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Danielle and Uncle Armand

Danielle and Uncle Armand

Anonymous Danielle and Uncle Armand



    I can still see her-sculptured nose and tender mouth, huge eyes drowned in dreams…
    I still see her, so pale, so pure, in the white lace billows of her wedding gown.
    I was seventeen when that bitch married Harry, my older brother. The couple moved into the same house in which my parents and I lived.
    In the beginning, my relations with my sister-in-law were entirely friendly. But gradually Jackie seemed to lose that reserve which had been one of her charms.
    She became flirtatious. She would throw me secretive glances that would ignite inside me like firecrackers. And when we were alone, she would always manage to be sitting in some very provocative positions. She would drape herself over the edge of a table or the arm of a chair. She would cross her legs so high that I would have to turn my head away.
    But Jackie didn't seem in the least bit embarrassed. She displayed her thighs casually. Sometimes she wouldn't hesitate to pull up her skirt to adjust her stockings in front of me.
    And I would feel my heart pounding like someone caught cheating in school.

    One day I was in my room, working on some algebra equations, when the door suddenly opened.
    “Am I bothering you, Tony?”
    Jackie walked right into the room and went over to sit on the edge of the couch. Then, while she slowly consumed a cigarette that she was holding cruelly in her fingers with their long nails, she said she pitied me for being forced to suffer over a math problem on such a beautiful May day.
    “I'm certain that you'd prefer to go walking in the woods with a pretty girl…”
    There was a gleam in her eyes.
    “You must have a lot of admirers, don't you?”
    And since I didn't answer:
    “It's useless to play modest,” she smiled. “With your pretty face, it makes sense that girls would run after you.”
    She let out a deep sigh.
    “What a shame you're not older. Otherwise, I assure you that I wouldn't have married your brother.”
    Demonstrating an impudence that seemed monstrous to me, she added:
    “Yes, with you I would have been happy. I'm certain that you would have known how to make love to me. While that poor Harry…”
    She shrugged her shoulders disdainfully.
    “Granted, he's very nice to me. He doesn't refuse me anything. But he's such an incapable lover! I guess if I hadn't known pleasure, perhaps I would be content with his clumsy embraces. But before my marriage, I must admit that I received an excellent education…”

    It was her Uncle Armand who had given her this education. Her parents had been forced to go to South America for several weeks and Jackie was to stay with her father's brother who lived in a luxurious apartment in Neuilly.
    Despite his forty-five years, Armand was a devoted lover.
    His svelte appearance, his slightly graying temples, his rapacious expression permitted his great success.
    “My child,” he soon said to Jackie, “my worldly obligations force me to go out in the evenings quite often. Since I was afraid you might get bored or not want to be left alone, I have asked a young person who sometimes works as my secretary to watch you.”
    With her fawn-colored hair and roguish expression, Margie was one of those girls whom every man feels constrained to proposition.
    She and Jackie sympathized with one another. They slept in the same room and shared the same bed.
    For a few days, their relations were simply friendly. They had the same playful nature. They understood each other marvelously. At night, they slept side by side, like innocent children.
    Having had a great number of affairs, some of which were lesbian, Margie was burning with impatience beside the body that had the attraction of forbidden fruit to her.
    Thanks to certain confidences, she knew that Jackie was still a “real” young girl. No man or woman had succeeded in awakening her sensuality. So she was afraid of compromising everything by any regrettable haste. She preferred to deprive herself wisely and then while her friend was sleeping, to be reduced to masturbation.
    She managed to be more and more indecent in her behavior. Without seeming to wonder anything about it, Jackie followed the same example. Soon she even dared to undress completely in front of her companion, albeit with innocent immodesty.
    Invariably, Margie would then feel desire sliding through her like an insidious poison. A desire which put fire into her veins and arteries and which seemed more and more difficult to resist.
    One evening when her friend was hiding nothing of her arrogant nudity, it was impossible for Margie to continue a struggle which was putting her nerves so on edge.
    Her eyes had become two incandescent suns and she put her arm around Jackie's waist. Her mouth touched a firm breast whose nipple stood out like the beak of a robin redbreast.
    To her great surprise, Armand's niece didn't try to escape the moist contact of her lips which were trembling with impatience.
    While her tits rose to the rhythm of her shaky respiration like a rough sea, Jackie even whispered:
    “Darling… oh!.. what you're doing is delicious.”
    Emboldened by this first success, Margie no longer hesitated.
    She insinuated one of her hands between the two thighs which were no longer trying to lock themselves. And her prying index finger took possession of a fragile flower that had not yet been violated.
    “My love,” she whispered, “my sweet… my tender… why you're wet…!”
    Jackie was already moist with juices.
    “You're ready to come, my dear…”
    Actually it was enough for her to titillate the still timid little clitoris for Jackie, her eyes closed and her head oscillating from shoulder to shoulder, as soft as a flow of honey.
    “Ah!” she sighed. “Ah!.. but what happened? I felt like I was dying… dying of joy…”
    “Yes, you're going to die, my angel… but not all alone… I also want to die of happiness.”
    Taking her partner's hand, Margie led it to her own cunt.
    “My dear… put your finger in and do what I do… yes… again… that's good… go on… oh!.. yes… oh…!”
    Quickly pulling herself away from the girl, she pushed her to the bed and made her stretch out. Then, sliding between her thighs, she placed her mouth against the moist pussy which was exhaling its breath of vaginal ecstasy.
    Pearls of pleasure immediately dripped onto her tongue as she gluttonously licked the interior of that foamy mound.
    Jackie sighed. She writhed like a snake in love. Her fingers folded over the palpitating mound, Margie sucked the stiff clitoris.
    Her lips that were swollen with greediness, passionately swallowed that hard tip. And she soon received the frenetic release of that body she had just introduced to pleasure.
    Without leaving her companion time to regain consciousness, she hurried to crouch over her face.
    Jackie felt a gluey mound pressed against her mouth.
    “Suck,” begged Margie, “suck me, my dear… I want it so badly… yes… like that… ah!.. I love your tongue… your tongue that is penetrating me… your tongue inside me… almost as good as a cock… ah!.. yes… lick me and use your finger at the same time… deeper… even deeper… ah!.. I would like you to suck as far as my womb… ah!.. you're taking it all… oh! my sweet… we're going to be so happy…”
    They were, it was true, to know some very active nights.
    In the morning, Armand came to awaken them. This permitted him to touch them both gently.
    Sometimes he fondled them and kissed them on the cheek or the corner of their lips. Sometimes, under the pretext that they weren't getting up fast enough, he threw back the covers and forced them to jump out of bed, but not without rubbing a malicious breast through the light silk of a nightgown, or a nervous thigh or a charming pair of buttocks.
    One evening after dinner, Armand asked Margie to type an article he had written for an art review.
    : “We'll probably be at it a long time,” he said to Jackie. “So you might as well go to bed.”
    But the young girl had no desire to sleep. After reading several pages of a book that seemed totally uninteresting to her, she decided to go join her uncle again.
    When she reached the office whose door was half opened, she heard a little stifled laugh and then a few moans.
    Intrigued, she moved closer on tiptoe.
    Tightly embraced, Margie and Armand were masturbating each other.
    The young woman, whose skirts were tucked up over her thighs, was abandoning herself to the agile finger which was agitating her cunt.
    “Dear… oh!.. it's so good…!”
    As she moaned, she placed her hand against his generously endowed prick and was fumbling with the buttons of his pants.
    “Oh, you're so stiff… your rod is big…”
    With her fingers, she encircled the solid stick which she knew so well how to manipulate.
    “Do you like it?” she asked at times in a soft voice.
    “Yes… and you, are you happy?”
    “Very happy… you caress me very well… oh! again… you can feel what that does to me…”


    Jackie saw the entire spectacle.
    Her heart was pounding inside its fleshy cage. Her entire body stiffened in sudden contractions.
    “Dear!” Margie panted, “dear… it feels so wonderful… oh!”
    Armand was still caressing her skillfully. And, with the same skill, the young woman was masturbating the gloriously erect rod.
    Suddenly, Margie pushed her partner towards a couch, on which she made him lie down.
    And with one movement, she removed her dress, blouse, and panties. Then, naked from the waist to her flesh-colored stockings, she knelt above Armand, or rather, above a prick as big as a policeman's stick.

    Nothing was withheld from Jackie's immoral curiosity.
    Her buttocks in the air, legs separated, Margie's opening between the two thick and curvaceous eminences could easily be seen.
    As for Margie's partner, with his knees raised, Jackie could easily see his big, stiff member.
    The young girl soon saw the stick enter Margie's box, become lost inside, and reappear again.
    Armand was panting. His companion was moaning.
    They fucked with abandon.
    Finally, Jackie saw the instrument completely come out, the tip totally uncovered, red as carmine and spewing a white liquid which spread out over Margie's buttocks.
    “Dear!” she cried, “dear… you're coming… oh!.. it's warm… it's delicious…”
    She waited until his tool had finished ejaculating. Then she leaped off the bed and went into the bathroom.

    Fearing that she would be caught, Jackie ran away immediately. So hastily, in fact, that she had the misfortune of overturning a Chinese pot that was balanced on a small round table. Frightened, she ran to her room.
    As soon as she got there, Armand appeared.
    He looked at the young girl a long time and she, livid and trembling, couldn't hide her confusion.
    Suddenly, with a gleam in his eyes, he murmured:
    “I have the feeling that my little niece has been very indiscreet.”
    “But…” Jackie tried vainly to escape. “But… I don't understand…”
    “Impossible… imagine that we are alone, all three of us in the apartment. There are no cats or dogs… and since I don't believe in ghosts, someone must have overturned that pot. Margie and I were in the office. Thus you alone were capable of having committed this act.”
    Jackie no longer knew what to say. Stupidly, she assured him that she hadn't left her room.
    “And I,” declared Armand, “I am certain that, tired of being alone, you felt a desire to come join us. Seeing that we were very busy, you didn't want to bother us. As you ran away, when you saw Margie about to go out, you revealed your presence.”
    He approached the young girl, who seemed plunged in a veritable torpor, and grabbed her by the shoulders.
    And, with a slightly vulgar smile, said:
    “So, my pet, did you like the spectacle?”
    Her throat was dry and Jackie didn't feel she had the strength to utter the slightest word.
    “Yes, I'm certain that you must have had an excellent time. Anyway, it will be easy for me to find out.”
    Without his niece having time to react, he plunged his hand under her skirt and immediately reached the point between her legs.
    “You little devil,” he murmured. “Your pants are all wet. Your pussy must be in quite a state.”
    In order to be certain, he pulled her panties down and slid his finger between her lips. They were trembling with emotion.
    Then he began to tickle her clitoris.
    This caress completed the devastation of the young girl's senses. With his free hand, Armand had unbuttoned his pants and taken out his imposing tool.
    Jackie couldn't stop herself from grabbing the stiff rod. She held the cock she had seen going in between Margie's thighs!
    How long it was!
    How thick it was!
    How hard it was!
    How good it was to touch it. How she loved to feel its male power. What a desire she had to fondle it.
    Yet a sort of fear held her back. The fear of being too clumsy and disappointing her partner.
    Armand must have guessed the reason for her hesitation because he whispered:
    “You want to touch me, don't you? Well, go on… you'll see… it's very easy. Anyway, I'm going to show you what to do.”
    He closed her fingers over his joy-stick.
    “What is important,” he said, while beginning to rub himself, “is to adopt the right rhythm. At first you caress the tip very slowly… the most difficult thing is not to let yourself be carried away by an often brutal ardor. You have to force yourself to always act smoothly. Come on, try it…”
    A little excited, Jackie followed her uncle's advice.
    The fine skin that she alternately raised and lowered uncovered the enormous glans.
    “Very good,” said Armand, his eyes half-closed, “that's perfect… you understood what you have to do… Now I'm going to teach you to suck.”
    He told her to kneel at his feet. All will anesthetized, Jackie did as he told her.
    Breathing an odor of sweating balls, the young girl instinctively opened her mouth.
    And, with her trembling tongue, she began to lick the solid root as if it were a candybar.
    “For a beginner, that's not bad, my child… but sucking that sugar stick isn't enough. You have to rub me with your mouth.”
    He introduced his rod down her throat. Then, his hands placed on his companion's cheeks, he imprinted a coming-and-going movement on her face.
    It was easy for Jackie to learn that motion. Obviously she was putting her whole heart into the work, although she still lacked technique. Her lips weren't enclosing the congested glans tightly enough.
    In a hurry to come, Armand had to use his finger in order to reach the expected conclusion. It didn't take long.
    Not yet knowing that come is one of the most precious of elixirs, the young girl tried to throw her head back. Her uncle prevented her.
    Jackie felt a great spurt of semen trickle down her throat.
    And it seemed to her that the sperm had a taste of wet grass…


    Margie had just appeared in the doorway. She hadn't even bothered to do up her skirt. Jackie could even see the thick fawn-colored fur which was abounding at the fork of her thighs.
    “Come in,” Armand told her. “Initiating a young girl is always a delicate mission. Your help would certainly be appreciated.”
    Already ready for anything, Jackie let her friend undress her. She didn't even rebel when, sliding between her waist and the elastic of her panties, skillful fingers pushed the fragile material down.
    Now she was nothing but a need, a body in a trance, and she didn't try to hide the blonde fur that shaded her pubis behind the screen of her hands.
    Trembling with impatience, she even went so far as to stretch across the bed, arms crossed, legs apart.

    Armand approached, apparently fascinated by this body with the graceful shape of a girl-flower.
    Soon his eyes became riveted on two little breasts, which he could have held completely in the palms of his hands.
    Now he seemed incapable of turning his eyes away from the little clitoris, of which the half-opened cunt allowed a little peek, and which was like the tip of a tongue pointing greedily between two fleshy lips.
    Margie immediately pulled him away from his contemplation.
    She had plunged a hand into his opened fly.
    “But you've already made it,” she exclaimed. “And you intended to plunge your cock into this child's pussy without taking the slightest precaution? What impudence!”
    Not wanting this deflowering to have sorry consequences for Jackie, she knelt at her companion's feet and began to lick the glans that was still all sticky with sperm.
    This skillful maneuver had the double effect of cleaning the prick and of restoring its vigor.
    Soon Armand was stiff again, and he leaned over Jackie.
    Her senses still exacerbated by the sight of her friend sucking the cock, the young girl seized that dagger which was about to violate her purity.
    “Come on!” she said. She offered herself without the least reticence. “Come on!”
    There was no fear in her, or even shame, any longer.
    She was like a little amorous animal and let herself be carried away blindly by the demands of her sensuality which Margie had awakened in her.
    No doubt if this had happened several days earlier, she wouldn't have been so docile. She would probably have tried to resist this carnal tempest.
    But Margie had broken the girl's modesty with her hands, which had crushed her body with exasperating caresses, and her mouth, which had gathered the very essence of her desire.

    “I'm waiting…”
    As her uncle seemed to be hesitating, perhaps feeling some remorse at the prospect of violating the sacred familial laws, she joined her legs above Armand's buttocks.
    She made the tip of his cock slip between her little lips. Then she threw herself towards her partner with such force, that his prick went into her box in a single blow.
    The preliminaries that Margie had initiated her to had prepared her for the supreme possession marvelously.
    Besides, she loved the pain that this merciless rod was causing her. She loved to feel herself impaled on that blade.
    The terrible weapon had just penetrated her completely.
    All the flesh in her cunt was rammed…
    Bleeding… But the acuity of the pain only led the release of her senses to its paroxysm.
    “Yes!” she cried, “yes… take me… tear me… break everything… oh!.. oh!.. go on… even if I beg you to stop…”
    Armand, who wasn't a savage, didn't want to martyr this little wounded cunt too much.
    “Darling… oh!.. no… go on…” Jackie begged. Her uncle had just withdrawn his cock from her bleeding hole. “No… don't leave me…”
    “Why are you in such a hurry?” Armand asked. “We have all the time in the world. Now I want to fondle you…”
    He kissed her cheeks, her mouth, her neck.
    He let his lips wander over a breast that was swollen with sap. With his teeth, he excited a hardened nipple that was as tasty as an exotic fruit.
    Then, raising her legs, he examined that devastated pussy whose lips were red with blood.
    “The poor little thing,” he said, “it has suffered so much, hasn't it?”
    “It doesn't matter,” moaned Jackie. “You have made it so happy.”
    “And I'm going to make it come again, my angel…”


    He sucked her cunt dripping with moisture. He swallowed everything that was flowing from the pot.
    And while he enjoyed himself like the refined gourmet that he was, Margie caressed him with a feverish hand.
    Armand suddenly seemed to remember the other young woman's presence.
    “What egoists we are,” he said to his niece. “Doesn't it seem unjust to you that our friend has been reduced to the role of a spectator?”
    Seizing her by the waist, he stretched Margie out beside Jackie. Then, while beginning to suck Jackie again, he plunged his fingers into the other girl's cunt.
    The two damsels began to sigh and pant.
    With his agile tongue and probing fingers, Armand released the pleasure of those exasperated pussies simultaneously.
    “Ah,” cried Jackie, “Uncle… you're making me so happy…”
    “Ooh!” screamed Margie, “you're doing it so well… ooh!”
    It was a charming duo.

    Now Armand stretched out next to his niece. He was turned toward Jackie and he put his thighs under those of the young girl. His prick was pointed towards her little slit.
    Margie was participating actively in these games and knelt over her girl friend's face. Jackie could see the other girl's mound, abundantly garnished with its incendiary fur, and the gaping depths of a gluttonous cunt ready to devour everything like a carnivorous plant.
    That cunt she loved to devour so much.
    She caressed the clitoris. Breathing the bitter exhalation of the wonderful vaginal juice, she stuck her tongue into that adored cunt.
    “Darling,” cooed her companion. “Oh, darling… yes… I love you… how I love you… your tongue is delicious… I feel it inside me…”
    While she let herself be sucked, Margie, her face at the height of her friend's cunt, separated the little lips that were still all congested. Then, seizing Armand's cock, she guided it to the inside of the cunt.
    With violent blows, the libertine uncle began to ram the consenting pussy.
    During this time, Margie was titillating Jackie's clitoris with her finger. Jackie continued to lick her friend's box with her greedy tongue.
    These variations, these positions, this multiplicity of approaches infinitely augmented their delights.
    Suddenly, they were all overcome with pleasure. And, for their feverish brains, their oversensitive nerves, their exhausted bodies, it was a total release.

    Jackie would have liked Armand and his friend never to cease guiding her toward all the horizons of vice. How she would have followed them!
    She would have liked to successively caress a proud cock, masturbate a tender cunt, suck a furiously erect prick, and lick a drooling pussy. She would have liked to soak in come for hours.
    Alas! Margie was soon forced to go to the bedside of a seriously ill aunt. Jackie bitterly regretting having to leave her girl friend. Fortunately, Armand was there to console her. Almost every evening he joined her in her room. And he continued her education that had begun so well.
    One night he assured her that it was time for her to give him the gift of her second virginity. Jackie was already willing to give this gift.
    Her uncle asked her to stretch out on her right side with her buttocks turned toward him.
    At first he caressed her little hole. This only increased the impatience Jackie felt to know the still mysterious joys and she cried:
    “Come on, darling!.. I want your cock now… your cock… it will make me come.”
    Having spit a little saliva into the palm of his hand, Armand moistened the top of his tool. Then, parting her buttocks, he slowly introduced the glans.
    Jackie was so receptive to all the forms of pleasure that this laborious progression was filled with ever increasing joys.
    Lifting his companion's leg with his raised knee, Armand energetically masturbated her cunt while pushing his weapon farther and farther into the living furnace of her little asshole. Then he began to pump furiously.
    With her cunt being caressed and her ass possessed, Jackie attained the ultimate in joy.
    “Darling!” she cried, “darling!.. come!.. empty your balls inside me… You may…!”
    For the first time, Armand, still being cautious, no longer had any need to resist her demands. He came.
    “Aah… darling… you're discharging… you're filling me…”
    His come spurted so hard into her intestines that Jackie even thought she could taste it in her mouth.


    “By the time my parents came back to France,” said Jackie, “my uncle had had enough time to perfect my education.”
    The slut!
    She had just given me these confidences without the slightest display of shame. The fact that I was her brother-in-law didn't disturb her in the least.
    On the contrary. During this recitation, she had watched me carefully to see my reaction.
    My embarrassment, while she was telling me all these obscenities, must have amused her. Was this the girl that Harry had just married?
    “Of course,” she said, “during my engagement, I pretended to be a virgin. I had to, didn't I? I wanted to be married, to be free, to escape a familial control that was getting worse and worse. Therefore, it was very important that Harry should think I was a very chaste girl. But I hoped that on our wedding night, he would be in a hurry to give me those pleasures that Armand had permitted me to discover.”
    She sighed deeply.
    “Poor Harry… he was so pitiful… I even wonder if he ever had any affairs before he married me.”
    She came over to me. Still sitting in front of my desk on which my algebra books lay opened, I was finding it very difficult to control my indignation. My seventeen years were rebelling against so much cynicism and so much depravity.
    “From our wedding night,” she said, “I knew that it would be impossible for me to love your brother.”
    Not sparing me the slightest detail, she revealed everything about her terrible deception:
    “As soon as we were in the room, Harry acted like a brute. I had hoped he would help me undress, which would have permitted me to seek the caresses I needed so badly, those caresses without which lovemaking loses all its savor, those caresses to which Margie and Armand had so accustomed me…”
    She shook her head sadly.
    “Having been initiated by refined people, I suddenly found myself faced with a savage. You can guess my misery…”
    Harry had let her go into the bathroom where she removed her clothes. When she came back into the room, the lace of her pale green nightgown caressed the top of her thighs and Harry, entirely naked, was standing immobile in the middle of the room. His cock standing out like an iron sword, he was awaiting his young wife like a wild animal ready to leap on his prey.
    Without having uttered a single word, he threw himself on her, emitting a sort of growl.
    The bestial expression which filled his features frightened Jackie to such a degree that she tried to push her husband away. But, lifting her in his arms, Harry threw her on the bed. Then, before his young wife had time to regain her equilibrium, he rolled above her, seizing her by the buttocks, parting her thighs with his bony knee.

    “That imbecile was in such a hurry,” she said, “that he didn't even notice that I wasn't a virgin. As soon as I felt him inside me, he discharged. Then, satisfied with his exploit, he rolled over and fell asleep. Since then he has always acted like an idiot. It's only by sheer force that I submit to him. I've never had any pleasure with him. I've even thought of leaving him. You alone held me back…”
    Her voice became heavier.
    “Yes, if I stay, it's with the hope that you will compensate for the mediocrity of that monster with your ardor.”
    She leaned toward me. A disturbing flame was burning deep in her eyes.
    “I want you… want to love you… want to cry with joy in your arms. I will teach you to caress me, to suck me, to fuck me… you will be a gifted student. I'm certain of it. Above all, don't be afraid that your brother will suspect us. He is so trusting…”
    Submerged in disgust, I couldn't stand anymore. I got up and pushed Jackie away brutally.
    “Get out of here, slut!”
    The young woman didn't seem in the least insulted by this.
    “Why are you acting like this, dear?”
    “Get out of here!”
    I wanted to hit her. A wild anger was burning inside me. An anger which was mingled with something I couldn't identify, perhaps a monstrous desire to separate the girl's thighs and plant my rod inside her.
    “Get out!”
    “Yes, my dear, I'm going. But first, I want to prove how wrong you are to act so disdainful toward me.”
    Before I had time to make the slightest movement, her dress was flying above her head.
    I grew stiff immediately.
    My prick was threatening to cut through my shorts and even my pants. As for my balls, they were so swollen with come they were ready to burst. How that whore could excite me!
    She was more than naked in a slip whose transparence revealed the areoles of her triumphant breasts, as well as of the V of her thighs gifted with the blonde curls of her mound.
    “Well, Tony, do you still want to put me out?”
    My throat was caught in a vise, and I felt incapable of uttering the slightest word. And, the blood pounding at my temples, I remained in the middle of the room, nailed to the spot, still master of my instincts but already no longer able to control my imagination.


    Having the curious impression of living in a second state, I was at once the witness and the actor in a scene which scalped my nerves…
    Succeeding in a sort of delirium of duality, I saw myself run over to Jackie, throw her down on the couch, and imprison her in my arms and legs.
    My voracious mouth crushed against an arrogant breast, a stiff tit in which I cruelly dug my teeth, pulling a plaintive cry from my companion. The spectator Tony was ashamed of the bestial fury to which the actor Tony was abandoning himself. But at the same time, the scene he was watching procured him an immoral pleasure.
    I saw myself unzipping my pants.
    I saw my impatient cock planting itself in that acquiescent cunt.
    How it plunged and rammed. How it dug into that torrid cunt…

    “Well, my pet, do you like me?”
    These words made me regain contact with reality. A degrading reality. A reality which should have caused me an immense revulsion.
    This girl who was exhibiting her delights so obscenely was Jackie. Harry's wife. And Harry was my brother.
    Yes, I should have felt shame and disgust. But, at seventeen, it's difficult to control one's desire in such a circumstance.
    And then, Jackie was so immodest. She had just sat down on the edge of the couch, her thighs parted, her short slip hiding nothing of her pubis.
    It was as if my eyes were attracted by a magnet.

    “My dear Tony,” cooed the young woman, “I have the distinct impression that you are controlling yourself…”
    She couldn't avoid seeing my difficulty.
    My nerves taut, my wrists tight, my nails digging deeply into the palms of my hands, a cold sweat running down my hands, I was literally hypnotized by that cunt whose half-opened lips were like a mussel all ready to be eaten.
    “Yes, you're controlling yourself, my angel. You like the view… perhaps you would even like to touch? In that case, you don't have to hold back.”
    She signaled for me to come close.
    Ashamed of acting like this with my brother's wife, I wanted the strength to run away, to escape this girl for whom I felt disgust, and at the same time… an animal desire.
    A mad desire which was going to make my final hesitations melt.
    “Come on,” whispered Jackie.
    I advanced with the step of a robot. As soon as I had stopped, my sister-in-law asked me to kneel in front of her. All will anesthetized, I did as she asked.
    Imprisoning my hand in hers, she placed it on her pussy.
    “Caress me,” she said.
    I had already kissed girls. I had already felt the contents of a bra. I had already rubbed a firm thigh.
    But the virgins with whom I flirted had always prevented my fingers from crossing the ramparts of their panties. Perhaps they had wanted me to insist. But I was still too timid to push their skirts up.
    No, I had never touched a single cunt before.
    Jackie must have guessed it because she showed me what to do. Separating the lips herself, she made the little clitoris jump out. Then, with the tip of her finger, she began to titillate herself.
    'Oh!” she sighed, “oh!.. it's so good… go on… now you…”
    My first attempt was crowned with success.
    “Darling,” my sister-in-law began to pant. “Oh, darling… yes… like that… you're doing it so well… again… that's good…”
    She was delighted with it.
    “Oh, yes… slowly… that's marvelous…”
    Her eyes closed.
    “Tony… put your finger in now… put your finger in my cunt.”
    I did as she asked. And, with a determined finger, I began to ram a cunt that was overflowing with juice.
    “Ah!” cried Jackie, “ah!.. you're doing it so well… again… deeper… oh! yes… yes… you feel it flowing in me… it's for you… just for you. Harry has never felt it. That cretin doesn't know what he's doing!”
    That she had chosen this precise moment to ridicule my brother should have permitted me to reconquer my freedom of choice.
    But, my eyes riveted to that pussy and my finger drowning in that whore's cunt, I was incapable of avoiding the logical outcome of my desires.

    “Darling!” Jackie suddenly shouted, “darling… suck me…”
    She had placed her hands over my cheeks.
    I found myself leaning forward with my face buried in between the burning pit of two thighs saturated with moistness. A blonde fur was tickling my nostrils. My mouth was stuck to those thick, wet lips.
    I was confused by this position and didn't know what to do. But Jackie was a willing teacher and immediately came to my aid. Again she made her little clitoris burst forth with her skillful fingers.
    Then I realized what was expected of me.
    I started to lick her with the tip of my tongue. My companion seemed delighted with this initiative.
    “Yes, darling… like that… that's delicious… oh!.. oh!.. you're gifted… you've never eaten a girl before, have you?”
    I shook my head negatively, without stopping my licking.
    “Well, no one can say you're not talented at it… oh!.. I'm going to come…”
    I was all bearded with wetness. I liked the strange taste of that drink.
    “Oh, darling!.. there it is… I'm coming… oh!.. wait!.. there it is… it's all yours…”
    She flowed on and on and I had the impression that her entire body became liquified under the acuity of her pleasure.


    “Tony, you've made me so happy…”
    I was still kneeling at her feet, my face buried in the living compass of her legs.
    “You did that very well… now I need your cock.”
    As soon as she had uttered these words, she attacked my pants, opened my fly and took out my prick with her fingers.
    “Your cock is very big… it's so hard… you must be so impatient to fuck me… and you're burning… they're so full…”
    She weighed my balls with obvious satisfaction.
    “You're soon going to empty yourself in me.”
    Again she attacked my rod.
    She showed such dexterity that I had the feeling my come was going to burst like a geyser. But Jackie guessed the danger which threatened me, because she quickly stopped rubbing me.
    She seized me under the arm, inviting me to get up again. But, leaning backward, she tied her legs around my waist and made me roll over her.
    “Quick… come in me…”
    It was she who introduced my prick inside her with impatient fingers.
    “Ah!” she sighed, “you're screwing me!”
    I pushed myself into her furiously. And Jackie threw herself toward me with a devilish rage.
    “Ah!.. again…”
    She dug her nails into my back cruelly.
    She pushed me again and drew me back, making my prick come and go in her cunt.
    Her sweet sweat was inundating her breasts, between which I had buried my face. My mouth was bathing in that moistness which I swallowed as if I were trying to digest everything her body was giving off and offering me so generously.
    “Oh!.. baby…”
    Abandoning myself to my frenzy, I rolled over her like a boat. I shook myself inside her as if I wanted to kill myself with my disgust and remorse.
    “Oh! you're fucking me!” cried Jackie, “oh!.. I'm yours!”
    Yes, she was mine, the slut!
    “I'm coming!”
    Yes, she came!
    “Let yourself go, darling… come on… I want you to discharge… take your pleasure… as if I were a whore…”
    Between two moans, she asked:
    “I am a whore, aren't I?”
    “Yes, you're a slut!”
    “I'm a whore!”
    “Yes, you're a whore!”
    These insults seemed to excite her. She screamed.
    Fortunately, we were alone in the house.
    “Ah… come… I'm waiting… don't resist any longer…”
    Even if she had asked me, I wouldn't have tried to accord her the least mercy. I was nothing but an animal preoccupied solely with pouring all the torrents of lava that were boiling inside my balls into that cunt.

    As soon as I had emptied my balls I realized the meaning of the act I had just committed. This slut who was stretched out on the couch with her arms crossed was my sister-in-law. I had just fucked my brother's wife!
    Oh! I know, there are those who wouldn't have made such a thing out of it in a similar situation. But at that time I respected the moral precepts I would soon trample underfoot. And then, too, I liked Harry so much.
    I was ashamed of having acted in such a repugnant way. I was so ashamed that evening that at dinnertime, when I found myself sitting across from him at the familial table, I didn't know how to act.
    I avoided his eyes. I answered his questions in monosyllables.
    Jackie, on the contrary, didn't seem in the least bit embarrassed. She even went so far as to ask why I was being so quiet!
    I didn't answer, burying my nose in my plate.
    “My word,” she said, “he must be dreaming about his little girl friend.”
    “Impossible,” exclaimed my brother. “Are you in love, then?”
    Naturally, unable to guess the reason for my mood, he continued in an amused tone:
    “You look so sad. Has a charming damsel been resisting your advances? Perhaps you've been too timid?”
    “Him, timid?”
    My father interrupted the conversation:
    “But that's a lie!”
    Turning toward me, he said, with a laugh:
    “I hope you're going to defend the honor of the family and tell us that you are an excellent seducer.”
    “I don't doubt it!” Jackie had the effrontery to add.
    I squeezed my fists furiously. I wanted to cry out my disgust to that tramp. How I hated her! How I hated myself for not having the courage to resist her.
    I swore that in the future I would be able to repulse her advances. But it was impossible for me to keep this oath.


    That very evening, when I was already in bed rereading a history composition, Jackie suddenly slipped into my room.
    “Since Harry's asleep,” she whispered, “I thought I'd come in here and keep you company.”
    Before I had time to utter the least protest, she asked me to be silent.
    “Your room is next to your parents'. They might hear us. Imagine the scandal.”
    The slut! She knew very well that under the circumstances, I couldn't throw her out. The noise of our fighting would have alerted my father and mother. And it was easy to imagine the outcome.
    “No,” she said, “we have no interest in awakening the household.”
    As soon as she had uttered these words, a crafty smile puckered the corners of her lips and Jackie gradually tucked up the hem of her robe, slowly revealing her white, round knees, then the firmness of her thighs, at whose peak was the vaporous triangle of her panties.
    I immediately felt my cock standing up. As for my eyes, again full of desire, they never left those panties.

    She was already wet. Her cunt was flowing with juices. That same juice that I had tasted that very afternoon.
    Suddenly the young woman parted the panties.
    “Look darling,” she murmured, “look… I'm going to rub myself…”
    With her skillful finger, she began to titillate her clitoris. Then she stuck her thumb into her cunt. Squeezing her lips together, to stifle her moans, she began to ram herself.
    I saw her finger entering her pussy and coming out all white with foam, only to plunge in again frantically.
    Jackie was shaking with convulsive trembling.
    She bent her legs and began to vacillate her lower body. She seemed on the verge of rolling onto the ground.
    I watched her, panting. My balls were swollen. My prick was stiff. Soon I was in such a state that I couldn't stop myself from sliding my hand under the covers.
    Foraging in the fly of my pajamas, my fingers closed over my rod. And I started to masturbate.
    I had no more shame left, no more disgust. I was thinking only of satisfying the demands that Jackie had just given birth to in me.
    I had such a wild desire to fuck that hole that was drowning me with its swollen lips and its juice that didn't stop coming.
    At any moment I was ready to jump on the slut, to make her lie on the ground, to plant my rod in her mad cunt.
    Only an ultimate burst of pride held me back.
    Fortunately, my sister-in-law shared my impatience. Suddenly moving toward the bed, she threw back the covers. Then she knelt over me and the tips of her breasts seemed to try to pierce me.
    Her hips agitated by a frantic movement, she rubbed the swollen glans with her humid mound before swallowing it in a single blow of her savage buttocks deep inside her cunt.

    Trembling, she buried the glorious sword in her dark pit. She moved on my tool with such passion that the bursts of sperm soon inundated her. But nothing seemed to be able to assuage her senses. Still on top of me, she continued to move her ass rhythmically.
    Every part of me hurt and I was panting, but I painfully tried to follow the rhythm she imposed on me.
    Jackie was untiring. Again I felt my cock growing inside that oily cunt. That cunt in which I soon ejaculated new bursts of come.

    I was alone again, stretched out on the bed, my balls empty, my cock soft. Jackie had gone back to her conjugal bed completely satisfied.
    Once again it had been impossible for me to resist her.
    Then I understood that a normally constituted man is ready for every sin for a whore's cunt. I also understood that this weakness of the male could lead to the vilest acts. I instinctively guessed that in order to escape this slavery, one would have to guide one's own partners toward the horizons of eroticism.
    Vice alone can save man from this emotional and physical dependence to which so many women want to reduce him.


    The very next day, I decided no longer to submit to Jackie's demands but to provoke them instead.
    It was I who went into her room when she had just put her dress on.
    “I'm sorry,” I said, “but you were in too much of a hurry. You'll have to undress.”
    “Why?” she asked, a little surprised by my determined attitude.
    “Why? Quite simply, I want to fuck you.”
    She stared at me, visibly stunned. She wasn't accustomed to me taking the initiative. Thus far, she had been the one to direct the proceedings.
    “I would have been delighted to make love with you,” she said finally. “But I don't have time. I have an appointment at the hairdresser's.”
    “Your hairdresser can wait… my cock is incapable!”
    I threw myself on her immediately.
    It was a bitter struggle during which Jackie tried to defend herself like a tigress. She clawed and bit. Her resistance, more or less feigned, only increased my fury.
    It was a ferocious battle interrupted by cries, insults, and threats.
    “No,” shouted Jackie, “no… I don't want to!”
    But since we were alone in the house, I didn't worry about her cries.
    “No… no one has ever raped me!”
    We had just rolled onto the bed, that same bed where Jackie had been fucked so many times by my brother.
    “No… stop…!”
    But, having succeeded in imprisoning her wrists in one of my hands, I undid her dress with the other.
    I didn't have any trouble extracting a firm breast and riveting it solidly to my mouth. I bit into it so ferociously that I had the taste of blood in my mouth.
    Jackie treated me like a brute, an assassin, a sadist, and a rapist. She moaned with pain. She bled. She begged.
    “Do you want my cock?” I asked again.
    “No… not now…”
    I dug my teeth even more savagely into her breast, which was already bearing the stigmas of my cruelty. This time, my sister-in-law let out the moan of a wounded animal.
    “Oh! This is terrible! Oh, no, I can't stand anymore…”
    Carried away by primitive instincts, I would have tortured her until that fruit wound up cracking between my jaws.
    Jackie guessed this. So, all in tears, she opened her thighs and offered me access to her pussy.
    “Ah,” she screamed, “oh, you bastard!.. you're going to kill me. Oh!.. you're going to destroy my cunt…”
    It wasn't just her cunt that I was planning to ruin.
    Withdrawing my tool from her pussy, I told her to kneel on the edge of the bed. My sister-in-law looked at me with a beam of fright in her eyes.
    “But what do you want?” she babbled.
    “What do I want?”
    I let out a laugh that must not have reassured her because her anguish became almost terror.
    “I want to plant my prick in your whore's hole!”
    “Oh no!”
    It was almost a supplication.
    “No… I don't want it to hurt…”
    “You told me that your uncle initiated you.”
    “That only happened once… since then I haven't done it… So, it's just as if I never did.”
    “Very well, this is the time to start again. If you don't obey, I'll bite your tit again.”
    Grabbing her tit, I got ready to plant my teeth into that fleshy globe.
    “Oh, no!” cried the young woman, “have pity…”
    And, suddenly becoming docile, she did as I ordered.
    Sliding behind her, I pushed her skirt up over her hips. Then I parted her buttocks. Pointing my rod at her anus, I managed to maneuver myself so that the glans penetrated the narrow orifice.
    “Owww!” moaned Jackie, “oh… it hurts… no… stop… have pity.”
    Pity for that slut? Never!
    Clinging to her hips, I threw myself forward with all my might.
    And my cock penetrated deep into her intestines.

    Jackie was screaming, and this pain caused me an equivocal pleasure. I felt an intense satisfaction of vengeance and an almost sadistic joy.
    I was buggering her!
    “Here you are, whore… here's a ram for your asshole… Wait! here it is again…!”
    I didn't spare her any pain and yet her ass seemed to adapt itself to the dimensions of my prick.
    Soon the young woman began to move with my rhythm. I heard her pant.
    “Ooh!.. it's starting to feel good… oh baby…”
    While I was ramming her with my weapon, I was also digging my hand into her buttocks.
    “Do you like this?” I asked.
    “Ooh!.. it still hurts… but I adore it anyway… oh, darling… come… empty yourself inside me… I want your come… I need it… darling… ah!.. it's coming… I feel it… ah!.. there it is… you're filling me… I'm full of your come…”

    No sooner had I spread my seed in her intestines when I felt the terrible desire to impose new cruelties on this tramp.
    My cock was temporarily out of service so I looked around for some object to replace it. Then I noticed a little bottle of beer placed on the nightstand. In the morning Harry preferred beer to a cup of tea.
    “Don't move,” I told Jackie.
    Grabbing the bottle, I immediately slid the neck into the ass I had just been fucking. It was extremely easy.
    My companion sighed with joy. But I had intended to give her pain.
    I withdrew the bottle and turned it around.
    This time, as I had hoped, Jackie began to utter little cries like someone being burned alive. “Oh… no… not like that… no!.. oh you're going to kill me… oh!.. that's terrible… stop!.. no… no… it hurts too much… no… you can see that it will never go in…”
    I wanted it to go in.
    With my fingers I furiously separated the orifice that was still sticky with sperm. And I pushed with all my might in order to make what had become an instrument of torture penetrate that hole. I finally succeeded, but not without having cruelly torn her bleeding flesh. My sister-in-law was sobbing convulsively.
    Half-unconscious, she didn't even have the strength to fight any longer.
    An instant later, having regained her senses and dried her tears, Jackie sat on the bidet and washed her buttocks.
    At times, she couldn't hold back a grimace. Her asshole must have been very painful.
    “Well!” she exclaimed suddenly. “You were so timid yesterday, I almost had to rape you. But you've become a regular brute!”
    And I intended to be a brute with Jackie from now on. With her and all other girls.
    I would kiss them. I would fuck them. I would bugger them. I would submit them to my sadistic instincts. I would humiliate them. I would reveal their vices.
    That way I would only be able to feel contempt and disgust for them. This disgust and contempt would erect a barricade behind which I would be sheltered from all sentimentality.


    Now all Jackie could be to me was a living puppet, submissive to all my whims.
    One afternoon, after having masturbated her a long time, I pretended indifference and refused to fuck her.
    Stretched out on the bed with her thighs opened, my sister-in-law was obviously begging me to finish what I had begun so well.
    “Oh! come on… I need it so badly…”
    She was shaking nervously.
    “Put it in… put your cock into my cunt… I need it…”
    She was shaking. She moaned:
    “Darling… I want your prick… I want your stiff prick in my cunt…”
    With a refinement of cruelty, I undid my pants and exhibited a rod whose size and apparent firmness only increased my companion's impatience.
    “Your prick is so beautiful… it wants to fuck me so badly… give it to me, baby… give it to me.”

    I saw her cunt opened like a gaping wound. A wound of joy.
    “Darling… I can't wait any longer…”
    “Nevertheless, you're going to have to wait… Harry won't be back for an hour or two…”
    She looked up at me in terror.
    “But… I don't understand…”
    “On the contrary, you understand very well… you know perfectly well that I love my brother very much… acting this way toward him causes me much grief. So, if it's possible to give him some compensation, perhaps I'll feel less remorse.”
    “You… want…?” she stuttered. “You want him to fuck me?”
    “I want his cock to make you come… I want him to hear you moaning with pleasure.”
    “No… it's impossible… I've never come with him… I never will…”
    “Yes, you will… because you'll have to too much. I'm not going to stop caressing you until he gets home… you'll have to come… you'll reach a point where your only desire will be to be fucked. Then what difference will it make whose cock it is?”

    Kneeling at her feet, I planted a finger in her soaking hole. I started to masturbate her.
    “Stop,” begged Jackie. “Oh… stop… this is crazy!”
    But, paying no attention to her protestations, I continued to ram her pussy.
    “This pretty little cunt is certainly flowing. How happy it will be when Harry plants his prick inside it. It will be the first time he'll make you come. I'm going to go on preparing you until he gets here. You're going to shriek with pleasure as soon as my brother starts to screw you.”
    I pushed my finger deeper inside her and moved it around. I turned it around as if I were trying to whip all the cream inside her. The pleasure she was feeling was so intense that it must have seemed intolerable and Jackie was panting like an exhausted animal.
    She writhed on the bed, her mouth twisted, her nails digging into the palms of her hands. She came and came and that same spasm seemed to last forever.

    “Do you want a cock?” I asked.
    “Yes, I want it,” she screamed. “I want it… I need it.”
    “Soon you'll have your husband's.”
    “Oh, yes.”
    “You'll open your thighs for him!”
    “You'll give him your cunt!”
    “You'll let him ram you!”
    “It will be so good.”
    “You'll cry with pleasure!”
    “I'll scream!”
    “You'll come with his cock!”
    “Darling!” she shouted, “you've excited me so much that I could come with any cock…”


    For two hours, I continued to rub her cunt. Then, when Harry's car stopped outside, I ordered Jackie to go back to her room. An instant later, my brother joined his wife. I slid into the corridor, determined to watch.
    Soon, my eye pressed against the keyhole, I saw my sister-in-law stretched out across the bed, her skirt pushed up over her belly.
    Leaning over her with a smile on his lips, my brother was caressing her pussy.
    “Oh,” I heard him whisper, “you're really in the mood today…”
    No doubt he wasn't accustomed to caressing such a wet cunt.
    “Do you really want to fuck?”
    “Yes,” panted Jackie, “I want to…”
    “And to think I wasted time with my friends… if I had known…”
    The idiot! Certainly he thought he was responsible for the emotion that was overwhelming his wife.
    “Yes,” he said, “if I had known I wouldn't have made you suffer so long. But we'll make up for lost time.”
    As he uttered these words, he undid his pants.

    If I had seen him naked before, I had never seen my brother in a state of erection. What a handsome cock!
    How could Harry be such a clod with that magnificent tool? I couldn't believe it.
    I had to admit, however, that Jackie hadn't lied. He really did act like a barbarian. A few blows and he was soft already.
    But I had prepared my sister-in-law so well that she let out a cry of joy.

    A little disappointed by Harry's behavior-I would have preferred to witness a super-production rather than a short subject-I went back to my room.
    Jackie came in a minute later.
    “Darling!” she shouted. “I obeyed you!”
    Sitting down on the edge of the bed, she tucked her skirt up, opened her thighs, and pushed her panties aside.
    “Look!” she said, “look, darling… see… it's flowing… I'm full of come…”
    A whitish juice was dripping from her pussy.
    “Harry came in me. He must have had a lot of juice in his balls… it's been so long since I gave in to him… it's because of you… because you asked me to. But now… it would be so good if…”
    She didn't dare vocalize her desire.
    It was easy for me to become what she wanted. Pushed by an evil eroticism, I knelt before her.
    And I put my mouth up to that cunt which was exhaling the smell of seminal juices.
    I sucked her.

    It's disgusting enough to swallow the sperm another man has poured into one's mistress. But when that come has spurted from the cock of one's own brother, what perversity!
    Also, what satisfaction! A satisfaction that only those who do not hesitate to venture into the strange world of vice know.
    “Darling,” murmured Jackie. “Oh! my darling… that's good… yes… swallow it… swallow all of Harry's juices. You like it, don't you?”
    Yes, I liked it.
    My tongue was turning around the depths of her pussy. I ran it over the humid walls.
    “Again!.. suck everything… don't leave a single drop… it's marvelous… oh, darling… I would be so happy if you gave me your cock… your cock there where Harry screwed me… quick… quick… I'm waiting… darling… I beg you… I need you…”
    I needed that whore too! I threw myself on her like a maniac. I entered the same cunt that my brother had possessed a moment earlier.
    Isn't there some kind of family spirit in that?




    It had been a month since I had been my sister-in-law's lover when I met Uncle Armand. After a long trip in Canada, he had decided to visit his niece.
    I could only sympathize with this man who was still very attractive despite the approach of his fiftieth year, this man who had been the first to guess the physical demands in Jackie and the perverse possibilities.
    I went out quite frequently with Armand. He took me to the theatre and to nightclubs. Obviously, it wasn't long before I admitted the true nature of my relationship with my sister-in-law.
    He didn't blame me. On the contrary.
    “Anyway,” he said, “Jackie would have taken another lover. So, why not you? Her husband disappointed her. And she has too much character to be resigned. You can believe me. I know her perfectly.”
    “I don't doubt it,” I said with a smile.
    I told him that my sister-in-law had given me a detailed description of the stay with her uncle.
    “I can even tell you that the education you gave her, with Margie's help, was very profitable to her.”
    Armand didn't seem the least bit angry that his niece had confided in me.
    “Then we have nothing to hide from one another,” he said. “We're going to be excellent friends!”

    One day when we were in a bar, he proposed a game of craps. But, instead of the prize being a round of drinks, the stakes would be a little girl friend of his.
    He told me that if I won, it would be possible for me to spend several very pleasant minutes with Mireille, a young girl who refused him nothing.
    “On the contrary,” he added softly. “If you lose, I will have the pleasure of fucking Jackie again.”
    Already rolling the dice he said:
    “OK,” I agreed.
    He won the first throw.
    I won the second and the last.
    The next day-debts shouldn't be paid late at night-I went to the little studio where Mireille lived.
    I found myself facing a little brunette with eyes as dark as her hair and the voracious lips of a female eager to fuck.
    Draped in a red silk peignoir, which she held crossed over her chest, the young woman asked me if I was the new champion of love-craps.
    Then, having stared at me with an equivocal insistence:
    “My word,” she said, “it will be a pleasure to reward the worthy conqueror.”

    Demonstrating a disconcerting calm she threw off the peignoir. She was naked.
    Her skin had a warm glow about it. Her tits stood out firm and pointed like pomegranates. As for her thighs, they were deliciously tanned and gave me a furious desire to kiss them.
    There were also her insolent hips, the thick black fur which covered her mound, and her stately ass with the beautiful buttocks.
    Ah yes, I was stiff!
    I was so stiff that my erection didn't pass unnoticed by Mireille.
    “You seem to be in perfect form,” she said, putting her hand on my pants.
    She undid the fly rapidly.
    “You're well built,” she exclaimed.
    Kneeling at my feet, she surrounded my triumphant cock with her fingers. And she skillfully made it move up and down again and again in her palm.
    Standing in front of her, I was breathing heavily. She masturbated me so well. And she didn't content herself with just rubbing me. She also caressed my cock with the tip of her tongue until all the veins were swollen.
    I heard myself panting harder and harder.
    At times she licked my balls, which were filled with sperm. I even let out a sort of groan when Mireille introduced my prick into her avid mouth.
    What technique!
    She was sucking me even better than Jackie. And my sister-in-law certainly sucked me with the skill of a professional. She put real passion into her work. I often came in her mouth. But only after she had worked on me for a long time.
    With Mireille, I was already ready to come.
    She moved her lips slowly around. My cock was a baby bottle that she was sucking. A bottle whose contents she would have quickly savored if I hadn't reacted.
    With a sudden push, I threw her back onto the thick carpet. Then I rolled over on top of her.
    I would have liked to have caressed her, but she had put me in such a state that I was nothing but an animal in a hurry to assuage his instincts.
    Ah, that cunt!
    It was so deep. And warm. A veritable furnace.
    Mireille certainly had a pussy capable of warming the least flammable cocks.
    Anyway, I had the impression that I wasn't taking her, but that she was taking me! Her cunt pulled on my cock with little spasmodic contractions. It was wild.
    After her mouth, now it was her pussy that was sucking me.

    The young woman shook her ass. She pushed me away and drew me back, making my prick come and go in her fiery furnace.
    “Oh,” she screamed. “Oh, your cock is so hard. How I love fucking you. Can you tell how I feel? Tell me, can you feel it?”
    It was impossible not to feel it. The wetness was trickling down my legs.

    Moving her hips, Mireille continued to caress me with her cunt.
    “Come… discharge… I want you…”
    How could I resist this fury? It was impossible.
    “There it is… you're coming… oh… yes… give me your come just to the last drop.”
    She moved against me furiously.
    Then I had the impression that my balls were going to be emptied forever of their vital substances.


    “Darling… you fucked me so well.”
    We were stretched out side by side on the couch, which was certainly more comfortable than the floor.
    “How you filled my pussy. There was so much come in your big balls… oh, darling…”
    She shook gently.
    “How I love to have my cunt all wet…”
    Suddenly I saw her put her finger into herself. Then she took it out all wet with sperm and slid it into her mouth.
    “Oh, that's good…”
    She licked her finger with visible greed.
    “I adore it…”
    She did the same thing several times and seemed to savor that juice with the delight of a gourmet.
    But she had found the means to excite me with the way she had of tasting my sperm! All the more because she whispered:
    “My love, now I want to suck your sugar-stick…”
    As soon as she uttered these words, she stretched out on my body, ready to begin a perfect sixty-nine.
    I felt her voracious mouth swallowing the sticky mollusk my cock had become. But that mollusk was soon transformed into a vertebrate of the highest order.
    While an instant earlier I had been reduced to the sad state of a eunuch, now I felt myself trembling with new needs. It seemed necessary therefore to return my companion's pleasure.
    Sliding under her lovely buttocks, I parted those round globes. With the tip of my index finger, I caressed the soft rose of her tight flesh. Then, with infinite precaution, I introduced my finger into her anus.
    “Oh, yes, darling,” Mireille moaned. “Yes!.. that too, I love that too.”
    She had just arched in a sort of passionate convulsion which oriented my instincts toward the pole of sodomitical pleasures.
    “Yes… that's good… Armand often makes me come that way.”
    While she let me masturbate her little hole, she didn't stop sucking my cock, which was apparently ready for new prowesses.
    Fearing that I would again be victim of a legitimate but regrettable fatigue, I quickly judged that it was high time I used my tool.
    Standing up, I asked the young woman to kneel on the edge of the sofa with her bust horizontal and her buttocks held out as a sort of offering.
    Then, leaning toward that spread ass, I began to lick her soft hole.

    Mireille seemed particularly pleased with my sucking her ass. Desiring my tongue to reach farther inside her, she made a violent effort to separate her narrow orifice still more.
    But, still fearing that my cock would suddenly lose the vigor my partner had miraculously given it, I decided to immediately enter the heart of the matter which, by the way, had already been honorably treated by Uncle Armand.
    So I had almost no difficulty plunging my tool into that living furnace.
    Mireille didn't let out the least cry. If she moaned, it was out of joy.
    Clinging to her hips, I screwed her valiantly. My balls crushed against her buttocks. My cock went right through to her intestines.
    Soon I was out of breath and had to slow down a bit to stop panting. Then my companion took the initiative.
    She made her buttocks roll in a more and more unbridled rhythm. As for her anus, it was blessed with the same talents as her cunt.
    With little contractions, it swallowed my cock. I didn't move. All I had to do was to let that devil alone and soon my balls had released new spurts of sperm…

    When we were about to separate, Mireille declared, with eyes full of gratitude, that she was delighted with the few moments we had spent together.
    “I would be happy if all those who play dice with Armand were as nice as you.”
    And she couldn't prevent herself from adding with a strange light burning in her eyes:
    “The next time you play a game of love-craps, try to win again!”


    It was Uncle Armand who won the return match.
    That evening, when her husband was already asleep and my parents were out with friends, my sister-in-law slid into my room.
    “Darling,” she whispered, putting her arms around me, “I wanted to see you so badly!”
    She kissed me. She rubbed herself against me. But I didn't budge.
    Surprised by this sudden seriousness, she asked:
    “What's wrong, Tony… you seem worried. Did something bad happen?”
    “It's pretty serious, actually.”
    After having feigned a short hesitation, I declared:
    “I played a game of dice with your uncle… and unfortunately I lost.”
    A smile immediately brightened my sister-in-law's lips.
    “Is that all? What difference does it make? Armand will give you credit. Anyway, I have some savings. I'd be happy to help you.”
    “It's not a question of money,” I said in a lugubrious tone.
    “But then, what were the stakes?”
    Bewildered, Jackie opened her mouth. No sound came out.
    Then, very calmly, I explained what a game of love-craps was.
    “And you dared to play him?”
    She looked at me reproachfully. At least it looked that way. But there was a kind of curiosity in her eyes. A perverse curiosity.
    “No, it isn't possible… you couldn't have thought I would accept and allow myself to be sold to my uncle?”
    And, on the point of bursting into tears:
    “Darling, you're lying, aren't you? It's only a bad joke?”
    Faced with my silence, she began to play the virtuous woman for the first time.
    “You were wrong, you know. Until now, I've given in to you… even when you demanded that I make love with Harry. But this time, you've gone too far. I'm not as lax as you think.”

    I didn't let her go on. I had had enough of that mockery.
    “No more pretense,” I said. “I made a promise. You will keep it. Anyway, a year ago you liked making it with your uncle. So the sacrifice won't be very painful.”
    Putting my arm around her waist, I drew her toward me and quickly plunged my hand under her skirt.
    Jackie tried to struggle.
    “No, leave me alone…”
    My fingers were already insinuating themselves between the burning vise of her thighs.
    “Leave me alone,” my sister-in-law moaned again. But her voice broke.
    Having pulled down the thin panties, I discovered a pussy all brimming with wetness.
    “Have pity on me,” begged the young woman.
    She whined… and cooed all at the same time.
    I pushed her toward the bed and threw her down. Then I positioned myself above her.
    “You will obey me!”
    Having slid my legs between hers, I parted them savagely.
    “Tomorrow you will visit Armand. I will accompany you. He prefers that I watch and even that I participate…”
    As I uttered these words, I plunged my cock into the abyss of her cunt.
    Jackie let out a roar like a tiger in heat.
    “You'll go with me to your uncle's!”
    “Yes,” she panted. “Yes, I'll go with you.”
    “You'll let Armand caress you!” I fucked her with all my strength.
    “I'll let him caress me,” moaned Jackie.
    “You'll let him suck you.”
    “He'll suck me, darling…”
    “And I'll suck you, too.”
    “Yes, dear.”
    “I'll caress you, too.”
    “And Armand will plunge his cock into your cunt…”
    “Yes, dear…”
    “I'll fuck you, too…”
    “Yes, dear…”
    “You will be our slave.”
    Her pupils dilated, Jackie shouted hoarsely: “Yes, darling, I'll be your slave!”


    She was our slave.
    As soon as we had reached his house the next day, Armand led us into the little parlor and asked us to adopt the behavior which was necessitated by the pleasure we were going to give ourselves.
    He started to remove his clothes. I followed his example. Jackie did the same.
    Without seeming in the least embarrassed, she removed her dress and underwear.
    I was a little disappointed. I would have preferred her to be a little more stubborn. But she wasn't in the mood to play the frightened damsel that day.
    Too bad.
    However, I wasn't to regret her docility.
    “Come here,” Armand told her, as he sat down in an armchair.
    He wasn't ashamed of his nudity either. Anyway, why should he have been? His firm body still had the musculature and sveltness of a young Titan.
    With one hand he caressed his balls on which his cock rested softly.
    I was surprised by his coolness. I was already stiff.
    “Come here!” he repeated.
    My sister-in-law obeyed.
    As soon as she was in front of him, he put his fingers on the thick blonde hairs that flourished at the fork of her thighs. This simple caress of her humid hairs must have had a certain effect on him because his cock quickly rose from its lethargy.
    There was immediately a light of lust in Jackie's eyes. Kneeling in front of Armand, she lovingly touched the big tool. She brought her lips up to that proud prick she was impatient to suck.
    However, with a slight hesitation, she turned toward me and asked:
    “Can I eat him? You won't be angry?”
    Angry? I didn't feel the slightest tinge of jealousy. Seeing her kneeling in front of her uncle excited me. My senses were particularly receptive to the sight.

    She was dying to suck Armand's cock. She was waiting for me to give her permission. I did.
    She immediately swallowed the entire length of his rod.
    And while she rubbed him with her hand, she greedily sucked his prick.
    As usual, she showed an ever-increasing passion.
    Armand's face was all congested. His breathing became more and more rapid. At times, a sort of grunt formed in his throat.
    However, Jackie didn't succeed in the goal she had set for herself. She didn't know, like Mireille, how to suck with the demonic persuasion so few men are able to resist. She only obtained a positive result after a laborious struggle.
    Her uncle didn't give her time to reach this conclusion. Pulling his cock from her mouth, he asked her to stand up again. When she had done so, he ordered:
    Jackie looked at him, a little surprised. Then she turned her head in my direction as if she expected me to help her in some way.
    “Well,” I said, “didn't you hear what Armand said?”
    “Yes,” she said dully, “I heard him.”
    “Then, obey!”
    She obeyed.
    With one skillful finger, she began to titillate her clitoris.
    “Do you like doing that?” her uncle asked.
    “Oh, yes,” she moaned.
    “Do you do it often?”
    “During the first months of my marriage I did… while my husband was sleeping.”
    She pushed her thumb into her cunt and began to ram it in and out while she uttered little wild cries.
    “Aaa!.. that's good… oh, that feels good… oh, if you knew…”
    “Go on,” said Armand.
    “Yes… it's as if I were fucking myself… oh…!”
    She was shaking nervously.
    “Oh… I'm so happy…”
    She trembled.
    Suddenly, incapable of maintaining her equilibrium, the young woman collapsed.
    Still sitting in his armchair, Armand grabbed the young woman under the calves and drew her to him until her cunt was near his mouth. Then he started to suck her clitoris and push his tongue into the depths of her cunt.
    “Darling,” screamed Jackie. “Oh, that's good…”
    But these shrieks of joy were suddenly stifled. I had knelt over her face and had just introduced my cock down her throat.
    “Silence, my pet,” I told her.
    My sister-in-law was forced to observe the most total muteness.
    “And the child seems to like this,” shouted Armand. “But her cunt must be jealous. I'll take care of that.”
    Slipping down from the armchair, he knelt between his niece's legs. He lifted her buttocks and his cock plunged into that cunt I had fucked so many times.
    This time, Jackie let out a wild cry. Then she began to suck me again with the same passion.


    I didn't take my eyes from the tool entering her with strange little noises. Smack! Smack! as the cock pushed its way into that gluey abyss.
    Suddenly Armand's features seemed to harden. His respiration began to roar in his chest like a bellows. And his cock was agitating with the speed of a piston. Jackie started to suck me with even more rage, no doubt desiring that her cunt and throat be filled simultaneously. But I had no desire to give in to that voracious mouth. And my sister-in-law didn't succeed in extracting a single drop of juice from my balls when Armand came.
    For a brief instant he continued to fuck her. But his movements became less violent. Finally, he withdrew his cock and I could see the sperm dripping out.

    Armand sat down in the chair again, casting sad glances at his poor diminished penis. Jackie knelt in front of him. Leaning her bust forward and holding out her ass, she began to lick the soft balls encrusted with come.
    I knelt behind her, with my rod sticking out like an iron lance. I separated her asshole with impatient fingers and pushed my tool all the way in with a single blow of my savage hips.
    “Oh…” shrieked Jackie. “Oh, you brute… you're hurting me…”
    Clinging to her hips, I fucked her with all my strength.
    “Oh… animal… oh…!”
    This spectacle pulled Armand out of his torpor. His cock regained its honorable dimensions.
    “Instead of whining,” he said to Jackie, “eat me!”
    And he pushed his mandrel down her gullet.

    Sucking on that magical prick must have decreased the pain I was giving her, because soon she started shaking her buttocks as if she wanted my sword to pierce her deeper and more furiously.
    “Oh, the slut!” exclaimed Armand. “She excites me so much when she shakes her ass like that. I would like to fuck her, too…”
    I didn't have any reason not to allow him to satisfy this desire. Hadn't he won the game of craps?
    Withdrawing my cock from her little hole, I invited him to take my place. But Armand wasn't an egoist, so he didn't want me to be forced to take the passive role of voyeur.
    He went over and stretched out on a couch with deep cushions. He asked his niece to kneel over his gloriously erect cock. An instant later, Jackie impaled herself.
    With an explicit and obscene gesture, her uncle told me to enter the game. I immediately slid behind Jackie.
    I placed my hands over her buttocks and my cock took the place it had occupied an instant earlier.

    We all began to move together. It was too much for Jackie who began to scream like a wounded animal.
    She must have had the impression that the two cocks that were fucking her were perforating her flesh, becoming one in the same gigantic prick by which she was being reached everywhere.
    Oh, what atrocious joy…
    Armand's joy-stick was foraging in her cunt. My ram was digging out her little hole.
    She cried with pleasure. She screamed with pain. She begged for pity.
    Finally our pricks exploded simultaneously like grenades in her cunt and anus. The bursts of sperm spread out inside her entire belly. And the young woman fell on her uncle with a long, agonizing cry.


    Her cry was suddenly brought back to life again by the entrance of Mireille into the room.
    There we were, stretched out on the couch, legs all about… panting… our bodies sweating… literally drowning in pleasure. This was the moment the young woman chose to make her entrance.
    No doubt, Armand had invited her to join us with the intention of spicing up our pleasures.
    Mireille looked at us with a slightly amused expression. She must have realized that it was high time she pulled us out of our lethargy. Without uttering a single word, she pulled up her skirt and exposed her golden thighs. Then, doing an about-face, she offered the vision of her beautiful ass.
    Having abandoned her two tired heroes on the field of battle, my sister-in-law slowly approached Mireille. She must have felt the lesbian instincts of her adolescence being born again, that adolescence which Margie and Armand had stamped with their definitive imprint.
    Having removed her dress, the newcomer removed her stockings very slowly, rolling them down her nervous legs. Finally she took off her bra and panties and threw them across the room.
    Her eyes glowing, Jackie couldn't stop herself from putting her arms around that proud body which was the incarnation of primitive beauty and animal purity.
    The girl's flesh was crushed against her trembling breasts, She began to moan as soon as a skillful hand started caressing the satin smoothness of her thighs and playing with her humid mound.
    This moan grew stronger and became almost an uninterrupted cry when a finger took possession of the depths of her cunt.
    In turn, my sister-in-law wanted to forage her companion's pussy. But the young woman escaped this caress and knelt at her feet. Her voracious mouth immediately became lost in the dark folds of Jackie's belly, biting the hairs which covered her mound, then reaching her partner at the very source of her need.
    “Darling,” cried Jackie. “Oh, darling…” Mireille licked her.
    “Oh… you suck me so well…”
    Mireille avidly drank the wetness and what remained of the sperm Armand had ejaculated.
    Jackie abandoned herself wildly to the lips which were drinking her juices. Those fleshy lips were sucking her like a cock…
    Her screams and the spectacle that those two witches were offering finally incited Armand and me to intervene.
    Approaching Mireille, who was still kneeling in front of her companion, Armand put his legs around her hips. He held his cock in his hand and guided it toward the consenting ass.
    The young woman didn't let out the slightest cry. She was obviously accustomed to this kind of pleasure. She began to move her buttocks wildly, which didn't prevent her from continuing to gobble the contents of Jackie's cunt.
    I was standing behind Jackie. I put my arm around her waist and forced her to lean slightly forward. I pushed my thumb into her asshole. Then I began to move it back and forth quickly with the intention of opening a way large enough for my cock. In our position it would have been quite difficult.
    I aimed my prick and, seizing the tip between my fingers, I made it slowly penetrate her. Finally I crushed myself against her buttocks. I was using my cock like a knife but, following Mireille's example, my sister-in-law didn't let out the tiniest cry.

    From Armand, who was sodomizing his partner, to me, it was one marvelous transfusion of pleasure. My uncle was giving Mireille pleasure with the great blows of his cock. The young woman in turn was drinking Jackie with great gusto, and it seemed as if I could feel this pleasure in the ass I was ramming…
    Suddenly I heard Armand say that the next day he was going to have one of those intimate receptions in our honor that he had told me so much about. As I was fucking Jackie I let my mind wander in a long erotic dream…
    In the darkness of the room, one was sucking, one was licking, one was masturbating, one was fucking…
    Here, kneeling on the floor with her ass sticking out of her dress, a woman was offering herself to an ancient passion which is no less disapproved of by moral laws today than it was in the times of the classical poets.
    She was moving her buttocks while a vigorous cock was pushing its way into her narrow orifice.
    She agitated her ass just as her partner must have been coming inside her. I could see some of the come dripping out and flowing down his cock…

    In another place, an amazon was astride her partner. The dagger that was planted in her cunt seemed to have become the axis of her body. She was shaking furiously, assimilating that cock farther and farther and impaling herself wildly.
    Clinging to her companion's shoulders, she lifted her buttocks, lowered them, lifted them again to an ever-increasing rhythm…
    Stretched out naked on an animal rug, Jackie was being fucked by a beast who was attacking her with the wildness of a stallion. He had to take his pleasure and abandon her without pity as his body was plagued by unassuaged desires.
    But other men immediately threw themselves on her.
    Again, firm hands outlined all the parts of her panting body. Again, magnificent halberds were planted in her cunt.
    My sister-in-law even had to submit to the simultaneous assault of two wildmen.
    One of them, kneeling between her thighs, was valiantly fucking her, while the other, kneeling above her face, was giving her an offering of his prick…
    There were going to be still other cocks in her cunt, in her mouth, and even in her ass…
    Each of these cocks would take the essence of pleasure from her body. Her face, her breasts, her abdomen, her thighs, her buttocks, her cunt, and her ass would be dripping with sperm…
    Encrusted with come from head to foot was the way I imagined Jackie. If a year earlier she had been initiated into the delicate pleasures of love, she now would know games much more degrading, games in which an ever-increasing number of partners would participate.
    With my complicity, Uncle Armand was going to draw her inexorably into the underworld of vice.
    The lucky whore.




    On a beautiful spring day, two young people were walking up a winding path which led into the mountains. The countryside was splendid. On all sides the fields, filled with multicolored flowers, vibrated under the hot sun.
    The afternoon was beautiful under the sparkling sky. They could hear the sounds of millions of little creatures in the warm grass. At times a bird would let out a little cry then fly into a tree where his famished offspring waited.
    The young girl, Danielle, with her sixteen years was the living incarnation of the celebration of nature. Her nostrils trembled in the light wind which brought them the exhalations of thousands of odorous flowers.
    She moved with a sure step alongside her companion who did not speak but who often glanced at her secretly. The naive grace of a child too quickly developed contrasted with the solid musculature of the boy of twenty-one with whom she loved to take walks.
    The young girl was a remarkable beauty. Her fine waist made her hips stand out as though they were ready to bear the world. Her chest rose rhythmically with each inhalation. Her breasts stood out with perfect firmness.
    Her body was visible with each step she took, through her little summer dress with the bright colored material. Her ass was deliciously outlined. Her red lips called not for the simple light kiss of a timid young man but the brutal pressure of turgid flesh which would impregnate her with its amorous substance.
    Danielle came from parents who had spent their entire lives acquiring a little farm surrounded by fallow land. She had been brought up under the most rigid and absurd principles.
    A first-hand education had inculcated such extreme religious convictions in her that, feeling remorse for the least little sin, she confessed to a priest who served the community.
    Her parents, themselves simple farmers, thinking only of the arduous work of reaping the food necessary to their survival, had been brought up in the hypocrisy of a dying society. So what else could they teach their daughter if not the rigidity of conventional morals! But nature, the universal womb, the wonderful crucible in which the forms of humanity are chiseled by the Great Sculptor, cannot be fooled!
    They were still climbing up the path and the countryside was already changing. Phillip was devouring his desirable companion with his eyes. For a long time his virility had been suffering from not possessing that body which would never have willingly been given to him. But this day he had sworn to himself that come what may, she would belong to him, no matter what or how painful the consequences.
    They had reached the foot of a rocky mountain now. A complete silence had preceded them. There wasn't a living creature in sight. The spot was perfect for the fulfillment of his nefarious plans.
    Tired out from the walk, they rested in the shade of an old dwarfed tree which scarcely covered the place dried up by the solar rays.
    “Danielle, look at the mountain! Isn't it as though she wanted to crush us with her imposing mass! We were so right to profit from this splendid day!”
    She didn't answer, but her eyes, which were softly illuminated by the physical ecstasies that she felt in her body, wandered over the deserted solitude for a few moments.
    They sat down. They instinctively sought one another without really being aware of it. And could it have been otherwise in a nature where everything means love, possession, pleasure…?
    Stretched out nonchalantly, her hands tucked behind her neck, she looked at her companion in whom the desire was rising, rising like a tidal wave.
    They kissed. It was customary because they often did so in the course of their dates in the village. But this time the pressure was accentuated and the young girl guessed that something was going on in her companion's mind.
    Suddenly she was afraid, filled with an unreasonable fear which made her get up quickly.
    “Let's go back,” she said. “I don't feel very well. If we leave now we'll be able to get back before nighttime.”
    But she stayed!
    Phillip had slowly, cleverly excited the young girl's senses with amorous words. But soon words were not enough for his long-contained desire. His body was burning! He felt shivers running over it, announcing inexpressible pleasures.
    His breathing became irregular, interrupted by languid sighs, and his breath ran over the young girl's face like a soft breeze as he caressed her slowly.
    He placed his hand, moist with sweat, on the young girl's knee. She did not move, trying to conquer the vague apprehension that obsessed her.
    He could make out two nervous thighs hidden under her colorful dress, road to the most secret place where animal passion resides.
    The young man's eyes were shining, filled with libidinous lights, and his chest was exhaling a more powerful respiration as his blood accelerated its rhythm.
    His hand became more expert and rose along the thighs which trembled at his touch.
    Everywhere around them the exhalations rose from the rocks. Malicious nature made them hear her distant voice telling them to love each other, to enjoy themselves, before their youth flew away in the wind of the putrid world.
    “Phillip! Take your hand away! What you're doing is wrong! What if someone saw us…!” said the young girl, who was frightened and yet deliciously impregnated with a feeling that left her almost without resistance.
    Wrong! Who could say where wrong or right lay?
    The young man couldn't stop his desire any longer! The prey was offering itself to him! He had to take advantage of it before she cracked in the wind of human scruples!
    He had reached the little red panties that Danielle always wore.
    How warm it was there!
    A liquid, humid place, half-opened like a barely ripe pomegranate, the door to ineffable delights, the den of forbidden passions, the orifice of life which called for the masculine virility to complete the immutable laws of destiny.
    Danielle felt her cheeks burning. Her eyes had taken on a hopeless languor. She was no longer afraid!
    Something that had come from the distant ages stopped the impulse for revolt, demanded that she submit to this agreeable necessity, this irremissible tearing.
    Phillip, whose hand had already crossed the ultimate barriers, caressed her abdomen gently, which made her tremble voluptuously! Her thighs had been agitated and closed suddenly, then opened slowly as if to savor the intrusion that was disturbing their tranquility.
    Without imagining the state of passivity she was in, the young girl let herself go and experienced an interior feeling of pleasure which dulled all her faculties. It was like a kind of fascination, a sort of magnetism which worked on her senses against her mind.
    The young man carefully took off the panties. Now she was uncovered. A fine down covered her pussy, which was trembling under the caresses.
    Her head thrown back on her companion's arm, Danielle had closed her eyes, but her lips were pressed against those of the male who was groaning with desire.
    He had reached the paroxysm of excitation and, noticing the slit bathed with liquid between her thighs, he couldn't resist any longer. His exacerbated cock stretched irresistibly toward the den of predilection.
    Phillip quickly separated the girl's thighs. Then he placed himself on the edge of the river of delights, advanced slowly, giving himself time to adjust himself.
    With one final push, but already feeling herself conquered, Danielle tried to force him away. She didn't have time to begin a new attack again. The operation was quickly over. Her cunt had been entered.
    The young girl let out a piercing cry which reverberated across the mountain. She felt like a burning iron was tearing her, penetrating her mercilessly.
    She was utterly destroyed.
    With a strong contraction of her vaginal walls she forced out the member which had just filled her with its fecundating semen.
    He brought his foraging instrument out with the debris of hymen which crowned it bizarrely.
    His desire had quickly gone! He felt a wonderful feeling of well-being invading him. A state of euphoria seized him and he began to contemplate his companion. In the middle of her thighs, a thin stream of blood was flowing, drowning her lips in its warm redness!
    They were lying silently side by side.
    He did up his pants and lit a cigarette.
    Twilight came. Darkness was already beginning to cover the top of the mountain. Several birds were flying about uttering little cries.
    It was time for them to return to the village. Their parents would be worried about them.
    They got up and looked at each other. They couldn't stop themselves from embracing again.
    “Did I hurt you. Danielle?”
    “Please, let's not talk anymore, Phillip! All this is my fault. Tomorrow we'll discuss it! I'm tired! Let's go home! It's almost nighttime.”
    They went down the winding path with a heavier step, but the song of their happiness, the joy of having overcome the prejudices of the world, the pleasure or having conquered the laws of the universe, sang in their hearts.
    Phillip was happy but nonetheless apprehensive about the future, and went home after having exchanged a final kiss with his companion on the threshold of her parents' house, where they were waiting for her, the evening meal already having been served.
    Danielle immediately pretended to have a headache when she saw her father and mother so she wouldn't have to see their faces. She went up to her room.
    Everything seemed changed!
    She couldn't seem to recognize anything that was hers among all the things cluttering the room of a young girl.
    Late that night she fell asleep peacefully with a burning between her thighs that had marked her for life. She no longer belonged to the world of the fortunate, but to that of the damned! Her body had demanded the regeneration of her destiny.
    The first chapter of her life had just begun and while the heavy countryside slept under the starry sky, the young girl clung to a man's torso in a dream and accepted him as a deliverance.
    A new dawn was about to rise! Desire and love had entered her heart.


    The day following that memorable day there remained of the candid young girl only a woman brutally awakened to the mysteries of nature. Danielle had for a long time fought against going to the city, as she didn't want to give in to the request of an aunt who had a little flower shop there. But now she suddenly changed her mind.
    “I'm going!” she told her parents. “I hope to be able to be of service to my aunt and perhaps it is better that I knew the city. Perhaps I could find a job. I'll come back to see you very often!”
    The father and mother acquiesced. They weren't surprised by her decision. They themselves had pushed their daughter to this departure. What future could she have in the country which was so far from civilization?
    She took the bus that linked the village to the city and arrived in the evening. Her aunt wasn't expecting her, but Danielle hadn't wanted to send word, preferring to leave immediately. Perhaps she was afraid of remembering Phillip, who must have been devoting himself to his farming duties at the moment.
    The next day she had taken over the little store and her aunt, relieved of the sales duties, seemed happy to see that her niece was being very solicitous of the clients' desires.
    The habitual customers who often bought pretty bouquets of flowers but who didn't remain for long with the old woman, started to choose more carefully from the innumerable flowers that filled the store. Especially the old gentlemen who would stop in front of Danielle's expressive face. She would smile at them gently, but her eyes would never rest on the half-seen silhouette.
    It seemed as though a strange dream was obsessing her, like the remembrance of a painful past. However, the freshness of her complexion was like a living portrait in that flowerbed of roses, violets, dahlias, and thousands of other flowers each more impregnated with beauty than the others.
    She seemed insensitive to the mute homages of the men who stayed too long in her aunt's opinion. But business was going better and her aunt was able to raise her salary.
    But Danielle wasn't happy. She was seeking the revival of the desire she had known so suddenly. Her half-opened body demanded the accomplishment of its destiny.
    One cannot pick a flower without the petals withering, but when the bud is barely open, it demands to be opened more toward the beneficent sun, inundated with a salutary dew.
    After a day of work the young girl would go home alone to her little room that her aunt had fixed up. Often she would undress in front of the mirror and contemplate her marvelously proportioned body. She caressed her pussy lasciviously where the prick had left its indelible imprint. And then, when she felt shivers running over her, she would try to touch her clitoris with her finger in order to experience a sensation of pleasure.
    She often succeeded in giving herself a brief pleasure, but this left her unsatisfied and, as she was falling asleep, she would dream of the virile member that had penetrated her so deeply.
    Several days passed and brought nothing but the idleness of her solitary personality. She needed a man!
    She felt that she could never again return to her former ignorance. Her body demanded something besides the conventional morals and the sugary words of the masses!
    She wanted to increase the power of her youth, to glory in the pleasures of sex.
    One evening, during the hour when the amorphous crowds return to their places of relaxation to conquer their fatigue, Danielle perfumed herself discreetly, dressed elegantly, and went out with a single thought:
    She wanted a man. Any man! Anyone she happened to find on the street!
    She was suffering from the obsession weighing upon her skin with the sweat of love.
    Therefore, she went to a dance hall frequented by students who were tired of the dryness of the absurd courses they were forced to take and tried to give themselves a sensual excitation with the young ladies whose eyes were ringed by nights of insomnia and vice!
    The young girl danced with several men but at the end of the evening she was still with a young man with blond hair, a mustache, and fiery eyes. They went out into the night arm in arm and walked naturally to the young man's apartment.
    They did not speak!
    They didn't need to understand that their bodies were going to be united. It was fate that had brought them together and their youth was impatient to profit from the present circumstances.
    “Danielle, I feel as though I've always known you. Perhaps I have dreamed about you! You are the incarnation of my thoughts! You danced so gracefully. I was proud to hold you in my arms!”
    The night was long!
    “Will you come visit the room I occupy on the sixth floor? Don't be afraid, I'll be proper!”
    “I'm not afraid of anything! I like you, but I know how to defend myself! If I accept, I won't stay long. My aunt will be worried about me!”
    They went up the stairs that led to the little room where the young medical student lived. As soon as they had entered, as if moved by an irresistible attraction, they embraced quickly.
    The young girl sat down and contemplated her companion. What interested her particularly, although she couldn't admit it to herself, was the long bed covered by a patchwork quilt.
    They couldn't waste a moment!
    The room was warm and the light fatigue from the dancing had seemed to excite them even more. They found themselves stretched out on the couch. A nightlight weakly lighted the scene. The young man grew bolder.
    His tongue caressed Danielle's palate as she lay there, conscious of her approaching fall. Her dress was gently lifted! Her bronzed thighs appeared. Her breasts, whose nipples were hardened by repeated caresses, contracted.
    The student undressed the young girl who was awaiting her pleasure. Soon they were both naked. Two beautiful bodies in heat were united.
    Their breaths were perfumed, their smooth skin was glowing. His fingers clutching the den of ineffable delights, the young man advanced his shining virility.
    He took her buttocks in one hand and just at the moment when he pushed his member between the warm walls of her cunt, he also put his finger into his companion's anus as she clung to his torso.
    Her lips were sealed to those of her partner. His cock was now deep inside her. Then he stopped moving, wanting to make the pleasure last.
    The young girl felt the spasm rising in her.
    “Move a little! I mustn't move!”
    “But I don't know, how, what do you want me to do?”
    “Do it. You'll feel more pleasure and so will I!”
    Little moans escaped Danielle's lips, then became intermingled with panting. She stiffened, feeling the moment rising when pleasure would distend her ardent female body.
    Several instants later, when she had consented to follow the young man's advice, she began agitating her lovely ass. They came together.
    They remained welded together in an indestructible embrace.
    The ejaculation had been slow and the pleasure more intense!
    The young girl had just known a marvelous pleasure. For the first time, the feeling of having finally conquered her place in the immense chain of those who had preceded her was installed in her radiant body. From now on she would be opened to the most luxurious embraces and to nights of debauchery and madness!
    “Was that good for you, Danielle?”
    “Oh, it was magnificent! And I feel so wonderful! Where did you learn to make love like that?”
    A malicious smile uncovered the young man's teeth.
    “I've lived long enough! I don't have the same prejudices of the masses! I know that the psychological functions need to be unchained under pain of waste. Scientifically speaking, love is an art and we should seek the greatest refinements!
    “What the moral man calls vices, we call virtues! A little like a transmutation of all the values that Nietzsche talked about!”
    “But is the body so beautiful that you cannot invoke anything else?”
    “Always distrust moral men!”
    But it's hard to talk philosophy for long in the warmth of a bed. They fucked again. They disdained the normal position and used the “dog fashion” instead. Danielle, who was still ignorant in these matters, obeyed without a word.
    She felt the hard cock penetrating between her thighs from behind. Her hair spread out over her white neck. Her firm, round buttocks contracted and, satisfied with this new refinement, the young girl awaited the promised and desired pleasure with excitement as the powerful instrument foraged inside her.
    The young man's hands clung to her breasts while he fucked her with short little blows, fearing a rapid ejaculation which would have taken part of his pleasure away. He took his partner's mouth as she turned her head in his direction and told her to agitate her body gently.
    I'll tell you when you can move more!
    “Move… a little… stop!.. move… stop!.. I feel that I'm going to come… wait! Do you feel your pleasure coming?”
    “Yes, yes, its so good!.. I love you! I love you…!”
    Their bodies trembled and in a sudden spasm the pleasure was announced! The female had been fucked!
    They were side by side again, but this time they were sleeping peacefully. It is useless to fuck and be master of the situation. It is so much better to rest and begin again so that each partner is capable of orgasm each time and both partners experience the longest pleasure!
    Now Danielle had become completely accessible to the passage of erect cocks. She would never tire of more and more brutal possessions. She would love the seizure by the male as long as she lived.
    Subjugated, mastered, feeling the passivity of the female prey to the most expansive lusts, Danielle was going to cast herself on the route to happiness with a fiery cunt.
    Nothing remained of her simple past! A woman was born in the heat of passion!


    For the simple little country girl who had known only the rigid principles of an antiquated education, the awakening of her senses had been a revelation like a luminosity she had half-seen on the somber road of her childhood.
    Nothing of her candid past remained in her heart, which was astonished at having transgressed against the call of life for so long. The pain occasioned by the brutal defloration had decreased, then disappeared completely. Her cunt was ready to receive human virility. However, the memory of the first night of love haunted her at times.
    She had discovered a remarkable sensitivity in herself, a nervousness capable of engendering the slightest manifestation of passion.
    She desired the male-egotistical, brusque happy with himself, the true beast in heat who would fuck her as he would any other female.
    And wasn't she also one of those creatures hungry for passion who lives in the constant expectation of ever-new sensations? Suddenly her body had experienced an exaltation capable of engendering worlds! Danielle had passed from a state of innocence to one which so many like her aspire to in the realm of passion!
    Could one say that she experienced a great love for the male who was fucking her, or wasn't it purely a physical attraction, her mind yet having had time to linger over a chosen predilection?
    We cannot for a single instant doubt that the young girl had suddenly had an unexpected revelation, like a veil which covered her nudity and which, torn, was going to make the forms of her youth disappear.
    She had fallen into a sensual obsession now which no longer left her time to devote herself to anything else. She had discovered man in the full possession of his genetic instincts. For her, it was like an attraction that she felt in all the pores of her skin.
    Man! The animal in heat! The beast of passion!
    Nothing could stop her body from giving itself in the most lascivious embraces. And isn't it intended that the two sexes have the right, if not the duty, to incorporate one another, to transmit their seeds? Who could forbid nature this most powerful of all instincts, that which everyone possesses?
    The young girl had acquired the fullness of her form. Her hips had rounded out, her breasts now had that firmness which hardened even more when her nipples were excited by a caress.
    Her sensual lips half-opened slowly as if to breathe the vivifying breath which was exhaled from Cupid's mouth, and her firm, muscular buttocks had that consistency which made them contract in slow agony when an avid hand caressed them, awaiting the moment when her entire body would vibrate.
    Danielle understood the expansiveness of her destiny! Nothing frightened her now.
    Her cunt, opened now to all pleasures, to all the most agreeable vices, was going to give itself to the vagabond lusts of men who wanted to prolong their existence by transmitting the flow of their vitality to their partner.
    And she was a woman! In every meaning of the word. In her heart, her senses, in everything which made her desirable.
    The medical student didn't remain the preferred man for long. She desired a change from time to time, for the fun of seeing whether others were as solidly built.
    One evening, therefore, a little while after she had savored her first night of love, she met another student at a fair. He was short, vigorous, with a libidinous expression, one of those men to whom one shouldn't promise much without giving anything.
    They danced to the sounds of an orchestra playing romantic music. Then, at about two a.m., they found themselves in a room not far from where the young man had taken his entrance exams.
    The night is short for two people who know how precious each minute is. So, wishing to profit from the few hours they had been given, they immediately put themselves in a state to satisfy the most violent passions.
    In the room a disturbing quiet had settled, interrupted at moments by irregular breathing. It seemed like a remote place, far from the world that existed several yards beyond, far from human hypocrisy as in former times when, unfettered by innumerable superstitions, men embraced women and heard their cries of pleasure.
    Two naked bodies awaiting the accomplishment of the divine instinct…
    Oh beneficent Gods! You guide them with your lights, smiling at this couplement; you agitate their bodies, you inspire the most delicious methods so that they will hear the advice that you once dictated to their ancestors!
    Their trembling lips are sealed indestructibly; their breaths mingle; their hands cling to each other and their bodies tremble. A slow sweating begins to form over their skin. A flush of blood rises within them, and their swollen veins explode to the summit of the desire which shakes them!
    There is nothing human about them now. They are two animals making love. The man and woman have disappeared.
    They stretch out, and in the silence broken only by the tick-tock of a clock on the night-table she takes the warm, soft member between her lips and, like a dog licking her male, she sucks him passionately!
    Oh ineffable moment! Immortal instant!
    They scratch each other, overcome by a sudden sensation of lust. She moves her mouth slowly back and forth over his prick and he presses himself against her, moaning with pleasure.
    Suddenly he comes. She feels a humid dew invading her mouth, as if she had swallowed a cocktail of well-beaten fresh eggs! At first she is disgusted and looks angrily at the lover who has just tricked her.
    He stretches out and puts his arm around his companion's neck, smiling gently.
    “I don't like that!” she says. “I didn't know you would go that far or I would have stopped you!”
    “There, there, sweetheart! You're not going to make a scene over an accident, are you? You were doing it so well that I just lost control and closed my eyes…”
    “Enough! I know what I'm saying. You're a bastard! Don't think you can talk me out of it!”
    They are silent now, however their bodies still need a more complete pleasure.
    The night passes slowly. He smokes many cigarettes. Danielle refuses all other positions, pretending that she is disgusted and tired. But when the first rays penetrate the little window blind, the sun finds them cuddled against one another and ready to begin a more sensual activity.
    These two young, passionately interlaced bodies, demanding only the pleasure necessary to their existence, awaken gently, fatigued by the hyperexcitability which had carried them to the culminating point of their passion.
    The young girl turns toward her companion and contemplates him for a long time before he awakens, scrutinizing the face of a man who had deceived her at the beginning of their union.
    However a smile uncovers her lips when she remembers the caresses she could use on other men. Wasn't she being altruistic with her need for development? This sap which was circulating through her body was saturating her with a beneficial wave.
    The fair dawn was inundating the surrounding countryside and placing pearls of mist on the people awakening to the breath of morning.
    Danielle and her companion pressed themselves against one another. No one had the right to reproach them for anything.
    An unavoidable destiny had made them and although they felt a kind of nostalgia for the past, they owed themselves the sacrifice necessary to the accomplishment of their physiological functions.
    Nature had whispered to them like a mother whose goal is to save her children; the voice of the distant past.
    How many people are like this in life, ignoring the lying world? How many wish to profit from every passing moment!
    Perhaps the young girl felt a certain bitterness against the man who had tamed her, because she discovered the passivity of her femininity. But in the depths of her intimate being the sensations experienced permitted her to feel the plenitude of her human ways.
    The room was lit now by the first solar rays with that grandiose glow of a room in which young marrieds have passed their first night.
    Everything reawakened the sweet passion of the past hours, the long kisses on bodies thirsting for tenderness.
    And more than that, more than these renewed sensations, there was in their insatiable bodies the certitude that the sap which was circulating would be maintained with all its vigor as the excitations were transmitted to all the unknown parts of their human structure.
    He stretched out and, holding his erect cock firmly, victoriously in his hand, he squeezed his companion against him and placed her delicately on this improvised chair.
    She separated her warm, trembling thighs and put her nervous arms around the man who desired her.
    Her hair fell in an indescribable mass over the man's face. He caressed her buttocks which were held out in a delicious contraction, and thus with her on top and him on the bottom, they remained immobile for several minutes.
    They no longer were aware of things around them. Everything had disappeared, had been blurred in a vaporous mist. An opaque fog enveloped everything which was not part of their individuality.
    Yet, the position they had taken made them desire still more intimate pleasures. Their joined bodies, riveted to one another by the irresistible attraction of their hungry flesh, demanded something besides this enervating waiting.
    Danielle was dying of love. Her cunt, widely opened, penetrated, feeling that firm body caressing her pleasantly, began to move faster and faster.
    She was already coming and the vaginal walls impregnated suddenly by the male seed were irradiated with pleasure. They loosened their embrace. Their bodies had been satisfied and their veins, in which a more active blood was circulating, regained their normal rhythm.
    The two lovers rested in each other's arms.
    The sun had already made its appearance and as soon as it was day, they left each other knowing that their ephemeral meeting would have no sequel. They began their activities again, each needing to drown themselves in the inanity of things.
    Danielle's aunt saw her niece the next morning laughing, cheerful, with tiny circles under her eyes.
    But the flowers were still exhaling their intoxicating perfumes and that rose, plucked despite her youth, having opened her corolla too soon to the sting of the nocturnal butterflies, smiled at the desire of the conquerers who, guessing at her lewdness behind an angelic attitude, calculated the refined pleasures that the girl might give them.
    A tiny part of her existence had just been closed. Having come to know the insatiability of the human sexual instinct, the young girl was going to continue to desire different sensations eternally.
    Her expression became ecstatic as she contemplated her nudity which was so capable of exciting the most demanding men.


    Strange ideas ran through Danielle's mind.
    Nature had taken back one of her followers. She told her:
    “Enjoy before everything, before going to join those who have preceded you!”
    And Danielle listened to this voice which spoke through the mouths of her lovers.
    Her body needed to be caressed. Her warm flesh could not live under the hypocrisy of those people who had tried to teach her the precepts of a brutal moral code.
    She needed pleasure!
    But living to her signified the abandonment of all prejudices, of all servitude, of all laws. She was the insatiable woman, the pit of passion.
    Her work left her indecisive. What time she lost selling flowers that didn't belong to her.
    Her aunt was a cross old woman who had known only the amorphous life of her peers and was now falling more and more into an aberrant mysticism. She could be of no help to the girl.
    Danielle went out very often now, no longer wishing to deny a joy that was necessary to her awakened personality.
    In the suburbs where her aunt lived, she often heard music from the local dance hall which left her dreamy and happy. From the window in her room she saw the couples passing by arm in arm, kissing each other, squeezing one another, laughing at the expression on the face of a young lady from a good family who let her whole body stifle under the scruples of an ignorant mother.
    Several days after meeting the second student, who had taught her fellatio, and whom she had found disgusting for having dared to fill her mouth with his male sap, she understood that her place was among all those “sluts.”
    She often saw them passing by with their innocent expressions, their affected ways momentarily removed by the light and exciting music which was calling them with every note.
    She dressed herself in a short sheath that made her buttocks stick out and was tight in the bust, letting her appetizing breasts point through the material. Then she went out to meet the unknown at the ballroom, with its odors of sweat, its disgusting heat, mingled with the stale smell of musk and semen.
    As soon as she entered the stifling atmosphere, she adopted her conquering smile and her thighs moved firmly with the desire for pleasure.
    She accepted the invitation of a tall, ungainly fellow who leered at the young girl with the circles under her eyes. They danced without stopping and Danielle took great pleasure in that suspicious dance hall which had an odor of tearful virility, that is, cocks needing grottos in which to bury their twisted branches. She laughed in the arms of her handsome Joe, and her laugh dissolved like a summer wind singing in the branches.
    The notes of a nostalgic accordion made them tremble and when their hands met, their eyes that were tired and full of lust exchanged a glance charged with intense desire. Joe looked at the prey that was offered to his pleasure.
    Around five in the morning, the ball ended and they left together. They exchanged a few unimportant words then suddenly the man asked:
    “Do you like me?”
    “Certainly! If not, I don't think I would have danced with you all night. What's your name?”
    “Joe. At your service! And yours?”
    “Pretty name. Your parents must have been certain you would be beautiful to give you such a name. But I hope that such a sweet, angelic name does not mean it is impossible for you to serve the one who has been shivering in the gloom of creation since the dawn of time.”
    “Are you talking about that God who is called the Devil? But I don't believe in him any longer and you certainly don't!”
    “Why no, little girl, no one believes in those ancient phantoms anymore!”
    They were silent.
    With his arm around the young girl's waist, Joe let himself be bathed in that latent possession he felt returning to him. A man like him does not concern himself with prejudices and even less with those scruples which stop the timid individual from the search after a new sensation.
    They walked this way in the night that surrounded them for a long while. At times, a few meows announced that the nocturnal animals themselves were making love and being united following nature's immutable laws. They stopped in front of a small hotel where a red lantern indicated that this was the place Joe was taking his companion.
    “I'm not going to bother flirting with you, Danielle. I know that you're not a little girl anymore. If we like each other, then there's nothing wrong with wanting to sleep together!”
    The young girl couldn't blush any longer. Her cunt had longed for a man for too long for her to be indignant over a brutal proposition. But it was also the waiting for pleasure, the certitude that the man would give her a little of himself that made her look at the male without fear.
    They entered the hotel and with their arms around each other, not speaking, wishing to avoid useless words, they went up the stairs that led to a little room where the young man took the victims of his virility.
    Why bother describing what each of us has felt undressing a beautiful woman ready to open herself to the most base passions, knowing in advance that her cunt has found the juice necessary to its penetration.
    No! We must add something to better understand the scene which is going to follow, a scene whose ramifications are going to influence the young girl's entire existence.
    Danielle, like many of her peers, although having alternated the amorous positions, hadn't gone beyond the normal ways. That is, since her cunt was always bathed with liquid, she had not known anything besides ordinary love.
    But Joe, who was free of social conscience, had lived long enough to see everything in its correct guise. He had studied the book by Remy de Gourmont, The Art of Love, which develops a thesis, subject to caution, certainly, but which is worthy of experimentation on a child who is still astonished by the mysteries of life.
    The room was small with only a wood bed, two tattered chairs, and the odor of poor food. The walls were sweating under the humidity and the torn paper was hanging lamentably, revealing traces of lime and smoke.
    Everything in the room reflected the area, the somber place where young men, fortunate enough to be loved, possessed women of the suburbs with faces paled by nights of work.
    They stretched out on the dirty, disgusting covers, but for them nothing existed any longer.
    Their warm blood circulated in their bodies and shivers of passion ran through them.
    “Danielle, don't think that I'm more disgusting than the others, but I know life!”
    What are two lovers in the night when they have loved one another? Is there a reproachful expression that follows them from afar? Is there something that is foreign to them? No! Two beings released from the amorphous, indifferent crowd, must give themselves all the existing sensations.
    Nothing can soil a man and woman who want each other.
    “But you have lived, Danielle, you have lived! So have I! We know that the body is sacred and that no one in the world can say the contrary.”
    “Yes, Joe! But there is still a kind of little girl modesty in me just as I experienced so long ago. And then, do you really believe in the sincerity, the attraction of two sexes?”
    “What you say might be true! But why not profit from the time that nature has given us?”
    “Nothing prevents us from loving one another freely!”
    “You see, Danielle, if we hesitate to live a pleasant moment under the fallacious pretext that morals forbid it, the days will pass without bringing us anything besides the idleness of an unsatisfied personality!”
    As they were speaking, they had moved closer and closer and their young, ardent bodies attracted each other and were moved by the irresistible desire to be mingled in a single block of warm flesh.
    What attracted Joe the most since he had held that pretty child in his arms, as he caressed her abdomen which was emitting delicious shivers, was the fleshy and firm mass of her buttocks which were forming a little hump under her dress.
    Uncovered on the bed, stretching its little muscles, the excited ass took on strange proportions. Joe caressed the surroundings which squeezed back when he tried to gently push his finger into the trembling flesh which was unaccustomed to this new shamelessness.
    However, a delicious shiver ran over the young girl's spine. She felt that explorative finger seeking the sensitive place of her femininity.
    “No! Joe!.. leave me alone! I've never been touched there. I won't submit to that!”
    “Oh, Danielle! Let's stop believing in those ridiculous conventions! Everything can be done between two people who love each other! Don't you see that an even more intense pleasure awaits you? Listen: I remember something I read once. The author was talking about the itching of the anal parts. Incontestably it is our civilized prejudices which stop us in what is commonly called a vice!
    “You don't want to be caressed… alright! But have you already been deflowered in that part?”
    “What? Is there another virginity besides the normal one?”
    “Why yes, my dear, and I might add that it's the best form of contraception! With that, there's nothing to fear! Not only will we feel more pleasure, but you'll be certain never to become pregnant and thus you can live as you please without the fear of unwanted pregnancy!”
    “But I'm afraid, Joe! Will it hurt very much?”
    “A little, of course! But you'll get used to it and then it will be an obsession! You won't be able to do without it! You'll always want to be possessed that way. Your senses will vibrate completely and the marvelous adventure will continue eternally!
    “Do you really believe that such a brief pain should stop you when we might give ourselves all the sensations that our bodies demand? Come on, turn over!”
    So saying, his eyes filled with lascivious beams. His cock, all warm, stood up in a trajectory known in advance. He took the blonde child's charming buttocks in his hands and turned her over on her stomach. She had stopped talking. What good would it do?
    In the state she was in, desiring to know everything that exists, nothing could have prevented her from showing a great impatience for this bizarre desire.
    Joe brought his cock closer to the admirable ass which was offered to his sight. What a charming body!
    The hair that was as blonde as the sun, with its curls which the male breath was making vibrate, detached themselves from the whiteness of the back. The dorsal curvature formed an enchanting slope and bent, rocked by the girl's shaky respiration.
    Danielle, her arms lifted over her head, awaited this new revelation with the curiosity of a child who has been promised a greatly desired toy! This intimate place was going to be perforated by a male organ and yet the young woman had the certitude that she would gain beneficent knowledge from it.
    He was ready now for this delicate and sensitive operation. Placing himself against that mass of tender flesh which was contracting hopelessly in expectation of the unknown, he brought his prick close to the hidden wall and stopped in order to excite his instrument more and more.
    She didn't move.
    He took the little lips in his left hand and made a coming-and-going movement in order to decrease the pain occasioned by the rectal defloration, delicately caressing the little red “button” which was getting harder and harder.
    She was starting to feel an intense pleasure.
    But before she could reach a climax, Joe inserted his member into her anus with a single blow, bathing it in the ingredient that was surrounding it so that such a narrow passage wouldn't be torn.
    She didn't even let out a cry! But, feeling the sword opening a passage in her body, she buried her face in the pillow and bit it wildly. Tears ran down her cheeks then moistened the covers which accepted this liquid with indifference, having already been accustomed to such gestures.
    This profaning of her intimate place had been done with all the skill of a master.
    The man, having had a very brief pleasure, withdrew immediately.
    “Oh! It hurts! It hurts so much!”
    “But darling, it's absolutely necessary for you to suffer at the beginning to feel a more considerable pleasure!”
    “I don't know if I'll ever do it again! Oh! No!.. it hurt too much! Anyway, I could never like it!”
    “But you can! You'll see! A smoker of opium can't do without his pleasure! He demands it again, knowing quite well that he is signing a condemnation. And why can't we give ourselves what possesses us?
    “Shall we ask the opinion of ignorants who live without permitting themselves a perverse luxury? Believe me! The more we make love that way, the more certain we will be that we love each other!”
    Danielle got up and went to the bathroom. A thin stream of cool water running over her sore parts made her feel much better.
    The man, having dried his cock, put it away again, proud of his success and awaiting other excitements as he let it hang lamentably between his legs.
    They lay down again, each following their own thoughts. Although they were posing questions about this stupid life which is so senseless, they could only find answers by abandoning themselves to the pleasures of their senses. They fucked.
    The next day, the cycle followed its course. She returned, tired, to sell her flowers. He went back to his more or less shady business.
    They had sworn to see each other again to try and give each other new sensations.
    Two days later, they met again.
    The room was still the same. But Joe had embellished it. For the occasion he had brought a phonograph and several records.
    Danielle kissed him immediately, but when she pressed her lips to Joe's they seemed to be begging for something other than their recent position which was still not to their liking.
    “Would you like to dance, dear?”
    “Oh, yes! That's a good idea!”
    “But naked!.. take off your blouse and let me see your breasts! Oh, what beautiful buttocks! You really have a splendid ass!”
    “It's yours, you know! I know that I have some attraction for your dirty body!”
    “Oh, my dirty body! When its perfumed, it smells as good as yours!”
    They both laughed and hugged each other passionately.
    “Caress me,” Joe implored. “I love your little hand touching me!”
    He put a record on the phonograph, one of those tangoes made specially for dance halls where men and women excite themselves as much as possible before stretching out on a couch and making love.
    They put their arms around each other and, completely naked in the little room that was dimly lit by a diffuse lamp, they began to let themselves drift into an amorous nostalgia.
    Soothed by the music, feeling their bodies growing warm, they made their pleasure last. It was an artistic position that they appreciated particularly. They could no longer escape it now.
    Their lips joined in a mutual shiver. Their legs entwined. His cock slipped into her moist hole. They slid gently over the floor, taking care to moderate their steps to avoid a rapid discharge.
    When the record ended they were still molded together, and they fell onto the bed. And the game that had started to the sounds of a languorous tango ended with a lusty fuck. Feeling their strength decrease as time passed, they clung to each other gently and fell asleep.
    Two o'clock in the morning found them with circles under their eyes, tired out from a love that was ready to begin again. They still needed to know each other better.
    “I'm going to take you like the first time, Danielle. Don't cry! I won't hurt you! I want you to feel a more intense pleasure than with the normal position, and I must admit that I like this way better!”
    “You really do, Joe? I suffered so much! Promise me that you'll be careful so it won't hurt so much!”
    “I promise… Come on! Give me your ass, darling! Turn around!”
    She turned over.
    He used the same procedure as the first time but waited longer before parting her flesh. It didn't hurt her as much but as soon as she felt that hard cock penetrating her, she contracted her ass and Joe realized that she had just reached the point where the pleasure had become agreeable.
    “Oh! I came! Joe! I came! Don t move! Stay like that! Don't move!”
    He was happy and began exciting the fleshy part in front of her to push his cock into the narrow passage of her anus even more.
    Danielle felt the intensity of this pleasure which was different from all others. She no longer felt the prejudices of her youth. She went into a new kind of existence, abandoning forever the tearful past of her predecessors.
    Her cunt, her body, her breasts, became the marvelous machine, the splendid instrument which was to serve her passing fancies. And when she had left the male, she took with her all the intensity of her pleasure. She had only one thought now:
    Pleasure before everything!


    Now she had reached the borders of the most agreeable vices.
    Her body which had been taken in every way had outstripped the passion of an ignorant youth. Oh! How far away were her days in her native village!
    And now she had left her aunt's home as well. The last day she had sold flowers, she had an argument with the old woman.
    “Aunt, I'm going to leave you! I know how good you've been to me! But I need to live as I please…”
    “You'll be like all those useless girls! You, the child whom your parents entrusted to me!”
    “Don't worry! I'll be serious and visit you often!”
    The aunt had come over to the young girl and, looking her straight in the eyes, added:
    “Who knows you in the city?”
    “No one, I assure you! I need to live alone and…”
    She never had a chance to finish.
    “Danielle, I know that you don't have too much money. I've never had a daughter. I can give you the small savings I've collected, but I warn you, don't spend it foolishly!”
    “Come on, aunt, we'll see each other again! I thank you for your offer. Kiss me!”
    And, squeezing the old woman between her strong arms, she sensed a faint odor of the flower shop penetrating her, choking her beautiful, ardent nature.
    An old woman has the faint odor of food, of musk, and the humors which her foolishness haven't dared to lose.
    Danielle rented a little apartment on the sixth floor of a building situated on a popular street. Its interior was pleasantly furnished, filled with useless things that were so popular among young women.
    Since her arrival in the city, she had met many interesting people. What did she hope to get from all these people, stupid bipeds who imagine that they are different from the other animals? There is nothing special about them, except that piece of cartilage surrounded by flesh which hardens for intromission.
    Oh, poor fools! Invisible ghosts who pass through life cheating your inaccessible desires! How the thinker who judges you such as you are-as animals-pities you!
    Danielle saw Joe from time to time, but their meetings became fewer and the woman realized more and more that the man would not appease her desires. She had to let the days fly by and not regret a moment of the past.
    One evening, therefore, when she was getting ready to go to his apartment, she felt a strange presence beside her. Turning around, she saw an attractive old man, the crease in his pants impeccable, his body still tall and straight, advancing toward her.
    Her first impulse when she saw the hideous male face in agony was to immediately leave without saying a word. However the man spoke before she had a chance:
    “Excuse me, miss, but I already had the opportunity of meeting you when you sold flowers.”
    She snapped back:
    “Who are you? What a way to approach a young lady!”
    The old man was silent but then regained his courage.
    “I know that it isn't very polite, but I saw you and I thought you might permit me to…”
    “Yes, I understand! You think I'm one of those girls who can be approached by anyone.”
    “No! No! I know that you're serious, but I thought we might become friendly.”
    She softened somewhat and looked at the man with an amused smile. Now she remembered his face. The old man often came to the store and he always gave her a banal compliment as he was paying for his purchase.
    “Oh! I recognize you! You were one of my aunt's clients, weren't you?”
    The man seemed happy to have finally been recognized.
    “Yes, that's right! Your aunt is a charming lady! Don't you live with her anymore?”
    “No! I like to be alone! I rented a very nice apartment. Good-day, sir.”
    She held out her hand but he didn't dare to take it.
    His white beard was shaking and his little eyes sunk obliquely into their orbits, resembling those of pigs.
    Like many old people married to someone their own age, Mr. Edward Dupont, accountant for thirty years, had only had passing adventures in his life and the dream he experienced without being aware of it, had faded in the distance.
    What could the fat Mrs. Dupont bring him with her formidable obesity, her flabby thighs, her flat chest that descended to her navel, and the hairs that darkened her senile chin?
    Nevertheless, he took the hand that the young girl offered him now and whispered, fearing a refusal:
    “Are you free tomorrow? I would love to get to know you better!”
    She didn't answer immediately.
    She looked at the old man and she didn't have to be psychic to guess that the accountant wanted to make love to her!
    “Perhaps! But what will we do?”
    “Oh, we'll take a walk. We'll have plenty of time.”
    “All right. I accept. But I'll feel as though my grandfather is walking beside me!”
    And she burst into a big open laugh that made the desire rise in the old man. Edward couldn't stand still any longer. He put his hand into his pants pocket and, without her seeing it, he caressed his prick through the material that was specially cut for this purpose.
    Then he left Danielle, who went back to her apartment.
    The lascivious rascal was happy! Although he had had many girls throughout the city, he had never been attached to any of them. But this young girl, with the majestic body which was outlined at the slightest movement, tempted his pitiful senility!
    He promised himself the most beautiful fuck of his career as a lover.
    “Did you get a raise?” his wife asked when she saw him waltzing through the door.
    “No, my big nanny, but I had an idea for a little gift that would please you and you know how happy I am to be home with you!”
    “Come here. I'm going to give you a kiss. You deserve it since you thought of me,” said the old woman with a smile that uncovered her yellow teeth.
    He grimaced and said:
    “Oh, at your age. What are you thinking!”
    The two old people embraced clumsily and if the huge Dupont hadn't been so heavy and out of breath, perhaps she would have opened her decrepit rotundities to humor the man.
    The next day, Danielle arrived slightly late and saw her suitor sitting on a bench. He got up and squeezed her hands effusively.
    “Where are we going?”
    “I thought that a walk would stimulate our appetites. Then a little dinner in an inn that I know.”
    “And then…?” the young girl added maliciously.
    “Then! Then…!” he could only answer, “we'll see!”
    “After all,” thought Danielle, “the old man is still sturdy! He has money and if he wants me to give him my ass, he'll have to pay the price. Anyway, it's quite obvious what he wants. And it might be amusing to be fucked by someone his age. I'll have to hold his cock for fear that it would grow soft again from the heat of passion! Poor man! He has an obese wife who doesn't satisfy him anymore and the old bastard sees himself as a Don Juan with young girls!”
    Edward, lost in the thought of the desired event, let himself be soothed by the sweet intoxication of evening. Feeling his desirable companion walking by his side, breathing a subtle perfume that came from the woman's body, the old man was overcome by dreams of youth. He had the impression that he had returned to the time of his adolescence. And the night that covered the city with its gloomy cloak was like a luminescence to the old man.
    He was ashamed of having become what he was: an old, tired libertine, used up by debauchery and interminable orgies.
    What seemed especially wonderful to him on this evening when his strength was revivified by the scents that saturated the atmosphere, was to remember the first day he had met his wife.
    But forty years ago she had been pretty, just like Danielle, and if…
    He stopped dreaming.
    The page of the book of life was closed and nothing could reopen it. He dared to put his arm under the young girl's and she did not protest.
    They gradually moved closer. The night made them feel young and strong.
    It was no longer the old man with the wrinkled face and the body filled with desire, nor Danielle with an already soiled past.
    No! Two bodies were attracting one another! An unknown wave magnetized them.
    The dinner at the inn was shortened by a common incident. The young girl felt ill and wanted to go home. Naturally, Edward Dupont accompanied her.
    She thanked him and was going to send him away when he implored:
    “One small moment! Just a little moment! I swear that I'll leave then!”
    She didn't insist and let him enter her apartment.
    Tired and nervous, she stretched out on the bed and asked him for a glass of water with an aspirin.
    “Well,” murmured the old man, “here I had promised an exciting evening and the poor child is ill! I hope this doesn't last!”
    He brought the medicine and carried it to the bed. She sat up and thanked him.
    “Be nice, papa, and maybe I'll give you a little kiss!”
    He watched her drinking the water. He was dying of love.
    Sitting on an armchair, he crossed and uncrossed his legs, excited to the highest degree.
    “When you've finished shaking like an eel, perhaps you'll put out the light and turn on this little nightlamp.”
    As he stumbled around looking for it, she pointed to it on the nighttable.
    “Don't be so nervous and stop trembling or you'll break it!”
    The old man executed the beautiful child's orders and came over to her. He sat down very carefully on the edge of the bed.
    The room had taken on an intimate appearance. Several chairs projected their shadows in the corners and the window with the drawn curtains was drowned in opacity.
    “Undo my dress. I don't feel comfortable.”
    He didn't have to be told twice, but he was so clumsy that he tore it a little.
    “Oh, that's just great! If you continue like this, I'll see you to the door, grandfather!”
    She liked lashing at him with words that recalled his age, but he was as docile as a child and accepted everything.
    His fingers clung to the young woman as he undressed her scented body and the bestial desire of his senility began to rise, supplanting his reasonable faculties.
    Danielle was half naked!
    She had kept her bra on, which clung to her beautiful chest, and the red panties she was wearing hadn't been removed yet.
    The old man contemplated her ecstatically. He couldn't take his eyes away from that female body he felt he would soon be able to possess.
    She moved closer to the man and placed a tiny kiss on his lips then withdrew immediately. He put out his arms trying to reach for that desired body. Oh, how far was Mrs. Dupont's huge body from his mind!
    Everything disappeared in the exaltation of his suddenly awakened virility which was ready to accomplish its role. The young girl stretched out on the bed and, taking the old man's hand, she placed it on her firm, soft thigh.
    He had reached such a degree of unconsciousness, that his eyes were drowned in passion and could see only the gaping orifice of the cunt he wished to fill with the small amount of semen that he still possessed.
    “If you want to sleep with me, I have to tell you that my apartment is very expensive and that I don't work for my aunt anymore as you know…”
    He understood and, without another word, he took out his wallet and gave a roll of bills to the young girl.
    “You will have this much and more if you're nice to me.”
    “Come on, my big daddy, show your little friend what you can do!”
    What he could do… dear God!
    Edward Dupont, accountant by trade, tried to prove it to her and this is what happened:
    He quickly took off his shoes and unbuttoned his pants, which he draped over a chair. Then, having also removed his shirt, he appeared in all the superb nudity of an old lover.
    He slid an avid tongue into the ardent girl's mouth, then explored the part hidden by the panties, which he lowered almost immediately. She had automatically seized the warm prick, which she handled with dexterity.
    The bed groaned under the weight of the two bodies.
    Then, grabbing his cock, which was all warm like a salami that comes out of the butcher's kitchen, the man with the pig's eyes moved it into the den of passion with short blows.
    Danielle was surprised by the old man's vigor and opened her legs wider so he could penetrate her more deeply. While he tried to struggle against that fleshy mass, she lifted her buttocks slightly and began to agitate her ass in a more and more accelerated rotation.
    Edward was going to come in a charming way. Fatigued by the position they were in, the two bodies moved together for a few more minutes, but gradually the movements stopped.
    The struggle had been passionate but their abdomens had been moistened by a warm, sticky liquid. The night finished peacefully for the old man who fell asleep immediately. He didn't touch her again that night and for a good reason!
    In the morning they parted good friends, making a date for two days later.
    She went to spend the money he had given her and to calculate what she would do with the money he would give her in the future. He went off, remembering the prowess of his young years, to be sworn at by the old woman who must have been waiting for him with some charming words on the tip of her tongue. But he had a story all ready about a childhood friend he had met on the street.
    He walked home breathing the morning air. Ah, how beautiful life was! He still felt a languor and was enjoying the future pleasures in his mind.
    “Darling whore,” he thought, “and what a body!”


    But time passed with a disconcerting speed.
    Danielle had to realize that her affairs had already marked her skin with an indelible imprint. When she looked at herself in the mirror, she no longer felt the satisfaction of possessing an irreproachable body.
    Her skin, which had been handled by so many avid lovers, gradually submitted to a slow weakening at first, but one that grew more and more considerable from day to day. It was already beginning to have wrinkles, and her abdomen, which had received so much male juice, was beginning to have a disturbing plumpness.
    Her breasts which had once been firm and consistent, began to fall slightly, and if her bra hadn't held them up, they would have had that flaccidity which announced decrepitude.
    However, life went on for the young woman.
    She no longer saw Joe because she had thrown him out brutally one evening when he had asked her to give him her ass. As for the old man, she let him fuck her regularly twice a week, but he never arrived with empty hands because she wouldn't have received him.
    The thirst for money had seized her and her expenses increased from day to day. But what did that matter?
    She kept the fool who fucked her and gave her all his money. His wife must have noticed something because he often got home with a stupid expression, obsessed as he was by the young body he caressed victoriously.
    Danielle liked to wake up late in the morning. Her dreams were taking an unexpected direction. She felt almost a disgust for those lascivious males who only soiled her.
    “Yes,” she thought, “all these men are true bastards! Where are all my hopes, the dreams I had of a Prince Charming?”
    The truth was that she was giving her ass to those animals. Oh, if only she had known…!
    And she was overcome by nostalgia, ignoring the stupid reality in which she was wasting the best years of her youth.
    A memory returned to her which gradually took over her mind.
    “So,” she thought, remembering her days in school and the little student who slept beside her, “she was a slut too!
    “But she was sweet and she didn't have a hard cock spitting its venom into my excited body!”
    For, as a young girl in high school, she had had a little girl as a friend who was well developed and dark, who got up at night and approached her bed, introducing her tiny tongue into her mouth and asking her to return the kiss.
    She had given in to this innocent game several times and had had a revelation that made her tremble unconsciously. But when her companion had tried to caress her one night in the bathroom, she had quickly returned to her bed and never spoken to her again.
    Anyway, she left the school a little while later and quickly forgot this beginning of her sexual life.
    She liked this dream and returned to it often. Why, after having known the brutality of men, hadn't she desired another woman to make love with? After all, what really was the difference between the sexes?
    Nothing, except for that hanging thing on the outside instead of the inside.
    Danielle had realized the inanity of human pleasures.
    What did she get out of masculine possession? A little pleasure that quickly passed and a warm body she had no courage to push away! She would have to become the sweet child of her youth again. Males no longer interested her!
    Perhaps she would have the chance to meet a real man some day. But while she was waiting, she was falling into a slow consumption of her being which no longer left her time to think about anything.
    Alone in her room, stretched out in an advantageous position, she dreamed of her multiple lovers with their libidinous faces, their bodies sweating with love, and their humid lips pressed on hers like tentacles to excite their senses more and more.
    One afternoon, she met a little girl of fifteen in the public park. This young girl had often come to buy flowers for her employers, as she was a maid. They took a walk together and, like two sisters who are together again after a long separation, they began to talk of serious things and then of insignificant things which women find interesting.
    The little maid, whose name was Annie, was one of those young girls who had come to make her way in the big city and whose parents had almost chased her away, giving birth to children only to throw them into the chaos of the hypocritical world.
    Picture a mass of flesh without knowing the difference between the front and the back, four short and perpetually agitated limbs, hair the color of ashes, an opulent chest for her age, and two eyes shining like carbuncles. This is a portrait of Annie.
    Danielle was searching for new sensations and wanted to lead this child to her bed more out of a game than from interest.
    For the pleasure of kissing her like a lover, of undressing her and biting the tips of her rosy breasts? Or for the joy of passing her tongue between the little girl's thighs?
    No! To her it was like a new attraction, and then, too, playing an active role had enchanted her for a long time. She would have to seduce this naive young maid slowly since her fifteen years required an initiation to passion.
    “My little Annie, if only you knew how sad I am! Oh, if only I had a sister like you! But I never had any luck!”
    The child looked at her and answered, “Miss Danielle, I always admired you when you sold flowers and I would have loved it so much if you had been my companion! Unfortunately, I had only one brother and he was killed in the war!”
    And Danielle listened to these words with a fluttering in her heart that made her look at the passersby of the masculine sex with disgust!
    “I'll be a big friend to you! Come see me in my apartment someday. Here's my address.
    When they parted that day they each guessed that a reciprocal attraction had brought them together.
    For Annie, this was confusing. Never had the big sister, as she called the young woman, spoken to her with such penetrating sweetness.
    Danielle was proud of her first success! Certain that she would soon be able to caress the young girl, she returned to her apartment that evening and slept profoundly, carried away to the ethereal regions where her dream made her see the couplement of hermaphrodites in the most passionate physical ecstasies.
    A few days after this fortuitous encounter, Annie presented herself at Danielle's apartment with all the candor of her young age, wearing a clinging dress that showed off her extraordinary freshness.
    Danielle was waiting for her, having put on a light dress for the occasion which exposed all the curves of her lascivious body. As soon as the graceful young girl entered, Danielle kissed her on the forehead as if she had always known her and in expectation of much more.
    The little tastefully decorated apartment was filled with innumerable bouquets of flowers in porcelain vases which saturated the atmosphere with their wonderful perfumes as if to remind the young woman of the time when she sold flowers.
    On a little table there were bonbons, sweet cakes, cigarettes, and many drinks which looked very appetizing.
    The stage was all set!
    The afternoon outside was dazzlingly beautiful. The sun was caressing this corner of earth where humans lived with its rays, and in the street below, they could hear the coming and going of vehicles, the cry of a newsboy, and all the sounds that were normal for a late summer day.
    Annie felt happy. Actually, few of her friends had been faithful to her, since she had always had a naive, unconscious revulsion for the most intimate confessions. But Danielle wasn't like all those girls who had tried to implant themselves in the young girl's affections after an intimate conversation.
    The girl's need to love had to be externalized. Her love for all the beautiful things, her belief in morals, in religion, in all those enslaving words, had not yet been distracted by the experience of life.
    Danielle had stretched out in a nonchalant pose and was looking at the child who was offering herself to libidinous eyes.
    Her dream took on strange proportions. She no longer remembered the brutal possession of intoxicated males who threw themselves on her soft body. She thought how sweet it would have been for her to have always known the softness of this virgin who didn't suspect for a single instant the passion she felt.
    Now Annie had approached her big friend and timidly noticed the provocative dress she had worn for the occasion. But the minutes flew by interminably and the desires of the girls surrounded them with a physical obsession that was to carry them to the summit of unknown sensations.
    Gradually the atmosphere in the room impregnated them with a luxurious languor. The perfumes of the flowers saturated the air with an oriental torpor. It seemed as though the two ardent young women with their bodies that demanded only the accomplishment of a brief but joyous destiny, would have to be joined together so that there would remain nothing but the passion of their blossoming.
    “Sit down, Annie! Aren't we like two sisters who are happy to be together again?”
    And, as she said this, the young woman gently drew Annie to the bed in order to reveal to her what her cunt had demanded since their meeting.
    Putting her arms around the young girls waist and caressing her silky hair, Danielle gradually began to bring the virgin's body closer to her own body which had been touched by innumerable lovers.
    Annie, who was slightly tired and overcome by the effect of the scene, sat down next to the young woman and let her kiss her without seeming in the least bit disturbed by it. The older woman excited her! A heavy odor came from the young girl's dress. Her lips, which were ready to bear the weight of the most passionate kisses, opened like a corolla to the dawn dew and awaited the brutal touch of a body that would bruise them with its love venom.
    “Put your arms around me too, my little Annie, and tell me what you would like to know!”
    The child didn't answer but, raising her burning eyes, she gave her companion a chaste little kiss as Danielle pulled her even closer.
    “Don't you think it's warm in here?” asked Danielle. “You can get comfortable, and if you like, since we're two big sisters, we could stretch out and tell each other stories!”
    The young woman's trembling hand rested on the little maid's short thighs and moved farther when she noticed a pink cloud coloring the girl's cheeks.
    Gradually her hand slid under the dress and rose along that garden of delights whose fruits had never lost their flowers. She stopped in the secret place where passion resides.
    Annie let her do all this with the unconsciousness of a little girl who did not know any of life's realities. Suddenly the young girl felt a firm finger gently penetrate the edges of her intimate parts.
    And, at the same time, a greedy mouth sought hers and she could not defend herself when she felt those lips pressing against hers and moistening her with a delicious saliva.
    Then, sensing that the young girl was being filled with a state of euphoria, Danielle made her stretch out on the bed and put her thigh between the legs which no longer refused her anything.
    “My dear Annie, are you comfortable like this? Oh, if you knew… isn't it delicious to be together far from the noise of the city! Together! Like two sisters… like two friendly companions! Do you love me a little, little girl?”
    “Oh yes, Miss Danielle! But what we're doing isn't right! Why are you lying like that? You're very heavy!”
    “It's nothing, child! Who can see us? Anyway, don't we have the right to do as we wish? Do we have to report to anyone?”
    “No, of course not! But this is the first time I've been with you and I'm a little frightened!”
    “Frightened? Of what? We're alone in this room!”
    But it was time to act!
    Actually, the slow excitation could only incite them to delicious activities on that languid bed where old Edward's seed had flowed, and the bed still had the fetid odor of the accountant who came there only to satisfy his senile lust.
    With chaste kisses on Annie's forehead, Danielle tried to conquer a resistance she saw coming. Annie was feeling a slow torpor rising from her abdomen, her breasts, and her wide, soft ass.
    Then, sensing this beatitude in the little girl, Danielle put her amorous tongue between the warm lips and withdrew it immediately, then returned it again, all impregnated with saliva.
    “Try to copy me, Annie! Isn't this kissing marvelous?”
    The young maid was choking with that tongue obstructing her palate, but she wanted to follow the older girl's example and she gently mingled her tongue with the other's.
    “I'm going to undress you, Annie! That way we'll feel cooler and you'll see how good it will feel.”
    And with precise movements, she slowly unbuttoned the girl's dress and placed one of her hands on a firm and round breast. It contracted nervously at the contact and its circumference increased even more.
    The initiate of Sappho manipulated the rosy tip which stiffened, and suddenly a flush of blood reddened the young girl's face which was pressed with confidence against Danielle's avid mouth.
    Then the other hand slid toward the silky place and caressed her abdomen, which seemed to be trying to open in order to quench the lesbian's thirst.
    The two companion's changed position so that they were now lying one at the head, the other at the foot of the bed. Sensing the scene that was going to follow, Annie separated her legs when she felt a pleasant sensation run through her intimate place.
    These two bodies stretched out in a voluptuous pose had no need for a masculine cock to carry them to the kingdom of assuaged desires. At this moment they seemed to be in full control of their instincts. Annie was no longer afraid.
    Not only did she cling to the other woman's white chest with all her strength, but now it was she who wanted to play this new game, she who was scraping the woman's breasts with the tip of her long tongue.
    They were both acting as if the knowledge of their cunts had never amused them before. Their bodies were now saturated with an aromatic vapor, mingled with the scent of the multicolored bouquets, and it gave them an indescribable intoxication.
    Suddenly making a considerable effort to stiffen their muscles, the two bodies grew taut for a few seconds as they each experienced the final spasm, then fell back on the bed with a dull sound.
    “For all your airs of a little saint, you're quite a whore, Annie! You were quick to understand where pleasure comes from. Well, are you happy with your new friend? You made me feel a marvelous sensation, do you understand? Marvelous…!”
    The child didn't answer as she regained her breath, but her hand imprisoned the young woman's alabaster globe and her head, which had grown heavy with fatigue, nuzzled against her shoulder.
    She closed her eyes and fell asleep. The night descended over the city with its mysterious cloak.


    Since the revelation of her sexual destiny, Danielle had sought sensations that were more and more unusual.
    What had these aberrant vices brought her which threw her into the arms of young men, an old libertine, and on the thirsty body of a fifteen-year-old virgin whom she had initiated into the Sapphic passions? Nothing except the inextinguishable thirst of her cunt which demanded the unknown to satisfy it.
    In her apartment where she received old Edward, who fucked her with all the skill of an old libertine overwhelmed by those gaping cavities into which he plunged his wrinkled cock, she began to dream of sunlit days in charming countries where she might have been able to live and love the beauty of life.
    One evening she was so sad, so alone, having realized the uselessness of her existence, that moved by an irresistible desire to search for something she needed, she went out, wrapped up in warm clothes.
    The air was cool and she wandered aimlessly through unknown streets, marching straight ahead, lost in morose thoughts. A dense fog obscured her view. At times, other pedestrians brushed past her, wondering where this solitary young woman could be going.
    She was still walking, but with a hopeless lowness, without imagining where this nocturnal walk could be leading her.
    The city in its night cloak dulled every noise, and even though the humans huddled in their houses were performing their eternally identical occupations, there were still people here and there like herself, alone and without a goal, going towards the unknown in the darkness of the passing hours.
    Danielle came out on a little square and there she saw a man's silhouette. He seemed to be waiting by a streetlamp. He was smoking a cigarette. As soon as he noticed the walker in the fog, he called her gently with a warm inflection in his voice that made the young woman stop.
    She wanted to put on an act so she took a hanky out of her purse. A brief sound broke the silence of the street then stopped immediately. She had just blown her nose!
    The man advanced and was soon in front of the woman.
    “Oh, miss! Are you looking for something? You seem lost here! Can I be of any assistance?”
    And, since she didn't answer, he added:
    “It seems funny to you to be approached by a stranger, doesn't it? Perhaps your mother is looking for you somewhere?”
    Irritated by his humorous tone, Danielle moved closer.
    “You're impertinent, sir! Do you think I need a nurse?”
    “I like this better! I was thinking that a young woman wandering in the night must know what existence is. May I accompany you?”
    “No! Don't say anything! We're going in the same direction!”
    They walked together. She looked at the man who was walking at her side and smiled to herself, thinking: Well! One of those excited males in quest of good fortune! But he'll be just like the others. A few blows, panting, a spasm that will overcome both of us… yes, and afterward?
    But it was simple:
    Undressing, dressing, water, soap, the “see you, dear!” the “it was good, wasn't it,” and then the “if only I had known you sooner,” with a little regret that quickly passed, and always the same cunt opening, the receptacle that would receive the human seed.
    That was all! Little satisfaction to people who desire something more!
    Sometimes you have to know how to be content with a little. That's what these two people were thinking to themselves, people who had not known each other a quarter hour earlier and who were thinking only of the logical outcome of their meeting.
    The narrator has great difficulty at times not repeating himself and trying the reader's patience. Wouldn't it be better when one is writing a novel to begin it and finish it something like this:
    “They met, embraced, undressed, fucked, came, dressed, parted, and The End!”
    The action would pass quickly and we would know immediately if the hero was a man or a mouse!
    But, to return to our two walkers who were studying each other, we follow them step by step to their destiny!
    Danielle still had her physical obsession, but this was beginning to be dulled, especially since her cunt no longer contracted, having been opened now by the passage of so many pricks.
    “My name is Patrick… everyone will tell you that I am very gentle with women. I'm sure we'll understand each other very well. What's your name?”
    “Tell me, Danielle, what would your reaction be if I offered to take you home with me?”
    “With you? But I don't know you! What do you take me for?”
    “Listen! When a woman is walking like you all alone in the evening, you don't have to be a genius to guess what she's after! Stop lying, will you!”
    “I'm not going to play the prude with you! Let's go to your house! I accept. But I won't stay late.”
    “Oh, who's waiting for you? A husband? Children?”
    “No! No one is waiting for me! But I have a date with my double! You understand? I need to know myself, to know whether I still have the right to live like others, to hope for happiness, to…”
    “You tell me this, but that isn't what I proposed! I'm not a consoler…!”
    “Forgive me! I was talking to you the way I often do when I'm alone!”
    They continued their walk in the night. The man, already assured of his possession, had taken the young woman's arm. She said nothing.
    She was simply trying to get excited, to imagine her thighs opened, with this other body on her warm body, weighing on her and desiring her.
    She thought of that hard cock which would push brutally between her cunt walls and which she would feel deep inside her like a flag planted on foreign ground!
    She thought that her body was going to be caressed, that her breasts would stiffen, that her belly would feel the trembling of pleasure and then, what excited her to the highest degree, was the memory of that warm liquid that would suddenly flow and which would inundate her completely!
    They stood in front of a building whose disturbing silence penetrated them with its mystery.
    They entered without making any noise, because he whispered:
    “It's the owner, she sleeps poorly. The tiniest noise wakes her up.”
    They went up the stairs that led to Patrick's little room. As soon as he was inside, the man put his arm around the girl's waist and kissed her passionately on the chest!
    She moaned with joy and let herself fall backward.
    He slid his hand under her dress and almost tore her stockings. Danielle closed her eyes at this familiar caress and shivered passionately.
    Patrick, proud of the woman's passivity, undid her dress and bra. Then he laid her down on the bed where she stretched out on her back, already opening her thighs. He didn't lose a moment!
    He quickly dropped his pants, removed his shoes and without bothering to take off his shirt, ran to the body that was offering itself to his possession.
    He lowered her panties and threw them on a chair. Then, without taking time to make himself comfortable, he lay on top of the satiny abdomen and readied himself to penetrate her. Suddenly he stopped and seemed indecisive.
    What had happened to him?
    He had the humid cavity right under him! All he had to do was gently enter the young woman who was beginning to moan with throaty sighs!
    But the action he was about to perform seemed to demand something else besides this momentary exaltation. He had noticed that his partner was trying to use autosuggestion to experience what her gaping cunt needed.
    Danielle was determined to feel pleasure and seemed to have become remarkably passive, although she had lost her desire. It seemed as though she would never experience new sensations again!
    What did these bodies need so that they would be unanimous in proclaiming their passion in the final spasm?
    Patrick was one of those people devoid of scruples who considered the human female to be the vessel of passing pleasure. So, when he saw one of them, inert and holding up her body to receive his semen without deigning to participate in her humble role, he felt an irritability that transported him into a terrifying anger.
    “I have the feeling that you don't like this very much,” he said. “What do you need to feel something? A slap, perhaps!”
    The young woman didn't seem disposed to allow these sentiments to continue. Even in this advantageous position, she was thinking of those males who had fucked her before! And what was any better about this one? If he could see himself, the bastard, with his cock that he's trying to get in. No, what he wants is to empty his balls. Then he'll give me a disgusted look!
    Suddenly Patrick, seeing the state Danielle was in, having no reaction to his caresses, slapped her with all his strength and reddened her cheek! She tried to sit up and get her clothes, not having expected such a demonstration.
    “Brute!” she shouted. “Is that what you call love! You don't know me and you hit me as if I've done something!”
    “But you didn't do anything! That's why I wanted to stimulate your blood!”
    Then, as if pushed by a blindness or an instinctive force which didn't give him time to think, the man began hitting the woman's body.
    She gripped his hand to push him away and, grabbing the arm that was around her, she tried to pull it away to escape the man. Her body was turning red and her eyes were wide open, astonished by this unexpected attack, blinking at the passage of the hand that was beating her with such unbelievable savageness!
    In a total unconsciousness, consecutive with the wild blows, the young woman no longer defended herself.
    Then the man grew calmer as a cold sweat broke out on his temples, and he possessed her violently with all the fury of his exaltation.
    She suddenly arched and uttered a long moan! Her blood was circulating faster and her insatiable body clung to this enchanted rivet which held her under the thrust of passion!
    The two bodies remained entwined for a long time. She could no longer repulse this big man who fucked her so violently.
    He was at the height of his pleasure while he moved gently, then from time to time returned brutally, caressing her everywhere, introducing his finger into her ass, caressing her nipples with his hand which he replaced by his tongue then by his entire warm mouth.
    Soon they were moving in unison. Their asses were undulating majestically and their hands left no places untouched. The erect beast squandered his semen without worrying for a moment about where it would end up. What he was searching for was the satisfaction of the desire that had come from the depths of his being, engulfing the nervous afflux of the genetic instinct under its magnetic wave.
    And could it have been otherwise? Could the two bodies have been able to delay this outpouring of their fluids, not demand this union necessary to their survival?
    We have to experience pleasure. We can't live in ivory towers where the unintelligent individual wastes away and lacks respect for nature.
    For the moment, after submitting to an atrociously violent attack and still feeling the effects, the young woman seemed totally exhausted.
    Patrick had slid gently along the woman's buttocks and his cock, which had returned to an alarming state, was touching that warm skin which had opened to receive it.
    They rested finally, but continued to caress each other. Their intimate parts still had movements of impatience, like little jumps of revolt which indicated that their seed had not been completely used up.
    It was very late. They could hear the steps of a few passersby in the street now, hurrying to their homes.
    “Do you think that your pleasure equalled mine, darling?” asked Patrick. “I experienced something absolutely divine!”
    “Oh, at first I was afraid that you were going to profit by the circumstance to give me an undeserved beating. But I assure you that when you hit me, I immediately felt a desire I've never known before! It's almost as though you knew my nature to have made me come with that dose of sadism!”
    The man smiled and said:
    “No, I didn't know you, but I didn't doubt that your apparent coldness hid an intense joy that asked only to be externalized. I thought that perhaps you had never had occasion to be beaten. Then I thought: 'If I hit her, she'll be sure to enjoy it.' Was I right?”
    “You're a bastard, but I don't hate you for it! Yes, when you took me that way it made me suffer, I wanted to bite you, to tear your flesh, but…”
    “Yes,” he continued, “when you felt my prick between your thighs, you stopped reacting and I realized that I had just made you experience a different thing. No one has ever hit you before, have they?”
    “No, no one! I have an old man who kneels in front of me so I can take his cock in my hands to caress it…”
    “Oh! You have an old man?”
    “Yes. He's the one who pays when I need it!”
    “Yes, I understand! The lady is being kept! Well, after all, you're right. There are enough 'tricks' around to allow that!”
    They weren't moving. Stretched out side by side, the two silent forms had discovered their true selves. Those two bodies owed each other the joy of a wonderful night, of that magnificent spasm that had made them tremble and moan deliciously.
    They had had nothing but the thirst of their beings, a thirst that is never quenched, and before the jeers of the unconscious masses, under the hateful eyes of too fertile mothers, the ardent female and the intoxicated male stood in a nudity ready to be welded together to let the excess of their vitality escape.
    Soon the hour of separation approached.
    “Danielle, we must see each other again! Can I meet you tomorrow? We must pursue our physical ecstasies for I'm certain that we'll be able to give each other every possible pleasure. I promise you that I won't hit you again! Once was enough.”
    “I'll see you tomorrow, Patrick,” she said. “I'll be passionate. Anyway,” she added, showing him her cunt bathed in a wonderful liquid, “this belongs to you! Do you want it?”
    “Yes, I want it!”
    And the man put his lips against the orifice to the garden of delights and breathed a puff of warmth.
    During this time, his companion was caressing his cock with an expert hand. But the morning had bathed the windows of the room with its pale light and made them part until their next meeting.
    Life was gradually putting its marks on the beautiful girl's body.

    The days that followed were not too different for the young woman.
    Patrick, “her Patrick,” as she thought of him, had come to her little apartment.
    They had possessed each other like the first time, but he had not repeated his act of sadism, seeing the state of passion his partner was in. Then, one foggy night, he disappeared without a word, perhaps having found a more passionate woman.
    She was totally discouraged. Thus, after they had filled her with their semen, used her with all their sexual youth, one after another of her lovers disappeared and left her alone with that need to be possessed which penetrated every pore of her skin! Oh, yes. She still had one male left!
    And, thinking of him, she had a desire to throw up that made her put her hand on her stomach.
    The bastard! The old pig who brought her the residue of his senility, perhaps believing himself unique, was coming soon, because this was his day to caress her woman's flesh with his big, clumsy hands.
    She had had enough of this ridiculous game!
    She needed a solid man, proud of his cock, to penetrate her deeply while uttering words of love. But that old satyr with his face like a diarrheic rabbit, his silly ears, and his lips opened like a piece of decomposing meat… no! That was too much!
    Anyway, she had made her decision! She would get rid of the old man under any pretext.
    And as she was thinking this, sitting on the bed, she suddenly heard someone knocking at the door.
    “Dear God!” she shouted, looking at herself in the mirror, “there's that pig, Edward!”
    “Hello my little pet, how are you? Still in shape? And how are those beautiful little buns?”
    As he uttered these little phrases, he put his hand out to touch the fleshy curves which seemed to call him. He heard her answer:
    “Mine, bastard! Everything is mine! Don't come to bury your dirty tongue in my sacred places anymore! I've had enough, do you hear, enough!”
    The old accountant, already imagining the pleasure this charming body would give him, didn't understand at first.
    “But what's wrong with you? A little tired? Yes that's it! Come here and kiss me…”
    “Kiss you? You've got a lot of gall! Put my lips on your filthy beak? Oh! That makes me laugh!”
    Edward didn't seem to understand any of these words and he was already removing his shirt. He was going to take off the rest of his clothes when she shouted:
    “Put your prick away! Don't count on me to make it work any longer! Go back to your old bag again. She'll give you some!”
    “What? What do you mean?”
    “I mean that I'm sick of your old body, your wrinkled belly, your rough tongue, of… of… of everything that makes up your… bookkeeping…!”
    “My bookkeeping…?”
    “Yes! If you know how to count, so do I…! Listen!” she continued, “the money you gave me is really mine, isn't it?”
    He sneered:
    “Yes, you earned it by the sweat of your thighs…!”
    “What's the difference! I'm sick of your opinion and everyone else's! Very well, I've had enough! Yes, I have some money, and let me tell you once and for all: I despise you!”
    “But we've spent to many good moments together. Why are you suddenly talking to me like this?”
    “Listen, Edward! It's over! I'm through with you! That's clear, isn't it? Understand that and get out! Everything is finished between us and maybe nothing ever started…”
    He moved toward-her, his face drawn, his cheeks burning. She looked at him and felt ashamed, if the state of her mind could be called that, ashamed of being the mistress of this human decrepitude.
    Now the accountant looked like one of those old, bent, weak little men who have clung to life only through a frightened passion.
    “Danielle,” he said in a tremulous voice, “you're not going to abandon me! What will I do without you?”
    She burst out laughing cruelly.
    “Look at that! Abandonment frightens the gentleman! You bought the pleasure I gave you! You had it! You have to be satisfied! I end the contract between us and send you away!” And she pointed to the door.
    He dared to protest! Tears ran down his cheeks. He got on his knees and tried to grab the young woman's dress. His head was shaken with convulsive sobs.
    He felt his pleasure escaping him. He was too old to hope for another affair and the money he had put aside during his entire lifetime of working had gone to this slut in such a short time…
    “Don't send me away, my little Danielle! Look how unhappy I am! Come kiss me and I'll leave you until you're calmer, then…”
    She was exasperated.
    “Are you going to get out of here or not?” she cried, pushing him to the door.
    He got up, finally realizing that it was over.
    He put his shirt on and, without looking at the woman who had stretched out on the bed, he walked down the stairway sighing.
    As soon as the old man was gone, Danielle, who was happy with the rapid conclusion which had removed the heavy inert mass that had been tied to her cunt, remembered the pleasures she had felt in the arms of her lovers. Suddenly her apartment seemed empty to her. She felt an uncertain apprehension about her future. Always having to search for a companion, always living in that eternal waiting! But, dear God, for what…?
    She got up from the bed, stifled a yawn, and stretched. Then, in her sleepy nudity she walked away from the mirror, but stopped, her eyes wide open, crying an “Oh!” of stupefaction when she saw her body reflected before her.
    “That's me,” she said. “Me! That woman who looks so old with the falling breasts and big belly!”
    She had an even bigger surprise in store for her when she contemplated her cunt in the mirror. That place which had been caressed by so many fingers, seemed wrinkled, cracked, with the flabby skin that separated the hairs, perhaps trying in a final burst of agony to swallow the voracious mouths that would taste its bitter flavor.
    Ten years had passed! Ten long years in which she had taken so much pleasure, in which she had used her body in the most extravagant embraces, and this was the result. She looked at the implacable psyche which seemed to be laughing at her.
    The city meant nothing more to her now. She dreamed of leaving it, of going off to sunny countries, joyous horizons.
    Oh, to leave this poisoned atmosphere! Not to have to see all the people who are unconscious of their destiny and are insolent and vicious, teaching their children the rigid precepts of enslaving conventions.
    “Yes,” she thought, “a little peaceful corner where no one would know who I am. How marvelous it would be to live among simple people!”
    And a feeling of nostalgia rose inside her from her distant childhood, the time when her hair floated in the fresh mountain air, when she ran joyously through her native village!
    “My poor parents left me the cottage I was born in! They've been dead for two years! But what was wrong with me to give up such a simple and joyous past? It's all those male bastards who spit their venom at me and poisoned me! Oh, if only I had known…”
    Yes, if she had known the inanity of everything, she would have stayed in the village with her peers and perhaps she would have been the mother of an admirable family which would have brought happiness and pleasure to one man alone: her husband!
    And suddenly Danielle became the little girl she had once been in the memory of flowery fields and seeing the faces of her mother and father. She was carried away by this flood of thoughts and cried a long time.
    It felt good to cry and no one seeing her cry like that would have dared to call her a whore. And yet…
    “I want to leave without regrets,” she thought several minutes later when she began to rise from her depression.
    Without regrets? Could she ever release herself from the indelible imprints left on her by passionate males?
    No! It was too late to go back. But she wanted to try this test. Perhaps she would be able to find the serenity she had longed for.
    The next day she paid her landlord off and when he asked if she would be gone for long she replied:
    “Forever!” Then she took her suitcases and carried them to a taxi. Several curious heads poked out of windows. A neighborhood in a big city has its secret police. All the activities of its inhabitants are known.
    “The whore is leaving,” said a young man who had been watching her for a long time without daring to approach her.
    “Good riddance,” answered his mother, “one slut less is always nice to see!”
    Danielle returned to the village she had left ten years earlier. Everything seemed changed to her. She didn't recognize many of the people. Some had died, others had left the village and gone to the city, hope and tomb of so many country beauties.
    She found the cottage she had inherited from her parents in such a state of dilapidation that it hurt her to see it.
    As soon as she entered, she went up to her own room. Poor little once-loved room! An odor of dampness came from the walls, from the uncovered bed, from the dusty chairs.
    Danielle sat down heavily in a corner, putting her suitcases next to her. She looked around the room and her gaze stopped at a photograph showing her at sixteen.
    She was ashamed of that candid face which was no longer hers and she tore it into a thousand pieces.
    Then she went to open the windows and saw a vision of paradise in the discovery of the immense fields of wheat, barley, and corn whose frail stems moved gently in the light country breeze.
    Farther off, a farmer was seeding his ground, pushing a couple of heavy, massive oxen in front of him. Closer, in a path that she knew so well, a troop of sheep were coming down from the hill to return to the flock. The joyous song of the cock rose, followed almost immediately by a powerful baying.
    The thousand sounds of the hills struck her ears, so unaccustomed to these restful noises.
    “I should never have left all this,” she thought. “And this is what I've become: a depository for human excrement!”
    But boredom won out. A woman like she, accustomed to satisfying her whims, used to men, couldn't remain in such a state of emptiness.
    She recognized an old servant who often came to her parents' house and asked her to keep her company.
    “I'll pay you, certainly. But you see, if I go on living with my memories, I'll be miserable and perhaps I'll become ill!”
    The servant, who had known her as a little girl and who was all alone now, couldn't resist the young woman's charm. She said she would care for her. Danielle gave her a sum of money and had no household worries.
    She ate the food that the old woman prepared, always having the heat of a dream in her veins that made her disinterested in eating.
    Every day since her return to the dwelling in which so many regrets left her pensive, the young woman walked through the fields, through the streets of the village, and her proud bearing cut the villagers' whispering short.
    As they saw this woman passing by, whom everyone knew was a native of the country, the people took joy in greeting her with a little wave which she politely returned.
    But the days that dragged on were to bring a resurgence of her physical obsession.
    And in Danielle's heart, a song of passion and love tried to cast its notes to the echoes of the hills for the last time.


    As she walked through the streets of the village, the young woman gradually regained an almost simple mentality filled with ambition. As she watched those worn people, knowing only their native horizons, always following identical occupations, a puff of serenity exalted the woman's soul.
    She felt herself becoming the dreamy, fearful child who had evaded the exigencies of society for so long, and there, in the bushes filled with the songs of birds, under the caress of the sun, the past returned to her, murmuring the existence of her ancestors.
    These long walks and her provocative carriage had attracted the attention of several men. A woman represented a body to be enjoyed to these strange beings. Never having known anything but their village females, with their dry and wrinkled skin, the whore made them imagine forbidden pleasures they would never have dared to take with their regular women.
    Among these country males there was one young man who was remarkably handsome, with a powerful musculature and a face tanned by the strong winds. He often waved to her, noticing her in her attractive little dress as she walked toward the fields.
    She had noticed him and was proud of her success. A little wave of her hand put that clown in a sickening state of arousal.
    One day he dared to stand in her way and, perhaps without understanding it himself, he spoke to her:
    “Miss, the reason I'm stopping to talk to you is that my eyes have followed you everywhere you went ever since you've been here. Forgive me! I haven't had much schooling. My father didn't send me to school, but…”
    “What's your name?” the young woman answered without letting him finish.
    Happy that she hadn't repulsed him, he said:
    “Anthony! Tony… to those who know me. It must seem funny to you to be talking to a farmer.”
    “No! You're wrong. I lived here as a child. My parents had the same house I live in now and, like you, I often felt foreign to the people of the village. I played in the streets here for a long time. You were only a little boy when I left. But perhaps you had already noticed me?”
    “Perhaps. I don't remember.”
    They walked side by side, then parted with a handshake.
    “A handsome man,” Danielle thought. “That's the kind of man I would have liked for a husband.”
    And at this thought she smiled at her reflection in the mirror, for she knew that the dream she had had for so long was not impossible.
    A month passed.
    Then one beautiful morning the surprised village heard the announcement of the marriage of Anthony to Danielle!
    The eve of the ceremony, Tony was at the inn with some friends. The severe father was standing in front of his wine jug, staring at his son who was talking to a group of three or four young people.
    “Tony, you're being stupid,” said one of his friends. “Think of what you're doing.”
    “I love her and that's enough. She's beautiful and sweet and if you knew how lovely her lips were…”
    “Yes, you're making a mistake,” repeated his father… and he took a gulp of wine.
    “I know that she lived in the city, but what difference does that make? Anyway, I've chosen her for my wife.
    “Or she chose you,” said another friend.
    “What difference does it make?”
    “Enough, Tony. Do what you like. You're free. But we've warned you.”
    The marriage took place without pomp. Some people laughed and said “that poor bugger,” as Tony was called from then on.
    For Danielle, these official ties which she had so desired, protected her from her endless desires, from disgusting males who fucked her shamelessly.
    The married couple went to live in the young woman's house. The first night, when they felt their bodies against one another, it wasn't the man who initiated the woman, but the contrary!
    “How I love you, darling,” the whore said as she pressed herself against her husband's body.
    Tony had modestly turned the lights off and only the pale moon filtering through the window witnessed their couplement.
    The farmer caressed his wife's breasts awkwardly and the perfume of her nudity rose to his palpitating nostrils, making his cock become huge.
    Danielle stifled her laughter. “The poor angel,” she thought, “he's probably seen more asses on dogs than on women…”
    The young man, whose strength was increased by the weeks of abstinence, gradually investigated the young woman's delicious shape.
    Apart from the lunar rays, the room was bathed in a darkness propitious to this intimacy. The man's cock was unable to enter that place bathed in juices. Then the young woman, who had been caressing him and admiring the size and strength of his prick, took it in her warm hand and gently inserted it deep in her passage which closed over it and swallowed the creamy liquid.
    Tony had discharged with remarkable intensity.
    He took his wife's mouth and, seizing her thighs, he let his cock sink into that engulfing cavity. Then, letting his flaccid instrument rub against the walls of her cunt, he rested on Danielle's chest.
    The two bodies clung to each other, eager for new sensations. But this time the woman wanted to have her pleasure too, for her husband had not satisfied her.
    She lifted her beautiful white ass slightly and pressed the sweet slit to her husband.
    “My darling Tony, possess me from behind! Push your pretty cock between my thighs and stay there a long time!”
    The young man followed these orders but didn't let her help him. Soon their bodies reached the final climax.
    “It's good, isn't it, darling? Do you love your little wife? Tell me…”
    Tony could find no words to describe the hazy torpor he felt. He had been emptied in record time. His balls rested against his young wife who fell asleep with a smile on her lips in her husband's arms.
    So, married to this naive farmer whom she had gradually convinced of his own lascivious-ness, having made him experience all the sensations of love, the young woman hoped to live in the little village and erase her past.
    He would take her in his strong arms and caress her gently.
    “My little Danielle, you make me so happy!”
    Then he would look at her and ask: “All this belongs to me, doesn't it?”
    He put his hands on his wife's buttocks and took possession of them like a master intoxicated with pride.
    “Of course, darling. Everything is yours. You love me… I like you to hold me like this! I love to feel your strength that could break me. I feel like I'm melting when I feel you inside me…”
    Tony was very simple. His country candor had not prepared him for the trickery of a wife who used his tool to experience a pleasure which had already been dulled for a long time.
    And the two newlyweds often walked arm in arm in the limpidity of the grounds bathed in sunlight, lighting little beams of envy in the eyes of the villagers who considered them to be very happy people.
    Danielle's little house, where she had gone to flee her past life, kept the secret of their intimate life. No one except the old servant could have told how far their love went. She contemplated them happily, cared for them in every way, not wishing to give anyone else the pleasure of seeing them together in the sublime unconsciousness of young marrieds.
    Sometimes they remained stretched out on their nuptial bed, caressing each other a long time, never tiring of their lovemaking.
    Undoubtedly, Danielle was happy to have found this big clown who loved her so blindly.
    Where were the lovers she had had in the city now? She no longer thought of them.
    Even old Edward had been erased from her mind.
    “To think I gave my body to those bastards!” she would often think. “What was in my blood to make me accept those hungry males? I must be a stupid woman to have submitted to all their whims. It's too late to be innocent again. But I have my little husband! He gives me delicious sensations with his lovely cock!”
    And she looked at her cunt which was inundated with sweat and demanded only the sweet semen from that virile member.
    Tony was at the height of his pleasure. Since their wedding night, he had no longer needed his wife's guidance. He delivered a mighty assault on the place that he occupied every night.
    Danielle accepted this gift of his person gratefully and she gently agitated her round ass, which soothed him with its monotonous swinging. When they were joined to one another, changing positions several times a night, they remained like that a long time, not speaking, simply clinging to each other's bodies with all the thirst for pleasure.
    Interminable minutes passed and the young woman felt that powerful body stretched out on her and was deliciously invaded by a warm flow which impregnated her cunt walls in order to irrigate them for future harvests.
    She enjoyed it even more when he was suddenly seized by a frantic desire and hurt her a little as he pressed his lips against hers and drank her saliva and then, their legs dancing together, they moved in a rotation which turned faster and faster.
    The bed resounded with their frequent embraces and the room of the little girl Danielle was the consenting witness to this new nocturnal display.
    “Darling Tony, you would have been able to pleasure many of the girls I knew! You have such a wonderful cock that I often wonder if it will always belong to me. There are plenty of temptations for a boy like you…”
    But he reassured her by kissing all the corners of her body.
    “No! I'll never have another woman! Don't you give me everything I desire? What else can I want?”
    She interrupted him, putting her arms around his neck.
    “I know… I'm being stupid! Who would want to take my husband from me… come here! I love to feel you inside me so much! Oh, your body in mine! To feel myself riveted to your body. Can you feel the pleasure you give me? Do you know how many times I have dreamed of a man like you?”
    She put her hand on her forehead, then, trying to push this assault of reminiscences away, she quickly opened her thighs and he buried his cock inside her.
    They seemed happy. The country gave them the peace necessary to their well-being. No shadows darkened the picture of their sunny days. They did not hear any of those shameless voices who chide the human being in the big city.
    In the streets of the village were no hoarse beggars who rented their asses for a few dollars. There were no cadaverous workers with tormented faces, readying themselves to fuck their wives after their return from the factory to unburden themselves of the briny liquid in their sagging balls.
    Everything tasted of health, of the joy of life, of the happiness of following the laws of nature. Everything seemed marvelous in this country.
    One evening, Danielle and her husband came back from a short walk. They were happy as they walked toward the house where they were certain to find the table set and the old servant busy fixing a copious meal. Everything seemed to make them smile. No problems seemed to have touched them yet.
    The evening air was charged with pleasant odors that rose from the flowering trees. They walked hand in hand, smiling, gay, happy, contemplating the work of the countryside which was preparing its nocturnal toilette, bringing them a breath of love from the most distant cottages.
    However, the sky was growing dark. Little black clouds were forming over their heads.
    “I think it's going to rain, dear. Let's hurry home.”
    “Shall we go to bed immediately?”
    “Oh! You're in a hurry. I feel a little tired! But as soon as we're home, I think I'll feel better.”
    A wind from the hills was blowing at intervals, carrying the fallen leaves with it. Suddenly a fine rain began to fall.
    They began to walk faster, enjoying the rain with the same tenderness. Soon they reached their door and went inside.
    A puff of heat greeted them and they quickly got out of their wet clothing.
    The old servant was working in front of the fire preparing the evening meal. They sat down and ate their meal together. Outside, the sky had grown completely dark and poured its torrential rains over the fields.
    They heard a heavy grumbling off in the distance. The lightning lit up the fields. They felt happy to have escaped this storm which they had not foreseen.
    After dinner they immediately went up to their room.
    “It's so good to be together, darling. Look how black it is out…”
    They looked outside and the sight made them pull together even closer. The rain was beating on the cottages. They looked like they were going to break under the steady blows.
    Danielle undressed hastily. Tony followed her.
    Soon they were under the covers which received their legitimate owners gratefully. Sleep had not yet taken them in her sweet euphoria.
    The young woman was silent, stretched out against her husband's body. But she was slowly caressing his beautiful cock. Tony had placed his thighs on her abdomen and was becoming more and more excited.
    Suddenly, without really knowing why, the young woman turned around and offered her beautiful white ass to that virile prick and, moving gently in order to excite the man even more, she murmured:.
    “Do you want to make me happy, Tony?” “Of course! What do you want me to do?” “Take me from behind! It's been so long since I felt a hard cock between my buttocks and I would certainly feel a pleasure different from the one you usually give me.”
    “From behind? You mean the way you taught me before?” he asked, kissing her.
    “No… from behind… I mean… wait… I'll show you…”
    She took her index finger and pointed toward her little asshole.
    “What? There! But…” “Do you want to give me pleasure?” “Yes, of course! But I don't know if…” “Try it! You'll see… it's so good that way!” He didn't argue, but readied himself to follow his wife's advice. He delicately placed himself between the fleshy walls and, with quick little movements, inserted his hard cock into her hole.
    When he had penetrated her she cried: “Stop! Don't move! I'll tell you when to move! Caress me in front at the same time.” He did as she asked.
    She was agitated by little jumps which made her tiny hole contract. Suddenly the final spasm was near.
    They moved in unison, gently at first, then accelerating the rhythm, their bodies meeting in the country of forbidden passions. They came.
    “That's good, isn't it? I felt so much pleasure. What about you?”
    “Oh, yes… I didn't know… but now I'll enjoy that position from now on. You're quite a teacher, my little wife…”
    “Oh, if we can't do what pleases us… anyway, no one can see us! We don't owe anyone anything… we're free!”
    Finally they rested. Their nocturnal love-making had stopped at this position to which Tony was so unaccustomed.
    They fell asleep, feeling an unsatisfied desire growing inside them, for they still needed other physical ecstasies in order to taste a more intense pleasure.
    The storm raged on outside. The puddles of water flooded throughout the fields and in the warmth of their nuptial bed the two people drifted into dreams tainted with mystery and love.
    The night let the interminable hours flow gently by.


    Gradually, the young woman let her arrogant past escape her. In this country where everything recalled her young years, she felt seized by an irresistible desire to run backwards through the road of her heart. But this wasn't easy.
    Her husband, Tony, loved Danielle with a passion which had reached its peak. It was she who taught him the principle rudiments of physical love.
    He was proud of possessing that whore who gave herself happily to the most lascivious caresses. When he desired her in the evenings after having worked all day in the sun-bathed fields, all he had to do was take her. He was her male now.
    How far removed was the pleasure felt by the innumerable lovers who had lubricated her body. She loved her man, the only one who pierced her with his virile tool to give her ineffable sensations.
    Although he was only a simple farmer, Tony had quickly come to understand his wife's vice. He loved to venture into the most forbidden corners, turning her back and forth like a pancake as she held her cunt up to his desire.
    For him, Danielle was a wonderful wife. Oh how inferior the girls he met in the streets of the village seemed even though he had once impregnated them with his virile semen.
    He had eyes only for his wife. And, since she put him into such a fatigued state, he certainly couldn't boast that physical tranquility which suggests the individual's strength.
    But many of us who have had the chance to possess an ardent female and to enjoy all the perverse pleasures of sexuality, no longer have that male assurance when they meet another person of the fair sex. For we are emptied on all sides and no longer have the strength to climb the body's hills.
    The woman has this superiority in that her body can receive all the males that God has made without her strength being reduced by it.
    For the man, it's a different story. Permit me to remind you that if we accomplish certain prowesses with one of those females, we won't be able to start anything else the next morning with the same strength, unless we're one of those morbid stallions who is insatiable.
    But Tony seemed to be a normal man. It was enough for him that his wife was eager for his most extravagant desires and he always experienced a new sensation with her.
    Now their life was similar to one which everyone desires and most people never know. They loved each other with that youthful love which we find in the hearts of everyone, rich or poor. Civilization brought them nothing but the satisfaction of their well-filled days.
    The work that Tony did in the fields was just like that which his ancestors had done for centuries. However, it seemed to him that his job differed from that of the others, of those who lived in the country and had the leisure to eat well and then to surprise themselves with the bodies of their charming females so that their knowledge of sentimentality could become deeper.
    The lovers' house rested in the wonderful countryside, surrounded by mountains whose immaculate whiteness gave dreams of revival.
    No one inhabited this place. No one could have persuaded them to mingle with the life of society. They were both magnificent partners, the adolescents of the desire which prowled in the flowering meadows.
    The wind carried the mysterious odors which saturated them with changing passion. To them, especially to Danielle who had wanted to break with the past, this limpidity of the plains, this vivifying air she breathed deeply, carried them towards inaccessible regions where the innocent years of childhood passed again as if out of enchantment, as if suddenly a hope scarcely created in their imagination told them to believe in the future of their youth.
    But the lascivious “slut” remained unsatisfied. Nothing could fulfill her cunt in which so many putrefied pricks had been stuffed, where so many men, filled with wild desire, had tried to fill her feminine cavity with their fetid seed.
    The woman, Danielle, female in every pore of her body, true enchantment of men in heat, desired only the victorious penetration of their cocks without thinking of anything but this passing pleasure.
    Tony was naive, but inclined to profit by his wife, which was his right. He loved that cunt which received all his attentions.
    Danielle was obsessed. One evening quite late, when Tony had not come home yet as usual, Danielle stood by the window peering into the darkness, feeling the moans of wives before her rising from the covered ground, women who like her had looked at themselves in the mirror of life, after their frail bodies had been pierced by the male.
    Her breasts were gently dilated and the nipples hardened by the desire she felt inside. Her body was barely covered by a nightgown hastily thrown over her, and the lighted cigarette that she held between her fingers made a red tip in the darkness of the room.
    Danielle watched the fields. They took on a strange appearance shining under the lunar rays. It was as though they were trying to speak, to confess their sensitivity, their entrails in which the plough had been passed still burning.
    And wasn't this similar to a woman's body, transported from one place to another, that heap of life joining the splendor of the starry night, the overwhelming apparition of the fleeting desire? Like her, the earth was crying under the laborer's caress. Needing to be impregnated to return what she had already furnished hundreds of times, she sucked in the brutal male who was probing every part of her.
    What was dissimilar was that her womb had not yet known the joy of pregnancy.
    The woman, giving the man what he desires most-that is, his sexual pleasure-doesn't have to return the most skillful caresses for a seed to move toward the orifice of life.
    Danielle's and Tony's lovemaking had been unfruitful thus far.
    She was still admiring the beauty of the stellar night which stretched around her. What barely perceptible voices must have risen in that nocturnal silence. At the present moment, Danielle was feeling that she was part of the multitude of women who dreamed of pregnancy without really knowing it. Yet, waiting for her Tony, the man she had married, she felt intuitively that her place had to change.
    An unparalleled joy came over her as she remembered the solitary pleasures of her childhood.
    “Yes,” she thought, “I enjoyed everything with all the savor of a new invention. I enjoyed my body. I felt cocks going into me slowly and what did I get out of it? A constant feeling of dissatisfaction. I had to fuck violently. I had the impression that those hairy bodies on me wanted only the dream buried deep in my cunt.
    “But if I remember correctly, it was my cunt which wanted to breathe the juice of my lovers. It loved them with a constant passion. It needed their liquid to reach dreamy regions or to bring fantasies to my youth. I have known every vice.”
    And her thoughts flew before her into the city where those she had known might still be looking for her.
    Leaning by the window, Danielle breathed deeply and felt the country air filling her lungs. She could see the thick cottages off in the distance, the intimate rooms where the farmers loved to prolong the evenings.
    And while waiting for Tony, who had probably let himself be dragged to some village bar, she dreamed of a constant tranquility.
    The wind was blowing gently, barely moving the leaves on the trees which bordered the paths. Danielle had finished her cigarette and thrown it down. Her hair spread out over her breasts and shivers ran over her body, making her even more malleable to the desire of the male she was awaiting.
    She let her eyes wander in the shadows of the fields. Suddenly she felt an anguished trembling and put her hand on her cunt: a tree in the distance resembled a cock.
    She looked at it feverishly, perhaps praying that it would move and come to plant its flowering branch inside her.
    Then she smiled at her obsession.
    A little later Tony came back and she held out her sensual lips so that he would be excited by their warmth and demand her body.
    From time to time, something reminded her of the pleasures of her past. Something would recall the warmth of bodies resting on hers and in the furnace of sensuality, far from civilized people who could only lead her into error with their conventional hypocrisy, she felt ready to simulate all those women similar to her because of their insatiable bodies.
    The door opened gently and a hand rested confidently on her round, smooth ass. A breath, a warm breath sent its lovely perfumes toward her.
    The room seemed to shine in this instant when the man returned from work to find the woman he had chosen…
    “Don't turn the light on!” she murmured to her husband, who had just caressed her. “Let's stay here.”
    Tony had returned and without making a sound had entered the room which they had both chosen as their favorite.
    “Don't turn the light on!” she repeated. “Come close to me.”
    She caressed the man's hair as he bit her neck softly and sent tiny shivers through her body. He put his hand under her nightgown. She trembled as if every fiber of her being was holding itself out toward this desire.
    He found the strength of his first night again.
    The bed awaited them in the dark, close to their thirsting bodies. He lifted her suddenly and carried her to the nuptial bed, which made a dull sound when he placed his wife's body down again.
    “Tony! My Tony! I waited for you for so long! Do you know how I worry when you're late?”
    “Darling, I stayed in the village, but I was thinking of you every minute.”
    “I was waiting for you! I'm waiting for you!”
    She covered him with caresses and he kissed her in every place he could put his mouth, moist with the desire that was rising in his body.
    She undid her gown and appeared in her nudity, offering her hungry body like a long-sought meal.
    Under him, she looked like the final refuge of an unhealthy sensuality, and yet, his uncontained desire would be able to be satisfied in the female's warm den.
    “Forever! Forever,” he told her, “your body will belong to me forever. I don't know who you are! But I married you. That's enough for me.”
    “Tony, my darling Tony, take me. Possess me with all the passion you know I adore!”
    Their pleasure was long and intense. They had made love as they did every day, but in the darkness, they particularly enjoyed their position like loving children. Danielle's long, muscular legs stretched and clung to the man. Her wonderful breasts were crushed by her husband's powerful chest.
    Their nervous hands sought and discovered the tiniest chinks in each other's bodies with an unaccustomed haste, and they clung to each other frantically. Their breaths mingled and the seed that quickly rose from their swollen sexes fell in large drops on the covers, where they disappeared into the material.
    Finally they stopped, and yet continued to caress each other, trying to rest comfortably by finishing the emptying of their love-filled parts.
    She put her arm around her husband's neck and dug her nails into him from time to time. Tony was very happy. He seemed quiet and satisfied. The man was spent, without any more desires at the moment, letting himself be smoothed by the song of his heart which was mingled with the sensual notes of his wife.
    And the night slowly thickened its enchanting shadows in the room in which the couple had shared their amorous caresses. They were no longer conscious of where they were. It was as if their minds, released from the innumerable superstitions that obstructed them, had suddenly taken a serene bend in their lives.
    Their bodies were touching and their spent and satisfied flesh demanded only the rest necessary to begin their sexual caresses again.
    Thus in the darkness they fell asleep peacefully. Tony pressed against his wife, letting himself be overcome by the surrounding silence and falling more and more into a healthful somnolence.
    The bed no longer resounded under the wild assaults and it too profited by this calming of desire. It seemed liberated of the necessity to give them its powerful springs to deaden the noises of passion.
    And the morning appeared, sublime in the first rays of the sun which bathed the moist countryside.
    The two lovers began their daily occupations again. The days succeeded one another and each day consisted of practically the same activities. Tony was busy with the work in the fields and didn't think much about his wife. He preferred to come home to her in the evening and to profit by those dark hours to diminish the flux of the desire that submerged his individuality.
    The prairie, the trees, the stables from which came the odors of the animals, brought back memories which took a new turn in the minds of the young people.
    They were saturated by the heady atmosphere around them, asking only for the virile penetration of the overheated earth which gaped under the bright sky.
    Danielle was entirely happy with this life she had wanted to recapture and gave herself up to sudden bursts of sensuality. She would often breathe the warm perfume of the fields and plains to soak herself in them totally in an attempt to prove her dependence upon everything which surrounded her.
    The vast familiar horizons murmured words of long ago to her and she imagined herself naked in the light, running in the wind with her laugh of a frightened little girl who didn't believe in such illusions.
    Other times she would stretch out among the cut hay and, uncovering her white, muscular shoulder with an impatient movement, she would caress her breasts where so many adventurous, tragic hands had been placed to make the desire of long days rise in her female body.
    She noticed clouds in the brightness of the sky that had bizarre shapes, and her thoughts, like the one she had had when she had seen the tree that resembled a virile cock, became sexual attacks which made her change positions to find new ones.
    But her insatiable body demanded the irrigation necessary to the health of her individuality. She loved only the positions of love which nature invented to give a constant passion to ridiculous humanity.
    Her long, passionate, sensual body stretched out in the warm grass in almost invisible places where lovers like to hide to escape the evilness of the masses.
    The young woman still desired the intromission of a tearful virility in her caverns of passion. To her, it wasn't necessary to await the regenerative spasm of destiny, but immediately, without giving her time to breathe or understand the significance of an obscene gesture, she had to be possessed with force, violently, fatally perhaps.
    Sometimes when several farm girls would pass by her, returning from the fields, Danielle would greet them with a smile as if she too were returning home with the girls. Those incomparably robust country girls were the sisters of that unsatisfied whore. Tony liked to boast of his prowesses with some of them, but never of-the secret of his lovemaking with his wife.
    His body was thirsty and trembled with desire at the slightest touch. What pleasure there was in letting the inexhaustible flood burst into the gaping orifice that received it!
    The situation changed in the eyes of the married couple without their really being aware of it. If they had been able to read deep inside themselves, perhaps they might have found the infamy of the physical possession of their bodies. But to them they were just like all the others who had preceded them in the path of love.
    Their bodies belonged to them. They were free to use them as they wished. They were free to caress each other and give each other the most lascivious pleasures.
    The couple loved one another, or rather they loved their animal bodies which were always in heat, pressing their tongues together at the instant when the spasm was declared.
    To the man, it was the call of the species to embrace the woman of his dreams. The woman offered her sexual nature to the desire of the animal who was penetrating her.
    “I'm coming!” cried Danielle in the intensity of her physical pleasure.
    And she came, not like many ignorant women who make love in the dark, but in the bright light, irradiating her skin with tiny red spots.
    To come! That is the goal that nature has assigned us in life.
    We need thighs, long cocks to penetrate gaping cavities, so that life can pursue its path toward future generations which will take up the torch of satisfied love.
    Then that lascivious, obsessed female, confident in the wiseness of the Creator who must laugh at the rigidity of human principles, regained her destructive role of profane beauty.
    Remorse had never tormented her nor made her think about her ruined life.
    Danielle was not the only one like that. But unlike the others who hid themselves to perpetrate the worst vileness that good sense often condemns, she offered herself to the country air to let herself dream and satisfy her vice.
    And slowly, released from social contingencies, she began to hope for that life she had chosen for herself again.
    To her, her husband was the man who satisfied her body, and if she was overcome by some morose thoughts from time to time, she quickly chased them away to keep from remembering the frightful pricks that had initiated her into the most degrading turpitudes. Thus to her, an act of sodomy represented only the curiosity of her nature which was always in quest of the unknown. And no one could have forbidden her those things if experience had confirmed the splendor of those bizarre positions.
    So this woman, this whore inflamed by the desires of the body, sang the refrains of former times in the light air of the fields, and they were sent back to her with the echo of a long laugh of fatigue which was exhaled under the blue country sky… then, as every day, when the sun disappeared on the horizon over the house where she lived with her husband, she slowly walked back again to kneel at the window and dream of the eternal waiting that left her unsatisfied until the moment when the male hand would rest on her hip, trembling with passion.


    Splendid days alternating with foggy ones passed over the love of the two young people.
    While her husband was busy working in the fields, Danielle loved to wander through the grassy paths listening to the hum of the insects in the warm grass, often stopping to look at the countryside bathed in a wonderful light. She couldn't take her eyes off that country where everything brought back the memories of her candid childhood.
    How far away that time of innocence was!
    Sometimes she thought she heard the voices of her parents, who now slept peacefully in the little village cemetery.
    As soon as she was home with her husband again, who took her in his arms, a certain nostalgia would penetrate her without her even knowing the state of mind she was in and, as if the mute things which prowled around were melting inside her body, she heard the call of her childhood.
    The promises she had made herself to live happily with her golden dreams had been annihilated under the unclean passions that had swallowed her up.
    How many nights of stupor and madness had she spent giving her whore's body, offering that corner of her body to lascivious males?
    Like a leaf swept by the passing winds, she had been touched, soiled, and now the vivifying wind of the country smelled of the perfumed prairies, murmuring a rebirth of her young years.
    It was too late to live like that.
    “Yes,” she thought, “I could have had a home and children like the others. Of course I wouldn't have known life, but my ignorance would have prevented me from being a…”
    She was afraid of thinking the word whore. But she had been a whore!
    And not just like those sluts who opened their mealy mouths, with their breasts falling down over their navels and a cracked skin as if all the foetuses of the world had been inside them, but a receptacle for human ordure, a gaping cavity where all the vomit of the world had been poured…
    She often wished she could forget the memory of those ten years of forbidden passion. But the more she tried to chase away the visions that obsessed her, the more they came back! When she slept beside her husband, she had terrible dreams.
    She was struggling against huge virile members that foraged all over her, hairy heads that leaned over her and bloody lips full of saliva that forced their way over her mouth, red feverish tongues that almost choked her.
    And the dreams continued.
    There were androgynes with swollen abdomens, male organs and the breasts of a woman, who sneered as they caressed her contracted body…
    Then she would wake up, damp with sweat, her eyes wild, and she would find her husband lying at her side, his flaccid cock pressed against her buttocks.
    This melancholy which plagued her, rising from her lascivious being… this physical obsession which she could not chase from her mind, made her see through all the vicissitudes of her existence and the happiness to which she could never submit.
    She would cry to herself as she touched her cunt where she could still feel the indelible traces of her innumerable lovers.
    “I don't have the right to pursue this dream of love and youth! No…! Life has caught me in its cogwheels. I must leave here before it's too late.”
    And everything spoke this same language. There was no room for this whore in the simplicity of country ways.
    She realized the inanity of the destiny she had made for herself. Nothing could ever interest her. She had to submit to the bondage of her sensual nature.
    Poor Tony. He at least had kept the purity of his intentions despite his wife's depravity. Yes… he loved her… like a madman! Without ignoring his life in the village, however.
    He didn't reproach her for anything. He hadn't even been surprised by her skill in love-making. She had been the initiator.
    He felt a gratitude toward her for having revealed the positions of love to him and he lived only for her, for her body, for her cunt which had been filled with semen other than his.
    When they possessed one another with a studied roughness, it was like a wild assault which made them come quickly, clinging to each other's sweating bodies.
    And, having filled his young wife's body with the blind force of the powerful male, he contemplated her as she lay back fatigued and satisfied, still smiling at him through half-closed eyes weighed down by sleep.
    Danielle could no longer stand this stifling atmosphere. One day, around the end of summer, when the last rays of the sun were still lighting the prairies, she suggested to her husband that they take a walk.
    “You know, Tony, I'd give anything to go back to the place where I often went when I was a child.”
    He was only too happy to follow her. They started off arm in arm, breathing the vivifying air from the hills. In the distance, the mountain stretched its imposing mass.
    The young woman, felt as though it were ten years earlier.
    She had taken this path with… No! She must push that idea away. She mustn't think of her first lover. Nothing could exist now of that indelible trace which stained her cunt.
    The path continued with sudden turns. They stopped at times to contemplate the countryside that lay behind them. Arms around each other's waists, they looked at the magnificent panorama which became shaded in an opaque mist as they walked higher and higher.
    She pointed in the directions of a protuberant knoll.
    “Look, Tony… that's where I often came. I remember everything. One day my father sent me to look for some stray animals… I found them here. Look…!”
    She showed him a grassy prairie. They were holding hands, helping each other climb the little rocks that rose in their path. The young woman's hair was floating freely, caressed by the warm breeze that blew at times. Tony puffed out his strong chest and offered his well-nourished musculature to nature, like a sacrifice to her beauty.
    Several hours after their departure, they came in sight of the mountain, the object of their trek.
    Breathless, yet happy with the walk, they rested in the complete silence of this corner of Arcadia. It was just this countryside that a Latin poet had described. They felt almost as though the flute of Pan could be heard close by, accompanying the dancing of nymphs who were bathing in the rivers that descended the mountain. They almost expected to see a satyr or a faun following a divinity of the woods, with his he-goat feet and his beard.
    But all these dreams had been gone for a long time there was no one but the two young people in the immensity of nature.
    Danielle had placed her head on Tony's knees. Her half-closed eyes let a ray of light filter in and closed reluctantly on the vast panorama.
    Tony was caressing his wife's breasts in his joyousness. He was beginning to be excited. Anyway, this had become a habit. As soon as he had had the revelation that his cock could serve something besides the mute contemplation of his swollen parts, he had gladly adapted himself to it and desired only to introduce himself into her sheath.
    The young woman let herself be soothed by the atmosphere of this lost place. The mountain with its granite force, its firmness, its insolence before human weakness, the warmth of Tony's body which she felt close to her, everything contributed to plunge her into vague reveries which made her languid.
    She drew her husband's lips against her perfumed mouth and held them for a long time.
    “Tony, I want you to possess me with all your strength here in this beautiful place. But do it like I taught you.”
    The words had become superfluous.
    Danielle unbuttoned her husband's pants, then she slipped her warm hand inside. She took out a firm object, — proud of its size, which filled the palm of her hand.
    Tony was panting, feeling the flow of passion rising within him.
    She had stretched out and removed her red skirt. Then, separating her thighs, she got into position. Leaning on his elbows, abdomen to abdomen, sex to sex, Tony began his male occupation.
    He went in with little blows so that the heat would spread as he descended further and further into the delicate crater…
    The young woman closed her eyes. She imprisoned Tony's torso with her legs like an animal in heat flushed with desire.
    In a brief and fugitive vision, she remembered her first lover. She thought she could feel him inside her as he had been ten years earlier, fucking her joyfully, having suffered with desire for so long.
    Then everything disappeared…
    She opened her eyes again.
    Her husband was still working over her. Soon their bodies shuddered. A sudden relaxation joined them as his cock spurted hotly.
    They had discharged together.
    A light wind had risen. The mountain, mute witness of their couplement, kept its mystery. Some birds flew around and uttered strident little cries. The two bodies were still stretched out together.
    “Tony do you think our love is marvelous?”
    “Yes darling! I don't know how to thank you enough! You give me such varied pleasures…”
    But Danielle was lying to herself in believing that she loved her husband. What she experienced in his company was the thirst for pleasure, her need for physical possession, the satisfaction of feeling herself as the passive female forced to satisfy her conqueror.
    Gradually the distant memories of her childhood came back.
    She could have been able to live a calm life like her parents in the simplicity of the hills, demanding only the happiness of her peers when the villages were illuminated for the evening before the burning fires.
    But even this dream had been refused her. Because her sensual nature was fixed on one goal: constant pleasure.
    Yes! In place of the whore she had been, there would have been a woman with a cunt reserved exclusively for the happiness of one man, and she wouldn't have been soiled by so many males.
    “But I'm not going to let myself get overly emotional about this,” she thought. “I'm spoiled. Alright! There's still room for plenty of cocks! My body will serve as a tomb for more than one bastard…
    “You're so naive, my Tony,” she continued, looking at her husband who was sitting beside her. “You'll find someone else. You'll forget me! You'll see how easy it is to forget…!”
    But what she didn't dare admit was the regret of not having been able to find the right path at the beginning of her life.
    And now, at the beginning of her decline, which would move faster and faster, she would always be the whore, the receptacle of the human seed.
    They went down the path again which led to the foot of the mountain. The evening air became fresher and fresher.
    “This night will be the last that I spend here,” she thought. “Poor Tony… I'm going to cause him so much pain. But he'll console himself. I need pleasure. It's as if there were a poison in my body! I feel it burning me everywhere!
    “No, my place isn't here… anyway, one man isn't enough for me. I've received the homage of too many cocks for too long for it to be otherwise! All the bastards who fucked me have marked me for life. Alright! I'll give them my ass! But I want them to fuck me to death!”
    And for the last time, not wanting to act like a little girl, while the evening stretched its cloak of stars over the countryside, Danielle contemplated the serenity of this land that had seen her birth.
    She turned around, letting herself be separated from her husband who was waiting for her several yards lower, then she calmly began to walk again.
    But in her heart, an old stifled sob demanded to be let out.
    They reached the village at the same time as a troop of sheep returning to the flock. She caressed one of them, the smallest, and in this gesture, she put everything which was still fresh in her body, all her disappointed dreams, all the nostalgia of the little girl she had once been.
    Her whole past returned to her again with a suddenness which made her wipe a tear from the corner of her eye.
    Then, when they were alone again, there was no longer a wife but an obsessed and unsatisfied whore…
    The next day, profiting by Tony's daily work in the fields, she left surreptitiously. No one had time to notice her departure.
    She piled her bags into the bus that linked the village to the city.
    She disappeared in that sun-filled morning.
    A bird sang its final song.
    The years passed.

    An old farmer, who had known Danielle before her marriage, said that he had passed a drunk girl escorted by several sailors in an African town…
    “She looked strangely like her,” he added in a dreamy tone to those who surrounded him.
    But perhaps he was wrong.
    Destiny had been her master. She had loved, her body had been bruised on all sides…
    No one could ever mean anything to her.
    She had pursued her dream like so many others: the desire for the immortality of the body, the thirst for pleasure that everyone possesses, the most luxurious caresses… and the most lascivious physical ecstasies… The lucky whore.