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Young Swingers

Young Swingers

John Morison Young Swingers


    Among the young “swingers” set, the latest kick is to have a sexual relationship with their parents, providing that the parents are willing to go along with such a relationship, of course. And, statistics seem to indicate that the parents unwilling to be labeled as “old hat” or “obsolete” are more than happy to indulge their offspring.
    Author John Morison's latest novel, “Young Swingers,” pulls no punches in describing the incestual climate that surrounds our young today, and their eagerness to participate in the self-destructive act.
    Doctor Willard Hampton, the brilliant English psychoanalyst, cites the example of the family that came to him for treatment. They were a handsome family, the mother and father in their middle thirties, a daughter of fifteen and a son of seventeen. The girl, Betty, was a beautiful, voluptuous youngster and admitted that she had been having sexual intercourse with her brother since she was twelve.
    Roger, the son, was an intelligent, good-looking boy, active in sports, who had been seduced by the young Betty. He stated that he had been taking a bath one evening when his parents were out, when Betty walked into the bathroom, totally naked, her big breasts swinging and heaving, got into the tub with him and aroused him to the point of rape. Afterward, they had continued their incestual relationship until last year when Roger noticed that Betty was becoming restless. He often caught her staring at their father and one night coming into the house late, their mother having gone to visit her sister, Roger heard sounds coming from his parents' bedroom.
    He tiptoed to the partly-opened door and saw in the dim light in the bedroom, that his father and Betty were having sexual intercourse. He became so aroused watching the lascivious sight that he rapidly undressed and joined them. He remembered that night vividly, because he was introduced to fellatio, cunnilingus and sodomy.
    The three continued their relationship whenever they were able until one night, when their mother was supposed to be at a bridge game. She returned early and caught the three in their incestual activities. At first, she was shocked but the youngsters convinced her to try having intercourse with her son and soon she was an eager participant in all the sexual variations.
    The publishers present “Young Swingers” in the hope that the knowledge gained from this book will help the reader to avoid similar entrapment. Due to the nature of its theme, this novel is recommended for the adult, mature reader only.
    Paul Harttman, M.A.
    New York City


    Nora McCarthy stepped out of the supermarket, a package under her arm and opened her umbrella. Thank God, she had thought to bring it as the huge drops began to cascade down upon the clear plastic of her smart umbrella. She walked toward the parking lot slowly aware that she had already been detained by the butcher more than she had anticipated and aware that the Stovers would be expecting her to serve at their party tonight.
    Nora heaved a long sigh. She wished she could quit, but where could she go, what could she do? She'd been with the Stover family for so many years, thirty to be exact, since before Master Brett had been born. She had been brought to the States from Shannon by the senior, Brett Stover, when she was barely nineteen and the Stovers were like her own family.
    But, things had changed! Dear God, how they had changed! Especially since Brett had married the beautiful Victoria Hanley. Nora had been the young master's nurse, then as he got older and went to prep school, Margaret Stover's personal maid. But, there hadn't been any love lost between the two women. None at all!
    Brett Stover, Senior, had married Margaret Lee for prestige and social position in exchange for his immense wealth. It had been strictly a marriage of convenience, and everyone knew it. Margaret Lee had been a beautiful, headstrong, spoiled daughter of a highly prestigious, but impoverished family and Stover's fortune had appealed to her more than any affair of the heart. They always had had separate bedrooms, and it was rumored that as soon as she had produced an heir, their sexual involvement had ended.
    Not that they had discontinued fucking on the side! No, indeed, they had just stopped fucking each other.
    And Nora McCarthy had been Brett Stover's mistress for years!
    He and Margaret had been on their honeymoon to Europe when he had interviewed Nora for a job as a maid and then nurse when the babies started coming. Nora had fallen in love with him during the interview. He was so tall, so handsome with his thick blonde hair and blue eyes! She would have taken the job for nothing just to be near him!
    Whether Margaret Stover ever knew of their affair, Nora couldn't say, but there was always a coolness between them, other than between employer and employee and as soon as Brett, Junior married, Nora had been sent to work as Victoria's personal maid.
    Nora reached her car, got in and patted her still-red hair. She had been quite a beauty with her long, red tresses, her milk-white skin, her eyes as green as the Irish sea, her body as trim and as voluptuous as Victoria Stover's was now. Brett, Senior had stopped having sexual relations with Nora for over ten years now, but on her birthday and Christmas, she always received a bouquet of flowers with a hundred dollar bill stuffed down among the blossoms.
    Nora squirmed her still-shapely ass down against the seat of the slow-moving car as her memory filled with the images of the events of that first day in Brett Stover's mansion. She had met Margaret Stover who was young and beautiful though obviously pregnant and Nora could recall how she had recognized immediately that things weren't right between the two of them. But she had convinced herself that she needed to have the job, and she was willing to take any responsibilities that went with it.
    She had been happily arranging her belongings into the closet and dresser when Brett paid the first of what subsequently became frequent visits. She could remember how awkward and embarrassed she had felt when Mr. Stover had begun to undress her. He had smiled gently at her when she told him that she had never been with a man before, but he had kept removing her clothes very slowly. Nora later recognized that her passive attitude had been the result of her love for the handsome man, but at that time she only knew that she had to satisfy her employer. She was in a strange country without money, without friends. She could vividly recall how frightened she had been.
    When Stover had removed everything but her bra and panties, he had stopped to carefully study her voluptuous young body. She had never weighed very much, but her body was full and shapely, her creamy-white skin smooth, soft, in contrast to the cheap blue cotton material of her undergarments. Her silky red hair hung down several inches past her waist when it wasn't tied up in a roll on top of her head. But her good looks were completely overshadowed by the striking appearance of her full, round, exciting titties, and firm youthful thighs. Brett Stover didn't waste a minute in removing the remaining garments from her body, and what they had covered proved to be every bit as enticing as he had suspected.
    Nora's twin mounds of firm, young titties pointed straight out, the nipples at the tips pink and large like ripe cherries ready to be picked. Beneath the flat plane of her belly was the small triangle of smooth red pussy hair curving sparsely into the tantalizing frame of her firm, young thighs. The pink folds of her virgin cunt were clearly visible beneath the sparse red hair covering her twat and there was an open space beneath the delicious cunny even though her legs were tightly held together. Her whole image was so innocently sexual, that Brett Stover had held off touching her body for a full minute and she had stood trying to cover herself with her hands ashamed and embarrassed at standing nude before a man for the first time in her life.
    Nora had been standing there cowering for a full minute when Stover had suddenly leaned forward placing his open mouth hard against one titty, and she felt the sensation of his warm tongue licking her nipple erect for the first time. Her relief and pleasure came over her simultaneously, but she remained still, waiting for him to guide her in his fucking of her virgin pussy. His mouth sucked and pulled and nipped at her booby, filling her with the strange new sensations of passion. At the same time, she felt his hand run smoothly down across her belly toward her naked cunt and she tensed in anticipation of its contact with her aroused clitty. She had not been totally unfamiliar with the pleasures of sex, as she had often fondled her own little twat with her fingers, but no man had ever before fucked her cunny. When his middle finger slowly parted the soft, red pussy hair and spread the warm, fleshy lips of her twat, Nora felt a moment of panic, but that feeling was quickly consumed by the electric sensation that bolted through her aroused body as his finger pressed into the throbbing young clitty. She didn't know then how cruel Brett Stover could really be, but instead, her mind was absorbed by the new feelings she was experiencing herself, within her trembling body. If any thought had passed through her mind, it was the fact that she was being intimately fondled by the man she had been hired by, and whom she loved. All that really mattered was the fact that she was finally going to be fucked like a real woman by the man she wished she could have for a husband.
    Nora McCarthy had never had a boyfriend in all her nineteen years. Not that they didn't sit around her father's doorstep like a swarm of flies! She simply was interested in none of them, until she met Brett Stover. She knew that she had been missing an important part of living and she was prepared to take whatever Brett Stover would give, no matter how frightened or nervous she became.
    Nora remembered how weak her knees had felt as Stover had continued massaging her hardened clitty. The full excitement had been so great, she nearly had her legs buckle right out from under her. But before it happened he had picked her up bodily and carried her to the bed.
    She lay there completely naked on the white sheet, a little embarrassed by her open cunt, but calmly watching him as he hurriedly stripped off her clothes. She didn't start shaking until he had gotten down to his underpants and the huge bulge of his erect prick suddenly came into sight. She had never before seen an erect prick and she had no idea that it would be so big. The rubbery flesh of the purple-covered cockhead looked the size of a giant mushroom and the thick veins running along its length seemed to be throbbing visibly. Nora, in her youthful innocence, couldn't imagine getting such a large rod of flesh inside her tiny, virginal pussy but at the same time, the thought of it throbbing deep up into her belly excited her tremendously, even though it made her nervous.
    Brett Stover stood at the foot of the four-postered bed for a full minute, smiling at her, but she could see a sign of horny lust in his eyes, flashing like all the other men's eyes she had been seeing staring at her. Only this time, it was different, because she was lying on a bed, naked and ready to let him do as he wished with her helpless young cunt. She had her thighs clenched tightly together when Stover knelt down on the bed and he took her ankles in his hands to spread her legs out wide. She felt her face redded slightly as her pussy too was stretched slightly open to his lusting gaze, but she didn't have a chance to look at his face for long as he quickly leaned down and kissed the red down on her quivering cunt. For a second before he moved, Nora had a brief look at the huge swollen flesh of his pecker protruding like a giant flesh-pole from the blonde tangle of his cock hair. Then she quickly forgot about her fear of its size as his tongue wetly moved across her belly and began probing down into the soft folds of her moist young pussy.
    That tremendous sensation of his tongue darting out against her clitty was as vivid to her here in the car thirty years later as it had been then. Her whole body seemed to lurch off the bed as the powerful sensation slammed through her very nerve to ignite a burning pleasure she had never before known. Up until that moment, Nora hadn't made a sound, but as his mouth clamped down into the tender flesh of her virgin screw box, she let a deep moan burst from her open mouth. Her own noise startled her and Nora feared that it could be heard throughout the entire house large as it was. Nora was afraid that someone might come by and interrupt the wonderful pleasure that Brett Stover was giving her so she consciously tried not to let out any noise again. His teeth biting at her clitty felt so marvelous and she didn't want anything to keep him from continuing his sex play. She closed her eyes tightly to let her mind concentrate fully on the hot, spit-moistened flesh licking at the sensitive lips of her cunt.
    Everything had lost all meaning to Nora McCarthy so she didn't have any idea how long Brett Stover continued to bite and pull and suck on her ditty but then she felt his tongue slowly move down the silky, hair-lined gash to the wet, virginal opening of her fuck passage. When his tongue probed into the tight, moist twatflesh, she voluntarily spread her legs wide to get more of the fantastic pleasure he was giving her. His mouth was pressed hard against her cunny lips and his tongue seemed to push its way up inside her screw channel until it was deeply buried in her belly.
    “Eeeeeiiiggghhh!” Nora gasped suddenly while trying to contain the moan that she wanted to wail out. The air in her lungs seemed to abruptly force its way out, caused by the bolt of excitement that started deep inside her womb. The pleasure was far greater than she had ever imagined it would be and Nora marveled at the way his tongue seemed to stretch way up inside her helplessly clasping cuntal passage. She began to rhythmically grind her asscheeks into the mattress as the maddening tongue screwed incessantly up inside her pussy. Stover's sucking of her moistening young cunny juices went on until he could contain his passion and lust no longer, and he raised his head up from between her wriggling thighs while at the same time grasping her long, white., shapely legs to stretch them out further.
    Nora opened her eyes to the sight of Brett Stover's lust-incited fuckstick pointing directly at her exposed cunt, but as much as she wanted that cock to explode inside her little twat, she couldn't control the overwhelming fear of its tearing her to pieces. It was like an arm of jerking, throbbing sharp flesh made ready to plunge into her pussy as a sharp knife through warm butter. The huge, purple head appeared to throb into a life of its own as she saw the dilated eye at the tip grow large with tiny drops of pre-cum fluid rolling out. Brett Stover was holding her legs up in the air as if to lift her clear off her bed, and she could feel the cool air of the room flowing past her spit-moistened cunt and down the widespread cleft of her firm, young asscheeks. Her total nakedness, in addition to the fear of his huge whang made Nora tremble nervously as he gradually shoved his hips forward, until the smooth, purple-headed fuck-stick made contact with the fleshy folds of her helpless, upturned twat.
    Somehow Nora had got the impression that the rubbery cockhead was hot enough to burn her pussy, but the mild coolness she had felt was in marked contrast to the heat in her own flesh. He pressed his long pecker against the tight opening of her fuckhole for a moment, then Stover leaned forward across her body suddenly clamping his mouth against her taut neck as the weight of his body dropped against her nakedness. Stover had released his hold of her legs, and one hand was squeezing into the soft flesh of her large titty, while the other hand held his long prick pressed tightly against her open pussy. Without hesitation, he began to run the huge swollen prickhead up and down the soft hair-lined gash of her cunt, parting the warm fleshy lips in lewd preparation to his whang entry of her tight, young screw box.
    The pressure of his hard fuckstick against the virgin cherry of her cunt made Nora grow tense from the anxiety of the pain she knew would surely come. She thought her flesh was ripping apart from the steady increase of force as his hips pushed forward with more and more strength. The pain in her pussy grew to ever-greater proportions as her pussy resisted the blunt force of the fleshy hard pecker until suddenly her whole body seemed to rip in half as the giant fuckhead pushed into the tight restricting small passage.
    “Ooooohhh!” the young girl had groaned out her pain and agony out loud as the horrendous pain ripped throughout her body. She couldn't control her moans any longer, and she cried out a plea for mercy. But she didn't realize that Brett Stover was beyond hearing her, or that she had screamed out her horrible pain. She was trying desperately to fight off the terrible agony that tore at her entrails, and that one thought occupied her hazy mind. Nora squirmed her asscheeks back away from the ramming pecker, but she was held tightly by the strong grip and weight of his well-built body. After a minute, when the initial shock of his cock entry had subsided, Nora realized that only the large, purple head of his huge prick had pushed through the tight, resisting cherry between her legs, and terror took over when she imagined how painful the rest of his whang entry might be.
    “Aaaaaggghhh!” She screamed as the massive pecker drove into her cunt continuing with unrelenting pressure, the blood engorged column expanding her tight cuntal passage to its thick round size. With slow sureness, the cock pressed in a quarter-inch at a time and each move seemed to Nora to be more horrible than the last. She was convinced that she could never regain her consciousness with the giant fuckstick buried up inside her twat and she struggled with the fast-draining remainder of her strength for what she felt was a lifetime lost in her terror as she was. The initial thoughts of pleasing Brett Stover by satisfying him sexually no longer mattered. She wasn't interested in doing anything except getting away from the painful pressure down in her burning pussy, but her struggle was hopeless. Nora didn't have the strength left in her body to resist anymore and she gave up fighting the agony and pain. She relaxed, letting the huge rampaging pecker just fuck her into oblivion.
    “Oh, my God! Oh, sweet Jesus!” Nora yelled out when the suddenly unrestricted enormous prick plunged quickly up the remainder of her widestretched pussy, completely filling her belly. Brett Stover's groin crashed hard into her opened cunt as his pecker submerged in the sheath-like flesh to the very hilt. Nora didn't move at all from terror of the pain she knew would come as she thought for sure that the huge fuckstick was going to pierce the walls of her writhing pussy. She felt as though her whole body was hung limply on a giant staff of cock flesh stabbed into her cunny and that at any moment it was going to push farther up to tear the rest of her whole body apart. But it didn't go in any further. It just stayed throbbing in her helplessly stretched fuckhole like a beast sleeping at rest before going out after a kill.
    Slowly, Nora became aware of the other parts of her body which were still very much alive. Her heart was pounding furiously in her chest, the steady beat transmitting up through her titties to the large chest pressed down against them. The taut nerves in her neck were reacting to the tiny nips of his teeth and she realized that her arms were wrapped tightly around his body, holding him to her body like she never wanted to let him go! She knew that the storm was over, that the aching in her pussy would gradually stop and the tremendous pleasure that she hoped would follow was again filling her mind.
    “Oh, Jesus Christ!” Nora exclaimed suddenly in protest as Brett Stover flexed his tightly wrapped prick to expand the huge cockhead buried deep inside her belly. The pain wasn't nearly as bad as Nora had imagined it would be, and the continuing expansion of his swollen whang began to bring a new sensation throbbing wonderfully through her pussy to replace the pain. It was a form of servility, a final commitment of dedication to her lover to be filled with the throbbing prick of her beloved Brett Stover. It was the sexual encounter that Nora had been dreaming, seeking, hoping for for as long as she could remember. She refocused her attention away from the searing pain of his cock entry to the pleasurable sensation that was slowly beginning to rebuild in the depths of her burning pussy.
    The young, beautiful Nora drew her knees up so as to have better leverage to fuck her stretched cunny up against the fuzziness of his cock hairs. As she arched her hips up slightly, Brett Stover withdrew his massive prick from her belly and she could feel the hard dong column resisting his exit when only the cockhead end remained inside her screw box. Nora lifted her impaled groin up to him, afraid he might take it all the way out, but he pushed instead, forward again into the depths of her wet fuck passage. She could feel the rubbery fleshhead parting the walls of her cunt as it slid down inside her, and her pussy closed tightly around the thick cunt, the nerves lining the wall telegraphing every part of its huge form to her brain. She hung suspended on every movement of his long downstroke, feeling willingly this time, pleasure rather than pain, and when his pelvis pressed into her asscheeks, she felt the twin sacs of his bull's nuts smack lightly against her now widely spread pussy. The sensation was tremendous for Nora McCarthy and she opened her legs out as wide as she could to make the next prick plunge harder and deeper.
    Again, Brett Stover pulled back with his hips to withdraw his excited whang and as he slammed into her clasping fuckhole with a faster motion, his large balls slapped hard down against her tiny, puckered shithole.
    “Ooooohhh!” Nora shrieked from the tremendous sensation that came rippling up her backbone. His balls were stirring with the pressure of semen inside them, and she could feel their life throbbing as they hung down against her naked asshole. The pain of his first prick entry was completely forgotten, and all she could think of was to be fucked again and again by the hard, hot pecker inside her cunt. Even the aching had subsided to the point of being overtaken by the pleasure of his furious screwing in and out of her pussy as it had been done since time immemorial. The screwing motion of his long, thick fuckstick sent ripples of pleasure with ever-increasing intensity through every part of her passion aroused cunny and she took up the fuck rhythm with him, arching her hips up as he drove forward on the downstroke and pulling back as he retreated. It was proving to be a beautifully satisfying experience for the young Nora McCarthy and the fuck demands that Brett Stover was placing on her did not occur nor concern her at that time.
    Nora had been young and innocent then, so many years ago, and she was completely unaware that it was going to prove to be the beginning of many demands that Brett Stover would eventually require of her. It had been the start of her falling into a trap that she would have avoided if she had guessed where it would lead, but her first fuck experience with a man whom she thought she loved, was too important in itself for her to be concerned about the price she would have to pay.
    The conflagration deep in her pussy became extremely intense as Brett Stover's overly-large prick seemed to grow larger as his fucking became faster and faster. His juice-saturated pecker slid with greater ease in and out of her tightly grasping twat, the walls of her fuck passage wrapping and squeezing over every part of its throbbing whang as it stirred her to greater heights of pleasure. The swelling pounding fucking in her pussy seemed to go with more urgency as the screw tempo increased. As his whang plowed deep inside her cunt, their pubic hairs crashed together only to separate again as it withdrew to plow in once again. Nora felt her whole body become a part of her hungrily clasping twat as the sensations were reaching out into her every nerve ending to create greater and heavier excitement. She had never imagined it could be such a pleasure to be totally consumed by the huge fleshy prick pounding crazily into her womb. The frantic screwing motion of their bodies fucking on the bed made her mind whirl with tiny white spots that bounced and exploded as her lust and passion became higher. They appeared and disappeared like charges of energy from her excited nerves, dancing through her whole writhing body. Nora drew her legs up as high as she could, and she began flexing and tightening the muscles in her white thighs to pull and suck at the magnificent prick that fucked with tremendous force in her fiery, twitching pussy.
    Nora felt as though her body was completely freed of any mental or physical resistance to pleasure, and she had thrilling sensations streaming from her cunt that she wanted, but couldn't understand at first. Then, Nora realized that Brett Stover's hands were exploring other sensitive parts of her body and a rippling flash of raw pleasure shot up her spine as she felt his finger probing into her nakedly exposed asshole. She sensed her embarrassment at being so open to a total stranger, but the idea of what was happening made her even more excited for its sheer obscenity. Nora kept thinking over and over that she was being fucked that she was finally being fucked by a man. When his finger suddenly pushed inside her tight, resisting shithole, the minute pain was nothing compared to the sensations of complete surrender she felt, and she began bucking wildly to have her pussy fucked into pieces by his enormous cudgel of throbbing cockflesh.
    Nora's belly started jerking uncontrollably as she felt the huge head of his screwing cock swell up larger inside her cunt. She knew that it was going to start squirting out boiling sperm at any moment, but the growing spasms in her own twat were the center of her attentions now. She thought she was going to have her entrails exploded all around by the hot, bursting sensations that followed the jerking in her twat. Then, suddenly Stover's fuckpole sank deeply inside her churning pussy and the huge head seemed to fill her like an inflating balloon. Her belly shook with tremendous spasms where she felt the first hot spew of cum fluid moving up the length of the long, thick pecker like a great roaring wave to burst out and crash searingly into her hot sucking fuckhole.
    “Oh, dear Christ in Heaven! Oh, sweet mother of God!” Nora screamed out her ecstasy as the great, spurting pecker began to saturate her trembling pussy with hot, sticky sperm from his own orgasm. She could feel every drop of the gobby cum bursting out of the giant swollen cockhead and the sensations were so tremendous that her whole belly exploded in response to the pleasure he was giving to her.
    She jammed her cunt as tightly as possible against the jerking whang inside her and her contracting fuckhole erupted with her own joyous climax.
    “Eeeeeiiiggghhh!” Nora McCarthy's scream echoed around her head as the explosive searing passion in her body soared to a peak of delightful pleasure. Nora sank her fingernails into the back of the beloved stranger above her impassioned body and pulled him down hard against her heaving titties. She wanted to be smothered by his warm body, to cover her tingling nerves with a hot whang of pleasure at every tiny fuckhole of her body. She arched her spread asscheeks up to receive all of the squirting hot semen she could get and her own sticky, white twat-juice gushed up her contracting fuck passage over the jerking thick whang to spill out around its hair-covered base and run slowly down the crevice of her upturned asscheeks. It seemed to last an eternity until her body was completely drained of all its liquid.
    Nora could still remember all of the special sensations that she had experienced that first time she was fucked. The wonderful feeling of their mixed juices running warmly across her asshole and down the cleft of her asscheeks to make a great pool on the bed, had stuck in her mind ever since. Of course, after that first day, Brett Stover had done many things to her that were all new, but for some reason that first fuck experience always stayed foremost in her mind. Perhaps it was because at that time, she didn't know he was a brutal creature as she had only known him for a few hours then and she had loved him. She had learned quickly about his demands on people, and even though she could never reject him when he visited her for a hot screw session, she resented the fact that she had become so dependent on him. She had disliked his wife, Margaret, from the start, but, in many ways, Nora could understand why Margaret had rejected him. It was, or course, ironic to Nora that Margaret was not only Brett, Junior's mother, but she also was more of his nursemaid than Nora had ever been. Nora quickly learned that at least inside their house, she was primarily responsible for being Brett, Senior's fuckhole and not a nursemaid for their son. Nora realized that Margaret didn't care how many affairs Brett, Senior had as long as he left her alone. And Margaret Stover was very careful to always lock her door at night. Nora accepted her position not so much out of sympathy for Margaret as for her own needs and she knew then that she had been caught up in a trap that led nowhere. When Brett, Second was in college, Stover Senior's visits to Nora became less and less frequent, then finally, they ceased altogether as Brett found younger girls to fuck with. For three years before Junior moved into his own home on Long Island and Nora went with him as his wife's personal maid, she didn't see the older Brett at all. She knew that it had been Margaret's plan for her to go to work at Junior's home, but Senior didn't stop the move since he had no more need or desire for her. She didn't want to admit it to herself, but she had developed an intense loyalty to Brett Stover, Senior even though she no longer loved him. She was very conscious of it and if at any moment he had a demand of her, she would gladly and willingly do it.
    Now, she glanced at her watch. The party wasn't until nine and it was only seven-forty-five. Nora had time to see Jack O'Hara, the chauffeur at the house next to hers. Nora stopped the car as she became aware of having driven past the entrance to the Hewitt's, Jack's employers, while daydreaming about the past. Turning in her seat to back the car down the narrow road to the driveway, she felt the dampness at her cunt. Her thoughts had made her excited and so she hurried along the drive that took her to the Hewitt home and to Jack. She wanted him to fuck her right away. Her daydreaming combined with the week of not seeing Jack made her more anxious than she had realized.
    The Hewitt house was set well back on the property as most houses were. It was a large, rambling structure that appeared to have been built so as not to disturb the surrounding trees. She turned the car toward a building that was obviously the garages, and she could see the stairs up the side of the building which led to the apartment above, just as Jack had described it to her.
    As Nora parked the car, Jack appeared at the top of the stairs and she got out and ran up to greet him. Jack was a couple of years older than her and had been a bachelor all his life. He was rather set in his ways, as he had been in the Army for years before he retired to become a civilian. He only resigned because he had put the necessary time in to collect a pension and then had met Andrew Hewitt through a mutual friend. The job that Andrew offered him sounded ideal to Jack and he had quickly put in his retirement papers.
    “How do you like my new quarters?” Jack said, motioning around.
    “Looks like more work to me!” Nora replied smiling. She knew it was the location that Jack was talking about, but she kidded him anyway.
    “Shit, you know I never have much to do, anyway!” he said seriously. He held the door to his quarters open and motioned to her to go inside.
    Nora was always surprised at how immaculate Jack kept his place, but she hadn't expected it to be as nice as it was. The place was like a one bedroom apartment, but Jack had it fixed up to look like the inside of an army bunkroom. On the polished table was waiting a bottle of chilled Cold Duck and two glasses were placed neatly beside it.
    “That's just to celebrate seeing you after a week!” Jack quickly exclaimed, noticing Nora's expression of pleasure. Jack went to the table and picked up the bottle, holding it out to her. “What do you say? Do you have time?”
    “Go ahead, fill my glass, they'll wait for me!” Nora replied, slipping her coat off. She was really happy to be with Jack again and she knew that the evening was going to be just as she liked it. She began undressing as Jack uncorked the bottle and poured out the Cold Duck into the glasses and was stripped all the way down to her bra and panties by the time Jack had handed her a glass.
    “What shall we drink to?” Jack questioned, holding his drink up in the air.
    “Let's drink to you and me,” Nora said quickly and they both clinked their glasses and downed large swallows. Nora started to set her drink down when Jack stopped her.
    “Hold it, Nora! We should also drink to Andrew Hewitt for providing us with the privacy we need for our little tete a tetes.” Jack was smiling broadly as he drank down the remaining liquid in his glass.
    Nora drained off the booze in her glass, then she turned around for Jack to unfasten her bra. “I've always wondered why the Hewitts never got involved in the swap gatherings? Do you know why, Jack?” Nora asked curiously.
    “That young wife of his keeps him pretty busy, I guess,” Jack replied while removing her bra. He slid his hands around her ribs and grasped her full, rounded titties as she let the bra fall to the floor. “Just as well for him,” Jack continued casually. “He's working for Brett Stover, Senior you know. That's why he was able to buy this new spread out here in Northport. Mr. Hewitt is the new CPA for Stover Enterprises.”
    Nora wasn't quite sure she had heard what Jack had said, as her thoughts were preoccupied with his fondling of her large boobies. She turned around to face him.
    “Did you say that your boss is working now for Stover, the First?” she asked seriously.
    Jack had already started to remove her panties, and he let them fall down around her ankles before answering her. He was always anxious to see the smooth-skinned texture of her shapely body, and he never could get over how young her body appeared. He thought she looked more like I thirty than her actual forty-nine years.
    “That's the truth,” Jack finally said, but he wanted to get off of that subject and down to the business at hand. He started removing his own clothing after motioning for Nora to refill their glasses. “Fact is, Mr. Hewitt is over visiting with old man Stover right now,” Jack said to end the conversation.
    Nora forced her attention to the pouring of the drinks.
    She had to satisfy her natural curiosity about Brett Stover's business activities, but then she forgot completely about it since her cunt wanted Jack's big prick in the worse way.
    Then she had to go back and serve at the party. As if those youngsters could fool her. Their “parties” were only a polite way of describing the mate-swapping group that Brett, Jr. and Victoria belonged to. On those evenings, which seemed to Nora to be occurring more and more frequently, she always had to work. Although on those evenings she usually was only required to answer the door and serve canapes, she didn't like the work involved in getting the place ready for the group. She was glad she didn't have to hang around the living room after things got going as she didn't like being an observer of something she'd just as soon participate in. At least she would like to get involved in the sexual activities. The occasions when Brett, Jr. and Victoria would provide special entertainment turned her stomach. She had felt sick when Brett had used the wife of one of his employees to entertain the group, to strip and let all of the men fuck her. Nora was sure that the young man's wife would never have allowed Brett to touch her if he hadn't been her husband's employer. To Nora that was forcing people into something they wouldn't normally do and therefore it was wrong. Nora had become so upset seeing the man carrying his hysterical wife out of the house that evening, she had nearly quit working for Brett, Jr.
    But now she forgot about the wild orgies Brett and Victoria carried out in their home. She was going to have a little orgy of her own, and Jack was coming for her, his prick, huge, beautiful and beckoning.


    Margaret Stover, stunningly beautiful, sat sipping her martini. She hadn't really wanted to stay but Brett had insisted and if she was to get that diamond necklace, she'd better do as he said.
    Now she looked at the young Andrew Hewitt, his dark hair wavy and thick, his grey eyes, large and smiling, serious now as he went over the business details with Brett. Andrew had come over without his wife, Anita, so to all outward appearances, he seemed seriously involved in company problems with Brett. Margaret had been through these conversations with many of Brett's employees before now and this one was just as boring as the last one.
    Once Margaret was sure that no financial disaster was about to occur, for she could imagine no other reason for his business to enter their home life, Margaret would only listen for the opportunity to break into the conversation so she could excuse herself and leave the room. This evening, Andrew and Brett were so engrossed in the latest acquisition of Stover Enterprises that Margaret gulped down the remainder of her drink and stood up from the chair. Without saying a word, she turned to quietly leave the room, but her movement stopped the discussion long enough for Andrew to rise out of his chair.
    “Please, don't bother,” Margaret said quickly. “You must excuse me, I have a few things to attend to. Don't let me interrupt your discussion. It's been a great pleasure meeting you,” she added nodding toward Andrew Hewitt. He bowed politely to her as she left the room without saying a word.
    Margaret closed the door of the den behind her and she walked in an even pace across the hall to the stairway. She moved like a little girl practicing a walk while balancing books on the top of her head but with Margaret, the smooth motion could only be described as exciting and sensuous. Her face always had the appearance of a proud movie star, the quality of being very sure of her self, and that mixed with the slender lines of her voluptuous body made her extremely exciting to look at. Her forty-eight years didn't show on the surface and for that reason she always had a very youthful glow. Her long, jet-black hair was piled on top of her head, and it blended well with her soft features and long, swan-like neck. Margaret's walk suited her as her gracefully sleek body was like that of a high fashion model. Yet she was curvy and soft beneath her Paris clothes.
    At the bottom of the stairway, she looked around surreptitiously, then ran up the stairs like a bat out of hell! Moving fast, but quietly on the plush carpeting, she entered the room directly above the den where Brett and Andrew were still talking. Locking the door, she crossed the room to the comer where a thin grating ran along the lower wall. It was part of the air conditioning system that Brett had ordered installed when the house had been remodeled a few years ago. It was also like a public address system for any and all conversations in the room below and Margaret would often go to it after she had left the library to see if anything was being said that she didn't know about.
    Margaret wasn't really an eavesdropper by nature, but her curiosity sometimes got the best of her. She had an insatiable desire to know what people talked about and it stemmed from her own unhappiness and loss of dignity. She fully expected to hear nothing except boring business details about Stover acquisitions, but she wanted to hear just what was said.
    Margaret turned the chair near the vent so that she could make herself comfortable while listening to the conversation in the den below. She wasn't at all surprised to hear them still talking along the same lines as when she had left. Andrew Hewitt was new to the company and would be expected to try to make a good impression on his new employer. But Margaret knew Brett too well to believe that he only had Andrew over to discuss business that could have been taken care of during the day. She knew that the conversation would change soon and she was ready to wait until something was said about her. She didn't have to wait.
    After a few minutes she could hear her husband moving to the bar and pouring fresh drinks. Andrew was talking all the time, but then Brett said something she couldn't quite catch, until Andrew stopped talking.
    “That's what I pay you a large salary for! You wouldn't be a valuable asset to my business if I could change your mind!” Brett's voice boomed up through the air vent. Margaret recognized Brett's old tactic of offhandedly complimenting someone before he asked for a favor. Somehow the favors Brett requested always sounded like an order which demanded to be carried out.
    There was silence for a long minute and she thought they were sipping at their drinks. She pressed her ear closer to the vent to be sure they weren't whispering and satisfied, Margaret relaxed to wait for the conversation to continue.
    “Are you settled in your new house, Andy?” Brett asked after a moment. He was turning the conversation on a more personal approach.
    “Yes, we have. Actually, Anita has been wanting to renovate, but that will come with time,” Andrew answered. What he meant to say was that he couldn't afford to make changes in his new home at the present time.
    Brett was aware that Andrew Hewitt had overextended himself by moving into Northport, Long Island, and that was exactly the sort of thing that made Brett Stover happy. He liked his employees to be dependent on their jobs. Brett, of course, had power in many different ways but he especially liked to have people dependent upon him for his money. When he hired Andrew Hewitt, he knew that he would instantly put himself into a situation such as the huge house and chauffeur that made him easy prey for Brett. If Andrew lost his position with Brett suddenly, he would have difficult financial worries. Andrew had been relatively conservative with his money until he married his young wife. Then everything changed, as Anita was a voraciously demanding spender who could make Andrew do just as she wanted. Brett Stover saw this in Anita Hewitt and it was just the sort of situation that he could really appreciate.
    “Yes, I'm sure she could do a lot for that old house,” Brett agreed. “Care for another drink?” he asked, to change the subject. He walked slowly over to the service bar he had in the plush den.
    Margaret listened carefully and intently as Andrew took the drink from Brett's hand. She was getting impatient and was going to leave her listening post if they didn't say something about her soon.
    “I'm going to send my son, Brett, to Los Angeles to take care of a transaction for drilling equipment. You might call him tomorrow and see if he needs any monetary advising before he leaves,” Brett said seriously. Andrew nodded his head in agreement as Brett continued. “My son had had a tendency sometimes to forget that he works for his father. It probably would never occur to him to contact you.”
    “I'll give him a buzz first thing in the morning,” Andrew promised quickly. He knew how Brett, Jr. was, and didn't like it, but he wanted to keep his feelings about the younger Stover from his father. After all, it would be wrong to go against the boss' son.
    “Terrific! Then there is one other thing I would like you to do for me,” Brett went on. He paused for a short moment as if to reflect on the correct way to phrase his request.
    Margaret leaned closer to the listening device, afraid she had possibly missed something more that Brett had said. But she heard only silence for a moment. Then Brett's deep voice again boomed up through the vent.
    “I'll need you tomorrow evening for a brief errand. Do you know my son's wife, Victoria?” Brett sounded quite businesslike in his inquiry.
    “Yes, I met her once. I think she and Anita were at the same finishing school,” Andrew responded as if to justify for Brett his knowledge of the beautiful blonde.
    “Very good! Then you know where she lives.”
    “Yes, I do.”
    “Well, I'd like to have you contact her in the evening. Tell her that you and I need to discuss some financial matters with her at my house. You can pick her up and bring her here. I'll take care or the rest.” Brett talked as though he were dictating a letter to his private secretary and he could see the astonished look on Andrew Hewitt's face. Brett didn't care as he knew that Andrew would do exactly as he had requested.
    “Oh, of course, Brett. Is there anything you'll need from the office? Anything I can get for you?” Andrew asked. He wasn't sure what to make of Brett Stover's command and he thought that was something that he had forgotten about. He tried to remember if Brett had discussed her with him before now.
    “Just Victoria! Tell her anything you like, but be sure she gets here by nine o'clock,” Brett said forcefully. He didn't want to discuss any details with Andrew Hewitt. The less Andrew knew, Brett thought, the more he'll want to know. “Can you take care of that matter for me, please?” Brett asked, his tone a little more polite than it had been earlier in the conversation.
    Andrew Hewitt was thinking as fast as he could, but he didn't understand what business Brett Stover might have with his own daughter-in-law. Whatever it was, Andrew knew he wouldn't particularly like it, but he knew, too, that he would do anything Brett Stover asked of him. Andrew's employment contract with Brett Stover Enterprises wasn't legally in force until after an eight month trial period and he needed and wanted to keep his new job. “At nine o'clock?” Andrew verified, wanting to be exact.
    “Or earlier if possible,” Brett said and he grinned at Andrew Hewitt. He could see that Andrew didn't understand his ulterior motives at all.
    Andrew Hewitt remained silent for a moment until it finally occurred to him what Brett Stover was really after. He didn't want to believe it, but he couldn't imagine any other reason for Brett's obscene leering self-satisfied grin. He decided to try his wings.
    “Can I bring anything for Mrs. Stone?” he inquired, but his expression was worriedly questioning Brett's need for assistance.
    Stover laughed loud and long before answering Andrew's question. “You needn't concern yourself about my wife. I don't!” Brett Stover said casually but he winked at Andrew in a gesture of shared secrets.
    Andrew recognized that his guess had been correct. Brett Stover was planning something for Victoria and most obviously it was Brett Stover himself. What amazed Andrew more than anything else was that Brett Stover wasn't concerned at all by Margaret's possible reaction. In fact, Brett didn't seem to care if Margaret was around or not! He didn't say so, but Brett's look told Andrew that Margaret wasn't really involved closely with him in any way but by name.
    Margaret moved away from the listening post, wondering what Brett had in mind for his son's wife. She couldn't believe that it would be anything good, yet she certainly didn't think it could be more than some type of information concerning their son. Naturally, Brett would use Victoria to get information on her husband's activities. But Margaret couldn't help wondering why Brett wanted Andrew to bring Victoria to their house. It would certainly be much simpler for Brett to talk to her directly and especially since their son would be leaving for Los Angeles. Margaret tried to reason out why Brett was involving Andrew in such a simple errand when Brett could merely drop in at their son's home without all this fuss. Then Margaret remembered that her husband didn't ever want to go to Brett's and Victoria's house unless Nora, the maid, was gone for the evening.
    Unknown to Nora, Margaret was very much aware of Brett's past involvement with Nora McCarthy, but she had nothing but pity for her since she was only a servant. Margaret measured values in terms of relative comfort, and it was only her husband's money that kept her living with him as his wife. When she and Brett were first married, Margaret had expected her life with him to be somewhat commensurate with their social standing and she had been raised to believe that upper-class people maintained a high morality standard. Margaret's family had a name in the community, but thanks to her father's incompetence in handling the large inheritance from her grandfather, they had little money. In fact, the family would have been totally broke if her father hadn't quit trying to enlarge the inheritance with his bad investments. Before Margaret's parents died, they had spent the remainder of their money on keeping up an appearance of established wealth and it had been Brett's money that finally buried them in the style they had expected in life.
    Brett had actually married Margaret Lee for the entree her family's name would provide in the business circles of the community around them. It was marrying respectably and he had used his opportunity well. Brett Stover was a lean and shrewd dealer before the age of twenty-two and he only required the association with respectability to put his talents to work in the direction he wanted to take. His holdings were worth over three million dollars by the time he was twenty five and from then on, he could only go up. His tactics were ruthless, but before anyone could realize this, he had gotten out of their reach. He had made it on his own underhanded merits and through the open doors that Margaret's name provided. Their marriage was a total failure from the beginning.
    Margaret's notion of marriage had been based on a romantic ideal she had seen in the movies and Brett Stover had played the game well when he was courting her. Their sexual involvement before the wedding had amounted to nothing more than good-night kisses and occasional feel-ups of the accidental-on-purpose variety. Their first night together after the wedding had been a rude awakening for Margaret and Brett's treatment of her had been something more than gentle. He had fucked her delectable cunt with all the urgent passion that he had contained for the many months of their engagement and Margaret never quite got over it. It had been painful but more than that, it was humiliating for her and she resisted the natural passion in her body ever since then. Brett always treated her roughly, and after a time began to think of her merely as another possession. Her lack of response to his horrendous fucking frustrated Brett and after she became pregnant with their son, he never came near her again.
    Margaret had been particularly cold in their fuck session that evening she told him she was expecting a baby, and that had been the last time Brett had ever fucked her. He kept her around because she was the mother of his son and that was the extent of it. When Brett hired Nora McCarthy, he had already hired and fired another two “live-ins” and Margaret had been surprised that the young, lovely Irish girl lasted as long as she had.
    Their sexual arrangement actually pleased Margaret as long as the appearance of her marriage was maintained and Brett was too shrewd to have it any other way. In the privacy of her home, Margaret was happy that she didn't have to fuck her husband and she couldn't care less about his outside screw activities since they at least kept him far away from her sexually.
    The high spot of her life had been the raising of her son, Brett, Junior, and she showered him with the additional attention that otherwise would have gone to her husband. This at times had brought accusations from her husband of her making their son into a mama's boy, but Stover was too involved with the management of Stover Enterprises to do much about it until Brett was much older. Then Brett sent him off to school, and later bought him the house in Northport. In fact, young Brett never knew that his father had arranged for his first encounter with the opposite sex by paying a girl to let the fifteen-year-old boy fuck her. Margaret never knew about this arrangement either and she couldn't prevent his father setting young Brett in a house of his own. After that, Margaret stuck around for the comfort of the life that Brett had provided as he had never let her have any money of her own. Margaret Stover didn't know any other way to live so she stayed with her husband, Brett, all the time nursing a deep hatred for him.
    Still reflecting on the men's conversation, Margaret listened in on it further still at the listening post. Margaret decided that Brett wanted Victoria to come to their house so he wouldn't have to see Nora McCarthy. Once Brett had finished with Nora McCarthy as a fuck partner or anyone else for that matter, he generally made a point to avoid that person like the plague. But for Margaret, that still didn't explain what Brett had to do with Victoria mostly because she was married to her son, but she also thought of Victoria as a parasite and golddigger who only wanted the Stover fortune.
    Margaret got up and paced the floor. Instinctively, she felt that there was a conspiracy afoot. A conspiracy that could easily throw Margaret and Brett, Junior into a very vulnerable position, like O-U-T. She'd see her son tomorrow so that they could counter-scheme.


    Brett Stover, Junior stared out of the huge picture window in his office. God, he was knocked out. They'd have to cut down on those mate-swapping parties, he was all fucked out. In the beginning, they were held just once a week, then twice, now they were held four times a week and it was getting a bit much.
    But, fuck it all, that goddamn blonde last night was really something! He felt his prick give a half-hearted lurch as he thought of the new club member.
    “These are the only papers I can find, Mr. Stover.”
    Young Brett's thoughts were interrupted by his lovely secretary's appearance into his office, and he took the papers she held out to him.
    “Okay! I think I have everything now, everything I'll need. Did you get my reservation for the flight?” Brett asked Caroline Brent before she left his office.
    “Yes, Mr. Stover. Your flight leaves at seven this evening. They're holding the ticket for you at the airport.”
    “Fine. If there isn't anything else, I'm going home to pack. I didn't expect to have to work today or to make this fucking trip either.” Brett was forgetting that his secretary had to come in on the holiday as well.
    “Well, there is another thing, Mr. Stover. We've had a want ad running for a barmaid at The Oaken Bucket, the bar on East Main Street, and the interviews are supposed to be held at two o'clock this afternoon. The manager won't be in until six to open up and we still haven't hired a new assistant manager. So no one will be there to handle the applicants.”
    Brett remembered that he still hadn't replaced Ira Finchley at The Oaken Bucket, a posh bar that Stover Enterprises owned, and he had to laugh to himself as he was reminded of the incident with Ira's young wife, Betty. After the guys got through screwing her, she'd almost had a nervous breakdown. And, of course, Ira couldn't say a word. He'd been screwing Victoria at the time. “Why can't the manager handle the interviews?” Brett asked Miss Brent.
    “He hasn't had a day off in weeks, sir. Tonight is the busiest day of the week so I don't think he's willing to go in early.”
    Brett thought about it for a moment and decided that interviewing young girls wouldn't be so bad after all. “All right. Guess I'll have to take care of it myself,” he said, knowing that she wouldn't have to call the manager now. Brett looked at his watch and saw he didn't have much time to spare if he was going to get to The Oaken Bucket by two. “You better stick around until three in case I'll need anything at the cocktail lounge,” Brett added as he stood up to go. He could see the disappointment in his secretary's eyes but he didn't care. If he was going to work, so could she!
    As Brett got into his car to make the drive to the bar, his thoughts returned to the events of that morning. He was glad that the orgy the previous night had broken up earlier than usual as his father's call had come early that morning. It made him a little angry when he thought how the old man had waited until the last minute to tell him about the trip to Los Angeles. It meant that all of his plans for the weekend were finished because his father always expected him to leave a day early to be ready for business on Monday. He thought about what he might do in Los Angeles and tried to think of the name of the concert hall that had recently opened. If he could get a ticket, he decided he should go see Leonard Bernstein.
    As Brett pulled up in front of the cocktail lounge, Brett noticed only one girl standing by the front entrance. He parked the car quickly, the fished in his pocket for the master key as he walked toward the girl. She was leaning up against the door, her shapely young legs crossed at the ankles. Brett looked at the mini-skirt she was wearing, not failing to notice how it accented her sexy, voluptuous body. He guessed she was about nineteen or so but the expression on her lovely face told him immediately that she had been around.
    “You're here about the barmaid's job?” Brett asked as he approached the girl. She moved from the doorway and he immediately unlocked the door and walked inside.
    The beautiful redhead didn't say anything but followed him inside and across the lobby to the manager's office. Brett held the curtain that hung in front of the office door aside for her and she walked in ahead of him. He followed her, leaving the door slightly ajar.
    “Not much response to our ad,” Brett commented as he motioned to the girl to sit down on the leather sofa against the wall. He walked over to the desk to be able to look at her from the best possible angle. She sat with her legs uncrossed and he could clearly see the lace on her panties that covered her shapely little ass.
    “There were three other girls waiting,” she said, looking directly at his eyes. She knew she was being looked at by Brett in just the way she wanted. “I got rid of them. I told them I had already gotten the job,” she added and she smiled openly, daringly at Brett.
    The handsome, dark-haired Brett started laughing out loud at the girl's bold and honest statement. He couldn't help but like her attitude and looking at her he saw that she was smiling, accentuating her remarks. Her long, red hair hung straight down around her face and she lifted her hand to pull back a loose strand with her middle finger. She moved slowly and purposefully seductive, and Brett thought that she was putting it on a little too heavily. He decided to make her shell out a little pussy and he suddenly wanted to fuck her like he knew she had never before been fucked. That should show the teasing Utile slut.
    “Okay, you told them you already had the job but how do you know the tutu will fit? Ah, what's your name?” Brett added questioningly.
    “Christine Perkins!”
    “Okay, Christine. Suppose you try it on?” Brett smiled as he saw her raise her eyebrows slightly from surprise. But then she returned his smile.
    “Why not?” Brett realized that she was willing to go along with his request, at least to a point. He stood up and without saying any more, he went to the closet and pulled out a uniform that he figured would fit her approximately. When he turned around to hold it out for her, she was already standing up and pulling her blouse off. He dropped the skimpy outfit on the arm of the couch and stood silently where he was to watch her.
    It didn't take Christine very long to get down to her bra and panties as she had very little on over them. After taking off her blouse and casually setting it on the back of the couch, she unzipped the side of her miniskirt, letting it fall down around her feet. Both her bra and panties were very bikini and Brett could see the lines of her tan where her swimsuit had covered her. She had a long, narrow waist that was accentuated by the slight flare of her hips and her young, large titties. Her tiny bra was thin, nearly transparent material and Brett could see that she didn't really need it to hold up her firm, jutting boobies. It was rather loose on her, but there were round bumps at the tips of the tiny, wispy material where her large nipples pressed into it.
    Brett shifted his gaze to the red fuzz on her lower belly and down to the area of her cunny. The pink, lacey panties clearly showed the soft, red triangle of her pussy hair and her twat appeared to curve smoothly back between her tanned thighs. Her asscheeks were small, but clearly stuck out like two round ripe pieces of fruit. Brett felt his prick growing erect under his pants just from looking at her.
    “Well, do you want me to try on the outfit?” she said, holding out her hand out toward Brett.
    “That's okay. The uniform will fit.”
    Christine smiled again at Brett and gestured at her bra and panties. “You want me to take them off?” she said. It was as much a statement as it was a question.
    “No!” Brett replied and he moved closer to her. “I'll take them off.” He put his arms around Christine pulling her nearly naked body hard against him. The obscene bulge of his hard pecker pressed into the space between her firm young thighs, and he unfastened her bra before bending down slightly to kiss her on the ear. While nipping lightly at the taut cords of her neck, he ran his hands down her back until he felt the top of her panties. Slipping his fingers beneath the elastic waistband, he pulled the flimsy pink material down over the round moons of her asscheeks. He felt his elbows pushing slightly against him as if to back away and Brett realized that Christine was going to play tease and make him work for it.
    “Haven't time to fool around now. I've got to catch a plane for Los Angeles,” Brett said forcefully into her ear. He didn't want Christine to act like she didn't want him to fuck him just for the fun of it. He knew she was willing to be fucked. He pulled down more on her filmy panties and they fell down her legs to the floor.
    “Los Angeles! I've always wanted to go to Los Angeles,” she said in the same whispered tone.
    “If you're a cooperative girl, maybe you'll get to go there someday!” Brett replied aloud. He felt her pushing against him slightly and he backed away from her to move his hand down between their bodies. He ran it across her smooth, flat belly and down toward the softly rising mound of her sparse red pussy hair. As his fingers traced the curve of her cunt mound while pressing lightly on the soft, fluffy twat, she relaxed her legs slightly to give his hand greater freedom for feeling her up. For a moment, he looked at her slightly-parted mouth and blue eyes before he kissed her hard, driving his tongue inside her warm mouth at the same time. Christine responded by sucking on his tongue, then squealed from deep within her throat as his finger wormed teasingly up into the hair-lined gash of her cunt in search of her erect clitty.
    When Brett found the hardening love button, he felt her body tensing for an instant, then she relaxed and ground her screw box back against his rubbing finger. Without breaking away from his kiss, she reached for the belt to his pants and began to unfasten it. Brett thought his prick was going to push right through the material of his trousers and he was relieved to feel her hands working at getting it off of him. When she unzipped his fly the pants fell down around his ankles, followed shortly by his underpants after a brief struggle to get them free of his large, erect fuckstick. Her cool hand wrapped around the rigid cudgel of cock flesh like she was holding a huge salami and the sensation it gave him made his whang grow larger with excitement. Still working his finger around her clitty, Brett pulled her bra free of her round, jutting boobies, letting it too fall down to the floor below.
    Breaking away from the kiss long enough to get a look at the beautiful, naked body, Brett was pleased with what he saw. The pink cherry nipples at the tips of her titties stuck out like ripe fruit and he bent down to take one in his mouth. He ran his tongue wetly around the hardened nipple, teasing it fully erect and then he covered the tip of her knocker with his warm mouth. He bit down hard on the nipple with his teeth as he sucked it into the depths of his mouth.
    “Ooooaaaggghhh!” Christine Perkins moaned more from the pain of his hard bite than from any pleasure she felt. But the incessantly-rubbing finger on her hard clitty was sending wonderful sensations through her whole body and she felt limp from the electric jolts of pleasure in her cunt. Her legs felt as though they were shaking as the thrilling sensations danced over her jangling nerves and she could feel the flowing pussy juices forming at the opening of her fuckhole. Christine ran her hand over the hard flesh of his large, erect pecker, feeling the blood-engorged veins throbbing with his lustful excitement. When he bit down on her pink nipple again, she ran her fingernail along the sensitive base side of his whang in slow response, but it only seemed to jerk even larger in her hot, young hand.
    Not able to keep from laughing to himself, Brett thought how the sexy young girl named Christine Perkins was going to react when he shoved his prick inside her tight nineteen-year-old cunt. He guessed she would scream at first but then the animal need that she so apparently had churning her twat would take over. His thoughts were of her becoming a wild, hot slut and he bit harder on her tender, pink nipple. Her hands on his fuckstick made his blood run faster and he could feel the pressure of his gobby cum flooding the twin nuts in the sac that hung down at the base of his hardened cock. When Christine rolled her hard clitty under his finger with greater force. The soft, fleshy lips of her pussy around his finger felt warm and moist and he sensed her body trembling from the passion he aroused within her. She was breathing hard and tiny groaning sounds came from her throat as he continued the playful manipulations. Then, as the thought of her hot, tight cunny wrapped like warm liver around his cock entered his mind, he could wait no longer to find the moist screwhole and drive his middle finger up inside the narrow waiting fuck passage.
    Holding Christine's firm, round asscheeeks with his left hand, Brett ran his right hand's middle finger along the warm, wet flesh between the hair-lined lips of her pussy until he made contact with the moist twat opening. Slowly, he worked his finger into the soft, yielding folds of ragged cunny flesh until he had gotten the tip of his finger just inside the passage. Teasing her, Brett wiggled it there for a moment, then he jammed it suddenly upward inside her until his palm was pressed tightly against her lush, young pussy mound.
    “Oh Jesus,” Christine moaned from the sensation of his fast-fucking finger. She could feel it slipping up into her tight expectant cunt like a hot, greased sausage and she grunted and ground her pussy down on his palm to feel the pleasure of his whole hand cupping her there. It felt good and began to feel even better as he started to slowly fuck his finger in and out of her clasping, young cunt. Her knees were visibly shaking as she stood with his mouth on her titty and his hand in her cunt. She held the rubbery-feeling head of his pecker in her fingers, while she deliberately stroked the hard shaft with her other hand, from its hair-surrounded base up to the taut, jerking length to the swollen cockhead glistening and purple.
    Brett Stover, Junior was aware that he was practically holding the young Christine up with his hand between her legs, but he was also carefully feeling the slick tightness of her flooding screw box as he rammed his middle finger deeper and deeper into the wet, hot fuck passage. The walls of her pussy seemed to ripple over his long finger and Brett knew Christine was going to be a pleasure to fuck. The way she was stroking his prick, he realized he couldn't wait much longer to sink it where his finger was, but he first couldn't wait resist the urge to tease her hot, young shithole. The firm flesh of her asscheeks in his right hand was smooth and round. He moved his fingers around until he had them all in the damp cleft formed by her asscheeks and then he slowly spread the full fleshy white moons apart. With one finger he probed down into the smooth, hairless crevice until he felt the tightly closed ringlike mouth of her asshole. By this time Christine was moaning continually and she was now leaning against him with her legs about four feet apart. Brett tested the tight opening to her pooper by pushing his finger against it several times and then he deliberately worked his cum-juice-lubricated finger into the tiny resisting fuckhole until it was inside up to the first knuckle of his probing finger.
    Screwing his finger with great effort, Brett Stover was able to push into her shithole up to the second knuckle and the hot, tight muscle around his finger seemed to relax a bit. He could feel his other finger fucking in and out of her hot twat through the thin flesh that separated the two passages and without trying to shove his finger any further into her pooper, he worked it in and out in time with his finger screwing in her soaking pussy. She let go of his pecker and like a wild, passionate animal, grabbed his head holding it tightly to her titty as she lewdly, like a striptease dancer, churned her groin down against his ramming fingers.
    “Ooooohhh! Aahhhhh! Eeeiiiggghh!” Christine mewled in rhythm to the dual fuck assault of the two hungry screw passages down between her legs. She was so filled with passion that she was ready to do anything that Brett might wish her to do as long as it meant she was going to be fucked by his hardened huge whang. All of Christine's thoughts were images of being fucked in a thousand different ways and she wanted his prick now.
    “Oh, fuck me! Now! Fuck me! Please! Now!” Christine begged as Brett Stover kept up the steady finger-fucking of her asshole and cunt. The palm of his hand was covered with her thick, lubricating twat juice and her tight cunt passage seemed to squeeze and bite at his screwing finger as he rammed it as deep inside her cunt as it could reach.
    They had been standing in front of the leather couch for a full five minutes their clothes scattered on the floor at their feet when Brett finally lifted his head away from her firm, young knocker. He still had his shirt on and Christine took the opportunity to half-rip and half-pull it off of him. She couldn't get the shirt off his shoulders, as his hands were still buried deep between her firm, young thighs. She whipped her head back to throw her long, red hair out of her face as she tried like an angry, crazy woman to pull Brett down onto the leather couch beside her.
    “Fuck, she's a hot cunt!” Brett thought as she desperately pulled at his shirt. He was leering at her with a lewd grin when suddenly Brett pulled his fingers from her hot twin fuckholes between her thighs and half-turned so she could remove his shirt. She pulled it off so fast the sleeves were turned inside out, and it landed in another heap with the rest of the clothes on the floor. Then he turned back around and stared at her feverishly-impassioned body, his enormous, erect prick pointing lewdly directly at her.
    “Fuck me!” Christine groaned quickly again and she took hold of his whang to pull him down onto the couch. Startled, Brett moved closer to the couch with her but then he regained his composure.
    “Bend over. I want to see that beautiful little ass of your stuck up in the air while I fuck the cum out of you from the rear,” Brett's eyes were blazing with lust for Christine as he spoke and he grabbed her wrist to loosen her grip on his iron hard pecker.
    Brett's words both excited and frightened Christine, but she did as he asked without hesitation. The fire in her pussy was out of control and she had to have his whang jamming deep inside her twat. Everything else was unimportant, and she bent over with her hands braced on the couch, her feet opened wide apart. Her round, young asscheeks were presented up to her new boss in complete surrender, to do with as he willed and pleased.
    Moving forward, Brett felt the pressure in his large balls becoming unbearable, and he worked his throbbing prick into the moist area between the young girl's widespread thighs. His lust-swollen whang jerked as it made tickling contact with the pussy hair lining the warm wet slit of her cunny and the image of her bent-over body excited him so much that he couldn't wait any longer. He was about to grab his hard prick to guide the huge purple head into her soft, visibly pulsating fuck passage when the girl reached back down under her body between her legs and impatiently took hold of it herself.
    Grabbing the long, fleshy cudgel tightly in her hand, she parted the soft, hair-fringed lips of her wet twat with the swollen rubbery head and when it was pointed straight up into the small, quivering mouth of her cunt, she squirmed her hips obscenely back in an attempt to push her screw box onto the lust-hardened pecker.
    Brett held back, screwing just the tip of his excitedly inflamed pecker up inside her fuckhole for a moment as he enjoyed watching her vainly try to wiggle her asscheeks down to take it inside herself. But then, the contact between his fuckstick and her cunt, and the sensations it gave him was too much to resist. The blood-filled column was throbbing with the urgency of being relieved by climax and he flicked his hips forward to drive the thick, swollen cockhead up inside her tightly clasping young fuck passage.
    “Eeeeeiiiiggghhh,” Christine moaned as her tight pussy at first resisted the entry of his pecker. As excited as she was, his immense-sized cock was more than she thought she could take. It felt as though it would tear the twat flesh between her legs clear up to her tightly puckered asshole, but in spite of that, the pressure he exerted against her cunt became greater still.
    Placing his thumbs against the flesh where her soft, inner thighs and asscheeks met, Brett pressed outward to open her cunny lips wider to ease his entry. Her tiny, puckered asshole was naked and throbbing to his gaze, but he was much more intent on concentrating on her pussy at that moment. He shoved hard forward, plunging the head of his large, fleshy pecker into the small tight space of her wetly sucking pecker passage.
    “Ooooohhh!” Christine screamed at the sudden pain back between her thighs, but she screwed her hips hungrily back against the lunging assault. The walls of her cunt were stretched around the blood-engorged head of his lust-driven fuckstick like a rubber glove locked tightly around a hand. But in spite of the pain, she wanted all of the huge pecker up inside her hot, inflamed belly.
    Brett Stover watched her passion-pained expression as she pushed one side of her face down into the couch. Her large boobies swung freely beneath her heaving chest, the hardened pink tips brushing back and forth across the fuzzy material of the cushions. She was still holding his whang with one hand, but her grip around it had loosened considerably. He shoved hard forward once again, this time to sink his long, hard cudgel of flesh into her clasping cunt a few more inches.
    “Oh, shit! Jesus Christ Almighty! Fuck your cock into my pussy. Ohhhhh! Yessssss, that's it, fuck me!” The girl kept pushing her naked cunt back against the long, hot fuck weapon like a lust-crazed insane woman. She could feel every part and shape of the throbbing pecker as it plowed deeply into her ever-stretching passage. All the nerves in the walls of her pussy sent the sensations of the plunging whang to her brain and her insides were being quickly stretched out to accommodate the screwing monster in her twat.
    Brett felt the tight muscles in the wet passage relax slightly, and gritting his teeth, he shoved hard forward to mercilessly plunge his large, pulsating prick deep into the liquid depths of her hot, young belly. As his cock quickly sank in the remaining inches, she jerked forward on the couch, making her fuckhole even more open to the savage thrust. His pelvis crashed with a thud into the open crevice of her firm, young asscheeks as his cock hair pressed hard against her nakedly exposed shithole.
    “Jesus Christ, it's so good,” Christine groaned half into the couch as her face was shoved forward by his vicious fuck lunges. The giant, swollen, purple head felt as though it was pressing hard into her trembling womb deeper than she had imagined it could ever go. The initial pain was horrendous and she was afraid to move for fear if might start up again. Yet, she could feel his cock hairs pressing against her tiny asshole and that small sensation seemed to offset the pain after a moment. It was as much the idea of being totally exposed to his obscene fucking as it was from the presence of his huge dong. The final plunge had hurt Christine and she wasn't sure if the throbbing she felt in her pussy was from her own excitedly pumping blood or from his pulsating prick. For a minute Christine was too frightened to move and find out.
    Brett Stover stared down at the smooth white skin of her trembling asscheeks with his huge cock pressing hard against it. The line of the end of her bikini tan swept over the curve of her asscheeks as if to point at the mound of his prick hair. She was holding absolutely still, but the pressure in his balls grew from the gentle throbbing sensation her tight little twat made around his now fully erect whang. The warm, wet depths of her cunt felt good to him and slowly Brett flexed his immense pecker, causing the purple head to swell larger inside her.
    “Aaaaaaggghhh!” Christine screamed as she felt the hardened dong head pressing harder against her belly. But the pain wasn't like she had expected it might be and she felt relieved by it. The flexing inside her belly continued steadily for several long seconds and gradually the pain was forgotten and replaced by the burning, hot sensations that had excited her so tremendously just a moment before now.
    Brett Stover watched the young red-haired girl he was interviewing squirm helplessly back against his prick for a moment, then he slowly began withdrawing his long, rigid fuckstick from the depths of her womb. Then, she was like a hungry beast as she backed up to try to keep it inside the slick, clasping walls of her moistly sucking fuckhole. Brett pulled back until just the tip of his prick remained inside the soft, bearded cavern of her cunny and then, spreading her asscheeks wide with his thumbs, he lunged forward again to drive his lurching pecker back into the tight fuck passage with greater force.
    “Ooooohhhhh, that's it! Yessssss! Fuck me just like that!” Christine grunted in a deep husky voice. Her animal-like body was like warm flesh at the end of his enormous prick as it melted like warm butter up the full length of his plunging whang.
    “Oh, shit! Oh, Christ, Brett! Fuck me! Fuck me! Tear my cunt apart, you motherfucker!” She moaned into the couch. She fucked her hot cunt back as his long prick began fucking in and out of her with an urgency born of lusting hunger. She looked back under her swaying cunt and torso to see an upside-down view of his long, venous column of prick flesh plunging into her wet, clasping cunt. The ragged pink flesh around his driving shaft moved inside as the full length sank deep into her hot fuckhole. The twin sacs of his bull's balls slapped forward when his pelvis crashed into her open womb and she saw that they were tight with the pressure of his sperm swimming inside them. She continued watching as though mesmerized by a swaying snake as he withdrew his fuckpole, her twat lips pulling out with the hard dick as if trying to suck it back inside her. Then it sank into her again, filling her belly with the throbbing heat-of his rigid cock like a hot tong rammed into a smoldering fire.
    Brett Stover became more and more excited as he watched the young Christine he was horrendously fucking turn into a wild, hot slut. The words she kept mumbling in a low, almost pleading voice were every description Brett had ever heard for fucking and he rammed his prick harder and harder into her steaming tight pussy. The wet walls of her steaming passage seemed to actually caress his plunging cudgel of cock flesh with a waving motion as he fucked it deeper and deeper inside her hot, youthful belly. He kept slamming his pelvis into her exposed twat as if trying to batter her entrails to pieces. Her round asscheeks lifted up into the air and flattened against his pelvis as he pushed his hard pecker with all the force he could muster. Her obscene moans became louder and louder as he fucked into her with all his strength.
    The tremendous sensations emanating from her pussy pounded through her entire body to crash into Christine's head. Her mind was hazy from the passionate pleasure she was experiencing but still, in spite of her overwhelming desire, reached back between her thighs to grasp the extended double sacs containing Brett's large balls. They felt both hot and cold in her hand and she furiously rubbed and pulled them wanting to milk the hot sticky semen they controlled and contained, to have it shooting madly up into her hungry cunt. The huge nuts seemed to respond to her gentle squeezes as he felt the gobby sperm within them surging, anxious to get out, anxious to squirt way up inside her boiling hot belly.
    “Shoot it into me, give me your cum. Fuck your prick deep into me, please!” begged Christine greedily for Brett to reach his orgasm as she was ready to erupt at any time. Her trembling twat felt like it might explode into a million pieces if she had the sensation of feeling just one blast of his hot sperm.
    The building pressure in his quaking balls became tremendous as Christine continued to excitedly fondle them in her warm, soft hand and Brett stared down at her squirming asscheeks that seemed to churn against his hard-driving pecker. Brett could clearly see the brownish rubbery ring of flesh in the cleft of her asscheeks and it looked as though her shithole was puckering with each vicious thrust of his long fuckstick in her panting pussy. He placed his middle finger against the tiny, tight circle of her asshole and slowly, he worked the tip inside, feeling the muscle tighten at first and then subjugately relax, Holding back for a second, Brett waited for the right moment and then as he felt her poophole relax, he jammed his middle finger all the way inside her asshole until he could shove it no further.
    “Ohhhhh! Dear Christ in Heaven!” Christine screamed from the sudden pain in her ass. She automatically tightened her shithole against the finger entering her ass, but it sank deep inside her anyway.
    Brett didn't waste any time, but began fucking his finger in and out of her asshole in time with his prick fucking into her writhing wet cunt. Her head was now bounding against the back of the couch as he viciously drove the two fleshy fucksticks into her body. Her head was twisting from side to side in her mixed ecstasies of pain and pleasure and she released her vise-like grip on his balls.
    “Oh, God, yes! Fuck me! You sonofabitch! Fuck me deep and hard!” Christine screamed and pleaded as her cunt and ass were ravished by his ferocious prick stabs. She experienced a thrilling pleasure from his finger jabbing deep in her nakedly exposed asshole, and she fucked back against him for all the delicious joy it gave her.
    Delirious with the excitement of seeing the beast-like response his fucking brought from the beautiful young girl, Brett thought this whole body was driving up inside her magnificent pussy and he fucked into her with an ever greater force. The tight ring of flesh that surrounded the opening to her shithole folded in and out as his finger worked with equal intensity to the throbbing whang. He knew he couldn't hold back his climax much longer as the sensation in his own balls was building with each long drive of his blood-engorged dong into the depths of her hungry young pussy. She was fucking her ass back against his groin with wild animal abandon and he knew that she, too, was near that peak of orgasm.
    “Eeeeeiiiggghhh! Ooooohhhhh! Aaaagghhh!” Christine mewled over and over as the sensations in her twat reached greater and greater heights. The flesh-covered telephone pole in her twat was driving her insane with pleasure, when suddenly her whole body started shaking violently and she arched her belly back hard against the hard, fleshy cock. With one tremendous spasm in the pit of her belly, her pussy burst with her cum like a gigantic tidal wave had suddenly covered her entire body.
    “O-h-h-h-h! God! I'm cuming! I'm cuming! A-h-h-h-h! E-e-e-egggh!”
    Christine's screams seemed to come from everywhere as her entire body jerked crazily against his huge swollen pecker. She bucked and twisted and bounced as her body filled with the passion of her orgasm. Her white-hot pussy juice poured out around the deeply buried head of his prick and splashed along its full length like a raging ocean of lust. Her twat walls rippled in great waves as the white liquid cum spilled out around the thick base of his whang to mat down his cock hair in sticky clumps. The pink fleshy cockhole contracted again and again and she screamed her pleasure with deep-throated echoes of fuck joy.
    Feeling the hot, white juice of her climax around his prick was all it took to set off that climbing cycle of pleasureful climax in Brett's balls. He shoved his hips hard forward, lifting her feet off the floor and nearly battering her head through the back of the couch, as his cum started to make the insane swim from his balls to the tip of his jerking pecker. The fantastic sensation in the base of his dong grew higher and higher as the hot pecker fluid ran up its length to squirt like a spewing geyser out the swollen cockhead. Brett threw his head back and shoved forward again as his pecker erupted with its hot, life-giving pleasure.
    Christine felt the surge of pulsating pressure move up the length of the long pecker that her pussy was contracting around and she shoved back to meet the tremendous burst of passionate pleasure. The first blast of his hot sperm felt like an ocean of molten lead crashing deep inside her womb, and it started her cum all over again.
    “Oh, shit, shit, shit! I'm aiming again! Oh, fuck me, fuck me good!” The hot, spewing prick seemed to swell up against every part of her pussy and her womb jerked in answer to its driving, hot cum fluid. Each burst of the hot sperm felt like a million needles punching every nerve in her body, and her own cum exploded out around the hard, erupting whang to mix gleefully with its own erupting pleasures.
    As Brett's climatic pleasure reached its peak, he still had his finger jammed deep in her still hotly clenching asshole, his hand trapped there by the force of his pelvis against her asscheeks. He could feel the spasmodic contractions of her pussy both from his exploding cock and from his finger in her shithole and it made him even wilder with excitement. His cum kept spurting out of the head of the pecker like there was no end to it, and with each sensational jerk, Christine's obscene, lascivious mewls became louder and louder. Their mixed cums were pouring out of her battered fuckhole to cover their thighs with sticky warmth. As more and more juice rolled out, it ran down their legs to stain the leather couch and carpet with gobby puddles.
    When the last of Brett's sperm had travelled up the length of his huge prick, the satisfying explosion complete, Brett Stover fell forward across Christine's still upturned asscheeks. She lay flat on the couch to her side and he moved with her to keep his shrinking pecker inside her satisfied twat. Finally, able to get his weight off his feet, he stretched out beside Christine and pulled his finger from her still tightly grasping asshole.
    “Ooooh! That's so damn good! Sooooo gooood!” Christine wiggled her asscheeks as if in gratitude for the pleasure his finger had given to her and she reached down between her wet thighs to fondle his huge balls as a token of her satisfaction. “Do I get the job?”
    Brett Stover's slowly deflated prick pulled out of her wet cunt, making a slurping nose as it limply fell and hung across his leg. They both lay there in complete silence, breathing deeply to calm themselves once more. “Sweetie, you had the job the minute I saw you!” was all he could say in answer to her question.

    Shortly after lunch, Margaret Stover had been relieved when her son's butler had answered the phone. She didn't like to talk to Nora or to Victoria and if either one had answered she would have hung up the phone without talking. But since Gerald had answered, she asked for Brett and learned that Brett had already left the house. Margaret thought Brett had gone to his office and instead of calling, Margaret decided to drive there. She hadn't seen her son in several days and to Margaret it was a good opportunity to visit him without having Victoria around.
    It was a scorching day, but the traffic was light, so Victoria drove to the Stover Building in record time with the car air-conditioning on full blast. When she got out after parking the car, the warmth of the day was very noticeable. The abrupt change from cool to warm air always made her more aware of her pussy and she somehow liked the excited feeling it gave her. The interior of the building was cool and she walked quickly to the elevator. She liked the elevators in the building as they had mirrors on one side and after touching the top floor button, she checked her appearance as the elevator rode up. She was wearing a blue linen designer's dress which she particularly liked as it showed off her shapely legs while at the same time created the illusion of a see-through, but she had on flesh-colored bra and panties because of her modesty.
    Stepping out on the top floor, Margaret turned to her left and headed down the hallway at a slower pace. She hesitated for a moment outside Brett's secretary's office, listening for any activity inside, but hearing none, she knocked on the door before going in without waiting for a response.
    Brett's secretary was sitting at her desk putting makeup on and she looked startled until she recognized Margaret. “Good afternoon, Mrs. Stover,” she said, with a tone of surprise in her voice. Margaret rarely visited the office during the week.
    “Good afternoon. Is Brett in his office? I'd like to see him,” Margaret continued without hesitation. She never wasted small talk on the office employees.
    “No, Mrs. Stover! He just left a few minutes ago. I'm afraid you just missed him,” she said, regaining her composure.
    “Was he going to his home?” Margaret didn't like playing guessing games and she gave the secretary a look of impatience.
    “He had to go over to The Oaken Bucket to interview job applicants for barmaid. I'm sure you can find him there.”
    “Thank you, good bye,” Mrs. Stover said over her shoulder as she was heading back toward the door and the elevator beyond. Margaret's abrupt manner around office employees stemmed mostly from her feeling that they all knew about her real relationship with her husband. She was sure that some of Brett, Senior's fuck partners were on the office payroll and she figured correctly that the word had traveled the office grapevine. That was the main reason Margaret rarely visited the office during weekdays, as the looks she got from most of the employees made her feel embarrassed and nervous. Her son's secretary was no exception.
    Getting back to her car, Margaret headed for The Oaken Bucket once again cooling off with the blowing air conditioner. She hadn't been to the cocktail lounge for some time and she never had reason to drive through the bar strip district so she twice had to turn around for having gotten onto the wrong streets. Margaret had lived in the New York area all her life, but she was amazed and confused by the growth of the new residential districts. When she finally found The Oaken Bucket, she was relieved to see Brett's car parked in front. She parked in a space ahead of it and walked hurriedly to the front of the posh bar.
    Shading her eyes against the sun's glare, she looked into the cocktail lounge and seeing no one, tried the door. It was unlocked so she went inside. The interior seemed stuffy and even warmer than it had been outside and she waited for a moment for her eyes to adjust fully to the darkened bar.
    She was about to check the manager's office when she was startled by a noise. It seemed to be coming from the manager's office and Margaret was sure it was a human moan. All sorts of images flashed through her mind as she imagined that Brett might be hurt, but in spite of her fright, Margaret moved quietly toward the direction she thought the sound came from. She was beginning to think that someone had come in to rob the bar and somehow Brett too had been hurt in the process. She was thinking, too, that someone might still be around so she was shaking by the time she stood in front of the office door.
    Margaret waited for a moment to see if the sounds were coming from within one of the rest rooms, but when she heard another moan that was even louder than the first, she was sure it had come from behind the curtained office at the far end of the cocktail lounge. The sound was more like a high-pitched scream, and Margaret was really apprehensive about finding the source of the sound. It had seemed like a cry of someone being tortured, and she moved even more slowly toward the curtained office.
    When she was just a few feet away, she could see a split in the heavy drape in front of the door that was more worn than the rest of the curtain, and she moved toward it, her shaking hand outstretched as if to protect herself. Margaret hesitated for a moment before parting the material to have a look beyond it, then as she heard another moan she pulled the curtain back slightly to see what was going on.
    A jolting-chill slammed through her pussy as her eyes focused in on the image of naked bodies beyond the half-open door. She would have turned and run if her legs could have followed her instincts, but the shock of what she was seeing kept her frozen to the spot. For an instant she thought she was surely going to faint and the sound of Christine's words rang in her head.
    “Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Yes, oh fuck me!” Margaret dropped the curtain in front of her eyes in shocked horror. She had never seen anything like the spectacle in her life. The fucking images stayed indelibly impressed in her mind as Margaret closed her eyes to fight out the feeling of fainting on the spot. She had seen a girl bending over with her hands braced on a couch with her asscheeks stuck back up against a naked man's pelvis. Margaret's whole body shuddered at the thought and her heart pounded wildly from the nerve-electrifying realization of what was happening. A confusion of thoughts whirled through her mind as, in spite of her shock, she felt physically an excitement from what she had momentarily witnessed. She had looked in on two people engaged in the private act of fucking, an act she herself had never seen before. She knew that she had to leave the cocktail lounge right then, but she didn't move from where she stood. Her cunt tingled deliciously from the thought of being vicariously involved in the obscene act going on the other side of the curtain, and with a trembling hand, reached out again to part the drape. Margaret had forgotten about her search for her son in the excitement of the moment and when she glanced then through the curtain and beyond the half-open door, the realization of who the man was fucking this beautiful redhead hit her!
    The girl's moan was muffled slightly as her face was pressing into the couch and the man standing behind her had his huge prick sunk all the way up into her, his pelvis tight against the girl's white grinding asscheeks. Margaret hadn't noticed the man's face before, as she had only made a narrow opening in the curtain, but as she moved her eyes closer to the peephole, she had made, she saw that the man was Brett, her son! She was watching her own son furiously fucking with some girl!
    Margaret's mind was filled with delirious emotions. She knew she shouldn't be watching the fuck act, but she also, for some strange unknown reason, wanted to watch it! Her pussy was stirred to an excitement she knew was wrong, but she couldn't resist the feeling either. For an instant, she glanced back into the bar from the fear that someone might be watching her in the act of peeking in on the obscene fuck act in the office. But the bar was empty and quiet and Margaret turned her attention back to Brett.
    Now her son was standing still, but the girl was whimpering quietly as if in pain. Then, Brett began to draw his long, thick fuckstick from the depths of the girl's belly and Margaret stared as the girl seemed to raise her asscheeks up to it just as Brett shoved his pecker back inside her trembling cunt.
    “Ooooohhh, shit, shit, shit! Fuck me! Fuck me!” the girl screamed and Margaret felt excited by the lewd words the girl was shrieking wildly.
    “Oh, fuck me! Fuck me good! Fuck me! Tear my cunt open, you motherfucker!”
    The girl was like a wild beast at the end of Brett's fucking prick, and Margaret felt her body shaking from the sheer thrill of the screw she was watching. The air in the cocktail lounge seemed warm and muggy and Margaret was perspiring as she drew in heavy deep breaths. She felt a tremendous guilt sensation but she couldn't tear herself away from the furious fuck scene going on in front of her. It was as if she was seeing her own loving son for the first time and it made her cunt come to life. She could see the deeply muscled cheeks of his asscheeks tightening and loosening as he rammed his long, erect prick in and out of the passionate young girl's twat. His thighs were taut from the effort he was expending and although Margaret couldn't see his eyes, she imagined how sadistic they must look. The girl he was fucking was completely at his mercy.
    Margaret was suddenly aware of her own twat reaction to the lewd fuck session as she felt the moisture forming between the pussy lips. Her clitty was tingling with thrilling sensations and she could feel the nipples on her titties harden against the soft material of her bra. Every inch of her skin seemed alive and writhing with sexual stimulation, while her eyes were popping wide from the excitement of the fucking before her.
    Margaret ran her tongue wetly over her sensuously red lips as she stared at the driving cudgel of hardened cock flesh that protruded from the bush of Brett's dong hair. His fuckstick was long and thick, the big veins purple and swollen with blood, and the stretched skin was glistening with the lubricating juices of the girl's red-haired cunt. Brett was ramming his hard whang into the girl's young flooding pussy with tremendous force and the girl, who looked barely twenty, reached up between her legs to caress his bloated balls. Margaret had never imagined his prick would be so gigantic and she was astonished that it could slide so easily into the young girl's cunny. The girl was mumbling obscene words at Brett and Margaret became even more excited than she could ever remember having been before.
    The girl and Brett were so close to her, Margaret felt as though she were part of the fuck scene. She could clearly hear the slamming, slapping sound of Brett's pelvis against the cheeks of round, young, quivering flesh he held open. The girl was looking back between her legs at his driving prick while she fondled his balls like she would milk out all the juices they contained. Margaret could not resist the tremendous urge that overcame her body and her senses. She just had to touch her own pussy to feel the flesh down between her legs that was hot and soaking wet too.
    Keeping her eye close to the slight opening in the curtain, Brett's mother ran her hands slowly down across the short blue linen dress that clung to her sensitive body. When she felt the naked flesh of her thighs, she ran her hands back up over her hips, raising her dress as she reached for the elastic top of the flesh-colored panties. Finding it, she rolled the filmy material down until it circled her thighs just an inch below her passion-moistened cunny. The air still seemed hot and heavy, but the uncovering of her pussy raised her excitement to even higher levels as she spread her legs apart and felt the air flow between her delicate thighs. She ran her right hand with palm flat against her sensitive skin down across the soft, dewy tangle of her black-colored twat hair and over the sloping curve of her cunt. Slowly Margaret worked her middle finger into the tight flow of her screw box parting the hair from the narrow gash until her finger made delicious contact with her hardened clit. Margaret almost groaned out loud from the pleasure of the electric sensation that bolted through her impassioned body. With her other hand, she instinctively touched her titties and she could quickly feel her heart pounding fast beneath the twin mounds of white tit flesh.
    “Fill my belly with your cum! Give me all your gobby sperm! Fuck me, please!” the red-haired girl screamed, and Margaret felt the excitement of her obscene begging. Brett was ramming his pecker into the girl's hot cunt with the fury of an insane man and Margaret couldn't resist the urge to have her finger inside her own twat. She ran her own middle finger teasingly along the moist gash of hot pink flesh until she felt the damp opening to her uterus. Margaret Stover had never before been so stimulated by anything sexual and she was surprised by the ease with which she could part the pussy hair and work her finger inside the opening of her cunt. It felt so good, she wormed her finger up inside the tight walls of her twat as far as her finger could reach and she held it still for a moment to linger in the sensation. But the sight of Brett, her own son fucking the young red-haired girl was controlling her thoughts.
    So she began to saw her finger in and out of her pussy in time to Brett's fucking of the girl. Then, she began to saw her finger in and out of her pussy in time to Brett, without breaking the rhythm of his prick driving into the girl's shithole. The girl let out a scream as Brett suddenly sank his finger all the way up into the tight, warm depths of her asshole.
    Margaret felt a burning sensation ignite in her own belly like she had never felt before. She could almost feel the sensation the girl was feeling as Brett started ramming his finger in and out of her asshole. It was like a dream to be filled at every pore with warm flesh and Margaret wasn't surprised as she watched the girl arch her asscheeks up against the double assault as if to silently plead for more. Margaret added a second finger to the one already working in her burning, twitching pussy.
    Margaret didn't quite understand what was happening to the girl, but it was apparent that the redhead was nearing some tremendous peak of pleasure that she, Margaret Stover, had never experienced in her life. She felt a juicy tinge of jealousy as she saw the tremendous pleasure the girl was getting from Brett. The girl's entire body was thrashing and bouncing on the leather couch beneath the driving force of the large prick fucking into her. She was grunting wildly and moaning as each stroke was slamming into her clasping cunt while his finger worked with equal fury in her asshole. When the girl suddenly lurched back against Brett, Margaret was startled to see her body violently erupting with great spasms as she screamed out her orgasm.
    Margaret was aghast by what she was witnessing and she was so enthralled with the burning sensation in her own pussy that she wondered if the key to the experience the girl was having was Brett's finger in her asshole. Margaret was so caught up in the scene that she reached behind the smooth, round globes of her asscheeks and carefully ran her finger down the smooth, yielding cleft toward her own asshole. She continued fucking her two fingers in and out of her warm twat and just as she saw Brett begin to climax, she pressed her finger against the tight ring of flesh at the opening to her shithole. Her long fingernail pressed into the sensitive flesh and she nearly screamed aloud from the pain. It bolted through her body like a jolt of burning lightning and she was knocked back into the reality of what she was doing to herself.
    “Oh, Jesus Christ, what am I doing to myself?” Margaret thought as she reluctantly pulled her wet fingers from her cunt. Beyond the thick drapes, the redhead and Brett were at the peak of their mutual orgasm and Margaret Stover turned away while she quickly pulled her panties back in place. She felt humiliated at having observed her own son's fucking the redhead as well as her own finger-fucking and she quickly crossed the cocktail lounge and went outside as quietly as possible.
    Getting back into the air-conditioned comfort of her Imperial didn't stop the itching sensation that still burned in her pussy but all Margaret could think about was how she would ever get through the day without a prick to give her release. It had been so many years since her husband had fucked her and at the moment she had no lover. Also, her conscience was bothering her because she had enjoyed the fuck scene she was watching and even wished that it had been her instead of the redhead bending over before Brett, her son!
    Margaret went home and took a cold shower. She completely forgot the reason she went to The Oaken Bucket. In fact, she forgot everything except her own bodily demands. She realized she was missing a lot from life and decided to get herself a lover, whatever the price. And as she drifted off in her usual afternoon nap, she thought-maybe that lover will be Brett!


    Victoria Stover sat brushing her long, blonde hair, her face contorted in a mask of rage. She was angry that Brett, her husband, was off to Los Angeles and couldn't take her. What the fuck was she supposed to do with herself until he got home, diddle herself? Not to mention what Brett would do by himself out there. Since their marriage two years ago, Victoria had watched Brett carefully to make sure his fancy wasn't taken by a younger face, a more shapely leg, a larger pair of titties.
    And to date, she had been very successful. When he'd had to go on trips before, she'd been able to go with him, but this time it had happened so fast, there'd been no time for her to pack. And even then, she had gotten the message. Brett's father hadn't wanted her to go!
    She slammed down the gold-handled brush. It wasn't that she loved her husband, it was his father's money that had attracted her, and she wasn't about to let that fortune slip through her fingers. Not if she could help it!
    Victoria walked into the dressing room that connected the bedroom with the bathroom and she looked at herself in the large wall mirror. If she had ever been grateful for anything it was the way she looked, as she knew that her goo; looks were what had had attracted Brett Stover to her. She had little else going for her but perhaps a lot of determination and that combined with her natural beauty had gotten her everything she had ever wanted to get for herself. She wanted a lot and she wasn't satisfied to simply wait until she was just too old to enjoy the good things of life. Brett Stover was really only the first major step toward her goal, in a careful design of fulfillment of her desires.
    Smiling at her own beautiful reflection, her anger forgotten for the moment, Victoria began to undress so she could take a shower before her dinner. She was pleased that her face still had the look of a certain innocence, yet her sharp features, framed by her long, smooth, blonde hair contained a maturity far beyond her twenty-three years. Sophisticated but innocent, Victoria thought and she reached back over her shoulder to pull down the zipper on her dress. She was particularly pleased with the sleek way her long, shapely legs appeared and she always maintained an even tan so she wouldn't have to wear nylons. She was vain and having good-looking legs without nylons on was very satisfying to her image of herself and her ego.
    Actually, Victoria Stover had a right to be proud of her body and she was every ounce a beautiful woman physically. Her titties were large, but pointed straight out without the help of a bra. Her round hips and firm asscheeks were particularly enticing because of the narrowness of her long waist. Naked, she looked like a woman who was built in homage to pure sexuality and beneath the blonde, silky mound of her lush pussy hair was the real center of her personality. She loved to fuck and she was more than willing to use her cunt to get her what she wanted. Brett's father's wealth and power were her primary goal.
    Victoria hung her dress in her closet and was about to go in to the shower when she heard a knock on the bedroom door. She grabbed her robe and slipped it on before seeing who it was.
    “Excuse me, Mrs. Stover,” Nora said, as Victoria opened the door. “Mr. Hewitt would like to speak with you on the telephone.”
    “Is it the Mr. Hewitt who just moved to Northport?” Victoria said. She knew that Nora McCarthy kept tabs on everyone in the Long Island town.
    “Yes, I believe so, Mrs. Stover. Only thing is, he's moved to Northport only since going to work for Mr. Stover, Sr.” The maid was smiling at having had the opportunity to spring some news on Victoria. “A friend of mine works for him,” she added after seeing the quizzical expression on Victoria's face.
    “I see. Thank you, Nora. I'll take the call up here.” Victoria closed the door.
    Nora was curious to know why Jack's employer was calling Victoria, but when she got to the telephone downstairs, she put the receiver back on the hook. She wasn't so curious as to listen in on their conversation and risk loosing her job.
    Victoria picked up the extension phone by her bed wondering also what reason Mr. Andrew Hewitt could have to call her. She vaguely remembered meeting him once and she thought he was very handsome, though poor.
    “This is Victoria Stover,” she announced into the telephone. For a moment there was no response and she wondered if someone was still on the line.
    “Hello? Hello, Mrs. Stover? This is Andrew. Hewitt. I do hope I'm not interrupting anything very important.” His voice was smooth and suave sounding and Victoria smiled to herself for having remembered the first name correctly.
    “Not at all, Mr. Hewitt. It's very nice to hear from you.” Victoria was being cautious after having learned about his new position from the maid. She remembered that he was an accountant and she wondered how important Hewitt's position was in Stover Enterprises. If he lived in Northport as Nora McCarthy had stated, it had to be very important.
    “I realize this is a last-minute request, but I hope you are free this evening,” Andrew said. He wasn't sure how to play it with Victoria and he had decided to make the conversation sound very important. This way he hoped to influence her, even if she already had made plans. “I've been in a meeting with your father-in-law all afternoon and this was the first opportunity I've had to call you,” he lied. The truth was that he has waited until he was sure Brett, Junior had left for Los Angeles. “We were going over some monetary considerations and there are some matters that Mr. Stover would like to discuss with you.” Andrew refrained from using Brett's first name to convey that this was strictly business.
    “Do you mean this very evening?” Victoria asked. She was dying to know what the monetary considerations Andrew referred to concerned, but she didn't want to sound anxious. She hoped he would volunteer the information.
    “Yes! May I pick you up around eight-thirty,” Andrew said immediately. He didn't want to give Victoria time to think about it.
    Victoria would normally have found an excuse to back out on such short notice, if it were Brett's father calling as she wouldn't want to seem too readily available. It was her strategy to lead Brett Stover, Senior on a merry chase when she came to the right opportunity, but Andrew Hewitt being involved made a difference. The meeting Brett's father wanted might actually be important she thought. Perhaps it had something to do with a will or a settlement. Brett, Senior was not that old but there was always the possibility of something happening.
    “Yes, all right! If it's important, I'll be ready at eight-thirty,” Victoria said. She purposefully kept her tone somewhat reticent.
    “Very good, wonderful! I hope this won't inconvenience you in the slightest,” Andrew added. He was relieved to have her agreement to go to Brett Stover's. He knew it was important if he was to keep his new job.
    “Not at all, Mr. Hewitt. I'll see you later this evening then.”
    “Right. Good bye for now!”
    Victoria hung up the telephone and sat down on the bed for a moment, wondering what the meeting with her father-in-law was going to be about. There were so many possibilities she decided to wait and find out when she saw him and she checked the time before going in to shower. She had plenty of time in which to get ready before Andrew Hewitt would pick her up and she smiled to herself as she realized that the evening might be just the opportunity she needed to get herself in solid with her father-in-law.
    Andrew Hewitt arrived exactly at eight-thirty and Victoria answered the door because both Gerald and Nora had gone out for the evening. She was wearing a black taffeta dress which buttoned down the front with a hemline several inches above her knees and Andrew felt his prick lurch and start to swell at the sexy image she presented. Victoria was extending her well-manicured hand out toward him and it made her dress lift even higher.
    “So nice to see you again, Mr. Hewitt,” she said as she held open the door. Andrew took her hand, holding it a little longer than was polite and he entered the house.
    “Please call me Andrew,” he said. Unable to think of anything else to say at the moment, he was uncomfortably silent. He had not remembered her being as beautiful as she was tonight and it took all his will to stop himself from staring lustfully at her.
    “Very good, Andrew. If you will excuse me for a minute, I'll get my purse and we can leave,” Victoria said immediately and she disappeared through a doorway leaving Andrew in the foyer staring after her. He understood why Brett Stover was anxious to be alone with her, as he, too, would like to have the opportunity to get into Brett, Junior's young wife's cunt. Just thinking about her was causing his prick to harden in his trousers and he tried to concentrate on something else before Victoria returned with her things.
    During the drive to the Stover mansion, Andrew had difficulty in avoiding a discussion about the supposed meeting that Stover had called. Victoria kept asking him questions that he couldn't answer and he was constantly distracted from his driving by the way her dress rode up her shapely legs. He had to think of all sorts of lame excuses for not knowing exactly what Brett, Senior wanted to talk about even though he was supposed to be involved in it. By the time he turned into the drive leading to the Stover mansion, Andrew was frustrated both by the conversation and the excitement Victoria had stirred in his cock.
    The butler opened the door and led them toward the posh den where Stover was waiting. Victoria and Andrew knew the butler as Henry, but his real name was Henreick. He had been with Brett Stover longer than anyone else and before that time he had been the butler for Margaret's parents. He was like a fixture around the place.
    “Thank you, Henry,” Victoria said as he held the door to the den open. Brett Stover was sitting at the small bar that divided the den from a game room and he had papers spread out before him. “Good evening, Brett,” Victoria said as he stood up to greet them. She perfunctorily kissed him on the cheek as she always did when greeting him.
    “How about a martini,” Brett questioned them after formally shaking hands with Andrew. He was casually dressed in the usual expensive attire he wore around the house, but he seemed particularly happy that evening. Without waiting for a reply, he walked behind the bar and started mixing the martinis for them.
    Brett, Senior was a remarkable man for his age, as he didn't have an ounce of excess fat on his body. Although the bulk of his work was done behind a desk, he was in excellent shape and he kept himself strictly that way with daily workouts in his gym. He also had a swimming pool and several laps across it was an ingrained habit that followed his workouts. His hair was always worn a trifle long and was still the blondish color it had always been. Victoria thought him far better looking than his son, Brett, Junior.
    Now, he took the drinks to a grouping of chairs around a fireplace in one corner of the room and he handed a glass each to his daughter-in-law and Andrew Hewitt. Without waiting for the others to drink, he took several gulps of his own before sitting down in a large easy chair across from Victoria. Andrew sat in the chair next to him, trying to keep from looking up Victoria's short dress when she slowly crossed her legs.
    “Andrew said you have some important things to discuss,” Victoria opened immediately. She noticed how Brett Stover was gloating and she wanted to create the impression that she was strictly interested in business matters.
    “We'll get to that later. It's been so long since I've seen you, I'd like to know how you've been. Did my son get off all right?” Brett Stover asked after Valerie didn't respond to his first inquiry. He could see she was going to be difficult.
    “Yes, he did. He was a bit disturbed at having been such short notice,” she said. She was going to play Brett, Junior's faithful wife as she always did in front of his father. The conversation remained polite small talk while they finished their drinks, but when Brett, Senior got up to mix some more, Victoria took the opportunity to bring up the business at hand.
    “Before I have that other drink, Brett, I'd like to go over whatever it was you called me here for!” She was smiling but her tone was firm.
    “Nonsense! It isn't so important that we can't have a second drink,” Brett Stover said as he continued toward the bar. He always maintained a control over any situation, but he decided it was time to get rid of the gaping Andrew so he acted like he was conceding to Victoria's wishes. “Andrew, did you bring the papers we were going over this afternoon?” he asked.
    “I feel like an idiot,” Andrew blurted out, almost too quickly. “Terribly sorry, Brett. I didn't realize that you wanted those papers this evening. I haven't had them retyped yet.” Andrew played his part well in spite of his nervousness. He could tell by the expression on Victoria's face that she believed him and he stood up from his chair. “If you'll excuse me, I'll run over to my house and see if I can scrape together the original. At least, you'll have something of the correct information,” he wanted to sound very concerned.
    “Don't worry about it, Andrew, it was probably my oversight,” Brett Stover interjected with uncharacteristic chivalry. “If you want to try and piece it together, okay. But if it is difficult, don't worry about it. We can always make it another time.” Brett handed Victoria a fresh martini before patting Andrew on the back.
    “It was so horribly stupid of me,” Andrew said, and he turned to go out the door. “I'll call if I can get it tonight.” He made a short bow in Victoria's direction before going out of the door. Once out of sight, Andrew Hewitt pulled out his handkerchief to dry his sweating forehead and palms. He guessed his performance had been successful and as he strolled toward the front door, he wondered what he should do. His wife, Anita, had left on a shopping trip to New York that afternoon so he decided there was little point in going home. Watching Victoria Stover had really stirred his balls and in his excited state, he wondered if the papers to which her father-in-law had referred might in fact be his will. It wasn't like Brett Stover to excuse one of his employee's mistakes so easily.
    “What does Andrew Hewitt do for you, Brett?” she asked him when he returned to the room.
    “Head the accounting department. Here's luck!” Brett held his drink up to Victoria to put an end to any discussion of Andrew. Victoria took a sip of her drink but she wouldn't be dissuaded from pursuing the information she wanted to get.
    “What was it exactly that you wanted to discuss, Brett?” she said, smiling seductively. “What's so important about all these papers that you've been talking about tonight?” She was surprised that Brett's expression wasn't changed by her questions and he just smiled back at her.
    “Let's say it will be worth your while,” Brett answered. But then he added, “that is, if you're as great as I think you are!”
    Victoria couldn't keep from laughing, as her father-in-law had finally admitted what she had suspected all along. He wanted to screw her, he wanted to fuck his own son's wife. Victoria stopped laughing as abruptly as she had started and she stared at Brett Stover with cool blue eyes.
    “I've been meaning to ask you where Margaret is this evening. Is she feeling all right?” Victoria said, thinking she finally had Brett Stover where she wanted him.
    Brett maintained the same casual smile, and he took a sip of his drink before answering Victoria. “She asked me to relay her apologies for not being able to see you. She wasn't feeling well so she's retired early.” Brett didn't like his son's wife's coy and evasive tactics and he decided to be more forceful. “As I was saying, before, IF you're as great as I think you are!” With that, he stood up from the chair and began taking off his clothes. “You know, my son has nothing more than what I provide for him. What choice do you think he would make if it was between you and his comforts? Do I need to remind you of your life before you married him?” He grinned back at Victoria but his face for an instant looked brutal and unyielding.
    Victoria was dumbfounded. Not by what her father-in-law wanted or his threats, but rather by the fact that he knew about her life as a prostitute before she married Brett. A high-class call girl, true, but a whore nonetheless. She hadn't thought anyone in the Stover family knew about that and she realized that her father-in-law must know quite a bit or he wouldn't have mentioned it. Before that remark, Victoria was getting ready to walk out and make Brett Stover run after her, but she hadn't realized how much her father-in-law knew about her. She was more than willing to give her cunt to her husband's father, but she had expected to do it more on her terms. She suddenly realized that Brett, Senior had her over a barrel and that there was nothing she could do about it. She resigned herself to it as she knew she would enjoy it anyway.
    “What is it you think I'm so great at?” Victoria said. She didn't move from her chair, but watched every move of his as he continued to undress. She was still proud of the fact that she was the very best at anything sexual.
    Brett Stover was stripped down to his shorts and there was a large, thick cock bulge in the silk material. He pulled his shorts down quickly and his giant, erect prick sprang straight out at Victoria. “Let's see how you are at sucking my cock!” Brett said and he pointed down at the purple-tipped column of flesh that stuck out from his hairy balls like a cannon about to explode. He knew he was going to get great pleasure out of seeing the sensuous lips of his son's wife's mouth locked tightly around his hardened, giant whang, but he also wanted to see all of her beautiful, young body naked to the flesh.
    “Take off your clothes before you start,” Brett said casually, and he sat down again in the large, easy chair, his obscenely erect pecker pointing up at her.
    Victoria was more than a little upset at the way Brett was acting. He was so sure of himself, so sure that she would do anything he wanted. But the thought of having a hunk of his fortune and power was all that she needed to make her give in to his demands. Anyway, his large fuckstick throbbing so deliciously at her made her wet pussy burn with the exciting thought of having it buried inside her twat.
    Gulping down the last of her martini, Victoria stood up from her chair very slowly, and after setting her glass down, she shook her long, blonde hair off of her shoulders while looking directly in her father-in-law's eyes. Then she precisely and deliberately unbuttoned the front of her dress with even moves of her nimble fingers, never taking her eyes from his. When the last button was undone, she slipped the dress off in one swift move, letting it fall back off her shoulders and down her arms. She laughed out loud when Brett Stover's eyes seemed to bulge out in surprise. She wasn't wearing bra or panties, and she stood before him completely naked except for her shoes.
    Her father-in-law grinned too as he realized that Victoria had come prepared for fucking. He found himself liking his son's wife more and more and his prick swelled larger when he saw that her voluptuous, young body was even more sensuous than he had imagined. He wanted to shove his pecker into the silky folds of her delectable cunt right then and there, but he didn't say anything as Victoria was looking straight into his eyes and teasingly moistening her lips with the tip of her pink tongue. There would be plenty of opportunity to fuck her pussy later, but for the moment, he was going to stick to his original demand for a cocksucking. She had the most sensuous mouth Brett had ever seen and he had been waiting for a long time to make her suck his gigantic prick.
    Stepping out of her shoes, Victoria walked with graceful strides toward her father-in-law. Her posture was always perfect, a characteristic uncommon with large-tittied women and her twin globes of round, smooth flesh hardly moved as she walked. The satiny perfect boobies were accented by the already erect pink nipples at their tips and they brushed tantalizingly against Brett Stover's knees as she knelt down in front of his chair. He spread his legs out, one on either side of her perfect body and he slid his asscheeks to the edge of the chair to move his pelvis closer to his daughter-in-law's beautifully sculptured face. Victoria placed her hands on her father-in-law's inner thighs and his pecker jerked up responding fast to her touch.
    The rubbery flesh of the mushroom-shaped purple head of his whang was swollen to the proportion of a large apricot and the unseeing eye at the tip had tiny drops of pre-cum fluid seeping from it. The long fuckstick was equally thick and the blood-engorged veins criss-crossed it in accent to its throbbing life. The stiff cock protruded out from a blonde tangle of cock hair and beneath the hairy bush were the double sacs containing his nuts which looked small in comparison to his huge prick. Brett's belly was youthfully flat and muscular and Victoria ran her hands up his inner thighs past his cock hair to his lower belly. She stayed still for a moment, then leaned forward until his long, rigid fuckpole made contact with the soft cleavage of her full knockers. She looked up at Brett Stover and smiled when his whang jerked again.
    “Well? Let's get with it!” Brett said, grinning lasciviously down at her. He liked the sensation of her massive, warm titties against his pecker and the sight was just as stimulating. “Aren't you going to suck my cock?” he added.
    Victoria gulped as she was a little hesitant to begin. His prick was so enormous that she was afraid it might choke her and she knew that at best she would be able to take only half of its length down her throat. She was stalling by teasing him, but Stover wouldn't have it.
    “Take it easy, Brett, sweetie, I'm just trying to make your cock larger,” Victoria said in an attempt to appear undisturbed. Brett laughed out loud, but then looked at her with cold blue eyes.
    “Get sucking! If it gets any larger, you'll have to start from across the room!” Brett laughed again, but his impatience was apparent.
    Victoria felt the anger rising in her heaving titties and she was determined to show Brett Stover what it was like to be sucked by a professional. She moved her left hand down his belly until her palm was just above the base of his large pecker, while she slid her right hand palm upward beneath the soft balls that hung below. At the same moment, she wrapped her cool left hand around the base of his fuckstick and took his sperm-heavy balls in her right hand. Using her long, nimble fingers with sensual skill, she began to gently massage both his balls and fuck pole. She saw her father-in-law draw his breath in sharply as her fingers made contact with his fuck organ, and she wasted no time in getting busy with her warm, wet lips and tongue. Leaning her face close to the swollen purple head, she exhaled her hot breath over it as cobra-like she flicked her tongue out to touch the sensitive nerve at the base of the cockhead. His prick lurched in her hand from his obvious pleasure in her actions.
    Thinking of all the material things that her father-in-law's extensive fortune could bring her, so as to help keep her mind off the burning sensation that was growing in her pussy, Victoria set to concentrating on bringing Brett to a rapid climax. She wanted to show him her sexual prowess and then make him beg for more. Flicking her tongue in and out of her sensuous mouth, she dotted the tip of his swollen pecker with the warm sleek wetness of her hot spit while continuing the steady massaging of his semen-filled balls. Her left hand was working slowly, but deliberately around the thick base of his pecker, pulling the stretched skin covering up and down. She could feel his excitement increasing with the growing rate of his throbbing pecker.
    Listing her head to one side, Victoria ran her tongue down the base of the long, fleshy cudgel, moistening its whole long stalk with the spittle that ran from her warm, wet mouth. Then, once again, she held her open mouth poised over the peckerhead while flicking her tongue at the narrow gash at the top. She could taste the pungent drops of his prick juice and it excited her cunt all over again. Moisture was forming between her inner thighs as her pussy pulsated from the thought of having the long, hard whang ramming inside but she tried to sublimate any thoughts of her own pleasure even though she knew it would be a losing battle.
    Stretching her snakelike tongue out as far as she could, Victoria placed it against the base of the blunt cockhead and opening her mouth wide, she slowly lowered her mouth down over his prick like she was taking a large lick on a candy stick. Her red lips closed tightly around the thickness of his pecker as her mouth cavern was filled with the rubbery flesh. She ran her tongue with furious intensity back and forth over the sensitive tip as her warm spittle gushed around the whole swollen donghead.
    Her father-in-law groaned very quietly but Victoria heard it and was pleased. She began to bob her head up and down the thick whang pulling with her lips and teeth at the blood-engorged flesh. The head end alone seemed to fill every part of her mouth, but she worked up and down on it to see if she could swallow it down her throat.
    Brett Stover's eyes were wide with lust as his son's young wife closed the warmth of her mouth around the end of his throbbing pecker. The heat of her pink tongue sent tremendous sensations down the length of his hardened fuckstick and they seemed to rebound back up from the delicate touches of her long, sensuous fingers. Her tongue worked like liquid fire that knew instinctively where to find the most sensitive parts of Brett's prick and her lips and teeth seemed to be pulling his whole body inside to the warm confines of her mouth. The sensations were tremendous and he felt like his sperm was hanging on the peak of cum release already. When Victoria began to wiggle her head up and down over his whang, he had to strain consciously to fight off the urge to squirt out his waiting sperm right then and there. Her long, blonde hair had fallen back down over her shoulders and it brushed teasingly against his thighs, adding more delights to the already intense pleasure. He could easily take her warm, sucking mouth wrapped around his whang like that for the rest of his life.
    Victoria nearly choked while she tried with supreme effort to take more and more of the long prick into her hot mouth. The huge cockhead seemed to be pressing back against her tonsils as she pushed down on the hard cudgel of flesh and then when she raised up again, she bit down with her teeth, leaving white streaks where the blood had been forced away from the surface of his skin. She gulped down the hot spit that flowed freely from her mouth and she sucked with all her strength on the rigid pecker. After a moment, she was able to take nearly half of his fuckstick into her mouth and she pumped vigorously on the other half with her hand. Brett's nuts were growing tight and she could feel the pressure of his semen building up inside. Victoria knew that he was on the verge of aiming so she sucked and pulled and bobbed faster and faster on the hardened fuckstick sunk so deep in her sucking mouth.
    Brett had to fight to keep from spewing his cum as the sensations of Victoria's sucking which poured through his body seemed to multiply with ever-increasing intensity. His excitement was not only from the manipulations of his son's wife's sensuous mouth, but the sight of her voluptuous, naked body hunched slavishly down between his outstretched legs, like a wild beast about to pounce, was also fantastically stimulating. He could clearly see her smooth-skinned asscheeks beyond her bobbing head and the moons of them seemed to be opening and closing slightly as she worked her head up and down his cock. She was lightly tanned all over her body and at that unlikely moment, Brett Stover found himself wondering if she sunbathed in the nude. He decided she must, and it occurred to him that he would sometime like to join her in the sun. Then he remembered how inviting her pussy had looked when she stripped off her dress, and he wanted to stop her sucking of his whang before he exploded everything he had deep inside her hot throat.
    Victoria was totally enthralled with the sucking of her father-in-law's prick. It had become a part of her senses and she wanted the huge amount of sperm that stirred in his balls to shoot out the end of his pecker deep down in her throat. She wanted to taste its hot, white stickiness and to have the white, sticky cum splashing in her mouth so she could suck it down into her hungry belly. She could feel the cockhead balloon out larger and she thought it was about to explode when she felt his hands pulling at her hair. Brett was saying something, but Victoria didn't hear it until he had repeated it to her once again.
    “Stop it, I said! I want to fuck that hot little pussy of yours,” Brett Stover was demanding. Victoria was slightly disappointed as she slipped her mouth up off the throbbing pecker to look at Brett Stover, but his words excited her. She was aware of the heat in her cunt and the thought of having her husband's father's pecker pushing up inside her pussy made her quickly forget her desire to have him cum in her mouth. Her twat was damp with her flooding cunny juices and she stood up quickly to crawl up on the chair so she could lower her screw box down over his hardened pecker.
    Brett moved when Victoria did and he grabbed her by the waist to lower her back on the plush carpeting covering on the floor. Victoria didn't resist as she was like a crazed animal anxious to be fed, and she lay flat on her back as her father-in-law knelt down between her limply opened legs. She immediately spread her legs out wider and Brett Stover could clearly see the smooth folds of her damp, hungry pussy. The blonde, silky twat hair surrounding her cunt seemed to part by itself as she drew her legs back and the moist pink flesh at the opening to her fuckhole looked tight and inviting.
    “Quick, Brett Darling! Fuck me! Now! I want your prick inside my cunt now!” Victoria pleaded as Brett gaped at her beautiful, young body. He was down on all fours between her widespread legs and she could see his spit-glistening whang pointing toward her hot and hungry fuck passage. Brett moved as though they had all kinds of time and he bent forward to gently squeeze the ripe flesh of her large firm titties. Victoria reached down between her hot legs and took his pecker in her hand. Her hot cunt was burning to have his prick inside and the touch of his hands on her large boobies made the feeling that much more urgent.
    Brett Stover rolled the pink, erect nipples on the tips of her full knockers between his thumbs and forefingers. They were like ripe cherries ready to be plucked and as he fondled them, he could see the ecstasy of pleasure on Victoria's face. She rolled her head from side to side while quietly pleading with him to fuck her. Her fingers stroked the end of his whang as if to hypnotize it into doing as she wanted. But Brett wanted to take full enjoyment of his entry of her warm, eager pussy and he released his hold of her knockers so that he could place his hands by her shoulders to lean forward over her passion-writhing body. He looked down between their nakedness to watch as his son's wife wiggled her cunt toward the head of his fuckstick which she was holding in her hot hand still.
    A blue-white shock of pleasure jolted Victoria's twat as she guided the rubbery tip of Brett's dong slipperily down the hair-lined length of her twat. Brett Stover kept holding his hips back from her, making her arch her hips up to meet the monstrous length of hardened male cock flesh, but when she had the purple head against the opening to her pussy, she pushed up suddenly with her twat muscles to suck the smooth, rubbery prickhead inside the softly bearded lips of her cunt.
    “Please, Brett, fuck me! FUCK ME!” Victoria begged as her father-in-law restrained himself from driving his long, pulsating pecker into her twat. He pushed his hips forward just enough to allow a little more of his cockhead to pop through the opening of ragged pussy flesh and he savored the wet warmth that seemed to hungrily grip the sensitive tip of his excited pecker. The feeling was tremendous and he couldn't hold back any longer. He pushed hard forward with his hips and the spit-moistened whang slid into her pussy like a hot knife slicing mercilessly through warm jelly.
    “Oh, my God! Oh, Jesus, it's so good!” Victoria groaned as her whole fuck passage was stretched wider and wider by the plunging prick. The smooth mushroom donghead seemed to part the walls of her pussy as it made its way into the depths of her burning twat. His cock kept coming and coming, filling her pussy ready, tight passage with hot, hard flesh that she wanted so much until finally it entered the very depths of her belly and smashed hard into the cringing walls of her fuckhole. At the same instant his cum-loaded balls slapped into her naked, upturned asscheeks sending additional salacious sensations coursing through her lust-crazed twat.
    “Eeeeegggghhhh! Oh, Brett, Jesus Christ!” Victoria moaned her pleasure out loud to her father-in-law. Her cunny was completely filled by the long prick and she looked down between her huge titties at the clump of his blonde cockhair pressed tightly against her pussy.
    The sensation of the tight, hot pussy flesh wrapped around his throbbing whang was more than Brett could stand. It had taken a great deal of self-control to keep from shooting his load in his daughter-in-law's insatiably sucking mouth and now the warmth of her twat brought the urgency back in full force. His sperm was bursting to get out and he started to fuck into her hot, young cunt like there was nothing else that mattered in the world. He drew his whang back out of her until only the cockhead remained inside and then he immediately slammed forward again to plunge deep inside her damp, hot pussy.
    “Oh, yes, Brett, darling! Fuck me like you're doing! I'm ready to cum! Ooooohhh, I'm ready to cum!” Victoria chanted as the thick prick fucked demonically in and out of her voraciously clasping twat. Her nerves tingled with the sensations that sprang from her pussy running up into her full, heaving titties and out her arms and down her long legs to ignite an ecstasy of pleasure in every part of her sensuous body. She was caught in a spinning whirlpool of passion that tossed her mind through endless corridors of pleasure and the long, hard pecker of her father-in-law kept ramming harder and harder into the core of her near-bursting body.
    Brett Stover stared down at the passionate woman beneath him and her frenzy was like a spontaneous vacuum that sucked him into her body. He watched his prick sinking quickly into the far-hidden depths of her belly like a very welcome guest and when he left it, her tight, hair-lined, young cunny seemed to pull back on his prick as though she couldn't bear for him to leave. The moist walls of her pussy seemed to work over every little curve in his fuckstick, massaging each part as an equally stimulating suction. Victoria kept arching her firm, full hips up to meet his long, downward dives and her legs stretched out wider and wider in acceptance of the fuck joy he was giving her. He fucked his prick into her with more and more force as his excitement raged out of control.
    “Give me your sperm, Brett! Oh, fuck, give me your sperm!” Victoria was flailing her head back and forth, and her mouth was open wide. Her pink tongue that had moments before licked the large prick that was now driving deep into her cunny, kept running wetly over the curvy line of her helplessly open lips. Her large, blue eyes were open and staring into a space of erotic visions that existed only in her brain.
    “Aaaaggghhh! Ooooohhhh! I'm cuming! EEEEGGGHH!” Victoria threw her legs up high as her whole body shuddered beneath the driving force in her bursting pussy. She was a wild animal in the peak of monumental ecstasy.
    The sudden tightening of her rippling cunt around his throbbing, long pecker was more than Brett Stover could bear, and his pleasure soared and he was reaching the peak of orgasm. His hot, sticky white sperm raced from his balls and the pit of his belly to sensationally squirt its heat to the depths of his son's wife's exploding young throbbing twat. His belly muscles jerked with great spasms as he slammed his swelling prick far up inside the cock slit just as the prick reached the tip. It shot out with tremendous bursts from the dilated gash, crashing with hot joy into the cavity of her wildly contracting belly. Each burst seemed to start at the base of his pecker and dash up the stalk with tremendous speed, with one great jerk up the whole length of the long, thick cudgel. The moment it shot out the prick head, another burst followed the sensation-giving path of the last barrage and then another and another until Brett thought it would continue forever.
    Victoria was in a world of her own when in the height of her orgasm, her husband's father's cum spewed and smashed into her writhing cunt. Her mind saw only the great purple cockhead of his huge fucker pumping out the hot male sperm and filling her belly with tremendous pleasures. It sloshed around inside her twat to mix with her own hot climax and her pussy contracted sharply again and again over the thick hardness of his spewing lust-crazed pecker. The great spasms that began at the opening of her burning, grasping cunt jerked wildly up through her nerve-filled fuck passage to end as a hot blast of sheer delight deep up inside her sperm-filled belly.
    For the moment, all of the reasons that Victoria had laid beneath her father-in-law's wildly jerking prick were forgotten completely. She was not the young scheming woman in that minute, but instead she was nothing more than a hot, passion-filled whore that wanted only to be at the driving mercy of the sensation giving cudgel of hardened prick flesh that rested deep inside her womb. For the first time in her life, Victoria felt something akin to love. It was an odd stirring and she knew that she needed Brett's prick in her over and over and over again!


    Margaret Stover was still so upset over seeing Brett fucking the red-haired barmaid, that she didn't bother to go down for dinner. She called the maid and asked for a tray, also leaving word for her husband that she had a headache and was going directly to bed. In her mind's eye, she kept seeing Brett's huge prick fucking into that girl's cunt and her pussy kept twitching and burning yearningly for cum release. Margaret couldn't remember when she had been so aroused.
    She ate her dinner and then after the maid had taken the tray, she settled down with the evening's paper, trying to distract herself from the thought of her son's magnificent cock.
    Having read the paper thoroughly, she stretched out on her bed with the latest magazines to keep her mind off the insistent images of Brett fucking that girl. The magazines were of little help and she soon gave them up for an historical novel that she had picked up at the book store a few weeks back. She forced herself to concentrate on the book and for a while she succeeded in forgetting about her son and the redhead on the bar's office couch.
    Two hours later, she was surprised to discover that she had finished reading the book, even though it was still fairly early in the evening. She wasn't tired and the idea of a hot, relaxing bath sounded good so she got undressed hurriedly while the tub was filling with warm water. When they had had the house remodeled, she had ordered a large, square, sunken tub installed in her bathroom and it was the one thing in the house that she considered her very own. She would often relax in the large tub for long periods of time and that evening it was like a security blanket to her. She thought the warm water would dull her senses so that she could sleep peacefully through the night.
    Walking back into the bathroom after undressing, Margaret Stover glanced at her naked reflection in the full-length mirror on one wall. She couldn't help comparing her body to the young redhead's body she had seen that same after noon. Margaret guessed the girl must have been around nineteen and she was in her middle forties. Yet, Margaret thought her body was every bit as sexy as the redhead's figure had been. She studied her form in the mirror and was pleased by the fact that she had no fat whatsoever to distort her figure. Her titties were very large and jutting and they were the size of well-rounded melons and still youthful-looking. They stood up pert and proud and she couldn't resist touching the large nipples that capped them like pink berries responding to her touch by hardening slightly. Margaret was quickly reminded again of the obscene spectacle she had seen earlier.
    She dropped her hands from her boobies and ran them down the long curve of her waist. Her belly was white and flat and near the lower part was a light covering of black hair that tapered out to the triangle of her fuzzy pussy hair. Margaret turned her back to the mirror and turning to look over her shoulder, she momentarily studied the round shape of her asscheeks. The white moons were like firm globes that stuck out slightly and Margaret was more fascinated by them at that moment than she could ever recall having been. She thought her overall appearance was intoxicating especially since her hair was long and raven and she remembered the girl her son was fucking had long hair also. The girl had looked really sensuous and Margaret wondered if it hadn't been because of the girl's slave-like bent-over position. She spread her legs apart and bending over, looked back between her legs at her reflection. Her position caused the mounds of her asscheeks to spread apart slightly and she could see the pink hairless area of her tight puckered shithole. Just below it were the sparse, hair-covered lips of her cunt and Margaret could clearly see the drops of moisture formed at the opening of her fuckhole. The thought of a long prick driving into her pussy while a finger worked in her asshole flashed into her mind and Margaret quickly straightened up and crossed the floor to the Roman tub. It was nearly filled with water and she reached to turn off the valves while she tried once more to put the obscene images out of her mind.
    Stepping down into the warm water, Margaret stood still for a moment then slowly lowered herself into the clear water until only her head remained above the surface. The warm water surrounding her body did not dull her senses as she had anticipated but rather it made her more aware of all her sexual parts. She looked at the triangle of semidarkness formed by her black pussy hair through the moving water and it seemed to dance seductively before her eyes, her hand moved toward the blue-black hair and she ran her \ fingers across the surface of her awakened cunt. It had been over a year since she had ever given fucking a passing thought, but what she had watched this afternoon at the cocktail lounge had set off something in her twat that she didn't realize existed until then. It was like a flash of heat through the pit of her womb and the hot, itchy feeling refused to depart.
    Very gently, Margaret pressed her finger into the hair-lined screw box formed by the lips of her pussy and she felt the electric sensation jolt through her gash as she had that afternoon when her finger had touched her excited love button. She had never known that the little clitty could be so sensitive or give her so much pleasure. If the lewd spectacle she had witnessed had been between someone other than her son, Margaret probably would have recoiled at the sheer obscenity of the act but she couldn't equate anything her son did with lasciviousness. The obvious enjoyment of their fuck sessions made Margaret feel that she must have been missing something even though she had always taken fucking lightly in the past. Her body was responsive to her own touch and she saw no reason why it shouldn't respond even more to someone else. She couldn't consciously admit to herself that the someone else she was thinking about might be her own flesh and blood, Brett, Junior.
    Continuing the massaging of her excited nerve nub in the soft hair-lined folds of her cunny with more vigorous strokes, Margaret felt the burning in her pussy grow more and more intense. The moistened walls of her raging cunt seemed to be tingling out a message to her brain that begged for a fleshy fuckstick to be screwed up through them. Her mind seemed to become somehow a part of the pink twat flesh between her inner thighs and the urgent need to be fulfilled became overwhelming. In her mind's eye she was seeing Brett, Junior's passion-hardened prick fucking in and out of the redhead's wet cunt and her finger almost instinctively moved down to the opening of her newly discovered fuckhole. Margaret pushed her middle finger up inside the tight, seldom screwed channel down between her thighs until she was unable to reach further and it felt good, but not good enough. Frustrated, Margaret added another finger and she gradually began to finger-fuck them both in and out of her flooding pussy. It did nothing but stir up the fire in her panting cunt to greater intensity and she was maddened by not being able to reach the mysterious orgasm she had seen the redhead attain beneath the plowing prick of her son that afternoon at the bar.
    Keeping the two fingers of her right hand in her gently clasping fuckhole, Margaret tested the nail of her left-hand forefinger against her thumb. It was softened by the warm water of the bath and she moved her hand under the firm globe of her asscheeks. She drew her legs up bending her knees so that she could have greater access to the space between her inner thighs and pulling the crevice of her white ass apart she probed her left forefinger against the tight restricting ring of her shithole.
    The warm water surrounding her slender finger made the entry easier than she had expected it to be and she slowly worked her finger into her tight, clasping asshole. It was slightly painful at first, but after a moment, Margaret became excited by the perverted presence of her finger in her ass. She pushed it in to the second knuckle and she was surprised that she could feel her other fingers in her pussy through the thin partition of flesh which separated the two fuck passages. Still recalling the furious screwing she had witnessed earlier, Margaret began to finger-fuck herself with mutual rhythms in her two fuckholes. The unnatural presence of her finger in her pooper seemed to heighten the effect of the fucking fingers in her pussy and she worked them ferociously in an attempt to stop the burning itchiness in her cunt.

    Andrew Hewitt had been thinking about Margaret Stover a great deal since he had learned the night before that Brett Stover, Sr. didn't care a fig about her. Andrew thought that Margaret was not only physically attractive, but sexually appealing as well. He couldn't help wondering if she were really as frigid as Stover had implied. So when he left Margaret's husband alone with his daughter-in-law, he decided to find Margaret himself and talk to her at least, to find out personally about her. He reasoned that since her husband wasn't interested in Margaret, he should have no serious objections to it if he did a little personal research into Margaret Stover. It should not endanger his job in the least. Then too, Andrew figured that Brett Stover was in no position to object, considering just what he was doing with his own son's young wife at this very moment.
    Andrew had checked into several doors on the second floor of the mansion before he finally entered the wing that appeared to have been added onto the main house. At the end of a long hallway, he looked into a partially opened door that he felt sure was Brett Stover's wife's bedroom, but there was no sign of her. He entered the room silently and glanced around. It was apparent that someone had been lying on the bed, but he didn't see anyone and was about to leave when he heard a splashing noise. Taking a few hesitant steps into the room, he saw a hallway to his right which appeared to lead back toward the front of the room. He walked quietly down the hall past several closets until he came to a half-open door on the left. He heard the splashing sound again and his curiosity got the better of him. He glanced in through the open part of the door and in a large mirror on the right wall, Andrew saw the reflection of Margaret Stover completely naked in a Roman bath.
    Andrew sucked in his breath as he realized what she was doing. Her eyes were closed and her head was held back like she was trying to stretch her neck up. Her massive titties were bouncing on the surface of the rippling water and her knees were drawn up above the surface.
    Andrew's prick was already hard from having attempted to look up between young Victoria's legs, but when he stretched up to look into the tub, his pecker began growing hard and erect. He could see that Margaret was screwing her fingers in and out of her pussy and although it was difficult to see, he thought in disbelief that she also had a finger buggaring up into her shithole.
    “Goddamnit all,” Andrew Hewitt thought as he stared at the frenzied motions of Margaret's hands. He felt his whang straining against the confines of his pants and his balls were aching with excitement. He wanted to tear off his clothes and go fuck her right in the bath but he waited and watched to see what would transpire.
    The sensations pouring from her pussy were like a big nothing, a frustrated old-maid syndrome and Margaret was becoming more and more exasperated for not having a cock to stick up her twat. She needed and wanted more than her own hands were giving her, but still she pushed her fingers hard against the soft flesh of her watery cunt. Margaret Stover quickly tightened and loosened the muscle of her shithole around her screwing finger that pushed farther and farther into the hot depths of her asshole. Her mind was in another time, that time being the early afternoon and she was in the cocktail lounge's office wanting to be fucked.
    “Fuck me! Screw my cunt, too!” Margaret moaned as she fucked herself wild with her own fingers. She was like a wild beast in heat and she would do simply anything to have a hard male prick squirting sperm into her cunny.
    When he heard Margaret's loud moans, Andrew couldn't contain his ballooning pecker any longer. He had to fuck her no matter what the consequences might be. He tore off his clothes as fast as his hands would move and when he finally pulled down his shorts, his freed whang sprang straight out in front of his body. He walked brazenly through the doorway into the bathroom and toward the sunken tub, his hard, erect prick pointed out and bounced obscenely as he walked. After all, what could the hot, little whore saw when he had caught her finger-fucking this say! Margaret didn't open her eyes until he was standing right by the edge of the tub. In sudden shock, she stopped the fucking of her fingers in and out of her twat and asshole, but she didn't pull them out of her body. Her eyes were wide open but she wasn't looking at his eyes. Andrew realized then that she was staring wildly at his thick and hard prick.
    “I've decided that I'm going to fuck your hot, little pussy!” Andrew groaned down at her voluptuous, naked body. He looked at her passion-wracked nakedness and thought she was the most sensuous woman he had ever seen. He stepped quickly into the warm water beside her.
    When Margaret felt another's presence, she stopped moving and opened her eyes. But all that she was looking for was pointing straight out above her head. Her mind went psychedelic as she saw this thick fuckstick that she wanted so much to have and all she could think of was getting it inside her hungry pussy. When Andrew spoke, she heard the words she wanted to hear and she was ready for him to do as he pleased with her.
    “Oh, God, please fuck me! I beg you fuck me! Please! Fuck me!” Margaret Stover groaned pleadingly as she pulled her fingers from her two fuckholes as she turned onto her knees in the same position she had seen the redhead in that very day.
    Andrew Hewitt was astounded to see the cold Mrs. Brett Stover respond so willingly to his demand and when she moved so her smooth, round asscheeks were raised high up in the air, he knelt down behind her in the tub between her legs with his prick pointing directly at the soft pussy curls between her thighs. She had her head against one hand on the edge of the tub and she was reaching back between her legs with the other hand in search of his desire-hardened whang. Margaret's face was turned to the side and Andrew realized that she was looking wild-eyed at their reflection in the mirror on the opposite wall.
    Groping back for the pecker she wanted so much to have in her steaming pussy, Margaret stared at the vision she saw in the mirror to her right. She could only see her asscheeks above the edge of the tub, but Margaret could also clearly see the body of the man about to fuck her. His thick prick was pointing toward her upturned asscheeks and it was as if she was looking upon the same spectacle she had watched going on between Brett, her son, and the red-haired girl that very same afternoon. Margaret's lust had carried her beyond any sense of identity and she felt as though she was detached from her body while still able to enjoy its pleasures. When her hand found the hard, fleshy pecker, she pulled on it to guide it into her hungrily throbbing cunt.
    Andrew Hewitt was ecstatic over having found old man Stover's wife so very passionately eager to be fucked and he moved his hips forward willingly when she pulled at his huge whang with her hand. He was amazed at how smooth and unblemished her ivory skin was and he stared down at the wonderful shape of her smooth, creamy white asscheeks. The bath water still clung to her skin in small beads around the black-blue twat hairs which covered her lower back, and some water rolled down the damp cleft between the round, white asscheeks to her up-turned asscheeks. He reached out to spread the soft, resilient cheeks apart, and his eyes widened as he saw the tight, puckered moons of her shithole. Margaret was guiding his swollen his prick to the opening of her fuckhole and when he felt the blood-engorged head making electric contact with her pussy, he pushed his hips forward to worm it salaciously up into the depths of her warm waiting cunt channel. The screw passage was tighter than he had expected it would be and he shoved forward with more force until the head of his thick pecker rammed mercilessly inside her tight, boiling fuck passage.
    “Oh, my God! Ahhhhh! Oh, yes! Yessss!” Margaret's already lubricated twat was more than ready for the thick, fleshy pecker and she pushed her loins back to take it all inside her raging cunt. Her finger-fucking had stretched the tight pussy without enduring excess pain. Her only thought was to have his cock fucking way up inside her burning belly and she pushed back harder against Andrew Hewitt's prick, taking it deeper and deeper into her panting twat.
    The sensations of her tight warm flesh fucking over the length of his erect, hard fuckpole were fantastic and Andrew didn't waste any time in shoving it down the slick, hot screw passage tight up between her legs. His groin was alive with the sensations that traveled down his thick cock with an intensity born of lusting passion. Her tight, wet pussy felt virgin, unfucked, yet she wiggled back against his driving dong thrusts like a highly professional slut. The clear, warm perfumed water splashed around their obscenely joined bodies. When Andrew withdrew his whang from the depths of her cunny, his balls would dip into the warm water exciting them all the more and he could see that Margaret's firm titties hung down to the point that the erect pink nipples were being massaged gently by the continuous motion of the water. The whole effect was exciting in itself, and Andrew felt that he would shoot out his gobby cum at any instant.
    With her eyes staring at the reflection of their bodies in the mirror, Margaret felt as though she finally had the means to truly release the ultimate joy and pleasure she needed so much. Her body was like the body of the young red-haired girl she had watched being fucked half insane by her own son that afternoon as she arched her pussy up to receive the pleasure-giving prick in her desire-flooding pussy. Her twat was responding to the driving cock by sending out tremendous sensual signals to her brain. Her enjoyment was greater than anything she had ever experienced in her life, and she sensed every portion of the thick fuckstick as it plowed in and out of her clasping cunt. The water slapping against the sensitive nipples of her large titties added to the pleasures surging through her body and she knew that she was on the verge of a tremendous climax.
    “Fuck me deeper and harder! Please fuck me with all your strength!” Margaret moaned as she felt the head of his great dong balloon inside her burning belly. She felt tiny spasms in the pit of her trembling womb but the picture she saw in the minor was not yet satisfactory.
    “Put your finger in my shithole! Pleeeassee! Stick your finger up my ass!” Margaret moaned out her mounting passion.
    Hardly able to hold back his thick, hot sperm, Andrew was out of his mind with the pleasures in his balls. Margaret's soft, pleading request only stimulated him the more and he quickly did as she asked. Her tiny, pink asshole was puckered and he pressed his middle finger against it without any thought of being gentle with it. Once his finger popped through the restricting ring of ass flesh, he drove his long finger up into the depths of her hot pooper the full length of his thick digit.
    “Eeeeiiiggghhh! Oh, Fuck me! Fuck, fuck, fuck me!” Margaret screamed as his finger tore into the tight confines of her asshole. The suddenness of his entry had hurt her, but she didn't care as it was making her pleasure even more remarkable.
    The sight of his finger jammed deep inside Margaret's asshole was so lewdly exhilarating that Andrew could no longer control himself. He rammed his finger in and out at the same intensity as his prick and he felt the sensation along the length of his huge cock build to the point of complete fulfillment. He pushed his pelvis forward with such a strong force that he nearly lifted Margaret's asscheeks a foot in the air, but the hot, sticky sperm in his balls was making its way up the length of his whang with such magnificent force that he didn't care. His lust-swelled pecker jerked several times as the purple head exploded like a cannon with his orgasm.
    Margaret's eyes were out of focus from her excitement in the ultimate moment when the first hot squirt of semen shot like a raging torrent of hot cream deep into her eager, waiting pussy. It was like the magic word needed to free the frustrations in her cunt arid her whole body was shattered by the fucking prick's explosion. Fantastic waves of pleasure tore her body into a thousand sensitive parts that exploded with each stab of hot liquid in her womb. Her pussy contracted again and again, the hot walls bursting with the gushing twat juice of her climax.
    “Ahhhhh, C-H-R-I-S-T! Ohhhhh, FUCK! Fuck me, I'm cuming! I'M CUMING!” Margaret was wild with the fury of her passion as her full rounded asscheeks rolled with the great spasms rippling through her. She felt like she was soaring among an exploding array of planets and stars and each of the different lights that blinked on and off represented a different thrilling sensation. It was much more than Margaret could ever have expected and she clung to the ecstatic joy for fear she would never have it again.
    Andrew's excited prick kept jerking out his cum in huge bursts of pleasure and it kept aiming with more intensity as he drove his finger insanely in and out of her widely stretched asshole. Just the sight of Stover's wife's bestial like passion was enough to keep him spewing cum and he stared at the gushing mixture of their joy juice as it poured out around the base of his thick whang and ran down into the swirling water. Even when the last drop of his cum had jerked from the swollen head deep inside her pussy, Margaret kept screwing her asscheeks back against his ramming finger as if with her mouth-like pussy to suck every part of him inside her passion-wracked twat. Then, finally when his pecker started going limp, the spasms in her body quieted down to occasional quick jerks and Andrew Hewitt regained control of his senses.
    The thought suddenly occurred to him that his employer could just walk in at any moment and it so unnerved Andrew that he pulled his hips back from Margaret's asscheeks, making a wet slurping sound as his limp prick left the warmth of her trembling pussy. He just as quickly pulled his finger from her stretched asshole and after falling back in the water for a second, he climbed out of the Roman bath on shaky legs. Without saying a word, he grabbed the nearest towel and halfway dried the water from his naked body. He looked down at Margaret Stover as he rubbed the towel hurriedly over his skin and he was surprised to see that she hadn't moved from the kneeling position she had taken when he had fucked her. She was still staring wide-eyed at the big mirror and her huge titties were heaving and bouncing from the motion of her breathing activity.
    Throwing the turkish towel on the floor, Andrew ran out the door to where he had left his clothes and he quickly got dressed. His only thought was to make it out of the house without being seen by Brett Stover as the possibility of Brett not succeeding to fuck Victoria had just occurred to him. If that were the case, Brett could be anywhere in the house and possibly angry at that. Andrew ran out of Margaret's bedroom still buttoning his shirt and moved down the hallways as fast as he could move quietly. The route to the front door took him past the door to the den where he had left Brett and Victoria and he was glad to see the door was closed as he approached it. For just an instant, Andrew paused at the door and when he heard the obscene moaning sounds of uncontrolled passion coming from the den, he smiled to himself. As he walked on to the front door of the house he felt greatly relieved and he was certain then that Margaret would never say a word to her husband about what had transpired between them.

    After Andrew Hewitt left her bathroom, Margaret stayed kneeling in the Roman tub for several minutes while she indulged in the long, drawn out joyful pleasures of her first climax. It was as if she were still detached from the body she saw reflected in the mirror and the feelings from witnessing her own act were the same as the ones she had felt when looking in on Brett, Junior's fuck activities. It excited her body and she had been completely fulfilled sexually. But after a few minutes the guilt of adultery joined the excitement and she slowly came back to reality from her after-cum explosions.
    Margaret noticed the soreness in her knees for the first time then, even though she had been on them since Andrew Hewitt had climbed into the sunken bath behind her. She turned and slowly submerged her satisfied body into the cooling water and only then did she realize that she had let Andrew Hewitt, an almost complete stranger, fuck her like a bitch in heat. Her whole body shook as she remembered that she had acted like a wanton slut. She couldn't imagine what had come over her, what had made her act in such a lewd fashion. Her brain reeled from the thought of what she had asked him to do and she didn't understand how she, Margaret Stover, had suddenly become such a lustful, wanton whore!
    Margaret sat there for a long time as though she were afraid to get out of the security of the water. It wasn't until she finally stepped out of the bath that the thought occurred to her that Andrew had actually fucked her for his own lust. The thought fell on her like a triple blow when she suddenly realized that he had come into the bathroom naked. He had come into the bathroom with a huge hard-on and ready to fuck her. What had he been doing there in the first place, anyway? Margaret became enraged with anger and she grabbed a soft towel, hastily wrapping it around her still-naked body while running out to her bedroom. She was going to tell Brett what his new, important accountant had done to her. She was just opening her bedroom door when she stopped cold and she started laughing out loud at the thought of what she was about to do!
    Margaret turned around and walked back into the bedroom. There was no point in saying anything to her husband as she knew that she had wanted Andrew or anyone for that matter to fuck her in any manner he wished. It had been as much her own fault, wanting him to fuck her as it had been his raping her and she knew, too, that Brett probably would only be upset at the thought of one of his possessions being used by someone else, not really by the fuck act itself.
    Margaret walked to her bed and threw back the covers. She dropped the towel on the floor beside the bed and naked, crawled in between the cool satin sheets. She couldn't stay angry at Andrew Hewitt as he had helped her to realize that orgasms really did exist and she was grateful for that. There would have to be other fuck sessions between them Margaret decided. She couldn't let Andrew go, now that she had found him and that magnificent prick of his. She relived the whole experience over and over again before dropping off to sleep, but the last time she recalled the incident it was her son and not Andrew Hewitt who was fucking her!


    The huge prick, as long and as thick as a man's arm, was chasing her and Victoria couldn't understand why she was running from it since she wanted that huge cock to fuck her and fuck her until she fainted dead away!
    She suddenly awoke and blinking her eyes quickly, she sat up in the bed and realized that she had been dreaming. The bright morning sunlight was streaming into the large bedroom and it hurt her sleep-filled eyes. She laid back as she closed her eyes against the glaring light and she squirmed her naked voluptuous body back under the satin quilt and tried to sleep but couldn't.
    It had been two days since she had attended the feigned business meeting with Brett's father and Andrew Hewitt, and Victoria hadn't seen her father-in-law after that night they had fucked. In fact, she had hardly moved from her house during the past two days as she wanted to take the time before her husband's return from Los Angeles to thoroughly think things out.
    She lay still in the warmth of her bed, trying to remember the details of her dream. She was curious as to who she had been dreaming about but the dream was lost in a foggy memory. She could only remember that she was being chased and was just about to be fucked by someone.
    “Oh, fuck! Shit on it, anyway!” Victoria said out loud and she stopped trying to recall the formless thought. It was just a dream, after all, and she would really prefer the live prick of someone real. She then remembered that her husband was due to return that afternoon and she had plenty of work ahead of her if she was going to carry out her scheme.
    Victoria had Nora McCarthy bring some coffee and juice up to her room and she got dressed while eating her light breakfast. She felt well rested as she had done little except sleep for the past two nights. She sat down to nibble on a piece of toast and her thoughts went back to the night she had been fucked by her husband's father. She had lost control of herself that evening and she was somewhat bothered by Brett, Senior's complete dominance over her. He had succeeded in making her do what he wanted, and that wasn't the way Victoria had planned to get to her father-in-law. She didn't have any complaints about the way he had fucked her, and she was sure that Brett Stover, Senior was the one thing she could count on, she thought smiling to herself.
    The big problem had been complete exhaustion that evening. Brett's father had fucked her for half the night and afterwards he was noncommittal about the deal he was going to offer her. Victoria had been too tired to press for more information. It hadn't been until the following day that she had come to the conclusion that she would have to somehow expose Brett Stover's lust for her to her husband. She was convinced that this was the only way the end results would be in her favor. She hoped that it would turn father against son in a battle for her and she knew by her father-in-law's own words that he could control his son.
    Victoria had thought out her plan carefully and she had started her lewd plan rolling the previous evening. She wasn't optimistic enough to believe that everything would work out in one move, but she hoped to at least have the opportunity to see and talk with Brett's father. She had called both Andrew Hewitt and Brett Stover to invite them and their wives to a small party to welcome her husband home again and both had agreed to come to the house the evening Brett would return from L.A. She was pleased that the first step of her scheme was concluded successfully but she knew that the most difficult part was yet in the offing.
    Victoria took a sip of her coffee and she stretched her arms above her head as if to signal her body that she was ready to meet the day. She had several things to take care of that morning and she thought carefully through the items of importance. She had to make sure that Gerald had the proper drinks prepared so that everyone would loosen up for the party. That was the first thing to take care of, she thought, and she walked out of her bedroom to see Gerald and Nora. The den had to be set up, too, and she decided to personally handle that job.
    As she walked downstairs toward the kitchen, she made a mental note to have a manhattan mixed and ready when her husband got home. She knew that preparing him for the evening was the key to her success or her failure, but she felt confident that she could persuade Junior to be his usual lustful self.
    When he finally arrived home from the airport, he looked a bit haggard from the rigors of the trip and Victoria decided to try to persuade him to take a nap the moment she saw him. She ran up to greet him in her best loving-wife manner and immediately led him to the den where she had a pitcher of manhattans ready.
    “Brett, sweetie, you look pooped,” Victoria said sympathetically as she handed him a powerful double drink. She sat down on the arm of the chair her husband had slumped down into and she gently stroked the back of his neck.
    “It was a very difficult trip. The damn traffic gets worse every time I go to L.A.,” Brett complained. He liked being fussed over by his woman.
    “Was everything okay with the machinery?” Victoria asked but she was wondering how many girls her horny husband had fucked. She knew Brett well enough to be certain that he hadn't just stuck to business.
    “Christ! It was really tough, but I got a promise for an early delivery.” Brett thought that anything he said that sounded of a businesslike nature, she would swallow hook, line and sinker.
    “Well, my precious angel, I may have a bad sense of timing, but I was so excited when I heard you were returning home, I called together a little welcoming party. I hope you don't mind, but there's no way to call it off without disappointing your mother and father,” Victoria knew that the best way to get her husband to go along with the plan was to sound reluctant herself.
    “You mean Mater and Pater are coming here now?” Brett asked. He always referred to his parents in the Latin.
    “No, sweetheart, later tonight. I've also invited some special guests as a favor to you,” Victoria replied. She could tell by her husband's expression that he was very pleased by the idea of a welcoming party and when she mentioned “special guests,” his eyebrows lifted with curiosity. They often used that term when referring to new members in the mate-swapping club and Victoria had used it now intentionally to stir up his curiosity. “Perhaps if you took a short nap, you would feel more like entertaining guests this evening,” she added.
    “Yes, you're absolutely right,” Brett said and he sipped on his manhattan waiting for Victoria to explain further.
    When she said nothing, Brett grew impatient. “Who else will be coming, I asked!”
    “Oh, the new head accountant for Stover Enterprises, the Andrew Hewitts. You remember him, darling. He just started working for your father a short while ago.” Victoria saw the great disappointment on her husband's face so she went immediately on. “Perhaps you've never met his wife, Anita. I suppose they've only been married for a short time, one of those young-middle age marriages. She's only in her early twenties and I understand she's quite concerned with Andrew's getting ahead.” Victoria could see that Brett understood what she wanted him to know and he smiled up at her.
    “I think I will take that snooze, darling,” Brett said, standing up from the chair. Victoria had arranged the kind of welcome-home present that he enjoyed more than anything else and he took her in his arms and kissed her. “You really do care about me, my sweet angel,” he said and he squeezed her shapely asscheeks fondly.
    Victoria returned Brett's caresses by pressing her cunt into his asscheeks. “I know how it pleases you to keep employees wives in line, but darling, I'm really being selfish myself. It's what you do to me afterwards that I look forward to,” she said, smiling. Brett would always be particularly imaginative fucking her after he had gotten some perverse pleasure out of using his position to force an employee's wife to fuck him and Victoria knew that her husband would easily believe that was her reason for helping him set Anita Hewitt up.
    “I'll wake you in plenty of time for dinner, my precious,” Victoria added and she threw a kiss to Brett as he went upstairs to bed.
    Pleased and smiling to herself, Victoria checked the time before going down to the den where they held their parties. Everything was going just as planned and she knew that she wouldn't have to be bothered by her husband. He would be taken care of for the evening by Anita Hewitt and Victoria was quite sure that Anita would cooperate without really knowing that she was being cruelly used. Victoria could recognize her type from a mile away as Anita was very much like herself. The main difference was that Anita would fuck with Brett out of her jealousy of Victoria and not because Brett could arrange to have Andrew fired. “No,” Victoria thought, “Anita is out for whatever she can get too, and she'll play up to Brett in hopes of winning him from me.” Victoria laughed loudly as she realized that if nothing else succeeded that evening she would at least have the great pleasure of getting back at Andrew for having taken part in setting her up for her father-in-law. Andrew would be damned mad to find out his young wife was being fucked half to death by Victoria's husband, Brett, Junior.

    Nora McCarthy looked in the hall mirror at herself, and she found the stray red hairs that had been tickling her neck. She was wearing her hair up and she nearly ruined the hairdo by twisting the loose hairs back into a knot. She was angry that Victoria had planned a party on her usual night off but thought she could at least console herself by the fact that it would be small. She knew that since the senior Stover was coming, she would only be expected to stay upstairs and the bartending would, as usual, be handled by Gerald. The thought of seeing the older Brett Stover again, if only for the moment it took to open the door to let him in, excited her pussy, but then she thought in some ways, she might prefer they had a big party. At least she would have something to do and the evening would go faster.
    The doorbell interrupted her thoughts and she hurried to the entry hall. She was excited by the possibility of seeing her ex-lover and employer at that moment, but when she opened the door she was even more elated. Andrew and Anita were standing at the door, but Nora's eyes looked past them to Jack O'Hara. He was standing out by the Hewitt's car and she grinned as she realized that Jack was playing chauffeur that evening. She wouldn't have wasted a night after all!
    “Please do come in,” she said, stepping back and as Andrew and Anita walked past her, she motioned to Jack to come on up. Leaving the door standing open for Jack, Nora led the Hewitt's to the stairs going down to the den.
    “Please go right downstairs, the Stovers are expecting you.” She stayed at the top of the stairs for a moment, then she hurried back to the front door where Jack O'Hara was already waiting.
    “So you're working tonight, are you?” Nora said happily grabbing his hand and leading him toward the kitchen.
    “I was stood up on my date, so I figured I might as well work,” Jack kidded her. “How long is this blast going to take?”
    Nora understood what he meant, and she laughed happily. “Don't worry. Two more guests to arrive and my work's finished. We'll have plenty of time!” She took Jack to her room and kissed him before going back to the foyer to wait for the Senior Stovers. She was anxious for Brett and Margaret Stover to arrive now, but her excitement was no longer in the prospect of seeing the older Stover. She wanted them to arrive so she could return to Jack O'Hara in her room.
    Victoria and Brett, Junior greeted the Hewitts like long-lost relatives and they immediately led them to the bar to try one of Gerald's famous drinks. Andrew downed two drinks in five minutes, after Victoria told him that Brett, Senior and Margaret were coming too. Victoria saw how Andrew was looking at her that night he drove her to her father-in-law's and when she called to invite him to tonight's party she had been careful not to let on to the fact that Brett, Senior and Margaret would be there too. Victoria figured that Andrew would come in the hopes of making an arrangement with her but that if he knew that his employer would be attending he might be discouraged and stay away. So she intentionally neglected to mention it. She didn't know that Andrew Hewitt was reluctant to face Margaret Stover and that was his reason for drinking heavily.
    Andrew was so shaken that he didn't notice Brett's attentions toward Anita so Victoria's practiced distractions were not really necessary. Victoria was pleased by the way Andrew concentrated on drinking as it gave her the good opportunity to assist her husband although she could see by the way Anita was acting that Brett would need a little help.
    When Margaret and Brett, Senior arrived, Andrew was feeling more relaxed from his drinks, and he was startled when Margaret walked directly up to him. He thought she was pointing an accusing finger at him as she held out her hand.
    “So very nice to see you again, Andrew,” Margaret said, smiling. She had prepared herself for facing him and she was actually feeling gratitude for the fucking he had given her in the Roman bath.
    That night had helped Margaret to gain the courage to face her son again but she was still somewhat reluctant to look at Junior for fear she might show her embarrassment. Since his father would be no help, Margaret had decided that friendliness toward Andrew would make her feel more at ease when she greeted her son. It, at least, made her feel like a different person than what she had been when she saw her son fucking with the redhead. Also, she felt that putting Andrew at ease might give her the opportunity to find out how he had come to be in her bedroom the other evening.
    “Good evening, Mrs. Stover,” Andrew nodded but his voice caught in his throat. He was surprised by Margaret's friendly gesture, but after a few moments, he also felt relieved. In fact, he was beginning to think that Margaret hadn't recognized him that evening in her private suite and he talked with her and her husband more easily. The drinks had a pleasant warming effect on everyone.
    After the usual conversation and the welcoming speeches to Junior, Victoria thought the time was right to get things started. She noticed that Andrew, Margaret and Senior were talking together so she joined in the conversation between Anita and Brett, Junior.
    “I understand that you're thinking of remodeling your new home,” Victoria said to Anita Hewitt. She caught Brett, Junior's eye and saw that he was aware of her timing.
    “Yes, we do hope to shortly,” Anita replied. Anita Hewitt was exceedingly voluptuous and the make-up she used to make herself look older was completely unnecessary. She looked naturally more mature for her age, mostly due to her remarkable body and the makeup destroyed the very striking effect of her lovely young face. Even with the excess of makeup, however, she radiated a powerful sexiness.
    “You know, Anita, we have some rather interesting features in this house you might enjoy seeing. Brett, darling, why don't you show Anita around?” Victoria gave her husband the opportunity he needed to get Anita alone and Brett moved on it quickly.
    “I'd be delighted. Let's grab a fresh drink and then I'll show you the best features of the house!”
    Victoria thought her husband was overdoing it slightly but she saw that Anita was completely taken with him. Victoria laughed to herself while getting another drink from Gerald and she guessed the drinks had worked on Anita while taking her out of the den toward one of the adjoining bedrooms.
    Victoria took a large gulp of her fresh drink, and she went to join the others. Her next move was to get her father-in-law away from Margaret and Andrew and she wasn't aware of the situation that was making it easy for her.
    Margaret was glad when she saw her son leave the room with young Anita Hewitt as she felt more like she would be able to move around now. She wanted to try and get Andrew away somewhere to talk and when Victoria joined them she saw her opportunity. Standing up, Margaret looked over to the bar and back to Andrew.
    “Andrew, would you be an angel and get me a fresh drink?” Margaret asked in her most innocent voice. Andrew and Brett, Senior had stopped talking when Victoria came up to them and she knew that he couldn't refuse her request.
    “Yes, of course,” Andrew said and he excused himself to his employer and Victoria. As he moved toward the bar, Margaret walked over with him.
    “Gerald makes wonderful drinks, don't you think so?” Margaret inquired. Andrew was looking back to the table where Brett and Victoria were talking and he turned to face Gerald.
    “Yes he certainly does. Indeed,” Andrew answered, realizing that he was stuck and he reluctantly sat down on the stool next to the barstool which Margaret had taken. He didn't want to look directly in Margaret's eyes and he watched Gerald go from behind the bar and leave the room.
    Andrew sat quietly for several minutes, waiting for Margaret to speak, but since he just sipped on his drink, she took the initiative herself. “Your wife is really quite beautiful. I feel very flattered that you found me so attractive the other evening.”
    Andrew turned and he immediately turned to see if his employer could have overheard what Margaret had said. Andrew was relieved to see that the senior Stover and his son's wife had left the room. “You're very beautiful too, Margaret,” Andrew said quietly. He was still afraid that they might be overheard.
    “I want you to know that I am not angry at you, Andrew. Grateful might be the best word to describe my feelings,” Margaret was sincere and she truly wanted Andrew to know it. She understood why he was nervous and she wanted him to be assured that her husband would not find out anything from her ever.
    “I'm glad to hear that,” Andrew said. He was trying to figure out an excuse to leave the room.
    “There is one thing I've been wondering that I thought you could answer for me. How did you come to be in my bedroom at that time?” Margaret hoped that he would tell her his answer, but his expression changed.
    “I'm afraid it's a rather complicated story,” Andrew lied and he stood up from the barstool. “I'm sorry but I've just remembered that I left some papers in my car which I wanted to leave here for your son.” Without waiting for Margaret to say a word, he turned quickly and hurried from the room.
    Staring at the martini in the glass she held, Margaret felt saddened by Andrew's obvious fear of her. She had somehow hoped in the back of her mind that he would suggest that they get together and fuck again and she realized that it was impossible as Andrew had become too dependent upon Margaret's husband. But, she couldn't help thinking that Andrew Hewitt was not really attracted to her in the first place. She finished her drink quickly and when she set the glass down and turned she realized that she was alone in the room. She was feeling a dull, aching sensation in her wet, throbbing pussy and she wondered whether it was due to the drink or being with Andrew Hewitt that had brought the feeling upon her. She supposed that it had been from thinking about the fucking experience in her Roman bath the other night and she felt angered by the fact that she could do nothing about it. She wanted to go home and she got up from the bar, wobbling slightly as she stood up. She decided to find her son and have him ask Gerald or even Nora McCarthy to drive her home. As usual, she could say she had a sudden headache.
    Margaret walked out of the room and down the hallway toward the staircase. She would have gone up the stairs if she hadn't thought she heard her son's voice coming from a room to the right. The door was closed and she rapped lightly on it, expecting to receive a response. When nothing happened, she opened the door to check the room and her mind was suddenly thrown back to the day at The Oaken Bucket.
    Inside the room on a bed, Brett, her son, was in the midst of furiously fucking Anita Hewitt and Margaret stared at their obscenely screwing bodies as if in a state of shock. They didn't even notice her standing in the doorway as they were both nearing their orgasm. Brett's mouth was locked tightly on Anita's mouth, but she was moaning her ecstasy from deep in her throat. Her long, shapely legs were kicking out on either side of him and up into the air each time Brett's prick slammed into the depths of Anita's cunt and it looked as though there was a lever in her pussy that fired her body into spasms when touched by the head of his hardened fuckstick. Anita's arms were wrapped tightly around his back and her fingernails dug deep red welts in his flesh. A white, glistening liquid covered Brett's gigantic pecker as he fucked in and out of Andrew Hewitt's wife's writhing twat and Margaret could clearly see the ragged hair-lined cunny lips at the opening fold in and out as he fucked his large pecker into her. Brett's sperm-filled balls kept slapping against her exposed shithole as he pushed hard into the depths of her womb and Anita had her legs thrown out so wide that it looked like she would rip in two. Her eyes were tightly shut and line appeared around them as she suddenly screamed with her mouth still locked tightly on Brett's lips. Her whole body began lurching violently under his driving whang, and when he rammed hard forward, Margaret could see his groin jerk with equal intensity to hers as they both started shooting their cums together. White-hot, sticky semen gushed out around the base of his thick dong pouring over his bushy cock hair to mat it down tightly against his pelvis. Their mutually intense ecstasy was like the collision of two high-speed race cars hitting head on, and it was so sensuous, Margaret felt her own cunt ignite like an inferno! She too wanted to cum!
    Margaret gasped for air as she closed the door on the sight of her own son's fucking her recent lover's wife. She was shaking uncontrollably and she staggered down the hallway toward the den. She had just about succeeded in getting the thoughts of the cocktail lounge and her son and the redhead out of her mind, and now she had another image inscribed indelibly on her mind and memory. She wanted to shout her frustration and anger out loud, but her voice had left her. She ran up to the bar and grabbing the nearest bottle poured out the liquor spilling half the contents on the bar as she tried to stop her hand from its shaking. Margaret Stover drank the burning liquid as fast as she could get the contents of the glass into her mouth and feeling the flaming fluid in her throat, coughed and choked while still draining the glass.
    Margaret Stover suddenly felt as though she were losing her mind! Her cunt was gasping and begging to be filled with a huge prick and there was no one around to fuck her. Her husband and Andrew had disappeared and Brett was fucking Anita in the room down the hall. She placed her fist in her mouth and bit down on it. She had to look around for a cock! She had to get fucked, and soon!


    When Margaret Stover and Andrew Hewitt had walked to the bar, Victoria realized this was her big opportunity. She casually rubbed up against her father-in-law's thigh as he rubbed her asscheeks. Then, she quickly disengaged herself and linking her arm through his, led him through the door toward the game room. Brett walked quietly beside her knowing that his son was probably fucking the shit out of Anita Hewitt and wouldn't be in the way.
    Victoria was anxious to show her father-in-law the “game” room. It was the room in which she and her husband entertained when they had the mate-swapping parties at their house and it had been especially prepared for just this occasion. In the center of the huge room was a large sunken bed where entertainment was put on for the members of the club. The room itself was the size of a small gym and surrounding the huge bed in the center of the room were two levels of wide, long, comfortable sofas where the guests could entertain themselves while still having an unobstructed view of the action on the bed.
    Victoria and her husband had only recently added the room on, and it had only been used four times for the mate-swapping gatherings. The low-level lighting was such that the room seemed nearly dark when first entered, but as their eyes became adjusted to the darkness it was clear that the majority of the lighting was concentrated on the king-sized bed. Victoria began taking her clothes off as she and the older Stover approached the center of the room.
    “Please fuck me right away, Brett darling. It's been two days since that beautiful night when you screwed me,” Victoria said quietly. She placed her hand against her father-in-law's pants to feel his erect, hard prick throbbing beneath the material.
    Brett Stover was anxious to fuck his son's horny, hot young wife again but at the same time, he was prepared to teach her once and for all that he was the one in control.
    He had felt that Victoria was setting something up when he arrived that evening, and he guessed that she wanted to be chased on the naive presumption that he would give her anything in the world just to fuck her. He was going to screw her but it would be on his terms and conditions. She would have to come crawling to him and beg for his mercy and only then would Brett fully be satisfied.
    “Take off all your things, Victoria. I want to see your body completely in the nude,” Stover said to his daughter-in-law and he walked down to the mammoth bed in the middle of the game room.
    Victoria took off her bra and panties while watching her father-in-law as he began undressing. She was wondering if her husband would think or care to find them when he got through fucking Anita Hewitt and she hoped that he would. She laughed to herself imagining Junior's expression if he were to walk in and find her being fucked silly by his own father. In fact, she hoped that Andrew and Margaret would be with him too. She felt sure that Andrew and Margaret would stay together at the bar in the party room until Junior returned and then they might all go looking for Victoria and Senior Stover was smiling as she went to join her father-in-law on the bed. She was glad that everything was going better than she had planned. She was convinced that a confrontation would occur that evening and the way Victoria saw it, she had to be the winner.
    Victoria moved seductively toward the enormous bed where her father-in-law was waiting. She had learned two nights before that he wouldn't chase her, but she did know that he found her cunt hard to resist. The billionaire was lying back on the bed, propped up on his elbows and his giant prick seemed to throb with excitement. A tiny spasm of heat in her pussy became greater as Victoria looked at the smooth, fleshy fuckstick with anticipation. She knelt down on the bed beside Brett Stover, feeling the blood flowing rapidly through it with the cool palm of her hand. Stover didn't move, so Victoria leaned down without uttering a word and blew her hot, sweet breath over the purple, mushroom donghead. Then, licking her lips with her pink tongue, she kissed the hot cock in her hand before taking it into her spit-moistened mouth. Her lips sucked hungrily on the stiffened pecker while her tongue swirled wetly over the rubbery prick flesh in her mouth.
    The sensations in her soaking twat grew in intensity as she bobbed her head up and down the erect whang. She could feel the love-juice fluid from her panting cunt as it flowed out between the ragged pink pussy flesh beneath her sparsely hair-lined twat gash. She wanted his big cherry-smasher ramming into her pulsating, boiling, wet cunny but she was determined not to do anything until Brett asked her to do it. She touched the double sacs of his balls to feel the pressure of his sperm swimming madly within.
    Brett Stover stared at the sensuous body of his son's wife while she sucked voraciously at his prick. He liked the way she used her teeth and tongue and the sensations coming from his swollen fuckstick made his lust for her even greater. He had to laugh to himself as he thought how she was making things easier for herself without really knowing it and his glistening prick would be less painful for her when he shoved it up inside her hot, virgin, young shithole. Brett let her continue sucking for a few minutes more, but then he could wait no longer as he was eager to see her screaming and begging for his mercy and helplessly impaled on the end of his desire-hardened fuckpole.
    “Move down on your belly,” Victoria's father-in-law suddenly ordered as he pulled her away from his throbbing, wet whang. Victoria moved on his command, stretching her voluptuous body out on the enormous bed. His eyes, having adjusted to the dim light, could clearly make out the smooth-skinned globes of her firm, rounded, young asscheeks and he roughly pushed her legs wide apart to crawl up between them. Victoria didn't question him or resist in any way and she lay still on her white belly like a subjugated slave to her king's desires. Brett Stover leaned his face close to the blonde pussy area between her inner thighs, and he pushed his middle finger like a dipstick into the moist folds of her raging cunt. Parting the fleshy lips with the tip of his finger, he found the moist, dark opening of her fuckhole and drove his long fingers inside.
    “Jesus Christ!” Victoria mewled and she wiggled her hips back against the screwing finger. She clamped the walls of her pussy tightly around it while her father-in-law shoved deeply inside it. It felt marvelous and Victoria squirmed her lusty body against the cool taffeta spread on the bed. Her massive titties and belly were filled with pleasant sensations from her wiggling against the bedspread but the finger in her cunt was the pivot of her attention.
    After a few seconds, Brett Stover pulled his moistened finger from the wet pussy passage and spreading the globes of her round asscheeks aside with his other hand, he exposed the hairless pink opening of her shithole to his gaze. The tiny puckered asshole tightened instinctively when he pushed his moistened finger against it, but Brett Stover worked the end quickly inside the elastic ring of flesh and drove his finger deep into Victoria's shithole.
    “Oh, my God! No! Nooooo!” Victoria groaned from the pain of his cruel jab. The sizzling hot thrust of his long finger felt like a burning tong as it pushed into her tightly resisting pooper. She tried to lurch away from the perverted invader but Brett Stover held her tightly against the bed. She consciously forced herself to relax her ass muscles and the pain quickly subsided. She had had fingers thrust into her shithole before, but the suddenness of her husband's father's ramming finger had brutally hurt her. She began to grow nervous as she wondered what Brett Stover was preparing her for and a nauseous fear flashed through her body when she thought about the tremendous size of his prick. She could never take that huge, fleshy fuckstick in her asshole, Victoria thought, it would break her apart.
    Feeling the ass flesh around his finger loosen up, Brett began working his finger inside the narrow rubbery shit passage, stretching it wider for the greater cock entry to come. The sight of his finger buried deep in her proud, young shithole made his pecker jerk with excitement and he moved his finger faster in the hot, clasping passage. He wanted to have his whang shoved deep up in her tight, virginal asshole when he had his orgasm and just to think about the idea nearly made him shoot his cum straight away.
    Helpless and terrified, Victoria began to tremble since she was convinced that her father-in-law planned to be brutal to her and to fuck her like some prostitute in her ass. She tried desperately to think of something she could do or say that might stop Brett Stover, but she could think of nothing. She even began to hope that her husband would come looking for her right away, but she knew him better than that. Junior would be involved with fucking Anita too long to get there before his father would try to shove his prick in her asshole. She knew that there was no hope and she was going to be sodomized by her horny father-in-law. Knowing how cruel and vicious this man could be made her terror grow greater, even though at the same moment her cunt was burning with mounting sensations from his finger screwing relentlessly into her still-resisting asshole.
    Brett Stover couldn't wait any longer as the sight of his young daughter-in-law's firm, rounded asscheeks made his huge nuts ache from the need for release. He was pinning her legs out wide with his knees pressed against her smooth, inner thighs and he could see the moist pussy juice covering the unseen pink flesh of her cunt. He jerked his long finger from her loosened ass passage and grabbing the lightly tanned moons of her asscheeks, he parted the soft, yielding cleft as wide as he could.
    “Okay, you hot, little whore! Raise up your ass here so I can fuck you!” Brett Stover spit the vile words at the cringing girl beneath him. She turned her head to one side and he could see the sudden fear in her beautiful face. Victoria knew now she had lost complete control of the whole scene.
    “Jesus Christ, Brett! No! Your cock's too big! You'll break me into pieces! Please don't! Pleeeaaassseee!” Victoria pleaded with the billionaire and she was immobile from fright as she saw his gigantic prick lewdly erect from the thick, purple head to the tangled cock hair growing out around the base of it. It looked larger than she remembered its having been and it was pointing straight at her helplessly exposed shithole. Victoria closed her eyes tightly when she saw there was no stopping this brutal man. Brett was going to fuck her in her asshole and humiliate her horrendously even if it tore her apart.
    Hunching forward, her obscenely grinning father-in-law placed the head of his fuckstick firmly against the tiny, puckered opening of her shithole and partly pulling with his arms and pushing with his hips, he tried with all his strength to drive his blunt whang into the tightly straining ring of elastic ass flesh. His voluptuous daughter-in-law was moaning with anger and pain beneath him, but he didn't let up at all. Brett felt her resistance lower for an instant and lurching hard forward, the thick head of his pecker suddenly popped inside. The fleshy ring of her pooper stretched around the huge head of his whang like a tightly stretching rubber band.
    “Eeeeeggghhhh!” Victoria screamed as loudly as she could. The pain was horrible and she screamed again and again in hopes it would bring someone to help her. But she had forgotten that it was her idea to sound-proof the “game” room and her cries only helped her tormented mind.
    “Brett, please, I can't bear it! Please, stop!” Victoria sobbed but Brett knew the initial pain was past and the rest to come would slowly merge into an all consuming pleasure that the beautiful Victoria would never forget.
    “Oh, Jesus!” Brett thought as he felt the tight ass flesh wrap around the head of his fuckstick. He was out of his mind with lust and he shoved his hips hard again. His thick prick rammed a few inches more into the tight restricting shithole and he had to hold Victoria down to keep her from falling off of the bed. The excitement of his insertion made his whang balloon up even larger and the sensations in his balls were stimulating him to hurry.
    “Ooooohhhh! Stopppp! Nooooo! I can't take it! Oh, God, I can't!” Victoria squirmed beneath Brett Stover's powerful strength and the muscles in her asshole seemed only to make the huge pecker grow larger as she tried to clench them together to hold the monstrous pooper back from its relentless entry into her pooper. The pain raced up and down her spine like a thousand piercing needles but her hops of stopping his merciless assfucking was gone. She had no strength left with which to fight back and the huge fleshy prick pushed deeply inside her shithole like a burrowing ferret until his pelvis finally slammed hard into her up-turned asscheeks, flattening them like so much baker's dough before it.
    “Eeeeeiiiggghhh!” Victoria screamed in agony, but her ass was filled by the huge, long cock. She didn't move, for fear that the searing pain would return in her wide-stretched asshole. She was frozen and felt as though she wanted to shit but couldn't.
    The shrewd billionaire had felt the resistance end. Brett was pushing with all his strength and his pecker drove deep inside the hot, rubbery ass passage unimpeded. The round moons of her ass flattened slightly from the impact of his pelvis crashing into her and his whang was completely buried in the depths of her hot, still vainly resisting shithole. It felt like he had shoved his long prick into a steaming sheath of pressure and the idea alone was enough to make him want to shoot his sperm. He stayed still for a long moment to fight off the growing insistence on cum release from his balls.
    Victoria felt like she was pinned on a poker and she contorted the muscles in her face to keep the horrendous pain from making her faint away. She was sure she was split from back to front up to her waist as waves of pain kept emanating from her flesh-filled asshole. Yet, in spite of the horrible agony, Victoria also felt the thrill sensations radiating from her excited cunt.
    Flexing his long prick after a second, Brett Stover felt the tightly-wrapped ass flesh around the swollen cockhead respond. Victoria stopped screaming and when he flexed his ass again, she only whimpered quietly. He knew that in a few minutes she would again be the raging sexual animal she had been the night he first fucked her and he wondered how he might somehow add to his dominance over her. He didn't have to think for long for just at that moment he saw Andrew Hewitt walking into the room.
    Andrew had left Margaret Stover at the bar and went looking for his chauffeur, Jack O'Hara. He was not thinking about Anita or wondering what she was doing at this moment, but rather, he was going to have Jack drive him home and return later for Anita. Margaret was more fascinating than he had realized and sitting next to her only made him want to fuck her again. He was excited just by the sight of her, but he knew he couldn't dare to fuck that beautiful cunt again, even though she seemed to want him to. Andrew had become even angrier when he couldn't find Jack and in his mad search for his chauffeur had walked into the room where Senior and Victoria were screwing. It was dark, too dark to see clearly when he entered and he would have left if his attention hadn't been directed to the center of the room by a sound. His eyes adjusted slowly to the low light, but then suddenly he realized where he was.
    “Oh, Andrew! Wait a minute,” his employer called after the retreating man. Holding tightly to Victoria's helplessly pinioned body, Brett Stover rolled her onto her side and his long prick twitched excitedly deep in her asshole. “Andrew! Get down here! You can fuck her in the pussy!” Stover made it sound like an order when he spoke and Andrew Hewitt froze in his tracks.
    “Oh, my God, no! Please, Brett!” Victoria pleaded, but she was weirdly excited at the same time by the idea of what her father-in-law had proposed. She forgot about the pain of Brett's assfucking as the thought of being fucked by two men at once sunk into her pain-glazed mind.
    “Knock it off! You're going to love being fucked by two cocks!” her father-in-law said, mouthwhispering in her ear. He was grinning to himself triumphantly as he knew that he now had completely broken and subjugated his beautiful daughter-in-law to his every wish and desire.
    Andrew Hewitt was shocked for a moment, but as Brett Stover's command became clear in his mind, he became uncontrollably excited. He looked down at them, straining his eyes in the dull light as Stover rolled over, Victoria Stover locked tightly to him by his huge, pulsating prick in her asshole. The sight of their obscene fucking and young Victoria's naked, sensual body turned toward his eyes was enough. The chance to fuck her under any circumstances was great with Andrew and he quickly pulled off his clothes. His thick pecker was fully erect when he reached the large sunken bed to join his employer in fucking his son's voluptuous wife and he moved quickly across to lay down beside her.
    Degraded, shamed and humiliated in her mind, Victoria closed her eyes in an attempt at not showing any pleasure whatsoever! She didn't want to give in to the obscene three-way fuck session her own husband's father was subjecting her to and she tired to put the growing excitement in her cunt out of her mind when Andrew's warm, wet lips covered her full lush titties with hot kisses.
    Brett Stover rolled onto his back, taking Victoria with him and his knees pressed outward against her inner thighs held her legs far apart. “Come on, Andrew! Stick your pecker in her twat! I can't wait all night!” grunted Brett to him.
    Scrambling quickly up between their widespread legs, Andrew Hewitt eagerly stared down at Victoria's wet, blonde, hair-lined fuckhole opening. He could see that his employer's huge, throbbing whang was deeply imbedded in her tightly clenching asshole and the sight of her obscenely impaled position excited him more than ever. He leaned forward on his hands placed on either side of the tightly coupled pair and without hesitation pressed the thick, purple head of his thick dong into the damp folds of Junior's wife's hot, open cunny. He looked down across her massive boobies to the blonde, silky twat hair and pushing forward with his hips trying eagerly to work his pecker inside.
    Trying desperately to resist the thrilling sensations rising slowly in her pussy, Victoria stayed limp and unresponsive when Brett Stover rolled her on top of him with her back pressed down into his chest. But when she felt the blunt head of Andrew's prick pushing against her cunt, her last resistance broke and she reached eagerly down to take hold of the large, pulsating fuckstick to guide it between the pink lips at the opening to her pussy passage. Parting the soft folds of her tight, young fuckhole with the thick, bulbous cockhead, she gasped when it suddenly plunged up her fuck passage filling her whole screw box with thick, hot dong flesh.
    “Aaahhhh, Christ!” She felt the prick's entry in every part of her body and the sensation of being sandwiched between the two men at the same time with both their lust-hardened ramming peckers deep inside her womb was terrifying to her.
    Andrew couldn't contain his horny excitement when his hard, fleshy fuckstick plowed into the depths of her Writhing cunt. The tight, warm walls of her pussy seemed to clench to his pecker in a ravenous grip of warm, slick cunny flesh and he started fucking in and out of her screwhole immediately. Brett Stover had already begun driving his huge whang in her shithole and after a few moments the two men began fucking her in a steady, well-timed rhythm. The screwing in and out of her twat and asshole simultaneously had excited them both then to the point of bursting with obscene passion and for several moments they found it difficult to maintain the fuck tempo. They could feel the force of each other's hardened pricks through the thin wall of flesh separating Victoria's two fuckholes and gradually they found the right timing to screw into her dual holes together.
    In the beginning, Victoria thought she was being pounded by giant cocks into oblivion and the double rape of her pussy and shithole made her tense with humiliation. As the rhythm of their fucking became more even, she began to feel the raw lust of sexual urgency growing greater and greater in her helplessly pinned body. The thought of having the two peckers pumping hot, sticky sperm into her entrails excited her wildly and she gradually fucked back at them to let the double pricks fucking into her twat and ass do what they wanted to her.

    Margaret Stover was half-insane with passion from having again observed her son in the act of fucking Andrew Hewitt's wife and the drinks she had poured into herself did nothing to dampen her lust. She was both frantic and excited when she walked into the game room and as with Andrew before her, she was pretty curious at the strange, wet smacking sounds she heard. At first, she thought it was her imagination playing tricks when she saw the three naked bodies in their double fucking, but as her eyes adjusted to the dim light she was shocked by her discovery. She realized by the sounds that what she saw was actually happening and her legs started shaking so violently that she fell back on one of the large sofas near the huge bed in the room. The three people were so engrossed in their vile act that she was sure that none of them noticed her come into the room and she sat on the velvet sofa in shocked silence watching them performing the unbelievable fuck session in front of her.
    Margaret was not really surprised to see her husband and Victoria screwing together as she had always felt that her husband was after Victoria, but the fact that both Brett and Andrew Hewitt were fucking Victoria simultaneously in an obscene assault on her asshole and cunt was more than Margaret could stomach. She thought the whole house was filled with mad sex orgies and her mind snapped from exposure to all the lascivious activities. She began tearing at her clothes as though they were binds confining her body from full and complete fulfillment. She was both angered and stimulated by the sight of her husband's assault on their son's wife and her clothes were in shreds by the time she got them off.
    Margaret was totally naked before she knew what she was doing and her eyes were staring at the obscene mass of fucking bodies on the king-sized bed. She could clearly see where the two thick pricks fucking into Victoria's wide-stretched fuckholes like twin telephone poles. Victoria's pussy juices had wetly covered the two driving whangs along their whole glistening lengths and Margaret trembled helplessly as she watched the huge fleshy peckers plunge deep into the twin screw passages between her daughter-in-law's wide-splayed legs. The sight of her husband's huge prick disappearing up into Victoria's wide-stretched shithole while at the same time Andrew's thick dong pounded into the ragged pink flesh of her pussy was exciting Margaret tremendously. Lying on the wide sofa so she could watch the double fucking with unobstructed view, she drove two fingers up between her legs instantly plunging them inside the tight, wet flesh-walls of her inflamed twat. Then, while she fucked her fingers in and out of her cunt, she jammed two fingers of her other hand into her tiny, puckered asshole. Her belly was aflame with passion and she wanted nothing more than to increase the sensations until she would burst from the pure sexual lust. At that moment, her son, Brett Junior walked into the room, his eyes straining to see in the dark of the game room.
    Having left Anita Hewitt in the bedroom while she got dressed, Brett had pulled on his pants and shirt to hurry in and join the others. He didn't want to arouse suspicions by too long an absence and he had been surprised to find no one in the den. Brett actually hadn't expected to find anyone in the game room but he checked it while passing on his way upstairs.
    Brett knew immediately what was happening on the king-sized bed even though he could hardly see in the dull light. He was about to run down to the bed for a closer look as he was still not sure who it was fucking his wife and he couldn't tell that she was being fucked that great. He stopped because he became aware of someone else in the room.
    Margaret Stover saw her son come in and immediately she moved back against the wall. She wanted to hide, but then she thought that Brett might do something terrible when he realized what was happening on the bed. Instinctively she moved to stop him without giving a thought to her own open nakedness.
    “What the fuck's going on?” Brett yelled as he saw his mother move toward him. He paid no attention to her being naked as his question concerned the people on the bed.
    “Darling, hush! They're not worth it!” Margaret assured him, grabbing his arm as he started again toward the huge bed.
    Victoria was nearing her orgasm when she heard her husband's voice and the knowledge of his presence in the room excited her even more. Her father-in-law and Andrew were totally engrossed in their fucking of her cunt and ass and they hammered their peckers into her wet, wildly pumping pussy with greater and greater intensity. Victoria was ecstatic with the sensations coming from her pussy and her asshole and she wiggled back against their driving pricks like the wanton whore she was.
    Angered and shocked and stimulated by the sight of the three-way fuck on the bed, Brett, Junior froze when it was clear to him what was happening. Andrew Hewitt and his own father were both fucking his wife who was in a state of utter ecstasy sandwiched between the two men, their large fleshy peckers screwing regularly and rhythmically in her pussy and shithole. He was stunned by the lascivious spectacle their fucking made and he saw no point in stopping it. His father was assfucking his own wife and stopping him then wouldn't change a thing.
    When Brett turned to face his mother, Margaret, he saw the lust-smoked expression in her lovely eyes and it was only then that he really saw her beautiful, naked body. She was still holding his arm as if to prevent him from leaving her side and the combined effect of his excitement and anger hit him. His large fuckstick was again fully erect and throbbing anxiously from the sensual stimulation all around him but at that moment he only saw a beautiful naked woman. She was his mother, but also she was Brett Stover's wife. Junior pulled her naked, voluptuous body to him, holding her tightly in his arms and the softness of her furry cunt pressed against his hardened whang made him quake with horny excitement.
    “I want to fuck you! I want to fuck you, my beautiful mother!” Brett moaned with his mouth close to Margaret's ear. His words were based on his real fuck desire for Margaret, but it had been released by an unconscious wish to get even with his father for fucking his lovely wife. It was a lust for Margaret that he had never before realized until that very moment.
    Margaret Stover was in such an excited state that she didn't fully grasp the consequences of her handsome son's words. She, too, wanted to get back at her husband for all the indignities she had suffered but the only thought she had at that moment was to be sexually fulfilled by her son, Brett. She knew then that it was what she had always really wanted and she didn't care about anything else.
    “Oh, yes, darling! Yes! I want you to fuck me!” Margaret said and Brett was already lifting her in his arms to carry her to the large, velvet sofa. The warmth of his arms around her naked body, holding her against his body, filled her with more horny desire than she had ever known. He laid her gently down on the soft couch and she frantically pulled at the buttons on his shirt. Brett had unzippered his fly to let his pants fall down to the floor and she saw his large, erect prick jump straight out the huge purple cockhead throbbing with life.
    She raised her head up to kiss it, covering the blood-engorged head with her warm, wet lips and her son moaned from the pleasure her warm mouth gave him. He threw his shirt to the floor and crawled up on the white sofa between Margaret's trembling wide-spread thighs.
    “I have to fuck you right now!” Brett, Junior pleaded as the pressure in his sperm-filled balls was pounding with excitement. He looked down at the tight, pink opening to his mother's fuckhole and the stimulating sight filled him with lust and passion. Brett completely forgot about the fucking threesome on the king-sized bed below.
    “Fuck me now, my beautiful Brett! I want your boiling semen to fill my pussy. Fuck me now!” Margaret groaned. She pulled on his large whang held tightly in her delicate hand and Brett leaned down across her body, his chest pressing delightfully against the cherry, erect nipples other large titties. The fire in her furry twat was raging out of control and she hurriedly parted the hair lined folds on her cunny lips with the head of his enormous, hard pecker. Arching her hips up when she placed the huge purple head against the moist opening of her pussy, Margaret hungrily took the mushroom cockhead inside the warm entrance to her fuckhole.
    Holding back for only a second, Brett felt the flooding, boiling cunt sucking at his throbbing prick and he shoved forward with his hips, plunging the long fuckpole down the lust-slickened screw passage. He could feel the tight walls parting around the sensitive head of his desire-hardened cock as if to cover it with smooth, clasping sensations and he drove in deep inside until the tight opening of her twat was firmly wrapped around the base of his thick plunging pecker, his cock hair pressed hard against the soft folds of her twat.
    “Aaahhhh! It feels so wonderful!” Margaret moaned as she felt her cunny passage filled with the warm, throbbing flesh of her son's hardened pecker. The greatly enlarged head was pressing against the limit of her cunny and she was overwhelmed with feelings of passion. She pressed her mouth against the taut muscles in his neck, ripping and sucking at his flesh as he began the steady lunging motion of fucking his thick, hard prick in and out of her sensation-filled cunt.
    Victoria was completely engrossed in a joy from the strange, stimulating pleasure of the double fucking. Her whole body gyrated between the two men and she was begging for their hot sperm to fill the greedily nibbling fuck passages between her legs. Her pussy was erupting with great spasms of thrilling sensation and suddenly she could hold back her orgasm no longer.
    “Jesus! Oh, Christ, Christ, Christ! Fuck it! Fuck meeee!” she screamed as her twat flooded with her own love juice. The two men seemed to be waiting for it like a signal and they both shoved their peckers simultaneously into the depths of her pussy and shithole their long, pistoning cocks wildly spewing cum as they pushed up inside her. Victoria went out of her mind from the sensations of the hot, sticky sperm being pumped crazily into her pussy and asshole. She was flooded with the hot, stabbing pleasures as the men jerked wildly sending their semen deep up into her heaving belly. Her body was buffeted between them like a puppet and she shot out her cum again and again until they finally stopped aiming. Then after a few seconds, Andrew pulled his deflating pecker from her wide-stretched pussy with a wet, sucking noise as he rolled off from the top of her body. He could clearly see the thick pole of Brett Stover's prick still imbedded deep in her asshole below the wet, pink edges of her cunt. Victoria looked as though she were in shock when Brett finally rolled off to the side and pulled his still-hard pecker from the depths of her sperm-filled asshole. They were all lying on the large bed, breathing deeply, when they heard Margaret Stover's scream.
    “Eeeeiiiiggghhh!” Margaret yelled as her son's passion-filled prick hammered deep inside her clasping pussy. She lifted her legs up to open her wet cunt as wide as possible for Brett's final plunge into the depths of her flooding fuckhole. His large whang began jerking crazily as his hot sperm spurted from the thick, swollen cockhead sending Margaret into a wild rapture of heretofore unknown pleasure. She pushed her twat up against his hairy pelvis as she reached the most explosive orgasm she had ever had. Her cunt contracted again and again around the thick cudgel of throbbing cock flesh, spilling out her cum hot and sticky over the thick base of his deeply buried pecker. They fucked wildly together in their mutual joy as their locked bodies shook from the ecstasy of their cums.
    “Goddamn motherfucker!” Brett Senior yelled as he sat up to see his wife and son fucking each other. He turned red with the fury of his helpless rage at seeing them in mutual frenzied passion.
    Victoria sat up, holding onto her father-in-law's naked body and she smiled broadly, delighted by the way things had turned out. It was far better than she had expected it to be.
    “"Goddamned fucker! I'll get that bastard for this!” the older Stover said to Victoria and he turned to see what she was looking at. Anita Hewitt had just walked into the room and she was standing near Margaret and her son watching them fuck in stunned silence. “Get your fucking cunt down here!” Victoria's father-in-law yelled and in spite of Andrew Hewitt's protest, Anita joined with them in another wild fuck session. The four of them continued fucking in every conceivable position and combination far into the wee hours of the morning, a good six hours after Margaret Stover and her son quietly tiptoed out of the room to resume their fucking in the privacy of Brett, Junior's bedroom.
    Finally, the Hewitt's having passed out with exhaustion, Victoria made coffee for her father-in-law and herself.
    “Well, what do you think of your beautiful wife and son now?” Victoria said lightly, setting the hot coffee in front of him on the coffee table.
    Brett Stover, suddenly looking years older, studied her for a full moment, then replied coldly, “I want your ass out of here by tomorrow evening. I'll have a check for ten thousand made out to you and I want you to get lost and never show your face around my family again. You whore!”


    Nora McCarthy was a very happy woman. She hummed to herself as she went about her duties, pausing now and then to look at the tiny solitaire on her third finger, left hand. Jack O'Hara had proposed to her and it was all because of that party that snippy Victoria had given two weeks ago.
    Nora thought a moment and wondered what had happened to Victoria Stover. She had left her husband's house with the clothes and furs and jewels he had given her the very next day and no one had seen hide nor hair of her since.
    She had overheard Master Brett mention something about “the divorce going through okay,” so Nora assumed he had kicked her out because of that wild orgy.
    Exactly two weeks had passed since the eventful night that Nora felt had changed her life for the better. It had not been until late that evening that she had discovered what was happening at the party and at the time she thought everyone had gone crazy. There was the older Brett Stover and Victoria, Andrew Hewitt and his wife, Anita in the rawest fuck spectacle Nora had ever seen, and to top it all off, Margaret Stover sleeping with Master Brett happily together in his bed. It had frightened Nora so much that Jack had stayed with her all night to wait out the results of the lewd orgy that were certain to follow. Everything had happened so fast afterwards, Nora was still a bit confused by it.
    The first thing that had happened scared her since Andrew Hewitt had angrily fired Jack for not having been at the car when Andrew first went looking for him. That incident had been followed by a series of changes that at the very least surprised Nora and also made her happy. For the first time she had been able to recognize what a lewd sonofabitch Brett Stover was and when Victoria had left suddenly, not saying a word to anyone, Nora had welcomed her absence. The senior Stover had decided to move into a townhouse in New York City giving his mansion to his wife, Margaret, and their son. Margaret and Brett had been a little nervous at first, but Junior Stover had closed down his house and moved in with his mother and Margaret was proving to be a remarkable woman. She found that that working for Margaret and Brett was the best situation she had ever encountered. Margaret was always nice and never demanding and she seemed genuinely interested in Nora's well-being. There would be no more of the mate-swapping parties either, since in spite of the incestuous fuck relationship, Margaret and Brett were truly happy with each other.
    Putting the fresh roses that Brett sent his mother every day into the Chinese vase, Nora smiled to herself. The one thing that had pleased her more than anything else had occurred as a result of Victoria's leaving. Victoria had taken Gerald with her to be her servant when she had left, leaving Margaret and Junior without a butler as Senior had taken Henry to New York with him. The end result was Margaret insisting that Jack go to work there, both as a butler and as a Jack-of-all-trades. Of course, Margaret had asked Nora and Jack if they would like to work together and they had gladly agreed to it. In fact, it was this factor that had caused Jack to propose marriage to Nora.
    A car pulling up in the driveway caused Nora to snap back to reality as she heard her young master's footsteps on the porch. There was a new springiness in his walk, a new lilt in his laughter. He was wildly, madly in love with his mother and he didn't care who knew it.
    Now, he rushed into the living room and twirled Nora around before asking for his mother, Margaret. When she told him Margaret was napping, he rushed up the circular stairway taking two steps at a time. Nora followed him, thinking her mistress might need something. In his haste, Brett hadn't closed the door full way and Nora heard them kissing and Margaret begin moaning.
    Nora knew they were getting ready to fuck and she started to tiptoe away, but not before she heard Margaret say, ”… Darling, it's too bad we can't marry!”
    Nora heard Brett chuckle as the sound of clothing being removed reached her ears.
    “Marriage is all right in its place, but incest is best! Come on, darling, let's fuck!”