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Sister's incest secrets

Sister's incest secrets

Sandy Stephan Sister's Incest Secrets


    The train was far from full. I sat by the window, a blanket over my knees to keep the chill off, and my bags were stacked up on the seat beside me. That was to keep strangers at bay. I had to get things straight in my mind. Going home for the first time in a year was hard enough, but to go back for the first time since The Incident, that was something else again! I'd just turned fifteen when Dad had found me in bed with my brother Bob. The next day Dad had made the arrangements and Bob and I had been separated without further ado. How would he feel about me now? And would Dad still hold it against me? I hoped not. If he did I'd have to go back to that rotten boarding school to spend another year away from my beautiful brother.
    The mesmerizing, regular sound of the train wheels clacking along the track established a peculiar rhythm in my mind, one that caused me to relive that fateful night in vivid detail. It felt as though it was happening all over again… perhaps I was dozing a little or perhaps I'd thought about it so often that the incident had turned into a well-known play, one with which I titillated myself in spare moments. And, as usual, while the story ran through my head, my hand crept down between my legs to give my pussy the moral support it needed.
    Bob and I had always been close; ever since I can remember he took care of me, helped me with my schoolwork, taught me how to ride a bike and a horse and all the other skills that big brothers know so well. He would be eighteen soon. Had he changed? No matter what had happened to him he'd always be the same to me. I could trust Bob, and he understood me as well as I did. For years our love had been pure, innocent, as brotherly and sisterly love is supposed to be. But as my breasts budded and his voice broke and deepened numerous other changes began to take place. Of course I wasn't aware of them at first. Bob's sudden interest in my body was just another game to me.
    My fifteenth birthday was the watershed between innocence and bliss. For some weeks prior to that event my body had been reacting quite strongly to Bob. He'd taken to touching me now and then, very off-hand but always accurate. His hand would slide along the pert slope of my breasts or he would rest his hand on the full curve of my buttocks, touch my inner thigh, each time making it look as though it was accidental because he was afraid of consequences. That's what he told me later. He thought I might tell mother or something. Those brief caresses of his had an increasing impact on me. I suppose my body was developing very rapidly at that time, with all the sensory equipment going into action. Whatever the reason, I loved his touches and began to wonder if there wasn't a way to get more of them.
    The party thrown for my birthday was small, family only. My father, that pillar of righteousness and industry, tried to unbend a little by putting on a party hat. My mother, sensual of body but barren of mind, sat next to him and had one drink too many in honor of my birthday. Elaine, the youngest, sat on one side of me and Nora, the oldest, on the other. Bob faced us, drinking his beer with a manly flourish. He was now allowed to drink and I'm afraid he overdid it a little.
    Much later in the evening when our folks had retired into the wonderful world of television, and Nora and Elaine had gone up to their respective rooms, Bob and I sat on the porch and gazed into the dark night. He was very loose-tongued for once, talking about all sorts of things, none of which interested me. But then he said something that made me prick my ears up.
    “I've got to tell you, Kathy, that you're my favorite sister. In fact I think I love you more than a brother should. Did you know I have dreams about you? It's true… yes sir, it sure is true.” He lapsed into a moody silence suddenly, nodding to himself and staring straight ahead. I didn't know what he was talking about, at least not with my mind. But my heart took an abrupt leap as if my instincts knew only too well what he meant.
    “Yeah, I dream about you all the time,” he went on, still avoiding my eyes. “They're beautiful dreams, Kathy. When I wake up I just want to crawl right back into them. Because they can never come true.”
    “Why not?” I asked in a voice that was just a little too high.
    “Because,” he said.
    “Because what? I don't understand you, Bob, there's nothing that's impossible between us two. I love you, you know that. So how could you say they'll never come true.”
    “You're too young to understand, that's the trouble.” Now he looked at me and there was a flash of anger in his eyes. “Young and silly, that's you, Kathy.” With that he stood up and stormed off. I followed him to try and cheer him up, but he locked his bedroom door and refused to answer my pleas.
    Several days went by without him saying so much as a word to me. Then, just as I thought our love was over for good, he came to me. It was after midnight. My windows were wide open and only a sheet covered my naked body. It was so hot out. A creaking sound outside my bedroom door woke me out of a shallow doze. Before I could say anything Bob was inside. He closed the door behind him and padded towards me on his bare feet. In the weak light of the street lamp I could make out his strong torso. He was naked to the waist and the light threw his abdominal muscles into dark relief. I'd seen him before so often and his shape was as familiar to me as my own. But now his broad shoulders and slender hips thrilled me in a most unusual way.
    “Are you asleep, Kathy?” he whispered.
    “No-do you want to talk awhile?”
    “Yeah, move over.” I made room for him, glad to have him with me. He lay close up against me in spite of the heat of the night. I smelled his manly odor with special relish. The tartness of his armpits and his sweat, the hardness of his body, and his nearness blended together into an intoxicating brew. I felt myself beginning to sweat between my legs. At least, I assumed it was sweat.
    “I'm sorry about the way I snapped at you the other night,” he began. “You confuse me sometimes. I want to love you and I end up yelling at you. That's not right. That's why I'm here, Kathy, I have to confess everything to you… I don't know how to say it but I'll try, okay?”
    “Okay, Bob.” I could make out his face clearly now. His dark eyes were concealed by shadows but I could tell by the way he was biting his bottom lip that he was very nervous. I longed to reach out, to caress his face and reassure him. He could do anything with me! He had no need to worry.
    “I… well…” He hesitated for a moment, shrugged, and resolutely placed his hands on my breasts. “That's what I want to do, Kathy, I want to touch you all over and make love to you. You've been driving me crazy for weeks now and I can't take it any longer. I love you and I have to show it.”
    I didn't know what to say. The sheet was caught up between his hand and my tits so that it didn't feel like anything in particular. What was the big deal, I wondered. He could touch my body if that's what he wanted. “Go ahead, Bob,” I said with a shrug. “H that's all you want I don't see any problem.”
    “You don't understand!” He sounded frustrated but he didn't say any more about it. Instead he reefed the sheet off the bed and began to kiss me furiously. His wet tips slithered along my face, mouth, neck and breasts, a weird sensation that left me quite cold. Now his hands crawled all over me, touching and squeezing; and the more frantic he became, the colder I turned.
    “How can I make you see!” he groaned under his breath without pausing for a moment. “I want to give you pleasure, to love you and to make you love me! Don't you like what I'm doing to you?”
    By now I was so confused that I didn't know what to do. It felt as though my emotions were going one way and my mind another. I wanted to please him too. His happiness had always been important to me. But this situation stymied me. In the end I took refuge in complete inaction. I just lay there as he continued to caress my body and kiss me all over.
    Apparently I'd done the right thing, unwittingly. Now that I had relieved myself of all responsibility, his lovemaking began to get through to me. A soft moan escaped my lips. Bob paused for a moment to look me in the eyes. And when he saw the expression there he smiled faintly and returned to his work. This time he was gentler, more specific. Instead of racing around my body like a tourist who's only got three days to see the whole of Europe, he now began to visit each part of my anatomy at his leisure, exploring it thoroughly.
    My tits seemed to fascinate him. Even though they were quite small he devoted a great deal of love to each of them. His lips closed around the hardening nipples, tugging at them, licking them, while his hands softly squeezed the springy flesh. My nipples had always been quite sensitive. Wearing a woollen sweater without anything underneath was devastating for me. But Bob opened up a new dimension of sensitivity up there. The more he sucked and caressed, the more my nipples, and then my tits, began to burn with passion. It felt as though there was a direct tine between my tits and my pussy, each impulse of pleasure being telegraphed down to it to add to the sensation of sweatiness. Now it was no problem for me to respond to him. My arms encircled his strong torso and hugged him close to me. Bob continued to suck at my breasts but one hand moved down to my cunt. My legs parted reflexively, greedy for more pleasure.
    It worried me not a little that it was so quiet in the house. Every noise would surely be magnified by the still night air, and sooner or later our parents would be awoken by our expressions of appreciation. But when Bob's finger slipped up my cunt I couldn't help but let out a long, plaintive wail of ecstasy. His finger was so big and thick compared to the tentative fingertip I'd inserted in the past. And it filled me with a double sensation, one of physical pleasure, one of anticipation for something even bigger… the thick erection that was at that moment pushing hard against my thigh!
    “Oh Bob,” whispered, hugging him frantically, “this is so nice, so very nice. Are you going to go all the way with me?”
    “Do you think we should?” He sounded kind of strangled, as if he couldn't control any part of himself anymore.
    “Yes, yes, yes!” I sighed, my loins undulating under pressure of his reaming finger. “Do you think it would hurt-oh, it doesn't matter, just do it, Bob, I love you so much!”
    His cock slipped out of his pajamas and rubbed along my thigh. The knob felt hot and smooth as it ran along my skin, but so big; far too big for my tiny opening. In the faint light I stole a glimpse of it and almost lost my courage. It rose out of a thick bush of dark hair, this swollen rod of flesh, and now it didn't look like a toy anymore, the way it had when we were kids bathing together. It looked fierce, purposeful, and I just knew it would tear me apart.
    Luckily Bob seemed to know about such difficulties. Instead of plowing into me he slid down along my body till his face made contact with my cunt. His tongue flicked out at me, moistening the entrance thoroughly and bringing more juice down the tunnel. It felt so incredibly nice to me! His tongue was deft and a little abrasive, warm and wet, and whenever it stroked a certain part of my cunt I felt long, rippling thrills run to all parts of my body. I wanted him to stay down on me for the rest of the night but he didn't.
    As soon as I'd been lubricated he came back up and lodged his thick knob up against my slit. This was the moment of truth for us both. His cock missed the hole and he butted me in that sensitive area. He cursed under his breath and tried to poke it in. I had to guide it or he would never have found it. It was hard to keep control of my faculties but this was too important. His hard knob parted my flesh and tried to barge all the way in. A flame of pain rose from my cunt all the way up to my throat and I had to hold both hands in front of my mouth to stop from screaming!
    “What's the matter?” Bob asked, stopping for a moment.
    “Nothing,” I said. A sob rose up but I suppressed it as best I could. “Go ahead, only be gentle with me.”
    “Okay, I'll try.” He pushed again and again, and each time he did the pain nearly pushed my eyeballs out of my head. Just as I thought sex was a physical impossibility the pain began a gradual transformation into a wholly different sensation. It was as though my system had absorbed the brunt of the pain and was now learning to love it! Yes, the pain was good, it was sharp and vibrant and excruciating! Bob was still pounding his knob into my reluctant orifice, making less headway than expected. But even that problem solved itself. Juices began to flow when I'd learned to love the pain. And those juices seeped down around his knob and helped him past the awkward stage.
    Now he had his knob right inside me and the path seemed clear for a complete entry. We were both wrapped in each other's arms, panting and groaning, straining to accommodate the other. Just as his cock seemed on the brink of plumbing my depths, another obstacle arose. Neither of us knew what was going on. “Goddammit!” Bob said suddenly, drawing back and plunging his cock into me. That did it. The pain I'd learned to understand was displaced by one of much greater sharpness. It seared up through my belly and almost made me pass out. A red cloud exploded in my mind and a scream welled up out of my throat. This time there was nothing I could do about it.
    “Shut up!” Bob hissed. His cock was all the way inside me now and he was pushing it back and forth with all of his might. It was starting to feel good, very good. I left the pain behind with little or no effort. All I could really feel was his thick, hard cock thrusting in and out, in and out, opening up new areas of pleasure throughout my body.
    It was at this point that the light went on. Bob and I turned to stone. We knew who'd be there but we couldn't make ourselves look.
    “I heard a scream,” said a feeble voice. It was Dad, and when I found the strength to look him in the eye I saw that he was ashen. “So I came.”
    “It was nothing, Dad,” I said. Bob still had his cock inside me. At that moment I wanted nothing else but for Dad to go up in a puff of smoke so that we could finish this fuck. That was too much to ask for. Dad seemed to find his tongue all of a sudden, and at that moment his face went from ashen to bright red. He began to yell at us, at the same time striding over to the bed and dragging Bob off me. I can't remember what he said to us but none of it was complimentary.
    The next day, then, arrangements were made for me to attend boarding school. Bob had to stay at home because of some academic wrinkle. I was glad to get out of there. The atmosphere in the house, to put it mildly, was pungent.
    I'd been terribly unhappy at boarding school for the first few days. There were only girls there and the more I thought about Bob the more I wanted to finish that fuck-with him or with someone else. It was the frustration that stayed with me. Had he finished I might have settled into school life with little difficulty. But the memory of that throbbing flesh inside my pussy drove me up the wall. The girls could not help me. And there were no men within miles of the school. Those first few nights, then, were desperate ones. In the privacy of my own bed I tried to stick things up my cunt that I thought would take care of my problem. Fingers, a long pen, a stolen carrot, nothing worked.
    Eventually I made a friend. Or rather, Ann made me a friend. I was in no mood to speak to anyone, yet she persisted beyond my ill humor and got me to laugh again. I liked the look of her and had ever since I'd first walked into the classroom. She was a tall, slender girl with no breasts to speak of but a very pert and very feminine ass that not even the drab school uniform could disguise. Her bed was in the same dormitory as mine, which made it easier for us to get together in the evenings and talk.
    Some weeks after we'd first got together I confided in her about Bob. She listened until I'd told her everything, a serious expression in her big blue eyes. Then, when the last of the story had been told, she nodded and said: “You ought to think of yourself lucky for having had as much as that. I've never been to bed with a boy.
    “Really?” I found that hard to believe. Ann looked so experienced, so worldly, that I'd always assumed she knew more about everything than I did.
    “It's the truth. I've been stuck in this hole ever since I started school.”
    “Then you know nothing about sex?”
    “Oh, I wouldn't say that,” she laughed. “I know about one kind of sex, but it's got nothing to do with boys.”
    “What do you mean?” I asked, wide-eyed.
    “Well, sometimes a few of us girls get together and, you know, fool around a little.” Ann seemed to be looking at me more intently than usual, as if my reaction meant something to her. When I went red and white at the very idea of making love with another girl, she laughed again and put her arms around me for a moment: “Don't worry, honey, no one here's going to attack you. But if you want you can just come with me when we do it. Then you can see if you'd like it.”
    “I guess that's fair,” I said, but I only said it so she wouldn't think I was chicken. The idea appalled mei How could girls do it to each other. They didn't have a cock between them! On the other hand my curiosity had been aroused, and so I was far from unhappy when Ann gave me the word some days later. The girls were going to get together in one of the disused dormitories on the top floor after lights-out, and I was to be the guest of honor.
    The whole operation was cloaked in secrecy. We snuck up the emergency stairs to the top floor when the time came, and Ann showed me how to unlock the door at the top with a hairpin. Then, when she'd closed the door securely behind us, she led me along the dusty corridor till we came to a small room near the end. A faint, flickering light came through the doorway along with the sounds of whispering. Ann motioned for me to follow her inside.
    Four girls sat on mattresses on the floor. This room was relatively clean, a regular hideaway. Candles burned in all four corners and several blankets had been draped over the windows. They were passing a cigarette around, sitting comfortably with their backs against the walls, their night gowns unbuttoned and draped nonchalantly over their bodies. I knew the girls by sight, all of them from my class and all of them friendly. At least they'd been friendly towards me, especially since I'd told Ann I'd accompany her to one of the meetings.
    “Hi, Kathy,” they said cheerfully when I came in. “Sit down, make yourself at home. Would you like a cigarette?”
    “Sure,” I said, figuring I might as well go all the way with this adventure.
    We chatted for a while, talking shop of course. But then Ann stood up and said: “Who's going to be 'it' tonight, girls?” She looked at each of us, straight-faced while the others giggled. “Not me!” they chorused. But I figured it couldn't be too bad to be “it” because they all acted as though they wouldn't mind at all.
    “What about you, Kathy, do you want to be 'it' or do you just want to sit and watch for the rest of the night?” Ann asked.
    Puffing at the cigarette had given me a strange, reckless sense of courage. “Sure, I'll be 'it,'“ I said, standing up alongside her. “Just tell me what I have to do.”
    “Yay!” yelled the girls, and Ann put a warning finger against her lips.
    “It's very simple, really,” said Ann. “All you have to do is lie down on that mattress there, and promise not to move no matter what happens to you.”
    “Is that all?” I felt disappointed at being assigned such an easy task. Surely they could have invented something more demanding!
    “Promise not to move no matter what?” she insisted.
    “I promise,” I said, holding two fingers up into the air, scout's fashion.
    I lay down on the mattress and waited expectantly. The five girls squatted down all around me and spent the first minute or so staring at me. That was all. No one said a word. I began to feel kind of foolish lying there. It was as though I'd landed in hospital and I had no disease to give them. But then Ann, who sat just behind my head, began to stroke my hair ever so slowly, just running her fingers through the long tresses and massaging my scalp with the tips of her nails. It felt restful. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the sensation.
    Then the other girls joined in, each one of them caressing a small part of my body. Two of them worked on my thighs, running their nails and fingers along the sensitive insides until strange twitches beset my loins. The other two girls caressed my neck and shoulders, slowly moving down towards my breasts, which were still concealed by the nightgown.
    “How do you like that, baby?” asked Ann in a low, soft voice. “That's not so bad, is it?”
    “It's beautiful,” I said helplessly.
    “And this is only the beginning,” said one of the other girls. A shiver of fear and anticipation ran through me. If this was only the beginning, what would the end be like? Would they make me feel as good as Bob had? They were so gentle, so precise, in what they did. Bob had (and I had trouble in confessing this to myself) been a little crude in the beginning.
    Now my breasts were being manipulated. The girls worked slowly, regularly, just squeezing the tips of my breasts with their delicate fingers. My nightgown seemed to slip out of the way without any of us making an effort. I could see my two pinkish-white mounds rising up before me, the hard, rosy nipples poking up into the air, with slender little fingers curling round and round them, making me feel so warm and high. Ann kept caressing my head, her fingers combing through my hair more firmly now. And the girls caressing my thighs often came awfully close to my cunt, although they took care not to go quite that far.
    I began to wish they would. In fact, I wanted them all to maul and lick and suck like animals! All their gentle titillations were accumulating inside me like a stockpile of dynamite. Conflicting emotions and sensations coursed through my limbs and body, clashing and merging, causing convulsions and abrupt tremors inside me. And still they kept on with their slow, regular caresses, ever so slow, ever so regular, till I felt like screaming at them!
    “Oh, please!” I moaned. “Do it harder, satisfy me!”
    “Just lie still, baby,” said Ann. “Don't move. Don't think. Just take what you're getting and enjoy it.”
    Soft hands came to within a millimeter of my cunt. I wanted to thrust my box at them and suck them inside but my promise bound me more surely than ropes could have. So I restrained myself and bit my bottom lip to distribute the agony of my ecstasy more evenly. Somehow they'd managed to take my nightgown off. The candlelight threw its uneasy, dim light over my body to accentuate its sensuality as well as that of the girls around me. One by one they let their garments slip to the floor, exposing their hard little tits, their slender bodies, flat bellies, and the small bushes of sparse hair that nestled between their supple thighs. Their beauty came home to me in a rush. In class they had always looked good to me but never this good. In my overwrought condition I could see their true beauty. I wanted to reach out and cradle their small breasts, to pinch one of those little pink nipples or caress the curly little bush nearest me. I wanted to savor the smoothness of their skin with my fingertips just as they were doing to me. Other, vaguer impulses came to me but all of them had to be cast aside. I had to lay still.
    “Touch me harder!” I cried. None of them responded. One of the girls had taken to caressing my belly with the flat of her hand, running it round and round in small circles. And still they avoided touching my cunt! 'Touch my cunt!” I hissed, real anger seeping into my voice. “What's the matter, don't you like that part of me? Touch it, rub it hard!”
    I might as well have been talking to the wall. They went on at their own pace as though it was all part of a ritual that they'd practiced many times. On and on, soft hands evoking potent feelings in my but never taking them to the top, not to mention over it. The spasms running through my body were beginning to grow so violent that it was next to impossible to lie still. And why should I, I asked myself. Promises are made to be broken. It was my body that sought stronger thrills, not the human part of me. Thus it was perfectly all right that I should help my assailants along a little.
    Ann must have sensed that I had reached the breaking point. “Take it easy, Kathy,” she whispered, leaning over me and bringing her face closer to mine. “Just relax for a minute more and then you'll have everything you need. Trust me. I know what makes you feel good.”
    I looked up at her and saw her big blue eyes staring deep into mine. She came even closer, moving her head around to kiss me. My mouth opened wide the moment her lips touched mine and our tongues entwined with passion. At last I could do something, I had an outlet for my urgent desires. I kissed her with all my might, sucking in her spit and her tongue as though that in itself could ease my lust. She put up with it for as long as she could and then, with a swift and unexpected motions, she pulled her face away, turned, and sat with her cunt planted squarely on my mouth.
    This turn of events stunned me. I hadn't even considered touching her there, so eating her was definitely out. For a moment all of my inhibitions and fears rushed to the fore. I began to twist away from her, pushing at her and protesting as best I could. But then the soft firmness of her cunt lips penetrated my core and the fears departed as quickly as they had arisen. What pleased me as much was that the other girls had stopped their ritual caresses and began making love to me the way my body wanted it.
    Ann squatted over my face and moved her loins back and forth slightly so that the softness of her labia opened my mouth and evoked my tongue. It was hard to give expression to my feelings for her at that moment. The bittersweetness of her juices aroused my taste buds and the silkiness of her full lips made me want to swallow all of her-but the technique was lacking. How did people make love to each other from this angle? I didn't want to bite or hurt her.
    My hands reached up and gave support to her ass, just to make sure she was comfortable. Then, with her in position, I began to lick her cunt, running my tongue along the length of her slit over and over till it had sunk down into the moist, slippery valley. She was very wet, just as I was, and I drank greedily of the accumulated juices I found there. Now I was getting into the swing of things. Just like me, she had a particularly sensitive spot. It was hard and tiny, though probably bigger than mine. The tip of my tongue brushed along it repeatedly, deliberately searching it out and applying pressure. With every stroke her cool, poised facade fell away a little more. And pretty soon, when I'd learned how to vibrate my tongue inside her tunnel, she turned into as much of a victim of passion as I was.
    In the course of working Ann up I'd almost forgotten about what was happening to my own body. It was as though my attention could only focus on one thing at the time. But the moment I got the upper hand on Ann, the total effect of the others' lovemaking hit me like a tidal wave. I realized that one had been down on me, with two others sucking on my tits while the fourth made do with sucking my toes. And when it hit me it became impossible to please Ann any further. I wrenched clear of her cunt to gulp in huge quantities of air to save myself from losing myself. Small, wounded-bird cries came up out of my throat, my loins moved up and down so hard that my ass bashed into the mattress, and with a sudden surge of passion I was swept away into my first orgasm.
    It was a breathtaking experience. Nothing existed but the euphoric flow that carried me into unheard of realms. I felt totally relaxed and happy. My body fully coordinated for the first time in my life. And the others backed off till I'd recovered myself sufficiently to acknowledge their efforts.
    “How did you like being 'it'?” asked Ann when I opened my eyes and stopped moaning.
    “It was just wonderful,” I said hoarsely. “Such strange feelings… is that normal?”
    “It is with us,” she smiled and the other girls nodded their agreement. “Here, have a cigarette and relax a little longer. Now that you've had your turn you're going to help us do someone else.”
    I felt so good and so tired that I didn't want to participate any more. But, like a gambler who's been winning all night, I couldn't morally withdraw from the game now. I lingered over my cigarette for as long as was polite, watching the others select a new “it.” It dawned on me then that this was quite an exclusive club I'd stumbled into. For one thing, all five girls were extremely attractive. In our class there were fat girls and pimply girls and ones who wore braces, but none would ever be in this group. Ann told me later that this was the only rule they maintained.
    For another, these girls were among the brightest in the class, they all played sports, and were far more mature than most girls of their age. When I realized that it flattered me greatly to have been selected. That was enough to shake me out of my torpor. I extinguished the cigarette and crawled over to where the new “it” lay. Ann and another girl had occupied “its” breasts, a third was at her head, which left me one of her thighs. Now that I knew the ritual so intimately it was easy to get involved with it. Like the other girl I began to caress the thigh assigned to me. It was a lovely thigh, soft skinned, a little muscular, long, reaching high up at the girl's down-covered cunt. It looked like a little purse from where I sat, the full labia pressed close together to preserve her booty. While I stroked her thigh my eyes were rivetted to her pussy. Somehow it beckoned me to come closer, to taste, touch, even enter. The rules of the game forbade me to give way to my impulse and so I just sat there looking at it.
    I was surprised that the girl's pussy should even appeal to me. After all, I had one and it couldn't be so different. To make sure I looked down at my own cunt, the slit of it just starting up before the flesh rounded away between my thighs. Was it the same? I managed to change my position without interrupting my regular, slow caresses, bringing one knee up to enable me to peer down. Yes, it looked the same-but it still thrilled me. Perhaps seeing the cunts of other girls had given me a greater appreciation of my own. Such thoughts rambled through my mind while the four of us went through the slow, somewhat monotonous paces of the ritual. 'It' was rapidly succumbing. Her groans came rapidly, somewhat frantic and abbreviated as if she couldn't get her breath. It wouldn't be long now.
    Sure enough. A minute later Ann gave us all a signal, and the girl at her head straddled “its” face and the rest of us went down on her nipples, cunt and toes, sucking and licking and savoring her completely. I'd been quick to get at her pussy. My mouth opened wide and took as much of it inside as was possible, then sucked hard. The girl twisted her whole body to get more of her flesh into my mouth, her legs parting just as mine had. And, to make her feel just as nice, I let my tongue pry deep into her cunt, flicking at secret repositories of passion, unleashing tiny bombs of emotion, at the same time working my fingers up her asshole. I didn't really know what I was doing. The guiding principle seemed to be that I should do to her what I'd tike her to do to me.
    And now, sitting in the train and dozing slightly, it occurred to me that I'd hit upon the most important principle of lovemaking. At least among women. The year had gone by fairly quickly, what with school work and regular meetings of the club. Ann and I had grown very close, often stealing away to make love together. She was so sensitive to my needs, psychic almost Whatever need arose she immediately satisfied it Hours spend in the woods surrounding the school, just the two of us lying in the thick grass, either making passionate love or just embracing to hear the other's breathing.
    I'd even managed to forget about Bob for a time. Ann gave me everything I needed. Of course I didn't forget Bob, not completely. Apart from the deep attachment we shared, there was also that nagging, throbbing memory of his cock inside me, moving up like a boa constrictor crawling into its home. When ever I thought of it something happened way down deep inside of me. If it hadn't been for that memory I might well have been swayed by Ann and the other club members to forget about men altogether.
    Or had I been swayed unknowingly? The thought made me sit bolt upright, eyes wide open suddenly. It was possible. After all, Bob had been clumsy that night, insensitive you might say. It was alright then because I didn't know any better, but now…? Well, perhaps he'd been getting in a little practice himself. I certainly hoped so.
    I noticed that the blanket had slipped off my knees and lay on the floor. The hand had reflexively strayed between my legs to apply pressure to my yearning box was still there, pressing hard. With a flush of embarrassment, I looked around to see if anyone had noticed. No one had. They were all nodding along with the motion of the train or buried in newspapers. I pulled the blanket back up… but I couldn't quite take my hand away from my crotch. My journey down memory lane had stirred me more than I'd bargained for. There was a faintly damp patch at the juncture of my jeans legs. And when I felt inside my underpants I found they were sopping wet.
    It was such a nice cozy feeling to be sitting on that train, fondling my pussy in public so to speak, that I couldn't resist following through. The tip of my index finger located my clitoris and began the familiar motion, round and round, up and down, round and round again, gently at first, harder as my lust rose. My clitoris had grown somewhat in the past year, I reflected. And how could it not have? All the massaging and sucking and other forms of exercise had even made my tits grow.
    It was dusk outside, dark enough for my reflection to be mirrored in the windows. I sat upright to get a profile view of myself. Yes, they had grown. They pushed out and up against my blouse, with pert little impressions where my nipples were. Two man-sized handfuls, I thought. As for the rest of me… well Ann had told me about that. She was forever telling me how beautiful she thought I was. I took all that with a grain of salt but it pleased me nonetheless. She liked to play with my long, dark brown hair and to outline my lips with her finger. She said my lips were eminently kiss-able. I thought they were just full. The darkness outside accentuated my cheekbones. They made me look kind of haughty, particularly with my hair drawn back. Ann said I looked aristocratic. Be that as it may, I certainly looked a great deal more aloof than I felt. A lot smarter, too. My eyes tend to slope a little towards my nose, which gives me a look of great cleverness. Still, that's better than looking dumb like Ann. Her big eyes seemed to indicate that she was forever in the grip of astonishment And that was far from the truth.
    I sighed, not a little satisfied with my self-appraisal. Bob would surely like what he saw. One year had made a big difference in me. What about him? Eighteen years old, a second year college student already… it was quite possible that he had forgotten me! Girls liked Bob. He was a champion swimmer, an ace student and awfully good looking. Almost too good looking for a man.
    At that point I felt like getting out of the train and pushing it just to get home more quickly. I hate suspense in any form. To pass the time more easily I fingered my pussy with more gusto, working my way into tiny, sharp climaxes. They popped like a string of firecrackers, particularly when I undid my jeans and stuck my hand right into my panties. Fingering and manipulating, masturbating at full pelt, and no longer caring if someone saw me, I managed to exhaust myself to the point at which I simply fell asleep.


    It was late in the evening when the train pulled into the Morristown station. The family were the only people on the platform. Bob was the first to board the train, bounding along the aisle to sweep me up into his arms and kiss me with a loud smack. “Hi, sis!” he said, radiating college cheer for the sake of Dad, who came in hot on his heels. “How's my favorite sister doing!”
    “Just fine. Hi, Daddy,” I said, kissing my father on the proffered cheek.
    “Hello, Kathy. Help your sister with her bags, Bob, and let's get going. It's getting awfully late.”
    That was Dad all over. People should be in bed by a certain hour. That was the law of nature. People shouldn't waste too much time on emotional displays. That was uncouth. If he wasn't my father I'd be inclined to describe him as a prig. Bob gave me a wink and grabbed my bags. Elaine and Nora stood outside with Mum and for a few moments I was surrounded by kissing, hugging relatives. Then it was over. Dad took charge of his clan and herded us into the station wagon.
    At home Mum spent an inordinate amount of time bustling about in the kitchen. She emerged finally with cake and coffee, but I could tell she was very ill at ease. Dad, too, seemed to be preoccupied with something he didn't even want to think about. I knew what the problem was, of course. Finding Bob and me in bed together was the worst thing that had ever happened to them. Mum and Dad had led extremely regular lives. He was the vice-president; at a large insurance company, she was the dutiful wife, the kind who attends charity affairs with a zeal and acts as the hostess at a moment's notice.
    It often seemed to me as though neither of them had ever explored life beyond the boundaries of convention. I could imagine Dad saying “Thank you” to Mum after he'd screwed her. Their sex life had to be conducted with the utmost of decorum. None of us kids had ever heard them at it, nor had we ever seen either of them wholly or partially naked.
    Because they maintained such rigid standards, their children had led pretty sheltered lives-and reacted against this in their own fashion. Bob, I noticed, had let his hair grow well beyond Dad's standards of decency. At nineteen, Nora looked every inch the radical college student, with her hair long and straight, wearing only blue jeans and army shirts, and given to excessive smoking. Dad loathed her for this but deep in the back of his mind he figured she'd grow out of it one day and marry an insurance man just like himself. Elaine, on the other hand, was rapidly turning into a mystery woman. She dressed with a great deal of elegance and simplicity, choosing only those clothes that complemented her long, snaky body, keeping her hair close cropped to accentuate her long neck and small head, and saying very little to anyone.
    And then there was Mum, the full-bosomed, ample-hipped one hundred percent woman who had never been taught the meaning of sex. I watched her as she moved around the room, fussing over her brood, serving Dad who occupied his throne with regal disdain, and I saw the emptiness in her life for the first time. She had all the equipment and it must be a perpetual puzzle to her why she had it. Those full breasts had never been sucked and handled like mine had. And those full, firm thighs had never been relished and ravaged. At the tender age of sixteen I felt as though I was already more experienced than my mother would ever be.
    We managed to make small talk for the required length of time, long enough to make them feel as though I felt welcome. It was a strain on me to put up with it all. Bob sat just a few feet away from me and he attracted me more than ever. How handsome he was with his dark locks curling around his face! His swimmer's body was tanned and in peak condition. All he wore was a T-shirt and tight jeans, allowing me to check him out as thoroughly as I might have if he was naked. That thick bulge in his lap drew my eyes to itself over and over. I relived that brief moment of pleasure when that snake had risen and filled my gap. Would we get a chance to try it again? Was he still willing?
    He certainly was. His eyes devoured me, — running over the contours of my body over and over. Quite often he lost the thread of the conversation and had to ask for someone to repeat a question when he was addressed. That bulge in his jeans kept waxing and waning. Did the others notice? Dad watched us tike an undercover agent, pretending not to have a care in the world but never going off-guard. I wanted to warn Bob to take it easy-but then I would make the same mistake myself by staring at his bulge for too long.
    “Time for bed,” Dad announced. We rose dutifully, relieved that this family situation had come to an end.
    “By the way,” he said as I headed for my old room, “we've made a small change in the sleeping arrangements here. You'll be in Elaine's bedroom for the time being.”
    “Why?” I said. “Don't you trust me anymore?”
    “If I don't you have only yourself to blame, young lady,” said Dad, and a small tic appeared in his left eye. “Now let's not talk about this. It'll only upset your mother.”
    And indeed, Mum looked very nervous. I nodded and followed Elaine up the stairs. Bob sighed deeply and shuffled off to his room. Only Nora remained behind. Since she was the oldest, and the most assertive, she didn't take orders from Dad anymore.
    When the door closed behind Elaine and I, a strange and unsettling experience took place. For a moment I failed to recognize her as my sister! Perhaps it was the year we'd spent apart or some dysfunction in my mind-but for that moment she looked like an immensely desirable young girl to me. Of course that's exactly what she was, but sisters aren't supposed to feel that way about each other. Then again, brothers and sisters aren't either.
    I shook my head and sat on my bed, which had been placed at the other side of the room against the wall facing the window. That was probably to keep Bob from sneaking in to see me. Elaine didn't see fit to make any comments on this situation and I didn't want to talk about it. She undressed in silence before walking over to the wardrobe to find her nightie. It was during that minute of nudity that I experienced the same difficulty in keeping my feelings sisterly. She was so sleek, so elegant, that she was almost other-worldly. Elaine had no tits. Just big nipples. Her cheeks were hard and round, and moved minimally when she walked. Long legs, beautifully shaped, suddenly stopped and her ass began. The curve of her back excited me, too. There was something coltish about her, though she was without awkwardness. And when she walked towards the wardrobe I felt a sinking sensation in the pit of my stomach-hers was a beauty that had no consciousness of itself. It just existed like a random, brutal force. I wanted her with every fibre of my body for that moment. The trouble was that I didn't know her as a person. The mystery woman in the making, that was Elaine. She could be super-straight, or a red-hot mama, there was no way of telling. I undressed and watched her to see if she reacted. But she remained inscrutable, getting into bed and yawning as she wished me goodnight.
    When the lights went out my troubles really started. In this house and in the dark I was surrounded by memories and physical presences. There was Bob, lying on the other side of the wall. And there was Elaine, in the bed so close to mine. All that coupled With the vivid recollections of a year's lovemaking with Ann and the club members-and no way to deal with my rising lust except manually.
    I waited for half an hour to give Elaine a chance to fall asleep. When her breathing was regular and relaxed, I turned on the small TV at the foot of my bed, taking care to keep the volume down low. Now the blue light of the set spread across the room and showed me Elaine's slender form as she lay half under her sheets. She was on her side facing away from me, her bare shoulders all the more enticing in the strangely cold light. There was a movie on TV, a beach party film starring all sorts of teenage idols destined to become insurance salesmen in later life. I watched them absently as my hands began the familiar preamble. Already the anticipation of a private, secretive climax was tingling through me. Masturbation was a singular pleasure, one that couldn't be compared to “real” sex. It occupied a position somewhere between sex and life. And there were moments when I could turn myself on just thinking about the next time in bed, alone with my nimble fingers.
    Silently my fingers ran down my chest and stomach, stirring up the first burst of tiny impulses under my skin. Nerves became alert, a knot of tension raveled together in my chest, and the sweat broke out on my temples. I stopped for a moment to prop the pillows up under my head, then fixed my half-closed eyes on the TV screen and began the long, intimate process in all seriousness.
    The TV showed a group of boys and girls on the beach doing a peculiar, inhibited dance to the strains of an unknown rock group. I'd seen so many of those films already and they were all the same. But I had never watched one while masturbating. Suddenly I began to look at the protagonists more closely, noting the virile swell in the boys' swim suits and the curvaceous-ness of the girls' bikinis. I imagined myself among them, doing the same twist, bumping up against them, seeing the boys close up, and my fantasy lent a little impact to my masturbation. My hands closed around my tits, kneading them rhythmically, and that clammy sensation sprang up between my legs. What did they do once the cameras had had their fill? Did all the boys and girls go home to eat apple pie? Or did bikinis fly and cocks rear? I could just see them off camera, laughing at their own play at innocence and decency, before embarking on a series of the most disgusting acts known to man. The girl with the pony tail and the boy with the duck's ass, surely they would rut like pigs in the sand. And the blonde with the fringe, wouldn't she like Mr. Muscles over there to ram her into oblivion? What about the adults, how would they like to grope around in those teeny-bopper panties. The adults were faded stars but they would have enough currency to bring the groupie out of most of the girls shown on my screen.
    So thinking I had to rub and squeeze myself harder just to keep up with my mind. I plunged from one erotic hot bath into the next, conjuring up things for the happy, clean crew to do. And, while they danced and played practical jokes on each other and chased a Russian spy into a phony sand dune, I had them ramming each other, eating cunt and sucking cock, and it all became so realistic in my mind that I lost all power to distinguish between dream and reality. With it went the last of my caution.
    I must have been making a lot of noise when I tried to insert several fingers up my cunt, because Elaine sat upright all of a sudden and asked: “What are you doing to yourself, Kathy? Are you alright?”
    “I'm fine,” I puffed, dragging my hands away from my burning cunt and doing my best to look normal. “I was just itchy, that's all.”
    “Itchy?” Elaine gave me a dubious look and came over to sit on the side of my bed. “Was that all you were doing to yourself, scratching? It sure looked like you were doing something else to me. And besides, I've never heard a person make sounds like that when they scratched.”
    “Well, what do you think I was doing?” I said irritably. Desirable as she was, I just wanted her to go back to her own bed and leave me to take care of my aroused body.
    “You were playing with yourself, weren't you?” Elaine sounded tentative now, as if she was guessing.
    “That's right, I was playing with myself. Why, don't you ever do such things?”
    “To tell you the truth, Kathy, I don't know how to. Some of the girls in my class are always talking about it but when I ask them how they do it they won't tell me.”
    “Why won't they?”
    “Because they can't believe I don't know, so they just think I'm pulling their leg.”
    That changed everything for me. If Elaine wanted to learn, who could teach her better than me? “You want me to show you how, Elaine?” I asked gently.
    “Would you? Oh, I'd really appreciate it. You see, all the girls in my class think I know everything because I look like I do. It's really awful to know so Utile.”
    “Don't worry, love,” I said, getting up on my knees and running my hand along her face. “I'll teach you everything you want to know about your own body.” I pulled her close to me and caressed her close-cropped hair. “Yes, everything,” I repeated softly, nuzzling at her ear. She wasn't completely at ease but let me have my way. My first objective was to relax her the way-Ann had relaxed me so long ago. The head was a safe place to begin, effective yet non-sexual. And so I caressed her skull through the short soft hair. Even her skull had an elegant shape and I became quite involved in it. But my hands moved on down to her long neck the moment she was ready for progress. Elaine sat on my bed with her hands folded in her lap and let me have my way. She didn't understand what was happening to her but she started to enjoy it. Now and then she leaned her head against mine and seemed on the point of kissing me. Her training had been rigorous. Open displays of emotion weren't her strongest point. And while I continued my seduction of her I began to see Dad's hand in her personality. He had always paid special attention to Elaine's upbringing, probably because he felt he'd failed with Nora. Not to mention me. And now Elaine had taken refuge in her mysterious elegance, feigning worldliness and indifference to disguise the woman inside.
    My hands came down to her shoulders and brushed her nightie out of the way. It slipped from her torso with just a whisper of cloth. Elaine did nothing to stop it. She sat with her head bent, her eyes on her hands, and her beauty made me catch my breath. A lithe Madonna, the same oval face, almond-shaped eyes, long lashes, her shoulders broad, a little bony, two nipples protruding from faint swellings, her belly long and flat all the way down to the fuzzy little patch between her supple thighs. My lust reared up. I pushed her back to lie down so I could get her nightie off all the way, and for a moment it seemed as though I would attack her with abandon-but then I remembered the differences between what Elaine needed and what I wanted.
    “Well start with your breasts,” I said, throwing her nightie on the floor.
    “But I don't have any,” she protested, half laughing.
    “That's not the point, baby,” I said. “It's how sensitive they are that counts.” So saying, I lay down beside her and started to caress her nipples with the flat of my hand. Both nipples became hard in no time at all, rubbery and exciting. Elaine moved uneasily but I could tell she was getting the drift. I leaned forward and took one of her nipples between my lips, mauling it tenderly. One of my arms went behind her back, the other moved down to take hold of her hips, and I hugged her body tightly to mine as my mouth sucked harder at her tit. She embraced me with unexpected passion and her chest moved into my face as though she wanted to give me all of herself. I brought my teeth to bear on her firm nipple, chafing it, rubbing on it, and sucking it deep into my mouth till her flesh ballooned against my teeth.
    “That's lovely,” she sighed, “but how can I do that to myself?”
    “Oh yes, Td forgotten,” I said guiltily. “Well look, when you're by yourself just fondle your tits… like this.” I lay back and took my tits in hands, squeezing and pinching them till Elaine got the hang of it. “But you shouldn't leave it at that,” I went on. “Your whole body is excitable. On some days, for example, a hand on my shoulder can make me tremble all over. And on other days I can't stop from touching my ass. You feel how good your cheeks feel-here, like this, see how nice your little ass is? The trick is to learn how to enjoy yourself without being guilty. It's yours, and that means it's yours to do with as you please, always remember that.”
    “It's very nice,” agreed Elaine, “but is that all there is to it?”
    “No, not quite,” I said, getting in between her legs and lying so that the blue light of the TV shone directly on her little cunt. “I have to teach you the workings of the most important part of your body.”
    “My box?” she queried.
    “Exactly.” A prying finger ran the length of her chubby little slit and found her valley damp but far from wet. The dark fuzz of hair did nothing to conceal her labia. They pushed out at me invitingly and I couldn't resist pressing a fond kiss on them. Elaine jerked back and asked if that was normal. “See if you enjoy it,” I replied. She lay back dubiously and watched as I went down on her properly. “You can't do this by yourself, either,” I said muffledly, “but bringing it to mind helps your fingering exercises.”
    “I see,” she said vaguely.
    My tongue reached out and lightly brushed along the cleavage between her fulsome lips. The tangy flavor of her juices reached my taste buds and nose at the same time and set my head awhirl with pleasure. She was so fresh, so naive, and yet she was only moments away from womanhood. Soon her bland juices would be spiced with the savor of an orgasm, I would see to that. My hands took hold of her flexed buttocks and held them wide apart to get my tongue into her tight hole. Elaine still wasn't sure but she was in the mood to experiment, and that was all I needed.
    My tongue probed deep up her virginal cunt, evoking a slow response from her. A prying finger located her asshole and rotated about the tense, soft rim. I straddled her shin bone and rubbed my hairy pussy along the ridge of bone for the sake of balance. And slowly, ever so slowly, I brought her up to my own pitch of excitement. Even though she might be having problems with her emotions, she had enough sense to ride the tide. The tip of my tongue slipped out of her hole and up the slit till it detected the tiny clitoris hidden under its tug of skin. I bore down on it with all the pressure my tongue could muster, prodding at it, flicking at it, working it over till Elaine's hips began to move up and down in an uncontrollable spasm of lust. And now the fluids began to flow! The tinge of olives and mushrooms appeared in her flavor, growing stronger as more of the thick nectar came down. I sucked her cunt into my mouth, as much of it as would fit, and drew the juices out of her, squeezing them out, greedy for every drop. Elaine just moaned and writhed, her hands clawing at her tiny tits, edging towards erotic hysteria. All I had to do now was push her over the edge.
    That was the easiest part of all. Elaine pumped up her own passions. Her breathing became faster and faster, her hands mangled her tits till they were bloodless, and her wet little cunt pressed hard against my lips. Then, with a surprised squeal, she came. For a minute or so she just kept saying “Wow! Is that it? Oh wow!” And then she looked at me expectantly, obviously hoping for another one.
    “Now do it yourself,” I said, lying down next to her and taking up where I'd left off earlier. “Once you're hot it's a good idea to put something into your pussy, if only for moral support. Here, look at me, see how I can fit several fingers into the hole when it's good and wet? Now you do it. That's it, work them back and forth. You'll be amazed how much will fit.”
    She followed my orders dutifully, leaving one hand on her tits to play with them while the other invaded her cunt. I could still smell and taste her. The juices from her cunt had formed a film over my face and mouth, which gave my masturbating quite a fillip. The two fingers I'd had in my cunt when Elaine had awaken were now back inside rummaging in search of vitally sensitive spots. I was soaking wet and shivering with tension. The small orgasms I'd had while making love to my beautiful little sister just weren't satisfactory. The big one was my goal.
    Watching Elaine follow my lead was most gratifying. She did her best to be cool about it, but gradually her passion ran away with her. It wasn't long before she had a couple of fingers hooked into her cunt too and her loins were bobbing up and down once more. Then her eyes fell and she bit her lips, fingering with fervor, everything forgotten but the romp of wild sensations in her body.
    And eventually I forgot about her. A confusion of images filled my mind as my fingers gyrated about inside my cunt and another worked its way up my asshole. As one we moaned and writhed, finger-fucking, letting our fantasies provide the impetus, keeping it up till it seemed dangerous to go any further. Elaine grabbed hold of me with one hand, her other hand massaging her cunt without a pause. She was half crying, half laughing, and she said: “This is the end, Kathy, say good-bye to sanity. No, no, this is too much-oh Jesus, aaaAAAAAAAHHHH! Mmmmmmm…” And then she was silent, her face fixed in a broad smile, her chest heaving.
    That did it for me. All the aroused centers in my body suddenly flashed in a simultaneous short-circuit, with energy running rampant, flares of it all coming together in a bonfire that threatened to consume me for a moment And then, after a shrill peak of ecstasy, the fires died down as slowly as movie house lights, the rheostat of passion dimming further and further, till everything was just perfect.
    “So now you know,” I said to her, and Elaine smiled even more.
    “It's so easy,” she marveled. “No wonder the girls wouldn't tell me. Only an idiot couldn't figure out how to jerk off.”
    “Jerk off.” She sounded funny using slang. Her elegant appearance didn't lend itself to looseness. But I knew what she meant. Some of the girls I'd known had taught themselves how to satisfy their pubescent needs. Others had to be taught. Some of us-and that included me-were so naive that sex didn't even enter into our thinking. Once introduced to it, however, there was no forgetting it. I'd been initiated and now Elaine had had a taste. So much for the parental plan of keeping me decent by putting me in my little sister's room. If Dad caught us playing with each other he would surely lose his mind. That was a sobering thought. “Hey, you'd better get back into your own bed,” I said. “You know what'll happen if we're caught, don't you?”
    “Ah, who cares,” Elaine said with contempt in her voice. “I'm sick of this place, anyway. I wouldn't mind if Mum and Dad sent me to a boarding school.”
    “You don't know what you're talking about.” My voice lacked conviction so I talked louder to sound authoritative. “Just get into your bed and think yourself lucky you weren't sent to school the way I was.”
    “Okay,” Elaine said sulkily. “Sorry I bothered you.”
    “Don't be sorry,” I said softly. “I loved every moment of it.”
    “I'm glad.” She was smiling again. I turned off the TV and lay back in the dark of night, wondering if my sexual preferences had really been altered at boarding school. But then I thought of Bob and how I had yearned for him earlier, and I knew it would work out- somehow.


    I was awakened by a rhythmic rustling sound and heavy breathing. It was Elaine, practicing the new tricks Td taught her the night before. How charming she looked, I thought, peering at her through my lashes so as not to disturb her. The sheets were down around her ankles, her long body arched upwards with strain, and both her hands were between her legs, rubbing and fingering as if she wanted to make up for lost time.
    She was closing in on her climax rapidly. Her head rolled from side to side and her hands missed the mark more frequently so that she had to consciously adjust her position and do it right. Little moans and deep sighs orchestrated the process. I was enjoying every second of it, egging her on silently and hoping she'd make it. If I knew anything about masturbating, Elaine was talented at it. Her climax erupted all of a sudden, rendering her body as taut as a bow string for a second till all of the emotions flooded out of her and she fell back with a little cry of happiness.
    At that moment someone began to knock at the door. Elaine was startled and pulled the sheet over her sweating body. I lifted myself up on an elbow and said: “Yes?”
    “Time to get up, girls,” Mum said from the other side of the door. “Breakfast is on the table.”
    “Oh, Mum, it's too early!” I protested. The clock said seven, and we were on vacation after all!
    “I have to be in Morristown by nine,” Mum said, “so it's an early start for all of us.”
    That gave me quite a lift Dad had to go to work and Mum's trips to Morristown took all day as a rule. Bob and I might get our chance yet! Then Elaine mentioned she was scheduled to go hiking that day with a girl friend, and Nora bolted her breakfast so she could go to a rally on campus-Bob and I could hardly contain ourselves!
    Dad, however, was on to us. “You two had better spend the day with Aunt Liz,” he said without taking his eyes out of the paper. “I've called her and she'll be here around nine to pick you two up for a day at the lake.” Neither of us could say anything in protest of course. Instead we forced smiles and said what a good idea that was. Mum said nothing. She just served the breakfasts and remained expressionless. Was it her idea, I wondered.
    Bob and I sat in the living room and watched the others leave one by one. Nora was picked up by a campus radical who drove a British sports car. Elaine left with a small knapsack on her back, little shorts and soft hiking boots, an uncharacteristic gleam in her eyes. Then Mum took her car and drove off to Morristown where she would devote herself to works of charity for the day. And finally Dad left. He didn't want to go before Aunt Liz came but he didn't want to be late for the office either. In the end he left us with the gruff instructions to “behave ourselves.”
    The moment the door closed behind him Bob and I were in each other's arms, hugging the other fiercely. We waited till we heard his car back out; and then we kissed deeply, our tongues delving into the other, my hands exploring the hard, muscular contours of his back while his weighed my tits and squeezed them appreciatively. “Oh, baby!” he whispered, kissing my face all over. “If only you knew what a long year this has been for me!”
    “I know, I know,” I nodded, caressing the full outline of his cock. He was so erect that it made me weak in the knees. I wanted him right away, any way he wanted to give it to me. Suddenly cock was all I could think about, Bob's cock, thick and hard, opening up my pussy the way no fingers or tongues could. The moisture flooded my box, I was ready for him, and my hands wrestled with the awkward buttons and zip of my jeans. He had undone his fly and his cock was up into the air, proud and ready, and I couldn't take my eyes off it. If only Aunt Liz could be a few minutes late! A quickie would set me up for a while.
    I flung myself back on the couch, one finger in my cunt rotating inside the entrance to distribute my juices evenly so he could slip into me without difficulty. And Bob took his jeans off, kicked them out of the way, and threw himself on top of me. I embraced him with one arm and guided his cock in with my free hand, both of us panting and sweating, as anxious as a honeymoon couple. His thick knob pushed at my flesh, demanding to be admitted. I opened my legs wide and reached down with both hands to pull my buttocks apart. It was working! An inch of his cock moved in, jabbing back and forth, getting up further, making me feel incredibly good. It was as though I'd just finished with an all-fluids diet and getting my teeth into a big juicy steak! And I wanted more, more!
    “Oh no!” he cried suddenly. His body went rigid and he gnashed his teeth together. “Oh, fuck it!” A strong squirt of sperm played up against the inner walls of my cunt, tickling me erotically. My whole body squirmed in response, mad cries breaking from my throat. Another rush of cream accompanied by the same wild sensations in my innards. I came on the third pulse but Bob was still cursing his luck. “Damn, shit, fuck!” he fumed, getting up and glaring at his cock. It still looked hard and ready to me but he obviously knew better. “Wouldn't you know it,” he said to me, throwing his arms up in a universal gesture of impotent anger, “that I'd blow my wad too early on today of all days?”
    I wanted to console him but we heard a car drive up the driveway. As one we dove for our clothes and put them on in a panic. Even though Aunt Liz was no where near as stuffy as Mum, we never were able to work out how much the two sisters were like each other. Sperm dripped out of my cunt down on the carpet. “I have to go to the bathroom,” I told Bob and took my clothes with me.
    Once in the privacy of the bathroom I let the sperm drip out in my own good time. I heard Aunt Liz talking animatedly with Bob. He wasn't in a conversational mood but she kept it going all by herself, apparently in fine spirits. I squeezed the last of his cream out and washed my box carefully to make sure all the evidence was gone. Then, with a last glance at my mirror reflection, I stepped out of the bathroom and went over to Aunt Liz to greet her.
    “Hello darling,” said Aunt Liz effusively, kissing me wetly on the mouth. “My goodness, look at you! In just one year you've grown into a regular beauty queen!”
    “Thank you,” I said lamely.
    “And Bob so handsome,” she went on, “it makes you wonder, doesn't it? Such a lovely family in spite of everything.”
    Bob and I exchanged puzzled looks, but neither of us probed. Aunt Liz ushered us out to her car, still talking at the top of her voice as was her wont. She looked a lot like Mum, voluptuous, sensual-but Aunt Liz acted sensually, she made no attempt to hide it. Her clothes accentuated it, in fact. On this hot summer's day she wore a halter top that contained her formidable tits with difficulty. It was cut low at the top and sides, allowing generous glimpses of her white, full-some flesh. Tight slacks brought out the curves of her ass and thighs and hugged her crotch most suggestively. I guessed her to be about twenty pounds overweight, but she was tall and graceful so that it hardly showed.
    All in all she was a delightful looking woman. Her dark eyes were full of mischief and smiles, her short curly hair bobbed loosely as she walked, and everything she said seemed to have another meaning somehow. I couldn't figure her out. The two of us sat in the front seat with her, me in the middle. Her big, firm thigh pressed against mine and it surprised me how nice it felt. She was so womanly… big and sexy, exuding dense sensuality, overpowering all in all, making me feel like a little, very vulnerable girl who would only be too pleased to be swept up by this mammoth of sex.
    Bob couldn't keep his eyes off her either. He'd forgotten his premature ejaculation already, no doubt helped along by the conciliatory gestures I made as Aunt Liz wheeled her big car through the winding lanes leading to the lake.
    The lake was a vast stretch of water surrounded by dense forest. Our hometown had been built in a clearing a few centuries earlier, and later other towns had been constructed, joined by freeways, and the forests had been pushed back a little. Not much, though. For one reason or another the real-estate developers hadn't reached our neck of the woods yet; and tourists preferred the resort areas further upstate, where there were golf courses and cabarets and singles bars. So it was that our family had maintained one specific area along the lake's edge as its own, and Dad had even built a small cabin there. Nothing fancy, just a shelter from the rain and a dressing shed. A winding path led to it, just two parallel ruts among the trees. Aunt Liz drove her Caddie along this bumpy trail with all the nonchalance of a cowboy riding his trusty steed over the Rockies.
    I admired that in her. No matter what she turned her hand to, Aunt Liz was good at it. Mum, on the other hand, eschewed all tasks but simple household ones. But then, Mum had married Dad, and Dad wasn't the kind to let anyone loose. Aunt Liz had married a few times in her past but never talked about it. All we knew of her we'd learned by interpreting slivers of innuendo which Dad sometimes let loose in conversation. He didn't exactly approve of Aunt Liz.
    “Here we are,” she said, riding a big bump out to park the car neatly alongside the shed. “My, it looks good out there, doesn't it, kids? Have you brought your swimming costumes?”
    “Sure have,” said Bob.
    “Good. Well, let me change first and then you two can use the shed.” She reached into the back seat and took her bag, then disappeared into the shed.
    “Why should we wear anything?” I said, looking around. “There isn't anyone about for miles!”
    “My sentiments exactly,” Bob nodded. “Come on, let's just jump in. Aunt Liz doesn't care about things like that.”
    We took our clothes off at the side of the lake and hid our swimming clothes underneath the pile. I paused for a moment to caress Bob's brand new erection, but then we dove into the cool waters and swam vigorously out into lake towards the raft moored there many years earlier. The raft, too, had become part of our family estate. We'd played on it as kids, so innocent then, nude and sunbaked-when I tried to remember Bob in those days I couldn't even recall his penis!
    At the raft we took a breather, suspended in the water, one arm on the edge of the wooden structure. The door to the shed was still closed. Aunt Liz seemed to be taking her time changing. Bob made the best of the occasion by running his hand over my body, softly, so cool in the water. And then he wedged his hand between the tops of my thighs and squeezed my pussy like it was a rubber ball, which made me feel giddy with lust. “Stop it, Bob!” I cried, pushing away from the raft and heading back to shore. “It's not fair to warm me up like that!”
    “But I want to!” he yelled, striking out after me. He was a much better swimmer, school champion, at the peak of his condition, so all he had to do was swim past me, dive, and caress my struggling body all over. I swam till my feet touched bottom, and then stood to fend him off. The water came to just around my waist. In the heat of the moment we both forgot about Aunt Liz. Only when Bob grabbed me around the waist and whirled me around did we spot her.
    She stood on the shore dressed in a tiny bikini, an enigmatic smile wreathing her features as she watched us at play. Bob put me down but I couldn't hide my tits without sinking through my knees. That would be too obvious. Instead I turned my back to her and swam away towards the raft. Bob didn't follow me.
    When I reached the raft I turned around to see what was going on. Aunt Liz was in the water up to her neck, talking with Bob who stood close to her. I couldn't work it out-not till I saw something red in her hand and realized it was the top of her bikini! She threw it on the shore and her arms went back into the water. Another red item, surely her bikini bottom! Aunt Liz was a swinger after all!
    Now Bob got really close to her but she was too quick for him. With a push she got away from him and swam out towards the raft. Bob was in hot pursuit, swimming underwater for much of the time. When they reached me they were both out of breath from the exertion and laughter. “Oh dear!” gasped Aunt Liz, winking at me. “Your brother is quite a water baby, isn't he? My, how that boy can swim!”
    She held on to the raft and the whiteness of her tits showed clearly through the water. The rest of her was nut brown. Then, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, she took hold of the side of the raft and lifted herself on top of it. Stark naked, but so sure of herself, she pulled her legs up and wrapped her arms around her knees, inclining her face towards the sun and falling silent. Bob and I were left treading water, with no choice but to look up at her hairy twat with unabashed admiration.
    Her cunt was truly a woman's. Elaine's had been cute, pursed lips as smooth as silk, a little gem. And mine wasn't all that different. But Aunt Liz had a real box with reddish fat labia pressed hard together, and a pelt of hair growing luxuriously down either side of her slit. I knew I ought to be jealous… but my experiences with girls had prepared me more than adequately for women. Bob's face was just inches from her big cunt and I couldn't blame him. I wasn't much further away. And Aunt Liz sat there like the reigning monarch, the queen bee herself, sunning her face sure in the knowledge that nature was taking its course with us.
    Bob and I reached out at the same time, hesitated, then let a timid finger trace the outline of her box. She didn't move. My finger ran down the thick slit, pushing a little to get right between the full lips, and that got to her. She parted her legs a little and looked down with pleasure, at the same revealing the bounty of her tits to us. Her approval was all we needed to go ahead. Bob and I struggled to go down on her first. He won. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and lifted himself out of the water far enough to bury his face into her hirsute maw. That left me with little to do. Impulsively I let go of the raft and sank down under the surface of the water till my face was level with Bob's cock. As expected it was very hard. Whoever thought that cold water was an antidote against erections had never been swimming in the nude. I pressed a kiss on his glans and surfaced. He gave me the thumbs-up sign to let me know he appreciated my gesture but he wouldn't take his face out from between her solid thighs.
    “Come here, baby,” said Aunt Liz softly, motioning me to come up and join her on the raft. I scrambled out of the water and sat down beside her. She reached down at once and titillated my pussy with a lone finger, just caressing me in all the parts where I was sensitive. Her accuracy was remarkable. I spread my legs for her and eyed her breasts with anticipation. They were easily the biggest tits I'd ever seen and they brought something out in me that I hadn't been aware of. Those big tits, so full and generous, made me want to be weaned all over again, just for a day. They looked so comforting, so inviting, a fleshy haven where I'd be sure to find peace for a moment or so.
    I sank down between her orbs face first, and she increased her stimulation of my box accordingly. Just as I had anticipated, her soft billowing flesh engulfed me in a dazzle of sensuality, making me at once horny and happy. From below I heard the wet sounds of Bob sucking at Aunt Liz's cunt. And her finger kept stirring my emotions up relentlessly, building up the pitch gradually, and all I could do about it was to suck at her big nipples harder and harder, sucking till it sounded like the smacking of a baby. That seemed to delight her all the more. She caressed my head and back, fingered me all the more ferociously, and opened her legs even wider to Bob.
    Bob suddenly rose out of the water and lay with his face on Aunt Liz's thighs, eating her out greedily. His erect cock moved my way, and before I knew what was happening Aunt Liz had his cock in hand and steered it towards my wet little cunt. I grabbed hold of her big tits with both hands, unable to conceal my excitement, and let her have her way with us. Again his knob touched down on my entrance, and this time there was no hurry. We were alone on this sun-drenched raft, afloat in a huge lake surrounded by forest. Bird calls echoed through the trees, the occasional splash of a fish or the slosh of water as our raft hit a swell the wrong way disturbed the perfect silence but only in such a way as to complement it. The three of us were locked in a chain of passion, concatenated by lust, with Bob's long, solid cock riding into my opening pussy, while he continued to eat Aunt Liz out with all the finesse of a trench digger and I sucked at her tits with the despair borne out of the preamble of my satisfaction.
    Aunt Liz rested on her elbows, leaning back and watching us both with a well-pleased smile. She seemed anything but surprised. In fact the whole situation had come about so quickly and so smoothly that I couldn't help but suspect it had been prearranged without my knowledge. But who would have dared? Not Bob, certainly not me-and Mum was just beyond suspicion. No, it must have been the vibes or the weather or circumstances. Whatever it was, it had happened for the best.
    Her nipple gratified the most secret of my desires. I snuggled up to her and licked and bit and suckled to my heart's content, at the same time making very sure that Bob had all the access to my cunt he needed. The rough wooden surface of the raft caused me pain and it couldn't have been comfortable for the other two either, but we kept going. Bob's face was buried in Aunt Liz's wide-open cunt and he was slobbering inside her as if he wanted to suck her vitals out. And his cock kept delivering, moving in and out of my clamoring cunt smooth as a piston. Eventually I had to let go of the succulent nipple-it was all I could do to lie there and take what Bob was dealing out!
    This was the culmination moment for me, the one I'd been waiting for all year. To have his thick cock coursing in and out of my pussy, to have the leisure to enjoy it, it seemed sinfully luxurious to me. I clung to Aunt Liz's broad bosom, muffling my cries in her flesh. Bob just kept on shafting. I looked around to see what he was doing and found he'd taken a breather from her big cunt and was just looking at it while fucking me. That wasn't altogether my bag but I accepted it for what it was. Besides, recalling her majestic cunt in vivid detail it gave me a little charge too, as if seeing it again through Bob's eyes. And if it took her box to make him fuck this way I felt I could overlook it.
    He had me in the straights now, plowing relentlessly and pushing me along the tortuous path to my climax. I felt suspended outside of my body, watching myself writhe and clutch at Aunt Liz, small wild cries caroling out of my open mouth, my hips pumping back into his battering ram of a cock. Silly, disconnected words tumbled out of me directed at both of them. I wanted to tell them how happy they made me, how dearly I loved everything about them, but my mind was twirling like a top. They must have understood. Aunt Liz caressed my tits and pinched my nipples just right and Bob fingered my clitoris as he fucked me, and I just couldn't withstand that total barrage any longer. With a loud whooping sound I let myself explode, falling backwards, tumbling, crying and laughing, until the last vestige of my pleasure ebbed away and left me feeling plain contented.
    But Bob still had his erection. He saw that I'd had enough for the time being so he got on top of Aunt Liz. She reclined at once, only too anxious to make him feel at home. His cock slipped into her mighty maw and his loins took up the regular, pounding motion again, only this time he was dealing with a woman on the grand scale. I couldn't help but smile at the sight of him tackling this veteran of a hundred beds. He looked for all the world like a randy fisherman assaulting a whale. But Aunt Liz had gained more than just memories from her past. She knew how to make the most of every stimulation, knew how to adjust her body to get Bob to fuck her more effectively; and besides that she was hypersensitive, having been worn down to raw nerves by past lovers.
    Soon I lost the image I'd had of the two of them and saw instead two accomplished lovers at work. How she writhed and moaned, how she nibbled at his lobes and dipped her tongue in his ear! Her hands caressed his back and squeezed his muscular buttocks, working down into the narrow furrow and doing something in there that made Bob fuck all the more vigorously. And while she was egging him on she made damn sure her own pleasures weren't tampered with. Her fingers were everywhere at once, stoking him up, giving herself a touch, finger-fucking Bob's ass, her tits bulging out from under his weight, her legs wide open. From a casual bystander I turned into a pupil, watching how she did it and why.
    Bob was getting tired. It seemed as though he couldn't ejaculate, and I wondered if he was trying to make up for the abbreviated performance he'd put in on me earlier. His face was red as a beet and his breath whistled through his throat. It was Aunt Liz who excited me, though. I loved the way her firm flesh quivered in her thighs each time Bob pushed his cock deep into her box. And the expressions on her face were all studies in pleasure. At times she bit her lip, then she drew her lips back in an animal snarl and bit Bob in the neck; and then she'd become very passive, radiant, peaceful for a while as a mysterious catharsis took place way down in her belly. Just looking at her made me horny as hell. I could empathize with her deeply and easily. My own satisfaction was all but forgotten. Already a helping finger snuck down my belly and lodged between my swollen labia, to shift the juices around and agitate my over-sensitive flesh.
    “I'm coming!” Bob panted all at once. “Here comes, watch out!” His body became rigid, delivered a deep thrust, pulled back, paused, and pushed down again, keeping it up till he'd delivered his essence. Aunt Liz loved that squirting sensation as much as I had. With every blast she cried out and hugged him tightly, so tightly that he could hardly breathe. At last she released him and Bob rolled off her to land with a smack on his back on the raft. He looked as spent as anyone can be without actually passing away. Aunt Liz, on the other hand, looked vital, delighted, and ready for more.
    One look at the dollops of cream oozing out of her generously proportioned cunt convinced me to help her out. I rolled over her leg to get in between them. She understood my intention at once. Parting them wide she admitted me into the wonderful world of her pussy, and when I was face to face with it I saw its true magnificence for the first time. The thick labia wore a passionate flush and shone with moisture. Her hairs were matted with sweat and what not, and her hole was made up of pink flesh dripping with white fluids. I bent down with a sense of reverence and the tip of my tongue flicked at the rivulet of sperm. I wasn't sure if I'd like the taste of it-her cunt had been the big drawcard-but it was salty, a little whey, and then, as I swallowed it, a spiciness became evident. Not bad at all! I pressed my face against her cunt and sucked a little harder. A whole chain of dollops rushed down along my tongue and slithered into my throat, leaving behind the same sapid taste sensation. Mixed in with was the womanly taste and scent of Aunt Liz, a welcome situation.
    I was getting in my stride now, licking her out and sucking at her dew just the way I'd done it at school with Ann and the other members of our club. My tongue probed and darted, circled her knobby clitoris, pressed down on it and then shot down to her entrance once more to get the fresh juices. The springiness of her flesh delighted me. My fingers pressed into her thighs and ass. There were parts of her I couldn't get at but she helped me out there. Her thighs closed around my head and she drew back so that her loins were vertical and my tits were hard up against her buttocks. All I could do was wallow in her. I couldn't see or hear anything but I could touch and taste and that was enough.
    She was so horny now that she almost squeezed me to bits between her powerful thighs. I ate her out for all I was worth, swallowing down great draughts of cunt juice, and my fingernails ran along her ass, licking and scratching till she sighed and cried out at the same time and her legs fell away from my ears to release me. I was so exhausted that I just fell back into the water and cooled off for a while. Bob was looking at me curiously from up on the raft.
    “I didn't know you went both ways,” he said finally.
    “Perhaps I should have warned you,” I replied, swimming back to the raft. “But then, what did you expect me to do in boarding school surrounded by girls all year?” guess I never thought about it that way,” he shrugged. There was an expression of petulance in his eyes, as though he felt I'd cheated him out of something.
    “What about you?” I asked. “Did you sit on your hands all the past year, or did you date other girls?”
    “I dated a few,” he said defensively, “but I didn't go with guys, that's for sure.”
    “My goodness,” puffed Aunt Liz, getting up, “and to think I was supposed to keep you kids from doing this!”
    Bob and I kept silent. Aunt Liz talked on for a while longer, ignoring our argument. When she saw that we wanted to have it out on the spot she changed her tactic and said: “You kids want to fight about who was less faithful or something? If that's what you've got in mind let me just say that you'll be wasting your time. You're brother and sister and you can't afford to be jealous of each other. No matter what you do you'll always be tied by blood. You can't just up and leave each other… you see what I mean?”
    We looked at her thoughtfully, knowing full well that she was right. A brother and sister combination could never be a conventional couple but we still had that to work out In the end we both shrugged and grinned. “I suppose you're right,” said Bob. “Anyway, Kathy, I want you to know I thought about you all the time you were gone, no matter what other girls I might have been seeing in the meantime.”
    “I understand,” I said wryly. “After all, I've just been sitting here watching you fuck Aunt Liz. Arguing about fidelity is a bit silly under those circumstances, isn't it?”
    “Why don't we swim back to shore,” said Aunt Liz. She stood up and balanced herself on the rocking raft. Her toes curled around the edge of it and she dove into the water, swimming with a regular, powerful stroke towards the shore. Bob was next into the water, threshing after her, twice as fast. And I puttered along behind them, content to take my time. It was only while I slowly stroked towards the shore that the full situation dawned on me. Aunt Liz was every bit the woman she appeared to be and more! But if she was such a sensualist, why was Mum such a drag? And if Mum didn't have it how come Bob and I had it in such large doses?
    As kids we'd heard Dad's view of the world and nothing else. Dad knew how to distinguish between good and bad, and somehow to keep everything in its place by means of changing his tone of voice. Drink, we knew, was bad. He never mentioned alcoholic beverages in any but scathing tones. And women of Aunt Liz's stripe were not good either. It was a toss-up to see which he liked better, alcohol or overtly sensual women. Perhaps Mum's voluptuous figure offended him, too. He preferred for her to wear button-up dresses that also covered her knees. There was always the possibility that Mum was just like Aunt Liz, only severely inhibited by Dad. In that case we might be able to bring her out of it… but that, at the time, seemed like a challenge far beyond my capacities.
    Besides, for Mum to place us in the care of her sexually orientated sister was an act of monstrous naivete! How could she have done that? Hell, I thought, if she was that dumb there was no hope of ever salvaging her. Even Elaine had the edge on her in terms of experience and maturity. By the time I caught up with Aunt Liz and Bob I had managed to convince myself that we were stuck with the status quo. Bob and I would have to fuck sneakily for the rest of our days at home. My days at home… there was the boarding school beckoning me at the end of my vacation, a dreadful prospect in itself. It all seemed so unfair!
    Bob had no such thoughts in mind. He was laughing loudly at something Aunt Liz told him. They were unpacking a picnic hamper she'd brought with her, stuffed with chicken legs and wine and other goodies. She sat with her legs in the lotus position, just a thick tuft of hair sticking up from her crotch, her big tits sagging a little under their own weight Once again she reminded me of an earth mother in her element. She ate with relish and sat in the grass as if it was a couch. Bob sat close to her, listening to her every word. His leg shifted slowly till it had managed to sneak under her legs right up to where his big toe rested against her pubic bone. And Aunt Liz, very nonchalantly, lifted her loins just a little and settled her pussy down over his toe, slowly rocking herself back and forth while she kept on eating and talking as if nothing was happening.
    To prevent myself from getting jealous again I managed to get myself close enough to her foot to perch on her big toe in turn. She gave me a quick smile and jiggled her toe in my hole for a moment, then left it up to me to do the rest. It felt nice and a little comforting to be sucking a thumb from the other end for once. And it wasn't a bad fit either. Together we made the best of our squat little dildos, rocking back and forth as though we were reciting endless lessons. The conversation became desultory, minds drifted, we stopped eating, and pretty soon the rocking was all we could focus on. Aunt Liz and I were at the same level, rocking, drooling, excited by the horniness of the act itself. Bob watched us get off with faint amusement. He understood the mechanics of masturbation well enough to get a new erection, though.
    A small orgasm popped deep inside me and I moved away from the greasy toe, relieved that it was over. I'd had enough for one day. Aunt Liz titillated her clit for a moment or so and then her loins pushed forward abruptly and she, too, was done. “This chicken really is delicious,” she said conversationally, brandishing a leg. “Isn't it marvelous how hungry the great outdoors makes you?”
    “The exercise has a lot to do with it, Aunt,” Bob said gravely. “That's what gets your blood and adrenalin pumping and that's what consumes the calories.”
    “You can tell he goes to school, can't you?” grinned Aunt Liz. “What are you studying to be anyway, Bob, a sexual therapist?”
    “No, a doctor,” he replied.
    “What a pity,” she sighed. “The world needs another doctor like it needs another variety of poisonous snake. But a sexual witchdoctor, now that would be a real asset, wouldn't it?”
    “Perhaps I can combine both careers.”
    “Now that's creative thinking.” We toasted Bob's creativity and drank deep of the wine. The conversation turned to other matters, idle chatter mainly. We ate and drank, slept while the intake was digested, and then went swimming again. Late in the afternoon Aunt Liz told us we really had to be getting on home, and we dressed reluctantly. She drove us back and dropped us off at the sidewalk in front of our house, leaving us with another big, wet kiss.
    “Why couldn't she have married Dad?” Bob thought out loud. “Our lives would have been completely different with her running the show, don't you think?”
    “Who knows,” I shrugged. “We might have found ourselves in precisely the same position.”
    “Maybe you're right.”
    We entered the house with heavy hearts. The moment we came through the front door we felt all the restrictions, rules, and inhibitions that we'd been so well rid of all that day.


    It was still early enough to make love just once before the others started to come home. But just as we began our dash up the driveway, Bob stopped me and pointed at a car parked nearby-it was the British sports car owned by Nora's friend.
    “That's too bad,” I said. “We'll have to find another time to do it-but what about Nora, is she screwing that guy?”
    “I don't know if she screws at all,” Bob said. We sauntered up the long driveway and peeked through the living room window first to see if anything was happening. Nora and her beau were on the couch engaged in hot debate. She sat at one end and he sat at the other, and it didn't look to either of us as though they'd behaved differently, before we came home.
    “How come you don't know?” I asked as we made our way to the front door. “Isn't this a closely knit family?”
    “No need to be satirical,” said Bob. “Nora just gives me the impression of not knowing what it's all about. I think she takes after Mum somehow.”
    “Oh dear,” I said, shaking my head. “How awful for her.”
    We strolled in to the living room just in time to hear Nora say to her friend: “As far as I'm concerned, celibacy is the thing. I mean, the women's movement has gone through the whole hetero trip and then they tried the lesbian bit and it just doesn't work. Sex stands between women and liberation. As it stands we have no choice but to swear off sex altogether and develop ourselves on a different plane!”
    Her friend, who was introduced later as Harold, seemed to be in agreement with her. He was tall, wore his hair pulled back in a pony tail and had on rimless glasses. Like Nora he wore army surplus clothing, a khaki shirt and jungle warfare pants. Unlike Nora he looked horrible in them. She looked like a sex symbol incognito, sort of disguising herself so the public won't know her yet keeping enough charisma in view to draw a lot of stares. And Nora, in spite of her formless shirt and baggy pants, couldn't help those sudden protuberances, was unaware of the few undone buttons in her shirt that revealed the rise and swell of her tits. Her long neck sloped away into delicate shoulders, just visible through the open collar. And Harold was only too aware of her beauty, we could see that right away. Though he agreed with her on all points his eyes kept straying down into the recesses of her shirt for visual caresses. At one point she stood up to pace up and down in front of him and his head moved as though he was watching a tennis match. Nora wore no underwear and her baggy trousers didn't confine the natural, erotic motion of her buttocks in the slightest. With every quiver of her flesh, every roll of her cheeks, Harold sank deeper into the couch.
    “Once celibacy is an established principle,” said Nora, pointing up into the air for emphasis, “men and women will be forced to regard each other as human beings. There will be no alternative! As it is, sex interferes with human communication. Men and women pretend to be addressing each other's mind, but what do they really do? It's all sex talk ultimately, boil down any philosophical or anthropological or theological discussion between opposing sexes and it's just sex talk, I don't care what anyone says. You know it's true, Harold, haven't we-” She stopped in mid-sentence, aware of having an audience. “Oh, hi Kathy, Bob, did you have a nice swim?”
    “Yes, thanks, but don't stop talking just because we're here, keep going, it sounds very interesting,” I said.
    “Well, Harold and I have just come from a demonstration for equal rights and we were just talking about that. I'm sure it wouldn't interest either of you for long.”
    Nora lit a cigarette to hide her blush. Obviously this was a touchy subject with her. Harold was more than willing to explain the theories of the movement, and actually started to do so till she cut him off. Bob and I went upstairs into his room. An hour remained to us before Dad would come home. An hour in which to further explore the new world that had opened up to her.
    “Let's leave the door open,” Bob suggested. “That way Dad won't get suspicious if he happens to come by before we expect him to.”
    “Alright…” I said hesitantly, “but won't that cramp your style a little?”
    “I've got it all worked out,” he grinned. “Change into a dress, that little mini-dress you've got, and don't wear anything underneath it. In the meantime I'll put on my zip-up shorts. You'll see, it'll work out fine.”
    I hurried to do his bidding, my curiosity more aroused than my body. How could Bob hope to get away with anything in this house? I ran a comb through my hair once I had the dress on to make myself look as decent as possible, and as I inspected myself in front of the full-length mirror I remembered something from a year ago… I'd worn the same dress not long before The Incident, and Dad had seen me come down the stairs in it. His severe sergeant major's mien slipped momentarily as a smile softened his features, and he said: “You look pretty as a picture, Kathy, a real little lady. Why don't you wear that dress more often?” Straight after that he resumed his normal expression. At the time it had seemed odd to me but I shrugged it off. Now, however, it took on a strange significance- too strange for me to figure it out.
    Bob was waiting for me by the window. It looked out over the driveway, thus giving us an early-warning system. A box seat had been built under the window sill, filling in the niche, and pillows lined it from end to end. Bob had positioned himself with his back against the wall, his legs pulled up to make room for me at the other end of the seat. I smiled coyly on taking up my position. That mini-dress only covered my vital parts as long as I stood up straight and didn't breathe. Sitting casually opposite Bob showed him all, and I could see the pleasure I gave him in his eyes.
    He zipped his shorts down-and once again his virile cock reared up and quivered before me. “I've got just a bit left,” he grinned. “One last load and it's all yours if you want it.”
    “Oh, Bobby!” I crowed, caught in the grip of a resurgent lust. “I'll take it all!” With that I pitched face-first down on his crotch and took his big cock into my mouth. I had to turn my face to the side to fit it in but bravely pushed on, dipping my mouth so far down over his cock that his woolly pubic hair brushed against my nose. The vibrancy of his hard cock reverberated throughout my body, activating me from head to toe. Bob sat with his face turned towards the driveway, watching it as if nothing was happening. But now and then he twisted uncomfortably as the sensations got too much for him.
    I was supposed to keep an eye on the door to make sure no one came down the passageway. That duty proved too much for me. His cock bulged my cheeks out and filled my face so completely that I could hardly open my eyes! Nora wouldn't be likely to come upstairs, not while she had Harold to talk at. She loved to talk. No one could shut her up once she started. And so I gave myself over to sucking my brother's cock, letting the process absorb me until my whole body was engaged in making love to his towering phallus.
    “You'd better stop,” he said suddenly. I drew back and looked out of the window, expecting to see Dad's car drive up. “No, there's no one coming,” said Bob, wiping the sweat from his brow. “I didn't want to blow just yet. Jesus, you turn me on, Kathy! Other girls have tried to blow me but I just couldn't get off on it. When you do it, though, it's a whole new sensation.”
    “Let me know when you're ready for more.”
    “I'll tell you what,” he said, getting to his feet, “you sit on your knees on the seat and lean with your elbows on the window sill, just like you're waiting for Dad to come home. And leave the rest to me.
    Once more I obeyed him, poking my ass back at him with enthusiasm. I felt his thick knob rub along the furrow of my ass, slowly, nudging up against my asshole, then down the slit of my pussy. A deep shiver ran through me and I pushed my ass back further in an open invitation for him to enter my body, anyway he wanted. I could still feel the echo of his potent fucking at the lake, the taste of thick cock, hot flesh riding in and out of my body. And the time had come for more. But Bob teased me like a trout fisher. The delicious bait dangled before the entrance to my pussy and had it been humanly possible I would have swallowed him for keeps.
    He played me for as long as I could stand it. Then, when I felt Td snap if he didn't feed me a length of hot cock right away, I said: “Come on, Bob, Dad could be home at any time!” That did it. He rested his knob directly against my cunt hole, paused a moment, then shoved it up me when he thought I was ready. For a second my pussy resisted, tightening like a virgin. Bob moved back a little way and tried again, bumping his knob into me till my flesh gave way and admitted him to the hot, wet cavity inside.
    I leaned over the window sill and let my eyes drift over the garden and the trees and the driveway without seeing much at all. Powerful sensations erupted in my belly. Bob had half of his cock into me already and he was pushing to get the rest up there too. The blood pulsed through my body, faster and faster, thumping in my ears, but I leaned further forward anyway, to give Bob all of my ass.
    He had found his rhythm and now his cock slipped in and out of me with long, regular strokes. His hands gripped the flesh of my ass and his pubic bone thudded against my asshole with each mighty stroke. I mauled one of my tits in tune with his fucking, but for the rest I looked normal enough, at least from the point of view of someone coming up the driveway. The surrounding houses were mainly shuttered and curtained into blindness, but I fantasized that people were peering through their drapes to see what was going on in Bob's bedroom. Why was Kathy leaning out of the window and why was Bob rocking back and forth behind her like that? They wouldn't have the imagination to work it out, I thought.
    My pleasant reverie was interrupted by the emergence of Nora and Harold. She was going to walk him to his car but she happened to look up and see me. “Admiring the view, Kathy?” she said, turning around to face me.
    “Uh…” I replied. Nothing in me was prepared for this. My mind turned and creaked but no words appeared. Bob was battering my innards from all angles, fucking on all the more heatedly now that he knew someone was around. It turned him on but it left me in hot water. “… Just relaxing,” I said finally.
    “Listen, tell Dad I'll be back in half an hour,” said Nora. “Harold and I are going to the campus library.”
    “Yeah, right,” I croaked. Could she hear Bob's loins slapping against my ass? And did the sound of my slurping curt carry all the way down? There was no need to worry, I told myself, because Nora wouldn't recognize the sounds even if she heard them.
    “Have they gone?” asked Bob.
    “Yes,” I said. He started to fuck me harder, driving his cock deep into me, his fingernails digging into my buttocks painfully. And every bit of the pain complemented the pleasure, giving it that little extra just for me. It felt as though my whole body was raring into an erogenous zone in the course of this fuck. When his rough pubic hair brushed against my asshole it irradiated all sorts of sharp, tiny thrills through me; and his fingernails coursing down the orbs of my ass produced different feelings, hot and cold, shivery feelings that undermined my sanity most effectively. Then, when he reached out with one hand to squeeze my tits through my dress, I thought the nipples would burst with delight!
    The position I was in excited me, too. It was a strictly sexual stance, one in which anyone could be fucking me and I wouldn't know if it was an Alsation or Paul Newman. Anonymous, lustful, with only Bob's hard breathing to tell me there was a human attached to the cock and grasping hands. Like a bitch in heat I cocked my ass up at the male thing and let myself be fucked tremendously. There were moments when I couldn't contain all the passion, and that's when long, wailing cries escaped me, cries that became shorter, more urgent as I closed in on my orgasm. After a time my breathing became vocalized, every pant a yell, every inhalation a cry of need! And Bob kept ramming and reaming, so vigorous and capable.
    “Here's Dad!” he hissed, and speeded up his motion. I focussed my eyes on the driveway and saw his long car swing in. For the last moment of our intimacy I lowered my head and concentrated everything on reaching my climax. We were so close, so very close! My body turned tense, ready to explode-but then Bob pulled out, grabbed a handkerchief, and shot his wad into it. He rubbed his cock clean, pressed the remnants of his sperm into it and threw the hanky under his bed. “Come on, Kathy,” he said, zipping up his shorts, “stand up and pull your dress down.”
    “I can't!” I sobbed. “Please Bob, I'm so close-finger me, do anything, but get me off!”
    “Shit!” He checked to see where Dad was. Dressed in his stiff business outfit, Dad strode across the lawn and glanced at me curiously. “Okay, just stay like that.” Two, three, fingers shoved up my cunt and his thumb began to titillate my clitoris impatiently, a harsh way of doing it but just what I needed. It took me a little while to get back on the track but then I came! A sudden bubble of color welled up in my belly and burst all through me, blotting out everything but my ecstasy while it lasted. When I came down Bob had already set me on my feet and pulled my dress down over my ass.
    “Hi Dad!” he said brightly, and I, following his lead, said hello to Dad, too.
    “Hello, kids,” he said sternly. “Did you enjoy your outing?”
    “Very much, thank you, Dad.” Would he notice the hot flush on my face? Couldn't he see that Bob was shining with perspiration? Apparently not. He went into the master bedroom and closed the door. Bob and I looked at each other and sighed with relief. I fell back on his bed and crossed my legs. It was impossible to stand up with my knees as weak as they were.
    When Dad came out of his room he was dressed in his casual around-the-house clothes; i.e. white shirt, tie, slacks, and hush-puppies. Other men might slop around in T-shirts and old jeans, but to Dad that was decadent His thick, dark hair was freshly combed and slicked down just a little more with his hair cream. His pants were pressed, his shirt brightly white, everything about him was perfect. A handsome man, athletic of build, Dad took a strange pride in his appearance-strange only because it wasn't meant to impress anyone but himself. If he'd been wooing a woman we might have understood his military demeanour.
    “Get off Bobby's bed,” he said curtly.
    “Sorry Dad.” I got to my feet and walked out of the room to go into Elaine's. The dress went back into the closet and I wrapped a towel around my naked body to go into the shower. I had to pass Dad again to get to the bathroom and he treated me to a disapproving look. Uptight old bastard, I thought, closing the door behind me and letting the towel drop to the floor. “One of these days I'll treat him to a sight he'll never forget,” I vowed in silence. “I'll give him the beaver shot of his lifetime and then let's see how big a prig he is.' No sooner had I thought that thought than I flushed from head to toe. What a way to think about one's father! Then again-what could he do? Send me back to boarding school, that's what.
    I made the shower purposely cold and let it cool me down from the outside in. Bob and I had been lucky that day but how often could we count on parental blunders to bring us together? Now that I'd had a taste of meat again I was less than anxious to return to masturbation. Dad was obviously as suspicious as ever. Well, he had good reason to be. Bob and I would go at it whenever we could. They couldn't guard us day and night. But how much nicer it would be if they would just leave us alone to do what we wanted!
    With a sigh I let my mind dwell on that happening-free to make love within the family, Bob, Elaine, and me, and perhaps Aunt Liz and Nora too, later. But it seemed impossible, no matter how much I wish it wasn't. I dried myself down, dressed in fresh jeans and a skimpy top, and joined the others downstairs. Mum was home. When I first laid eyes on her I wasn't sure if I was seeing her or Aunt Liz. It took me a moment or so to dissociate the two, and the process left me blushing. Thinking of Mum of sexual terms was a strain for me… thinking that it was her tits that I had sucked, that it was her cunt Bob had eaten and fucked… it would pay me to keep her and her sister well apart.
    Elaine came home just before dinner. She looked very excited and kept winking at me. I couldn't imagine what she had in her mind but I was glad she was glad. Dinner table conversation ran sluggishly. Dad limited the subjects that could be discussed. No sex, of course, and he objected to politics, religion and emotions, too. That left us to make small talk. Nora had the most trouble accepting his censorship. She wanted to discuss her new theories-not so much to get us interested as to air her views and debate them with herself. After some hesitation she began, saying: “The rally was a real success today, Mum.”
    “That's nice, dear,” said Mum without looking up from her food.
    “So many women came-and not just students either! You would have fitted right in. And I'll bet a lot of your friends were marching, too. Why don't you come some time, Mum, it'll really open your eyes up!”
    Dad flashed her a dirty look but Nora gave him one right back and returned her attention to Mum. She didn't respond other than to nod and say: “Maybe.”
    “Oh Mum, you make me so angry sometimes,” said Nora. “You won't try anything new.”
    “Nora,” Dad said warningly.
    “We're getting into so many exciting things,” Nora pressed on. “Like discovering ourselves, holding rap sessions, exploring the extent of role playing. It couldn't do you any harm, Mum, just come once with me one day.”
    “Nora, would you please shut up,” Dad said firmly. “I don't want to come home after a hard day to hear about a bunch of crazy women who imagine the world is fooled by their warped words. All they are is perverted and I do wish you'd stop associating with them.”
    Nora turned red with anger. Her dark eyes flashed dangerously and her notorious bad temper took over. “What do you mean, perverted!” she said loudly. “You think all Women's Libbers are just a group of dykes looking for a party, right?”
    “Shut your mouth. I will not have such talk at the dinner table!”
    “Well, let me tell you something, Dad, we women have reached a new point of development. We don't even care about sex anymore. We're all going celibate!”
    Dad turned on her like a snake who's tail had been stepped on. “Sex!” he hissed. “That's all I ever hear about in this household! What is the matter with you kids, isn't there anything in the world apart from sex? This has to stop!”
    “You must be kidding,” Nora retorted. “Say you were. I'm talking about celibacy and you say I'm talking smutty. That's as if I mentioned Joe McCarthy and you said I was talking about Communism!”
    But Dad wasn't open to reason. He stood up and pushed his chair back so hard that it toppled and crashed to the floor. “Enough!” he roared, pointing an accusing finger at Nora. “Change the subject or shut up. You've done enough damage for one day, young lady.”
    “Young lady!” she repeated with measured sarcasm, but she went no further. An ominous silence hung over the dinner table. Dad sat down again and continued to eat. Mum hadn't said a word or changed her facial expression throughout the discussion. Sometimes she reminded me of a zombie. She went about her chores dutifully, cooked well, took care of the household, but there was no joy in anything she did.
    Just before we left the table she looked up and said to Nora: “By the way, Nora, you'll be sharing your room with Bob from tonight on. Aunt Liz is coming to stay with us for a while.” That said, she got up and began to clear the table. Nora shrugged and took it on the chin. But Bob and I were crushed. I had planned to sneak into his room that night. The day had been such a sexual explosion, and it wasn't over yet. My body needed him so, if not his cock specifically, then at least his touch, his warmth. Mum had put a damper on our plans the way one might squash an ant while taking a walk.
    The news that Aunt Liz would be staying with us mollified me a little-and confused me a great deal! Why should she want to stay with us when she lived only a few miles away? And why hadn't Aunt Liz said anything about it earlier in the day? It didn't make sense. Even when Aunt Liz arrived and said how grateful she was to be able to stay with us while her house was being redecorated, it did nothing to clear up my doubts.
    Bob and I had a moment alone near bed time. I saw in his eyes that he was as disappointed as me… though didn't I see a spark of anticipation there as well? Nora was extremely attractive and her tits were bigger than mine. But I felt silly for thinking along those lines. Why hadn't he gone after her before, while I was at school? Nora's views on sex were somewhat reassuring, too.
    “See you tomorrow,” Bob said.
    “Couldn't you sneak into my room sometime tonight?” I whispered. “Elaine won't mind, I'm sure of it.”
    “I'll see,” he said.
    “Do try, Bob, just for a few minutes,” I said.
    But the hours went by and he didn't show. I lay in the darkness of Elaine's room listening to her excited stories about her hiking experiences and how she had taught her friend to masturbate while they were skinny dipping in the woods. I was glad for her but too preoccupied with my own desires to get involved with here. Even when Elaine suggested she come into my bed I kept her at a distance. I told her I was too tired-and I was! Yet I couldn't sleep for fear of missing Bob's visit.
    Eventually, when Elaine's regular breathing told me she was fast asleep, I had to go check for myself. I slipped on a nightie and stole out of the room to tiptoe down the hallway. My hands closed around the knob on Nora's door and turned it slowly while I held my breath. It was locked. That aroused all of my suspicions. Why should they lock their door if not to keep me out? I turned around and went downstairs, hurrying down the stairs so fast I almost tripped.
    The cool night air made me shiver convulsively. I stood still and wrapped my arms around my body for a moment, doing my best to calm my nerves. Brothers and sisters can't afford to give in to jealousy. That's what Aunt Liz had said and deep down I knew she was right. But I had to know what Bob was doing behind that closed door!
    A big oak tree grew near Nora's window, its thick branches spreading in all directions. As kids we'd spent an awful lot of time in that tree, building cubby houses and playing pirates. Now it was to serve a more serious purpose. I jumped up and got hold of the lowest branch, lifted myself up and went for the next one. In no time at all I got to the branch that ran past Nora's window. The light was on. Nora lay in the bed nearer to the window, Bob was on the bed at the other side of the room. But that didn't mollify me because Nora was naked and watching Bob masturbate!
    I bit my lip and fought down the temptation to burst through the window like some kind of an avenger. After all, they weren't doing anything wrong… they were only thinking about it.
    Nora seemed fascinated by Bob's cock and the way his hand stroked it. She lay perfectly still, her head turned towards him, just watching. I began to wonder what was wrong with her. Now mat I could see what they were doing my imagination no longer had the power to upset me. And as I perched in the tree for a while I began to see the nicer aspects of the situation. Brotherly and sisterly love in action. Why should I want to keep Bob all to myself? Elaine was still a virgin… and Nora could well be, too. If it hadn't been for Bob I'd be just as badly off. No, it would be too selfish of me to insist on monopolizing Bob.
    I noticed that Nora's hands were clutching at the sheets as though she was afraid to let them loose. Now and then it looked as though she was about to begin caressing herself, a flutter of her fingers quickly checked. I had no such inhibitions. The sight of Bob jerking off excited me all over. His cock looked so thick and tall, and he seemed to enjoy the friction of his hand so much. Besides, I knew how nice his cock felt to the touch, and the empathy of it was too much for me. My hand slipped down into my nightie and began to squeeze my tits one by one. It made me feel closer to him somehow. Once started, the ball could not be stopped. My loins began to tingle with a new lust, fresh and frisky, demanding satisfaction. I made myself as comfortable as possible in the arm of the tree, snuggling back with my legs pulled up so my chin rested on my knees. In that position I had an excellent view of the room and it was easy to get at my clammy pussy too.
    One finger ran along my slit very slowly, just stirring up the centers of pleasure down there. Bob's hand conducted me. Up and down, at a measured pace, his closed palm applying the erotic friction to his cock that my finger brought to my clitoris. We weren't all that different. But I did secretly wish for a clitoris as big as his cock! To have both members, one on the thigh, the other between one's legs so that one could fuck oneself merely by crossing one's legs! The thought of that made me shiver with lust and my finger eased into the runny hole just to fill up the hot vacuum for a moment.
    Nora seemed close to cracking under the strain. Her hands became increasingly restless and several times she actually touched her full breasts before shamefacedly returning her hands to her side. She looked so beautiful in her bed, so virginal somehow! My eyes ran over her long, full-blown body over and over again, savoring the soft curves and the pert tits pointing up at the ceiling. Her nipples were dark pink and hard. I was willing to bet that under that thick thatch of hair her cunt was running over. At last she couldn't resist any longer. Both her hands went up to her tits and she began to maul them with a passion borne out of guilt. Bob smiled encouragingly at her and, just to help her along, got up and masturbated standing by the side of her bed.
    My finger was right up my cunt now, snooping in and out noisily. The other hand was wedged between my legs and tits, squeezing the sensitive nipple with a vengeance. I wanted to stretch out, to strip, and masturbate luxuriously; yet my confinement helped to distill the process, intensifying every thrill till I almost fell out of the tree.
    Bob stood over Nora, cock in hand, stroking from the base right over the glans, back and forth with a mesmerizing rhythm. Nora's head lifted off the pillow and for a moment she pursed her lips and seemed about to swallow him. Then she fell back and one hand slipped down her belly to start rubbing her cunt vigorously. Her eyes never left Bob's big cock.
    I wondered how long Bob could hold off. His face showed that he desired Nora's sexy body more than anything in the world at the moment. He was trembling and sweating, growing increasingly tense. The moment came, I could see it coming-he threw himself on top of Nora and began to rut like an animal, his cock thumping against her belly, her thighs, everywhere but her cunt. Nora froze. She turned a deadly pale and lay there like a block of ice. Only her legs moved. And they moved towards each other, to close like iron gates. It took Bob some time to take the hint. For a minute or more he threshed on top of her, desperate, driven crazy with his own lust… and then, gradually, he slowed down, slower, slower, down to a dead stop, his face turning red with a mixture of anger and embarrassment as he realized the full extent of his mistake.
    He jumped to his feet and took his cock in hand. Nora relaxed and looked up at the mighty member that was getting the treatment just above her face. I could tell she wanted to get further away from it but she was afraid to upset Bob even more. He looked grim and masturbated with great singularity of purpose. I liked to see him go at himself this way, so brutal and pragmatic. My finger moved in and out of my box in time with his hand, my eyes rivetted on the swollen, flushed glans. Any moment it would give up its load of cream, the selfsame spurts that had tickled my innards so excruciatingly earlier. Nora just lay there, watching and waiting for the inevitable.
    Bob and I came at the same time. My body drained itself of the knot of lust just as his cream burst out and fell in long drops on Nora's face. She made no move to dodge it. Pearl necklaces of sperm wreathed her nose, her lips and eyebrows, but she neither tried to lick at it or avoid it. It was as though she didn't know what was happening. Bob's face was compressed in a grimace of lust and pain as he bent over and jerked off even harder to squeeze the dregs out of his balls. Only drops came out now, welling up slowly and finally being lowered on thin strings of sperm till the string snapped and another fat drop landed on Nora's face. I had sagged into the arm of the tree, watching the spectacle through hooded eyes. Now that it was over I just wanted to go to sleep.
    Bob gave his shrinking cock an abrupt shake and went back to his own bed. He pulled the sheet over his head and turned his back to Nora. She remained perfectly still, looking up at the ceiling. About five minutes later she got up and wiped her face with a handkerchief. She neither tasted it nor smelled it, just cleaned it off and turned the light down.
    I clambered out of the tree and walked slowly back into the house. My legs felt weak and I could hardly keep my eyes open. The stairs seemed twice as long as usual. Yet, when I got into bed I couldn't fall asleep! My mind kept turning round and round, checking the situation between Bob and Nora. Should I be jealous? That was the question. Nora was my sister, Bob's sister, we were all equal to each other. Besides, Nora had problems that only a man like Bob could help her with. She hadn't refused him because of her celibacy theories, that was for sure. It was something much deeper and more problematic.
    No, I told myself, I shouldn't be jealous. If Bob wanted to fuck Aunt Liz or Elaine or Nora or me, it made no difference. One way or another we would all derive pleasure from it. The more I thought about it, the more logical that seemed. If nothing else, the family would grow closer as we learned to love each other physically.


    Elaine woke me early next morning in a most unconventional way. It started while I was still sleeping with a dream-that seemed to go on forever, a dream involving a tall, powerfully built man with hair greying at the temples, a stern man who excited me at once. In my dream I was in the kitchen doing the dishes when the stranger entered. He looked at me with penetrating eyes that made me shrink inside, then walked around me several times, inspecting me as though I was a pedigree horse. “Mmmmm,” he said, stroking his chin, “you're a neat little filly, aren't you.” I stood still, a wet dish in one hand, the dish mop in the other. “Very neat,” the stranger repeated, and his big, strong hand patted me on the ass. In the same movement he tore my dress off and left me standing naked at the sink.
    “Give me that,” he said, taking the dish mop out of my hand. “Now bend over.” It didn't even occur to me to disobey him. He had come, seen, and conquered me. I bent over the sink, shuffling my feet to get my legs apart. Some strands of hair dangled in the sudsy water but that didn't worry me. The stranger knew what he was doing.
    A hot, wet sensation sprang up between my legs, woolly too, the stringy dishmop pushing hard against my cunt to get inside it I did everything possible to help him, spreading my legs, bending over further, so far that my face dipped into the layer of lather in the sink. It smelled nice, very familiar, yet I couldn't place it The stranger managed to get the head of the dish mop inside my cunt and moved it up and down to excite every part of my innards. I could hardly stand so much ecstasy all at once! It felt as though a bull was up me and his cock was made of wool! I leaned over further, my face immersed in suds and water now, and I knew I'd drown if I didn't pull out but the last thing I wanted was for the stranger to pull the wonderful tool out of me. So I stayed underwater, doing my best to breathe the air out of the bubbles, groaning wetly, having a wonderful time. It went on and on and still I didn't drown. Only when I became aware of the actual danger of drowning did I panic, and that's when I came to, spluttering, fighting for breath, pushing Elaine's ass off my face.
    “What's going on!” I said angrily. “Were you trying to choke me or something?”
    “No, I was just trying to wake you up nicely,” said Elaine. She turned around to face me, taking her two fingers out of my cunt and sticking them into her mouth suggestively. “Why, didn't you enjoy it?”
    “Well…” I hesitated, then smiled. “I guess I did enjoy it. You just took me by surprise.”
    Elaine came down on top of me and kissed me deeply, giving me a taste of my own cunt. With the excitement of the dream carrying me over I needed no more than that to get me right into the mood. I embraced her passionately and ground my pubic bone against hers. Instinctively our hips began to gyrate against each other so that the flesh of my cunt was tugged up and down, stimulating my clitoris even more, and before long we were fucking like fiends. Our groans mingled, our kisses turned savage as we bit each other's lips. My hands were down on her tender little buttocks, pressing down hard each time I pushed up, both of us working till the first Utile climax rippled through our bodies.
    Elaine rolled off me and we lay side by side for a while to get our breath back. She looked delicious in the early morning light, her short dark hair tousled, her deep brown eyes gleaming with secret pleasures, and her snakey body inclined towards me as if to show off the sparse patch of hair between her slender thighs. Our proximity soon got the better of us. The triangle of hair beckoned me imperiously, drawing me to it, and as I turned to obey, Elaine moved into my loins, our lips meeting the other's pussy at the same time.
    In the light of day her cunt was totally visible, no mystifying shadows or romantic dimness. The pudgy lips pressed together, the individual hairs that made up her pubic bush, the fresh and the dried droplets of juice, and the ragged pink flesh inside, all of it was there to be seen and loved, and I did both. I kissed and sucked at her pussy for a while, then lay back and drank it in with my eyes before going down on her once more. My admiration for her body was complete. And it wasn't so much a sexual admiration as just a love for perfection. In a few more years' time Elaine would be laying the boys out in the aisle, they would spend feverish nights dreaming of all that she concealed beneath her clothing, would water at the mouth at the thought of her panties rubbing against her cunt, and would go to ridiculous extremes to vie for her favors. But for the moment she was mine to do with as I pleased, and the knowledge of the future made me want to do all that they would love to do to her. For a while I felt like the spouse of an international sex symbol, envied by all, knowing the truth, yet inspired by so much lustful acclaim for her man (or his woman). Elaine didn't know it yet. She hadn't learned the power of beauty nor how much beauty she possessed. She'd find out soon enough, I guessed. In her innocence she offered her downy cunt to me, for me to stimulate and love to the point of orgasm. All I could do was do it justice.
    My tongue curled around her tiny clitoris and my finger moved up the wet sheath of her cunt, working in unison for her pleasure. She was busy licking my cunt up and down, working her slightly abrasive tongue along the inner labia most effectively. Thick streams of delight coursed through my belly to my torso and limbs. The balance tipped from her to me and back to her as we pleasured each other to the point at which we couldn't go on. I struggled to keep a clear head so as to be able to satisfy Elaine. Her cunt was so hot and wet now, the hairs all plastered back, and whenever I took her pussy into my mouth I felt her body begin to vibrate like an overwrought, delicate machine. But then she'd stick her tongue up my entrance and nuzzled my clit with her nose and I'd have to let go just to catch my breath! I'd retaliate by jamming two fingers up her tight hole, so she'd have to arch her back and pull away from my cunt to contain it all. Then it would take a while for her to collect herself and the seesawing would begin all over again.
    We brought each other off in shattering climaxes that rollicked through our bodies with such force it threatened to tear us apart. It was done. We sagged up against the other and lay there laughing and gasping, taking the other by the hand and just holding on.
    Outside our room people were moving to and from the bathroom. We decided to make an appearance before anyone could get suspicious, and put our nighties on, straightened my bed, and headed for the bathroom. Just as we reached the door, Aunt Liz came out.
    “Hello, darlings!” she said cheerfully. “How sweet you look this morning. Here, let me kiss you!” She took me into her arms and crushed me against her ample bosom. “Mmmmmm,” she said with a long wink after she'd pressed a big kiss on my cheek, “I love your perfume! Perhaps you'll tell me where to get it?”
    I didn't know what to say. She kissed Elaine just as enthusiastically and lingered there for a moment as her nose twitched appreciatively. “Very nice, very nice… not as subtle as your scent, Kathy, but a lovely bouquet. It smells so good you want to drink it, don't you?” With a hearty laugh she walked away from us, leaving us to watch the heavy roll and quiver of her big, firm ass under the dressing gown she wore so casually. Dad came out of the master bedroom and even he couldn't refrain from stealing a glance at Aunt Liz's majestic form.
    “Well, what are you two doing?” he said angrily when he saw us loitering before the bathroom door. “Are you going in or out?”
    “In, Dad.”
    “Okay, hurry up then.”
    He went back to his room and slammed the door. Elaine and I helped each other to shower, giggling between ourselves whenever we thought of Aunt Liz's comment. “You think she knows?” asked Elaine. “I'm sure she knows,” I said, and then we giggled again.
    At the breakfast table we still had trouble with our fit of the giggles. In fact, it became all the more difficult to keep a straight face when we looked at the other members of the family. Bob looked drawn and irritable, Nora tried to act nonchalant but the strain was too obvious. Mum was her usual zombie self, serving food and pouring coffee like a well-oiled machine. Dad did his utmost to keep his eyes out of Aunt Liz's plunging decolletage. And Aunt Liz beamed broadly at all of us in turn, impartial and loving, knowing more than any of us.
    Dad was the first to leave. Dressed in his business suit, looking every inch like an insurance man, complete with attache case, he marched out of the house and disappeared into the world of business. The moment he left the atmosphere in the house grew lighter, more frivolous. Aunt Liz made a few innuendo-filled remarks which made Bob laugh and Nora blanch. Mum pretended not to be amused but she was. I looked at her with interest. In the company of her sister Mum was much more relaxed.. Even the way she walked was different, her hips shaking a little, her back a bit straighter. The sisters cleared the table, talking animatedly about mutual-acquaintances, and Elaine began the washing up. Nora and Bob and I went into the living room to have our second cup of coffee there.
    They couldn't seem to talk to each other. Bob addressed a few remarks to me and so did Nora, but the line of communication between them was broken. I put up with it for as long as I could, and then, with rare courage, I asked: “What's your problem, Nora? Excuse me for asking, but you seem most uptight this morning. Was it something Bob did to you last night?”
    Both of them turned to stare at me. “What do you mean?” Bob said at last.
    “I was sitting in the tree after midnight because a certain party didn't show up for an appointment,” I said scathingly, “and while I sat there the most amazing spectacle unfolded before my very eyes. You might call it a drama, frigidity against naked lust.”
    Another silence. I thought Nora was going to faint. Bob took it on the chin but the news made him reel a little. “So you saw it all,” he said slowly. Then, with a shrug of resignation, “Well, then you know Nora's got troubles and you know that I wanted to make love to her. Now what?”
    “To tell you the truth, I was shocked at first. But now I only want Nora to overcome her difficulties. And if you can help her, then you should.”
    Nora shook her head. “There's nothing wrong with me,” she stated in icy tones. “I believe in celibacy. It's not just something to dabble with as far as I'm concerned. I would have slept with Bob last night had it not been for my beliefs. In any case, I find it reprehensible that you spied on us and I want to hear you promise you'll never do it again.”
    “It's done,” I said ambiguously. “But I still think you're doing the right thing for all the wrong reasons-or is it the other way around. Apart from that, you should at least know what's been going on in this family since my return. Bob and I have made love, Elaine and I have made it, and Aunt Liz even joined in one time. Of course I'm telling you this in the strictest secrecy, but you have to know. What's happened among us is really beautiful and I know you'd enjoy it once you let it get to you.”
    Nora's eyes were like two saucers, staring at me as though I had just crawled out of the slime to terrorize her. “You…” She said hoarsely, “you… God, Kathy, what are you, a nymphomaniac or something? You're no sooner home than everyone goes sex-crazy, and for what? It'll only cause trouble!”
    “Oh, it's my fault, is it? As if you didn't want to get screwed last night! Yes, I saw you. At first you couldn't touch your own body but you got over that. And you were desperate to suck Bob's cock only you're too much of a prig! Don't try that nymphomaniac thing on me, it just doesn't work. Some women can and the rest want to, that's my motto.”
    I had spoken in anger, raising, my voice and leaning over to her as if I'd meant to hit her. Bob pointed a warning finger at the kitchen, and that quieted me down. Nora said nothing. She was angry, too, but it looked as though she was at least thinking about the matter. Finally she shook her head again and left the room. Bob picked up the morning paper and buried himself in it. And I took a walk to think things over. I felt as though I'd been too abrupt in my approach- but I felt relieved that the truth was out Nora would be forced to make a choice now, whether she liked it or not. She could fool around with Harold but not with us. So long as Bob was on my side we could work it out.
    It was while I walked that all the alternative possibilities bore down on me. Nora might well tell Mum and Dad that I was up to my old tricks again. And they, in turn, would retaliate again. What could they do? Send me to reform school or summer camp? It was all possible. I'd been crazy to let Nora in on our secret!
    Then again, if she allowed herself to be pulled into our direction, we would have another ally, the whole family against the two remaining prudes. What could Mum and Dad do if they found Bob, Elaine, Aunt Liz, Nora, and me locked in a passionate flesh orgy? Send us all to boarding school? No… but the shock might drive them around the bend once and for all. There had to be a way of getting what I wanted without depriving anyone else of their deserts.
    The only one who could help me under the circumstances was Aunt Liz. She knew Mum and Dad better than I did and it followed that she would know the best way of getting around them. Shock treatment or gentle persuasion? I turned back to the house and approached her in all secrecy. As expected, Aunt Liz heard me out with a sympathetic look on her face. Yes, she understood our dilemma perfectly, she said. But solutions weren't easy to come by. However, she would try to help me-in her own way, of course.
    Even though she hadn't been very specific, her support cheered me up. The pieces began to fall into place. Nora couldn't tell on me without risking her own reputation. After all, Bob and I had the goods on her. No, I'd done right to tell her. The shock could only have benefited her. We would win! Suddenly I was sure of it.

    That evening was a family occasion. Dad liked to have all his dependents around him now and then, just to make him feel as though his life stood for something. For us kids it was something of a bore. We sat on the couches and the easy chairs around a long coffee table and sipped at a glass of wine or a cup of tea, whatever the preference, doing our best to converse and pass the time without the aid of TV or music. Mum sat beside Dad, her eyes half closed, looking as though she was only with us in body. Aunt Liz sat next to me facing Dad. And, after a few glasses of wine, I noticed Dad's eyes straying up Aunt Liz's legs for seconds at a time!
    Not that he could prevent it. She sat with her legs just far enough apart to compel his eyes to come on in. Her dress was a little too high up her thighs and she crossed her legs a little too frequently. From where I was sitting it was obvious that Dad was getting the thigh-show of his life. Mum saw nothing. She only moved to take a sip of her wine, then relapsed into her trance.
    Bob, Nora, and Elaine had found something absorbing to talk about, so that there were only three players in this small domestic drama. I looked on with mounting interest. This was a side of Dad I'd never seen before. To make sure nothing would go wrong I was quick to refill his glass whenever he emptied it. And with every glass his glances became bolder, just as with every glass Aunt Liz spread her thighs a little further, flaunting it without overdoing it.
    His legs were wide open and the crotch of his trousers was drawn back hard over a growing bulge. Now it was my tarn to ogle. Dad was big! A thick snake grew into a boa under, his pants and it seemed as though there was no end to it. He made Bob look tike a junior version, a kiddie's prick! He just sat there alternately gazing into his wine and looking into the shadowy recesses of Aunt Liz's dress. I knew what he saw there. The ample, smooth thighs, the fascinating little region where her pussy lay concealed, beckoning flesh, inviting him to eat touch, fuck! Oh, he wanted to, he wanted to! Even if she was his sister-in-law and looked much like his own wife, he wanted to fuck Aunt Liz so badly that I could smell it!
    That big cock throbbed under his clothes and his glare became less guarded as his lust took him over. The others were involved in a heated conversation about the role of woman in society. Mum had reached the ninth stage of unawareness. I thought that was too bad-she could have seen aspects of Dad that I was sure she'd forgotten.
    Aunt Liz shifted a little, her legs crossed, the dress creeping higher up her big thighs, and I figured much of her ass had to be poking up at Dad's greedy eyes. To see for myself I got up to get a fresh bottle of wine. When I came out of the kitchen I saw what my father saw-a big, plump ass, two rounded cheeks with a tuft of hair poking out of the furrow. No underpants! Aunt Liz had more balls than I'd given her credit for, figuratively speaking. It excited me not a little, and I lingered for a moment or so before pouring the wine. She gave me a big wink before settling back down into the couch and placing the ankle of one leg over the knee of the other. A full beaver shot. Dad was flushed and restless. His hands gripped at the couch, then reached out for his wine and downed the glass in one thirsty gulp. Was it my imagination or could I make out the rounded glans? My eyes kept running up and down the length of his cock, measuring it, savoring it, wondering how it would be to accommodate so much masculine meat in my pussy. Oh God, I was wet! Wet through and through! If Dad could have seen the soaking condition of my panties at that moment he would have been convinced of my sluttishness!
    “And why shouldn't he be? In his terms a slut was a woman who enjoyed sex. That was me. He should know! I drank my wine down and sat close to Aunt Liz, this time parting my legs a little wider than hers, nonchalantly, as if sex didn't exist. I had heavy competition for his attention. Slowly, very slowly, though, his eyes wandered over to my knees, hesitated, tried to pull away, slid a little way down my thighs-and then, his resistance collapsing, his eyes plummeted down the wet crotch of my panties! He rivetted his eyes to them with such force that I grew embarrassed and hurriedly closed my thighs to the public. The look of disappointment on his face made me open up a little, and once more he eagerly peered up my dress. His cock seemed to grow even bigger. Was that possible? I looked carefully, sensing the throbbing, vibrant life under his pants, and my legs opened up involuntarily as though our bodies had established independent rapport. Oh how I ached for that big shell to slide up my breach! Wider, wider, my head abuzz with a heady mixture of wine and lust, parting my legs till I could feel my panties stretch over my pussy, up at him, my father, the bearer of the mighty weapon that stared me in the face!
    But Liz nudged me sharply and shattered my feverish reverie. At once I closed my legs, blushed, and put my glass down to give myself a chance to recover. Dad, too, seemed to have snapped out of it. He crossed his legs to conceal the erection, his face closed down, we did our best to act like normal people instead of horny animals. But under the surface I simmered and bubbled, aching for him just as he must have ached for me.
    It was impossible to get to sleep that night. Elaine snored softly and I was quite sure Bob and Nora were sound asleep too. But I lay there in the dark, gazing out of the window at the distant stars, my hands restlessly moving over my body as if looking for a secret center of satisfaction that could take the edge off my desire for my father. I tried to tell myself how absurd it was to think he would fuck me. Sure he'd been aroused, but a man as uptight as Dad would no more fuck his own daughter than take a shit on his executive desk.
    After an hour of restless tossing and turning I got out of bed to go to the bathroom. On the way there I noticed a line of light under Aunt Liz's door. Quickly I lot in and out of the bathroom and tip-toed over to her «§|!' to knock. A rustling sound from inside reached my ears, followed by a whispered: “Who's there?”
    “It's me, Kathy,” I replied.
    “Come in.” Only her bedlight was on, casting a yellow pool of light by the side of her bed. Aunt Liz lay under a sheet in the dimness, her face turned towards me, lips parted to reveal the whiteness of her teeth. “Close the door,” she whispered, at the same time patting the side of her bed to let me know I was welcome. It was such a comfort to be with her. The anxieties that had plagued me for hours suddenly fell away as I lay on her bed close to her reassuring warm body.
    “That was quite a number you did on Dad's head,” I said, accepting a cigarette from her. “I've never seen him so stirred up.”
    “You put the finishing touches to it,” grinned Aunt Liz. “Your old man has always had soft spot for me, ever since he first met your mother in fact. But don't be surprised if he should rape you in the near future.”
    “Me? Why, has he done that to you?”
    “Certainly not. However, with you it's different He's got it in for you, Kathy, take my word for it.”
    “Mmmmm,” I said thoughtfully, and once again my mind dwelled lovingly over that thick ridge in the lap of his pants.
    “You like the idea, don't you?” Aunt Liz chuckled way down in her throat and gathered me up into a quick embrace. “Ah, this family is crazy about sex but we're the only ones who know it, love. The others are too screwed up to admit it to themselves, but we'll get it out of them. What do you say?”
    “That's a great idea,” I said, cuddling up to her and putting my face against the nearer tit. “Bob and Elaine are already halfway there, Dad's slipping-and that leaves only Mum and Nora to deal with. It shouldn't be too hard, should it Aunt Liz?”
    “Don't underestimate Nora,” said Aunt Liz. That surprised me. If she'd said not to underestimate Mum I would have understood. But Nora? But then she began to stroke my hair and I couldn't help but come in a little closer, and the time for concerted thought was over. Her nightie was made of linen, thin and smooth, embellishing rather than concealing her skin. My hands ran over it lightly, moving the sheet out of the way, and Aunt Liz relaxed utterly to let me do with her as I pleased.
    Her heavy tits rolled towards me as she turned onto her side and her nightie gave way to reveal much of her massiveness. For a moment I felt like a little girl about to be overwhelmed by the potent sexuality of a full-grown woman, but then I bobbed along it like a cork on the waves, going with it, immersed in it without losing myself. Somehow the nightie slipped away from her shoulders and her big tits were bared before my eyes, the big, hard nipples close together and not far from my mouth. A small groan escaped me as my tips pursed themselves and clasped about the nearer nipple, pulling at it, tugging impatiently as if the milk was slow in coming. Aunt Liz's face was placid, smiling, only the occasional sigh telling me to keep it up.
    I buried my face in her flesh and mauled her tits with both hands, for the moment content with just that part of her. She did nothing. My mouth closed around both nipples, my hands holding her tits close together, and then I brought my teeth into play just to evoke a sharper response from her. Now the woman's legs moved far apart and allowed my body to slip down between them. My pelvic bone lodged against her pubus and chafed up and down it as I continued my fervent sucking. Her flesh ballooned into my mouth, more and more of it coming in till it was stretched hard against my teeth. I knew it caused her pain but I couldn't stop. Instead I sucked harder and harder, and Aunt Liz snapped out of her lazy pleasuring to begin bucking underneath me like I had when Ann had first made love to me. Her nightie rode up around her waist and her hairy crotch pushed hard against my pelvic bone for harsher stimulation. I did my best to keep up with her but the waves were bigger now, choppier, sometimes throwing me way into the air only to catch me again in its billowing, fleshy hollows. I was lost in her, less and less capable of being the aggressor. Aunt Liz must have known it. She kept me in place only for as long as it took her to climax, and then she sat me up, removed my nightie and her own, and began to make love to me with breathtaking thoroughness.
    She had me on my back, spread-eagled, barely able to lie still. Her hands caressed my body all over, beginning with my face and working down as far as my toes, while her tongue slithered up and down my torso, now lassooing a nipple, then pushing rudely up my wet, quivering hole. Strong tremors coursed through my body, clashing and spreading, coming from all angles. She was well ahead of me, creating erotic pockets before I'd absorbed the previous ones. And so she worked me into a volley of tiny climaxes that had me writhing tightly all over the bed, groaning and squealing as though my innards had gone berserk. Aunt Liz let me go it alone for as long as I could stand it. Then, with a forceful finger, she brought me to the convulsive climax.
    “Ooooh, Jesus!” I sighed as the last impulses ebbed away and left my body a burning vacuum. “You're something else, Aunt Liz! Phew! If a man ever makes me feel this good I'll be his slave forever.”
    “I'm not as good as you think,” she said matter-of-factly. “You'll find that out when you sleep around. But I must say you make it easy for a person to love you, Kathy… very easy.” And, in spite of my spent condition, she inserted a long finger up my cunt again and started to love me with it. At first I didn't want her to do that to me. I felt like riding put my orgasm till it led me into a deep sleep. Everything inside me felt so harmonious that there was no call for more pleasure. It could only disturb the delicate balance. Aunt Liz squatted next to me and drove her finger in and out of my cunt with a long, regular motion, and simply disregarded the frown that crossed my face. A few minutes later she had me in the palm of her hand-literally and figuratively.
    That big finger parted my inner flesh and pushed deep into the warm wet cavity behind it Aunt Liz had a way of crooking her top joint to make her fingertip touch down on parts of my cunt that were extremely sensitive, so much so that my resistance was virtually bombed out of existence with pleasure. She said nothing, just went about her work with a singular look of determination on her face. In and out, in and out, her big, womanly body hulking next to me, the full, rounded tits pendant, the hairy snatch just visible between her ample thighs. My loins began to jerk back and forth, a spasm to begin with, later turning into a greedy quest for more and more!
    Only when her second finger joined the first though, did her loving take on a second significance to me. There was something especially stirring about those two bunched fingers, something that made me think of another rigid object. Was it Bob's cock? No, no, bigger, harder. Aunt Liz worked her fingers in to the knuckle. Her breathing was harsh and rapid and droplets of sweat fell on my skin. So hard, so big, so utterly satisfying… and then it came back to me in a flash of lightning! Dad's thick bulge, that great rod pushing at the confines of his pants. Ooooh yes! The moment it registered my whole body convulsed into an orgasm and Aunt Liz had trouble keeping up with me. She pushed harder and added another finger to the bunch. That was even more life-like.
    “Daddy!” I muttered, spreading my legs till they were at right angles to my body. “Daddy, Daddy! Ooooh, it feels so good, so strong! Give me more, more!” My hands were on my tits squeezing them mercilessly. And my eyes were tightly closed so I could concentrate on my fantasy completely. In my mind it was Dad who was shoving that thick hard object into my drooling cunt. I could even see the position he was in-on his knees with my legs draped over his thighs, and he leaned forward to rest on the balls of his fists, his head down so he'd be able to see my cunt swallow his mighty cock. That was it! I concentrated on that image and it grew more and more vivid as the thick cord of meat wormed up and into my cunt Unconsciously I moved my ass up along Aunt Liz's thighs, bringing it up closer so she'd be able to finger it totally. She did her best. Even though her breathing was near hysterical, she worked on to give me the big orgasm towards which my body labored. Together we moaned and cried out, a mutual climax waiting just around the corner. My hands gripped at the sheets and pushed my ass further up along her thighs. She shoved her three fingers into me and belabored my clitoris with her free hand. My cunt felt as though it was on fire, liquid fire, spreading, filling me up, igniting other parts of me, turning me into one huge flickering bonfire consuming itself.
    “DADDY!” I yelled, and my cry echoed through the night. I would have kept on yelling if I'd had the strength, but at that moment Aunt Liz finger-fucked me into oblivion. I felt as though her whole hand was inside my cunt and sliding into my womb. My body rollicked from one side of the bed to the other, attached to her arm like a growth. Aunt Liz pitched forward and fell on top of me, her sensual bulk crushing me. We embraced and lay in that position till our lungs were functioning once more.
    We rolled apart and listened anxiously for any movement in the house. We'd been lucky. Everyone must have been fast asleep when I yelled.
    “You'd better get back to bed, honey,” Aunt Liz said. “And don't you worry about your father. If he doesn't do anything about it, I'll make him do what he wants to do. Just you go to sleep and leave the rest to fate.”
    “Do you think it's that easy?”
    “Take my word for it,” she laughed. A kiss on the cheek, a pat on my ass, and then she propelled me out of her room. I walked back to Elaine's bedroom and got back into bed. My mind was still agog with all that had happened in one evening. How I hoped that Aunt Liz was right! If Daddy really wanted me he would do something about it… wouldn't he? I couldn't imagine it. But if she said he would, then I should have faith.
    The image of his cock set new tremors into motion, but my body was too weary to respond. Elaine was naked on top of her bedclothes. Her hairbrush lay by her side. So that's what she'd been doing while I was out. I shook my head and closed my eyes. Everyone in this house shared my problems. Nora and Bob would have experienced their own frustrations. And Dad? Had he thought about me?


    Breakfast was usually a dour event at our house. The morning after our evening of family togetherness, it was charged with tension. Neither Bob nor Nora seemed very happy. Their faces were drawn, and Bob hardly ate a thing. Elaine was more aloof than normal, positively frozen. Only Aunt Liz smiled and chattered. I couldn't look at Dad for fear of showing my innermost thoughts. Besides, he was very abrupt, ordering Mum about with rare nastiness.
    In the middle of all this the phone rang. Mum picked it up and reported a little later that Dad's secretary wouldn't be able to come in that day. I thought he was going to explode. Somehow he got a grip on his temper and spluttered: “How could she do this to me? She knows I've got an important meeting this morning and I have to have someone to type up the notes! She's never done this to me, never! Darn it!”
    “Well, why not take Kathy along with you,” Mum said in her phlegmatic way. “She can type, can't she?”
    A sudden change came over Dad. He blushed, put his napkin before his face to hide it, then straightened himself up and said, “Why, that's not a bad idea. How about it, Kathy, do you want to put in an honest day's work?”
    “I suppose so,” I sighed. It was the last thing I wanted. Work didn't appeal to me, especially work involving typing. And to be around Dad all day without being able to fulfill any of my fantasies-why, that would be nothing short of torture! Yet I couldn't refuse him, not after seeing him blush that way. I went upstairs to change into something respectable and joined him in the car.
    Just being alone with him thrilled me. He drove right at the speed limit, did everything correctly, and hardly talked to me. I knew that side of him all too well. Hadn't I despised him for being so proper, so uptight, all these years? But now I was privy to the secret side of Dad, the animal in him, and he was no longer a cardboard cut-out to me. Now I liked his conservative demeanour, it was part of his strength. The wolf in grandma's clothing. I shivered just to think of that big weapon hidden beneath his dull, perfectly pressed suit. All that virility, and bundled up so tightly! Why, he might explode at any second and attack me where I sat!
    I sat close to the door and looked out of the window for much of the journey, but my thoughts raced on. How would it be if he did suddenly come to a screeching halt and ripped his fly open and shoved that big cock into my ready pussy? What would I do? Oh, God, if only he would! Now and then I threw him a glance, eyelashes batting up a breeze, lips slightly parted to show my pearly white teeth-and each time I found him looking straight ahead at the road. No, I'd have to face facts. We'd never get into such a situation. Dad was, for all his virility, too straight.
    His office reinforced that impression. Everything was in its place, nothing extraneous other than a family photo in a gold frame. He sat behind his big walnut desk, took a sheaf of papers out of a drawer and handed them to me to type copies. Not a word was spoken. I retreated into the annexed office and got to work. The morning dragged by. Dad went to his all-important meeting, returned with another pile of work, and shut himself in his office to leave me to tap my way through all that garbage. I smoldered with resentment. If he ever asked me to do this again, I vowed, I'd tell him to shove it up his ass, sideways. And when he went out all by himself for lunch it just about made me mad enough to walk out.
    Somehow I managed to get through to the afternoon. The work was done, Dad was still out to lunch, and all there was for me to do was sit there like a stale bottle of beer. There was nothing to read, nothing to do but think, mull, and brood. That's what I did. It wasn't till three o'clock that he came back to his office. A changed man was he, flushed with martinis and deals successfully concluded. There was a new spring in his step, a dangerous gleam in his eyes.
    “Come into my office, would you, Kathy,” he said as he passed my desk and laid a vague trail of whiskey breath.
    “Yes sir,” I said, the sarcasm dripping off every syllable. He didn't notice. I picked up pencil and pad just as a professional secretary would do, and walked into his plush office, closing the door after myself. Dad sat right back in his swivel chair, his feet up on the desk, regarding me through half-closed eyes.
    “How do you like it here,” he said when I'd pulled a chair over and made myself comfortable. “Do you think you'd like to work for me permanently?”
    “Not really,” I said.
    “Why, isn't it interesting enough for you?” He seemed somewhat miffed by my reply.
    “That puts it into a nutshell,” I nodded. Dad shook his head sorrowfully and launched an interminable discourse on the glamorousness and excitement of the insurance business. It was hard not to yawn right in his face. I put my pad and pencil down and crossed my legs to be comfortable if nothing else during his lecture. Unwittingly I'd caught my skirt between my ass and the chair when I'd sat down, and now, with my legs crossed, there wasn't a thing between my panties and Dad's eyes. His lecture ran into difficulties right away.
    “People need insurance,” he said, his eyes darting toward my crotch, then recoiling and returning like a yo-yo. “We're selling them… because they need it-I mean, it's a public service that we perform. Not that we're a charity… ha ha… no, we're in business. The president is a tycoon, made of money. But why shouldn't a service be lucrative? Some of the breast minds work here day and night to set the man in the street's mind at knees. Oh yes, we make money-but we… Kathy, would you please change your position?”
    “Why?” I smiled. “I'm your daughter, aren't I?”
    “Yes you are-oh God, yes, but there are times when you look less like a daughter and more like a woman than might be… uh… desirable! You see? So just do what I tell you to do.”
    If I did he'd take up his boring lecture again and an opportunity would be lost forever. I couldn't let that happen. It was now or never. Somehow I had to guide him through his inhibitions to come out the man he really was.
    “I'm glad we're alone for once,” I said, changing the subject. “We have so little to do with each other, Daddy, and there are often times when I find myself wishing we were closer to each other.”
    “Do you?” He looked genuinely surprised.
    “Of course I do. You're my father and I love you! But it's always so tense in the house that it must seem to you we're always at each other's throat.” My legs were crossed as provocatively as ever and, though he was moved by my words, he kept glancing down along my thighs to that strategic patch between them. I could feel his eyes, pricking me and savoring me. If only he would act!
    “And I love you too,” he said. His voice sounded a little strangled. “It's funny how a man loses track of things when he's busy earning a living… you get to the point where nothing else matters. It's very good of you to remind me, Kathy.”
    That was my cue. I got up and flung my arms around his neck, kissing him on the cheeks, at the same time perching my ass on his lap so that my pussy was hard against his cock. Once he got hard he would surely give in! His hands felt strong as he held me close to him and returned my hug if not my kisses. I love the smell of him, so masculine and forceful. Already my cunt was sopping wet and my subtle motions were bound to leave a stain on his pants. But the time limit of this filial embrace had been exceeded, and Dad became stiff as he prepared to release me.
    A minute passed. He remained stiff. I remained his little girl, only my loins doing womanly things to his cock. It was hardening gradually, how could he help himself. When he began to embrace me again I stepped up my caresses, blatantly forcing my cunt down on his growing cock and kissing him full on the mouth. He was slipping into it, but now and then he reached out to stop himself, clinging to the edges like a desperate man. I pressed my hard little tits against him and rode along his rock-hard cock, the complete nymphet, even going so far as to force his lips apart to get my tongue inside. Dad wanted me with every fibre of his body. I could feel his fever rising. But he was still afraid, incapable of letting go.
    “No, no!” he said suddenly, pushing me away. “You can't… we can't do this, Kathy! My goodness, what's happening to us? This is all very confusing.”
    “Oh Daddy,” I said softly, coming back at him with my arms outstretched, “why can't you just go with h. Don't you love me?”
    “Of course I do… but not…”
    “Not in that way?” I inquired sweetly. “Very well, then, I'll be a proper daughter to you.” With that I got back into my own chair, crossed my legs, and pulled the skirt down over my knees. That perplexed him. He turned different colors, adjusted his tie, cleared his throat, and I just sat there with a secretarial smile. My timing had been perfect. He could no more relinquish the chance to make love to me than I could.
    “That's not what I meant, not exactly,” he stammered, averting his eyes. “I think I do love you in that way, actually, that's the whole trouble. A father shouldn't entertain such feelings for his own flesh and blood.”
    “Whatever you say, Daddy,” I said primly.
    “You're toying with me!” he cried. “Dammit, Kathy, don't do that. “I'm trying to discuss this with you in all seriousness, adult to adult!”
    “No use doing that,” I countered. “I love you and I would do anything for you. As far as I'm concerned that closes the issue. You would only be discussing it with yourself.”
    “You're smart,” he said with a lopsided grin. “Very smart Okay, Kathy, come over here and let's do what we both want to do.”
    “Now you're talking,” I said, and again I threw myself at him. This time there was no pretense of fatherly love. His hands roved over my body indiscriminately, touching all those parts he'd no doubt wanted to touch the night before. At first he rushed from one part to the next, but slowly he concentrated his energies. And I just kissed him and wiggled on top of his immense erection. I was very happy to be in his arms at last.
    He caressed my tits through my blouse, slowly to begin with, applying more force as they warmed up to it. Already I sensed a master at work here. His fingers were deft and accurate, pinching my nipples and titillating my flesh just the way I liked it. The buttons on my blouse came undone in the process, and then my blouse came out of my skirt and somehow it slipped down from my shoulders. Half naked and fully aroused I ground my cunt hard against his cock, stimulating both of us at once.
    “That feels just like it did ten years ago,” Dad said in a hoarse, soft voice. “Do you remember that time, Kathy?”
    “No, tell me about it,” I said. I was close to my first orgasm and in no real mood to listen, but I wanted him to be happy more than anything else.
    “You were seven years old.” He sat back and took a breather, letting me continue my vaginal stimulation. “It was a Sunday morning and you came in to bring the papers. Mum was already up and doing something downstairs. You and I began to fool around-remember how we used to wrestle and play in those days? Well, normally your mother was there and she'd always join in. But this time it went too far for some reason. Suddenly you were sitting on top of me, your little ass on my cock and you began to move back and forth. I didn't know what was happening at first. You didn't wear any panties and my cock had slipped out of my pajama pants, so it was your cunt against my cock! I wanted to stop you from doing it-but I couldn't make myself! So I laughed and tried to pass it off as just another game. Only you didn't laugh, you were deadly serious. Back and forth, your little nude cunt sliding along my cock, both of us silent and breathing hard until I shot my wad all over my belly. You don't remember that? I'll never forget it. I wiped myself and told you to get the hell out of my room, and I made sure it never happened again.”
    “Funny that I can't recall that,” I said. “It sounds like it was fun to do.”
    “I loved it,” said Dad. “That's what mortified me. I loved every erotic second of it. And now it's happening again, only this time we both know what's going on.”
    “I like the idea of doing it in the nude, Dad,” I whispered. “What do you think?”
    “What the hell,” he laughed. “If we're going to do it, let's do it properly.” We both got up and stripped, our eyes fixed on the other's body. His towering erection made me tremble from head to toe but I liked to look at his face, too, and see the impact my youthful form had on him. His appreciation was heartfelt and total. And, while his lust turned me on, so did his body. This was the first time in years that I'd seen him undressed and for a man his age he was in excellent shape. A patch of grey hair covered his chest, his belly was still flat, shoulders broad, arms strong thanks to the executive gym, and that magnificent rod topped it all off. He sat back down in the chair and held out his arms to help me into position. I lowered my cunt over his cock gingerly, getting it just right before starting the back and forth motion. Its hardness glided in between my labia, working into my pussy till it touched down on all the sensitive spots. With my arms around Dad's neck, I let the sensations take over. My loins worked automatically, intent on keeping the emotions coming. Back and forth, back and forth, his taut, hot flesh stirring up wild, intense feelings in me. And, judging by his broad smile, it was doing the world of good, too.
    Both of us went along with this form of lovemaking to the point at which a change was called for. I tried to recapture our first attempt at this but my seventh year had disappeared from my memory bank. To make up for that I concentrated fully on the feeling this time to ensure I'd never forget again. How deliriously it chafed along my lubricated furrow! The sum total of his virility and his desire for me came through his erectness, and I loved him all the harder for it. My hands held on to his shoulders tightly as I worked my cunt up and down his long cock, and I kept an eye on it to make sure my motions were accurate. All Dad could do was play with my tits and grin.
    But it wasn't enough! I wanted to know his cock intimately, every little bit of it. It was big and it was hard but what did it taste like? Without warning I slipped off his lap and came to rest on my knees between his legs. Dad didn't protest. In fact he parted his legs further so that his swollen balls dangled before my face and his cock throbbed above them, so vibrant I could almost hear its motor tick over. My tongue reached out and ran up and down the side of his cock, savoring the hardness and the yielding veins, licking up under the helmet of flesh topping the stalk. Both my hands caressed and cupped his balls, fascinated by their weight and size. Here was a real man, I thought, not a beginner like Bob but a man of experience, one who'll know how to evoke the wildest passion in my body- and with this very tool!
    I began to make love to his cock with mouth and hands, stroking and licking, running my nose through the bushy hairs growing all over the base of it and savoring the heady, sweaty aroma I found there. For a while I forgot all about the rest of him. It was his cock, his balls, his strong thighs that mattered to me. My tongue dragged through the hairy patches and spiraled about the smooth glans. Gently I closed my lips over his knob and dipped my face low over it, down as far as I could go. His cock filled my mouth completely. I wanted more. It sent erotic burrs through my body and instilled in me a wild desire to bite his cock off and swallow it so I'd be able to keep it forever. Moaning and gasping I bent lower over his cock and went to take it into my throat. Of course I couldn't. With a sudden fit of gagging I pulled back and took a few deep breaths, only to go right back down on him. Dad was as excited as I was, his loins pushing at me as though he wanted to fuck my face. Again his cock filled me up and this time I tried to relax my whole body, if I could only get rid of the tension I figured it was possible to let him enter my throat without throwing up. Greedy yet controlled, I worked down over his thick stalk till his knob bumped against the back of my palate. It took a real struggle to stop the impulse to gag, but I did it. And once that barrier was passed I found it less difficult to take him further down.
    “Oh Jesus!” Dad groaned, his strong body writhing in his executive chair. “If you only knew what that did to me! Oooh, yes! That's just marvelous!”
    I heard him through a strange fuzz. Everything in me concentrated on taking his cock down my throat moving my face back and forth to allow me to breathe in time with my sucking. It was impossible to open my eyes; in fact it felt as though my whole face was full of cock, so full that all of my faculties were too congested to function. His cock bobbed jerkily inside me, pulsing and hard, and now and then his lust made him push down too deep, disturbing the rhythm of my swordswallowing act. But we managed. At last the business of his pubic hair brushed against the tip of my nose each time I pushed down over him, and thus encouraged, I took the last of his cock into my mouth. It was a moment of pure exhilaration for me. The cock that had inflamed my fantasies only the previous night was now lodged down my throat. And, if Daddy's convulsive grunts were anything to go by, I would soon be treated to a burst of his cream for dessert. I wanted him to come so badly! My lips mauled his cock, my tongue did its level best to add to the action, and all the while I sucked at him as though I wanted to draw his vital juices out of him tike milk through a straw.
    Busy hands between my legs kept me from going overboard. I masturbated at a fast clip while I sucked at Daddy's dick. And, as his excitement rose, so did mine. Together we headed for the big one. It placed an intolerable strain on me to be so worked up at both ends, but with a strength borne out of desperation, I managed to keep going. My face dipped up and down, my hands worked into the soggy, hairy flesh of my cunt and, just as I thought I would have to give up, Dad let out a bull-like grunt and a second later his hot sperm boiled out of his cock to cascade down my throat. I did the best I could, swallowing and gulping, doing my utmost to get at every drop of his cream. But there was too much of it. As his cock rode in and out of my mouth the sperm oozed out from between my lips and formed long warm rivulets down my face and chest. The rest, though, went straight down, salty, whey, warm and ever so smooth, coming in strong spurts to fill me before I could get it all down. My head swam with it, my body was filled with it. Like a soothing balm it ran through me to take the pain out of my orgasm-wracked body. I sucked till there was no more and then, only then, did I fall back on the floor to give my tattered lungs a chance to catch up.
    Dad sat back in his chair, his eyes still closed, his mouth slack. He looked asleep. The office was quiet now, only our heavy breathing breaking the silence. A moment's anxiety passed through my mind. Would he be smitten with guilt now that we'd done it? I hoped not. I wanted his big cock to stand up once more and to penetrate the rest of me, to cram into my every orifice till I'd had enough.
    From where I lay Ms dick was the focal point. It hung down between his heavy balls, thick, still wet from my eager mouth. The rest of his body was merely an extension of his dick. I peered up at it till my innards became restless again, that strange itch way down in my belly started up, a longing for cock, his cock, to swell up and fill me! I couldn't work out why Dad was taking such a long break. Didn't he want to make love to me? Perhaps I should persuade him.
    “Daddy,” I said in a soft, wheedling voice, “don't you want to make me feel good, too?” I lay back, my legs wide open and two fingers held the labia apart. “Make love to me, Daddy, I want you so much.” No response. He remained seated with his eyes closed, lost in either thought or sleep.
    “Please, Daddy?” I got to my feet and walked towards him, perching my ass on his knee and rubbing my cunt along his hairy thigh. “Pretty please?” His cock began to twitch subtly, and as I watched it, the blood poured back into it and lifted the expanding cock higher by the second. But Daddy remained inert. When he was fully erect I tried to rouse him once more. And then, when I saw he was playing dead in order to ease his conscience, I threw the last of my caution to the wind. Dammit, I wanted that big cock inside me whether he felt comfortable about it or not. And so I lifted one leg to straddle his upstanding dick, and eased my cunt over the top of it.
    His thick knob pushed hard at my cunt's entrance and forced the flesh apart. All the moisture that had been gathering inside me for the duration of the blow job now came forth and oiled his dick to the point at which it simply slid up me. Smooth and hard, it filled my cunt with exactly what it had been crying out for. And, adjusting my position, I got ready to ride this erection out to the very end.
    “No, wait,” Dad muttered, shifting uneasily. “I don't think this is right… wait a minute!”
    “Don't worry, Daddy!” I breathed, riding him at an increasingly fast pace. I could see he might very easily chicken out of this consummation. Getting blown was one thing, we'd established a precedent for that ten years earlier. But fucking! Oh, I could read him like a book. All his native priggishness came to the foreground. Fucking was too close to sin for his liking. Well, he'd have to learn to live with it.
    His eyes became shifty and he grabbed at the armrest as though he was about to stand up. I thrust my loins down over his dick and pinned him down with all my might. With a concerted effort I made my vaginal muscles contract over and over, setting up a quaking motion meant to wear down his resistance. He wavered. I leaned into him so that my hard nipples pressed into his skin, and I moved my torso so as to rub them through the patch of chest hair. At the same time I showered his face with kisses, ardent and wet beseeching him to come with me.
    He kept on vacillating but while his cock remained solid I didn't care. My ass pumped down over that rigid ramrod, getting all the pleasure it had to offer. It was a few sizes too big for me, stretching me to the verge of pain. That pain added to my pleasure immeasurably. I heard myself whispering words into his ear, none of them fitting together, but all of them meaning just one thing: give me more! If only he would relax.
    Like a bitch in heat I used his cock to bring myself off, hunched over, nails digging into his flesh, mindlessly laboring. And Daddy sat there as unresponsive as a frigid woman. A vague sense of anger welled up in my belly. Why couldn't he let go! We were alone, the barriers had been crossed, what was stopping him? And then, like the pain, my anger contributed to my ecstasy, making me work all the harder, more frenetically, to reach my climax. My cunt was so full of juices now that each downward thrust caused air bubbles that erupted with long, tearing sounds; and each upward pull made slurping sounds. I loved the sheer vulgarity of these noises. My wetness was my womanhood, the animal me, and the product of his phallus. Fucking harder, scratching and biting at him, hissing: “Come on, Daddy, fuck me, fuck me!” Emotions rollicked through me in dense pockets, gradually forming a whirlwind of passion that filled me to the point of bursting. I couldn't last much longer-any moment now, within seconds, that balloon would burst inside me and it would be all over. If Daddy would just hold still!
    With devilish timing he got up and pushed me away. His face was contorted with a mixture of emotions, ranging from shame to lust. He wanted me, I knew he did. But for the moment he couldn't let himself admit it. And so he stood there with his big cock up high, oily from my succulent cunt. He didn't know what to do next. I tried to mount him again, desperate, encircling his chest with both my arms, lifting one leg up around his waist to fit his dick back into my burning emptiness. Dad pushed me away more rudely and said: “Stop it, Kathy, that's enough now! Sit down and behave yourself!” just as though I'd bee n naughty.
    “Please, Daddy, don't do this to me!” I moaned. My orgasm was just around the corner, boiling inside me waiting to explode, demanding an outlet for its energies, and he wouldn't give me the final shove! I rushed him but he stepped aside. Finally I fell to the floor on my belly, both hands reaching for my cunt. My arms were trapped between my belly and the carpet, and like a snake I crawled around on the floor as my fingers filled that terrible hole and tugged at my clitoris with brute strength. There was no sensitivity there, only a burning desire for satisfaction. Huffing and panting, rolling from side to side and rubbing my tits against the rough carpet, I lifted myself up toward my orgasm, my just dessert! Dad tried to tell me something but my moans filled my ears. Not far now, a poke here, a tug there, and at last everything inside me unfolded, poised in full bloom, then flew apart and drained out of my every pore and orifice. A euphoric indolence took over, one that had me sprawling luxuriously on the floor in a state of forgetfulness.
    Dad couldn't leave me be. “Get up, Kathy,” he said in his crisp, cold father's voice. “I want you to get dressed and go home. This is shocking!” He was busy putting his clothes on. The first garment to go was the one that covered his cock. Then his pants, securely buttoned up and belted before he began with his socks and shoes. Reluctantly I got myself into the vertical position and floated to where my clothes were hanging to begin the long and tedious process of covering my nakedness. Although I'd managed to take care of myself there was still something missing-something that I'd have had if Dad had fucked me right through to the end. I resented him for that. As I dressed I tried to think of some way of punishing him. The only fitting punishment that came to mind was to cut him dead-no more talk, no more sex. That was a little like cutting the nose off to spite the face but I felt very bitter.
    I left his office without a word and went straight home. When asked why I'd come back early, I merely replied that my work was done and Dad had given me a few hours off. Aunt Liz looked at me curiously but I was too angry to explain the matter even to her. Later perhaps but for the time being I wanted to be alone. I locked the door to my room and lay flat on the bed, simmering till I dozed off.

    Dad didn't come home for dinner. Everyone wondered where he could be except for Mum. She took it in her stride. Aunt Liz kept on throwing me inquisitive glances. Much as I wanted to tell her about my dilemma, I couldn't. It was too private, too close to the bone. Besides, there was something gnawing at me, a leftover need that burned in my belly tike a fire that hadn't been properly extinguished. Dad had taken me to such great heights of excitement, only to leave me teetering on a ledge on the way down. My eyes kept wandering in Bob's direction. He could take care of me. And if I was any judge of character he'd be more than willing, too. Nora and Bob obviously weren't getting it on together. He looked tense and drawn and she couldn't look anyone in the eye. If superstitions were true they'd both have enough hair growing out of their palms to make a pony tail.
    I just knew he'd fuck me like a dervish if I could get him on his own. My pussy grew moist at the very thought of him working his frustrations out on me with long dagger-like plunges of his cock. He'd be a stallion, hot and frisky, totaling me… but I couldn't think about it any further. Already the others were eyeing me curiously, wondering why I couldn't sit still at the table. I bent low over my plate and pretended to eat with total concentration.
    After dinner Elaine sat close to me on the sofa and whispered an invitation in my ear: “Why don't we go upstairs and play awhile, Kathy, I really feel like it tonight.”
    “Later,” I said without much enthusiasm. What could her little fingers do for me? Bob's cock was the right tool for the job. He knew by this time that I wanted something from him. The glimmer in his eves told me he reciprocated all of my desires. But how would we manage it? If Nora was on our side we could do it in her room. Should we let Elaine see us? No, it'd be too much of a risk. Mum would stay up to wait for Dad to come home.
    I couldn't work it out. In the end I went upstairs and slipped into bed. Elaine joined me soon afterwards, taking off all her clothes and displaying her sleek, elegant body to me. I just shook my head. “Why, what's the matter?” she asked, but I felt too listless to explain. Pouting angrily she crawled into her own bed and pretended to fall asleep immediately.
    The hours passed by like fat old men. I watched TV, tried to read magazines, but nothing distracted me from my real needs. I had to get at Bob one way or another! Dad still hadn't come home. It was close to midnight when I made my move. Dressed in jeans and a top, with sneakers to muffle my footsteps, I snuck down the stairs and paused at the bottom to make sure Mum wasn't moving about. I could hear her talking with Aunt Liz in the living room. In spite of Dad's absence she was in extraordinarily high spirits. They were laughing and talking animatedly, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. Perhaps she was glad because he was out.
    I padded to the front door and walked around to the back of the house to once again climb the big old tree and resume my balcony seat. The light was on in Nora's room and again she was naked and flat on her back. But this time Bob was in bed with her. Not fucking her, far from it-just doing everything else!
    At first I was shocked to see him lying face down between her legs. Nora lay with her knees drawn up and her hands on her tits, her face tense as ever. That reassured me somewhat. If she still couldn't ride with it even when he was down on her, then it wasn't likely that she was giving me real competition.
    I crept closer, perching on the branch rather precariously to try to overhear what was going on. The window was partly open and Nora's mouth was moving, but I had to come within the circle of light to catch what she was saying. “Oh Bob, don't!” she said. “Please stop it. You can't possibly be enjoying that! I mean, it's very nice and everything but how disgusting it must be for you.” Bob looked up from her wet, dark-haired pussy for a moment and just shook his head before diving back in.
    “Please Bob!” She kept protesting but her hands also kept on squeezing her full tits and her loins went on pushing up at his face. A divided creature was my sister. The look of agony on her face was absolutely sincere, but the gap between her emotions and her mind rivaled the Grand Canyon in width. Despite my own frustrations I couldn't help but sympathize with her. There she was, deriving all the benefits of Bob's nimble, penetrating tongue, and it was giving her only posers to contend with. If only I could be in her place.
    “That's enough!” she said suddenly, and wrenched her pussy away from his face. She sat up on her pillow, her arms wrapped around her body, her legs drawn up tight so that all of her was well protected. “We can't go on this way. I mean, if I'm to be celibate, then I can't go leading you on, it's just not fair to you. Go back to your own bed, now, Bob, and let's just sleep it off.”
    She might as well have told Lizzy Borden to stop at the first whack. Bob looked at her with fury in his eyes: “Are you kidding, Nora? Look at this erection, do you think it's there for nothing? I want you, I need you! Let me make love to you for once and then if you don't like it we'll call it quits. But don't pack me off to bed like this!”
    “I'm sorry, I just don't think it's advisable to let you go any further.” She sat on her pillow and shut him out of her life. Bob stared at her for a moment or so. I held my breath. With a swift, sudden motion, he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her over toward him. Nora was powerless. In a thrice he had her on her back again and he'd positioned himself with his ass on her belly, his back hunched forward and three bunched fingers worked into her cunt with vindictive verve. She struggled violently, even threatened to scream, but Bob didn't seem to be listening. He drove his fingers in and out of her cunt till her protests diminished. And when she'd been suitably subdued he started to get more subtle. One finger disappeared up her asshole, his thumb went up her cunt's entrance, and the side of his hand crudely titillated her clitoris. And still she wouldn't give in. “This is terrible!” she gasped whenever she could catch her breath. “How awful! How could you do this to me, Bob!”
    Bob toiled on, his face grim. I caught the tiny wet sounds of her cunt and knew how she must be feeling-physically, anyway. To have his fingers ramming up my cunt at that moment! But empathy helped a little. When Nora reached a reluctant climax I felt a kind of contact high.
    “Now, you fucked-up bitch!” Bob hissed, turning around to face her. “This is your moment of truth. I'm tired of your nonsense, you're going to get fucked and now!”
    When she heard that Nora began to protest in earnest. “No, don't,” she said, pulling away from him. “So help me, Bob, if you try that I'll scream this house down. That's one thing I can't take.”
    “Why,” he sneered, “do you care more about your principles than my sanity?”
    “It's not that.” She faced him in all seriousness. “This goes much deeper. The guy before Harold… well, he was a real animal, a pig. He used to fuck me every time we went out. If we went to a party he'd fuck me in his car on the way to it, or on the way home. He'd fuck me at drive-in movies, behind bushes, anywhere at all. The things he did disgusted me. I learned to hate the whole miserable business of fucking. One minute of heavy breathing and painful poking… it puzzles me to think that that's supposed to make the world go round. What do people see in it? After a while of that I just developed a kind of allergy to having anything enter my body. It makes me want to throw up, scream, run away. I just get terrified.”
    Bob had backed off and listened to her with increasing sympathy. “So that's it,” he nodded. “Well, at least that makes more sense. But listen, I had my fingers up your cunt and that didn't seem to bother you at all.”
    “That's different. You're my brother and those fingers aren't a cock.”
    “A cock is thicker,” Bob shrugged. “You could overcome this hang-up in no time at all, providing you really want to.”
    “I don't see much point in it.” Nora reached for her cigarettes and lit two, handed Bob one. “I'm just as happy without that hairy pig rutting on top of me.”
    “He went for a minute and that tells me all I want to know about his lovemaking ability,” argued Bob. “If you'll give me a chance I'll show you what real fucking is-and believe me, it'll change your mind about sex.”
    “No… nothing personal, Bob, but not just yet When I get over that schmuck perhaps.”
    His ardor had faded. Nora saw it and relaxed. She lay back on her pillow and smoked in silence. Bob seemed on the point of going to bed and calling it a night. Now was my big chance. I eased my way along the branch till the window sill was within reach. “Bob!” I hissed, extending my hand. “Help me inside, will you!”
    They looked up, startled. Bob was quick to act. He leaned out of the window and helped, literally picking me up off the branch and carrying me over the gap in space. “Goddammit, Kathy,” Nora said angrily, “will you get out of this nasty habit of spying, please!”
    “I've come to help you,” I said. “I'm going to let Bob make love to me so you'll be able to see for yourself what fun it is.”
    “Oh, terrific,” she said sourly. “A private show. What is this, a hygiene class? Come on, you two, let me get some sleep.”
    “No, wait,” said Bob, giving me a secret wink, “I think Kathy has a good idea. Why don't you just watch and make up your mind that way? It won't hurt, right?”
    “I don't care what you do.” Nora was angry now and turned her back to us. “Go ahead, do what you have to do. Just leave me out of your sordid business.”
    I didn't care if she watched or not. Bob was so close to me, his hard cock pointing at my cunt with the promise of fulfillment. I sat down on his bed and looked up at him expectantly. He looked around at Nora, who ignored us as well as she could, and said: “Look at the way Kathy responds to cunt kissing, Nora, and you'll see how enjoyable it really is.”
    “For perverts like you two maybe,” Nora muttered. Bob shrugged humorously and got down on his knees between my legs. His hands moved smoothly along my thighs, sweeping the hem of my nightie up out of the way, and in the one motion he rested his face between my legs, his tongue flicking out at the over-sensitive pussy. At once my body was beset by long, thrilling impulses, lightning flashes of pleasure that reverberated through me and forced me to lie back and give him my all. That tongue of his danced and darted, lashing out at every little erogenous arsenal down there, sparking each one off before moving on to the next one and leaving me breathless, gasping, within seconds. My hands absently worked to take my nightie off but it took me ages. Finally I managed to sit up and pull it over my head, but by that time Bob wasn't concerned about any other part of me but the one he had in his mouth.
    He could take my whole cunt in his mouth or just purse his lips and tug at my clitoris. His tongue could ream up my hole, probing and ticking inside me like a frisky little cock, and it knew how to lightly brush along my labia so as to evoke the wildest urges in my flesh. How was it, I wondered vaguely, that Bob and I had been given so much in the way of sensuality, while Nora, Mum, and Dad had so little? Not enough to get them over the hurdles, anyway. I just hoped they'd find out what they were missing one day. Bob had me impaled on his tongue now, stirring me up, arousing my passions, and all I could do was tell him how good it felt. I caught a glimpse of Nora and she was watching openly. How could she resist?
    He had his hands under my cheeks now and held them well apart, opening my cunt up wide so that his tongue could dig in all the deeper. His face was buried in my cunt, the nose nuzzling my clitoris deliciously, his lizard's tongue flicking at my asshole and cunt hole in equal doses, licking and sucking at me, conducting my passions like a maestro in charge of an orchestra. He was in total control. His tongue had only to slither up my cunt to make me cry out with ecstasy and writhe from side to side. And when he made the tip of his furled tongue apply pressure on my clit I just about jack-knifed forward, desperate to stop the excruciating tickling sensation and to make sure he'd keep it up forever.
    “Tell Nora how good it is,” he said, his voice muffled by flesh and hair and wetness. “Convince her once and for all.”
    “All right,” I said shakily. With a titanic effort I raised my torso and rested back on my elbows to face Nora. She avoided looking at me but her eyes couldn't help but stray to my loins to watch Bob's efforts with something approaching envy. “It's really beautiful, Nora,” I began. Words wouldn't come. What the hell, couldn't she see how good it was? “It makes you feel like a… a victim, that's it, like your cunt rules your mind. Ooooooh Bob!” I pulled back and hissed at him with sudden tension. He'd started to work his finger into my cunt while his lips concentrated on my clitoris, and in no time at all he'd produced a burst of passion in me that I just couldn't contain. He understood. His fingers moved right up inside me and began to fuck me rapidly, but he kept away from my clitoris. “So good,” I said, falling back. “You ought to try it, Nora… oh, Jesus! Ooooh,oh, oh, oh! Bob, harder, harder, oh my God-aaaaahhh!” It felt as though his fingers were a lightning rod through which all of my emotions were discharged into the earth. For a moment I experienced a total peace, nothing left inside me; I was floating, moaning, angelic, so out of it that I didn't notice him inserting his cock.
    He was on top of me and fucking with long, regular strokes by the time I'd come to. My arms and legs were wrapped tightly around him and I couldn't stop kissing his face and neck. That old, nagging frustration from this afternoon had been largely dissipated. Bob was now in the process of creating a new lust and satisfying it. I went along with him willingly, pushing my cunt up at his marauding cock and egging him on with feverish kisses and whispered words.
    “It can't be that good,” Nora's voice cut into our passionate bubble suddenly and we did our best to ignore it. “I mean, Bob sucked my cunt too but it didn't do anything to me. Some of us have self-discipline and others of us just indulge ourselves, it seems. I don't care for this sort of thing. You two will have to learn to understand that-if you can.”
    She stood by the side of Bob's bed, dressed in her own floor-length nightie, a living monument of reproach. I wanted her to go up in a puff of smoke. Bob shared my desire. “For Chrissakes, Nora, get the fuck out of here!” he said sharply, and returned his attention to the matter in hand.
    “That's a nice way to address your sister,” said Nora, but she went back to her own bed and shut up. Bob's mighty piston started to slide in and out of my overheated, saturated pussy again, in and out with perfect assurance, his cock hard and true, his hands under my ass, his dead weight crushing down on me like one big caress. It took us little or no time to restore the delicate balance of our screw, both of us immersing ourseti in the other, and soon I'd become the sheath for his sword, nothing more, nothing less.
    But Bob had more on his mind than that. He pulled his cock out of me without warning and Lifted me up bodily to deposit me on my hands and knees on Nora's bed. She was too shocked to move out of the way. Instead she jut sat there with me straddling her prostrate form and watched wide-eyed as Bob got into position behind me and eased his cock right back up my quailing pussy again. I bent down low so I could look back through my legs and see his balls swinging back and forth with every stroke. What Nora did was her own affair.
    She took it for as long as she could, lying there with us heaving above her. Then, resolutely, she tried to wriggle out from under. Before she could get her legs out of the way, Bob pushed me down on top of her, pinning her down for the moment. Again she lay still, not at all sure of what to do in such a confronting situation. Bob kept on fucking me, his thick cock down between my closed thighs, deep into the wet, hot pit and stroking me up tremendously. My tits were on her knees with only the sheet between us. Resting my head to one side I could look right up her nightie, up where her well-protected pussy took cover in the shadows. Impulsively I reached out and caressed her thickly haired cunt. She pulled back as though she'd received an electric shock, but I'd discovered in that split second how hot and wet she really was. Her ambivalence was pretty well complete. She wanted it as desperately as she didn't want it.
    Bob pulled out again, this time to take hold of Nora and tear at her nightie with one hand. I was quick to help him, and together we tore her garment off before she could even begin to protest. As soon as she was naked and the sheet had been moved out of the way, Bob told me to get on top of her. I obeyed without hesitation. Her body stiffened as I lay on her but that was alright. Her full tits squashed into my smaller ones and her pubic bone backed off from mine until Bob got on top of me and shoved his cock rudely back into my cunt. Then the combined weight caused my bone to gnash against hers, flexing the skin of her cunt in harmony with Bob's fucking, and there was nothing she could do about it.
    “Get off me!” she hissed, real anger in her voice. “Get off before I scream!”
    “Go ahead,” I said, “scream.”
    She opened her mouth wide to let it all hang out but before a sound could emerge I pressed my mouth down over hers and kissed her passionately. That not only shut her up-it stunned her, too. She stared at me as though I'd lost my mind. And while she stared that inexorable stimulation down under kept moving ahead, slow, insidious, undermining her steely resolve without her being aware of it Bob fucked to beat the band. His cock moved back so far that it was lost in space for a second before plunging back into-me, edging me closer to my imminent climax and indirectly jerking Nora off. I loved the feel of her soft body under mine, the way her hard nipples pushed into my flesh and her pubic hair chafed against my skin. Even if she did her best to remain aloof under this pulsing, writhing mess of erotica, I knew that parts of her at least were with us all the way.
    Gradually I forgot about her. It felt as though I'd been sandwiched between two pillows of flesh with a powerful, plunging vibrator moving about in my cunt, and that all of this worked only for the sake of my pleasure. I clung to Nora and rested my face on her shoulder, sighing and squealing, moving with impatience now and then as Bob seemed to slacken. He soon speeded up to keep abreast of my demands, though. If ever a man had learned how to be a lover in a hurry, it was Bob.
    A new climax dawned on me, rising from my toes and swelling to fill my body for a brief, glorious moment. Then, as exhaustion and contentment displaced lust and frustration, I felt his cream rush up my tunnel with all the force of a firehose, burst after burst, while he fucked like a berserker, frantic to get the last licks in. And from beneath me Nora's little cries blended with his grunts and my sighs. I looked at her curiously, wondering if an emotion had befallen her. If it had she did a good job of covering it up. Her face was blank, flushed and sweaty but blank. When Bob rolled off me she tossed me off her and jumped out of the bed at once. “I won't forget this,” she said, grabbing a towel out of a drawer and wiping herself all over. “You've humiliated and exploited me, but I'll get my own back one day.”
    Bob just shook his head and staggered over to his own bed. Nora waited for me to get off, then set to straightening the sheets and wiping the spreading patch of sperm with the towel. “Disgusting!” she muttered. I figured it was time to leave.


    The following morning we heard that Dad had come home just before dawn and was in bed recovering from a monstrous hangover. Nora had left the house before breakfast to go hiking with Harold, which caused Bob and I to wonder if pony-tailed Harold would finally get his end in. Now that Nora had admitted her real reasons for embracing celibacy it seemed quite likely that she would follow through by raping hapless Harold. We wished him luck.
    Aunt Liz was in a very good mood. While Mum was upstairs plying Dad with orange juice and toast, she turned to us with glee in her eyes and, rubbing her hands, she said: “It's going to happen soon, I can feel it in my bones. This family is on the brink of a real breakthrough. Don't you think so, Kathy?”
    “It's all possible,” I said evasively.
    “Come on, you know more than you're letting on. What happened at the office yesterday? Don't tell me your dear old Dad went on a binge just for the hell of it? He hasn't been drunk since Elaine was born.”
    Bob looked at me searchingly. “Yes, what did happen at the office, Kathy?”
    “Oh, nothing.” I bent over my cereal and hoped they'd stop asking questions. Of course that only made them probe more.
    “Something must have happened,” said Bob, “for you to be so tight-lipped. The biggest gossip in the house, usually, Aunt Liz, and now she has nothing to say.”
    “Oh, leave me alone!”
    We heard the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. As one we fell silent. Mum walked into the kitchen and announced that Dad was feeling a little better.
    “If I were you I'd let him suffer,” said Aunt Liz. “It's alright for a man to get drunk but that's no reason for you to put yourself out.”
    “He's sleeping now, anyway,” said Mum. “I might go into the city for a while and shop or something. It's about time I got out of the house.”
    “That's the spirit. Hey, I might go with you. We can look up a few friends or have lunch together, how does that sound?”
    “Yes, that would be nice,” Mum said unenthusiastically.
    They left about an hour later. Aunt Liz lingered for a moment till Mum was out of the door, then she threw her car keys at Bob and said: 'Take your sister for a drive and leave your father to suffer in solitude.” She winked and disappeared.
    We gave them a few minutes to get under way, and then we hopped into Aunt Liz's car. Bob took the wheel, of course. He loved to drive. But instead of putting his all into driving, he turned to me the moment we cleared the front gate and said: “So what happened between you and Dad? Don't tell me you laid him.”
    “Not exactly,” I said hesitantly. And then, bit by bit, I told him the whole story. Bob listened intently, driving at a fast clip all the while. Now and then he shook his head and sighed, as though it was all too much for him. When the story came to an end he said: “Phew! I didn't think Dad had it in him. But he couldn't go all the way, eh? Probably afraid you'd lose respect for him. Jesus, Kathy, you're quite the little operator, aren't you? Who are you thinking of balling next, Mum?”
    “I see you're beginning to think of me like all the others,” I said angrily. “You think fucking is all I care about Well, that's not fair, Bob. I only do it with those Hove.”
    “Just kidding,” said Bob. We reached the freeway ramp and when he had nosed the big, powerful car into the mainstream of traffic he floored the accelerator, letting it have a free rein for a minute or so till the bulk of traffic was behind us. “Anyway, I understand now why he went on a drunk last night You must have blown his mind for him.”
    “And that isn't all,” I said with a reminiscent smile.
    “Yeah… but listen, it's about time we coordinated matters a little in this family. Since you've come home you've turned Elaine into a lesbian by the looks of it we've alienated Nora, driven Dad around the bend, and brought the beast out of Aunt Liz. God only knows what Mum is going through at the moment.”
    “Speaking of Mums,” she said, pointing ahead, “there they are, tooling along the freeway. Why don't you just drop back a little and follow them.”
    “What for? Let them have their day on the town and well go some place private to fuck up a storm.”
    “Later-right now I want to check something.” It was just a hunch, as they say in detective stories. A few small points hadn't gelled with me over the past few days. Mum seemed too complacent, and things were happening that had to have a cause, a prime mover… yet they had been made to look like circumstantial little events. Why? I had no idea. I just had a feeling that Mum and Aunt Liz weren't going shopping, and that it was important for us to know what they were about to do.
    Bob hung back far enough to remain undiscovered. They were talking, anyway. Mum and her sister always had plenty to say to each other in spite of having lived close to each other ever since they'd moved out of their parental home. They made a turn just within the outskirts of town and headed toward one of the better neighborhoods in the area. It became harder to tail them and if they hadn't been so talkative they would surely have spotted Aunt Liz's conspicuous car. At last Mum pulled over in front of a neat suburban home insulated from the street by a high hedge and a number of small trees. Both women got out of the car and walked up to the front door.
    “See?” said Bob. “They're just going to visit old friends. Now what did you want to know that for?”
    “Let's just check.” He shrugged and parked the car around the corner. We walked warily towards the house, looking around to make sure no one was watching us. Everything was dead quiet, clean and orderly, curtains before all windows-but surely there'd be an old biddy to peer out through the lace, a hand on the hot line to the police station. I figured it was worth the risk.
    Bob hung back while I peaked through the front windows. Nothing. Just a nice, neat living room. We went around to the side and found even less. Bob began to motion me to come back to the car and let the matter slide. I was determined to find out what was going on in that quiet house. The rear windows told me nothing either. They had to be upstairs. That in itself was odd.
    “Let's go!” Bob whispered. He hated sneaky operations. I shook my head and he told me he'd wait for me in the car. That was fine with me. When he'd gone I went around the house once more, this time testing the doors. The back door was open. I removed my shoes and walked barefoot into the house. From upstairs came the sound of laughter-either Aunt Liz's or Mum's. I could hear my heart thumping wildly. This was turning into a real caper!
    Up the stairs, terrified every step of the way. At the end of a short corridor the laughter was loudest. A door was slightly ajar. I came as close as I dared and, pressed hard against the wall, I looked in. Mum was in a chair, her legs crossed, a drink in her hand-and she had her eyes on me. “Come in, Kathy,” she said pleasantly. Aunt Liz opened the door the rest of the way and I walked in, feeling flushed and stupid. When I sat down I found we weren't alone. Two men sat on a couch facing Mum and Aunt Liz, big, muscular, swarthy men who seemed most amused.
    “This my daughter, Kathy,” said Mum, “and this is Harry, and that handsome brute next to him is Carl.” We nodded at each other and then I turned to Mum to see what all this meant. “Carl has been my lover for quite a while,” said Mum in reply to my silent question. “And Harry helps him out sometimes. Your aunt and I come here regularly. In fact, you might say we're their best customers, isn't that right, boys?”
    “Yes indeed,” nodded Carl.
    “Customers?” My head felt very fuzzy at that moment This wasn't the mother I knew! Mum actually seemed urbane and swinging, sitting there holding her fancy drink and talking about lovers. What had happened to the zombie?
    “Carl and Harry make a Irving out of filling in the gaps left by busy husbands,” Aunt Liz explained. “Really, it doesn't cost much more than a reasonable session at the beauty parlor, so it's well worth it. And when you pay for something, you get exactly what you want-an inestimable advantage, you see?”
    “I didn't think you would have to pay for it, either of you,” I said lamely.
    “Take my word for it, my dear,” said Mum, “it works out far better this way. Saves me having to sit in bars day in, day out.”
    That put the finishing touches to my trauma. I just couldn't picture Mum sitting in a bar asking for a match from oily strangers. “Well, well,” I said finally, “and I thought you'd given up on sex long ago.”
    “Not me, Kathy, but your father did-ten years ago, as a matter of fact.”
    “Ten years ago? Why does that seem to make sense to me?”
    “Because that's when you did something to him that made him long for other kinds of sex, the kinds I couldn't give.” There wasn't a trace of bitterness in Mum's voice as she said it. She knew that my seven-year-old's mind hadn't been able to grasp the implications of sitting with my naked little pussy on Dad's erect cock. “Yes,” she went on, “that's what did it As a result I had to find my pleasure elsewhere. Liz has been a big help to me in that field because she knows it backwards. Thanks to her I found Carl and Harry.”
    The two men just lounged back, sipping from their drinks at infrequent intervals. They were listening, yet they seemed far away. Both of them were so handsome, so strong-one look at them made me aware of what Mum liked about them.
    “And it was your aunt who suggested a possible remedy to the situation at home,” said Mum. “When you were due to come back from school she said it might be possible to get Dad over his incestuous desires simply by satisfying them.”
    “Aha!” I said. Now the pieces all fell into place. “So it was you who arranged for Aunt Liz to babysit Bob and me, right?”
    “Of course. And I asked her to move in with us as a sort of agent provocateur. Not only that, but guess who persuaded your father's secretary to take a day off?”
    “You? Jesus, Mum, that was a stroke of genius.”
    “Was it? Then tell me how it worked out,” I had to go through the story again. Mum and Aunt Liz were a captive audience. Not a detail could be bypassed. When they heard how he'd gone along with the seduction, they beamed openly. But then I got to the part where he'd chickened out and their faces fell. “Damn!” said Mum. “I was sure he'd go all the way!”
    “Seems like your old man has real problems, baby,” said Carl.
    “Shut up, Carl,” Mum snapped back. “This is beyond your ken.”
    “Sorry.” He got up and made drinks for everyone, then passed them around on a tray. Mum took one without blinking, or thanking him. The room fell silent for several minutes. She and Aunt Liz were lost in thought looking for a way to get Dad to cross the bridge.
    “He's hopeless alright,” said Mum suddenly. She lifted her glass and toasted each one of us. “Still, he's only human. Another good push ought to do the trick.”
    “Wait a minute,” I said, getting to my feet. “I'm doing my best to work all this out… am I to understand that your plan was to plunge the whole family into incest just to help Dad get over his problems?”
    “Roughly speaking, yes.”
    “Isn't that a little…” I couldn't find the word.
    “Precipitate? Oh, probably,” said Mum. “I thought it was a good idea at the time, though, and still do. It's not only our sex lives that are at stake, you see, but the family itself. There's too much distance between all of us and I've grown tired of that. Perhaps sex will reunite us.”
    “Boy,” I said, “that's really knocked me for a homer. It's like I never knew you! But I love your plan, Mum.”
    “Good.” She downed her drink and slapped the glass down on the table as if to signify that the time for talking was over. Carl got up at once and approached her, a querying look on his face. “Yes, I'd say it was time,” she told him.
    He took off his shirt and exposed his bronzed, muscular torso to her, pausing for a moment to make his biceps ripple suggestively. I shivered suddenly. The look in Mum's eyes was different from anything I'd ever seen there before… a sort of naked lust appeared, unabashed, the look of a woman who knows exactly what she wants and has had it many times. She leaned back in her chair, recrossing her legs with bravado, and held her glass up for him to get a refill. Carl took it over to the buffet, walking like a cat, his muscles rippling harmoniously along his powerful back. He did it deliberately, I could tell that. But it still thrilled me to watch him. I could just imagine him putting all that strength into fucking me-such a powerhouse!
    He handed Mum her drink, lit a cigarette for her, then knelt down before her and began to caress one of her knees. She just sipped and smoked, gazing up toward the ceiling as though she was all by herself. Harry sat with his arms folded waiting for his cue. And Aunt Liz moved her chair closer to mine to watch the show.
    The room fell silent Only the whisking sound of Carl's hands running over Mum's nylons could be heard. His hands were advancing along her thighs but very carefully, inch by inch; and when he moved up too far too soon Mum leaned down and slapped his wrists severely. “Take your time!” she said. Carl retreated to her knees, bending his head ruefully. Slowly, ever so slowly, his big strong hands began the journey up her thighs once more, caressing and kneading, working into Mum's ample flesh, moving her dress out of the way at the same time. I pinched myself to make sure I was fully awake. She was so cool, so controlled! Where had the domestic drudge gone?
    Carl's hands had disappeared under her skirt I figured he had to be feeling up her pussy but it was hard to be sure. Mum's face gave no indication of anything. He began to kiss her knees, looking somewhat abject in that position. Nonchalantly, Mum uncrossed her legs and set both feet down on the ground with quite a bit of space between them In spite of this lascivious position, she remained aloof. She extinguished her cigarette and snapped her fingers at Harry, who hurried over to light another one for her. Instead of returning to the couch, though, he remained standing by her side. And Mum, with all the ease of a housewife checking the texture of a cucumber, reached out and fondled his balls through his pants.
    I looked over at Aunt Liz, but she gave me no comfort. She sat forward, her elbows on her knees, her face resting on her hands, completely absorbed in the low-key ceremony. Carl had his head under Mum's dress now and was moving right along. The bulge under her dress moved from side to side, approaching her crotch with steady sureness, and Mum just sat there smoking and fondling, her eyes half-closed as though she was dozing off.
    As though a signal had been given, Harry and Carl suddenly changed position. They stood at either side of her and helped her up out of her chair. Mum stood up straight and allowed them to undress her. They worked quickly and deftly, undoing the buttons and zips, letting the dress slide down to around her ankles and pulling it away as she lifted her feet, folding it neatly over a nearby chair, and returning for her undergarments. Mum looked so good to me at that moment. In the curtain-filtered daylight her sensual body took on soft shades that emphasized her sexuality, the very aspect of her that I'd forgotten about Now I saw how she and her sister were very much alike, physically and mentally. In this erotic situation Mum carried herself with imperturbable poise. It was her territory, her specialty.
    Harry unsnapped the catches of her bra and Carl took the garment by the cups and removed it reverently. Her tits sagged slightly under their own weight but they still had an upward slope to them and the nipples were hard and proud. Like her sister, Mum had put on a few extra pounds-but in all the right places. Her panties bulged with good solid meat rounded and one hundred percent woman! It became more difficult for me to sit still. The tight trousers of the men couldn't conceal their large erections, and, as if that wasn't exciting enough, Carl pressed his loins hard against Mum's ass and moved into her most suggestively.
    Now Harry came around to the front and knelt down in front of Mum. His hands moved to the waistband of her panties and slowly his fingers curled over it to begin edging it down over her ass. Carl got down on his knees behind her and did the same. The tension in the room became almost palpable. I reached over to Aunt Liz and took hold of her hand, my eyes fixed on the scene before me. Mum seemed oblivious to it all. She smoked her cigarette and gazed out of the window as if admiring the garden. Her panties came down over the protruding buttocks and with a small groan Carl pressed his face against the beginning of her furrow to lavish it with kisses. Harry did the same to her belly, and when the first pubic hairs came into view he plucked at them with his lips. How could Mum stand it all? If I'd been her I would have crashed to the floor and begged them to fuck me! Aunt Liz's hand squeezed mine painfully. I looked at her and saw the first beads of sweat emerge from her brow. She chewed on her bottom Hp and her free hand moved nervously over her bosom. She caught my eye and motioned for me to come sit with her. I perched on her lap, leaning back with my head on her shoulder to make sure I wouldn't block her vision. Then the two of us returned our attention to Mum.
    The panties were so far down that most of her pubic bush was showing. Both men nuzzled and licked, their hands moving the panties out of the way at snail's pace. Carl ran his tongue down her furrow over and over, lingering at the bottom only to go back up. And Harry sucked at her cunt, bringing out so much wetness that pretty soon her hair became matted and lay back like it was pomaded. The panties went down around her knees and that's where they stopped. Both men seized her by the ass and thighs and began to lick her in all seriousness. Mum showed the first sign of strain. When she took a drag on her cigarette her hand trembled noticeably. And her legs seemed to have less of a grip on the floor. She managed to drop the butt into the ashtray just in time to grab Harry's shoulders and support herself on him. That was the signal for the two men to take over completely.
    With a quick motion of his hand, Harry tore the panties off her legs and threw them away over his shoulder. Then, seizing her ankles, he tipped her backwards and Carl caught her by the waist, laying her back so that her shoulders rested on the chair. Mum clung to the armrests as best she could, her head turning from side to side as the men dug in. Her legs were supported by Harry's shoulders and he had his face deep into her cunt, while his hands held her ass cheeks far apart so that Carl could titillate her asshole to the maximum. It was a wonderful sight, embellished considerably by Aunt Liz who'd managed to get her hand up my dress and her finger into my pussy without me noticing it. Only when she began to finger-fuck me did it penetrate.
    One by one the men stood up and devoted some time to Mum's tits. They looked very appetizing, so big and soft, rolled back towards her armpits because her body was in such a curious position. Either Carl or Harry would desert his post for a few minutes just to nibble on her hard nipples, and to suck loudly like big babies, which drove Mum around the bend over and over. But then it was back to analingus or cunnilingus, certainly her super-favorite.
    I lay in Aunt Liz's arms, powerless to do anything but watch and let her have her way with me. My panties were off, my dress was up around my waist, with one of her hands setting my cunt on fire, the other mauling my tits. It was a total experience for me, comparable only to fucking while watching a porno show. Mum had abandoned her cool front entirely. She rolled about and yelled out loud, her voice hoarse with passion. Each time she moved her tits ran from side to side and her loins quivered with especial zeal, which encouraged the men to throw themselves into their work with even more verve. Wet smacks resounded through the room, greedy slurps, hard breathing, raunchy hot noises of passion that added fuel to my bonfires! I twisted about in Aunt Liz's arms, demanding more from her flying fingers than she could possibly give me. In the end I reached down and began to rub my cunt with both hands in a paroxysm of frustration. It was getting too wet and too wild for me-and for Mum too. She went from squeals to grunts, and the men had trouble keeping their mouths to her orifices. And just when it looked as though the two of us were going to suffer forever, we came as one, crying out like great sighs of relief, and going marvelously limp all of a sudden.
    Mum recovered long before I did. While I reclined in Aunt Liz's arms, she scrambled to her feet and ordered the men to stand side by side and perfectly still. They obeyed with a gleam of anticipation in their eyes. This time she was the one who got down on her knees and unpeeled her men. She worked quickly, though, not one to waste time getting at their sizeable goodies. How erect they were! I stirred faintly to get a better look as their giant dorks appeared out of their tight pants. With such talents it was only right that they made a profession out of fucking, I thought Mum worked hard to get their trouser legs all the way down, bent over with her big ass towards and her pussy peeping through her thighs as she went right to the floor to help them step out. If only Dad could see this, I thought with a grin. He would surely change his mind about life itself!
    Now the two men were naked and Mum sat on her knees before them, the two big pricks at eye level with her. She reached out and placed a hand on each of their narrow asses. Then she leaned forward and took the first cock into her mouth. Aunt Liz and I changed seats so we'd be able to see how she was doing. To my amazement she'd managed to swallow every last inch of his dick, and without effort! Carl, whose cock was buried in her face, looked very pleased. He leaned back against the table and just caressed Mum's dark curls as he let her lead him on into the land of pleasure. Harry waited impatiently for his turn to come.
    “Let's undress, honey,” Aunt Liz whispered. “I've got a feeling that some of this action is going to come our way soon.”
    “In that case, let's.” I nodded, heartily endorsing her idea. When we were both naked we sat down on the floor near Mum to get the same angle on their dicks as she enjoyed. From there they looked all the more massive, great brown cocks underslung by a long sack holding two heavy balls. Their curly pubic hair had been especially trimmed, probably to make their cocks seem longer, though I didn't think that was necessary.
    Mum switched over to Harry, licking his cock all over before swallowing him whole. Harry wavered for a moment, his hands reaching out blindly to look for support. Fortunately Carl helped him or he might have fallen to the floor. I could only begin to guess what Mum was giving him with her mouth-what was clear, though, was that she could teach me a lot.
    She moved back and forth between the two prize pricks, sucking and licking, taking their balls into her mouth, and just indulging every whim that came to her mind. Her nimble fingers caressed their muscular thighs, ran through the bushy tract of hair below their balls, and idly toyed with their assholes till they could hardly stand up any longer. She made no move to share the spoils with us, even though we were sitting right beside her dying for a bite. This was her party.
    “Now then, boys,” she said when she'd eaten her fill, “let's do the double-barreled trick for my daughter so she can see what you're best at.”
    The men nodded and helped Mum to her feet Carl got behind her again, rubbing his wet erect cock against her furrow, and Harry stood in front of her holding his cock out as if for inspection. Mum leaned back against Carl and parted her legs as wide as she possibly could. Although her eyes were on me I got the impression she saw nothing at that moment Her face was hectically flushed, her breathing rapid and shallow. I soon found out what she was so excited about.
    Carl fiddled around with her cunt and it looked to me as though he spread her juices about. When he satisfied himself that she was ready, he parted her cheeks and looked down to guide his cock right up her asshole. I couldn't believe my eyes! In my own tiny asshole I could feel sympathetic pains already. How on earth was Mum going to put up with such brutality.
    But Mum closed her eyes and let her mouth go slack as the pleasure of backdoor fucking suffused her system. Harry waited till Carl had worked his cock right up her ass, then bent his knees slightly and poked his own cock up her cunt. It seemed to be a tight fit. Both men did their best to coordinate the cramming process, and turned an apoplectic red. Carl had to withdraw quite a way before Harry managed to get his big cock up her. Then, stroking in harmony, the men began to fuck Mum in a way that I found indescribably exciting. Aunt Liz and I helped each other with a fit of mutual masturbation, but neither of us could help but envy Mum for the potent double pounding she was receiving. As Carl and Harry fucked her she turned into a limp piece of meat with two hot holes in it, supported only by her sandwiching lovers. They didn't seem to care about her condition, only the process of fucking. Their arm muscles bulged and their veins stood out throbbingly as they drove their cocks into the sagging woman who needed their support as well. Mum had her mouth open as if she meant to scream but nothing came out. She was riding the tidal wave to bliss.
    I kept changing positions to get a better look at what was going on over my head. Those two thick stalks reamed in and out of her holes in opposite time-when one pushed up the other moved back and so on, fucking her with brutal efficacy. A smell of sweat and cunt intoxicated me all the more and drew me closer. I could hardly wait for them to blow their wads so I could get a part of the action. Aunt Liz was on her back, her legs high up into the air and both hands digging into her big wet pussy, a helpless victim of her own lustfulness. But I took it easy on myself. I knew what I wanted.
    Since Mum's asshole was probably a lot tighter than her cunt, it didn't surprise me that Carl blew first. I was practically between her legs before he could shoot And when he did I pushed him out of the way and neatly caught the first globules of sperm as they cascaded out of her asshole. My eyes kept a check on Harry, too, and yet I was able to close my fist around Carl's cock to keep it close so I could suck the rest of his sperm out of him when it welled up to the top. I didn't care about manners anymore. My appetite had been whetted by a continuous show and this was all I could get a hold of for the time being. I heard Harry begin to moan jerkily and knew his time was drawing to an end. With a few last licks I ensured that there was no more to be had from either her asshole or Carl's cock, after which I moved my face very close to where Harry penetrated my mother. Juices spattered my face each time he thrust his dick up her and his balls hit my chin when I came too close. I was where it was at. If I'd been getting fucked myself I couldn't have been more involved with it. Not long now-he started to fuck faster and Mum sounded like a steam train ascending a steep slope. Slogging now, his big cock riding in and out of her all the way, and then he shoved it right up her and his loins kept pushing it in and in and in so his bone bashed against hers. There it came, the first load, long, thick drops oozing out of her cunt and dropping right down on my tongue, all hot and creamy, mixed with Mum's tart juices for extra flavor. I sucked at the joint of their union, drawing it down as soon as it emerged from his throbbing cock. And when he withdrew a small avalanche of the stuff drooled into my mouth, fulfilling at least that aspect of my terrible lust.
    Mum lowered herself gingerly to the floor, taking care not to sit on me, and then let herself fall back to rest up. Her chest heaved violently, and from her holes came the last of the sperm. But I let it drip into the carpet. I lay with my head on her lap so that her pubic hair brushed against my cheek, and closed my eyes. It felt so good to be in touch with her. She caressed my hair and brow restfully. For the first time in years I felt real love for my mother.
    Aunt Liz had managed to get both Carl's and Harry's cock into her mouth at once, sucking the limpness out of them and making them as hard as ever again. She took her time about it, obviously relishing the sensation of so much male virility in her mouth, but eventually the cocks grew too big for her to contain them any longer.
    “Carl,” said my mother in an authoritative voice, “do my daughter, would you?” It was as though we were at the beauty parlor and she was telling Percy to do my hair! But then, as she'd said herself, it cost about the same. I felt a pair of hands turn me over on my back and wrap my legs around Carl's waist. I didn't want to open my eyes. Mum's thighs supported my back, her crotch formed a pillow for my head, everything was peaceful and lovely, and if Carl wanted to fuck me he could, I didn't mind.
    His knob touched down on my cunt and for a moment I stiffened, wary of the pain of entry. But he was a real professional. His cock picked up on the moisture at the mouth of my cunt and spread it around evenly before coming in any further. I relaxed completely now, which made it all the easier for him to enter me. Smoothly, softly, his big rod slid into my body and began to wreak havoc there.
    From the other side of the room I could hear Aunt Liz getting hers from Harry. She threw herself into it like a randy cow, moaning and grunting. I could see her out of the corner of my eye, fucking Harry as hard as he fucked her. And all the while Carl plied me with his wonderful cock, blasting my innards, setting fire to my blood, and displacing my tranquility with sheer horny licentiousness.
    “Isn't that lovely?” Mum murmured, still stroking my hair. “Don't you just love it? It makes life worth living, doesn't it?” I nodded but it was impossible to talk. Carl stirred up my passions to the point at which it was hard to breathe. And each time my lungs prepared to try for a refill he touched down on some other little arsenal of pleasure, which would cause me to defer breathing a little longer. He was good, very good, not too personal, but a real wizard when it came to keeping a woman on her toes all the way to her climax. He pushed me into one after the other, all of them leading up to the major one. I barely noticed when Mum moved away from me. And the sounds behind me didn't register. Not till Carl had finished his little job.
    As I lay there gasping like a fish out of water, it struck me that someone was fucking Mum. When Carl pulled out I managed to roll over and check it out Mum was on her hands and knees, hissing and squealing, lost in her passions. And behind her, ramming his cock up her as hard as he could, was brother Bob.


    Bob looked like an attacking tiger and Mum was the hapless mare. His muscles bulged tensely as he hunched over her and drove his dick into her pussy as though it was an avenging weapon. He bit at her neck and there were white patches wherever his fingers dug into her flesh. Air rasped through his throat and sweat poured off him as he strove to satisfy his lust in one slam-bam fuck. As for Mum, she was crying out in ecstasy and anguish. She could hardly remain upright. Her head was down on her folded arms and her ass was up in the air, but she swayed precipitously with every mighty thrust.
    We all sat around in silence to watch this event, the starring bout, the main feature. It was so obvious that for Bob this was a long-nurtured dream come true. His face was twisted in an expression of total concentration, biting his tongue, pushing, panting, his long dark hair matted to his skull with sweat. It was the kind of fuck that made us all quiver with empathy. Both of them were putting their all into it, pent-up, long-suppressed passions exploding into fully fledged orgasms. It had to happen-Mum crashed to the floor but Bob rode her down and continued to plow into her with unabated fervor. His mouth was wide open and biting into her neck not far from the jugular but it didn't seem to bother Mum. She just kept on bucking under him, gibbering and flailing her arms on the floor. Only when he was on the verge of blowing did she collect herself a little, just enough to reach back and hold his ass down tight to make sure his sperm would hit the mark.
    A primitive roar rose from his belly as he fucked harder to deliver his load, and he kept yelling till his motions had subsided to a mere twitching. Then silence fell over the room. Mum lay crushed under his weight, crying and laughing softly. Bob appeared to be asleep.
    “That was very romantic,” Aunt Liz said with a stab at irony. “Now come on you two, stop playing dead and let's get some talking done.”
    “Yes, yes,” Mum sighed. It took her a while to get around to budging. When Bob wouldn't get off her she rolled him off and tiredly got to her feet. “Yes,” she repeated, “I suppose it is time to get some talking done.”
    At first I thought it was very uncouth of Aunt Liz to disturb their post-coital bliss that way. But then, as I thought about it some more, I realized she was trying to lance the situation, to let out the oedipal seriousness of it all. And it worked. Before long Mum and Bob were seated with some distance between them, both of them smoking casually, acting as though theirs had been just another affair.
    “Since this doesn't appertain to you two, would you mind fixing us a pot of coffee, please?” Harry and Carl nodded and left the room. Aunt Liz turned to us and began to speak quickly: “We've got to see our situation for what it is. If we can persuade your uptight husband and his daughter to join in with our merriments, there'll be an end to all the little problems we've had. If we fail to induce them to drop their defenses, could we overcome them by force of numbers? I personally don't think so. Not unless you want them to stop loving you.
    Therefore we must formulate a plan of attack. Somehow they must be relaxed, put at ease, lulled into a false sense of security and then-BAM! Right in the pants! The question is: how do we do it?”
    “Rape?” said Bob facetiously. “That's all that'll get to Nora, I can tell yon that.”
    “No, no,” said Mum, “we must be subtle about this. We could get them drunk and take advantage of them.”
    “The point is: would they remember it the following day,” said Aunt Liz. “I'm afraid none of these ideas is worth a cracker. What about you, Kathy, you're looking very thoughtful there.”
    “I am thoughtful, actually,” I said. “I figured that, since they're afraid to go into new areas of experience they will resist all but the most overpowering kind of persuasion. You see, when I didn't know any better I had to be coerced into doing that which I really wanted to do. At school it was called initiation.” I told them about the whole process, including the promise exacted from the victim to lay absolutely still. They listened with great interest. “In unity lies strength,” I concluded. “If we catch them off-guard and all work them over they won't be able to resist-and before you know it they'll have forgotten all about their hang-ups.”
    “It sounds splendid to me,” said Aunt Liz, and Mum nodded emphatically.
    “I'll go along with that,” said Bob. “I only have one question. What about Elaine?”
    “We'll include her but we must try to get her to sample the other side of sex,” I said.
    After more deliberation we decided our plan was as refined as it would ever be. We dressed, Mum and Aunt Liz paid Carl and Harry, and we set off in our respective cars to spend the rest of the day doing what we'd originally planned to do. Bob and I ended up doing very little of anything. With the sexual extravaganza in store for us, we thought it prudent to save our energies, especially Bob who'd been quite reckless with his. “You'll never know how I felt when I walked into that room and saw all you guys fucking and Mum naked,” he said with a wry grin as we drove along the freeway. “I mean, I'd only come back to see if you were alright and wow! I found a sexual smorgasbord instead!”
    “How long have you lusted after Mum?” I asked him.
    “I never knew that I had any feelings for her at all,” he shrugged. “But when I saw her there everything just went crazy inside of me. And then she got down on her hands and knees and poked her ass up at me, and that was it. I was out of my clothes in a flash and the next thing I knew I was coming into her like I'd sprung a leak! You should have seen her, Kathy, sitting in that position, looking back at me with a coy expression in her eyes-God she looked beautiful to me! Just thinking about her is making me horny.”
    “Save it for where it'll do the most good,” I suggested.
    “Yeah, right.” He swung the car off the freeway and headed for the lake. “A swim will take the lead out of my pencil.”
    “Like it did the last time?”
    He just grinned and kept driving. We managed to restrain ourselves with difficulty at the lake. Several times I began to blow him, only to stop halfway and then we had to dive back into the cool waters to let him calm down. If it hadn't been for such a good cause we could never have done it.
    Dad came home tipsy. He didn't even bother to eat his dinner, just went right up to bed and crashed. That left us conspirators in the living room with Nora, and Harold who was over for dinner that evening.
    Harold looked as silly and ineffectual as ever. Obviously Nora had not put out for him and never would. She found it difficult to talk to Bob and I, and devoted an exaggerated amount of energy to her conversation with Elaine. The rest of us hung back to wait for Harold to go home. He had no part in our plans. Only Harold didn't know we had plans. I could see Aunt Liz growing impatient with this temporary stalemate.
    “Are you still going to school, Harold?” she asked suddenly.
    “Yes, to graduate school,” he replied. “And don't they give you homework to do at that place?”
    “Homework?” He smiled superciliously and shook his head. “No, once you leave high school that becomes a thing of the past.”
    “How unfortunate,” said Aunt Liz with a cutting edge to her voice. “I did so want you to go home now and I have to be rude about asking you.”
    Harold turned to Nora and she turned on us: “Aunt Liz, please!” she cried. “Harold is my friend and he's here on my behalf. I don't know why you'd want to be rude to him but I do know who put you up to it.” Bob and I were treated to accusing glances.
    “She didn't mean to be rude,” Mum said soothingly. “What she wanted to say was that we're about to have a family meeting and Harold would only be bored by that.”
    “Ah,” said Harold, taking the cue while he had one, “in that case I'll take my leave.”
    Nora was still angry with Aunt Liz when she came back from seeing Harold out. But before she could say anything, Mum intervened once more: “We have a problem, Nora, and we want you to help us with it I know this cuts into your time but it's too pressing to delay. I'm sure you understand.” And Nora, in spite of her bad mood, nodded and said she'd like to help.
    “Well, it's a woman's matter but Bob's one of the family so he won't mind hearing this. We figured that you, having been to so many feminist meetings, would know all about those examinations you can perform on yourself for cancer of the cervix. Could you show us how it's done?”
    “Oh sure,” said Nora, her face breaking into a broad smile. “I'd be glad to. I'll just get the things I need.” She came back soon after with rubber gloves, a mirror, and a torch, and proceeded to take her jeans off. She wore no panties underneath, which surprised me. Then she lay on the couch and rested one of her legs over the back, the other by the side of it. “There's really nothing to it,” she said as she pulled the gloves on and cleaned the surface of the mirror. “The only professional piece of equipment you need is a speculum like this one.” She took it out of a plastic bag and inserted it into her hairy pussy. “It feels rather nice and it holds open the walls of your vagina and the cervix, so that all you have to do to look inside is to throw some light on the subject and check it out in the mirror.”
    We bent over to look. Elaine was particularly curious and stared up into the lit vagina with all the avid-ness of a bull dyke. Mum looked at her strangely for a moment, shook her head, and turned her attention to Nora: “And breast cancer, how can that be found?” she asked.
    “Oh, that's very easy.” Nora lifted up slightly and slipped out of her shirt. She looked very fetching in that position, with the speculum sticking out of her open pussy and her full breasts on display. All of us crowded around her and watched as she began to squeeze her tits. “You just squeeze and tap to see if there are any lumps in the flesh,” she said. The lecture went on for some time, with Nora squeezing and tapping and talking about the feminist ramifications of medical self-help which interested no one. I moved down to check the speculum out and the more I looked at it the more it resembled a tool of pleasure rather than one of medicine to me. I wondered if it could not stir Nora up. It stirred me up just to look at it, but then everything like that did. The nozzle of my douche bag, gynecological examinations, rough towels, toilet paper-and surely Nora wasn't constitutionally different from me?
    I took the implement by the tip and moved it around just a little, not enough to alarm Nora. She was lecturing to her heart's content, and Mum and Aunt Liz were squeezing her tit to double-check. I became a bit bolder, moving the instrument in and out, slowly finding the right beat, and then maintaining it. Nora became less comfortable but she was still too busy to take any notice of what I was doing.
    Elaine stood next to me and watched with wide open eyes, leaning over to shine the flash light up her. It seemed to intrigue her greatly. Suddenly she dropped the flashlight and took off her clothes. “Let me see myself,” she whispered, lying back on the floor and holding her hand out to me to get the speculum. I had to make a quick switch. While Nora was too occupied to notice what I was doing, I whipped the speculum out of her cunt and inserted my index finger instead. Elaine was soon absorbed by the interior panorama of her cunt. Not long after she dropped the flashlight and the mirror and put the speculum to its other use.
    “I must check my tits,” said Aunt Liz. “This is so exciting, Nora, learning all this stuff. What did you say I had to do to myself?”
    “You-have to palpate your breasts,” said Nora. She still didn't see that I had my finger up her to the knuckle. And while she didn't see it, I was more than happy to kneel down beside the couch and keep on shoving my finger up that wet, smooth cave, in and out, the ball of my thumb pressing against her labia just where her clitoris was in hiding.
    “Palpate,” said Aunt Liz, nodding at Mum with all the glee of a newly enlightened one. “Let's see if I can do that.” She let her dress fall to the floor, took off her bra, and then, as if it was necessary, she slipped out of her panties too. With both hands squeezing her big tits she leaned down over Nora and asked: “Like this, honey?”
    “That's right.”
    “I'd better try that out, too,” said Mum, and stripped to the buff too. At this point Nora started to smell a plot. She began to look around the room and noticed that Bob was naked and perched on the back of the chair behind her, slowly tugging at his erect cock. She noticed that Elaine lay on the floor with the speculum going in and out of her downy little cunt. And she couldn't help notice that Mum and Aunt Liz were towering over her, naked, their big tits dangling inches above her face. I was the only one still dressed-but I had my finger up her cunt.
    “What's going on here?” she asked bewilderedly, looking at Mum. “Are you sure you only wanted to know about self-examinations?”
    “Just relax, darling,” said Mum. Nora couldn't. But just as she was about to get up, all of the stimulating I'd done backed up on her, and a wave of pleasure seemed to strike her down. As one Mum and Aunt Liz pounced on her from either side of the couch. A tit each was their due. They bent over and began to suck on her nipples with the expertise of women who knew what it is to be loved thoroughly. Nora couldn't resist. I added a finger to my sticky index and then another, stretching her cunt and making it wet very quickly.
    Even Elaine joined in. She laid the speculum aside for later on. Since Mum and Aunt Liz occupied Nora's tits and I hogged her cunt, Elaine did the sensible thing and took her older sister's feet. As soon as the little girl closed her hands around Nora's feet and started to suck on her big toe, an amazing transformation came over Nora. Before that moment she'd been tepidly responding to the multitude of caresses. After it she became a regular wanton, groaning and begging for more! None of us could believe it but there was the evidence right before our eyes. Nora had been broken.
    “Don't stop!” she cried, her body pulsating beneath our hands and mouth. “Oh, Elaine, that feels so nice, give it to me more, take it all into your mouth. Oh Jesus, that's beautiful!” Elaine was as stunned as we were but it took her no time to catch on to Nora's needs. She sucked at all of her toes in turn, spiraling her tongue about them and working the tip in between, running back and forth till Nora had been reduced to a quivering organism of ecstasy. And then, partly inspired, partly driven, the slender, elegant young girl stood up and carefully lowered her cunt over Nora's left big toe. That did it. Hoarse yells announced a wild chain of orgasms, all of her savings going up in one fine binge. And right in the middle of this, Bob bounded off his chair and sprang on top of his older sister, a tiger once more.
    His cock slipped up her as though her cunt had sucked it in. Nora wrapped herself around him and jolted her loins against his, suddenly insatiable. Aunt Liz, Mum, and I had been pushed out of the way and now had nothing to do but watch Bob and Elaine take Nora up the various stairways to heaven. Perhaps this was the time to start work on Elaine. I motioned Mum and Aunt Liz to follow my lead, and snuck up behind Elaine. She was on her knees, her arms resting on the couch as she plied Nora's toes with the best. I lay on my back and began to finger her chubby little cunt, Aunt Liz squeezed her titless nipples, and Mum, in a surprise move, managed to offer her big cunt to Elaine. She promptly pressed her face hard against and began to eat it like a pig with a trough full of truffles. This wasn't doing Elaine's lesbian leanings much good, but it was only the first phase of the plan.
    By the time Nora reached a definitive climax, Elaine was so hot and bothered that she didn't know where she was. She still sucked at her sister's toes and she still licked Mum's cunt, but I doubted that she had any control over her behaviour anymore. Large drops of pale fluid fell on my chin and chest, dripping down from her little cunt. Her lithe loins broke out in staccato bursts now and then. And after some time of this one of her hands reached back and began to finger herself. She was desperate.
    Bob was resting on top of Nora, getting his breath back before beginning the second round. He looked up with glazed eyes when Mum tugged at his arm. She hissed something at him and he became alert at once. He dismounted and walked around to Elaine, seizing her waist with both hands, and then brought her ass up to the level of his throbbing, oily cock. The big dagger sank an inch or so into Elaine's virgin cunt and stopped. He drew back and tried again. She put up a stubborn if unwitting resistance. Bob worked his knob around the entrance briefly, then thrust down again. This time it slid inside up to the hairy hilt of his outsized cock. And. Elaine responded with a loud cry of pain, a cry that soared up high, then broke into a sob. Bob kept right on going. He knew what virgins wanted, this time around.
    While he fucked her I got out of my clothes and joined Mum and Aunt Liz in titillating Nora to within an inch of another climax. Nora had surrendered completely now. Anything and everything that happened on or in her was alright with her. And so we tickled and stroked, licked and sucked, all taking turns at her deliciously sapid snatch, her firm, springy tits, all of us egged on by Elaine's silvery cries.
    Bob did his best to fuck Elaine into a state of self-forgetfulness, but the edge had been worn off his lust. When he blew he left her edgy and restless. Aunt Liz and Mum saw the problem right away. They took her aside, sitting her down on the couch, and got on either side of her to begin masturbating her quickly and expertly to bring her undone in no time at all Elaine heaved a deep sigh of relief and leaned against her mother's shoulder. It was then, while resting against the bare shoulder, that it hit her-that her mother had actually encouraged her to fuck and had even gone so far as to finger her! She asked uncertainly if Mum was alright. Mum replied she'd never felt better. And Elaine, always somewhat phlegmatic in her quest for truth, nodded pensively for a minute or so before dismissing the matter.
    “And now,” said Mum, pointing upstairs, “for the final phase. It's Daddy's turn to be surprised.”
    “The initiation technique?” asked Bob.
    “That's the one,” said Mum. “You take a breather, we women will take care of this.”
    We trooped up the stairs, flushed with victory. Elaine's lesbian tendency had been little more than virgin fear. And Nora's sensitive toes had unlocked her… heart? Well, whatever it was, she was one of us now. Five women headed for the dark bedroom where Dad lay sleeping off a mild drunk. We paused before the door, squared our shoulders, and opened it silently. Soft snoring reached our ears. When our eyes were used to the dark we tiptoed inside and surrounded the bed. Since I was the object of his affections, Mum signalled for me to lead the attack.
    I crawled under the blankets at the foot end of the bed and headed carefully up between his legs. He had his pajamas on, striped ones more than likely, just like the ones he'd worn ten years earlier. Now I got the picture! Jolted by this sudden association, I saw myself then, a title girl with her dark hair tied back in a nigh, short pony tail, riding along her father's dick with relish-yes, I could even feel that abrasive, intensely pleasurable sensation along the groove of my cunt! Striped pajamas, I had the whole picture now. And, just as it had been then, his dick lolled outside of the loose fly.
    He was fast asleep, so much so that he didn't even stir when I closed my fist around his thick, soft dick. Regular snores echoed through the room, interspersed only by fragments of words. Daddy had had little practice as a drinker, that's why it killed him to go on his binges. I was glad of it. My lips closed around the knob of his dick, then slid down further till all of his squat limpness lay in my mouth, and still he hadn't moved.
    I took my time about getting him hard. The cock tasted fine, and the occasional pulses reverberated through my body, stirring up my faculties from top to bottom. The pulses increased to little jumps, each jump adding stiffness and volume to the member. And then it just swelled up like a balloon, getting bigger and bigger till I thought it would burst! It cost me a real effort to contain all that hot meat, but the memory of my childhood experience had made me all the more determined to bring Daddy over to our side. How would it be if I could come in every Sunday morning with the papers and sit on his dick, rubbing it till it ejaculated its cream? I shivered and set to work. It would sure beat the hell out of going back to boarding school!
    Someone removed the covers from the bed, just in time to see me pull the old throat trick on Daddy. His cock had disappeared into my mouth and I could hear the others gasp with admiration. The bed moved as Aunt Liz got on board and squatted over Dad's face so he'd be able to have a bite to eat when he woke up. Elaine and Nora straddled his shins and rubbed their boxes along the ridges of bone in time, all this under Mum's direction. Her work done, Mum turned on one of the small lamps and made herself comfortable in a nearby chair, caressing her cunt softly while waiting for Dad to come to.
    The man continued to snore. I did everything to wake him up but it seemed impossible. Tongue, lips, teeth, heavy sucking and fondling-it was no use. I looked at Mum who could only shrug her shoulders. Was the plan going to fail at this juncture? Nora and Elaine rubbed harder, Aunt Liz just about smothered him with her cunt Still nothing. In desperation I got up and planted my cunt over his cock. It sank deep into my fleshy well, and, as the new delight shuddered through me, I let out a quavering cry and dug my fingernails into his flesh. At least if our plan wasn't going to work, I'd get a good fuck out of it.
    Up and down in slow time, making every stroke count for two by changing the angles of entry, amusing and abusing myself for all I was worth. My mind began to give way as passion took over. The others were forgotten. Aunt Liz's fulsome, naked body before me became an abstract blur. My eyes grew fuzzy. That big strong dork seemed to penetrate through to the entrance to my womb! Why wouldn't he wake up and enjoy himself? “Wake up, Daddy!” I cried, bending over and ramming my loins angrily down over his dick. “Please wake up!” The others picked up the cry but I couldn't go on. All I wanted to do was to keep on fucking, even if Dad was an inert as a dildo.
    And then, somehow, he was on top of me. I felt his hairy chest chafe against my tits, his dead weight pushing me down into the mattress, his long cock pumping into me with terrific force-he was fucking me at last! But what had happened to the others? I looked around and saw them sitting on the bed with us, stroking Daddy or each other, smiling encouragement at me.
    Our plan had worked! Daddy would never be able to go back to being the prig, not with so many witnesses present! A wave of jubilation swept through me, taking me even higher than Daddy's deft cocksmanship. We had won! We had won! Daddy kept on fucking me, making love in the style of a man of the world, and Mum watched with a curious expression on her face. On the one hand she was happy, on the other she was unhappy to see her slip of a daughter turning on her rightful husband. But if I knew Mum she'd be sure to restore the balance once the novelty had worn off.
    It would be alright, I knew it would be! And so, with the last of my cares laid to rest, I abandoned my self to Daddy, letting the family phallus penetrate the deepest recesses of my body; and in my mind perhaps the last untouched part of me, I said good-bye to boarding school.