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Little Rhonda's initiation

Little Rhonda's initiation

David Hawthorne Little Rhonda's Initiation

    I remember the first time I saw her and I knew immediately she would be mine, my lover. She was one of a bunch of kids that hung out at my place. I had the only pool for miles and I was only too willing to share it with the neighborhood five to fifteen year olds. Of course I had a reason for being so nice. I had more money than any two other people in town-hell I owned the town; well, a large part of it, and I looked on the kids both as mine to watch over and nurture and as my playmates, because they did not have ulterior motives to befriend me, they didn't want to borrow money or get me to invest in their businesses or ideas.
    I was forty-four years old and you can say I was a big little boy inside. That's what two ex-wives and half a dozen ex-girlfriends often said: that I was immature and a child inside a wealthy man's body.
    Every parent in town knew their kid at my place was safe and that I was a good man. Goes to show what a little care and some money spread around can do. At any given time I was fucking at least four or five of these kids-the little girls, mind you, I didn't have a thing for boys; that was not my thing, and each little girl thought that they were the Special One and the Only One that received my cock into their small pussies and behinds. Took a bit of doing but I had long since mastered the trick of it.
    When they got older, when they started to grow big breasts and thick pubic hair, I gently pushed them out the door and into the arms of a boy their own age, but often they were so used to a grown man that they would find older lovers, men in their thirties or forties, and there were always plenty of those who could not resist the flirtations of a sexy teen girl. That's not to say that we never shared a bed again but it was rare and usually followed a breakup. I could resist teen girls, but I could not resist seducing a preteen angel.
    Maybe you think I am a monster as you read this.
    I am not a monster.
    I truly loved all my girls.
    I never forced myself on a girl but instead wooed her and let her make the first move and they always did. I used to bet with myself as to when and how a girl would make her play and I was rarely wrong. A lot of these girls needed a strong male figure in their lives because they either did not have fathers or their fathers were losers; and when one showed up and paid attention to them they always got these ideas that they had to please such a man any way he wanted or they might lose him..
    Somehow I never got caught although I knew that some of the parents-the drunks and the ones who felt their little darlings were a burden-guessed what I was up to but as long as nobody raised a stink they were willing to let well enough alone. I don't think I ever hurt one of my loves but if I did I never heard about any problems and I certainly never meant to. Most all of them left my bed as willing and playful lovers who I'm sure pleased their boyfriends and husbands to no end, because I taught them all to do every sexual act in the book; they were willing to do some of the most kinky and vile things even prostitutes won't do for money, and they did these things because they knew it made me happy and if I was happy, they were happy.. It's a lot of work to properly break in and train a virgin but I always felt the reward was worth it. There are men out there who owe me, because they didn't have to train their girlfriends or wives how to suck cock and lick balls, that swallowing sperm was sexy, that drinking urine was sensual, that it was possible to have an orgasm during anal sex.

    This is all about Rhonda, little Rhonda's love story with me. But where can I properly begin?
    The pool…
    It always begins at the pool.
    She was getting out of the pool by pulling herself up on the side and the bottom of her swimsuit pulled down as she pulled herself up. By the time she belly flopped onto the deck most of her ass crack was exposed-and what a nice cute ass it was too, filling out into womanhood. I watched as she fixed things and noticed the rest of her; she was tall for ten years: five foot six, slender and about a hundred pounds, a flat chest with just a slight hint of nub; by the time she was seventeen, she would probably be six feet tall and a goddess, maybe model material. She had smooth perfect skin and long brunette hair, hair framing a face that told its own story: she was sad, she needed a grown man to replace her father.
    Her mother had just moved to town after the death of her husband and knew no one and was desperately looking for work before her money ran out. I was able to ask a few quiet questions and make silent suggestions and soon she had found a job at a local store. The pay was not much but there was enough to feed and clothe them both. After she had settled in I allowed her to hear rumors about my having helped her and when she came over to thank me I downplayed my role as just doing what a good neighbor should. She knew who her benefactor was and that was not a bad thing. I had gradually included Rhonda in the activities at my place and as was my custom I presented her with small gifts. I did this for all the kids, girls or boys, whether or not I had plans for them; I didn't want jealousy to come into lay, or a suspicion of favoritism; I always did it in private but it was no secret that if a kid really needed or wanted something it might just show up. There was no begging or anything like that, the preferred way was for a friend to mention it or for me to notice the need and wait for the proper time to bestow the gift.
    Within six weeks, Rhonda was practically living at my house and she tried to call me “dad” once or twice. I told her she already had a father but she could call me Uncle Dave in private if she wished. I insisted that all the kids call me Mister K. in public but allowed the special ones to use nicknames when we were alone.
    I never make fats moves; seduction takes time, and I am a patient men. Some girls it took me a year or two, if I started when they were seven or eight…I gradually manipulated them into making that first sexual move, the kind I would act surprised of, but would never reject.
    It only took about three months before one day I found her swimming topless. I joked with her about having lost something but she looked serious and asked if I thought she was pretty. Her breasts had grown slightly more and she was a few weeks away from turning eleven.
    I said, “Little girl, you have a beautiful body and you know it.”
    She said, “Not my body, Uncle Dave, I want to know if I'm pretty, not if I have a nice ass.”
    She seemed troubled by something and as I wondered what if she slipped out of her swimsuit bottom and posed nude for me? She did have a nice little slim ass and I was hoping to see it in the raw soon…and soon touch it, lick it, fuck it.
    She said, “Well am I pretty or am I goofy looking?”
    Gently, I said to her, “All right now, Rhonda, what's bothering you?”
    Oh, I was enjoying the view of her chest and brown nipples; it was the first time I had seen her naked and her body was perfect for my needs.
    She sighed and told me, “One of the older girls said I was 'goofy-looking' and told me to stop trying to act and look normal. She said that I was weird and wanted me to go away. Told me that everyone was laughing at me and nobody really liked me. That they all thought I was stupid and dumb.”
    “What girl said this?”
    The tears were flowing now and she just stood there looking like she believed this preteen cruelty. I knew this was common for tall thin girls her gave, taller than all the other girls, and how tall girls could be gangly and awkward.
    I scooped her up into a hug and carried her inside to sit with me on the couch. I was very aware of her naked body flanking mine and it was all I could do not to just take her right there. I know she would have let me but the time was not right, I like to have my special girls come to me because they really want me and not because they are in pain and need a quick fix of love.
    “Rhonda, look at me. You have a smile that lights up the room, most girls would kill to have your body; you are sweet and kind and would never hurt anyone, you are fun to be around, and never have I heard anyone say anything bad about you. You know that all the kids tell me just about everything. You are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever known. Sounds like Lonnie is jealous and worried boys will want you more than her.
    “Lonnie is making love with Mr. Clark, the history teacher,” Rhonda told me.
    “Really? How old is Lonnie?”
    “And Mr. Clark?”
    She shrugged. “Older than you, I think.”
    “Has Mr. Clark ever touched you or…?”
    “No, never.”
    I felt better. No man would have Rhonda until I was done with her. I did feel some admiration for this history teacher; every year he had his pick of preteen beauties to play with.
    We sat for a while as she thought about what I had said.
    “Thanks Uncle Dave, it's just she was so mean and I was afraid that all those awful things were true. Can I sit here with you some more? It feels so good and safe with your arms holding me.”

    Our relationship changed that day and she started to go nude around me whenever we were alone. She also started to open up to me. Our talks about love and sex got more detailed until she asked me if I could find her one of those things girls use when they're alone. “I caught Mom and her boyfriend the other night and they were doing it. Mom had one of those things that buzzes and she seemed to love it. I watched for a long time and it looked like fun. Wish I had someone to love me like that.”
    Talk about an open invitation. With Rhonda there was no second meaning, she meant what she said and said what she meant.
    I took her hand and said, “Rhonda, you know I think the world of you and what the best things to happen to you. Are you sure that you want to and are you sure that you are ready to love somebody that way? It's something that will change your whole life and you never can go back afterwards.”
    “Uncle Dave, I think love and loving are a big part of life. Mom was just empty after Dad died and now she's happy again with Eddie. They're talking marriage and kids and all that. I want to have some of that.” She leaned into me and looked me in the eyes. “Uncle Dave, I've thought about it a lot. I want to make love with somebody who loves me and I think, no I know that you love me and I love you. I want you to make love to me; I want to spend the night with you, please, Uncle Joe. Mom and Frank are gone for the night to see his folks and I can stay here no problem. I'm ready and I want you to be the one, maybe the only one to love me. I know what I feel and I want you to be the one.”
    What do you say to something like that? No other little girl had ever put it so romantically and sweet that way, it was usually, “I want to fuck you” or “I want you to pop my cherry” or they would just dive for my crotch and start sucking my cock, which let me know they were sucking someone else's cock.
    Rhonda looked scared, as if she had said the wrong thing to me and I was going to reject her. Just as the hope started to fade in her eyes I pulled her close and kissed her. Tenderly at first but harder and she kissed back and the fire between us grew.
    “Dear sweet Rhonda,” I said to her, “of course I love you and I'm thrilled and flattered that you want me to make love to you but you must be sure. Are you really sure you want to do this and that you want to do it here and now and with me?”
    “You have always treated me so good and I have loved you for so long and I know that you would never hurt me and that you love me and want me too. What could be wrong with that? I want a big bed and all night and I want to wake up next to you and make love in the morning sunlight and in the grass. I'm sure and I want you now.”
    She reached between my legs and her hand, shaking, squeezed my cock.
    “I've seen Ted's, I know what it looks like and I want one inside me.”
    I smiled. Perfect. I said, “We have all night and we'll need our strength so let's grab a bite to eat and have some wine to relax with and just snuggle for a while first. Trust me, there's no reason to hurry and every reason to hurry; we'll take our time and do it right.”
    I wanted her to relax around my nude body and to get used to the size of a hard penis. We played around in the pool like a pair of sea otters and explored each other's bodies with pour hands and mouths. I sat her on the edge of the pool and started kissing her knee and slowly worked my way up. I had already found her little clitoris with my finger and had probed gently into her tight little virginal slit. I loved the feel of her soft patch of down under my hand as I had fingered her and now as my mouth moved to cover her she let out a small squeal of pleasure. I used my fingers to spread her open and as my tongue wandered over the places meant to give pleasure she came alive. Her slender body twisted and turned as I licked and sucked. She tried to talk but could not form words as she rode my mouth and hands to the first climax of her young life.
    I slid out of the pool as she collapsed on the deck and pulled her to me.
    “Uncle Dave, what was that? Is that what sex is all about? I knew it felt good but I never dreamed it could feel like that. I've used my fingers and it felt good but never anything like this. Wow.”
    I laughed. “That, my dear lovely girl, was a climax, an orgasm, the big O, the little death as the French call it, and a whole bunch of other names and yes that is a big part of what sex is all about.”
    “Wow,” she said again.
    I went on: “That and the feeling of being loved and loving and contentment that you are feeling right now. I'm glad that you were able to get there so easily this time, sometimes it isn't that easy or that good but the feelings of love are still there and make even a bad lovemaking pretty good. And yes before you ask a woman can do the same thing to a man. It's a little harder to do right but still feels great and with a little practice we can both do it at the same time. There's a bunch of ways and positions to do most anything sexual and anything that gives two people pleasure is fine. I will teach you all of these things.”
    “I'll do anything with you, anything that feels good, Uncle Dave.”
    Ay yes, more perfection, by the numbers. She would be mine for a few years, and I would set her free on the world of men.

    We went to my bath and as we shared a shower she tried to give me a blow job. She was clumsy at first and worried about biting me but she was a fast learner. I stopped her before I came and we used big fluffy towels to dry each other off.
    “Why did you stop me?” she asked.
    I said, “Because I wanted you to see what happens when a man climaxes. Let's go to bed and you can kneel on a soft carpet and this time we'll go all the way to the end.”
    Her soft lips soon were covering me and I was in heaven as she bobbed up and down, slowly taking my cock deeper in her mouth.
    I told her, “Most men like to cum in their partner's mouth and some women like the taste but for now when I'm ready I'll pull out and you can watch and hold it as I cum, but feel free to taste it or to suck some more if you want after, just be gentle, I'll be real sensitive, okay?”
    She was looking at my cock closely when I blew my wad and she got a face full. I was surprised how much spewed out of m-cum everywhere. She was not shocked or disgusted; she wiped it out of her eyes and tasted it, licking up a small amount and then taking a large gob of it and shoving it under her tongue. Deciding it tasted good she went back to sucking and licking until I was dry.
    “It smells weird,” she said.
    “You'll get used to it.”
    “You're soft now,” she said, confused.
    I said, “You girls have got it better than us men. You can blow your top and be ready for action in nothing flat, takes us a while to reload. Don't worry, I'll be ready to give you what you want and lots of it. We'll just do other things for a while first.”
    I think we kissed every inch of each other's bodies until I was hard again. She tried to get me to enter her vagina but I told her there was no hurry. When I started moving my head toward her crotch she pushed it down and was soaking the sheets even before I started to eat her out. Juices were flowing out of her like there was something broken. My god she was wet and I think she set some kind of record for speed. I mean she came almost as soon as my tongue touched her. I only gave her a minute to catch her breath and I went back at it again. This time I was ready and stopped just before she exploded. I slid up her body, kissed her, made her taste her juices, and whispered that now was the time. My dick slid in easily because of all the wetness and she gasped. I hit her maidenhead and just lay there for a bit to allow her to get used to having me inside of her.
    “This may hurt just a bit but I'll stop and let you tell me when you are ready. Here goes.”
    I pulled back a bit and thrust forward to break through. To my surprise she pushed back just as I hit her hymen and it popped easily. She gave a little gasp and held me tight as I slid in as far as I dared. We lay together until I felt her start to move under me and allowed her to grow comfortable with having me deep in her. Soon we were moving in unison. I held back until I felt her start to orgasm and when she did I let mine join hers. She screamed and went limp under me as I collapsed on top of her and rolled kind of to one side. I was still in her and I could feel her muscles milking me as she rode the waves of her climax. Time stopped until we both were sated and we fell apart.
    There was blood all over my cock, on the sheets, blood splattered on her thighs. I was afraid I hurt her too much. “Oh no,” I said.
    And then she started to cry and laugh and kiss me anyplace she could reach. “Uncle Dave, that was wonderful, unbelievable, fantastic, I'm so happy I could die. Hold me for a while.”
    “The blood…”
    “I hurt a little but I'm okay,” she said.

    We spent the night making love until we reached the point of exhaustion and fell asleep while cuddling.
    It was late morning when we awoke and we showered together and went to find breakfast. We were touching at all times and after we ate I picked her up and carried her outside to a sunny, grassy spot and made long slow gentle love again. We spent the day just enjoying what we had and about suppertime I got a call from her mother. Was Rhonda here and would she be staying the night or would she need a ride home? It was strange and I had the feeling that somehow she knew what had happened and that she approved.
    She and Rhonda talked for a bit and again I wondered what was going on. Rhonda hung up the phone “Mom says that I can stay if I want to and if it's all right with you. Can I stay, please?”
    Like I could say no.

    That night I thought she could take it in the ass but no matter how hard I tried, her anus would not give. She cried and was in pain so I stopped.
    “Just do it, Uncle Dave,” she said.
    “Later,” I said. “Maybe a finger…”
    I did get a finger in. Her asshole was steaming hot. She liked it when I fucked my finger back and forth into her, shit getting all over my fingers. Again I tried and I could only get the head in. She was in too much pain.
    “I'll get some small dildos next time,” I told her, “this way we will gradually stretch your ass till it's ready for a whole cock.”
    “I just want to please you, Uncle Dave.”
    “Oh baby you please me plenty.”
    I mean, what other man could have an almost eleven-year-old lover like this?

    I took her into the shower and had her get on her knees and told her to open her mouth. She did not once jerk back or complain about drinking my piss, because she meant it when she said she would do anything and everything.

    We continued to spend time together and even spent some time with her mom and Ted, almost like I was an approved boyfriend or something. Our sex life knew no limits and she was eager to try everything that she had ever heard of. Anal was fine as long as we took our time and I was gentle; bondage was fine but after she got hot she wanted free to really move; toys, oh boy, that was anything and anywhere and she loved the feel of a small vibrator in her asshole as I made love to her. She drank my piss whenever I wanted and she would squat over me and piss on me, and I would drink her. I was not into scat pay but she had heard about it and I told her on some special day we would trey that. She giggled and said, “So weird, you'll take a dump on me.”
    We even were able to sneak away for a few short trips. She loved Sea World and Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm. We made love on the sand on the beach and on the deck of a boat as the stars swirled overhead. We awoke and watched as the sun rise over the high mountains while we made love to welcome the new day.
    Life was good.

    It was good until Rhonda told me, when she was thirteen, that she was having sex with her mom's boyfriend. It had started a month back and she said Ted knew what she was doing with me and if he didn't let him fuck her, he would tell her mother and she would never see me again and Uncle Dave would go to jail. So she gave in. But she did not hate it. She loved sex all the time and when we could not be together, making love to Ted helped.
    “He does not make love to you,” I said, aghast. “He rapes me.”
    “The first time was rape,” she said. “Not anymore. Sometimes I ask him to make love to me.”
    “He fucks you!” I yelled. “Not love!”
    She was confused.
    “Are you mad, Uncle Dave?”
    “What do you think?”
    “I thought you would be fine with this.”
    “What? How could you?”
    “You have other girls in your bed, when I'm not here.”
    That stopped me in my tracks. How did she know about the other girls? I did my best to make them all feel they were the only ones.
    “I 'know,' Uncle Dave,” Rhonda told me, “and girls talk.”
    “It's never like it is with you, with them,” I said. “I love you, Rhonda.”
    “Do you love the others?”
    “Not like you.”
    “But you love them some?”
    I nodded. “Some. But not like you.”
    “Then why can you have other lovers and I can't?”
    “Do you love him?” I asked. “Do you love Ted?”
    “A little.”
    “But not like you. I want to marry you, Uncle Dave. I don't want Ted that way. My mom will marry Ted.”
    “What if she ever found out?” I said.
    “We're careful.”
    “How many times a week does he fuck you?”
    “Twice at least and only in my ass,” she said. “He's afraid he'll get me pregnant, and he says Mom doesn't like it up the butt and since I do…”
    She actually blushed.
    I asked he what else she did with Ted, who was thirty-five. She sucked him and he went down on her but he never fucked her pussy. He had asked what she did with me and she told him about the golden showers and bondage but that wasn't his thing. He said he wanted to watch her fuck another man some day, maybe me, maybe with one of his friends.
    “What did you say?”
    She said, “I said okay.”
    I was enraged but I was also turned on, thinking about her with him, or another man. But I wasn't ready to release her. I took her in anger, fucking her hard, spitting in her face and calling her a whore.
    I imagined her in a gang bang, being taken by dozens of men, one after the other, and I knew if I asked her to do that, for my pleasure, she would.
    I flipped Rhonda over and shoved my cock up her ass without lubricant. Her ass could take it.
    “He fucks you like this?” I asked.
    “Not that hard,” she said.
    “You like it hard?”
    “I love you, Uncle Dave.”
    When I was done she cried and I held her.
    She said, “I won't fuck Ted if you don't want me to.”
    “You're mine,” I said.
    “I am yours,” she said.
    “You are mine forever,” I said.
    “What if he tells Mom? The police?”
    “He won't.”

    Rhonda was the only girl I considered keeping past age fifteen, of marrying. But I could not. There were new little girls coming to the pool, new lovers to train. Rhonda knew this was coming and she could not bare it. At fourteen she sent me a letter saying goodbye, that a break up would be too hard, so she was leaving to other parts, with Ted.
    One morning, her mother woke up and her boyfriend and daughter were gone, they had run away together like forbidden lovers do.
    Her mother came to me and asked me how did this happen. I played dumb. She cried and I comforted her and the next thing I knew, I had her in my bed and I was fucking her. It had been years since I had been with a woman of her age, or any woman over sixteen. It was strange and not so bad.
    We held each other.
    She said, “I can't believe that my boyfriend was having sex with my baby all this time.”
    I felt a pain in my heart. Had Ronda lied to me? Had she still been giving Ted pleasure after she promised me she never would?
    “You never know about people,” I said.
    “Is this common in the world?” she asked. “Do grown men seduce little girls and get them to run away with them?”
    “Anything's possible,” I said.
    We fucked again and she left and I never saw her, or Rhonda, again.