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Taboo Acts: Loving The Dog

Taboo Acts: Loving The Dog

Valerie Gray, Kim Mitchell, Daniella Mayze, Sandra Boise, Jane Paula Taboo Acts: Loving The Dog

    Hound Me! by Kim Mitchell
    Tied to the Bulb by Daniella Mayze
    Taboo Act by Sandra Boise
    Badboy by Jane Paula
    Mutt by Valerie Gray

Hound Me!

Kim Mitchell

    My husband of only three years left me for another woman, said that I didn't “love” sex enough for him. Of course the kind of sex he wanted was perverted and sick. Being brought up Catholic I was taught that anything beyond the missionary position was outside the norm. But my husband wanted anal and for me to tell him sick fantasies that I just couldn't get out of my mouth, you know like he wanted me to call him Daddy because I told him that when I was eight and nine my stepfather would make me suck his penis until my mom divorced him and he got arrested for making another little girl suck his penis. My husband was convinced that deep down I loved doing it and he wanted me to re-enact it. He also wanted to urinate in my mouth and have me drunk it and he wanted me to put my tongue on his anus hole and I have to say, if I knew this about him before I married him I would have never married him.
    He told me that the only reason he married me was because I looked like Jodi Foster in Taxi Driver, playing a 12-year-old street prostitute, and that had a body that a pedophile would die for. I was petite and small-breasted and although I was 25, people thought I was 14. I guess I did look like that famous actress and my husband would make me put my hair in pigtails so I would look very young, like little girl and then make rough to him and demand I say things like “give it to me, Daddy,” just sick stuff. I didn't like it at all. So perverted, so depraved.
    The divorce was nasty and cruel like heavy metal music. He wanted everything but I found a great lawyer and took most of it (his stash of kiddie porn cold have put him in jail), including Samson, my large Rotweiller.
    I have to admit that I felt good winning most of everything. My husband did not deserve the house or the dog.
    I got a job and met lots of guys that tried to date me but I wasn't ready yet. One night I woke up restless and horny. I just couldn't get my ex's penis out of my mind and soon was touching my nipples which hardened quickly and began to pull them to the point it hurt. My vagina was so wet that my finger slid inside easily. I ground against it making myself moan in pleasure from a long absence of love. Soon I was having an orgasm and more satisfied from my masturbation than from whatever my husband ever did to me. I could not get down from this sexy high and decided to get up and go on the computer and just keep my mind busy.
    It didn't take long before I found sex websites that shocked and mesmerized me with lewd sexual scenes of girls doing everything to men and women. I stared at the screen thinking that this was what my husband really wanted. Wanton, perverted women. I clicked through some of the screens finding more pictures and videos of girls sucking and fucking in many assorted ways and was surprised to feel my cunt registering excitement from all this display of flesh.
    Samson was on the floor by my desk watching me the whole time. I was entirely naked. He kept sniffing the air and little did I know that he could smell my wetness, my heat. But that thought never crossed my mind. Samson was my faithful friend and companion. He was a good boy and loved me. Samson was a huge doggy and was almost as big as I was. I loved him greatly since I knew he would protect me since I was alone in the house.
    I watched a video of two girls licking each other and was about to shut it off and found myself hesitating. I couldn't stop watching it as the girls licked each others vaginas. They groaned and moaned in pleasure and I found myself getting very horny watching them. Then I caught myself reaching to my vagina and shook my head in amazement at how easy it was to get caught up in the pleasure. I rose and showered and went back to bed. Poor Samson probably wondered what the heck I was doing-human beings and their strange ways!
    The next day I accepted a date with a fellow worker who had been hounding me for a while. I decided to move on and get out of my sexual funk. I dressed sexy and made sure that I wore a tight short skirt with my thongs underneath. I wanted to have fun but just a little. No need to get crazy.
    He came to get me on time and we went to a restaurant and drank several drinks and even danced. He drove me home and then insisted that I let him in the house for a nightcap. I was nervous and really didn't want to but he was nice all night and bought me an expensive dinner so I agreed. No sooner than we got inside the doorway I felt his hands all over me. I tried to pull away but he was much stronger and I began to cry and he yelled at me. His hands were all over me, my breasts, ass and then pussy. I was trying to fight back but his grip was much too strong. Samson came running in and knew that I was in trouble. He barked and growled and the guy backed off. Samson followed him out the door and I quickly locked it behind him crying. I thanked Samson for saving me and kissed his head. Then took another shower to scrub away the hands I still felt on me.
    Samson stayed with me the whole time and I really didn't mind at all. He made me feel so secure. Plus he was my true and only real friend. He sat and watched me shower and I was very aware at how he looked at me. He panted and reacted to every move I made. When I got out of the shower all wet and clean he came over and licked my leg. I got goosebumps everywhere and laughed.
    “That tickles bad boy” I told him lovingly.
    I rubbed his huge head.
    He panted with glee and followed me into the bedroom. I grabbed some wine and drank several glasses and looked at the computer. I was getting very horny and knew that it drew me to it. I got up and still naked sat before it and found a very sexy site. Again I found myself looking at naked girls doing very naughty things with others men and women. I began to reach between my legs and play with my wet pussy. I couldn't help it. I was so hot and horny despite the rude man who tried to take advantage of me. My cunt was so wet and juicy as I rubbed it and pulled my clit that was now very swollen and sticking out like a tiny cock.
    I clicked to other sites and found one that made me stare in shock. It was a site dedicated to women who love animals. It showed women in various stages of sex with dogs, horses and snakes and I quickly reached over to click it off and hesitated. I looked down at Samson who lay at my feet all warm and furry. Then looked back at the screen which showed a woman being mounted by a German Shepherd his cock buried deeply inside her as she had the look of lust on her face.
    How could she do such a perverted thing? I asked myself. How could a girl allow an animal to fuck her? I shut the computer off and went to bed but slept badly. I couldn't get the images of those women out of my mind.

    The weekend came fast and I wanted to take Samson to the park and let him run around. It was such a beautiful day. Samson big and muscular ran everywhere chasing chipmunks and other dogs. Soon I lost him and started looking frantically for him. I found him behind some shrubs and quietly looked to see what he was doing. I stood transfixed at the sight before me. He was fucking another dog. The female was another Doberman. He had mounted her and was driving his huge doggie cock deep inside her fast and hard.
    I watched holding my breath in the excitement of actually seeing this coupling. Why I didn't know but I was rooted to the spot watching his huge brown body pound this female. I hadn't realized how big he was in the cock department. How could I? He was gigantic, even bigger than my ex-husband. It was red and pointy on the end with a huge round ball between its length and his massive balls. The female lay there until his knot slid inside her and she growled and remained still. Soon he was off her and running off again.
    When we got home, I was happy and said, “Bad boy, you got yourself laid today. Naughty man.”
    He panted and smiled and licked my leg as I petted him. His big brown eyes stared at me lovingly. That night I again went to the internet to search out sex and found that same animal site now fascinated with the content knowing full well how sick it was. But something made me want to look. I couldn't help it. My body was so turned on by what I saw in the park I wanted to find out more about my baby Samson.
    On the site they had a section dedicated to teaching a woman how to fuck their dog. I stared at it and bit my lower lip and clicked on it. In graphic detail it explained all that one needed to know about animal sex and a dog's anatomy. I was amazed at how unique a dog's penis was and his knot. I gasped at how much cum they shoot as they tie with a girl. My pussy was wet and I was looking at Samson with different eyes now. Samson stared at me and I felt myself blush as if a man were looking at my nakedness.
    I read on and learned about mounting and how to please him. The more I read the more my mind raced to stop me from even considering such a depraved action. But my body was so ripe for sex. So ready to try something new. Besides I was alone, safe in my big house with my true protector, Samson. I called him and he immediately jumped up to greet me.
    Samson licked out at my face his tongue sliding over my cheek, mouth and eyes. I laughed and rubbed his head, face and shoulders lovingly. I liked the feel of him. So hard and warm and furry. His tongue licked out again catching my open mouth and I felt it enter. At first I was shocked then pleased at his obvious kiss and giggled like a schoolgirl.
    “Are you kissing me?” I asked him.
    In answer he did it again his long tongue trying to enter my mouth and I let him tasting it as it rolled into my hot mouth. I felt my world tilt crazily as his tongue shot in and out between my lips. I found myself kissing him back, my tongue sliding over his, my mouth actually covering his. I held his face between both my hands as I planted another long kiss on his licking mouth. My body tingled in pleasure as I continued. I knew that what I was doing was wrong, so very wrong but I couldn't stop.
    Samson's body was so close to mine and I could see that our kissing was turning him on too. His big red cock was peeking out slowly and I felt my pulse race. He moved back a bit breaking off our kiss and licked my nipples making me groan loudly. His big rough tongue swiped over them making them harden fast. I wanted him so badly. He was doing things to me that I had never felt before. Soon his long snout was pressing between my legs seeking out my wetness and I knew that this was the final submission. But I already knew what I wanted so I spread my legs wide for him. My cunt was soaked and ready.
    He zeroed in fast to my pussy and had his tongue over it, licking and probing. I cried out in absolute pleasure as he licked over my clit and asshole in one long swipe. I reached down and opened my cunt further for him and felt his tongue enter me over and over licking my juices up. I leaned back against the chair almost falling from it from the pleasure. His tongue slid deeper and deeper making hot wet slurping noises inside me and soon I was cumming so hard.
    My cunt was contracted and squirted over his tongue and snout that was almost buried inside me. I grabbed his collar pulling him deeper. Samson never stopped licking and I never stopped having orgasms. I looked down and saw that his huge doggie cock was out in full and wet with readiness. I stood up feeling his tongue slip from my cunt and knelt on the floor within inches of his beautiful cock. I knew that everything I wanted was here.
    How could I have known that my true lover was with me the whole time?
    I reached out and held his cock. It was wet and hot and big. I couldn't get my fingers around its girth. I leaned in and licked its pointy head tasting the saltiness of it. Samson stood very still watching me. I wrapped my lips around it and soon was sucking it hard. He automatically began to hump my mouth sending it into my throat gagging me at times. His pre-cum shot out filling my mouth and I swallowed it lovingly. But I knew what I really wanted and pulled away. Getting on all fours I patted my ass and called him to me.
    Samson wasted no time obeying his mistress and mounted me with his huge front paws wrapping around my middle and drawing me back to him. I felt his cock searching for my entrance and reached back to guide him as he continued to fuck. I grasped it and put it at my open wet pussy and soon he was sliding into me fast and very hard. His doggie style lent very little to soft and gentle. It was all hard and fast fucking that I really wanted.
    I could feel his muscled furry body on mine, so warm and secure. His cock entered me quickly sliding wet and hard and deep till I felt the knot stop at my cunt lips. He pounded me fast and I grunted with pleasure at each thrust. I began to cum shooting girl cum over his cock and down my thighs to the floor below. Samson, his head near mine shot his tongue out to lick my face and I turned to capture it in my mouth.
    His body fucked in a rhythm to mine as we both slammed against each other in sexual abandonment. I felt his knot moving further into me with each thrust and soon it popped inside me making me moan in pain and pleasure. It was stretching me wider than I have ever been before and my cunt muscles were squeezing it hard. But I was so wet that Samson jammed it deeper and began to cum in endless streams of hot doggie cum inside me filling my cunt to the brim.
    I cried as I felt his knot expand. I couldn't stop cumming as I felt his hot sperm shooting into me. He pulled back his knot plopping out of me along with tons of doggie cum.
    He pulled away as I felt the emptiness of his cock from my cunt.
    My heart felt empty.
    But it was filled as soon as Samson licked me, and was ready to love me some more.

Tied to the Bulb

Daniella Mayze

    We had a black hound dog. I raised him from a puppy, and considered him my dog. His name was Blackie (I know, original, huh?) and he was about 8 years old when Sherry arrived, and it wasn't long before I noticed some odd behavior.
    I often saw her both bringing Blackie into her room, closing the door behind them. Or opening the door with them coming out. Another time, I was at my friend's house. Usually Sherry would have to call before I'd go home. However, this time I came home early. As I walked to my room, I heard the dog in Sherry's room. The shower was running, so I opened the door, and saw the dog lying on the floor, panting. He was so tired; he didn't even get up to greet me. I already knew about sex, but I never imagined that sex between a woman and a dog was even possible. My suspicions were eventually confirmed when I later observed them in the act. I was sick with flu. I was still recovering in bed when Sherry brought in my medicine. It also helped me sleep, but it upset my stomach, so I didn't take it.
    I was trying to sleep, when I heard Sherry quietly calling for Blackie. I looked out, and saw Sherry walking with Blackie towards the “Stand alone” garage. When she backed out the car, I figured she was just going to the store. However, when she closed the garage door form the inside and didn't come out, my curiosity was aroused. I quietly made my way towards the garage. I carefully turned over a garage can, climbed on and looked through a small side window. I was totally surprised by what I saw.
    Wearing only a T-shirt and sneakers, I saw Sherry on a blanket kneeling down beside Blackie. She was sucking and jerking his clearly visible cock. Eventually, she got on her hands and knees, and the dog began sniffing and licking her from behind. After a few licks, Blackie aggressively mounted her. I was shocked when Blackie began humping the shit out of her, with Sherry grunting and moaning in obvious pleasure. I've never forgotten the sounds I heard coming from both of them. I distinctly recall Sherry letting out extended exhales, as if blowing out candles. I wasn't aroused by what I was watching. In fact, I was mostly upset with Blackie. It wasn't jealousy, I just felt betrayed by him. I didn't feel like watching further.
    As I was getting down, my heal got caught on the lip of the can, knocking it over. Blackie immediately began barking like crazy. I ran back to the house, not knowing if Sherry saw me. Sherry came in a few min later excitedly knocking at my door asking to speak with me. My main concern was my father. Did he know about this? She kept saying that we had to talk, but I kept ignoring her. Sherry then announced that she was leaving.
    This was totally unexpected, and it scared me. What would I say about why she left? So I finally opened the door. Sherry then quickly took the initiative. She came right out and admitted everything. However, she wasn't acting ashamed, or being apologetic. Instead, she forcefully told me I wouldn't say anything, because nobody would believe me. Saying it was just her word against mine. However, her eyes began to tear when she reminded me that she was a school teacher, and this kind of accusation would ruin her career.
    Teary eyed, Sherry repeated how she was going be leave. I asked what I was supposed to tell my father. Sherry replied that she had taken care of that. Explaining how she had already decided she didn't want to stay in the relationship. She didn't want to be taking care of a teenage girl, and that being involved with a navy man was a mistake. Through letters, Sherry was already telling my father she was unhappy and wanted out. Her softened demeanor, and my not wanting to embarrass my father, I decided I wouldn't tell. She was clearly relieved at this, but again told me she was going to leave regardless. Sherry then opened up, and we then had a very candid discussion.
    She explained that a few years earlier, a former boyfriend introduced her to K9 sex. Sherry told me she didn't have any sexual contact with Blackie until after my father left. Only initiating sex with him after she decided the relationship wouldn't work. So Sherry said she had nothing to lose by doing it with him, and her only mistake was getting caught. She asked if I hated her. I replied that I just didn't understand why she did it. Sherry explained how she liked it before, saw an opportunity to do it again, and just took it. Strangely, now that Sherry opened up to me, I felt closer to her than ever before.
    Sherry still managed to try my patience, though. Since my father wasn't due for about four weeks, she decided not to leave immediately. I knew she was still doing it with Blackie. When I challenged her, she again became combative. Telling me I shouldn't care since she was leaving soon anyway. She left a few days before my father's return, leaving my Aunt to take charge of me.
    Over the next few years I rarely thought about what I saw. It wasn't until I was fifteen more sexually aware that I realized how much Sherry was enjoying sex with Blackie that day in the garage. I began replaying that scene while masturbating. These fantasies were troubling to me. My concerns were eased slightly in college, when I was nineteen. At a dorm party, girls were playing truth or dare. A girl was asked to describe her most bizarre sexual fantasy. She said, “Doing it with an animal.” I was relieved when afterwards; a few of the girls admitted the occasional similar thought. This helped, and I stopped feeling quite so guilty. After all, I was directly exposed to this and they weren't.
    Once during summer break, I decided to see if I could find Sherry and talk to her about it. I found out she was still living in the area. I even knocked on her front door. However immediately upon seeing me, she got extremely nervous and defensive. I couldn't say much, and she quickly shut the door in my face. I did hear a child's voice in the background, so I figured she didn't want me causing any trouble for her. After college, I went to graduate school where I met my future husband. We lived together for about a year before getting married. We rented before saving enough to get a house. During all that time, I never once thought about having sex with a dog. However all that changed after we moved into our new home.
    Our new neighbors were an elderly couple. They weren't very social, and we had very little contact with them. Their house was older than ours with a much larger backyard. They also owned a male Dalmatian, who they gave virtually no supervision. They kept him in a dog enclosure towards the back of the yard. However, he had no trouble getting out, and since there were only bushes between our yards, he was in our yard quite often. To my surprise, the moment I saw him alone in the yard, I started having sexual thoughts about him. I quickly realized the exposure to Sherry affected me more deeply I knew. I noticed that being a short haired dog, I couldn't help but notice his cock even when he wasn't aroused. I was fixated by the thought of what Sherry would do with him. I remembered how much Sherry seemed to enjoy having sex with Blackie.
    I started thinking about having sex with him myself. I tried to resist these urges, but seeing him alone in our yard so often was just too tempting. So I decided to initiate something. One morning, I saw him by the side of the house. After checking that nobody was around, I quickly got a cookie and went out to open the back gate. He saw me offering him the cookie and walked into the yard. He followed me towards the back door, and to my surprise, followed me into the house. I was now completely alone with him. After giving him the cookie, I decided to give him some water. I was very nervous and my hand was shaking while filling up the bowl. While I watched him drink, I realized I still didn't know what I wanted to happen.
    Also, I didn't even know if he was “Neutered.” However judging by his owners, I figured he wasn't. As he drank, I finally decided to act.
    I knelt down beside him and began rubbing his lower stomach, letting my hand gently brush against his cock. He didn't seem to take notice, so I decided to get more aggressive. I began cupping his cock in my hand. This clearly got his attention and he stopped drinking to look at what I was doing. I quickly felt his cock getting hard, and it slowly began slipping out of its sheath. This actually scared me, so I stopped and abruptly kicked him out of the house. Afterwards I felt guilty over what I did, and thought I'd never try that again. However those feeling didn't last very long. I couldn't forget the way his cock started getting hard as I cupped him. This meant that he wasn't fixed, and was reacting sexually to what I was doing. So I decided to try and get him alone again?

    One morning I saw him near his enclosure. I went outside and walked around trying to get his attention. When he saw me, he walked through the bushes and into my yard. I walked back towards the house and he again followed me in. Once inside, I knelt down and started cupping his cock in my hand. Again his cock began to slip out of its sheath. I wanted to get a better look at it, so I gently got him to lie down on his side. Careful to not scratch him with my nails, I began gently exploring his cock, and it quickly became fully erect. It was red, and about 6 or7 inches long. He clearly didn't object to what I was doing, so I felt justified in going further. I wanted more privacy, so I decided to bring him to up to my room.
    I could feel my legs shaking as I started climbing the stairs to my room. The dog was behind me, but then quickly passed me and was waiting for me at the top. His tail was wagging, and his cock was still hanging down, fully erect. As I reached the top of the stairs I reached out and gently grasped his cock in my hand. His cock was very warm, and felt heavy. I then walked to the bedroom and the dog followed behind. When I closed the door behind us, the realization that I was about to initiate a sexual encounter with him fully set in and I began shaking with sexual excitement. He immediately came towards me and began nervously sniffing for my crotch. It was only around 8:30am, and I was only wearing panties under my robe. However, robe was closed tightly so he couldn't get at me.
    He continued to sniff around my crotch, so I decided to see what he would do. So I undid my robe simply letting it fall open. He immediately pressed his nose directly against my crotch, and licked my crotch through my panties. I removed my robe and panties. I then dangled my panties in front of him and he continued sniffing at them. I dropped them on the floor and watched as he kept sniffing them on the floor. Now completely naked, the dog lifted up his head and began sniffing between my legs. I backed away form him slightly, but the dog quickly moved in closer and continued sniffing me. I then sat down on an edge of the bed with my legs crossed. The dog kept sniffing my crotch, but I kept my legs crossed. The dog then aggressively put both front paws up onto the bed clearly trying to mount me.
    After giving a few licks to my face and forehead, he began licking my breasts. His tongue actually lifted my breasts up and down as he licks them. This went on for about 5 seconds before the dog once again began sniffing my crotch. This time, I reclined back on my elbows and spread my knees apart, letting him get at me.
    He then got off the bed and placed his nose right against my vaginal lips. After a few sniffs, he began flicking his tongue against my pussy. However, at first he didn't seem all that interested in my pussy. Instead, using long, slow strokes, he spent about 2 min licking my lower stomach and small bush. Although he wasn't licking my pussy, I did enjoy the sensations his tongue produced, and my nipples were clearly erect. He then seemed to lose interest and simply lay down at my feet. Thinking he was finished, I started to get up from the bed to wash up. However he quickly got up before I could, and suddenly just stuck his head right between my legs. This time he began licking my pussy much more aggressively. I then reclined slightly back on my hands and again spread my legs apart for him. Initially, he licked my pussy in a vertical (up and down) direction, and then he turned his head sideways and began licking my pussy in a vertical (side to side) direction. I responded by lifting one foot up onto the bed. I then placed both feet back on the floor and spread myself even farther apart for him. I rested my hands on my knees and thighs as he licked me. He was really going now. Not only could I see, but also I could clearly hear his tongue moving around my pussy. This felt very good, and I moaned softly a few times. Then something happened that almost made me stop. When I used my fingers to expose more of my clit, the dog began licking my wedding ring. The sight of him licking my ring immediately made me think of my husband. I started feeling guilty, and thought about stopping. However the dogs tongue felt so good, I just couldn't bring myself to stop. At first I kept my hand still as he licked it. I then opened my hand and let the dog lick between my fingers. I then placed my hand back on my thigh, and the dog once again focused on my vaginal area.
    He tilted his head even more and got even deeper into my pussy. I clearly reacted when he did this, letting out a quick breath. I couldn't believe just how well he was eating me. His tongue was licking every inch of my pussy. I could feel him licking between the folds of my lips. However, he once again seemed to lose interest and just flopped down at my feet. I waited just in case he wanted to come back for more.
    Although I didn't have an actual orgasm from his licking, I did come very close, and I really did enjoy being eaten by him. Finally I got off the bed to wash myself off. However as I was picking my panties and robe, I noticed the dog licking the bed. I then discovered why the dog was licking me so intently. I noticed a large stain on the sheets right were I had been sitting. I was obviously lubricating quite heavily.
    This really got me going, and I again sat down on the bed hoping he would eat me some more. On cue, the dog began licking me again. I then reclined all the way onto my back. I placed one hand on my thigh, and rested the other flat against my stomach as he continued licking me very intently. But just as I was getting close to orgasm, the dog stopped licking my pussy and once again began licking my inner thighs and small bush. Frustrated, I began to masturbate with my hand.
    The dog tried to lick me again, but I didn't stop to let him. So the dog was only able to lick my fingers while I masturbated. So close to orgasm already, I quickly got myself off. Lost in my orgasm, the dog was now able to resume licking me. The dog's licking me so soon after my orgasm, quickly brought on another. Finally, I pushed the dog's head away with my hand. I didn't move for about 45 seconds, just staring up at the ceiling breathing deeply enjoying the come down off my orgasm. I eventually sat back up, and the dog immediately placed both front paws up onto the bed and aggressively laid his body against mine. Surprised by this I instinctively pushed him off.
    I saw that his cock was still fully erect and decided to go give him oral sex. While still sitting on the bed, I reached down and started petting him, rubbing my hand along his lower stomach while slightly brushing my hand against his cock. Finally I began cupping his cock and balls with my hand, while looking at his face, looking for any reactions. I then knelt down and began to examine his cock. I decided to clean his cock before starting. So I got a damp sponge from the bathroom and began gently wiping it. He didn't seem to object, and kept quite still even as I gently dried it off with a towel afterwards. I then began trying to find the best position to suck him. After a few min of fumbling around, I lifted both his front paws up unto the bed.
    He was now virtually standing upright with his front paws on the bed and his hind legs on the floor. I then knelt down beside him, and with shaking hands, started giving him oral sex. First I ran my tongue all along his cock. It was rather tasteless, so I then placed my mouth directly over the tip and slowly inserted his cock into my mouth. I sucked his cock using a steady, deliberate rhythm.
    Occasionally stopping to gently shake and stroke his cock. As I sucked him, his breathing became more rapid and he was soon panting heavily. His cock then started producing a clear watery substance, and was clearly coated with it. At first, I thought it was his cum, but it was precum.
    His precum had a pleasantly nutty, sweet type taste. It was clearly dripping from his cock. I was surprised at just how good it tasted, and I eagerly licked his cock clean of it.
    I began to sense that I was close to getting him off. He began to get very restless, and he seemed to be having trouble standing still. I had to place my hand on his chest to keep him steady. He then began thrusting his hips as if trying to match my rhythm. This finally caused him to lose his balance and his front paws slipped off the bed. So I then got him to lie down on his side, and he was still panting heavily as I continued to pleasure him on the floor. I felt the dog was showing other signs of pleasure as well. His eyes were closed, with his tongue hanging out.
    Occasionally lifting his head to see what I was going to him, before again closing his eyes and resting his head back on the floor. Then suddenly it started sounding as if the dog was actually having trouble breathing. His panting became erratic, and very soon afterwards, the dog finally started ejaculating. I watched in amazement as he continued to squirt many times over for close to 3 min. Eventually his cock began getting soft and soon disappeared back into its sheath. His cum was hotter and more watery than a man's was. However, it had a very bitter taste, which I found very distasteful. His cum was all over my hand, the dog's lower body and the rug. So I used the towel to wipe it up.
    After I finished cleaning up, I realized that I wanted mate with him. So I put my robe back on and went down stairs to see if his owners were looking for him. Satisfied that nobody was around, I went back upstairs to check on him. He was still lying on the floor panting. I really did want to have full intercourse with him but I was worried that he was finished. I didn't know if I'd ever get this chance again. I then went down stairs and got him some water.
    He was soon back on his feet. Remembering how he kept trying to mount me earlier, I sat back down on the bed and spread my knees apart. He immediately came towards me and again sniffed my pussy. I started rubbing my clit, trying to get him interested again. This time I got onto the edge bed on my hands and knees and let him lick me from behind. However, seeing me in this position was obviously too much for him and after a few licks, he immediately tried to mount me. Unsuccessful, I turned around and sat back down.
    The dog placed both front paws up onto the bed. I placed both hands on his back as he thrusts his hips trying to fuck me. I then turned around and he again tries to mount me. I was up on the edge of the bed so I was just too high for him and he simply wasn't able to mount me. The dog actually seemed to realize this, so he just began licking me from behind. From this position, he was able to get his snout deeper into me. He worked his tongue up all over my pussy, and ass. I even began moving my hips a little as he licked. I then got off my palms, and bent all the way down giving him better access while resting one side of my face against the bed. He would often stop to sniff and explore me with his nose. I stayed in this position for about 3 min, before turning around and sitting back down on the edge of the bed. I saw that the dog's cock was again hanging down fully erect. He then stood up and yet again, and put his front paws up onto the bed, pushing his hips out towards me obviously still trying to get in me. I then reached down and grasped his cock in my hand. As soon as I did this, he began to thrust his hips very rapidly, and I again pushed him away.
    This time I got on the floor and again presented myself for him. No sooner had I done this, the dog aggressively lifted himself up onto my back and tried to mount me. He began thrusting his hips, but his cock wasn't inside me. I could feel his cock brushing against my ass. I also felt his paws scratching my sides, so I quickly lay down on my side causing him to climb off. I then quickly wrapped my robe around my waist again presenting myself to him. He aggressively mounted me again, and after a few near misses, finally manages to slide his cock into me. I couldn't believe just how expertly he was fucking me. My breasts were bouncing up and down with every thrust. I could hear his body banging against me, making a clearly heard slapping noise. My grunts and moans told me that I was certainly enjoying it. In fact it only took about two minutes before his rhythm clearly brought me to orgasm. In fact my vaginal contractions were so strong; the dog clearly had trouble keeping his rhythm. It took about 15 seconds before he was finally able resume humping at his previous pace. He humped me hard and fast again for about another 20 seconds, before reaching his own orgasm. He then stopped humping and just stayed motionless on top of me. We stayed in this position for about 3 min. He was panting heavily, while resting his head against my left shoulder. I got tired of supporting his weight, so I got off my palms and rested the side of my face on the rug. When I did this, the dog thought I was trying to get away.
    He growled at me, and I felt him tightening his grip around my waist. Satisfied that I wasn't trying to break our union, he remained motionless while ejaculating inside me the entire time. I could feel his cock spasms, releasing his hot cum inside me. I let him finish, and after about another two min, he suddenly pulled out.
    When he did, quite a bit of his cum dripping out from my pussy. I could hardly believe it; a dog had just fuck me. My face felt flush, and my hair was damp and frayed from sweat. I felt as though I had just had a hard work out at the gym. I then went into the bathroom to clean up. When I returned a few min later, I got worried when I saw that his cock was still semi erect. I then went down stairs to see if anybody was around before letting him out. However when I returned upstairs, the dog was laying on the floor exhausted by the sex. I grew scared when all my attempts to get him up failed. It took about 20 min before I was finally able to get him out of the house.
    My sexual relationship with the dog lasted about two years. Although I wasn't working full time then, I still didn't do things with him every day. Often going weeks and months without any sexual contact. The daily routine of life simply didn't allow for it. However I didn't hesitate to take advantage of any opportunities to be with him. Still, I rarely initiated full intercourse. Instead I mostly gave and received oral sex. I actually preferred sucking and masturbating him to orgasm.
    Sure getting licked by his warm tongue felt terrific, but I especially liked his precum. His precum tasted good, I looked for any opportunity to give him oral sex just so I could taste it. A full mating session with him was a major undertaking. Getting “tied” with him during sex was always a possibility. In case you don't know, male dogs have a round bulb at the base of their cock. When engaged in sex, this bulb swells and “ties” with the vagina. This ensures the female cannot get away until the male is finished mating with her. So I could only mate with him when I was absolutely sure we'd be alone for quite a while.
    No human man could match his hard and deep style of fucking. I simply looked upon the dog as a live sex toy. One that was always willing and eager. The only time I could really have full sex with him was during the few times a year my husband was away on business. I always took that opportunity to mate with him. I knew his owners never checked on him during the day, so we had plenty of time for sex. The dog was always interested in sex, and constantly initiating it. I would walk around the house naked except for my robe, waiting for him to initiate sex. Usually he'd start nosing around between my legs while fully erect. I knew this meant he was ready to mate. I'd bring him into the guest room where we had small, platform style bed. We always had sex here, and the dog knew it. Sometimes I'd find him in the room fully erect waiting for me to come in. I still managed to do be with him even when my husband wasn't away.
    Again, this usually involved oral. I really enjoyed getting him off. I knew he enjoyed having orgasms just like a human. So it gave me pleasure knowing I was giving him a sexual release. Sometimes I'd sit down naked on the couch and smear whipped cream on my tits, neck, stomach, inner thighs and pussy. The just let him lick me clean. The only problem with being eaten out by the dog was his tendency to roam too much with his tongue. It felt great when he was licking my clit, but he never concentrated on it enough to get me off. I usually had to masturbate, stopping right at the point of orgasm, and then letting his tongue bring me off?

    Only one time in those two years did I ever come close to being caught having sex with him. Every Saturday, my husband played softball with friends. He'd leave at 9:00am and would usually be back around 3:00pm. It had been about two months since I last mated with the dog. So when I saw him outside after my husband had left, I decided to have sex. I had finished sucking him, enjoying his precum. I was just about to let him mount me, when I heard a car door closing in the driveway. Taken totally by surprise, I quickly got up and saw my husband's car in the drive way. I quickly threw on my robe and closed the door. Leaving the dog inside, still fully erect. My mind was racing as I quickly ran down the stairs. I was so scared the dog would start barking being left alone like that. How would I explain the neighbor's dog in our guest room with a fully erect penis? Luckily, he was still putting away his gear in the garage. When I came out, he told be the other team didn't show. I told my husband I really needed milk and eggs and a few other items. He got back in the car and drove off the store. I ran back upstairs and I literally had to push the dog out the back door. After this, I decided I'd better stop having full intercourse with the dog while my husband was around. The fear and consequences of getting caught was just too much. However, my when husband went away about 3 weeks later, I did mate with him again.

In the Paw

Helene Smith

    I was 22 and dating a guy named Greg. He was nice enough and all, the family liked him. I was in love with him for sure. Our relationship was going well I thought but not everything was perfect. He would get into moods from time to time that made me question his commitment to me. As Christmas neared that year I was wondering why, during the month of December, he just didn't seem to call very often.
    I got a call from Greg one day. He was wondering if I could meet him downtown. Sure I said where and when, no problem. We met at the appointed spot and time and went to dinner. It was a nice place, but that is all I recall now, as very shortly afterward the meal arrived at the table, Greg dropped the bomb. He really didn't have feelings for me as I did for him, and he made that very clear. I cried, he got a bit weepy but was not all choked up. The final blow was about to be thrown up, that he was seeing someone else and she gave him anal sex when I would not.
    I wanted to die.

    Then came the next guy in my life, His name was Butler, yes “Butler,” and he was the family dog and he seemed to know the moment I came home that day, there was something up, he wagged his tail at me when I arrived home but I was not paying attention. It was only later that I put the sequence of events with Butler together so that they could be recounted to you.
    My relationship with Butler, who was three at the time, was not good. He seemed to ignore me and I him.
    The week between Christmas and New years was tough on me as people were in and out of the house, family and friends and business associated of my parents and a few neighbors and some complete strangers. It seemed like an endless parade of the two-legged type. Since I was not interested in retelling the story, the kitchen and gatherings of girls I avoided like the Titanic.
    Butler seemed to be around me more and more, I noticed as I did some things about the house. I had calmed down somewhat, and 1988 was going to be here in a day. I finally, really noticed Butler. I was in the basement “the games room.” He was there that day watching me and most of you know the look a dog can give you. With those eyes, which tells you, pat me or come here and say hi or I love you take me outside or who knows what all goes on in a dogs mind.
    Early into the New Year Butler slowly, over a week or so, started to come to my room and visit whenever I was home. He would stare at me looking for the pat on the head and a bit of chit-chat. This guy was starting to really understand what it was a girl needed. I talked to him ear more and more.
    One evening he started to come to my room and slept on the floor beside my bed. He was, as a rule, not allowed into the house. He was older now and no one seemed to care. He didn't mess all over the place, except when it was muddy outside and his feet needed to be wiped off A few weeks went by with me noticing that Butler was not missing any night now without sleeping in my room. No problem I thought, as long as he doesn't mess things up, all would be fine with me.
    One night, about two in the morning, I heard him rustling about. He had put his head on the bed and was looking at me. I gave him the friendly pat on the head. “What do you want boy, I asked.” He just looked sad and a bit more whimper came out of his mouth. Maybe he was finding the floor to hard and wanted up on the bed. I helped him up onto the bed. He was quiet after that, and we both fell fast to sleep.
    Getting on the bed seemed to become the norm. One night I had finished having my shower and dashed down the hall to my room with only my pink housecoat. I was trying to get to the room before someone saw me. While running down the hall, I gave Butler a very quick pat on the head and said hi boy. He followed me to the bedroom. I shut the door behind us both and lay down on the bed. Butler was at the side wanting up again, which was now the routine.
    I helped him up and he lay down beside me. We both dosed off for a bit but I woke up suddenly because he shook the bed while repositioning himself. I gave him a friendly pat again on his rump, the first thing my hand touched was his cock in the mostly dark room. I was not under the covers and he had his head now down on my belly. I could here him sniffing something. It was my hot pussy he was sniffing at.
    It was right then, that some thoughts crossed my mind that had never even been considered before, until that exact moment. Was he sniffing me because he was thinking I was a female dog or because it was just different. My mind was racing so fast I just could not get hold of it. What was wrong with me, I thought. This is not good thinking material. I shushed him to the floor. What was I going to do now? I am going nuts, I can not be thinking this sort of thing. I was a virgin and here I was thinking about having a dog as my first sex partner.

    A few days passed but I could not stop thinking about the whole idea of it. You must understand that I was getting ready to have sex some time soon with Greg but he did not know that. I was committed enough in my own mind to get that far with the thinking of sex and possible marriage and the life we would have together when wham it was gone.
    I was thinking about sex more and more, probably because I had these hormones that were telling me something, and Greg was it, but since that was out now, well maybe Butler. Well I thought about it more and finally said to myself that I could possibly explore it just a bit further.
    “Get up here on the bed, Butler.”
    I looked at his hair-covered penis. It was not that big. Stop this girl I said to myself. No you can not do this. Butler lay down tight to my body. My mind raced as I thought about it all. Well take off your pajamas, I said to myself, and see how that feels. He was warmer than with the pajamas on. I was starting to get a bit wet. How was that possible. My mind was racing on its own. I could feel that we were going to do something.
    Butler made the first move. He smelt me under one of my arms and a bit of tongue licked me there. That felt good. I moved so he could get a better lick in, and he did. I liked it and that was great. I was beginning to think of him in a different way now, and the chemicals in my head were allowing this to take place, and all was in full motion and obviously had me high.
    I now wanted to take some control and did by flipping myself around. My head was now at the foot of the bed with a pillow to rest it on and Butler stayed where he was with this funny, questioning look on his face as if to say, what happened? I said to him that all was all right, he seemed content. I wanted him to see my pussy now. I was becoming intoxicated with the mind chemistry going on. I was telling myself to let him have a look at my brown furry patch. He did and he got close as, there was more smell now. I had not had a bath or cleaned myself down there in the past twenty-four hours. He smelled and the first sign of a lick. I just about went off into never-never land. I was twitching and I wanted more now. To hell with the part about if I should be doing this or not. I was going to be doing something and who knew how much or what exactly but I was for sure too far into this now to stop. I did start thinking about how perverted I was becoming, but that was so easy to dismiss, even I was amazed.
    I spread my legs. He moved around a bit to get at me better. I spread my pussy lips and that tongue of his hit the mark and I went wild. My butt moved up to meet his tongue. It was funny, I thought, how I seemed to be programmed to instinctively move my hips toward him. He was licking now at a steady pace as I expect that there was a constant dripping going on and he liked it very much it seemed.
    Now I had to have a look at his dick. I rolled over a bit and there it was right in front of me. I used one hand now on my pussy and one to touch him. From his sheath was about a half an inch of red blood cock. I could not reach it with my tongue as he was still going at me and I was thinking it might be better to see if I could get him to mount me. Was that the right word I wondered to myself? The licking stopped. He moved on the bed as I moved to reposition myself too. He was now right between my legs, just lying there. The licking was done it seemed. I told him he was a good boy and sat up to hug him some. He stood up to accept my praise. “Good boy.” His tail wagged a bit and then a bit more and finally lots. We were both feeling just fine. He started to lie down again, only before he hit the mattress, I grabbed his front legs and directed them to my stomach. He rested there with no problem.
    He shifted his butt around a bit and each time he shuffled about I moved him up and inch or so towards my face. He was now resting on his elbows on my chest. I was patting his head constantly. I needed to check with one hand to see where his cock was in relationship to my pussy. This allowed me to hold him on my belly and made it possible for me to feel my way to my bottom. His cock was now within a few inches of my pussy, but a bit to one side. I shifted a bit to line up better and felt down there again. He was in line, but his cock, which was now out about one and a half inches, was pointing too high. I rotated my hips upward “oh” I felt something. His cock was out more I thought, that must be it. He tried to get up but I held him to my chest. With some more wiggle on my part and some on his I felt the tip of it very near the right hole. Yes I needed it in me now.
    I positioned myself to pull him up a bit more and hopefully in-he was entering me. I pulled him some more and nature started to take over now as his cock was responding. I could feel it increasing in size a bit more. This is not to say he was big, as he only weighted about 25 Kg. He was taking the initiative now. I arched my pussy toward him and yes he was on his way now. His hind end was humping like a?well, like a dog!
    Things were obviously wet and he was now adding to the pool of fluids I felt but had no idea of how much. I assumed that he was about to stop soon, but had no real idea. He seemed to be building up to something else or a new level. Yes he was, indeed. He caught me by surprise when I felt his whole body thrust forward. Not with just another thrust like the back and forth motions of fucking, but a different kind of full body thrust. It was like he was planting something of himself me. That hard thrust was as deep as he ever was until this point. Nothing had ever been in me that far, not even my own finger.
    My mind and body were in seventh heaven. He was in me deep and full it seemed. He lay on my belly, somewhat content, even though I could feel he wanted to get up, but I just held him there, as I was tied to his knot. We were joined and being my first screw I just had to hold him and enjoy that full feeling in my now not virgin cunt. I just wanted to hold, and hold and enjoy. I move my butt about a bit with him in me. I flexed my snapper muscles around his red probe, squeezing him good. It was not to last too long as he stated to get small I figured or he was not big enough to stay in. We slipped apart.
    I was coming down from a good high now and was feeling guilty, real guilty? I could not get it out of my mind the bit about what we had done that first night. The hell with it, as it was too late, my mind said it was all done now and time to clean up the mess.

    The next morning, Butler was in the kitchen; he was sleeping in his favorite spot by the door. He saw me but did not come over as he seemed tired and I wondered why?
    I went to him and patted his head and asked if he wanted to go outside, the tail started to wag and out he went with renewed energy?acting like lovers. If I could hold his paw in my hand, I would've.

Taboo Act

Sandra Boise

    I entered the house and Lazlo, my Collie, came running up too me for his usual pet of affection. I decided to feed him first, that way when done with him, my time would be my own. I could relax in a hot bubble bath, lie back and watch a movie on the tube, and just drift away while sipping on some nice cherry or something.
    I didn't realize it but I must have dozed off in the tub, because I was startled when I heard the doorbell ring. Shit, who the heck is that? I wasn't expecting anyone. As I hurriedly tried to get out of the tub and wrap my robe around me, I heard a car pull out of the drive.
    Pouring another glass of wine I went into the den and turned on the tube. Flicking through the channels I couldn't find a damn thing worth watching. All this money I pay the cable company and nothing is on. Now, what movie have I not seen for a while, I thought. Getting up and rambling through the cabinet I thought I would watch one of my old favorites. Bar Girls! Now that movie was wild. Only one stupid man in the whole fucking movie. But there were some hot bods on those luscious lesbians. As I was inserting the tape in the VCR, I noticed that someone had left one in the slot. There was no label on it so I pressed the play button to see what it was.
    “Yeowza,” I went.
    There was this woman on the screen with her tongue so far up another woman's ass that I thought it would come out her mouth on the other end. Settling down and curling up on the couch, I watched in amazement at the women on the screen. Yes they were porno actresses but this was not just an act. They really seemed to be getting off on each other. Oh my goodness I thought, look at her rim that ass. Just as I was thinking that, I felt my pussy contract and tingle. My robe, for some reason had now fallen open some and my hand seemed to involuntarily move to my breast. As I caressed and squeezed them my nipples ached for attention. Pinching them between thumb and forefinger I gasped at the sensation it gave me combined from being locked onto the screen of passion before me.
    Slipping out of my robe completely, I thought to myself, might as well. I knew I was faced with this on the drive home. Why not take care of myself now. Slipping down to the floor so I could raise my legs and rest my feet on the chair, I started to squeeze and pinch my nipples again. Slowly caressing my breast in circular motions I felt the heat began to rise deep down inside my now wet and juicy cunt. Shit I should have gotten my toys before I started. As my fingers lightly touched my outer lips, I knew then that I didn't need any toys.
    Slowly, wanting to make it last just a little while longer, I started to rub through my lips and down to my ass. Tingles shot through my body as I inserted a finger in my depths to test its readiness. I began that all too familiar dipping of my fingers in and out of my pussy as I continued to massage my tits. Trying desperately to raise my tits so that I could suck on them I extended my tongue until it almost hurt. I returned my efforts to my pussy now. I had almost forgotten about what was on the screen. I just knew that they were screaming like crazy. Lying back with my eyes now closed, I could feel my orgasm building down deep. I started thrusting my fingers faster into my soaking pussy now.
    First two, then three fingers.
    Shoving them in as deep as I could.
    Still faster I moved them in and out of my depths. Stopping only long enough to pay special attention to my clit which was now throbbing and was sticking out from under its little hood like a miniature prick. Almost plucking it now, it responded in kind by almost sending me over the edge now.
    Opening my eyes in extreme horror. I was in the brink of complete ecstasy when I felt something rake, brush, or was it lick across my feet. Not knowing what it was my body impulsively recoiled against the couch.
    “Lazlo, what are you doing?!?”
    I don't know how long or when he had come into the room where I was, but there he was standing there, and licking at my feet. Shit, I thought. It was weird, sorta a tickling feeling but it did feel kinda good I guess. Now that I knew who or what had frightened me my eyes caught glimpse of the screen again. God they were still at it. My left hand was still clasping my breast and instinctively it started again to massage and caress my breast. Shit, thought Lazlo had scarred me out of the mood. But there it was again. Almost right back where I had been interrupted at. I withdrew my foot from where Lazlo was and again started to stroke my pussy.
    I was more than close to the edge, Lazlo licked at me again. But this time he had moved up to my thighs. With the position I was sitting in, back against couch, knees drawn to my tits with legs wide apart, Lazlo was standing directly in front of me as he gingerly licked my thighs.
    “Lazlo what on earth are you doing? Get outta here!” I said as I withdrew my hand from my pussy and raised them to him to shove him away. As I did this he raised his head and licked hungrily at my fingers. Lazlo, Stop. But stop he didn't. Instead he took a step forward and started to lick my face. Something that is not so not unusual. But what was unusual was that he lowered his head and tongue to my breast and was licking my rock hard nipples.
    In my mind I raised both my hands and placed them on each side of his head to push him away, but what I actually saw myself doing was to guide his head lower, lower across my stomach, my navel?
    I screamed. Lazlo's tongue darted across and with the very first swipe, went deep into the folds of my pussy. My ass immediately arched off the floor, my hands let go of his head as I scrambled to find support from the couch. Lazlo was actually licking my pussy.
    I was actually letting Lazlo lick my pussy.
    His tongue darted about so fast, so almost rough, and oh so damn fucking deep. I mean I had read of stuff like this but never in my deepest darkest dreams did I ever think I would be wanting Lazlo to NOT stop licking my pussy that I so willingly offered to him now. Reaching up to grab my tits again, now that both hands were free to do so, with the ever-lasting glory of Lazlo's help.
    Lazlo kept up what seemed to be a never ending tireless but delightful tongue bath. His tongue was licking from the very crack of my ass through the depths of my pussy and across my clit. Having to see some of what I was letting him do to me, I glanced down at that marvelous tongue performing what no other had ever done so wonderfully. Being in this position with the way he was now to the side of me sorta, I could see underneath him. His fucking cock was half way out of its sheath. Thinking to myself as I floated on air with Lazlo as my tormentor, I though he was just licking me from canine love or something. Just being a dog. Not thinking that it was sexual to him. Lazlo was getting turned on by me. Was it possible? Did he know what he was doing. No way I thought. I could now feel my orgasm building from deep down inside.
    My juices flowed like never before. Maybe it was the taboo act that was making me arch my hips further towards Lazlo's insatiable thirst and hunger of my pussy. As my body trembled from my orgasm, and I lowered my ass back to rest on the floor I marveled how Lazlo's tongue never left me. He was simple marvelous. He was fucking great. My attention drifted down and under Lazlo. My eyes widened in glory at what I saw. Lazlo's cock was now fully exposed. It hung down from his sheath at least 7 inches. I could also see the fullness of his magnificent knot. Suddenly I felt my pussy tingle again and I amazed myself now at what I was thinking of. I wanted that damn cock inside me. I wanted my dog Lazlo to fuck me.
    That did it.
    I quickly pushed him away from my pussy and rolled over wiggling my ass right in his face. He wasted no time in again shoving his snout right in my ass and licking me again. Wow, this was even better than before. Now that I had had such a massive orgasm I thought I would just lie here with my arms and head resting on the couch while my ass was glued to Lazlo's tongue. Just as I felt myself begin to moan from such a tongue bath I felt my back being almost crushed by about a dog as he almost leaped onto my back.
    Lazlo mounted me. I could feel something hot and somewhat slimy shoving against my leg, my buttock, then my leg again as he tried to enter me. Deciding that I should try and help him, I reached back between my legs and his, grasped his cock and pointed it at the entrance to my pussy. I still can't believe that I was the one to actually help him fuck me. With a tremendous thrust I felt him enter me with one swoop. My back arched as he withdrew and I steadied myself for him to poke me again. This time he sank into me even further.
    He now started a rapid pace of stabbing me with his cock as I gasped for air and almost screamed from pure pleasure. I have had some nice cocks in my time but none have delivered their cock into me with such ferry. Lazlo seemed to gain speed, rhythm, and a keen know-how of how I needed to be fucked as he continued. I could swear that I could feel him start to grow inside me as he continued his rapid thrusting. His hot breath was directly behind my head and blowing on my neck. This too was such a turn on. Wanting to feel his size with my hand I reached back to try and grab hold of his cock. Just as I touched him I felt him almost try and reposition himself as he gave a massive thrust that made me yell just as he gave out a loud yelp. Suddenly I knew what had just happened. Lazlo's knot had just penetrated me. And it's size made me feel as if someone had just shoved a baseball into me. What a feeling. I was damn near about to pass out when I felt my pussy contract around this large knot inside my pussy walls. I was coming even harder than before. I thrash about under Lazlo just as I would have under any hunk of a man. Maybe even better. I screamed aloud this time.
    He continued to fuck me until I felt myself calming down yet he was still pounding away. Then just as suddenly it was if I could feel him arch, and tense himself. He stopped dead still and I heard the dearest wine from him just as I felt like someone turned on a water faucet deep inside my pussy. He was coming in me.
    Doggy cum was pouring into me like crazy. It felt extremely warm, not hot, but nicely warm, and it seemed he wouldn't stop. I could feel some start to trickle down my legs. Yet I could still feel him coming. How fucking much did he have? Instinctively I reached down and wiped some cum from my pussy that had escaped and brought my fingers to my mouth.
    A little stronger than most, yet tasty.
    I had just eaten dog cum.
    What the hell I thought, as I reached back for more. Good boy I said. Just then he started to lick my face and his tongue even licked across my own mouth. Surprisingly I didn't turn away, but instead I opened my mouth so he could let his tongue rake across the inside of my mouth as well.
    I moved and I felt him move with me. What the heck I thought. His knot. It was inside me and it was fully expanded. I was down here on the floor, cum dripping from my pussy, totally exhausted now, and I was locked to my dog with his cock deep inside me.
    I lay my head down again on the couch, folded my arms under it, and closed my eyes. What a wonderful feeling it was to have just been fucked like crazy, to still have a totally fulfilled feeling inside me due to the knot, and not to have to listen to any bullshit afterwards.


Jane Paula

    I had been washing the car for about half and hour when the sun really began to shine. This tee-shirt has got to go I thought, its too darn hot. Not having that much more to do and being out of site of passers by, I pulled it over my head and laid it on the banister rail of the deck just in case. So now here I am cleaning away at my car in the yard, completely nude! This isn't really strange for me since I spend most of my time nude when home alone.
    Cleaning away at my car and humming a song to myself I started thinking of the next chore I had to do today which would probably be to clean the house. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I caught a movement coming from behind the utility building just at the edge of the back yard. It had startled me at first but as my eyes focused on it I saw that it was only a dog. A rather large black and tan hound dog.
    Bending and stooping to clean and shine my wheels and back to my humming I all but forgot about him. Around the car he came right up too me and just sat on his rear just starring at me. Hiya boy I said. Where did you come from I asked as if he could answer. Well maybe you can I that. All I have to do is look at the tag on his collar. Dropping the rag I was using to clean with, I moved towards him to read the tag. As I leaned forward I petted and rubbed his head to let him know I was indeed friendly and meant him no harm. As I was reading the tag he moved his head upwards and gave me several quick and rough licks with his tongue right across my left breast and nipple.
    I opened the door to the car to start brushing off the seats. As I leaned into the car I was half stooping and bending leaving my ass completely and most pleasantly exposed and presented. Well Badboy must have liked it cause the hound walked right up to me and started licking my ass with those quick and rough licks of his. At first because of my awkward position I couldn't move to get away from his advances but as his tongue moved from my ass cheeks to my also very exposed pussy, I cried out, or did I? Shit, I thought, that feels great. I stayed as I was and let him have his way with me. Badboy licked and probed my now wet pussy with his tongue for seemingly and eternity. He licked from the bottom of my pussy to the top of my ass in one complete thrilling swipe of his wet and hot tongue. I tried desperately to position my ass so his tongue would focus mainly on my clit. Finally I did. And off I went. He sent me into a mind-blowing orgasm, one right after the other. The more my juices flowed, the faster Badboy seemed to lick me. As he did this I managed to support myself on the seat with my face and head and massaged and pinch my nipples with one hand while fingering my clit with the other. In doing so I often felt him licking my fingers as I spread my juice all around my cunt and ass for him. Finally Badboy backed off from his licking as I just laid there limp from utter satisfaction and amazement.
    I was able after a while to compose myself and scramble out from the car back onto the ground where I faced my attacker. I sat my bottom on the door runner of the car and starred at Badboy whom was also sitting on the ground licking his tongue out and starring at me all dreaming eyed as if to ask was it good for you. The position he was in my eyes drifted downward towards his sheath where I noticed for the first time that this was indeed sexual for him. His cock was extended from its sheath all the way to the knot. Badboy was to my surprise at least 7 inches long and well around 1 1/2 in diameter. Who would have guessed. What breed was he anyway? Shit what a I cock I thought. Reaching out to pet him again on the head to show friend ship again, I lowered my other hand to his lower belly and gently begin to stroke him. He responded immediately by licking my face all over. Even across my mouth he licked and several times I opened my mouth to let his tongue enter my mouth almost as if we were French kissing. My hand began to travel lower until I reached his sheath and could feel the swell of his knot. Oh Badboy what do we have here boy I asked, as he continued to lick my face. I stroked him gently but steadily bring him to full arousal. As I began to touch and stroke his cock he stood and almost spread his legs and arched his back giving me better access to his now rock hard cock. I moved to the ground just under him giving me perfect position for what I knew I was about to do. I raised my head and sucked Badboy's cock into my mouth causing him to hunch forward. I licked him slowly at first as I continued stroking him. He seemed to be enjoying this I thought due to the way he seemed to be trembling. I started to suck him a little faster and a little deeper. The more I sucked him the larger it seemed he became. I could feel and taste the watery fluid he was releasing into my mouth almost in a steady stream. For a spell there I thought he might be peeing in my mouth. I kept sucking for I don't know how long. As I really got into sucking him I felt him start hunching his bottom forward into my mouth, his legs started trembling more and he started whining. Faster still I sucked as I continued to massage his sheath and balls until suddenly he stood motionless?
    Cum cum and still more cum poured into my mouth and deep down my throat. He spurted that hot and gooey cum of his into me as I had no choice but to swallow hard so as not to gag. I jerked him hard to try and get all of it and still he was shooting in my mouth. It flowed out of mouth and down my cheeks and onto my neck breast and regretfully the ground. Finally it appeared he had finished shooting his load but I continued sucking him. He seemed to be trying to get away now but remembering a little trick I had learned. I used the hand that I had been massaging his balls with I quickly let a finger travel right up to his anus and begin to probe around and in it. Playing with a dog's ass fools them into thinking they have to relieve themselves so they automatically stand still. As I was fingering this strange dog Badboy's ass I was able to continue enjoying the sweet sensation of sucking on his still amazingly hard cock. After a while I figured he had had enough so I released him from my sucking and probing of his ass. Badboy quickly retreated a few feet away and began licking his own cock maybe in trying to clean it or maybe soothe it, maybe both. Wow, what an animal I thought.
    I quickly finished with the car, although it was hard to concentrate with Badboy lying over there still staring at me, but I finally completed cleaning the car. Putting the stuff away I thought it only fitting that I should at least feed and water Badboy. After all, I was famished myself. I went into the house, retrieved a bowl of food and water and called to Badboy. He seemed reluctant to venture up on the deck but my gentle voice must have assured him it was all right. As he lapped up his food and water as I rubbed his head and body all over thinking that I sort of hated to call his rightful owners to come and get him, but I did. I phoned them and a lady named Beth said that she would be over that afternoon to get him when her husband came home with the car. I told her that was find and gave her directions to my house.
    I continued with my day's chores often going to the door to check and see if Badboy was still there. As soon as I opened the door he would sprang to his feet and start licking out his tongue and wagging his tail. Smiling to myself I shoved the notion of what I still wanted to do but was afraid time wouldn't permit so I tried to put it out and to the back of my mind. Even though I had come several times from the licking he had given me, I was still as horny as could be. Well, my brother will have Lazlo back here day after tomorrow. Guess I will have to wait for him I thought.
    Around five my friend Wendi called and said that she would be unable to come pick up Badboy and if it were okay with me she should be able to get here sometime the next day. No problem I said. He's being a great companion I said smiling to myself. After some idle chit chat we said our good byes and hung up.
    Now my wicked mind was truly off and running as well as my juices again.
    As I sat in the tub soaking for almost an hour, I couldn't get that sensation of wanting to come from something other than my fingers and a rough tongue. I needed something hard and furious to fuck the shit out of me right now. Now why don't I masturbate quickly again and call it a day and just relax back with a good old movie. Deciding not too rub myself silly I scrambled out the tub, grabbed a towel and thought I would go out on the deck and catch the last of the afternoon rays. As I stepped out on the deck I had all forgotten about Badboy, honest. Guess he had forgotten about me too cause I had already stretched out in the lounge chair in the back yard, completely nude, when it darned on me that I didn't see him. Aha he must have left I thought, oh well better call Wendi back and tell her.
    I don't know how long I lay there, don't think I really went to sleep but suddenly I was licked back into reality by the most wonderful sensation. Badboy had returned and was now taking such liberties with me. Having met him only hours before, and already the two of us having been properly introduced in a manner of speaking, I didn't push him away. Instead I arched my back and raised my ass in the air to allow him and his swirling tongue better access to my quickly moistening pussy. Badboy was not only licking my pussy but was making complete swipes from my clit, up through between and deeply into my pussy and not completing the lick until he reached the top to the crack of my also wet and sensitive ass. The more he licked me the wetter and hotter I became and the more I shoved my ass back to him. He licked me tirelessly for what must have been ten minutes or so and I must have come four or five times and still I was dying for more and more he seemed to want also.
    This animal knew how to lick a woman's pussy. He couldn't possibly be this good and attentive without someone showing him how. No man was this good the first time they ate pussy. Shit he was driving me insane with just his tongue
    I felt his enormous weight trying, fighting to climb on my back. Realizing now that he did have sense enough to try and make me his Bitch, I knew it wouldn't work to well with me still in the chair. Shoving him backwards some so I could get down on the ground, my new Master let out a deep growl. Whoa boy I said, I'm not going anywhere. Me you want, me you gonna get. Must not have been moving fast enough cause he growled louder again and showed a few teeth till I was obedient enough to present my ass to him once again. Only a few quick licks deep into the depths of my pussy did he take before I felt him climb upon my back and start hunching forward. I could feel a few quick jabs of his monster cock trying to find access to his just reward so I reached back between my legs, taking hold of him and guided him right into me.
    Badboy plunged straight into my pussy with one mighty stab. Deep into my pussy he pounded quickly and violently. Gee, holy shit I shouted as I tried to crawl forwards some to try and escape his force. Again I heard him growl above me as he too crawled forward. Making the mistake of moving forward again, I suddenly realized that I would have to succumb to being his bitch for as long as he wanted and in anyway he wanted. What I felt was his mighty jaws clamp around the back of my neck to hold me in place. He wasn't biting me in the since we often think of when we think of a dog bite, but rather he just clamped his jaws around the back of my neck more like a vice. A vice with teeth. Having me in his grasp this way I couldn't move at all and he was now fucking the ever lasting shit out of me. More and more he slammed his cock into me until I suddenly felt him work his knot into me. God did it feel huge, but I could tell that it was not through swelling. My pussy lips were having no choice but to stretch with him. Having his knot firmly in place now he released my neck from his jaws, and even with the knot locked inside me I could still feel his cock plunging in me and twitching. I don't know how long he fucked me or how many times I came. All I know is I just slumped my head to the ground there in my own back yard and let myself scream, come, and even be scratched all to hell by his front claws on my back. Badboy was drooling all over my neck and back now. Finally after I don't know how long I felt him arch really hard and sort of let out a high pitched whine, and then I could feel his hot cum flood me. Feeling that hot cum flood my womb this way, I too let out another scream. I could feel his cum spraying my insides till I thought it impossible for him to have another drop but still I could feel something leaking inside me. Wow, would this never end I thought. But end I really didn't want it too. This was just too damn much.
    Badboy had enough. I felt him suddenly turn and try to climb off me. Only one problem. Yep, we were definitely stuck together. I could feel how large his knot still was and I knew we wouldn't be going anywhere for a while. Might as well enjoy it I thought. Reaching back between my legs I could feel how wet and messy I was from the doggy cum that had leaked from my pussy now. Wiping some of on my fingers I brought them to my lips and licked just to relish the taste and remember the experience. I did this over and over till my legs, thighs, and outer parts of my pussy were all cleaned up, while still tied to Badboy.
    Plop, I heard and felt my pussy go as Badboy and I were finally free from each other. I turned to look at him and his cock and I couldn't believe that I had actually taken all that cock that I saw dangling between his legs.


Valerie Gray

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    My Dad fucked my Mom on the morning of the day she was getting married to this jerk I didn't like and he took her in the ass, fucked her in the assholes and made my Mom give him a blow job before he left, which I captured on the brand new video recorder my Dad had given me for the occasion.
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    I found a big mutt, who hadn't been neutered yet, who was very friendly, took him home and gave him a bath, during which, when I washed his sheath, I made him get a hard on. I was a little surprised by what it looked like as I thought it would be like the cocks I saw on the porn sites. It was really pink, kind of pointy and wet as hell, but being the curious sort, I jerked him off to see what would happen.
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