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Jennifer – A Tale of Submission

Jennifer – A Tale of Submission

Hans Meijer Jennifer – A Tale of Submission


    The dampness of the night air permeated the stable where Jennifer slept. The slave traders had brought her here yesterday after purchasing her from her mother. In her homeworld of Alaytia it was common practice for mothers to sell their daughters to the slave trade to finance their own drug habits and to pay for the cloning process. Ever since the genetics war there hadn't been a single male left on the planet. To reproduce they either had to buy sperm at a very high price or they had to pay the government fees for cloning. Most chose the cloning process. It wasn't near as painful if you got caught as was buying sperm from the black market.
    Jennifer could hear whimpering in the stall next to her. She had heard the poor girl crying all night. The occupant next to her was very quite until late last night when one of the slave maids came into the stall next to where Jennifer slept. She figured it was late since it had been several dracmars since she had last heard anyone stirring. The stable appeared to have about twenty stalls from what she could tell when she was brought in. Having been recently purchased she was still in her transportation shackles and was roughly thrown in her stall by one of the guards. He had slammed the door and bolted it.
    Jennifer had screamed for nearly an hour and had tried every means that she could think of to escape. The other stall occupants, those who were not gagged, all yelled for her to shut up. She didn't listen. Finally, after nearly an hour of yelling one of the matrons came in and cruely and severly whipped her with a whip. Jennifer counted fifty whacks that fell across her body. She tried in vain to avoid the lash but could not. Her writhing only managed to ensure that the whip marks covered her front and back. After the matron left one of the other girls down the way told her that she could expect a lot more where that came from and to not make any trouble. Still smarting from the whipping, Jennifer didn't yell any more.
    She sat sullenly in her stall, which was actually more like a cell in a prison. Her mother had warned her that it was possible that she would be taken to a training facility. She had been on her best manners for her new master who had purchased her the day before. An easy time was not to be had, however, as her new master was merely a trader and not end consumer of slave girls. He had his guards pack her in the cage on his ship with seven other girls that he had purchased at the auction and his ship left. All of his new purchases went to the training facility operated by the company that he worked for, regardless of their manners or attitudes.
    Late the night before, many drachmas after she was whipped one of the slave maids came into the stable. The slave maids were those who were charged with cleaning the slaves and with seeing that they were fed. Most slave maids were themselves slaves, usually the ones that were too ugly to be sold. Occasionally, however, a new acquisition would be pressed into service if the number of slaves exceeded the quota of maids. The Mortor Corporation tried to keep it's quota at twenty slaves per maid. When there was a lull in the trade or training and there were excess maids they were given to the guards for amusement. That is, unless, one of the maids had displeased the management. In these cases she was usually used as fodder for a safari like hunt. Management liked to think that it kept the skills of the guards sharp.
    The slave maid that Jennifer had noticed coming in came in with a bucket, mop and sponge. She opened the door in the stall to Jennifer's right and went inside. She could hear metallic clicking as buckles were released. Several yelps could be heard and then a lot of splashing followed by the toilet flushing. Since the walls between cells were solid she couldn't see what was going on. She asked the girl in the cell to her left and was told that the one to her right was being let down. Jennfier questioned let down from what or where. Silence was her only answer.
    After the toilet was flushed many times she could hear water running in the sink. Then she heard several more yelps and finally a loud scream. The scream was muffled mid breath by something. She could hear the swish of a mop on the smooth tile floor and then more water running and the toilet being flushed again. Afterwards the maid left and bolted the door to the cell. From that point through the rest of the night she could hear whimpering from the girl in the cell next to hers. It was a pitiful whimper more than one of pain.
    Jennifer desperately wanted to know what had happened and asked around if anyone could tell her. She got no answer. So she sat on the narrow bunk and looked at her room. It had a shelf, a wash basin, a toilet and the bunk she was on. Her imagination ran wild that night and she didn't sleep at all.
    When the latch to the door at the end of stable clicked and the door creaked on it's unoiled hinges she jumped. Someone was coming in. Who, she didn't know. She followed the footsteps as they slowly went past her stall. Momentarily the steps stopped and she could hear a latch being undone down the way from where she was. She heard a girl scream and then a loud slap and the scream ceased. She then heard the steps retreating. From the sound quality of the footsteps she could tell that the person walking now had an increased weight from a few minutes ago. The footsteps stopped and the door groaned as it was closed.
    This would be carried out at various times during the early morning. Finally, she heard the steps stop at her stall. The latch mechanism was opened and the door swung open. One of the male slave keepers stepped into her cell. He snapped a leash on her collar and jerked her out of bed. She didn't let out a sound, knowing full well that if she did she would be hit. The slave keeper swung her outside and closed the door. He then led her by the leash down the hall. Even though her legs were free having her hands shackled behind her back made it somewhat difficult to keep up with the man's quick pace.
    Once outside the stable he led Jennifer down a hallway which ended in some steps. From there they went down two levels. She could hear screaming and crying from the distance as they went down the lower levels. On the third level the slave keeper opened a door and led her into a room. Jennifer nearly passed out from the realization that she was about to be tortured. The room was full of equipment. Several very strong racks were here and there, all with leather harnesses attached to them. Jennifer wanted to ask why she was going to be punished but held her tongue. She didn't want to do anything to unnecessarily upset the slave keeper. She passively stood still while he removed her transportation shackles. Then he removed the leash and finally the collar around her neck.
    She looked slowly up at him from under the locks of dark black hair that had fallen across her face. Her ruby red eyes begged for mercy from the man. She could see that he wore a leather mask. He had on shorts, sandals and not much else. From the size of his bulging muscles she had little doubt in his ability to subdue her should she try to get away. Her slender 40 kilo frame was no match for him. At 20 years old she was somewhat heavy set for an Alaytion girl. That is until she stood next to a human girl in which case she would have thought to been anorexic had it not been for her nearly meter and a half long tail.
    The man walked behind her and picked her up by her waist with one arm. He then placed her on a rack and shackled her legs to the bottom bindings. After that he bent her over the semi-circular slatted area of the rack and stretched her arms out until they nearly touched the floor. Strong leather shackles were wrapped around her wrists and securely fastened to the rings at the base of the legs of the rack. Jennifer sobbed softly at what she knew was coming.
    Since her mother had removed her clothes nearly a week ago on Alaytia before bringing Jennifer to the slave market in Hoghadeu she hadn't been given anything to wear. Her mother explained that it was to show off Jennifer's assets. Jennifer thought it was more to show off her fine, round Alaytian rump. When Jennifer protested her mother slapped her across the face. It was the final act of cruelty that she was to suffer at the hands of her mother.
    As the slave keeper went around her, attaching additional straps around Jennifer's head she wondered just how long she would be punished. She wondered if the person that would be punishing her would want her to cry or to be silent. With her mother she never knew what she was to do.
    As the final straps were attached mid-thigh and pulled taught, Jennifer's tender, hairless vagina was pulled open. She could feel the coolness of a breeze blowing. Then the keeper released a clamp and the foot supports that Jennifer had been standing on fell away, leaving her totally across the rack, unable to move. Her head had been fastened down by a strap across the back that pushed her forehead into a semi-circular cutout on one of the slats. It was made of wood but was well worn from countless other girls who had been here before her.
    The slave keeper left the room and bolted the door. It was totally unnecessary since Jennifer couldn't have managed to get away. Indeed, she couldn't even move. She peered down beneath the slats of the rack and saw a drain in the floor. How convenient, she thought in that they could wash the room easily and hose the blood down the drain. By now she had little doubt that she was about to be whipped as she never had before. As part of a new slave's training the poor girl would be whipped without mercy to show her what would happen should she not be totally obedient. Jennifer already knew how to be obedient, having learned that lesson from the end of a whip wielded by her mother.
    She tried to move her head but couldn't even get it up out of the curved forehead mount. She tested the straps that were holding her into the rack and realized that she couldn't even flinch as the blows would fall. When that would be she had no idea. Her stomach growled. Partly due to hunger, partly due to the poorly cooked meat that was part of her supper the night before.
    After what seemed like a drachma after being tied down she heard someone coming down the hall. Some of the screaming had subsided and the level she was on had become more quiet. Jennifer heard voices as the door opened. Several people stepped in…


    "This one is 20 years old. Purchased on Alaytia for 250 credits. As you can see she is of nominal stature for an Alaytion. From the marks here it looks like an attempt was made to train her," a man said.
    "Is that because she was a problem?" a female voice said.
    "We don't know. Occasionally one of the Alaytions will train their daughter before they sell them, thinking they will get a better price," the man said.
    "Give her the standard training course," the woman said and walked out of the room.
    "Please! Please, I have been trained new master," Jennifer yelled.
    "Shut your face!" a man said and whacked her on the back of the head with some sort of a club.
    "Obviously not well enough. We'll have to fix that," a second female voice said.
    "Well Sasha, you know what to do with her," the man said and left.
    "Right." the woman said and shut the door.
    For a moment Jennifer thought that they had all left. That is until the whip fell across her buttocks. She let out a blood curdling scream at the intense pain. It was worse than any she had ever experienced. Worse than the multi-tailed whip her mother used to use on her. The pain shot through her like lightening. As her scream reached it's cresendo the second blow fell. Jennifer continued the same scream until she exhausted the air in her lungs. By then the third and fourth blows and fallen and her ass was on fire.
    Trying to catch her breath she found that she couldn't. The sting of the whip kept coming and coming. Soon the punishment mistress began to cover Jennifer's back and thighs as the streaks on her ass came together in one large red streaked area. Jennifer soon felt a funny taste in her mouth. She couldn't stop screaming. The pain was worse than anything she had ever endured.
    After Jennifer thought that she absolutely couldn't stand any more the whipping stopped. Her back, buttocks and thighs hurt. She had managed to keep her tail low so as to avoid most of the blows. However, near the base where it curved down from her tailbone she wasn't so lucky. The throbbing in her tail told of the the pain. She hurt all over. She continued to cry since the pain was slow in going away.
    As soon as she was able, she suppressed the cries and continued to sob. Sure from the earlier comment about her not being properly trained that she wasn't supposed to complain she thought it might be a good idea to not make any more noise than was necessary. After the whip mistress had stopped, Jennifer's cries filled the room so that she didn't have any idea of what the mistress was doing. Soon she felt something cold being pushed in between the lips of her vagina. It was so very cold. Apparently it had some sort of lubrication on it because it slipped in past her inner lips with some ease. She could feel it being moved first one way and then the next. Finally it was pulled quickly out leaving the breeze to once again blow past.
    She heard the whip mistress walk over by the door and press a button. A click was heard and then a voice answered what was apparently an intercom.
    "Frank this is Sasha. Send down some more virgin tags to level 3."
    The voice answered and then Jennifer could hear Sasha picking something up off of the table. She then felt her ears being probed. First the left, then the right. Sasha then ran her hands around Jennifer's throat, examining her carefully. She then walked over to the table by the wall and set down the ear examining instrument. Next Jennifer heard the tinkling of glass objects being moved about.
    As Sasha returned her attention to the slave, Jennifer could feel something moist against her neck. Then she felt a sharp but brief pain on the left side. She could feel the movement as Sasha drew a sample of blood. Then the needle was removed and the fresh wound allowed to bleed freely. Jennifer felt the warm blood run down her neck and pool near her chin before dropping to the floor. She watched as the puddle increase in size. Sasha returned and put something over the hole to stop the bleeding. It burned somewhat as Jennifer found out. Her fresh whip marks were then treated with the same ointment used on her neck. The burning was quite severe and several times Jennifer couldn't help but cry at the pain.
    Footsteps could be heard and then the door opened. Sasha thanked the man for bringing the tags and reclosed the door. Jennifer wondered why it was important that she be tagged as a virgin. All Alaytions were virgins.
    She could feel Sasha moving her hair about and then felt a sharp pain in her left ear as the tag was attached. Had she had pierced ears like most humans the tag would have been attached in the already existing hole. Since ear piercing wasn't in fashion on Alaytia almost all Alaytion slaves had hole free ears.
    Sasha then walked back to the counter and could be heard writing something down. She then idly rapped the pen against the edge of the counter. Jennifer thought about trying to talk to the woman but changed her mind in favor of attempting to be obedient as possible.
    Soon Sasha finished her song and put the pen down. She then walked back over to Jennifer and examined her tail. She squeezed at various points very firmly. Jennifer bit her tongue to keep from saying something. She then felt Sasha threading her tail through something. It was almost as if it were being doubled back on itself. Then she felt her tail being pulled up towards her head and a metallic click was heard. From the cool air on her anus she correctly guessed that was Sasha's next point of examination.
    She felt something being daubed on and around her asshole. Then suddenly the object entered her. She clenched her buttocks together but it was already too late. The object was inside, twriling around spreading the lubricant. Just as suddenly it was gone, leaving Jennifer exposed and vulnerable. Next she felt something very large being pressed up against her asshole. She thought that she was going to be ripped apart. It was much larger than any butt plug that her mother had ever put into her. The object seemed to expand once past her anal entrance. She could feel it being tugged first one way and then the next. It was then quickly withdrawn, scraping somewhat on its way out.
    "Looks like you need an enema girl." Sasha said as she put the inspection device back down on the counter. Jennifer grimaced as she heard the water running, the echoes inside of the bag shortening as it filled to the top. The sound quality sounded as if the liquid was foaming. She had no idea of how big it was but still had vivid memories of the enemas that her mother frequently gave her.
    She could hear Sasha hanging the bag above her and was startled as the hose swished against her raw buttocks. Then she listened with curiosity as Sasha released the clamp and allowed the air to escape from the tubing. Having been the recipient of many enemas she was thankful for small favors. However, judging from the time it had taken Sasha to fill the bag she doubted that it would be a small one.
    Next Sasha re clamped the tube and let it hang down to the floor. Jennifer gasped at what was attached to end of the tube as it swung into her field of view. The tubing was nearly a centimeter wide, twice the size of what she was used to. Attached to the end was a very large very ribbed black tip that Jennifer knew with certainty was going to hurt. It was nearly three centimeters in width and was shaped somewhat like a cucumber. It had numerous side holes allowing the water to spray freely once inside. Sasha had stepped over to the counter and was writing something down as the nozzle swung in and out of view. Watching it and knowing the pain that it would soon be causing her, Jennifer got slightly dizzy.
    Behind the head the diameter tapered quickly down to about a centimeter at the neck and then had two large prongs that curved upwards towards the tip. Apparently these were to prevent overinsertion. Jennifer tensed up as Sasha picked up the monster. She tried as best she could to clench up her buttocks to prevent the inevitable insertion. Victory was not to be hers however as Sasha reached down and grabbed ahold of Jennifer's left inner labia. She gave it a cruel twist and Jennifer screamed out in pain, attempting to thrust her hips downwards to releive the pull. As she rebounded from this action the monster enema tip was pushed firmly home. The stretching of her anal tissue caused Jennifer to scream out in pain.
    "Might as well get used to it sweetie. There will be a lot more."
    Sasha said as she released the clamp. The surge of hot soapy water sprayed forth inside of Jennifer causing her to cramp quickly. The pain from the heat of the water made her begin to cry again. The water just kept coming and coming. Soon the pressure inside built up until Jennifer became very uncomfortable being pulled taught over the barrel-like torture rack. The large hose and large tip reduced the resistance to the water and allowed it to flow very quickly. Jennifer was not unaware of this as she noticed that she was full much quicker than from any enema her mother had ever given her. Even the full three liter enemas which she dreaded seemed small compared to how tight her skin now felt. She thought she was going to burst from the pressure. Finally, unable to take any more she begged Sasha to stop.
    Sasha didn't say a word but quickly removed the hose from it's temporary warm home and quickly plugged Jennifer with a large butt plug. It felt almost the same to Jennifer as the size that her mother had used on her, only longer. She could feel as the flexible end snaked it's way past the first bend in her intestine. Then Sasha began to the lay the whip on Jennifer's tender backside.
    "You will speak only when spoken to you little twat. And then you will use the correct form of address which is master or mistress!"
    Sasha said and aimed the next whip blow at the juncture between Jennifer's tail and anus. The tender spot stung with the succession of blows. Jennifer, finally unable to contain her pain and the odd taste in her mouth expelled the contents of her stomach onto the floor. Some of the vomitus went up her nose since her head was at some thirty degress down angle. The stomach fluid burned her delicate nasal passages. The rentless whipping continued.
    After several more blows Sasha stopped the whipping. She then attached some sort of devices to Jennifer's inner labia. The heavy clamps pulled down on the tender twat, stretching it therby causing Jennifer more pain in addition to her now throbbing asshole, butt and cramping intestines. The butt plug was removed and the enema tip replaced it, once again spewing forth the painful soapy water. A few minutes later the bag was empty and Sasha switched back to the butt plug. Jennifer screamed at the entrance of the plug, realizing that the her now completely full ass would be made to hold the large enema for a long time. She heard the door close behind Sasha and prayed that it would soon be over with. As time began to drag by and the cramping grew worse Jennifer actually found her self wishing for the return of the whip mistress in the hope that she could get some relief.
    She began to whimper at the pain of the four liter enema. Soon she heard steps. They sounded heavy, much heavier than Sasha's. She soon felt the large butt plug being pulled roughly from her anus. It hurt as it left. Somehow she had managed to get used to the feeling of fullness that it provided. Now empty and opened up she had little choice but to let the enema blow out of her ass. It sputtered and dribbled down her legs. She could feel the turds exiting her raw asshole and sliding down between her legs. One lodged against the clamping mechanism on her vagina and stayed there. Glad to be rid of the pressure of the water she thanked Tumen for small favors and ignored the feeling of the turd against her soft pussy.
    The man had left and she watched as the contents of her intestines dribbled to the floor. The soap foamed as it exited her ass and made bubbles on the floor. She now knew the purpose for the floor drain below her. After nearly a dracmar she heard soft steps approaching. It sounded like Sasha
    "Well, let's rinse you out." Sasha said as she once again filled the enema bag. From the sound of it Jennifer was sure that she was going to get another full load. The large tip slipped in easier this time, lubricated by the soapy water that still flowed from her and from her efforts to allow it to pass easily in. She was rewarded with a subtle click and the cascading water once again rushing in to fill her small midriff. Sasha walked out of the room while Jennifer was still filling and then returned shortly after the bag was empty. The tip was removed and Jennifer was allowed to expell the contents of her second enema.
    Sasha was busy with something over at the counter as Jennifer watched the somewhat cleaner water washing down the drain. The turd lodged against her pussy got washed loose and fell with a splat to the floor. As the flow stopped Jennifer could hear Sasha once again filling the enema bag. Jennifer wondered just how many enemas she would receive today. The second one had certainly gone in easier, being somewhat cooler and Jennifer having already being stretched out by the first one.
    She soon felt the tip being once again pushed into her anus. It slid in easily and felt as if Sasha had regreased it with something. As Jennifer waited to fill she heard Sasha once again rapping out a song against the counter. She could feel her abdominal walls stretching to accomodate the flood of water that was rushing into her tiny ass. As she filled she was sure she could hear a sucking sound from the bag this time as the water drained more quickly on this, her third four liter enema. Sasha left the tip in this time and Jennifer made no effor at expelling it. In fact she tried desparately to hold it in against the pressure that had built up.
    Sasha walked over to her and removed the clamps from Jennifer's labia. They throbbed with pain as the blood refilled the crushed areas. She then felt the large enema tip being removed and waited for a few seconds to see if she was getting a plug before letting the water out. Sasha walked over to the sink and Jennifer could once again hear the bag filling. She gritted her teeth at what she knew was coming but became confused as she heard Sasha dumping the contents of the bag down the sink. She then heard a piece of plastic hit the bottom of the sink as Sasha washed the equipment. It was the monster enema tip, no doubt.
    Jennifer's water drained from her as she watched it run down the drain below her. It was quiet a bit clearer than it had been earlier. In fact this was the first series of enemas she had had in nearly two weeks. She flinched when she felt Sasha once again lubricating her asshole. Then she felt an object being pushed inside. It wasn't very big around and not very cold either. It felt like it may have been plastic. More and more of it was pushed into Jennifer's tiny anus. She could feel it hit the far end of her intestine and then with some wiggling it finally pushed past. It felt like some sort of serpent as it snaked it's way up her intestines. She could feel it's every move, the friction against her now raw anus the least of her concerns. Sasha kept pushing more and more of the deamon into Jennifer's tiny middle.
    After what seemed like meters of the snake Sasha finally let it come to rest. She continued to turn it this way and that, all the while Jennifer could feel it squirming inside of her. She wonder which was worse, this deamon in her or the pain of the enema. Never before having had a colonoscopic examination she didn't know what to expect. Sasha pulled the thing slowly from Jennifer's ass, all the while examining Jennifer's intestines. She finally withdrews the final centimeters and Jennifer's anus gratefully closed with a slurping sound.
    Sasha could be heard washing the deamon device for several minutes before Jennifer heard the sounds of a towel and finally the clatter as the beast came to rest in it's storage place. Jennifer didn't know what to expect next. She breathed a sigh of relief as Sasha left the room. Moments later she reentered.
    Jennifer heard a snap and then she felt a sharp pain in her left buttock as Sasha jabbed the large syringe home. It hurt as the needle was wiggled about to dispense it's medicine. Afterwards Sasha felt the lump from the large dose of thick medicine and decided it needed to be pressed in. Several wacks from a large plastic paddle took care of the lump but left Jennifer with a stinging spot on her ass.
    Once again Sasha left the room and then returned. Jennifer could feel the straps that held her to the rack being undone.
    "Time to turn you over. Don't even think about trying anything."
    As the last shackle was removed from Jennifer's wrist she tried to move and realized that she couldn't. She had been in the same position for so long that her muscles wouldn't move. Sasha saw this and pulled the frail little slave off of the rack.
    Jennifer wobbled as Sasha pushed her towards another rack. This one was more upright and Jennifer stepped up onto the foot rests. She did it facing the rack. Sasha spun her around roughly which caused Jennifer to lose her balance and fall to the floor. Sasha frowned and tossed the little girl up on the rack facing out. She then closed the catches on the poor girls wrists. Quickly closing the rest of the restraints Sasha went over to the counter. She got an instrument and examined Jennifer's eyes. Changing instruments she looked up Jennifer's nose. The dried vomitus from earlier didn't escape detection.
    Sasha reached into a drawer and withdrew a bulb syrnige and filled it with water. She then went to Jennifer and quirted a bulbfull up each nostril. Jennifer sneezed the water out and the process was repeated. Afterwards Sasha got a device out that looked like a wedge. She then forced Jennifer's mouth open and placed the wedge against the girl's teeth, effectively preventing her from closing her mouth. Yet another instrument was used to look at the slave's throat.
    After this inspection was over with Sasha put on some gloves that were coated with a resin of some sort and walked over and pulled Jennifer's long tongue out. The resin tasted horrible and Jennifer wrinkled up her face at the taste. Her tongue was examined and then the jaw wedge was removed. Jennifer sucked her tongue back in and tried to work it against her teeth to remove the taste of the resin.
    Sasha then attached clamps to both nipples and to both inner labia on the poor slave girl. Even though the clamps hurt Jennifer didn't dare utter a sound. Sasha went to the counter and came back with a specimen swab. She reached down and parted Jennifer's labia with the clamps and ran the swab around inside. Placing it carefully into a package she labeled it and got another one. This one she ran up into Jennifer's uretha. The dry swab dragging against the delicate tissues hurt and Jennifer let out a yelp. For this Sasha gave one of the labia clamps another turn.
    Taking the swab to the counter Jennifer watched as Sasha placed the swab into a test tube. She then squirted something into the test tube and set it down. Walking by Jennifer on the way out she flicked the nipple clamps playfully sending waves of pain into Jennifer's nipples.
    After a while Sasha returned and looked at the test tube which had now turned blue. She noted something in a notebook and threw the tube into the garbage. Then reaching into a draw she withdrew a small douche bag. It looked to Jennifer like it didn't hold more than half a liter. Sasha ran the water to get it hot and squirted something into the bag. She then filled the bag. Jennifer relaxed, thinking that she was about to be douched. Her mother had told her that humans often washed their vaginas out.
    Jennifer watched with interest as Sasha attached a long extension tube to the douche hose. She then walked over to Jennifer and forced the narrow tube up Jennifer's pee hole. It burned going it but at least it was lubricated. Once fully inserted Sasha released the clamp and squeezed on the bag very hard. Jennifer could feel the pressure from the liquid entering her bladder. Then suddenly it began to burn. It started hurting worse and worse. She began to cry from the pain of the caustic liquid. As Sasha finished flattening the bag she clamped it off and let it drop to the floor. The hose was just long enough for it to reach without pulling the extension out of Jennifer's bladder. She cried at the pain of the liquid.
    "I'll give you something to cry about you filthy animal."
    Sasha said as she whipped Jennifer accross the stomach with a multi-tailed whip. The evil whip mistress was correct. Jennifer started screaming from the pain of the burning liquid in her bladder and the sting of the whip accross her front. Sasha finished striping her good and then brought the whip up between Jennifer's legs several times, stinging the soft flesh of the girl's vagina and inner thighs. Sasha then roughly removed the catheter from Jennifer and Jennifer started to pee. The burning from the liquid and the raw spots in her uretha soon brought her to the realization that it hurt worse to let it out. So she stopped.
    Seeing this Sasha reached into a drawer and brought out a battery with wires attached. She then attached a circuit of some sort to it. The circuit module had more wires that came out into terminal connectors which were mated with the labia clamps on Jennifer. As the final connection was made Jennifer screamed at the pain of the electricity passing through her tiny vagina. She began to pee forcefully. After the stream began to drop off Sasha removed the device from her victim's clamps. Jennifer continued crying at the buring pain in her bladder. Sasha then released the clamps from Jennifer and put them back in the drawer. As before the places where the clamps were began to hurt worse, increasing the tears from Jennifer.
    Sasha then left the room. Almost a dracmar later a man entered. He was wearing a leather mask, shorts and a belt with various whips hanging from it. Jennifer couldn't tell if it was the same one that had brought her here. He was carrying some sort of metal manacles. He immediately went to work attaching them to Jennifer's ankles and wrists. They were two piece and bolted together. After tightening the bolts with wrenchs the man tested the fit. From the size and heft Jennifer knew that they were going to hurt after a while. The man then bolted a collar around her thin neck.
    After he was done he attached a leash to her collar and release the clamps that held her to the rack. She slowly and painfully stepped down from the perch she was on.
    Without a word he led her out into the hallway. Up a level he put her in a room without fastening her to anything. A few moments later he returned with a large brush and a bucket of suds and a hose and proceeded to wash her down. She stood still and allowed him to wash her in the way that he wanted. The soap in her many whip marks hurt but she dared not utter a cry.
    Afterwards he attached her wrist manacles to chains coming from the ceiling and adjusted them so that she could just barely stand flat footed. Several dracmars later when she was dried he returned and led her back to her stall upstairs. Once in her stall he locked a chain coming from the bed to her collar. Later one of the slave maids came in and brought her a meal. Judging from the light outside it was nearly dark. After eating and painfully peeing in the toilet Jennifer wiped herself and went to her bed. She looked slowly around her cell and then laid down and cried. It had been a long and painful day.