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The Memoirs of Mitzy, Volume 2

The Memoirs of Mitzy, Volume 2

M. Pelletils The Memoirs of Mitzy, Volume 2


    Since I have always been what one might call an “easy” girl, I have often wondered what it would be like to be raped, especially by about five different men. One day I expressed this wish to Sue. We were resting in each other's arms after a rather quick and sudden finger-fuck in her room during our afternoon rest.
    “You know, Sue, I have always wondered what it would be like to be fucked by at least five different men in a row. For a change I would like to find out what it is to be raped; you know, being forced to fuck even if you can't stand fucking anymore. But the problem, of course, is where do you find the men with the right cocks and the right taste for that sort of thing? I can hardly go out on the streets and round them up for this purpose, although I wouldn't hesitate to do this if society didn't hold me back. Oh, hell, why can't we do as we please in this world? It would make things so much easier for everybody. So to get down to business… where do I find five men with the cock size I want, and how am I going to get myself fucked by them? Do you have any ideas to solve this problem?”
    “Well, it's not so much of a problem, really, you know. First of all, I know just the place for this sort of thing and the men will be there if they are told the kind of beauty you are. Just tell me when you want to go and I will make the necessary arrangements with the madam of the house, and I will give you the address. I have done the same sort of thing myself and I can tell you, you will be well served. It's a terribly tiring business, but it's worthwhile trying even if it's only for once. The time I went there, I was fucked by three different men with the longest and fattest dicks you have ever seen or felt in your life. They fucked me one after the other and sometimes I was filled at both holes at the same time, till they had me completely worn out. They waited for each other to take turns and when one had shot his load another took his place and stuffed his hard dong up my still spending slit. Come to think of it, I must have come at least twelve times before they let me go, and afterwards the madam, who had been looking in on our antics, wanted to do a sixty-nine with me. Now you of all people know how much I like this position, but even she had to force me to give in to her. However, when she had me properly flowing again I was very grateful to her for having me brought back to womanhood again. Her tongue on my aching cunt lips was so delightfully soothing and she tasted so like nectar, that it was most welcome to me after all those stiff pricks in my burning slit.”
    “Oh, darling, would you please give me the address? Could you arrange things for me? I'm already getting excited at the idea! Five stiff cocks up my slit! One after the other, poking me, stuffing me with their hardness, making me come over and over again, making me want to push them from me and at the same time urging them on to fuck me more and more!! Oh, darling, what could I do without you? You seem to have an answer to anything. Let me kiss you for being such a wonderful lovely friend.”
    Closing her in my arms I kissed her full on the mouth, wriggling my tongue between her slightly parted lips. After kissing each other for some time in this way our passions soon rose and, panting in lust, our hands started to move over each other's bodies again, caressing our breasts, bellies and all those other parts we offered the other to caress.
    It's easy to understand that we soon had one another fully excited again, and our always busy fingers finally opened the moistened slits of our cunts. Playing with the erected clits, our hands soon had the juices dripping freely from our cunts. Our pleasure mounted to wantonness and a mere finger-fuck wasn't enough this time. Thirsty for each other's spunk we threw ourselves at each other, head to toe. Lying on our sides we had an excellent view of each other's slit, and as Sue's cunt opened before my delighted eyes, the swollen clit popped out from between the hairy lips.
    Sue must have had the same sort of view of my cunt and I heard her give a sigh of satisfaction, but I didn't go at her slit with my mouth right away. First I wanted to marvel at the wonderful sight her cunt offered me, but of course we could not stay immobile for long.
    Bringing my head between her opened legs I placed my mouth over her cunt and once again I gave her the proof of my love for her, lightly caressing the swollen cunt lips with my mouth. Sue gave me her love by taking my swollen clit between her lips and sucking on it, nibbling it like a little puppy on a teat. I stuck my tongue deep in her slit and her juices tasted like they always do to me when I'm properly aroused.
    I'm always glad for my long tongue. It's so lovely to lick the inside walls covered with juices, and I licked and sucked away at her trying to get as much of the stuff as I could. It was just too marvelous, and trying to swallow all she had to give from her spunking cunt was quite a task, as she creamed copiously in my open mouth.
    I wasn't the only one with trouble of this nature. Sue had some of her own, trying to suck in all the juices spurting thick and glutinous from my open cunt. Slobbering away at what we had to offer one another we slowly calmed down a little, but we went on with our chosen task till the waves of passion raging through our bodies had subdued to a level where we could see good sense and reason again.
    It was just too bad we had to start thinking about our job again. With Sue I could go on and on all through the day without becoming tired with her and she felt the same about me.
    That night Sue went to the place she knew and, impatiently fingering myself, I waited for her to return with my appointment. When she entered my room shortly after twelve she found me still busy wanking myself, and although she must have had quite a lot of sex that night she immediately went for my slit with fingers, mouth and lips, satisfying me in no time at all, after which I paid some attention to her own ever hungry and dripping slit. And believe me, I found it really dripping and even full of spunk from some man she must have let fuck her and fill her with all the juice he had to offer.
    “Suck me, my darling, suck me, lick me, clean me out! I saved all of his juices especially for you, knowing how much you like to suck me when my cunt is full of male spunk. Make me come another time. Tomorrow you won't feel like it at all. I have everything lined up for you. Oh, girl, you are going to be fucked. You are going to be so fucked, and that's a promise! I almost envy you, all those cocks for you to swallow, to get stuffed in your twat. You will come and come and come! Like I am nooooooooow… ooooooh!”
    The next day I went to the address of the brothel Sue had given me and where she was well acquainted with the proprietress.
    “She is expecting you, Mitzy, and she is looking forward to meeting you after I told her all about you, so don't back out now. She knows what you want and she has everything lined up for you. Judith is a wonderful woman although she is a lot older than we are. She knows what any woman wants for a change, and she has five men ready for you. And believe me, I personally inspected them last night and they have cocks the size any bull would be proud of. And to round out your little escapade she hopes to have a go at you herself. So good luck, my darling, and try to break my record if you can!”
    “Thanks a lot, Sue. I'll certainly try to do my best. I'm really looking forward to this experience. You're such a wonderful friend, darling. Wait till I tell you all about it tonight when I get back. That is, if I'm not too tired for it!”
    I decided to take a taxi and save all of my strength for the ordeal to which I was going to commit myself. The neighborhood I had to go to was at the other end of the town and when I gave the cab driver the address, he looked quite surprised.
    “Are you sure that's the right address, Miss?” he asked. “That's not a very nice part of town, you know, and I don't think I would like my daughter, who is about your age, to go there.”
    “I'm sure that's the right address,” I said, thinking, “How would you know where your daughter would like to go. Maybe she wants to go there just as much as I want. Maybe she is just as randy as I am! It's only a lack of guts that's really stopping her.”
    “Well, if you think that is where you want to go, I'll take you there, but don't tell anybody I didn't warn you if anything happens to you.”
    “I'm quite certain I'm going to be all right,” I said. And under my breath I muttered: “Why don't you shut up and start driving?”
    Like I already said, I had to go to the other end of the town and it was going to be a ride of at least half an hour at this hour of the day, so I leaned back and relaxed as the driver finally put his vehicle into motion, joining the stream of traffic in the crowded streets. The movement of the car, the occasional braking and acceleration, made me feel drowsy and whenever I feel like that my mind turns to sex.
    I began thinking about all the things which were going to happen to me in the brothel and I think it is obvious that I started to get all wet between the legs, and the crotch of my thin panties became all sticky with my freely flowing cunt-juice.
    I watched the driver in the mirror and I could see he needed all his attention to the traffic, so I decided I might as well take the blasted panties off and if possible play around with my eager hot box a little. It would be so much nicer if I came to my appointment without those bothersome panties on and with my cunt all nice and wet and full of spunk.
    I stuck my hand under my dress and without taking my eyes from the front seat mirror I took off my panties without lifting myself too much from the seat, thus attracting unwanted attention.
    The cool wind coming through the opened window was lovely on my heated slit and I left my dress as high up my thighs as I thought I could afford to. Keeping my eyes on the mirror, I stuck my right hand under my dress and my agile fingers searched and found my opened slit.
    It's very hard to describe the sensation I always feel when my own fingers touch my slit, when it's ready and waiting for me. And this time the sensation I felt was even greater. The knowledge I could be found out by the driver, added some extra spice to it. People who don't master the real finesse it takes to give oneself a satisfying rubdown can't fully understand the thrill of it, but to me frigging is still one of the nicest things in sex and I never grow tired of it.
    This was the first time, however, I had frigged myself in a moving car with a complete stranger at the wheel, and shivers of lewd delight ran over my back. I wished Sue was here and we were frigging one another. I could almost picture us working on each other's slits, while a cab driver was conducting us to our destination of even greater sensual delights. Next time we went out together we must do it together. It would be just too marvelous.
    The first joints of my forefinger dipped into the moist slit and my clitty swelled under its caressing touch. The little red pepper reared its head, eager to be played with, to be fondled and titillated. The cab halted for a traffic light and I now had to watch the driver in the mirror as well as the drivers of the cars standing beside the cab.
    On the right side of the cab was a low sports car and the driver, an elderly gentleman, couldn't possibly look into the much higher taxi. But on the left side there was a huge lorry and its driver leaned out of the window and looked down in the cab before I could take my hand away from under my dress.
    “What the hell,” I thought. “Let them look. I don't care! Before they can do anything about it, the traffic had to start moving and I will probably never see them again.”
    So to make his view a bit more exciting for the lorry driver I raised my dress and my bare cunt and ass came into his sight. His eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw my hand buried between my legs and I thought he was going to jump from his car and rape me then and there, right in the middle of the street. But before he could do so the traffic lights changed color and we began moving again.
    Before his surprised eyes I took my finger, dripping with cunt-juice, from my slit and shook it at him. His face turned red and I couldn't stop myself from laughing loud and hard.
    This made my driver turn his head and lucky for me, my dress was down and I looked more or less decent again. The cab driver didn't say anything, but turned his attention to the traffic again and, having had my fun, I decided to refrain from any activity till I reached my destination. There I was going to get all the action I could take and I didn't want to arrive dead tired.
    When we arrived at the street where I wanted to go I told the driver to drop me off at the corner, deciding it would be better if I walked the last few yards, so he wouldn't see me entering the house.
    The street was really what I had expected it to be and one could almost feel the depravity and lewdness behind the many closed curtains. Slowly walking down the street, I already got the feel of the atmosphere. Men and women were hanging in doors and windows, all of them making all sorts of propositions as I passed them. Some of them were so inviting and obscene I could hardly refrain myself from accepting them, but I had an appointment which I had wished for for such a long time and I walked on, making sort of half-promises to come back some other time.
    The entrance to the brothel was a little off the street in a dark and filthy alley. Stepping up to the door, I pressed the bell-button. Almost immediately the door was opened by a woman in her fifties. She looked her age, but all the same she was still beautiful and even before she had said anything I already took a liking to her. Her eyes lighted up and she welcomed me with a broad smile.
    “You must be the Mitzy I have heard so much about,” she said. “Do come in my dear and feel welcome in my house.”
    “And you must be Judith,” I answered. “I'm so delighted to be here, and am so pleased to meet you. I have heard a lot about you and I expect to pass a wonderful time in your house.”
    “You're so right, my dear. I'm Judith. I'm sure you will find here everything you're expecting. Here, let me take your coat and let's go inside.”
    Ringing a little bell that stood on the table in the hall, we waited till the summoned maid arrived to take care of my coat. The girl, who came after only a few minutes, was beautiful and dressed like an old-fashioned maid. I handed her my coat, after which I followed Judith into the interior of the house.
    We walked through a beautifully decorated, long corridor, and it was hard to believe a house so elegant existed in this sort of neighborhood. When we came to an ornamented door Judith halted and opened it with a key that hung on a thin golden chain from her neck. This surprised me terribly and Judith, seeing my surprise, gave me a reassuring smile.
    “These happen to be my own quarters and the girls working for me are not allowed here. In fact, only very few have ever been here. It's only my favorites I permit in this room and to prevent the others from sneaking in when I'm not present I find it easier to lock the room. It's here that I have all my possessions and the things I value, all the priceless items I have carefully gathered and collected during my long career as a whorehouse madam. And this is also the room I have my own fun in, because although I'm not as young as you are, I still like to make love in its most varied ways, although I have seen enough of it, since I have made sex my profession. But let's go in and make ourselves comfortable.”
    I did as she said and stepped into her room, while Judith carefully closed the door behind us. I had never seen a room like it before and I don't think I will ever see one again. The whole room was fitted out like a temple of erotic love. Heavy rugs covering the marble floor, cushions all over the place, easy chairs in all sorts of shapes, couches-some of them rather peculiar in shape, but with one obvious reason, to make love in with all the comfort one could wish for.
    Judith, seeing my main interest going to some of the chairs and couches immediately began to explain their rather special use to me. Standing beside one chair she said, “As you will probably already know, it's sometimes very hard to find a suitable chair to frig oneself in. You will know that sometimes terrible craving one feels, to masturbate all of a sudden, and I think there is nothing so frustrating as not having the right chair to do it in. In wanking one must also have some variation, and lying on the bed isn't always what one wants at a given moment. So if you want to do it sitting in a chair so you can look between your legs properly, and watch your own hand to your leisure, you often find you haven't got the right sort of chair for it. Sometimes the armrests are too high to hang your legs over them without feeling uncomfortable. Another time they are too low, so the slit you want to play with doesn't open enough under your fingers. And then the seat of most chairs… but that's a chapter apart. They are either too long or too short and come to think of it, I don't think there is one really comfortable chair made for this special purpose. I think the designers of furniture think a chair isn't meant to frig oneself in, or they are completely asexual.
    “So after some annoying experiences with this sort of thing I decided to eliminate all this and had this chair especially designed for me, although the man who made the chair to my wishes couldn't clearly see what I wanted with a chair like that. Of course I didn't tell him what its use was going to be. As you see, the armrests are adjustable, so you can raise or lower them. The front of the seat has a special design. If you're seated in it, the piece taken out of the front is ideally fitted at the slit you want to play with and your hand, armed with a dildo or just your fingers, can easily and without any trouble reach your cunt. On the little steps at the bottom of the chair a mirror can be fitted, so one can really and truly watch oneself going through the delightful motions.”
    The way she had described this wonderful piece of furniture had made me more curious in its use and I immediately wanted to try it out, but Judith held me back.
    “Let's have a look at some of the other things in the room first, Mitzy. I'm sure you will find them just as interesting. Take this chair for instance. It's also a special design and it serves a double purpose. To be more exact, it's designed for a couple. You see, it's like a chair and a little bench put together. One person is seated in the chair. Now this can either be man or woman, but the bench is obviously shaped for a woman, as you can see, and she has to lie on it, with her belly down…”
    It wasn't very hard to see why the bench was made for a woman. On the spot where her crotch was going to rest, an enormous dildo stood out, with a sort of ball-joint that moved in any direction so it would perfectly fit any size or shape of cunt.
    “Now the person seated in the chair will have her or his partner's head in his or her lap, and for the person on the bench it's Very comfortable to lap the other. Now for the woman on the bench, you can imagine her pleasure when she is this occupied, either sucking a dick or licking a dripping slit, while at the same time being filled with a dildo of these dimensions.”
    In this same sort of manner we went over all the various objects in the room and Judith had been absolutely right. All of them were very interesting and utterly stimulating to me. All of the lewd paintings and photographs covering the walls, the stacks of them on the tables, the huge collection of raw pornography in the heavy bookcase, her marvelous collection of dildoes in all sorts of sizes and shapes-some of the dimensions fit to make an elephant come — the whole appearance of the room had a terribly exciting effect on my easily roused senses. I was wet like a rag between my legs by the time we finished our rounds of the room and my legs trembled under me in hardly refrained lust and passion. Judith, being a woman of my caliber, could easily sense the state I was in and she decided to give some sort of satisfaction. Besides she needed it herself just as badly.
    “Come, my darling Mitzy,” she said. “Sit down beside me and let me get you out of these clothes. In a room like this it is not very nice to have all those clothes on. One must be free to touch oneself when the lust rises in one's body. Let me help you out of these clothes. I want to have a good look at you before I let those men loose on you, and I want to be the first to touch your delightful body. I almost envy you, although I know you're not really going to be envied after they are through with you. I know the size of their pricks, for I personally selected them for you, and I have done my best to give you the longest and fattest dicks you have ever seen in your life. Knowing your wishes, they are under orders to try their best to rip you apart with their murderous dongs…”
    She almost had me scared, when she talked about the men who were going to fuck me, but I still wanted to go through with it no matter what was going to happen.
    Judith started to undo the buttons of my dress, and when my tits came free of their prison, she gasped in delight. As usual, I had not bothered to wear a bra, because I knew I was going to be naked most of the day as soon as I had arrived at my destination.
    “You are really everything Sue has told me, Mitzy. Such a beautiful pair of tits! You don't mind me… but I just have to suck them. I want to feel those delightful nipples harden between my lips.”
    “I don't mind at all, Judith dear. In fact, I've been dying for you to suck my titties. I want to make love to you, and if you want me to forget about the deal I have made, I'm willing to drop the whole thing and spend the day with you instead.”
    “That's very sweet of you, my darling, but I don't want to keep you from this long wish of yours and besides I will be there as well and I will find pleasure in seeing you get the fucking of your life. But all the same, I want to suck your nipple a little and bring you even more in the right mood for the things to come.”
    She closed her lovely mouth over my slowly hardening nipple and her lips began to tug at the sensitive bud. Like always, it made my head swoon in delight, and closing my hands around her head I pressed her closer to my breasts. Slowly she sucked my nipple and, with my passions rising to a near unbearable height, I let her have her way till she let go of my teat and began exploring my other numerous treasures.
    My skirt didn't give her very much trouble because, anxious as I was to be naked as soon as possible, I gave her a lot of help by lifting my ass so she could very easily get me out of it.
    Once I was completely naked-with the exception of my stockings, garters, and shoes- she immediately went for my sopping slit, prying the hairy lips apart gently with two fingers of one hand, exploring the insides of my dilating cunt, searching for my swollen clit. What she was doing to my cunt was just a little more than a mere frigging. Judith was an artist as far as playing with another girl's cunt was concerned. Her fingertips playing a rhapsody of love and passion on my clit, doing a counter melody on my slippery cunt lips. When she had me properly panting, she quickly raised herself, taking off her own dress in swift and experienced motions.
    Naked, I marveled at her. For a woman her age she was still very well-stacked, with big firm tits and a very pronounced and hairy Mons Venus. I have always loved a very bushy cunt and here I was getting all I could wish for. Never before had I seen so much hair on a female's private parts and I thought one could really play around with the hairs and get one's fingers entangled in the long strands. She opened her legs under my eyes and between her legs I could make out her gash with the very heavy outer cunt lips, and it looked like the best thing I had seen for a long time. The sight of a cunt right under my eyes always has the same effect on me; all my lesbian tendencies come to the surface. Reaching with my hand for her, I almost begged her to let me wank her. The cunt she offered me looked terribly appealing, and I could not wait for it a single minute longer.
    “Please let me do something to you, Judith. Let me finger-fuck you, or suck you, if that's what you like better, my darling. I can't stand the beauty of your cunt without doing something to it. Please let me have a go at it. Spread your legs some more, so I get an even better view of it, it's such a beautiful cunt, such a marvelous one. Oh you must have been playing with it a lot, the way the lips seem to wink at me. The wetness of it! You need something to calm down your senses a little. Let me do it for you, darling. I want it so much.”
    Judith was only too eager to do as I asked her. Standing in front of me, only a few feet away from the couch I was lying spread-eagled upon, she let me have a good look at her open gash. To my delight she opened herself even more by using two forked fingers on herself. Then she let herself down into the “jack off” chair and put her shapely legs over the armrests. Her marvelous twat opened like a flower and her hand went once more for it. Right before my eyes she began to masturbate her dripping slit. Raising the armrests a little more she gave me an even better view of what she was doing, and it was lovely to see her fingers working on her dripping slit. I could only stand this sort of teasing for a couple of minutes. I just had to take part in it myself and, raising myself from the chair, I went over to her.
    She didn't object when I removed her busy fingers from her moist quim to replace them with my own. She was so randy I only needed a couple of swift strokes to bring her to a pitch of screaming passion. With a satisfied feeling I heard her cry for me to suck her off, to put my mouth to her burning cunt.
    “Eat me, Mitzy, go at it! Suck me, suck my cunt, darling. I know how much you want to do this. Give me all of your cunt-sucking skill. Slobber my juice! I have plenty of it, all for you to be sucked from my cunt. Do it! Do it! Make me cream!”
    I knew Sue had been talking about the things she and I used to do to each other and I promised her the best suck she ever had had. Besides, at the moment there wasn't anything I liked better than to have a go at the slit she offered me so generously.
    I didn't let her wait for long and my pointed tongue went for her slit, hungry for her slimy juices. With long strokes of my tongue I went over the length of her slit before I let my tongue disappear between the swollen hairy lips.
    Judith was one of the women I like best when I suck a cunt, big and generously cunted, full of juice, eager to give it to just as eager a mouth. Delicious love juice was flowing freely from her cunt and deliriously I lapped the sticky, glutinous stuff, swallowing it like nectar. Judith's belly was heaving under the skilled swipes of my tongue and I knew she would come like a geyser when I really started to explore the insides of her cunt with my tongue.
    I closed my mouth over her hot-box, forcing my tongue between the red lips as far as it would go. Her hard clit quivered on my tongue and the lips contracted around it. Her breath came in gasps, her hands closed around my head. She was crying and groaning inaudible words, and I knew she couldn't hold out very much longer. Eager for her juices I doubled the speed of my tongue. My hands went for her breasts and I strongly pinched the hard nipples, which made her buck up and down in the chair.
    Although I had expected her to come in a great wave of juice, her orgasm still took me by surprise. A hot flood of spunk, thick like a man's, entered my mouth when she gave up her load. Greedy, I closed my mouth tighter over her spunking cunt, afraid as I was to lose any of the thick, slimy stuff, but she had too much for one mouth to hold. I just couldn't help it, but some of it, warm and smelly, trickled down the corners of my mouth, wetting my chin with its lukewarm wetness.
    I didn't stop lapping her cunt after she had come; instead I kept up the good work of my tongue, and the dilating cunt lips seemed to pout, while her swollen clit wriggled against my teeth. The pleasure she underwent must have been close to agony, for she tried to push my head from between her spread legs, but I wouldn't let go of her cunt till I had her clean and dry from all traces of spunk.
    Raising myself I looked at her and, seeing her completely spent and exhausted, I felt very satisfied with the results of my sucking. I was certain she had just had a suck she wouldn't forget for a long time and it would be the best introduction I had in her circles if I ever wanted to join a whorehouse.
    She lay back in the “jack off” chair. Her eyes were closed and her chest was moving irregularly with her labored breath. She still had her legs spread and her cunt had opened to such an extent I could look into it a long way. It was a marvelous sight to see her cunt lips slowly take their normal shape again and I felt myself getting wetter and wetter. I was getting so fucking randy by the sight she offered me I just had to have some sort of satisfaction, otherwise I would be half out of my mind in a couple of minutes.
    Keeping my eyes on her my hand went for my cunt and I was just about to jack off then and there, standing in front of my newfound friend when Judith opened her eyes and looked at me. Seeing I was just about to give myself a quick relief by fingering myself, she smiled at me and took my hand from between my legs.
    “I wouldn't if I were you, my darling. I know you must want it terribly but I still wouldn't frig myself right now. Remember what you came here for. If you jack off now, you won't have the strength to endure all the fucking you are going to get. Remember, five pricks, carefully selected for you, rock-hard and ready to get them stuffed up your cunt, spunk already dripping from them, because they have been watching us from behind that door. Oh, baby, you are going to be fucked in a minute like you have never been fucked before. Oh yes, are you going to be fucked! You won't ever forget this fucking those five men are going to give you. Are you ready for them? Yes, boys, come in and give this girl the fucking she needs so badly!”


    A wave of fright went through me once more when Judith called the men she had selected to give me the first raping of my life. But they didn't give me really time to get frightened, for when she had said the last words the door opened almost immediately and five men stepped inside.
    They were stark naked and immediately came over to the couch I was lying on. While Judith introduced them I had a good opportunity to look them over.
    “Mitzy, meet your friends for the day- Glenn, Vern, John, Arthur, and Chris. Boys, this is Mitzy, the girl I told you about. You have only recently seen what a little hothead she is; she loves to make love to another woman, but I promise you she will be just as good to the five of you. You have seen her in action and you also know what she is here for. The girl wants to be gang-fucked and I expect you five to give her all the fucking she can take and not leave her if she still has any fucking sense left in her.”
    During her introduction I had taken the chance to look their pricks over carefully and found Judith had not been exaggerating about their dimensions. A quick estimate gave me the impression there wasn't a cock under eight inches among them, and they all looked hard and menacing.
    Again I felt rather uncertain, whether I wanted to go through with it. Looking at their enormous dongs gave me the idea I had overrated myself somewhat, but I was afraid I was a little too late to draw back now. Taking their pricks in their hands they came closer to the couch and smiling, they moved their hands along the huge stems, drawing the loose foreskin back uncovering the huge glans.
    “Well, Mitzy, my girl, here you go,” I thought to myself. “Let's hope for the best and maybe I'll come out of it alive and in one piece. One thing is certain so far, I'm going to get fucked, good and properly, more than I have ever been fucked in my life before. It will take a long time before they are through with me.”
    A little weakly, I smiled at them and because I didn't want them to know my feelings, I reached for the nearest prick. Taking the huge thing in my hand, I marveled at the terrible hardness, while at the same time I was surprised at the smoothness of the skin. The feeling of the throbbing shaft in my hand gave me back my confidence in myself and one by one I touched their pricks lightly.
    My caressing of their dongs brought a smile to their faces and their stiff pricks jutted up against their bellies. Little globules of pre-fuck juices dripped from the tip of the murderous dongs and the randy bastards must have been looking forward to fucking me till I blacked out under their sexual assaults.
    Feeling confident again I decided to give them some hard work before they succeeded in doing that, and their arrogant and self-assured looks made my self-confidence rise to a high pitch. With my confidence my usual randiness had also come back and between my legs I felt the juices beginning to flow. Despite the murderous looks of their pricks I was getting terribly wet again and I began looking forward to the fucking they were going to give me.
    “Well, boys, who is going to be first?” I said, pointing to my now properly moist slit. “One has to be the first, you know. I can hardly accommodate all of you in the same place at the same time. So get at it, and show me how good you are!”
    They knew they were getting the chance to have a go at me, all of them, so they didn't hurry or fight among each other as to who was going to be first.
    John was the first to step forward and fuck me, and he let himself down on the couch beside me. His long prick was pressed tight against my thigh and I loved the feeling of the hard throbbing thing against my burning flesh. His hands moved over my body in a somewhat professional way, but all the same, a nice way…
    My nipples hardened under his fingers and he played with them in an absolutely divine way. After playing with the nipples for some time, he left my tits and began to knead my belly, letting his fingers go through my curly cunt hairs as well. At intervals he let the first joint of his roving finger disappear between my moist, slippery cunt lips. So far I still had kept my legs closed, but under his skillful fingers I just had to open them. Once my legs were open to his hand he immediately let his hand close over my hot-box; His stiff but tender fingers began exploring my now properly dripping slit, searching for my joy-button. Swollen as it was, he didn't have too much trouble in finding what he was looking for.
    John happened to be one of the masters in playing with a swollen clit. His fingers played a delightful game with my clitty and not long after he had started this enchanting finger-fuck he had my clit so hard and stiff I thought it would pop out of my cunt if he kept it on for very much longer. Taking it between thumb and forefinger, John rolled my little clitty around in the way I love it to be played with, the way I do it myself or let my girl friends do it. He couldn't have started in a better way, and the last of my fright left me almost instantly.
    While he kept on playing with my little joy-button for some time, I reached for his fat dong, and clasping my hand around the throbbing stem, I gave him all my skill in masturbating a prick. The huge, mauve-colored glans came free whenever I pulled the loose foreskin back, and covered the delightful knob when I moved my hand forward. Each time I brought the skin back over the glans a drop of pre-fuck juice appeared at the tip, and I licked my lips looking at the delightful wetness it left on my hand. How much I longed to have a taste of it! How thirsty I was for the glutinous, sticky stuff. How nice it would be to take the throbbing cock in my eager mouth and suck him till he spent in my mouth, drenching me with his lukewarm acrid sperm.
    I was feeling what you might call, “sperm happy,” and I longed for nothing else but spunk at that moment-thick, juicy male spunk. My longing to have his stiff dong in my mouth mingled with a longing to have his prick stuffed up my slit and this terrible longing to be fucked won when Judith came to join the fun.
    Taking my nipples between thumb and forefinger of both hands she began working on my tits, and she was good at it-terribly good! I loved what she was doing, what John was doing. My cunt, my tits, being played with at the same time by two very able people, making my head reel in lust, forcing me to spread my legs even further, opening my cunt for the penetration of the big whopper, pressed against my burning thigh now.
    Judith, still naked, offered her beautiful form for me to look at and the prick in my hand throbbed and jumped in expected lust. Spreading my legs as far as they would go I let myself be treated like a plaything, my clit being cajoled, my nipples pinched and pulled till Judith thought the time had arrived for my first fuck of the day. The first of many to follow…
    She stopped playing with my tits and taking John's prick in her hand she guided the huge fleshy pillar to my steaming hot-box, although I would not have blamed her if she had stuffed it up her own twat. Doing all those things, playing with my tits, watching all those throbbing dicks close by must have done something to her as well and she must have longed for a fuck just as much as I was longing for one.
    But she didn't want any of the murderous pricks for herself right now. Instead she opened my cunt with the fingers of one hand and guided the throbbing dick to my dripping slit with the other. When the blunt tip touched the outer cunt lips I gave a relieved sigh.
    Slowly John worked his weapon in my cunt and when he passed the inner lips I already felt completely filled with cock, but there was more of its terrible length to come and he kept going, pushing his cock in my cunt up to the hilt. The fat stem stretched me, almost to the tearing point. Lust mingled with pain shot through my body, but I was much too excited to take much notice of the pain. I loved the way he filled me, reamed my spunk-streaming cunt with his huge poker. And there was Judith as well…
    She was at my side as well and squatting beside me she offered me a marvelous view of her opened twat. Once more she took hold of my tits, while John continued to fuck me with long strokes of his throbbing prick, which he had up my cunt to its last long, thick inches.
    Judith was stroking and pinching my hardened nipples again, bringing my excitement to a feverish height. John's huge, throbbing gland filled me completely and it is obvious I was soon, all too soon, on the verge of coming.
    The scene Judith and I had offered the men while they were still hidden in the adjoining room, must have had the desired erotic effect on John, because when I let go of my juices in a rocking and shaking orgasm, even this professional fucker couldn't or didn't want to hold out any longer. In long jets his sperm filled my sheath and after some last powerful strokes he pulled his wet prick from my slit. Our mingled juices still trickled from my dilating open slit but this didn't stop his friend Arthur for one minute.
    Without bothering to wipe John's spunk from my cunt he immediately took the former's place and pushed his dong up my sperm-filled twat in one mighty lunge. “A cock is a cock,” one is likely to say, and this is in many instances the truth, but the way the thing is being used may be entirely different from one man to the other.
    Arthur had a completely different way of fucking than John had. Where John went at it with long powerful strokes, taking his time and doing it nice and slow, Arthur moved his poker in and out of my cunt at a tremendous speed. My body was still touchy from the previous fucking when John drove me half out of my mind.
    Very slowly I started to climb up the rainbow of passion again, in which process Judith again gave her valuable help. Still sitting beside me, she was busily frigging her burning quim and taking her fingers out of the dripping gash occasionally, she let me have a smell of her juices by pushing her fingers, wet with spunk, under my nose. The poor girl must have been almost dying of lust, looking at all the fucking I was getting while she had to be satisfied with the use of her own fingers.
    In spite of his tremendous fucking speed Arthur wasn't one of those quick coming types at all. In fact, when I came again with a hoarse cry, he still kept pumping my cunt and his cock was just as hard as ever.
    Just when I thought I couldn't stand his fucking for another minute he gave up his load and filled my cunt with his pent-up sperm. Arthur, withdrawing his cock from my spunk-filled slit, leaned over my prostrate form and some of his lukewarm spunk landed on my belly, resting there like little white pools.
    Frantically I was trying to get my breath back and be ready for another fucking which was going to come whether I wanted it or not. But even before the last spasms of lust had left my body, Vern let himself down with his head between my spread legs. The way he went for my cunt, licking and sucking at the spunk his two friends had left in there in great quantities, I strongly suspected him to have rather strong homosexual tendencies as well.
    Like a thirsty man he lapped at my sperm-soaked slit, slobbering for the thick sperm his friends had filled me with. Despite my two previous orgasms, one shortly after the other, I was becoming quite excited by the lewdness of his act. I never knew another man could be so hungry for male spunk, and could be so good at sucking a cunt. In most occasions I find the way most men suck you leaves much desired. It's another woman who knows how to suck a cunt properly, but Vern was just marvelous. It was just like I love to be sucked. As soon as he had me cleaned out completely from Arthur's and John's sticky sperm, having a good taste as well from the sticky juices my cunt was secreting as well, he changed his tactics-and not too soon either, for by his lapping I had become as hot as a baker's oven again.
    Excited, I wriggled my lower body letting Vern know how much I appreciated his lapping, and at that time I didn't care whether he was going to fuck me or make me come by sucking me off. Everything would suit me as long as I was going to come and I didn't mind at all when he continued his oral lovemaking by sticking his tongue as deep in me as it would go.
    Judith, who as you know had been frigging herself during the time Arthur had his dong up my slit, raised herself and placed a foot at each side of my head. Looking straight up, I had a beautiful sight of her opened slit. Due to all the frigging she had been administering on herself, her fingers moving in and out in a frantic way, her cunt lips had become red and swollen, but cunt juice still streamed from between them.
    With Vern's tongue deep in my slit, it was a most inviting and exciting sight and I think it is needless to say I couldn't hold back a cry of lust and longing, eager as I was for her delightful dripping hot-box.
    “Lower yourself a little, Judith dear. Bring your cunt to my face. Please let me put my tongue up your slit. I want something to fill my mouth with, something for my tongue to do. Please let me have your cunt, darling, oh please, let me suck you! I want it so much, so terribly much!”
    Judith didn't have to be asked twice, and slowly I saw her dripping hot-box come closer to my mouth when she lowered herself over my face. Finally, after what looked like an eternity she was close enough to my mouth for me to suck her, and with my tongue I reached for her slit and clitoris. Her swollen cunt lips were swollen and sticky with all the juices dripping from between them and that very special scent of a spunking cunt came to my nostrils to make me groan in delight while I put my tongue to her clit. Well-greased as it was, it disappeared between the two lips without any problem at all. In fact, they seemed to suck my tongue in with the same eagerness I wanted to let it disappear in her slimy cunt. If it had a mind all of its own, my tongue started to search for the most sensitive spot in her moist cavern and it found it just as easily as it would have found this spot in my own cunt if I could have been able to suck myself. That would be really marvelous, being so agile of body that one could actually suck oneself. Well, I'm not that agile, but at least it gives me an idea what some people working in a circus are able to do for themselves.
    Judith tasted really heavenly and I couldn't complain about the amount of delightful juices she had for my eager mouth to lap away. At the same time I was doing my best to give Judith the sucking of her life, Vera, still with his head between my legs, was busily lapping away at my snatch and getting very close to bringing me to my third orgasm. But Judith knew what the deal had been. Today I was going to get the daylights fucked out of me and so it was going to be. Bending over a little without losing contact with my mouth she tapped Vera on his head, who raised himself from between my legs and looked at her with questioning eyes.
    “You know what you are here for, Vern, to give this girl a real fucking; so get yourself from between her legs with your head and start doing something with your prick instead. Come on, my boy, give her that whopper of yours!”
    Reaching for his prick to bring it to my slit herself, we almost lost contact with one another, but by grasping her around her thighs I held on to her snatch, letting my tongue fly in and out of her cunt with tremendous speed. She guided the stiff poker to my hungry cunt and although I could not actually see his prick go in I could very much feel it!
    Vern seemed to have an even bigger prick than his two friends, and he actually had some trouble getting it all in. With difficulty he entered my well-used and oiled slit, but nevertheless he finally had it all in and I felt impaled by his stiff and throbbing poker, when he touched bottom and lay quiet for a moment. Vern was just as imaginative as his friends had been and he began fucking me in a new and delightful way. Instead of the more usual bucking up and down connected with fornication he let his prick move deep inside my cunt by just contracting his belly muscles.
    Because of the only slight movement deep inside me it was very teasing and although he had brought me on the verge of coming with his lapping I thought I would never cream. I had never been so close to coming for such a long time, but I had often wished to have this feeling of an oncoming orgasm for a longer time than it usually takes. But that was before I met Vern. I can very truthfully say now it is the most tantalizing feeling one can experience, to be on the verge of coming for any length of time longer than the usual, and not being able to really cream. My whole body felt like one big wave of pleasure, tantalizing, agonizing pleasure which didn't seem to end, which seemed to last forever. Just one big feeling of oncoming orgasm, an orgasm one longs to have, an orgasm one wants to postpone as long as possible-an orgasm one is dying for, and which one doesn't want to have in fear of being killed in the process.
    And all the time that prick buried deep inside my cunt throbbed and jerked without giving one real push or pull!
    My mouth was still tight against Judith's open crack and feverishly I licked the spunk-flecked lips without bringing my orgasm any nearer. It only succeeded in making me feel hotter and hotter. I don't think I have ever been so randy before, never have longed for a creamy spend more than I did at that time. That throbbing dick was very near killing me and by wildly bucking up and down I tried to bring on some action from Vern, trying to make him really start fucking me. Wildly, passionately, the lapping movements on Judith's cunt became more frantic and for her the results came very quickly.
    Her spunking cunt drenched my lips as she creamed, and at the same time I felt my slit filled with gooky sperm, shooting from Vern's prick. The lukewarm sperm spurting in my hot slit achieved its desired end, and for the third time I was climbing the rainbow in a most satisfying orgasm, an orgasm which seemed to last for an immensely long time for as far as I was concerned, and although I had not wanted it to be anything different I was glad when at last the waves of pleasure subsided and I became a bit more relaxed and tranquil.
    That had been the third man for me and all of a sudden I realized I had still two other men to go. Through slitted eyes-I was becoming dead tired by this time-I saw one of the two left to fuck me come to the couch. Although I wasn't thinking too clearly any longer I recognized him as Chris, and I wondered what he would think of.
    Looking at the rock-hard prick he menaced me with I knew he was not going to be too gentle, but I wanted to be fucked and that was what they were going to do.
    Like Judith had promised me I was going to be fucked whether I still liked it or not. Luckily I still felt like some more and I let him do as he pleased when he raised me to a sitting position. With my legs spread as wide as possible Chris began playing with my almost painfully itching slit and I had been right in assuming he was not going to be too gentle about it. He didn't use just one finger on my dilating slit, but instead he let three fingers disappear between the soppy wet lips, beginning to frig me with a fervor which clearly proved his randiness and slight sadistic tendencies.
    But Chris wasn't just satisfied with playing with my slit. At the same time he had his fingers poking deeply in my cunt he pointed his oversized dong in the direction of my mouth and I couldn't do anything else but close my lips around the fat stem. In fact, I didn't want to do anything better. His was the first cock I was offered to suck and my mouth had been watering all the time for those delightful thick, throbbing shafts. The bulging gland was hard and at the same time delightfully smooth in my mouth and I once more wondered how lovely it is to suck on a prick after one had been fucked extensively. It was so nice that I tried my best to give him all of my sucking skill, and I'm certain he liked what I was doing. Once in a while I let the head slip out of my mouth, licking the length of his cock as it swung free from my mouth and letting my tongue go over his sperm-swollen balls as well. By the time I had his prick out of my mouth for the third time, sucking his balls, a hot jet of sperm burst from his cock. The majority of his spunk missed my face, but some of it hit me straight in the face and delightedly I licked the sticky stuff away.
    I was still feeling sore in the pussy and I hoped I had him finished for the time being. How wrong can you get when dealing with men like Chris and his mates? Anyone would expect his cock to get slack and flaccid after the sucking I had just given him. After all the spunk he had shot, instead of his dong getting soft and permitting me some rest at last, the monstrous thing seemed to grow even harder.
    Lifting me without any apparent trouble he put me on all fours and positioned himself at my backside. Opening my slit with his fingers, he made some room for his poker and, like a stud, he pushed it up my dilating slit in this position. Reaching to my front with his hand he soon found my clit and once more he took up the frigging of my swollen pepper.
    He really went at it, fucking me dog-fashion like this. Wildly he moved in and out of me and his fingers on my clit masturbated me fiercely, rubbing the slippery lips as well. I was, by now, almost exhausted to death and I quite honestly hoped I would faint or something like that. Maybe then they would leave me alone! I just couldn't go on any longer. But much to my surprise I slowly felt his fucking take effect on my much used cunny. Once more the longing and need for a good and creamy orgasm took hold of me. I still don't know how I managed to feel randy again.
    Getting near my orgasm I began to take notice again, and with joy and delight I felt his heavy balls banging against my buttocks. As he gave one of his mighty pushes, the lips of my dear, ever-ready cunt began to contract around the stem of his huge cock and a sucking noise accompanied every pull back of the stiff poker.
    Once again I was in seventh heaven, climbing the rainbow and happy to be fucked again. At the same time I got that terrible longing to suck something again.
    Judith must have thought her cunt all satisfied from the previous time I had sucked her, for this time she offered me her tits to suck, and happily I closed my lips around the hard nipple. Looking down her body I had a marvelous view of her hairy twat, and noticing my interest in that part of her anatomy she opened her legs in order to give me an even better and more exciting sight. She could excite me even more if she wanted to, and what is more exciting than to see her masturbate so close under my eyes?
    “Masturbate yourself, Judith. Play with your lovely slit, play with it for me, darling. Do it for me! It excited me so much to see you do it, knowing you like it, almost feeling your sensations. I know you love to do it in front of another person, so do it now. Make me even more randy! It's so lovely to watch you going through the antics of a young girl. It's such a marvelous sight from this angle.”
    Judith didn't hesitate to do as I asked her and her hand went to her slit, opened the wet and slippery lips and in no time at all she was busily frigging herself with her fingers flying in and out of her slit with tremendous speed, which showed her usual randiness and her ardor to exhibit herself in a situation like this.
    I think I have said this already before and although I don't want to repeat myself, I must state most women are like that. The majority of them would not think of masturbating in front of anybody, not even their husbands, although most men love to see their woman do something like that. But all the same, they all have it in them, and if you look deep down in their personality they would just love to do it if they could only bring up the courage. I'm running ahead, or actually aside of my story, but I have met quiet women who after they had finally let their barriers down confessed to me how much they love to do anything sensual. How much they love to show off their randiness! How eager they have been sometimes in trying to bring a neighbor, male or female, to make love to them. But a lack of courage most of the time made their attempts unsuccessful. And to think that probably the party they had taken an interest in was having the same sort of thoughts! One often wonders why people are not more open to one another. Life is so much easier that way. Anyway, by the time I had them confess that much, they usually had lost all of their inhibitions and did as they pleased, masturbating in front of me, having themselves sucked and licked, or doing it to me in return-anything, anything at all. They wouldn't stop at anything, just as long as they could quench their thirst for sensual pleasures. But let's get back to the story…
    Judith was, as I had said, immediately prepared to do as I asked her and she really went at frigging herself, taking good care to show me all of this delightful spectacle. And it certainly made me randier and randier. It had such an effect on my heated senses, that I creamed like a geyser before Chris could shoot his wad up my cunt, but luckily he didn't mind my coming over his prick at all. Instead he pulled out of my cunt and, spreading my buttocks, he placed his spunk-wet dong between the two half-globes and closed them tight against his prick. He didn't penetrate my back entrance but I could clearly feel him rub himself with my buttocks. It was one of the strangest wankings I had ever been a witness to, and the lewdness of it made me feel excited all over again. And this feeling even grew when I felt him shoot his load over my back as it spurted from his prick and from between my buttocks.
    One more man to go-to have a go at me to be precise, and I was not even getting a rest. The last one, Glenn, expected to have a go at me now, but instead Vern, who had already fucked me once, took his place to have me for the second time. I wanted to object, but failed to do so out of sheer exhaustion. I was still on all fours on the bed and from this position he turned me on my back and seated himself on my chest.
    It wasn't very hard to guess what he wanted to do this time, for he placed his throbbing prick and swollen balls between my tits and called Judith to our side.
    “Press her tits against my cock, Judith,” he told her and she immediately came to his aid and did as he had asked her to do. The huge purple glans peeped from between my breasts and from my angle of view it looked awfully big and swollen. And he had just a short while ago fucked me! How the hell could he have such a tremendous hard-on again?
    Vern urged Judith to press my breasts and my teats tighter around his cock and only found the pressure of my breasts around his prick satisfying when I was almost smarting. A satisfied grin on his face, his dong pressed and rubbed by my breasts, he began to ride me slowly and with obvious pleasure. Every time he pulled his dong back I saw the head disappear between my breasts completely, popping out from between them like a purple mushroom when he moved forward.
    Personally I was much too exhausted to enjoy this as much as the way I would have done normally, but it nevertheless gave me a certain thrill. My cunt felt lifeless and sore due to all the fucking it had had, and I was rather grateful nobody started to play around with it. But obviously this couldn't last for very long, and suddenly I felt a hand going in exactly that direction. I could hardly suppress a tortured cry, but I was mistaken if I thought Vern only wanted to feel my cunt. His hand left my twat for what it was and went further down till it reached my asshole. His fingers pried my buttocks apart and very carefully, but persistently, one of his fingers began to play with my brown puckered hole. His nail was scratching the tender skin, but since it didn't hurt me too much I didn't deny him his fun. Slowly but surely his finger began to penetrate me there and his finger had already disappeared up to the first knuckle before I knew what was happening. As you know I was quite used to having a finger up my shit-box, but it was still a little tight and only used to Sue's much thinner finger. But Vern had been thoughtful enough to wet his finger before he began to invade me like this and without too much trouble he soon had it up my ass to the second knuckle.
    Satisfied with the amount of penetration of my ass, he now started to sort of scratch the partition between my ass and cunt with his nail. In the beginning it didn't have much effect on me, but as he kept on manipulating me like this a delightful feeling began to spread through my body and I began to feel hotter every minute he kept it up.
    All of a sudden my cunt didn't feel sore any more and the longing to have this hole filled as well once more took possession of me. Also I began to pay some more attention to his steaming prick between my tits and now I found the sight of the bulging head appearing and disappearing from between them quite exciting.
    Judith still kept my tits pressed as close as possible to Vern's throbbing dong with her two hands, but she had fully opened her legs to give her steaming and wet hot-box some air. Vern, having one of his hands free could make a far better use with it instead of letting it lie idle.
    “Why don't you use your hand on Judith's cunt, Vern?” I asked him. “Frig her quim for her, jack her off. Give me the sight of your doing it for her. Masturbate her slimy slit! Rub her swollen clit! Do it, Vern, it's all there waiting for you to be played with!”
    They liked my sudden revival of hot randiness and immediately fulfilled my wishes. Judith opened her legs even more, her hairy cunt falling open to Vern's poking fingers. With a sopping noise, two stiff fingers disappeared between the dripping cunt lips and rapidly, with skilled motions he frigged her. Only a couple of strokes were needed to make her just as hot as I was now and the two of us were panting and groaning in feverish lust.
    “Give me your prick, Vern. Give me your hard dong. Give it to me now! Shove it up my twat and fuck me, you bastard! Fuck me, I'm ready for you. Give me your spunk. Drench me with it. Fill my slimy cunt with it. I'm so fucking randy, so fucking wet and ready for it. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuuuuuck meeee!!!!”
    In ruttish haste we changed our position. Vern laid himself on the floor and with my back turned to his face I let myself down on his cock, straddling him. My wetness helped to get it all up my cunt without any trouble at all, filling me to the brim with his lovely hard, throbbing, steaming prick. Behind my back there was some commotion, and turning slightly without losing contact with the reaming prick up my cunt, I saw Judith lower herself on Vern's upturned face with her legs wide open. It was obvious what she wanted him to do and what he wanted to do to her.
    With lapping noises his long tongue went over the entire length of her opened slit and seeing the awkward position I was in, sitting half-turned like I was, Judith had better ideas to give us all the pleasure we could have from this combined effort.
    “Bring us a mirror,” she told the others present. “Place it beside us, so we can all see what we are doing. So we can watch each other going through this lovely lewdness.”
    A mirror was brought over to our little group and placed beside us, and through slitted eyes I looked at the lewd reflection in it. Bucking up and down on the prick that impaled me, seeing Judith having her slit licked and sucked, was a lovely sight the mirror offered me. I saw myself moving up and down Vern's prick. When moving up it looked like I had a thick tail growing from between my legs, moving down I could see his balls almost being squashed by my ass.
    Judith, squatting over his face, had Vern's tongue all the way up her slit. Judith had her belly pushed out obscenely and her cunt was opened completely. Thick and strong-smelling cunt juice was dripping from it, wetting her legs, some of the sticky spunk trickling down Vern's chin. His tongue was all the way up her slit and must have caused sensational pleasures, for she was shaking from head to toe like a leaf in the wind. Her belly heaved and rolled, and she rubbed the swollen cunt lips over his face. She must have been close to coming and I also felt my orgasm was coming soon.
    “Spunk, you prick,” I shouted at Vern, who was riding up and down on the floor, his prick buried deep within my cunt. “Shoot your spunk up my slit and mingle it with mine! I'm nearly coming. I'm going to wet your cock with it, making it all slimy and sticky. My juices are flowing… I'M COMING… oh yes, I'm creaming again. Again! Ooooohhhh… aaaaagh!”
    In the mirror I could see the cunt juice spurt from Judith as she creamed under Vern's able tonguing and at the same time my cunt was filled with the lovely lukewarm spunk, shooting from his cock deep within me. The first jets of spunk hit the bottom of me with such a force I thought it would come out of my mouth again, but it was nice and soothing to the burning feeling there.
    Luckily I was given a short rest now, but it wasn't out of kindness. It was only because Glenn, the last man to fuck me, had to take some preliminaries in order to fuck me to his satisfaction, and his preliminaries were of an all too familiar nature to me now. Bringing some ropes with him he turned me on my belly and swiftly tied my hands behind my back. Although I found myself in a rather uncomfortable position I managed to turn my head and I saw him take a rather old-fashioned cat-o'-nine-tails out of a drawer, after which he approached me with a cruel light shining in his eyes.
    Two of the other men lifted me from the floor and brought me over to a sort of small bench and put me over it. It was most uncomfortable, that's for sure! My legs were hanging down one side, while my upper body hung down the other. But for what Glenn had in mind, it must have been the most perfect thing, because my position made my ass rise high in the air compared to the rest of my body, and the skin of my buttocks was stretched tight like the skin of a drum. Without further ado Glenn began flogging me with all the might he could muster and he soon had me transformed into a quivering heap of flesh. I was twisting around in agony and passion, trying to get away from the stinging lashes he landed on my backside.
    Luckily he was what may be called a master of the whip and he soon had me flogged to such a point where the pain changed into a luscious glowing feeling of extreme lust. While he kept on lashing my buttocks I felt myself go dripping wet between my legs. The muscles in my cunt lips seemed to contract and I could feel them opening and closing spasmodically. Spreading my legs as far as they would go must have given everybody a clear view of my asshole as well as of my opened crack. Now and then the top of one of the thin leather straps landed on my dilating cunt lips, sending stings of pain, like being stuck with a red hot knife in the cunt, through my body. But at the same time it made me even more wet and I strongly longed to be fucked once more. I really marveled at myself. I had thoroughly creamed four times already and here I was again longing to be fucked, wanting to cream, the need to spunk rising to the surface of my being with a strength almost impossible to understand.
    With Vera helping her, Judith brought another bench up to me and John lifted me to make my upper body rest on this somewhat higher level. It wasn't only meant to make me more comfortable that's for sure. The randy bitch wanted to have some fun herself as well and only as a second thought she wanted me to have more pleasure than I was already having. With her eyes shining in delight she began to play with her sopping wet quim. The fumes coming from her opened crack rose to my nostrils, making my eyes roll in my head and my head roll in passion and lust. With all of her exhibitionistic skill she played with herself, taking pleasure in what she was doing to herself and to me, still finding time to encourage Glenn to flog me harder. At each side of my face there was one of the other men-John at my left side and Arthur at the right side, my first two lovers of this remarkable day.
    Their rock-hard dongs touched my cheeks and clasping their hands around the fat stems of their pricks they started to jack off with the bulging glans touching my cheeks. Drops of pre-fuck juice dripping from the tip wet my cheeks with delightful wetness and I had never felt so lewd before in my entire life. I found myself at a point of mad, screaming lust and I felt cunt all over, a cunt with a terrible longing to be fucked good and properly. Drops of pre-coital fluid trickled down my cheeks, my ears were filled with the sopping noise Judith's fingers made in her slit and my buttocks felt on fire when Glenn finally stopped whipping me and rammed his cock up my cunt right to the hilt in one mighty lunge. It was plain heaven to be filled like this at last and I undulated my body, pushing my ass back to meet his forceful thrusts.
    He must have been just as excited as we all were, because when I came after only a couple of minutes of this delightful fucking, sprinkling his prick with my creamy cunt juices, his throbbing prick swelled even more in my cunt and he pumped his slimy sperm in me, filling me to the brim.
    At the same time my cheeks were drenched with the outpouring from the two cocks pressed close against them, wanked by their owners, John and Arthur. Under my eyes Judith sprayed her fingers with her spunk as she also came in a creamy orgasm.
    Anybody would have thought this was the end of my ordeal. I certainly thought so, but I had another thought coming to me. I won't say this had only been the beginning, but it certainly wasn't the end and I was soon going to find out, although I must confess it was a rather nice experience after I got into the spirit of the thing. This is what happened, after the last fuck I had had.
    I was lying on the floor completely exhausted and almost in a faint. I didn't feel like fucking at all any longer, but two of my fuckers thought differently about it. And don't ask me which two of them, because for the love of me I couldn't tell you. The only thing I know is that I was fucked in a most brutal and at the same time most novel way.
    Like I said, I was still lying on the floor when all of a sudden I felt the presence of one of the men beside me. He was lying on his back beside me and his prick was rock-hard, pointing in the air like a flagpole, like nothing had happened at all. And still all of them had shot their wad up my cunt and some of them even more than once.
    Pulling me over him, he managed to get his throbbing stiff poker up my slit and I found myself half sitting, half lying over him while the dick in my cunt seemed to swell even more. Slowly he rotated his under-body and despite myself, pooped out as I was, my cunt responded by getting wet and slippery. Juices were flowing and some of it must have been his as well, but anyway we were slowly getting sufficiently wet to make this fuck enjoyable.
    But now something else started to happen. My back was turned to his feet and I couldn't see what was happening behind it, but I felt somebody taking up a position there. I think initially it was Judith who started to play around with our united parts, for I thought I recognized her finger touch. Anyway somebody was playing with my cunt and my fucker's prick, when all of a sudden things started to take another direction. My buttocks were pulled apart and a finger touched my shit-hole. I was more than used to this sort of thing by now, and in fact I kind of like my ass to be played with at the same time I'm being fucked or frigged or sucked.
    The tickling finger disappeared in the tight hole without too much trouble, wet with my cunt juice as it was. I was getting excited by now and a delightful sexy feeling spread through my body. But this wasn't the end of it yet. Much to my annoyance the poking finger in my shit-box was removed and I was just about to tell the owner of the finger to put it back in, when I felt a stiff tongue penetrate me there where the finger had previously been. This was even more delightful and I squirmed under the agile movements of the licking and poking tongue even more than I had done with the finger.
    Again I was robbed of this marvelous sensual tickling, but now the real thing, the thing all the other little games had only been preliminaries for, was going to happen…
    Behind my back I sensed some movement and now my asshole was being penetrated by something far more blunt. That's right, a fat, throbbing dong was being forced up my rectum. By now I was also again in the throes of passion and I could do with an orgasm as if I had not had a single one in a couple of weeks. This was just too lovely! To be penetrated by two pricks at the same time, having both holes filled, completely! Stuffed by the tremendous fat cocks, one in each hole, the two throbbing glands rubbing against one another only separated by the thin partition between my cunt and ass. Moving in and out at the same time, they kept the same nice smooth rhythm, masturbating one another in my body, and rubbing my excited clit and asshole at the same time.
    Rapidly, I was climbing the rainbow again, getting near a glorious orgasm which would bring the juice from the wells of my cunt abundantly in real quantities, wetting my thighs, their pricks, making all of us wet and sticky with it-but delightfully wet and sticky, the sort of stickiness I love. Oh, yes, it was heaven when I came, and the two pricks, buried deep within my body, shooting their heavy loads to fill my bowels with their lukewarm glutinous spunk. They spurted it deep in my cunt, drenching my womb with it. I was so full of spunk, so delightfully filled with the sticky stuff, and I was creaming, creaming, creaming… and I fainted. Yes, I really fainted after this double fuck. I had just had it. Fucked out… completely, but satisfied. For the time being, completely satisfied.
    I don't know how long I had been passed out, but it must have been a considerable time, because it was night when I came to, at least that is what I thought it was and I later found out this was true. But not for the reason I initially thought. It only happened to be dark because I was lying with my nose buried in Judith's hairy cunt. The smell of fresh come-juice from her cunt brought me quickly back to my senses, my nose being filled with this smell, and slightly wet by it.
    She must have thought me still unconscious and to prolong the pleasure of her obvious orgasm she was slowly rubbing her wet slit up and down my face, touching my nose with her swollen clit one time, rubbing my lips with the hairy slippery cunt lips another time.
    Although conscious I was still too exhausted to notice exactly in what position I was, but after some moments of this delightful rubbing of slippery cunt lips over my face I quickly revived and involuntarily my tongue disappeared in Judith's snatch, beginning to tongue-fuck her in the way I know so well. She tasted just as good as a fresh dripping cunt will always taste to me, and without moving, and with my eyes closed, I let my tongue go over the entire length of her slit, at intervals nibbling on her clit. We had not said a single word so far and in fact words were not necessary-they would only have spoiled the beauty of this moment.
    But slowly I began to take notice of the position I found myself in and much to my surprise I was lying, belly down on the “frig and suck" chair. In case you don't remember this rather special contraption, it was the chair where two partners could be seated and have their enjoyment at the same time, but still have it in a different way.
    After I had passed out they must have lifted me on it, and let me down with the enormous dildo sticking out of it, inserted in my cunt. I must have really passed out, for I couldn't remember I had been lifted from the floor at all. The huge fake dick had penetrated me completely and I must confess, very comfortably.
    Licking and sucking Judith's quim had brought back my usual longing for creaming and once more I was surprised at my own ability to restore my sexual hunger in such a short time. I began to move my lower body up and down, feeling the huge rubber prick follow each one of my movements, and soon the delightful tickling it produced in my always randy cunt had me panting again. But Judith, thoughtful as ever, brought another lovely feature of this remarkable piece of furniture into operation. With a lever hidden in the side of one of the armrests she could give the fake dick a movement of its own. By moving it up and down, the gorgeous dildo started to move in and out of my dripping slit, fucking me and allowing me to lay quiet and enjoy its movements and deep penetration to my leisure.
    Now I could pay even more attention to the work of my tongue in Judith's slit and I can't say she didn't deserve a good cunt-lapping. For all the good things she had let me enjoy this day she could have asked anything from me and I would have gladly given her any sort of pleasure within my capabilities.
    My tongue moved faster in and out of her juice-dripping slit and looking up at her I saw a sensuous smile spread over her face. I was once more back to female loving and felt happy about it. I was really glad the five men had left the room and the rest of the day seemed to be for just the two of us, female loving female in the best possible way with fingers, tongues, anything our imagination could think of-licking, sucking, finger-fucking ourselves or one another. Showing our abilities in this sort of pastime to its best advantages, and knowing the other appreciated this sort of thing, and was adept at it! Just the two of us in the land of Lesbos…
    I was happy again after the strenuous fucking I had undergone by the five bull-like pricks. It was good to round off the day by making love to another woman, and I knew I could once more stand a lot of lovemaking… unaggressive, tender lovemaking…
    Considering all this I sucked Judith's cunt with even more delight, taking her swollen clit between my lips, nibbling on it, making it hard and red, making it quiver in passionate delight. The juice from her cunt, coming out of the depth of it, wetting my lips, tasted like honey.
    Judith moved the lever faster, increasing the speed of the fucking dildo, stretching my dilating cunt lips. The two of us were in seventh heaven and very much in love with one another. This was going to be one of the best parts of the day as far as we were concerned.
    We both enjoyed the gang-fucking I had had, but this was what we really wanted now, and we were going to make the best of it. When her juices came in a boiling orgasm, Judith filled my mouth with it and at the same time I had my own orgasm.
    Pushing a button, also hidden in the side of the chair, she let go of a stream of lukewarm liquid, bursting from the dildo, filling my sheath with its spunky wetness.
    Unfortunately we couldn't keep this up forever and I had to leave her after we had given each other some more proof of our delight in one another. I was broken when I finally left Judith, but feeling utterly happy that I had gone to her place.
    At the moment I left her I had to make a promise to come back soon and at that time I would take Sue with me-actually she wanted to come with me and I couldn't hold her back after I had told her about the things I had experienced, but that is another part of my memoirs and I will possibly find the time to tell you about it. May it have the same interest as the other things I told you about my life. May it set your mind to sex in any way, fucking, frigging, anything as long as you find satisfaction.


    You will probably remember the promise I made Telma, my boss's wife, after I had spent an evening with her and her husband, Jim. Well, one day I was to keep this promise, because she called me and invited me to come over in the afternoon and join her and her friends in what was going to be a strictly female affair-a lesbian orgy to be more precise.
    Since this was my day off I gladly accepted her invitation and full of eager anticipation I went up to her apartment that afternoon. Having rung the bell I didn't have to wait for very long. In fact, almost immediately the door was opened by Telma who quickly pulled me inside. She threw her arms around me and hugged me lovingly. Needless to say we exchanged something more than just a friendly kiss. After all, we had been very violent lovers not too long ago.
    “I'm so glad you could come, darling,” she said. “All of my girl friends are waiting for you and I have made them all excited by telling them about you and they really can't wait to get you in their clutches, to which I'm sure you won't make any objections. They are really cunt-hungry for you after I told them what you can do with that lovely snatch of yours. There will be five of us. I deliberately planned it that way, to have these uneven numbers so nobody can pair off. We will always have at least one threesome. It is so much nicer to make love in a threesome, when you really want to do all those delightfully lewd things. This is going to be one lovely, dirty afternoon and probably a good part of the night as well, because James won't be home early. He knows I don't want to be disturbed when I'm having one of my lesbian orgies.”
    Her beautiful eyes were shining lasciviously when she said all this and I'm sure she could see the same sort of looks in mine too. Before going into the living room we kissed once more and neither Telma or myself could refrain ourselves from passing a searching hand under the other's dress to touch our respective nylon-clad cunts. The living room was filled with female chatter and laughter when we entered, but seeing us standing in the door the owners of the voices stopped their conversation to greet us with enthusiasm.
    “Girls, here she is! I want you to meet Mitzy,” Telma said. “Mitzy let me introduce you to those cunt-loving friends of mine before they get you in their hands. I'm sure there won't be any time for formality after this party gets under way. That redhead over there-yes, the bird with her dress already up to her waist-is very rightly called Ginger. I'm certain she has been showing the others how good she is in frigging herself, and she really is good at it. What that girl can do with her own cunt is the best proof of what she can do with yours as soon as you let her.”
    Ginger's protests were smothered in the general laughter that Telma's remark caused.
    “The two blondes with their tits almost popping out of their dresses are Lena and Rose. As you can see they are twins and almost the mirror image of one another. It takes some time to tell them apart, but I would not worry too much about it. In sucking and all other ways of love they also equal each other and they are both very good at it, so you won't be able to tell the difference if they have a go at your snatch with their agile tongues. Now remember, they are unlike us. We both can truly enjoy sex with a male just as much as with a female, but they are real man haters, all three of them. It's only girls and women they get the hots for, so they are what one should call 'lesbians to the bone.' ”
    “I don't know how the hell you can stand it to have your cunt filled with a man's prick,” Ginger said. “Don't misunderstand me, I have nothing against the lewd sight a cock offers, when it is spunking. It's nice and fiery looking, almost majestic in its angry throbbing. I think it's a lovely spectacle to behold, but I only want to see it, not feel it spunking inside me. It would absolutely stop me from coming myself, just to feel it spewing its spunk, filling my cunt with it no matter how randy I might be at the moment. I do love to sit opposite a man, masturbating myself silly, watching him go through the same thing. We may spunk simultaneously, but separately, and that is as far as I go in my relationship to the males of the world. If I feel like creaming I want to do it by my own hand or by the hand or tongue of another woman.”
    One of the twins nodded her approval to this and added something of herself as well.
    “You know,” she said, “as for myself, I do agree with Ginger, but with one positive difference as far as men are concerned. I don't mind being sucked or frigged by a girl, when at the same time a man is fucking her ass off. But it certainly is the other girl who is to be fucked and most certainly not this girl. Just imagine his balls slapping against your ass… uuugh! No thank you!”
    “What goes for Rose, goes for me too,” her sister said. “But I must confess I once sucked a man, swallowing his juice when he came and I found it a rather nice experience, although I have never done it since.”
    “Well, there you have it, Mitzy,” Telma said. “Now you can judge for yourself. They are a bunch of regular cunt lovers. Almost no other games for them, but the old muff diver. But at that, they are really the tops, that much I can say for them, and I love them for the way they are. It's so nice to make love with a real lez occasionally. Nobody knows how to suck you better!”
    “Telma, why don't you stop talking for a minute and strip your lovely friend of her clothes,” Rose said. “I would love to see you two ac/dcs have a go at one another. Come on, start undressing her, but do it nice and slow, give us a nice show. There is nothing I like better than seeing a beauty like Mitzy being undressed.”
    The others agreed with this proposal and I couldn't, or really didn't want to do anything else but give my consent to this. They were looking so hungrily, so intently, and I like this sort of thing, as I already said. On top of that, I was more than just eager to get into some sort of action.
    Telma, her usual sensuous smile on her face, looked at the other three, and without further hesitation began to undo the buttons of my dress. There were quite a few of them, but when she had them all undone she pushed her hand inside and giving the others a good view of what she was doing, she started to fumble my bra-clad tits. They liked what they saw and the hidden promise in Telma's action especially appealed to their heated senses, and the two twins were already playing with each other's bare tits while Ginger had pushed her hand under her skirt, leaving no doubt she was deftly playing with her hot-box.
    After playing with my tits for some time Telma continued to strip me of my other clothes by letting my skirt down and making me step out of it. I was getting rather excited now myself as well, and I pressed my scantily-clad body tight against her lovely body while I let my hands go over her. Too bad she was still dressed all the way, but I knew this wasn't going to last for very long.
    I was feeling terribly hot and my panting mouth sought hers, kissing her hungrily. But I wasn't content to just kiss her. I also had to feel her, so I stuck my hand under her dress and pushing the leg of her panties aside I let my finger go for her slit, which I found without any trouble. All damp and eager for my touch, it opened as soon as my finger found its mark.
    Telma was only too pleased about my searching finger, and spread her legs to facilitate matters for me to frig her burning cunt. Shivers of delight ran through my body when I found her delicious cunt waiting for me- all those lovely juices waiting to be frigged from her cunt. It was real lovely to masturbate her while she was still fully dressed, but she didn't want me to make her come, and just when I had her properly juicing she abruptly closed her legs, stopping my frigging motions as she did so.
    The three others urged us to go on, and already Telma had decided she was going to be the last so she took off my bra so that my tits, with their hardened nipples, burning and almost painful to the touch by my excitement, popped into sight.
    My darling Telma closed her mouth over one nipple and began to suck upon this hard protuberance. At the same time she sucked my nipple, her hand was pushed between the waistband of my panties and reaching up for my cunt. It's obvious I was dripping wet by now and upon feeling her searching hand I really started to flow.
    Her warm hand closed over my bush, and without really entering me, she started to rub me. With her hand closed tightly over my bush she rubbed and rubbed till she almost had me dying in lust for her finger to penetrate me and really begin wanking me.
    It was agony not to feel her stiff finger poking my slit. I wriggled my ass to make her aware I wanted her finger up my slit, and at the same time her rubbing hand gave me an immensely pleasurable feeling. Busy like this, we still found time to have a look at the other women. We wanted to know what kind of impression our lewd little show was giving them. Even without looking we could have described the sort of position they were in. They were in the grip of utter lust due to our playing with one another.
    Grace was sitting sprawled in her chair. Her panties were hanging down her legs, reaching her ankles. Her legs spread as far as they would go, her dress up to her waist, she had full access to her dripping cunt, which she busily masturbated using one finger, two fingers-her full hand! She rubbed her clit, pulling and pinching the overlong lips, enjoying herself without losing any of our own movements.
    The twins, Lena and Rose, had each closed one hand around the other's tit, while the other free hand had disappeared under their respective dresses. It wasn't hard to guess what they were doing to their burning slits. Apart from being lesbians to the bone the two twins also had a liking for incest. They were really getting more interesting every minute. They made me think about my younger sister. I had never had any sex with her, but I had found myself wondering about it lately. At the time I had left home she was already a beautiful girl, with a lot of promises for the future. Oh yes, I was certainly going to corrupt her thoroughly and if she was wise to this sort of thing, it was just as well.
    My secret thoughts didn't keep me from paying attention to what Telma was doing. In her heated sensuality she almost ripped my panties down, and seeing my dripping slit she had been rubbing for some time, the three other women gasped in delight and more feverishly masturbated their own dripping slits.
    Telma pushed me into a chair and with her voice, hoarse with lust and excitement, she told me to play with myself just like the others were doing, while she undressed herself so she could join me all naked and beautiful and ready for me to have her any way I wanted her. I did as she told me to do, and burying my fingers in my slit, I watched her take off her clothes. It didn't take her long to stand in front of me in all her glorious nudity and I marveled at her body. I had seen her like this before, but nevertheless I couldn't stop myself from admiring her and my heart skipped a beat in its longing for her.
    The three others had also undressed themselves in the same frantic hurry as Telma had done and finally the five of us were all naked with the exception of our stockings, garter belts and shoes. It's needless to say we had kept those on. It added so much to the eroticism of the atmosphere, and made us feel so much randier.
    The two sisters let themselves down on the couch they had occupied before, and Ginger threw herself into the same chair. Telma also stayed where she was, standing in the center of the room where we could watch her without losing anything of what she was going to do. I had not moved in my chair; I was just still busy with my ever dripping cunt.
    All those open, freely flowing cunts filled the room with the smell of cunt juice and the fumes went to our heads like some sort of an aphrodisiac, raising our lust to a boiling point. In our present condition there was no time to bother about choosing a partner. This first time was going to be a solo party for all of us. We just looked at one another, taking in the sight our nude forms offered, trying to kill this terrible need to cream by masturbating. We frigged ourselves in the way we knew so well, seeking a creamy relief with our own fingers-fingers buried deep in sopping wet slits as drops of our glutinous cunt juice clung to the hairs covering our swollen lips. Watching each other with eyes cloudy with lust, our fingers were really flying in and out of our hot-boxes. The smell of cunt juice, already present in the room, became stronger with every move of our eager fingers, and the cunt juice flowing even more abundantly.
    Five pairs of legs were spread obscenely wide. We didn't hold anything back… all of our senses focused on our own and the other's pleasure. A thought formed in my head-what kind of spectacle we must have formed for anybody able to watch us now. I felt lewd and beautiful at the same time, happy and exhilarated to be able to do all this… playing with myself, letting the others see how much I loved to do this sort of thing together with them. They were the kind of company I love to have around me, being the same as I am, luscious, beautiful, sensual, eager to give' ourselves to the pleasure of the body, holding nothing back, showing ourselves off in all our randiness.
    I could see the others were loving our frigging session just as much as I did. It was plain heaven to see four other full-grown women going through the motions of young girls. But why should this way of giving oneself pleasure be the privilege of young girls? It's beautiful at any age and I couldn't do without it, not for a single day. I love my pussy and I love to play with it, and so do a lot of other women-especially the four in whose presence I found myself now. I loved them for doing what they were doing while I went through the same sort of thing myself, together with them. What we went through was so utterly exciting, we couldn't hold out very long.
    Rapidly we were approaching our desired orgasm, our longed for creamy coming. One by one we pushed out our loads of spunk, wetting our fingers and bushes, keeping our legs spread, letting our juices drip down our legs, wetting the seats of chairs and couch while Telma wet the carpet with hers.
    Our burning passions calmed down for the moment and we relaxed and Telma also seated herself to rest a while. After some time of absolute silence she raised herself and went for some drinks. With our drinks in hand we took some time to look each other over a bit closer than we had done before and I took a special interest in one of the twin sisters. I was not certain, looking alike as they did, but I think it was Rose. She was still sitting with her legs open so I was getting my share of a good look at her cunt. From the slightly opened cunt lips a rather overlong clit appeared and I couldn't do anything else but pay full attention to this marvelous piece of sensitive womanhood.
    Although she had wiped her cunt after she had spent, the clit-it was the size of a small prick-still looked red and shiny and I couldn't take my eyes from it. It looked so terribly inviting, inviting me to take it between my lips and nibble on it. Involuntarily I licked my lips at the thought…
    She must have noticed the attention I paid to this particular part of her cunt, for she smiled at me and brought her hand down to her red pepper, because this is what it resembled most. It was of such a size she could actually take it between thumb and forefinger, and doing just that, she started to rub it like a man would do in masturbating his prick.
    “You do like my clit, don't you, Mitzy?” she said. “Look how I can play with it. I can get it erected and hard like a man's prick. Wouldn't you like to be fucked with it? Don't look so surprised! I can, you know! I can let it enter your cunt, let it rub your clit and make you come with it. Ask the other girls about it, they know. I have fucked them with my clit many times and they loved it. I made them cream like they were being poked with a steaming prick. Lena can't stand away from it. I either have to fuck her with it, or she wants to suck it. That's where she acquired her taste for sucking a cock, I think. But let me put it in you too. You will love it, and I will like it just as much. I love to feel your lovely cunt lips close around this clit of mine. Come, darling, let me fuck you like a man… no, better than any man could. I know so well what your clit needs. I will rub mine up and down yours, and you will cream! Girl, will you come! Like you have never come before!!”
    Hearing her talk like this and seeing the sight of her long clit getting more and more in erection with every rub she gave it, I was getting excited like anything!
    Ginger, sensing my excitement, came over to me and since she had been looking at my cunt with hungry eyes she let herself down on her knees in front of my chair. Obviously she wanted to beat Rose in the opportunity to suck my cunt and this was her chance, Rose being busy in getting her clit to full erection. Down on her knees in front of me she pushed my legs apart and her head, with its crown of beautiful chestnut hair, dived between my legs, her pointed tongue sticking out from her parted lips. However, before she had reached her desired goal, Rose had raised herself and roughly pulled her away from my snatch.
    “You bitch,” she snarled, “you heard me say I was going to fuck Mitzy, so get away from her pussy, you cunt-sucker. Get lost and play with yourself or take one from the other's. Mitzy is mine to do what I want with. You will get your turn later, if she wants you…”
    Before we could come in between, the two randy bitches were rolling on the floor, fighting each other furiously. It wasn't what you would call a clean fight. In fact, it was a real mean fight, each girl trying to hurt the other as much as possible, trying to hit the most painful spots on the other's nude body, foul blows raining on the other. They grunted and panted like two prize fighters, tumbling and rolling on the floor.
    At first we wanted to stop them, but their bouncing tits, flying arms and legs, showing an opened dripping slit now and then, were far too exciting to interrupt and the three of us kept on watching them, getting more and more excited. Randy lust raging through our bodies, our nerves crying for more excitement, for blood to flow, and all of a sudden I understood the fascination of the old Roman games, where blood was spilled in great quantities, and men and women lay dying in the hot sand. Monstrous things happened to other human beings, but the people who were watching this sort of thing didn't feel any pity for them after they had got accustomed to the whole thing. Instead it had raised their sensuality to an unbelievable point and records have it they actually copulated during the height of the games. Later in these games, sex was really added, although it always happened to be the most bizarre kind of sex. Women were fucked by all sorts of animals. But seeing those two lesbians fight made me understand the thrill of it, made me feel the same sort of excitement the people in the Rome of the old days must have felt.
    Since the two were fighting over the privilege of making love to me, I wasn't surprised to see Telma pair off with Lena, when they were both properly heated by the spectacle the two fighting girls offered. Their eyes didn't leave the fight for a moment as they fondled each other's breasts and cunts. Left alone, I couldn't do anything else but frig myself, waiting for the victor of the fight to come for me and make love to me.
    Although I had absolutely nothing against Ginger, I secretly hoped it would be Rose. To be quite honest, I liked the beautiful redhead just as much as I liked Rose, and I hoped to have a real wild bout of lovemaking with her, but at the moment I was yearning to be fucked with Rose's long clit more than anything else. It was going to be an entirely new experience for me and I wanted to have it as soon as possible.
    Just when I thought Ginger was going to win the fight, Rose landed a punch on her chin, which made her go out like a candle. With laboring breath Rose staggered over to me and I received her with comforting open arms, hugging her closely to me. It didn't take her long to recover and as soon as her breath was back to a more normal pace she started to repay my caresses with the same ardor and enthusiasm, her caresses quickly becoming more direct and ardent. She reached for my slippery cunt and I immediately followed her example…
    She was sopping wet and opened under my fingers, when I touched her between the hairy lips. Touching it I could feel it quiver against my fingertips and taking it between thumb and forefinger I rubbed it like I had seen her do it to herself, like I would have frigged a man's prick…
    Her fingers had disappeared between the swollen lips of my gash and gently she frigged me to an even more proper state of dampness, while I felt the clit grow between my fingers till it throbbed and jerked like a cock would have done. At a certain moment Rose must have thought her clit sufficiently stiffened, and pulling me from the chair she placed me on the floor and laid herself down on top of me. At first I thought she was going to fuck me in the straight position, but even her clit wasn't long enough for this penetration. She started her lovemaking by rubbing her clit over the length of my cunt, rubbing my clit with hers, making me randier and randier every minute.
    When she felt I couldn't stand it any longer she changed her position and opening my legs she reversed herself, so she was lying scissors-like between my legs… Our cunt hairs mingled delightfully and now I felt her clit enter my cunt very distinctly. My twat was now properly used to pricks of really tremendous sizes and I can't say I was filled the way I used to be filled, but it was a most wonderful experience nevertheless.
    Rose started to move her lower body in a fucking fashion and I was getting the hang of things. Without losing contact I moved myself in the same fashion, pushing back at her writhing form and fucking away for dear life. She was just as randy and excited as I was, and she still managed to accompany her fucking with a stream of hot and lewd words.
    “Do you feel how good I am in fucking you with my clit? You didn't believe it could be like this, did you? My clitty can make you come like any man's prick could, my darling. Just give yourself to me completely and we both will be very happy. Oh yes, my darling, push your cunt back like that. Meet my thrusts, but don't lose contact. Oh, it's so lovely, our bushes mingling, our juices flowing from our cunts, so lovely… so gorgeous… ooooooh…”
    And it was like she said-lovely! Actually it was one of the most charming fucks I ever had, although I was not filled the way I sometimes am. Her erected hard clit delightfully titillated mine and I think it was due to its limited length, and not being penetrated so deeply, that the lovely feeling one experiences just before coming was going on for longer than I can remember. To me it looked like I was on the verge of coming for ages and ages. Every time I thought I would explode any minute the feeling of approaching orgasm subdued and I found myself back, climbing the rainbow to sensual fulfillment all over again.
    Right beside us Telma and Lena were engaged in a perfect sixty-nine, while poor Ginger was still unconscious and unaware of what was going on in the room. I felt a deep pity for her and already I promised her and myself a good sucking later on.
    I knew I couldn't hold out very much longer, my lust being at the boiling point for too long now, and the same was true for my dear fuckster, Rose. Her movements became more and more erratic. Faster and faster she fucked me, till suddenly, with a cry, she seemed to stiffen, while I felt her creamy come-juices mingle with my own, since I had come together with her.
    The spendings of our mutual orgasms wet our cunts, thighs, and bellies, while we still bucked up and down till the last drop of slimy cunt-juice had left our spunking cunts. From our side we heard little cries of lust and passion and from it we could easily make out the two others that had also creamed to their satisfaction.
    Looking up we saw Thelma and Rose licking their lips, wet as they were with their abundant spendings. Rose rolled herself away from me and, exhausted but obviously happy, she lazily caressed my still dilating gash.
    After I had sufficiently rested I freed myself from Rose and went over to Ginger, finding her with fluttering eyes, trying to regain consciousness. I laid myself down beside her and my loving caresses soon had her back conscious again.
    “You just relax for a moment, darling,” I said. “Please let me play with you for some time, Ginger. Let me make love to you. I so much want to suck your lovely hairy cunt, to make it all wet and nice, to taste your juices, and lick them from your slit. You will feel so much better after I have been down on your slit for some time. Open your legs and let me go ahead.”
    Saying this I pushed my head between her legs, spreading her cunt lips apart with two forked fingers. Holding her cunt open like this I entered her with my tongue, licking her with swift strokes till I had her panting and squirming in lust. Suddenly an idea came to my head, and taking my mouth from her cunt reluctantly I put my thoughts into action. Bringing my breast between her spread legs I entered her cunt with the stiff nipple of my left breast. When it touched the now slimy cunt lips it seemed to harden even more and slowly I rubbed it over her swollen clit and the length of her dripping cunt. Ginger had been disappointed when I took my tongue from her cunt, but feeling my nipple in her gash she uttered a satisfied sigh, this new way of wanking being to her satisfaction as well.
    “Don't you think it is lovely to be frigged like this? Doesn't my nipple feel nice on your clit? Oh, darling, it's so nice to feel your juices on it. It makes me so excited. Does it please you just as much?”
    “Oh, Mitzy, darling. It's so nice, so lovely, do go on with it. Don't stop yet, go on, my love, don't stop. I'm juicing so much, it's so gorgeous. I love your nipple rubbing my clit. I will be ready for you in a minute, any minute now! Yessss… give me your tongue… now… suck me! Please suck me… make me come! Make me spunk! I can't stand it any longer… oooooooh…”
    And she had been so right. She was really flowing, thick, smelly cunt juice flowing from her cunt, streaming from it, wetting her thighs, the floor, all there, waiting for me to be lapped up. My head dived between her widespread legs, and closing my mouth over her cunt I began to lap her… lap her… lap her…
    She tasted wonderful and her spicy juices had a marvelous soothing effect on my burning lips.
    Behind me I sensed some motion and somebody seated herself on my calf and began to rub her slimy wet twat on it, while two stiff fingers entered my slit, poking it with swift strokes, bringing me some relief to my heated senses.
    Since the twins had positioned themselves on either side of me, guiding my hands to their sopping wet hot-boxes, it must have been Telma who was now busily riding my calf, while frigging my cunt with a very experienced hand, trying to bring off her orgasm.
    The soppy wetness of the twins' cunts facilitated my penetration with stiff fingers. Or actually I just dipped my finger in Lena's cunt to wank her as deep as possible, while I once more took Rose's overlong clit between thumb and forefinger to masturbate her like she and I had done before. Being occupied like this I couldn't help but feel proud of myself, making love to four other women at the same time, proud and happy and randy like hell.
    My mouth closed over Ginger's dripping cunt, juices freely flowing in it, my lips drenched with the lovely stuff. The taste of it setting my head reeling. Juice dripped from my own, masturbated cunt, wetting my legs. Telma's fingers, poking me deeply, touched the walls of my gash with sharp nails, and a delightful sopping noise. And she didn't forget my swollen clit either, rubbing and pinching it occasionally, she made me gasp for breath.
    She was still riding my calf with fervor, wet with her juices, her hairy slit tickling it, sticking to my skin like a leech. The strong smell of cunt juices filled the room and it was as if there was nothing but cunt in the entire world. My fingers were sticky and wet from the juices Rose and Lena secreted from their twats.
    One by one the five of us creamed our spunky orgasm and cunt juice seemed to be everywhere. Our bodies were wet with it and I wished one didn't have to wash it off, but what can you do? It's hardly possible to run around all during the day, smelling like love-making…
    It had been a most wonderful afternoon and I felt very satisfied when I went back to the hotel that night. Come to think of it, it had been more than just an afternoon, because it was close to midnight when I came back.
    Getting near the door of my room I saw light shining under the door and I expected Sue to be in it, waiting for me to hear all about my escapades of that afternoon. Opening the door, I found not only Sue but Jim as well in my room…
    He must have told Sue about his wife and friends, getting her all heated up and randy. And when Sue is randy, she wants to make love! So needless to say I found them fucking while waiting for me to come back.
    Walking back to the hotel had completely refreshed me and I was eager to join in their fun. I didn't waste much time, but immediately went into action. It was good to take Jim's heavy dangling balls in my hand after all the cunt I had touched, tasted and smelled that afternoon. And besides I was still getting some more cunt when I played with his balls. The way he bucked back and forth while he fucked Sue dog-fashion, my hand couldn't do anything else but touch Sue's wet cunt.
    After playing with his balls for some time I wanted something more substantial, and bending my head, I started to suck upon his balls, licking the slippery wet stem of his prick when he pulled it out of Sue's cunt almost all the way.
    They must have sensed how much I longed to be fucked good and properly because Jim pulled out of Sue's cunt completely and offered me his cock to lick and suck. The huge head was wet with cunt juice and while I cleaned it from their offerings Sue raised my dress and took off my panties. She played with my cunt till she had me flowing and juicing. Taking Jim's cock in her hand she guided it to my waiting slit herself, and I loved her for her care and thoughtfulness.
    Jim entered me without any trouble and in no time he was fucking away for dear life, pumping in and out of my slit in mad lust. In his mind he must have been picturing the things which had taken place in his house that afternoon, because he rammed me harder than ever before. His long dick reached the bottom of my cunt and I was once more filled with cock. I'm glad I'm the way I am, getting the best from both worlds as far as sex is concerned. Plenty of cock and cunt to choose from, and enjoying everything in the wide field of sensuous pleasures. I really pity people who can only have sex one way. They certainly miss a lot and if they only would give up their inhibitions, they may find life a lot more rewarding and pleasurable.
    Jim's cock, throbbing deep in my cunt gave up its load and I wet his cock with my spendings. I couldn't help it, but I tumbled off to sleep right away, without wiping my cunt of our spunk.
    In the middle of the night, I woke up to find Sue and Jim still in my bed. Jim had his cock in Sue's mouth and she sucked it with hungry gobbling sounds. Her cunt was right over my face. Who can resist a sight like this? Not me, that's for sure! I pulled her down over my mouth, and my tongue sought out her dripping slit, licking her, licking her till she creamed in my mouth. Pulling his cock from her mouth just before he came, Jim flooded my cunt with his spendings, which he rubbed in my cunt with stiff fingers, making me spend over them.


    In the former chapter I have told you about the things I wanted to find out about my little sister. One weekend when I didn't have to work I decided to go home and see my family.
    I didn't particularly want to see my father, since he had always been too severe and upright for my taste, but I really longed to see my mother. Although we had never shared our secrets and lusty feelings, I knew she was a very passionate woman, having found this out when I was still at home. And many a pleasurable afternoon I had passed, looking into her actions with the village priest.
    I wanted to find out how far she had gone on the road to depravity and whether she was prepared to join me in the seduction of my sister, because most of all I wanted to see my younger sister. I was very curious about her. Had she inherited the same lascivious nature as my mother and me, or was she like my father, prim and prudish. Well I was not going to waste this weekend and go back without knowing exactly how she was. I hoped she was going to come out with flying colors, that is, with the same sort of nature my mother and I have-lewd and sensuous, always ready to enjoy sex no matter with whom. The weekend would prove very successful if we had a roll together, the three of us.
    During the ride in the train I was full of anxiousness and my thoughts were filled with the things the three of us could do if everything was the way I hoped it was going to be. I had written my mother and sister separate letters that I was coming over for the weekend and between the lines I had given them little hints about my present way of life and the things I did to enjoy myself.
    It was a long way by train and it would take me a couple of hours to get to the village where I was born, but I didn't have any problems keeping myself occupied. In my mind I went over the various things I had experienced so far and needless to say they all came back to my most favorite topic-all the sex acts I had ever done, all the sensuous adventures I had had, thoughts of steaming pricks and dripping cunts filled my mind and the rocking motions of the train added to my usual lusty feelings. With every mile the train speeded through the countryside my randiness increased, till it came to a point where I couldn't stand it any longer.
    I just had to come right now and what better way than frigging oneself to a quick relief? Since it is hardly polite to raise one's dress in a train compartment occupied by other people I had to go to the toilet to jack off, although I'm certain some of the gentlemen in the compartment would just have loved to see me wank myself.
    But like I said, I went to the toilet to give myself the desired relief. Standing in the cubicle, I raised one leg and placed it on the toilet seat, after I had taken off my panties. Hitching up my dress, my cunt came under the easy touch of my experienced hand and with delight I penetrated my slit with two stiff fingers. Unfortunately I had not put my dildo in my handbag. Its bulky form had more or less kept me from doing this and I had stuck the darling thing in my suitcase… I would just have loved to stuff the hard rubber length of my artificial cock in my dripping slit, but the old finger-fuck had to do for the time being.
    During the weekend I certainly would have ample opportunity to use it and if everything went the way I hoped it would, I would be using it on my mother and sister as well. I thought about my mother with the dildo belted around her body, fucking my sister while she sucked my cunt. I remembered my sister's mouth and I knew I was destined to suck a prick and cock. From the shape of her mouth I knew she couldn't be very much like my father, but things like that may turn out all wrong.
    Anyway, there was no real need to worry yet and even if my little sister would not play my kind of games I knew my mother would if guided in the right way, so I would not be without sensuous pleasures this weekend.
    Rubbing my clit furiously while I thought about all this soon brought on the desired satisfying results, and I creamed over my fingers, stifling my lusty cries by biting the handkerchief I had ready to mop up my spendings.
    Relieved, I went back to my seat and looking out of the window, I found by the landscape that I had arrived in familiar surroundings. Only two more stations to go and I would be home. I was full of eager anticipation for the things to come.
    My parents' house was close to the station and I had written them not to bother picking me up. I just had to walk for a couple of minutes and I wanted to find out whether anything had changed in the village where I had spent my youth.
    As usual in towns this size all things were exactly like they had been when I left, and I met quite a few people I knew very well. Some of the boys and girls I had played with not too long ago talked to me and in the eyes of some of them I could see they envied my present way of life. In the eyes of some of them I could also read something other than envy-especially the boys. They looked me over as if they were going to rape me right then and there if I kept talking to them any longer. But some of the girls also looked at me like that and I think some of the escapades Mary and I had had must have become known to them.
    It's hardly feasible that Mary had not found herself another girl friend to do things with that she and I used to do, and she must have talked about the two of us. Well, never mind. I may yet find out about them later on, maybe have some little lovemaking with my dear Mary, if things go wrong at home. I was soon to find out how things had developed…
    My three relatives were at home, awaiting my arrival and they greeted me with more enthusiasm than I had expected. Even my father was really charming and hugged me for a long time… If he had not been such a religious and severe man, wearing those somber and awful dark suits, and bearing a grim look on his face, he could have been a really handsome and charming man with his lean body and broad shoulders.
    My mother had not changed very much from the way I remembered her. She still looked beautiful and her shape was marvelous for a woman her age.
    But my little sister-I couldn't take my eyes from her. She was lovely, and she wasn't a little sister any longer! There wasn't very much that was little on her at all, especially her tits. They had grown into real beauties and I could hardly wait to find out what she would look like in the nude. Looking her over closely, I wondered how much she knew about the pleasures one's body can give and if I was not mistaken, she had already had some experience, but I hoped there was still something I could teach her. That has always been one of my pleasures, teaching a young girl the ways of love, teaching her all I knew, the way I had been taught-bringing her to the point where she can't go back any longer and making her desirous for creaming over and over again. And I was going to find out! That I promised myself. I wasn't going to waste any time, now that I had seen her.
    That first Saturday night at home was spent really pleasantly, but as you will understand nothing of the erotic transpired, and this mainly because my father stayed in all afternoon and night. From some of the things my mother said, I seemed to understand she had taken my little hints hidden in my letter to her and sometimes I thought she was really going a bit too far for my father, but he either didn't seem to notice or didn't want to pay any attention.
    We had a marvelous dinner and afterwards we watched television. For a change they had something worth watching. In fact, there happened to be a rather sexy sort of show and although my father occasionally grunted in disapproval, it was kept, on, and my mother, sister, and I thoroughly enjoyed it and it certainly brought my mind back to sex.
    But if I wanted to have any sensual pleasure I had to wait till that night in bed or until tomorrow, if I managed to hold out that long, when my father went to Mass.
    My old room was transformed into a bathroom, which really was a better one than the small one we had when I was still at home, so I had to sleep with my sister. Fortunately, my parents had also bought new furniture and my sister seemed to have managed to make them buy her a double bed instead of a single, so we could sleep together.
    Things were beginning to look real good to me and sleeping in the same bed would certainly give me the opportunity to play some of my tricks on her. She was hardly in a position to refuse anything when I had her this close to me and I knew my capabilities when it came to seducing another female.
    We went to bed late that night and Father even went so far out of his usual way as to offer us some wine to drink. I was getting quite used to drinking by now, but little Jean was feeling rather hot and she looked flushed and excited due to this unaccustomed drink.
    Sitting on the edge of the bed I watched her undress herself with eager eyes and once more I found I could hardly call her little Jean any longer. She didn't feel embarrassed at all to undress in front of me, in fact, she seemed to take it for granted I was in her presence. After all we were sisters and had often undressed in front of one another.
    Once she was naked I could really see how much she had grown into a beautiful young woman and suddenly I realized she was only two years younger than I was, which made her seventeen.
    She was just as fully grown as I had been at her age and her breasts had developed into real beauties. Her cunt had the same prominent bush of hairs like I and my mother have, while her Mons Venus was of exactly the same bulging and sensuous appearance.
    I was getting all hot and randy for her and I was dying to take her in my arms, but knowing my parents were still awake in the adjoining room I held myself back till they were asleep. If I wanted to start anything I had to wait till at least my father was fast asleep, because I already more or less sensed my mother was wise to me and would have loved to join us here and let herself be made love to. I don't know whether she would have done it in the presence of Jean, but if I would have had my old room I'm certain she would have joined me in no time, knowing I would be waiting for her.
    During the time Jean had been undressing herself I had been too fascinated with her loveliness, so I was still sitting completely dressed when she turned around and found me completely dressed and staring at her…
    “Are you not going to undress, Mitzy?” she asked, blushing delightfully. “I'm feeling a bit embarrassed, when you are still sitting there, all dressed up, and you are looking so strangely at me. Is there anything wrong?”
    Without showing my own sudden embarrassment I raised myself and saying nothing I began to undress. This time it was Jean's turn to stare at me. I didn't want her to feel guilty of looking at me so I took a position where she might have had the idea I could not see her watching me, almost with hunger in her eyes.
    She must have been so entranced with the sight I offered her that she had forgotten all about the full-length mirror hanging in the corner of the room. In it I could secretly watch her admiring looks while I undressed myself. I took my time undressing, giving her lots of time to get used to my presence in the room to look at me at her leisure.
    She had already slipped between the sheets and I could just see her flushed face with her eyes all shining and eager over the top of the bed coverings. All of a sudden I noticed something else as well… her hands were under the covers, and she must have thought I could not see her at all. But very distinctly I could see the covers moving slightly up and down on the spot where her crotch was. She must have thought me to be a nut, but I wasn't such a nut not to notice her rubbing herself, and in fact I don't think I was very wrong if I thought her tossing herself off under the blankets.
    I had been right when I assumed Jean had the same red-blooded sensuality my mother and I possessed, and a wave of expecting pleasure went through my body.
    Languorously I stretched myself, making my breasts lift, and my nipples hardened and stood out lustfully, crowning my tits with their arrogant hardness. From the bed I could hear Jean sigh audibly and I decided to give the hot little bitch some more of this treatment. Spreading my legs a little I let my hands rove over my body with slow caressing motions, wriggling my buttocks to some unheard music. Moving the muscles of my belly I made it roll and heave like a turkish dancing girl would have done to attract the attention of her lover. Playing with my nipples brought the hardness of them out even more and now I went in for the shock treatment. In the mirror she must have seen I opened the lips of my cunt and slowly pushed one finger inside. I immediately removed it-it was only a short and swift penetration, but she must have had a good impression of what I was doing to myself because I once more heard her sigh deeply and the blankets were now moving rather wildly, as I could see in the mirror.
    She must be frigging herself like mad and very near to coming, which I didn't mind but actually wanted to take part in myself. I was very much ready to come myself and since we were two of the same kind we might as well enjoy this together, instead of making it a solo tour. But she might not be completely ready for doing it together, the more so since I was her sister, so turning slowly to give her time to compose herself, I faced her with an innocent smile on my face.
    “Why, Jean, you have forgotten to put on your nightgown, or do you always sleep in the nude these days? A lot must have changed since I left home, because father would never have permitted it for me.”
    “I don't think he would approve of it now, were he to know it,” she answered, with a sensuous smile on her lovely face, “but he doesn't come into my bedroom any longer. He thinks I'm too old for that, so I do as I please in here. I love to sleep in the nude, so I never wear anything. Sometimes I even spend the afternoon here in the nude. I like being naked. I like to feel my own body without clothing!”
    The last she said with something of vehemence, like she wanted me to dare disapprove of it, but I couldn't do anything except smile at her.
    “You are getting quite frank and naughty are you not? But don't worry, I won't tell. Besides, I prefer to sleep in the nude myself so I think I'm going to forget about the nightdress I brought and slip in with you in the nude.”
    Coming closer to the bed, she wanted to move over and make room for me, but I had other things in mind.
    “No, stay where you are,” I told her. “I want to sleep on the wall side, if you don't mind.”
    Stepping over her I felt her eyes resting on my pussy and I paused just for a short time to give her a better view. My cunt lips must have parted a little, so my sister had a clear view of my charms. She must have noticed the slight dampness of my slit as well, because in anticipation of what was going to come and with an inevitable certainty, I had started to get wet!
    With not too much of a hurry I slipped under the covers, and much to my surprise Jean immediately switched off the lights. The little monster must already have come and now feeling too shy to go into my little seducing game…
    I felt rather annoyed with her and the way things developed but I still didn't want to rush things and scare her off completely. And I still might be wrong about her and she may not be as hot-blooded as I thought her to be. I was nearly dying for an orgasm, but I didn't dare to toss myself off under these circumstances, and with a heavy heart I tried to get to sleep.
    I was just about to doze off when I clearly felt the blankets move in a most familiar way. Jean must have thought me asleep, but her need to frig herself must have been too urgent, so she obviously had not checked carefully. And now, here in the dark, lying beside me, she was once more tossing herself off, masturbating herself just like I used to do and still do, but with one exception-I want to have the lights on when I go at myself; I want to see my fingers reaming my slit, and sometimes I make use of a mirror to help me see it.
    I let her go on for some time, although I found it very hard not to take over the task of her agile fingers. But I wanted her to be well on her way to coming before I interrupted her, so she couldn't very well back out on me again. Let the little bitch enjoy herself for some time and then she will be ready for me to take over and masturbate her. Let her frig me to the orgasm I needed so badly.
    Soon she was softly moaning beside me and her young delightful body was bucking up and down the bed. I knew she wasn't very far from coming now and this was the moment I had chosen to enter the action.
    In one swift motion I turned on the lights with one hand, using the other to draw back the blankets, uncovering her while she still had her hand between her legs. Her startled little cry made me laugh, but I had my way. She didn't have the time to take her finger out of her slit. In the rather harsh light of the room she looked rather silly, with one hand covering her quim while the other was closed over her mouth. Tears of surprise came to her eyes. I seated myself beside her and taking her in my arms I hugged her in a comforting and more than sisterly way.
    “Don't cry, little Jean, I won't tell anybody what you have been doing.”
    “I feel so ashamed,” she whispered, “but I just had to do what you saw me doing. I couldn't hold back any longer. And it was your presence and the way you looked, all naked and beautiful, that made me do it.”
    “But there isn't anything to be ashamed of, darling. You are not the only one who amuses herself like that at night.”
    “But… but… I've been told it is all wrong, unhealthy and abnormal. It makes your eyes go all funny, and all sorts of things.”
    “Whoever told you this nonsense?” I said in blazing fury. “It's completely normal, and as far as your health is concerned, it does relieve you when you have done it, doesn't it? So it can't be very well unhealthy, and besides, how can anything so nice and lovely be unhealthy and abnormal?”
    “Do you also do it then, Mitzy? Oh, I would be so glad if I knew you also liked to do this. I thought I was the only one who did this. And I always thought it must be unhealthy, because it always leaves me weak and breathless and I feel all funny when I stand up.”
    “Yes, it will make you feel like that, but it also makes you feel happy and satisfied, doesn't it? It will make you feel exhausted after you have creamed good and properly. And as an answer to your first question… just look at me!”
    Throwing the blankets away from me I showed Jean in what sort of position I found myself. It wasn't so different from hers. My legs were spread and with two fingers of one hand I was holding open my cunt for the stiff Anger of the other hand to better penetrate my Gripping slit. This one finger was rapidly agitating between the hairy lips of my cunt. In other words, I was very busily tossing myself off, proving to Jean I also knew how to amuse myself. With a cry of pleasure Jean threw herself at me and before I knew what was going to happen she had begun to kiss my breasts with a fervor I would not have thought possible a couple of minutes earlier. She was really very fast in learning and she must have known the sensitivity of a tit very well. She must have found this out in her solitary hours in her room when she walked around naked and stroked and caressed her own body.
    “Oh, darling Mitzy, I'm so terribly happy you also do this, that you also love the pleasure it gives one. Please don't stop. I'm going to join you. I'm really going to give myself that lovely feeling together with you. What did you call it? Coming? Well, I'm going to come like I've never come before, knowing I won't be alone tonight, knowing you will be lying beside me, doing the same thing, enjoying yourself the way I am. Oh, I love to do it so much. All during the day I think about it. What I'm going to do at night in bed… how I'm going to do it… oh, it's so lovely, so terribly lovely…”
    She threw herself on her back again and now without any shame or shyness she began to masturbate herself, trying to keep the same rhythm as I.
    Although I would have loved to feel her finger in my slit right now instead of tossing myself off, just as much as I would have loved to masturbate her lovely little quim, I was satisfied for this moment to frig myself lying by her side. Swiftly I brought myself to an orgasm and Jean joined me like she said she would when we both creamed profusely, wetting our fingers with the sticky spunk. We didn't stop right after we had creamed, but kept on wanking ourselves till we could not stand it any longer and had to relax, while passion still shook our bodies.
    But I was only permitted a very short rest, which I didn't mind too much, because my darling sister, having tasted the sweet fruits of passion together with another person for the first time, wanted to start right away again. Cuddling up close to me she let her head rest between my breasts. Occasionally she kissed my nipples, while she started to question me.
    “Have you done this more often? I don't mean frigging yourself, because I know only too well that once you have started this it is impossible to stop. You just have to have it, every day, every night. But I mean… did you ever do this with anybody else? Did you ever share the same bed, seeing one another do it? I think it is so much nicer than doing it all alone. And I wonder…”
    She didn't finish her last sentence and having a good idea what she was about to say, I didn't press her to go on.
    “I think I know exactly what you wanted to say, Jean. Of course, my innocent little darling, I've done this more often. And actually it's the only really nice way to do it, although when nobody else is around, a quick frig all by yourself can be very satisfying indeed. But to do it together with somebody else is of course far more satisfying and there are so many variations possible in making love, because that is what you are, doing-making love to yourself! All women of all ages do this sort of thing, together or alone, with a man or with a girl friend.”
    “Do you think Mother has also done it?”
    “Has done it? Well, my darling, that is something of an understatement. Do you really mean to say you have never caught her at it? The way I used to do when I was still at home…”
    “Did you actually see her doing it? Oh, I would never have thought she could, but it certainly does explain some of the noises I hear sometimes when she shuts herself in her room during the afternoon.”
    “So you have heard her frigging herself? But you should see her! She really is a sight to see, the way she goes for her snatch… and she has a lovely one! I tell you what, tomorrow, when Father has gone to Mass, I have planned to seduce her into doing it together with me. Now that you are such a nice girl and my darling little sister, I want you to join us. So there will be the three of us, all doing it at the same time. Just try to imagine what a sight that would be. The three of us, our hands between our legs, frigging like mad, trying to get our orgasms all at the same time. Oh, we can work out something real nice between us. I might make her frig you, or she can frig me, or you wank her… whatever you like! It could really be one big frigging and wanking orgy. The three of us frigging each other, our fingers buried in the other's slit, bringing the juices out, creaming over each other's fingers…”
    On purpose I had mentioned the possibility of frigging one another, just to make her aware of this first variation she should learn concerning the noble art of masturbation. I felt she should quickly understand what I meant, and I was not wrong. My little sister was really quick in understanding this sort of thing.
    “I think I would love to be frigged by her,” she said with shining eyes. “It must be really marvelous, just to lie there and let yourself be played with. Not to do anything at all and still get this marvelous feeling-coming, I mean! And come to think of it, I would just love to do it to you right now. I hope you will let me. There is so much I still have to learn, but I already like everything that goes with this and the quicker I learn, the better. Please, Mitzy, let me masturbate you. I want it so much,' and you can tell me whether I'm doing all right. You must know all the right motions to give the most pleasure…”
    When she talked about frigging me she had sounded a little hesitant and since I didn't want to miss this excellent chance to have myself masturbated by my little sister, I hastened to get her over this sort of hesitancy.
    Spreading my legs as wide as possible was just a matter of split seconds, and my cunt was open before her admiring glances. She just couldn't take her eyes from it, and without hurrying her-although I nearly died to feel her hand upon me-I let her have her own way and gave her all the time she wanted to look at me. But a person of normal red-blooded sensuality can hold out only for a certain time and I decided that something had to be done after some time.
    “Seat yourself between my legs, Jean, with your legs over mine,” I said, lifting myself to a sitting position. “You can see anything you want to see and do anything you want to do. Besides, it will also give me the chance to do something for you as well.”
    Seated like this we both had full and easy access to the other's cunt and Jean could not have asked for a better position the first time she was going to have sex with somebody else. Taking her hand I guided it to my cunt, although she really didn't need much guidance, because she was all eager and ready to get started.
    When her hand rested upon my slit, I brought mine to hers and gently pried the slippery lips open, entering her cunt with one finger up till the first digit. Following me in every movement, Jean didn't have too much trouble in learning how to frig another woman properly. Besides, she had had lots of exercise on her own hot slit and knew exactly what she liked best, which corner to touch, what gave her the most satisfaction, etc., my own hand also played my song of love on her charming cunt and swollen red clit.
    When I felt my orgasm approaching I told her to stop and make her tell me the same thing about herself. She was a bit reluctant to do this but when I explained this would prolong our pleasure she was all for it and so we went on for quite a long time, busily frigging one another, stopping at intervals in order not to cream too quickly, taking up where we had left when our passion had subdued a little.
    Obviously the randy little bitch had never thought about this when she worked herself over, being too randy for it and in too much of a hurry to cream herself silly…
    The way we went at it, it took us a long time to come, but there is a certain moment when you just can't stop. When this arrived we were both at the same height of passion and lucky for us we creamed together this first time we mutually masturbated each other. Happy convulsions shook our bodies when we spurted the sticky cunt juice over the other's finger, and tired but satisfied, we tumbled into each other's arms.
    With one hand covering a breast and the other closed over a still dripping slit we happily fell asleep. I dreamed about all the things I could still do with my little sister and she must have had the same sort of thoughts, for she rubbed herself against me in her happy sleep.
    I imagined what it would be like to have her suck me or suck her lovely slit, and needless to say this excited me no end, but I decided not to wake her up and introduce her to this way of making love. It would be much better to save this till the next day, when we would have all morning and the afternoon to go further on the road of love. If things developed the way I thought they would I could always call my boss and ask for an extra couple of days. Knowing Jim, I knew he would not refuse me this, especially if he knew I needed those extra days to introduce my little sister to vice and lasciviousness.
    During the night I woke up a couple of times, but Jean was still sleeping exhausted beside me and I didn't start anything with her. But on one of the occasions I could not hold out any longer and looking at her while she lay beside me, one hand having involuntarily slipped between her legs, I brought on a quick but all the same satisfying relief by tossing myself off with quick and agile fingers. Licking my own spunk from my fingers, I once more fell asleep satisfied and happy for the moment. I didn't wake up till the next morning when Jean brought me morning tea and kissed my still nude breasts till I opened my eyes.
    I quickly let my hand run under her dressing gown to feel whether she had bothered to put her panties on and I wasn't surprised the least when I found she had not.
    Her young and eager slit immediately opened under my fingers and I could not resist the temptation of slipping one finger inside and for a short while I rubbed her erected clit, but I didn't make her come, much to her annoyance. I wanted to save that for a little later. No matter how much she pouted and made ugly faces at me, she had to postpone her randiness a little. Obviously I didn't tell her I had frigged myself during the night while she was fast asleep. I think she would have been furious if she had known this.


    I came downstairs after I had taken my bath and carefully perfumed myself all over- remember, I was on the seduction tour. The breakfast table was ready, and Mother, Father and Jean were waiting for me…
    I had not dressed myself and told Jean to do the same, so the two of us were just wearing our housecoats. Father looked a bit surprised at this rather unusual outfit for his tastes, but he didn't say anything.
    Jean winked an eye at me as if she wanted to say: “He is finally learning, the old prude!”
    I winked back at her and decided not to make any excuse or explanation for my way of dressing. The least said the better, and besides, he was going to leave for church right after breakfast, so why should we worry. Breakfast went on very pleasantly and Father didn't insist we should join him in going to church, instead he more or less wanted us to stay home.
    “You have been away for such a long time, Mitzy,” he said, “I think your mother and sister and you couldn't really enjoy Mass today. I'm sure the three of you have a terrible lot to talk about and I think for this once, you should stay home instead of going to church. Talk all you want and have fun. I will be back later in the afternoon.”
    Since my father had to fulfill his duties as a church elder he always had to leave very early on a Sunday and he stayed at church most of the day. This of course would give me a lot of opportunity to have something more than just talks and fun with my mother and sister.
    After Father had left we quickly washed the dishes and sat down to enjoy another cup of coffee. I seated myself close to Mother and giving Jean a wink to pay good attention I opened my first attack on her…
    “Don't you think we are nice and cozy in here? I mean the way we are, Mother,” I said. “The only thing I don't understand is why you have dressed completely. Why have you not just put on something thin and flimsy. I'm sure Jean and I are much more comfortable than you are. It's still very early and already it's rather warm. It is certainly going to be a very warm day and in a moment you will be very uncomfortable the way you are dressed. If there is anything I can't stand, it's clothes clinging to my body on a hot day. You should see the way I sometimes walk around in my room at the hotel. I wear absolutely nothing at all, and it feels just marvelous.”
    “You know perfectly well, your father doesn't approve of walking around in the house not properly dressed, Mitzy,” my mother said, already looking a little more uncertain. “You know how quickly he considers a dress to be indecent, how quickly he thinks you are half-naked. I was really surprised when he didn't say anything to Jean or you about it. Oh, as far as I'm concerned, it's all right, but I don't want to upset your father with this sort of thing, especially on a Sunday. You know how careful he is about keeping the respect of the neighbors since he has become a church elder.”
    “But he will be away for the rest of the day, at least till the end of the afternoon. He won't find out. And concerning the neighbors, they won't find out either. We can always close the curtains, can't we? And as far as I'm concerned they can think what they please about the closed curtains, I don't care. As long as I'm in the house I can do as I bloody well please and I don't have to ask permission for anything from the neighbors.”
    “Well, I don't know, Mitzy. We have to live in this village. It's all right for you, you are far away from it, living your own life. And I'm certain it's a lot more exciting than ours here. I wonder what it is like, to love a life completely different from the way of life we have here. It must be so much more exciting, so much more varied. I hope you're not doing anything bad.”
    “Oh come on now, Mother. What do you mean by 'bad'? I have a marvelous time. I make more money than I ever would make here in this drab old town. I meet interesting people, nice people, and I thoroughly enjoy myself in all sorts of ways. And I have found out that one of the ways to really enjoy yourself is that you have to lose your inhibitions. As soon as you have lost that sort of a burden, you really start to live. You do as you please; you dress as you please, especially when you are in your own surroundings like we are here. Come, Mother, why don't you join us? Make yourself comfortable. Put on something nice and easy. In the meantime I'm going to get from my suitcase something we need to make us feel really comfortable.”
    I hurried up the stairs and took the bottle of liqueur from my suitcase I had brought especially for the occasion-if it was going to develop like this. I also took the dildo with me, but for the time being I stuck it in the large pocket of my housecoat. Coming down and back in the living room I showed them the bottle of liqueur.
    “Let's all have a glass of this, while we have another cup of coffee.”
    “I'm certain your father would not like this, Mitzy,” my mother said.
    “Oh, Mother, don't be such a spoil-sport. How could he know about it? Come on, let's get some glasses and take a sip. It will make you feel so nice. It's very good liqueur, you know. I'm sure you will love it.”
    Without waiting for her answer I took some glasses from the cupboard and poured a drink for each of us. Once I had filled the glasses, I didn't have too much trouble persuading her to take a glass.
    Little Jean was already sipping hers and soon the three of us were happily chatting away about everything we could think about.
    It certainly looked like Mother wanted to forget the way she was dressed and she certainly took care not to look Jean or me in the eyes. Somewhere, the atmosphere I was trying to create was taking some effect on her, and I wasn't going to stop her in any way. After a couple of glasses of the liqueur, Mother began to loosen up quite a bit and she was ready to be pushed a bit further on the road to her seduction. Imagine that! I, her daughter, was going to seduce a woman of her age. But after all, she had been cooped up in this tomb of a village for so long I could hardly expect her to be the one to take the first steps. So I was going to give her a hand and have some pleasure in it for myself, and for Jean as well. I knew she was going to be grateful after she had made the necessary steps and she and Jean were going to have a marvelous time afterwards. That reminded me of something else as well. I had to find out what had happened to my friend, Mary. If she still lived around here I wanted to meet her and see how she was getting on these days. If my mother was going to be just as lascivious as I thought she was, I think she would appreciate it to have somebody else besides Jean to make love to, and Jean would also love the things Mary could do for her. But first things first. Let's get on with the seduction.
    Jean was really feeling the effects of the drinks she had had and she was clinging rather close to me and occasionally we exchanged some kisses which were just that little bit more than a peck on the cheek between two sisters.
    Whenever we embraced I could see from the corner of my eyes that Mother was watching us very closely, and it must have given her some indication about the things we could have done, and did, last night. Her imagination was running away with her, because she looked all excited and hungry for the same sort of kisses Jean and I were giving each other.
    The poor woman was actually being pushed on the road of vice and her narrow-mindedness quickly disappeared. But I'm doing her injustice really to accuse her of being narrow-minded. The way she had been carrying on with herself and the priest when I still stayed at home, one couldn't really call her narrow-minded. But to me she still was-but that isn't really a comparison, is it? Now she was going to learn about lesbian lovemaking and incestuous lesbianism at that.
    I decided to take matters in hand and help her along on this new road to pleasure.
    “Are you sure you are feeling all right, Mother,” I asked in my sweetest voice. “You do look a little red and bothered in the face.”
    “I'm feeling fine, Mitzy. It's just that I think it terribly hot in here. Don't you think so too?”
    “I must confess, it's a bit warm in here, but I don't feel it so much and I'm sure Jean is just as comfortable as I am. After all, we are very lightly dressed. And you are still wearing those awful warm clothes. Why don't you change into something more comfortable, like I suggested before. Something like Jean and I are wearing-it will make you feel much better and cooler. You will enjoy yourself more…”
    This time I knew my arguments were more successful. She couldn't resist any longer, and without protesting she stood up, left us, and went to her bedroom.
    I quickly closed the windows as soon as she had left the room, the room now being lighted with an intimate and dimmed sort of light. My mother didn't show her surprise when she came back to the room and found the curtains drawn. She had put on a light housecoat, one I'm sure Father didn't know she had, looking much more comfortable and cool.
    “You were so right, Mitzy,” she said, “this is much better. I feel much more comfortable. Could I have another glass of that lovely liqueur? It has certainly made me feel good and I think we are really going to enjoy ourselves today. It's already one of the nicest Sundays I have had for ages. I only think you are up to some real naughty things. I hope you know what you are doing…”
    I filled her glass again and bringing it over to her, I seated myself on her lap… Turning my face to her I took good care to let my coat fall open, exposing my nude breasts… I think she had not thought I would be completely naked under my housecoat and seeing my bare tits right under her eyes she actually blushed and tried to look in another direction.
    “Cover yourself, Mitzy dear,” she said. “You are all naked under your housecoat and your breasts are showing.”
    “Well, what is so wrong about that,” I answered. “After all you are my mother and surely you have seen me nude before today. I don't think I have to be ashamed about my breasts. Don't you think they are beautiful? I love my breasts. I love to look at them, stroke them. It makes me feel all nice.”
    “Of course you have beautiful breasts, my dear, but you are a grown woman now and it's not nice to talk about stroking your breasts. Your sister is also in the room and it is not decent to talk about those things.”
    “Well, quite frankly, I haven't the faintest inclination to be decent. And you might just as well stop worrying about Jean here. She and I talked last night and I think she also takes after you. I love to be indecent, to tell you the truth,” I said, jumping from her lap. “I love to be as indecent as possible and I'm sure you have the same feelings. After all, I'm your daughter. Look at me, Mother dear, loot at your indecent daughter very closely. I'm going to show you how I feel like, how I want to be. You will join us in our indecency, in our vice, in our pleasure! Look at me, Mother, look at me and lose your inhibitions. I've lost mine and I'm happy about it. I love it all! Look at me!”
    I opened my coat and throwing it from my shoulders I showed myself to my confused mother as naked as the day I was born. The poor woman almost choked in her drink and looked at me with bulging, burning eyes that almost popped out of her head. She was completely speechless, unable to utter a single word, her embarrassment increasing when my hotheaded little sister followed me by also throwing off her housecoat. Naked, the two of us stood in front of our mother. Due to our excitement, our bushes of cunt hairs glistening with little drops of spunky cunt-juice. We were getting quite randy indeed and my mother was feeling the same, although she didn't take any action herself. She was still speechless when Jean started to talk to her.
    “Please, Mother,” she said, “take off your coat as well. Be naked with us, like Mitzy and I are. It will make you feel so wonderful, so lasciviously randy. We are all of the same stock, you, Mitzy and I. We are randy bitches and there is no need to deny it. Let your passions come to the surface. Live with them! Masturbate! Frig yourself! We know you like to do it. Mitzy has told me about it, how she saw you doing it-and in the presence of our parish priest while you sucked his cock! I'm going to suck a cock as well, one of these days. Come, Mother, do like Mitzy and me. Look, I'm already bringing my hand to my slit. I know you do it the same way in the afternoon, when you are taking your 'rest.' I've heard you.”
    “Look at her, Mother,” I said. “Look at her and me. Look at what we are going to do. How good we are at it! How much we love it! Oh, I love it all, the obscenity of it-the three of us wanking… anything we can think of! There is so much we can do, and will do. All the things you have been dreaming about, I have been dreaming about. I have thought about this for such a long time. I knew you were going to fall for it, and you have already fallen for it. You can't stop yourself now. You have gone too far. It has made you too excited, too fucking randy. I know you will do anything now. For how long have you wished this to happen? You must have known I would be the same as you are, and Jean is too. She loves it all. The poor girl couldn't get enough of it last night. She had only been doing it alone, like you, but now there is no more need for that. We are three of us now and later on there will be the two of you, loving each other, doing it all together in your rooms — anywhere you can think of, in all possible ways. Let's do it all this afternoon. Let's make this a start of something wonderful, something you will enjoy for years to come! Look at us, Mother, we are already doing it. Let's give you a good view of our pussies, show you how we do it. You'll love to see us like this. And you are entitled to have a good look at our manipulations.”
    I had my hand on my hot-box and stepping closer to her chair I placed one foot on it, moving my knee outward, giving her a view of my dripping slit, of my fingers kneading my clit as they roamed deep within my cunt.
    Without stopping to masturbate herself Jean also moved closer to Mother, and taking a position on the other side of her she gave our mother the same sort of view I had offered her. Our mutual friggings broke her last barrier and with a choked cry she opened her coat.
    Her heavy tits came out and, opening her legs as wide as possible, she showed her bushy cunt to good advantage. She had still not said a single word-she just opened her legs and the moist lips of her prominent cunt opened automatically. For the last quarter of an hour she must have gone through a sweet sort of voluptuous hell, becoming more and more excited with every minute that passed, without daring to take the necessary steps to overcome this sweet torture herself. The swollen red clit popped from between the hairy lips and with a relieved and happy sigh she began to play with this stiff protuberance, with a fervor and delight I knew so well from her. Deftly her agile fingers played with it, frigging it, pinching it. Proving to Jean and myself the long and fruitful practice she had had in this. And finally she began to speak.
    “What have the two of you brought me to. I will never be able to look you or your father straight in the eyes. This is no good. This can't be any good at all. But I can't help myself any longer. You two have pushed me too far. And you knew this was going to happen. You two all planned this before. All my lust and passions are coming out. Yes, I have wanted to do this for a long time. I knew you did it, and you, Jean! I knew about you as well. How often have I wished you should find me out. Yes, I have been lusting after my daughters for a long time. This incestuous lusting… it's wrong. I know it is wrong, but I don't care. I have waited for it too long now, and now that I have it, I can't go back. If only your father would have been another man, I would have been another woman. Or maybe not… maybe this all had to come out after all. Maybe all this would have happened sooner. It would have been so much better then. I would have enjoyed it longer, because-I have to admit it-I'm enjoying all this. You two girls like to see your mother like this, don't you? You are two vicious little girls, and lascivious! You love to see your mother playing with herself while you are doing the same thing. And how well do the two of you do it! You both love playing with your cunts. You take after me in that respect, and I love you two for it. I-yes-I really love to do this. I so much wish to cream in your presence. I want to see the spunk spurting from your cunts! Oh, my darlings, it's almost there. I'm almost coming! Please do it with me! Frig yourself harder. Join me in coming! Let's cream together! Show me your juice flowing over your fingers. Let me smell your lovely juices. Give me the smell from your spunking cunts. I love you both… I love you… love you… and… and… and… yes, yes, yes! I'm coming… cooooming… ooooooh… ooooh… aaaagh… I'm coming… cooooming…!”
    With this last outcry of lust she abandoned a torrent of sticky cunt juice over her flying fingers, a sight which set Jean and me creaming. Standing over her like we were, we let the spunk drip down from our spunking cunts on her thighs and, looking at it, Mother involuntarily licked her lips.
    “Go on, Mother dear, don't hesitate-do as you please. Lick our spendings away. There is nothing as good as the fresh spunk right after it has spurted from a frigged quim. Go ahead, it's all yours.”
    Jean looked shocked at this. Obviously she had never thought about the possibility of sucking another woman. But she would learn… and very soon at that…
    Mother didn't look too surprised at my invitation. She must have been thinking along these lines during her solitary long afternoons, and maybe her practice in sucking the priest's prick, letting the juice spurt in her mouth when he came, swallowing it all with a certain delight must have given her the right ideas. Taking me first she brought her head to our dripping slits and with a couple of swift strokes she cleaned us of our spendings.
    “That's the very first time I have ever done anything like this… to another woman, I mean. The priest, yes-I loved to suck his bulging prick. I loved the taste of his spunk in my mouth. Unfortunately your father would never let me do this to him. I tried when we were first married, but he became terribly angry. Insulted he was! He called me names, told me I was acting like a woman of the streets. We have never tried it since, but I love to do it, and a woman should be just as good-maybe even better. I already liked the sight of the two of you frigging yourself better than I like to see the priest frig himself. Maybe I'm a lesbian after all! But I'm not going to worry about things like that any longer. I love to suck you, and the taste is too marvelous for words!”
    “Why don't you really go down on Jean then, Mother? She has never been sucked before. I know she will love it. She already looks like she is close to coming. Suck her, Mother, make her come with your mouth. She will spend in your mouth. The juice will fill you with its lukewarm stickiness and you will know the delight of sucking a spunking cunt. Come on, Mother, don't hesitate any longer. Jean is ready for you to be licked, to be sucked…”
    And Jean was! At my first mentioning that she be sucked by Mother, she had thrown herself at her and now was kissing hungrily. Her initial disgust at this supreme act of love had been completely overcome and now she was ready and eager to start this new thing. She was learning very quickly indeed, with the eagerness of somebody who wanted to learn everything in as short a time as possible.
    “Would you really like to do that, Mother?” she asked. “I hope you will, and I also long to suck you. I'm also a novice to this sort of thing, but together we will learn the right way to do it. Mitzy will tell us what to do. She seems to know everything about these things. She already has given us so much to have pleasure in. Let's also do this new thing. I love to feel your tongue in my slit. Already the thought is making me feel all nice and warm. And I want to feel my tongue between your lovely hairy lips, sucking your juices, your creamy come juices. Oh, Mother, let's make love this way!”
    I didn't have to tell them anything at all. Nature happens to be the best teacher. Mother laid herself down on her back and little Jean, growing up fast she was, crouched over her. For two newcomers to the scene they quickly found the best position. A perfect sixty-nine. Jean's head disappeared between Mother's legs, her mouth wide open, eager to have her first taste of cunt. When her mouth touched Mother's dripping slit she let her swollen cunt down on her mother's face, who welcomed this fleshy fruit with a tongue, stiff and pointed ready to go at it.
    From the way they started to slobber each other one would have thought they had never done anything else. They performed their act of tribadism like the best of Sappho's followers.
    They licked each other's slits voluptuously, filling the room with the familiar smell of cunt, and the sounds of lapping and sucking. How many times had I already watched a scene like that? How many times had I taken part in it myself? How many times had I experienced a wonderful orgasm this way? I couldn't tell, having lost track long ago, but it still had its exciting effect on me. I also wanted to bring on the happy spasms. I wanted to be the watcher this time, but still I also wanted and needed another creamy come. And there is the old familiar way of amusing oneself when alone, or when watching others perform a lascivious scene of love and passion. Masturbating, wanking, tossing off, whatever you might call it- it's just a different name for the same nice and gratifying thing.
    I was just about to bring my hand to my slit and frig myself in unison with them when I remembered that I had brought my good old rubber friend with me. Yes, I was going to stuff myself with my lovely dildo, and cream over its hard rubber stem… make myself happy with it…
    Taking it from the pocket of my housecoat, I licked and kissed it in order to make it nice and slippery so it would go in to the hilt in one swift shove. Seating myself in a chair close to the writhing pair on the floor who were still thoroughly enjoying their sixty-nine, I threw my legs over the armrests of the chair to get the best penetration of the dildo.
    I don't think it really had been necessary to wet the rubber dong with my mouth. I was very wet and nicely oiled for anything up to a horse's prick and without any trouble the huge stem of my dildo disappeared in my slit all the way. The way I was sitting I struck bottom with the very first shove and the whole terrible length was taken by my cunt with a sucking noise.
    With slow and long strokes I manipulated the huge rubber prick in and out of my cunt, enjoying the thrill the bulky thickness gave me. The dilating lips of my cunt closed around the fat stem tightly. It soon brought on the desired results and the delicious feeling of my rapidly approaching orgasm spread all through my body.
    The two on the floor were, just like me, on the verge of coming. Muffled sounds came from between their legs. Their laboring mouths slobbered at the swollen cunt lips of the other, and they bucked up and down on the floor, while they tried to give each other as much pleasure as possible. I yelled some encouraging obscenities at them, firing them on to suck each other harder, to make each other come quickly. They didn't really need any encouragement from my side but obviously it still excited them to hear I was also taking pleasure in their antics.
    All of a sudden, their bodies shook in strong convulsions and their sucking became even more feverish. Without a doubt they were in the process of creaming in each other's mouths, filling each other's mouths with sticky, slimy cunt juice as it burst from their excited slits. Seeing them writhing like that, I gave the dildo one more mighty shove and creamed over the hard rubber length of its stem. Slowly and carefully I agitated the fake dick in my spunking cunt till the last drops of juice had dripped from my slit and the passion slowly ebbed from my body. At that precise and precarious moment, the door opened and my father stepped into the room!
    The poor man! It's impossible to describe his astonishment at the spectacle his dear wife and two darling daughters offered him. His poor eyes simply left his head in his amazement and shock at the impossible things he saw happening right before his eyes. He couldn't have been more shocked and surprised if somebody had suddenly dealt him a blow on the head with a hammer. He couldn't have been stunned more! And we didn't really scare-that must have been the limit to his endurance. Instead of trying to flee from the room in utter shame and fright, we just stayed where we were…
    Due to the generous amount of consumed liqueur both Mother and Jean took his unexpected entrance in the house rather calmly. All they did was get their heads from between the other's legs and stare at him in complete blank-ness.
    I could hardly refrain from laughing at the rather silly expression on their faces, but I didn't want to draw the first outburst of his anger, so I stopped myself by biting my lips. But it wasn't easy.
    Father didn't seem to notice I also was in the room. He walked over to Mother and Jean, slowly getting over his first amazement. His face reddened and his anger exploded with a stream of angry curses…
    “You shameless and sinful women, all of you,” he thundered. “What kind of devilish tricks do you think you are up to, giving yourself shamelessly over to the sinful pleasures of the flesh. The devil must have taken possession of you all! No woman of mine could behave like this! It must have been the devil talking you into this, naked like the witches on their Sabbaths.”
    He went on in that manner for minutes, while we all let him rave till he was too exhausted to utter another word, Jean and Mother still looking at him rather stupidly, while I awaited my turn to give him a piece of my mind.
    “If you had stayed around the house more often, instead of running to that awful church all the time, you would have enjoyed life more. You would have enjoyed your marriage more — your wife, who happens to be a beautiful and full-blooded woman, your daughters, who take after her… yourself! Yes, yourself as well! You may not realize this, but you are a fine looking man. Why haven't you ever thought about taking the pleasures of life and enjoy yourself? That is what Jean and Mother have realized after I talked to them. They have never really enjoyed themselves, but they are going to now. In fact, that is exactly what we had been doing, enjoying ourselves while you were spending this lovely day at that drab church of yours.”
    Raising myself from the chair I went over to Mother and Jean.
    “Take a good look, Father,” I said. “Take a very good look at Mother and Jean here. Don't you see, can't you see, they are both lovely and beautiful in their own respect? Are you so blinded by your religious stupidity you can't see things like that any longer? And the two of them have made love together, the kind of love you could not or would not ever give to Mother. They have loved one another, hotly, passionately, slobbering at each other's cunts. And before they performed that act, the three of us masturbated ourselves, looking at each other, enjoying what we saw. But Mother wanted to go further, having tasted the sweetness of it, and Jean was all for it, so they started to suck one another while I pumped my cunt with this fake dick. Look at my dildo, Father, and see the only state of a cock a woman is interested in! Hard! Ready for love, for pleasure! I'm certain you would have loved to have your cock sucked by Mother, but no, when she wanted to do it, you wouldn't let her. You called her names, told her she was misbehaving. Now she sucks another man's prick. You would never guess whose-the priest's! Yes, our village priest, the one whose church you attend so regularly. Do you realize what you have been missing? Even a so-called “man of God” realizes the pleasures a woman can give him. You have never seen the beauty of Mother, your wife, when she frigs herself. But we are going to show it to you. Oh yes, we are going to show you. They don't want to go back to the drab way of life they have had so far. They want to make love, to have pleasure. And do you really think this has made Mother a lesbian? Mother is just as much a lesbian as Jean and I are lesbians. They may want to make love to another woman sometimes, but if a stiff cock comes their way, they won't hesitate to take it, you can believe me. I'm doing it all the time-making love to women and men as well, and I love to masturbate too. I'm going to show you how I can push this fake dick up Mother's slit, and make her love it. She never had anything like this, and she is going to come with it-like you have never made her come. Watch very closely, Father, you may yet learn how to make love properly with all its variations, with all its perversions. You may even be able to still enjoy this part of life.”
    It had been a rather long sort of sermon I had been giving him, but at least I had managed to make him quiet for the moment. Bending over Mother I opened her still-dripping slit and pushed the dildo home.
    Father was simply horrified at what I did. Obviously he had never seen his wife's cunt, especially not with a huge fake penis being pushed in it by his own daughter. Despite his horror I also noticed a certain change had come over him. In the front of his trousers a familiar bulge appeared, and happy with my little success so far I decided to push him a little further forward.
    “Why don't you come a little closer, Father?” I said. “Come a little closer and have a better view of what I'm doing. Come on, have a good look at my manipulations of your wife's cunt, and remember-she also happens to be my mother and I love what I'm doing to her. Look at the hairy lips contracting around the stem of this rubber prick. Do you see how they seem to suck it in? Her cunt can't get enough of the probing it is giving her. Did her cunt ever close around your prick that tight? Was she ever so interested in the way you fucked her? Don't you wish it was your prick, buried as deep in her cunt as this fake dick is? Or would you rather have her suck you, make you spunk in her lovely mouth? Why don't you open your fly, Father? Take those trousers off if you want to, and show us your dick. I would love to see it, and I'm sure you really would love to show it to your daughter. Come on, Father, you are only human like we are, and there is no going back for us now. We are too far gone already. Why don't you join us and learn the same pleasures we know? Look, Father, my cunt is also dripping. I also want to have some of the fun. And Jean, your youngest daughter, look at her as well. She is already frigging herself. She has already come twice, but she can't get enough of it. She wants it all day, and she doesn't want it alone any longer. Think what you could do to her-what she could do to you! Think, Father, about all those things, but don't think too long. You are wasting good time otherwise, time you could have used to enjoy yourself with us.”
    I stopped talking at that moment, because Father, with a tortured cry, ripped his pants open and his rock-hard prick sprang out from his fly. Closing his hand around it he immediately pointed it at Mother's mouth. I only had to give his dong a quick glance to realize he had a real beauty of a prick. I had seen some pricks before, and to say my father's cock beat them all would have been exaggerating, but it still was a tremendous dong with its red, bulging head, some liquid already oozing out of it.
    But I didn't have much time to have a real good look, because my mother proved she still loved her husband and the things he had to offer, despite all the things he had made her miss.
    Without hesitation she closed her mouth around the huge gland and her mouth made the well-trained sucking motions. At least that was something she had acquired-a certain experience within her long relationship with the priest. After they had established this contact I left them to their own and went over to Jean, who also needed somebody to join her in her obvious excitement, and I can't say the whole thing had left me indifferent either.
    I had left Mother the dildo and saw that she was happily pumping away with it, while she still sucked the huge cock, filling her mouth completely. Father was uttering hoarse cries of lust and passion, feeling the pleasure his wife's mouth, sucking his cock, could give him. His eyes were focused on the manipulations of his wife's hand as she pumped the dildo in and out of her cunt with a tremendous speed. Mother's eyes were shining in pleasure and delight, her face showing her happiness, although it was slightly misshapen, due to the throbbing prick in her mouth. Looking at them I felt happy with them. Finally Mother had her husband's cock in her mouth, doing all the things she had been dreaming about, and there was still a lot more to come. And my father was on his way to discovering the pleasures a hot love-life can give a person.
    Jean was sitting close to the two and the poor girl was so overcome by excitement she couldn't even find the strength to toss herself off. I went down beside her and closing my hands around her tits I started to play with her nipples. I caressed them with my fingertips and when I had her shuddering in delight I closed my mouth over one of them and my teeth nibbled the hardened nipple.
    From the corners of my eyes I could still watch our parents and so could Jean. It was a highly exciting spectacle even for me-the fact it was my parents doing this in front of their children added something of an extra lewdness to it, so it is easy to imagine what kind of effect the whole thing must have had on Jean. After all, it was the first time she ever watched another woman performing the act of fellatio and her eyes were almost bulging from her head in lust, because of what I was doing to her tits, and the spectacle our parents gave her.
    Suddenly, much to my surprise, her body shook in the familiar convulsions of coming. I couldn't believe it at first, but she had really creamed, just by watching our parents while I sucked her tits. I looked down between her legs and I clearly saw her cunt lips open and close spasmodically, a stream of strong smelling cunt juice flowing from between them.
    Her hand closed over her mound, her fingers dipping between the dilating hairy lips, wrenching the last drops from her fountains of spunk, strengthening her happy convulsions. When she had wrung the last drops of spunk from her slit she threw herself at me and asked me what she could do to please me.
    Remembering how much Ginger had loved to be frigged with my hardened nipple and realizing how sensitive Jean's breasts were for sexual stimulation I explained to her what to do. I didn't have to give a very explicit description. She immediately understood what I meant and she brought her tit between my legs, pointing the hardened nipple at my slippery cunt. Without using her hand to guide her breast she rubbed it up and down my slit and the contact of her hardened nipple on my swollen and excited clit soon had the desired effect.
    Lust was surging through my body, my breath was coming in gasps, panting I urged her to go on. The tickling of her hardened nipple on my clit was almost driving me out of my mind. When it touched my clit I wanted it to stop and when she moved along the length of my cunt I wanted it to come back and continue its torturous pleasure.
    I still kept my eyes on my parents and part of Father's hard prick was sticking from Mother's mouth. She could hold a lot of cock, but not all of his terrible length. The veins were standing out on it, throbbing and bulging, announcing his approaching orgasm. Suddenly, with a hoarse cry, he pushed his dong all the way in her greedy mouth, making her almost choke on it. Pulling it back again he now started to make fucking motions in her mouth and I assumed he was pumping his load deep in her throat. I almost envied her. How lovely it must be to get your mouth filled by a man who has never been sucked in his life before, who has always lived a rather unsatisfying sex life. He must have unloaded a bucket full of his sticky sperm in her because she kept on and on, trying to swallow it all. And Mother still pumped the dildo wildly in and out of her cunt, thick cunt juice shooting over the stem. Her belly heaving in the delight she experienced in doing this in front of her daughters, and her husband, whose cock she sucked.
    I watched them and my own orgasm, brought on by Jean's frigging nipple, shook my body, leaving me breathless and exhausted for some time, and so were the others, so we tumbled off to sleep right where we were.
    It was the kind of sleep where one is still aware of the surroundings. My mind was floating in between sleep and wake and I felt like I was flying. Blurred visions were going through my mind, visions of the things we had done, the things we were going to do. I thought the rest of the afternoon and the night was going to be even more interesting. I had certainly not wasted any time going home. Even if I had only managed to seduce Jean it would have been more than worthwhile, but things were even better now, and they were going to be even better still. Of this I was certain. I started to think about Jean's virginity. Although she had no hymen to speak of she was still a virgin as far as being fucked by a man was concerned. In fact, I would have loved to be the first to poke her-by using the dildo on her, of course. But I gladly wanted to leave this to Father, and it would be so much better for any future relationship between the three of them. I think Jean would love to be fucked by Father and as soon as I was a little rested again I was getting things started in that direction. Right now I was still lying where I was, and my hands were slowly rubbing over my body, stroking my breasts, belly and cunt without really bringing me to the pitch where I wanted to have sex again. But slowly I was feeling marvelous again and I think it won't be necessary to describe my feelings any further. Anyone knows this delicious feeling one has in making love.
    Gradually I began to overcome my tiredness and the search of my fingers became more urgent and directed to sexual stimulation.
    Deciding to give Father himself the possibility to take the initiative when it came to fucking Jean, I went over to Mother. I had been right in assuming he must have been thinking along those lines himself. When I took the dildo from my mother's cunt, he immediately focused his attention on his youngest daughter, Jean.
    Jean looked up at him and in her eyes I could see a mixture of fright and lust. Both Mother and I watched the two closely, our excitement slowly rising with theirs. Jean had lost some of her fright, fright she had felt more because she still didn't fully know whether Father would be angry. But from the looks in his eyes she had seen it was lust which made him come over to her and not anger.
    In the time I had been resting Father had undressed himself completely and, naked, he stood over Jean, his still drooping prick dangling between his legs. Sitting up, Jean reached for his spunk covered, flaccid prick. Without a word, Father let her have her way, just a contented look appearing on his face. Her almost hesitating way of handling his prick- after all, it was the first male organ she had ever held-must have added something extra to his lust for her. In his timidly fondling hand his cock soon took its former state of erected aggressiveness, looking frightfully big and menacing in her almost tiny hand.
    Both Jean and I are of a rather dark complexion and the color of her skin beautifully contrasted with the far lighter color of Father's gigantic dong. Nobody had ever told Jean how to masturbate a man, but she must have known by some hidden instinct how to make the right motions. My dear little sister had disclosed quite a few hidden instincts these days…
    Covering and uncovering the bulging head, pulling the loose foreskin back as far as it would go when she manipulated him, she soon had fluid oozing out of his cock. The froth made the cock in her hand slimy and slippery, but she loved to feel the wet throbbing thing in her hand, frigging him harder as it became wetter and stickier…
    Father, still standing over her, had his eyes closed, letting his daughter's hand bring him to a state of utter bliss. Already he was getting to the point of being satisfied by being masturbated by Jean, but that wasn't what I had in mind and neither had Jean, I'm sure. I managed to attract her attention and motioned her to give him some sort of indication she also wanted some fun out of this. She immediately understood my meaning, and bringing her hand between her legs, she started to frig herself with a fervor that proved her randiness and must have made even a saint aware of her needs.
    Father noticed some change in her manipulations of his cock and looking down he saw Jean busily masturbating her own hot-box with her other hand.
    With a passionate grunt he let himself down beside her and taking her finger away from her slit he replaced it with his own, much thicker and longer finger. Jean, feeling this deeper penetration, gave a satisfied sigh and pressed herself against him. Obviously she thought that was as far as he would go without any encouragement from her side, so she decided to tell him what she really wanted.
    “Why don't you stick your fat prick in there, Father?” she said. “I would just love to be fucked by you. I love your big dong, although it is terrifying me by its size. But I'm well oiled now and you will get it in. I won't mind the pain. Just promise not to hurt me too much when you stick it in. But please do it, Father. Fuck your daughter! Fuck me good! Make me a woman! Make me come with your prick! Fill me with your spunk! You must still have something left, although Mother sucked you clean. Push it up to the hilt, after you have gone through the first obstacle. Mitzy has told me how nice it is to fuck. She has told me about all the pricks she has had up her cunt and yours is just as big as the others. Come, Father dear, fuck me, fuck me! I'm ready for you! Ready to receive your prick deep within me, throbbing and hard, reaming my cunt, spunking in me… oooooh… Father…”
    Again Father groaned in lust and roughly he pulled her legs further apart, pushing her on her back.
    “Open that hot little cunt of yours with your fingers. Spread the lips apart. I'm going to fuck you, Jean, if that is what you want. I'm going to fuck you good and properly. That's what you want, isn't it? To be fucked; to become my fucked daughter? Hold those lips apart, for I'm going to give it to you-take your virginity, although you must have been frigging yourself for years now. And you loved doing that, didn't you? You love to come by your own fingers, by Mitzy's fingers, or her tongue. You will love my prick just as well! I'm going to fuck you now!”
    Even before he had stopped talking Jean had done as he had told her. Keeping her cunt open with her fingers she facilitated his penetration. Although she was streaming wet, Father still had some trouble ramming his dong home. And he wasn't too gentle with it either. For a moment Jean was groaning in pain, actually trying to push him away from her, for Father was keeping her pinned to the floor and didn't pay any attention to her painful protests. Instead he pushed further and further, till he had his cock up her cunt to the hilt. Jean had forgotten all about the pain she had felt at first, finding herself now in a state of extreme pleasure when Father really started to fuck her. The little hot-head urged her father on to fuck her harder and harder, telling him and Mother and me, who still watched their proceedings, she had never experienced anything like this before. How good it was to be fucked! To have a cock up her cunt! She liked it just as much as the things two women could do to one another.
    So Jean was not lost to the world of heterosexual relationships. I'm sure she would still love to make love to another woman, but from now on my sister was also on the search for stiff cocks, taking them on whenever they came her way.
    Without stopping to watch them, Mother and I began to share their fun. Placing me on all fours and belting the fake dick around her lower belly she slowly worked it up my cunt. Grunting, she began to pump me with it, the part of playing the male giving her just as much pleasure as she was giving me.
    “Oh, Mitzy, this is so marvelous, fucking you like this. I could do this forever. And your father… finally he has realized what we have been missing, thanks to you. Did you see me sucking his cock? And the sperm he pumped in my mouth… the taste of it… it's so lovely to do all this. Life is going to be much better after this. All the things we can do, Jean and I-your father and I, the three of us! Please promise me to come more often. It has been so good. Maybe we can bring some other people to the house as well, people who like to do all these lovely things, who love their fun in the company of others. A continuous change of partners taking the dreariness out of life. Oh, it's so lovely to fuck you. I'm getting so much out of it. I'm almost there again, creaming! Come, darling, come with me, join me, let us make this a mutual orgasm! You spunk over this lovely rubber prick! It's so nice and hard. I know what it feels like to have it in your cunt. I will wet your thighs when I come, darling, I have so much of it, so much lovely creamy come juice. I feel so randy. Oh, I could masturbate myself for hours with this lovely stiff prick of yours. Could you buy me one? I'm sure your father would love to find me using it when he comes home at night. I could show its use to some of my girl friends. They will love me for it if I use it on them. Ooooooh… my thoughts… my lewd thoughts… they are making me come… and so are you, darling… I can feel you coming… with me… together… oooooh… it's sooooo niiiiice… aaaaaaagh…”
    We both creamed in unison and Jean joined us shortly after. Father still fucked Jean, her contracting cunt doing wonders around his throbbing dick.
    Mother's and my spendings mingled delightfully, and lazily we watched Father who kept on fucking the wildly bucking Jean till he also shot his load. Grunting, he kept on pumping her till he had the last drops pumped in her slit. Taking his prick from her cunt, slimy and sticky with their mingled juices, he came over to Mother and me. One after the other he offered it to Mother and me to clean it from its spendings. A dirty thing, you might say, but nevertheless a thing we gladly did, even performing this act with a hungry pleasure…
    And on it went like this. I think just about everybody made love to somebody else and on many occasions we had our fun all together in a crazy mingled position where we sucked and licked and fucked and frigged and did all the things one can think of.
    Late that night, before Jean and I went to sleep I had asked her about my former friend, Mary. Since I lived in the city I had more or less lost contact with her and I wanted to find out whether she still lived around here. I hoped she did and for two good reasons. First of all I wanted to meet her again; secondly, I wanted to introduce her to Jean. When I say introduce Jean to Mary I really mean to say I wanted to give my sister a more than willing partner in her own age group. After this weekend Mother and Father would be all right together, and I don't think Jean was going to be cut off from sexual entertainment at home, but I think Jean would also like to have another person more her age, as a close and intimate friend. Jean seemed a bit surprised when I asked her about Mary, but she hastened to explain her surprise to me.
    “You know, Mitzy,” she said, “it's rather a coincidence you should ask about her, because ever since Saturday night, I've been wondering about her. Your former friend happens to be the teacher here and although I'm not attending her classes or ever have-as you know I'm going to the high school in the nearby village-I still come to the old school rather often. The main reason I go there has always been because I wanted to make my lessons and they have all the books there I may need besides my own. Mary is almost always there, doing one thing or the other connected with her teacher's job, and lately we have been talking to one another rather often. We actually are on a very friendly basis and she seems to like me a lot, but up till now I didn't fully understand her affection for me. She seems to have taken a special interest in me, which I think I understand now. There is something more behind her friendliness than the fact you used to be such a good friend of hers. We have talked a lot about you, or actually it was Mary who did all the talking. I just listened. She has told me what good friends you two used to be, how many lovely secrets you shared with each other, how much she missed you for the things you used to do together. I really like her a lot and I didn't mind her going on like that, but I must have missed the message she tried to give me. You know how naive I still was… at least till last night.”
    I kissed and hugged her when she said this and for a moment we were kissing and caressing each other without really going all the way. After a while, Jean continued to tell me about Mary…
    “But at this moment, knowing what I know now, I think I understand what she really wanted to tell me. I think she wants to make love to me and I can't say I would mind. She is such a pleasant person and really very beautiful. I'm sure the two of you must have had a marvelous time together. Couldn't you stay another day and look her up? I would like to go with you, if you don't mind. If I see her on my own, I may still act silly and shy, but with you around it will be a lot easier. We could have another marvelous day tomorrow. And we would have the whole day, because I know there are no lessons, so she will be off all day. I do know where she lives and we could go there. When the old headmaster of the school died, Mr. Graves-you must remember him-she rented the place from Mrs. Graves. She doesn't live with her parents any longer. You know where Mr. Graves used to live, it's a gorgeous place, completely surrounded by tall old trees and far from the road. I wonder… Mr. Graves used to be a bit of an old lecher, the way he always looked at you, and maybe that is why she has rented the place. I know she visited them rather regularly when the old man still lived, and she has rented the house furnished after Mrs. Graves went away to live with her sister. Now on her salary as a school teacher, she really couldn't pay for this, so there may be some connection. Well, if you will join me tomorrow we may find out. Just say you are going to stay another day.” “I already more or less planned this, and after what you have told me nothing could make me go back before I have seen Mary. It will be lovely to see her again and make love to her, because that is exactly what we have done since we discovered how nice it is to do certain things to one another. You have been assuming this. Believe me, she is marvelous at it. Have no fear she won't do it with you. I know Mary and I know she is just dying to make love to you. I think I'll go down and make some phone calls. You don't happen to have her number, do you?”
    She didn't, but I found it in the directory after I had called Jim and told him about my decision to stay another day. He gladly gave me his consent when I gave him my reasons for this and wished me lots of fun. That I was certain I was going to have. With Mary and Jean together you couldn't go wrong really. After I had hung up on Jim, I called Mary, who sounded absolutely delighted to hear from me. She had already heard from other people that I was staying with my parents and she had hoped I would call her and look her up. I didn't want to wake up Father and Mother so we didn't really talk long, but made a date for the next day. I wished her the same happy dreams about the things to come the next day as I was going to have.
    She told me she was not only going to dream about it, but having heard my voice she was certain she couldn't stop from frigging herself before going back to sleep again, thinking about all the things we had done and were going to do tomorrow. I told her I couldn't say this for myself, but didn't give her any further explanation. I had decided not to tell her about Jean and the things we had done these last two days. Instead I wanted to surprise her, bringing Jean tomorrow. I hung up and went back to my room. I had been completely frank when I more or less told Mary I simply couldn't have another orgasm after all the ones I had had that day. As you know, I'm used to something when it comes to making love, but my dear relatives and especially my little sister had worn me out completely.
    Jean seemed to be insatiable but I hoped she was satisfied now and ready for some sleep. I was, and I could hardly imagine her to have more stamina than I have. I could not have been more wrong. Coming back to the room she was still wide awake, and from the look in her eyes I could by now tell she was up to something again, this something very obviously being making love.
    “Oh, Mitzy,” she said, “thinking about you and Mary, the things you did… the things we are going to do tomorrow… it has made me so randy. I'm ready for anything again. Look, I could not wait for you. I'm already frigging myself. Come to bed, my darling. Join me! Let me do something to you, wank you, suck you, lick you.”
    In my amazement I could hardly say anything at all. How the hell could she stand it? An almost complete novice one day, a trained, insatiable courtesan the other. In a way it was too good to be true and on the other hand, I was afraid I had to disappoint her. I didn't think I could manage and make love to her again. Jean still looked at me with hunger in her eyes but she also looked a bit surprised that I had not immediately jumped into bed on her suggestion.
    “Don't you want to, Mitzy? Don't you like me any longer, darling? Please let me make love to you. Look, let me have the dildo. Let me wank myself with it. At the same time I will suck your cunt for you. Why don't you lie down and let me go at you?”
    I just shrugged and let myself fall on the bed. If the kid wanted to make love to me again, the least I could do was play along with her, although I didn't think she could rouse me again. Jean positioned herself between my legs and began to play with my slit. For once I wasn't my usual slippery wet but instead I felt dry to her touch. She didn't, however, make any remarks about this but deftly began her game with cunt lips and clit. The dildo I had brought over to the bed was brought between her own legs and the huge head disappeared between her slippery wet cunt lips without any trouble. So she wasn't really putting me on! She really needed it, otherwise she wouldn't have been wet like this. And thinking about her wet little hot-box did the trick for me as well. Or could it have been the delightful way she played with my slit. I don't know any longer and at that moment I couldn't care less. I was once more excited and had my sister as a partner with me. And she is such a lovely partner. So why should I worry about what exactly made me excited again? Jean had now replaced her fingers with her tongue and the pointed stiffness of it disappeared in my moist cunt. She delightfully licked and nibbled my stiff clit, sucking it in her mouth, making my juices flow more and more, while she wanked herself with our rubber friend. She loved the stiff rubber poker up her cunt so much she bit my cunt. I yelled in pain and surprise at this unexpected action and she immediately made up to me by sucking me even better than she had done before. And we creamed! Oh yes, we creamed till we thought there would be no end to our orgasms. Satisfied at last, till the next day… Our day with Mary, which was going to be something really special, I hoped.
    The next morning, Father had already left when we came down. Mother looked a bit tired but all the same happy and radiant. She smiled at us and had some coffee and breakfast ready for us which we enjoyed tremendously. There is one thing about making love-it sure does make you feel hungry, besides all the other pleasant things about it. We felt a bit guilty when we left the house shortly after breakfast, but dear Mother could fully understand we wanted to go over to Mary's and she didn't make any objections, although I could see in her eyes that she would have loved to either join us or start making love again.
    It wasn't a long walk to Mary's and when we arrived we felt even more refreshed and fit, ready for the things to come. Mary was already standing at the door waiting for us. She must have been really waiting for us and watched the long path to the house every minute.
    She looked very pleased that I had brought Jean with me and she kissed her with the same ardor she had kissed me. I didn't have to tell her I had broken Jean in to tribadism. She could really see this for herself, for little Jean almost undressed her with her eyes. Entering the house I walked right after Mary and I could not refrain myself from lightly patting her on the bottom. She turned around and smiled at me.
    “What are you doing? Trying to find out whether I'm wearing any panties? Well, rest assured I didn't bother to put any on this morning. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep them on for long anyway, so why should I pretend to be less eager than I really am. I don't think I'm shocking your sister either, am I? No, you don't look shocked to me, Jean. I'm glad you could come, or wanted to come. I've been trying to get near to you for a long time now, but you didn't seem to notice.”
    “After Saturday night with Mitzy, I all of a sudden knew what you were up to, Mary. I'll never forgive myself for being so slow in the up-take. But at least I'm here. We are going to have a marvelous time together, I'm sure of it.”
    I had kept silent during this discussion and had studied Mary closely. I had the hunch she had changed a little during my absence. She was still beautiful, but something cruel had been added to her former innocent beauty. She was very excitingly dressed but with a certain mark, I should almost say…
    Her leather dress and high-heeled boots had something absolutely dominating about them, and I must be very wrong if I didn't assume rightly that she had gone for the more sadistic kind of lovemaking. I wondered how my sister, Jean, would take this sort of domineering love. As for myself, as you know, I have tried both sides of it, either being domineered or playing the domineering part and I have found I like both sides, but to my sister it would be an entirely new experience and I hoped she could take it and enjoy it. Anyway, there would be plenty of time to find this out and I decided to let things develop on their own.
    We went into the living room and immediately I knew I had been right in assuming Mary's preferences in sex. The whole place was dedicated to cruelty in lovemaking and looking at Jean, I saw surprise come into her eyes. I gave her a reassuring smile and seated myself close to Mary on a couch. In this sort of thing I might as well take the first round and give Jean an idea that it wasn't as bad as it looks.
    “Tell me, Mary,” I said, “how did you happen to get this place? It must be very expensive to rent, because from the furniture it is easy to see it must have cost a small fortune and is still worth its value.”
    “Well, you know, it has all been rather coincidental. After I left school, I became a teacher myself and my headmaster was Mr. Graves. We got along very well and soon after I had started work, he invited me to come over to his place for afternoon tea. I was introduced to his wife and she and I got along well also. We so liked one another that we were soon on a first name relationship and Henry and Georgina Graves became my best friends in this village, although the people talked a lot about it. You know Mr. Graves — Henry to me-had not such a good name. You know all the things they said about him, although nobody could really prove anything. But you know what people are like. Anyway, the three of us got along fine and we had nice afternoons and nights although nothing special really happened. This was going to be much later, after some months really. I was rather lonely after you had left and I hungered for the things we used to do together. I masturbated myself till I could not lift my arm any longer. And the longer you were away the stronger this need for you became. The first few weeks I had enough to wank myself at night in bed, but later on I couldn't even stop myself from going to the toilet during working hours and frigging myself there, sitting on the bowl, my panties hanging down my legs. Then I stopped wearing panties, so I could also play with myself without too much trouble in the classroom. When the kids were doing the work I had given them to do, I used to sit behind my desk, my hand under my dress, and looking at them-the girls as well as the boys — I masturbated till I came, feeling the juice drip down my legs.
    “One day I had a rather strange experience. One of the girls had been misbehaving herself and I decided to spank her in front of the rest of the class. It was the first time I had ever done anything like that, but I wanted to make an example, because they had been behaving like little beasts lately, which may have been my fault, because, due to my longing for you, I had become a bit slack with them. So that day I had this little girl lying over my lap in front of the class and I began to spank her. I had her dress pulled up to her waist and her panties were down. My hand was coming down on her cute little ass with gentle strokes initially, but a strange feeling of unrest slowly came over me and gradually I made my hand land harder on her slowly reddening bottom. I must say she didn't utter a single sound and this must have made me more mad than I really was. The feeling I had experienced was growing and growing and much to my surprise I felt myself getting quite wet between the legs. My juices were flowing in the same way they used to flow when I thought about you and wanked myself, and I couldn't believe it when all of a sudden, quite unexpectedly, I came. Yes, you're hearing right, Jean. I creamed because I was spanking a little girl on the bottom. I couldn't believe it myself either when it happened, but all the same it was true… and all of' a sudden I had found something new in life. Not only could I come when I spanked somebody, but that night for the first time I didn't want myself in bed. My orgasm during the spanking session had been so satisfying I didn't need to play with myself that night.
    “The next day I was looking for something to punish another one of my pupils over, and I found it not very hard to find an excuse to spank one. This time it was a little boy and the same thing happened, with one exception. On my lap I felt the little boy getting hard. His stiff little prick pressed tight against my leg. It was so marvelous I came even stronger than I had done the day before and once more I didn't frig myself that night. It's obvious you can't spank one of your pupils each day; it does give one and the school a bad name. But I had my thrills regularly and in between I went back to the old finger-fuck, but not with the same frantic need I had been experiencing for some weeks. I still loved to wank myself, but it wasn't like an addiction any longer. When I tossed off, it was because I felt like it and I enjoyed it more than I had done in the weeks before. And I still like to do it, up to this moment, and who doesn't? My changed attitude had not gone unnoticed by Henry and his wife and it was only a small task for Henry to find its possible cause. Being the shrewd man he was he immediately assumed my recent severity with the children had something to do with it and he assumed right. And this was exactly up his street, as you will find out when I continue my story. That is, if I'm not boring you…”
    We told her she was not boring us at all, especially as Jean was getting more and more interested and an excited blush had spread over her cheeks. So Mary continued her strange but exciting story.
    “One day,” Mary continued, “I went to the Graves' house and found Georgina alone. Henry had left on some errand and would not be back before late that night so she told me. As always, we talked about all the things which had happened in the village and television and such, but I thought the atmosphere was slightly different than usual. Of course I couldn't have described it at that moment, but it still was, although I didn't find it unpleasant. It was almost the same sort of tense atmosphere we sometimes had when we were watching your mother and the priest. After some time we became quieter and stopped talking altogether as happened more often, but it never bothered us because we didn't really have to talk when we were with each other. We could also enjoy the other's presence without talking and sometimes we just sat in this room, the three of us, reading or doing something else and nobody spoke a word. We were just good friends and I felt at home with them and nobody needed to pretend anything or keep the conversation going. But that day it was slightly different… like I already told you, there was something special in the air.
    “Georgina had to go upstairs and do something and she left me to myself for a moment. I stood up from my chair and walked around the room, feeling a bit restless, and all of a sudden I got the need to masturbate. This was rather strange at that time, because I had not done it during the day for weeks, ever since I had found I could also have sexual satisfaction during the day by spanking one of my pupils. But on that day, I was getting the same frantic urge to frig myself I had had for some weeks after you had left. I had had this urge more often while I was in their house and I knew I could easily slip to the toilet and do it there, but for one reason or another I didn't feel like leaving the room, so I decided to take off my panties quickly and toss myself off in the living room. I had not the faintest idea how long Georgina was going to be away from the room, but I thought I would hear her when she came down and even if it meant I had to interrupt my wanking I was sure I could put my clothes back in order before she entered the room.
    “So I took off my panties and stuck them in my purse. It was lovely to know I was quite naked under my dress… that is, from my waist down. Knowing I was doing this in the living room of my friends was adding something extra to my act and seating myself in my chair I pulled up my dress and spread my legs. I was sitting in the same chair you are now sitting in, Jean, and as you can see there is a huge mirror in front of it. It was marvelous to see my cunt come in view and in a hurry I threw my legs over the armrests, opening my slit with my hand. My clit was all red and hard under my fingers and I realized how badly I had needed this, because it quivered when I pressed my finger against it. I had a marvelous view of what I was doing and I played with myself as if it was going to be the last time. I used one finger on my cunt… two fingers, three fingers, and taking my hairbrush from my purse I poked myself with the handle of it. Juice was flowing down my legs and I thought I had not been so randy for ages. I can't remember whether I made any noise and at that moment I didn't even care. I was only interested in coming and I forgot everything around me. I also forgot to pay attention to the sounds in the house. I had not heard a single sound, but all the same the door must have been opened, making some sort of noise, a noise I had failed to notice. I was just on the verge of coming when I all of a sudden felt the presence of somebody nearby. Startled, I looked up and found Georgina standing beside the chair. Her eyes were focused on what my hand was doing and she had also stuck her hand under her dress, with the doubtless intention of giving her burning quim the same sort of treatment I was giving myself. I was much too surprised to say anything at all but Georgina saved me the trouble to search for words and save my face.
    “'You didn't know that I have been looking at you ever since I left the room, did you? I knew what you were going to do. Or at least I thought I knew, and here you are. I have been right. You were having the urge to frig yourself. Well, there is nothing wrong with that, is there? I also do it, and maybe even more than you. Look, I'm doing it now and I have been doing it ever since I started to watch you. You look surprised! You don't understand where I could possibly have watched you from. You know, dear, that mirror you are sitting in front of… is a two way mirror. You can't see anybody from this side but I could see you. No, you never have found this. You couldn't. There is always a panel on the other side of the wall, covering it. It looked like woodwork to you, but it certainly serves another purpose as well, and I have made good use of it. You were so exciting, so beautiful. You really like to play with that cunt of yours, don't you? And so do I. Henry loves seeing me do it. He would love to see you doing it, if you want to do it in front of him. You have taken up your frigging again, I see. You are once more feeling at ease with me. Let's do it together, dear. Let's finish another. Do you like to frig other women? I love it, although I hardly get the opportunity in this village. In the other school where Henry was headmaster before we came to this village-it was different there. He had stayed there longer. All his female staff used to come over to our place and they loved doing it with me… some of them I had to teach everything. They had never done anything with another woman, but they soon learned… and learned to like it. Henry fucked most of them as well-and some of his male staff also attended our parties. Yes, those were the good old days. But unfortunately one of his pupils was a bit indiscreet and we had to leave. Mind you, she was not attending a party, but she happened to come by and look through a crack in the curtains, finding them closed in the middle of the day, and that was the end of it. Luckily it wasn't made known publicly, otherwise Henry would never have had another job. We were saved for that by the chief of police, who regularly came to our parties and happened to be there as well when that silly girl found us out. Thank God a thing like that can't happen here. The house is too far from the road for anybody to take the liberty of coming up uninvited. But at least I have found you now. You seem to like the same sort of things, and I'm happy about it. Are you almost coming, just like I am? Your juice is dripping down your legs. I'm there… yes I'm coming… for you, dear… for you… all my juices… for you… you may lap me as you wish. I love to be lapped, to have my cunt sucked. I will suck yours. I'm creaming… creaming… creaming… come with me… oh yes… I can see you are coming… coming… cooooooming… like me… you are coming… lovely… loooovelyyyyy…'
    “That was our first encounter in that field and we both felt it had been a good thing. I did exactly as she had suggested and lapped her spunk dripping slit, while she did the same thing to me after I had cleaned her of all traces of cunt juice. Later we tried sixty-nine, bringing each other to an orgasm with our tongues the way we used to do, Mitzy. She was very good at it and I was dead tired when I left for home that night. I had not see Henry all day and still believed the story Georgina had told me about his absence. Later I was to find out it had all been carefully planned by the two of them, and when they told me we really laughed about it.
    “The next day I was still a bit tired, but fortunately it happened to be Sunday so not having to do anything better I stayed in bed and had a rather late breakfast. At about two o'clock the telephone rang and my mother called me telling me it was Henry at the other end and did I want to come over to their place and spend the day with them. Needless to say I told them I would be over in half an hour and quickly dressed myself, putting on my prettiest underwear.
    “I was greeted at the door by Henry and we went in without him making any remark about what had happened between Georgina and me the other day. Maybe she had not told him yet, I thought, and I felt a bit disappointed by this because I had more or less reckoned with the fact I was going to have lots of sex today.
    “In the living room my disappointment soon changed because we found Georgina there and she was completely nude. And on top of that she was not just sitting there but she was well on her way to frigging herself to a boiling orgasm. Henry smiled at me and lifted my dress, putting his hands on my buttocks.”
    “'I know what the two of you have been doing,' he said. 'I'm glad it has finally come this far. We have been rather bored after the life we lived in the other town. Georgina has told me all about you, what you did yesterday. You have been a very naughty girl and I think you are going to be punished for it. I'm going to spank you, Mary, because I have heard you like to spank so much yourself. You get quite a kick out of spanking little girls and boys at school, don't you? Now let's find out what you think about being spanked yourself. But first let me undress you.'
    “He must have had a lot of experience getting women out of their dresses because I don't think I have ever been undressed so quickly and properly. Before I really knew what was happening I was standing in the room with just my bra, panties and stockings.
    “Georgina was still sitting in the chair and she looked at what Henry was doing to me, obviously enjoying it. At least it made her more excited and she frigged herself harder when she looked at me, standing in front of her in my near nudity. I was feeling quite randy and although I was not really looking forward to being spanked by Henry I still couldn't completely stop myself from feeling shivers of excitement run down my back.
    “I had expected Henry to lay me down on his lap but the two of them must have made their plans carefully late last night. Henry pushed me over to Georgina's chair and motioned me to get down on my knees in front of her. She had thrown her legs over the armrests of the chair and before my eyes I beheld her cunt, wide open, cunt lips swollen due to her frigging herself extensively. Her clit was erected and red, and most of all she was wet, sopping wet. The strong smell of cunt juice, as it flowed from her twat, filling my nose, made my head reel and excited me terribly.
    “'You are going to suck my cunt, Mary,' Georgina said. 'You are going to fetch my soup while Henry is going to spank your bottom. You deserve a good spanking for what you did the other day. Frigging yourself in my living room without asking permission first, making me feel all excited, forcing me to do the same thing. And later you wanked me, made me wank you, suck you, lick you. I have told Henry all about it and he has already punished me for it. I had to toss off while I told him about our antics and later he spanked me because of it. He has also fucked me, till I thought I couldn't stand on my legs any longer. But we have enjoyed ourselves and so will you if you decide to play the game with us-because that is all it is… a game, a delightful game. A marvelous way to pass the time. Oh, we will whip you all right, and you will learn to whip us. But if you learn how to stand the pain, how to find pleasure in it, you will love it. It will make you twice as randy as you were before. And you will have added to your life, something very exciting, something to really enjoy coming. Oh yes, we will have marvelous times…'
    “Oh for heaven's sake, Mitzy, make her stop, won't you? I can't stand it any longer.”
    This was Jean cutting off Mary's story… The poor girl was getting so excited by what Mary told us she was almost coming without even touching her hot little cunt, but now she couldn't stand it any longer and her hand had disappeared under her skirt and she was obviously frigging herself furiously. And to tell the truth I was rather glad for her interruption. I was feeling rather randy myself and I could also do with some sort of sexual gratification.
    Since I was sitting beside Mary on the couch I did the most logical thing I could think of. Taking up her leather dress I bared her cunt for Jean to see and threw myself at her kissing her all over her face and neck. Seeing Mary's slit, all wet and waiting for somebody to play with it, all ready to make it come bringing out all those lovely juices, proved too much for Jean. She hurried out of her chair and came over to Mary and me, getting down on her knees the way Mary had just described she had done some time ago in front of Georgina. Her head disappeared between Mary's legs and she opened her mouth to close it over Mary's waiting slit.
    I raised myself and knelt down beside her and took off her clothes, which wasn't too easy because she didn't want to stop sucking Mary's quim. But finally I had her naked and she was really beautiful the way she was lying there, her young head between Mary's spread legs, making smothered noises when she sucked at the dripping cunt so generously offered to her eager mouth.
    As soon as I had removed her skirt her hand disappeared between her legs again and she was still busily frigging herself, a task I would lovingly have performed for her. Taking her hand from her slit and replacing it with my own didn't bring any protest from her side and soon I was busily frigging her while she kept on sucking Mary, who came shortly after, filling Jean's mouth with her thick creamy spunk, who immediately followed by spending over my fingers.
    At least two of the three were satisfied for the time being and this only left me to have some sort of satisfaction. Standing up, I took a candle from its holder and throwing myself on my back on the floor I stabbed myself with it. It deeply entered my cunt and although it was a lot thinner than the dildo I was used to, it still gave me the feeling I was being filled to the brim. I agitated it in and out of my dilating slit till I felt my orgasm approaching. Now I just had to have something more substantial and I called Mary over to my side. She had not done anything to either of us and I longed to be sucked by her again, after such a long time not having had anything to do with her. I knew she was good at sucking and I'm sure it must have been due to my terrible randiness, but her tongue on my heated slit felt like a soothing balm. Her able and well trained tongue had me bucking up and down in no time at all and I was climbing the rainbow at a tremendous speed. Mary had not lost any of her hunger for cunt juice and long after I had creamed over her lips she kept on sucking me, not wanting to lose a single drop from my generous outpouring. It relieved us for the time being and Mary could continue her story. “Where had I left before the two of you had to have your pussies sucked and frigged?” Mary asked. “Oh yes, Georgina had me on her. She wanted me to suck her cunt while Henry was going to spank me. Well, I didn't mind sucking her cunt; in fact, as you know, I love sucking a cunt, so I bent myself over my task and behind my back I could hear Henry removing his clothes as well. So we were all going to be naked as the day we were born and really get the feel of things! I decided to get along with letting myself be spanked as well, because I suddenly remembered the little boy I had spanked and who had become so excited by it, he had gotten a hard-on. So if I could come by spanking another person and this person could become just as excited as I was doing the spanking, I might as well try this road for myself as well.
    “Placing a cushion under my belly, Henry lifted my ass a little higher and seated himself beside me. I had just applied my mouth to Georgina's dripping cunt when the first blow landed on my bare ass. It stung me some, but the pain wasn't too bad so I didn't cry out or anything like that. Placing his blows all over my bottom, Henry soon had my ass glowing and warm and a delightful randy feeling was spreading through my body. He had not touched my cunt yet, but still I felt myself getting wetter with every blow he gave me.
    “Without giving a single sound Georgina had already creamed twice in my mouth and she was well on her way to having her third orgasm when all of a sudden, I creamed, giving up my pent-up load, wetting the cushion under my tummy with my juices. I shuddered in delight-I had never experienced anything like this before, apart from coming when I spanked one of my pupils. Without touching my cunt, without stuffing something in it, I had creamed and it was one of the best I had ever had. I let myself fall down on the floor limply, leaving Georgina's cunt for what it was. But she was too far gone on the way to her third orgasm to be left like that and she immediately called Henry over to make her come.
    “'Come and fuck me, Henry,' she cried, 'Mary has left me halfway and I just have to come. Come and fuck me. You must also need it. She can suck you later, if that is what you want, but fuck me first. Spurt some spunk in my cunt! I want it! I want it!'
    “He hastened to oblige her and although he rammed his cock home I still had a quick glance at its size. It was murderous, rock hard, throbbing at least nine inches in length and with a circumference to match this. It was easily the biggest cock I had ever seen and my mouth watered at the thought that I was going to get it up my slit sooner or later.
    “My orgasm had left me a little exhausted but I wasn't too tired to enjoy the sight of the two of them fucking the daylight out of each other. It was marvelous the way his thick dong moved in and out of her slit and the walls of her cunt must have been stretched to a tearing point. The loose skin folds of her dilating slit moved in and out with the movements of the whopper poking her and she squirmed in her chair. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you she was still seated in the chair and he was half standing in front of her when he fucked her to both their pleasure.
    “I was slowly getting over my tiredness and I wanted to take part in their action. Getting over to them wasn't too much trouble at all and crouching down I looked between their worked bodies to get an even better view of their joined parts. Juice was dripping down Georgina's cunt and she was lucky to have such a generous well of cunt juice with the size of her husband's prick. Although he wasn't a very tall man there was nothing small to him when it came to the size of his prick as I already mentioned.
    “Georgina was in the very process of creaming for the third time, crying out in lust, when Henry pulled his still stiff dong from her cunt and pointed it in the direction of my mouth. Up till now, he had not come yet and eagerly I took the cunt juice-covered poker between my lips, nibbling at the huge head. It was alive and throbbing in my mouth and I hardly managed to get all of the bulging thing in my mouth. My jaws were hurting me because of its size but still I enjoyed what I was doing tremendously, and so did Henry. My mouth did the trick for me and the throbbing dick in my mouth seemed to jerk with a life of its own when he filled my mouth with his slimy spunk. He had buckets full of the stuff and I had to swallow several times to get it all in, but I managed and loved the way the sticky stuff ran down my throat. My passions had gradually risen while I watched Georgina and Henry fuck and when I had started to suck his cock, my hand had disappeared between my legs, frantically masturbating myself. I had not creamed yet when Henry's dong slackened in my mouth, so I threw myself on the floor with legs wide open, frigging myself like mad, anxious to come as soon as possible. Luckily Georgina decided to come to my aid, and she wasn't shy about it either. She flopped herself down and immediately took my fingers away from my cunt. Replacing them for her own was just the beginning of the treatment she was going to give me; only the beginning of a long range of well-experienced ways of giving another woman as much pleasure as possible. She seemed to be in the possession of a dozen hands and they seemed to be all over my body at once, stroking me, caressing me, touching me on every sensitive spot of my body. For one moment they were playing with my cunt leaving me breathless and hungry for more of the same treatment, for another they left my palpitating slit to stroke my tits, pinching the hardened nipples till I thought she would wrench them from my breasts. Her tongue followed her hands everywhere they went, following the same enticing pattern, licking my dripping slit, slobbering at the juice I abundantly secreted, leaving a wet track of saliva on my belly and breasts, touching me everywhere from head to toe. I thought she was at this sort of thing for hours and I could hardly stand another minute of it, when she finally went down to the task of sucking my cunt. And she made me come. Did she ever make me come! I thought the spasms wracking my body would never stop when she emptied me of my juices. I screamed my delight and couldn't stop myself from bucking up and down the floor while she tried to keep contact with my dilating cunt, sucking all the spunk I had to offer. “And we tried everything, the three of us, for as long as it lasted. We went through the whole range of lovemaking together and the cruel side of it was taking a bigger place in it on each new session. We loved to be whipped and caned just like we loved to do the whipping. I remember the beautiful times we had with this. Imagine me being bound on the table with leather straps and both Georgina and Henry whipping me till I creamed! Needless to say they were both as excited as I was and they frigged themselves or each other till they spunked over my flagellated spending form. And we did the same things to Georgina and Henry. We really took turns in being whipped and I can still remember the time when Georgina and I whipped Henry. And we really laid it on him, not sparing a single part of his anatomy. We even whipped his prick and when we saw him shoot his load of spunk in the air we threw ourselves in each other's arms and lying head to toe sucked at the dripping slit under our mouths till we spent. And all the time we had been frigging ourselves, stopping to keep from coming too quickly. But we always finished our sessions by making love in a more tender way, giving us back our hunger for the cruel type of love on a following occasion.”
    Mary stopped talking after this, and Jean and I, highly excited like we were, threw ourselves at her, kissing her together, groping under her leather dress, our hands meeting at her pussy and almost fighting for the opportunity to frig her.
    I was ready for anything now and since I already had some experience in being whipped I was just about to offer myself for this, when Jean raised her voice in an almost begging tone.
    “Oh I want to find out what it is like to be spanked, to be whipped if you want to. Please, Mary, do it to me, let me have a taste of this sort of thing. It sounds terribly bizarre, but exciting all the same. If you like to be whipped I also want to know it. Please, please, do anything to me, but make me come. I'm so fucking randy, I have to come. I just have to come. It's burning me alive. I feel like I'm on fire. I will do anything for you; suck you, lick you, anything… anything at all, but I need something now. Bring out the whips if you have any, but make me come. My cunt is itching so. Quickly! Do something to me, or I'll have to wank myself.”
    “Play with her, Mitzy. Just give me time to get something to beat her with. Don't worry, I won't give her the whip right the first time. I'm going to start off with something less drastic. Eventually she will learn how to take the whip as well. And I won't mark her either. Just wait till I'm back and I show you how artful I am in this sort of thing.”
    She hurriedly left the room and in the meantime I bent myself over my writhing sister and played with her cunt, working up a froth which covered her already slimy wet cunt lips. Mary didn't take long in coming back and when she entered the room again she had also changed her dress a little.
    Instead of wearing a full dress, however miniskirted it might have been, she had changed into a sort of patent leather bikini. The nipples were free from the bra and at her crotch there was also an opening so she or anybody else who wanted to could have easy access to her glorious mound. She looked absolutely thrilling in her strange outfit and I felt myself getting all wet for her. But unfortunately it was going to be Jean who was going to be handled by her first. Well, there was one good thing about that. It left me free to play with her if she wanted me to.
    In her hand she was carrying a slender leather strap and a thin cane. She looked menacingly at Jean and me, a cruel light shining in her beautiful eyes. Jean was getting a bit scared, I think, because she didn't respond to my finger-fucking with the same devotion she had done before Mary had reentered the room. But Mary didn't waste any time giving her the opportunity to turn back on her words and chicken out of the deal.
    “Turn her on her back, Mitzy,” she said. “Turn her on her back and sit on her. I'm going to use the strap on her first, just to make her get used to a little pain. If she can stand it all right I might try to put the cane on her, if she manages to hold herself from coming that long. It's no fun to spank anybody after they have come. That is the time for more tender lovemaking, till they are ready for the whip again. I feel a bit of an artist about these things and in my own right. It's very hard to find somebody who really knows how to spank properly. But let's get on with it. We're only wasting time this way. She should have had her ass red by this time. And here I am, talking instead of giving myself over to the delightful task of spanking her till she creams.”
    I had taken part in this sort of thing before, so I knew how she wanted Jean. Turning her over on her back, I raised her ass and put some pillows under her. Sitting on her back I stretched the skin of her ass as tight as possible and nodded my head at Mary to administer her first blow.
    “You really know what you are doing, don't you, Mitzy? It's beautiful how well you know I wanted her skin to be tight. It's really going to sting if she is tight like that.”
    “Of course I know what I'm doing. This isn't the first time I have done anything like this, and I love it… both sides of it. I'm already wet at the thought you are going to use that strap on Jean. You may use it on me as well if you want to. But don't wait any longer Get on with it. Spank her! Spank her hard! Make it sting. Make her feel it. Oh. I'm going to enjoy this…”
    Mary's eyes lit up at my words and she let her hand with the leather strap come down on Jean's bottom with far more power than she may have intended. Obviously the knowledge I also was an addict of flagellation made her lose her initial plans to start Jean off on this road gently.
    Poor Jean almost threw me off her back when the first blow landed on her back, so wildly did she buck up under it. I motioned Mary to go a little softer on her and she nodded her agreement to this. We didn't want to scare the little bitch off, did we? Much less severe, the next few blows landed on her ass, which gradually became rose colored all over.
    I was enjoying myself tremendously and without really noticing what I was doing I had brought my hand to my slit and caressed the swollen cunt lips with my fingers. Looking up at Mary, I saw the juice dripping down her legs and her hand was also between her legs, where she busily frigged her quim. We were really in the spirit of the thing and I decided to give our action the needed extra little thrill.
    Reaching for Mary's cunt was just a matter of seconds and removing her fingers from her hot-box I inserted my own, fondling her moist cavern with the stiff clit. She squirmed under the lashes of the strap Mary wielded.
    Up to now she had not uttered a single sound and the spanking could not have hurt her too much. Obviously she liked what was being done to her and spreading her legs she almost invited Mary to apply her whipping to that spot of her anatomy. And Mary was eager to oblige her in this, immediately after Jean had opened her legs, focusing the attention of her whipping in that direction.
    “Do you see how wet she is, Mitzy? The little bitch is really liking what I'm doing to her. She is pouring out her juices. Oh this is going to be just marvelous. I'm going to make her come this way and on many occasions hereafter. Do you like to feel me strap you on the cunt, Jean? Do you really like it so much? There is more for you to come yet. This is only the beginning. You still have a long way to go yet. Stop playing with my cunt, Mitzy. I can handle that side myself. Play with Jean's instead, while I use the cane on her bottom again. Now this is going to hurt you more than the strap was hurting you. But Mitzy frigging you will help you to forget about the pain, darling.”
    “Please go on, Mary,” Jean wailed. “Please go on, don't stop. Use the cane if you want to, but don't stop. Make me come, you two darlings. Oh, I would never have thought it could be like this. It's so marvelous. So bloody, fucking marvelous. I'm going to come all right. It's almost there. Frig me, Mitzy, frig your sister. Make me cream my head off. Oh, that cane, it is stinging but it is so lovely… sooo… loooovely… oooooooh…”
    Mary had switched from the strap to the cane and Jean was liking it even better than she had liked the strap, although it was giving her ugly looking stripes on her ass. But at least Mary was careful not to break the skin, so she would come home unmarked-at least not with the blood streaming down her legs. My fingers were still buried in my cunt and I reamed myself as far as I could push them in. I also found myself on the verge of coming just like Jean and Mary. Cunt juice was dripping from me, wetting my sister's back; Mary's legs were all wet with the sticky stuff. My fingers were slippery with Jean's spunk and when she came a hot flood of the slimy juice shot over my fingers at the same time I spurted my load over my own frigging fingers.
    Mary had thrown the cane away and was standing over Jean with her legs spread to an impossible width. Her fingers were flying in and out of her sopping cunt. Her cunt was on the same level as my face. How could I do anything else but apply my tongue to her slot? Her juice, the smell of it, was just driving me crazy. I had to have some licks of it. I had hardly placed my mouth over her cunt properly when she filled my mouth with a generous outpouring of lovely, tasty spunk. And I sucked and sucked and sucked, swallowing everything she had to offer.
    The rest of the day was spent in much the same manner. We took turns being the whip-per or the whipped, on one occasion fulfilling Jean's wish to let her whip us both at the same time, which she did while she masturbated with the help of a huge candle she had found standing somewhere. During her whipping Mary and I frigged another and creamed gloriously over each other's fingers.
    Late that night we went back home and the next day I had to leave, although I was very reluctant to do so. But my sister had found a new and exciting way of sex and a new and exciting friend to have it with and sometimes when she wrote me a letter she told me about the things the two of them did. Together or sometimes in the company of other people they had found to share their pleasures, my parents of course being among their regular participants. Maybe one of these days my sister will also write down her memories and I'm sure it will make a book worthwhile reading. Her letters always putting me on to masturbation. I think her book would do the same for anyone reading it.


    The time: a few weeks after I spent my memorable weekend at home. The place: the hotel-to be more precise, one of the double-room apartments on my floor. There is a tremendous party going on. Some wealthy manufacturer and his wife are celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. They have invited some of their most intimate friends to join them in their celebration of this day.
    During the day they have asked me whether I could stay on for the night and serve them with their food and drinks. I made no objection to their request, because they were already staying for some time and I had come to be on rather good terms with them.
    Since I first started this job I had acquired a certain amount of knowledge in judging people, especially when it comes to people which one could call real swingers. And knowing my addiction to anything exciting in erotic love, I love to be with people who really know how to enjoy themselves in this sort of thing. So as far as I could see this particular party was going to end in one big orgy and I did not want to miss anything like that for all the money in the world.
    Seven women are present at this party, all of them having that certain amount of perversity I like in other women. There were just about the same number of men. Their ages varied from twenty-five up to fifty, with the women a bit younger in that range.
    I was very pleased I had been asked to work for them that night, because I love to be where the action is, and there was going to be a lot of action, of this I was certain.
    At about nine that night the guests had started to come in and now all of them were present in the apartments. I won't bother you with a detailed description of their appearances or their names. For the time being, let it suffice to tell you that all of the women are more than usually beautiful and most of the men are handsome to match them. And this even goes for the older ones. If there happens to be anything worthwhile mentioning about the way they look I will tell you about it when I come to that.
    They were served with drinks as soon as they came in and since they almost all came in at the same time they were all comfortably seated and talking, and my task of serving them wasn't too tiring at all. Up to now it was just another one of those affairs where a bunch of people were having a good time together. The women discussed the latest development in fashion and the men talked about their business affairs. Occasionally somebody told a joke and they all had a good laugh, but so far nothing exciting was happening. But after a couple of drinks they loosened up and their speech became more free and daring and since I wasn't very busy I could hear fragments of their conversation.
    Sex was now the main topic and it was plain that they liked their sex life to be varied and out of the ordinary. As you know, I'm all for that and I listened closely, trying to discover something I might have missed in this respect.
    “I just love to undress in a crowd,” I heard one woman say to another. “It gives me such a thrill, knowing everybody is watching me… all those eyes on me.”
    “Oh dear, I just have to tell you this. I was caught by my maid, while I was masturbating during the afternoon. She is a new girl, because the other one had to leave unfortunately. You know how used to the little darling I was. She could really please me so much. But this new girl… the poor thing couldn't believe her eyes at first, but she was quick to learn this was one of my favorite ways to pass the afternoon. The other girl was a little darling, but this one is going to be even better.”
    “Even my wife was surprised like hell, and she is used to something,” a strong masculine voice boomed. “But she happened to come into my study last night. My nephew and I were having the time of our lives. We were jacking each other off, while his sister watched us. I had never done anything like it since my school days, but I kind of liked it. Since his sister was sitting on the floor in front of us, my dear wife soon joined us in our fun and while we shot our loads in the fireplace she and our niece wet each other's fingers.”
    All these fragments of conversation I had to listen to while I just sat there not having anything better to do. Not that I minded, of course. I was more than certain I was not wasting my time here tonight. It was going to be a day to remember afterwards and already I was getting excited and looking forward to the time when the fun was really going to start.
    They seemed to have forgotten my presence completely when all of a sudden one of the women became aware of me and immediately their conversation stopped, while they all looked at me with slightly embarrassed faces.
    Since I was only too eager to join in their fun I didn't give them a chance to say anything in the manner of apologies, but raising myself, I walked to the center of the room and stepped upon a small table, looking at them while I undulated my hips lasciviously. As you may expect with people as quick on the uptake as they were, especially when it comes to matters of lewd pleasures, they fully understood I was about to give them a far better amusement than just serving their drinks. Somebody standing nearby put a record on the machine and sultry music filled the room and all the conversation had subsided. I undulated my hips and shook my buttocks some more and now I could hear some muffled cries like: “Take it off, girl. Take it all off, baby. Sock it to them!”
    Others followed this first outburst and their immediate enthusiasm and encouragement made my decision final. I was going to strip for them if that was what they wanted, making sure it was going to be a striptease they would remember long afterwards. And on top of that I was prepared to go quite a bit further than just stripping for them and show them my bare ass. They were going to see the lot of me and the things I could do with it. I was convinced I could make them so hot for me the men would spunk in their pants and the' women would wet their panties with their juices while I went through my act.
    Swaying slowly to the rhythm of the music I started to undo the apron string of my uniform. Throwing it at one of the men I passed my hands over my body lasciviously, pressing my breasts and cunt still covered by the rest of my clothes, smiling at them lewdly, trying to look as perverted as possible. I reached for the hem of my dress, lifting it about halfway to my thighs with one hand while reaching under it with the other. I wasn't just play acting like a professional stripper would have done. I really went for my pussy, even if it was only to check its state of dampness. At least, that was what I intended to do, but finding it all nice and wet, the heavy lips congested with blood, I just had to have a better feel. It was so nice to the touch of my finger, so nice and soft and wet. Even through my panties I could feel how soppy it was. Closing my eyes and shuddering from head to toe wasn't acting either. I was in lust, and if I had not promised myself to be the star of this night, I would have frigged myself till I spent.
    The people must have thought the same, but when they already more or less anticipated me to masturbate myself right then and there I overcame my urge to toss off and let the dress fall down again. A disappointed sigh rose from my audience, but they soon calmed down when I continued my little act by reaching behind my back to unzip my dress.
    One man from the party wanted to come to my aid to unzip me, but he was held back by the rest of them as well as by me. I wanted this to be my show and I didn't need any help from anybody. Not yet, that is. Later, when I wanted to have some sex they would get their chance and the way I felt right now I could take all of them. But that was before I had seen the size of the pricks some of the men possessed or before I had seen what some of the women were capable of. But let's go back to the stripping.
    Like I had done before, I picked up the hem of my dress but this time I went straight on with getting out of it, although I took good care to do it slowly and wriggled a lot with it. I had put on my prettiest underwear and once out of my dress I stood in the middle of the table in my bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and shoes. I still had a long way to go before I would be completely naked, even if the kind of underwear I was wearing wasn't very much for covering. Everything was flimsy and a lot could be seen through it. When I stood like this a delighted gasp came from my audience.
    “Frankly I wouldn't mind sucking her pretty cunt. My she must flow like a geyser,” a rather young girl said in a voice choked with passion. I immediately marked her down for a possible candidate for this task.
    “You wait your turn, Flo,” a man said, “you get plenty of cunt from your friends. If you were a really loving wife, you would care about my itching cock and either do something about it or let this little bitch do something about it.”
    The rest of them laughed at this remark and Flo went over to her husband, unzipping his fly and sticking her hand in, obviously to fondle his near bursting prick. They were a couple worth keeping an eye on as far as I was concerned. I love to make it with a married couple. They always seem to be much more randy and generous in their loving than unmarried people are.
    “Who wants to suck my cunt while I spank her bottom? It's such a pretty ass I can hardly wait to lay my hands on it. Any of you ladies or gentlemen care to volunteer? I washed my pussy before I left home and there are just traces of fresh spunk.” It was a thin-lipped woman who said this and I was glad there was one of them in the crowd as well in case the fancy took me to let myself be whipped to an orgasm.
    “I'm sure she knows how to frig a prick,” a man said.
    “Wait till I get my mouth over her tits.”
    And so on their remarks went and became more and more direct and daring. Their remarks and the thing I was doing in front of them were, in the meantime, getting me just as excited as they were, and once more my hand went for a little checkup on my state of dampness.
    I let my hand go into the top of my panties and I found I was delightfully moist and open. Well, quite frankly this is a bit of an understatement. In fact, I was more than just wet. I was dripping, and taking my hand from my slip I brought it to my mouth and had a good taste of my own juices. Seeing me do this excited them even more and they shouted at me to go on or come down from the table and have myself sucked, fucked or anything else they could think of, depending on their preference.
    Reaching behind my back I undid the clasp of my bra and bared my heavy tits. The hardened nipples stood out in the center of the aureoles which also felt like hard disks, due to the congested blood in them. I played with my breasts as if I was alone in my room and I think I was too far gone at that moment to still be aware of their presence. I wasn't really acting any longer. The whole thing had become far too serious and exciting to pretend I wasn't becoming affected by it.
    By this time all the dames present had hitched up their dresses in their waist, while the men had taken the dongs from the imprisonment of their pants. They were not actually jacking off yet. They were merely stroking their pricks and cunts, but I knew they would soon be and I really couldn't have gotten a better compliment. My little show had brought them to this and that was what I had intended. I decided to bring the other women into the action.
    “Are you ladies too shy to follow me?” I asked. “Look, I'm already naked, apart from my panties, but they won't take me long to take off, and there you are, all dressed up, although I must say, I see some awfully nice cunts coming out from under your dresses. Why don't you join me and take off those clothes… and the men too…”
    They hurried to take me up on this challenge and even before I had my panties off all sorts of clothing was flying through the room. It only took them a fraction of the time it had taken me to get my clothes off, to be just as naked as I was. It wasn't a striptease they were doing. It looked more like a strip race. First one bare-assed is the winner!
    Facing them I spread my legs, showing them my gaping pussy. They didn't hesitate now to follow my example, and they showed me their excitement: opening their legs as wide as possible, their cunt juice freely flowing down their thighs-all sorts of thighs, fat ones, thin ones, plain beautiful ones. All were wet with the same sticky stuff, the same lovely, creamy cunt juice.
    I was still leading them on, still showing them the way to get this orgy really started. With both hands I opened the thick outer lips of my dripping slit. Sagging a little in the knees, I took a most obscene pose, which met with everybody's approval, and finally I had them where I wanted them. Letting themselves fall back in their chairs the dear ladies did as I showed them, even going one step further.
    They opened their cunts like I was doing, but they didn't stop at that; they began to masturbate themselves frantically, dipping their fingers in their open slits, rubbing the thick outer lips, cajoling their clits, making them stand out like miniature pricks… playing with themselves like nobody else was around, but obviously enjoying the lewd scene they offered.
    Some had really perfected their wanking style and even I was learning new ways in solitary pleasure. They must spend a lot of time in tossing off, while their husbands were out trying to make money. Although they all had a different way of bringing themselves to pleasure the results so far were the same. From their dilating slits the cunt juice flowed freely, abundantly, their bellies heaving, their asses bucking up and down in the chair.
    I stepped down from the table and going from one to the other I had my fun with them. Bending over their writhing bodies I had a lick from a dripping slit here, joining a poking finger in a swollen snatch with my own there. I didn't even have to touch myself. Walking around the room, going from one to the other, I was coming continuously, creaming my sticky spendings, while all around me I saw spunking cunts everywhere. Some were not tossing themselves off any longer. Out for more pleasure they had offered their cunts to the women sitting closest by, while they poked their fingers in the other's slit. And the men had joined the fun as well. They were jacking off as well. And they were not squeamish about it either. Most of them had their dongs frigged by another man, spunking over each other's fingers when they shot their loads. It was too beautiful for words. All this sex all around us. The smell of sex in the room. Spunk and cunt juice everywhere on the floor or the chairs.
    And the party really started to swing now. There was no way to stop it, and I don't think anybody wanted it to stop.
    After this first encounter I found myself at the mercy of a man and a woman. Both of them wanting to suck me off. No matter how much I like to be sucked normally, this time I wanted to be filled with a huge throbbing prick. And the man could supply me with just this item. He had a tremendous dong and although spunk was still dripping from it, he had not gone slack one inch. He was still as hard as he would have been after not fucking for a week and his hand clasped around the thing as he moved the foreskin up and down the purple gland.
    And I didn't just want to be fucked thoroughly. Going from one dame to the other taking a quick lick here and there had given me my old taste for cunt again. I wanted the man to fuck me and the bird to let me suck her off.
    I made her sit over my face, so I could suck her quim and she didn't have the slightest objection to this. My tongue darted in and out of her dripping slit and I busily fingered myself at the same time. For the man in our little group this was the appropriate signal for what I wanted from him. I opened my legs for him as wide as they would go and with one lunge he shoved his dong up my slit till his balls were banging my asshole. He went to work on my dilating slit with his stiff poker and my cunt lips seemed to milk his prick. He was so hard and throbbing I felt stretched to the tearing point. My breath coming in gasps, I moaned and groaned under his furious attack. Over my mouth the woman writhed and shook her ass, giving quite a bit of trouble to keep contact with her delicious cunt.
    It was so nice to be filled with a long throbbing dick, while at the same time keeping my mouth well occupied with this delightful morsel of female flesh, the part of the female I like best, moist and swollen with congested blood, spreading her juices over my lips, giving me the rich taste of the spunk coming from a woman in heat. And a woman well sucked has a lot of juice to give and I wanted it all. I lapped it up like a puppy, like a kid with a lollipop, creaming… creaming… creaming myself when she unloaded herself in my mouth, my mouth waiting just for this… her thick creamy spunk.
    My own spending cunt was drenched with the thick sperm spurting out of my male lover's bursting dick, mingling with my juices, wetting our bellies, making me sticky all over when he pulled out of me, and smearing the sperm oozing from my cunt all over me.
    The next thing I did, spunk covered and all, was go and look for the thin-lipped lady I already mentioned before. I found her slumped in a chair being expertly sucked by a man far younger than she was herself. I could see the young man was very good, very good indeed. While he sucked her cunt he kept the spunk wet lips apart, so he not only reached her clit with his stiff tongue, but he also could lick her deep inside. At the same time he had his hand clasped around his prick and masturbated himself in the rhythm of his tongue. Putting myself over the armrests of the chair I reached for his prick and taking over the task of masturbating I also presented the dame in the chair my rounded bottom. I knew she was going to like this and I wasn't wrong.
    Her eyes lit up and she began to slap my buttocks with one hand while she played with my sperm filled cunt with the other. She obviously liked the sopping wetness of my cunt and occasionally she took her fingers from my slit and licked the spunk from them with a delighted look on her face. The more she slapped me the harder her blows landed on my bottom. And she bucked up and down in the chair in her randy lust. The young man between her legs had some trouble keeping his mouth glued to her cunt and the spunk was dripping down his chin, wetting even his chest.
    But this couldn't last forever as one can easily imagine, the whole thing being too lewd and exciting. I was the first to come, flooding my lovely partner's fingers with my juices. Almost at the same time the young man shot his load in the air and some of his sperm spattered my face. Seeing my spunk-covered face, which I turned in her direction, the woman slapped me harder than ever before and groaning in agonized lust she filled the mouth of the man with hot sticky spunk.
    Everywhere in the room one could see couples going through all sorts of sexual acts, one even more imaginative than the other. The orgy was really going full blast now and it was hard to keep track of everything. I don't think I can still remember all the things I saw happening before my eyes, but one thing I still remember… It had been a most wonderful “night of work.”


    Just three days ago she came to stay at the hotel and at the time she entered the place she happened to still be a virgin. Imagine that, a beautiful nineteen-year-old brunette and still a virgin. Now this, in my mind, is ridiculous and a shame. Any girl beautiful and healthy shouldn't be a virgin at that age, and the moment she stepped through the door and I laid my eyes on her I decided to change that. Well, of course, I couldn't see from her face she was still a virgin, but I wanted her the moment she came in and I promised myself I was going to have her. Later, during my seduction, I found out she was still a virgin. But that was three days ago and by this time she is being fucked by Gaston, one of our French waiters, or actually they are fucking the hell out of each other. But let me tell you how it all happened.
    One nice morning three days ago, I was being told to make one of the rooms on my floor ready for a new guest. I wasn't told who was going to occupy the room, but as you very well know I have a very curious nature and when the new guest arrived that afternoon, I took good care to be around somewhere and when she came up in the elevator I had a glimpse of her before she entered the room. She was so lovely and innocent looking that my heart skipped a beat, and that's when I promised myself to have her.
    Luck was with me in the best way possible. Shortly after she had gone to her room I was given orders by room service to go to her room since she had requested some help with unpacking.
    I went to her room with joy in my heart and I think I was already getting moist between the legs. I don't think I had ever been so randy for a total stranger. Maybe I sensed by instinct she was still a virgin and this set me on to her with so much determination to get her into bed.
    I knocked at her door and after she called me in I entered with hope in my heart. She was even more lovely than I had imagined, than I had seen when she walked over the corridor going to her room. She had already started unpacking and the only thing I had to help her with was hanging her pretty clothes in the closet. Naturally we began to talk. What else would you expect when two women are together handling clothes?
    After we had talked about clothes we automatically came to other things. She told me she was traveling all by herself. Her parents had been killed in a road accident and since she had never seen them much-they had been too busy traveling from one country to the other-she had not felt too badly about it.
    They had left her a rather handsome sum of money and her uncle, who was her appointed guardian till she was of age, didn't want to be troubled with her presence in his house and had set her off traveling. She could go where she wanted to and only when she needed money she wrote him and he took care she got it as soon as possible. This was one of the occasions she needed some more money and it meant she had to stay for some days, which didn't really displease me. In fact, I thanked my luck for sending me this lovely girl and giving me some days to seduce her. If her uncle thought traveling was adding something to her education I might as well add something to this education!
    First of all I was going to find out whether she had any idea about the pleasure two women can have together and if this was unknown to her I was going to make certain she would come out of this part of her education a well-experienced tribade.
    After that we would see together how far she wanted to go, but first of all, some woman-loving. As I already said, I didn't really know whether she was still a virgin but talking with her almost made me certain she was. There was something in her behavior which told me this and I was going to find out whether I was right as soon as possible.
    The next day I almost forced her to invite me to go in town that night and have some fun together. Although I led her to this invitation, she wasn't at all reluctant to go out together, in fact, she had the idea she was the one who had suggested it.
    First we had a real lovely dinner together and although she could well afford to go to the very best place, we went, on my suggestion, to a rather small but very nice restaurant I knew. Sue and I went there rather often and I was certain Danny-that's her name-would just like it as much as we did. After we had enjoyed our dinner we went for a dance somewhere. I found her to be more than usually shy with the men who came to ask her to dance and this gave me another clue that she was still a virgin and not used to going about with men.
    “Would you like it better to dance with me, Danny? I think you don't really feel at ease with all those men who come to ask you to dance.”
    “But what would the people in here say when they see us dancing together? Surely it is not usually done, although I would like it much better.”
    This last she said in a hesitating way, blushing very prettily. I gave her one of my reassuring smiles and patted her head.
    “We won't stay here. I happen to know a place where people do not think it odd to see two girls dancing together. We could go there if you want to and we can have some more fun together. If you don't like that either, we can always go back to the hotel.”
    Of course, I wanted to take her to the lesbian joint I sometimes visited, but Danny couldn't know this. And she was only too eager to leave this place and be with me together and not be groped by the men any longer.
    “Are you sure you won't mind, Mitzy? I would feel much more at ease, I'm sure. I would love to dance with you, but only if you don't mind. You see, I'm not very much used to the company of men and I don't know half the time what they are talking about. I feel like such a clod, and their remarks make me feel uncomfortable. I like your company much better, so if you really don't mind, I would love to go to this other place.”
    Her eagerness to be with me and dance with me made things a lot easier for me, so taking a cab, we went to the lesbian joint. Danny looked quite surprised when she saw the place was just frequented with women, but she didn't say anything about it. Instead I thought I saw her eyes light up, and she obviously seemed to like it a lot better. This wasn't too surprising because later I found out she had been raised in a convent, therefore she had never seen anything but women around her. The only thing which surprised me really was the fact she had not been had by one of the nuns in the convent. They are rather infamous for getting into bed with the young girls in their care and many of those young girls are made lesbians in those convents to such an extent they can never enjoy sex with a man afterwards.
    We danced together and had a couple more drinks, while I had given the dykes in the place a signal to stay away from us. Usually they are very understanding in this sort of thing and they knew I was breaking in a newcomer and we were not bothered at all, although they didn't try to hide their affection for each other, and surely Danny must have gotten some ideas about the women's inclinations. She started to look more and more puzzled, but at the same time she was also getting more and more interested and I thought it wouldn't be too hard to get her into bed with me that night after we came back at the hotel.
    At midnight the place had to close, not having a night permit, so like the best of friends we went back to the hotel. Danny was in very good spirits, in fact she was slightly drunk and I thought it better to bring her up to her room. Besides, I wanted to have some more fun with her if possible and being so close to her all night, her delightful body pressed tight against me while we danced, had made me very hot for her and I was dying to make love to her. Very distinctly I could feel the moistness between my legs and my darling slit was itching me like hell.
    Once in her room, Danny let herself fall on her bed, unable to undress herself as it seemed. This was just what I had been waiting for all night and not paying any attention to her feeble protests I began to take off her clothes. As I already more or less had gathered she was very prettily shaped and as soon as she was naked all the way I couldn't stop myself any longer. I had to take her in my arms and cuddle her…
    “Oh, Mitzy, what are you doing?” she said in a weak voice, although she didn't try to get away from me. “I don't think this is proper, I feel so ashamed. I'm completely naked and you are kissing me. Are you sure this isn't wrong, because I don't want to think it is. It's so nice the way you hold me. Tell me it's all right…”
    “It's perfectly all right, dear, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Right now you need me as your personal maid and that is just what I want to be, your personal maid, to cuddle you and put you to bed. But first of all, let me make your night toilet.”
    Raising myself I went to the dressing table and taking a hairbrush from it, I went back to the bed where she was still waiting for me with her eyes wide open and wondering at what I was going to do. With long, loving strokes I started to brush her beautiful brown hair while I caressed the soft skin of her shoulders. She leaned against me and seemed to like what I was doing. The effect of the drinks was wearing off a little, so I decided to take the next step.
    “Were, you ever given an even more personal service, Danny?” I said, smiling at her. “The kind of personal care a good maid should give her mistress?”
    “I don't know what you mean, Mitzy. I never had a personal maid, and I don't know whether I'd like you to be my maid. I'd much rather have you for my friend.”
    “Well, as a friend, it's even nicer to give you this service. Just sit on the edge of the bed, Danny, and I will show you how it is done. I'm sure you are going to like it a lot.”
    She did as I told her to do, the fact she was completely naked forgotten as it seemed. She was much too curious to mind this minor fact, besides, she trusted me like a child would trust its parent.
    She looked surprised when I went down on my knees in front of her, her eyes growing wide in amazement when I started to brush her cunt hairs. She had one of the most charm-ing cats I have ever seen, the curly hairs only being slightly darker than the hair crowning her lovely face. She didn't say anything, however, and obviously seemed to like what I was doing when I brushed her cunt firmer. Leaning back on her elbows she let me continue to brush her hairy mound, little sighs involuntarily escaping her when the bristles touched the tender flesh of her outer cunt lips.
    She had kept her legs closed when I started my little game and I had not told her to open them, because I knew she would be forced by her own body to open them, which she did after some time, and taking this offered opportunity I gently moved her legs aside as far as possible to let my delighted eyes go over her cunt, opening and twitching under the strokes of the brush.
    Despite the fact she even was a virgin in the games two women may play together she had become quite wet, and keeping up the work with the brush, I carefully began to insert my finger in her dilating tight slit, letting it go over her clit which immediately began to quiver in erection. Pushing my finger further up her slit slowly I agitated it in and out and she became more moist with every movement. She had neither the strength nor the desire to jump from the bed, although she bucked up when my finger had disappeared completely in her virgin body, probing her deeper than anything had ever done before.
    Playing with her had made me terribly randy myself and tucking up my dress and pulling the crotch of my panties away from my slit I brought it out in the open and told her to look down and see what I was doing. It must have been the first time she ever saw another cunt in the same state of wetness in her life and for a moment she looked embarrassed and even managed to blush a little. But she kept quiet and intently looked at my dripping slit as well as at the finger frigging her cunt.
    Seeing the surprised look in her eyes change to a look of plain lust and passion I knew I had her where I wanted her to be. Rapidly I moved my finger in and out her slit, bringing her to her orgasm with long, deep strokes. She didn't know what hit her when all of a sudden her body stiffened and she creamed for the first time in her life. I know it hardly seems possible for a girl of nineteen to be a virgin in every respect, but Danny was, and my finger masturbating her was sprinkled with her virgin spendings.
    I kept wanking her till she almost fainted and raising myself from the floor I placed myself alongside her on the bed where she had let herself fall down full length, trying to recover her breath after her first orgasm.
    “That was so lovely, Mitzy,” she said in a choked voice. “I have never experienced anything like it before. How did you ever find this… it's so nice… so terribly nice. It has made me feel all warm and lazy. Why haven't I ever discovered this? To think I have been missing this for years. How long have you known this delightful thing?”
    “That is a rather long story, Danny, but if you want to find out what it is to do this to another woman, you are more than welcome to do it to me. I love to be masturbated, especially by somebody as nice and pretty as you.”
    I was still completely dressed and raising my dress I wanted her to have a go at me with her fingers, but Danny had already understood it had to be done properly and she wanted me to be naked as she was herself.
    “Oh please, Mitzy, take off your clothes. I want to see you also naked, hold you in my arms the way you held me. You don't have to go to your room, do you? Tell me you are going to stay the night with me. Teach me all the things you know. I love to do it to you. Will it make you feel as nice as I felt?”
    “You can bet it will, Danny. And I'm only too pleased to stay the night with you.”
    I quickly undressed myself and stood in front of her, naked as she was, wet as she had been only a little while ago. Danny couldn't stop admiring my body and she compared my breasts with hers, feeling very satisfied they could really match in beauty with my tits being just slightly heavier than her own. My bulging Mons Venus attracted her attention and hers as well we didn't have very much in difference. The only thing surprising her was the fact my clit seemed so much larger than hers.
    “That's because I played with it so much, darling. It's my most sensitive spot. You only have to tickle it a little and it will make me come. Oh, Danny, darling, I'm so terribly hot. Playing with you has made me so randy. Please play with me the way I played with you. Stick your finger in my slit, rub my clit for me, jack me off, my darling, make me come… make me come…”
    Throwing myself on the bed beside her I spread my legs for her searching hand. She was a natural talent. I didn't have to tell her what to do. She had remembered only too well the things I had done to her, the things she had liked so much. By instinct she knew how to poke me to my satisfaction. How to titillate me with perfection. She played with me as if she had not done anything else in her life. She loved the wet sticky juice flowing over her fingers and letting her finger go faster and faster she soon had me moaning in delight and passion. I couldn't have wished for a better wank. It was perfect, and the fact Danny was doing this for the first time to another woman added to my pleasure. She was just as excited as I was and her breath came in gasps while she masturbated me. But I couldn't hold out any longer and from the depth of my cunt the juice spurted over her agile finger and Danny cried out in hot pleasure when her finger was wet with the lukewarm juices she had brought forward.
    She loved to feel my spasmodically contracting cunt lips around her finger and the little bitch kept frigging me till she had me transformed into a screaming bundle of lust, before she finally let go of my cunt.
    Happily and quietly we were lying beside each other, letting the tremendous pleasure we both had felt slowly ebb from our bodies. With lazy fingers we caressed each other, carefully seeking to give the other pleasure.
    I was ready for my next move. I had to seduce her to let herself be fucked by a man. It's all right, this girl-loving, but she must lose her taste for a man-or in her case, Danny had to acquire a taste for a stiff prick as well, and I was going to show her the way to this.
    “Did you ever see a man's cock, Danny? The thing a man has between his legs. Have you ever touched one, masturbated one, wanked one till you saw the white spunk burst from the throbbing gland? Did you ever close your hand around the stem, a stem so fat and thick you could hardly make your fingers meet?”
    “Oh no, Mitzy. I know next to nothing about these things. I would not know what to do if a man showed me his prick. I'm such a naive fool in matters like the ones you are talking about. You must certainly have done the lot and I wish I were like you. Can't you teach me how to be like you? You seem to enjoy yourself so much with all these things. At the convent school other girls have told me about these things. They were often bragging how they made a boy come by shaking his tool, and how they were being frigged, but I mainly didn't understand what they were talking about and have never taken a step in that direction. Frankly I thought they just made these stories up, because they never invited me to come with them. I think they only told me these stories to get me into bed with them, but I never submitted to this, although I now dearly regret I never did, after you have shown me how nice these things can be.”
    “Would you like to do it, that's the main thing. I can arrange it for you, if you want to. Personally I would be getting my kicks as well from just seeing you frig a cock, or what I would like even better is to see you being fucked by a man. Do you think you would like that, getting yourself stuffed with a stiff prick. It's such a lovely feeling, to be filled with the throbbing warmness of a dong. And I could be around to help you.”
    “I don't know, Mitzy, I don't know. Everything comes so suddenly. I don't know what to say. Maybe if you were there, I wouldn't mind so much. Right now the idea frightens me a little. Do you think I would like it?”
    “I'm damn sure you will like it. You will love being filled with it, feel the spunk shooting into the very depth of your cunt. And I will be there. I would not miss it for anything in the world. To see you fucked. But tonight is ours, and I'm going to make more love to you. Did you ever have your pussy eaten, because that is what I'm going to do right now. I'm going to lick you till you cream and you can do the same to me if you want to. I can tell you it's one of the nicest things two women can do to each other. Yes, I'm going to suck you, eat you, make you spend in my mouth, and tomorrow I'll come to your room again and I will bring a friend of mine. I will let him fuck me first and you can watch. Just to give you an idea what it is like so you will be able to make up your mind, but already I know what your decision is going to be. You are going to have yourself fucked good and proper. But now for this little snatch of yours…”
    Of course I knew she was going to have herself fucked. When I told her I was going to lap her pussy her eyes had lit up anxiously, and when I told her she could do the same to me she looked simply wild. Of course, she would have been content with our sapphic relationship but I didn't want to spoil her for other sexual pleasures. If she wanted her sex life to be complete she couldn't just be satisfied with the old muff diver. She had to know what a good cock was worth, learn its value. But I also knew with so much certainty she was going to have herself fucked, because after sucking her I was going to take her virginity myself, using my dildo on her. I wanted to bring Gaston to her room tomorrow and since he brandished a real mean cock, I better prepare her for this kind of penetration myself and fuck her with my much more moderate fake dick, although its size was nothing small in itself.
    Apart from having the longest and thickest cock in the hotel, Gaston also happened to be the best cunt sucker I knew, and if she acquired a taste for this sort of thing from me I would let Gaston have a go at her with his mouth before he fucked her. She would be well prepared by then, well prepared to be stretched with his bludgeon…
    Thinking about all this I had not been idle. I had moved myself in a reversed position to Danny and spreading her legs I put my head on her tummy. I could smell the fresh spunk from her cunt and with the tip of my tongue I could just reach the top of her slit. Applying my tongue to it, I carefully dipped it in and played with her like this for some time till she was squirming on the bed. For me this was the indication she wanted a more substantial penetration of my tongue and I gave her what she asked for.
    With my legs on either side of her body I started to lick the length of her slit, and she was dripping… flowing… delightful. Over her head she was getting an excellent view of my gaping slit and I took good care to lower myself so far she could reach me with her tongue if she wanted to. Lapping at her moist cunt I felt myself getting wetter with every stroke of my tongue and just as I thought she would never overcome her hesitation for this sort of caress and start licking my slit, I felt her tongue. Although I had expected it and had been waiting for it, the touch of her timid tongue on my burning pussy made my skin turn into goose flesh and shivers of delight were running down my spine. However, her tongue was still too timid to really give me the satisfaction I craved and pushing my own tongue deeper between the hairy lips I showed her how to do it properly and she immediately followed me.
    She must have liked the sopping wetness she found in my cunt just as much as I liked hers because once she had taken a good taste of it she began to lap me harder and the movement of her tongue got something feverish to it. Swiftly in and out we moved our tongues, swiping the length of our slits, nibbling the hard and quivering clits. Between two licks, yelping in pleasure…
    “Oh, Mitzy, this is even better… more lovely than your fingers… ooooh… how I do enjoy this, and I would never have thought it to be like this… it's so divine… sooo gooood… sooo… goooood… Is my tongue pleasing you, my darling? Am I doing all right? Ooooohhhh… yes… like that… like that…”
    “Suck me harder, Danny, suck me! You are doing fine… wonderful. You are so delightfully wet. I like the taste of you. Please make me come. Let's come together, darling, together. It's so much nicer, creaming at the same time, spending in each other's mouth, licking the juices. Oh yes… there it is, there it is… I'm cooooming… cooooming…”
    “So… am… I… I'm also cooooooming… aaaaagh…”
    Filling each other's mouths we creamed our juices, wetly, hotly, gorgeously, tasting cunt juice. Exhausted, we rested beside each other and for some time we slept, forgetting everything around us, our arms around the other.
    It was almost morning when I woke up, gray daylight coming through the closed curtains. I looked at Danny and smiled at her lovely sleeping face. I didn't really feel like leaving, but I knew I had to give her some rest for the things to come.
    It must have been around two o'clock that afternoon when I went up to her room again. I had not seen her come down and I assumed she was still fast asleep. Knocking at her door I didn't get any answer, so using my key I went in and found her like I had expected. She was still in bed, asleep and beautiful. During her sleep she had turned around some and the covers were off her. Since we had gone to bed together that night without anything on, she was as naked as the day she was born and I let my eyes go over her lovely body, enjoying the sight she offered me unintentionally.
    I had asked Gaston to wait coming up till I gave him a call. I had still to perform a duty as you will remember and from my purse I took the dildo, my dildo I wanted to fuck her with. Without waking her up I undressed, just keeping my stockings and garter belt to make me more appealing and belted the dildo around my body.
    The little clit tickler entered my cunt and the hard rubber shaft stood away from my body menacing and exciting. I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw. I looked beautiful and enticing and I knew my little Danny wouldn't be able to resist my fatal charm.
    Just to bring me in the right mood for the things to come I stroked my breasts, and the nipples hardened with congested blood. Closing my hand around the fat stem of the dildo I moved it up and down a few times and my clit immediately responded to this by getting hard and quivering in anticipation.
    Going to the bed where my beautiful friend was still asleep, I let myself down on the floor, so she wouldn't see my equipment as soon as she woke up. Gently I started to stroke her breasts and in her sleep she made little animal noises. At that moment she resembled a little kitten being stroked under its chin and I felt very much in love with her. Slowly her nipples hardened under my fingers and her fluttering eyelids let me know she was waking up.
    She looked surprised when she opened her eyes and found me beside the bed instead of in it, but throwing her arms around my neck she kissed me like a lover would have done. Kissing her back with the same ardor, I let my hands go over her body and they soon found their mark. And she was ready for it. The little bitch was damp like spinach and squirming, she wriggled herself so my finger disappeared between the moist lips.
    “Oh, Mitzy, I could not have been called in a nicer way,” she said. “I love to feel your finger there. Come back to bed, darling, and let me do something to you as well. I want you so much. Come, darling, let me play with you as well. I want to feel your cunt… make it spend… over my fingers… or with my tongue… mmmmm… that's nice… yes, like that… I can feel myself flowing. My, I'm terribly wet. I can hear it… but it is nice…”
    “Do you remember what we talked about before we sucked each other last night?”
    “Of course I do. I'm going to be fucked. I already feel more like it than last night. Did you bring your friend?”
    “Not yet, Danny. I'm going to prepare you first myself. He is awfully big and I don't want you to be hurt the first time. I brought you something and we are going to have some fun with it together. Just the two of us, but it still means you are going to be fucked. I am going to fuck you. Look!”
    Standing up, I showed her what I had added to my body. She couldn't believe it and her eyes grew wide in amazement. But she couldn't say a word for the first couple of minutes. And when she did all of her questions came at once.
    “How had I come by this thing? Was I going to fuck her with it? Is that what a man's cock looks like? May she touch it? Wasn't it too big? It did look awfully big, didn't it…” And so on…
    I tried to answer her as much as possible, but in the meantime had climbed into bed and caressing her body, I soon brought her to a point where she spread her legs, allowing my fingers to enter her moist slit.
    Her mouth was closed over my tit and she sucked the nipple till it almost hurt me. My fingers deeply roamed her cunt till I had her properly flowing. Getting on top of her I slowly began to invade her tight slit with my weapon, having some trouble getting the bulging head past her inner cunt lips. She grimaced with the slight pain I was causing her, but she was too far gone in her need to get fucked to force me from her and clasping her hands around my bottom she actually helped to get over the obstacles. The head of the dildo touched her virginity and I rested for a while in order to give her back her breath and prepare for the last brutal attack on her person.
    “It's going to hurt you a little now, Danny, but it won't last long. After that you will be free of all obstacles and you will enjoy sex even more than you have done so far.”
    “I don't mind, Mitzy. Go ahead with it, do as you want. I'm already enjoying it. A little pain can't spoil the pleasure I feel. This is so good, so terribly good. I don't want to stop now. Please go on, darling, push it in all the way, make me come… make me come… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me…”
    I pushed harder and the dildo ripped through her virginity. She just gave one startled little cry and then it was all over. With long even strokes, I started to work on her cunt. Deeply pushing the dildo in… almost removing it all the way when I pulled back. Under me, Danny panted and groaned in lust. Her eyes were closed tight, but she obviously enjoyed what I was doing to her. Her lovely brunette head rolled to and fro in ecstasy, her belly rippled and rolled against my own and along the stem of my fake dick her cunt juice flowed freely, mingling with my own.
    I was just as heated as she was and involuntarily my strokes were getting more frantic and passionate. My clit was being tickled with an unbearable intensity and I knew I wasn't far from coming.
    Suddenly Danny stiffened under me and, her body rigid, she went through the agonizing pleasure of having her first orgasm with the aid of something else beside fingers or tongue. Her contorted face in the throes of passion set me off to creaming myself and with a cry of delight I freed the reins of my lust. Wildly we bucked up and down the bed till we had to stop out of sheer exhaustion, after which we were quiet for some time, trying to regain our strength for the other things to come.
    Picking up the telephone I called Gaston up to Danny's room and since he knew what was required of him he didn't hesitate to come as quick as possible.
    Danny, being fucked with the dildo, had completely overcome her initial fright of this part of the operation and she greeted Gaston with the same cordiality as I.
    With his eyes shining in pleasure he looked at us while we stayed on the bed, our arms around each other, stroking a breast or lightly touching a still dripping cunt. He loved what he saw and immediately his pants started to bulge in the front as he became aroused. I still had the dildo around my loins but I took it off and put it beside the bed.
    “That has been some competition for me, eh,” Gaston said, “but not really too much, because I have far more to offer where length is concerned. Although I won't stay hard as long as that thing I can still serve the two of you. Which one of you is going to be first?”
    I told Gaston I was going to be the first to be fucked and Danny could watch us going at it and since I didn't want to lose any time on preliminaries, I told him to get undressed.
    Taking off his clothes was just a matter of minutes, and once naked, he stood in front of the bed with his tremendous hard-on proudly standing out from his body. His cock really is of gigantic proportions and I saw Danny look at it with amazement in her eyes. It topped the length of my dildo with at least another inch, which would make it just over nine inches in length, and the circumference proportionate to this length.
    “It's terribly long, isn't it, Mitzy, and so thick. I think I'm going to be split open with it. Do you really think I will manage to take all that in? But I also think it is magnificent. It is so much more alive than your dildo, although I liked the way you made use of it.”
    “His is not one of the smallest cocks you will come across; he even stretches me a bit when he pushes it in, but after some time you will find you can easily accommodate him and you will be in seventh heaven, I can assure you. But you just wait and see. Watch us closely and it will make you so fucking wet, so dripping with juices, you will be able to take on an even bigger prick.”
    Gaston came closer to us and I took his prick in my hand. Playing a little with it, moving the foreskin up and down, I soon had it to almost bursting hardness, adding another inch or so. Danny looked at it with even more surprise, obviously wondering how much longer it would grow in full erection, but taking her hand I let her touch the huge pillar of flesh.
    She shuddered both in excitement and fright when she felt the blazing hot dick throb in her dainty hand. I let my hand go over her breasts and despite her fright the nipples hardened under my touch.
    “You just relax darling,” I said. “Gaston is going to fuck me first and you will guide that stiff poker of his to my cunt. You will watch closely how he is invading me, how easy it really is, how much pleasure I get from his huge prick. And you may play with yourself a little if you feel like it. And I think you will. Remember, the dildo I fucked you with is still here. When you get the urge you can use it, stretch yourself a little with it, before you are going to get Gaston's dong up your slit. Gaston moved onto the bed and Danny made some room for him. I placed myself on my back and opened my legs, at the same time lifting my ass a little. With two hands I opened my cunt and motioned for Danny to come closer.
    “Lick my cunt for some time, Danny. Play with my clit for some time. Use your tongue on it. Looking at us will make Gaston harder yet, and randier. Wet me with your mouth a little. Open my well of juice, you do it so nicely. I know you love to do this to me.”
    This was all now familiar ground for her and her lovely head dipped between my legs. Her mouth clamped down on my waiting cunt and in my excitement I closed my legs around her head. Her avid little tongue soon had me properly lusting for some hard dick and spreading my legs again I called for Gaston to come to me and make me cream with his stiff poker.
    “Give it to me now, Gaston, give me your cock. Impale me on your pole, lover. Make me come. Fill me with your jism. Give me your spunk. Danny, take his prick and guide it to my cunt. I want to be fucked… fucked… fucked…”
    Gaston jumped between my legs and Danny, taking his steaming prick in her hand with much less hesitation, pointed the huge head at my dripping slit. The throbbing gland rested against the swollen lips of my hot-box, and moving slowly forward, Gaston let it disappear between the hairy lips. Tightly they seemed to cling to the bulky head and he worked it in slowly, so Danny could watch the process. Inch after inch he pushed it in, the total nine inches, till he had it in to the hilt and the hairs around the base of the stem mingled with mine. His heavy balls banged against my raised asshole and when he began to fuck me in all earnest, they really slammed my ass.
    “Deeper… deeper, you fucker… fuck me harder… deeper,” I yelled at the top of my voice, and beside me I heard Danny gasp in delight over the sight we offered her.
    Her eyes were focused on Gaston's steaming prick with my cunt lips stretched around it, watching the in and out going movement with a delighted intentness.
    She wanted some action herself as well and reaching beside the bed she lifted the dildo from the floor and in one shove plunged it in her dripping slit. At the same time she started to masturbate herself with the rubber substitute for the goodies I was getting. She pushed her hand between our rocking bodies, following every movement of our bodies. Her fingers caressed Gaston's prick as well as my dilating cunt and it only heightened our pleasure. Her other hand feverishly worked the dildo in and out of her own cunt, trying to quench her lust. Her legs were wide open and she kept pace with our fucking marvelously. Her eyes were rolling in her head and a stream of obscenities, words she had not used before yesterday or even knew their existence, accompanied our frantic copulating.
    On top of me, Gaston stiffened his back and in long gushes of lukewarm spunk he started to fill my sheath. He was a long time coming and before he had filled me to the brim with his sticky juices they mingled with my own when I creamed over his cock. Then he rolled himself away from me, pulling his cock from my slit. The mingled juices, his and mine, streamed from my wide open slit, forming a little pool on the bed. With curious eyes Danny stuck her finger in the sticky stuff and carefully examined it. She was still working the rubber prick in and out of her slit with the same energy, not having come yet, but when she brought her finger to her nose, the smell of the spunk set her off in a convulsive orgasm. Even I had not made her come like this with my tongue and it certainly had awakened her hunger for a prick. She was picking things up fast. If the smell of spunk made her come quicker I wondered what sucking a cock would do to her. One thing was rather obvious. She was going to get her hunger for cock stilled this very afternoon and I was going to help her with it. And she was not going to regret her stay in this hotel. I could already see her after this, always on the hunt for other cocks, other adventures, a constant row of pricks and cunts following this first lesson in love.
    We rested for some time, but soon were ready for more action again. Taking one of Danny's lovely nipples between my lips, I started to suck upon it, while I motioned Gaston to start sucking her cunt. Like I already have mentioned, Gaston is a very good cunt-sucker, he certainly ranks among the best in this age old art and only a few strokes of his agile tongue had her cringing on the bed.
    “Don't make her come like this, Gaston. Push your cock up her slit. I think she is more than ready for it now. The little bitch is wet like a goose and you won't have trouble getting in her…”
    Gaston lifted his head from between her legs and some of her spunk was clinging to his lips. On hands and knees he placed himself between her legs, spread to their utmost capacity, and gently he began to work his murderous dong in. She was still very tight for a prick his size and Danny moaned in pain.
    But having come this far, Gaston didn't stop moving his dick in. Fortunately he didn't have to break through any obstacles since I had taken care of that this afternoon. But he still had not all of his cock in and when he suddenly moved forward, I thought the little bitch was ripped to pieces. I cried out in delight when I saw him push it in till the hilt and Danny's head rolled from side to side while she tried to push him away from her. It was almost like I was watching a rape and it certainly aroused my cruel streak.
    Gaston didn't let himself be pushed away, not after having come this far. He desperately wanted to fuck her and that is what he started to do. With long even strokes he pumped in' and out her stretched cunt. Looking at those red and swollen cunt lips, tight around the fat stem of his dick I felt the mad lust to put my mouth there and suck them both at the same time. But they made too much racket for this so I had to find something else to satisfy my craving to come.
    Squatting over Danny's face, I let my dripping slit down on her mouth. She seemed to be still in pain but this only added to my excitement and rubbing my cunt over her face I managed to quench some of my lust. My lewd deed made her overcome her pain a little and passion taking its place, she let her tongue disappear between my cunt lips. With delight I felt her tongue penetrate me and I knew she was going to be all right.
    Danny wildly bobbed up and down, now meeting each of Gaston's pushes with the same ardor he was administering them. Muffled moans of pleasure came from between my legs, her tongue feverishly lapping my cunt. I couldn't hold out any longer. I was creaming over her lips, but she kept on sucking me. I saw her belly heave, convulsions shaking her body, while she spent in her first fuck.
    Gaston quickly pulled away from her spunking cunt and pushing me away from her mouth he pushed his dick between her parted lips. This really was her day. Danny was being sucked, fucked, and now she was sucking the same gigantic dick that had fucked her. And the throbbing thing was still as hard as ever and wet with her own juices. This certainly doesn't happen to every girl who was a virgin only yesterday!
    She almost choked herself on the size of his prick, but she didn't have the slightest intention to back out of this final part of her education. With much more ardor than can be expected from a novice in sucking a cock she gobbled upon his prick while her fingers played with his spunk filled balls. And she didn't even try to pull away from his cock when he pumped his boiling sperm in her eager mouth. No, far from it… she tried to swallow it all and her eyes fluttered in delight when she emptied his balls with her mouth.
    I was proud of her and I envied her future husband. Whoever he may be he was certainly going to get a wife who knew how to suck a prick properly.
    Her cunt was once more open to attack. My attack, that is. She had been properly stretched today and without any trouble I started to masturbate her with three fingers at the same time. She liked what I was doing to her and she gobbled upon the dropping prick in her mouth with renewed pleasure.
    I knew she was going to take long to come and Gaston must also have sensed this. With force he pulled himself away from her mouth and hurriedly dressed himself, leaving the room in what almost seemed a flight. The poor boy, we had been too much for him. But for us the fun was just beginning. Offering her my dripping slit to frig, I kept on masturbating her till we wet each other's fingers with our spendings.
    Falling asleep after this, we were satisfied but exhausted.
    Waking up after some time we were once more ready to start our antics again and thus we spent the day and night and many to follow.
    I hated to see her leave, but one day she had to, and we parted, promising to look one another up when we had the chance.


    I am getting near the end of my story… my memoirs if you will. I had started a story some weeks ago, during the sex party held in John's and Delia's house, and I want to end these memoirs where it all started, at this orgy. On the next pages I will tell you how I met John and Delia and how I came to work for them and live with them.
    I have tremendously enjoyed writing all the things I have done so far and I'm certain there is a lot to follow. I'm still young and eager to do everything possible as long as it gives me pleasure. I couldn't for the love of me imagine where this is going to take me, but in the company of John and Delia, you just can't miss. Remembering all the things I have done, writing them down for you to read occasionally was a little too much for my quickly aroused passions. I had to put my pen down and just masturbate myself till I creamed over my fingers. Sometimes Delia looked over my shoulder, her hand, between her legs, frigging her burning quim, and when she or I couldn't stand the tension any longer we tumbled in each other's arms and brought each other to a feverish orgasm with busy fingers or agile tongues. It even affected John and often he was standing beside me, his cock sticking from his trousers, hard and throbbing, wanking till I took over and finished him with my cock-hungry mouth or raised my dress and let him stick it in my dripping slit.
    It's far from easy to write about these things. Much too often one gets carried away with it and the story has to be interrupted, although the interruption isn't of an unpleasant nature. I especially liked the time when Delia let herself down under the table and raising my skirt started to play with my cunt while I continued to write. She used anything she could think of… her fingers, experienced and agile as ever, her tongue, sticking it as deep between the hairy lips I offered her, dripping and all, the huge dildo, squeezing the bulb at its base to spurt me with the special lukewarm fluid when I came, the hardened nipple of her tit, making me spend over it. It was so lovely I couldn't do anything for her after she had made me come for the fourth time. The poor girl being in utter rut, wanting to come with an almost desperate need, made me whip her while she frigged herself. Thus she had her orgasm and without stopping she kept on frigging herself till she went from one creaming come to the other, fainting at last out of sheer exhaustion.
    The house was even more than before bathed in an atmosphere of eroticism. All our friends were showing the maximum of interest in the proceedings of my book, trying to find out whether they were going to play a part in it, but apart from Delia and John, I carefully kept its contents a secret.
    There was only one other person who also knew about it and knew its exact contents, following its proceedings step by step, finding just as much pleasure in it as I did. A person I have forgotten to mention at the beginning of this book, for obvious reasons, however. She is very dear to me, but only started to play a part in my life not too long ago and in these last two chapters you will hear some more about her. You have already met her before and by now you may have guessed-my sister, Jean, who came to join me after I started to work for and live with Delia and John. How this all happened you will be able to find out for yourself if you continue to follow this story with the same interest you have shown so far.
    It's all in these last chapters and I'm sure my description will make you just as eager to frig yourself as the other ones have done. At least this is what I hope and if they have I have really reached my intentions. This book has been written for amusement whether it be together with a partner or on your own. As long as it has made you randy and eager for sex, I'm satisfied. It has not been in vain, that I spent all this time typing these pages. But now let me continue with the story in its logical sequence.
    One day while I was cleaning the room of a married couple, I came upon a rather peculiar shaped little wooden box. It was more or less hidden on the top shelf of the closet, but I'm of a curious nature and I always find out things about people by looking at their possessions so I was looking through their things when I came upon this box. Its contents as well as its shape, or really the decorations on the outside of it, interested me tremendously. I will come to the why and how later on but let me first of all tell you something about the people who stayed in this room. Both of them were strikingly handsome and although they seemed to love one another very dearly, they now and then went out alone-that is, not in the company of each other, because when this happened he either was in the company of another woman or sometimes a man and the same was true for his wife.
    Needless to say I was just a little more than usually intrigued by this, especially because they were very free with their conversation and sex always was one of their main points of discussion, with each other but also with their friends. And you know how much I am attracted by libertine people.
    But so far they had not really given me more than just this hint about the way they lived and I decided to search their room for more traces in this direction. So this one morning under the pretense that I was going to give their room a little bit of an extra clean up, I looked just about everywhere for traces about their erotic whims and fancies. Just as I was about to give up I stumbled upon this wooden box. Before telling you what was in it, I would like to give a short description about the box itself.
    The lid was carved out as a locket, beautifully done and representing a man and woman in what seemed to be a very ecstatic fuck. The carving was done so skillfully and realistically, the little figures almost seemed to move about. The same sort of artistic carving decorated the sides of the box. On each side one could admire carvings of people making love, sometimes it was straight fucking between man and woman, but lovemaking between two people of the same sex could also be seen. And little groups of people as well… threesomes… foursomes… all in the same beautiful workmanship and so livid were these carvings one could almost smell their spendings. On each and every inch not bearing carvings of human figures during the act of love, the artist had carved huge erected pricks and wide open dripping slits. It was very exciting and really a masterpiece of erotic art. Only after I had admired the outside for some time did I open the lid, to have a look at its contents. It was just my lucky day that it wasn't closed because it also had a lock, shaped like a cunt in which a key fitted in the shape of an erected cock. Everything had been thought of and it must have cost a small fortune. But anybody staying in this hotel is more or less loaded with money, so these people would not be an exception to this rule.
    Had the outside of the box been exciting the contents were even more so. The box was really cramped with all sorts of drawings and photographs, one more lewd than the other. By this time I had seen quite a few dirty pictures, but they still have the same effect on me. They always make me terribly excited and dripping wet between my legs. Bringing the box over to the table I slowly and carefully looked at them and with every new picture my excitement grew, till I could hardly stand it any longer and found myself on a near bursting point. Cunt juice had generously wet the crotch of my panties and some of the stuff, seeping through the thin material trickled down my thighs. How could I quench this terrible craving? In the only way possible to me at the moment. By lifting up my skirt, tucking it under the string of my apron, taking off my panties and bringing my hand to my boiling cunt.
    Bringing my soaked panties to my nose I inhaled the smell of my own juices and it really set my head reeling. My fingers separated the swollen lips and I agitated my favorite spot between them. My clit, erected by congested blood, delightfully quivered under my fingers and with every deep push of my stiff finger my excitement grew. I just had to stop at intervals. I didn't want to spoil this delightful pastime by coming too quickly, but when I removed my fingers from my slit I had to bring them to my nose and mouth and smell and taste my own juices. This, of course, set me to toss myself off again, my passions running around in this vicious circle for some time. I was so engrossed in this that I didn't hear the door open, but when the male half of the couple came close to me, I, sensing his presence, looked up to see him already close. I don't know how long he had been standing in the door, but it must have been for some time, because before he reached me at the table he had already taken his dong out of his trousers and he was rock-hard. Due to this attitude I knew I had nothing to fear from him, so I smiled at him and continued to masturbate myself.
    “I'm sure you don't mind this,” I said sweetly, “but I just had to wank myself. I couldn't help it. There really isn't any need to pretend, is there? I can clearly see you don't mind in the least, and I'm glad about it. You've got a whopper there, haven't you? If you want to stick that lovely hard thing in the spot I now have my fingers in, it would be most welcome. I've been dying for a prick that size for the last half hour or so and I could really do with a good fuck. All those lewd pictures… you shouldn't have them. They made me all hot and bothered. They made me frig myself as you very well see, and it is a shame, really, isn't it when there is such a handsome tool around.”
    “I must confess, you have a very pretty cunt. But at this moment I am far more interested in your asshole. I would love to stick it in there if you don't mind. I'd love to stick my dong in a tight bum, especially while you keep frigging your slit.”
    Because of the size of his dong I nearly wanted to back out of this, but I have always liked to be buggered and after he had wet me some he wouldn't have too much trouble getting it in. My asshole was suitable for any prick if it comes to that and being stretched a little in this department never really killed anybody. On top of that I was able to keep on frigging my clit, a possibility which also suited me fine. Bending over the table, my back turned to him, I presented him my second entrance. Taking his position behind me he began by wetting my asshole with the juices flowing freely from my slit. Spreading my buttocks apart with his two hands he pointed his dong at my tight bum-hole. Reaching behind my back I closed my hand around it and guided it to it myself. I can't say I liked every bit of it. He was awfully big and I was still a bit tight there. Even with the aid of my juices it was a rather painful penetration at first and when he started to work the bulging gland past my rectum I would have given something to get away from him. But knowing the pleasure would be really rewarding afterwards, I faced up to my ordeal. The facts of life, one might say…
    After some time I was glad I had him go ahead with his buggering, the first couple of inches may have been painful, but now I was rather enjoying it. I picked up my frigging where I had left, keeping myself balanced with one hand resting on the table. Through the partition between cunt and asshole I could feel the head of his throbbing dick. He must have liked this slightly covered touch on his gland and he kept on pushing his dong in till he had it up my bowels to the hilt.
    Now he really went at it, buggering me with full force and I think I had never before secreted so much juice. I was getting the best of two worlds. I was being buggered and at the same time I frigged my burning twat. I felt terribly randy and if I had had my dildo at hand I would have pushed it up my slit, to get both of my holes filled to full capacity. But for the time being my fingers had to do and I managed very well I must say.
    We were fucking away like mad when something else happened. For the second time that morning the door was opened and this time his wife stepped into the room. It didn't take her more than one quick look to get an impression of the sight we offered and she was only too eager to join us in the fun and pleasure.
    “I can see the two of you are enjoying yourselves,” she said. “I hope you don't mind that I join you.”
    Needless to say we didn't mind in the least and quickly she slipped out of her dress and underwear.
    “So that's the way you like it, darling,” she said to her husband walking around us with undulating hips. “And you certainly know how to fuck in the asshole. That's why I never minded your boyfriends. At least they have taught you how to do it properly. But it hasn't spoiled you for some fun with a girl. And this is a very pretty girl as well. You certainly know what you want. Oh, I'm glad I came in at this moment. Only some minutes ago I had my pussy eaten by the lady in charge of the lavatories and she did very well, but she still left me with a hunger for more. I'm going to take a short rest and watch the two of you go at it. I love to see you doing it, just like I watch all sorts of sex acts. That does make me something of a voyeur, doesn't it, but I don't mind. I love to excite myself looking at other people, fucking, sucking or anything else. You're a very lovely girl and you look even better with John's cock up your asshole. And you certainly know how to work your clit, my goodness. You really are dripping. Let me kiss you. What is your name?”
    I told her it was Mitzy, after she had given me a breathtaking kiss on my mouth while she delightfully sucked in my tongue. It certainly was the strangest way of being introduced to anybody but it added some extra thrill to the situation which I found quite charming.
    “Why don't you show her how you play with your cunt, Delia,” John said behind my back. His voice sounded husky and his breath was coming in gasps. I presume he was just as close to coming as I was.
    “Show her how good you are at masturbating. She may take a fancy to you as well. She seems just like your type. And I think she will make an excellent cunt-sucker. Her mouth is shaped for it perfectly. How well she would also fit my cock with her lovely lips. I think she loves it all. Isn't it wonderful, darling? The same girl for you and me to share. Promise me you won't wear her out too much. I know what you are like when you have yourself sucked. An insatiable little beast…”
    It was lovely to watch Delia toss herself off. She had a certain style to it and her little finger was pointed upwards with dignity. Delia was a girl who liked her pleasure with all of the symptoms of a nymphomaniac, which she really wasn't because she could be just as satisfied by having sex with a man or with a woman. The thing with Delia was, or still is, she just likes sex and can't get enough of it. She doesn't differ with me very much in that respect and we took to one another immediately. Delia was offering me a marvelous spectacle masturbating herself and the sight became ever more exciting when I felt John's lukewarm sperm enter my bowels. With a muffled cry I spent over my own fingers which I had continued to rub my clit in the same rhythm with Delia.
    Some of the spunk trickled down my buttocks and with a hungry cry Delia threw herself at the sticky stuff with wide open mouth. Her tongue, almost as rough as a cat's, delightfully rasped over my buttocks when she cleaned me of all traces of her husband's sperm. I didn't stop her and for very good reasons. I already knew what the next thing was going to be.
    And it once more proved I was right. Delia was nearly dying in her desperate need to cream and her fingers could not satisfy her. Unfortunately John wasn't able to fuck her. So shortly after his orgasm, his poor prick was still dripping and in no state to do her any good. But she knew I wasn't averse to a little lesbian lovemaking, or at least I had understood as much. After she had cleaned my bottom from John's spendings she came to my front side and made a go for my dripping slit. A mere tongue fucking wasn't enough for her. She also took my still swollen clit between thumb and forefinger, rolling it between them, making me shudder on my legs.
    “Why don't you two girls lie down on the bed and make love together, each giving the other pleasure. If there is anything I love to see it is two randy bitches make love together. Nothing will make my prick stand faster than a real sapphic love scene. Do it for some time and I will be ready for the two of you. To fuck the daylights out of you…”
    John more or less told us what we already had been thinking about. So we moved over to the bed and since I was the only one still fully dressed-John had taken his clothes off when Delia went for me-my newfound girl friend first of all took care of undressing me. I made sure to give her all the help she might have needed because there was nothing at the moment I longed for more than to feel her naked body against my own skin.
    Our arms around each other we tumbled on the bed, naked, randy, and eager to give each other pleasure. Our hands went for the other's cunt; our mouths were seeking our tits, and within a couple of minutes we were so busily masturbating each other while we also sucked the hardened nipples we offered the other that we brought moans and groans of pure pleasure from one another. We had completely forgotten the world around us. We didn't realize there was still a world… for us there was just paradise, a garden of Eden filled with lesbian lovemaking.
    To me, Delia topped any other girl I had so far made love to. She was the best wanker I have ever come across and as a matter of fact, she still is. I have been masturbated by her many times since that remarkable day I met her, using just her fingers. But I have always enjoyed every moment of it and still do. On various occasions I have also watched her frig very young boys or girls, seeing her make them spend sometimes for the first time in their lives, but I can quite truthfully say that nobody can initiate a youngster better than Delia. And as you know, I'm no amateur either.
    So that first time she went for my slit with her well-experienced fingers I knew I had found my equal. And since I didn't want to stay behind her skilled efforts in making me come, I gave her everything I had to give in frigging her, trying to give her the same pleasures she was giving me. So delightful was this first wanking we gave each other we almost made each other come that way, but John wished to see us do a sixty-nine and upon his request we immediately changed our former position to this favorite of all tribades.
    Lying head to toe we were ready to give our mouths the pleasure of being wet with the lovely juice. Delia made the suggestion to do this lying on our sides and I fully agreed with this. Doing a sixty-nine in this way certainly has a lot of advantages. For one thing you have to lift one leg rather high and this gives anybody looking on the most delightful spectacle. Everything which is happening can be closely followed. A pointed tongue meeting hairy cunt lips in a caressing embrace. A hardened clit being sucked between two well-shaped lips in a passionate kiss. And since we were also making love for the amusement of John as well as for our own pleasure, we gave it all we had. And we really loved what we were doing. With every stroke of our tongues we became more randy. Licking away at the other's opened slits we made all those slobbering noises one may expect with two generously spunking cunts. A generously spunking cunt does taste like nothing else in this world to me and Delia was no exception to this. And more so when you really are in the mood for it. I know what I'm talking about and the best advice I can give to anybody of either sex is to try it once, and become addicted to this sort of thing. It is a way of making love which can be made to last forever and although it makes one terribly randy it's still comparatively easy to stop sucking and let the upcoming orgasm fade away till one is ready to start all over again.
    And Delia wanted our pleasure to last for a long time, just like I wanted. Just at the moment I wanted to tell her I was almost coming, she noticed this herself and once again changed her position. Bringing her legs scissor-wise between mine, she made our juice dripping slits meet. Our cunt juices mingled, wetting our cunt hairs. Our slits pressed close together we applied pressure on them with our legs. Our swollen clits met in what seemed a sucking sort of caress and rocking up and down the bed, we climbed the rainbow together. Now we were too excited to stop. Once on the verge of coming we continued to bounce up and down till we creamed, making a racket like two bitches in heat.
    “Oh please, Delia, don't stop now. Let's not stop this delightful thing. I'm almost there, darling. Cream with me… wet me with your juices… your clit on mine… it's sooo… sooooo… looooovely…”
    “And for me, Mitzy. I can't stop now. I have to come. We have been at it for so long now… I'm so randy… so fucking randy… fuck me, darling… fuck me with your slit… suck me with your cunt lips… I'm coming… together with you. I'm cooooming… yes… yes… yes… I'm cooooming it's there… that delightful feeling… my creamy coming… aaaaagh… ooooohhh…”
    Our orgasm left us breathless and shaking for some time, but at least we were satisfied. Still lying in the position we had had our orgasm in we saw through fluttering eyes John approach the bed.
    And was John ever ready for sex! His rock-hard prick stood out like a flagpole. The huge thing was throbbing and twitching nervously in not too misunderstanding eagerness. His otherwise handsome face was contorted in passion and believe it or not this almost made him even more attractive. All over his face, “fucking” was written. He was terribly randy and it must have been agony for him not to plunge his stiff poker in our dripping slits, but he also was a good and thoughtful lover. Permitting us at our necessary ease, he sufficed by playing with our beauties, letting his hands go over our tits and slits, delightfully… caressing… lightly, but at the same time slowly awakening our passions, pinching a nipple here, letting a finger disappear between hairy lips there, all the while keeping his vigor up by slowly wanking his bursting prick. It was a lovely sight to watch him frig himself without doing anything yourself. The huge head was covered and uncovered in an even pace with the loose foreskin. His hands slid along the fat stem with caressing motions. Juice was dripping from the slit in the top. The veins throbbed in expected delight, standing out like cords, filled with blood being pumped into his organ, making it hard and ready, hard and ready for us to get it stuffed in our cunts. Our cunts slowly got hungry for it, which automatically brought the same question to our heads:
    “Who is going to be fucked first by this beautiful weapon? Who is going to be first to be challenged on the battlefield of love? Who is going to get her pussy filled with his spunk? Who will be the fortunate one to suck this mighty staff?”
    The trouble with being tantalized too long is that you want everything at the same time. All those beautiful things, fucking, sucking, the lot. Lucky for us John was very generously endowed and this he coupled with a lot of imagination.
    Since we were still lying as we had creamed, our legs scissor-wise entwined, cunt pressed against cunt, he halfway slipped under us and we immediately understood what he wanted to do.
    He started to wriggle his long stick between our crossed legs and separating our cunts with his cock he touched our dripping lips with his prick, both at the same time. We moved closer together and his dong was pressed between our cunts, tightly, wonderfully.
    Although he had neither of us really penetrated with his dick the contact of the throbbing head with our itchy cunts was just too marvelous for words. But the pressure of our moist lips on his cock must have given John some strong sensations as well. His excitement growing every minute he started to make fucking motions and his dick delightfully tickled our blood congested clits. His livid imagination had set off our passions again and we marveled at the gorgeous pleasure of his prick. Rocking in the same rhythm, we tried to give him as many pleasures as possible, getting a lot out of it for ourselves as well.
    It was the very first time I had ever been engaged in a triple fuck and just as I had immediately loved Delia for her capabilities as a wanker and a sucker, I loved John for his own qualities. In mad lust, we writhed on the bed. Our juices, flowing in great quantities, made our cunts seem to suck on the throbbing gland between our legs. We cried in passion and made a terrible noise the three of us, but we creamed, all three of us together. Our cunts… John's prick… it was all a mess of juice and balmy sperm, a mixture of lukewarm male and female spendings. The glutinous results of a glorious orgasm, gained at the same time. Delia and I shared one prick, and John fucked two cunts at the same time. Looking at it now, it had been over and done with much too quickly. But there was more to come and the rest of the day was spent much in the same fashion. I stayed in their room or came back to it as often as I could afford to do.
    It was a pity John and Delia had to leave the next day but before they left they asked me to join them at their place in a week's time, thus giving me proper time to give notice…
    I was going to work for them and live with them. Our lives together would be one long erotic dream, and I would be treated as their equal in every respect. I didn't like to leave Jim and Sue and all the other friends at the hotel, but the temptation to go and live with Delia and John was too strong for me to resist.
    To live in a house where orgies are the order of the day is exactly my idea of living and after that week, I left the hotel where I had spent so many happy days and weeks and once more moved on in this world.


    Ever since that memorable weekend at my parent's home I had kept up a rather constant correspondence with my sister, Jean. In those letters we told each other the things we had done, the various adventures we had had, the things we dreamed of doing, and so on. Some of these letters were so vividly written, one just couldn't read them without becoming aroused. What Jean's letters were doing for me, my letters did for her, and in the one answering the previous one we told each other what that particular letter had made us do, so we were always looking forward to the reply, because we knew the answer would be exciting again.
    The things we wrote each other would even have made the most cold-blooded person give up his or her reserve. Even before you were halfway through you had to put it away for the time, feeling all hot and bothered, to attend to your lusty feelings in one way or another.
    With fingers sticky with come juices you continued or started all over again, till it once more became too much. I loved those letters and felt sorry they had to stop one day, although the reason they stopped was quite a pleasant one. Maybe one of these days Jean and I will put all those letters together and have them published as a book, if we can find a publisher with the courage to do it. But let me tell you why they had to stop one day…
    A couple of days after I had started to live with Delia and John, I wrote a letter to Jean and apart from the usual things I also told her I had given up my job at the hotel and was now living with a couple as an au pair girl. I especially don't say I was working for them, because that is much too big a word for what I had to do. Delia and I shared the various household chores together and equally without any discrimination… just like we shared all other things.
    I told Jean how I had met them; what had happened on that first encounter; the way we lived our life of lust and pleasure. I also told her about all the friends who regularly visited us and the way I described the various orgies which took place was the best I had ever done on paper. Even writing them myself gave me the hots and Delia looking over my shoulder couldn't stop herself from rubbing herself against my chair with her crotch. Her hands were pressed over her beautiful tits and even before I had completely finished my letter, she was already under the table, with her head between my spread legs, her pointed tongue busily licking my cunt, her lips sucking my swollen clit.
    As soon as I had sealed the envelope and put a stamp on it, she pulled me from my chair and we were rolling on the floor in a very glutinous sixty-nine which left us shaking but happy and satisfied for the time being. I never had had a quicker reply to any of my letters and instead of writing about the usual things Jean could only write about one thing.
    First of all, she wanted to join me, meet Delia and John and their friends, make love with all of them-if possible live with them. Didn't they have a job for her as well? She went to great lengths to tell about all the things she had submitted herself to and quite frankly it all added up to an impressive list of what some people may call sexual depravity.
    The funniest thing about this letter was, that it seemed more to be addressed to Delia and John than to me, and of course I let them both read it. Even before they had finished reading it, Delia and John nodded their heads in agreement with my little bitch of a sister. Jean could come and live with us and I felt glad and exuberant.
    So in my answer to her I told her about John's and Delia's decision and since she needed some time to give notice to her employer it would be still four weeks before she could come and honestly the three of us abided her arrival impatiently.
    In the meantime we tried to think up a proper way to receive her in the house and up till the day of her arrival we still hadn't the faintest idea about it. It had to be a very sexy welcome, that much was certain, but should we give a party with a lot of people, or would an orgy like that be a little too much for her?
    Should Delia and I receive her alone during the day and let John join us later? Should we invite one of our most virile male friends and have her fucked senseless, or should I receive her alone and let John and Delia join us later?
    The morning of her arrival, an idea suddenly came to me when I woke up after a night of rather hectic lovemaking with Delia. I told John and Delia about my idea and we agreed to give Jean a welcome which was to be a mixture of all the earlier mentioned ones.
    It was going to be quite a program. The first day she would be alone with me in the house. We would do all the things we had done with so much eagerness on that particular pleasant weekend I wrote about. On the second day John would come to join us and give her some taste of his cock, while on the third day Delia was to make the family complete. The fourth day, Herman, one of our friends, would come down to the house. The fifth day would be spent in much the same respect. There would be five of us, changing partners all the time and the sixth and seventh day, Saturday and Sunday as a matter of fact, we would throw a tremendous orgy-the orgy when this novel was started…
    It was agreed, and Delia and John hurried themselves to be out of the place before Jean arrived. They were going to stay at the flat they had in town and would come down according to schedule. I would tell them when to come on their appointed day and things were ready to get started.
    It must have been about eleven o'clock when a cab came up the long driveway to the house and halted in front of the door. Jean stepped out and paid the driver. I had watched her get out of the taxi from my room and hurrying down I opened the door wide to welcome her and take her in my arms.
    The poor taxi driver… he must have thought he had gone mad, having hallucinations or something, because he could not fail to notice I was entirely nude under a very thin see-through dress. On top of that it was so short it barely covered my crotch and having a very low neckline, my tits almost broke free from it. He started his engine reluctantly and drove off, almost wrecking his car against a tree in the driveway, because he couldn't keep his eyes on the road, but sat behind the wheel with his head completely turned in our direction.
    After he had barely missed the tree he swore at us, calling us “dyke bitches” and the like, but at least he looked where he was supposed to look and our laughter must have made him even more mad, because driving out on the road he was still swearing at us.
    I pulled Jean into the house and closing the door behind her, I once more kissed her and hugged her, after which I held her away from me to have a better look at her. She looked as beautiful and luscious as the last time I had seen her and I knew this was going to be one long fine day, a day when everything is good and pleasant.
    “It's good to see you again, Mitzy. I'm so glad I could come. Mother and Father give you their love and hope we will soon visit them together. They were sorry to let me go, and so was Mary, who also gives you her love. But they all knew they could never stop me. Oh, I'm so excited. Where are your friends or employers, whatever they may be? When-” I just had to interrupt her excited questions…
    “Would you mind asking one thing at a time,” I said laughing. “I can't answer all your questions at the same time. Thanks for giving me Mother's, Father's and Mary's regards. Maybe we will ask them all over for a weekend. You look very well yourself. My friends — because that is what they are more than anything else-are not here, but as for your last question which you didn't quite finish, you will meet them in due time. We have made up a sort of welcome program and you will love it. Some parts of it will have to be improvised, but you won't be bored. Did you have a good trip? Was everything all right with you on the train? Did anything happen?”
    “You do realize you're doing the same thing now, don't you, asking questions all at the same time! But I did have a marvelous trip, and lots of things happened. Do you want me to tell you about it?”
    “Yes, of course, I want you to tell me about it. Was it exciting? Not that I really need to be excited. Just looking at you has made me excited already. I could make love to you and eat you right here, but I'd love to hear you tell me if anything exciting happened to you. Let's sit down first and make ourselves comfortable, shall we? Later I will show you around the house. You go in the room and I'll make us some coffee and get something nice to eat…”
    Once we were seated Jean was only too eager to relate her little adventure in the train and since it was amusing and exciting as well I did include it in this novel. This part of it is just as much hers as it is mine, so there should be something personal of hers as well. “Well then,” she began her story, “as I was seated in the train, I was rereading your letter-the last one, in which you told me I could come over and also gave me all sorts of exciting details about the things we would do. Needless to say I became quite a bit excited again and I really wanted to toss myself off or have myself tossed off if that would have been possible. Unfortunately it was one of these old-fashioned trains with separated compartments which one still occasionally sees. There was no connecting door to the rest of the train and no possibility to go to the toilet if there was any, so I had no chance whatsoever to close myself in one of those little cubicles and wank myself the way you did once. Although it wasn't crowded in the train at all, I wasn't alone in the compartment. Would I have been it would have been comparatively easy to do as I pleased and masturbate myself. Opposite me there was an old gentleman who had been looking at me intently while I was reading your letter, but who was now hidden behind his newspaper. Would I dare to run the risk of being found out and frig myself right under his nose? Or maybe I would love to be found out and entice him to do something to me. Without making it too obvious what I was doing, I had put my overcoat over my lap. I stuck my hand under the waistband of my skirt and went straight for my pussy. Luckily I wasn't wearing panties so there were no more obstacles to overcome.
    “After I had played with my curly cunt hairs for some time and felt myself getting soppy wet, my fingers continued their search for my seat of pleasure. Rubbing the top of my slit wasn't enough, but parting my legs a little, I could just reach my clitty with the tip of my finger. The little soldier in the boat was swollen and hard under my caressing finger, sending waves of exalted pleasure through my body. It was hard to keep my eyes trained on the old gent. My eyelids were fluttering so I could hardly keep them focused. But I still wanted to keep watching him, although I still didn't know whether I should stop as soon as he came from behind his newspaper or to give him an even better view of what I was doing when he did.
    “And all of a sudden I saw it all. There was a hole in his newspaper and through it he could and must have watched all my movements. Now I also saw what I had missed before. With his hand in his pocket he was doing the same as I was doing. He was fondling himself while he looked at me. There was no question about being found out. I was already. My mind was made up in a split second… and so was his…
    “At the same time I pulled my hand from between the waistband of my skirt, hitched it up in my waist, opened my legs and went for my dripping cunt in all comfort, he put his newspaper down on the seat beside him, opened his fly and extracted from it the most remarkable cock you have ever seen. It was the longest and thinnest male organ you have ever come across, but that didn't make it so exceptional. No, the fact it was still slack together with its much used appearance made it so strange to me. The stem was gnarled as if it was covered with warts and my mouth fell open in surprise.
    “'That is a prick like you have never seen, isn't it, my dear Miss,' he said. 'It would have surprised me if you had. But please go on with what you were doing. I love to watch a girl wanking herself, and for various reasons. Unfortunately I'm not the same man I used to be when I was much younger. If I only was, you would have had my dong in your darling slit long ago, but you seem to know perfectly well how to make good use of your fingers. It's an enticing sight to see you frig yourself so aptly, and it will make this prick of mine come to erection. I can still get it hard although it takes a long time before it will, but it also has its advantage. Once hard it stays like that a long time. Frig your quim, Miss. Show me how you like it best, and when you are patient, you will be poked with the longest prick you have ever had up your slit. Just let me look at you and fondle myself…'
    “I decided to continue to masturbate myself, ready to get into some new adventures as I was. Besides I wanted to find out if he really could get it erected. If he did I wondered what the size of his dick was going to be. Slack as it was, it was already immense in size and if erection added a couple of inches to it as it usually does it was going to be tremendous.
    “Closing my cunt over my burning twat, I began to toss myself off in all earnest, making no bones about it, working on my sopping slit with all of the fingers of my right hand, while keeping it open with my left.
    “Still sitting opposite of me, he looked at me wanking myself, his hand closed around the soft stem of his prick. It still looked like a piece of soft rubber hose, but the head seemed to swell a little and slowly the color changed from a rose to a more aggressive reddish-blue. His hand was flying up and down the flaccid tube he called his prick and raising himself from his seat he went down on the floor to get a better look at what I was doing. Some spunk dribbled from my slit and trickled down the inside of my thigh and sticking his tongue out he hungrily licked it away. This immediately brought some reaction from his cock and slowly it began to stiffen in his hand. If only a drop of spunk did this, he might as well have a mouthful and taking my fingers from my cunt, I indicated he could have a go at it and suck me if he wanted to. And did he ever want to suck my cunny! I don't think I have ever been sucked with the same hunger, the same passion, as I was sucked by this old lecher.
    “My clit was swelling to unknown proportions and taking it between his lips he sucked it and rolled it around between his lips. I was getting very near my orgasm and would have spent in his mouth were it not that all of a sudden he removed his sucking mouth and raising himself on his knees, he made me look down. I couldn't believe my eyes. Between his legs, sticking from his body, was the longest cock you have ever seen. And there was nothing slack about it any longer! It was hard, rock-hard, and long! In measuring now I can only make an estimate, but I would say it must have measured well over ten inches. The head was the fattest knob you have ever come across and it had kept its gnarled appearance. Seeing my frightened surprise, he chuckled, shaking his dong with his hand. Juice was dripping from the slit in the top, and it looked menacing and at the same time appealing. The dream of every woman! If I would only be able to take all that. I was getting visions of it landing way up in my belly if he ever started to push it in me. It was still rather thin, but what it lacked in circumference it gained in length and I felt myself getting even wetter for it.
    “'You would not have thought it possible, would you now?' he chuckled. 'You thought I was only bragging when I told you you had never seen a cock like mine before. And it is going to stay like this for a long time. I take some time to come, but when I do, I come a bucket full. I'm really going to fill you with my spunk like you have never been filled before. Come, open your legs and let me put it in.'
    “'Oh no, don't put it in yet. Let me play with it for some time. Let me hold it in my hand. I want to know what it feels like, throbbing as it is.'
    “'Be my guest,' he said politely. 'Do with it what you want. Play with it, masturbate me. I like to feel your hand on it. It will only make it all the harder. It will only make it more suitable for that darling snatch of yours. If you can hold it all, that is…'
    “'I'm going to hold it all even if I'm being killed in the process. I wouldn't want to be deprived of this exquisite pleasure of getting a ten-inch dick up my slit. But first let me play with it a little.'
    “I closed my hand around the stem and like I already told you I could easily span it with my hand. But for its length it was an entirely different matter. Even with both my hands closed around it, one on top of the other, I still had a lot of uncovered male flesh sticking out from them. It was beautiful the way the huge thing throbbed and twitched in my hand and with pleasure I began to jack him off, all the while keeping both hands on his cock. Liquid trickled down the stem and my mouth watered at the idea I was going to get this beautiful spunky whopper up my cunt not too long from now. I was glad Mary had repeatedly fucked me with a huge dildo during the time I stayed with her and I felt I was able to let him bury it all in my itchy slit.
    “Between my legs my swollen cunt lips throbbed in anticipation of the pleasure and I knew I was not going to hold out for long. And my dear old gentleman must have sensed the same thing. His hand went to my hot-box and prying the lips even further apart as they already were, due to my randy heat, he began to frig me with a skill I thought would drive me out of my mind. He reamed my slit with his poking fingers in the best possible way and cunt juice was streaming down his fingers and his hand. Bending my head, I closed my lips around the head of his monstrous dick and sucked upon it for some time. He obviously liked this contact on his prick and moving his hips back and forth he actually fucked me in my mouth. Now the time had come to get his prick stuffed in my cunny. I not only wanted it I really needed it. After sucking his cock the taste it had left in my mouth had made me even more randy for his dong.
    “'Fuck me, Daddy… fuck me… give me your cock… all of it… I want it… I want it. Poke me with it! Make me come!'
    “'Come you will, my dear, even more than you want to. I'm going to be a long time and undoubtedly you will have preceded me a couple of times. Open your legs, my dear. You are going to be fucked like you have never been fucked before.'
    “I opened my legs wider to better receive the first intrusion of his prick. Slowly he worked the head past my moist outer lips, past the inner lips, into my cunt. His cock seemed to have no end and I thought I would die from pleasure when he touched bottom. He really and truly touched the bottom of my cunt. The whole depth of my cavern of love filled with the length of his dong. At least that is what I thought, and I could not have been more wrong. At the time I thought he had all of it in my cunt, he gave one last lunge and filled me with another two or so inches. I couldn't help it, but I had to cry out, both in surprise and slight pain. But the pain I felt quickly subsided when he began fucking me with long deep pushes and pulls. It was so nice and exciting I creamed after only about half a dozen moves from his side. But he had told me, he wasn't going to stop as he was still a long way from coming himself and without interrupting his movements he kept on banging me in the same even rhythm. And slowly I was getting over my first orgasm, only to find myself on my way to my second. Colored lights were dancing in front of my eyes, and as I was still seated on the train seat, my head rolled back and forth against the headrest. Waves of pleasure rocked my body while my cavalier battered my dripping slit. He seemed to be endless in coming and under his strokes I exploded into my second coming. And on he went… without stopping… without taking his prick from my burning quim. Back and forth he moved his loins, shoving his dick almost all the way in when he moved forward. My breath was going in about double the normal pace and my heart was beating so it almost hurt me, but still I didn't want him to stop. This is what every woman wants occasionally-having one strong orgasm after the other, being fucked completely dry from all juices, which were now still flowing from my dilating slit. And on he went… on and on and on and on.
    “Just as I thought he was going to kill me with his ever stiff poker-I was having my fifth come in a row-he suddenly seemed to step on his pace. With a tremendous speed for a bloke his age he fucked me and then it came. A torrent of spunk shot in my belly! Deep in my belly, in long gushes it spurted from his prick, filling me, filling me. He used relatively the same time to empty his balls as he needed to get that far. There seemed to be no end to the stream of sperm hitting me, jet after jet. But finally he stopped moving and slowly his cock slackened, sliding out of my cunt. As soon as his prick was out of my slit it was followed by the traces of his coming. A thick stream of spunk ran from my opened slit, wetting the seat under me. Somebody was going to have a job getting this mess cleaned up. I just didn't have the time for it, because we were running into the station where I had to change trains and I had to hurry myself to get my clothes back in order and say good-bye to my dear old gentleman. Which I did by sucking his prick clean of all come juices. And look what he gave me. A nice check, and not a small one either! Tomorrow I'm going to buy both of us something real nice.”
    Jean ended her story here and looked at me with feverish eyes. Undoubtedly reliving her adventure had made her excited. And she wasn't the only one either…
    “You certainly have had your fill of cock on your way down here. How about some cunt now!”
    Saying this I raised my thin dress and showed her my dripping slit, which I had been busily frigging during the last part of her story.
    “Mmmmm… that certainly looks nice. Think you want me to give you a good suck? I would love to do it, you know. Nothing as good as a spunking cunt after the amount of cock I had just now. Look, how about making this a double suck, a real sixty-nine, just for you, to find out whether I'm still good at it. Come, Mitzy, put yourself over me… your slit on my mouth… mine on yours…”
    Saying this she put herself on the floor and I went over her with my head pointing to her toes. Her quim was waiting for me when she opened her legs to receive the caresses of my tongue… open… lips swollen in excitement… spunk wet… and lovely.
    I must have offered her the same sight for she gave a happy sigh when I let my cat down on her face. Her pointed tongue immediately went for my clit and sucking it between her lips she sent waves of pleasure searing through my body. Off we went… on a trip to Lesbos… a glorious, beautiful trip to the land of sapphic pleasures. Up, up and away… right through the clouds of worldly misery… climbing the stairs to a different, happy world where passion and lust were the order of the day, reaching the peak of Lust Mountain in much too short a time.
    The next thing we knew, after this first bout of the day, we were in my bedroom, busily trying to make up for all the time we had not seen each other. Everything we could think of we tried: fucking each other with the dildo, taking turns showing the other how we masturbate when nobody else is around, looking in the other's cunt to see all of the motions of the flying fingers buried deep in spunking cunts, sucking, licking, finger-fucking till we could not stand on our legs out of sheer exhaustion, whipping each other to another sigh of randy lust. But sleep took over sooner or later and merciful darkness engulfed us while we rested our tired bodies and minds.
    The next morning we were still too tired to have any sort of sex, but it gave me ample time to give John a call, asking him to come over sometime in the afternoon. He came around at two and Jean immediately took a liking to him, which isn't too unusual, come to think of it. Most women who meet him want to share his bed straight away. He looks like the personification of healthy male sex, although he isn't averse to a little homosexual loving on the side. He is more or less like the rest of us. We all take our fun as it comes and don't worry whether society thinks it wrong or depraved.
    Jean and I had not bothered to get dressed and needless to say this immediately resulted in some arousal from John's side. The front of his trousers bulged when his cock started to get hard and Jean had some trouble getting her eyes away from it. Come to think of it, why should she take her eyes away from this delightful fruit of manhood? That was what she was here for, wasn't it? So going over to John I opened his fly and his hard prong almost sprang from his trousers. The head was completely uncovered, shining with a dull gloss. Closing my hand around it I moved it up and down in the well-known motions of jacking off. After only two or three wanks some juice appeared from the slit in the top and Jean, who had joined our little group, bent her head and with a quick swipe of her tongue removed it. Going down on her knees she took the member in her mouth and closed her lips around the throbbing gland.
    She sucked and sucked till I thought she would swallow the whole length of his prick and she would have done just that had it not been for the fact it certainly would have choked her to death. If it was his spunk she was after she would get it sooner than she might expect it. Remember, I still had my hand clasped around the fat stem and I was still wanking him. The veins standing out thick and swollen, throbbed and jerked with every movement I made and knowing him the way I do, I knew he wasn't far from coming. Suddenly his buttocks seemed to stiffen and involuntarily moving forward, John pumped his boiling spunk in my sister's throat. She almost choked on it, but yet managed to swallow all the spurts he landed in her hungry mouth. She kept on sucking him, keeping her lips glued to his prick like a leech, till he was completely dry of all spendings and his cock started to slacken in her mouth.
    In the meantime, Jean as well as I had been busily frigging ourselves and neither of us were very far from coming. Letting myself down beside her I removed her fingers from her cunt and replaced them for my own. She knew what I wanted and her fingers started to play with my dripping slit. We didn't have to work for long. Spunk wet our fingers when we creamed over each other's fingers. Our lust calmed for the time. But there were more things we could do, the three of us. And the day was spent in one mad circle of fucking, sucking and the like. We nearly killed John in our passionate antics and finally the poor man surrendered and exclaimed he would be glad to get some relief the next day when Delia would join us, although it meant he had another female to keep happy.
    The next day when Delia arrived, she immediately went for Jean. “Hello, darling,” she said. “I've heard so much about you, I almost know you, reading all those letters you write Mitzy. I love reading them and you are just as pretty as I would have thought you. No, that's not true… you are lovelier, because you are no longer a person who might exist in a story. Now I can see for myself whether all those stories Mitzy told us are true.”
    We were completely dressed at that moment, but that didn't stop Delia. In fact, there is hardly anything which can stop her once she has made up her mind. So without hesitating she stuck her hand under Jean's dress and went straight for her destination. Of course, we couldn't see this, her hand buried under the dress as it was, but Jean slightly spread her legs and we knew she had her hot twat tickled. Swaying on her legs she underwent this attack on her pussy and closing her arms around Delia's shapely neck she pressed herself close against her.
    “Oh, that is lovely, Delia… yes do it like that… mmmmm… that's nice… yes, right there… I love to be tickled there… oh, your finger deep in my slit… yes… yes… do it… do it… let me do something for you too… let me frig you… you have such a lovely cunt, Mitzy told me… let me rub it… let me make you come…”
    “First let's get these horrible clothes off, shall we? And let's get up to the bedroom… all of us. We can work something nice out between the four of us. It's going to be hard on poor John, I'm afraid, but I'm sure we ladies can work out something satisfying between the three of us as well.”
    We did as Delia had proposed and together we went up to the bedroom. It was a huge place, fit for any orgy and beautifully decorated with the best and most expensive of furniture. Exciting and erotic pictures were covering the walls, undoubtedly some people would have called them lewd and obscene, but to all of us they appealed tremendously. Immediately after you entered this room, you were getting in the mood of things and looking at those pictures, gave one a good idea about the numerous variations possible in love.
    Jean and Delia started to undress each other and John and I watched them with eager eyes. They were both so terribly lovely it almost hurt your eyes. Delia with her ripe and full figure, heavy, but firm breasted, a very prominent and bulging Mons Venus; and Jean with her far younger but still fully developed figure. Their different complexions and colors of hair made them beautifully contrasted to each other and it was not hard to become aroused by the little scene they offered us.
    Once naked they placed themselves on the huge bed and Jean, lying on her back in a waiting pose received Delia's kisses and caresses with all the sweetness of her person. They were really and truly beautiful the way they kissed and caressed each other. Their mouths were kissing everywhere… their lips… their breasts… their tummies… their crotches… their moist slits…
    John and I were more than satisfied just to look at them, but our passions rose with theirs slowly but surely. We had both taken our clothes off together with them and had seated ourselves on one of the couches available for this purpose in the room. It was often that these couches were used by someone- John, Delia, myself, or one of our guests, to watch the antics of other people on the wide bed. Delia had Jean panting in lust in the meantime and instead of continuing her game of love she raised herself and left the bed.
    “Play with yourself a short while, darling,” she said. “I won't be long. I just want to pick up something. For what I just thought about I need something quite unusual in the many ways of love. It may well be the first time it is ever used for this purpose, but I all of a sudden thought about this and why not try it out on you immediately.”
    She didn't have to go far for what she needed and I was surprised to see what she took from one of her purses-an ordinary rubber band, the kind you will find in any household. I had not the foggiest idea what she intended to do with it, but Delia seemed to know exactly what she was doing and went back to Jean on the bed again, who was busily frigging her wet cavern of love.
    She looked just as surprised as John and I had done, but Delia smiled at her and wrapped the silly thing around one of her fingers. Suddenly it dawned on me. Delia was going to frig Jean with her rubber band-wrapped finger. The many thin ridges of the otherwise so ordinary rubber band, wrapped as it was around her finger, were going to produce unknown sensations for Jean. I wondered where she ever got this idea, but Delia is a great one to come up with things like this.
    Taking Jean's hand away from her pussy she opened the spunk-covered lips with two forked fingers of her left hand while she applied the stiff rubber band-wrapped finger of her right hand to Jean's tender moist cunt. Sticking it in as far as possible she let it remain deep in my sister's cunt for some time and then began to agitate it with knowing motions.
    I have never seen anybody getting so quickly on her road to an orgasm as my sister, Jean, did at the moment she was being frigged in this rather odd manner. She bucked up and down the bed wildly and Delia had some trouble keeping contact with her cunt. My own twat was itching me something terrible and sitting beside me, John was slowly masturbating his bursting cock.
    Delia was kneeling on the bed and in order to better see the work of her finger in Jean's cunt she had her head between the spread legs of her victim. In this position her ass was sticking high in the air and I made John aware of this enticing sight.
    He immediately understood what I meant and going over to the bed, his near bursting prick in hand, he positioned himself behind his dear wife. Her left hand had long since ceased to work on Jean's dilating slit and had been fondling her own quim for some time. She was wet and ready for him when he pushed his dong up her sopping wet cunt. In one mighty lunge he moved into her and poked her with all the force he could muster.
    After some strong and healthy lunges he knew his prick to be well oiled and spreading some of her juices on her asshole he removed his prick from her cunt and his mighty weapon attacked her well-used back entrance. She was tighter there, but not too tight to be penetrated to the hilt. Like I said, she is well used in this road to pleasure and quite frankly loves to be buggered. The thing she loves most about this way of making love is the fact it gives her the opportunity to play with herself and cajole her clit to her leisure. And John loves to bum-fuck a woman. He loves to feel the presence of the buggered girls' fingers in the next door hole, only separated by a tiny thin partition. As for me, I was frigging myself like mad, but Jean came to my rescue.
    “Come join us, Mitzy,” she cried out. “Come join us in our fun. Bring your slit close to my face, darling. I want to suck you. It's so lovely to cream all together… at the same time. Let me lick you… lap you… eat your cunt…”
    Even before she was through talking, I had joined them on the bed. I was only too eager to have myself sucked by my sister. I know how well she does it when she is in heat. She goes for your slit with even more delight than she normally does.
    On my knees, my legs on either side of her face, I let my dripping pussy down on her face. Her agile tongue went for me in a marvelous way and really set my juices flowing. She could not have done it any better. She was just perfect. The use she made of her tongue was just out of this world. Although Delia was very satisfied being buggered, I saw a look of envy about the pleasures my sister was giving me come to her eyes.
    “You will be next, Delia dear. You will be next to be sucked by Jean. Do you see how well she does it? Do you see the pleasure she is giving me? Oh yes, this girl certainly knows how to suck. She is a master of this fine art. Nobody can be better than she is. She is going to make me come… is she ever going to make me come… I'm coooooming… already… so soooon… it's there… sooooo… soooooon… ooooooh… ooooooh…”
    The others were giving the same sort of cries when we all creamed in mad lust, our writhing forms rocking the bed, almost breaking it down. But it was so good… so terribly good… so fucking terribly good.
    We had a lot more sex that same day, but I won't go into more details, since my publisher is already moaning when he is finally going to get this novel. So I move on to the next day, the day Herman was to come. “Herman, the long cock,” as we have nicknamed him. Apart from being a wonderful fucker, he also is one of John's closest friends and the two of them regularly bugger one another as you will find out for yourself.
    After we spent a very passionate night, the four of us, we were awaiting Herman's arrival rather tranquilly. You can't make love twenty-four hours a day, no matter if you may want to. There were still some rather hectic days to come and we wanted to enjoy them as much as possible, so we had asked Herman to come over at night. During the day we just loafed around a bit, without really losing our interest in sex, but also without indulging ourselves in it. Apart from some kisses and caresses we kept far from any sex activities and at night when Herman arrived we were well rested and ready to face the world again.
    As soon as Herman came in things started to happen and I had expected him to go for Jean right away. But much to my surprise he picked Delia as his first partner and she wasn't at all displeased about it. On the contrary, she knew what he could do with that long poker of his and she liked the way he used it. Making her kneel down, he let her open his fly which she did with deft fingers. His prong jutted out, and closing her hand around the fattest stem you have seen, Delia pulled the loose foreskin back from the bulging head.
    Herman pulled away from her able hands for a minute and ripping his clothes off he now stood naked in front of her. He was magnificent, his dong sticking far out from his body, his heavy balls hanging between his strong thighs.
    Jean couldn't take her eyes from his male treasures and I knew she longed to get her hands on it, but for the time being, I held her back. In the time Herman was undressing himself, Delia had also taken her clothes off and now she was down on the floor again. As Herman was still standing she only had to lift her beautiful face and she focused her attention on his balls now. Closing her lips around the swollen nuts she began to suck them, Herman's cock jerking and throbbing against her face.
    This was what I had waited for. I motioned Jean to get undressed which wasn't too much of a trouble because in her excitement, she had already commenced taking her clothes off. In order to quench some of the itching of her cunt she had taken her panties off and she was busily frigging her hot quim while her skirt was up in her waist. She looked completely obscene. Her belly was pushed forward, her cunt was opened and wet, spunk glistened on her flying fingers, and she frigged herself with her eyes staring at the two in the center of the room.
    I was feeling much the same, but up till now had refrained myself from touching myself. But now it was getting a bit too much for comfort and I almost ripped off my clothes. All around me clothes were flying as Jean took away the last of her garments and John also undressed himself. So the five of us were naked now and ready to give ourselves to the delightful pastime of making love.
    Jean hurried herself to the couple in the center of the room and I paid some attention to myself and John, not forgetting to watch the proceedings of the threesome. Delia was still sucking Herman's balls and this gave Jean ample opportunity to rest of his wares. Her mouth closed over the throbbing head and her lips lightly touched Delia's face. It looked like a double kiss and it was terribly exciting to see them working on the same prick with their mouths.
    “Don't you think they are beautiful, John? It's so exciting the way they work Herman over. They are very good at it, don't you think? I want to suck you as well, darling, here, let me have your prick. It looks so uncomfortable, all hard as it is with nothing to still its randy lust. Oh yes, I'm going to suck you, while I play with myself a little. It will remind me of the things I used to do with the priest in my home town… sucking a cock… masturbating myself. That's where I acquired a liking for this sort of thing. It's such a delightful feeling to have a cock in one's mouth. And the spunk, when it shoots from it… mmmm… I can already imagine what it will be like… your balmy sperm…”
    “I don't think you will get much of it this time, Mitzy. I feel more like buggering Herman. But go on sucking me. You are doing fine and it will make my cock nice and wet to stuff it up his ass. Look, let's get over to them and see what we can work out.”
    We hurried over to them, but not before I had taken my dildo from my purse. I needed something more than my fingers in my slit and my huge rubber friend would be just fine.
    The threesome in the meantime were all rolling on the floor, healthy passion shaking their bodies. Delia and Jean still had their mouths clasped on Herman's testicles and prick, shaking their heads like terriers would do with a rat. I let myself down on the floor beside me and once more grabbed John's rock-hard dick with my mouth. The gland was wet and slippery with pre-coital fluid, tasting slightly bitter but all the same nice and exciting. Seated on the floor, my legs spread as wide as possible, I brought the bulging head of my rubber prick to my cunt and slowly worked it between the swollen lips. It was delightful the way my faithful friend poked me deep inside my itchy slit. Moving it in and out made my creamy juice flow even harder and sopping noises came from between my legs.
    John's prick throbbed between the lips of my mouth and I knew he would want to stick his whopper up Herman's tight hole any minute now. I pulled the dildo from my cunt, also taking my mouth away from John's prick, and lifted myself from the floor. Standing on hands and knees, in front of Herman I gave him some idea of what I wanted. I wanted him to fuck me, doggy style and he certainly got the message. Taking his prick away from the two sucking bitches brought a cry of dismay from them, but I handed Jean the dildo, wet as it was with my spunk and she didn't hesitate to belt it around her loins. At the same time she poked the huge fake dick all the way up Delia's dripping slit, Herman had rammed his prick home in my dilating cunt. Our position was just perfect for what John had in mind. Coming over to us he spread Herman's buttocks with his hands and applying some spittle on the tight crack of his asshole he moved the throbbing head of his prick in the direction of his goal. His aim was within a tenth of a millimeter perfect and without too much trouble he pushed his dong up Herman's bung-hole till his balls were slamming against his ass.
    Under us on the floor, Jean was very busy fucking the daylights out of Delia and she was getting just as much pleasure from it as her partner. Delia loved to be fucked with the dildo and I have had the opportunity to ram it in her cunt or asshole on many occasions. The fact the thing never slackens appeals to her just as much as it would to any woman and she loves to be brought from one orgasm to the other without being annoyed by a slackening dick in her cunt. And Jean was trying her very best to do just that, and long after our little daisy chain had crumpled to a heap of satisfied human flesh, the two of them were still fucking away and well on their way to their fifth orgasm. I had worn my men out and the only thing I could do was go over to my friend and sister and since at that moment Jean was riding Delia, who was lying on her back with the dildo around her loins, I presented my sister my hot moist slit and let her finger-fuck me after which she finished me by sucking me off.
    That had been the fourth day. The fifth was spent in much the same way. We continually changed partners, forming couples, threes, fours, and fives, going through the erotic mill all the way. By way of change we had some solo sex as well and before the sun had set we were dead tired and went to sleep preparing ourselves for the orgy to come the next day.


    I have already told you something about the orgy, which in fact started these memoirs, so I won't go into all of the details concerning this affair. Suffice it to tell you that at a certain moment I had to lay down my pen. The others present wanted me to participate in it also, so they made me join them.
    They certainly didn't have too much trouble getting me to join, because at that time I was more than ready for it. My own memories having set my senses to fire.
    Two of John's closest friends came over to me and without further preliminaries presented me their rock-hard huge dongs. I really don't know whether John or Delia selected their friends on behalf of their physical properties, but one thing is sure, they all have tremendous proportions when it comes to cocks. Not that I'm grumbling, mind you. If there is anything I like it is a fat prick, but I just wonder how all of the lesser endowed men are enjoying themselves. We seem to get all the donkeys, cock-wise that is, but there must be men walking around without baseball bats for pricks. But here in this house I have never seen them. It's all horse pricks around here. But the main thing as far as cocks are concerned is that the owners know how to use them. Even a less gigantic prick can work miracles for you if the owner uses it well. And a bull size prick won't satisfy any woman if the owner has no technique whatsoever.
    Anyway, there I was with two of the best whoppers in the world right under the reach of my hands. What else and better could I do but take one in each of my hands and start masturbating them with long even strokes?
    I don't know what they had been doing before they came up to me, but they must have been randy like mad. I can't have worked on their throbbing dicks longer than two minutes, when all of a sudden and quite unexpectedly at that, they came over my hands. In long gushes, they spurted their thick spunk over my hands, all that lovely spunk… wasted, and I would have longed to have it in my cunt. Needless to say, I was even more randy now and bringing my spunk-covered hands to my mouth I licked all traces of their generous outpouring away. Delighting in the lewdness of my act and at the same time getting more and more randy, I desperately needed something to calm my passions. Had I longed to be fucked with one of the stiff pokers only a minute ago, at this moment anything at all would have done to quench my lust. A tongue in my slit, teeth nibbling my blood congested clit, a quick but expert finger-fuck, a fat dong buried deep in my slit… anything… anything at all to make me come… properly… profoundly… lasciviously. But my two partners had different ideas about how to make me spend.
    Not only did they want to make me come more breathtakingly and obscenely, they also wanted to supply the rest of the guests at the party with some lewd amusement. And at that time this party needed some new ideas to keep going. Everybody was getting a bit tired, so some excitement was dearly called for. And they were going to get it, this I knew as soon as I understood what they were up to.
    Together they lifted me from the chair I had been sitting upon, writing these memoirs, and carried me to the center of the room. There under the eyes of everybody present they stood me with my back against a pillar and swiftly fastened my arms and legs around it with a pair of businesslike handcuffs. Fortunately they were velvet-lined, otherwise I may have hurt myself and damaged the skin of my wrists and ankles.
    The way I was standing with my back against the pillar I was unable to move, but for the others present, my breasts, heaving belly and last but not least my cunt were beautifully exposed. Since my legs were pulled apart rather far my slit had opened completely and since I was still randy like hell, my sticky juices flowed down my legs. But I knew I was getting wetter still. Everybody had now grasped the idea and they were looking around and producing something to strike me with. The bastards were going to flog me. All of them, at the same time! And all of a sudden I discovered who had been behind all this. You probably have guessed it… yes, my little sister, Jean. The little bitch was walking around the room instructing everybody what to use on me and where to hit me. As for herself, up to now she was still bare-handed but I knew this wasn't going to last for long. She was certainly going to take part in the action herself when she felt like it. And knowing her and her tastes, I knew she wasn't going to be the most gentle of the lot.
    The others had by now formed a half circle around me and in their hands they had the oddest assortment of flogging equipment you have ever seen. Leather belts of all sorts were there, but one could also see an occasional whip. A shower of blows fell upon my prostrated body, leaving red marks on every spot they fell. My shoulders, tits, belly, thighs. Streaks of pain raged through my body and unable to hold back, I cried out in agony when the tip of a thin leather belt landed exactly between my parted cunt lips. I felt like I was stuck with a red-hot iron in my most sensitive spot and I heard one of the women cry out in delight.
    “I've done it,” she yelled, “I've done it. I've been aiming at her cunt from the start… her slimy wet cunt… and now I have hit her. Oh yes… that certainly made the little bitch jump. Just imagine what it must do to her. How much she must hurt there. But it sure makes me feel good. I feel terribly randy and hot. I think I have to stop now and frig myself till I come. Or maybe I should do better than that. I think I will frig her as well… masturbate her with three fingers… in her smarting cunt… so she will hurt even more…”
    And she could not have been more right! She did as she had said and coming over to me she roughly pushed three stiff fingers in my smarting, dilating cunt. It did hurt all right, but she didn't pay any attention to my painful cry. She just took pleasure in her act and excited, she brought her other hand to her own slit. With her eyes fixed upon my cringing form she played, with me and herself as if there wasn't a prick in the world to satisfy her perverted tastes.
    But in spite of my initial agony the pain slowly subsided and her fingers began to give me pleasure as well. It was the utmost of sado-erotic pleasures I had ever felt and together with the pleasure I felt at being sexually aroused, I wanted to be whipped again with a very strong urge I had not held possible.
    Suddenly the woman frigging me and herself seemed to stiffen and a hot torrent of cunt juice spurted over her fingers. She had creamed like I was dying to cream, but she no longer paid any attention to me. She took her fingers away from my cunt without finishing me and exhausted, she fell down on the floor beside me. Over her head she must have seen my open, dripping wet slit. I was in utter rut and I terribly longed to be sucked by her. But my darling little sister once more ordered the others to continue whipping me.
    “She hasn't come yet. It's still fun to whip her. She can still take delight in it. Whip her… whip her! Don't let her come back to her senses all the way.”
    The others didn't hesitate to do as she said. They took too much delight in what they had been doing. Once more their blows landed on my body. Waves of pain mingled with an indescribable pleasure raged through my body, making me even more randy than before. My lusty feelings increased when I felt my former partner apply her mouth to my cunt and her tongue entered my slit all the way, as far as it would go.
    The others stopped their whipping and looking up, I saw the reason for this. My sister was coming into action. And I had been right in thinking she wasn't going to be gentle about it either. She was brandishing a mean looking cat-of-nine-tails and I knew how much a thing like that could hurt when used in the proper way. I had used it on partners myself a couple of times and I still remember their cries when it hit them with all the force I could muster. The others stepped aside, giving the room to my sister.
    While the bird between my legs kept her mouth glued to my cunt, my sister raised her arm and her blows with the cat followed each other in quick succession. She really made it sting, but by now I was too far gone to feel any real pain-the pain I would have felt when being not in the heat the way I was now… the sucking mouth on my slit… the whipping my sister dealt me. Needless to say I could not hold out very long. I had been tempted too long now. My body had to release itself in a creamy orgasm. And when it finally came, it hit me like a thunderstorm. With a cry, I abandoned my load of spunk in the mouth on my slit. But that wasn't all that happened. I will probably never know what made me go off like this, but at the same time I experienced my long awaited orgasm, I also emptied my bladder. Yes, I actually pissed in her mouth and the filthy bitch just loved it. She drank all of my urine she could hold in her mouth. Some of the stuff ran down her chin, wetting her breasts and belly.
    The others, watching us were amazed and at the same time excited by our filthy act. They had long since stopped their flogging and thrown their belts and the like away. The men were frigging their bursting pricks or had themselves jacked off, and the same went for the women, but when they saw the conclusion of the whipping my sister had dealt me, they crowded around us crying out in excitement. The bursting pricks of the men seemed to harden even more and the already swollen cunt lips of the women seemed to pout in lust and passion.
    All of the men clasped their hands around their dongs and the women opened their cunts with shaking fingers. They all began to masturbate again. Feverishly their hands and fingers were working on pricks and slits. A smell of cunt juice and spunk filled the room. One after the other had his or her orgasm. They all added to the lewdness of the scene and they did their best to let their spendings fall on the woman who was drinking my piss with so much delight.
    I was so excited and exhausted I fainted after this and it took me some time to come back to my senses again.
    When I regained consciousness again, I was lying on a couch and Delia was lovingly caressing my breast. My sister was nowhere around, for which I was grateful. Although she had given me exquisite pleasures I could not have stood the sight of her. I hoped the little bitch was getting her ass fucked off somewhere. I smiled weakly at Delia and a look of compassion came to her eyes.
    “Do you feel all right, darling?” she said. “You certainly had an awful time, but you took it real great. I'm proud of you and I must say it was a nice experience to see you flogged like that. And I also enjoyed doing this to you, but most of all I looked at you, taking delight in the sight you offered. You were so exciting in your anguish and when you pissed in Clara's mouth, I thought I would come by just looking at you. She really loved it, didn't she? Did you enjoy it yourself as well? Despite everything! Just relax now and let me love you. Do you feel like making love? Do you want me to suck you? I would love to, you know…”
    Without saying a word I opened my legs, really wanting to feel her lovely lips on my slit. She bent her head and with all of her skill she started to suck me. I was very much in love with her at that moment and that wonderful luscious feeling I always get when Delia sucks me spread slowly through my body. My hands grabbed in her hair and I pressed her head closer to my cunt. Delia had put my legs over her shoulder herself and my own hands were closed over my breasts while I caressed the hardened nipples.
    I loved what she was doing for me after the rather rough treatment I had had and suddenly it was there. Without announcing itself in the usual way I had my orgasm. It took me by surprise, but it still satisfied me deeply. Delia sucked my juices like it was the last she would ever get from my cunt, and we loved each other… oh yes, we really loved each other. She raised herself and looked at me going through my happy convulsions.
    Behind her I saw one of the male guests and from his terrible erection one could easily see he had been watching us for some time. From the slit in the glans some juice dripped on the floor, giving the cock a well-oiled appearance. With his knee, he moved Delia's legs apart and placing his hands on her buttocks he pulled her against his prick.
    His prick was wet and slimy with his pre-fuck juices and easily he slipped in her cunt r. 11 the way up to the hilt, and his balls slammed against her ass. Standing like she was she took his fucking and reaching behind her back, she fondled his swinging balls. The heavy nuts swelled in her skilled hand and he groaned in passion.
    “It's marvelous, Mitzy,” she said. “He certainly has a good whopper, and the funny thing is I don't even know who he is. But who cares? I'm being fucked good and properly, and he knows what he is doing.”
    I had recovered from the orgasm she had brought off with her mouth and sticking my hand between their rocking bodies I felt his pumping prick and her slippery wet cunt at the same time. I was getting hot fast, delighting in feeling their mingled juices wetting my fingers.
    Delia's partner liked what I was doing to them, but he also was a thoughtful lover. He must have had the idea he could have the same pleasures when he took the back road, while I had her cunt to my fingers. Pulling his dick out of her dilating slit he changed orifices in one single sweeping movement. Wet with her oily juices as it was, he didn't have any trouble buggering her and she took his attack with a lusty groan. I had her cunt to myself now and the way it was, all nice and wet, I delighted in playing with it, putting all my skill to the motions of my fingers. Her clit was like a miniature prick, erected and hard with congested blood, quivering under my fingers. Her male partner was pumping away in her asshole for all he was worth while I played with her moist love cavern. And Delia loved what we were doing. She was randy… fucking randy… and could not be far from coming…
    “Pump my ass… fuck my shit box,” she cried. “Oh you two… frigging me… playing with my clit… buggering me. Oh, it's so lovely… so good… I'm coming… it's there… I'm creaming… Oooooh… yes… yes… yes… I'm cooooooming… iiiiiiiiieeeee…”
    Her hot cunt juice spurted over my fingers, running down her legs, mingling with some of the sperm dripping from between his buttocks, the sperm her buggering friend had pumped deep in her bowels and which streamed down her legs when he pulled his slackening prick from her hole…
    I was still spunk covered from my previous experience and this didn't make me any cleaner. And Delia needed some ablutions as well. Together we went to the bathroom to wash up and clean ourselves from all sorts of spendings. Besides, it's rather nice to share a shower or a tub with another person. It certainly has a sexy influence when soaping somebody else, washing his or her intimate parts. Bathroom sex is a variety people should make more use of. We found the bathroom occupied by John, although he had not locked the door. Come to think of it, nobody ever locks his door in this house and sometimes it looks like Paddington station to me. There are always people running in and out of your room. Especially when we have guests over for the weekend.
    John was loafing in the tub, cleaning himself and at the same time trying to get rid of his fatigue and already the hot water must have done a world of good. As soon as we entered, naked as we were, smelling like two randy bitches, his cock started to rise like a submarine's periscope. In the clear water it looked twice as long and thick as usual and Delia and I exchanged amused looks. But we also looked a bit hungry, although it hardly seems possible. Funny really, but although we had free choice of cocks, we both preferred John's poker. I think he is just the right size for everyday lovemaking. Not too small and best of all not too huge. Oh, I know it is a lot of fun to be stretched in the cunt to a near breaking point, but cocks the size of that are hardly suitable for every occasion. And John is perfect in that respect. On top of that, he knows how to make use of his wares and that is the main thing. Even if he is too tired to get erected, he still is a perfect lover, using anything he can think of, his hands, his tongue, or some sort of mechanical aid.
    “John certainly looks appetizing, doesn't he, Mitzy? And look at his prick! That darling thing is once more ready for action. And we will have him all for ourselves this time. Which of us is going to have first go? Just to have a taste of it?”
    “That isn't too bloody difficult I would say. Why don't you two girls join me in the tub. It's certainly big enough for it and the water is still warm. And both of you could use some washing up. You are covered with spendings, and you both smell like a whorehouse.”
    Nudging me, Delia made me step in the tub first and having first choice I let myself down on John's rock-hard prick. It was delightfully easy the way his prick slipped in my cunt and in the warm water, his penetration made a wonderful sucking noise. Seeing my obvious pleasure, Delia hastened herself to find just as good a position and with her vivid imagination she succeeded without any trouble. Kneeling on the tub, a leg on each of its sides, she had her cunt in reach of John's mouth, since he was sitting in the tub. Immediately he pushed his head between her legs and his tongue played with her slit.
    Her back turned to her husband, it wasn't the easiest position one could think of, but it was still tremendously exciting. She was facing me and she offered me her tits to suck. And quite frankly I could not have resisted her dangling fruits. So I sucked the hardened nipples with delight. Putting my mouth first on the one then on the other, trying to divide my attentions to the two beauties evenly.
    We could only move ourselves with the greatest care and it took us a long time to come. Our passion only built up very slowly, but at the same time it reached a near impossible peak. Delia's position was probably the most difficult, but she was also getting the most out of it, and as far as I was concerned she deserved all of it. She was the first to come and her hoarse cries encouraged us to work harder on her than ever before.
    “Suck my tits… suck my cunt… suck me harder… I'm coming… I'm coming. It's so beautiful… so wonderful… I'm coooom-ing…”
    Her frantic lusty cries also set me off creaming. Water splashing over the sides of the tub, when I rode John's prick wildly, still buried deep in my crack, the warm water adding to the pleasure of our act. His cock throbbed and quivered between my contracting cunt lips. It was drenched with my juices, and as I slowed down my wild movements, I felt his sperm shoot up my cunt, hitting my womb like a velvet bullet.
    After some time I lifted myself from his drooping prick and Delia also stepped from the tub.
    When we left him to get some sleep finally, John was still sitting in the bath… fucked out… exhausted, whitish sperm floating in the water around him… clinging to his body and the sides of the tub.