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The Club, v3-4

The Club, v3-4

Anonymous The Club, v3-4


    It was late when I called for Dr. Sylvia Loriano and her ten-year-old little boy assistant to come get my child girl victim, Susie. I had satisfied myself sexually in the eight-year-old girl's mouth, in her ass, and finally I had raped her immature little cunt. Completely aside from the emotional trauma she had suffered under these foul assaults from me as an adult male, she also had received severe and very real physical injuries for which she needed good professional medical and surgical treatment, and Dr. Loriano was the person to handle it, using the superb technical facilities of The Club to restore the tiny body of Susie to health, so that she could again be subjected to sexual abuses, either by me or by some other member of their select and wealthy clientele who happened to fancy using little girls as their sex-partners.
    To qualify as a member of The Club, one had to be able to pay the fantastic initiation fee which they demanded, and then be able to afford the high fee which was required for every visit there to use their inmates and equipment. But the major requirement for Membership in this bizarre institution in the middle of New York, was that your interest in sex be violently abnormal in some way. What particular way did not make much difference, and membership always came as the result of recommendation by a present member who knew of the new person's abnormalities and was willing to propose him and trust him. Any person with so-called normal sex appetites would not be interested in the organization, even though he might be able to afford it, and such normality would certainly bore the other members, who from time to time got vicarious satisfactions out of witnessing performances by their fellow-members, either directly through peep-holes, one-way mirrors, or by photographs and movies.
    Allow me to jump ahead in my story for a moment and tell you some of the facts about The Club which I discovered much later, after I had been accepted as a full-fledged member there, and had learned a little bit about the place and its operation. Contrary to most secret sex-clubs, of which there are one or more around every large city, and several in the environs of New York, The Club was located right in the middle of the city, at a very well-known and exclusive address, in a new, modern, and highly-respected building.
    Originally the several wealthy men who started it, had rented an old brownstone-front house in a failing residential area, and fitted it up as a private club where they could enjoy the off-beat and often violent orgies with girls which was the common bond of their friendship. Money was no problem for these charter members, but when the buildings in their block were to be torn down to make room for a large new apartment building, they had to move. In looking for suitable new quarters, a weird and effective scheme developed, and resulted in the present set-up, which was eminently satisfactory for everyone. Several of the men had financial interests in a large office building which was in the planning stage for mid-town Manhattan, not far from Radio City. Using their money, their influence, and their technical know-how, this huge new building when completed, was different in several ways from any other building in the world. To all casual appearances it was similar but better than the other such office construction going up nearby, but a careful study of it revealed that it was really a building within a building. The inside of any modern sky-scraper is more or less waste space, used for elevators, storage, halls, and other unprofitable uses. Anyone willing and able to pay the high rents demanded, also wanted outside walls for windows, light, ventilation, and status-appeal.
    The building housing The Club, provided all these desirable features for its regular tenants, but for the specialized needs of The Club, the middle of the structure, for the bottom ten floors, represented a separate functional unit. It had no windows, and no connections with the peripheral areas. It had its own elevators from its own parking space in the basement. And it had its own very effective air-conditioning system. In every way it was completely isolated from the huge obvious, respected structure within which it was totally enclosed. None of the regular tenants of the office building, and even very few of the employees of the building, knew that there existed within their structure a separate ten-story very private exclusive club, and of the actual employees of The Club itself, few knew of the wild parties and degenerate orgies which took place there when ever a member wanted it. The separate autonomous organization demanded and paid for privacy, so that's what it got.
    Thus within a few minutes taxi dive of Times Square or Grand Central Station or the swankiest restaurants, was a beautifully hidden, ultra-exclusive hideout where anything was permitted in the way of bizarre sex, the only limit being the imagination of the person involved. World-known and brilliant business men of unimpeachable morals and tastes might be seated in conference at a board-meeting in their company offices in this odd building, forming decisions that would effect world-policy or national economics, and be within a few feet (through a sound-proof wall of where another man, possibly an acquaintance, was perpetrating some horribly perverted and cruel rape or sex-crime on a shrieking pain-wracked girl, neither would ever know of the other's actions.
    This mid-town location had even further advantages for the fortunate members of The Club. They did not have to waste a lot of time travelling to and from their orgies, and so had no annoying and possibly dangerous explaining to do to wives or acquaintances. On his way home after an evening of fun, a member could stop in at The Club for a visit, enjoy himself as fiendishly as suited his weird tastes, and be no later for dinner at home than if he had stopped in for a drink with a friend after office-hours. If he felt so inclined, a member could even go to The Club during his lunch-hour and desport himself in some brief orgy, arriving back at his office before many of his colleagues had returned from their more prosaic luncheons.
    And since The Club was so centrally located, if a member should encounter a casual acquaintance in the neighborhood, he had no explaining to do as to why he happened to be there at that time. Almost any business or professional man would have a truly legitimate excuse to be in or near the huge respectable building, of which The Club was the well-hidden and unknown core.
    Well, to get back to my own experience at The Club, I was awakened the next morning in plenty of time to get to my office on schedule. I had not had much sleep, after using Susie three times and then indulging in the bizarre three-way orgy with Dr. Sylvia Loriano and her little boy Teddy who was trying so hard to become a sexually adept lover, even at his tender years. After a shower, shave, and bracing breakfast, I was at work on time, and no one the wiser that I had not spent the night peacefully at home.
    Even while I dove into my work, the memories of my initiation into The Club kept flashing back before my mind, and I wondered how soon I could prevail upon John, my mentor there, to allow me back to taste of the forbidden joys which could be provided. Just before lunch-time I could stand the suspense no longer, and I phoned John Murphy to ask him to have lunch with me, for we had some things I would like to discuss with him.
    During the meal, while I was careful to avoid the third Martini cocktail which had revealed my perversion to John the day before, I asked about becoming a full-fledged member of The Club, with all the privileges. He told me that would take some time, and that guests could only be brought by members once a week. Otherwise there would be no reason for a man to pay to join, if he could attend the club regularly as a guest of another member. He offered to take me in again in a week, while my membership was being considered, and that was the best I could do. I thanked him sincerely, of course, for what he had done for me, and assured him of my everlasting gratitude for introducing me into this wonderful and improbable group where my bizarre sex urges could be so fully satisfied without inconvenience or danger to myself, as if I had tried to use little girls on my own.
    The next week, when the time arrived for my second visit to the strange organization, I was very curious as to what form my entertainment would take. Was I to take what they offered me, since they knew my preferences or could I make suggestions, or consult with their specialists, or even make a selection from their terrific illustrated catalogue of ready-available perversions and partners? When I mentioned all this to John, he suggested that I ask for Jeannie for the night, if she was not otherwise engaged. He would not tell me any more about it, but smilingly said that he thought I would enjoy the experience, and it would give me a further insight into the possibilities of The Club.
    I could not argue with my host, and the first visit had been so spectacularly successful, so I agreed to ask for Jeannie as a companion for the evening. While John and I were enjoying a drink in the spacious and comfortable lounge of The Club upon our arrival, I made my request, and was told that Jeannie would be delighted to be my partner. She would be waiting for me in her room as soon as I finished dinner with John in the dining-room. While we were eating, John gave me some more details about the other off-beat types of sexual activities that could be provided, and offered the information that he, as most of the other members, from time to time tried out various forms of unusual sex, even though they always came back to their main preference after these side-trips into other fields. There was no onus or stigma attached to trying anything here, which meant that men would try things that they would be afraid to try under usual circumstances for fear of being found out and ostracized. A man might be a well-known judge, or a business tycoon on the outside, but he could be an ardent cock-sucker or childraper in The Club without endangering his social standing or reputation in any way.
    When we finished eating. John called an attendant and asked him to take me to Jeannie's room. I thanked John and said goodnight, and then followed my guide to another floor where he knocked on a closed door, and then left me. A soft light childish voice told me to come in and with my mind full of curiosity and expectation, I entered the room.
    A delightful little girl of about ten was sitting at a small desk, doing what looked like school homework. She got up as I came in and came slowly toward me, smiling with a sort of pleasant shyness, her hand out to greet me.
    “You are George. I'm glad to meet you, and I hope we have lots of fun together tonight. I'm Jeannie and you got here at just the right time. I'm just finishing my homework for school tomorrow, so I won't keep you waiting.”
    “Your homework?” I gasped, taken back at such a mundane and commonplace item in this bizarre club of sexual erotica. “School, tomorrow?”
    “Oh, yes. I go to school regularly. I'm in the fifth grade, and doing pretty well.” she explained calmly and a little proudly. “1 don't know what you heard about me but I suppose I'm sort of the mascot of The Club, and there are special rules about me. The most important is that I can decide what I want to do with any of the people who visit me here. And another, that I don't like so much, is that I have to be in bed and asleep. ALONE, by midnight every night. I take a nap alter school every afternoon, but even so I can't stay up alter midnight, except sometimes for special occasions on weekends or during vacations.”
    My mouth must have been open in astonishment while the child was talking, and now I looked more closely at her and surveyed the room we were in. “You live here at The Club? All by yourself?” I asked.
    “Yes sir. My Daddy was a member here, and he brought me here a few times to watch the shows and things, and I liked them a lot. He died over a year ago, and the other members are sort of my guardians and look out for me and I live here in this room, and go to school, and have lots of nice 'uncles' for friends, and they take me on trips and to shows and out to dinner and buy me nice clothes, and I have a grand life. And since I had learned all about sex and that kind of fun before my real Daddy died, they let me do just about anything I want to with men here, as long as I don't get hurt and get my sleep, and, of course, don't tell anyone outside of The Club about the things that happen here.”
    I was so dumbfounded at the matter-of-fact attitude of this cute little child that I could only look about me, trying to get my emotional balance by seeking some kind of normalcy in this crazy situation. The room was large and pleasant, with all the furniture and accessories that one might expect in the bedroom of a ten-year-old girl. The bed was huge and covered with a frilly spread. Dozens of little pillows covered it, and there were many stuffed animals scattered around. A partially opened closet revealed racks of cute dresses, and there was a couch containing many cute and expensive and well-loved dolls. Her bureau was beautifully equipped, and she had her school-books lined up on the little student's-desk where she had evidently been doing some arithmetic homework, for the paper was covered with numbers in neat columns. The main colors were in pastel pinks and blues, with ruffled lamps over the dressing-table, the desk, and the head of the bed. Altogether it was a fit and delightful sanctuary for a girl of her age, — and right in the center of this secret club devoted to off-beat sex.
    Jeannie, herself, must have been just over four feet tall, and weighed maybe seventy pounds. Her thick dark hair was set in a neat page-boy bob that brushed her firm straight shoulders, and she had the most direct and friendly manner I have ever seen in a child of any sort. She had a justified confidence in herself, expected to be liked by everyone, and expected to like everyone, in return. If exposure to sex is meant to be bad for children, especially for ten-year-old girls, you could never have proved it from looking at Jeannie. I suppose the only trouble she ever had was in being sure never to tell anyone outside of The Club about the things she willingly did there.
    At last I came out of my stupefied amazement enough to be polite to this startling nymph. “Well, I'm certainly glad to meet you, Jeannie, and you are just as nice as I hoped you'd be. Frankly I am a bit surprised, but I suppose you are used to surprising people here.”
    “Yes, I guess I am.” she replied smiling mischievously at our secret from the outside world. “From what I hear the kids at school say, they sure would be surprised at the things I know and the things I like to do.”
    “How did you get to know my name, Jeannie?” I asked her. “Do you ask to meet all the new guests here?”
    “Oh no. I almost never get to meet the men till they are regular members,” she said softly. “And only then if they look interesting to me. But I saw some movies of what you did to that little Susie last week, and I thought I'd like to meet you, since you seem to like sex with young girls. I'm a little older than Susie, but I'm not a 'big girl' yet, if you know what I mean. And I thought that maybe it would be fun for both of us trying some things together, specially if you didn't have to make the little girl do the things you like, cause she would like to do them with you.”
    This new idea was so startling to me that it left me numb and speechless for a moment. I had always become very excited at the prospect of doing sexual things with unformed, immature little girls, but it had never occurred to me that I would not have to force them and hurt them. The idea that a child of these tender years could enjoy and enter wholeheartedly into such a physical relationship had never really occurred to me. The thought of a willing and enthusiastic partner, rather than a screaming and fighting opponent, somehow fascinated me, adding a whole new dimension to my admitted perverse approach to the female sex.
    I supposed that originally I had started dreaming about sex with little girls because older girls or women were a little frightening or even possibly dangerous to me. I could feel emotionally and physically safe if I had only to deal with a child who could not harm me or otherwise threaten me, no matter what I did to her. But here was a child who not only was a threat to me, but was offering to be a willing and cooperative partner in my bizarre adventures, and who probably could teach me a lot from actual experience that I had not even been able to dream of, so limited had been my ideas by my preconceptions that she had to be an opponent, I stared in profound admiration and awe at little Jeannie, trying to fathom her novel theory and to see who she was that she could so attract and excite me.
    As I have described, she was very average in size for her age, even though she had more poise and self-assurance than one would expect. She was dressed in a mildly flaring gray flannel skirt, topped with a fuzzy white sweater which made her look very cute and normal, and emphasized her total lack of biological development toward womanhood. She wore white ankle-socks and black and white saddle-shoes, and, in addition, had a most appropriate smudge on the end of her button-nose, from the pencil with which she had been doing her arithmetic homework. I doubt that she was wearing any make-up of any sort, so natural did she seem, but her full rounded cheeks had a healthy flush of pink, and her full sensuous lips were deeply red and moist by nature.
    I have no idea how long the two of us sat there, taking each other in and studying each other, but the more I saw the better I liked it, and the lovely little smile on Jeannie's face grew larger as she kept looking me over.
    I managed to break the silence first, saying, “Jeannie, I am so pleased and surprised that I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have discovered you. I didn't think there could be such a wonderful little girl in all the world. The whole idea that you might want to play sex-games with me is the most exciting thing I can imagine. It ought to be much better than having to make some child do it, the way I had to with Susie last week.”
    She blushed shyly at my honest praise, and added, “I think it will be fun with you, too. You seem to like little girls so much that I hope you like me even more. Some of the men I have played with just seem to do it with me because I am different, not because they really like me. And then it isn't nearly so much fun as when I am liked for myself and what I am and can do. I don't like to be just a freak for those men to experiment with.”
    “It looks like the mutual admiration society is in full session.” I joked with her, very pleased and excited. “Since I am your guest here tonight, I'll do anything you want, so if you tell me your ideas, I am at your service.”
    “Well, first let me tell you something so you can stop worrying for later on,” she said seriously. “I told you I am sort of the mascot of the place, and that means that they are very-careful that I don't get hurt or into any trouble while I'm playing the sex games with older men. There is somebody watching us all the time, just to make sure that you don't try to hurt me or anything. I know now that you wouldn't try anything bad with me, but I'm just telling you so that you won't worry about whether it's all right. If we do anything very special, they may take movies of us, but I like that, and I hope you won't mind.”
    “Anything you want, Jeannie, is all right by me,” I told her, holding my hands out to take both of hers warmly. “Just let me know what you want, and I'm with you all the way.”
    “Well, I think you would like to see me all bare, wouldn't you?” she asked pertly, wiggling her thin little hips and bottom in a burlesque of the sinuous movements of a grown woman trying to be seductive. “So why don't I take off my clothes now, and then afterwards I can help you get undressed. When we are both all bare naked, I'm sure we can find lots of fun-things to do with each other.”
    With these direct childish words, Jeannie sat down on the chair by her dressing-table, more or less facing me, and began to take off her saddle-shoes and socks. As she spread her plump thighs to get at the laces, my eyes pierced up into the shadows beneath her little flannel skirt and I could see a streak of white panties at the top. As she tugged the shoe and sock off her little foot, there was no question that I had glimpsed the dainty covering of the cute little pussy I was soon to be playing with, for the alleged amusement of both of us. And again as the other shoe and sock came off, I caught another glimpse of the tantalizing white barrier at the top of her little thighs.
    Now she stood up and with the half-clumsy, half-grace of a child, she peeled off the tight white sweater which had clasped her cylindrical, unformed chest, flipping it over her head and tossing it on the desk, with a sideways shake of her alert head to resettle her page-boy hair-do. She wore a white silk slip, decorated with fine white lace, and now she quickly unfastened the waist of her gray flannel skirt, running the zipper down the side. The garment fell at her feet, and she gaily kicked it to the desk beside her sweater.
    The lower half of her dainty white slip billowed out in crisp folds, having helped support her flaring over skirt. Now she struggled to peel off this diminutive piece of underwear, but it took some doing, since it fit her very snugly around the waist and chest, and had to be tugged without grace or dignity, as all children fight their clothes.
    At last it was off, and she stood revealed before me covered only by a pair of tiny white silk or nylon panties which had cute ruffles all over them, front, sides, back, and around the lower edges, giving a false effect of roundness to her hips and pelvis, in tiny imitation of a grown and developed woman. Slowly she walked over toward where I sat on the edge of the bed, and stood just within my reach. She smiled sweetly and hopefully up into my face and said, “Do you like my nice new panties? I think they're cute. And maybe you'd like to help me take them off, so I'd be all bare for you to play with.”
    I reached out and put my hands around her tiny waist and drew her to me. I gently kissed her on the lips and cuddled her tiny body against me. “I'll do anything you want, Jeannie, dear. I'll be glad to make you all bare.”
    While she stood close before me, snuggling up to where I sat, I put my fingers in the elastic waistband of the gleaming white frilly little briefs and tugged them down over her hips. As in all children, there was very little difference in size between her waist and her hips, so that presently the dainty tiny garment was about her ankles, and she gaily kicked it into the air toward where her other clothes had been tossed. Now she sat on my lap and earnestly asked, “Do you think I'm cute, George, now that I'm all bare?”
    “I sure do, Jeannie. Even cuter, if possible, than when you had clothes on.” I told her, hugging her.
    “I'm glad you think so, but I don't see why you like me like this. As compared with a grown-up woman, I'm so plain and they're so fancy. They should be much nicer for you.” She frowned as she put forth this philosophy, but then she smiled brightly up at me, asking, “Now that I'm all bare for you, would you like to look at my pussy?”
    “That will be wonderful, Jennie! I'd love to look at your cute bare little pussy. I'm sure it's the cutest one in the whole world, and I want to play with it, too, in any way you want me to.”
    She immediately hopped up and stood on my thighs as I was sitting on the edge of the bed. This brought her nude little crotch right before my face, and I inspected it with pleasure and rising excitement as she waved and wiggled it around, exposing every facet of its beauty for me. The firm rounded outer lips formed pink elevated ridges down each side, just inside where the crease of her thighs formed. Between these pouting fleshy rolls was the darker crevice of her slit, with almost no evidence of the thin petal-like inner lips which are so important a part of an older and more developed cunny.
    Jeannie leaned way back, with my hands supporting her behind her little firm hips, and, with her legs spread I could see the odd effect which a very young girl shows of having one continuous groove running from the top of her pussy, all the way down between her chubby thighs, and continuing up the back between her pale-pink round buttocks. At the upper front end of this delightfully exposed little valley I could make out a tiny pink nubbin which I was sure was the outer tip of her little clitoris and a spot which we would both enjoy when I got around to playing with it in many exciting ways.
    After I had inspected her carefully as she proudly exposed herself for my admiration, she jumped down and said, “You've seen me now, so it ought to be my turn. I'll help you get undressed, and then I want to see you all over and feel you all over. Then, if you want, we can play some really nice fun-games with sex.”
    She must have had considerable previous experience with men, from the way she spoke, but even so, Jeannie was more a hindrance than a help in the matter of my getting my clothes off. And no matter who the man is, I'm sure that there is no graceful and lordly way to take off underpants. You end up teetering on one foot in an awkward pose, but finally the job is done, and you're ready to go.
    By the time I was naked, I had a half-hard cock sagging limply out in front of me, and this, of course, was the child's first target. She grasped it gently and inspected it in every detail, feeling and rubbing and testing it, as though comparing me with her previous partners.
    After a few seconds of this, she looked up at me and said, “I like your thing, George, and we'll have lots of fun with it. It's not too big, and it's not too small, and I'm glad you're not so awfully hairy all over the way some men are. You have just enough hair on your tummy and legs and around your thing, but not so much you look and feel like a bear or ape or something awful like that.” Then she paused as thought making a major decision, before asking, “Is it all right with you if I kiss the end of your thing now? I'd like to, and that's a good way to get started, I think.”
    I assured her that her suggestion was most acceptable, and just as she puckered her lips to take in the end of my stiffening cock, she asked, “By the way, George, what are we going to call your thing. I like to call the place between my legs my pussy, but would it be all right if I call your thing your dickey? That name seems so much nicer than some of the other words for it, to me.”
    I gave my permission, still dazed by the poise and eagerness and charm of my ten-year-old partner, and she immediately inserted the huge purpling end of my dickey within her mouth, feeling and tasting it with all the calm critical authority of a professional, She evidently liked what she found, for soon she was sucking and diddling the end with her hot little tongue, and I was nearly beside myself with excitement that was both emotional and physical. The idea and the sight and the sensation of having my cock eagerly and expertly sucked by this tiny exquisite doll was almost more than I could bear. And her obvious affection for me, even on such short acquaintance, and under such bizarre circumstances, made me determined to play along with her, doing what she liked and taking no chances of offending or hurting her in any way. I knew I would get my thrills, but I wanted to be sure she got hers too.
    My hands were caressing and guiding her head as she ardently licked and kissed and sucked my now-rigid tool, but I was in no way forcing or commanding her. It may seem odd to say so, but this wholly perverted and lewd scene was to me beautiful and rewarding and satisfying in a way that I would never have believed possible. The thought that a tiny girl and a mature man could mean so much to each other and in such a bizarre way, was really getting me already. I pulled her mouth gently from around my throbbing cock and softly asked her, “Jeannie, this doesn't seem really fair. You are doing a wonderfully nice thing for me, but what can I do for you that would feel nice?”
    Her face lit up in a winning smile and she said, “Well, George, if you'd like to, you could play with my pussy while I play with your dickey. You're pretty big to get on top of me, cause I'm so little, but maybe if I got on top of you on the bed, we could both have fun.”
    After a few moments of intimate scrambling and adjustments, I was lying on my back on the big bed, and the amazing child was crouching over me in a sort of '69' position which was different because of the great difference in our sizes. She was gaily playing with my stiffly upright cock with her hands, and gently squeezing and fondling my balls, occasionally sucking and tonguing the glands of my tool with her hot little tongue and soft sucking lips. Her out-thrust bare little pelvis was above and in front of my face, right where my hands could easily get at it to caress and toy with it.
    I grasped and kneaded the chubby firm cheeks of her little bottom, and held her gently by her little hips. My fingers ran lightly up and down her firm round thighs on all their satin-smooth surfaces as I teased her by sneaking up on the target we both knew I was seeking. I could feel the clean pink warmth of her crotch radiating onto my face, and my fingers softly tickled and titillated her all over and along the continuous groove of her pussy and bottom. I was sure of where we were going but I was not only teasing myself by going slowly, but I wanted to be sure not to advance too fast for her desires, uninhibited thought they seemed.
    Finally I grabbed her firm little hips and slowly dragged her back over my face, pulling her mouth from around my pulsing cock, which her dainty caressing little hands still fondled lovingly. Now with superb gentleness I eased her sweet little crotch down onto my mouth, and my tongue reached delicately out to touch the firm slit of her pussy. She gave a slight sigh of satisfaction and wriggled slightly to establish the most satisfying contact. Up and down along her gaping pink groove I wafted my hot wet tongue, and soon she was sighing and crooning softly to herself at the delightful thrills I was providing for her. But she did not neglect her duties to me, and her hands were always lovingly busy even when she did not ease forward in her position to suck and tongue the end of my dickey.
    After many minutes of this wonderful mutual stimulation, she eased her pussy up off my face and looked down at me between her spread thighs, a charming and pleased smile on her expressive and sensuous features. “This is lots of fun, isn't it, George?” She crooned in a voice that was half sleep sensuality and half rousing excitement. “And you do it so nicely and so gently. Sometimes I have to tell the men to take it easy, especially at first. They want to play too rough and start off doing things too hard and fast. I hope you like the way I'm playing with your big hard dickey.”
    I assured her she was doing fine, and asked what she wanted to do next, if she had had enough of this '69' act. Her hot little pussy was still weaving and slowly bouncing over my face while she contemplated my question, and I kept amusing it by sticking the tip of my tongue up into her slot, and allowing her to work herself around on it. Now she lightly jumped off my supine body and helped me sit up beside her on the bed. Her face was alive and flushed with excitement and pleasure, and she was so vivacious and on edge that I felt almost as much thrill from what I had done for her as from what she had done to stimulate me.
    “Now I'm ready to try the real thing,” she told me, bouncing with anticipated pleasure and expectation. “I know lots of ways to do it, but because I'm so small all over, including my pussy-hole, I like to start off in one special way. After we get going and my pussy-hole gets used to having your big dickey in it, then we can try anything you like in the way of positions. I think I like them all after I get off to a good start my way. Come on. Let's get going. You licked my pussy so well that I'm all wiggly and itchy and hot all over. I want to feel your big hard dickey way up inside my tight little hole, stretching me and making me feel so big and good and happy.”
    Under her excited and free-flowing directions, I sat on the edge of the bed with my feet on the floor. She sat down on my lap, her knees on the bed on each side of my hips. She was so tiny that she actually was sitting on my lap, facing me, but it resulted in bringing her hot pink little pussy right over the erect end of my cock, just where we both wanted it. At her suggestion, I held still and allowed her to make the adjusting movements, a job at which she seemed enthusiastic and expert. She squirmed and wiggled and bounced a-round for a few seconds, and then slowly settled down with the tip of my cock pressing up against her hot little slit. Because she was so young and undeveloped, my stimulation of her little pussy had not produced much of any lubricating cunt-juice, and getting my tool into her tight little hole was going to be a problem on which we would both have to work patiently if she were not to be hurt by the penetration. In this position she would be able to control our relative motions and thus could get us sexually coupled without any pain to herself.
    Slowly, and with a continual grinding and wriggling of her whole little bottom, she allowed herself to press down onto my rigid peg. I could feel the increasing pressure, and looking down between us, I could actually see the plump bare lips of her tiny pussy begin to spread aside to permit my relatively huge organ to enter the half-hidden hole. Since all the soft tissues down there, even in such little girls, are amazingly elastic and flexible, I knew, as did the experienced Jeannie, that if we took our time and did not try to rush things, that she would expand and stretch enough to allow my prick to be thrust deep up inside her, then it would be a mutually satisfying very tight fit of her diminutive vagina around my grown-up cock.
    Her little arms were around my waist, bracing herself and guiding our joining. Her legs kept her bottom in motion, easing here, and pressing there, and always she kept forcing herself slowly further and further down upon me.
    The chubby round lips around her slit were now forced well out around my cock, and if she had been a virgin, I would have been well in beyond her maidenhead. Her slow, controlled bouncing was now more than a pounding against a formidable barrier, and on each slight upstroke I could feel that I was really within her tight hot tube, for the wonderfully snug walls were frictioning my prick and sending ecstatic sensations through me with even only this limited motion which she was providing. I kept glancing down between our closing bodies, and got an extra thrill out of being able to see every detail, since there was no pubic hair on her pussy to hide the visual excitement of seeing what we were accomplishing. Jeannie looked down often, too, and seemed to get as much of a kick as I did out of watching our divine progress in this bizarre performance.
    After what seemed like an age of this preparatory and superbly pleasant activity, we gained our objective of full insertion for my long thick hard dickey within her hungry hole. A smile of satisfaction lit up both our faces and she leaned forward and up to kiss me sweetly on the lips. “Thanks for not hurrying me, George,” she whispered in a childish voice that was tense with passion. “Now we're all set, and I want to do anything you want. It's just that I have found that I have to start slowly or it hurts me terribly and then I can't do anything and don't enjoy it at all. Now just lie back on the bed and let me show you what I can do for both of us.”
    I relaxed back onto the softly firm surface of her huge bed, and she leaned forward over me, her legs still bent up beside me, and her hot little hands pressing down on my heaving chest. With a power that surprised me for a child so small in such a position, she began to pump her hot tight little pelvis up and down on my raging cock. Each stroke was a delight of sensation for me, for she was exquisitely tight, and did not have too much lubrication, which would have smoother but less sensual thrills for me. Her excited eyes were fixed on mine as she tried to guess from my expressions which of her actions pleased me most.
    After a few moments of this, I felt my passion rising to dangerous heights, and I grabbed her to slow her down. This was much too delightful and rewarding a feeling to have it cut off so soon by a premature explosion on my part.
    She must have understood my problem, for she said, “Please don't go off yet, George. Try to make it last a lot longer if you can. I know it feels wonderful for you when you shoot your stuff into me, but then the party will be over for both of us for a while, and I don't want to stop yet.” She straightened her little legs out downward, and lay full length on top of me, all the time wiggling her terrific little pussy around on my captive cock, but not pumping or stroking it the way she had been. This continued to thrill me wonderfully, but gradually my pressure lowered till I was no longer in imminent danger of ejaculating and bringing our party to a precipitous ending.
    Under this less superb stimulation, I was grunting and smiling and almost wallowing in sensuous thrills, and my hands kept running caressingly all over her superb little body. I clasped her cute little head in my fingers, and by leaning way forward I could kiss her hot sensuous lips, and feel her sharp tongue flick against mine as we exchanged these divine thrills. Her thick dark page-boy hair-do swung forward over my face and I was almost buried within its heavy dark curtain of femininity. My hands trickled down her little backed and cupped the small firm hemispheres of her buttocks, squeezing and kneading and fondling them to give the sensation of holding and being held thus intimately to both of us. Then my finger traced eerie patterns down the backs of her taut little thighs and returned between those lovely plump columns till I could feel the actual stretched area between her legs where my huge pole penetrated and spread the pouting lips of her cunny.
    Little girls have no waistline, in the sense that grown women do, for there is no real contrast in size between their chest measurements, their waist size, and the distance a-round their cute little fannies But when little Jeannie felt my hands tickling up the sides of her ribs, she arched herself forward, and my fingers went in under her round tummy and felt and stimulated this heated area between us.
    She smiled ecstatically down at me and her whole face and body seemed alight with an inner radiance of love and acceptance for what we were experiencing together. In a voice that sounded surprisingly deep and mature, due to the emotional strains she was enjoying, Jeannie said, “if you want to, we can roll over now and do it the regular way with you on top of me. I think you'll like it that way and I will too, now that we are all set together.”
    Slowly and carefully I rolled her over beneath me, never endangering the exquisite penetration which my stiff dickey held within her tiny sheath, and soon we were stretched out on the bed in the conventional position for such activities. Below me there, she looked even tinier than ever, her little face looking up adoringly at me, her bare unformed chest heaving with her labored breathing, and her firm little thighs sticking up brave around my massive hips.
    As I began my driving exercise up and down on her little pelvis, trying not to be too rough for the child, I saw that she was entering into the act passionately, pounding her little hips up and down in a spirited counterpoint to my strokings. Her legs were pulled so far up to give full exposure of her pussy to my cock, that I could still see the tight stretching chubby lips of her infantile vulva as they spread out to enclose my piercing shaft as it pistoned in and out of her hole.
    In a half-whisper that was as much to herself as it was to me, she murmured and crooned and whispered and let her words and her feelings pour softly out between us. “Oooh this is wonderful. This is the best one I've ever done. It's so much nicer when he wants to be nice and gentle with me. And I like it when he let's me be nice and loving with him. And I'm so glad when he doesn't try to hurry and shoot his stuff in me, but plays out my nice long wonderful games so we can enjoy and love each other. And I've had this wonderful feeling for so long with him and it's still lasting. I'm still too little to have a real 'come' or orgasm like they say big girls do, but all this sure feels so very very nice and warm and loving and I want to keep it feeling like this as long as possible and never let it go until I can be all sure of being loved and ready to do it over again.”
    Under the exquisite stimulation of my cock stroking within the hot tight walls of her tiny vagina, and the sensual outpourings of her charming little soul in her words, I felt myself slowly but surely approaching my own orgasm. I could not have held it back much more under any conditions, but now there seemed no necessity to even try, so I allowed Nature to take its classic course while enjoying every delectable second of the experience.
    As I pounded gently but firmly in and out of the child beneath me, getting wholly superlative thrills but trying not to intimidate or hurt her in any way, I was well aware of the fact that she was also making a major contribution to the action which supplied our thrills. Her little hips and pelvis were bouncing and heaving with all the abandon of an experienced adult in the throes of sensual love, and the very incongruity of the situation made it more exciting and stimulating and piquant to me, adding zest and tang to a setup which already overstepped the bizarre.
    Just as I felt the dams break and my semen burst forth into her in a cascade of sensual devotion, her tiny arms came up around my neck, dragging her body up close against mine until I dropped gently on top of her against the bed. Surge after surge of gism spouted into her little hole, and I could feel the lessening of the friction as the mucous mass provided additional lubrication between us.
    When my final spasm had shot the last of my discharge down her welcoming canal, I started to roll off her, so as not to burden her with my weight while we clung together, recovering from our mutual trip to heaven. As I rolled, she held fast, and once again we were as we had been ages ago, with me on my back, and the superb little nymph lying atop me, bodies clasped close, and her little pussy still lovingly around my softening dickey, as though we were destined to stay thus intimately enwrapped in each other till the end of time.
    Slowly the tempo of our impassioned breathing slowed and we could feel our hearts slowing to a cuddly loving thump of mutual acceptance and affection only mildly tinged with the searing fleshly demands of a while before. Again I leaned down and softly kissed those full red lips in that serious affectionate face, giving her final reassurance that her demonstration of love, bizarre though it was, had been and would continue to be a most soul-stirring and rewarding experience for me.
    I know that I must have dozed off for a while. Maybe we both did, but when I coasted back to awareness of my surroundings, little Jeannie was still lying warmly and cosily on top of me, her chubby little thighs clasping my limp dickey which had slipped out of her pussy. As I stirred, she looked up at me and whispered confidentially, as though slightly-ashamed, “It must be getting pretty close to my bedtime. That's one big trouble of being a little girl. I have to go to bed early so I can get up and be wide awake in school tomorrow. The fifth grade is hard if you don't get enough sleep. I love living here at The Club but it is sort of hard being the only person in the whole place who has to go to bed early.”
    I patted her and consoled her for this restriction which was necessary for her health and safety. And then I began wondering when I would be seeing this wholly delightful little nymph again. She had worked her way right into my heart, changing all my preconceived ideas about how sex should be with little children, but what good was that for me if she was going to drop right out of my life again.
    “I know that I have to leave you soon, now, Jeannie.” I told her lovingly. “But I'd like to see you again very soon. I don't mean just for these wonderful games we have played. I mean maybe we could go out to a matinee or have a soda some afternoon when you finish school. I think I could get it approved by your guardians here at The Club, all right. Would you like that?”
    “That would be swell, George,” she answered gaily. “And I want to get together with you again real soon for some more of our sex-fun. You are so gentle and nice, that it's more fun with you than with anyone else I know. I just hope that you like me pretty well too, even though you can't get real rough with me the way you did with Susie last week.”
    I reassured her of my devotion and we arranged that I should phone her in a day or so about getting together for some mild occasion on the outside at her convenience. I was sure that she and my patron, John Murphy, could get me approved as her escort to the movies, especially since I had already been approved as her partner in some of the most violent and perverse mutually satisfactory sex ever imagined.
    Since I was not yet a full-fledged member of The Club, and as a guest could only attend once a week, I did not expect to enter those premises again for at least seven days. You can imagine my pleased surprise a few days later when my phone rang at the office and my secretary announced that my little niece, Jeannie wanted to talk to me. I did a double take at the family relationship which Jeannie had established, making me her uncle, but greeted her warmly on the phone. She sounded pleased and friendly, and asked if I would take her for a soda when I left my office after work, as she had some news to tell me. Of course I accepted and we met at a nice drugstore nearby.
    In her school clothes, with her books, eating and drinking at the soda fountain, she certainly was a great contrast to the wildly passionate naked little female who had been my uninhibited bed-companion only a few days before. Her news was that The Club was having one of its rare shows the following night, and she had prevailed upon the proper authorities to let her invite me as her guest to witness the fantastically bizarre spectacle which was going to be presented for the entertainment and instruction of the members.
    Of course I was delighted to accept, and even more so since it showed that I was liked by the other members and by the darling little nymph, Jeannie, who had forged herself such a firm place in my heart after our first meeting. With a charming show of embarrassment, the child confessed that the coming show might go on all night, but that, as usual, she would be packed off to bed at a reasonable hour, for her guardians were taking no chances on ruining her superb health by late hours, even though they permitted her almost any type of sexual indulgence which she might want to try. I assured her that I would like to go as her guest, and if she missed anything really exciting or different, I would tell her about it the next time I saw her. This did not seem to please her as much as I had hoped, for she said that she hoped when she had to go to bed, I might like to go with her and spend the rest of the night with her in her big bed.
    I successfully dodged this awkward issue, and arranged to meet her the evening of the special show, and then escorted her back to her home at The Club. Altogether she was the most interesting and charming girl of almost any age that I had ever encountered. I wondered what she would be like, say in ten years, when she had physically matured to a stage where her present bed-room activities would be more normal and appropriate.
    Even though I was invited as Jeannie's special guest I arrived at The Club with my friend John Murphy, for I was still not a regular member and could not go there without an introducing escort of some sort. The delightful child met me in the big lounge, which, for the occasion had many more people present than I had ever seen before. There must have been nearly a hundred men assembled, talking.-smoking, having a friendly drink, — and all waiting to witness an orgy so wild that it attracted even these sexual sophisticates who would not be members unless they had tried and were willing to try almost every possible permutation and combination of biological rearrangement.
    My ten-year-old Jeannie was the only female of any age visible in the crowded foyer, with the exception of Dr. Sylvia Loriano who passed through quickly, greeting friends, and saying that she had to keep an eye on things so they would run smoothly. Jeannie held my hand and introduced me to several men whom she seemed to know well and like, and each of them, along with many others, cast envious glances at me, for being the obvious favorite of their utterly charming little mascot.
    Soon we were asked to go into the recreation room where the program was to take place, — a room I had never seen. It turned out to be fairly large, easily holding the hundred or so assembled men in chairs around the periphery of the roughly circular room, while there was a sort of sunken stage in the center of the room, down into which we could all see clearly when the action started. When the lights dimmed up where we sat, (Jeannie beside me as usual) spotlights came on over the center part and a sort of master of ceremonies came out to make a few announcements.
    He said that most of the performers we would see were professionals, hired for the occasion, although there were a few who were regular parts of the club staff in one way or another. He assured us that none of the outsiders had any idea of where they were or what The Club was. They only knew that they were being well-paid to do their special kind of sex-act, and any unnecessary curiosity would be met with severe punishment immediately. His final announcement was greeted with considerable satisfaction by most of the men, for he said that during or after any act, the members of The Club were asked to join in the activities if they felt so inclined, and it was hoped that every member present would appear on the floor as a participant at least once during the evening, for every possible type of sexual variation was being included in the demonstrations, so that every taste would be satisfied one way or another.
    As we all settled back to enjoy this wildest imaginable spectacle, Jeannie snuggled up to me and whispered, “Isn't it exciting just thinking about what we're going to see. I'll bet I learn lots of things here tonight, don't you?”
    “You know plenty right now, Jeannie.” I told her. “You already know much more than most grown-up women, and it does you more good than it will ever do them, too.”
    She squeezed my hand in thanks for the sincere compliment, and we turned our attention back to the center ring of this exotic circus. The first act started out with a huge Negro man and a slim Negress dancing out onto the floor and going into a wild Apache dance-routine to the accompaniment of music from a concealed record player. I hey flashed through a quick pagan series of steps, and then the immense man began making obvious sexual advances to his smaller partner. He ripped oft most of his own clothes and then held the slight dark girl in front of him while he forced her to take his cock out of his trousers and play with it. I was startled and I heard Jeannie gasp, at the gigantic size of the black man's weapon. It must have been well over a foot long and almost three inches in diameter.
    Now he twisted his partner's arms cruelly and made her suck his cock, a task that nearly strangled her, so immense was the hunk of hard black meat. He now stripped himself completely naked and his huge glistening black body was truly grotesque, so heavily muscled and solidly setup was he. “He was almost a giant all over, but his cock was even bigger and superhuman in dimensions. With the slim slight partner sucking his great prick, and holding it with her hands, the immense Negro began spinning and whirling around in circles, and before we realized what he was doing, he had the girl swinging out clear off the floor in giant circles, her whole weight centered only on his massive cock with which he was spinning her.
    Now came an added piece of excitement, for the girl let go with her hands, and hanging to his cock only with her mouth, she began to strip off her clothes. The garments flew out to the side as she discarded them in her feverish whirling. She was gong so fast, that all we could see was that her bare body, sleek and dark brown, was being gradually revealed. As the last item of clothing was tossed aside, the whirling team slowed to a stop under the bright lights, and we all gasped with surprise to see that the figure we had taken for a girl dancer, was really a slim slight Negro boy.
    The youth's hair was coifed effeminately, but his body was unquestionably male and he had a regulation size set of masculine genitals, dark brown to go with the rest of his body. And he had been swinging around the huge man who was his partner, held up and out only by his jaw-grip on that huge black cock. What strength there must have been in that gigantic tool to have held such a strain by its end buried deep in the boy's mouth.
    The pair stopped and bowed to accept our spontaneous applause, and the lights glinted off their dark sweating skins and their gleaming white teeth. Then, naked as the day they were born, the two Negroes began to dance around again in a wild primitive African tempo which flung their arms, legs, and cocks around in the wildest syncopated rhythms. By now even the smaller dancer had a firm erection, and his tool was by no means tiny, although it seemed so compared with the fantastic weapon of the larger man.
    Suddenly they stopped again, and the smaller man stepped around behind the larger, pushed him to get him to bend over, and immediately thrust his rigid prick into the stretched ass of the big man. In this lewd pose they circled and danced for a few seconds, but then the large man stood up and thrust the small one away from behind him, dragging the firm cock roughly out of his ass. The big man grabbed the slighter partner and dragged him around in front, bending him over forcibly in turn so that the small ass was available for buggering by the truly immense prick of the larger Negro, — a shaft that stuck out proudly and thickly for an almost unbelievable distance in front of its owner.
    Lifting the smaller man up in the air, the huge Negro jammed him down on his huge stake, impaling him on it with no effort at lubrication or easement of the shock. The grunt and groan of the smaller man at this satanic attack could be heard throughout the whole room, and I'm sure that every man present winced inside at the thought of what had happened. But the smaller partner must have been used to this abuse, for immediately the pair was dancing wildly around the floor again to the music, the smaller man with his back to his larger partner, the huge stiff cock still connecting them firmly.
    Now came the really fantastic part of this act, showing the superhuman development of the larger man's cock. With this fantastically virile rod buried deep in his partner's ass, the large man leaned way back and began strutting around the dance-floor. This lifted the smaller man right off his feet, and he was carried around in the air, supported only by his anal impalement, with his arms and legs waving crazily in time to the music, as he sang and chanted and crooned a lewd crooning song. The big man strutted and pranced and galloped, leaning far back to keep his partner clear of the ground at all times, and it was obvious that the only connection between these bizarre entertainers was the shaft of rigid gristle extending into the smaller man's tightly clenching asshole.
    A roar of cheers greeted this finale and the two black dancers stopped to accept their due. The larger man, his huge prick still stabbing immensely out before him, held up a hand for silence, and when he could make himself heard he called, “They tell me everybody here is real with it when it comes to wild and wooly sex. I believe you and I got only one question to ask. Is there a man here who is really man enough to let me bugger him so I shoot my load up his ass? Or is there anyone here with nerve enough to try to suck me off? I mean right here now while all your friends can watch?”
    There was a moment of awed silence after this challenge but no member or guest of The Club seemed inclined to take up this bizarre offer. Just as the silence became awkward and it looked as though the Negroes had bluffed the sexual abilities of the whole allegedly blase membership of The Club, a white man stepped down onto the floor and spoke.
    “I'll have to admit that I cannot even try to take up the challenge of our heroic performer here. I'm sure that the huge size of his wonderful equipment would kill me or any man untrained to such excesses. But when it comes to quality of cock-sucking, as distinguished from sheer quantity, I claim that I am better than anyone around here, black or white, amateur or professional, male or female. And on the strength of that boast. I'd like to make him a challenge right back. I'll bet him one thousand dollars in cash that I can suck off the smaller man's cock and make it shoot its gism into my mouth, before the larger man with all his immense tool, can manage to go off either in his friend's overdeveloped ass or even in his powerful mouth. I've never seen either of these men before in my life, so I know I'm taking a chance, but I know very well that as a technician and artistic expert, I'm probably the best cock-sucker that ever lived. I've devoted years to study and practice, as many of my friends and fellow-club-members know, and I'm willing to offer my money and my services to prove my point.”
    The audience burst into cheers at having at least one member to defend the honor of their sex-club, and the two Negroes grinned at the prospect in store for them. The large leader of the team said, “I can't afford to bet anything like the thousand bucks this gentleman is talking about, but if he is anywhere near as good as he thinks he is, I'll tell everybody in the whole sex-show business about him, and he'll have more fun and more jobs and more friends that he ever knew existed in the world, let's make it a friendly bet, not for money, and I hope we all win.”
    This arrangement was agreeable to everyone, and the white member from the club stepped back to his table where he took off his suit-coat, shirt, undershirt, and tie, and entered again onto the floor stripped to the waist. He was in his middle forties in age, with a thick, well-muscled torso, heavy shoulders and arms, and a truly handsome head, with crisply curling dark hair cut short, rough-cut features, and a strong aquiline nose about a full sensuous mouth. It was very amazing to me to find that this man, an obviously good-looking, virile, masculine type, with no hint of effeminacy in his appearance, should be willing to boast before his fellow-members that he was a talented experienced, an ardent cock-sucker, and was willing to perform his bizarre accomplishments on a Negro entertainer while his colleagues watched. I doubt that he was really doing it to defend the honor of The Club against the challenge of the huge Negro. It seemed more probable that he was doing it for his own amusement and because he liked doing what he knew he did exceeding well.
    The three men now started waiting in the center of the impromptu stage, wondering just how to start. The audience was alert and expectant, for this encore to the planned act promised to be even odder than they dared hope for, and it involved a competition between one of their own members and hired professionals. As the receiver of the challenge, the white man, known as Karl, set up some minor suggestions as to how they should operate.
    Willy, the smaller Negro who had originally masqueraded as the girl half of the exotic dance-team, was placed in the middle. Hercules, (shortened to Herk) the huge black man with the Gargantuan cock, stood behind his partner, his fantastically large and unconquerable tool projecting out in front of him like some huge boom. And Karl, the smaller but well-developed white-man who had taken up their dare, crouched down in front of the passively receptive Willy. The Master of Ceremonies who had originally introduced the act came out and said that he would try to referee this present contest. Actual ejaculation of semen was to be the sole criterion of achieving the stated goal, and this meant that if Herk could shoot in Willy's ass before Karl, could make Willy spend, the immense Negro won, but if Karl could suck spurts of sperm from Willy's very sizable cock before Herk shot his load, the white man was the victor.
    None of the men were touching each other as yet, but Herk's cock was already stiffened into readiness, a condition which it seemed to occupy most of the time. The referee asked if everyone was ready, and when all contestants nodded he blew a whistle and announced that the race was on.
    Herk immediately plunged his huge weapon into the already prepared anus of Willy and began ramming it in and out with long, quick, powerful strokes. Karl eased up closer to Willy's cock and began feeling and fondling it gently but expertly even before he sucked the dark end of it into his mouth where his lips and tongue could go to work.
    Karl had not been vainly boasting when he said that he had been studying practicing the arts and science of cock-sucking and was truly an expert. This meant much more than that he had sucked lots of cocks. It meant that he was fully aware of all the many factors involved in the process of oral stimulation of a man's penis to ejaculation.
    He was intimately acquainted with the anatomy of all connected bodily structures. He knew the neurology and physiology of associated tissues and all their functions and interconnections. And, most important of all, he was well aware of the immense importance of psychological factors in any such contest as the one in which he was now involved.
    As he went to work on the black cock which he had to drive into rigid spitting surging submission, he analyzed the problems he had to contend with. First, sheer novelty, if not of a frightening nature, was on his side. The idea of having his cock sucked in public by a rich, cultured white man was probably very exciting and morale-building for Willy who secretly was sure to be ashamed of his type of work and its lack of social acceptance. The fact that other rich white men were seeing him honored thus would also increase his excitement and make him spend sooner.
    A less obvious factor in Karl's favor was the odd fact that Willy was not sexually excited before the race started, as Herk obviously was. It is strange but true, that the best and quickest sex results come from a steady rise in passion-pressure, from flaccid start to turgid explosion. Herk had been stiffened up in readiness for almost an hour now, and was probably more nearly ready to sag back into limp dejection than to press forward to ejaculation. It is harder to pick up an old erection than to start a whole new one, all other things being equal.
    But the main thing in Karl's favor, as he well knew, was that all during the contest, Herk's huge pounding cock would be violently stimulating Willy's sex-fountain, his prostate gland. This triangular mass, situated around the base of every man's bladder, is just in front of the man's rectum, and any action within that rear tube transmits sensations and pressure to the sensitive gland within and helps build up the effective passions of the recipient. In this way, Willy would really have two men working on making him come, — Karl's superb oral and manual techniques, and Herk's brutal prostatic pummeling within his ass.
    While Herk was heavily pounding in and out of his partners straining asshole, determined to win this bizarre contest, not only for his own glory, but to prove the basic and primitive superiority of his race over the effete whites, Karl's superior artistry, knowledge, and technique went to work, less spectacular, as seen by the onlookers, but very effective as judged by the recipient and the results.
    With Willy's hardening cock between his lips, Karl worked on two well-established principles of sexual stimulation. He setup a definite rhythm with which Willy could work in helping, and he tried to keep his stimuli always progressing from mild to strong, with never a slackening period to cool the ardours and urges. Karl's hands stroked and pulled along the stiffening shaft of Willy's prick, his fingers intentionally digging and gripping into the bottom of the shaft where the urethral tube formed a supersensitive pathway to be traced and excited. Karl's hands gently but firmly held Willy's balls and scrotum and got them into the rhythmic ebb and flow of the motion.
    Within his mouth, Karl was extremely careful not to make Willy even slightly nervous about being castrated or even hurt, by studiously avoiding even a hint of biting his cock. Such a frightening thought could lose the whole race. Instead of using his teeth, Karl concentrated his lips on keeping a pulsating tempo of suction on the swelling head of the cock he was working on, not smoothly continuous, but gently and excitingly surging with the other rhythms to which he was being subjected.
    And the final and most important titillation to which he was being exposed was the superb artifices of Karl's tongue. This wonderfully expert and practised instrument of pleasure had a virtuosity and versatility of its own, backed up by abundant study and practical knowledge. Karl's tongue never left the head of Willy's prick. Stimulation of the shaft and balls was left to Karl's hands, but his tongue played an ever increasing obligato of ecstasy on the rigid dark pulsing head of the smaller Negro's prick. It wrapped around and slithered off in gliding hot wet strokes. It curled around another way and then vibrated off with a flourish that was pure unadulterated genius. In the terminal opening of the urethral meatus, Karl whirled and flicked and diddled his tongue with a speed and dexterity that was the mark of a truly dedicated artist demonstrating his remarkable abilities on a suitable subject. Never for a second was the artful tongue quiet in its continual search to provide Willy with newer and better thrills, but never was it critical or demanding of his responses to its work.
    Willy was an old hand at being buggered by the huge salami of his partner, so this did not either worry or excite him particularly, even though the pummeling within did send surges through his loins. But looking down at the white man crouching before him really sent Willy as nothing ever had before. Imagine him, a male-whore, low-life nigger, ex-convict, stag-show entertainer, cop-hunted, always broke, derided as a queer by his fellow men for the most part, sneered at by women who considered him worse than the worst of their own kind. Here he was, in a fine white-man's club, having his cock sucked in public by a rich, smart, gentlemanly white man who seemed proud to do it. This was something!
    Those expert fingers tugging and patting his balls just right. Not too hard so it hurt, but hard enough so it felt wonderful. And the line of pure pleasure which the same fingers kept tracing along the bottom of his rigid tool. Each time it felt almost as good as when the spurts of gism traced out the same path of ecstasy through the same tube. And the way those soft firm knowledgeable hands kept up just the right terrific rhythm along the whole shaft, as though frictioning his cock was the most important and interesting thing in the whole world.
    And the way that man worked his mouth was like heaven ought to be. Those soft lips pulling on his cockhead in a dancing frolicking tempo that insisted sweetly on his shooting off between them. And that tongue which caressed and licked and diddled and thrilled and curled and flicked, always in just the right place and always at just the right time, and always just in the right rhythm as compared to all the other things that were happening. Somehow the tip end of his cock where the hole was, seemed to light up as if a holy flame was illuminating it, so sensitive and wonderful did it feel while this marvelous white-man worked on it.
    And for Willy there never was a moment of let-down or stagnation. From the moment this Karl-man started, things kept building up and getting better and feeling nicer and surging hotter every second. Sex-pressure all through his body was increasing so fast that Willy wondered if he was going to explode of plain passion before his cock could go off and relieve the wonderful throbbing pressure that had been created so skillfully and rapidly by the marvelous know-how of this white cock-sucker who was so terrific.
    With his prostate under constant bombardment from Herk's surging weapon, his scrotum stimulated by Karl's expressive and skilled hands, his cock-shaft thrilled by those expert fiery fingers, and his cock-head engulfed and stimulated beyond endurance in the man's versatile mouth, Willy suddenly found himself accelerated beyond the point of no return, and was shooting his load into Karl's eager and receptive mouth long before he expected to. It was the culmination of superb technique practised by an expert, for Karl had never let Willy even pause in his rocketing rise to spurting ejaculation orgasm.
    “I'm coming. I'm shooting it in him. It's going right in his mouth and it's wonderful.” shouted the surprise Willy as the reality of his experience dawned on him. “I didn't expect it for a long time yet, but he got me to blow up by doing just the right things just the right way.”
    Herk was even more surprised than his partner that Karl had been so successful so quickly, for he himself was still a long way from jetting his sperm. Smiling his admission of defeat, Herk pulled his huge cock from the joyous Willy's ass and walked around to shake Karl's hand in congratulation. Having sucked up most of the proffered gism, Karl now stood up to receive the acclaim of both his audience and his opponents. He started to take a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe the excess semen from his face, but Herk in a gesture of acknowledging defeat, did it for him and pumped his hand enthusiastically.
    As the applause and cheers for all contestants died down, Herk held up his hand and again addressed the whole group, “I thought I was pretty good, and in my own special way I still think I am, but I sure got to hand it to this Karl. He sure knows what he's doing.


    The show and entertainment being put on at The Club was one of the most fascinating and enlightening events I have ever encountered in my life. Of course, as in any type of entertainment designed to appeal to a number of different tastes, some items of this spectacular demonstration had more emotional effect on me than others, but they were all interesting in that they showed the wide divergence to which men, and women, have been able to direct the basically simple biological urge.
    We all come equipped with a primitive instinctual sexual urge to mate, for the ultimate purpose of propagating our species. Its the same for birds and horses and mice and men. So that we will be sure to do it, Nature made it fun. But as the human race became more complex, with customs and morals and fears and guilts, our sex-life got further and further away from basic principles, and nowadays, not once in a thousand times, is any sex-act accomplished for the sole purpose of creating a child.
    Instead very often, the participants are escaping from something, possibly their own inadequacies and tensions, almost every time they employ what should be the free and joyous instinctive urge of procreation. And the mechanics of satisfying these twisted urges has become so complicated and far-removed from the basic principle that the end result is often self-defeating. In a sense we have become so turned around in our search for emotional relief in an area that has stringent social and moral taboos, that we end up hating ourselves for lack of something truly rewarding to feast on.
    In my own case, my need for sex and love with little immature girls, preferably forcing them to endure my attentions as victims, could only be the product of a soul warped from normal and productive paths by some early unremembered injury, and the result is far from the original intent of the basic sex-urge that lies in every human.
    And the show at The Club was to demonstrate some urges» and desires that made even mine seem palely normal by comparison, indulged in and appreciated by people whose fundamental biological instincts had been deviated into paths even more bizarre than my own. Some of these variations I could witness with interest, others calmly but objectively, and some with an active distaste which bordered on loathing. And the odd thing about my reactions to these latter exhibitions, was that-deep within myself I knew that the ones I loathed were ones which somehow had deep emotional significance for me. If they had not had importance, I would not have reacted so violently toward them.
    It's like the belligerently virile man who boasts that he always beats up fairies and all queers. The fact that he has to talk this way, and may even follow up his words with bellicose actions, only proves that he is not sure of his own masculinity and normalcy, and has to keep proving to himself and to the world that he is different and better than the terrible homosexuals whom he despises and fights. A well-balanced and self-accepting man is able to take things or leave them, without getting all worked up about someone whose manners and habits are different from his own. You only get mad at things that strike home close to your own problems.
    But to get back to the big show at The Club, that fantastic institution housed in the central core of one of the best-known, most exclusive, and most accessible new buildings in mid-town Manhattan. Surrounded by expensive business offices, professional suites, and executive board rooms, it occupied the center of ten floors, was easily available geographically to its select wealthy members, and provided a literally unlimited repertoire of sexual variations for the pleasure of its guests who could qualify by reason of wealth and desire for emotional and physical abnormalities in intimate sexual activities.
    The next act which was presented for the delectation of the critical and interested audience involved three generations of a well-known industrial family whose name I will not mention, although it is famous as the cornerstone of many sound enterprises, and has been free of any breath of scandal in the public press. All three members of this family project we were to witness were males and consisted of grandfather, father and preadolescent son.
    All three strode into the center of the dance-floor stage, around the raised rim the rest of us sat while enjoying the spectacles, and the older man, probably nearly seventy years of age, introduced himself and his partners, “Those of you who don't know me have at least heard of me. This is my son, and the little fellow there is my grandson. The fact that we are members here means that our ideas of some kinds of fun are different from most people's, and we come here to enjoy these different ideas.”
    The old man's voice was intent but slightly cracked, indicating his advancing years, but his manner was as strong and dominating as that of a much younger man, showing that he still was vigorous and alert. Now he continued, “When I was a young fellow myself, I managed to get into trouble with several different girls, and they caused me a lot of headaches and cost me a lot of money, and all I ever got out it was a few minutes of fun. So I began thinking, and I came up with a system that has worked out pretty well in a number of different ways.”
    “I got married and I had children, just like the rest of the men my age. But most of the time I was able to avoid women and the troubles they gave me by the simple system of using men and boys to satisfy my sex urges. It's really very easy and is better for everybody concerned.”
    “I had plenty of money and a good business, so I'd look around and find me a good-looking, bright young boy. I'd tell his family I was looking for a smart young fellow to be trained in my business, and I wanted to send him to special schools and give him special training. The family, usually middle-class, were pleased and complimented, and went along with anything I proposed, including having their son come to live with me or in a boarding school of my choice.”
    The boy soon saw that he ought to do anything to please me, for he was getting everything he wanted and was being trained for a much better place in the world than his family could ever offer him. And one of the things I wanted was to use him for satisfying my sex desires. They all came to see things my way very soon, and I can tell you that there are over a dozen wealthy influential men in the business world today who got their start and the push that sent them to the top because they bared their bottoms to me over the last forty years. And most of them have since adopted my system for their own lives.
    “What can you do for a woman but give her money and jewels and a place to live for a while? For a man you can make his whole life for him, and he knows it. When a cute young girl has turned into an old wrinkled hag or a fat clubwoman, a man is still reaping the benefits of the start he got from cooperating with me. When you want a child from your wife, screw hell out of her till you get it. But the rest of the time, get your kicks out of boys who are appreciative. Girls have to cash in on what they have in just a few years, but a boy or man has a whole life to work out and a good start means he has it made.”
    “I explained my system to my son about the time he began wanting to play around with girls. At first he was upset to think that his old man was a queer, or something like that, but after he gave it a try he found that my system works out fine for routine sex, although you may want a dame for special occasions, and you need one for a nominal wife and to make babies. Now he has been using the system for many years and it works as well for him as it did for me.
    “My grandson son who is here with us tonight, has shown a precocious interest in sex, although I'm sure he is still to young physically to be able to do much about it, but we decided to let him have a start at our system tonight just to get him used to it. His father and I are going to demonstrate on boys, as would be expected, but because he is new to all this, we are allowing my grandson to use a girl. In a way I'm sort of glad he is, because it will give him a chance to prove that asses are just as good as pussies for giving him his kicks, and he'll find out soon enough that a male ass is just as good as a female one.”
    “There's one more thing I want to emphasize before we get started on this party. What I have been talking about is sexual relief, which every man needs from time to time, as you all damned well know. I'm not talking about drooling nauseating sophomoric love, or any of that shit that the really gay boys puke at each other and get so upset about. I'm talking about a practical arrangement, not a sentimental attachment. Get that straight. So let's get going.”
    A bright-eyed boy of about eleven, with dark curly hair, probably of Italian extraction, strode out onto the floor and stripped off the silk robe he was wearing. His body was hairless but from the development of his muscles and frame, it was obvious that he was on the threshold of puberty and in a year or less would turn into a handsome alert charming and aggressive youngster who would go a long way in the world. He showed no embarrassment at the role he was called upon to play, and obviously was pleased with the deal he had made with his life so far. He knew which side his bread was buttered on, and was going all out to make the most of the fabulous opportunity which had been offered to him.
    This boy went over and stood beside the old man, companionably, as a son might, but with none of the simpering affectations of an emotional homosexual with pseudo-feminine gestures, effeminate hair, or make-up. The old man slapped him lightly on the shoulder and indicated that they would ready for action soon.
    The next sex-partner to appear was a chubby round little boy of possibly nine years, blond hair and blue eyes, who seemed alarmed but not ashamed at the number of witnesses to his coming activities. He was too young to be effectively judged, but he must have had a good potential in many ways or he would not have been selected as a playmate by these canny men who could select and choose from so many boys. This child strode up to the middle man of the bizarre family and dropped his robe, revealing a plump boyish body that still showed a layer of childish fat on it, covering the uniformed muscles and bony framework. His little penis was hardly visible in the roundness of his thighs and slightly protruding lower belly, but his buttocks were fully rounded and out-thrusting, almost like a developed woman's. From this sample alone, one could see that the son of the old man had never completely rid himself of a love for feminine smooth roundness and a cute fat ass.
    The third partner to join the performing family was a little girl whose age I would guess at about eight. She had brown hair in pigtails, a cute face that looked a little worried, and a delightfully formed little body that was obviously years away from becoming mature. Her legs were quite long and round, her torso was erect and round, and her face was cute and round. A cute, round little girl. She was appreciably smaller than her elected partner, the grandson of the old tycoon, but she did not seem afraid or even embarrassed as she went up to him and stood beside him in her charming little nakedness.
    The old man now spoke again, saying. “1 picked this boy for several reasons. He is good-looking and will be a really handsome lad when he grows up. I'm probably trying to extend my long-lost youth through him. But the main thing is that he is knowingly gambling his present conduct, which he thinks is wrong, against a chance to have what he wants later when he grows up. He rightly figures that if he plays ball now with me, he'll have the world by the tail and be a big-shot in his own right while he's still young enough to enjoy the privileges of being a big-shot.”
    The son of the family then explained his choice. “I picked this young boy because I've never been able to go along all the way with my father's idea. In principle, yes. But I still like a partner who is soft and warm and round and cuddly, and at least a little feminine. And I like a little active cooperation from my partners, too. I don't want to just use them. I want them to get in the act, too and contribute something to our relationship when we are together. You'll see what I mean as we go along.”
    Now came the turn of the grandson to explain why he was using this girl-child for his demonstration. His grandfather had shown why it was permitted, since male and female asses were the same for sex-purposes, and he wanted to prove to his grandson at even this early age that an ass could be as satisfying as a pussy, and much safer and better in other ways.
    The grandson stepped up beside his even younger girl partner and put his arm around her shoulder. She looked up into his face and smiled at this gesture of friendship and then the boy spoke. “I've never seen this girl before just now, but I told Dad and Grandpa what I wanted and they picked out just the girl I would have. I've heard all the talk about who has sex with who, and probably because I'm so young it doesn't make much sense to me, or even seem very important. But I asked a lot of questions, so they said if I wanted to learn the answers, I could come down here and see and hear and try for myself tonight. So here I am. I've never seen any kind of sex act in my life, but I know that when my prick gets stiff it feels good to play with it. I've never had a chance to examine what a girl is like down there where she is different from a boy, and I'm going to do that tonight too. And I'm going to try anything else that occurs to me or that I see that looks as though it would be fun. They tell me that this girl's name is Carol, so, Carol, I hope we have fun together tonight. Dad said that you had tried all these kind of things before, so maybe you'll be able to show me and tell me more than my Dad and Grandpa can, since you're nearer my age and will know what I want to know and how I feel about things.”
    After the completion of these introductions, the three men of the family all began their demonstrations and experiments, and they progressed simultaneously, all working at the same time. Like any three ring circus, the spectators could not watch everything, and so often missed interesting and instructive details which they would have enjoyed if only one act had been going on at one time. We will try to describe the activities of the three different couples so that nothing will be missed.
    The grandfather took off his silk dressing-gown and tossed it casually to one side, revealing an aging body still in amazingly good condition. His arms, legs and torso were quite thin and corded, with little excess fat except where a slight paunch showed below his waist in front. His buttocks were thin and slightly sagging where the flesh had lost some of its tone, but he was a superb physical specimen for his age. His cock was quite long even while limp, with ridges of veins showing along the shaft and a palely purple head of manly proportions. His balls were of good size and his pubic hair was mostly white.
    The good-looking boy who was going to service this patriarch of the family smiled up at the old man, gave him a playful, almost challenging wink of co-conspirators, and leaned forward over the edge of a table which had been provided for the use of the sportsmen. The old man seemed to forget completely the existence of a surrounding audience of his friends and colleagues as he went about the serious and intent occupation of enjoying himself and proving his unusual system of sexual safety and satisfaction. He stood behind his boyfriend's out-thrust bottom, not touching it in any way, and began lightly playing with his own gnarled cock, readying it for the coming exercise.
    Considering his age, his tool came alive very rapidly and in a matter of seconds it was sticking out before its owner proudly, the weathered and veined surface bearing witness to long and mighty use in the toils of sex. And now the old man advanced his lance toward its target, probing with the firm sensitive end between the slightly parted cheeks of the bending boy. As he felt this omen of the approaching assault, the boy writhed and wriggled his bottom, not only to please and excite the old man, but also to assure that the entering weapon was aimed and directed properly for a satisfactory later connection.
    No mention had been made of any such preparations, but I am sure that the boy had lubricated his anus with some kind of grease so that he would be able to receive the old man's cock easily and comfortably for both of them without the necessity for thrusting and driving to break past the initial resistance of a dry anal sphincter. This would in no way interfere with the old man's pleasure in buggering his boy, and might even increase it by providing smoother more sensuous contact between their contacting flesh. It would have no effect on the actual tightness of the hole which the old man was using, for that was controlled almost entirety by the boy himself, depending on how tightly he clenched his ass around the penetrating shaft. And just plain tightness in a hole to be fucked is not necessarily an unmixed blessing.
    By now the old man had his long thick stiff tool buried to the hilt in the dark handsome boy's bottom, and was clasping the firm slim hips with his strong old hands, to assure himself a good stance and a firm base of operation. The boy, obviously experienced in the desires and whims of his patron, now slid back on the table a little, easing out toward the old man, and spreading his feet a little so as not to be caught off balance by the coming action.
    At first with short strokes, but increasing to full length surges, the old man now began his enraptured buggering of his willing partner. In and out, in and out, with firm commanding rhythm and rigid penetrating prick, the grandfather drove pistonlike within the eager cylinder of the boy's receiving rectum. Hands on the boy's hips guided and supported him, and from time to time he looked down between their connected bodies to watch with fascination as his rigid tool bridged the gap between them.
    And now the training and eagerness and genius of the cooperating boy came into evidence. His actions did not constitute the major movements of the copulation at all, but they provided the artistic and rewarding and satisfying counterpoint which made the main theme of simple plugging really worthwhile for the old man.
    All his motions had to be performed without violence for fear of dislodging his en-sheathed partner, but the boy managed to demonstrate a versatile catalogue of accomplishments which would have been an inspiration and instruction to any ardent woman, and which provided a maximum of excitement and stimulation and sensation to his patron.
    He bounced up and down on his toes at a tempo several times faster than the plunging rhythm of the old man, and this gave additional thrills to the buried cock by dragging it alternately against the upper and lower walls of the engulfing rectum. He heaved from side to side, giving the same varied pleasures in the other dimension. He tightened and loosened the ring of his sphincter so that the tension on the old man's tool varied irregularly, sending unexpected and delighting sensations into his patron's loins and working him rapidly toward his climax. And finally, his upper body resting only on his chest and shoulders on the table-top, the versatile boy reached down between his own legs and began gently playing with the tightly drawn up balls of his elderly partner. At the first touch of the boy's hands on his tensed scrotum, I could see the old man's ass-cheeks clench with rising passion. His tight cremasteric reflex was already showing his high motional and sexual pitch, and it was obvious now that the moment of truth was at hand.
    The boy now was easing back and forth in movements exactly opposite to his patron's, thus increasing the thrills which were being provided while decreasing the exertions necessary by the old man to achieve them. It was cooperation and team-work of the highest caliber, and represented not only practice and experience, but a real emotional sympathy and understanding between two souls who were willing to give, each in his own way, that he might receive in different kind, from the other, for their mutual benefit.
    The old man's eyes were staring fixedly ahead, intent only on his imminent ejaculation. Even so, the grip of his hands on the boy's hips was more in the nature of a fond and appreciative caress than a demanding, enforcing grasp to insure his sexual satisfaction. Certainly there was more between these two that the purely commercial and sexual relationship of aging 'Auntie' and prat-boy.
    They were willingly working together, admittedly in an unorthodox and socially unacceptable milieu, for their mutual welfare and their common present and future.
    Now the old man's strokes became short and jolting, and the boy's reactions followed him as well as possible. We all knew that spurts of the old man's gism were jetting into the handsome young man's asshole and that the boy was welcoming this tribute from his patron and accepting his duties as part of a mutually beneficial bargain which the two of them had worked out between themselves. The gnarled, veined, still-potent cock of the old man was ramming vigorously in and out of the tightly clenched sheath, and it was obvious that the old man was enjoying to the highest degree the physical ecstasy he was experiencing, as his loins boiled over and sent his seed shooting out.
    With his advancing years he had come to realize that each orgasm, no matter how achieved, might possibly be his last, so each was taking on a poignancy and importance that it would not have had in the years of his youth or middle-age. As a result, the recipient of his ejaculation also took on increased importance, so that this boy was sure of a wonderful start in his social and business life, from the sendoff which the old man was providing for him.
    Gradually the vigor of the old man's pumping slackened, and we could see his tool begin to bend as he thrust into the boys bottom, no matter what the two partners did to stimulate him further. At last the old man admitted he shot his bolt, and withdrew his sagging tool from the still willing boy. The lad, feeling this, jumped up and got a clean towel with which he wiped clean his benefactor's cock, and then began to wipe his own bottom which was oozing injected semen.
    The old man's face seemed almost sad for a moment as he realized that he had used up another of his few remaining ejaculations, but then he brightened and turned to face the audience, his arm around the shoulders of his alert handsome young partner in a fatherly rather than a carressingly intimate gesture. With a brisk salutation that was half salute and half defiance, he waved at the assembly. He had proved his thesis, as it applied to himself, and possibly in its universal application. Let the audience judge for themselves, and conduct themselves accordingly in their future dealings with variations on the basic theme of sexual satisfactions.
    When the middle man of this family group started to demonstrate his use of the old man's theory, he at first seemed a little embarrassed at performing before an audience. The fact that he was not so firm a convert to the system was evident from the fact that his partner was more obviously a substitute female, with soft roudnesses, and none of the trim incipient masculinity which the grandfather's partner had shown. But the boy who was to perform with him knew his job, and had no intentions of jeopardizing a wonderful future by failing at such an important time as this.
    The boy had been selected as having not only a cute body for sexual use now and in the near future, but also for having a good mind and a strong sense of motivation and psychological drive which would make him a business success in later years when his present duties would be paying off most handsomely. And this will to succeed showed up now.
    As the man hesitated, the boy immediately sank to his knees before his patron, and looking up adoringly into the man's worried face, he fondled his limp useless cock gently and carressingly, stroked the low-hung bag of balls, and then sucked the pale soft head of the flaccid tool into his full-lipped boyish mouth. The man looked down in surprise at these aggressive gestures from his supposedly passive and submissive partner, and then glanced at the audience to see how they were taking it. The onlookers, of course, could have not been shocked by anything that could have happened. Their worst reaction would have been boredom, for their very presence here at The Club meant that they were all interested in sexual activities so bizarre and wild and so far removed from so-called normal things, that they could not be safely achieved anywhere except in an institution devoted to the strangest and most varied sex acts.
    The chubby little youngster seemed to realize that if his patron was going to succeed in his part of the demonstration, his attentions would have to be kept firmly fixed on the definitely sexual aspects of the performance, for otherwise he would be emotionally blocked by the presence of the witnessing audience and his father and young son.
    This meant that the man's sexual interest had to be aroused immediately, and the smart little boy went right about his job. With his cherubic mouth in front of the limp cock of his patron, he proceeded to suck the head of the man's dickey into his hot moist mouth and then blow it out, and suck it in and blow it out very rapidly, so that only the sensitive glans was stimulated, but that very quickly and repeatedly within the boy's lips. The man looked down to identify this novel and pleasant form of stimulation and smiled.
    The battle for his attention was won.
    Now the boy really went to work with technique and intensity to excite his patron and to prepare him for the consummating act of pedestry between them. At all times the boy's worshipping eyes looked up into his guardian's face, seeking assurance that he was providing pleasure for the man, and showing his eagerness to do everything possible to provide that pleasure. The full sensuous lips encircled the stiffening penis and sucked and gripped it into increasing rigidity. The plump, short-fingered hands teased and caressed and stroked the shaft of the lengthening tool, and then titillated and touched with loving gentleness the wrinkled bag of testicles which hung from its base.
    As he half-squatted before his patron, the boy's full hips and buttocks, almost womanly in their size and proportions; swelled out behind him and were the focus of the man's glances as he anticipated their coming joining. Aware of this scrutiny, the canny boy managed to wiggle and squirm his round bottom most seductively in a way reminiscent of a sexy woman who can swivel her ass around in a most tantalizing way while just walking from a man she wants to attract… but is pretending to ignore.
    By now the ardent attentions of the boy to his impassioned and technically superb cock-sucking had achieved the desired effect of arousing his guardian to a state of rigid randiness, where his only interest and goal was to bury his stiff tool in some hot moist receptive canal to assuage the wonderful pulsing pressures which were building up within his loins. Once or twice he tried to shove the boy's cute sucking head away from his out-standing cock, but each time the boy showed some new and more rewarding trick of fellation, and the man relaxed to savor the new thrill for a few moments more.
    Finally the boy saw that the time was really ripe, and he abandoned his cock-sucking as suddenly and unexpectedly as he had begun it. He leaped to his feet and flung his round, chubby, almost feminine body against his master's chest in an expression of affection and reassurance, pressing hips to hips, and plump almost breasted chest to adult hairy male chest. The man patted him affectionately on the back to show his appreciation and then the boy ducked away and bent him self across another part of the large table which was for the use of all three parts of this family act.
    As he lay on his stomach on the surface, his full chubby round bottom bare and fully exposed to the coming penetration by his patron, the full plump thighs dangled down from the prominent buttocks, and his feet did not reach the floor. This was going to be quite a different type of buggery from what the old grandfather had indulged in with his older, more active, and more masculine partner.
    The man, his cock swinging rigidly before him, approached the table and fondled the soft warm round curves of the boy's waiting bottom, caressing the silky flesh, and running his finger between the plump cheeks which seemed to clench in protest at his digital violation. Then he slid his hands up and down the boy's full smooth thighs, spreading them slightly by the motion, and so small and undeveloped were the child's genitals that they completed the picture of sexless effeminacy were invisible from the back in this pose, and for the allegedly passive partner.
    Now the man, in his turn, knelt down behind his pathic lover, and kneaded the firm full globes of the child's ass with his hands, spreading them and pressing them together as he tested their warm resiliency and elasticity. Then the man planted a quick kiss on the summit of each delightful round hillock, and blew a kiss between their lovely prominences which he spread momentarily. As he rose and took his attacking position behind the boy, it was obvious that this love-play of the last minute had even further increased the passion of the man, and readied him for his role of aggressor in the mock-rape he was about to enact, unnecessary though, such actions were to the practical outcome of their liaison.
    The man put his hands firmly on the boy's hips, seeming to hold him in place by force, and the boy pretended to squirm and object to being thus handled. With one hand the man tried to separate the bulbous cheeks between which his probing cock was already seeking entrance. The boy pretended to writhe and wince and lurch aside to avoid the thrust, for in their game the master must overcome him by at least a show of force. A willing partner of either sex was no fun to indulge in sexual activity with. He had to prove himself master of the situation and be able to force his attentions upon an unwilling recipient.
    By now the man had his cock firmly between the pouting cheeks of the smooth round ass, and was gripping the full hips with his hands to make sure that he did not lose the ground already gained through some escape maneuver of his victim. With a firm hold on the body before and below him, the man gave a mighty heave and thrust with his steel-hard cock. He must have been on target and the way for his entrance certainly had not been eased with any lubrication, for everyone could see the boy cringe and wince as he felt his anal portal being stretched by the penetration of the man's adequately large and virile prick.
    The boy's whole chubby body was quivering and shaking as though racked with sobs and terrible pains, but the participants and the watchers knew that this was just superb acting with the added advantage of providing increased contact and stimulation for the man as he drove into his partner's childish rectum. The man's hands kept the boy's body and chest pressed down tight against the table in a position of helpless subjection, and the struggles of the prone boy were just enough to give verisimilitude to this portrayal of homosexual rape, without, in reality, endangering the position and success of the welcome raper. Each to his own taste, and the boy was providing exactly what he knew his patron wanted and most enjoyed.
    The man had rammed his thick stiff tool full-deep into the struggling boy's bottom, and was now forcibly stroking himself in and out of that tight, hot, well-padded sheath. He at all times maintained a pose of masterful dominance over his victim, and seemed to be subjecting him to a frightful ordeal of agonizing buggery. At the end of each stroke, the man's belly was driven heavily against the cushioning firm round cheeks of the boy's buttocks, and his throbbing long thick cock was buried inches deep within the hugging hot slippery canal of the childish rectum.
    And at each stroke, the boy managed to wince and shudder and jerk in some way that would give his raper a new and different sensation and thrill, either by contact with hot quivering buttocks, or a special squeeze of his clenching anal sphincter, or by a twisting heave of his hips that pressed his rectum sideways against the penetrating bar of gristle. Once he spread his thighs widely as though in agonized reaction to a particularly heavy as the man plunged hard against him, the boy thrust from his master, and on the next stroke, snapped his thighs and asscheeks tightly together, catching for a moment the man's scrotum in a warm soft tender trap which gave a wholly new thrill to the ardent pumper behind.
    So well thought out and nicely executed was this pseudo-rape of the child's bottom by a cruel pervert, that the man was soon building up to a terrific climax, even before he expected it himself. Each development of the crescendo had been so perfect that it was going to culminate very soon in a roaring soaring glorious orgasm for the man.
    He was beyond the stage where any playacting by the clever boy made any difference. Sheer instinct drove his pelvis as it pounded against the round cheeks before him, driving the throbbing prick in and out of the caressing and exciting tube between them. Thrilling sensations flowed up through his rigid cock in an unending river of passion, flooding his loins and raising his sex-pressure till he had no ability or desire to hold it in. He could feel the intense intimate throbbings within his pelvis focus and concentrate into a final series of exotic and delirious spasms that sent his sperm spurting out in mucous globblets that seared his cock and soul as they passed from him into the lovingly receptive bowels of his cute young boy-partner in this bizarre coupling.
    Still he pounded into and against the child's bottom, determined to savor to the utmost this most exciting and fulfilling event of all the off-beat experiences he had encountered during his adherence to the system promulgated and enforced by his father. Jolt after jolt of relieving semen shot from him to be sucked up within the rectum of his loving pseudo-victim, and each seemed more satisfying than the last. He had never believed himself capable of so huge and rewarding an ejaculation, and he secretly and silently prayed to himself that he would be privileged to enjoy more thrills as deep and lasting as this one had been.
    At last the fountain of his loins ran dry and he could feel his weapon begin to sag into impotency even with all the emotional fervor he could still contribute to the relationship. His hands on the boy were now frankly caressing, as distinguished from the dominating and enforcing grips of a few minutes earlier when he had to maintain the fiction of raping and victimizing the child's ass. The strokes and pats of his fingers were frankly loving, and the boy understood the change, knowing that his own ardor and willingness and effectiveness had brought about the alteration in attitude.
    The man's flaccid cock plopped from the slippery hole it had so wonderfully used. The boy did not wait to bother with a towel, but dropped before his patron and lovingly sucked his master's dangling cock clean, handling it and murmuring to it with all the intensity and concentration of a child involved with a symbol of its love. If the boy had been a girl, and the limp cock a doll, the child would have been dressing it in its best clothes and tenderly putting it to bed with all professions of love and affection.
    When he was sure that his master was well cared for, and the beloved cock all clean and safe, the chubby little boy got a towel and wiped his bottom, from which the man's gooey sperm was dribbling, despite the utmost tightness with which the child tried to hold it in and save 't. Then the two partners in this bizarre travesty of mating left the stage where they had been performing, the man's arm tenderly cuddling the plump childish, almost feminine form of the round little boy.
    Now we can turn our attentions to the third and probably the most unusual couple who were going to perform in this three-ring family circus, as proofs of the old man's theories as to the relative value of men and women as sexual outlets for busy ambitious men. The grandson, possibly ten years old, himself, was being indoctrinated into this strange family custom, even though he was obviously much too young to be able to benefit himself by ejaculatory sexual pleasure from his bizarre experience. He had shown a normal childish interest in some aspect of pro-creative activity, and now he was being thrust headlong into a participating part in a wild orgy of homosexuality. Later trips to The Club would expose him to more forms of heterosexuality as practiced by the members, and long before he had matured enough to have his first emission and orgasm, the boy would know more by observation about the way-out aspects of sex than most mature adults ever dreamed about, let alone saw or experienced.
    The boy turned to his little girl partner, a child of about seven or eight, and smiled in a friendly way at her as he carefully inspected what he could see of her. Then he led her by the hand over to the big table which was the stage for all the performances, and helped her scramble up on it, getting her to sit on its edge facing him. This brought her hips and crotch just below the level of his face, and in easy reach of his curious and searching hands. He felt all around her plump little hips and waist and chest, none of which were significantly different from his own ten-year-old parts.
    But then he began to hit paydirt, when he got to investigating between her firm round little thighs. The little girl was already experienced in many matters of sex, and had been employed as a teacher for the boy because she was near enough his age and would not frighten him. She knew what he wanted to find out, and was willing and eager to teach him, by example on her own lovely little body. Before he could even ask, she lay down on her back on the padded surface of the table and spread her legs so that her little pussy was visible and available for his hands and eyes.
    He was fascinated and working carefully, so as not to hurt his tiny little partner, he spread her thighs even further apart and raised her knees, so that she was completely exposed before him. Gently he felt and stroked the insides of her thighs and down her lower belly and around her firmly rounded bottom. Then, with a sensitive finger, he parted the plump lips that bordered the pink gash of her cunny, glancing up at her face to see if his move was alarming or hurting her in any way. She smiled back at him, for much bigger things than his finger had been thrust into her tiny hole and the net result, after the first time, had been pleasure rather than pain. And even for the pain, she had been handsomely rewarded with presents and money. Even at her tender years this child had found that sex was a good thing to know about and to do something about, for one way or another, it always seemed to be worthwhile.
    Under her rapt encouragement, the boy spread her pussy wider open and down near the bottom he found a hole that seemed to lead right up into her body. At the top of her slit was a tiny knob, which he planned to investigate sometime later, but the mysterious hole was what he wanted to find out about now. Slowly and carefully his finger entered the warm moist tight canal, and with glances up to make sure it was all right with her, he pressed in. His fingers were not long, but almost immediately he was in as far as he could reach and had not hit bottom.
    Then a sudden thought occurred to him. He pulled out his finger and pushed her little legs up even higher. But she was not fooling him. The hole he had felt was not her bottom hole, similar to his own. It was something entirely different and wonderful. And from things he had overheard and guessed, he thought that it had some use in connection with his little penis and with making babies. But if that were so, why had he actually seen his father and his grandfather and those crazy Negroes before them, using men's and boy's bottom holes to put their stiff dickeys in? It was all very confusing, and the boy realized that he was out of his depth and did not even know how to go about-getting the information he wanted or getting the nice feeling he hoped for from having his little dickey get hard and be played with.
    The womanly-wise, although physically tiny girl immediately spotted his dilemma, and went about solving it in a most direct and satisfactory way. She coaxed him up onto the table beside her and made him lie down on his back. Then with no coyness or show of false modesty she set about doing what she liked to do and what she was being hired to do.
    She leaned across his body and began playing lovingly and expertly with his immature little cock. He smiled in appreciation and as soon as he had the beginnings of a childish erection, she leaned even further and began sucking his little upright dingus with her hot eager mouth. It was so small, especially compared with some of the adult tools she had coped with for regular members of The Club, that his whole prick was easily encased in her mouth and she could exercise her well-trained tongue on it. She sucked the red end and he thought he'd never felt anything so good. She twisted and twirled her tongue and lips around his short shaft, and he knew he had found heaven on earth. And finally she sucked in hard on his whole dickey, engorging it to the limit, while flicking her versatile tongue across the sensitive meatal opening in the end, and the boy knew that heaven could wait, — he had it better here and now.
    While still orally stimulating his dickey with all her accumulated techniques and wiles, she slowly rolled over and half-kneeled above his supine form. She was in no way demanding attention from him. She was offering her little pussy for his investigation and pleasure while she continued to amuse him to the best of her great ability.
    Hesitatingly at first, but then with increasing interest and enthusiasm, the boy used his hands and eyes on the tiny pelvis so delightfully close and available. He peered and fingered and felt and caressed until it seemed that he wanted to memorize for all time every detail of female pelvic anatomy during this, his first lesson. Soon he had her straddling on her knees over his face, and both his hands were gently busy exploring her lovely little pussy and bottom, radiantly beautiful in warm shades of pink.
    Again he paused as a question occurred to him. His glance went down to where the little girl was so effectively and willingly sucking and toying with his dickey. The onlookers could almost see the wheels of thought turning within the boy's head as he pondered the question. She was sucking his sex-parts. Would it be all right if he tried sucking hers?
    Almost anything seemed all right in this crazy club, but he didn't want to make any bad mistakes that would upset Grandpa who had such crazy ideas. And what would a girl's pussy taste like? And would she like to have her pussy kissed as much as he now liked to have his dickey sucked? Her radiantly warm little cunny was just inches away from his face now, and — Nothing ventured; nothing gained!
    Slowly, with his hands and arms lovingly clasped around her waist and hips, he pulled down, bringing her crotch slowly closer to his mouth. While it was still an inch or so away he stopped and stuck out his tongue to get a first taste of this newest adventure. The sensitive inquiring tip of his tongue dipped into the barely moist groove of her infantile pussy and he was pleased that she tasted mildly salty but very good.
    His arms tightened some more and his mouth opened to enclose her whole slot as his tongue slid up and down between the firm plump lips that rimmed her little cunny. They were now clasped in each other's arms in a classic pose of '69', which they had selected themselves because it provided wonderful feelings of closeness and sexiness and mutual giving and taking, and was altogether a fine idea. After a few moments, the girl slowly straightened out her legs and lay full upon her young lover, her thighs spread so he could breath easily, and his nose and eyes coming up between the pert round cheeks of her prominent buttocks. And her mouth was always busily engaged in finding new thrills for his rigid little dickey, while the hot breath from her nose warmed and excited the tiny bag of his balls.
    After a few minutes of this delightful interlude, seemingly by simultaneous mutual consent, the two children rolled over on the padded table-top, so that they were doing the identical wonderful chores but with the boy on top and the girl on her back on the bottom. This offered no real novelty, however, and the girl knew that her instruction in sexual activities was far from completed merely because she had taught her partner that '69' could be fun for both participating parties, no matter what their ages.
    She quickly slid out from under her boyish companion and helped him roll over on his back in preparation for his next lesson. Still manually playing with his stiff little tool, she squatted down over his hips, while he watched with consuming fascination, and slowly introduced the end of his dickey into the slot of her cunny. In this position she had complete mobility and could control every aspect of their joining, and also could let him see exactly what was happening between them.
    As he felt the tip of his sensitized cock caressed by the warm saliva-wet lips of her little pussy, the boy knew that this was something he wanted more of, and soon. By instinct as well as by intent, he thrust upward to increase the contact, and the girl, her aim perfect, dropped her anxious pink hole eagerly on him, burying his little rod to the hilt in her soft warm body.
    Once they were joined, she dropped from squatting, onto her knees, and was more comfortable and better able to perform her present duties of pumping her tiny sheath up and down on his little piston. Slowly at first, so as not to dislodge the little intruder, she began posting rhythmically, sure that the hot exquisite stimuli to the small symbol of moist walls of her pussy were providing delight to the rod of masculinity which they contained. As the two children became more accustomed to each other, she was able to writhe and wriggle her hips in every sensuous variation to give more thrills, both to herself and to her partner by infinite variations of the intimate contacts between them.
    As the glories of inverted intercourse began to dawn on the boy, from feeling and seeing his partner's performance upon his re-recumbent form, he reached up and began caressing her arms and body, and even her face with hands so lovingly gentle that they showed his appreciation and thankfulness without a word being spoken. Instinctively his hands seemed to gravitate to the front of her chest where vestigial nipples, no more prominent than his own rudimentary useless buds, presaged womanly breasts years in the future. He felt and patted and caressed those barely visible spots, and the girl, aware of what he was doing and slightly stimulated by both the idea and the action, smiled down in pleasure at his efforts to have them both mature instantly.
    After several minutes of this position, the girl stretched her legs out behind her and lowered her torso down onto his, still supporting some of her weight on her elbows, but providing a greatly increased area of bodily contact between them. Her thighs clasped his, her belly and chest were ardently pressing down on his, and her hands were as free as his to explore and excite and caress.
    The boy seemed to realize then, that although they seemed to have done almost everything else, they had not yet performed that most common gesture of affection — they had not kissed. He reached up and tenderly took her head in his hands, drawing it slowly down toward his own. To him it seemed obvious that when two people wanted to kiss, they just brought their lips together. Working on this oversimplified basic premise, the boy's first attempt at a kiss of passion ended up as tow bumped noses. But with both children working on it, they learned how heads must be turned, and within seconds their young fervent loving lips were fused in a mutually exciting and rewarding kiss that added much to their feelings of belonging together and of loving together and of mutual acceptance.
    Both of the children knew from past experience that when adults did these same things which they were doing, there came a time of greatly heightened action and passion, and after that, the party was over, at least for a while. However, since they were too young by far to experience or even expect an orgasm of any sort, this child's party could possibly go on almost indefinitely while they explored all possible permutations and combinations of sexual behavior which their physical development would permit. There certainly were no other limitations on their activities, for even if their audience became restive and wanted to indulge in their own forms of bizarre behavior, the kids could keep going on their own with no one to tell them that what they were doing was bad or immoral or dirty or nasty.
    Now again the girl, as teacher, took the-initiative in introducing her partner to new ways for enjoying sex. She wiggled off his supine body and lay down beside him, head opposite his head and feet beside his. With a few words and urging gestures, she had him roll over on top of her, and then she spread her round little legs and raised her knees to give him full access to her waiting warm pussy.
    He looked down between their slightly separated bodies and saw the exciting proximity of their sex-parts. With her hands guiding, he lowered his hips, and found that his stiff little tool slid easily deep into her hungry hole, bringing their pelvises tightly together in the age-old position of marital coitus.
    Driven by primitive urges beyond his conscious control, the boy began pumping up and down upon her, his little piston stroking automatically within her loving cylinder. His arms surrounded her in a gesture of affection while supporting some of his weight, and his lips sought out hers to seal their togetherness with a long impassioned kiss that welded them into one in their mutual giving and receiving. To hold him even more securely to her, the girl wrapped her chubby little legs around his hips, her back bent almost double to get a good grip with her ankles locked together.
    The view from directly at their feet was fascinating indeed. It presented a moving writhing mass of rounded hairless pink flesh, composed of a cute girlish bottom, bent and stretched so that her little asshole was exposed, and between the plump thighs pounded a tensed compressed boyish bottom with stretched out straining thighs. And at the center of this picture, all hot and pink and korking, could be seen a tiny stiff little prick pumping in and out of a hairless hot little pussy whose firm lips spread and rubbed lovingly along the little moving shaft which penetrated the little hole.
    After some time at this phase of their acrobatics, the girl remembered that part of her duties was to introduce her partner into the possibilities of enjoying the rear entrance, either male or female, for his sexual uses. He was so engrossed in his present pleasures, that she had to bite his searching tongue quite sharply to bring him back to reality, and when she did, he raised his head and looked at her questioningly. She gently lowered her legs and thrust him off her panting heated body. When he started to protest, she indicated that this was not the end — there was at least one more act to follow, so he reluctantly agreed to cooperate.
    Once free of his weight and body, she rolled over on her tummy, her legs slightly spread, and pointed for him to mount her in this position. He finally understood and knelt behind her between her legs, his little tool jutting proudly out in front of him. But now there came problems, for the deep crease between her round buttocks was an effective barrier for his short weapon. The girl hunched up her hips from the table a little, and then, resting her weight on her chest, she used her hands to spread the firm round hemispheres of her ass cheeks, revealing and exposing the tight button of her anus all pink and puckered at the bottom of the deep groove.
    The boy got the message, and while she held all in readiness, he slowly eased himself down into that delightful nook, pressing aside and crushing away the wonderfully smooth soft round bulwark of her buttocks. At first there was resistance when he hit the target with his little lance, but his fervent pressure and her wiggling acceptance soon pierced that barrier and he achieved partial admission into her little bowel.
    Now she could relax her hips back down onto the table and concentrate her efforts toward giving him the best she could offer in this manner of copulation. When he rhythmically drove his spear into her, she tried to relax her sphincter so that he could get fullest penetration. And on the withdrawal stroke, she clenched her anus, holding as much of his dickey within her as possible.
    By squirming writhing motions of her whole pelvis the girl could impart added thrills not only to the little prick of her lover, but also to both their entire bodies, and she performed these maneuvers as thoroughly as possible without endangering the more or less precarious connection between them due to the shortness of his dickey.
    Again the view from the bottom was one to captivate the eye of a connoisseur and artist, to see two round little bottoms squirming and pounding, one pressing down tightly on the other, while four youthful legs stretched out into the foreground in moving tensing throes of pagan abandon to sensual pleasure.
    By now the boy was in a quandary, for he knew that his grandfather would want him to make at least a preliminary decision as to his preferences in sexual conduct on the basis of his present experience. But so much had happened and it had all been so new and so wonderful that he could not make any valid decision without knowing more and taking time to think things over. But he couldn't keep all these grown-ups waiting while he made up his mind. The very thought of their annoyance at being kept waiting, began to cool the ardor of his passion, and he rolled off his cute little girl partner and sat up on the edge of the table.
    To his surprise, both his father and his grandfather, with their boy-partners, had disappeared from the center-floor stage, and all eyes in the audience had been concentrated on the two children for some time. Most children would have been embarrassed into paralysis by such a situation under any circumstances, but the young boy showed the stuff he was made of. He stood up on the table, stark naked and with his little erection sticking out grandly before him and announced:
    “I know I'm supposed to decide something after what has happened here tonight. However I think I need more information and more experience before I can really be expected to have an opinion that means anything. For this reason I am going to reserve decision until a later date. For now I am going to take my delightful partner and leave you to your own pleasures. We will pursue our experiments in private where we will not waste your time with things which you already know. Good night, Gentlemen. Come on, MY Love!”