believe her name is Agnes. On reflection, my dear wife feels that she may have offended the cloth by suggesting that they come in fancy dress. A cleric might not feel it becoming, you see. Her intention is that you might perhaps visit and tender her apologies and explanations, though the deuce of it I cannot imagine what you might say.”
    “'Tis simple enough, sir. I shall smooth matters over. In fact, I am possessed of an idea immediately. The Vicar could come in his usual garb and his sister as a nun. Then all would be pleased.”
    “Capital, capital! What a treasure you are-is she not, Helen?”
    “Yes, Papa, oh, indeed she is.”
    “Poor Helen, I quite forgot that you are still divested of your drawers,” Pamela exclaimed, though concealing the look of mischief in her eyes. “Do put them on- your Papa will turn his back-will you not, sir?”
    “Eh? Why, yes, by Jove, of course!”
    Thereupon, turning about, Sir Richard found himself gazing into a mirror, as Pamela fully intended he should. Kneeling quickly before her charge, she motioned to Helen to raise her skirt and therewith one foot which she could insert into the drawers. Blushing profoundly, but not a little excited by this curious episode, Helen did her best to conceal all that she could while the drawers were at last about both ankles and were being drawn up. The hem of her skirt followed timidly, creating such a narrow and awkward gap between both garments that Pamela tutted.
    “Hold your skirt high, Helen, or I shall not be able to do it.”
    The sweet girl obeyed, thereby revealing to her Papa's gaze in the mirror the veritable twinkling of her thighs which appeared to have grown even more luscious since he had last birched her six months before.
    “Higher, you silly, how can I pull them up!”
    “Oh!” Helen shrieked, for a single impatient tug at her half-raised drawers caused her to fall backward on the bed and her skirt to fly up to her waist-exactly as Pamela had intended it to do. Sir Richard was vouchsafed a perfect view of several treasures, including much of Helen's bare and pink bottom and the enticing nest that couched between her thighs.
    His penis quivered, for it had already attained a certain degree of anticipation when he had first gone in search of Pamela. Indeed, the vista was so engaging as Pamela in turn fell forward and so by apparent accident pressed Helen's legs higher that his prick stiffened abruptly while the struggling maidens finally succeeded in covering all. Rather loath to turn about now and so exhibit his protuberance, Sir Richard could not help but do so.
    Pamela's eyes remarked upon it immediately, for she had done her best to bring it to that condition, being convinced by now that Helen would receive her best injection from that source. Somewhat to her annoyance, her charge seemed to quite miss the sight of the alarming structure beneath her Papa's trousers and sat quickly upon the bed.
    “Perhaps I should best go now, sir.”
    “Why yes, my dear, of course. You have but to ask the footman and the carriage will be brought round.”
    “Thank you, sir, I shah take leave of you both, then.”
    Pamela swept from the room. She had only to find her bonnet and could be gone. The air of the countryside pleased her, and she looked forward to her ride for she had not been much outside the house since her arrival. The door of the girls' room remained closed still as she passed again, and she could hear a murmuring of voices from within.
    “I have been thinking, Helen, that you are of an age now where you should have your own room-and more privacy, what?” Sir Richard was saying. The enlarged extent of his weapon had scarcely abated, and in order to conceal it, he sat beside his daughter on the bed.
    “Yes, Papa, if you wish. It might have its advantages,” Helen replied innocently. Her face held a pretty glow after her encounter with the birch and all that had followed.
    “I will indeed, my pet,” Sir Richard said and laid his hand paternally on her thigh.
    In her aroused state, Helen was quite prepared to wheedle a little, and laid her head on his shoulder.
    “Now that I am all but grown-up, Papa, though I have not yet come out, may I not attend the balls and the hunting parties? I have quite wanted to.”
    Sir Richard cleared his throat uneasily. In her divine innocence, as he saw it, Helen would know naught of the licentious revels that sometimes obtained at such events. It had been ever a problem to see that both she and Miranda be diverted to finding their own amusements.
    “That indeed we must discuss, Helen,” he said gravely. Becoming ever more aware of the delicious silky warmth of Helen's thigh he moved his hand about slightly to feel her stocking top beneath-a gesture which caused his cock to pulse the more and Helen to hold her breath.
    Pamela should really not have excited her so much and left her like this. Her bottom felt glossy and warm and longed for a few more touches. When she heard her Papa asking her if Pamela had birched her badly, she knew not what to reply and nestled her lovely face deeper into his shoulder.
    “No Papa, for she is a kindly girl at heart,” she whispered at last, wondering all the time which bedroom she might have and how she would furnish it.
    “Indeed I believe so,” Sir Richard replied and with somewhat palpitating heart, lifted her chin. The misty gaze that met his was no less exciting than the condition in which he found himself, with the result that his lips settled suddenly on those of his daughter.
    Quite astonished, Helen parted her lips slightly, for Pamela had recently taught her so to do. Sliding one arm about her shoulders, Sir Richard brought her to lean back more and more until, with a surprised gasp, Helen found herself half beneath him with his lips impressing themselves ever more firmly on hers and an errant hand raising the hem of her skirt.
    “Your own room-it will be much nicer,” Sir Richard uttered hoarsely. Little by little his hand made progress until, with a distinct quiver, Helen felt it soothe upward over her stocking tops.
    “Yes, Papa. Oh, Papa, you tickle me!”
    For being tickled she was indeed. Sir Richard's fingers had tremblingly attained the very area where her drawers were tight about her plump little mount. By gentle questing, he could distinctly feel the curls that were bunched beneath, to say nothing of the lips that exuded a certain moisture through the material.
    Knowing naught to do in this unexpected circumstance, except wriggle to his seeking touch, Helen lay supine and wondering, receiving the tender pecks of his mouth upon her own with increasing wonderment and excitement. Her face grew more flushed, her tongue protruding slightly so that it brushed his lips. Much as she tried not to move, she uttered a petulant sob and bucked her hips, for his finger had become ever more inquisitive and had actually pushed the soft linen of her drawers as much as it was able to between her lovelips.
    “Oh, Papa, I feel strange!”
    “Yes, my love, it is the birching. It frequently brings such sensations. Is your bottom still hot?”
    “Yes, P… P… Papa.”
    “Open your legs more, for it will cool you. There-is that not better? Let me cast up your skirt so that the air may reach you. Lift your bottom a little, for your skirt is quite caught underneath. There-is that not better?”
    “Oh! Oh, Papa!”
    For now, in his completely overwrought state, Sir Richard had fallen to his knees, the better to view the treasures he had unveiled. Her brown stockings sheathing such delicious legs, the ivory columns of her thighs, the pretty bunching of curls that yet awaited his full attention beneath her drawers-all, all attracted his lips, which now fell upon her silky skin.
    Ever mindful now of what Pamela had told him, Sir Richard proceeded in his explorations more slowly than he might otherwise have done. Assuaging her trembling thighs with his kisses, he parted her legs wider until her heels hung about his shoulders. Both enraptured and astonished, Helen trembled adorably and gazed up wide-eyed at the ceiling as the first impress of his mouth came upon her veiled and moistened mount. A curious shuffling announced itself beneath her, though she was scarcely conscious of anything else that was happening as Sir Richard surreptitiously freed his rampant tool. Whimpering and clutching madly at the bedcovers, Helen felt her drawers being pulled aside the better that his reaching tongue could make its first delicious contact with her quim.
    For an instant, Sir Richard succeeded. The strip of material at her crotch was tight, but by levering it away in his intense excitement, he was able in great part to expose the exquisite dell of her pleasure. A groan, and his tongue all but sidled within the luscious fruit already made sticky by her previous excitements.
    Swearing to herself that she would swoon at any minute, Helen moaned softly and quivered throughout her entire being. His tongue rasped and titillated her madly, questing upward as it now was to her little button which stood erect in its rosy pleading.
    “Oooh! Papa! Ooooh!”
    But then came one of those interruptions whereby the wending of fate is diverted. A voice sounded from without. The unmistakable tones of Lady Bromley were heard.
    “Have you seen Sir Richard, Perkins?”
    “No, ma'am. I think he was gone in search of Miss Pamela.”
    “Very well, I shall ask Helen.”
    Helen would have screamed were she not petrified. As indeed her father would, had he not been minded to save his reputation-in this respect, at least. With Helen's legs now dangling more eagerly over his shoulders, he took the only escape route which presented itself: under the bed.
    Helen's heels kicked his departing buttocks as he made himself invisible. Leaping up, she had just time to push down her skirt once more before her Mama swept in.
    “Helen! What have you been at! How flushed you look! Where is Pamela?”
    “G… g… gone, Mama. She was sent by Papa to see the Vicar.”
    “Ah, yes-at least he has done that. And where, pray, is your Papa now?”
    Sir Richard, lying beneath and endeavouring not to sneeze, did indeed pray lest Helen uncover all; though in the same flash of time it occurred to him rather comfortingly that she dare not.
    “Oh, Mama, I know not. He departed rapidly-I believe to the four-acre field to see that the men were working properly.”
    “Very well, Helen. You should lie down. You have a touch of the fever, by the look of you.”
    And with that, to the entire relief of both parties, Lady Bromley was gone, the door closing resoundingly behind her. For a long moment, Sir Richard waited and then crept out, his attire flecked with dust.
    “My dearest, what a perfect little soldier you have turned out to be!” he exclaimed.
    “Papa, I did not but… Oh!”
    Helen's eyes had fallen down past his waist and there alighted upon the considerable rod of flesh which stemmed outward from the gap in his trousers. Its ruby head gleaming, it appeared to her mesmerised gaze much like a small barber's pole. Her Papa made no frantic attempt to conceal his rude condition, but instead took her quickly in his arms and covered her face with kisses.
    Resisting not, and neither daring to make a sound, Helen received his embrace with such languour that with the swiftest and most impetuous of movements Sir Richard raised her skirt again to her hips and surged his pulsing rod against her silken belly.
    Such a small, startled cry as Helen might have uttered was suppressed immediately when her lips were squashed beneath his. Trembling from head to feet, she felt the astonishing throbbing against her skin the while that his hand caressed the fervent orb of her bottom.
    “You were not afraid?”
    “No, Papa, for I knew you meant only to comfort me after my birching,” Helen lisped, feeling that such words were most appropriate to the occasion and perhaps would help to conceal what had passed.
    “As I shall again, dearest,” whispered the hypocrite, whose hand was enjoying the most exciting tour as it encircled her bottom and even delved beneath, causing his cock to thrum ever more violently between them.
    “Oh, Papa, if Mama has returned then, so must Miranda have done,” said Helen with as soft a warning tone as she could use.
    Sir Richard's face assumed a solemn mien.
    “You are right, my love. Such pleasurable transports as we have enjoyed must ever be discreet, must they not?”
    “Yes, Papa,” Helen replied for she knew not what else to say and thereby entered into a complicity while her expression was that of an angel though her hips and belly were moving ever more alluringly to the caresses she could no longer avoid. Her lips parted submissively, the tips of their tongues touched as if by accident as his cock rubbed gently against her. Had it not been for the tight waist fastening of her drawers, Sir Richard would have swung her around onto the bed and ventured her then, but the thought of yet another interruption was too much to bear.
    Bracing himself therefore and slyly maneuvering his stiff penis back into his trousers, he took regretful parting from her an instant before Miranda entered. As she did so, Helen collapsed upon the bed, her cheeks exceedingly flushed.
    “Oh, Helen, are you not well?”
    “Yes, dear, very, but make haste to lock the door for I am all a-bubble.” And Helen immediately loosed her drawers and thrust them off.
    “Helen, how naughty you look!”
    “I am sure I do, Miranda, for I feel it. I have had a birching that quite enervated me. Quickly, come now and put your lips between my legs as Pamela does!”

Chapter eight

    Pamela arrived shortly at the vicarage, which stood isolated and sombre in its own grounds.
    “Shall I wait for you, Miss?” the driver asked.
    Pamela's heart softened at the thought that the poor man might be kept waiting an hour, for she was sure to be offered tea, at least.
    “As you will, Jack, but I may be some time.”
    “Very well, then, my old mother lives not far from here. With your permission, Miss, I'll pay her a brief visit and return. You'll find me waiting here as you want me.”
    Entering through the gate and walking up the path took Pamela but a minute. She had rehearsed her little speech and felt it would sound very convincing. Hence when the door opened she introduced herself with a charming smile to Carrie, who stared at her in some surprise and ushered her in.
    “It's a young lady named Pamela, Miss Agnes.”
    “Why, yes, of course, we did not expect you yet. Pray sit down and have a glass of wine. My brother will be down in a minute. How pleased he will be to see you! Now, as to the purpose of your visit, we know well. There are merely a few details to be covered. No, my dear, you need not speak, for I well know the embarrassments of a young girl in a situation such as yours.”
    “Oh, yes-well, that is very kind,” responded Pamela who was quite taken aback that news should somehow have come on ahead of her. Even so, it was nice to know that they were not put out and rose with a warm smile to greet the Vicar as he entered.
    “My dear-a sincere pleasure,” he boomed, for ever since his recent orgiastic adventures, Edmund felt that he had quite come out into the world and was ready for anything. Certainly, he considered privately, he was ready for this adorable creature who was simply one of the prettiest and shapeliest girls he had ever seen.
    “What a surprise that we have not seen her in the parish before, Edmund. Is she not a lovely creature!”
    “Oh, but I have not been here long,” replied Pamela, whose glass was already being refilled.
    “That we now understand, my dear, and so our customs and rites will also be unfamiliar to you.”
    “Ah, yes, those,” Pamela answered somewhat vaguely, for she was not at all sure where the conversation was leading and she had not had time to utter her prepared piece. “But what I came about-” she began to say before Agnes rose and interrupted her.
    “Come, you have no need to say it. Does it now embarrass a girl as young as you? I feel sure it must. Is it not better to express yourself in action rather than words?” said Agnes, who took her hand and drew her up.
    “Oh, always, yes,” Pamela replied all too innocently. For a moment she thought that she was being led out since she found herself being conducted back into the hall, with the Vicar in close attendance behind her. Instead, however, she was turned gently at the foot of the stairs and led upward.
    Thinking, perhaps that there was another and larger drawing room on the first floor, as there was at the manor, Pamela ascended with her hand continuing to be held warmly by Agnes, who looked forward as much as her brother to the lifting of the girl's skirts. Rather bewildered, therefore, Pamela found herself ensconced in the best bedroom while Edmund closed the door.
    “Have you someone waiting for you?” he asked cautiously, rather than out of politesse.
    “The coachman, yes.”
    Agnes and he raised their eyebrows. They knew of no folk in the neighbourhood who had newly arrived and could afford a coach. But perhaps a rich uncle had hired it for the occasion, Edmund told himself. The girl looked slightly astonished already at being led up to a bedroom, but that was to be expected. She sat demurely enough with her hands in her lap and an expression of quiet waiting on her face. It was just what he wanted.
    Acting exactly as they had rehearsed, Agnes sat down on the edge of the bed beside Pamela and placed an arm about her waist.
    “First there is one little duty you have to perform, Pamela, and that is to kiss the sceptre.”
    “Oh!” exclaimed Pamela softly who for a moment thought she could not espy one anywhere and then realised that she could (though it was not of the nature she had expected), as Edmund stepped before her and swiftly unbuttoned his trousers.
    “Oh, my goodness, it is so big!” Pamela said, quite certain now that this was the price she had to pay for the news she had intended to bring but which had somehow been divulged to them already.
    “That it is of such a size, my dear, is in part due to your beauty,” Edmund announced gallantly as his big cock waggled lewdly under her very nose.
    “Part your lips now, for you must give it the nicest of kisses, mustn't you?” Agnes said, wherewith she laid her hand gently on the back of Pamela's neck and inclined her head forward. The knob was so large that Pamela feared for a moment that her mouth would not engulf it, but just as her pussy had already opened to others, so now did her lips. Their enfolding warmth and moisture caused Edmund to emit a groan and push it in a little. He had expected the wench to struggle a trifle- indeed, he suspected that Agnes had hoped that she would-but instead Pamela instinctively began to make little sucking motions which caused his knees to quiver and quite enraptured Agnes.
    “Enough, Pamela,” Agnes murmured after a moment. “You must now let me prepare you otherwise, so that you might better sustain the assault when you are put to it in bed with your lord and master.”
    Thinking that Agnes was referring to Sir Richard, Pamela's mind was all a-spin. They seemed to know so much, yet she could swear that no one would have told them anything-and certainly not the knight of the manor. Perhaps it was witchcraft, though she did not really believe in such a thing-entertaining, as she did, only the healthiest of thoughts. Nevertheless, she decided to play safe and allowed herself to be turned about so that she lay on her belly while Agnes duly folded up her skirt.
    Such legs and bottom as were then displayed brought a murmur of admiration from both her lewd hosts, who insisted upon raining the most exciting of kisses upon her offered curves. Pamela bucked her hips agreeably, for not only their lips but their tongues were everywhere and-had she but known it-frequently moved alongside one another in tasting her bared nether cheeks, her groove, and the slit of her pussy beneath until she was quite all of a dither.
    Panting softly, she remained with her bottom raised on the very edge of the bed while Edmund quickly disrobed. Of a purpose he had left all undergarments off and so his muscular form was quickly presented in Adam-like state.
    Lying upon her back immediately, alongside Pamela, Agnes threw one arm over the girl's back, as if to warn her not to rise and then drew up her own skirt, displaying her dazzling plump white thighs above her black stockings.
    “Now, Pamela, you must prepare to receive the sceptre in your grotto, for there it must inject its essence and so anoint the ground,” whispered the hypocritical dame, who wished rather that she were in Pamela's place at that moment.
    “Yes,” assented Pamela quietly. She eased her legs apart, poised herself on her heels, and waited. Hands gripped her hips, a bulbous crest asserted itself at her bottom cheeks, and for a moment Pamela thought she was to be injected in that wise. So indeed did Agnes, who shook her head warningly. It would not do for them to first receive his prick in that way. Later, perhaps they could persuade her to stay, but otherwise she must be eased into it.
    Edmund indeed had had the momentary intention of breaching those delightfully chubby cheeks, though he feared it would take overlong to invade them to the full. Instead, therefore, he lowered his manly tool and probed the lovelips which, unknown to him, waited impatiently for attention. Expecting Pamela to scream, he bent farther forward and clamped a rude hand about her mouth, but only a muted whimper escaped her as the stout peg began to be inserted.
    “Ah! by all the blessed saints, she is tight!”
    Finding that her mouth had not opened to scream, Edmund released his hand and used it rather to tickle and tease his sister's plump mount. Her dazzling eyes gazed up at him with adoration as he did so, for to her eyes he looked the very epitome of manly vigour with his virile weapon already half within the lovepurse whose moisture was already lubricating its passage.
    Working her hips in the lubricious excitement of the moment and finding the sweet vision of Pamela's raised bottom distinctly appealing, Agnes whispered in her ear, “Is it nice?”
    “Oh, yes, it is quite delicious-what a magnificent sceptre-oh, push it in more!”
    Thoroughly delighted at this docile reception, Edmund obeyed. The interior of her vagina was soft, velvety, and clinging. In fact, it gripped him almost demandingly as did Agnes's bottom, and it took a singular effort for him to sink it deep within. Therewith, with Pamela's warm, firm bottom cheeks bulging into his belly, all was pure delight. Casting one stockinged leg over Pamela's back, Agnes puffed and panted her pleasure in turn.
    “Ah, my love, had you but two, you could enjoy us both!”
    “Indeed, my pet, then I would be in very heaven! Ah, how her bottom smacks against me. Truly, she is devout in her motions. What a luscious little cunt she has!”
    “Oh, sir, is that where your sceptre is?” cried Pamela, pretending at last to some innocence which she felt it best to regain.
    “Indeed, my pet, and it is in you to my balls. What delightful squeezings! You have been worked before, I vow!”
    “Oh, sir, only by my uncle, for he thought best to prepare me for it,” Pamela panted mischievously. Her cunny fully open now, she worked back and forth on the Vicar's tool in hearty response to his thrusts.
    “Little witch, I thought you game for it. Let us fuck heartily then, for is that not the name for it?”
    “F… f… fuck, yes!” stuttered Pamela, who enjoyed very much saying the wicked word while she was being rodded.
    Excited beyond measure, Agnes sprang up.
    “Edmund, dear, do not come yet, for I think we may best enjoy her together. Take your prick out and put her on her back.”
    “Oh!” squealed Pamela, who seemed surprised by the idea and regretted her lewdness. It was fun to remain apparently innocent. But entirely in the thrall of Agnes, as it seemed, Edmund withdrew his steaming shaft while Agnes bundled Pamela over onto her back, thus leaving her prey again to the cock whilst her legs dangled over the edge of the bed and her pussy pulsed for more. That she was about to receive it was evident, for, raising her own skirt to her hips, Agnes immediately clambered about Pamela's shoulders and-facing her brother-slowly lowered the rolled lips of her slit upon the girl's mouth while Edmund once more inserted the pestle.
    A burbling cry that might have been one of surprise or pleasure issued briefly from Pamela's mouth as the thick curls about Agnes's plump mount tickled her nose and the squashy lips descended fully. Arching her back in an intensity of pleasure as Edmund's prick re-entered her slit fully, Pamela thrust her tongue upward and began to lick.
    Rolling her eyes and moaning, Agnes leaned forward and embraced her brother, their mouths joining in the most passionate of kisses while the hips and bottoms of all three waggled and jiggled their pleasure.
    Half-choking but yet in the most pleasurable state, Pamela duly received the salty spray of Agnes on her tongue while herself annointing the Vicar's potent tool. That he was in fact only now urging himself to come was apparent to both females, who panted their pleasure while Agnes's long tongue worked encouragingly back and forth in Edmund's mouth.
    A huge quiver seized him. His legs trembled. His knees bent.
    “Ah, my love, I am coming in her! Oh, what streams! My heavens, how she sucks me in!”
    So the lubricious flood exploded as the spermy effusion completely filled Pamela's grotto and trickled about the inner surfaces of her thighs. Panting for more and only wishing that there were another to take his place, Pamela could only grip him to the last while Agnes's slit ground itself with equal greed of desire upon her sodden lips.
    All then expired, their efforts having been so lusty that for a long moment they lay panting in the sweet aftermath with Pamela couched between the pair and feeling as warm a bath between her thighs as she had yet known. Only the fretful stirring of Agnes aroused her from her blissful state at last, for Agnes fretted unduly now that Pamela might turn against them.
    “Is all well, my pet?” Agnes asked anxiously, whilst a momentarily subdued Edmund proceeded once more to dress, with the same momentary quivers of anxiety as Agnes.
    “Oh, indeed,” Pamela smiled sweetly, to their great relief, though little knowing how much she was preparing the ground-or bed-for other maidens to follow. “It is a great honour to receive the sceptre and the- er…”
    Sprightly of mind in her recovery of relief, Agnes kissed her salty lips.
    “The fount, my dear, for that is what I possess between my thighs, and thus you are fully anointed for what awaits you.”
    “Of that I am certain,” replied Pamela faintly, though she knew them to be as big a pair of hypocrites as she was ever likely to encounter. It would be as well not to tell them now who she really was. They must fall into their own trap, and she felt certain that they would.
    Sedately as she felt befitted the occasion, Pamela then made her departure, smiling shyly at Edmund all the while and thus nurturing his belief that she was the most perfect of female parishioners. Assuring both that she would tell her “uncle” that she had been treated wisely and well, Pamela made her way back down the path.
    There Jack waited for her with the carriage. As Pamela made to enter it, a girl of her own age approached from across the green and nodded to her uncertainly. Walking past, and attired in what Pamela instinctively felt was her best dress-though the fashion was some two years old-she entered the gate.
    Pamela seated herself while Jack closed the door. The seat, though padded, was a trifle hard, after her lascivious spell on the bed and her thighs were still sticky with the Vicar's effusion.
    “Home, Miss?”
    “Oh, yes, Jack, for it will be teatime when we arrive.”
    What to tell Lady Bromley, Pamela knew not. For a day or two, at least, she must try to keep out of her way. Then she would merely say that she had given her message and that it had been well received. That would at least be in part true, and neither the Vicar nor his sister would dare deny the truth of it.
    Turning her head, Pamela took one last curious glance toward the girl who was now knocking at the door, but then attended to her other thoughts, wondering how Helen had fared with her Papa.
    As the carriage rattled on, the door of the vicarage opened. Seconds later, Carrie entered the drawing room where Agnes and Edmund sat, excitedly discussing their latest conquest.
    “It's a girl, sir.”
    “Oh? Has she come back then? Is something amiss?”
    “Indeed it might be, sir, for it is a different one, and she has come-to put up her marriage banns!”

Chapter nine

    “You mean to have the girl join the hunt prior to the fancy-dress ball, my love?”
    Captain Dancer's brow wrinkled with astonishment as he gazed upon his paramour who lay with him in the summerhouse.
    In circles such as theirs, only people of their own social rank rode to hounds and although Pamela was more than a domestic servant, there were many who would gaze askance were she to be invited even to share breakfast with them.
    “Indeed I do, Henry,” replied Lady Bromley, “for I mean to have the girl thoroughly debauched, and what better opportunity than when we are out in the field? I have not missed the glances that Dick has cast upon her. Perhaps she is not such an innocent as we think. I intend to bring her firmly into my sphere of influence. Besides, she would make a good go-between, do you not think?”
    The Captain chuckled heartily. The pair had surreptitiously enjoyed many such as Pamela, but the fond gaze of Mamas was too frequently cast upon their nubile offspring to protect them from the wiles of the world. To the end of which his inamorata spoke, Pamela would make an excellent foil.
    “I understand you well, my love. You mean that she can first engage them in little conversaziones, so to speak, and so gain their confidence?”
    “Precisely, Henry, and a little more than that-for she will be seen to be acting as a chaperone, and I shall put it about that she may be used as such.”
    “I say, Belinda, what a devilish good idea-a spider in disguise to lead them into the web, what?”
    “My goodness, Henry, the very idea has enlivened you even more than I thought it would. Why, what have we here? Why, sir, it is a delightful size already!” cooed Belinda, who sought amidst the quickly unfastened buttons of his trousers.
    The Captain's cock veritably glowed already, and Lady Bromley was sufficiently au fait with men to know that it was not solely her own charms which had aroused him, but the thought of what lay ahead.
    While Henry endeavoured to hide his confusion by kissing her uncovered breasts and thighs, she would have none of it, for such prizes as he would enjoy through her machinations would be as much hers as his.
    “Of whom are you thinking, my pet? Not only of your Belinda, I feel sure. No, Henry, dear, deny it not. Is it not that delightful young thing, Mary Waterhouse?”
    Groping her bare bottom with one hand and parting her voluptuous, stockinged thighs with the other, the Captain commenced tickling her deliciously while confessing that it was.-
    “The selfsame, my dearest-the youngest daughter of Lady Waterhouse-scarce sixteen, if that, and with such a delightful pair of bubbies, not to say the most inviting of bottoms. Such as she would make my cock rise every half-hour. We have thought of her already, have we not?”
    Lady Bromley's hot gaze answered him. Mary was an adorable little thing. Not a fortnight had passed since she had last visited. On that occasion while her Mama was out of the room, the fond Captain had daringly groped her bottom while Belinda waggled a playful finger at him and kissed the girl's rosy lips while imploring her to say nothing of “the naughty man” to Lady Waterhouse.
    Mary had agreed with a coy giggle, her fervent curves having slyly appreciated the manly caress of the Captain's palm. It was all her dear Mama's fault, in any event, Mary had decided, for during her Papa's absence, Lady Waterhouse had acceded to Mary receiving a spanking from her uncle. It was true that it was only a little one, but in the interim her Uncle Roger had fondled her bottom much more intimately than a brief session of corporal punishment normally allowed.
    Wriggling upon his lap, Mary had distinctly felt the rising of his cock beneath her tummy where her skirt was drawn up. Affecting many a sob and a tear, she had then been hoisted upon his lap in different fashion so that she found her warmed-up bottom cheeks resting upon the tool which throbbed so ardently.
    “One little kiss, my dear, and we shall be good friends again, shall we not?” the crafty man had insisted, whereupon Mary had found her lips quite swooningly fastened beneath his own and his hand unfastening her bodice so rapidly that her firm young orbs soon nestled in his palms.
    Beginning to enjoy the experience to which the tingling in her lightly smacked bottom added an exciting ingredient, Mary responded by flinging her arms about her uncle's neck while agitating her hemispheres upon his cock.
    Precisely at that moment, however, Lady Waterhouse ventured upon the scene in the study. Being a woman of cool mind but hot inner temperament, she could not help but espy what was afoot. However, in order not to disturb her sweet offspring's innocence, as she thought of it, a dismayed Mary was ordered swiftly to her room while Lavender Waterhouse dealt with her brother-in-law. She had long suspected him of such tricks, though curiously this had been the first opportunity to take measure-as it were-of his manly weapon.
    It being thoroughly in evidence, she could not help but do so and in her own state of grass widowhood weakened to the blandness of his excuses to such extent that scarce three minutes passed before she herself was laid on the couch and thoroughly rogered by Roger. Both in fact enjoyed the experience so much that rather indiscreetly they decided to renew it.
    Mary, waiting meanwhile in her room in some state of trepidation, could not but hear what was afoot and-venturing out as quiet as any mouse-spied the lusty cock plunging in and out between her Mama's thighs: a vision which caused her jealousy rather than excitement.
    However, the scheming pair in the summerhouse knew naught of this and judged her a little angel whose thoughts and curves might be warm enough to engage as soon as possible between them. Warming to their theme, then, they commenced toying with each other more passionately while exchanging the wildest ideas of how they might enjoy the sweet girl.
    Now it so happened that their apparently blissful solitude was not such, for Pamela herself had gone in search of Helen-having failed to discover her in the house-and had ventured to the summerhouse in all innocence. Approaching the door she had been about to open it when the murmur of voices had come to her. Being, as we have seen, a girl of some resource, she made her way to the back of the rustic pile where it had been built on to a smaller, original edifice. There, within a little cave of darkness, she was able to peer within through a crack in the timber and so saw and heard all that passed.
    Lady Bromley's skirt was cast up to her hips and the good Captain was almost equally uncovered since his trousers had descended to his ankles, permitting his gross penis to lie openly in the fondling palm of his beloved.
    Such a view-combined with the stockinged thighs and dark bush of the lady of the house-enervated Pamela considerably. It was a spectacle she thoroughly enjoyed watching, and her eyes were wide open indeed when the lusty Captain mounted his panting prey and slipped the prow of his schooner into her cove. Spreading her legs wider and drawing up her knees, Lady Bromley thus permitted Pamela a perfect view as the stiff, thick penis sank victoriously within and was gripped fondly by her rolled lovelips.
    “My pet, make it last. Let us enjoy a delicious bout. Pretty little Mary will be so tight for you, will she not?”
    “Tight as a drum, I'll wager, but the precious lubrications of your tongue between her thighs will first ease the passage, my love. Think you that she will struggle?”
    “I think not,” panted his partner, “for she has a certain sly twinkle in her eyes, and in any event she will dare tell her Mama naught of what transpires for fear that we might deny it and brand her a troublesome thing who seeks only to make mischief.”
    “My pet, my pet, what an agile mind you do have. Uncover your breasts that I may suck your luscious nipples while we fuck! And how shall we get her here again without her Mama?”
    “I shall send Pamela on an errand, Henry, with some little gift for Lady Waterhouse. Meanwhile an invitation will be extended by her to bring Mary to tea with Miranda-and then, ah!”
    “Exquisite witch, I trow that were you not Miranda's Mama I would have them both together!”
    “Oh wicked man, would you have three of us together abed with you?” murmured Belinda who was too excited to be shocked by such an idea and who indeed was scarce shocked by anything.
    The idea had already passed through the Captain's mind that both Miranda and Helen were ripe for the taking, but the delicious suction of Belinda's lovelips around his cock was already making his mind too hazy to express himself in anything but whispered obscenities to which she replied by working her tongue faster in his mouth.
    And so the merry bout proceeded while Pamela once more stole away. She had heard enough to know that she was to be used-and no doubt then cast out after several months in case her tongue wagged. Should Lady Bromley decide to upbraid and dismiss her, there was nothing that dear Sir Richard would be able to do without declaring his real interest in her.
    In truth, Pamela found him a handsome, sympathetic man who, despite his lecherous ways, had a kindly spirit. The humility with which he had listened to her daring little speech about lovemaking still amused her. She did not trust Captain Dancer not to inveigle himself, with Lady Bromley's tacit permission, into the beds of both daughters and-mindful as she was that Helen and Miranda would take to the sport soon enough-she had determined that their good Papa should have the first pleasure of mounting them and first lubricating both their pussies, if not their bottoms also.
    Such things appeared right and proper to Pamela, who had her own ideas as to initial pleasures and to what priorities such matters must defer. Once the two girls had received their injections in the most pleasing and passionate way possible, then they would pass on with improved education into other hands, just as she had done.
    While pondering firstly, however, how to turn Lady Bromley's scheme to her own advantage, Pamela reentered the house and finally chanced upon Sir Richard, who seemed not to know whether he was coming or going for his face had a haunted look. Not only that, the erection he was displaying beneath his trousers appeared quite irrepressible.
    Indeed, he would have drawn her into the study had not Pamela delicately fended off his embrace. Even so, she managed to secure a good feel of his big corker in a manner that he could not fail to comprehend.
    “Oh, sir, I am looking for Helen!”
    “My dear, yes, but is there so much haste about it? How I have longed to feed upon your sweet lips again, to feel the enchantment of your thighs, your breasts, your bottom,” exclaimed the knight passionately whilst thrusting her hand once more against his cock which thrummed mightily.
    “Has but the thought of me brought this about?” Pamela sighed, though being certain within herself that there was yet another cause for it.
    “Who else, my pet? Come, let us close the door. I am in a veritable froth to get it into you again!”
    “Sir, no, I beg you, for the girls may come upon us. Tonight perhaps?”
    “You promise? After dinner? I shall make an excuse to attend to my papers.”
    “And I shall merely make an excuse,” replied the maiden boldly, groping his covered prick with passion while their lips exchanged a long and burning kiss. “But now, sir, to my charges, or you will think me the idlest of girls.”
    Distraught as he was for a good poke-and for the best of reasons-Sir Richard acceded with a grunt of frustration. Damme, but the girl was right again. In truth she was a balm and a blessing, and one who would give herself to him in passion in but a few hours time.
    “I shall have you then twice, and by both portholes, Pamela.”
    “Oh, will you indeed!” she laughed and actually blushed. “I have never heard of such a thing. Is it possible? It will surely be too big, and I would cry and sob even as Helen would after a birching,” Pamela added shyly, bringing a distinct rise of red to his cheeks.
    “Ah, yes, Helen-yes. She is in the second bedroom now. I-er-herrumph! — have just seen her to it, which is perhaps why you could not discover her whereabouts.”
    “Sir, I do not doubt it, and her whereabouts are very pretty, for I could not disguise them on the last occasion from you. Shah we see what she is at, for I suspect she will need much advice as to furnishings and such matters. There are many things that engage a young girl's fancy when she obtains her privacy. It is best, I am sure, that such a fancy should be fully satisfied before others take mind to do so-do you not think?”
    “Eh? Ah, what? Oh, yes, by Jove, yes!” replied the slightly bewildered knight, who found himself being led from the study rather than leading Pamela within it. Moreover, in ascending, Pamela's hand more than once chanced to brush against his fervently upstanding cock in such a manner as to keep it at the peak of attention as they reached Helen's room.
    There, even as Pamela's hand settled on the doorknob, voices reached them. The first was distinctly Miranda's.
    “Oh, how weally howwid you are, Helen. You have chosen the best woom first, and I shall be on my own now, and all because you are nice to Papa and keep kissing him.”
    When Miranda was excited, she frequently fell into a lisp that many thought sounded exceedingly attractive, as indeed it did now.
    “Really, what a big story you are, Miranda! Papa only kissed me to make me favour the room, and I don't know how horrid you could be, hiding and watching as you did!”
    “Weally, Helen, I shall tell Mama!”
    “I shall beat you if you do, and I shall take the birch to you!”
    “Now, what is this?” Pamela demanded, entering the room of a sudden. Sir Richard would have escaped in his confusion, had she not been clutching him in the very place which most aroused his emotions.
    Seeing them, both girls blushed brightly and Helen sat down on her bed with a squeal, for she had been in the act of trying on a dress and wore only a brief chemise that displayed half her breasts and almost all of her lovely legs to perfection.
    The Bromleys' tradition of “closing ranks”-long learned through the years as the best way of defending and keeping what was rightfully or unrightfully theirs- sprang into being. Miranda denied she had said anything and stuck so gallantly to her tale, to Pamela's secret admiration, that she was merely despatched to her room and told to stay there.
    “How ungrateful you are, Helen. Your dear Papa attends as best he can to your needs and has already spoken to me of the necessity of refurnishing this room to your taste. Yet all you can do is to indulge in common quarrels.”
    “Oh, I did not!” Helen protested. “Please let me put on my dress!”
    A certain trembling made itself felt inside Pamela, who considered that she was about to venture the most daring thing she had ever done. However, she comforted herself that Helen could not but benefit thereby and indeed obtain untold delights.
    “As to your kissing your Papa, Helen, I can say nothing of it but praise. However, you have made Miranda more than a little jealous, and for this reason it was thought best for you to have your own room so that there need be no more prying. For yes, 'twas I, dear Helen, who helped persuade Sir Richard that you would then both be the better accommodated in all respects,” Pamela said, more to the utter astonishment of the said gentleman than his shapely offspring, who obtained still a few shades of innocence, though it was shedding fast.
    But a short time before, while Pamela had been listening at the summerhouse, Sir Richard had entered his daughter's new room and, amidst a quite enlivening conversation, had so cuddled and embraced her that he was to be found in the state he now was. In truth, it was he who had assisted in the removal of a blushing Helen's dress and was on the point of kissing her proud bubbies-half unveiled as they were-when Miranda had come upon them. At which point Sir Richard had made a hasty if somewhat muddled departure.
    Blushing not a little, Helen now declared her intention never to raise her voice or quarrel again no matter how she was provoked. Pamela then moved to sit on the bed beside her. She had been minded for a moment to give Helen some twitching with the birch in order best to admonish her, but of a sudden she saw no reason for it. They were alone and without fear of interruption for at least sufficient time to ensure that Helen received her first injection without delay.
    With Sir Richard standing by and with his cock at full rise-the reason for which Pamela was now in no doubt-the moment was indeed nigh.

Chapter ten

    Quite thrown into a turmoil by the news that the first of their sacrificial lambs had not proven to be who they thought she was, Agnes and Edmund partook each of a large glass of sherry.
    “You say she is a different girl, Carrie? Then who was the last one?”
    “I know not, sir-I only knows that this one is from the village because I seen her often enough. A sprightly young thing, she is, and pretty as a piece of Dresden china.”
    “She came alone?”
    “Yes, sir, that she did. I took a look out of the windows-no one there.”
    “Very well, show her in.”
    Then entered Pamela Pink, whose name was echoed by the tinge of colour which rose in her cheeks as she stood in waiting surveyed from head to toes by the Vicar.
    What he saw he liked, and what he liked he intended to see more of. More sherry was then dispensed and a little jollity obtained while he extracted information from the girl concerning her age, her fiance, and her parentage. All of this he solemnly noted down, frowning and nodding from time to time as if all were of the utmost importance.
    “Now, my dear, my sister has something to convey to you,” he boomed, whereat Agnes rose and seated herself beside the girl and whispered something in her ear. Pamela's blushes rose anew.
    “Oh yes, Miss, I sees the bull and the cows do it, and he goes at them right proper, up behind them he is, and pushing it in and out,” Pamela declared frankly as a country girl might, for such things were hidden from no eyes as wished to see. Besides, her mother had warned her and advised her to listen to all the Vicar said and to do in all respects what he said. And as for his sister, Pamela knew it must be right and proper for her to be the same, so she made no objection when Agnes enfolded her with one arm about her shoulders. In fact it was nice and comforting, and the Vicar was smiling at her, so she knew she was doing right.
    Agnes whispered to her again, and Pamela Pink looked first at the Vicar and then at the carpet.
    “Oh no, Miss, I wouldn't do nothing like that, not ever,” she replied.
    However, conscience seemed to overcome her, for with a quick, sly glance at Edmund, who sat waiting for the further trial of Priapus to commence, Pamela whispered something back, though not so softly that it escaped the twitching ears of the Vicar.
    “But he 'as put it in my mouth, Miss, and I likes that. It came out all bubbly and warm, like thick cream it were. He groaned and he quivered and it run down my chin. Did I do wrong, Miss?”
    “Oh, no, Pamela, and we may as well speak up now. You see, you must be anointed properly with that selfsame liquor before you are married, but I fear that your Ted did it by the wrong route in his ignorance. Poor fellow-he could have had so much more joy of it and you, too-though the mouth is a very sweet place to put it from time to time. Still, there is no harm done, for that is why you are come here to be anointed with His Reverence's liquor. You say your Ted has a big one?”
    “Nary as big as the bull's, Miss, but enough so I can't hide it if I puts two hands around it.”
    “Edmund, I feel we must help this dear child without delay. In this instance, I feel, the arm of the sofa would make the best altar of love. Oh, Pamela, what pleasure you will have from it!”
    “Oh, sir! Miss! Oh, it's a big one just like Ted's!”
    “Of course, my pet. Display it to her well, Edmund. You see the veins starting out all around the shaft and the big balls beneath, Pamela? They were destined for the pleasure of girls such as you, and Edmund will show you best how to entertain it, and where. Now, my dear, if you will rise with me and take off your dress, I am sure we shall see a display underneath which will quite make the Vicar's tool quiver to anoint you.”
    “Oh, Miss! Sir! What are you at? What are you doing to me!”
    “Be quiet, you silly girl-did not your parents tell you to follow the Vicar's instructions to the letter? There, what pretty thighs, what lovely breasts, and oh, what a sweet dell!”
    “Miss, no! I don't want to be naked like this! Oh, you'll ruin my stockings, and I've only got the one pair for best!”
    “Hush, dear, for we shall replenish your wardrobe. Over the arm of the sofa with you. My goodness, if you kick you will receive such a spanking, and all then will be reported to your poor Mama and Papa. Head down, shoulders down-right into the seat so that your bottom sticks up well. There, yes, ah! what a picture.”
    “Oh, Miss, oh! you smacked me! What was that for?”
    “To keep you still, you little duffer, and keep your legs apart. How else are you to receive your anointment for, yes, this is where it is to go-right between the lips of this pretty dell. Hold her, Edmund! Do you have her?”
    “My God, yes! Hold her shoulders, Agnes! Ah, how she wriggles-I can scarce get my knob in.”
    “Oh! Ooooh! Ah! Take it out!”
    Pamela's hands beat upon the cushions. Her eyes screwed up, the warm ball of her bottom held by Edmund whose grip was secure about her hips.
    “Ah! Oooh! Aaaaah! It's going in! Oh, it's filling me up!”
    Snorting and breathing heavily whilst the adoring eyes of his sister burned into his own as Agnes sat holding Pamela's wrists, Edmund urged his cock majestically upward and inward. As tight as Agnes's bottom, her pussy yielded only half-inch by half-inch as Pamela began to howl and squirm. Feeling the tight-clamping grip of her warm interior, Edmund almost expended the liquid burden of his testicles there and then, but instinct told him that the girl must enjoy at least half as much as he, or she would never return for what her namesake had almost gaily called another “injection.”
    Schooling this second Pamela, therefore, to be quiet and have patience, and while Agnes bent to kiss her blubbering mouth, the lordly Vicar continued slowly with his lecherous assault until at last the whole plug of his manhood was buried tightly within Pamela's grotto.
    Only then, and with its increased throbbing, did the startled girl begin to respond to the libertine act. Little by little, while Edmund manfully continued to keep it buried in her, Pamela's sobs began to cease. Instead of crying, she snivelled, for she thought it the modest thing to do. It would be wicked now to tell the Vicar she had been anointed quite a few times already, though she'd never heard it called that. The Vicar and his sister must be very innocent, so she had to pretend it was her first.
    “Oh, sir, you shouldn't do this in me!”
    “It's nice,” comforted Agnes, who adored watching her brother's big penis moving in and out. “If you're not anointed, dear, you can't put the banns up, can you?”
    “Nooo-ooooh-ooooh!” Pamela assented, moaning. She couldn't help but grind her bottom cheeks against Edmund's stomach now, for she wanted him to push it in and out and make her feel even nicer, while he on his part took it for struggling and so enjoyed the lecherous nature of his deed even more. However, it did occur to him that the girl had shown no signs of a maidenhead, and so with increased resolve, he began to move his weapon in the approved fashion.
    Pamela snivelled louder, for it helped to cover up the little noises of pleasure she otherwise made. Agnes's hand felt her tits and began to tease her nipples, but some womanly instinct within her told her at last that this Pamela, too, was not all she seemed. Releasing her and standing up, she observed that so far from endeavouring to ease farther forward over the sofa arm and so perhaps seek to escape the probing of Edmund's cock, Pamela was increasingly jerking her hips in a manner which betokened pleasure.
    Saying nothing, Agnes sidled up to her brother and put her face beneath his so that she could glide her tongue into his mouth. The effect upon Edmund was electric-for he therewith fumbled up Agnes's skirts and began to toy with her hungry slit-he commenced fucking Pamela with increased vigour.
    The saucy maid, swimming in pleasure, uttered little cries she could no longer conceal. Oh, it was nice this one-nice and thick and long as a man's cock should be, for even at seventeen Pamela had become a very fair judge of such matters and much preferred it in her pussy to her mouth.
    “Ah, what a sweet little cunt!” Edmund groaned, his lips slobbering all over those of Agnes, whose bottom was bumping against Pamela's hip. Agnes could feel herself coming for the second time even though she could only dimly sense just beneath her the sturdy flashing of his cock. With every stroke, the delicious smacking noise of flesh came to it which she deemed not the Devil's work but that of some other more bountiful giver.
    “Shall he go faster, Pamela?”
    “Oh, yes, Miss, for I want him to fill me up with it!”
    So sang the unguarded girl whose exclamation and luscious form caused Edmund to release the sluice gates in an instant until the floods of spermatic bliss trickled back anew down his cock from her foaming slit and settled in rills about her stocking tops.
    “It is not her first anointment, Edmund, I fear.”
    “I too suspect that, my dear,” her brother replied, withdrawing his steaming shaft.
    “Oh, sir-shall I not be able to get married then, and will I get into trouble for it?”
    “Only by confessing your sins may you be absolved, Pamela. Of what has passed here you must say not a word, for fear that girls more innocent than yourself do not receive the holy emission,” Edmund declared fervently.
    That the girl was a treasure there was no doubt-a perfect little Venus in her form with bubbies as white as snow, nut-brown nipples which the passion of their bout had distended, and a once-crisp triangle of curls betwixt her thighs which the powerful “anointing” he had given her had now made sodden.
    “Sir, I will tell you, I will, as promise you won't punish me for it.”
    “Very well, let us make ourselves comfortable for it. Carry her upstairs, Edmund. I will bring the wine.”
    There passed a more licentious afternoon than any of the three could have imagined, for though Miss Pamela Pink's tale was told eventually in bibulous giggles, it amounted no less to that which might have offended those of greater sensibilities. Nevertheless, it enervated Edmund considerably and by the time that Pamela was halfway through her narrative, his cock was once more at a full and arrogant stand and finding itself encouraged and caressed by both Agnes and Pamela as a libidinous enchantment overtook them all.
    “It were at harvest moon two years ago, when I were fifteen, sir. It is always a special thing then in the village. I think they calls it fruitility.”
    “Fertility,” Edmund corrected her gravely, and so positioned himself between them that he could toy with both their cunts and bottoms at the same time.
    “Yes, sir, that's what's it called. At midnight they lights torches and there's lot of cider. They puts a bale of straw in the middle of a field and I knew what that were for. Being the youngest and most nice to look at, they said, I was to go over it first. I was afeared because I knew what would happen. The men gets behind me, fifteen of them all told, and the women plays with their cocks and gets them out, no matter who they are.
    “My sister Effie, she held me by the arms over the bale and someone put my skirt up to my hips, but many of the girls and women was half-naked by then, getting excited like. Effie's husband were with her and put his arms round her while she was holding me. He was feeling up her thighs and everything, but she told him to get behind me with the others like they'd done to her two years before.
    “All the men, you see, has what they call a 'dip' up the girl over the bale and they do it so you get the smallest cocks first working up to the largest. Each year the man with the biggest has to take another woman so they ah get a turn. What I mean, sir, is the last in you has a proper fuck with you, but the others is only allowed to put it up and take it out, again. Sometimes they comes, though, in the excitement. I had three what came in me.”
    “A fertility rite, good heavens. What Devil's work!” the Vicar murmured piously while Agnes-regarding Pamela solemnly-bent over him to suck his cock.
    In turn the Vicar took the luscious lips of Pamela Pink and caressed her bubbies. The girl wriggled and guided his hand boldly down to her cunt, which was already awaiting further attention.
    “So you had fifteen cocks in you, little witch,” Edmund marvelled. “But pray tell, if all are present, as you say, then some must be related to you.”
    “Oh, sir, I was howling and kicking and Effie could not well nigh hold me. Of course, after a time, I quietened because it got nice, and ah the women was singing and chanting and telling me to draw out as much juice as I could as it would make the ground more fruitile- oh, I'm sorry, sir-more fertile next year. The moonlight were lovely and silvery ah over the field, and they said I was a goddess.”
    “Oh my Lord, what impious behaviour,” the Vicar uttered, pushing Pamela's thighs farther apart whilst Agnes's tongue licked around his standing stem. “No wonder, my dear, that you were well accommodated over the arm of the sofa. Do you like it best that way?”
    “I loves it-they gets right up like that. I suppose I learned it over the bale of hay. I've told you all, sir.
    You won't tell the other girls as I split because that's why we do it at midnight, sir, so no one is passing by.”
    “The other girls?”
    “There's May and Betty and Susan, sir-they'll all be a-coming to see you to get their anointments, and they've all been had in the field.”
    “Indeed? Then I shall look forward the more to making their acquaintance. My love, kneel up over her face so that I might kiss and lick your adorable bottom while I fuck her again, for my balls are nigh bursting after this.”
    “And you, Pamela, whist Edmund is licking my cunt and bottomhole, put your tongue in my cunt. Oh, yes, like that! Both of you! You naughty girl-did your brothers do it to you?”
    “Oh yes, Miss, they has to. It were nice-they come nearly last and they both come in me, but they can't do it again-not until nigh on the harvest moon, they can't.”
    “Lift your legs, Pamela! Wind them around me! Are you well in, dearest?”
    “Deliciously, my pet. Stick your bottom out more that I may adore it.”
    “Ooooh, Edmund, your tongue! Ah yes, put it right in-you, too, Pamela! Oh, both of you, yes, together!”

Chapter eleven

    “Then we are all friends,” Pamela declared boldly once Helen had promised never to raise her voice or quarrel with her sister again. “A kiss upon it, for I swear that nothing that shall transpire here shall pass beyond these walls,” the dear girl continued. Thereupon, laying Helen back on her bed, she cast her arms about her and placed her sultry lips upon those of her charge.
    Confounded by the unexpectedness of the embrace, Helen stirred fretfully, but the insistence of Pamela's mouth proved quite delicious. Wearing only a chemise and stockings, Helen's thighs were fully bared to the excited view of Sir Richard. It seemed by pure chance that Pamela's forearm should so brush the hem of the fine batiste garment as to raise its hem higher and so permit him an even more enchanting vista of the shrouded motte which pouted so appealingly between those dazzling thighs.
    Suddenly, however, Pamela appeared to become conscious of Helen's unveiled state and rose with a merry laugh whilst ensuring by apparently awkward movements of her hands that the girl was no more fully covered than she wished her to be.
    “Oh, heavens forgive me, for I have stolen the very kiss your dear Papa might have wished to take and treasure for himself,” Pamela declared, “and truthfully I have so many things to do that to tarry with you both would be a sin. Sir Richard, come, you must kiss your daughter, for then we shall know your forgiveness complete.” Saying which, she afforded her master such a sly wink that his heart pounded as much as his doughty tool was already doing beneath his breeches.
    Had Pamela stayed then, a sultry single kiss might well have been exchanged between the pair, for Helen had a flushed look such as many young maidens wear when they are particularly excited about something. In this instance, Pamela did not doubt what that object of Helen's excitement might be and hence decided to intrude no longer upon the lubricious denouement that her blithe spirit now longed for. That it was for Helen's good she never for a moment doubted, fearing otherwise that she might fall early to the lecherous whims of Captain Dancer. Closing the door upon the pair, she waited but a moment to hear the creaking of the bed as Sir Richard cast himself upon it and then made her way to such duties as she could think of to perform.
    A bewilderment of pleasure seized Helen as she found herself held within the strong arms of her Papa. With a febrile movement of her hand, she made with due modesty to cover her sweet thatch of curls, but Sir Richard's hand engaged hers in the same instant and brought it with fervour against the upstanding rod that threatened nigh to burst his breeches.
    “A kiss, my pet,” he breathed as if there were nothing untoward about Helen clasping his penis while they so engaged themselves. Helen's eyes rolled, for it seemed to her now a discourtesy to refuse that which had been thrust into her hand.
    “Oh, Papa!” she exclaimed with some apparent surprise, though the words were all but smothered beneath the manly lips which settled upon hers. Quivering as if with ague, Helen felt her lips parted. Their tongues engaged. Trembling deliciously, she gripped the vigourous shaft of his fervour more ardently as, with a certain delicatesse, Sir Richard raised her chemise higher. Sucking her sweet tongue into his mouth and drawing upon it in such wise that Helen almost fainted with pleasure, he attempted to part her thighs but found them at first resistant.
    “Dear Papa, it is very naughty,” said Helen, who wished above all not to be seen to be too forward at such a moment.
    “Delightfully so,” responded her Papa, whose fingers gently parted the lips of her grotto and slid upward-along the oiled groove until they found the nub of her desire, thereby causing her to buck the warm cheeks of her bottom most agreeably. Indeed, although she swore to herself afterward that she had no such intention, Helen's errant fingers began to grope in the intensity of their rising passion for the flap which would uncover that which she now sought more intimately to caress.
    “Ah, what delights!” Sir Richard groaned, for no sooner had the flap fallen than the breech lay open, and his sturdy tool throbbed in all its glory in his daughter's palm. “Rub it, but not too quickly, for you shall have greater pleasure of it yet,” he uttered.
    “Yes, Papa,” Helen replied dutifully, though she could scarce speak for excitement. At each moment, their lips met anew in a little torrent of kisses that quite made her head swim, though not more so than the delirious agitations of his fingers around her cunny.
    “Dear Papa, how excited you make me feel,” she exclaimed, artfully raising her chemise higher so that the perfect snowy orbs of her breasts were exposed to his ardent eyes. As indeed his lips, for no sooner did Sir Richard espy the delicious jellied mounds in all their glory than he seized with his mouth upon her brown nipples whose erected state proclaimed her ready for the sacrifice.
    More wanton now, Helen breathed her pleasure in little gasps while passionately exploring with her fingers not only her sire's large prick but the appendages beneath which dangled heavily on her palm.
    “Ah, Papa, what will you do to me?” she whispered beneath his mouth, having sensed already that a certain naivete would please him all the more.
    “Fuck you, my pet,” proclaimed Sir Richard who saw no need to bandy words about the matter now. “Remove your chemise, my love, whilst I divest myself of these tiring breeches and this shirt.”
    Little did it occur to him how quick the transformation had been in his elder daughter from blushing maiden to ardent bed companion. In the intoxication of the moment he was content, whilst undressing, to gaze upon the nubile figure which Helen displayed as she cast off her chemise. Naked in her stockings, she presented indeed a sight such as might have raised the cock of an archbishop. Her cunny was well furred for her age, the dark curls massing in the crispest of triangles about it. Her hips had the fullness of young womanhood, her thighs were plump without merging into fatness, and the slender curves of her calves and her sweetly rounded knees were themselves an enchantment.
    Emboldened by passion and a wildness of desire, Helen reached impatiently for the weapon which her fond Papa presented now fully to her view as-naked as she-he lay with her in rapture. Toying more skilfully now with the object of her desire, Helen asked softly between kisses-“Is this fucking, Papa?”
    “By no means, my love, for I have yet to mount you,” declared the ardent knight whilst caressing the plump cheeks of her warm bottom. “There are several ways in which we may take our pleasure, but first I shall lie upon your belly and insert my prick slowly in your delicious cunny. Then, by slow and rapid movements between us, you will truly become intoxicated with delight. And then each of us in turn will expel our liquid pleasures-you upon my cock and balls and I within the velvety clinging of your slit.”
    “Oh!” answered Helen with a long quiver. Unknown to him, she had already spent twice by virtue of his digital manipulations and the thought of entertaining his prick at the same time was as spoony as she could imagine. “F… f… fuck me then, Papa,” she murmured, quite unaware of the immediate effect this would have upon Sir Richard, who had never thought to hear the words pass her lips. It seemed to him, in fact, the most exciting invitation of his life. In a moment, he was upon her exquisite form, whilst the crest of his prick announced the fervency of his desire to breach the magic grotto.
    In this, Helen assisted him by raising first one leg and then the other as Pamela had taught her to do. The breath whistled in unison from their very nostrils as the exquisite conjunction occurred. With a squeal of wonder, Helen felt the long thick peg of throbbing flesh ease slowly up between the soft and clinging walls of her slit.
    “P… P… P… Papa!” she moaned and might have struggled momentarily had Sir Richard not manfully cupped her delightful bottom, raising it slightly off of the coverlet whilst he inserted half the length of his thruster and held it there.
    Pamela, he was pleased to think, had already taught him much and he was pleased to hold it there during the brief, wild moments that the upper part of Helen's body threshed.
    “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she gasped again and again, though in truth she was endeavouring to catch her breath rather than expel it. Ever mindful now that her pleasure must at least be as great as his, her Papa continued to hold her wriggling bottom while amourously sucking upon each of her nipples in turn. Schooling himself sternly, he then commenced easing his piston within her half-inch by half-inch whilst Helen's soft bubbling cries filled the air. It was bigger within her than she had even thought it in her palm, but quite magically she was absorbing it in a manner that heightened her desire second by second to have it all.
    “More, Papa!” she moaned as the fretful movements of her hips and bottom assisted him in his endeavours.
    “To the hilt!” Sir Richard groaned. He felt her thighs enlace his hips, her calves crossing themselves firmly. Their tongues danced together in a veritable orgy of pleasure, and then with a rattling cry he was fully lodged, his balls nudging her bottom.
    “Oh! Oh! Oh!” Helen choked yet again. It was quite different from Pamela's tongue, but it was all too exciting for words. Indeed, there were no more words for long moments as their lips and tongues engaged and Sir Richard began to shunt his hips slowly. Still cupping her bottom, he felt it swinging gently on his palms as Helen assisted in his delight. By moving herself, she could feel the mouth and the interior of her cunny gliding back and forth along his stiff prick. Clutching her arms tightly about his neck, she loosed her first liquid tribute in little rivulets of pleasure that Sir Richard could not help but feel sprinkling and tingling around his embedded penis.
    “My pet, you are coming!” he exclaimed in wonder.
    “Go faster! Oh, what heaven it is! Papa, you are fucking me!” responded the enamoured maiden, who would not have stopped then even had all the archangels floated in. Her bottom squirmed and rolled on his palms, her legs tightly clenched about him as they jousted now in earnest.
    Sir Richard's pulses pounded, his senses swam. Never had he had a tighter or juicier cunny than this, and one which seemed at every thrust to suck greedily upon his cock.
    “I shall come!” he choked, scarce knowing the words he spoke.
    “Yes, Papa, you must! Oh, how delicious!” responded Helen, who cared not either now what they said so long as they were engaged in doing it. All thoughts of the world beyond had long passed entirely from her mind. The sturdy loins upon her worked their wonder. Jolting and gasping, she expended her pleasure for the third time, soaking her sire's balls even as the first shoots of his bliss sped up his cock and ejected their spermatic bliss in long, throbbing shoots within her, causing her bottom to writhe with ever more pleasure while the sweet nutcracker action of her lovepurse drew every drop from him and their panting cries of pleasure filled the room.
    “Oh, Papa!”
    “Oh, Helen!”
    The heavings ceased. The last drops of their pearly essences were expelled. Still clutching one another dreamily, a blissful silence ensued. Pecking at her lips, Sir Richard murmured at last his divine pleasure even as his partly shrunken tool slipped from her oozing grotto.
    “It was so nice, Papa,” Helen murmured hopefully, cuddling into his arms whilst they lay side by side. “It will be our big secret, shall it not? I shall not tell Mama or even Miranda.”
    “Heavens, no!” declared Sir Richard in only the mildest tones of alarm, for he knew her well to be merely comforting him. Her young womanliness was now long apparent to him, as were the exquisite pleasures of her warm curves.
    “Nor even Pamela. She must not know, must she?” Helen asked, for truly it was such an exciting thing that had happened to her that she felt she must tell someone.
    “I think not, my pet,” Sir Richard answered, though in less assured tones. To his delight, his cock was already stirring anew against her thigh. With errant pleasure he fondled Helen's delightfully plump bottom cheeks, parting them delicately so that his finger might probe the puckered rim of her bottom hole.
    At the first touch, Helen giggled and squirmed. “Oh, what are you at?” she asked softly, for Pamela had already inserted her finger there while tonguing her, and the sensations she had received had sent her quite to heaven.
    “How tight and warm you are there, my sweet,” he answered, though not daring yet to divulge to her that he meant sometime to have her by that route also. Helen jiggled her bottom impatiently. He was touching all around, but he was not putting it in as she wanted, though she dared not tell him so. Slyly her fingers sidled down and clasped his cock, which had already assumed threatening proportions once more. Her thumb passed lightly over the crest, causing Sir Richard to quiver with lust.
    “You little beauty, I shall have you again now!” he groaned. A soft answer, and he was upon her, gliding a trifle more easily than the first time into her now-spermy grotto though it clutched him no less tightly for that.
    “Your bottom! By heavens, I shall have your bottom next!” he grunted when they were in the full throes of it.
    “Yes, Papa,” assented Helen, her eyes rolling wildly. Her belly was melting again and she was coming. It would be too big for him ever to put it into her bottom, but it would please him to think that he might. Closing her eyes and rocking back and forth under him, Helen surrendered herself to the opportunities of the moment. There would be lots more to come now, she felt sure of it.

Chapter twelve

    Lady Patricia Hemingforth De Lancey and her brother Harry were twins, and quite the handsomest pair in the country, it was often said. Both had enjoyed scores of the prettiest girls in Hertfordshire-and if not exactly between them, at least in full liaison with one another.
    The twins were twenty-five, and neither saw any immediate merit in getting married since they already enjoyed all the boudoir pleasures thereof without any of its strife. Lady Adelaide, their Mama, knew not a bad word said against them, for such gossip as was put about was kept from her ears and it was she who had endowed the pair with a pretty cottage in the grounds of her manor where, as she innocently put it, they could meet their friends “without the presence of their bothersome Mama.”
    Thus it was that Patricia and Harry entertained quite freely, though it was often enough remarked by the servants that females rather than males were the principal visitors to the cottage, as indeed they were. Such maidens ever being accompanied by maidservants, who were supposed to act as their moral protectors, quickly found themselves separated from their chaperones once the interior of the cottage had received them.
    Therein, the servant would be plied with whatever took her fancy in the way of gin or beer or other bibulous liquids and would soon care not a jot in the world what her young mistress was doing. Indeed, were she herself pretty or endowed with sufficient charms, she would soon enough find herself falling prey to the lecherous young Harry, whose cock was wont to do more work in a month than others do in three or six.
    Hence, when the next hunting party of Lady Bromley's took place, the twins saw to it that they were invited. Indeed, Belinda could do no other than extend their invitations to them for such were the artful pair's influence and wealth that no social gathering was complete without them. Additionally, the Lady Patricia was wont to cleverly supply the occasional slightly-used maiden to her hostess from time to time, and so the pair had what might be called a perfect understanding.
    It was therefore no surprise when the heavenly twins appeared on the morning of the hunt that Patricia should cast her eyes immediately upon Pamela. Lady Bromley, having been careful to put it about that the girl was in truth her ward, there were no social apprehensions at the pretty young girl's appearance in riding garb. Patricia and Harry were soon at her side.
    To say that this vexed Lady Bromley is rather to state the obvious, for as we have learned she had intended this day that Pamela should be more thoroughly debauched, thereafter to act on her behalf rather than that of her husband. Such a silent battle of wits frequently took place between Belinda and her husband, and the pair thoroughly appreciated any victories they gained over one another.
    At this moment, though Belinda knew it not, her husband was uppermost, having enjoyed the nubile charms of Helen, as he was minded to do soon enough again. This day afforded him an excellent opportunity, in fact, for neither Helen nor Miranda were permitted to go on the hunt and-pleading some indisposition-he in turn stayed within. Not being over-displeased with this, Belinda saw her chance to enjoy the day as she would, particularly since Captain Dancer was of her company.
    Thus, upon the sounding of the horn and following a hearty breakfast of which all had partaken, the hunt set forth. 'Twas a beautiful morn, and Pamela was in highest spirits as her mount jogged along between those of Patricia and her brother, who quite entertained with their wit and pleasantries. Their own private cottage lay not three miles away and neither intended to remain distant from it too long now that they had a new houri for their harem. Having not distanced themselves a mile, and taking all care to let the other riders precede them, Patricia reined in her steed with a cry.
    “Oh, my head is upon me!” she declared.
    “She is given to the vapours, I fear,” Harry explained to a bewildered Pamela, while his sister rocked her pretty head theatrically in her hands.
    With seeming concern, Harry rode around Pamela and took the reins of his sister's steed.
    “We must get her to bed. Nothing but a darkened room will cure her,” he said with solemn mien, whilst dear Pamela made haste to comfort the young aristocrat.
    “Dear girl, I fear I shall quite spoil your day,” declared Patricia to her companion whilst her brother rode ahead of them leading her horse.
    “Oh, no,” responded Pamela, who was mindful not to call her “Miss” upon the instructions of Lady Bromley. “You must tell me whatever I may do for you,” she added solicitously.
    “Our cottage is nearer than the manor-I feel I might go there and rest awhile. Will you stay with me but a little while, and then Harry shall help you rejoin the hunt,” came the artful response.
    Thus was the butterfly led into the web, and soon enough the young Lady Patricia was ensconced in her boudoir where, with Pamela's help, she disrobed. Harry remained discreetly distant in the little drawing room, for it needs must be explained that despite all their sly and lascivious games, each of the pair kept their amours separate. Whilst this entailed at least an hour of boredom and waiting for Harry, it benefited him much in the end. Flushed and roseate, her body all of a quiver from the Sapphic embraces of his sister the victim would then pass into his arms all ready for the further sacrifice to Priapus. Indeed, more than merely ready, for Patricia was no less than a devotee of her art, and her agile tongue tuned the nubile maidens as finely as a craftsman tunes a violin.
    This Pamela was soon enough to learn. With the curtains firmly drawn in as delicately furnished a boudoir as she had ever seen, she was rapidly induced to make a pair in bed under pretext of soothing Patricia's brow.
    “Ah, you are making me feel better already,” declared the latter. “Pray make yourself comfortable in turn, my dear, and cast off your cumbersome attire. We shall then be far more comfortable.”
    These words impinged sweetly enough on Pamela's ears for, being a sensible girl and one given to slightly artful behaviour herself, she divined not a little that the Lady Patricia intended to make her feel much better herself. Having no objection to this, and finding her new companion as sweet and perfect of form as. herself, Pamela was not loath to present herself in turn in a state of Nature, and thus their warm bodies soon lay fondly together.
    In but a moment Patricia had kissed her rosebud lips and passed a fervent hand over the snow-white crests of her bubbies, which felt delightfully resilient to the touch.
    “How quickly your nipples come up-may I suck them?” Patricia asked, since she sensed neither resistance nor overmuch shyness on her companion's part.
    “Oh, yes,” Pamela assented eagerly. She was about to be inducted, although she knew it not, into the highest realms of lovemaking. Ere two minutes had passed, and with the quivering buds of her nipples already erect by Patricia's craftily sucking mouth, her lively thighs were parted well to receive the labial attentions that were fondly pressed upon and around her cunny.
    Gasping and wriggling, Pamela received the snakelike length of as fervent and skilful a tongue as doubled any raptures she had previously received in this wise. True, she had taught both Helen and Miranda to do it to her a little, but neither had obtained the art of Patricia who-in a trice-had both the girl's legs upon her shoulders and was bringing her rapidly to a point of careless bliss.
    “What a delicious slit!” Patricia murmured, turning herself quickly then about so that her own fond nest presented itself over Pamela's face.
    Quite eager to taste the honeyed treasure, Pamela reached up boldly, caressing as well as she could the ardent hemispheres of Patricia's bottom and drawing her cunny down upon her mouth. Sneezing a trifle as a mass of curls tickled her nose, her tongue was soon twirling in turn until naught but the most blissful liquid sounds reigned in the boudoir and each brought the other in turn to heavenly surrender of her spurting treasures.
    “What a treasure you are, to be sure,” declared the Lady Patricia at long last after each had frequently tasted the other's salty libation. “Do you then like girls as much as I?”
    “Oh, I believe so, though none has pleasured me as you,” replied Pamela, whose mouth was still avid to receive the fiery flickerings of her companion's tongue. “I like being injected, too,” she added naively enough while Patricia's lips made paths of pleasure all over and around her curves.
    “Injected? Oh, you mean by the cock,” Patricia replied frankly, delighted to discover that they had such an advanced protegee. “Yes, my pet, it is well said that cock should follow tongue, but I would bid you tongue me a little more first. Do you know how to do feuille de rose?”
    Sadly Pamela was forced to unveil her ignorance of such a sport, whereat, with a silvery laugh, her adorable bedmate turned about and presented herself on all fours.
    “Part the cheeks of my bottom and present just the tip of your tongue there. Meanwhile, then, pass your left hand beneath my cunny and tickle my spot as surely as your tongue shall tickle me elsewhere.”
    So spoke Patricia, who found this the most exciting of activities and one to which not all her captive girls were prone to indulge, or did so with such awkwardness and naive fondling that her pleasure was often quite spoilt. In Pamela she had, however, a truly dedicated pupil who was so intent on pleasing in this manner that she drew the ardent Patricia to the end of the bed, whereby then she could, by placing her own feet on the floor, more readily attend to this form of lubricious caressing.
    True, it was quite new to her, but no sooner had the curled point of her tongue found the wrinkled orifice and even inserted itself a trifle within than a fond murmur of pleasure escaped the owner of the altar of love to which she was attending.
    “Your finger, my sweet!” implored Patricia, who had parted her lovely thighs wide and now received the desired digit, teasing and maddening her clitoris so that Pamela was hard put to keep her tongue darting within and without the perfumed bottom. Nevertheless she succeeded by gripping Patricia's thighs from the front with her right hand and was soon drawing delirious moans from her victim.
    “Oh! how I… I… lovely! Flick your tongue faster!” appealed Patricia, whose senses were quite swimming under the dual ardent caress. Panting not a little, and with the orbs of her divine breasts swinging as she knelt, she was not long in releasing from her cunny a further salty spray so prolonged that she collapsed and lay quite still, all pale of visage and with her eyes rolling heavenward. Indeed, Pamela thought her at first to have fainted and was heartily relieved when, falling again beside her, she felt herself clasped in two adoring arms.
    “My treasure of desire!” Patricia murmured huskily, “how sad I shall be to lose you!”
    “You need not,” replied Pamela, who was all aglow not only with her success, but with her learning of a pretty little trick that she vowed Helen must learn to do to her.
    Patricia kissed her anew. “Poor Harry, I had quite forgotten about him in our transports. Will you not see how he is?” she asked and thereupon drew from beneath a pillow a gauzy robe which she bid Pamela put on.
    “May we not call him in-after you are covered, of course,” Pamela said, for while a little uncertain still, she was half of a mind that the pair were in some consort together.
    “How immodest!” simpered Patricia, making not the least effort to cover herself. “No, my pet, it will take but a moment to see to his comfort, and then you must return, for I would hear all about it.”
    Not doubting now for a moment that she was now expected to receive Harry's cock and to recount the event, Pamela assented as shyly as she felt able to. In her newfound philosophy, she saw no reason at all why both should not partake of his doughty tool and could not begin to believe that Patricia herself did not receive it regularly. In truth, however, it was a very curious state of affairs, for wedded as she was to the Sapphic pleasures, Patricia had never indulged herself in amourous combat with Harry. Only once had she permitted him to unveil her lower charms and to visit her dell with his tongue, but that had been in a spirit of experiment, for Patricia had quickly found that his raptures at tasting her fount turned to a desire to insert his prick therein. Not being so minded, she had spurned him, awarding but a single sisterly kiss to his fiercely wagging tool. Thus, most curiously, Patricia remained a virgin and would have been so perhaps to this day had it not been for the artful wiles of Pamela.
    Proud maiden as she was, and being given rather to arranging matters than to finding herself the victim of them, she intended not to become the plaything of either. Hence, rubbing her eyes as she descended and so giving all appearance of having cried, she cast herself with open robe into the drawing room, where Harry awaited her coming with great expectancy.
    That he was not disappointed at the immediate view of her uncovered charms was evidenced by the eager glow in his eyes and the uncovered arrogance of his cock, for he had divested himself of all clothing in readiness for the event.
    “Oh, sir!” cried Pamela upon seeing it, for it was of a fair size and well deserved her exclamation. Casting herself without ado in his arms, she allowed the manly rod to thrum merrily against her belly while clutching its root decisively.
    “Come! upon the couch with you, my little bird. It is surely time you were given the manly tribute,” declared Harry, who was all in raptures at the exquisite curves presented to his form.
    There and then he would have lifted her and carried her upon the waiting altar of plush velvet which was reserved for such sacrifices and where many a young girl's bottom had waggled ardently, but he knew not in what crafty guise he was being led on.
    “Oh, sir, not I!” protested Pamela, who began thereupon to sob and clutch at his neck in such wise that he could not bend to lift her. “Pray listen, for you see my tears, though you know not the reason for them. 'Tis Patricia.”
    “Patricia!” echoed the slightly crestfallen hero, who by then would have had his steaming shaft well embedded in her. “Is she unwell still?”
    “In more senses than one, Harry, for I left her bereft. Do you not know it is this wicked cock of yours that she most desires?”
    So saying, Pamela ran her fingers skilfully down the straining shaft, while keeping one arm tightly strung about his neck. Seeking the root of his cock, she sought his balls and dandled them.
    “D… d… desires?” stuttered Harry, whose world was turned all about. Not a maiden before this had not gone under him in a trice, hot as she had proven from his sister's bed.
    “Truly, and I would durst not confess it to you had she not done so to me. I had but my tongue at her bottom when she cried out that it was something larger she desired. Oh, how her poor heart broke to confess it to me-and, Harry, I swear to you I am the first to have the secret from her heart. She would be taken by force, she declares, for there is no other way to bring her to true pleasure.”
    “The deuce of it-by force!” replied the stricken Harry, who was torn between forcing Pamela upon the waiting couch or attending upon Patricia, whose refusal of his ever eager weapon had never ceased to confound him.
    “By force it must be-or apparently so-for she will never otherwise surrender and so lives in great frustration. Why else would she entertain the all too delicate tongues of girls such as I so frequently, were she not burning for the dominating cock?” asked Pamela, whose tongue was quite in danger of running away with her.
    “Ah, Pamela, let me have you first!” demanded the ardent swain, whose fingers took full delight in raising her flimsy robe and exploring everywhere her nubile treasures.
    “Could it but be-this very instant,” murmured Pamela, casting upon his eyes the hottest of her gazes, “but then you wouldst need tarry awhile before you were ready for her-and I fear now that were she, in her present state, to know that I were entertaining you, all would be upset.”
    “Indeed, yes,” answered Harry, who saw well enough that their cottage might then no longer be such a haven of lust as both had been wont to enjoy. Moreover, he had many a time been minded to join the Sapphic revels and turn them to his own advantage, and had suffered much frustration from being forever barred from Patricia's boudoir while many heavenly moans and cries sounded from within.
    “Make haste, then-remember she may cry and struggle, for she told me that she would, but yet has a longing for it greater than you can imagine. Grip her tightly and enter quickly. Her pretended resistance will soon then cease. Her bottom is truly well moistened for the fray,” enjoined the artful Miss, whose urgings could no longer be overcome. “Make quiet upon the stairs-I shall follow,” Pamela hissed.
    “Indeed! What a treasure you are! What a day we shall have of it!” chortled Harry, who could scarce believe his luck, so long had he yearned for such a moment when his cock might entertain two at once. Thereupon, with Pamela three steps behind him, he ascended with all quietness, knowing well enough which stair creaked and which did not. Expecting Pamela to follow him completely, he entered the perfumed boudoir whose air was by then redolent with female scents of desire.
    Patricia lay upon her belly musing at the fortunes of the morning and squeezing her bottom cheeks occasionally in fonder membrance of Pamela's tongue-a movement of some voluptuous invitation which Harry took to be the perfect assent to all he had heard. Not infrequently a maiden struggled briefly in his arms, and he was well accustomed to containing them until his quietening shaft was well buried.
    Mindful of Pamela's injunctions, he cast himself like a bolt of lightning upon his sister's recumbent form, his lusty loins meeting the luring curve of her bottom with a loud smacking noise that was accompanied also by a shriek from Patricia. Instinctively she endeavoured to rise and cast him off, though the very movement served his purpose well. Thrusting her pretty face well down into the pillow, Harry maneuvered his glowing knob without ado between the adorable cheeks of her ripe bottom and eased it blissfully within the puckered rim where Pamela's saliva still lingered.
    “Harry, no! Oh, you monster, you vagabond! Take it out! How dare you! Aaaah! Oh, no! No, you must not-I forbid it. Harry! I f…f…f… OOOOOH! Oh, it is too big! No!”
    Such eyes as espied them through the doorway glowed. Pamela could not indeed desist from coyly fingering her cunny as the doughty rod passed slowly between the arrogant cheeks of Patricia's bottom while her hips were now clasped as if by iron bands in her brother's grip.
    “M… M… M… Mama!” Patricia shrieked, quite beside herself at the wicked invasion. “Oh! I shall tell, Mama! Harry-stop!”
    His throbbing tool now three-quarters ensconced in her warm, sleek bottom hole, Harry screwed up his eyes with bliss, though he could not help but let a chuckle escape him at the thought of Patricia's confessing all their lewd deeds. The fact that she dared not merely impelled his lusting vigour so that with a final grunting movement, he rammed the whole of his flaming charger within his sister's bottom and so contained her struggles to perfection. Thereupon, after a moment of stillness broken only by Patricia's helpless cries, he sensed some tiny assenting movement of the rapturous sphere of her bottom which was pressed so tightly into his belly.
    “My love, my desire!” he murmured fondly and bending full over her commenced to fondle and weigh her dangling tits, finding her nipples so full hard that he was no longer in doubt about her secret enjoyment of the unwonted bout.
    For her part, Patricia succumbed to her fate more readily than she would have believed. The titillations of Pamela's tongue had merely served to prepare the dish for the oven, so to speak, and the long, thick throbbing of Harry's fine prick in her bottom stirred her lascivious temperament. Even so, burying her blushing face in her pillow, she murmured in disguise of her rising excitement that it was a most wicked thing to do to her.
    “Such it is, my pet, and the greater enjoyment we shall thus have of it. Come, make no pretence, for I intend to cork you properly,” rejoiced Harry, who in the passion of the moment had quite forgotten Pamela. That maiden, however, had not forgotten herself and was half-minded to join in their transports. Yet she sensed that to make herself an open accomplice left her less an ally than a victim and so-tiptoeing about whilst the passionate bout commenced in earnest-she quickly recovered her clothes and fled downstairs with them, not forgetting to lock the door upon the pair as she did.
    “Oh, H… H… Harry!” came a moan through the door as she did, though whether it was in lamentation at her departure or was merely to celebrate in sound the lascivious pleasure that Patricia was by then clearly enjoying, Pamela neither knew nor cared. They would have a fine time of it to get out of the room in any event, she pondered with some pleasure.
    Thus the artful maiden rode back to the manor, discussing with herself as she did the ease with which such events could be toned about, provided that all partners were sufficiently randy to take such opportunities as accosted them. Being of a kindly nature always, she knew well enough that Patricia would but benefit from the affair and no doubt would have her delectable cunny breached also ere the day were out. Thereafter, Pamela told herself with some satisfaction, Harry would be able to let himself down from the window by sheets and so release them both.
    As to Lady Bromley, all would have to find some means to explain their absence; but since she herself could ever put an innocent face upon it, so could Patricia and Harry.
    Meanwhile, she must find out what Helen and Miranda had been about.

Chapter thirteen

    Alas for Pamela's intentions, the artful quarry which was the subject of the hunt had wheeled about and so thereupon had the merry riders. Scarce had Pamela proceeded half a mile than a loud “Halloa!” came to her ears and past her rushed the red-brown fox in such a scurry that she felt truly sorry for the poor hunted animal.
    Perceiving it going in the direction of the manor, she watched its course and then wheeled her steed about as the leading huntsmen raced across the meadows and reached her, their bright red jackets flying open in the breeze.
    “Whence did the rascally animal go?” demanded Sir Josiah Spinks who led the race and wondered how on earth Pamela had got where she was. Waving his crop, he looked all about him, but fortunately could espy nothing.
    “Ah, sir, I saw it clearly-it wheeled that way, toward the copse,” Pamela replied, indicating in the kindness of her heart quite a different direction from that which the fox had taken. She pointed toward a clump of trees upon rising ground as she spoke, and thereto Sir Josiah turned his attention, though having been rather distracted by the pretty figure this young lady presented. He had not had opportunity to study her before.
    Lest there be any noble male or female followers of the sport whose eyes cast themselves upon these pages, it should be explained that no hounds accompanied such occasions as Lady Bromley organised. This was not because the lady was more sporting at heart, but solely for the reason that she had found the yapping brutes a decided nuisance when wending her followers to a quite different form of activity. Hence rarely was a fox ever encountered within fifty yards of these meets, but rather were the females herded in the direction most suited to licentious occasions.
    None, however, were novices, lest Sir Josiah's niece, Kitty, could be called such, for she was the next youngest in the party to Pamela and as pretty as a Dresden doll. Indeed, coming upon the pair at a gallop now, she cast a fretful eye upon Pamela, who had given Sir Josiah her very sweetest smile in persuading him where the fox was gone. For Kitty was in much hope of acquiring some small fortune from her uncle's will in due course and was not minded to brook any rivals. True, the old boy had only kissed her and fondled her a little so far, but she quite believed she had become his darling and was minded to keep that post amid jealous jostlings from other of her cousins.
    “I do not believe we have met,” Kitty declared primly enough to Pamela, who thereupon in true feminine fashion read all the signs in the girl's eyes.
    “'Tis my misfortune that we were not introduced,” Pamela responded politely and-names being thereupon exchanged-the small party of followers arrived, led by their hostess in company with Captain Dancer. To them Pamela also explained where the fox had gone (or had not gone, in fact), and the direction seemed to please Lady Bromley, who thereupon led the hunt forward whilst Pamela dallied in the rear, piqued that her escape to the manor had been cut off.
    Approaching the wood, Lady Bromley caused her bold Captain to sound upon his horn, this being the signal not for a further advance but for the mounted servants to arrive bearing hampers and all manner of good edibles, wine and liquors.
    “Here we shall rest,” the hostess declared, and the guests seated themselves all about while dazzling white cloths were laid and all set out upon the grass before the servants took their departure. To Pamela's pleasure, the absence of the wanton pair whom she had left behind seemed not to be noticed. Lounging upon the sward in company with all, she partook of chicken, ham, salad, and wine, as all did, until replete and with many satisfied sighs, the ladies lay themselves back in sweet expectancy of the “sweets” they were to receive. As all knew, Lady Bromley invariably produced a surprise on such occasions, and they all waited to see what it might be and how lubricious it might prove.
    They had not long to wait, though kissing had already commenced and not a few male hands delved impatiently already within the corsages of the ladies which had been opened already. Pamela lay unattended for the moment, perhaps by some unspoken consent, while Kitty merely had her svelte form lightly caressed by her uncle, who cuddled her fondly. Indeed, heavy with wine, Pamela had already closed her eyes when she heard her name called. Half-sitting up in surprise, she saw that the guests had maneuvered themselves into a wide circle, that several ladies were distinctly showing their bare breasts and that many pairs of breeches had been opened in readiness.
    In fact, the sight of so many upstanding pricks, freed of any covering, caused Pamela to think that they looked like so many curious long toadstools. Not unnaturally, she blushed, believing herself to be dreaming, until Belinda Bromley beckoned her in a manner that betokened no refusal. Sweetly flushed as she was and aware that all eyes were upon her nubile form, she advanced through a waiting gap in the circle there to be seized by Captain Dancer who brought her somewhat in the classic manner of St. Joan to her knees.
    “Pamela shall entertain us first!” declared Lady Bromley, whereat there were cries of approval, titters from several of the ladies, and indeed also a little applause.
    “Oh! what are they at!” asked Kitty, who, having slyly glanced all around her once, pretended great dismay and hid her face in Sir Josiah's waistcoat. It was not her first view of a waggling penis, though she had never seen so many all together before.
    “A little sport, my pet, but-ahem-I fear you should not look,” declared her uncle, who had so far not shown her his own doughty tool but now took sly advantage to release it under cover of fumbling about.
    “I shall keep my eyes closed, then,” said Kitty. Suddenly a shriek came from Pamela, who was minded not to be treated so rudely. But she was promptly placed on all fours, with the assistance of another gallant, whilst her skirts were tossed up to her hips. This causing her bottom, thighs, and all to be bared, a general sigh of admiration sounded along the trees for the white orb of her bottom looked particularly luscious in the dappled sunlight which filtered through the leaves.
    Quite vexed but not entirely unexcited that she should be made queen of the occasion, Pamela decided not to shriek anew, but instead hid her face in her hands and adjusted herself by a slight movement of her hips to whatever might follow. Delighted at her acquiescence-though Lady Bromley herself was a little put out that her guests were not to enjoy a merry struggle-the gallant who had first held her shoulders now downed his breeches and presented his well-standing cock to her lips.
    Pamela had but to uncover her face at his gentle nudge and thus had the closest possible view of the rubicund head that glowed in waiting before her. Not without a gesture of simple courtesy did the amourous gentleman lift her chin and, by gently pinching her nose, so caused her lips to part that he was able to insert his weapon between her pretty lips.
    A petulant hiss came from Pamela's nostrils as the sturdy, fleshy shaft intruded into her mouth a full four inches and slid over her tongue. But the sound she emitted, being one of faint surprise, was occasioned also by the fact that the Captain, positioning himself in her rear, had upped her delightful bottom slightly wherewith to ease his cock in turn into her nest. Thus assailed at both ends, Pamela uttered a not disagreeable choking cry and absorbed both inch by inch until her warm posterior nestled firmly into the Captain's belly and her mouth somewhat miraculously-as she thought- absorbed another two inches of the other cock.
    Lady Bromley's eyes literally glowed at the lewd spectacle. Her own skirts already being raised, she presented herself on her back with her stockinged legs indelicately raised in the air and her cuntlips gaping for the first prick that should assail it.
    Being of a neat turn of mind, the Lady Belinda had so arranged matters that the number of gentlemen exceeded by four the number of ladies. Thus it followed that of occasion the shapely “mares” could be put to two stallions at once, as Pamela had already discovered. Succulent as her cunny and mouth were-having been appropriately pleasured but an hour ere this-she was affording both her fervent steeds exquisite pleasure. While one moved out of her slit, the other moved in between her lips and thus a perfect rhythm was commenced as both stiff cocks were oiled by her juices and her saliva. Smacking her pert bottom back and forth, she began to enjoy herself no end, though not forgetting an occasional fretful wriggle as if to demonstrate that she was being forced to the occasion.
    Murmuring pleasurably and whilst keeping her eyes upon the trio in order to further excite her own senses, Lady Bromley was not slow in receiving her own first salute. Well rodded as her cunny was, it had lost none of its elasticity as the Right Honourable Dick Mountjoy found when he cast himself with glee between her plump thighs. One of her many followers, he had oft given her his cock before and found her generous body ever to his taste. With a distinct squishing sound, he entered his rearing tool in the moist, warm grotto and commenced working his buttocks with gusto.
    Indeed, all around the sward such scenes were being repeated, some ladies upping their naked bottoms eagerly while others settled for the missionary position and couched themselves wide-thighed to receive their swains. Even before they were entered, their cunnies already pulsed with pleasure, for Lady Bromley and her companions had early discovered that a gentle jolting upon a leather saddle soon warmed and made ready the female lovepot and its attendant orifice in the most voluptuous manner.
    Sweet Kitty was by then also experiencing a pleasurable sensation between her thighs, for in cuddling against her uncle and so coyly presenting her back to the lewd sights around them, her docile fingers had already-and quite by chance, naturally-come into contact with the throbbing eminence of flesh which reared its hopeful head between them.
    No sooner had he felt the passing touch than Sir Josiah, his senses all a-swim, dared to grope up her skirts, laying bare her white-stockinged legs and the smooth girlhood of her curves right up to her navel. Thus obtaining his first glimpse of her furry honeypot which the up-and-down motions of her riding had pleasantly moistened, he made hypocritical pretence of trying to cover her again while smothering her face with kisses.
    Pretty Kitty knew exactly of course what was going on behind her. Amourous activities not being infrequent in the large country houses where the devil afforded seeking hands much work to do, she had already been much fondled, coddled, and even had had her pussy several times surreptitiously juiced while her fond Mama had thought her employed in needlework in her room. Thus Kitty had learned how to thread the needle, and the longer and thicker it was, the better she enjoyed it.
    Now prey to the ever more passionate kisses of her uncle, she tossed and sighed, expressing all sorts of pretty, wondering sighs as his finger fondled her pussy. Being of an artful nature, she attempted not to clasp his manly tool, however, until he drew her fingers around it.
    “Oh Uncle, what is it?” she gasped, ensuring that her warm fingers held the throbbing rod in a manner to please him.
    Casting her then on her back and throwing up her clothes with new abandon, Sir Josiah spread her legs without ado and gazed down with fond passion at the glistening slit her pussy curls enfolded. Sticking up from his belly now that her hand had abandoned it, his cock appeared to present quite a menace to her, for she gasped and heaved her white belly in a manner of apparent terror though in reality it was but to attract him to the deed.
    “We are about to fuck, my pet, to juice your adorable little slit-see! as all are now doing!” he declared. Even while Kitty appeared to gaze in surprised horror at what was about them, his fiery crest was nosed between the poutings lips of her slit and driven up within.
    Kitty received the swollen shaft with a low squeal, for if he thought himself to be the first upon her, she was sure that she would eventually benefit more thereby. And so a sweet struggle ensued which with every jerking of her bottom but ensured that her stallion was ever more firmly sheathed.
    “Oh, no, how wicked! Take it out!” she panted and would have squeezed tears into her eyes were it not for the undoubted pleasure she was receiving.
    “Disobey me not, my love-open your legs wider, work your pretty bottom, for I am but almost all in you,” panted the ardent Sir Josiah, whose stiff cock was so rightly clenched that he almost came thereupon.
    Gasping and heaving as if she would dismount him, Kitty uttered many a pleading squeak, the more thereby to excite him as she knew it would. Her cunny was warm and soft, and by now she held it all within her and was minded not to lose it until he had expended all his manly essence.
    “Oh, you are making me! How big it is!” she breathed.
    “Do you not like it?”
    “Oh, yes! I should not, though. Ah, how you are basting me with it. Ooooh! Aaaaah!”
    Belly to belly, the pair thus heaved their pleasure whilst all around them sounded cries and groans of bliss. Lying now on her side, Lady Bromley presented her ample fundament to another swain whilst that which had been entertaining her slipped from her well-spermed slit. A grunt, a gasp, and her new assailant was lodged deep between the fat cheeks of her bottom in the same moment that the spouting cocks which Pamela was in course of receiving fore and aft loosed their jets of come within her mouth and in her cunny.
    Rolling her eyes and wriggling her bottom in a most unladylike manner, she urged the Captain by her fevered movements into releasing the last fine spurts of sperm even as the wet knob of the other slipped from her mouth. No sooner, however had the pair of swains lain temporarily exhausted than a third-taking fine opportunity of her well-raised bottom-took his place and seized her hips, according her as fine a salute in her bottom as Lady Bromley was in process of receiving.
    For her part, Kitty had entered well into the throes of being fucked and with raised legs and wanton murmurs was urging on her uncle while hotly breathing in his ear that she would not tell her Mama provided he were thenceforth kind to her.
    “For every fuck I shall buy you a diamond ring,” panted the improvident Sir Josiah, who was nearing the end of his course and could feel the delicious bubbling of sperm in his balls.
    “Oh, how nice!” responded Kitty, who fully intended that he should give her much more than that. “You shall fuck me often-for that indeed is what you have said it is called-and may do it upon my bed when Mama thinks I am doing needlework. Oh! Your naughty finger-it is in my bottom!”
    “Where my prick shall also go ere we depart, my pet,” her uncle panted. Feeling her stockinged legs coil tighter around him, he screwed his eyes up, releasing the long jets of his glutinaceous essence with infinite bliss. Squeezing the interior of her cunny artfully, Kitty made sure that she received every drop. Until this day she had not had a prick in her bottom and had never entertained the thought, nor was she minded to-being quick at thought-until at least a diamond necklace adorned her neck.
    Alas for her artfulness, all being at pillage, she had no sooner been dismounted than other hot and eager eyes were upon her wantonly uncovered form. Having performed such deed as he had done, and being in that moment somewhat weakened of his powers, her uncle could do no more than watch as his niece was turned over upon her knees and a fine upstanding cock presented to her nether cheeks.
    Such ensuing wails as issued from pretty Kitty's throat were such as Lady Bromley had expected Pamela to utter. Somewhat to her dismay, however, that young lady had received all with considerable aplomb, not to say satisfaction, and it was now to squealing Kitty that all eyes turned as the rosebud of her bottom was slowly breached. Pegged to the full, at last, she sobbed and beseeched while all about her as could move applauded. Not a one of the ladies was not given to all varieties of the sport and a maiden bottom cleft was ever a fair sight.
    Thus Kitty's sobbing wails rose unheeded until, as all knew would transpire, the pleasure of the manly piston took her and her moans became those of pleasure rather than of assault. Indeed, a hushed silence fell over the lewd throng who rested from their own endeavours to watch the sturdy cock ease back and forth between her tight cheeks until-speeding its endeavours and with many a loud smacking sound of Kitty's bottom against her assailant's belly-the spouts of come were loosed within their tight, warm haven, causing both partners to quiver with bliss.
    In such wise was sweet Kitty completely undone, for ere the afternoon was out and lulled by wine and artful compliments she acceded further to the pleasure of her uncle and lent her bottom to his will whether he gave her necklace or ring or not.
    Not until the hour of five struck from some distant steeple did the assembled ladies repair their disorder, being assisted upon their horses by gentlemen as happily weary as they. A little piqued with Pamela, Lady Bromley said nothing to her en route. It was as well, since Pamela could make her way indoors to seek her charges without interference from her ladyship, who immediately went to her room and called for champagne.

Chapter fourteen

    Riotous as the day outside had been, within the walls of the manor it had been little less adventurous, as Pamela was later to discover when all was wheedled out. Suffice to say that Sir Richard could not refrain from desiring to exercise his cock in Helen's receptive dell, and that on seeking her in the privacy of her room, he found to his delight that she appeared to have prepared for the event.
    In truth, as she declared (though it was nothing of the sort), she had been but trying on a new corselette when her fond Papa entered. The rose-pink trifle, adorned with little frills of cream lace, was so brief by nature that it covered her but halfway to her breasts and made but to peek at her navel where the lace fringe hung. Thus below all lay revealed from her creamy thighs-artfully banded by the tops of patterned stockings-to the fair bush which laid its trim triangle between them.
    Coy gasps issued from her at his entrance. Wearing neither drawers nor anything else save a fetching pair of boots whose shiny surfaces equally attracted his eyes, Helen made as if to cover her Venus mount, but her slim wrist was quickly swept aside.
    “My love, let me feel again your bottom, your thighs, your adorable honeypot,” he breathed.
    Seeming half to swoon, the nubile maiden pressed both belly and mount to the front of his breeches, thereby assuring herself that his prick was already at full stand.
    “We d… d… durst not again!” stuttered Helen, while being swiftly borne back to her bed where she fell with a soft cry and readily parted thighs. Some frail form of defence was surely needed to give extra spice to the situation, as Helen well suspected. However, her defence was brief, for soon enough he was upon her, breeches down, and with the rubicund head of his cock seeking entrance between the pursed lips of her slit.
    To this assault, Helen timourously assented-or so at least she made play of coyly doing-and with a fervent wriggle of her warm round bottom soon had his cock surely lodged within. Jolting the bed not a little, and having her over the edge of it in what he considered a prime position, Sir Richard pressed his balls in close to the underswell of her bottom and pecked at her ardent lips.
    Sliding her pointed tongue within his mouth, Helen decided that pretence was no longer the order of the day. The sensations she was being accorded were too rapturous for dissimulation.
    “Oh! is it not nice, Papa! Work it in and out, for you send me to heaven.”
    “Exquisite, my pet. Draw your legs up about my waist. Ah, yes, tighten them so. Let me unlace you so that I may caress your breasts. How firmly your nipples stand!”
    “You excite them so, naughty Papa. Oh! How deliciously you work it in and out. Your cock, is it not called? Do not come yet, for I want to feel every inch of it. Do you not love to fuck me now?” asked Helen, whose risen passion was loosening her tongue more and more.
    “You are the t… tightest, sw… sweetest fuck I ever had, my pet,” declared her sire gallantly. Breathing heavily, he began to ram her in earnest while her bottom bounced upon his cupping hands and their lascivious tongues worked ever faster each around the other's. Thus, giving themselves up completely to the incestuous bout, neither gave thought to the fact that in his amourous haste the fond knight had quite forgotten to lock the door.
    But at this point it is needful to return to Pamela, who but twenty minutes later tripped in all innocence up the wide, curving staircase. That Helen had been successfully injected she doubted not, though when that event might have occurred she was not positive and merely hoped, as has been explained, to protect that young lady from a first rude assault by the Captain.
    First she hied herself to the room of Helen, who had barely recovered from two successive bouts and lay curled up on her bed somewhat drowsily with her stockings wrinkled. Sir Richard, having heard the clattering arrival of the horses in the courtyard below, had rapidly absented himself and was in course of repairing his own disorder. Helen did not stir as Pamela went quietly in. Quite in the land of dreams, she lay with her thighs apart, a pretty flush upon her face and her lovely curves roseate with health and satisfaction.
    Tiptoeing to the bed so as not to awaken her, Pamela gazed with kindly pleasure upon what she saw. The erected peaks of Helen's nipples, the sultry look of satiation around her slightly parted lips, and glistening drops of the male essence adorning her pubic curls told all.
    Not being minded to disturb her, Pamela retreated quietly and moved along the corridor to Miranda's room. There she hopefully expected to find that particular little treasure reading some instructive volume or lending her fingers perhaps to needlework. Instead, to her astonishment, Miranda lay clad only in a short chemise, her knees drawn up and her patently glowing bottom presented to her young governess's view.
    Petulantly sobbing, she rolled over toward Pamela.
    “Oh, and what is this?” demanded Pamela, who knew well enough the signs of the birch when she saw them, for Miranda's chubby cheeks were streaked by the burnishing of the soft twigs.
    “B… b… b…” bubbled Miranda and cast herself into the comforting arms of Pamela, who came down beside her.
    “And who has been naughty?” Pamela demanded gently. She was beginning to understand that the manor had not been one of total calm during her absence.
    “Oh, P… P… Pamela, I w… went to Helen's r… room just to borrow something and oh!”
    Pamela's heart beat a trifle faster, for she scarce needed to be told what Miranda had discovered. Coming upon the licentious scene as she had, Miranda had been accorded a brief but lively birching by her Papa for “peeping,” and since his cock was all a-waggle at the time, some rather merry scenes had ensued. Miranda, having her bottom well warmed, had been sufficiently aroused to have desired also to receive the fruits of Sir Richard's endeavours, but Helen-affecting jealousy-had packed her off to her room and bid her fiercely not to unveil their secrets.
    “Indeed, that is so, Miranda,” Pamela assured her fervently and went on to explain that all such matters were secret and must not be divulged-save perhaps to herself, she added promptly. However, finding that her charge remained unmollified, Pamela took herself without further ado to Sir Richard's room and there lectured him quietly but sternly on his duties.
    Sir Richard listened to all with bemusement, for he had now fully persuaded himself that it was Pamela alone who had put the whole house topsy-turvy and guided him into paths of unrighteousness. But this the dear girl had also anticipated and went on to speak in no uncertain manner of how things were to be regulated in the future. Her ladyship, Pamela remarked acidly, was minded solely for her own pleasures, though she was not so indiscreet as to describe them nor her own part in them. What mattered, she said, was that Sir Richard should better organise his affairs so that he reestablished himself as head of the household while she, Pamela, would advise him on his course of actions.
    Rather to his own surprise, the good knight listened carefully to all. There was no doubt that Pamela was quite the most delightful girl he had ever met, and he found himself truly enchanted by what she considered the logic of her philosophy. That she intended to be his guiding light, while remaining discreetly in the background, he found not displeasing.
    “Very well, my dear, I doubt not that you are right,” he concluded gravely when the maiden had finished her dissertation. She would obviously need a larger allowance-a proposal that Pamela accepted with the faintest of nods, not wishing to be seen to invite such an idea. Being quite businesslike in such matters and not ungenerous, Sir Richard offered a sum on which Pamela was persuaded to agree.
    Sealing the bargain with kisses, the two stood embracing whilst Sir Richard fondled her warm bottom, this being the only caress that she accorded him. Mindful of her charges and without mentioning the name of the rascally Captain Dancer, Pamela spared not the fond knight's blushes by declaring that, Helen having been accorded Cupid's salute, Miranda must now receive the same, though thereafter they should be free to choose their own swains and to receive such injections as either freely needed.
    All this being said in an equally businesslike way put a fair polish on the situation, which caused Sir Richard to take the view that his life had been considerably expanded by the intrusion of this delightful if unusual young lady whom he was minded to make his official mistress.
    “That may be so or not so,” replied Pamela, who being at all times of careful disposition, was ever careful not to finally commit herself to anything. Such apparent coyness naturally increased her employer's desire for her, as she well anticipated that it might, and hence she distanced herself from his searching hands, reminding him that he must conserve himself for the hunt ball.
    “Shall you be present? Oh, indeed you must,” Sir Richard averred.
    Turning away from him and gazing down upon the verdant green of the countryside that surrounded them, Pamela uttered a little sigh of pleasure and quite decided that she would spend a few more months there before moving on to new pastures.
    “Yes, and it shall be a masked ball-I have decided,” she said. “No doubt, Sir Richard, you will announce that early on and send word about to the guests.”
    “Ah, yes-yes indeed,” responded the knight, who had always left such arrangements to his wife. How she might respond to it he knew not, and he expressed such hesitation to Pamela, who listened coolly.
    “You will take the birch to her, Sir Richard, if need be. She is in her room now. I suggest you attend to that forthwith. Upon satisfying myself that you have dealt with that situation, I may accord you a few favours tonight. But now I have other things to do. To your wife's room, if you please, sir!”
    “Ah, yes-yes, of course-forthwith,” replied Sir Richard, who otherwise saw the gates of heaven closing upon him. Casting his eyes about, he looked for the birch, but saw it not.
    “You left it in Helen's room after you had attended to Miranda. I will fetch it. I do not wish her to be again disturbed at the moment, and I wish to have a little talk with her. Wait, please!”
    Quite haplessly, Sir Richard nodded. He was trapped, it seemed, in many directions, though not undesirably so when the hunter was as inviting and comely as Pamela. He therefore waited until she fetched it, and under her watching eye, proceeded to the boudoir of his spouse.
    What happened therein need not be a matter for detailed examination. Neither of the pair being blameless in matters of indiscretion-and each knowing much of the other's sins-a battle of wills at first ensued which might have seen no immediate end had not an outraged Belinda had her bottom infinitely more attended to by the swishing birch than ever Miranda had had that day. Quite overwhelmed, however, by her husband's unexpected masterfulness, Belinda finally implored the solace of his cock, this being the mode whereby she hoped to enchant him anew.
    Of this, however, Pamela had forewarned him, and thus the sobbing dame was left clutching her hot bottom whilst Sir Richard roundly declared that she would be confined to her room for the rest of the day. Descending in high spirits at his victory, he thereupon rousted out their guests in a firm but polite manner, whilst advising them of the new arrangements for the ball. This, it should be explained, was always held on the night following the hunt in order that all might recoup their amourous powers.
    Meanwhile, Pamela saw to it that Helen bathed and dressed, for a girl must at all times appear of attractive aspect. Not revealing what she knew, but dropping many a hint upon the way, she expanded upon her philosophy to the pretty maiden, who listened all agog and duly absorbed all she was told.
    The little matter of Miranda was ever uppermost in her mind, however, and this she timourously tried to introduce into the conversation without betraying the actual circumstances.
    “Yes, yes-Miranda is going to be seen to, my pet,” Pamela said quietly and felt that she needed to add no other explanation as she finally kissed the girl's sultry lips. That Helen might endeavour to discover for herself how that was to be effected she had no doubt, and hence decided to spend the night in that young lady's room so that Miranda might proceed undisturbed in her discoveries of the pleasures of Priapus.
    Diverting the conversation to the hunt ball, Pamela brought a happy glow to Helen's cheeks by advising her that she might attend.
    “Not only shall we be masked, my sweet, but I have decided we shall wear each other's dresses. Will that not be jolly fun?” enquired Pamela.
    Helen's eyes were all a-sparkle at the idea and she assented eagerly. It needed not to be said between them that each could then receive the appropriate salutes of one and all whilst concealing their identities.
    “But what will dear Mama say?” Helen wished to know.
    “Your Mama is also being attended to-although not in the same manner as Miranda,” Pamela replied a trifle indiscreetly, though Helen was so excited at the prospect of attending the ball at last that she took very little notice of the rejoinder, being assured-as her Papa was-that Pamela had all things well in hand.
    Seeing all things so far to her satisfaction, Pamela retired to see how the rest of the household was proceeding. In the lobby leading to the morning room, she discovered Captain Dancer loitering, he having discreetly absented himself during Sir Richard's brief address to the guests.
    “Why, dear Captain, you are just the person I wished to see-before you leave, that is,” Pamela said with a winning smile.
    Casting his eyes about him and satisfying himself that they were alone, the randy Captain moved closer to her, for he now saw himself in a fair way to conclude the day's merriments in some privacy with her.
    Deftly avoiding his embrace, Pamela slipped past him into the morning room where they could be clearly seen by two of the gardeners.
    “I wished only to say, dear Captain, that you will not fuck me tomorrow night,” Pamela said sweetly.
    The Captain's mouth gaped, for he had not in truth expected her to use such a term nor to address him in such a way.
    “I say!” he began with some attempt at bluster, whilst an angry flush appeared upon his cheeks. Dammit, the girl was but a servant, however well placed, and could be mounted at will as the day's events had shown.
    “If you do, or if you attempt so to do-no matter what the jollities-I shall squeeze your balls so hard that you will shout the roof off,” Pamela declared briskly and in a manner that quite surprised herself.
    “Look here-I say!” responded the ever more astonished gentleman. He had never known such a turnabout and knew not for the moment how to handle such a contretemps.
    “Please do not say or you may shock the gardeners. I bid you good day, sir,” Pamela said whilst opening the door that led out onto the lawns.
    “My goodness, by Jove, I have never heard the like of this!” spluttered the Captain.
    “You may hear it yet again, sir, and more loudly if you do not hurry,” said Pamela who, having clearly got the upper hand by means of sheer surprise, was quite enjoying herself. That she had spoken in an unladylike manner was perhaps regrettable, but she saw no other course for it. Moreover, the unexpectedly prim and stern expression on her face was quite out of character with all her previous demeanours and quite chilled poor Dancer's heart.
    “I shall carry a hatpin,” Pamela hissed for final effect whilst the bewildered Captain stumbled without.
    “I say!” he said again, finding no other words to speak. Indeed, to his mind, the fair creature-wanton and luscious as she had proven up to now-had gone all of a dilly and was clearly not to be trusted. As well perhaps that he did not attend the ball at all, he told himself in some confusion and hied to the stable to fetch his horse.
    For Pamela, the prospect now looked much more pleasing, for since Helen would be in disguise tomorrow night, she was now well protected from the rascal's lust.

Chapter fifteen

    Having by now ridden four maidens of the parish, the Reverend Edmund Hart was in prime condition to attend the hunt ball, it having been finally settled that he would do so in the guise of a monk and Agnes as a nun.
    In such garb, Agnes in particular felt they would look their most respectable and enjoined her dear brother not to indulge in any lewd or unseemly acts- whereat he naturally protested much, saying that he would not dream of it in the presence of their august hosts. At the same time, being ever more conscious of his sister's voluptuous charms, he advised her the same and so a pact was made.
    Unknown to the pair of schemers, however, Pamela had her own ideas upon the matter and was minded to revenge herself for the lordly manner in which they had treated her, though she had found it not totally unenjoyable. The punch that was to be served that evening had been mixed under her supervision, and the fact that the dear girl knew little enough about such potent mixtures added in the end to its potency, as all were to discover.
    Conserving such wisdom as she could summon in the entire matter, Lady Bromley calmly accepted all the new arrangements, being minded to bide her time and oust Pamela when the first opportunity arose. Miranda presented quite another problem, for she would have to be confined to her room during the festivities. This Pamela gave much thought to, being convinced that the little minx would, in any event, spy upon the proceedings at some stage-and that at which her presence might be the least heeded. Aware in her own discreet ways that Miranda had been guided to her destiny the night before and most pleasurably corked, Pamela decided to let her attend in the guise of a pretty little shepherdess, whilst ensuring that she wore a tight and secure pair of drawers that would at least cover her modesty should her skirts be lifted.
    Unknown to Pamela, however, Miranda-having several times absorbed the manly juices of her sire during the night-was not of a mind to conform to such undesirable safeguards of her treasures and so, with nimble fingers, and the aid of a pair of scissors parted the offending garment fore and aft before descending to the revels.
    In all previous times, Lady Bromley had seated her selected guests at dinner, plying them with such an ” abundance of varied dishes and so many bottles of wine and champagne that all were well primed. So much so had they been on such occasions that twice had a different maidservant been put over the great dining table during the courses and, amid much bibulous laughter from the ladies and gentlemen, been put to the cock ere she could assist in serving the dessert.
    All this Pamela would have none of. Such occasions were to be completely shielded from the servants, she vowed, and in place of a seven-course dinner she had arranged an elaborate buffet of which many bowls of her special punch provided the centrepieces. For the first two hours of the merriment, during which chastity was preserved, a small orchestra played and thus helped to uplift even more the spirits of the company in anticipation of what was to follow. The musicians being dismissed at the hour of eleven, all was ready for the voluptuous revels.
    Somewhat bemused by the liquor he had imbibed, the Reverend Hart was delighted to find that the mysteries of his cassock attracted the wandering hands of several ladies. Unknown to Agnes, he had left himself totally unadorned beneath, and hence his cock and balls were free to explorations. Indeed, in no time at all the considerable weapon prodded forth from the gap in his robe-a phenomenon which Agnes might have ensured was hid again were it not that she herself was under amourous assault. At her rear, one gentleman thrust his hand up beneath her black garb to explore the large hemispheres of warm, firm flesh that he was quick to discover. Another meanwhile delved his hand between her titties and discovered the gelatinous mounds so much to his liking that he was quick to uncover them and commence sucking upon her protruding nipples.
    It was all exceedingly unseemly, Agnes decided, but as everyone else seemed to be in course of disrobing or uncovering the other dozen girls and ladies, she felt not entirely alone. Pamela was quick to espy, however, that the inviting bottom of Agnes had been the first to reveal itself and so roundly declared that she should be put to the birch for “inviting wickedness.”
    Delighted at the intrusion of such a hypocritical interlude, all around her assented eagerly, whereat a surprised and protesting Agnes was dragged and carried by willing hands to a convenient bench over which she was put without further ado. In all other circumstances, her brother Edmund might well have gone to her rescue, but precisely at that moment, two ladies of distinction were providing him with sufficient attention to distract him completely. One, it must be confessed, had already taken his large glowing knob into her mouth, whilst the other, whose skirts were to her waist, exuded willing sighs while Edmund fervently fondled her well-padded notch.
    The two gentlemen who had assisted in laying a bare-bottomed Agnes over the table were soon at station. Whilst she, crying for mercy, was held by Pamela and a sporting-minded Helen (the two, naturally, being mistaken for one another in their dresses), the first swishing cut of the birch was applied to the plump posterior of Agnes, who duly raised her head as far as she was able and howled.
    “A dozen!” declared Pamela, abjuring that they should be neither too hard nor too soft. Thereupon the gentleman wielding the birch was only too delighted to comply and gained much fascination from watching the wriggling contortions of Agnes's broad-curving hips as the twigs gradually applied a rosy hue to her ample nether cheeks.
    “Edmund!” shrieked the dame in all despair and yet in vain, for the lips of his one female attendant and the juicy pussylips of the other were absorbing Edmund's every moment. He was long past caring what was done, and his excitement was heightened by several lubricious spectacles. To his left, Lady Bromley had succeeded in a long-cherished ambition to nurture two manly stalks in her at once. This she had achieved by straddling her swain, Mountjoy, who lay flat on the floor with his breeches off. Being mounted upon him, Belinda was able to rock herself up and down on his cock whilst to her rear a penis of slightly lesser proportions was engaging its crest at the round mouth of her bottom.
    Had Lady Bromley known that her rear assailant was her nephew, Rupert, she might of course have been deeply shocked. Pamela had invited him herself on a whim, feeling at the least that he might entertain Miranda if only by kissing and caressing her. This jolly little picture had in fact salved Pamela's conscience, and she had not allowed for the fact that the randy young fellow was then more attracted by his aunt's mature charms.
    No sooner had he seen her sheathing herself down upon the offered penis than he made up behind her, unbuttoned her corsage, wherewith to feel and caress her resplendent tits, and presented his charger to the cheeks of her bottom. To this Belinda responded with an inviting little push, not bothering even to turn her head to see who was further at her. Thus, seizing her fleshy hips in gentle warning that she might perhaps remain still for a moment, he dared to lower his hands (finding her acquiescent) and parted the luscious fat cheeks of her bottom.
    The rosy orifice that thus presented itself to him had already been well tried, though never-oddly enough-whilst a stiff penis was already engaged in her cunny. Sinking right down on Mountjoy's tool and sidling her long tongue fervently into his mouth, Lady Bromley presented the most admirable of targets. Hollow moans of pleasure came from her and her nephew as the spire of his cock urged itself greedily within her narrower orifice, found warm lodgement, and then proceeded manfully inward.
    Gurgling her desire, the wicked Belinda began to surge her hips gently back and forth, quite feeling all the breath taken from her for a moment as she received the double tribute. But that she liked it was in no doubt, and soon all three were in full flight much to the fascination of several flushed and busy ladies who vowed to try the same.
    Meanwhile, to the other side of Edmund, sweet Miranda was betraying the disarranged state of her drawers by being bent back over a table by the selfsame Sir Josiah whose earlier exploits have been noted. A trifle aged, his cock was nevertheless frequently active still, and indeed had been engaged once more in Kitty's bottom earlier that day. Miranda, being two years younger than his niece, had soon attracted his haggard gaze, and he was delighted to find that her cherry had already been popped.
    Made femininely aware now of how she should conduct herself in such naughty circumstances, Miranda made play at first to struggle a little, which duly excited the old boy to such a pitch that, opening wide her pretty thighs, he rammed himself into her tight grotto without more ado and began pounding his pestle with considerable vigour.
    Kitty herself might have been fretful at the sight of this new contestant for her uncle's favours, had she not been similarly engaged with the very gentleman who had corked her bottom in the woods. On this occasion he contented himself with needling her notch, so to speak, and found the clamping of its pouting lips of the most ardent nature as he squeezed back and forth in her sweet slit and brought her to come more than once before she finally received the warm gushing of his libation.
    By then, of course, the heating of poor Agnes's bottom had been well and truly concluded with the result that she had the first of several waiting penises in her fundament-a pleasure to which Pamela decided to leave her, having as she felt sufficiently humbled her for the occasion and being (it must be confessed) a trifle overexcited by the magnificent orgy that was proceeding around her…
    Casting all cares to the winds, and convinced in any event that the whole night was but a dream, Edmund had laid one of his ladies upon the other on a pile of cushions and-inserting his cock in the pussy of the uppermost while working himself back and forth on the delicious cushions of her bottom-brought the pair to act like cooing doves with their tongues ever busy within each other's mouth.
    'Twas then in fact that Pamela espied what otherwise might have been the rape of Miranda, had not the saucy girl been breached the night before. Complimenting himself no end on his prowess, Sir Josiah was in that moment pumping his sperm within her to the exceeding pleasure of both.
    Sir Richard, not inactive, had already fucked one of the ladies in full sight of his spouse, whose cries of pleasure rose above all. The first to reach the end of his course, Mountjoy had already spouted in her, somewhat to her dismay, for she had wanted to feel the injections of both at once. Resting her panting form upon him, she did her best to engage his cock in her slit still while waggling her well-corked bottom amourously for the other.
    In a trice, her nephew had obliged and such was the excess of his pleasure as his throbbing prick loosed its essence in her bottom that he slewed her face about and brought her face to his. Intruding her tongue within his mouth for the first time, Lady Bromley therewith became conscious of the identity of the lusty young male who was satisfying her so deeply.
    “P… p… pump me, Rupert!” she nevertheless implored him, and he, being more than so willing to do so, hugged her hips with delight and veritably filled her to the brim, withdrawing finally with a “Plop!” which brought warm trickles of sperm to emerge from her nether route and run down the backs of her thighs, there to settle in bubbling rills around the tops of her stockings.
    Misty-eyed, Edmund gazed upon the astonishing scenes while giving his all to each of the ladies beneath him in turn, he having found it possible to slip out by one route and in by another so that all three received more than a little satisfaction.
    Maintaining all her discretion despite her warmly aroused state, and well pleased that all should have turned out so well, Pamela absented herself quietly upstairs. By then Helen had been upturned over the rolled arm of a sofa, her bottom amourously working to the loins of her Papa, who naturally believed her to be Pamela, for the sly maiden said naught in receiving what she now considered to be one of her natural benefits in life. Working the well-furred mouth of her cunny back and forth on the doughty cock and keeping her face well hid in a cushion, Helen answered the passionate words in her ears with only assenting murmurs, for she, too, had come already to understand that discretion was the better part of pleasure and that a stiff cock taken was a joy both given and received.
    All was for the best in all possible worlds, Pamela told herself as she ascended, though she had never read Voltaire. At the best she had shown herself to be the only modest female of the company, and none would be able to deny that, save, perhaps, for Agnes. For, as has been said, ideas of immorality did not enter into Pamela's simple thoughts. Provided none were ill-treated, they might all take pleasure in what they did and none would be the worse for it.
    So, with her mind well settled on all such matters, Pamela slept the sleep of the just and cared not a jot what further might happen downstairs that night.

Chapter sixteen

    Discovering that she had enjoyed herself no wit less than if she had arranged all matters herself, Lady Bromley turned upon a different tack in order to rid herself of Pamela, whom she saw not so much as meddlesome as a menace. For it was perfectly obvious after the lubricious scenes in which both she and her husband had taken part, that Sir Richard had now developed a decided taste for younger females.
    This, of course, is often the case with gentlemen of middle years, and Lady Bromley decided to work upon it. The pair cohabited but little, yet the good dame saw no reason why she should not put a little sauce in their bed, and that by the name of Mary Waterhouse, with whom we have so far made only brief acquaintance.
    This little angel, if such she can be called, was, as is known, the offspring of Lady Waterhouse and had already been warmly fondled by Captain Dancer and Belinda in concert whilst-unknown to them-she had also been put through preliminary trials by her uncle, though without final effect. Lady Waterhouse herself having come upon the flushed pair, and knowing her brother Roger all too well, had virtually led him upstairs by his cock to conclude his business with her instead.
    Thus was the cherubic Mary left somewhat abandoned and frustrated, particularly as she had surreptitiously spied upon what had followed in her dear Mama's boudoir, where otherwise a state of grass widowhood reigned. When then the nice Lady Bromley invited Mary and her mother for a weekend, the daughter was as pleased to accept as the mother. Not being able to invite Mary without her Mama, Belinda Bromley decided upon a ruse whereby maternal suspicions could be stilled while Mary was installed between herself and Richard.
    Not having encountered the young charmer in question, Sir Richard was not unpleased to receive a glowing description of her from his wife and of the pleasures that would undoubtedly follow if she could but be bedded. Indeed, so taken was he with the idea that he quite failed to mention it to Pamela, despite his promise that she would know all that was going on. Perhaps he thought she might be jealous. Whatever the cause, he kept his counsel. And so it transpired that Lady Waterhouse and Mary arrived one Friday evening, to the surprise of Pamela, who suspected that something was afoot.
    No one could deny the claims to beauty of either of the visitors and, since they were unaccompanied by Lord Waterhouse-who appropriately enough was then taking the waters in Bath-Pamela gave herself up to some pensive thoughts.
    Lavender Waterhouse had just attained her thirty-ninth year, but was no less attractive for that. The firmness of her form, her bewitching eyes, and the general embonpoint of her curves gave even the impression of fewer years. As for her offspring, who shortly would attain her sixteenth year, she was as perfect a pet as ever Fragonard or Watteau might have painted. Delicious indeed was the chubby roundness of her bottom and the melons of her breasts whose snow-white surfaces were adorned by rosebud nipples. Neither tall nor short, she was, in a phrase, a little Venus and by now not entirely unconscious of the fact. Had her Uncle Roger but rogered her, and her Mama not interrupted the proceedings, she might have come even better prepared for the delights that awaited her.
    Having observed and measured up both during dinner, Pamela decided that there was definitely something afoot. Not failing to notice the gleam in Sir Richard's eyes whenever he cast them upon Mary, Pamela noticed also that he was not averse to measuring the more mature charms of her mother. Of course, Pamela knew nothing of that lady's recent descent into sin and might have hesitated in her future acts if she had done so, knowing well how the lubricious nature of the female could be stirred by such acts.
    So it happened that evening-in her comparative state of innocence-that Pamela was all agog to hear a whispered conversation between her employers, from which she deduced that Lady Waterhouse was to have a sleeping draught put into her coffee, whereafter the deed of seduction would be able to proceed without fear of interruption.
    Not unnaturally our heroine's ire rose at this, for while she did not object to Mary receiving an injection from the virile knight, she would rather have been a party to the proceedings and thus felt herself-as indeed she was-to be cut out. That Lady Bromley was the instigator, she had no doubt, but since one culprit could not be separated from the other on such an occasion, Pamela considered that she had no choice but to undo their plot.
    Evincing total innocence, therefore, Pamela elected to assist in serving coffee, well aware that Lady Bromley hovered over her guest's cup and emptied the contents of a tiny phial into it. Valiantly did Pamela keep her eye on the particular cup, but to her dismay Lady Bromley was doing so as well and firmly saw to it that it was received into Lady Waterhouse's hand.
    A helpless bystander, Pamela could only wonder at the perfidy of the world when, ten minutes later, a drowsy Lady Waterhouse announced that she must sleep immediately. Being assisted up to her room by Pamela, the latter strove in vain to make her understand what was happening, but the drowsy lady merely slumped and murmured, quite unable to absorb what was being said. Only with the greatest difficulty did Pamela assist in undressing her, whereat the lady- resplendent in her nudity-waved away all offers of a nightgown and immediately began to snore.
    Leaving her thus, while not having failed to admire the supremely voluptuous figure the lady presented, Pamela retired to her room to await events, fearing that she might otherwise be suspected of knowing something.
    Events were not long in commencing.
    “Your dear Mama having been taken so tired, you must sleep in with us,” declared Lady Bromley, who could not wait to taste the sweet young thing's pretty lips again.
    The idea made Mary blush exceedingly, which Sir Richard considered a most fetching sight. However, the maiden could not but acquiesce and was thereupon led upstairs for the sacrifice with Sir Richard's hand helpfully guiding her beneath her bottom. By the time he had reached the bedroom with Belinda and Mary, in fact, he had a full cockstand, which the girl could not fail to notice, so much did his breeches protrude.
    “Oh! Is he not naughty!” declared Belinda, who at once commenced undressing. “Come, dear, take all your clothes off, for we all sleep in a state of Nature here,” she went on. Having dressed-or undressed- for the occasion, Belinda had but to cast off her gown to present herself most alluringly in black-patterned stockings and shoes. The latter being rapidly removed, in turn, she then assisted a blushing Mary in unveiling herself until in turn the dazzling whiteness and appealing curves of her luscious form were revealed.
    “Oh, Richard, darling, put the light out for she has seen your wicked thing,” declared his wife gaily and thereupon drew Mary into the bed so that the desirable little minx would lie between them. In so doing, she drew the girl's face between her voluminous breasts and so allowed her to inhale the scent and softness there. Sir Richard meanwhile, having climbed in naked from the other side, presented the throbbing eminence of his cock to Mary's bottom.
    Not being minded yet to insert it there until she had otherwise been breached, he contented himself with pressing it in the groove between the chubby warm cushions and-passing his hands to the front- commenced fondling and caressing the swelling melons of Mary's breasts.
    Between the licentious pair, Mary all but swooned with pleasure. A wicked big thing such as her uncle had, and which her Mama had entertained, was pressed against her bottom whilst knowing fingers were agitating her nipples. At the same time, Belinda had passed her fingers down between Mary's thighs and was pleasurably fondling the sweet pink slit which nested in a froth of curls.
    “Kiss me goodnight, my pet,” Belinda breathed.
    All sweetness and softness and honey, Mary could not but obey. With swimming head, she felt the lips of her cunny grow moist and sticky as it was teased. Drawing the girl's upper leg over her hip, the better to present a first target for her husband, Belinda commenced to coo and whisper to her whilst dipping her forefinger up in Mary's oozing lovepot and sliding her tongue in and out of the girl's mouth.
    In turn, Sir Richard's own hand sought the dell of pleasure. Adjusting his imperious prick more tightly upright into Mary's groove, he caressed her bottom fervently and then joined his fingers with his wife's in exciting the girl into a veritable frenzy so that it was but a moment later that, rolled wide-eyed on to her back, Mary found her nest presented to the cock.
    A sigh of deep desire issued from Sir Richard as, under the glowing eyes of his spouse, he lowered himself slowly onto Mary's belly and nudged the glowing crest of his penis against her slit.
    “Do you want to be fucked, my pet?” he asked, only to delay but a few seconds more the delicious moment of entry. Therewith Belinda bent over the flushed prey and kissed her softly while passing agile fingers over her erected nipples.
    “You must always say, Mary. Ask him to fuck you.”
    Clutching instinctively at Sir Richard's arms and feeling the increasing pressure of his knob, Mary could only moan. She did want it, she knew she wanted it, and she knew she must have it. It merely seemed terribly naughty of Lady Bromley to be watching but this- Mary decided hazily-was perhaps what all grown-ups did.
    “Y… y… y…yes! Oh, yes! What a big one!” Mary stammered unguardedly, for she had already sat upon her Uncle Roger's after he had spanked her bottom and just before they were interrupted.
    “You must say the magic words,” Belinda insisted lewdly. “Then you must put your tongue in my mouth and hold it there while it goes in you.”
    “F… f…f…” stammered Mary, but at that moment of time she never got the words out for an impatient Sir Richard-desiring to be fully upon her and in her-had already begun to insert his pounding pestle in her silken sheath and with a suitable groan was already halfway in when Mary uttered the shrill cry, “F… f… fuck me-yes-OOOOH!”
    It was then that Pamela, with her door ajar, leapt up. She had heard distinctly the wicked words and could no longer bear to remain discarded. Virtually leaping into Lady Waterhouse's room, she shook her so vigourously that the lady was roused from her dreams.
    “Wh… wh… wh… whaaaat?” she stuttered, making little head or tail of the words that Pamela was tumbling into her ears.
    Thereupon two other events occurred which were each in their own way if not to turn the tide, then at least to divert it a little. From the boudoir along the corridor was heard a mingling of moans and cries as the three occupants of the bed entered with abandon into the throes of desire. Pumping slowly, Sir Richard had cupped Mary's pert bottom on his palms and was slewing in and out gently whilst, in a delirium of pleasure the wanton miss coiled tongues with Belinda and even passionately caressed her pussy. Simultaneously a loud knocking was heard at the entrance and-the servants being abed-'twas Pamela who in much frustration hastened down to answer it.
    Opening the big door, she found herself facing a gentleman unknown to her who quickly introduced himself as Lord Waterhouse. He had been informed, he said, that his wife and daughter were here and so had come to join them.
    “Oh, sir!” declared Pamela all a-fluster and somewhat aware that his eyes were all about her night-gowned figure which showed its slim curves to perfection, so fine and clinging was the material about her limbs. “They… they… they are upstairs,” she stammered.
    Quite entranced by the allure of Pamela's thinly clad bottom preceding him, a certain excitement arose in the good lord that he might even have a more entertaining night if he could find out where the girl's room was. Somewhat intrigued, then, as he was guided to the upper floor, he found the door of a bedroom open and his dear wife lying quite naked upon it.
    “She is a… a… asleep, sir,” stuttered Pamela, who knew now not what to do or say.
    “Indeed she is,” observed Lord Waterhouse. “Close the door, my dear, lest we disturb her. And my daughter is well settled?” he asked hopefully, observing with a twitching of his cock the proud standing of Pamela's breasts beneath the cotton of her nightdress.
    “S… s… sir, she is c… conversing with Sir Richard and his wife-in there,” Pamela said, nodding hopefully toward the bedroom door from behind which some joyous sounds and the singing of bedsprings could be heard.
    “Conversing?” exclaimed Lord Waterhouse in bemusement, “What an extraordinary thing to be doing, and what curious sounds. Really, I suppose I had best let them know of my presence.”
    “Oh, no, sir-that is, I mean… oh!”
    For too late, the intrigued visitor was already striding toward the door, even as Pamela stretched out a delaying hand. As in a dream, she saw him open it. There ensued then a gasp, for though the lamps within had been doused, the kindly moon shone its light upon the proceedings in a manner which no eyes could deny. In fact, several sounds were heard, including not a few fretful groans, for at that moment Sir Richard was climbing to his peak and, as for Mary, her tummy and pussy seemed to be melting with bliss.
    Staggering back against the wall and quite unmindful of the fact that she had devoutly wished such a denouement in order to uncover the proceedings, Pamela awaited the eruption that must surely come. Instead, however, amid the quite inexpressible sounds from Mary and her lusting mount, there came Belinda's astonished cry, “Oh! Harry!”
    Indeed there came many.
    “P… P… Papa!”
    “H… H… H… Harry!”
    “C… c… c… close the door!”
    The door closed, and such a momentary silence enfolded the night that Pamela somewhat dizzily allowed herself to believe she had imagined the entire affair, though she much fretted with herself afterward for ever having entertained such a thought. Then to her ears issued more cries.
    “Oh! Harry! Oh, you naughty man-yes, do!”
    “Ah, Belinda!”
    “Oh, Papa!”
    Pamela could hear no more. It was a much more wicked world than she had ever brought herself to think-particularly as she had not arranged this unexpected melee. Quite put out at facing her first defeat, she retired to her room praying only that her two charges, Helen and Miranda, had not been awakened by such licentious behaviour. Then in but a few moments her agile mind and unconquerable spirit came once more to the fore. Returning to Lady Waterhouse's room, she entered, removed the key, and locked the door from the outside without disturbing its resident.
    Going then boldly forward to the main bedroom, where the four were now ensconced, she knocked and entered.
    More cries! More alarms! Both Mary and Lady Bromley would have sat up-had they been able.
    “Oh, pray forgive me-I do beg your pardon-I was looking for Lady Waterhouse,” said Pamela in her most dulcet tones while her eyes ranged blandly over the enlaced couples.
    “Ah!” shrieked Belinda.
    “Oh!” gasped Mary.
    By then Pamela had stepped neatly without and retired once more to her room. She had not long to wait, as she expected, for in but two minutes an extremely ruffled Lord Waterhouse appeared in hastily drawn on trousers and crumpled shirt.
    Upon his appearance-she having left her oil lamp lit-Pamela sat up in her bed with every semblance of alarm.
    “Oh, sir, would you assault me, in turn?” she gasped.
    “My dear, good heavens, no. It has all been a mistake,” puffed the gentleman, whose concealed erection evinced all signs of excitement. A sombre expression of anxiety then passed across his features. He made to sit upon the bed, but Pamela gave such a start that he desisted. “Why sought you Lady Waterhouse?” he asked.
    “She awoke, sir. Naturally I gave her the tidings of your arrival. Her wonderment that you had not joined her was great. I believed her to have gone in search of you. Then I apprised her of your whereabouts and she locked herself in her room, saying that on no account would she speak to anyone.”
    “Ah!” exclaimed the good lord in doleful tones. “In entering the bedroom in the dark, I fell, you see, upon the bed, and…”
    His voice trailed off wistfully. His eyes sought help, but Pamela's gave him none.
    “Yes, sir,” she replied distantly. “May I sleep now? I, too, have been over-disturbed.”
    “Herrumph! Why, yes-but of course, I mean-why, that is to say-well…”
    Unable to find further words, he retired ungracefully, leaving a pleased Pamela to douse her lamp and compose herself for slumber. Sir Richard and Lady Bromley would now both be put out beyond repair, but that could not be helped. The comedy that must ensue in the morning would be well worth attending.
    Arising first that morn, Pamela made haste to silently unlock the door to Lady Waterhouse's room. She had debated with herself whether to apprise the lady of the night's events, but it seemed clearly better to let all confusion proceed. And thus it was-tedious though it would be to recount all the conversations that proceeded.
    Lady Waterhouse's surprise that her husband had been present all night was naturally great, and a considerable upheaval at the breakfast table ensued.
    “Where were you, Harry? You had no nightshirt,” declared Lady Waterhouse with impenetrable logic.
    “I-er-my dear, I could not open your door. It s… s… seemed to be stuck.”
    “Really? I found no difficulty with it this morning, Harry. As to you, Mary, you were to have slept with me, I thought.”
    “Yes, Mama.”
    “The poor little dear fell asleep upon the sofa, so we put her elsewhere,” interjected Lady Bromley, whose husband merely sat looking frightfully uncomfortable. Indeed, being crestfallen and experiencing shades of guilt over the entire matter, he succeeded in bringing a light flush to his cheeks which the perfectly able Lady Waterhouse's eyes did not miss.
    “And where did you sleep, Miss?” she asked Mary without a moment's pause.
    “Mama, in the-er-”
    “Really? A most interesting place to sleep, I am sure,” her Mama observed cuttingly, for being given to peccadilloes herself she was ever conscious of their possibility in others and already-it will be recalled-had discovered her daughter and brother in a situation of what might be called flagante delicto. “Come, Mary, I wish to speak to you,” Lady Waterhouse declared. Ignoring the polite conventions, she swept from the table taking Mary with her, that maiden casting a wild-eyed and blushing look behind her as she did so.
    “Ah…,” said Lord Waterhouse, “frightfully sorry-just remembered a most pressing appointment.”
    Therewith he scuttled off in the opposite direction. Within moments the heavy slamming of the front door was heard.
    “It was all Lady Waterhouse's fault, of course. She insisted last night in knowing where her husband was, for she awoke unexpectedly,” Pamela said sweetly, where she remained at table with Sir Richard and Belinda.
    Sir Richard stared glassily. Lady Bromley's colour was high. In so excusing herself, Pamela had quite cut the ground even farther from under their feet.
    “I say, my dear, were we not to have departed for Paris today?” Sir Richard squeaked to his spouse.
    “Indeed, I have just remembered the same. The Ambassador is expecting us, is he not? Oh, how foolish of you to have forgotten, Richard. We must make haste. Is there not a packet to France today?”
    “I b… b… believe there is,” said her husband, who was not normally given to stuttering. “Let us pack without delay, for with luck we shall reach Dover by afternoon and thus be able to embarque.”

Chapter seventeen

    “You will see to all, I trust, Pamela,” Sir Richard had declared upon parting.
    Mary had not betrayed her hosts, though what she had otherwise confessed to her severely questioning Mama was not then known. However, the Bromleys deemed it wiser to absent themselves from the scene, and there were thus some hasty and embarrassed farewells between themselves and Lady Waterhouse. Their social diary had been completely put awry by mistaken entries, Belinda had declared with a laugh so tinged with embarrassment that Lady Waterhouse kept her suspicions to herself.
    “Indeed I shall see to all,” Pamela promised faithfully and returned to the drawing room, where Lavender Waterhouse had seated herself with some aplomb. Mary, having been duly spanked, sobbed fretfully in her room and wondered whether it had all been worth it.
    Her ladyship surveyed Pamela with some interest and patted the brocaded silk of the sofa beside her.
    “Come sit with me,” she coaxed.
    Innocent-eyed as she made herself appear, Pamela did so and felt an arm slip around her shoulder.
    “I'm sure you have secrets, my dear, and quite nice ones,” purred Lavender Waterhouse, who, like her husband, was quite taken with the girl.
    “I? Oh, no!”
    “Nonsense. I read exciting little secrets in your eyes. Come, look at me,” she invited softly.
    Whereupon, turning her face, Pamela was intrigued to find her mouth deliciously kissed, whilst an errant hand passed searchingly over the firm globes of her breasts. Parting her lips delicately, Pamela surrendered to the embrace, wondering just how far it would go. Her gown being but of light merino, her nipples soon announced their pleasure by pressing themselves perkily against the fingertips of Lavender, who found herself quite distracted. She had intended merely to excite the girl and thereby extract from her what she knew about the night's events, but instead a quivering of passion seized the lady and Pamela found herself borne back upon the sofa.
    “The s… s… servants!” she stammered even as a questing tongue sidled into her mouth and she felt her skirts being lifted.
    “We will go upstairs,” murmured Lavender, who was never lost for words or ideas and remained cool in most situations except when her passion was overheated.
    Rather misty-eyed, Pamela allowed herself to be duly led up while Lavender, knowing not of her licentious adventures, maintained a coaxing arm about her waist. Such adventures came infrequently to Lady Waterhouse, and she was determined to make the most of this one, little knowing by what fair chance she had fallen into the right hands. Assenting to all, as if overtaken by events, Pamela allowed herself to be disrobed and then watched her companion do the same.
    It was years since Lavender Waterhouse had tongued a pussy as succulent as Pamela's and, laying the girl's legs immediately over her shoulders whilst she herself knelt by the bed, Lavender commenced indulging herself. Slowly up and down did her long tongue lap whilst, all in a quiver, Pamela spread her legs and grasped at the bedcover on either side of her.
    “Do you like it?” Lavender asked quite unnecessarily in the middle of her endeavours. The pink interior of Pamela's velvety slit was already slippery with her juices and the girl's eyes rolled. A female tongue is ever more delicate and knowing than a man's, and Pamela had already twice trembled her way to Paradise during the lecherous caresses.
    “OOOOH! I w… w… want to do the same to you,” enjoined Pamela, whereat swinging her about so that she lay full length on the bed, Lavender cast her firm body upon hers in such wise, head to feet, that their eager mouths both simultaneously engaged each other's pussy. Quite lost in the passion of their pleasure, and having the door securely closed, each was entirely lost to the world, which in one way was a pity and in another proved a benefit.
    For it chanced that the manor was about to receive two visitors, the first being young Rupert, who hoped not only to see his fond aunt again, but also to breach her portals by whatever route might prove most convenient. If she were not there, the young rascal considered, he could perhaps joust either with Helen or Miranda, or even both.
    Entering quietly and being advised that the family had departed for France, Rupert nevertheless decided to make himself at home and was quaffing a glass of wine when he learned of the inviting presence of those who we know were then upstairs. This news, perking his spirits up, decided him on a little exploration, wherewith he roamed about upstairs and chanced to lay his hand upon the knob of a door from behind which some most interesting sounds emerged.
    Having been better schooled at the hunt ball than ever before, Rupert divined immediately that something very interesting was afoot and thereupon entered as quietly as he could. Faced as he was by a mirror, on first easing open the door, he then saw reflected in it a beauteous and astonishing sight that appeared to him like a risen moon, though of course the object of his immediate entrancement was Lavender's bottom which was poised and wriggling over Pamela's face.
    The general posture of the naked pair and the soft slurping of their tongues in and without each other's cunny made for such an invitation as Rupert could not resist. Padding softly around the passion-blinded pair, he doffed his trousers without ado and climbed aboard.
    A muffled shriek from both ladies announced their sudden consciousness of his presence, but by then all was at hazard, including the inviting slit of Lavender, within which Rupert's stiff prick slid whilst gliding at the same time over Pamela's tongue.
    That young lady, not being amiss to entertain such a visitor-and believing perhaps that Lavender had planned the trio-thereupon obligingly licked his cock in its entering and lavishly dwelt around his balls which in a trice had settled themselves snugly under Lavender's impressive bottom.
    Lady Waterhouse, duly astonished but not displeasured-though she knew not who her rider was- acceded to all by fervently kissing and licking Pamela's honeypot the more and working her hips back and forth in measured rhythm with young Rupert's efforts. He, entranced by the ripe smacking of her bottom cheeks against his belly and the inviting squeezing of her cunny, neither knew nor cared who she was, though he knew it not to be his aunt, for Lavender's form was more slender and indeed infinitely more entrancing. Moreover, both he and Lavender had Pamela's tongue to entertain them as well whilst his pestle pounded back and forth. Indeed, joyous in the extreme was the trio, for by bending over Lavender's gleaming back and ensconcing himself to the full in her exquisite grotto, he could caress both their tits at the same time by moving his hands back and forth between them.
    Happily thus the bed jolted whilst yet another horseman reined his steed outside. Like his brother-in-law, Lord Waterhouse, Roger had heard of the visit of his sister and niece to the house and was minded to visit them. Finding no servants immediately about, he repaired himself to the upper rooms and tried the first door that came to hand.
    By such chance as would have it, he came upon Mary, who was cuddled up fretfully in her chemise and stockings on the bed, having been told by her Mama that she was to stay in all day. Having her eyes closed and not hearing the entrance of her uncle, she made a great start when a hand fell upon her exposed bottom and she found herself gazing up into his eyes.
    For his part, Roger had a feast to gaze upon. Having once before had her drawers down when Lavender had commanded him to spank the sweet girl, he was entranced to see her treasures so laid out before him. What delicious legs-what a bottom-what titties!
    “Where is your Mama?” he asked, whereupon Mary giggled, for he was quite leaning over her and had laid his hand already upon her thigh.
    “I know not, Uncle,” Mary breathed truthfully enough.
    “Ah, then I have time to kiss you, have I not?” he enjoined and, before she could speak, had laid his lips on hers and artfully drawn up the hem of her chemise so that her belly and muff were exposed.
    “Oh!” squeaked Mary and made to cover herself, but his hands were all about her and feebly as she tried to defend the shrouded bouquet of her pleasure his hand was quick between her thighs, there to caress the pouting slit whose little cavern had already tasted pleasure. Passing from there beneath, Roger's fingers enquired of the firm plump cheeks of her bottom where, without ado, he sought the little rosette in such a tickling manner that-as he intended-a hotly flushed Mary was forced to lift her hips to endeavour to escape the lewd caress.
    Having been well and truly mounted the night before, the young maiden was not minded however to resist too long and soon found her fingers clasped about her uncle's manly tool.
    “Take off your chemise, my pet,” Roger declared, it being ever his practise to command his females what to do. With freed and fiercely waggling cock, he then got up and closed the door whilst Mary, all of an eager fluster, shyly obeyed and lay back in her stockings to prepare yet again for the Priapic salute. Casting her arm coyly over her eyes, she heard the shuffle of clothing and in a trice received her uncle's naked form upon her.
    “Oh!” she gasped for good effect as immediately her rosy nipples became prey to his lips.
    “Rub my cock, you little minx,” said her uncle. “Have you not had one before?”
    “Oh, no! Where do you put it and what will you do?” lisped the maiden who held herself very tight in preparation for the assault so that he might believe her yet a virgin still. Indeed, so well did she simulate what had passed the night before that Roger strained mightily before his sturdy cock was but half-embedded in her grotto.
    “Delicious witch!” he muttered whilst Mary, supine and wriggling under him with her stockinged thighs couched beneath his own, could no longer hide her eager reception of another cock and began to work her bottom while mewing softly into his mouth.
    “Spread your legs wider and lift them that I might get it right in! Oh, how deliriously tight you are, my pet!” groaned her uncle, whose prick was being squeezed as if by a gripping hand. For a long moment of not unpleasurable delay, he felt he could go no farther until Mary-relaxing of a sudden her vaginal muscles-felt him slip right in and moaned with pleasure.
    “OOOOH!” she quavered. Grinding the curls of her pubic hairs up to his, she coiled her legs about his loins and dug her fingers into his buttocks, for the feeling was quite exquisite.
    “I am teaching you to fuck, my pet. Do you like it?” groaned her delighted relative, who thought himself truly the first cock of the walk with her.
    “Mmmmmm!” she answered breathlessly, not having expected after the awful events of the morning to be assailed again for a long time.
    Roger was entranced to find his amourous little victim, as he thought her, so receptive. Pumping her gently with long strokes that made her bottom bounce merrily, he covered all in sight with kisses-her fluttering eyelids, her cheeks, her rosebud Lips, her neck, and her divine bubbies. Withdrawing his steaming pestle, he ordered her to turn and so place herself on hands and knees that she was presented in a different wise to his cock.
    Having perchance already experienced such a wicked variation during the heated proceedings of the night, Mary dutifully obeyed and presented her warm little rump to his pleasure. Thereupon, taking her hips in what he deemed to be a masterful grip, Roger slewed his glistening penis within once more while bending over his pretty prey to cup her ardent tits.
    “F… f… f…!” stuttered Mary who knew not whether to dare to say “fuck” or “faster,” for although her vocabulary had been much enlarged in the preceding hours, yet she wished herself not to be thought too wanton.
    “Rotate your bottom, my love, for you will then have greater pleasure of it,” groaned her uncle, who delighted in feeling her warm pert cheeks so moving against him. The sperm was already bubbling in his stem, but by great effort he made to delay the exquisite moment as the silky walls of her inviting interior sleeked back and forth on his embedded prick.
    For her part, Mary had already come thrice and was so swimming in pleasure that she would have begged for his libation, had she dared, though perhaps being not considered to know such a thing, she kept her counsel.
    Smack, smack, went her chubby rear again and again against his belly which was muscular and firm enough since Roger was five years younger than his sister and possessed a penis of considerable virility, as was to be proven that day.
    Let us return, however, to the nearby boudoir, where the sportive trio lay all in a delicious huddle, for Lavender by now had received her unexpected due. Her pussy swam agreeably in sperm, and Rupert lay between the pair, receiving amourous appraisal of his cock and balls while, encircling both with his arms, he fondled their tits. By then, of course, Pamela had politely effected the necessary introductions of a more formal nature since neither Rupert nor his voluptuous mount had met before.
    That they should do so in such circumstances intrigued and pleased Lavender, who had long nurtured a fantasy to be rodded in such a moment by an unknown. The three therefore exchanged such compliments as fitted the occasion, whilst Rupert literally drooled over such a pair of Venuses whose pussies were tight and velvety and plumply moulded and appeared to beseech his fingers more and more as they lay with their legs apart.
    Indeed, being aroused to such a lecherous mood all three discussed all possible modes and manners of doing it. Lavender, who had lived a comparatively sheltered life (which she was beginning to regret) and had never seen a lively pair copulating, desired to do so now, whereat Pamela declared herself willing, their caresses having by then aroused Rupert to renewed expectancy.
    Before the pretty deed took place, however, Lavender was minded to ensure that her offspring was obeying her wishes and so, casting but a light robe around her shoulders, she slipped quickly out, bidding the pair with a merry wag of her finger not to commence until she had returned.
    Judge therefore the comely lady's extreme astonishment when, quietly opening the door where Mary lay, the full evidence came to Lavender's gaze that the minx was not lying alone. In that very moment Roger was about to expel the jets of his essence and would have done so if a short screech and a startled jerk of Mary's upraised bottom had not frozen him into immobility.
    Mary's cry was one of total dismay that such a thing could happen to her twice. That which emitted itself from Lavender's mouth was one of disbelief for, uncorking his throbbing tool, Roger duly presented it to her eyes with as much astonishment as she herself viewed it. Notwithstanding that in a careless moment she had recently entertained it herself, Lavender's cry of dismay reached the ears of Pamela, who-thinking rogues or ruffians had burst into the house-rushed to her side, there to view in turn the spectacle of the naked pair, though she herself was totally unclothed and Lavender's open robe in turn revealed most if not all of her desirable territory.
    “Ah! you rogue!” Lavender shrieked at her hapless brother and would apparently have assaulted him had not dear Pamela stepped between, whilst Mary sobbed and hid her face, having not the wherewithal to do the same for her uncovered charms.
    “Hush! The servants!” Pamela declared, for already an enquiring commotion was apparent downstairs. Lavender was forced to recover herself. “I shall dress,” she announced in stately fashion, being thankful that Roger could not follow her or he would have discovered Rupert.
    “Indeed, we must all do so,” said Pamela in the most practical terms. “I propose that we meet this crisis in civilised fashion.”
    “Oh, I could never do that!” Lavender sobbed, entering her room whilst Rupert was sheepishly clambering out from beneath the bed-he having believed that Sir Richard at the least might have returned.
    “Nonsense-you shall and you must,” ordained Pamela, who delighted, as we know, in taking charge of such untoward situations and manipulating them as she thought best. One must not be a hypocrite, she advised Lavender quietly whilst Rupert dressed and slipped downstairs.
    “P… p… perhaps not,” averred Lavender, who was quite put out that she had not seen what she wanted to but had instead seen what she had not wanted to. “Wh… wh… what is to be done?” she asked, having found herself in the past hours thrown into a veritable turmoil of wicked activities.
    “I shall call for tea,” replied Pamela in her best practical manner. Dressing more quickly than her companion, she hastened first to Mary's room, where the flushed pair had finished arraying themselves and were somewhat sheepishly herded downstairs. There, Rupert quite intelligently sprang up and greeted them as if he had just arrived. Lavender, descending in a few minutes, could say nothing immediately, for a maid was then serving tea and biscuits, and all seemed outwardly calm and settled as it should in domestic circumstances. Once the servant had departed, Lavender felt as if her lips were glued, for having unexpectedly presented herself all but naked in company with an even more uncovered Pamela, she no longer knew how to start.
    Not being at such a disadvantage-having perhaps had much more practise-Pamela stirred her tea sedately and asked politely as if nothing whatever had happened, “Shall you return home today, Lady Waterhouse?”
    Quite bemused by the question, that lady nodded, whilst Mary sat quiet as a mouse and Roger stared at the carpet. “I believe indeed we shall,” she summoned up her voice to say at last, being foolishly relieved at the very ordinariness of the question.
    “Then I shall summon carriages,” declared Pamela, who had quickly made up her mind what was to be done and how things were best to be mended. Having so ordained, she made skilful and neat arrangements to place herself in one carriage with Mary and Rupert whilst Lavender and Roger were guided to another. The coachmen, being discreetly instructed not to proceed too quickly, urged their horses into a gentle trot whilst, in the first coach, Lavender wrung her hands and released at last her emotions.
    “Oh Roger, how could you!”
    “'Twas but the slip of a moment, my pet. Can you not forgive me?” enjoined her brother, whose cock remained unsatisfied from his bout. A curious silence settled between them, then, and Lavender's bottom stirred uneasily-or, it might be thought, fretfully-to the swaying of the seat beneath her.
    “How beautiful you both looked naked,” Roger said quietly, for his inquisitiveness was great, and 'twas this that Lavender feared.
    Lavender's lips twisted in a smile that she did her best to conceal, for her heart was thumping.
    “Really?” she asked and felt a hand steal upon her thigh. Still averting her gaze, she continued to stare out of the window. Little by little she felt him gathering up her skirt but pretended to be totally unaware of such an untoward thing until her thighs were bared. “Ah! what are you at?” she remonstrated, but by then her fervent pussy was already prey to his fingers and the jolting of the carriage made the lips of it surge to his touch.
    Endeavouring feebly to wrest his hand away, despite their one previous bout together, Lavender found her mouth submissively placed beneath Roger's.
    “Oh, you naughty man, I do believe you to be truly wicked!” she uttered whilst parting her legs more for his convenience and reaching for his cock, which she uncovered deftly. The stem was thick and long, admirably suiting her tastes at that moment as the lubricious events at the manor swam in her mind.
    “Indeed, are we not both so?” declared Roger, who had a fine suspicion of what she had been about prior to bursting into the bedroom.
    “No, 'tis you,” protested Lavender all too faintly as she was laid back on the seat and prepared for amourous combat, her resplendent thighs, belly, and mottle uncovered to his view.
    “Lie still and uncover your breasts,” commanded her brother in such tones as she had never heard before. Indeed, her mouth opened and closed in astonishment before she obeyed him. With senses swimming, she felt the crest of his charger part her petulant lips below while his mouth descended upon her nipples and roamed about the creamy orbs. Quite quivering with desire, she wrapped her arms about him and began to sob her pleasure as inch by inch his stem invaded her. His buttocks heaved, her slit tightened and then relaxed, and with a joyful sigh from both he was lodged within her to his balls.
    “Has Mary not been put to the cock before?” Roger murmured whilst pecking at her eager lips and letting the slow jolting of the carriage effect their movements.
    “I b… b… believe so,” murmured Lavender in a daze, though she knew well enough by now whose prick had urged its leaping essence into Mary's pretty pussy. “Ah, dearest, fuck me, for it is quite delicious, though I should not say it. Oh, you bad boy, what a cock you have. May I not move my bottom now? Please permit me,” she wheedled coyly, quite enamoured of his masterful behaviour.
    “Wriggle it, my pet, yes,” panted Roger who was by now in anticipation of several such bouts that day, one not least of all with Mary, whom he fully intended to rod again. Thus cupping his sister's warm, firm cheeks on his palms, he experienced with bliss her ineluctable fervours as she wriggled and rolled, bringing him on ever closer to the spermatic bliss which within seconds each pantingly enjoyed.
    Farther back in the other carriage meanwhile, Pamela had seen to Mary, who she realised was in heat for the injection she had sorely lacked from her uncle. Having drawn the girl across her lap, she had duly uncovered her luscious rear, which presented itself without ado to Rupert's cock. He, by guidance from Pamela, taking the more conventional of the two offered routes, was quickly ensconced and with passionate sobs Mary duly received the pulsing jets of essence which for the moment at least cooled her young desires, but left her ardent for the kisses Pamela then lavished upon her.

Chapter eighteen

    An air of quiet reigned over the Waterhouse manor the next morning. His Lordship, having failed to return to the ancestral home, the proceedings of the night had been of a most libertine nature.
    Lavender, who walked now in the garden with Pamela, absorbing the morning sun, persuaded herself that she remembered very little of what had happened after dinner the previous evening. A bibulous haze had descended over her mind, or so she preferred to think. Quite obviously it was not possible that she, Mary, and Pamela had all been tupped, first in the drawing room and then upon the beds, though it was with vague surprise that she had discovered their dresses and chemises scattered over the drawing room carpet that morning.
    Mary lay sweetly sleeping still in her bed, whence she had been borne in the early hours, having not only been Rogered but Ruperted as well. Opening her eyes for a moment, and then her legs, she fingered her cunny in pleasant reminiscence, happily aware that her dear Mama could henceforth never upbraid her again. With that thought, she drifted back into dreamland while in their own beds Roger and Rupert languidly considered that the events of the night might be renewed and that they had best rest up in that hope.
    Turning over possibilities that were not by any means dissimilar, Lavender asked Pamela whether she would not like to stay. She saw much to be gained by the girl's taking up residence with them, for she could act as companion, lure, and go-between.
    For her part, Pamela had considered the idea already but briefly, though she felt extremely warm to Lady Waterhouse, who was neither so sly nor devious as her female employer and was delicious to watch in the throes of passion. How best and most politely she could refuse she knew not, but finally decided to do so with honesty, being grateful that with Lavender she could do so.
    Casting herself down upon the velvety sward in a manner that invited Lady Waterhouse to follow suit, the two embraced tenderly, pecking at each other's lips like doves.
    “Fond as I have grown of you, I though must needs move on,” Pamela murmured, adding quickly, “I shall stay another night with you if you wish.”
    “That I do desire, though perhaps we must not be so naughty. But why will you not stay?” Lavender implored.
    Thereupon for the first time Pamela unveiled to her completely the events of the night at Sir Richard's house, to all of which Lavender listened intently. What she herself had gained from Mary was that her Papa had been very naughty indeed with her, but now she saw in a new light all that had transpired and was ready to forgive the two in the heat of the moment.
    “Indeed, so it should be,” Pamela said wisely, “and hence you see that my mission is complete, for now she takes her injections as prettily as ever you do, having quite properly learned-as you have-to vary your steeds.”
    “Oh! and is that your purpose?” laughed Lavender, though she could not help but blush.
    In her strange little way, however, Pamela preserved her serious mien.
    “Such treasures as we females possess must be properly nurtured and handled in a manner that becomes them, Lavender. It would not do at all if girls were put about to all manner of crude and rough gentry. 'Tis better that they undergo their trials first, and then they may choose as they will, for they will have gained knowledge and experience thereby.”
    “Really, what a quaint and lovely creature you are!” Lavender declared, hugging her. Thereupon they set to discussing the whole matter until Lady Waterhouse felt herself quite converted and vowed to expound the philosophy as far as she was able. Working on all sorts of possibilities, her agile mind at last saw an opening that Pamela might wish to entertain, for the place she had in mind lay but not ten miles away. Thus, as she explained, they would not be too far distant from each other.
    This intelligence Pamela received with pleasure, already having decided to leave the Bromley abode as soon as possible since her mission there was also finished. So the two lay talking, being refreshed with iced lemonade and minding not the time-until lunch was announced.
    Mary being seemingly too shy to appear-though having been given her hors d'oeuvre by Roger, who left her bottom looking somewhat like a cream bun- Lavender and Pamela partook of lunch alone. Roger and Rupert had departed to change their attire and return for dinner, it being agreed that they might do so “if they behaved themselves,” though neither was minded to and Lavender secretly hoped that they wouldn't.
    That afternoon, therefore, Lavender and Pamela sallied forth in an open carriage to visit the house where, as Lavender thought, some possibilities might lie. En route they stopped at an inn to slake their thirsts, though with due thought Pamela partook only of lemonade, being determined to look her most respectable and to have no smell of wine upon her breath. Indeed, she had adorned herself in one of Mary's primmest dresses, which though an inch or two short for her, fitted her otherwise admirably and was pleasingly tight about her hips and bosom.
    The house they were to visit was known as The Grange, Lavender explained. The head of the household was one Thomas Tomkins, who had gained his fortune from the railways. He was a kindly yet stern man, given to keeping his daughters and sons under firm rein.
    “That he is stern may be an asset, for sternness may be moulded into firmness, which is all that is required,” Pamela avowed wisely. As to Mrs. Adelaide Tomkins, that lady was of attractive appearance, but quiet and not given overmuch to excitement.
    “Where there is not excitement, there is not desire, but both may be engendered and aroused,” said Pamela, who was keen indeed on learning every detail that she could before setting foot in the establishment. Of daughters there were four, she gathered, their ages ranging from sixteen to twenty-one. Of sons there were two.
    “I believe also several others-it is quite a large household,” Lavender averred, but within another half an hour they were in sight of The Grange itself, set in rolling countryside and with a well-laid drive of a quarter-mile leading up to it from between a pair of large iron gates flanked by stone pillars.
    Receiving few visitors at this hour, Mr. and Mrs. Tomkins were not displeased to greet their friend, Lady Waterhouse, while expressing also much pleasure at being introduced to Pamela as, in Lavender's words, “a dear friend.”
    The Grange was commodious and with so many bedrooms that-being shown around it-Pamela's nimble mind was already at work in memorising each and every one and how best the relationships of the various doors would best suit her kindly purposes. The daughters, if not entirely as pretty as Mary Waterhouse, or Helen and Miranda Bromley, were comely, fresh of complexion, and firm of figure, none being either plump or thin, but properly curved in such places as it suited them to be. In addition, as Pamela was intrigued to discover, there was a thirty-year-old sister of Mrs. Tomkins who had remained unwed (a piece of news that caused Pamela some kindly consternation and not a little further thought that she must be injected as soon as possible) and a shy niece who was staying “quite a while,” as Mrs. Tomkins said.
    'Twas in the midst of all this amiable chatter that the subject of a governess was raised, whereat Adelaide Tomkins sighed and said that none would stay long because of the isolation of The Grange. How deviously Pamela's name was inserted into the conversation, neither she nor Lavender remembered. Suffice to say that both Adelaide and Thomas Tomkins expressed particular delight at the suggestion that she might be persuaded to join them, even though it might be only for the remainder of the summer. By the end of the week, as Adelaide declared, their sons would be home from boarding school and she knew not where to turn to keep them all in hand.
    “Permit me to consider your offer overnight, if you will,” Pamela said softly, raising her eyes to those of Mr. Tomkins, who unaccountably blushed a shade and crossed his legs. There was something quite magnetic in her look, he thought, though he deemed it an illusion. The mere whisper of her stockings rubbing together where one thigh lay over the other excited him to a degree he had all but forgotten.
    “Shall you?” Lavender asked quietly as they left The Grange, though a certain twinkle in Pamela's eye gave her the answer.
    “There are possibilities, I do believe,” Pamela declared, then laughed and hid her face in Lavender's shoulder. They would have a wonderful night of it-she was determined of that-and then in the morning she would take her farewell. Four daughters, two sons, a niece, and an unmarried sister-oh, indeed, she would have her work cut out, but it was a challenge she could not deny herself.
    Watching the coach depart, Thomas Tomkins sighed and placed his arm about his wife's waist. For no reason at all, he felt suddenly amourous.
    “I do hope she comes, Tom. I'm sure she will get on well,” declared Adelaide, who quite unexpectedly felt her husband's hand roam around her bottom as it had not done in daylight for years. Not displeased, she wriggled it agreeably for a moment and then moved away, chiding herself for behaviour that was quite unseemly outside of bed.
    Sighing even deeper, though he knew not why, Thomas expressed a similar sentiment and was vaguely petulant at the removal from his palm of his wife's plump bottom. Ascending to his study, where he spent many hours, he sighted yet another round and comely rump that belonged to Geraldine, his wife's sister. Many was the time he had almost yielded to temptation by fondling its ripe cheeks, but ever he feared the consequences.
    All the damned women needed to be tamed, he told himself with vague surprise. The girls were at one moment frisky and at another shy. He could not make head or tail of them and was minded sometimes to put them to the birch.
    Sitting down at his desk, Thomas Tomkins became ever more aware that his cock had risen thickly in a manner he never normally knew it to do at such an hour-or indeed any hour beyond the marital bed. Damned if he shouldn't exercise it more. The hours seemed very long indeed until the morrow, when they might or might not hear again from the deliciously charming girl whose eyes were so magnetic.
    A sound at the door disturbed his reveries, unusual as they were, and he rose, quite forgetful of the extreme prominence in his trousers. Casting open the door, he was confronted by Geraldine, who promptly coloured up at the sight of what was presented to her, for, wearing no jacket, Thomas had nothing wherewith to hide his rude exposure which presented something of the aspect of a tentpole beneath the straining cloth.
    “Oh, I but came to ask you for a q… q… quill,” stammered Geraldine. “I have not one,” she finished lamely as a firm hand drew her within and closed the door. Unable to move this way or that, she blushed with spinsterish modesty, though quite unable to conceal another quick downward glance of her eyes which Thomas did not fail to see.
    Amazed at his own boldness, he thereupon slid his hand between the door and Geraldine's bottom and with increasing excitement savoured the firm contours of its cheeks while pressing his uprisen cock against her thigh.
    “A q… q… q… quill,” Geraldine stuttered again, quite believing herself in a dream. Her loins stirred despite herself at the gentle fondling, and again she felt his prick burning through her dress above her stocking top.
    “I have a quill, but no inkpot to put it in,” Thomas heard himself say with some surprise and drew her chin up so that her mouth hovered but an inch beneath his own. Her eyes appeared quite glazed, he thought. Her breasts felt particularly delicious-plump and round and firm as pumpkins.
    “No-oh!” Geraldine gasped faintly and all but swooned as his mouth defended upon her own while with crafty guile he urged his longing tool more closely against her.
    For a moment or two, it seemed to him that she relaxed. His lips swam in the wonder of her own, and then, with increasing desire, he squeezed her bottom tighter, the entire warmth of her womanhood appearing to him but a blatant invitation to put her promptly over his desk and have no further nonsense from her.
    However, Geraldine thought otherwise. The pulsing rise of excitement within her was wicked and had to be stilled, she knew. Thrusting him away, she turned about, fumbled with the door and sobbed, “Oh no! Not even if you birched me!” and was gone, thereby leaving Thomas to tremble mightily lest she run immediately to Adelaide. To his relief, however, naught but a silence came, save for the occasional chattering and giggling from his daughters somewhere beyond. The whole damned tribe of them ought to be birched, he thought grumpily, and nursed his stiff frustration with a fretful hand as he gazed out of the window upon his estate.
    Therefore, when Pamela duly arrived the next morning upon the hour of eleven, there was much excitement and interest while her trunks and boxes were unladed, for Sir Richard had not been ungenerous with his gifts. Having learned the ways of the gentry, Pamela waited not to see them being unloaded by footmen and houseboys, but repaired immediately to the study of her employer, who greeted her in such a fond manner that she knew herself well at home.
    Terms being first arranged, as was her practical nature, Pamela then waited to hear whatever she might be asked, for questions about herself always intrigued her and she loved to consider her answer slowly before replying.
    Thomas Tomkins, however, seemed pleased enough with all he saw and what he had already heard. There only remained the little matter of anything else she might need, he said.
    Pamela had little need to consider that at leisure, for it was a simple one. She had left Helen, Miranda, Lavender, and Mary all perfectly satisfied and knew that she could do the same thing here.
    “My needs will be simple, Mr. Tomkins,” she said. “Beyond my fees, there will be an allowance, the amount of which we can settle later when you know better the results of my work. As to other things, a few exercise books-for all your children must do their lessons-and, ah, yes, a birch. Or two, perhaps, for there is not always one to hand when one most needs it.”
    “Yes, ah, yes, a b… b… birch,” Thomas stuttered, quite beside himself. “I will procure some without delay-this very day, in fact.”
    “Please do-and now I will go and introduce myself to the girls,” Pamela said softly. Her hips gave a slight waggle as she departed, and Thomas Tomkins gazed after her with awe.
    By Jove, he thought, Adelaide had been right. They would get on very well.